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 on: Yesterday at 06:56:06 
Started by Permanently Grounded - Last post by Permanently Grounded
I find myself giving suicide a lot of thought lately. Basically my situation is that I'm in my mid 50's, unemployable and in a loveless relationship. I also feel like my country (the USA) has completely lost its moral compass and that everyone around me is basically morally bonkers. I mean, legalized torture, really? Drone bombing kids as they play soccer on a beach somewhere 7422 miles away from here for no good reason? Bailing out criminally corrupt corporations at public expense? Legalized financial fraud, legalized secret courts?  ..yet no one says anything. No one does nothing. I really don't like this new so-called 'reality' anymore. I haven't liked it for quite awhile already. This earthly experience is over-hyped in my opinion. Good doesn't necessarily triumph over evil ..if ever! Plus I really feel like I've outlived my usefulness and potential. The only thing holding me back from actually acting on my thoughts are some comments made by much-respected thinkers like Tom Campbell who suggest that ultimately suicide is just a temporary escape and that ultimately in the next life we'll be forced to pick-up where we quit, so to speak.

 on: Yesterday at 06:20:11 
Started by Onthepulse - Last post by Permanently Grounded
Hi Paul!

All I wanted to say is keep at it! OBE's are not a figment of the imagination nor just some popular urban myth. I'm saying that because I realize that after a certain amount of time passes and nothing seems to happen one may start having doubts. OBE's are real my friend and when you have yours you will find it to be life-changing! Keep practicing just remember that the key lies in not trying too hard. Check out Xanath's guide to OBE's, particularly insofar to the parts where he quotes Kepplers' recommendtions regarding the act of "noticing".

Best regards.

 on: Yesterday at 05:50:49 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by Kzaal
I believe pretty much the same thing as everyone here... Time doesn't matter up there.
I think that before reincarnation we can stay there for a long time before we go to another body... Some time to take a break.
If one would become enlightened and stop reincarnating he'd stay up there while others go, but things would be explained before others go!
If I had a friend but I would be enlightened and would stay up there and they had to go, I'd like to tell them I'll wait for them to complete the reincarnation process no matter what their Higher Self looks like. Even if they are different. No matter how many lives they have left to go.
I think we are allowed to do such a thing.
Maybe they won't remember us!
At least that's what I think, but this is such a deep subject
As an enlightened being I think you are able to see what's going on with a person in the process of reincarnation, so you can tell when they're back.
That person probably won't remember you but you would.
So that every time they reincarnates you can tell them you knew them in from a past life and that you're proud of the progress they did.
That you will support them as they go toward their enlightenment and you will unveil yourself to them when they are done.
Boost their moral up and calm their spirit as they go toward reincarnation I think.
In the end, if we all reincarnate, we probably know everyone up there, and everyone probably knows us too.
To me that would be the most probable thing that can happen.

 on: Yesterday at 04:36:08 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by LightBeam
I strongly disagree with Tom Campbell's theory about reincarnation and loved ones' spirits. We do not reincarnate ride away and plus time is irrelevant in the higher frequency realities. Our spirits exist in many places simultaneously. During APs I often meet my sister, who is alive. But I encounter her spirit, which is focused there. And when spirits are connected, they find one another just by thinking about each other. Very often she remembers our encounters in form of dreams. So, I have evidence that it was her, and not some data.
Also, I meet my father often. He passed away eight years ago and this was the most devastated time of my life. We have a strong connection and when I meet him, I feel such an incredible happiness, that I know it is him. No one can convince me other way. One life time of reincarnation may seem like a blink of an eye to the spirit. In the astral the journey continues. The evolution of spirits takes place everywhere. It is not just physical reality and heaven. It's not so black and white. And again, time is just an illusion here. I am surprised Tom does not take that into consideration before he forms a theory. You can't just say uncle Sam is not there anymore because he died and reincarnated 10 years ago and he is a different personality now. There is no such a thing as THEN and NOW.

Go with your instincts Aaron. Do not believe everything you read.

 on: Yesterday at 04:23:14 
Started by delfi - Last post by delfi
Hello guys. Ive been trying to project for about 2 years now not really trying too hard because this whole thing is quite exhausting for me. Well, I think I just got back from the other side  grin. For some reasons I woke up at 2 am and tried to AP. I gave up and tried to sleep. At 4 am I got really mad because for some reasons I couldnt go to sleep. So I tried to AP again. I started to think about some random stories. I knew I was in bed but somehow this story went into a dream withouth me realising that im dreaming, not thinking stories anymore. I knew that everything wasnt real but didnt notice that and it went into a lucid dream (I never had one before). The dream wasnt going the way I really wanted, so I decided to get rid of this story and turn on my other side in bed. At that point "bam", darkness everywhere, random noises. I knew that Im on the edge of doing it. Ive been there before for few times long time ago but I used to be really nervous and failed all the time. I somehow wasnt afraid this time at all and I knew that its time to do that. I relaxed and didnt think anything. I got a huge sensasion of spinning above my bed and my body. Then I started to see from the point of my bed. I knew I was probably out. Then I thinked about my dinning room. I felt like I started to fly there threw dark substance and I got there in just a moment. Only remember seeing a lamp on the wall. The expirience was really blurry and dark. Now the interesting part...

I got excited a bit and suddenly surroundings changed. There was something with me too. Im really glad that I read this forum a lot and I know that I cant be harmed in the astral so didnt got really scared. It was a woman and it looked really similiar to my mother so I started to get closer face to face to find out if its really she (my parents where sleeping in the same house). At last we where few inches away each other and both looking face to face. But it didnt felt that it was really my mother. I at one poin I probably understood that she isnt what I thout she was and I even smiled to her and told that im not afraid of you. Then she told to me: "you wont live anymore in my house". After that suddenly I saw my "fathers" face in front of me, but it didnt look like it was really him as well as my "mother". He was staring deep into me, I really didnt enjoyed where was this going and it somehow didnt felt like it was my father for real too. Then I woke, even looked around to be sure which "dimension" is this Cheesy. So yea, what do you think guys? I have read that there are good and bad astral planes or smt. My mood today wasnt good, maiby thats why I got in this dark astral place with not a really warm welcome? Also as I mentioned before everything was quite blurry and dark, + I didnt had a good control of myself.

 on: Yesterday at 04:19:12 
Started by David Warner - Last post by EscapeVelocity
Hello sonia and welcome to the Pulse!

You are describing some energy body awareness and this is fairly close to being ready to exit, but it takes time for your consciousness to be prepared for an exit.

There is a lot of reading material here. So start with the dark blue Sticky sections at the top of the first several forums and you will find some material that will make sense to you. Spend some time there and then, if you have questions, feel free to ask.

Enjoy! smiley

 on: Yesterday at 03:50:25 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by EscapeVelocity
This is a great question Aaron! This should provoke some interesting answers.

As soarin12 points out, the two books by Michael Newton indicate realtime reconciliation between souls...but it may be a difference of perspective.

As Szaxx often tells us, we may be thinking about this from too much of a physical world perspective. Our viewpoint requires an expansion that we may not be capable of, much less ready for.

I will just toss out some ideas.

Everything is a form of energy. Every energy is a form of consciousness, or has a level of consciousness/awareness, however limited.

We all exist and have consciousness/awareness available (eventually) in multi-dimensions simultaneously.

Awareness/communication is available to us once we develop it.

The 'data', as Tom puts it, is just sitting there, waiting to be charged with awareness.

So Tom Campbell's theoretical implication that  we may run into a loved one's memory/energetic data imprint and be disappointed in its lack of immediacy, only indicates a lack of energetic exchange/communication. What is left for us to realize in our development is that we can exist in multiple dimensions and be in constant contact with those we choose, wherever else they may be. And we eventually will be...that is one of our future goals.

This is indicated by your post and the incredible emotional realization you just shared with us. Thank you.

Something else occurs to me -Are you still disappointed if all you get from me is a voicemail? Or a letter?

My instinct tells me we meet again, with those we love; but we may have to expand a few parameters.

This is at the same time such a simple thing and yet, a grand, complex interplay of interconnected souls and energies that goes beyond our understanding. Would you have it any other way? grin

 on: Yesterday at 03:15:32 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by soarin12
Have you ever read Destiny of Souls and and Journey of Souls by Michael Newton?  They are very interesting books to say the least and a different perspective than Tom. 

Toms seems to say that everyone reincarnates right away (after standing in some processing lines)  but there is so much other evidence that every one's afterlife time table is different , with choices available for the ones who are at least somewhat 'awakened.'

Many people seem to latch on to Tom's theories like they are the only ones out there (I'm not saying you are) and to my knowledge he doesn't even share his direct experiences that lead him to his conclusions.  I'm not putting him down -he's a good and wise person for sure, but there's other reputable people out there.

 on: Yesterday at 01:43:19 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by Permanently Grounded
Hi Aaron!

I believe no one can really respond to your question with absolute certainty. I've always pondered the same thing myself, as I'm sure we all most probably have at one point or another. Sadly, my current personal view is that we will never see our friends, relatives and/or even pets ever again for "real" (i.e. them for themselves as opposed to projections of our own minds). I'd absolutely L O V E to be wrong about that one my friend ..but objective thinking plus gut feeling finds it highly improbable. However, on the upside, I believe that ultimately our individual consciousness's will all eventually expand to a point where we will understand the unity of all things. Hence, nothing is ever really 'lost' because all is one. Even when there is a permanent loss in certain aspects.

Both the physical and the non-physical are loaded with paradoxes!

Best regards.

 on: Yesterday at 01:28:53 
Started by FateBender - Last post by Newoldsoul
I have a question about flying.

Let's say that I find myself projecting somewhere in my appartement and I decide to go to the cemetery (dont ask lol)

How is the process of flying from my place to the cemetery ? Is it :

- I state out loud or mentally that I want to fly to the cemetery and then I find myself like dragged by an invisible force and I'm flying on auto pilot mode without having to do anything ?


- Do I have to actively jump out of my balcony and "manually" fly to my destination ?

thanks !

Whenever i find myself out it's manually. I've ha some experiences though of being dragged and dropped so to speak at places but as far as you just deciding to fly it's manual and mental. I usually start off by running like building up to take off lol idk it's fun to me. But while i'm running i'll be me tally telling myself faster , faster, faster, and then when i feel like i'm fast enough i take off. Next time your out especially if your on a balcony, jump and you'll fly as long as your attention is on flying.

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