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 on: October 17, 2017, 20:16:28 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by Lumaza
 Philidan. thank you for your reply and kind words!  smiley I agree with what you say. You must be dedicated to this, that's if you wish it to become a regular part/occurrence in your life.

 I feel the reason people are failing is because they are expecting everything yesterday. Today's World has become a place where everything must happen "now".

 Last night on Coast to Coast AM, Eben Alexander and his partner Karen Newell were George's guests. Eben was talking about his NDE experience and what he learned through it and how it opened the door to his binaural beat program "Sacred Acoustics".

 I could tell he was having the same problem that all AP authors and teachers on non physical exploration do and that's that people expect results immediately or they file this as a bunch of garbage. He spoke of how repetition is a form of Brain Entrainment in itself and how important that is to the entire process.

  Many people that have used my Doorway technique, have gotten back to me with some favorable response. The 7 people I was teaching before are all off on their own now. It is up to them whether or not they continue what they have been taught. As I have seen, my technique is just a guideline. The people I have taught used it to get to where they are. Then they tailored it to fit something they were more comfortable with. Like I said, the directional focus was only lengthy in the beginning while learning it. Now that that they have repeated it so many times, the disassociation process only takes about 5 minutes to do at the start of a session. It is already "entrained" into their minds. A simple thought on direction immediately creates results. it is immediately followed with either a visual or tactile sensation. Many times both.

 on: October 17, 2017, 19:58:53 
Started by Relinquish - Last post by ThaomasOfGrey
Maybe we can side step the issue of knowing when we are at the outermost layer of reality and assess the model directly with some assumptions on the possible branches that could exist.

If there is no outer layer, you have an infinite cascade; it poses some annoying problems so maybe we can drop that logical branch as being unlikely or supremely mysterious and unknowable. 

If there is an outer layer it is the true origin of existence. I think this implies that something can come out of nothing. There is no practical way of knowing how long ago the something came about, but it gives us a finite existence.

Other alternatives may exist - perhaps when you get beyond the outer most loop of the consciousness layer, any logical conception we have is invalid.

Its still a really unsatisfying tree. All three branches seem to dead end before anything world breaking is learned.

 on: October 17, 2017, 19:56:56 
Started by superman - Last post by Lumaza
How is that possible because here we often read about the non physical focus to be able to project and about all the "visualisation" stuff... How is that just by focusing on breathing leads to projection? What is your theory on this? Why there is so much techniques when it is that "easy" lol ?
He is still using a Focus. His focus is on his breathing instead of visualization. The key to consciously projecting is to create a strong focused will and intent outside of this physical realm and hold it. He chooses to focus on his breath breathing, like many do. That's the first thing you are taught when you learn to meditate. Other people may choose visualization. Some like more of a "tactile approach". But in the end, they are all methods of focusing.

 on: October 17, 2017, 19:35:47 
Started by superman - Last post by ThaomasOfGrey
The slow breathing is a natural state for humans. When we are sleeping it tends to be deep in the diaphragm and rhythmic. We lose that with the stress of adulthood and it is unhealthy. Some people call the technique of projection through this mechanism "sleep breathing". They suggest you even go as far as to record your breathing pattern while you are asleep and learn to replicate it. Many techniques are effective for doing this such as box breathing or my preferred Butekyo. You should think of it like an action that induces sleep paralysis, that is what happens in practice.

Focusing on the heart beat or the breathing itself, even if you don't do sleep breathing changes your brain waves. Lucid dreaming and deep meditation tend to be associated with low levels of "beta waves" that usually correspond to cerebral cortex logical thought in our waking state, and an increase in gamma waves. The ceasing of the beta waves shouldn't be mandatory for OBE, but the presence of gamma waves possibly is mandatory. When a person's third eye is open these waves are able to co-exist in synchronization - think of it like experiencing logic, creative insight, intuition and lucid dreaming simultaneously; truly a blissful state.

In general I think it is necessary to reduce the beta waves in order for the gamma behavior to begin, so we squelch the cerebral cortex. The Buddha gave instructions on the achieving the out of body state; "stop naming things". That's the cortex. Focusing on the breathing or heart beat fills your mind with busy work that is intended to distract you from naming things. That is all that is going on here in my opinion. The visualization and non physical focus methods are a kind of advanced short cut into the gamma wave state that can make it easier to make the transition without experiencing uncomfortable exit symptoms.

I'll preempt a question; when you lose your "non physical focus" and thoughts return to your body, you have started to name things and returned to the beta brain wave state.

 on: October 17, 2017, 19:30:30 
Started by superman - Last post by Volgerle
There are many techniques, not all are based on visualisations.

Some are more tactile or 'kinetic'.

Your breath is something regular and soothing and calming. Like a mantra you can speak in your mind.
It helps to get focussed. So I believe it can work for some people.

Whatever floats your boat.  wink

 on: October 17, 2017, 19:18:42 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by Phildan1
Welcome back!
Those dragon designs are very cool. Too bad I'm european lol, but I like dragons too.

On projection well I think the root cause of fails is mostly coming from the fact that people treat this "life" as a religion, which is cool until an extent and people's enthusiam just wears off soon because they just don't have enough will power and aims, or just life purpose to experience that they are much more than their alter ego here and now. Everything is a belief system, therefore religion and people I guess have big expectations from that crapload which they tend to read through the web, what is the NP and what is it for etc. I guess a fair percentage of humans are only ready for experience the wider reality while they live their physical life and I admit it could be very hard when you (me) experience 4-5 non-physical experiences through your sleep only (not speaking about conscious projection yet) and keep your diary on track as meanwhile living your waking physical life. And I'm not speaking about minutes there, it is hours, long long hours and days, seemingly in physical measurement.
Projection attempts and practice is a very dedicated business and if I'm representing myself here and now I know that I'm not so good in conscious attempts because I'm under life stress, a bad family relationship and life situation - I just realized this after 2 years with help. So what I do is try to do whatever takes me on good mood and enjoy myself where and how I can in my daily life. If we have huge pressure on us personally in life, it can ruin the whole practice I guess with only a thought because that excrement goes on and on in the background in our mind. But meanwhile I extract just enough experiences through my sleep that I always have more questions than answers lol, and NP can be way more real than the physical plane. Well my focus improved but not enough strong I guess.

I won't write much here because I know too surely that people get on the chance and share their beliefs and viewpoints again and every thread goes on them now since a while, which won't help anybody.

 on: October 17, 2017, 16:57:37 
Started by superman - Last post by superman

So here is a french post about a guy who says that he projects only by relaxing his body and focus on breathing (and making it slower and slower), he even says that he focuses on the sound on the heart beat. At some point he just gets paralysed and he projects...

How is that possible because here we often read about the non physical focus to be able to project and about all the "visualisation" stuff... How is that just by focusing on breathing leads to projection? What is your theory on this? Why there is so much techniques when it is that "easy" lol ?

 on: October 17, 2017, 08:34:07 
Started by Relinquish - Last post by Stillwater
There is still parts left unanswered though, what is the medium?

The answer to that question is so far beyond our reach it is almost unfathomable, hehe. No matter what we know about our current reality, we can't get past what you can call "Cartesian Doubt", because every reality frame may still be nested in another, matryoshka style, like you said. So say this world is a simulation, or a created reality controlled from one level higher, or an illusion, etc... how do you know when you are looking at the top?

 on: October 17, 2017, 07:22:33 
Started by superman - Last post by Lumaza
 Great find there Superman! Thanks for this!  smiley

 I enjoy hearing stories and things about Nikola Tesla. He was a man far superior than his current race. He unlocked his own "Doorway" to forgotten knowledge. So did Einstein and many of the great minds of the past. They all used creative imagination and visualization to achieve their goals.

 on: October 17, 2017, 06:36:03 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by Lumaza
 I have been away from this Forum for awhile. I have been teaching and experiencing so much more these days.

 First I want to say that my technique was getting a bit deep for people. Yes it worked, but it led to many experiences that the people doing it couldn't comprehend. So, I want to slow it down a bit and answer some FAQ's that I have received via email and PMs here and on other Forums.

 Once you have been doing the directional focus for awhile, you will find that it takes about 5 minutes until you find that you art "primed" for your "travel" of sorts.

 I have found from others that they have more favorable results using a focus of moving in reverse and also using the "Pace Car" visual.
 A focus on moving in reverse is quite intense. You could look at it a the further in reverse that you go, the more you are moving away from your physical focus. It feels like that too. It gets extremely dark for awhile. You can feel the movement, but once in awhile, it may be joined with a visual of moving backwards down a hallway, vortex, tunnel and keeping with that focus will soon lead to "other".
 The "Pace Car" visual can be as simple as watching a car, plane, rocket, horse, whatever you choose moving in front of you. Stay on their tale and soon you will feel the motion going along with the visual.

 That leads to the first question. What do I do when I see something. Do I watch it, see through it, or just change my intent to something else?
My answer : All of the above. If you are "seeing" something, then you are having success already. If you stay with the visual it will morph in something anew. If you decide to see through it, something new will appear. If you want to change your intent to something completely different that you will experience that too.
 At this point your focus on this physical realm is likely pretty well gone. You are at the point that "Hypnogogic Imagery" is appearing, which is a "signpost" that you are doing the right thing.

 Next question. It keeps fading, what do I do then?
 Answer: You will/bring it back into focus or just wait until something else appears.

 Question of is it just my imagination? Answer: It begins as your imagination. Example, I start a simple focus on shooting a basketball into the darkness before my eyes.
 I don't look for the basketball in my hands, because it's already there (thought=action). Pretty soon a hoop shows up. Then after awhile of just shooting the basketball over and over, I decide to do a "lay up". Now I feel the motion of that movement. I go back to just shooting the ball from the 3 pt line now and all of sudden a image returns the ball to me. Pretty soon there is game with a crowd to boot.
 All I did was jump start the process by simple shooting a basketball into the dark. From there I had no expectations. What occurred was spontaneous. I just locked onto the scenario at hand and never thought about my physical body at all. In other words, I completely changed my focus from here to there. Soon the scene began to morph and I just stayed with it.

 Back to is this being all imagination. I have had some incredible experiences with "Phasing", well before I began my "Doorway" technique here.
 Years ago my better half (MJ) and I , were going to open a store in a mall at Christmas. We had a Kiosk or store in the same mall at Christmas for over 10 years now. But only for the Christmas Season, November/December.
 We signed the contract for the store location, got the okay, then began working on our store design and what we would be selling there. MJ and I were both excited. We had a Kiosk the past couple of years and didn't like Kiosks anymore. A store was much better.
 About a week later I sat down to do a Phase session. This is before they were "Phase/soak in the bathtub" sessions, like my previous ones in the posts above. In my Phase session I had seen us at a Kiosk selling a large stone and some weird glass paperweight. This made no sense because we were getting a store location, not a Kiosk in the middle of the hall. It was quite vivid though.
 I found the stones to be Himalayan Salt Lamps and other weird glass thing to be handmade/blown glass Jellyfish.
 I learned in the past to trust what I was seeing, so I secretly began to line up suppliers for these items. I informed MJ about my vision and she was not happy with this. Hence the "secretly" lining up suppliers. As the time to go to the mall and open the store quickly approached, I sold MJ on the idea of bringing these 2 items into our store, extra sales.
 Two days before we were to go to our store to begin working on the layout, the mall called and told us they had made a terrible error. The store location was not in Minnesota, it was Michigan. General Growth Properties owns malls in other states, but for some reason, they us the same Mall name. They said all they could do for us is give us a Kiosk. MJ and I had spent quite awhile making Dragons and getting prepared for a store. Our Dragons don't fit in a Kiosk. But luckily Salt Lamps and Glass Jellyfish do. So it turned out okay. We took a very bad, very expensive error and made something positive out of it. MJ hated it. But we had to do something.
 That whole story there explains how Phasing actually helped us out of a dire situation. We are just Ma and Pa and we can't take $10,000 dollar losses. Without the Salt Lamps and glass Jellyfish, we would have been out of luck and we would have taken quite a financial blow.

 So you can see how learning this "Art" can really be beneficial to you. You can learn to heal. You can work on new projects. Learn new skills. There is so much that can be accomplished through "thought = action. But then one day you find "helpers" there or maybe you unknowingly begin to "channel", as I am now.

 About 3 months back I was doing a Phase/soak session. In this one I saw I was creating beautiful "Wire wrap Trees". I am not a hands on Artist. I can't even draw good, lol. I am a visionary. The Dragons that we sell came from my mind, but MJ is the one that brings them to physical 3d nature. The process from my mind to her hands can sometimes take a few years to achieve.
 So, I saw these copper wire wrap trees. They were gorgeous. Once I jumped out of the bath, I went online and began researching this process. Much of it I learned from watching videos. I wasn't just seeing the basic wire wrap trees. I was seeing something much more unique. They were mounted on crystals and were to be known as "Crystal Amplifiers". The idea was taking the energy of the crystals, with the copper as the conductor, along with your own intent, to make a very strong device or tool.
 It seems I had opened some kind of "Akashic record" from a deceased "Wire Artist". It continues to this day. Some form of "Channeling".
 I then went and bought some cheap crystal shards and began making some practice trees and pieces. Over 2 months I made 15 of them. Each one was based on the new vision during my daily Phase/soak sessions.
 I soon ran out of supplies and MJ said if I wanted to pursue this further, I had to sell try to sell my trees at our next Renaissance Faire, which would be our last one for the year. We went there and I sold 14 of them. I was amazed, People saw my purpose by just looking at them. It was like they knew my intent. I told a few people that I created them to help them to focus their "positive" thoughts, wished and desire. It was a small show. I figured at best, I would sell one, maybe two of them. But 14, no way.
 So, I made enough money there to accomplish my real visions. I found top notch quality, known as AAA Crystals. The man and his wife mine them at their mine in Arkansas. Great people.
 I ordered from them "sight unseen", just by trust and was pleasantly rewarded for that trust. The Crystals are beautiful. The funny thing is, at the previous show I was at, there was a booth selling beautiful Crystals, but a voice inside of me said "Don't buy here". Now I can see why.

 Here are 2 of my new trees/Crystal Amplifiers. The 3rd image is of my remaining piece from the last show. This was more Dragon related and not even on using copper. When I made my practice trees I used Aluminum wire, it was cheaper. In that design I used a "Fluorite" stone instead of Quartz Crystal. I had run out of Quartz.

 The first photo is my "Peace Tree". I used over 180 feet of copper wire and leaves took about 8 hours to wrap. The trees are made by twisting a number of wire together to get a "tree" like look. The leaves on the trees are made by twisting tons of loops together to make a leaf life pattern and are very time consuming. The Crystal is beautiful. It is a 4" Crystal cluster of AAA quality. I felt guilty with the Crystals I had used in my practice trees. But they were only practice. Now was the real deal. Both pieces are about 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall. The Crystal clusters are 4 inches wide and are gorgeous.
 The Peace Tree was to focus on Peace within. Sure it would be nice to have "Worldwide Peace". But as I have found, that starts within. You create that "Peace" within and others around you will soon feel it as well. The Peace symbol is in the middle and beautiful copper wire leaves of the tree are amplifying the "Peace" intent. There is more powerful than a strong focused will and intent.

 The second tree I call a "Recovery Tree". This one took 170 feet of wire. But it doesn't have all the leaves that the other one did. I made it not necessarily to focus on the "recovery" itself. I made it more to amplify the "growth" that comes through the process of "recovery. It doesn't matter whether the recovery is physically related, mentally or spiritually. Growth is always a very important part of the recovery.
 The design has part of the tree bent over, as in bent but not broken. Out of the bend comes a grows a healthy tree. But it is a different kind of tree. This one is "Bonsai" tree design. The Bonsai represents "Spirit" in Japan. What I was trying to show, was the "new growth" that was being experienced during the recovery process. The old portion of the tree, sick part was wilting away, while an entirely new healthy spirit was arising.
 The other pictures have some of our customers wearing a "Dragon wearable", we call them "Dragnets", which is something I saw in a vision a few years back. We use rare earth magnets with a receiver to mount it on the person's clothing, hat, etc. They can them adorn their fridge, lampshade, curtain, etc. with the Dragnet. The  wings of the Dragon are made of a good quality leather/lamb skin and are adjustable as well.

 The Crystal Prisms and other Crystal work is sand etched, by hand by a good friend of ours in Oklahoma. The Sand Dragon, little red material Dragon is hand made by a good friend of ours in St. Paul, Minnesota.

 The other Dragons, MJ makes. The big ones take quite awhile to make. The other pictures are our tent at the Renaissance Faires and basic lay out of the booth. MJ and I are standing right next to one of her biggest beautiful pieces. Her Dragons range from 10' - 6Ft. She hand sculpts, hand paints them all. Lastly is MJ working on one of them. She dry brushes each on of them. Dry brushing is a style of painting achieved by using layers of paint to create a overall look of depth to the Art.

 The reason I am finally sharing all this with you is that I see people that come here and put a few hours, days or weeks into this practice, then drop it cold when they don't get favorable results or can't appease their expectations. I wanted to show you some of the possible rewards that can come along with all of the practice, patience and perseverance that it takes to not only succeed once or twice, but to actually make this a welcomed part of your daily life. I can show you how to get to that point, but what happens then is between you and "other".

 At the moment I seem to have opened some kind of channel to some deceased "Wire Artist". Every time I work with the wire, I have all kinds of "happy incidents" occur. It's like the wire just knows where to go. Everyday I see new designs in my Phase/soaks and I really enjoy creating these Amplifiers. Years ago I became a "Invisible Helper" over "there", in the other realms. Now I can make a difference here as well.

 Thank You for listening. I really enjoyed making this post. It feels right!  smiley

 The Crystal Amplifier I am currently working will be known as the "Tree of Love". I have some great ideas floating around in my head for that one. The first thing I do when I finish my daily Phase/soak is, I write down whatever I have been shown. There is so much to remember. Oh, and "trust" plays a very important part in the whole process.

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