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 on: June 24, 2017, 18:16:04 
Started by jeck140 - Last post by jeck140
Hello and welcome to one of my first posts on this forum in over 7 years! I used to be a frequent lurker here back in 09-10 but life got real and I ended up becoming encumbered by all of the various things these long years have brought to me. Recently I have reached probably the most stable and independent point in my life for years and it has had me wanting to get back into the pursuit of astral projection.

I have recently begun meditating again as my mind is always at ease these days and I don't have any daunting problems making it harder to focus on achieving control of my thoughts.

I posted an experience I had of what I believe was my first and only conscious OBE in another thread but the main reason why I created this topic was to attempt to save myself a little time by hopefully getting some info from anyone who reads this.

When I had this apparent OBE many years ago I had experienced vibrations but this time I just let them grow as intense as possible to the point where I felt as if I was either going to die or separate and thankfully I did experience a separation, which had way more extreme physical sensations than I ever would have expected. I believe my problem before I had this experience was I would hit the vibrations but once they reached a certain intensity my anxiety or fear would kick in and then they would slowly fade away. After successfully riding the vibrations all the way through I'm much more comfortable with experiencing them and I don't believe I'll have much trouble with separation this time.

So my question is, can you just let the vibrations take over and grow until you separate or should you also focus your awareness away from the body when the vibrations are at their height? I don't remember if I focused my awareness away from my body or not when I had my experience but I kind of feel like I didn't because I just ended up formless in a giant "3D" black expanse. This is the last little detail I feel would help me in my attempts tremendously!

 on: June 24, 2017, 16:58:22 
Started by T-Man - Last post by Bloodshadow
@Selski hold up wait you are able to heal yourself, being that close to your body without being sucked back it, how'd you manage that, I find that way more intriguing at the moment lol?

Most dream characters if not the real people/beings know just as much as you do, because they are aspects of you, what  you know they know, its more you reassuring yourself that anything in dream that is.

 on: June 24, 2017, 16:09:18 
Started by Selski - Last post by Selski
 grin Yes, I guess it has!

I did consider getting reinvolved at EIC instead/too, and may still do, but for now I'm dipping my toes here.  tongue

Thanks for the welcome.

 on: June 24, 2017, 14:37:27 
Started by Selski - Last post by Subtle Traveler
Hello Selski ...

I remember reading some of your posts over at the EIC forum. Looks like 'the Giraffe has been upgraded'.

 on: June 24, 2017, 13:01:02 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Selski
Hello Sammie

Having read your first post, am I correct in thinking that you're suggesting a more focused way of meditating rather than doing it automatically every morning between 9am and 9.20am because that's what you've read? When I mean focused, I don't mean "Trying Really Hard To Get Somewhere In Your Head", what I mean is making meditation/relaxation/the present moment the sole (soul?!) focus of your sessions.

If so, I've found that concentrating (or actually not concentrating to be honest) on whatever is going on RIGHT NOW is the best way to go about it. Whatever IT is. There may be an end goal to meditation, but constantly reaching for that goal will not get me there.

It's taken me years to learn this, but it's quite like riding a bicycle. Once learned, you can always get on a bike and whizz off wherever you want to go.

Sorry I haven't read all the other posts once they started bickering... grin

 on: June 24, 2017, 12:49:31 
Started by T-Man - Last post by Selski
That's a great experience, and enjoyable to read.  smiley

In the past I dabbled with healing when in the MABA (Mind Awake/Body Asleep) phase, but only with small things like headaches. I used to put my astral hands over my physical head and imagine healing coming out of them, usually including a specific colour too. It seemed to work.

I also use a 'dream dream journal' when I'm actually in the dream. Oftentimes, my writing is illegible or the pen doesn't work or the notebook is already covered in squiggles and I can't find space. It's as if the dream doesn't want me to remember it so looks for as many hurdles as possible. However, it's a really useful tool to use - sometimes when I awake I remember what I was writing rather than the actual experience. As long as I've written a few key words down, the whole experience usually comes back to me in no time at all.

One thing that might be worth mentioning is experimenting with non-verbal communication with other dream characters. It's a lot subtler and you should be able to pick up from them than than our clumsy verbal way of doing things. And I've noticed that dream characters are rarely forthcoming with knowledge when extensively questioned!!  tongue

 on: June 24, 2017, 11:00:49 
Started by Astral Potato - Last post by Selski
Hello Astral Potato

Some people believe that every dream character is an aspect of yourself. Therefore, the others who called out your name and asked why you were pretending to be asleep were the lucid aspects of you. No wonder they all looked amused.

I also think your theory in the second post has some merit.  smiley

Losing control of the dream happened I believe because you started to panic. The dream then became non-lucid due to emotion. This tends to happen with any emotion - whether positive or negative. To help with this, it's simply a matter of practise when lucid. Every two seconds say out loud 'I am dreaming' (even quietly to yourself). But don't just say it as if on autopilot - it has to be said slowly, clearly and understood every single time you say it. One way that I sometimes use is to sing the Rod Stewart song 'I am sailing' but replace sailing with dreaming.  wink

And of course the key to prolonging these experiences in a lucid manner is to practise mindfulness and self-control of emotions. This can be done in everyday life and it should naturally transfer to sleeping life too.

Hope that helps.

 on: June 24, 2017, 10:20:16 
Started by Selski - Last post by Selski
I went to bed very early yesterday. Had a kip for about an hour and then lay awake practising relaxing without mentally falling asleep. This can include a variety of methods, but yesterday it was a case of thinking abstractly, then latching onto those lazy, loopy thoughts and following them.

After a while, I knew I was in the hypnagogic state as I heard my OH noisily putting cutlery away in the kitchen whilst simultaneously sitting next to me in bed reading a newspaper that was rustling. (I wear ear plugs so I knew for sure that both these sounds were non-physical.)

Next thing I noticed was that my astral arms had begun moving on their own ever so slowly upwards. Then the middle of my body started rising too. I thought 'here we go' and remained calm, neutral and curious. My body lifted out approximately 1ft before coming back down, not too quickly. Consciousness rose to full waking with my usual all-over tingles.

I think the reason it ended was because my mind was slightly too awake/alert.

It was brief, it was a tad disappointing, but it was a start.  cool

 on: June 24, 2017, 09:43:22 
Started by Selski - Last post by Selski
Well hello fellow dreamers and oneironauts  smiley

I've not been here for a Very Long Time. Not sure who, if anyone, from the old days is still around. I know Xanth from another forum (hi Xanth!  cool) and was a moderator here for a while.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to make AP/OBE/LD/whatever my primary hobby once again, so here I am. Already had a small experience last night (which I'll post elsewhere), so that's something. Thought I'd have to start from scratch again, but seems I've jumped right back into it. Woop!

Looking forward to getting to know some/all of you and reading your experiences.  grin


 on: June 24, 2017, 06:43:53 
Started by Amyla - Last post by Szaxx
Welcome to the Pulse Amyla.
It helps some if there's a hint of tiredness as your body will want sleep. If you can stay aware of yourself as a point of conciousness whilst allowing your body to fall asleep you can have a concious experience within a few mins. Its not easy as you most likely crash out into an unconscious state normally when tired. It can be done, small steps are required.

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