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 on: March 17, 2018, 11:42:07 
Started by mindscreen - Last post by mindscreen
Thank you for those kind words EscapeVelocity!   There are a lot of people here with more expertise.  I am just a beginner in numerous ways.  In any event, I really appreciate the recognition and encouragement!

Regarding the process being slow you said, "This is kind of like trudging through 3 feet of snow for 2 hundred yards or even a mile".  I found this analogy interesting because initially, the "desire" to AP is high after reading and wanting to experience.  Later, things slow down as reality sets in and it becomes more of a practice.  I didn't mention before but very long time ago, I've experienced OOBE couple times and both times, I was very afraid of what was happening and didn't know what to do.   

As far experiences, the ones mentioned are in fact my own and anything otherwise would've been cited accordingly.

The lessons part you mentioned is something for me to think about seriously.  Your insight is true; I began to feel that some past to recent "misunderstandings" are unwarranted as they are clearing through recent dreams and interpretations.

I find it somewhat difficult to know whether particular content of a dream is based on what I am reading/experiencing in PR or if it is "genuine" lesson so-to-speak.  For example, a variant dream of a meeting that took place in PR.  Wouldn't that be just my mind spinning itself over the event/details and a continuation in the dream?  As you said, anything can be a lesson if we look through those lens.  Sometimes, finding what to learn is a difficult task indeed and it may be missed altogether.

Regarding hands through walls experience, I guess what I wanted to understand was, why that particular act stood out as very strange when the biggest act of projecting itself was deemed so normal...  I suppose that is "my" experience and couldn't expect another person to comment...  maybe, I was hoping to hear that someone also experienced the same...? What I took away is that projecting is something I should be able to do very easily.  And, PR fears, objections and beliefs can and do carry over to dream/astral realms as well.  However, knowing this and putting it in practice are two different things.  In actual AP (like I mentioned before), body tensing and other signals consumed my thoughts.  The need to adjust and accommodate for these events in future attempts is apparent.  All I can say is that there is a lot of work ahead.

Once again, Thank You!

 on: March 17, 2018, 08:14:45 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by Yodad
Last night I set an alarm for 4.5 to 5 hours after sleep. When the alarm went off I went back to bed and didn't attempt anything. I also had another smartphone and shut if off because of the loud sound.

Any advice?


I'll just pass along what I've read about wbtb, if you fall right back to sleep after 4.5-5hrs, then you didn't get enough sleep, so now try 6hrs. You are like a scientist testing things out. If 6hrs makes you too awake, then adjust down between again.  Changing length of being up is other option during wbtb.

Also, my wife has sleep apnea and went un-diagnosed for decades. She has a machine now though. Something I did get for her that you might want to look into is a essential oil mist diffuser and search for essential oils that could help with breathing like eucalyptus oil or I read maybe Thyme. If your overweight that will be a factor too for breathing. My 2 cents.

 on: March 17, 2018, 07:24:35 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by luffy28
I've been setting an alarm for 4.5 to 5 hours after sleep. I had to set it to take a picture because I kept using the shaking option and fell back to sleep. I also am going to stay up for 20 to 25 minutes and then set alarms every 40 minutes until I awaken between 8 and 9 am.

I'm going to use this alarm for the 40 min awakenings.

Wish me luck. rolleyes

 on: March 17, 2018, 07:18:11 
Started by Kree - Last post by Kree
You can phase in any position even while standing doing menial tasks. As a matter of fact doing a repetitive task that does not need your brain engaged is an excellent way to focus. I can do it while washing a boat load of dishes.

It's possible if you're already good at focusing, but is it not easier to phase (especially for beginners) by relaxing everything there is to relax first? Or does relaxing not matter because that's not something you think about?

 on: March 17, 2018, 07:16:43 
Started by RigVeda - Last post by Rconrad
@Illuman, first yes I definitely know my mother is ok, I had a experience with her, that cleared that up, but it still did not help my depression, see I been stuck in a rut in my life , where i'm not moving forward to nowhere no matter how hard I've tried to be positive. My dream has always been to help people but not in the conventional way people do it through being police , doctor  or firefighter, I always wanted to heal people ( like that Jesus fella), inspire them  save lives (vigilantism), I never gave up that childhood dream and don't plan on it, but the possibility has dwindled down, to Aya being my last chance to try to change myself from the inside.

I know I can't have the abilities of television heroes so I just  want to open up the abilities of my human mind, you know telepathy, telekinesis, all the kinesis's, but if I can't do that through Aya, i'm at least looking for a better outlook. I know I have to help myself before I can help others which is why this Aya thing is so important to me it can help me go within like no other thing like meditation can. sigh, I know I sound crazy atm, so I will just stop, no one really understands no matter how I go about it, this is the best I can put it. Also i'm not scared of  death otherwise I wouldn't have tried to commit suicide.

The experience with my mom:

I dont think you are crazy and i know where you are coming from. Christ did say “ye shall do the same works and greater works shall ye do.” But may i suggest not putting all your eggs in one basket? You cant give up simply because you havent achieved the abilities you seek....yet. Maybe this part of the process is you learning patience. Maybe its a longer process then you had thought. Given life is eternal what is your hurry? As long as you stay focused, what you desire to achieve is only a manifestation away. may not be on your timeframe. That doesnt mean you give up. It means you will learn patience through experience. Good luck and dont give up. You seem like a good kid.

 on: March 17, 2018, 06:46:31 
Started by Rconrad - Last post by Rconrad
The focus models (Frank's and Monroe's) aren't meant to be taken literally... at least in my opinion.  Consciousness is unique to the experiencer, this is one major reason why "mapping" consciousness with such focus models is a fools errand.

If you become aware during your non-physical dream experience... you're projecting.  Don't worry about what subjective level of focus you're on.  Consciousness is consciousness.  There's no "collective" area vs "personal" area... consciousness is just consciousness.  When you find yourself aware, place your intent and go do whatever it is you want to do or experience.

Im not becoming aware ala a lucid dream. When i have vibrations during a dream i am aware of what the vibrations are and what i should do during them (project!)-yet i still believe the dream surroundings are “reality.” I remember F. Kepple stating “It was very easy to experience focus 3 from a focus 2 state of consciousness..” Im not sure why you would consider the concept of focuses a “fools erand” but to each his own.

 on: March 17, 2018, 05:30:43 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by luffy28
You guys really do underestimate your natural abilities!  undecided If you use technology this way, you are learning to "rely" on "it", the technology, which negates "effort".

I think the only technology I'll be using is alarms. Mostly because I looked at the sleep cycle apps and didn't understand it.

Also are there any people with sleep apnea that have been successful with the obe4u techniques?

 on: March 17, 2018, 01:36:53 
Started by Kree - Last post by Nameless
You can phase in any position even while standing doing menial tasks. As a matter of fact doing a repetitive task that does not need your brain engaged is an excellent way to focus. I can do it while washing a boat load of dishes.

 on: March 16, 2018, 13:14:37 
Started by Kree - Last post by Lumaza
 You could Phase standing on your head if you wanted to!  grin

 I had the same problems you had and probably even more. At first it was the "saliva" problem, while sitting up. Then came the problem of my eyes feeling like they were opening just as the exit/shift was about to occur. That was followed by bouts of hyperventilation when trying to take back control of my breathing. I had to confront them, handle them, then move on to the next hurdle, lol. Most of all that was due to fear. Even though I wanted to have a conscious exit/Phase into a new realm, I wasn't mentally prepared to at that stage.

 The problems I found was I was still too "physically focused". Once I learned to relax, release and let go, I never had to deal with those issues again.

 Nowadays, I do my Phase sessions in the bathtub. I find the water to be very relaxing and it helps me completely lose my physical focus. Try practicing "disorientation" from the physical body exercises such as the Phantom wiggle or etheric energy body work. It will consume your focus enough for you to forget your physical body period.
 Any of these techniques will work to help you overcome your problems right now. Basically any of the techniques found here on the Astral Pulse Forum will help. Check out the "Stickies" found in this section of the Forum.

 on: March 16, 2018, 06:16:25 
Started by Kree - Last post by Kree
I think most people lie on their back or sit reclined but I have a problem with this, on the back, if I completely relax my tongue i experience discomfort as the airway becomes obstructed. Reclined, letting my head fall forward eventually hurts me neck and causes my teeth to touch which is distracting. Letting my head fall back while seated is also problematic as when I eventually need to swallow saliva I will have to tilt my head forward a bit. Yet this is how everyone seems to do it. The only position I can sleep in is on the front, but for some reason this I never get very far in this position nor do I hear of others' success in it.

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