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 on: April 25, 2016, 07:49:11 
Started by DarkHorizon - Last post by Lumaza
 Wow Lightbeam!  shocked

 You have been quiet for a while now, but that post was truly a "gem"! I am truly impressed!  cool

 on: April 25, 2016, 06:12:44 
Started by DarkHorizon - Last post by LightBeam
First, to analyse all this you need to look at much bigger picture than just feelings manifesting into your life. It's not that simple.
1. Why have we entered this limiting reality?
 - To learn through challenges in order to gain knowledge, realization of creative powers, understanding oneness, understanding the forces of the universe, understand what causes progress and what causes destruction and regression.
 - Yes, we have ups and downs here, but we learn a lot more from downs than from ups. We have to come to terms with this fact in order to handle our downs better and realize what is the actual lesson from each challenge. That way this challenge will not reoccur.
 - This live span here as physical characters is just temporary. The only purpose is learning. We set up each life before we enter according to our needs. We don't realize it while we are at character, but if we understand this concept, all fears that we can not achieve everything we want in this live will disappear. Our true state is not in a physical character, but in our true state there is no limit of our achievements.

We exist in multiple dimensions at all time, and while your thoughts of being a pilot seem just thoughts here, they are creating a reality at that same time and your spirit there is in fact a pilot. So, in a sense you ARE what you think and what you feel, although you can not perceive it here. If at that time , you suddenly refocus in that reality, you will find yourself in an airplane in the air. And it is REAL. It is a matter of where your awareness is focused. These outside of our physical perception events activate our feelings because they are real. If we believe they are real, then manifestation into this reality is very possible. It maybe not in the same exact way, but along these lines, something of this sort may manifest. However, fears that it may not manifest create the biggest barriers. These beliefs are natural to our physical characters, because we see everyday limitations and we are programmed to think with limitations. I'm afraid that we can not reprogram this, but the best we can do is to be ok with the possibility of not manifesting and just learn as much as we can from this life. Once you become ok with that, then you automatically release that fear barrier. I have found from experience that once I stop caring about things if they will work out the way I want, they suddenly appear in my life.

So, stop forcing thoughts and stop being afraid of your "bad" feelings. How to do this? Don't take life here too seriously to a point where you think that this is everything and it will be a failure if you dont achieve certain things during this lifetime. You have endless life times to experience various things. Just relax and focus on what are your lessons here. Learn them well and do not be afraid.

Do not stop dreaming though. Always dream big, but with no fears that they may not manifest here. They do become a reality just outside of your spectrum every time you think and feel.

 on: April 25, 2016, 02:49:32 
Started by DarkHorizon - Last post by DarkHorizon
I know that if you feel you need something, you recieve it. Also if you feel you want something, you also receive it.
It's also true that if you cry, you are consoled in some way. Also, you can KNOW something to be true.
One time I made an assumption that there was a tsunami the size of a planet approaching, and I was overwhelmed with intense fear, it really felt like the tsunami was there.
Feelings are important. If you feel good you get good experiences.

I have a dream, a real world dream of becoming a space pilot, and fighter pilot. I've read wished fulfilled by Wayne Dyer. He has a chapter on the importance of feeling, The idea is called, "assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled".

He says that we can access this feeling in every cell of our bodies.

This has me a bit confused because I don't really know how it will feel. I have an idea, that I will be overjoyed, enthusiastic. But I've climbed into an airliner, and I know those feelings are very profound, I don't think I can feel right now in my body, what I felt climbing into that airliner. Second if we could actually assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. We wouldn't need the wish fulfilled. If I could feel in totality, to be at the ISS in my mind, I wouldn't need to go there.

I read something from the book that said, "feeling the joy in your smile". I suppose this is the main idea. Feeling the joy which is principally felt in the head.

So an analogy would be looking at the sky, shooting out your fist, screaming oh ya!!!! and really feeling that joy in your body of watching a fly by of a jet fighter.

So maybe I can't "feel" myself on the fighter jet, maybe I can "know" myself on it..

I watched "The Secret" movie. It focused on two elements, thought and feeling. What I got was that thoughts are important, but feelings are really the dominant factor. So than I felt afraid, because I have ups and downs in my life. I just can't feel good ALL the time. So what does this mean for my dreams. If I feel bad, can I still affirm, I AM a fighter pilot. I AM a space pilot, and still have my dream come true?

 on: April 24, 2016, 21:06:09 
Started by raditus - Last post by raditus
April 24, 2016

Flight And Conversation

In RL, I had picked fresh Mugwort. About a night later, I took some of the leaves and ripped them up into little shred, sprinkling the pieces over what I had to use as a pillow, leaving the aroma of Mugwort no matter where I turned my head for sleep. I did this, knowing firsthand about its effect on dreaming. I wanted to see what would happen in Astral. Doing this, combined with the normal version of the QH 10 minute OBE sound file, I had no problem exiting almost straight away! I also combined these measures with my 'image dipping' gift that I've started using for Astral Travel.

I made myself go to the location of a dockside Warehouse that I've been to before. It's the one with the decidedly prickly stranger and candles. There was no one else in sight outside of the Warehouse, so I went ahead and floated upwards to the top most window. The window was opened half way, as it always seemed to be in the time before. I slipped into the window, into that darkened level, quickly resorting to moving around normally, in case any other crashers were in there and saw me flying around. I only moved into the room a little less than halfway before a curt voice rang out.

“What do you want?”

I looked ahead of me, seeing that the guy from before was still living there. He was wearing nearly the same clothing as before. Not as many candles were strewn about this time, I saw. He got up from his tattered layer of cloth he'd been using as a sort of bed. He stalked off, giving me angry side eye. “Thanks again, for bringing that weirdness here.” Meaning, that strange and large 'spaceship.'

I had hoped we could talk with each other, but it seemed he didn't like me because of that incident. I grew irritated and, instead of sticking around, I teleported out. My traveling blacked out and I cannot not remember any more this night.

 on: April 24, 2016, 14:14:24 
Started by AndrewTheSinger - Last post by fowlskins
i also belive that our model of history is a long way off and there is still very much to uncover that will change these facts
look forward to reading your posts as much as i do everyone's and will do it with an open mind

 on: April 24, 2016, 02:12:49 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Szaxx
It's a lesson in emotions. You're being shown how strong they are in the NP.
I still get the sadness one and it normally precedes a disaster. Two recent ones before the earthquakes for example.
Try to understand it as a message and not become too attached to the way you were shown it.
Keep an eye on the news too. You may find something very familiar.

 on: April 24, 2016, 02:10:25 
Started by AndrewTheSinger - Last post by Lumaza
 I see we have been going to the same "school" my friend!  wink

 Just to answer a quote of yours in your "Beginnings" portion of your website here. "Should I let others know? Am I meant to do this at all?"
 Most people don't care to know. They seem to think that there is nothing to be learned of importance from the past, since Humanity is dubbed and thinks it is the "Master Race". They are sorely wrong about that. But only time will show that to be true to all.

 The people that "need" for some reason to be shown the truth are getting the information on a subconscious level or with this practice a "Non Physical level", where it can't be blocked by those that wish this info to remain stifled.

 Humanity always pushes to go forward. Progress is good. But we shouldn't ignore or allow our ego to for-go what we have been taught in the past either. The same goes with this practice of Astral Projection in general.

 on: April 24, 2016, 01:08:42 
Started by Cool101 - Last post by Thread Killer
"Justice" is one of those words that gets people into trouble..."
 Other loaded words I avoid are god and truth. I'm not as svelte as I used to be, so to tussle with another is to be avoided.
  And, Mr Water, you may not be the wind beneath my wings but you are certainly a refreshing breeze.

 on: April 23, 2016, 21:44:25 
Started by Cool101 - Last post by Stillwater
"Justice" is one of those words that gets people into trouble... not the least of which because different people think of different concepts of it, and then have a conversation about it as though everyone else in the conversation has the same concept in their head as they do.

So to even start the conversation, the definition being used must be discussed and agreed on first.

That is primarily what Plato's Republic was about actually... figuring out a definition for the concept of justice that makes sense.

Thrasymachus, one of Plato's opponents in the discussion, didn't believe there was such as thing as justice. He asserted that when people use that word, they are really talking about the tendency of the stronger to force their will on the weaker through law (thus he called justice the "advantage of the stronger"). Sadly, in my country this seems to be a large part of what law is for.

His answer by the way, was sort of strange to modern ears. He basically said that justice was when everyone did the job they were best suited to (everything in its proper place), and that within a single individual, when that person was motivated by appetites, but ruled by reason tempered by noble emotions.

Plato's idea of justice was more about what people contribute to society.

I think the modern concept of justice is more concerned with everyone receiving what they are believed to be due... be it money, or debt, reward, punishment, etc. But of course that opens up a whole new discussion about what people actually deserve, and how we know this.

A non specific example. If you had two factions, each with competing belief systems. If those of both factions were acting justly, they would operate with the understanding that the others beliefs are as legitimate as their own and would leave out ideas of who is right or wrong. By acting justly you would commit to a personal examination of the situation where you try imaginatively to see through the others eyes. To cultivate empathy, to nurture it and to take satisfaction in its growth in yourself is to be just. When you you look out of the eyes of another and see yourself, you will act justly.

This idea of justice has more to do with Plato's concept than the modern notion I think, insofar as it is concerned with how a person would best act, rather than what they are due.

I agree with it to a point, but of course there is the caveat that not every opposing position is justified or defensible. For instance, say that I am arguing to you that you do not exist. From your perpective, questions of solipsism aside, you know conclusively that you exist. Other people will be demonstrably wrong, and in situations that will have major consequences. Learning to understand their perspective is helpful, and it will help explain where they are making errors, and how to best reason with them, but I think often this does not mean that we should consider their position equally valid alongside our own. 

But outside of that, the principle applies pretty broadly. To use my own country as an example again, I think people in the US are often guilty of not fully understanding the viewpoints of their political opponents. People surround themselves with like-minded people, and frequent the same media outlets and idea exchanges. Very few people are reasonable enough to learn how their "enemies" think.

 on: April 23, 2016, 21:34:59 
Started by AndrewTheSinger - Last post by AndrewTheSinger
Hello everyone. I used to be active here in the past, when I shared a common view with most of the members of the Pulse. Some years ago I left in order to proceed with my own researches. Since then, my understanding of things changed so radically that ended up isolated, and kept most of my ideas to myself and a few close friends.

But I have learned so many things that I simply can't keep them all to myself, so I decided to share, and I don't care if people are going to believe or not.

One of the things that I've learned is that if you cannot find the truth for yourself, then there is absolutely no hope for you. Who can you trust in a world where everyone is after his own interests? If I say one thing is true and another person says it's false, how do you decide who is right if the answer is not so obvious?

I believe that there is hope, and if you really want to know the truth about something that is out of reach, whether because it's in the past or a place far away, a divine part within you can show you the answers, as long as you seek them with a pure heart and a sincere desire to learn.

You can check out my website to understand what I'm talking about. I have all the evidences to back up my claims, and I'm going to gradually share them. As a monk I dedicate myself exclusively to developing my spiritual abilities and knowledge.

My astral experiences deal with a lot of these spiritual and unconventional things that I study, so I feel uncomfortable relating them, but when it's possible I'll continue giving my perspective on other people's experiences.

Don't be indifferent to this.

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