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 on: April 25, 2017, 02:39:12 
Started by PlasmaAstralProjection - Last post by PlasmaAstralProjection
After you's told me that having kids wasn't required to have a good reincarnation I am rethinking my whole value system. I am in college right now and now I am questioning whether it's worth it to go for all that schooling right at this point. I am wondering if I should settle for something less ambitious.

So let me ask you what values do you think are the most important to live by here in the physical for a good reincarnation? Thanks.

 on: April 25, 2017, 01:19:27 
Started by Tongo - Last post by desert-rat
On the lottery , one idea I have heard was that you are going in to either  a different dim. or a parrell realality , ect.

 on: April 24, 2017, 21:37:04 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Sammie
Almost did the same thing today before entering a lucid dream a bit later. I already think and know few/a lot people can do OBE quickly on request AstralPotato, but that is not really what my post was about. I just experiment and post my experiences to encourage myself, others and to document my progress. I know it  is very much possible to astralproject by will cause I know it is like a certain state of mind that you can recognize by a feeling, but even though it is still hard for me. I have increased my OBE's and luciddreams by about 20 times more these past last few monthsin total compared to the last 4 years.

 on: April 24, 2017, 21:31:13 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Sammie
I this morning found myself in a dream of which I can recall many things one which was other people noticing a ufo from inside the bus and crazy storm weather. I could see a small ufo showing itself openly for all people on the highway. It was small and flied like a bird and seemed to wanted to catch peoples interest. I feel this may be something that is about to happen for real in the world sometime soon(whenever that is) I saw a ufo physically over 10 years ago myself actually. Well the bus continuen going and I ended up in my second home IRL and for a moment I felt some kind of deja vu that I shouldn't be there like it didn't make sense. Usually I have a lot of these moments in dream and shrug it off like nah it's nothin like I do IRL when I feel something strange usually. This time I kind of felt that the dream had it's pull put I held on to the feeling or recognizing something didn't make sense and immediately became lucid. Before I became lucid and started feeling that feeling I could feel how close the pull to staying unlucid was and how strong it was. I was extremely close to entering the house and let the dream control me, but instead became lucid. I know recognize how easy and hard it is to fall victim of a dream by simply not believing in your own will. A conscious effort is all that was needed even though it kind of felt like moving a mountain and lifting a feather at the same time. As I became lucid I started interacting and looking intensly on a wall which helped, but then I could hear a car in the dream which probably was the result of a car outside IRL and I thought I just keep focusing on this wall to ground myself in the dream which kind of worked until I started doing other things and then went back to my body. Nice experience, thoughts?

 on: April 24, 2017, 19:17:40 
Started by Tongo - Last post by grrla
I've read a resume of someone resuming his attempts to do so
It was in a pdf I found a long time ago, I don't remember the name

But basically:
The guy would project and then go in the future to see the results of a weekly lottery
Then he go back in the physical and place a bet with the numbers he did see in the astral
He did so several times, however, for each tries, the results in the physical were always a bit different than the one in the astral...
So he never won this way

 on: April 24, 2017, 18:40:21 
Started by Xanth - Last post by Astral Potato
Now I have an account, I can reply.

Thank you for sharing your book. I found it extremely interesting and filled with great information.

 on: April 24, 2017, 18:36:06 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Astral Potato

If you have any success then please do share. It would be great if someone could figure out a technique which allows us to just force ourselves to phase into the astral. Imagine being able to just lay down on your bed or sofa and *snap* you are projecting.

I was a little too excited when I saw this title.  grin

 on: April 24, 2017, 17:52:54 
Started by Astral Potato - Last post by Astral Potato

I am new here, I have spent quite a few hours going through posts on this forum and sifting through posts which are over 10 years old for information. I felt it would be good for me to share my experience, what brought me here and hopefully discuss with everyone to find a solution to some of my questions & goals.

Let me first start with my experience. When I was young (age 6-11), I believe I had quite a few OBE's which I thought to be dreams i.e those times when I tried waking my parents up, but they couldn't hear me, only to wake up in bed crying because I didn't exist anymore. It was mainly just me in the house or very close by, doing absolutely nothing, but remembering it very clearly. That is until I had a 'dream' which changed everything and I have been unable to get it out of my head ever since. I woke up in my bed one morning and my first thought was "Oh no! I've overslept my alarm again, I need to get to school."  This was then followed by me flying out my window, down my street and towards my school with shocking speed, I got lost in the experience for a few seconds as it all felt so natural, until it hit me that I was flying through the air, followed by me shouting in joy "YEAH! I'm flying". It was at this point when the pesky voice in the back of my head said "Yeah, but how are you flying? You couldn't fly before this." So at this point, I am floating 20 feet in the air, unable to move, trying my best to swim through the air using the good ol doggy paddle technique. I was stuck! I thought "How do I fly?" and the response I got in my head was "You just fly!", "BUT HOW???". About a minute later and after several different attempts, I couldn't figure out how to fly. I looked down at the ground and the thought "What if I fall?" came into my head, followed by overwhelming panic and fear, followed by me waking up.

This stuck with me and I still vividly remember the feeling of flying. I was 100% aware of myself and where I was, especially since I was answering myself in my head (yes I actually do this, even now in my mid 20's). So what are your opinions? Was this an OBE or just a very strange and vivid dream???  Youtube recommended a video about "lucid dreaming" to me around 2 months ago, and now here we are.  

Attempts at Lucid dreaming/OBE

*Relax- I say this alot, but I mean when my jaw opens by itself and I am 90% sure I will find a way to swallow my tongue. (I know it's unlikely as it is attached to my mouth, but I will somehow manage it)

Attempt 1
This was me attempting to will my body into sleep and visualise a ladder which I was climbing with some strange arms coming out of my back (Because real arms could never bend that way!) This was 60 minutes of me swapping between different types of ladders, because the standard wooden ladder was a clear violation of astral health & safety.

Attempt 2
This time I try to put on meditation music so I can focus on that and stop talking to myself. It works, I am relaxed, I am focused completely on the sensations of my body and the binaural beats. I have tingles in my toes and soon in my fingers, my stomach starts to tingle and then as the beat continues I get a tingling above my brow and can feel like pulsing energy. I know right, you are thinking "OMG IT CANT BE!!", but it's true, I actually became a unicorn.  On a serious note, this actually opened my mind on chakras, which I hadn't considered before. If I can feel it, it must be real, atleast for me.

Attempt 3-20
This time, there was a period where I was focusing on meditating and learning about that chakra voodoo. I could feel it, this time I would make it happen. I have multiple techniques to try, now to test them all!  
a) Now I thought I would try my own "Sit up Method", I was going to relax and focus on myself doing sit ups in my mind, then as I drifted, I would do an 'astral' sit up and BOOM! Didn't work.
b) Rope technique, I couldn't decide on how the rope should look and I kept thinking "but that will hurt my hands if I grab it!"
c) Roll out technique, I am relaxed, drifting, start to feel it and BOOM! all my muscles tensed to stop myself from rolling, my visualisation was TOO good.
d) Visualising myself on my rowing machine, rowing back and forth constantly. I can imagine it, I can feel the grip in my hands. this visualisation is on point. 30 minutes in "I should be well out of breath by now!" - That annoying inner voice spoiled it all for me.
e) Now I visualised walking down a peaceful beach, taking a walk in the woods, riding my bike. Cant stick with anything. It always leads to me talking to myself.

Attempt 21~25 ~ slight success
At this point, I have given up on visualising anything. I can't focus that way. Now I am going to focus on sound and hope to get the pulses I felt when I became a unicorn, but try to remain focused on the beat until I can leave my body. 40 minutes later, I feel a small vibration which I first feel in my hands (I know this because at this point, I wasn't even sure I still had hands until that point). I get so excited that all my focus now has to go on stopping the huge grin I have on my face. ~ excitement killed all of these attempts as it was starting to work (I think).

Attempt 26 ~I don't like these vibrations
This time, I have found theta wave beats to listen to. Quite quickly, I feel the 'thum, thum, thum' travelling through my body and I thought this could be the one. I keep focusing on the beat and letting everything else fade away. I feel a pulsing through my entire body, suddenly I feel 'THUM' go through my torso and my chest, it was so powerful that I felt like my body couldn't contain it. 'THUM' 'THUM' 'THUM' It started to get faster and it felt like waves of power building in my chest. At this point, it felt like soon the 'THUM' pulses would become so fast it would just be a continual pulse going through my body. I freaked out thinking that this might be my heart trying to clock out while I wasn't paying attention, I stop immediately in full panic mode.

Attempt 27-28 ~ Strange feelings.
This one I am not sure of. I have found that my success at focusing on a beat rather than a visual image allows me to shut everything out except the beat, it is probably because I live in a noisy environment which can be very distracting. This time I wanted to try white noise,  
a) This works really well. I drop into relaxation quicker than before. I start to feel a slight pulse, I clear my mind and just let the sound wash over me. ~ sleep
b) Same again. I am on the edge now, this time however I don't feel any pulses or vibrations and just lay there. I was laying there for almost 2 hours when I had a strange sensation. I am still struggling to describe it, but it felt like I was deep inside my body, but also outside my body (if that makes sense) It felt like my awareness had sunk 2 inches into my body, but I could now sense 2 inches outside my body. It felt like sitting inside a car but feeling the air rush past the outside of the car. When I started to concentrate on WTF was happening to me, I broke my focus and decided to stop and try to research what happened. I couldn't figure out what happened and since I don't know how to explain it, it is very hard to google.
Does anyone have an idea or some information that might help?

A few questions.

  • How frequently are you able to Astral Project? (Can it be done every night?)
  • Are there any techniques or practices which can be done here, to benefit your projected self? (i.e Squats wearing only a tinfoil bikini will build energy in the body to use in the astral?!?)
  • Is there any advice which you think might help me personally?
  • LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! IS IT REALLY THE BEST WEAPON? ~ Me personally, I believe I am a good person, but I am not a saint. I have no trouble with love, respect and caring for others, I would never harm someone without just provocation. However I see alot of people saying to love thy enemy etc. I read about people encountering nasty entities which try to harm them, so they send a care bear love heart at the entity, the entity then gives them a big hug and goes away to torment and torture some other poor soul. This never sits right with me. I am not that person, I will never be that person and never want to be. This worries me a little when I read around online. (Not as much when I see that same 'love' person directing endless hate towards someone because they made a comment they didn't like, yet the entity which attempted to torture them and cause them suffering left with a hug. Make me think I might still have a chance) Will this mindset an issue in the astral? I have boundless love and I am happy to share it, but when a stranger runs at me with a sword, trying to cut my head off, I would prefer a tank to defend myself, not love (if I am being 100% honest.)

My Goals

I wanted to write this down and share it, hoping it would concrete them in my mind and allow me to succeed.

1- Visit the Akashic Records for a few things.
a) If all the planes are connected, there must be a path to transcend in the physical. So I will search for the technique to go super saiyan so we can instant transmission into a higher plane. Someone must have done it, if not, maybe someone will. I don't believe in impossible. I believe that everything is energy, we are surrounded by the energy of the universe which gives life to all, but we just don't know how to use and absorb this energy.
b) See the lives of Budha, Guru Padmasambhava & many others. There are many stories throughout the ages of people who transcended or reached a higher plane of existence. I hope their experience can help me on my path.
c) To learn.  
2- Learn to fly. I still remember the freedom of flying and how it felt so natural to just zoom through the air to where I wanted to go.
3- Travel and see the mysteries of the world. I am a big traveller, I love to travel and see other cultures. I need to answer the big question-
4- Finish my transformation into a unicorn.

Has anyone done anything similar or found themselves having similar goals? Maybe even found their own answers to share?

Also, hello everyone  grin

 on: April 24, 2017, 16:35:43 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by luffy28
I believe the Akashic Records are there only to teach wisdom and ways of thinking, also to feel emotions from certain situations felt by other people and your past lives. See someone's vague memories.
I believe it's also possible to learn mathematics and science etc., but would really be an inefficient way to do so.
I've only experienced the Akashic Records once and to me felt like a gigantic library filled with experiences covering almost infinite area in a somewhat void space (so vast that you couldn't see the walls and it was pitch black when you looked at the horizon).

What I mean when I say it's an inefficient way learn thing is that there's too much information. The human brain cannot keep all this information.
You would go around and try to learn something about mathematics but you'd soon be overwhelmed by the excitement and start reading everything on the subject only to forget everything you understood or make very little logical assessment of the things you have learned.
Akashic Records is a nice place, great wisdom to be learned from it, but only if you look at the outside and not the inside.
(Like the mainframe computer in a supercomputer: You only look at the main screen containing all the informations, not the hundreds of supercomputers)

It's not a place for humans to wander around casually learning random things that have barely any significance in the human world.
Most of the stuff learned from the astral planes for that matter have barely any significance in the human world.
Things we learn over there are for the after life. It's plain and simple.
The basic stuff we learn over there provide us with insight on the after life, it provides us with the inner proof that we know without doubt that there is life after death.
Unless you're in a situation where you need the Akashic Records because you have no answers to a current life problem that might've happened in your past lifes or someone' else life then I don't know why you would go there.
I actually happened to appear in the Akashic Records by accident, it wasn't even intentional and when I arrived there my reaction was to think to myself: -Wow! So these are what they refer to as Akashic Records.

I don't want to deny what people say about it but honestly... A place this gigantic, and people saying you can just go and wander around finding everything you're looking for in an instant and remembering most of the technical stuff... I don't believe it one bit.
I think that people see the place and they're like me except that instead of taking the time to admire the thing in itself, they get overwhelmed into actually going inside and reading/learning about all the stuff they want.
I think that as soon as you get overwhelmed like that, you actually end up your phasing/projection and just let yourself get carried away by your imagination thinking that all the things you learn is actually the real thing.

Otherwise we'd just see geniuses all over the world and they would all have figured the longevity and immortality formulas by now.
Akashic Records are made in the astral realm and in the cosmos for the astral beings/cosmic beings. It's like their "Fubu" thing, For us, by us.
Sure you can wander around about the place and learn a few things from it, somehow phase at the right time into it when you're in a dangerous situation and somehow learn how to get out of it in real life, but other than that, you'll only require going there on special occasions when you actually are part of being a permanent astral being...

There's good stuff in there, but nothing close to "I'll just walk in there and learn mathematics for fun".
You can do this much easier in real life and actually remember what you've just learned from reading a book.
And I'm saying this because how I've felt it, it's mostly life/afterlife experiences recorded there.
So if you'd want to learn mathematics there here is what it would look like:

1- You Astral Project
2- You start focusing already in a projection
3- You focus on your destination: Akashic Records
4- You teleport/move your astral body there
5- Try to remember what you wanted to learn in real life
6- Actually start searching for that specific thing
7- Find the book/memory you were looking for but actually you have to view your or someone else's previous life
8- Search in that person's memory where they started learning mathematics (see where I'm going now?)
9- Actually trying to focus enough so you can read the book that they were actually reading.
10- Understanding it. And for some rare people:
11- Remembering it

And that's if that person is not getting interrupted all the time by their life's situation. I mean... You'd be looking at multiple (increasingly more difficult every level) levels of focus.
Some people can skip 1-2-3-4 and already be in the Akashic Records via phasing and sometimes even more when you are on adrenaline and in a crazy dangerous type of situation in your real life and you need an answer extremely fast or you're going to die, but man...
It would literally be as if you were looking throught 7 different sized magnifying lenses...


This is a very good post. When I learn to astral project / start astral projecting (I bought a book from Amazon called "Mastering astral projection") I was planning on doing a little bit at a time. Also if I were to review another persons life. I would only try to do weeks to months every projection. I know what you're saying is correct. It's like the mind trying to absorb infinity like two mirrors facing each other. I"m only going to do one topic (or subject) each projection or lucid dream. Also the author of the book I said I bought says when first learning projection to do it for only 30 seconds to a minute. Then re-enter your body.

Are there any books (other than Xanth's or Robert Monroe) that talks about phasing?

Some people say that people like Einstein, Newton, etc... probably unconsciously tapped into the akashic records.


 on: April 24, 2017, 15:22:26 
Started by T-Man - Last post by Subtle Traveler
I use some form of sound assistance each day whether meditating, simply resting, aiming for the hypnogogic state or practicing for a full OBE. Sound assistance is a key part of my overall practice. I have become someone who meditates first, then the OBE stuff can come along later if it needs to show up (this is how Jurgen Ziewe practices). In practice (especially OBE's), too many put the cart in front of the horse.

Meditation first. I would define meditation very simply as ... reducing our resistance and allowing our cork to float.

I have purchased three TMI (hemi-sync) offerings ... Patty Ray Avalon (Inner States with 6 tracks), William Buhlman (OBE Induction Techniques with 6 Hemi-sync tracks), and a very generic 45 minute hemi-sync meditation (which gets used every day). Hemi-sync is VERY effective, but not always necessary.

I also regularly use recordings from Tom Kenyon. His content has really changed things for me. He has dozens of sound recordings that he has channeled from various non-physical beings or groups, then physically recorded them over the last 15 to 20 years. For example, I used three of his attunements from the Hathors this morning (pituitary gland, solar plex chakra and heart chakra) when I awoke. Each was very effective.

I also have used various binaural beat recordings (including from Jurgen Ziewe and Tom Campbell), but I do NOT use these as much as the two mentioned sources above. I may use these once a week at the most. After experiencing hemi-sync, there is sometimes a lower quality to these recordings. However, I mention them here because there is plenty of free binaural beat recordings out there that can align the brain hemispheres. They are helpful.

I also met my primary guide (I named her Courage) about 3 months after my first OBE. While I had my first experience with a non-physical being (in the physical) over 40 years ago, there is always some surprise each time someone shows up. When I first saw Courage, she was standing over my bed and I was naked (MABA) and I felt some embarrassment. Startled, my body immediately awakened with a bit of paralyzation. I had used Ziewe's binaural beats in preparation, but the meditation tool which got me out of body was the Arcturian Nakura meditation (from Kenyon). I have reached the vibrational state consistently after listening to this particular meditation and then taking a nap (e.g., later waking to full consciousness). It is not for everyone though.

Of all my first year out of body experiences, meeting guidance was the most significant and important to me. Initially, the four Miranon recordings at the Monroe Institute were helpful in understanding guidance. In inquiring about your own guidance, you did the 'best action' by simple asking to meet your guide and then focusing on that. Most folks do not realize how simple it can be (e.g., asking with clear intention and focus).

I would also mention that I have found the teachings of Abraham very helpful in working my guidance. What distinguishes Abraham is that they are a group of non-physical beings (there are not human). When listening to them, the listener is getting a non-physical perspective. Abraham is Esther Hicks guidance.

The most helpful human author I have found on the topic of guidance currently is Frank DeMarco. He has several books which share his guidance (through channeling much like Miranon and Monroe). He has been associated with the Monroe Institute for 25 years now.

All of us have guidance. We are born from it. We extend from it when we come forth into this physical, time delimited, spatial experience ... the human experience. This is our expansion from our non-physical aspects as a new conscious being ... and our intimate participation in the expansion of consciousness ... we are very simply here physically for the joyful experience of this expansion.

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