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 on: November 22, 2014, 11:17:37 
Started by Fourthdimension - Last post by Szaxx
Some of the soldiers in WW1 didn't know when they were gunned down according to Sylvan Muldoon in his book The Projection of the Astral Body.

 on: November 22, 2014, 09:32:49 
Started by Kevinv2 - Last post by Volgerle
It never needs to be completely dark. Mine isn't either.

Suggestion: why don't you try using a night light / night lamp such as this (random google pic search):

 on: November 22, 2014, 09:11:54 
Started by Kevinv2 - Last post by Szaxx
When you're asleep the light has very little effect on you. However as you're going to sleep it can make all the difference.
The storyline in these dreams is a message to you over an unresolved issue.
It may be from your childhood, or a previous fear of going to sleep in the dark.
The scene that's playing out is related in a way you should understand in order to resolve it. It sounds like a subconcious irrationality where a conflict exists between what your experiences actually are, no fears etc, and what was.
A great deal of thought will be required in order to resolve this. It's a personal thing too.
Anything from parents arguing when young to being scared of going to sleep for fear of not waking are two possibilities.
I had 3 years in a similar position and hitting the fear I had head on resolved it instantly.
Yours is different.
Is there anything that sticks out from your past? It may be forgotten so careful thought is required.

 on: November 22, 2014, 06:55:31 
Started by Practice_Patience - Last post by soarin12
I eat plenty of bread a dairy and have no problems projecting.  The only dietary thing I have to keep in mind is I need to have a nearly empty stomach at the time I project.  It doesn't matter so much what I eat at other times (although I would stay away from too much sugar) as long as I obey that one rule.  Everyone's different in that respect though.

Good luck with your journey!  Smiley

 on: November 22, 2014, 06:15:13 
Started by raditus - Last post by raditus
November 21, 2014

"I Have To Ask You A Question"

I was walking with a guy in AP in a city-like environment. We discussed things, and he even asked my age. I old him the truth. We just chatted away while walking along with each other.

I kind of faded for a second, being nearly back in my body when I heard him stated, "I have to ask you a question."

Right when he asked this, he quickly placed his hand on top of my shoulder. During this time, thought, I had the weird half-in episode. So what happened was that I felt the hand drop onto my shoulder in physical as well as AP. I didn't pop fully back, but stayed in astral. I didn't freak out, but just took it in stride.

The Betrayal

Cheryl, my best friend, and I were out someplace. It was in broad daylight, and open in in something like a public park. I had met up previously with Metatron, the Angel from Supernatural.

Later on the same day, I hear that Metatron sold me out, and turned his back on me! I run through the day lit area with Cheryl. I come up to this widened area of the bark. There are two massive stone towers, about six feet tall, four feet high. They are spaced widely apart. Castiel stood at the base of one of them, and Crowley was waiting at the base of another. Above the pillars, there were round things, nearly like ports. The one Castiel was standing at was a swirling of light blue, mixed with white fluffy clouds. This was to represent heaven. Crowley's was a swirl of reddish Laval, representing Hell.

I was to choose which one to jump up into.

I left the area with Cheryl, without choosing.

We get back to the Hotel we are staying at. Something was said to start attacking and killing everyone in the building that wasn't in their hotel rooms! Her and i raced back, the "timer" getting too close. Near the end time, I can see vague shadows of tentacles on adjacent hallway walls. We get to our room in the nick of time. We barricade ourselves inside and we can hear screams of people who weren't so lucky.

 on: November 22, 2014, 06:03:17 
Started by FateBender - Last post by Kaje The Astral Newbie
When i first projected, I got scared which sent me back to my body. It wasnt anything like evil stuff, but I was just asked a question and got scared.
I was in my bed, looking at all the stars in the sky through my wall, and was in awe how big the universe is. Some voice said "do you want to be big as the universe?" then i got scared cause of reasons (longish story), said no, and then went back. I learned a lesson from it. So, if anything happens, know you are safe and dont let your emotions get the best of you.   

What im going to do eventually is seek for some help, like as "hey, what should i do next to achieve my goal?" or something out loud. I just started projecting a week ago, 3 times, but they have been like 15 seconds cause I would get scared of something, except the last one where i had a false awakening.

 And i differ on the opinions to keep it short, I dont see any reason why. I personally am going to try and project for months or a years even (still will be a day in the "real" world)

 on: November 22, 2014, 05:55:05 
Started by Kevinv2 - Last post by Kaje The Astral Newbie
I rarely have nightmares so I haven't tried the light thing.
But maybe your subconsciously scared of sleeping in the dark? Also, if you think that sleeping in the dark will create nightmares, it will continue to do so more than if you think otherwise.
Its like affirmations. I say " i will astral project" and just by saying it, it gives me a better chance.
What you are thinking is "i wont have a nightmare if the lights on."
Initially, it may been a coincidence or something else, maybe you need to learn a lesson? who knows. But a good way to make it stop is to change the way you think. Im no expert, but I believe this is a good way to go. Positive affirmations!

 on: November 22, 2014, 03:56:20 
Started by Kevinv2 - Last post by Kevinv2
Ok i know im still fairly new to the forum i go in and out a lot but im not sure if this subject has been touched or not.

I search for something related to this topic and nothing so here it goes. My nightmares are really weird lately, because in fact there not nightmares more kind of like "guilt mares" or bad feeling dreams like fights or verbal abuse which i guess falls under nightmares in general. But to my point which is weird. oh and here's something to add yup i do feel pain in dreams enough for me to check where i got hurt to make sure everything's OK.

   On nights i have these times of dreams i noticed something very odd.Now keep in mind i am well over any fear of the dark but for some odd reason when i get these dreams, all i have to do is turn on a light and sleep with them on i dream normally again everything is ether normal or fun. I woke up and shrug thinking the nightmares have passed turn the lights off and the nightmares come back. 
    Does this happen every night? No it doesn't and the oddness is the power of sleeping in a room with the lights on. which i don't like to do because sleeping with them off seems to be less stressful with the eyes and a more restful sleep. (don't ask why it just does for me.)
So my question is it is the same for everyone having a nightmare causing a string of them to stop with a turn of the light?

 on: November 22, 2014, 03:35:13 
Started by Practice_Patience - Last post by Practice_Patience
Welcome Practice! 

Sounds like you have a great start and actually may be almost there if you are hearing sounds and feeling presences in the room.  For myself, if I feel a presence in the room with me, projection comes immediately after.

Thanks for the welcomes smiley
The slight buzzing was just after my 'first(!)' recent attempt. I was so chuffed (as there clearly wasn't a mozzy in the room, anyone who has had one of those know they bug you ALL night!) and that excitement of course totally brought me back to the physical. Those other phenomena I have experienced in the past, but not for a while. There seems to be something very curious about accessing subtle energy realms - you really can't try too hard. Sometimes gently asking and not expecting works, but then when you have received something (for instance, I've asked for a premonition before - and got one) but should you ask again, thinking you've cracked it - well, perhaps a little 'ego' may have crept in and you find it doesn't come to order. It's not a pizza after all! Oops!
Last time I tried, I was thinking a lot about APing, and so that would have helped, and perhaps I gave up just as I was getting closer?
And what about the lifestyle aspects.... I work nightshift (fairly long hours driving trucks), I drink coffee. I don't eat junk food hardly at all, but I still eat dairy foods and bread. And I think over recent years I've become more absorbed in the material realm. So, I think there may be work to do. That, of course, could just be an illusional mental block I'm applying to myself, so, paradoxically - I'm aware of that and so have every confidence it's totally possible to start building awareness and gaining success! Perhaps the dietary/lifestyle aspects are different for different people, for some it matters and others not so much. Anyway - now I'm going to look up more stuff about de-calcifying the pineal!

I realise the power of visualisation, as once when I was massaging my partner I decided to imagine a great light from the universe coursing through me to me fingertips and immediately she exclaimed 'I don't know what you're doing there but that's fantastic!' Although other times I've tried she hasn't said anything lol. Trying to hard? She got used to it?
She actually has a bit of skill with Reiki, and I think that's helped with her new found apparent mediumistic abilities.
It's quite funny, as when we met 19 years ago it was me with all the new age/spiritual ideas and she was a bit (not too much) sceptical! grin

 on: November 22, 2014, 00:30:51 
Started by _xander_ - Last post by blidge
Around 10 years ago I started practicing astral projection. I got to the stage where, I had the vibrations, even sat out of my body looking at a bright light but was too tired and went back to sleep, though most time I would wake up with sleep paralysis, that I was too scared, thinking it was demonic, so I stopped trying out of fear.
Any reason why I might have hit a wall?

Hi as explained preconceptions can have a detrimental effect on your astral attempts and labeling experiences negatively will only hinder your progress, even though you're progress isn't what you'd like.

Depending on what where you read info on how to progress will give you different experiences. For me I mostly project after waking up in the middle of the night, been awake for a while and finally nod of back to sleep. It's at this point im aware of my astral vehicle or whatever u want to call it and project.

10 years ago you started this, well for me persistence is the key. Changing techniques can help and even discussing ap or being on here can trigger an event.

I mention 10 years because I first started projecting or being aware of what was happening was when I was a teenager, now in my 40s and last night was possibly the 2nd and 3rd time I've projected in 10 months. You can go very long periods with no success.

I repeat to myself daily of what ill think to myself once in the astral, I say "awareness clarity and energy or ACE and after last night's experience this is something that helped me focus.

After being awake for a while I drifted off. Soon I Was aware of mild vibrations and stepped out of my physical body. I walked through my bedroom door and then everything just faded.

I was very aware of what was happening but didn't say my ACE until my next attempt not long after on the same night. Again I became aware and stepped out of my body walked straight through my door all the time saying awareness clarity energy now, saying this was automatically done as I say this in the RTZ daily.  I walked down stairs with the intension of going outside through my front door, at This point things faded.

So 2 in 1 night when I had nothing for nearly 1 year. . Be persistent and u will achieve your goal, and get rid of labelling as all these none physical experiences are all the same, in the same realm. .

Good luck

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