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 on: Yesterday at 04:35:03 
Started by jamie6747 - Last post by jamie6747

So i was watching this documentary about past lives where this guy had been a nazi ss officer and was involved in the concentration camps, he died in the 50s and come back to earth and was reborn as an English man who now lives in England, i can imagine he must of created a lot of negative karma in that live so do you think that the bad karma would carry over to this live? if so would it show in the form of health problems? Or would it be something completely different?

 on: Yesterday at 03:49:27 
Started by jamie6747 - Last post by jamie6747
Home is where the heart is.
At heart we are all concious so...

I want to know about the place that we come from before we to earth.

 on: Yesterday at 02:40:46 
Started by IsayWhaat - Last post by IsayWhaat
Good experience. You may find that this one is how you are thinking generally. Doubt is strong in this experience, perhaps you have some about breaking free.
You appear to be concentrating on one thing and not actually seeing what's around you. This could be a belief of what you expect to occur or something similar.
Next time, drop everything and look around interacting with what's present. Don't think your guide is a guy, its likely there's more than one but you've not become aware enough to notice this.
Think about the experience and try to Interptret how it can help. The chains are yours and you need to break free of them in some way.

Hey, sorry for not responding, was moving to another city, had no internet!

Well, I don't know anymore. Some say, in experiences you need to have some goal in order for experience to happen and another say to drop completely the expectations of it. Now, when I first got pulled into all of this, I decided what I wanted to do with it and that was to get to know myself more and get answers to some questions that will hopefully allow me to beat the anxiety I keep facing each day. That's why I'm so eager to get to that spirit guide that should represent something (or someone) that may help me out. I know that's also a reason why everytime I get to that point of transition, where I'm supposed to separate from physical body, my brain automatically switches to spirit guide this, spirit guide that. Nothing else matters, I just want a quick way to get to him. As I've already said, can't have it.

You said I should look around. That's really hard, because my vision is still not at that level where I can actually see in those kind of experiences. In that specific experience, while she was carrying me up, into the sky and then beyond I would say, I was in complete darkness. I asked when will I be able to see, respond was soon. That she will tell me when to open my eyes. Problem started in that one split moment, because I started to gain vision, but I still felt my physical eyes. I know it's my inexperience showing here, but I tried to keep my eyes closed so I don't wake up (and to wait a safe moment to open them up - her words), but at the same time, my astral eyes were opening and controling both was incredibly hard. That's how I felt it. It was almost as if I was looking throught my eye shutters. The only thing I saw were planets. We were moving from one planet to another. And when we finally "reached" to somewhere and my vision stabilized, I can remember barely 20% of what I saw. It's like my awareness faded and I can still recall the fragments. And in those fragments I can understand what they represent, but I don't see the answer. There is practically no answer, only indicators what it presents.

For example, in one of those fragments I remember picking myself up nice sunglasses with her next to me, in front of some old lady. I picked purple ones, but then my eyes would be seen so I decided to go for black glass. Before I could say I wanted the black, I was thrown back. I lost all the contact, all of the vision, everything that was happening in that experience with her and was on my bed once again feeling my physical body very strongly. Again, there was presence on my left side and it lifted me up. It was very different, felt negative. I let it carry me anyway. Soon enough I was inside this pitch black room. The voice said, let's see if you're compatible. At that point, lighting hit behind me and I've got to see what's inside the room for brief second. On my left was this thing, it had multiple legs and arms, looked like a lizard and everywhere around the 2 of us were monsters. Some nasty black looking ones and there were like hundreds of them. At that moment 3 thoughts occured to me. First was recognition that "to see if we're compatible" was focused on me and that lizard thing as if we could fight side-by-side (I felt no hostility coming from him). Second thing, I felt like this was similar to a game, where I could choose, would I pick good guys (to go with her) or if I would choose the bad guys (the thing that was occuring right now), I don't know why, but it felt like that black-white, good-evil thingy. And third thing was the last one I remember. I felt really hyped up. I had no fear and I was actually very pleased to see I can "kick some butt" there because of all the nightmares I had.

And I can barely understand what it represents. Glasses probably indicate my vision. Either it is that I'm blind as bat and can't see what's obvious (like an answer) or that I'm looking at the wrong things. Could also indicate that when I decided to go with black glass and hide my eyes that I'm in denial and don't want to face what's ahead. Yeah, I get that much. I can also understand this black-and-white thing I felt there, but like I said. Even thought I understand the meaning there is still no answer to why? or how do I change it/face it whatever.

 on: Yesterday at 01:44:19 
Started by astral flyer - Last post by astral flyer
Ok thanks. So what is meant by 3d darkness?

 on: Yesterday at 00:40:18 
Started by ThaomasOfGrey - Last post by Szaxx
The sitting position works far better than lying down. The typical statement of you've always gone to sleep lying down and are now trying to change it doesn't apply to me personally. I've always projected since my first memories and to sleep or explore was my choice.
Your comment on sitting may have more merit than we all think.
Today waiting in a hospital car park I had enough time to experiment. I tried many times to phase out of the physical until the NP scenery started to synchronize. At that point I'd return, move a little and try again. I had 10+ successes in a row until time to go. This amount is above that obtained when lying down.
I do find the tactile senses easier to generate when lying down.
I'm sure many of us may have found the seat/chair far more successful. The location or noise level hardly makes any difference unless the noise is transiential.

Good point madeThaomasOfGrey, this may help many learning the art to become successful sooner.

 on: October 05, 2015, 23:48:20 
Started by ThaomasOfGrey - Last post by ThaomasOfGrey
I have a status update for the technique. Last night I was really feeling the energy while I was sitting on the couch watching TV. I decided to try and raise that energy and the results were remarkable.

The differences between this attempt and the original approach was just that I was sitting upright and I focused more on driving the phantom feeling from the bottom of my feet upwards. I think that being upright lends to our ability to dissociate, but it is tricky to complete the separation without something supporting your posture.

I welled up as much energy and phantom-ness as I could muster. Instantly I felt it take effect as my body sensations slipped away. I felt extremely light and almost dizzy. A powerful feeling of euphoria enveloped me and grew stronger. In the end I had to abort the transition because the intensity of the euphoria was unbearable and I wasn't prepared for it.

I made some subsequent attempts afterwards but it never seems to work as well after the first attempt. If the bodily sensations really are related to some type of energy I wonder whether or not making these attempts depletes your tanks in some way.

The good news is that this session was extremely short lived, lasting less than 30 seconds from start to finish. I am getting better at handling this energy, but it is very abstract and I can't really explain "how" to do it to people who have never felt these sensations before.

 on: October 05, 2015, 23:30:05 
Started by searching - Last post by Xanth
Thank you! Is there a difference between an OBE and astral projection, or are they the same thing? And, do you have any advice on how I can make it happen again? This incident was purely random and accidental, I have no idea how or why it happened and it hasn't happened since. How do I actually make it happen myself?
Astral Projection... OBE... Lucid Dream... even this physical life you're leading right now... they're all the same thing.

As for getting you to do it again... it's going to take more than just a bit of "advice".  Wink

Give this link a click:

It goes to my forum where we have a system setup to dedicatedly help people learn to project. 

 on: October 05, 2015, 21:51:08 
Started by searching - Last post by searching
Thank you! Is there a difference between an OBE and astral projection, or are they the same thing? And, do you have any advice on how I can make it happen again? This incident was purely random and accidental, I have no idea how or why it happened and it hasn't happened since. How do I actually make it happen myself?

 on: October 05, 2015, 19:41:57 
Started by Crocodilian123 - Last post by Crocodilian123
Thanks guys. This is very interesting. I'll try to use my awareness of these sounds to lucid dream. smiley

 on: October 05, 2015, 17:06:57 
Started by CyberDodo - Last post by Xanth
There is a lot of merit to this argument, but is it not also possible to find out things in the real time zone that no one knows? I know the results of experiments like this are shaky but some people have had limited success. Being able to explore through the memory of other conscious entities is pretty amazing and useful even if it isn't completely accurate.
It certainly is.  I do believe there are examples of this throughout history, but then the important question is "HOW" does that work?
How can we know something which we perceive that nobody else knows?  Because everything is "consciousness".  Everything is one.  So what one part of consciousness knows, ALL parts of consciousness know.
The caveat being that we know it through the interpretation of those who have experienced it.  That makes a potentially objective experience lack objectivity since experience is largely subjective.  

How do you account for the stability of the experience in this reality? Consciousness cannot necessarily distinguish between realities so one can argue that nothing is physical, it is all just subconscious, this reality and the dream reality. But there is a problem with this view; when we wake up each morning it is to a consistent experience, unlike our dreams.

There is a vessel in this reality which can be destroyed with consequences and it is also responsible for providing the sensory input we perceive. In dreams there are no apparent consequences to destroying your vessel, if you even perceive one, and you are exposed to senses which are normally beyond our capability to perceive in this reality.

There is something that binds this reality into a persistent form, I believe this is the effect of consciousness in this dimension. It also accounts for how we are able to obtain new information from other entities that seem to objectively exist. Once again this differs from dream entities which collapse under interrogation.
The difference between experiencing this physical reality versus any other reality which we might encounter via a projection is that our consciousness is BORN into this reality in a much more intimate way than anything you can experience while projecting non-physically.  At that point, we're part of this reality.  We're as much part of this reality, albeit temporarily, as anything else here, and at that point our consciousness is drawn upon to CREATE this reality as well.  It's a "stable" reality because of this point of being born here, because we're part of it.  The collective of ALL of the consciousnesses within this reality makes this reality as solid as it seems.

Everything we experience is compared and interpreted via our experience here... and that's really the key to everything.  If you want to be able to learn and grow as a spiritual being, you need to become part of a reality... and that means you have to be physically born into it.  That's what binds you here... as I said though, albeit temporarily.  There needs to be choices and there needs to be perceived risks, or else there isn't really much you can learn.  How much can you learn when there's no risks to you?  Consider that.

Some people describe other realities that are not like dreams however. These other realities are described as being more persistent like this one, and are populated with beings which comparable objectivity to those in this reality. What is your opinion on the existence of these realities?
I certainly do believe such places exist.  My experiences with anything outside of anything seemingly "Physical" would be limited as I believe my mind is too "logical" to outright experience it.  I have had experiences where I simply can't interpret what's been going on so it becomes a mess in my mind to correlate, but yes, those truly "non-physical" places do exist outside the confines of any physical reality rule set.

If you really wanted to cut hairs here, one could say that even this physical reality, in all it's physical-ness, IS still very non-physical in its nature.  Everything, at it's very core, is only data after-all.  Smiley

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