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 on: Today at 03:39:33 
Started by Newoldsoul - Last post by Newoldsoul
Thanks for the congratulations everyone! As far as a method I really haven't used a specific one like the rope or rollout etc. i think what happened with me was phasing? Anyway i'll just tell the whole tale. The night before, got home took a long hot shower, did some streching, made a tea with calea z and lavender flower with about 2.5 tblsp of sugar because I couldn't handle the taste, did a chakra meditation(guided) in my bedroom with only a candle and in front of a mirror. I guess because I've read before mirrors are sometimes used as portals idk thought it may help. Got up the next morning feeling like a million bucks and then i got in my recliner later and just let my mind roam as it wanted. Started picturing my wife making coffee in the kitchen for just a minute and then I noticed my mind was completely and utterly...blank. At that moment i felt a rush and got the heaviest vibes ever! Then i felt very disoriented like i was spinning and had zero sense of what was what and then I was in my kitchen exactly where I'd pictured me standing behind my wife. Anyway i knew something had happened and i turned around and there "I" was still in my recliner! Felt so awesome and I did a little dance and almost got to carried away with my emotions but I got them under control enough to continue. I feel i should credit the experience to the night before more than simply me letting my mind wander. Going to continue this sprt of ritual and hopefully have many more experiences!

 on: Today at 00:57:54 
Started by emilk93 - Last post by Xanth
What do you guys think?
You projected.  This wasn't a dream... this was a fully aware projection.

But then, a "dream" is really only a "non"-fully aware projection.  Understand?  Smiley

Just keep doing what you're doing.  You're projecting just fine. 

 on: Today at 00:52:07 
Started by emilk93 - Last post by justin35ll
Welcome and congratulations, it sounds like you are describing a classic out of body experience (OBE), and not a dream.
I'm not sure why your teeth are hurting, but I find that sometimes in my normal, unconscious dreams some of my teeth are loose and falling out as if I were losing my baby teeth. The feeling is exactly like it was in real life when they fell out. And sometimes it can be "painfull" in the dream. It is a very good sign post for me that I am dreaming because it happens so often that I can remember that it's a dream. And from there I can turn the dream into an OBE

 on: Today at 00:50:25 
Started by powerpath6 - Last post by Re
String theory acctually postulates that all fundamental particles (quarks) are vibrating strings.  It's a huge simplification, but the characteristics of that vibration determine the nature of the particle (what it is and what properties it has).

There's a book called The Elegant Universe that tries to explain String theory in layman's terms. It only requires highschool physics to understand it. Wikipedia has extensive info on this as well, but it might get a bit complicated.

This vibration has nothing to do with waves or any kind of newtonian phenomenon.

 on: Today at 00:29:25 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Kzaal
Good stuff.
This thread should be sticky. May help some people understand what they are living through.
Very well described Stillwater.

 on: Today at 00:24:49 
Started by Platorin - Last post by Re
Hey, I wanted to ask, did anyone encounter an ALIEN (yes, that kind of an ALIEN) during his/her OOBE journeys? If yes, could we have more details? Wink

H. R. Giger, the designer of the creature, said he based his paintings on his dreams. They were so disturbing he had to smoke opium to be able to sleep. Reportedly.
This is the inspiration for the xenomorph, the drawing that captured Ridley Scott's interest: Necronom IV.

Giger has some amazing landscapes. I suggest you look them up. Be aware it's freaky stuff though.

 on: Today at 00:11:34 
Started by emilk93 - Last post by emilk93
I have had this happen like 20 times in the last couple of years. Randomly while I am falling asleep, while I am in the Hypnagogia stage, I realize that I am not awake anymore but I am still in my bed laying there but in a whole different state. Pretty much every time I try to push though my body and it usually works. It isn't comfortable to get out of the body usually and I can feel a pain in my teeth but once I am out I can move around with less resistance. Tonight I had the craziest one. I was able to navigate through my house all the way down the hallway, downstairs and out of my front door. I had to open my doors like I would if I was in my real body. Once I got outside I remember my dad was out there telling me about a new neighbor that moved in and there was a house that he was pointing at that doesn't exist in the real world but was in the dream. I don't know why but I woke myself up and went to sleep. The weird thing this time though is that my teeth hurt. I think I might clench them when I try to navigate in the dreams, that's why I get a painful sensation when I am in the dreams. Every time I have these dreams, I am always in my room, I have never gotten past my room door, It had always been too difficult or I see something unsettling and wake myself up. The realism in them is crazy. Last night I was about to jump down the staircase because I knew it was a dream but I was conscious enough to realize that what if I am sleep walking, that I would really hurt myself. I also realized that I had the realization that I could hurt myself. That is how vivid it was. What do you guys think?

 on: Yesterday at 23:23:01 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Stillwater
Finally somebody post about this! I had a similar experience back when I was still a catholic with no knowledge of metaphysics.. I had a very deep love and affection to Jesus Christ and then it just happen, everything becomes soo blissful.. It lasted for a few months and I lost it after I had a sexual contact.. I would never forget those times, the ecstatic, euphoric and blissful feeling.. I think this is the kind of feeling that the people experiences during higher spiritual dimension projection or near-death experience..

As I say, I feel obligated to talk about it. It seems like something I shouldn't keep to myself, especially in a place like this, where people have some background to understand it, or have even experienced it themselves. I would like many people to be aware that this is something real that they can easily experience, and that it can reshape their lives and perspectives powerfully. I know this after merely a week.

I want that bliss to return but it just couldn't happen since my eyes had been open to metaphysics I just couldn't love Jesus deeply no more.. My faith is just gone

I don't think creation or the creator cares what it is called. Just because you experienced that devotion in one name, doesn't mean you still can't have a very personal connection to it by the name you now know it by, or that you are knowing a different being! I think what you experienced then is still available to you now, if you are open to it!

How eloquently worded.

And thanks Szaxx! Something tells me you have been there before too.

 on: Yesterday at 23:14:21 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Stillwater
That's awesome, Stillwater!!    Catholics choose a favorite saint's name to add to their own name, and when I joined my church, I chose Teresa of Avilla.  I've always felt such a kinship with her because of our similar experiences.  My first was in my 20's and have continued every so often to the present.  Such a beautiful thing... that total union and intimacy with God.  So hard to live in the world after, but who would trade it?

Having spent a lot of time in a Catholic setting, I knew many Teresas... all incredibly uninhibited people, with powerful dedications to serving others, and some of them are lifelong friends.

I am wondering what their mothers knew at this point, haha.  cheesy

 on: Yesterday at 23:09:36 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Stillwater
Thank you for sharing that.

In a way I felt very obligated. It is something that is rarely discussed or experienced, but something I would want many people to be aware exists and is very real. I wish I could show others how to get there, if I didn't feel it could be so dangerous as well.

I would suggest taking it easy and allowing the effects to settle. You not done cooking yet and you need to be healed and adjusted to the energy before the next step can happen.

Yeah, for sure. Right now, every time I settle down into bed, my arms are telling me, "Hey! This is where it happened! Take us back there, won't you?". It is something my body longs to experience again, but I don't feel I should go back until I understand it more fully after a long stretch of time. It feels like too much too quickly, and getting burned feels a very real result of getting too far.

What you experienced is similar to what happened to me at initiation. About a month later I had this happen again and it continues.

It would be good of you to share anything you were comfortable with- what started it all for you, how it went down, and how you dealt with it in the long term. Did you ever put any of it into writing?

Don't try to push for the highs just relax and try to go with the flow you cannot force this. You still have to live in the physical which is why it's important to come fully back after the rush happens. I know I struggle with it. I have to be forced back and sometimes it's so difficult emotionally to leave that bliss.

Yes, that violently electrified place feels like a second home I have returned from somehow now. I get the impression that when I am ready to visit again, I should take it very slowly, and allow the feeling to develop at a much gentler pace. Going from intensity 5 to intensity 50 was too much too soon. It was sublimely exhilerating, but it seems unwise to repeat in the same way. It has already changed my experience of the physical world. My perspective had already been heavily altered by years of spiritual practice, and this has put me yet another huge rung up the ladder to being terribly out of sync with modern physical life. If you saw me, you might mistake me for a person overdosing on antidepressants. Normal people don't have a context for understanding a person in this state. I am unnaturally animated.

But what I have been told is that it's important to bring this energy this goodness to people who do not yet have it. Everyone is meant to experience this and those who discover this union can help those who are still wandering. The union is incomplete without the rest of humanity there with us. We cannot leave the others behind.

I feel this very strongly too. There is no way to share to any given person what that sort of experience is like. I was allowed to get a peek of a shadow of the infinite, and yet I am sworn to secrecy. The best I can do is to treat those around me with the greatest warmth and care I can muster at all times, without making them uncomfortable at my uninhibited expressiveness.

Thanks for sharing your perspective so far, Blue! There really isn't a handbook for this.

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