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 on: February 20, 2017, 17:05:20 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by PlasmaAstralProjection
No your not evil. Even the beings that are of low vibration aren't nessarily evil. Your intent is much more powerful than your vibrations. If you think your vibrations are low and your evil because of that, then that intent/belief will define you much more in the astral than any vibration.

Perhaps somebody more experience than I can chime in though too.

 on: February 20, 2017, 05:47:50 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by Rocket_Man2733
So, it's generally known that negative entities have low vibrations and positive entities have high vibrations. Mine are very low. Barely even present and I can't raise them. My astral projection step up is a candle lit room with humidifiers and meditation music. Is it too much? I don't know if it's throwing me off or anything.

 on: February 20, 2017, 01:55:08 
Started by beavis - Last post by beavis
I'm not sure if thats what its called.

There are things we sometimes create that are attracted to some patterns and repelled by others.

After we strengthen paths between many physical andOr astral places, they tend to move along combinations of those same paths.

They form into shapes and can be recursive such as fractals.

They decay over time, especially when not used.

How precise can they be, such as be puzzle pieces of certain shapes that only fit together in certain combinations allowed by those shapes instead of being bendable to squash together?

How permanent can they be, instead of decaying?

Could a simple machine be built with them as the parts? If stable puzzle pieces could be built, this would be the next step.

How advanced a machine has ever been built with them?

I remember in Astral Pulse Island, inside the pyramid, I took apart and reassembled some gold colored statue of an elephant, trying to figure out what it is, and then I realized "Its a light switch", and I activated it, and that was the first time the pyramid opened. The top lifted up slowly. The room was lighted through the cracks we could see outside. And spirits started coming in and out. People say that ever after, it was a bridge between those parts of astral and connected to ever more places. That was an example of what might be a machine, but I'm not sure how stable or logical the statue switch was since I only used it that once.

 on: February 19, 2017, 20:29:13 
Started by PureExp - Last post by PureExp
cool can't wait to hear about them, have you written them in a journal? What is your reason for projecting? Mine is to meet with my higher self and try to become the person  I strive to be since a young age.

I had a journal long ago, and there is not anything remarkable in that Smiley
The reason was to know, to know the answers to everything. And to have fun, of course..

I hope you find the higher self. I can say these days with some confidence that I found what this thing called higher self is. The trick was to realize that there is no lower self (the ego or the mind or the mental image of "Me"). The higher self is then just a Self, the universal consciousness. We experience this Self every moment, we are the Self.

 on: February 19, 2017, 18:54:32 
Started by PureExp - Last post by Bloodshadow
cool can't wait to hear about them, have you written them in a journal? What is your reason for projecting? Mine is to meet with my higher self and try to become the person  I strive to be since a young age.

 on: February 19, 2017, 10:30:29 
Started by PureExp - Last post by PureExp
A snippet from my blog. Food for thought Smiley

The advent of virtual worlds generated via computers has rekindled an interest in theories that propose non-existence of a material world. These days the simulated worlds look as real as the real world, especially when high end hardware is employed. Total sensory immersion into a simulated world is not a fiction, it is inevitable. As we know, these extensive, rich and life like worlds on our screens are nothing but numbers. What makes us suspect that our everyday world is also nothing but numbers? There are many reasons. Quantum description of the matter immediately suggests that there are no actual entities, only values. In other words, the matter is just numbers.  Strangely, the physical universe satisfies many requirements of a simulated world. A short list of such requirements is as follows:

* Things are quantized, finite and limited.

* Processes are algorithmic, logical and mathematical.

* A VR appears out of nowhere, however it can evolve via evolutionary algorithms and can go from simple to complex.

* There is a limit on the “frame rate". In other words, things take time to happen and the effects appear after a delay. In the case of our world the speed of light is the limit.

* There would be some constants, some global fixed values, that appear for no obvious reason. E.g. there are physical constants like c or G or h that appear in many equations.

* Some phenomena would appear non-local. A program can modify two values together without simulating the mediating behaviour. So we have things like entanglement.

* Loading of processors can happen when there is a huge amount of data to be crunched. We see such effects near very large bodies, such as stars, where time slows down near their surface because there are too many particles to compute.

* Statistical nature. Some outcomes are predicted instead of being calculated exactly. This is faster but less accurate. So we have laws of thermodynamics, gas laws or fluid dynamics, probability distributions and uncertainty principle.

* Instances of entities may appear. If there are trillions of entities, a program can simply use instances of one model or a class to create those trillions. This saves enormous amount of memory and computing but the result is that all those trillions of entities are exact clones. We have electrons, protons and all such entities here, that are identical in every way.

* Strange phenomena may appear. Such as apparitions can appear out of nowhere requiring no cause, no matter and can disappear leaving no traces. Its the special effect equivalent.

* Strange effects like healing via intention or placebo effects can happen, as it would be possible to steer a program in desired direction if one can manipulate the inputs.

* Non-virtual (real) entities can assume discard-able virtual forms. Avatars in gamespeak. In physical world we have bodies - the avatars for non-physical players.

There are more similarities. There are experiments to prove the simulated nature of the universe, such as the famous double slit experiment and the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment. There are theories and proofs for the simulation hypotheses.  However, there are some ridiculous assumptions too. Once you say that the universe is simulated, there arises a need for a simulator, a computer and operators of that computer. So people imagine all sorts of things from aliens to future humans. It is perfectly possible but highly improbable. Plus there are big holes e.g. the presence of avatars, if the avatars are aliens or humans from future, they would know beyond any doubt that they are playing a game. The only possibility left is that we are just bots, dummy players, which is not anyone's experience as far as I know. Bots would mean no consciousness or subjective experiences. No amount of simulation would produce that.

So far only Thomas Campbell comes close to a satisfactory answer, which is - the consciousness itself is the computer, aka the simulator, of this universe. And since it is simulating the stuff out of itself, it is only natural that everyone experiences a consciousness behind oneself and everything else. This is my direct experience and also of many of you. This is the original claim of non-dual teachings, that are unchallenged since thousands of years.

Useful links:

 on: February 19, 2017, 04:30:48 
Started by fcojosedea - Last post by PureExp

I would love to research OBEs scientifically or spiritual topics rigurously (if possible).
I would also be interested on using OBE as a research tool for many topics.

Then you will like MBT by Tom Campbell a lot. Highly recommended for all science lovers.
He has a forum too.

And welcome Smiley

 on: February 19, 2017, 04:24:29 
Started by PureExp - Last post by PureExp
welcome to the forum, hope to hear more from you, enjoy your stay. I haven't had a projection in a while but I'm always here to help with great advice, there is a lot here to inspire

Thank you Bloodshadow. I'm also going through a dry spell, after initial almost spontaneous oobes years ago.

 on: February 18, 2017, 20:45:15 
Started by PureExp - Last post by Bloodshadow
welcome to the forum, hope to hear more from you, enjoy your stay. I haven't had a projection in a while but I'm always here to help with great advice, there is a lot here to inspire

 on: February 18, 2017, 07:44:21 
Started by PureExp - Last post by PureExp
Welcome to the Pulse, Tarun!

Have a wander around the forum and enjoy the information that is shared. Good people and lots of good ideas to jump into!

Thank you!

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