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 on: February 10, 2017, 18:38:24 
Started by rmalloy2011 - Last post by desert-rat
Hear is a link to that site .

 on: February 10, 2017, 18:15:14 
Started by rmalloy2011 - Last post by rmalloy2011
Hi I just revisited the website and they are giving away a new free book. Nice  grin

 on: February 10, 2017, 17:11:11 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by Xanth
Consider it like this...
Every time you go to sleep or wake up... you're dying.
Do you always know when you go to sleep or when you wake up? 
If you're anything like me, sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.

 on: February 10, 2017, 13:47:58 
Started by Riddle - Last post by Riddle
I am not sure which realm the Elvenking is from. But if he really 'sentenced me to hell', then ... I must have broken a promise. Cheesy
About Jesus, there is a story I can tell. In a dream I saw white soul energy which was supposed to be him. I was in a room that depresed me, surrounded by many artificial mannequins and I would isolate myself in this place that was bad for me. His energy approached me and consumed all that was bad, transforming it into light and healing me in order to help me free myself from the influence of the room. Then he told me to go out and then in the dream I went to a karaoke bar with friends and I felt better.
I am very curious what this "Jesus also stabbed you'' means. Sometimes I feel like he truly exists but on the other hand, he was just a man who supposedly lived 2000 years ago. What if he doesn't even have memory of who he was back then? Cheesy

 on: February 10, 2017, 11:12:21 
Started by Phalanx - Last post by Phalanx

I was in a small neighborhood with mobile homes and really small yards maybe 15feet then its the next yard. I was in a building from the looks of it it was being built or repaired as there were all sorts of tools around and building equipment. There was a handful of people the only recognizable were my father and two brothers. I was working in a large room area and the floor was open and bare ground could be seen. My youngest brother was fixing explosives in the center of the room I came over to stop him and he detonated it when I had gotten close. I fell through the ground into a cave, or underground ravine or chasm of some sort. I was the only one that fell, some tools and equipment fell with me and was lying around there was a bit if light coming from the hole that was made above but it wasn't all that large. I looked around everything was dark but not dark, it was like a heavy shadow was cast over everything except where the light shown down where I was. I could see quite far through the shadows surprisingly, all the sides of the cave were of a very smooth stone and looked like they were wet. I was on a small mound of ground and all around me were pools of what I thought first was water but I didn't touch them, I came to believe they were of a thin slim that was crystal clear to see through but like a watery glass. From where I landed I was on a spot between two walls that were close together roughly three people could stand arms stretched finger to finger one wall to the other. Down one direction the cave went straight quite away before it forked off, the other direction it forked off immediately. The left continued straight until I couldn't quite see the end, and the right gradually curved or bent off to the right until I couldn't see around the bend. In the shadows things were moving, something told me to light the area. Nearby had fallen a few construction lights that ran off of batteries and some light sticks like bright glow sticks. I grabbed one of the light sticks and held it out in the shadows I could see something kind of hard to describe... think of an upside down tear that was see through but at the center you could see what would make you think of a cellular organism. They had one eye that was that was sometimes hard to tell was there as it seemingly blended with its body. Its body seemed to be comprised of slime that was in the pools but darker, the pools were of a crystal blue but its body was almost a cloudy black but where  some were standing in pools their bodies connected with the pools blending ever so slightly. They were a bit smaller than the size of a house cat. When they moved about they made a sound like shuffling through leaves. They moved quite quickly, they came up to me and I swung the light out to press them off, they backed off but came back again slower. They came to the edge of where the light was that came from above but stopped and looked at the edge curiously. They looked back and forth at the edge of the light on the ground and me with a curiosity like that of a child. They rustled back and forth with the sound of shuffling leaves this seemed to be how they communicated. I still had an uneasy feeling from further off in the dark, it wasn't from the little slime's but something else. Then there was a sound from the dark and all the slime's left, something then gave me a strong urge to get out of the cave. For a moment I didn't listen to it instead I turned on all the lights around me and pointed them in various directions and readied myself. Again the noise and again I was told I should leave, I contemplated for a second about staying or going until I gave into my gut it was usually right. The walls were to smooth to climb by hand and there were no places that provided grip to climb. Nearby I crabbed two screwdrivers that had fallen with me, they looked to be heavy duty enough to carry my weight if I were to use them as climbing picks. So I struck the wall once and it chipped enough for me to press a hand in so I struck it harder and harder till it was large enough to allow space for my feet, So I made my way up and out. Once I got out and stood up the ground around me began to cave in more and everyone began to run. Running every moment and then I would look back to see the fissure as it grew to engulf houses and other things, after a short time of running I awoke.

 on: February 10, 2017, 09:46:22 
Started by Phalanx - Last post by Phalanx
To add something in, here is an older dream.
Note a lot of my dreams tend to have celebrities in them, I have yet to find out why.
Another not when I put something in question marks when describing things means details are lost or hazy or something similar.

Party, Fame, and a Classroom

I was talking to Emma Watson, I had just finished a conversation with her and she walked off, when another boy showed up. He simply asked how I was and I gave a simple reply that I was good and then he walked off at this point I became aware, not fully lucid but aware. I was at a party styled much like a prom, everyone was dressed up sharply to suit a prom and their were decorations about. I was dressed in my usual casual loose jeans, and long sleeve button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up I stood out but no one seemed to notice. I stood there for a bit not moving, looking about and it struck me that this was not only a prom but a concert of some sort and this party was going on backstage. Everyone that passed by their faces were darkened much like the unimportant characters in a comic book there were no real details. Only a few people looked as though they might be detailed but I couldn't tell who they were or at least I didn't recognize them.

After a moment of standing about I started making my way towards the stage for the prom not the one for the concert. I could see Emma ahead of me but I wasn't heading towards her. She turned and saw me, she seemed slightly agitated but I continued my way to a pair of doors of to the side when the boy showed back up and came before me. He said whats the deal trying to provoke me, confused I replied what, and he continued, "why do you keep following her around" again I replied asking what he was talking about when I saw Emma standing of not to far in the distance. She had been listening because she asked why I was following her around, at which I replied that I wasn't following her around in a sincere but confused manner, and she replied back "then what were you doing at the park the other day also". I replied that I didn't know she was at the park and just because someone happens to be places that you are doesn't mean they are following you". She was taken back by this and her demeanor changed you could tell that she was sorry but didn't say it. A smile arose across her face and she skipped off calling my name in a teasing manner but not in the order of first, middle, last she called middle, first, then last. She called it out again and again as she skipped off but I didn't follow. The boy's provocative demeanor disappeared, instead he was pondering something and asked what I was doing there, I tried to answer at first but Emma's voice piped up calling out my name again. I waited for her to be silent then I answered that I was head of security, the boy looked confused slightly but I continued that my grandfather was in the military and when he left he started doing security for things like concerts and such, so I thought that I would do security also. The boy replied in an Oh  now I get it manner and walked off in a friendly mood again.

I continued to the doors and went through into a bathroom I washed my hands and then started looking at them. Someone came in they looked familiar but I didn't know who they were, I left and went back out to the party. On the wall to my left the doors to the concert stage was open and there was some commotion on the stage so I went over. I had to pull some people off the mics that were not supposed to be there. As I was fixing the mic stand back up Emma, the boy and other people started rooting me on to sing. I gave out a few lines of the song Delilah as song by Tom Jones then I left the stage and went through another pair of doors.

I went down the hallway for a bit that I entered, to my left was another hallway full of people trying to get in and out of the area. ?This area or people were more school like?... the party could still be seen behind me though. I passed the crowded hall a bit stopped then turned around near a door to an office or such. A man popped his head out, he seemed to know me. "Good luck" he said motioning to the crowd like he knew I had to get through there then popped back in his room and I looked back towards the crowd for a moment. As I made my way to the crowd it dispersed enough on the side just enough for me to pass through. I made my way to the end of the hall, only the part I entered was crowded the rest was clear. At the end of the hallway was a class room. I had been in this class room in other lucid dreams, the teacher and students were all the same as other times. I never got anyone names though anytime I had been there. I am obviously late as I am greeted by one of the students, my partner from the second time I was here. "About time you showed up I thought I was alone today" he said in a joyful manner. I sat down close by and everyone took acknowledged I had arrived with simple smiles. The teacher continued her lecture, I could barely hear here or the lecture was so mundane that as I was jotting notes down on index cards I got bored and started drawing pictures. A bit later I took notice of my partner, he was talking to another student about a card game. I watched as they played this game it was rather interesting, I had never seen it before but it was kind of similar to that yugioh card game in the way it operated. The card game seemed to be about dragons and I looked at the front and back of many cards as they played. After a bit I turned my attention back to the front of the class, and after a moment from there I thought to my self that I should attempt to astral project from where I was. (This was before I found out that dreams/ astral projections were the same thing). As I tried I became aware of my physical body, the vibrations started only briefly and as I tried to move out I couldn't like I was held down by ropes or chains. THe vibrations were only briefly only 2 seconds or so in duration and rather weak, shortly there after I woke up.

 on: February 10, 2017, 08:26:05 
Started by Riddle - Last post by Phalanx
Okay I know about fairies but I had to ask my friend about elves. Elves come from many different realms, so there are kings, queens, princes and all the sort for each realm, so unless you know what realm specifically the prince is from there is little information to be given. Now elves in general are secretive and stand offish about things kind of aloof... if you make a promise with them they take it very seriously, if you break the promise they tend hold a terrible grudge and they take it word for word. So an example, if I promised that I and my brother would show up on Thursday and only I showed up I broke the promise, as "I" made the promise. If both me and my brother made the promise together and he doesn't show up it is still the same I made a promise that both of us would be there so I broke it and so did my brother. They take promises, deals, pacts quite literal.

 on: February 10, 2017, 08:11:51 
Started by PhaPriSpa - Last post by PhaPriSpa
In accordance to some of what's mentioned in the previously mentioned books and as part of the Deceptive system where Human Animal Beings are seen as PRODUCTS, is no rare to analyze that when a Country gets a loan (by means of the Politicians in charge at that moment) that debt is backed up by the WORK AS SLAVES from the Human Animal Beings that inhabit in that Country, as the Value that those beings have is the WORK that can be extracted from them (in the present and in the future from them and their children) so that the ones in the top Don't Have To Work in the hard tasks that the masses have to do (specially the ones related with hard body work and hard thinking/creative work).

Some of the information that is getting to the public knowledge to make that evident are videos like the followings (there are many more) where is explained to the people that their Birth Certificates are deceptive "agreements" where Human Beings become a PRODUCT as is treated like that.

Enslaved By Your Birth Certificate - The Biggest Deception

Your birth certificate is a stock on the nyse! You're all slaves, sold as collateral to the bank that bought u in 1932!

Slavery by Deception (the birth certificate)


Your Birth Certificate is Worth Billions Pay off your Debt!

Birth Certificates Strawman & Sold Into Slavery In 1932

DANGER!! To WHOM are YOU married?! Marriage Licenses bond you to the STATE!

Two Videos complement of other posts of this topic (I post them here in order not to unnecessarily add another post).

This first video has an Argument that is NON REFUTABLE.


This other video helps a lot to understand many of the BY DESIGN conflicts on Human Animal Beings. ¿have you ever wonder WHY even if the problems of the world increase by the increase of the Human Animal population NO CONTROL over Natality (Birthrate) have been established BUT THE OPPOSITE (they don't want/like birth control but want unwanted/un-programmed birth to take place)? Is not just Chance, IS a DESIGN that is meant to be live that for the purpose of Loosh Production; with all the technology around I haven't heard of a Program/Software where to load the population of the world in order to establish the appropriate ages for Human Animals to Reproduce in order to REDUCE or at least keep steady the World Population; the ones controlling this BUSINESS want their PRODUCT to increase in numbers so that more Conflicts occur in order to increase Loosh Production (for the Owner and Harvesters) and also of course to have more SERVITUDE to Serve Them (the Elites that Control the Ignorant Masses).

The Rise of the Beautiful Ones - Science on the Web #114

My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)


 on: February 10, 2017, 07:32:10 
Started by Shishi - Last post by EscapeVelocity
Welcome Shishi!

There are many good ideas to consider here, as well to add yours...have a look around and feel free to join in.


 on: February 10, 2017, 06:52:33 
Started by Shimolis - Last post by Shimolis
BEWARE spider haters

I was in my garden, talking to someone. I go over to the rose bushes that are right next to the house. There are a bunch of ants crawling on the walls, taking some green slime to their nest.
As I move along, I see a spider net. I move closer to get a better look, now, another web appeared next to the one I was looking at. There was a spider on each web, it was like those woodland spiders with a big behind. Now another web appeared. All of a sudden there were a bunch of spiders on the webs, they had different colors ranging from white, brown and black. Some were small and some were big. At first it seemed like maybe five or six spiders. Some just sat on the web, others attacked the dormant spiders.
All of a sudden it was a mayhem of spiders, a lot of them crawling around on the webs. One spider attacked the other, the white ones seemed really aggressive compared to the rest. As I keep observing how the white spiders dominate the fight, a big white spider quickly jumps towards my face.

I wake up, then fall asleep.

I'm at the airport with my brother and father. We were taking a flight to go back home after visiting our father abroad. Me and my brother board a plane that seems to be for skydivers, I ask my dad why we board that plane, apparently we needed to ride that plane to get to the one that takes us home. I figured that we didn't need to skydive, which was a relief.
As the plane lifts off, it hits me, we do need to skydive to get to the other plane. Quickly on impulse, I jump with my brother out of the plane. We land ungraciously in the entrance of the other plane. A flight attendant says: "What an entry!"
The attendant shows us our seats. The inside of the plane looks amazing, far beyond business class, it was like a mansion but with one floor. The floor was one big red carpet, and the seats were pretty big, you could easily sleep on them. As I sit down, I get something to eat. There were a few seats around me, most were empty.
I lay down with my stomach first on a bed that looks like something you'd massage people on. In front of me was a TV, I had the option to watch three things: The first took place in a warm, desert-like town, second was in a cold, winter town. I chose the first one.
I go out of the plane, as if we never took off. I'm in that desert-town with someone else. We walk around and we stumble upon a spider, it had a fairly small body with long powerful legs, it was as big as the palm of a hand. It had a pale yellow color, like sand but with a few black strands on it. Being creeped out by it, we move along. Then another spider appears, then another... And another. Eventually these spiders were everywhere.
At first they seemed easy to avoid despite being pretty aggressive. Then they started shooting spider webs at us, it still wasn't too hard to avoid them, but as they were so many it got really uncomfortable being there.

I start thinking that I should've chosen the second option on the TV instead. The spiders were everywhere. The worst part was if they missed their webs, they instead hit a wall or ceiling, crawling quickly to it then they jump at us with web cocoons being at least twice their size. We run back to the plane fearing for our lives.
Once in the plane, most of the danger is over. But there is still one spider chasing me. It shoots a web, missing me and hitting the roof. As I look above me, I can see the spider descending towards my face with a big web cocoon underneath it.
Now I'm in the bed again. Feeling as nothing happened, I move to the restroom. It was right next to me, it looked pretty fancy from the outside, with grey and black marble walls. On my way to the restroom I see a glimpse of my mother walking towards me from the distance, probably wanting to see if everything is ok, but she goes back as she notices that I'm going to the restroom.

Dream highlights: Of course, the swarm of spiders, I don't generally fear spiders, nor have I seen any recently, but oh well. It was interesting that both dreams eventually has spider in them. This is the first dream where I dream of being abroad during my vacation. All other dreams have either been in my usual home, or something abstract. The TV thing was pretty cool.

Day highlight: I might have contacted a female spirit guide for the first time, not too sure though. This happened as I was trying to phase.

I ate: A sandwich with a schnitzel in it and had some rum with lime to drink.

Vividness: 8ish, the dream was incredibly vivid during the spider attacks, but generally I recall many parts of the dream with a sense of physical reality.

When: Before I woke up

Techniques: None

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