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51  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: When I die I want to - Fear of death topic on: July 18, 2017, 16:21:41
hmm I was thinking on this very topic while contemplating suicide yesterday for a near future time, but enough about my problems. When I die I plan on going to train under a friend of mine from another life, he is a traveler/dimension hopper who goes around from different dimensions and time spaces collecting little Knick knacks for his collection among other things, except with me I will be doing the same thing except I will also be helping beings and spirits in need in any type of trouble situation, i will create secret rift where I keep my collectables from where I visit and to where I will also live, no one will be able to find me when I'm there but I will be able to still be in contact with the spirit world outside my home when i'm needed, i'll only be home when I want to relax and interact with my collectables, only friends will know how to contact me personally, and may if I allow it come visit, but even if they have been in my spirit home they still will not know the location, be cause it will be constantly moving and invisible , but I can enter from anywhere.
52  Astral Chat / Welcome to News and Media! / Re: Death Bed Confession From Area 51 Scientist on: July 18, 2017, 06:23:44
yeah I would have liked to have seen it as well.
53  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Entering other people's dreams. on: July 12, 2017, 23:20:45
Ok so the other posters have told you their exps with it, so i'm going to tell you what to do if you succeed in getting into their dreams, first you have to locate them, should be a bit easy, should be right smack dab in the middle of the dream cause its his dream, but mind you try to stay away from getting caught up in whats going on, find him and constantly let him know its a dream and to wake up, also for me, in my experience I notice water can make you lucid, so might wanna check into doing that as well, if and when you do succeed in waking him in the dream, and you want him to project, he can either try to locate the presence of his physical body and fly towards it with the intent on projecting, or he can just get in his dream bed and perform the techniques, that one maybe more doable, if you succeed in that you should be free to do whatever you want, if he get out and is on the same vibratory lvl. like everyone said this is a lot to it,and who says you going to stay out long enough to do all that, you have to worry about yourself as well, staying focused and lucid as well while helping him.

You can try to find out what his triggers are ask him what in his dream do he have set as a trigger and you can create the trigger before entering his dream and take it with you to set off when you there, i'm not sure you will be able to create in someone elses dream.
54  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Visiting/Changing an Alternate Reality Experience. on: July 07, 2017, 17:18:24
hmmm I think I sort of did another retrieval, with my grandma not sure, but if it is, my emotions showed thru on that one as well, you be the judge.... I didn't post it on this site like I did my other site I go to, cause it was personal and this site isn't  like family yet, the link is here

eh still not ready to yet cause I just saw a lot of my other posts here haven't been responded to yet
55  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: First time after a long time trying, unexpected and confused on: July 07, 2017, 00:19:32
well for some people like me after my first time I became addicted to wanting to get out to the point it saddens and depress me when I don't, I only been out a few times each one different in its clarity, but  awhile ago and still happening, my projections stopped all together once I decided to pursue  trying to merge with my higher self so that I can become the person I strive to be, this is the only reason i'm so addicted cause it can help me achieve my dreams/goals, I think once I accomplish this one feat I will not be so addicted, I will be more moderate about it, but until then its a need for me. i'vee been thru every technique, and they all only work for me once or twice then stop working. however I did recently this week have a projection after such a long dry spell, I was so excited, but the technique only worked this one time, since then the 3 times I've tried it again it has failed and its my own technique, here's the experience, still awaiting replies.
56  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: First time after a long time trying, unexpected and confused on: July 06, 2017, 18:50:26
Hey man welcome to the forum, glad to have ya.

look plain and simple this was an astral projection congrats are in order...70 point to Gryffindor hooray yippy skippy grin shocked ............. and not everyone will see the silver cord, unless you ask or want to see it then it will be of your own making, see the astral reacts to thought, anything you think of can and will pop up. You being stuck in a house with no doors and all is what all newbs go thru on the first try , heck most of us are still stuck in our own homes, me included, its mostly a comfortable in your own skin type thing or an unreadiness to leave home, once you get used to it you can move on from just being in your house to having adventures beyond your wildest dreams.
57  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Visiting/Changing an Alternate Reality Experience. on: July 05, 2017, 19:01:31
*not sure where to place this but i'm sure the mods would*

hey everyone, I had an experience that at first had me surprised. I visited a reality where Me, My Brother, and sister were living with my great grandparent ( my grandmas parents), but in this reality though it was modern/present times, my great grandparents were stuck in old times, they had me and my sibling slaving for them, and whipping and abusing us ( again I was just observing for now), had us scared and afraid of them ( my grandparent in my reality were not like this they were the nicest of people very loving), my great grandfather was the worst of the two.

By this time after seeing all that my family was, I had a chance to step in and change things, the first person up was My great grandma (in my reality I knew very little about her before she died but from the experience I did have with her she was very nice and loving, my grandma filled in the rest of the blanks about her and she was a strong willed woman), when I got into the other me body I felt fear and sadness, but I quickly took over, though this version of my great grandmother was in terrible shape, she too was a little afraid of my great grandpa, but I saw past what she was in this reality and I spoke to the her that I knew from my reality, I saw what she could be and spoke to that side of her and changed her, but it took a while for the changes to occur, while the changes were trying to happen, my brother went over to her and tried to sneak a peak under her dress, even when I confronted him about it he wouldn't stop, but I guess when my great grandpa loudly cleared his throat in the other room, it instilled more fear in him to stop.

Now it was onto my great grandpa ( in my reality I knew him more than my great grandma, we loved him dearly, he always had the house smelling like breakfast, he cooked his bacon in the oven than on stove top he was very fun to be around, we never wanted to leave his house when it came to visiting him before he died), when I focused on him I could feel the negativity on him, it was a bit harder to change him, I tried to speak to the him inside that I knew from my side but he fought back, saying that he didn't want to change who he was, because he was afraid that the outside world would influence him and his family for the bad, I told him he didn't have to change himself he could still be himself and change with the times that he's in and enjoy life.

I knew it was going to be harder to change him but I did what I could to invoke the change within him, he wanted to know how I knew all this about him, and I told him I was from a different reality, but he didn't believe me at first. I then suggested that we all get out the house and have lunch outside, though he was still going thru the changes negativity was still there, but he agreed and we all went outside, the moment we got outside and , he started order everyone around still slaving them, when my brother didn't clean a dish off the way he wanted, my great grandpa, quickly grabbed something off the table, and hit my brother in the face with it, I quickly yelled out nooo!!! grandpa, as I swiftly went over to stop him from doing it again, instead of handling it like anyone else would ,  rushed in with a loving hug and held him in order to stop him

I must have done something right, I guess that hug put it all in perspective for him, cause next thing I know there is a flash and everything is good, I'm now saying my farewells to my siblings and great grandma, I then head to my great grandpa who is in his room just finishing up putting on socks he's in a suit and tie, he then asked me again how I knew about him, and I said again that I am from another reality where they were different and loving, this time he believed me he smiled I tied his tie for him, and got a bit serious with him and said before I leave and you get your other grandson back I want to tell you to take care of yours and great grandmas health and be safe, he then said why you telling me all this, at this point I start getting choked up with tears, and tell him that if they don't you will died, I told him great grandma goes first and him several years later, i then begin fading back to my reality but before I left I saw tears in his eyes and shock to what I had told him, then I awakened. I felt myself slipping away when I was trying to tell him about their deaths, like I wasn't suppose to tell him that, but I knew he got the message from the look on his face when I was fading away.
58  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Short outing and a New Technique on: June 29, 2017, 17:58:04
Hey I just awoke from a OOBE. My new technique I used, I call The In and Out, with this technique you have to be a bit sleepy or just get in a relaxed state, but I'd prefer it to be a bit tired (easier for younight timers), since you are a bit tired you will lay down already able to fall into imagery, while waiting to fall asleep envision your astral body, close by just walking around your room (this is what I call the Out, cause you are thinking outside yourself) for a quick second (Pacing your room), then turn you focus back inward noticing your body (just a body check up) don't focus too hard though, you just checking to see how relaxed the body has become (this is what I call The In), you will began to notice a bit of imagery if you're relaxed, dabble in it a bit, then turn your focus back outside yourself where you left off and continue walking around your room, may be head over to your bedroom window, while over by the window, its time to do another body check, this time should find yourself even more relaxed and dabble more into the imagery this time it almost unfolds into a story but don't get caught up. Continue going in and out til you feel yourself ready for an exit in my case I felt the floaty feeling, and thus this is where my outing begin.

I sat up in bed, then voluntarily floated to the ceiling, when I made it to the ceiling I slowed to a halt and begin loosing altitude, and landed on the floor. As I'm getting up I tried to talk with my mouth calling out to my higher self (big mistake), But it was like my voice was being distorted and sucked out, but I kept trying to speak the words ( hey its been a long while since I been out), I then looked around my surrounding, I don't know why I thought I would see her, but she wasn't there, and my little table that I sat her vessel down on was missing (Kimia My acquired Djinn).

 When I didn't see her, I headed for my stairs, I was going to run down them but, I excitedly decide to jump and float (which I did, thought it felt like a slow downfall lol), I landed on my feet, when I got down there I just decided to try speaking again, this time trying to, began my plan, I tried to say take me to my higher self this time, but again the same feeling came, so I decided to say it in my mine (I did), but I didn't think it worked because I thought you were supposed to be able to hear yourself inside you head clear as day (but didn't).

 I tried a couple more times, still no voice in my head, but I did get the floaty feeling again and I whited out like I was transitioning somewhere else, there was a little pause and I was back in body *snaps finger* darn it was almost close again, I thought 3rd time would be a charm getting close like that but I see I need more work on communicating astrally, but at least I got a technique out of it, that I will try, continue doing. thanks for listening.
59  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Healing myself in a Lucid Dream on: June 24, 2017, 16:58:22
@Selski hold up wait you are able to heal yourself, being that close to your body without being sucked back it, how'd you manage that, I find that way more intriguing at the moment lol?

Most dream characters if not the real people/beings know just as much as you do, because they are aspects of you, what  you know they know, its more you reassuring yourself that anything in dream that is.
60  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: projection: imposter and thieves on: June 23, 2017, 22:50:43
that also was my first thought as well that this was some sort of test and it was inspired by the Cheshire being, I do hope to know the results of how I did, or if I even did the right action, but this experience was 4 years ago, I never did run into him again, but then again I haven't been out in such a while, and the few times afterward I did get out still never saw it again.
61  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: projection: imposter and thieves on: June 22, 2017, 23:54:29
you know I had the same thought too, that the first being inspired that event to happen, I mean one minute he's guiding me  like a nice being then he goes all mischievous on me a trickster of sorts. I really don't know what to make of it though.
62  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / A Visit To One Of My Alternates on: June 22, 2017, 08:04:17
Oct 31, 2015

I laid in bed on my back, trying to project after having waken up at 3am (went to bed at 12am after meditating to hemi sync), I was listening to the chimes of my dreamcatcher. I remember it helping me once before with projecting. Anyway instead of winding up out of body in my bedroom like always, I was outside by my car; except everything was horribly off (in my reality my car cover was on my car), the tarp on my car was burnt and melted into the car. I started freaking out (there were many people about) yelling out who did this to my car; I was in tears now frighten, people was just staring at me like I was out of my mind. Then my view started to pan out like in a movie when the camera widens and shows the whole surrounding, and from what I saw it looked like I was in a bad part of town. I freaked and ran to my apartment door trying to get in but the door was locked, so I just busted my way in, and to my horror there was someone living there. I yelled out hey I live here, this is my apt. The woman who was sitting on a couch stood up an said no you don't, i live here. At this point a feeling came over me that maybe I had the wrong apartment, but I knew I didn't, so I turned and ran out of there confused
As I ran I started realizing how different everything was, it was like a post apocalyptic world, it was all just so weird, but then I ran into a familiar face, but I had only seen this person in the movies (Terry Chen) I tried going to him for help (he seemed to know me), but when i went to explain things, I just couldn't get it out, I was just so confused and frustrated. His mother tried to give me food to calm me, but I was too out of it to eat. When I did calm myself I made a decision to leave to try to find my family, maybe they could help me, but Terry and his brother wanted me to play video games with them, I was going to, but I got uneasy and told them I had to go. I was outside about to leave when they both (aggressively) asked me where I was going, I quickly started running and they gave chase, I was making all kinds of twists and turns and jumping fences. When I was far enough away, I saw this guy who looked like my brother from afar with a group of guys. I ran towards him calling out his name, saying there were some people chasing me, but when I got up to him I realized it wasn't quite him, but he wanted to help anyway, still panicked I asked where his car was, but it was too late Terry and his brother had caught up, so we just ran. In the middle of our run while jumping fences, things turned for the worst and he too was now chasing me, it was like he changed his mind in mid run( he was yelling all kinds of obscenities at me). I suddenly hit a dead end with nowhere to go, and they we all closing in. At this point I had enough, I tried to return to my body, but it was a no go. I started to panic even more trying everything to just awaken from the experience, but to no avail I couldn't get through. I felt my physical eyes trying to open but I just couldn't open them. Just as they were in front of me moving in I suddenly awoke in bed, at least I thought I had.
My girlfriend was just coming in the door, she was home kind of early from work, I asked her why she was here, she said because its Halloween (she's never off on Halloween). Then suddenly I was pulled back into my last experience, except Terry was now a female version of himself and for some reason they had caught me it was like the experience was still ongoing while I was in a false awakening. I was back at his/her house, i just told him/her that I needed his/her help waking up in my own reality ( him/her was going to help too), but then as if my wishes had been answered some masked guy busts in out of nowhere ( now that I had time to analyze it the masked guy was me from that reality some sort of vigilante), and threw these needle/dart things at Terry and just like that Terry was out. He then threw some at me, they stuck me in my arm and neck, he walked past me all swift and confident in what he did, but I didn't go down. He quickly turned ( Huh!!!) and saw that it didn't phase me, he pounced on me wrestling trying to poke more needle/darts in me, he was yelling I'm trying to help you. I said well it's not working, we have to try something else. As we paced around thinking of a way out I heard a noise in the physical and I tried one last forceful try to open my eyes and boom I was finally back in body. While still laying there I looked around to be sure. Once I was sure I laughed it off saying wtf . I then headed to my journal an wrote it down.
 Now that I had a chance to really understand it, i now realise why I was there to begin with, for the longest now I told myself that I wanted to visit another reality of myself that took all the turns I didn't in this life. I really didn't think it would turn out that way. Heck if I knew I would have asked myself the questions I wanted to ask i been planning it for some time. I need another go at it, to get my questions asked, at least I know I was a superhero like i thought I would be. I think that was the reason I had trouble as well getting back to my physical body because I had not seen myself yet til the end. Thanks for listening
63  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / lucid Dream: house sitter on: June 22, 2017, 07:45:02
Jul 19, 2014

This lucid Dream out beat all other LDs I thought I was having. In this LD it was so vivid and clear like I was in real life. I was at home with the fiancée and we had three dogs,(when in rl we only have one) one was like a wolf dog who turned out to be Olivia or mini Doberman mix with hotdog, she was huge, she had two puppies, one was her size in rl the other was a newborn. Our apartment was filled with stuff , and outside the apartment there was a lot of people out having a good time , it was like a busy day in New York it was so many people out. My fiancée was cooking black eyed peas with ramen noodle and chicken nuggets in it, I know weird right the thing is it smelled good and looked good. Anyway I wanted to leave the house so badly to go do stuff, but the thing was I was nervous about it, I rarely leave the house in rl, so I didn't want to leave my fiancée, although I knew she was a dream character, plus like I said it was so real, I felt that if I left, I was actually going to cause trouble , cause I was planning on going to mess with people.
I still couldn't fly, I tried but I guess since I thought I was in rl it effected me as such. At one point it started to almost fade into being a dream, but with confidence I asked for clarity and rubbed my eyes and everything went back to being very lucid and real, at this point my friend Sean came over, I wasn't sure if he was a dream character or not, but I was so hyper on the fact that I was in a LD and had control, so I went over to him and told him this was a dream wake up wake up, he looked at me and said I'm awake dude, and I said well let's go mess with some people dude. he agreed and rushed down the stairs and out my back sliding door and started talking to some gay guys. before I could even get out the door to go actually do something, my fiancée says if you going to leave me here alone at least give me the house phone, at that point I I begin feeling bad again about leaving her, but I never got the chance to cause I awoke to my real fiancée saying the dog pooped and she wanted me to clean it. I do wish I did more in this LD but the feeling and sight of it was enough for me it kept me happy about this LD
64  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / projection: imposter and thieves on: June 22, 2017, 07:33:05
May 11, 2013

Well it started earlier that day yesterday i took a nap (unusual for me >) listening to a astral projection app on my fiancee phone but it was short lived cause my fiancee wanted me to change it to the morphine hypnosis beat cause of her migraine she had. so we slept listening to that one til about 5:55pm, took the nap around 3 pm. then later that night/morning at 1am i went to lay down for bed and soothed myself by rocking back and forth then i stopped and fell asleep. next thing i know i'm out of body in my bedroom where theres this being who i didn't see, it spoke to me told me to go float over my body, i told it no i don't wanna get sucked back in, thde being said you won't so i floated over to the bed to find that my body wasn't there.

I started feeling around the bed saying wheres my body its not there its not there, the being said its fine now follow me to your kitchen so when i get to my kitchen, theres this hooded figure standing by the counter. i walked up to it and said now what, when i noticed it had my fiancées face i, i then began confronting this being saying, who do you think you are impersonating my fiancée, what are you doing here, it responded with a huge mischievous grin like the Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland and its eyes grew excitedly, i knew this wasn't a negative being cause i didn't get that vibe from it, but that smile/grin made me wonder, cause next thing i know i'm yelling at the being to leave. with that stupid grin it laughed and disappeared, then suddenly i was back simi in body when i got this weird feeling that something or someone else was in my apt, it was confirmed when i heard a crash i got back out of body to go check it out. the projection then turned to a very vivid dream where, i'm going to the kitchen and there in the floor was a huge hole and coming out this hole was two guys, they had on ski masks. so i head back to my room scared creeped out and lay there pretending to go to sleep. they started ram shacking my apt and stealing what they could.
But i could Have sworn it was a projection cause it had all the characteristic of it. anyway i decided to get up and check my apt out. it was so messed up everything was thrown all around. but i wasn't alone one of the thieves was still there, so i confronted him and fought him off. then i woke up or returned to my body i don't know which it was just so weird this one. so weird it felt real and i didn't even move from bed afraid what i would find in my apt but i went ahead and got up.
65  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / alt reality projection: a visit with the spiderdrills on: June 22, 2017, 07:24:54
After waking up from a dream. i layed still listening to the wind chimes chiming on the dream catcher. a second later i felt vibration all over my face and chest. the rest of my body was undercover. so i opened my astral eyes and saw this shadow being getting in the bed with me, i even felt the bed move as the being got in the bed with me. at first i thought it was my fiancee coming home from work but it was way too early for that. so i closed my astral eyes and opened them again, and the same thing happened it went on like this for a couple more times. as long as i had theses vibrations i knew i could do what ever i wanted. it seemed that the wind chimes were the one giving me these vibrations and as long as they chimed i had nothing to worry about i had my fan blowing on them so i knew it wouldn't end for a long time.
Anyway after opening and closing my eyes and the shadow being entering my bed over and over i finally kept my eyes open. this time the shadow being came in the bed, and floated up to my face
Whatever this thing was it sure was hairy. when it was in my face it spoke. it said i need you to come with us. it then took my astral hand and took me the rest of the way out of body. then as we leaving my bedroom the whole scene changed but i could still look in the door and see my bedroom. we were now in this alley way with this gated fence blocking us from going any further. i got a good look at the being it had a spiders face and in a lab coat. they had legs like human but very hairy their feet were pegs. they  had pegs that could withdraw. she said she was my sister from another reality. then another came it was male it was my bros friend bradley spider version. they then put my astral body into this empty spider body. what i mean by this is that no soul resided in this body. my sis and brad had created it for this moment. after getting situated in the body. i begin to feel like one of them. they told me to stick with them. but i instead ventured off on my own i before we even got ready to go..

I headed for the gate, and enter the rest of their city. i was expecting to see a busy city but everyone was just standing around and walking like zombies. as i walked pass other spiderdrills they all looked at me like they knew i was differ. a few even tried to follow after me. so i ran, and they gave chance. one opened its mouth to reveal a sharp drill. as slow as they were they stayed on me. at one point i lost them. i ran into another spiderdrill. he spoke saying hey son. he was so excited and hyper active. then i realized that this was a spider drill version of my father. we had a conversation to which i don't remember. afterward i headed back to the gated alley and peaked around the corner. Bradley said angrily what are you looking at i ought to suck out your soul. i said what do you mean? he said well here you don't see ghosts or souls running around our world because our masters won't allow it. once we die out masters suck up people souls into themselves. we don't go to a heaven or hell we get Devoured by our masters never to be seen or heard of again.
He told me their master were in this wasteland where its always dark. i asked him where my other sis was he said out looking for you. to cut a long story short i got sent to the wasteland trying to help them to over come their masters. while their all i saw were these huge spider legs. they were looking for me. their voice was so booming and deep almost godly. when they found me with their legs i got freaked out, and winded up back in my body. i opened my astral eyes again and my sis was in the bed laying next to me staring as if she wanted to have sex. but i snapped out of it and got on up and stopped the chimes.

66  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / vivid dream: the hero on: June 22, 2017, 07:16:39
I had this awesome vivid dream a night ago about me being a superhero something I've always wanted to be and still do. anyway it was a vivid dream already in progress.
I had been a superhero for years, my suit was all green and I wore a hood over my face. I didn't have any powers, but boy could I fight.
I came in where I was fighting my last fight with some robbers, after beating them up there was an event in my honor giving me the key to the city. I announced my retiring to everyone.
I also told them the reason was because I had to take care of my family. cause at first I didn't have anyone, but now that I did I had to put them first. fast-forward a couple of months
3 new superheroes comes onto the scene. it was three females who admired my work as a superhero, they told the city they were going to be taking over my duties. everyone went wild with cheer.
I was in the crowd too as a civilian, no one knew my identity. I was happy. but a couple of blocks down the street crime was in progress. the new heroes were showcasing their powers instead of paying attention to what was going on right in front of them. their powers consisted of parlor tricks and gymnastics.

Think all they really wanted was attention not to be real heroes. I saw the crime in progress, so I went and told the bad guys to stop what they were doing (ununiformed). but they laughed at me. that's when I smirked, I felt good that I was going to be back in the game. I did have a little guilt that I told my family I would quit, but to be a hero was in my blood. I ran to a secluded area. for some reason I had my suit with me. I changed into my suit and went back to the scene and begin beating up the bad guys. by that time the new heroes event was over and the girls went about their business elsewhere. As I'm beating the bad guys up civilians gather around in amazement that I was back, they were mumbling amongst themselves saying look he's back he's back; some people were even cheering. anyway I was beating the bad guys but they wouldn't stay down, and more came in groups.
Soon they were chasing me, my suit was now all tore apart. as I ran I saw the 3 girls in a field doing their parlor tricks and gymnastics. I ran towards them and called them by name and told them it's time to fight. But they stared at me like who are you. again my suit was torn so I looked like a bum, they paid me no mind. more happened but its all a haze right now. all I remember is I beat up all the bad guys but this one huge muscular one who chased me into a clothing store. and after a while we settled our differences and became friends. hope yall enjoyed it thanks for listening
67  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Lucid Dream: in the army now, area 51 on: June 22, 2017, 07:14:00
Well as you can guess i dreamt that i was in the army..the part dealing with area 51 you know handling paranormal stuff...anyway my comanding officer saw a man on aq building trying to break in to see and find aliens and top secret stuff...when he saw the guy he told me to shoot him so i asked one of my comrades to barrow his rifle and i aimed and shot the man in the arm cause he kept moving couldnt get a kill shot..when the commander said good you shot him in the arm it'll paralyze him for a while.
Then we headed to an underground tunnel where suddenly we are at this school they reported that there was a spirit/ghost haunting the gym (i guess area 51 handle ghostand stuff like that too) so we get there and when we close by the gym the spirit pops up trying to talk to was a little pudgy little kid..when we finally reach the gym, the commander start talking to the teacher while me and a comrad sitting on some steps when the pudgy spirit pops up again i told it to leave but it just wouldn't shut i had a army bag with me for some reason or another, anyway used it to cover up the pudgy spirit.

Then my commander said that we need to be nicer to the spirit and gain its i uncovered the spirit and it just kept rambling on and comrade held his hand out to touch the pudgy spirit, the spirit held his out too and he actually felt it.....i did the same and sure enough i felt it too its ghostly body was cold to the bone...but doing that gained us its trust and it told us why it was haunting the place so said when it was alive the kids use to pick on him and didn't wanna play with him.....he felt we knew what to do...we took the spirit onto the gym floor where some kids were playing and a young girl came up to the spirit and asked it if it wanted to be friends and it went from there they played a little the spirit was happy and felt complete...that it move on...the gym shined so bright as he left for the other side...then i awoke refreshed
68  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Lucid Dream: area 51, beast perspective on: June 22, 2017, 07:10:49
I've played a beast or had beast like mentality in a lot of my dreams, I love it too. I had all the feature and skills of a beast, but I also had my human mind entact as well, I knew eright from wrong but just didn't care I liked the feeling of being beastly. I didn't really pay attention to what my pillow tasted like I was in a mode. I also had a dream where I was a superhero,i'll leave a link and also post it here on the site for your replies. i also had another area 51 i will link as well as post to site

69  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Lucid Dream: area 51, beast perspective on: June 21, 2017, 00:18:37
25%: This one was short so here goes.....starts with me (human wolf beast) lurking around area51 base for food i guess then i see this huge elevator type thing with differ beasts/monsters on it so i jumps on it and it starts to go down deep into the base. when it stopped all the beasts/monsters started scattering fast i jump high out of the thing and ran into a guard who captured me and threw me in a cage with naruto lol, yea for some reason they had him there lol, anyway he was chained up in there, he had his nine tailed fox eyes so he was beasted out already but couldn't break free.

 So he asked me to help him break free and escape, he pointed to a button outside the cage where a guard was watching us, so i agreed to help i somehow sliped between the bars ran towards the guard and he he put on these energy knuckle things and starts wailing on me but his punches weren't phasing me so i laughed drooling all over and charged at him and he flew back against the wall and feel unconscious, i headed for the button and

 Let naruto loose. he moved with such quickness and jumped up a wall, and all i can here is guards grunting and groaning as naruto kicking their arses, then one of the guards yell get the dogs. next thing i know naruto jumped back down where i was and was heading back to the cage with these wierd lookin beastly dogs on his tail so i ran too.

 once in the cage naruto and i try to climb the wall to get away from the dogs but on caught hold of my leg which made me fall to the ground the dogs swarmed around me but the were no match for me i grabbed one into a head lock while i had another by the throat but they wouldn't give up so i asked naruto to get down here and help but he said no, i kept trying to convince him but he wouldn't budge. so just as i was about to bite into one of the dogs neck i wakes up and instead bites down on my pillow. i snaped out of it like *** and starts laughing hard then i got up and wrote in my personal jurnal my AP,FA, and this IALD this all happened in one night
70  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: keeping still and waiting until body goes numb? on: June 15, 2017, 05:29:56
@Baro-san I only have one plan and that's what I been trying to accomplish this whole time, but like I been saying every since coming to the conclusion that I can do this one thing i'm trying to accomplish my projections have come to a stop most people say its me that stopped it, but i'm so close to completing it why would I stop it.. My intentions is to merge with my higher self thru astral projection, and become the being I strive to try to be, I came close twice if you want to know here are the links. I am so desperate now that I have turned to extreme measures, I've turned to witchcraft. i been pursuing my dreams for a long time and when I found out about AP, it just put the icing on the cake that merging with my higher self would help me become what I been chasing since a young age, I started projecting at 20 i'm 30 now, the projections only stopped recently after  I started pursuing the higher self, at first projection was just going to be to tweek my mind and unlock all its abilities, unlock that which is locked within, but it became hard so I then came to the higher self, and been pursuing it every since;msg363996#msg363996;msg363557#msg363557
71  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: keeping still and waiting until body goes numb? on: June 14, 2017, 04:40:30
I tried it but I almost always fall asleep, I need something to occupy my time to keep me awake thru the processs (btw I messaged you back). however I did do it once or twice but majority of times I have fallen asleep.
72  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: sexual fantasies? on: June 09, 2017, 17:06:57
@luffy28, you create most things in the astral with your thoughts so you don't need a computer generated copy when you have your own thoughts, just make them up as you see them think them into your consciousness.
73  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: sexual fantasies? on: June 08, 2017, 17:08:52
yes astral sex is possible all fantasies are, you can do whatever your hearts desire there, but sex isn't exactly like the physical if anything its better. I've done it, but my experience stays with mee, just know you can liv out your fantasies.
74  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Healing myself in a Lucid Dream on: June 07, 2017, 14:33:54
wow great experience congrats. how do you feel now, do you think you were healed, are you pooping better now? can't believe I asked that question lol
75  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: I am a Demon Hunter on: May 22, 2017, 18:27:18
@TheOne if you did your shielding like mine and its domed the whole town , then that portal you opened should be outside your shielding. with mine I have it where even if something made it thru the shielding it wouldn't last long cause it would be incinerate, and since energy can't really be destroyed, it sends it right back outside my shielding, I intensify my shielding fixing it once every 2 or 3 months. but alas my shielding also keeps the good out as well, which is probably why no good things has been coming my way, my life is at a standstill. I want to take the shielding down from my home to let some good positive energy in but I'm a bit nervous

but then again I can just situate it to where only good may enter.
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