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 on: May 21, 2015, 06:59:48 
Started by beavis - Last post by RVX
Sounds like you understood something at the end of the dream if you ask me.
You can comeback and learn new things from lightglanced experiences that standed up in your past.
Perhaps you learned something up there in that dream and now a little more clarity would give you the right questions and right anwers as to why could be done next.

As for the game and/or gamemaster itself, im sure its some lesson you learned before but didnt remembered well, it happens to me almost all the time too. Its always fun to play though tongue

I just hope the above is useful.

 on: May 21, 2015, 06:38:48 
Started by JackNorth - Last post by EscapeVelocity
Like Fuzzy said, you are on the right track so just keep doing what you are doing.

It can become almost painfully slow and in small steps that you make progress right now, but have no doubt, you are very close to some kind of OOB experience. I went through the same progression ten years ago, rediscovering methods for exit. Your description of the WBTB method was excellent and you should be noticing the better awareness you have when trying to enter a trance state that will support an exit; you are not quite there, but much closer than before; plus, your intention was obviously strong such that once you gave up and slid back towards sleep, your intention manifested with really powerful vibrations. This is perfect! Intend for it to happen this way a few more times and you will find your way into an experience; it might not be exactly what you are currently envisioning but don't worry about that; your 'energetic' self is going to find a way and then you can adapt from there. This is simply how it works for many of us. Stay calm, observe, intend and go with the flow however it may take you.

Well done!

 on: May 21, 2015, 04:43:16 
Started by Kzaal - Last post by Kzaal
So, I've been using Reactine for allergies and it didn't happen again. I guess EV was right thanks for the help guys

 on: May 21, 2015, 04:37:21 
Started by JackNorth - Last post by FuzzyQuills
Sounds like the issue I tend to have; I get vibes, but then I get mentally blocked and wake up... Cheesy Point being, you got awfully close to getting out. Smiley You obviously were desperate enough to have it happen three times in succession!

Otherwise, keep going! Smiley It does take a fair bit of time to figure out how to exit once the vibes start. Some information I have read says "wait for them to end, then you're out!" other source say to use a simple 'action' such as rolling out when the vibes get strong enough. (IMPO, I feel myself get pulled upward, with my head the only thing left to pull out... grin)

 on: May 21, 2015, 04:31:30 
Started by FuzzyQuills - Last post by FuzzyQuills
Quote from: lucidityman
The hearing a bunch of kids ..that's great. It shows you are a second of so away from vibes.. when you hear people talking loudly , your vision should also appear shortly..and then its vibes and go time. I once told 3 people in the corner of my bedroom to shut the f up..i am trying to obe ...LOL and I was mad at them for talking to loud..and then poof vibes hit.
LOL! Cheesy I honestly don't mind hearing kids, so long as they're not too disruptive. Wink

Quote from: lucidityman
I read your post many times and I don't really see any issues that you have.. just normal stuff, growing pains, learning pains.. What I look at is how well the person does (you) can solve problems on the fly..adapt to the current situation.. and you do good.

Lastly you having a false awakening.. I think that was more of you being in s/p and not ..well your brain did not fully recognise the state maybe because you did not feel any vibes.. yet your were able to think consciously enuff to get the ep arm loose and slap yourself. In your future that slap or that FA will turn into another "I should try and exit again".
That's something to try! Smiley There was a couple of times where I got vibes, and my NP vision came on, but then they would fade, and after a brief flash of darkness (Is that even a word? Tongue) I woke up.

And I presume it was my etheric arm, simply because I couldn't 'move' yet I managed to move one 'arm' and saw a strange ghost-like shape fly at my face... Cheesy Then of course I finally woke up!

Quote from: lucidityman
40 feet is up their.. my comfort zone in the sky is about tree level.
Heh... I went a heap higher in my first AP! Cheesy It definitely felt that high up, all I saw was white clouds in every direction, except downwards.

BTW, would teleporting work? I find teleportation results in an instant blackout... Cheesy

 on: May 21, 2015, 04:20:12 
Started by Dreamshards - Last post by FuzzyQuills
Very interesting!

Hmm... I wonder why the town's called "Nope" grin

 on: May 21, 2015, 04:06:18 
Started by Dreamshards - Last post by Dreamshards
I wanted to share an awesome experience I had last night.

I became lucid early morning. At the time I was standing in a dark abandoned warehouse. I immediately began running with excitement to leave the building and go explore, but stopped a couple of times to anchor myself by feeling the texture of the ground. Right outside the entrance there were a group of children playing in a kiddie pool. I took a big gulp of the water and they giggled.

As I surveyed the location, I realized I was in a small charming cobblestone village with lots of children running around. There were also many carriages led my horses. The children were all dressed like laborers in the industrial revolution, just like this photo:

I met up with two young boys. We we hollering at each other across the street while cars whizzed by (I suppose there were cars as well as carriages). They told me the town's name was 'Nope' and I demanded an explanation. One of the little boy's stepped out in front of one of the cars on accident and the car smashed right into him. I felt guilty, but began talking to the second child. He told me the town was somewhere in the middle of the astral and my waking world which somehow made a lot of sense to me. Then the boy who got hit by a car appeared from one of the shops undamaged.

I was heading to a carnival in the distance with a large Ferris wheel. I was shocked at how long the experience was lasting and decided to keep going with it. Before I arrived at the carnival everything went black, but I did not wake up. I was floating in black nothingness and it was so peaceful. I imagined the spinning vortex I have traveled through, it appeared and I began flying through it. Once I reached the end I either woke up or had another non-physical experience consecutively.

I just find it so amazing and rewarding when I am able to interact with the locals of the world I visit in a very vivid and aware experience.

 on: May 21, 2015, 01:29:27 
Started by vstachu - Last post by Astralsuzy
Thanks Xanth, I never thought about it in detail exactly what I do. 

 on: May 21, 2015, 00:42:53 
Started by Subtle Traveler - Last post by Subtle Traveler
Thx L-man!

After some research, I started with Secret of the Soul. It's my favorite so far, as I was encouraged that it consistently pointed back to spirituality as the reason to pursue OBE. My original intention when pursuing OBE's was to expand my spiritual practice. I also read 'Adventures'. Buhlman is very good.

I recently bought Robert Bruce's first edition AD book on Amazon, but I am not impressed with it. That may be because it is an e-book and there is no Table of Contents - you just have to read through the book from start to finish. I may keep it as a reference. I am a bit disappointed that he scares people a bit in regards to the negative aspects of the non-physical. Explanations from Buhlman (and many others) make much more sense to me (e.g., that it is a reflection of own fears, that entities are simply unevolved).

I like California (but it's not cheap, especially the water now). Yeah, the weather is excellent. However, after cutting back on our water use, the front yard has already started dying, and I have collected nearly 2,000 gallons of rain water this season for our garden (e.g., so we can keep it). Currently, there are some trade offs. And there are some things that we are finally catching up with Canada on, like healthcare for everyone.

Thx again for saying "hi"!

 on: May 21, 2015, 00:04:54 
Started by Lucidityman - Last post by Lucidityman

Been a while since I wrote here.. just been digesting the info....

Yes I can fly without flapping my arms like a bird to move in the air. I call that flight.. "genie flight" I just think or lean in the direction I want to go in. The more downward I lean in the direction the faster I go their. Downward being from a standing up position in the air. It like my body is a joystick on a video game machine.

Speeds..hmmm.. I have to think.. in the astral speed it instant.. in the ep..speed. I would say slow but faster then running. 2 speeds ..hard to answer since it varies of my thought at the time of travel.

My ep's last anywhere from 1 minute (doh) to 45-50min .. another one that is hard to answer..since its hard to compare real time to ep time..time is just different when out of body.One ep can feel like its was 2 min. yet in real time it was way ep's last so long that I wonder if they will ever end. LOL

Your post made me think and that is a good thing. I am just going to keep doing what I do and logically I should progress foreward..

and thanks Szaxx  I am 45 years old and feel like a kid again. I know bad joke.

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