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 on: Yesterday at 01:11:27 
Started by elliotnz - Last post by Xanth
Hmm... if you're a beginner, taking 5 minutes everyday just to try and clear your mind is a good first step.
Not saying you're wrong... But there are an infinite ways to meditate, with clearing your mind being only one of them.

Although, I'd also dare say it's one of the absolute hardest for beginners to do.

 on: Yesterday at 01:05:53 
Started by David McCready - Last post by Volgerle
Another question would be if it is a kind of "dual awareness" experience.

If you are physically focussed an anchored on your breathing and smiling, plus the straight sitting in your chair, I would expect such a thing.

A kind of mind-split?

 on: Yesterday at 00:57:37 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by Xanth
Is that where you think Colton went though? To the Christian Heaven in the BST?
Without nitpicking terminology... Sure.  That works.

 on: Yesterday at 00:44:57 
Started by DanishGuy - Last post by Lionheart
It's a sign that your focus is still too much on your physical body. This gives a feeling of fight or flight, which both are not helpful in AP.

 You need to create your NP focus, but not keep focusing back on your physical body. It's like you are playing an never ending game of ping pong.

 It's a fear test and something you will need to get over. It's hard because you basically have to trust wholeheartedly that your "machine" is going to keep operating while your consciousness goes out on adventures. Your "machine" keeps you alive every night when you go to sleep. It doesn't shut off for good until you no longer need it to experience this current physical existence.

 on: Yesterday at 00:38:50 
Started by DanishGuy - Last post by lillymoon
I experience the same thing, never really thought it was a big of a problem though.  grin

 on: Yesterday at 00:36:38 
Started by Riften77 - Last post by Lionheart
 Here's another technique that works very good, amongst the tons of other ones that can be found.

 I use it once in awhile and find it very helpful.

 on: Yesterday at 00:34:50 
Started by David McCready - Last post by Volgerle
I have also had lots of good experience with the smiling when I get in the state during phasing. The joy and anticipation that it "happens now" is somehow even a trigger for me sometimes.

 on: Yesterday at 00:34:22 
Started by lillymoon - Last post by Lionheart
Well i can only assume that you reacted in a very positive way mentally.I for one would have crapped my pants from the fear (non literal term).Fear is one thing that i just have not conquered completely yet.I know that one day i will confront my fears and conquer them.
JesusGonzalez, check out this video. The portion on fear start at the 1 hour mark and goes to 1:07:00.

 The entire video is excellent, but if you only want the fear section, his information is very helpful.

 on: Yesterday at 00:30:35 
Started by Rachael Hicks - Last post by Lionheart
Szaxx, my first OOBE to AP put me in a place EXACTLY as you described.  And I mean no BS!  I floated up this valley.  This just happened a cpl of weeks ago.  Is this a common place among projectors?  This is unreal that you stated this, wow!  I even painted a picture of it I was so inspired by the experience. 
Make it your "Happy Place" and it shall be!  wink

 on: Yesterday at 00:28:15 
Started by Lostlight2013 - Last post by Lionheart
 Lostlight, just learn to "observe and report" what you observing for now. It will all make sense in the future.

 It was a "new experience" for you and I bet it caught your attention, which in itself might have been the "primary goal"!  wink


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