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 on: Today at 02:25:07 
Started by SACOLUCCI - Last post by Lionheart

Do you guys think I can tap into my psychic ability, if any? How do I do this? Also, what does the name calling out during sleep signify?
It sounds to me like you have been doing it all along!  smiley

 Just keep listening to that "little voice/gut feeling" whatever label you seem is fitting there.

 As for the "name calling". It sounds like your "guest" is trying to make you aware that you are Dreaming. This is a good thing. The more aware you become in your sleep, the more you show you are open to learn anew.



 on: Today at 01:54:44 
Started by SACOLUCCI - Last post by Szaxx
Welcome to the Pulse.

 Keep calm and just notice these events as they occur.
The more you accept their presence they may become more clear. The noises are a side effect you can hear almost anything. While falling asleep they should be more prominent.
Go with the flow.
Have a read of whats known.

 on: Today at 01:06:09 
Started by SACOLUCCI - Last post by SACOLUCCI
Oh and I forgot to mention, when I am in my room putting my daughter to sleep, it often sounds like the tv is on downstairs. It sounds like people talking faintly. I always ask my husband if the television is on to which is responds NO. Is that simply my ears or something more?

 on: Today at 01:03:20 
Started by SACOLUCCI - Last post by SACOLUCCI
Ever since I was a child I had intuition about people that was always bang on. When I was 13 years old I had a vivid dream, where I was visited by angels who told me very clearly (telepathically) that my grandfather was going to die in exactly three days. Three days passed, and I received a phone call from my aunt who told me my grandfather had died of a heart attack while out in the snow.

When I was sixteen years old, I started to experience major anxiety attacks that debilitated me. Because I was so young, I started to pray frequently. I come from an Italian family and my grandmother is a believer in prayer and the Saints; we are Roman Catholic. Anyways, as I lived in her house at the time, I started to pray and felt myself coming really close to God. One night I had a dream that I was in a sandpit of snakes. I was desperately trying to jump around them when I finally made it out, only to look at a huge statue of Jesus on the cross with the sunlight beaming behind him. Later, I saw a similar statue while at a Church, where Jesus was on top of snakes, crushing them.

Through my life I came into other encounters, in dreams, which often steered me in the right direction and gave me other predictions, which came true. Specifically, I became pregnant and had a dream I was pushing a black carriage. When I looked inside it was empty. Two days later I miscarried with something called a Blighted Ovum. This is when a fetus does not develop in the gestational sac.

Last night, I awoke to my name being shouted by a male figure. I thought it was my husband but he was sleeping. I was really freaked out especially because I was dreaming about getting married (I just got married in February). The dream was nice, I was putting on earrings, my shirt was silk, etc. Then all of a sudden this troubled male voice shouting my name?

Do you guys think I can tap into my psychic ability, if any? How do I do this? Also, what does the name calling out during sleep signify?

 on: Today at 00:39:44 
Started by embrace - Last post by Lionheart
Too bad they don't make the pop up program for Mac sad

Also, I can't seem to find the wallpapers. That link just takes me to a page with a bunch of articles about AP and LD.
It seems like his direct link is no longer functioning.

 A quick Bing search on "Top 20 Lucid Wallpapers" brought me to this site though, which has some video tutorials on how to LD.

 This site here has some great "Am I Dreaming" wallpapers.

 on: Yesterday at 23:38:28 
Started by Fusions - Last post by Xanth
And that is your subjective interpretation.
Obviously, and?  smiley

 on: Yesterday at 22:57:37 
Started by Jenniferamy - Last post by JesusGonzalez
Thank you for your insights smiley

So the noise was my own mind? Is it true that you can visit loved ones who have passed when astral?

Thank you again!
Yes the noise was in your mind.Also you can most definetly visit loved ones who have passed.You can do about anything you want.

 on: Yesterday at 22:43:28 
Started by Fusions - Last post by Volgerle
And that is your subjective interpretation.
I guess what Xanth wants to say (correctly) is that in the Astral we do not have physical timespace coordinates as such. It is (probably) a more digital/holographic reality with by far different 'laws' and rulesets that maybe we still cannot quite fathom. This physical reality is digital/holographic too, but with stricter rulesets. Hence we have 'reliable' ups and downs, lows and highs, lefts and rights, and so forth.  wink

Of course, that does not mean that we can't use these terms metaphorically when we talk about the Astral. Low and High are correct terms when used this way. And they are helpful. It's a language thing. They are 'established' metaphors used in almost every description of non-physical reality, be it Eastern, Shamanic, even R. Monroe counted his Focus Levels from 'down' to 'up high' (C1 = physical to F27 and far beyond that).

Most of the best teachers and authors on AP (Buhlman, Bruce, Leland, Monroe etc.) use or used a similar kind of terminology including "low"/"high" and describe their experiences this way. Robert Bruce even sees the different realities as flat planes where he navigates in-between to switch them. All descriptions and experiences are correct. They are certainly not meant by most who use them to be literally interpreted in physical terms (means: the ruleset of this reality).

It's also pragmatism: Metaphors are effective elements of language by which we communicate with effectively, so we know what we are talking about and that it could be, at least approximately, the 'same thing'. Just look at David's site (, he also names one video the "Low Astral" and we know what to expect in the video beforehand. We know it's about 'evil' beings perhaps, stuck people to be retrieved, dreamers confused, some darker realms or neighbourhoods, perhaps our own dreamscape, etc.. We know it from our pre-knowledge what it could be about, which is also based on a linguistic convention of "low" in the context of AP beforehand without ever having started the video.

Moreover, many projectors also fly upwards into 'better' zones/planes and fly downwards into more hellish zones. I've did that too. That's just one way it often "works". I believe this is where human metaphor actually co-creates reality for the individual, so it is reversed causality somehow. Human mind created or co-created these 'realms' (most fo them I suspect) and hence our rules and understanding are 'programmed' into it. This applies also to the "higher" and more steady (consensus environment) realms.

Of course, this mode of transportation is subjective, too. Some people only "beam" or "jump" or "switch" or "phase" from one point to the other, hence for them down/up does not exist the same way when they move between realities / planes, etc. That is how they experience it and it is correct, too.
Still one could argue, within the reality where they are they also have coordinates of up and down (usually) - even in unstable 'lower astral' environments, and at least if it is a more "humanized" zone and not something purely energetic and 'without taking a form' - which we find most often in some of the "higher" wink planes again.

 on: Yesterday at 22:10:14 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by soarin12
Haha! That's great, that is exactly the phase I'm in right now. The more I read, the more interesting it all becomes and the more obsessed I become thinking about it. I was talking with a few Christian fundy friends of mine at the gym the other day, and one of them was telling me how he "fell to the dark side of new age beliefs" years ago and started meditating, and described how he had an astral projection while meditating. He met a being of light who tried to offer him knowledge on how to make his parent's business an overnight success and he immediately thought of the story of Adam and Eve, being tempted with "the knowledge of good and evil" and the Bible verse that says "Satan comes dressed as an angel of light" and he screamed at the being "NO! GET BEHIND ME SATAN!!" To which the being vanished and he was sent back to the physical. He was trying to tell me how "evil" it was and how it confirmed all his Christian beliefs, but I was just ticked as sh*t at the fact that he AP'd on accident basically and didn't even believe in it. I was like "What?! How did you do it? Describe to me exactly what your technique was!" and he was like "why do you want to know? it's witchcraft dude" LOL. I just played it off like "oh no reason, just sounds interesting is all"

When I was driving home I was like "WTF even my $#%* Fundy friends who don't believe in AP can F#$%ing do it! Arrgghh"

Lol.  My Word of Faith (health and wealth) Christian friends would give anything for an experience like that!

 on: Yesterday at 21:11:15 
Started by Fusions - Last post by lillymoon
I stated this in another thread recently: "It's consciousness, there is no here or there, no upper or lower.  Only subjective interpretations based upon biased values of the experiencer."

And that is your subjective interpretation.

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