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 on: December 17, 2014, 11:52:18 
Started by OB1 - Last post by Szaxx
It can take years to achieve the 'instant visuals'.
It took me a while to develop these to obtain a concious projection at will.
If you want to do this too, have a read,

 on: December 17, 2014, 09:03:52 
Started by astral towers - Last post by astral towers
Im swimming in the air, the sky is radiating a beautiful violet color, golden onion dome shaped towers made of gold stand before me...Im am feeling absolute bliss "swimming" in the sky. The atmosphere had both elements of water and was like a dry water if that made sense...thick like water dry like the air...some may call it flying but I was "swimming" in it...I noticed the beautiful golden structure looked quite a bit like Taj Majal. It looked important, sacred even...

This is what I experienced on one of my few full blown astral projections. All of the astral projections I have had were involuntary but this was the most interesting. The only thing I recall is "falling through my bed" and enjoying this glorious freefall through space I was thing I know I find my self in the place I described some strange chance has anyone been to a similarly described just felt like such a REAL place.

 on: December 17, 2014, 08:43:38 
Started by astral towers - Last post by astral towers
Hi all! Im excited to be a part of this community, as I have had many of strange experiences throughout my life and astral projection has been some of the most profound. Lately I have been having some very strange coincidences and experiences that eventually led to some strange dream/astral experiences so I decided its time I take this wild bull by the horns and figure out how to tame it and possibly utilize it for my benefit.

I don't know if there are many others like me here but I have had the issue of being FORCED into SP and AP if I sleep on my back. Basically I have avoided this since I started having these freaky experiences in my teens. Sometimes I still end up in SP leading to strange and often frightening experiences. Are there any others here that are plagued/blessed with this?

The reason I have yet to experiment with this is a lingering fear of the unknown. I cant seem to completely shake this. I really want to project but that time frame un which you find yourself paralyzed scares me...I always feel as though theres something there with me and I just feel vulnerable. Anyway I decided the last few nights that I was going to start working through this...I slept on my back about a week ago and experienced a sort of "mock" astral projection (Ill make a thread about it soon) in which I dreampt lucidly that I was projecting but it clearly wasn't the real deal. Either way it was a step in the right direction....

So a few nights ago I attempted to again sleep on my back....I found myself starting to get the vivid imagry and a some pressure on my forehead....a few mins later it felt as if the front of my skull was no longer there and there was a direct heat source applied to my "brain". I then saw a bright white light coming down from above on my mental screen..from the direction of my forhead. All these sensations began getting TOO intense and the fear of a premature kundalini awakening entered my mind, so I said "that's enough for tonight, baby steps"...I then turned on my side and fell asleep like normal. Although I had some vivid dreams that night. (Intuitively I felt like it was my third eye activaying/opening and it was getting to be too intense)

So another thing that I have always seemed to experience which seems pretty paranormal is vibrations. Im not talking about the ones when youre in an altered state/sleep paralysis. Instead Im referring to these mild buzzing or vibrations in various parts of my body. Sometimes my lips , my legs, etc. Its very gentle ..almost as if a bumble bee is caught inside...but intuitivey they DO NOT feel like a physical affliction. They feel like an ethereal vibration to me. These occur often and have been occurring whether I experience any anomalous dream occurances or not. They happen in awake normal conciosuness when Im tired and lying in bed but not in hypnogic ...When Im in hypnogogic the REAL vibrations occur and those are clearly more disturbing. Anyway these mild ones often feel like tiny ongoing earthquakes. I can even feel the bed subtly vibrating. Ive even had other people that shared the bed with me agree that they have felt these vibrations coming from me. Ive kept this basically to myself for over a decade...UNTIL NOW. Because I never really related it to any astral phenomena until I started really thinking about it and trying to research the web. Does anyone have experience with this anomaly?

And my final question is I know that astral projection can be very entertaining and even add spiritual depth to the human experience but is there any benefits you recieve in the physical? Perhaps something along the lines of how a daily meditation practice can reduce negative emotions and improve concentration and mental clarity? Does AP help with anything like that? ALSO Do you get better at viewing REAL physical events or are they always a crap shoot. In other words does years of training and experience help you stay in Real Time Zone longer viewing real things in real time? Like any other activity your focus and clarity increases with practice , doe it in this way with AP?

Thanks for taking the time to read my intro and hopefully answer a few of my questions to help begin my journey!

 on: December 17, 2014, 08:09:29 
Started by zacko - Last post by EscapeVelocity
No, but it can help with understanding your non-physical perspective and awareness. And actually, a LD is a form of projection. Take any opportunity that presents itself.

Possibly you are thinking that you need to exit your physical body. The better way to think about it is that you are shifting your mental focus from the Physical to the Non-Physical.

Read some of the blue stickies and that should broaden your understanding.

 on: December 17, 2014, 07:47:27 
Started by astral towers - Last post by Kzaal
Hey welcome to the pulse!
This is a very good topic and also an awesome feeling when you can drift your spirit in another state of mind whenever you want.
For me, I've been practicing meditation/lucid dreams and astral projections for a few years now and all I can say is yes there's a way to do it at will.
The only place I can point you for specific meditation and projections is by reading theses forums and different books.
For me the Daodejing worked pretty well, it may or may not help you but anything that you can read that is philosophical, moral, including valors, will probably help you immensely.
If you want to change your state to your astral projecting state even if you are awake, it means that you need to understand what you are thinking when you are in that state.
This means, you need to know your valors, know your faith, beliefs etc and submerge yourself in those thoughts without thinking of the things around you.
I think the only way to achieve it is with time, I mean that's how I did it, I was reading books and pretty much everything on internet concerning AP'ing and meditation... and I was doing meditation almost every day, and weekly. Eventually you change your way of thinking and then you realize how incredible everything is now that you're free. Taking in consideration everything I read or good ways of thinking I had, I can be outside in the cold and be leaning on the porch and start altering my state of mind to enter deep trance/meditation and then astral project from the place I am without even closing my eyes.
After reading so much eventually even some people develop skills such as clairvoyance, telepathy, auras reading, theses things are part of the 4th dimension which is revealed to you when you are getting experienced with the Astral.

There's no specific truth, The only truth that matter is the one that you find within yourself.

 on: December 17, 2014, 06:56:06 
Started by OB1 - Last post by mon9999
If your goal for meditation is just for stress relief and to experience inner bliss and well being then I suggest using Sanskrit and Buddhist mantras.. You don't have to quite your mind the mantra will do it for you and it will raise your vibration you would be smiling the entire day  grin  smiley

 on: December 17, 2014, 06:53:29 
Started by zacko - Last post by zacko
i know this is probebly a stupid question but do you have to learn how to lucid dream before you learn to astral project?

 on: December 17, 2014, 06:14:37 
Started by PlasmaAstralProjection - Last post by PlasmaAstralProjection
I know you guys say things like we can't feel any pain except our own in the NP and similar things. I just got to ask.

 on: December 17, 2014, 05:49:26 
Started by darksidessj25 - Last post by darksidessj25
Had a pretty cool experience after meditation today turned over and tried to take a nap then I realized I was snapping in an out of my body.
Saw a person sitting on a bed then another head pressure symptom and seen a beautiful city in the distance. There was a path way that was made of floating circular stones. The city was way in the back where I was floating. Next time I see a city I'm going to try and open my physical eyes to see if I can get a full blown OBE. 

What I've noticed when these kind of projections occur:

1. Head pressure and followed by the projection.

 on: December 17, 2014, 05:15:26 
Started by astral towers - Last post by astral towers
First of all greetings to everyone I posted a brief intro in the meditation section with a few questions and decided I might as well say hello here as well.

Ive been APing since my teens but I have gone through short periods were I was actively interested and then most of the time I avoid it...but even now when Im more interested in it Im quite frightened by the whole SP part and the negative entities....if I could just get passed that fear of the unknown....

anyway I cant sleep on my back...if I do I will inevitably go into sleep paralysis... but now Ive decided to actively turn this into a positive experience and consider this a blessing. So here I am on these forums ready to connect with you people about this amazing phenomena.

I have one question for you guys. Do any of you experience an earthquake like sensation and/or vibrations or buzzing in random parts of you anatomy when NOT in the altered sleep paralysis state ...for example when first getting into bed and quieting your mind. I have actually had people that have shared my bed with me tell me they can feel me vibrating. I think this is interesting and my intuition tells me it has something to do with the astral body but when looking this up online the medical explanation is things such as neurological disorders and fibromyalgia ? But this just seems way off to me...anyone else experience this?

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