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 on: August 19, 2017, 20:05:37 
Started by PlasmaAstralProjection - Last post by PlasmaAstralProjection
Well looks like we have some different views here. It could be that there is truth in both of them. I tell you what if some higher being tells me that I have to reincarnate into some crappy life, I will leave and get a second, third, fourth opinion and so on from someone else. And if that doesn't work I will go do something else, learn some new lessons someplace else to get a better reincarnation.

 on: August 19, 2017, 18:13:51 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Stillwater
In this case, I used a VST called, "CV-Piano" to voice it in a DAW.

I could play it too on a piano, but it is such an irregular song that I would probably have to read it from sheets I made, lol.

I almost never remember them either. For me I think it was the special circumstance of waking during the song that really gave me that extra push of recall I needed to remember something this complex accurately.

 on: August 19, 2017, 18:07:34 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Volgerle
Cool that you remember the tune and can re-produce it musically.

I also had songs but cannot bring them back, neither would I be able to transpose them from memory to songs. I do not have the harmonic hearing for this.

Well done!

Do you play it live when recording or did you program it in a DAW with a piano VST?

 on: August 19, 2017, 18:03:53 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Stillwater

This is sort of a first for me...

I hear songs in dreams very often. And almost everytime, I remember thinking how great they were at the time, but I can't remember them!

This time was different somehow...

I woke up while this song was playing in my dream, and I was able to carry it with me into waking consciousness. It was simple enough, that after I had looped it 7-8 times in my head, I just fully remembered it.

The context was, a choir of nuns were singing a sort of praise song. But there was something amiss... the mother superior had been poisoning a village, and during the song, someone passed her some information. She realized that while no one yet knew what she had done, she had also accidentally poisoned herself in the process. So the scene had this strange discord between the cheerlful character of the nuns and their tune, and the disturbance of the mother superior.

It was mainly the same 4 measures played in repetition, with a very complex intro. I was able to transcribe the looping part more or less accurately as I heard it.

It is sort of a strange song structure... it modulates up to a key a half step higher at one point, which is not that common, and it uses a lot of chromatic accidentals.

It was mainly the same 4 measures being repeated, with new lyrics everytime.

 on: August 19, 2017, 16:12:22 
Started by Selski - Last post by Stillwater
With regards to second-person perspective dreaming, can anyone clarify what this is?

I have never heard of an instance of this... but, in terms of perspectives and camera work in film and other media,

1st person is, you are the character, seeing things from the character's perspective

3rd person is, you are a floating camera, watching things from a perspective no one has

2ng person is, you are yourself, but you are watching yourself from the perspective of another person. This is very rare.

In film, a second person camera would never happen most of the time, because the viewer doesn't already identify themselves as being one of the characters. Most of the examples are from video games. An example is Battletoads, where you are a frog character that you normally watch from 3rd person perspective, but at some point, you watch your character from the perspective of an enemy boss, as you flee that boss.

So that is cameras, then there is identity in perspective.

1st person identity is, you watch the events from the perspective of someone

3rd person identity is, you watch the events from the perspective outside what a person has

2nd person identity is, you watch the events from the perspective of someone, and you ARE that someone. Pretty much this can only reasonably be used in books, and even then, super rare. The only real exception I can think of is Virtual reality, where you are often playing as yourself.

 on: August 19, 2017, 13:57:02 
Started by Selski - Last post by Selski
Quote from: Selski
I remember trying to put into words what I meant in a post over at EIC and got a fantastic response from CF Traveler who explained it so much more succinctly than I ever could. I can’t remember what she said now, but it was spot on. She’d obviously been through a similar process.

Found it! Aren't search functions fab?  grin

Seems I was having a very similar conversation 3 years ago.  tongue

 on: August 19, 2017, 13:04:01 
Started by Selski - Last post by Selski
EV – in response to your post the other day.  smiley

I fully agree with your first paragraph – this has been my experience over the years to a T. In fact, looking at my NP progression from 15-odd years ago when I began having classic OBEs, the ‘scope’ (for want of a better word) has got smaller and smaller, until I’m left with mostly ordinary dreams with the occasional lucid one or part-separation of the physical.

The bulk of my ‘most interesting’ experiences (to me, at least) are between 3-7 years ago and these comprise, for the most part, lucid dreams. Once I began having ‘big adventures’ via lucid dreaming, I was no longer bothered about OBEs and all the ‘faff’ that goes with it. Even phasing phased out (lol) when I began to simply ‘wake up’ in a dream, seemingly without needing a trigger.

Something did happen during this time which was very curious to me. I found it hard to put into words, but my lucidity changed. It wasn’t less and it wasn’t dull – but it was more subtle. I remember trying to put into words what I meant in a post over at EIC and got a fantastic response from CF Traveler who explained it so much more succinctly than I ever could. I can’t remember what she said now, but it was spot on. She’d obviously been through a similar process.

I still became lucid…but I also didn’t. I gently knew I could do things in the environment that I knew I couldn’t do in other environments (without fully realising that this was a dream vs waking life). Having read a number of posts over the past month here at the Pulse regarding the NP personality, I now suspect that was the beginning of mine taking shape.

Quote from: EV
The fact that you are not becoming lucid from your Dream Triggers/Signals is not because you are missing them, it is because your NP Personality has become developed enough to handle the situation by itself, without resorting to activating the conscious mind!

Yes, and I think my most recent experience bears this out rather nicely.

Quote from: EV
So, maybe we don't get the same opportunities to become lucid that we once did; but this is not a reason for disappointment. This actually is a sign of how our NP Personality has developed to a point where it can better handle itself; the DT's we remember upon waking are still there, but now are signposts of a new territory we are moving into.

That’s a great way of looking at it. I’m rather fond of becoming lucid though and will miss it. Perhaps the Dream Operators will look kindly on me and throw one my way every so often!

What’s going to be difficult going forward is building on the NP personality, especially as I’m not lucid. It happened last night, but it felt more pot luck than anything – any hints or tips on that one?

Thanks EV – your input is greatly appreciated.

 on: August 19, 2017, 11:53:36 
Started by PlasmaAstralProjection - Last post by Karxx Gxx
In the book "bringers of the dawn"  Supposed to be information from pleadians.

In ancient Egypt, it took many lifetimes for the initiates trained in the priesthoods to completely open
their eyes to other realities. They were trained to reincarnate into certain families and to remember who
they were. Mothers and fathers understood who they would be birthing because they would dream of it.
They would know who was coming into their bodies before they even moved into conception. The eyes
were much more open then, and could see into many different realities. They were called the eyes of
Horus because they could look into many different worlds-the world of waking and the world of
sleeping, the world of death and the world of dreaming.

Never give up on yer' dreams!
Believe it!  grin

 on: August 19, 2017, 11:05:05 
Started by Selski - Last post by Selski
I’m moving fast down a road – at least I think it’s a road. It has walls either side which look man-made, rather like modern white stone-walls with patterns in a natural look. The walls are slightly too high for me to look beyond. I’m not actually on/in a vehicle, but nor am I flying. I’m not really sure how I’m moving but that isn’t my primary focus. My desire is to slow down or stop and ‘get off’ so I can take a more leisurely pace, look at the walls in more detail and see what’s on the other side of them.

Then I think a bit and decide to stay with the movement. Eventually it slows down and I get off a bus in a small town. It’s winter time, there are a few inches of snow on the ground but it’s a beautiful sunny day. Everything is clear, crisp and colours are vibrant, shining. I feel extremely well, happy and ready for an adventure.

A few of us get off the bus (not many, perhaps 4 or 5) and we understand that it will pick us up at some later time to take us back. We have a couple of hours or more to have a look round. I suppose it’s a day trip.

There is a little shop on the corner. I decide to go in. It sells clothes and cheap knick-knacks – I get the impression of a beach shop. There is a big baggy t-shirt hanging up by the door gently blowing in the breeze. Inside there’s not much room, the shop can probably hold half a dozen people. There are some pretty-patterned bras in a dark purple colour. They look too large for me, but I contemplate buying one, making my boobs bigger (I do this regularly in dreams!) and flaunting about the place. Then I think a bit and turn away.

I then go to another shop and, feeling mischievous, make a loud stupid sound. Before I finish this sound, I stop myself and become quiet. I leave the shop and have a brief conversation with someone who was on the same ride as me. We discuss where the bus will be to collect us and figure it will turn up at the same spot it dropped us off. I decide to wait for it.

The scene fades.

When I awake, I see a design behind my closed eyes. It’s like the patterns you see in a kaleidoscope, but much softer. The background is a dirty green and the geometric swirls are off-white/dull cream. It’s like a ‘natural’ kaleidoscope. I’m fully awake now, aware of my body against the bed and knowing exactly who I am/where I am, but am able to watch this scene for a good 7 seconds (I’m counting) before it fades.


I think this was a successful test. The two times where I ‘think for a bit’ and when I become quiet were the three areas where I believe I did well. My reward? The kaleidoscope. I certainly feel more buoyant this morning and less despondent about my nightly adventures.

Those three decisions were made by my NP self; they had nothing to do with being lucid (which I wasn’t) nor my conscious self. But, on some level, I remembered what I wanted to do (remain quiet, go with the experience and not be distracted). I managed all three – just about.  tongue

 on: August 19, 2017, 10:52:45 
Started by Selski - Last post by Selski
catmeow - thanks for the link, I found it interesting. Not sure mine are to do with being emotionally removed from the dream as, generally speaking, my recent Observer dreams have been rather mundane and inconsequential.

I think it's an easy assumption to make - that we all dream alike - until we actually make enquiries. I didn't realise that my dream recall was so good - I thought everyone else had that much recall, but they just weren't as interested in dreaming as me!  cheesy

I've never dreamt in sepia, or at least not that I can remember. B&W dreams are extremely rare for me. Thinking back, I can remember one (which was also an Observer dream - possibly why I remember it as it was doubly unusual).

With regards to second-person perspective dreaming, can anyone clarify what this is? Does it mean you are your own consciousness in someone else's body, or does it mean you have someone else's consciousness and are acting 'autonomously' despite a sense of knowing you are you, if that makes sense?

My perspective is predominantly first-person, but I have experienced others and occasionally (as T-Man points out) flit between one & the other.

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