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 on: July 19, 2014, 22:04:11 
Started by Lionheart - Last post by Allenrain
the blind experience NDEs because these experiences are based mostly off culture and imagination, while dreams are based off visual memory formation. So while a blind person may not have ever seen a picture of an angel, i am sure they have been told what an angel looks like and in their own way they are able to draw up a visual formation. So researchers need to be very careful when they interrogate blind people who have NDEs, and make sure they were not just influenced by what they were told by others.

 on: July 19, 2014, 21:57:02 
Started by Lionheart - Last post by Allenrain
This is good to know.

 on: July 19, 2014, 21:52:39 
Started by Astralzombie - Last post by Allenrain
Very very good, soon we will all realize that paranormal is normal. I salute you for your work sir.

 on: July 19, 2014, 21:36:28 
Started by Alex-Anderson - Last post by soarin12
I can't rely on my old faithful original technique either.  I have to rotate techniques now because my brain is always in a different state of tiredness/excitement from night to night.  For example, visualization works well for me if my mind is a little too sleepy, because it is more of an active, exciting technique that'll wake me up a little.  Last night I tried visualizing, but it was absolutely the wrong thing to do because I was  a little too awake, and the visualizing was just waking me up more.  So instead, I put myself into a meditation that would head me towards sleep as fast as possible.  For a conscious exit, it's all about getting to the hypnogogic state as fast as possible, and then not falling asleep once your there.  -A delicate balance in need of different techniques for different nights. I'm sure the same is true of a non-conscious projection.  We are beings always 'in flux.'  Different levels of sleepiness, excitement, stress, doubts etc. from day to day call for flexibility in techniques used.

 on: July 19, 2014, 21:22:59 
Started by David Warner - Last post by FireFly9
Hi David.  I just joined the forum a few days ago and this was the first post that I read when I scrolled the subjects. Your comment about needing to be committed, perhaps even obsessed would describe my level of intent to become a proficient OBer, but I am indeed having trouble.  

I have had successes, minor ones, with rolling out into the etheric body although with poor lucidity.  I have had numerous astral body experiences of flying or getting away from my body and outside, again with medium to poor lucidity, but enough to know I was out and consciously so.  I have read the Buhlman books however so know what to do to improve the awareness, but the trouble is I'm having so few experiences to be able to practice it, and recently they have dropped to nil.

The successes I've had using Robert Peterson's technique of lying perfectly still until the body 'thinks' you are asleep has worked in several cases (or is this a Robert Bruce technique... I forget).  I've gotten to the 'body numb' stage (not sleep paralysis) and then have been able to float out through my feet using this technique, on my way I assume to the astral dream zone. (Assuming the body 'thinks' I'm asleep that's where it would be going as I'm not directing things.)  I say this because when I've floated out through my feet I'm on my back, and then without any intent on my part my body rotates around so that I'm moving along head first through what feels like a tunnel.  Excitement has halted this process because of course the body catches on that I'm actually not asleep.  I've kept up this practice hoping to get to the dream zone of the astral plane using my astral body in full awareness.  I've only successfully gotten to the other side with this once by learning to stay calm.  I was unaware however of any entry or arrival as I had seemingly dropped into a lucid dream state, although I did interact with a being who noted that I was able to see him.  He invited me into a class that was just getting started, but I could tell he didn't expect much... as my weakening lucidity was likely obvious.

The trouble is I seem unable any longer to trick the body.  It's like the jig is up and the body has caught on that I am likely not asleep yet.  Typically it will initiate an itchy spot, or several, to see if I will move.  I've been able, in the past, to get beyond this point and the itching has attenuated.  Body/ego will also create heat which is very uncomfortable to see if I will move, and I've been able to get beyond that point too.  It will also create the compelling urge to roll over.  The 'trouble is' being that these issues no longer attenuate and by the time they start I've already been at it for for a couple of hours.  Eventually I give in.  Perhaps I should talk with Peterson on this to see if this has happened to him.

I do know the window of opportunity seems very short.  I have to be just the right amount of tired, and usually wake up around 4am to do my practice. If I am not tired or too awake then I may as well forget it because I am unable to get to a deep theta.  Recently this has been part of the problem.  I have resorted to putting on a night mask to have more darkness as in Western Canada this time of year the sun comes up way too early.  Perhaps things will improve come fall.

Your sleep time stats do make sense.  I know for a fact that 'over sleeping' makes it easier to go into what I call the grog....the feeling of heaviness and sinking into the bed in a state too listless to move. In my youth... I am now 57, I experienced the body freeze state frequently by oversleeping, and/or going back to bed late morning.  (I was a bush camp cook one summer in my late 20's and used to go back to bed after breakfast was done to kill time.  Man did I have body freeze events then. Too bad I didn't know more about using this to initiate an OBE.)  I'm getting to the point of feeling this is ALL easier before a certain age.  Have you heard that come up before?  I rarely if ever wake up into a body freeze state anymore.  The condition of the pineal may have something to do with it at a certain age... maybe??  Anyway.... having not taken the leisure to sleep in until say 11am for years now I think I will try doing this more to see if things improve in the OBE department.

I'm wondering if it's easier for men to OBE because they typically, not always of course, but typically are able to drop off to sleep or rest easier.  Waking up and then getting out of bed for a few hours for me (and many women say over 50) would result in never being able to get back to sleep again, so I have no worries about staying in bed and practicing BEFORE I get too awake or start moving around.  Buhlman recommends naps but again I know many women who will say they can seldom get to sleep during the day no matter how tired.  This is certainly true for me.

Anyway...I'm not sure there is a question here, but feel free to comment.  The Peterson technique is not the only one I use, but it's the one that's worked.  I meditate more consistently now, use binary beats some, listen to theta and chakra type music, have done most of the Munroe tapes, and have read a ton of books to name a few.  

What I desire ultimately is to be able to experience my multidimensional bodies on the various planes rather than just getting out of the body for an astral joy ride, but I'm certainly wide open to just about any kind of improvement in lucidity and conscious OBEs.  

 on: July 19, 2014, 20:55:42 
Started by Zecora - Last post by Szaxx
Learn to manipulate them. That's basically it.
It's as difficult as looking around only using head movements, if you move your eyes its a fail.
Does this explain the feel?

You are learning to manipulate the environment in a precise way. You have to keep the mind focused on what changes you make and focus on them NOT altering which they will from others thoughts.
This is an art in itself and you have to be able to multitask.
Imagine being responsible for getting some beings to safety.
You are chased by guys with guns set on killing those you're with.
You move to the attic and the next roof is 30 feet away.
If you don't keep the bridge you've created mentally intact, it can collapse if one of those escaping thinks it's goin to break.
 Scaffold comes in handy in experiences like this. You maintain its integrity and prevent those chasing from realising their goal.
It's a challenge and I can't get enough of these experiences.
The lesson itself, did you have a body that you actually saw?

 on: July 19, 2014, 19:30:04 
Started by Zecora - Last post by Zecora
So this has been going on for a bit now, in summary, one of my spiritual teachers gave me instructions on how to make an underlining surface to appear, then unfold; there were several class like situations where we covered this, but it's getting more complex, and less instruction-like now, more like being thrust into an immersion class, and no instructor nearby!

Fast forward, whenever I enter an altered state whether meditating, hypnogogic hallucinations, AP, LD, whatnot, when I see a shimmering darkness, or it's as if the darkness is alive; I focus on a single-point, various geometric shapes of increasing complexity arise, I'll try and increase my focus, and as I do so, the shape starts to glow, sometimes so much I open my eyes to see if there is another point of light.

Some geometric shapes are easy to figure out, but as they get increasingly complex, and abstract I'm at a loss as to the significance or purpose of what I am to do.

The most recent event involved my spirit guide/teacher grabbing me by my hand and whooshing me into a glimmering darkness area, I saw the tell-tale movement and pattern indicating time to focus per prior training.  Did so, focusing on a single point of light in my field, then widening my awareness of my surroundings whilst maintaining a particular level of focus or it would dissolve away. 

I'm not sure what I'm doing really, but kinda went with the flow, more concentration, broaden my field of awareness, till I turned and looked around, moving geometric patterns, coalescing and inverting on themselves, like collapsing, invert, flip, and exploding, remaking over and over.  It was as if I was floating in a sea of fractal patterns, undulating full immersion glimmering darkness and light, everywhere I turned there was various geometric patterns, in vivid movement, I tried to maintain my level of focus and take it all in, but it can be quite tiring, and eventually passed out/feel asleep. 

So questions, has anyone experienced various fractal patterns or geometric designs?  What's you're take on it?

 on: July 19, 2014, 19:25:00 
Started by Alex-Anderson - Last post by Szaxx
You have to adapt. Be open to new ideas.
I can say what worked daily for me in 1965 has absolutely no way of working today. I've tried to adapt the principle and only obtain crystal clear visualisations of another environment.
I had to change tactics many times over the decades as one methods functionality is seemingly contentious in long term consistency.
That said, the many progressions made in experiential complexities may have a respective attribute in the methods utilised failiures.
Most of the early experiences were in a perfect copy of the physical, the labeled RTZ.
I have had perhaps three RTZ related experiences in the last twenty years.
There's far more important trials and tribulations that take precedence and retrievals take most of my non physical time.

It may be you've progressed in some respect.

 on: July 19, 2014, 17:17:49 
Started by Rakkso - Last post by Xanth
I use fevibond for empowering my subconscious mind for trips in 7D.
7D?  What now?

 on: July 19, 2014, 17:14:42 
Started by Alex-Anderson - Last post by Xanth

Just allow what is... to be.

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