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 on: Yesterday at 04:19:38 
Started by Xanth - Last post by Xanth
Yes indeed all these functions are needed for game to work but i find it suspicious because other games where are let's say same things as in pokemon go as i remember didn't ask permissions like this also i am not sure when they say " Get Acces to " does that grant them remote acces without me knowning or it's just needed for the game.

Anyways i can live without pokemon go xD so really not worth risking, indeed no system is safe but still giving more access is not also better : P
Well, I guess it COULD give them access to, say, take a picture without your knowing.  Sure.
However, consider this... think about how fast people are able to reverse engineer apps these days.  There is *ZERO* chance of any developer putting code in their app which gives them that kind of access without someone finding out about it.  There are too many nerds out there doing the heavy lifting of breaking the apps down and reading the lines of code.
Then, if there were any company out there (ie: Nintendo, Microsoft, etc..) were found to do this, they would INSTANTLY destroy themselves.  Nobody would ever trust them ever again.  Their market value would zero out in no time.

No company who is profit driven (aka: ALL of them) would commit suicide like that.  Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 04:15:48 
Started by madmagus - Last post by Xanth
Thanks for the in depth explanation. I have actually been thinking about trying that first method recently. Might give it a shot now that I know someone actually consistently uses it.
In the end, the technique/method you use, isn't really as important as the "focus" that technique/method provides you with.

You could probably say that the "Focus" you choose to use to project with *IS* the technique/method, since that's really all that differs between EVERY SINGLE technique out there.

 on: Yesterday at 02:26:27 
Started by Xanth - Last post by Bloodshadow
it's a tracfone

that's all I know, again I only have wifi no service

nothing has motivated me to want to exercise like this, I rather have fun exercising than any other way

 on: Yesterday at 01:40:31 
Started by Positive3 - Last post by LightBeam
I think the concept of free will needs to be looked at from a higher perspective. I tend to believe that our spirits create certain set of circumstances and events through which the character they wish to experience need to go through during its life span in certain realities. By creating obstacles, the free will of the personality may be limited. For example, there was a study done on prisoners. Their brains were scanned and examined and the scientists had found that most of them has much smaller amygdala, which is linked to the feeling of empathy and decision making. So, being born with underdeveloped brain, will cause certain behavior, which is linked to this disability. Does that mean the spirit itself thinks this way. I don't think so, but it needed to experience these limitations and create a character that will behave this way. Everything is for the purpose of experiencing different scenarios and learning from the combination of all possibilities. So, bottom line, I think free will exists in a higher level, but it is limited within the different personalities.

 on: Yesterday at 01:21:09 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by Lumaza
Like I said I felt like I was in a half awake half-asleep state. I also couldn't tell whether the dream was a dream a lot of the time. I could tell it was very real to me and didn't feel like a dream to me.
Okay, that leads to another question. What is a Dream to you?

 Start logging your Dreams in a Dream Journal and you will find many patterns in them. You go back to that Journal after a month or so and you will find people, destinations and sometimes reoccurring scenarios that will help you in the future to become more aware in your Dreams.

 For some reason, when people become aware in their Dream, they think they need to alter them. If you are Dreaming what you are currently Dreaming, there must be a good reason for it. Explore that area and unlock the puzzle.

 on: Yesterday at 01:15:18 
Started by madmagus - Last post by Lumaza
  Could we, through auto-suggestion alone, start reentering dreams automatically, lucidly, every time we woke in that state?

Anyone with such an experience here?  I've been considering giving MILD (or my personal version, Crazy MILD) a new look, which is where auto-suggestion came into my head.

Thanks for any thoughts
Yes you can. It starts with "Affirmations" You also need to get good at logging anything, no matter how trivial you think it may be, in a Dream Journal upon awakening. By doing this you are entraining yourself to be aware in your Dreams.

 I wrote this thread under another former name here "Lionheart" on this very subject. I call it "Re-scripting", Robert Moss calls it Dream Re-entry and I use it often. It started when I started to do my "affirmations" and journal logging on a regular schedule. I saw it as a natural progression. I don't awaken first then go back in. The scenario will normally end abruptly and find myself back in it again. There is a brief pause, but at no time do I become consciously awake to the point of being back in my bed again. I am consciously aware in this new reality though.
 You could also do a Forum search, using the search window in the upper right hand corner of the page on the word "Re scripting", to find some other posts I made here on that topic. I wrote about it often here.

 on: Yesterday at 01:07:27 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by luffy28
Like I said I felt like I was in a half awake half-asleep state. I also couldn't tell whether the dream was a dream a lot of the time. I could tell it was very real to me and didn't feel like a dream to me.

Also at certain times during the dream I felt myself at my bed.

Tomorrow night I'm going to set the alarm for 4.5 hours (3:30 am) and try to listen to the affirmations I recorded for 10-15 minutes.

more advice / personal experience would be good.

 on: Yesterday at 01:06:11 
Started by Positive3 - Last post by Phildan1
If you know the popular Sims 1-2-3-4 simulation PC game, you can see that you are the "god" like person who controls almost everything and your character is doing your commands (you), but he/she can do whatever wants if you don't give commands lol. Ok maybe not so accurate model, but I think this could be a good one.
I'm not saying that we live any reality like this but I think it could give some clues  Cheesy In a much more complex way.

 on: Yesterday at 00:49:10 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by Lumaza
Any advice?
Yes. Explore the Dream adventure. It sounds like you were lucid or at least semi lucid. Find out why you were there. It could be the "sex theme" was there just to wake you up to the fact that you were Dreaming in the first place. You can control "your" own actions in a Dream. You could increase your lucidity in said Dream very easily by grounding yourself further into the scenario.

 Just curious, what do you expect from Astral Projection?  huh

 on: Yesterday at 00:43:54 
Started by Positive3 - Last post by ThaomasOfGrey
I am not certain that free will actually exists. A rat within a maze has free will to explore the maze, but their frame of reference precludes the concept of free will beyond the maze. I suppose free will can only exist within the subset of the system that forms your reality. That subset could be something that is forced upon you, such as the common understanding of the reality system we share now, or a construction of your own such as radical ideology that you cannot look beyond.

You could argue that even with good knowledge of the system we are in that we still lack free will as every decision is simply additive to our previous experiences. Does a person that beats their child really choose that reality, or is it a subset created for them by society and their own parenting?

A philosophical question to really muddy this water, is an experience objectively more or less valid with free will? You can't really say that the life of someone with free will was worth more than the life of a slave. All experiences are different but equal?

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