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 on: November 28, 2015, 05:57:34 
Started by raditus - Last post by raditus
The other day, I was on my bed, reading a book. I happened to glance over at my window, which does not have any drapes or curtains on it at the moment. I noticed someone coming up the ramp, to go past my window. Long gray hair put in a loose, low tied-back style. I recoiled a bit in shock, noticing that it was just this hairstyle - with no body attached!

As soon I realized this, the 'hair' had popped off the ramp, in a style more like teleportation, and was now far down in the front hair, right on the tree line. The so-called hair was now a very long beam of grayish light that had to been suspended six feet off the ground down there as it 'scanned' over to the fair right. It got to this spot I know so well, as that part of the forest opens up into a small path to a small creek that my sisters and I used to go to every summer.

When it got to the spot, it suddenly and instantaneously turned to a bright spot of light, like a small star but now only five feet off the ground. As soon as it did this, it winked out and was seemingly gone completely.

I think there was a high probability that someone AP'ed, passed through and I happened to see them for that short while until they went completely out of phase or returned from where they came.

I have not, since October, done any Calea. And have not done any Mugwort for much longer than that. I wasn't even remotely napping, so that counts that out.   

 on: November 28, 2015, 05:43:10 
Started by EscapeVelocity - Last post by EscapeVelocity
Saturday November 21, 2015

It is an intriguing idea that even while we sleep, we are not only shifting our Focus, but that learning and testing still occur in interesting ways, whether we are consciously aware of the fact or not. Monroe and a couple others have mentioned "sleepers class" but this has never been my personal experience (or at least what I remember). This particular experience is probably the closest I am aware of and it is notable that I felt a strong affinity for a few of the participants as if they are classmates or Instructors whom I apparently know on a Non-Physical level.

As it turned out, this was the final dream of the final REM period for the night. So it started as a dream, then became a Lucid dream although I didn't feel as if I ever gained full lucidity until maybe the very end, at which point I awakened; and yet, early on I had sufficient awareness to analyze parts of the situation. It was like two awarenesses were operating simultaneously: Me on a very instinctive level and Me from a third person perspective. As the dream unfolded it was clear to me that the two awarenesses were on course to merge at some point. Unlike my normal dreams I was able to detect a level of detail, complexity and an internal consistency that very clearly indicated this was a learning and testing exercise on probably a few levels at least. There were certain elements that I initially thought were the typical chaotic and nonsensical stuff of dreams but then realized these elements were being manipulated to challenge and disrupt my mindset along with the more obvious exercises of problem-solving that each test demanded. The majority of the time I felt that I was operating on an instinctive or subdued level; possibly the whole exercise was to be worked from this level and my slow increase in lucidity may have reached the point where the exercise was terminated. Like most of my adventures, I'm rarely told when they begin or when they end; or that they're tests in the first place, Lol.

The dream began rather vaguely and I don't remember much of the early parts but it was like a group of people I was with had just arrived at a wilderness resort or retreat. It was late and we were tired and headed off to our rooms. I removed my clothes and went to bed. Minutes later the whole house was awakened and in an uproar as we were told to get moving. From this point onward, we were constantly rushed and hurried along, like having drill instructors (sometimes unseen) all around us pressing us forward and at almost every turn something of mine would be lost or misplaced or taken from me, or I was told it would have to be left behind. The first missing item was the overnight bag I had put down just minutes earlier; so I would have to wear yesterdays' clothes and I wasn't happy about that. Then my underwear was missing and my irritation increased as the pattern was becoming apparent to me.
Keep your cool, I thought to myself...Feeling a little chafed...yes I understood the metaphor all too well.
As we were herded outside, I said aloud to one of the voices barking orders that we were all tired and maybe not ready for this. The voice answered that we would have to do the best with what we had. (it was starting to feel like a test)

I don't have any detailed memory of the first series of tests except that they were a series of test modules or small environments/situations that presented very differing problems which mostly required a rapid-fire interpretation of symbolic relationships of things that were presented to us, either individually or in small groups. The area was very crowded and noisy, making it hard to think or move without somebody jostling past or crowding in front of me. I remember that by the second and third test module, I had a good grasp of what was required and I called out the answers faster and faster; by the time of the fourth and fifth test modules, I had the answers before the instructors had even finished telling us what we were supposed to do.
In the meantime, they were messing with me by taking things away or misdirecting me somehow. One that I remember, I was offered a water bottle just about the time I realized I was thirsty; and the bottle was empty. That's just a cheap, crappy joke, nothing clever about it, I thought as my irritation scale went to 3. As I stalked off through the crowd to the next module I caught a glimpse of a woman in the crowd and our eyes met. She was smiling and nearly about to burst out in laughter and she turned her head away trying to cover her eyes. I had the distinct feeling that I knew her as a close friend and that she was likely one of my pranksters. I chuckled and tossed my bottle in her direction, my irritation level back down to 1 and walked on. As a side note, I don't know how I knew where I was going, maybe it was an instinctive knowing or maybe the Guides just placed the next test module before me as I blundered about, Lol.

At this point I believe we were directed to board a train. I sat with one other guy on an open flat railcar and the train slowly trundled Northward, I felt, paralleling a slow-moving river off to my right, which flowed Southward. As the train click-clacked along, I stared at the river and the hulks of rusting, sunken ships poking the surface of the otherwise calm and serene waters. It was a very calming scene and a good break from all the chaos. I had the thought that this part of the river should be designated as Historic or Protected for some reason. My railcar companion was talking to me at times but I don't remember what he said. This was giving me some time to reflect and think and I believe also offered the chance for my lucidity to increase another few notches. I had the thought that it was going to be difficult for me/us to complete the exercise while retaining the memory of the solutions to each module. I somehow thought that each solution was an integral part of an overall solution to a larger problem but the process for this would not be clear until the very end...and I already could tell that I was gradually losing memory of the earlier solutions; maybe they would all spring forth at the appropriate time, I just didn't know. I made a conscious determination to complete the series as best I could.

The next stage I remember was that we were in a building headed to the next module. It was dark, with the various areas back-lighted. A disembodied hand simply pointed at the floor in front of me. There was a human fetus curled in a tight circle on a grey, metallic floor. Then the hand pointed in front of me about 15 feet away. There was the mock-up of the command bridge of what I thought was a cargo ship, possibly it was military. I could see through the long row of angled windows, out across a port and the sky beyond was the orange-red of a sunset. The floating hand flipped its wrist, palm upward as if to silently ask, Well?
I said aloud, "The fetal remains of the day...they are being shipped somewhere."

The hand indicated an overhead metal panel to my right while a disembodied voice said, "Diagram how you arrived at this solution."
I looked up and could see that several people before me had each with a colored pen, diagrammed on the panel, individual tracings that turned and twisted, this way and that...each of their solutions was way too complex. I knew that the correct solution was a simple straight line that had a single right turn of about 70 degrees. The floating hand offered me a stylus. Now I realized that I already had something in my writing hand: it was a video camera. I set the camera down beneath the panel and tried to start my diagram but there was no ink; the stylus didn't work in any way I could figure out. I started to reach for one of the other styluses but now more people were crowding in and I was pushed away and could not get back to the diagram panel. My irritation level was back to 4. I looked at the panel and visualized my diagram and mentally "imprinted" it on the panel. I reached for my video camera but of course it was now missing. My irritation level went to 6.

I started to walk away and the voice said, "You were supposed to use the stylus."
I answered, "It's done and it's done right."

Now the floating hand indicated a console to my left. It consisted of 6 or 7 stations where the task was fairly obvious: Position the moveable ocular device over a point on the grid on the screen. It was sort of like a magnifier on a drafting table. Now more people crowded in front of me, two or three of them at a time, working at a single station and still incapable of completing the task. And there was still one open station but I could not physically get to it. Irritation still around a 5. So, from about ten feet away, I moved the ocular piece mentally, positioning it precisely over the dot.

The hand offered me another stylus while the voice said, "Mark it for accuracy." I looked at the crowd still barring my way and said, "I don't need to mark it. I know it's right." And walked away.

To my left was bright sunshine and I realized the building was not completely enclosed; I was back out in the open area. As my eyes adjusted to the light, there was a blond-haired guy about thirty feet away, grinning and laughing good-naturedly at me; He looked just like Nico Rosberg, the Formula One driver. He tossed me my video camera and I thought, Mischievous little prick! And then I realized that I knew this guy and that he also was a good friend. I turned and walked on, slowly ratcheting down my irritation. I passed a trashcan and tossed the camera away, thinking that would be one less thing they could use to prank me. Then I thought that was a rather immature response and I walked back and retrieved the camera. My irritation level was back to 1 and I was smiling, thinking of the pranks. The voice took one last crack at me, "But didn't that really hack you off, what he did?!"

I said, smiling, "No, I probably would have done the same thing to him."

Shortly, the scene faded and I awoke.

 on: November 28, 2015, 03:29:26 
Started by superman - Last post by LightBeam

Try to go deeper. Understand that what you encounter has to do with YOUR energy.
Yes but the "learning" is about You. No outside agency forces you to thing or generate "negativity"

Thank you for your input, superman! I did not say otherwise. Bit, I am not speaking only of my experience and my own world. I have opened myself to assist others, especially in the astral. If you read our posts here about retrievals, you will understand. If I wish to live in my bubble, then I will encounter no negativity. However, I am willing to assist others, therefore sometimes, their energy will enter my vicinity, in order for me to interact with them.
Another thing is that I am still learning myself. I will continue encountering negativity coming from my own fears and I understand that this is MY energy. But I acknowledge it and I think how to resolve issues and what is it that I need to learn. If I had nothing to learn, then I would not have entered this reality.

 on: November 28, 2015, 03:02:35 
Started by superman - Last post by superman
I really like your post but...I have something to add to this : "But how can we think love when we encounter a negative energy either here or in the non-physical."

Try to go deeper. Understand that what you encounter has to do with YOUR energy. If you truely had only love in you that's all you would encounter. This is my biggest conviction. The day you fully understand that everything you experience is all about your energy you will be a god-like lol.

"Well, we have to understand that everyone is exactly where they need to be for learning purposes. We must understand this in order not to judge."

Yes but the "learning" is about You. No outside agency forces you to thing or generate "negativity" so when you learn that your mind is the only reality then all the other "lessons" will fall into place. I don't believe that some other, outside power forces us to learn some lessons. But I had that belief in the past and it was a problem.

Ps: You post just made me think and I wanted to say my thoughts, I don't try to contradict you. I hope you will not be mad at me lol.

 on: November 28, 2015, 02:44:51 
Started by superman - Last post by LightBeam
I have removed many types of fears and I have learned that sincere love dissipates any negativity here and in the non-physical.
But how can we think love when we encounter a negative energy either here or in the non-physical. Well, we have to understand that everyone is exactly where they need to be for learning purposes. We must understand this in order not to judge. Each and every one of us has gone at some point through the same actions, we today judge others for. Experience of various circumstances must be encountered to gain knowledge and understanding.
We experience different types of personalities, in different settings. Earth like places are just one of the many types of worlds we experience.
We exists simultaneously in many realities and frequency levels.
The way we perceive time and space is false, due to the limitations of this low frequency reality.
Many people ask if AP is real and not just a product of our imagination produced by our brains. Well, I have many validations, including experiences with my sister, which were later confirmed.
As spirits we are immortal. We are reunited with our deceased loved ones after we cross over, and also we can communicate with them during AP. I have seen and spoken with my dad many times and that gave me great comfort after he passed away.
I have an enhanced sense of adventures even here in the physical. Life here has become so exciting after knowing that we have no limitations and that if I want to fly, I just have to wait until I fall asleep again.
I have leaned that thoughts create things. Instantly in the higher frequency worlds, however, if a thought is strong enough and has the support of a belief, it will manifest here as well after a while. If you continuously have positive thoughts and beliefs of abundance, the chain reaction will provide continuous like events in your life here.

 on: November 28, 2015, 01:30:05 
Started by ISBA - Last post by volcomstone



  That said, savage thoughts do cross many minds.

I was focusing on a long lost spanish(local) gold mine.

I visited it but never could behold the true location. I have since lost the desire to attempt to find it.

 on: November 28, 2015, 01:25:18 
Started by beavis - Last post by volcomstone
Fear as in surprise?

I find you cannot be surprised about the metaphyics occuring. It will cause a loss of focus.

You can't be surprised( as an adult) that you can move your arms without thinking about it.

The same is with metaphyics (psiwheel ).

That said the little surprise and excitement sometimes sends a powerful burst to the target.

 on: November 27, 2015, 23:44:17 
Started by superman - Last post by Astralsuzy
I have learnt that we live on after death.
I am probably wrong but I am saying from my experiences, there are no monsters, creatures or anything bad.   The astral is like physical except there is no starvation or bad things. 

 on: November 27, 2015, 23:34:39 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by Astralsuzy
I have had two very strange symptoms.   One time I heard what sounded like a helicopter in my room.   I could feel myself being moved onto this machine.   I was in this machine with a man and I was taken to a suburb and he left me there.   I do not know why I was taken there.   I should have asked.   Another time I heard what sounded like a hair dryer.   I could feel the cold air onto my chest.   I did not ap as that was very off putting.
This morning I took a deep breath and felt myself relaxing.   I imagined myself swaying and it felt like I was really swaying.   I was only swaying a little bit but it was enough to know I could get out of my body.   I spiritually walked out of my body.

 on: November 27, 2015, 21:35:09 
Started by Tongo - Last post by Rakkso
Well, recently I don't specifically use a Mantra, sometimes I like to chant "OM" while I breathe, as I learned a loong time ago in the Monroe tapes, but mostly just sitting straight and quieting the mind while alone and sleepy allows me to feel a warmness in the core of my body and then I just relax further progressivelly to forget body sensations, just today during WILD vibrations kicked in strongly from head then inwards so I did sang OM, then nothing, the I thought "a reality check!" and saw my hands and they weavered like one of those videos were moves leave a trace and I counciouslly projected from there...

Now the curious part, is that long before ago I use to imagine a field of energy around my body donut shaped, at parents house i would sit in the couch and everytime I would inhale I would imagine my field energy extending whole street blocks away around me and imagined all that energy gained momentum and as I inhaled it would come right through my spine spiraling and i would induce shivering through whole body but legs like that, then at the exhale I would chant OM and imagined the energy being shot out of my crown chakra further in the sky to fall again and gain momentum as I inhaled. Most strong vibrations I got were doing this, then I just stoped for gaming a while.. But I never gained even a mild lucid awarenes from there..  embarassed

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