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 on: January 23, 2015, 09:54:45 
Started by Szaxx - Last post by AstralJames
Loved the read! Not sure if I missed it or not, but how do you train yourself to become more self aware? Just practice in reality or what?

 on: January 23, 2015, 09:50:41 
Started by Szaxx - Last post by Kzaal
Sexual tension/increase in sexual desire or libido kicking to focus on something else than projecting is something very common for me.
The sensation often feels better than real sex, but you still need to overcome that in order to project.

Also worth a notion is Stillwater's thread about the Ecstasy of Saint-Theresa often happens in the hypnagogic state. (Physical/Stabbing ecstatic sensation)
(Altho it's quite random and rare for people to experience it, it's there too).

I'm really trying to find as much details as possible here.
Sometimes the ground shakes violently (or so it feels).
Ears popping/cracking.
Sometimes it feels as if something just pulled on one of my foot.
The feeling that you are out but you just stand up physically.
Feeling as if you're having some kind of cardiac arrest or when you think you stopped breathing even if you didn't.

That's all I can remember for now.

 on: January 23, 2015, 07:56:05 
Started by Sagar - Last post by EscapeVelocity
What you think is your unique method is not the correct understanding; you will be challenged to learn other ways to project; I would venture to say that your lessons are beginning. This is both frustrating and enlightening. Thinking about this possibility should expand your perspective. There are teachers following and guiding your progress...that possibility takes some getting used to.

Many of our early experiences happen seemingly almost accidentally, the state of mind necessary for an exit at this time is not necessarily completely understood, but we have some hints and so we instinctively find when and how to replicate that state. But it doesn't occur or can't be recognized at other times...that's really frustrating.

Try to identify and remember the mind state, the 'feel' during your successful attempts. Look to replicate that at other times; early morning maybe being the best opportunity.

In a deeper perspective, it appears that we are challenged, at least for awhile, in finding new exit methods after we have already established seemingly successful methods; many report this frustration, me included currently, lol.

I can run through 3 to 5 typically successful methods and get nothing. Talk about frustrating! I don't know if I'm blocked for some transgression or I'm being challenged to find something it timing, is it technique?

I guess the question you might ask yourself is -What is so different about my nap exits that I can't reproduce it some other time?

Best of luck in figuring this out! You will figure this out, so keep your confidence! This is the continuing education that we are challenged with... -EV grin

 on: January 23, 2015, 07:02:21 
Started by Major Tom - Last post by Sin
Thanks for sharing Fred! Quite helpful!

 on: January 23, 2015, 05:17:26 
Started by Szaxx - Last post by Szaxx
BKR. I was hoping for that answer, I'll expand on variations later.
Kzaal. (The sights and sounds are a future project to upload on YT. Nowhere near ready yet.)
Your comment on the silence before the storm, that simply IS.
The variations will be addressed later, these are well known as I've experienced many over the decades.
P4life. What you posted is fully inline with many others. The silence before the storm again.
Soarin. The wind isn't a persistent parameter. Its almost follows the weather, windy some days others calm. This can be attributed to the speed of the routine. In a fifty second exit, there's many things present one time and not the next. This is part of the investigation too. If a way of reducing these effects can be found, the time spent in trance can be reduced too. The process becomes more efficient giving more 'out time' to explore the NP, that's a possibility to be looked at.
Lightbeam. You mentioned the vibes, that's one subject I'll need help with. I can induce them with massive intent and sleep position but this is sketchy. I simply have never experienced them as a regular part of my abilities.  The noises will be dealt with later. A few surprises for some will result from my experiments. SP is something I feel, I have the ability to snap out of it instantly or so it seems. Further investigation is required later.
Your pre nap experience is noted, the Bedeekin method ( plugging it) is very similar. I'll need to investigate his thread and the replies to find commonalities there too.
AAAAA. The aim is to help everybody with the later stages in projecting. Making a topic with a solid guide, rather than the mixup that's available will benefit all. Too many 'personalised how to's' exist and one that's easy to follow, created from many people at various levels of experience will iron out the creases.
EV. The commonality in your post with others is showing itself too.
There appears to be a silence before the storm. OK on the variations etc. These will be concentrated upon in time. The noises have  been noted too. More on these later. Visuals will be an interesting conversation, these strongly affect the variables and this may be of benefit too.
Bluefire. The voices aspect of the hypnagogic will be interesting. Your input on this will be appreciated when we diversify into a more detailed further investigation. The visuals can be controlled with precision. Its quite possible to create an image with far more detail than what see while awake. Real HD as in some clear cut cases. This also will be dealt with and experiments for all to try to find commonalities in the level of in interaction.
Omcasey. Your comments are showing a great understanding of how it appears to work in a controlled way. Its tailored to your expectations by your own design. Your influence is showing through and the journey is a representation created by you for you.
This  is something along the lines of what I'd like to achieve so everyone can have their personal additions working in their favour consistently. Positive interaction should speed things up for most people and this will be gold for those starting out on their journey.

 on: January 23, 2015, 02:20:53 
Started by bluej - Last post by soarin12

I was under the impression that Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming are dramatically different things,.

From my experience, not dramatically different, unfortunately.  You aren't seeing the physical in AP, you're seeing an astral copy.  It looks the same as the physical with usually a few odd variations.  Out of place furniture is typical.  True validations like the playing card experiment or seeing what a person was doing/wearing and getting confirmation from them the next day, are few and far between.  More often, I've seen my family members in places they never were or doing things they never did. (at least in any time frame either of us could recognize)  I've only had two validations so far, and they were both precognitive experiences.  They happened one week after I experienced them OOB. 

So my thoughts on this state are -It's not impossible to see what's going on in the physical, but very difficult -certainly it doesn't come naturally.  I think when people do manage to see what's in the physical, it's a 'grace' given for a purpose, or because they've worked very hard on it. (example- remote viewers)  Probably if you believe you can see what's there it will have a positive affect. (an untested theory on my part, but a belief I hold due to other areas in my life where that works) 

Remote viewing (basically the same thing as RTZ AP) was confirmed to work by the army, who had a program going in the 70/80s (?) but it never worked well enough to be of practical use to them so they dumped the program.  -Just an example of the difficulty there.

 on: January 23, 2015, 01:52:55 
Started by Szaxx - Last post by Szaxx
Self awareness is one thing that many of those projecting could do with gaining more of. It's that 'hey I'm dreaming' moment that awakens the reasoning mind, allowing you to take  control of the dream.
Obtaining this self awareness means being aware of the subtle changes during a dream. Impossible? It's not that difficult to do, however, getting the correct mindset can take a while. (Three weeks or so).
After a boring dream you may have noticed (if you recalled anything) that it all flowed along with the same uneventful morbidity.
This is typical for most people, eventually this leads to not wanting to remember anything, especially when the activities of the coming day occupy your mind.
The problem here is that this 'washing over' of dreams actually programs the subconscious. Its effect then becomes that you train yourself to ignore dreams. This makes them harder to recall and a whole lot of other problems arise.

It has been noticed that most posted dream recalls lack much of the detail. A minority seem to possess the knack of recalling a great deal of info, this appears to be a lack of the self awareness mentioned earlier.
From personal experiences, when I'm in an 'interesting projection', my mind and thoughts are working 5 times faster than they do in the physical. (Anyone notice the increased speed?) I have a good memory in the physical but its not as clear as that in the NP. Eg, conversations in the physical, I'd recall the outcome of one easily, we all do, but remembering exactly what gets said is another story. In the NP, most often, conversations get recalled precisely. This is mostly due to the self awareness being heightened which in turn creates a clear pathway for telepathy. This is something the experienced will know. The extra sense of awareness in the telepathic communication is acting as a trigger to aid a full recall. The awareness you feel in a telepathic communication, where the info comes to life, is the exact same awareness you need to have concerning every single action you make while in the NP. You watch what you say and do, like at a job interview.

Its this awareness that will make a positive impact upon your trials and tribulations.
For a new student to the art, the dream awareness is important to improve. The likelihood of a spontaneous projection over a consciously controlled one is extremely high. If the awareness is dull or not developed sufficiently, the questions of 'was I close'? Will continue unabated. The reality is the student projected but the overall awareness was appalling so only pieces of it were remembered. It has the similarity of a dream and the subconscious programming of 'exterminate the memory' comes in and ruins the whole recall of the actual success.

For the advanced projectors this is mostly overcome as they've took a long time to adapt and alter their mindset into a switching on of the recall. If a constant self awareness is worked on, it has the same effect as grounding with benefits. The interpretations are required less and the memories of the experience increase in detail. One benefit is when you're in a formless environment with nothing to ground yourself on, the few seconds you'd normally have as your limit are increased by magnitudes. Its similar to that dual awareness type of perception from the early days. This time you are keeping a perspective on the environment and another almost in the third person upon yourself. Your thoughts and emotions creating an environmental change are recalled by this awareness so aid in learning to manipulate it. Should another mind enter the scene, you'll not lose the whole experience which is likely without the extra self awareness. You also keep your identity rigid and not melt into the oneness which is your exit unfortunately. You can visit but not stay. (A good thing in reality lol).
Developing this is due to the amount of FOCUS you have. Xanth constantly reminds us of this and has taken it to a deserved high level. With this capability you think twice before doing something. The initial decision based upon your perception and personality, the second is you question yourself on the merits of the action. ( both can be done simultaneously with practice).
 Jumping off a cliff in the NP is a perfect example. You'll make sure you're in a projection just before you jump. This is the self awareness in action and its inherent in all of us. Not doing this check (when physical) will be stupidity as it could be a nice walk turning into a disaster. Its automatic, being aware of this and staying focused will help you achieve more in the NP.
Let's go back to dreams. This time you find yourself walking through your old school with no clothes on and it all seems fine. A common dream. If you constantly double check your actions through self awareness you'll be already programmed to NOTICE that something isn't quite right here. This awakens your awareness enough for you to interact. A projection can easily be made from this realisation.
Now look at the same dream experience without self awareness. You know what's going on and when it hits you, you just carry on with the rosewood glasses. It's wrong but something is allowing it to continue. That subconscious programming mentioned earlier is working and those few seconds you were aware, are then lost.
This occurs quite often and you can program your subconscious to respond positively with affirmations.
In most dreams there's a few seconds where your awareness is heightened. You actually react to the dreams storyline and think clearly,( if only you were instinctively self aware), you then make a choice, the dream continues.
In some of these reactive moments, the clarity increases, this enables more general awareness and if you're awareness stretches above the line, you become self aware. The dream becomes lucid and you have the opportunity to get into the driving seat.
Triggers are, FEAR the big one.
Emotional stress outside the expected norm.
Personal injury.
Any unwanted destruction to what you cherish.
Down the list you can actually apply items as triggers. In a recurring dream, you become aware sooner in each cycle. The recognition is subconsciously programmed to return the 'problem' to your conscious mind aka you become self aware (a mental attachment of the 'fight or flight' reflex).
I've self programmed any fearful situation to trigger my self awareness. Nightmares are a trigger and this prevents them from  instigating their evil grip in most cases (some I just let loose for the play). I have control and follow the storyline through with an LD if I want to kick a$$.
I'm sure some of this is familiar and some may be new.
The game is how aware are you when you only think you're aware?
Work it out and then ask yourself am I self aware?
You'll see a big difference between the awareness you have at present and being fully self aware. Its hardly used in the physical, to test it just take your thoughts from a moment ago and see if you can recall that fading headache or the itch you automatically scratched.
How deep were you breathing and your heart rate...
These are all parts of the self and they're not on your mind at all.
If you had an accident a day ago, they would be wouldn't they?
Remember to check that you are self aware,  the focus required is small. The result is a big change.

Drops of rain make an ocean.

Comments most welcome, questions on anything you're unsure of, just ask.

 on: January 23, 2015, 00:35:31 
Started by ISBE - Last post by soarin12
Glad to have you with us, ISBE!   smiley

 on: January 23, 2015, 00:15:56 
Started by bluej - Last post by Xanth
Times that I've felt like I've been AP'ing I've done things like float above my bed an witness myself sleeping,. I did this if anything to prove to myself that I wasn't dreaming ya know,.
Are you saying that projections are always to the 'astral plane' and perhaps what I think is reality is construct in my own mind?
As I'll explain further below, all experience you have is of an (for lack of a better word) "astral" in nature, including this physical reality experience... none of it happens "in your mind". 
If you wanted to adjust that statement slightly and say it's "all in your consciousness", then I could probably go ahead and agree with it.  Smiley
Everything is collective.  There's only seemingly individual experiences and seemingly collective experiences.  The difference is like standing in a crowded room with a blindfold that block all light and ear plugs that block all noise.  Standing like that in a crowded room, you're obviously in a collective environment, however you'd probably swear that since you can't see or hear anyone else that you were all by yourself.  That's how the non-physical / consciousness kinda works.

That's why I kind of chuckle when people say there are these separate "individual" and "collective" areas of consciousness.  You're either simply aware others are there or you're not.  But "everyone" is always there at all times. 

I was under the impression that Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming are dramatically different things,.
To me, they're one in the same.  Some people firmly disagree with me... that's more than fine.  Everyone is allowed their own opinions.
What *YOU* need to do is have your own experiences first (many of them actually)... THEN attempt to draw some conclusions.

My own perspective is probably a little further beyond most you'll hear from people.  I don't believe labels such as dreams, lucid dreams, astral projections, obes, etc even exist.  They're not objective experiences.
Likewise, this physical reality is really nothing more than one of an infinite number of (for lack of a better word) "astral" realities.  What this means is that you're currently projecting your awareness to this physical reality in the EXACT SAME way you would fall asleep and project your awareness anywhere else.  No difference in the slightest.

So in my perspective, I view all that you can experience, be it this physical reality, or some other reality, as "Projections".

 on: January 22, 2015, 23:54:55 
Started by Szaxx - Last post by omcasey
The phenomena in my shifts are constantly changing and morphing into new perceptions and experience.

Currently, the most recent ongoing phenomena is an inner chill.  It is like a(n ice) stone dropping into a cool pond, the waves rippling out in me in an ever increasingly freezing fashion (the level of cold is almost indescribable).  Over and over and over---again.  Until I am  t h r o u g h --->.  In multiple planes and dimensions. <---The concentric circles rippling out represent this.


Just amazing how many ways there are to experience this.



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