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 on: August 15, 2017, 10:53:53 
Started by Tongo - Last post by Visitor
I have learnt that nothing goes unnoticed.  That we are surrounded by helpers and protectors.  They do their best to help and keep you in their sights.  We take our turn looking after others.  I think I have given them some grey hairs. 

There are many different dimensions...many different bodies.... you may have more than one concurrent incarnation right here and right times of high emotion there is some cross feed and more than likely those are the times you will pick up footprints of them. 

but no matter which or where's you go...other than dream use this brain with its dumb limits and dumb knowledge.  Mistranslation and confusion abounds.

I think of all, I prefer and enjoy dream recall the most.  Even with mistranslation it gives me better understanding and enjoyment.   I do the most interesting things and have better scope of how things work...more interesting conversations.  I go...and return...all taken care of...and in between over there I know it's where I belong and will return to eventually.  And all I have to do is remember.  And filter as much through mistranslation.

All else is just playpen arenas because this brain doesn't know what it knows and has slim capacity to translate what it sees.  And so...cannot actually go anywhere or do anything at all of value.

 on: August 15, 2017, 10:40:03 
Started by Visitor - Last post by Selski
Hi Visitor and welcome to the Pulse.  smiley

Sounds like you've got a wealth of experience under your belt. Have a good look around - there's loads of stuff to whet your appetite.

 on: August 15, 2017, 10:31:06 
Started by Visitor - Last post by Visitor
But an oldie one! 

Decades of OBEs...lucid and all sorts experiences from age 6 onwards.  I think I read every book on OBEs growing up.... but my interest was how to stop them.  Finally in mid 90s I came to the watershed that either I stop or I was going to get fired and that didn't sit well with me.  My family wasn't going to get fed on astral whatnot.  Some of them were rather frightening and the warning of sudden death was there also...equally idiotic to chance with a growing family.  Yes I felt protected always....prayer always did my off world team helpers....but there was this warning of possible sudden snap given dimension travel.  Added to that was the constant indicators that I was a nuisance to myself and others off world too!  They didn't want me to recall some things in this brain or even understand them.  So basically I was given the clear message...get on with your life!

The solution was willpower...stop the vibrations...stop the exit...stop recalling anything...stop giving it attention. 

And I walked and flew the four corners of this earth in a couple of decades of astonishing career success.  I ended with huge satisfaction I completed bringing up two great people.  Job done I think! 

Now over the hill and retired, the time I gave myself to return to it and open that door again has arrived.  But do I want to? 

So I will sit here for a bit and see if I do.... personally I feel it's way too complicated for this earth brain that can't cope with input and mistranslates based on earth experiences and images it knows.    It's not as simple as linear exit one body...onto next.  The way you leave determines which 'body' you use...which dimension you go to...what experiences you have....and waking up in lucid on the other end of the galactic wherever with help getting back that your lucid brain isn't aware off, that goes off tangent like a 2 year old fouling things up exploring existences I fully know how they function....when not in lucid earth brain interfering mode.....and having those high speed tunnels that go on forever to return through....isn't what I call fun.  Neither is sitting close to earth spaces.  That's dead boring. 

On the other hand I do enjoy some of what I recall.  So I may just decide dream recall is good enough and not go heavy footing all over my off world life upsetting plans and basically act like a clueless disruptive two year old 'over there'.

So I am a project in the to visit and see if anything filters through as to next steps.

 on: August 15, 2017, 09:26:50 
Started by Selski - Last post by Selski
There are only snippets from the last few days.

I was in a building and the man who owned it had put some kind of force field right through it. This was in order to stop people coming through to the rooms we were in. I remember thinking 'bullet-proof glass' but understood that what he could do was much much more than that.

A later dream saw me and ex staying in a hotel. We were in our room which was actually the whole upper level of the hotel. We'd arrived in the morning - if we'd come in the evening we'd have been given a complimentary selection of drinks which comprised a dream character looking suspiciously like Kurt Leland serving us 29 different spirits. I was glad we'd missed out.

And then later on in a third dream, the usual sex shenanigans.  tongue

 on: August 15, 2017, 09:19:40 
Started by T-Man - Last post by Selski
Isn't it frustrating? To get lucid and then have it snatched away just for asking a question.

Hopefully you'll now be back in the swing of it and will have another LD very soon.

Quest-chain - how cute is that?  cheesy

 on: August 15, 2017, 03:51:56 
Started by PhaseshiftR - Last post by PhaseshiftR

You've got great taste in music.




Hey Selski! Which music are you referring to? Nice to meet you..  grin
Edit: Now I got ya! That music is great to zone out to!

 on: August 15, 2017, 02:32:51 
Started by toba122 - Last post by toba122
That was a beautiful experience, thanks for sharing! Yeah, I've tried the "clarity now!" affirmation and it's been really helpful to me as well. Maybe I should request something like that as well when I get the chance.

 on: August 15, 2017, 02:18:49 
Started by Selski - Last post by Xanth
If I do listen to anything anymore, it's binaural beats in one form or another.
Then I'll run it through my Kasina light machine.  Mostly I'll just sit in silence... or not silence.  Doesn't much matter to me anymore.
I can tune just about anything out now.

 on: August 15, 2017, 00:39:30 
Started by toba122 - Last post by baro-san
So I've been reading a lot of William Buhlmann, and he emphasizes the importance of going beyond the dimensions of form and returning to your true essence. The experiences about it that's he's given sound very interesting. Excerpt from The Secret of the Soul:

I've been having recent success with OBEs lately, I feel like I'm really getting the hang of doing it intentionally. I want to try experiencing my Higher Self next time I'm out. Has anyone else had success with affirmations like, "I experience my higher self now!" (that's from one of Buhlmann's books) or experiments of that nature?

 When I have my next obe and try this out, I'll record whatever I can.

After reading Buhlman's first book, in less than a week I had my first obe. During my 2nd or 3rd obe, I had a memorable experience. After raising from my body, while still in the upstairs bedroom, because there wasn't enough light, as per Buhlman recommendation I requested "clarity now!", and "awareness now!". Immediately I saw around more clearly, vivid / crisp colors and some glimpses of intense white light. As I had decided before starting the obe, I requested to see where is now somebody dear recently passed on. I was taken relatively fast, through the walls (I felt the wall's consistency while passing through it), downstairs in the family room, where in a corner I saw a bed, on it a young woman who turned toward me and smiled nicely. I immediately felt an indescriptible happiness. I laid by her side feeling completely happy, protected, nothing in the world mattered. After a while, timeless, I thought that I accomplished a lot, and I willed myself back into my bed, where I woke up, still feeling that indescriptible happiness.

I don't know why my request took me to that being, and who she was; she looked completely unfamiliar.

 on: August 14, 2017, 22:49:23 
Started by PhaseshiftR - Last post by Selski

You've got great taste in music.




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