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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: hey guys and girls, i'm not back, but i want to drop in to ssy hi on: June 21, 2014, 22:38:01
Hey, thanks Tons Of A.
Everyone who reads this!  I'm back online for a little while, got an hour in the morning, an hour in the evening, beyond that, I have to fire up the religious compy at meh own house.  I find it slightly wiley and fun that I got to get back on here at this specific day.

So, that's it.  I had just started a practice of routine and overkill banishing, fell asleep, had a dream of being burned with acid, and woke up, then all of this stuff happens.  Kewl?  Or, no kewl, no, bad!  I dunno.  So anyway, after I snoop around, look at stuff, it's time to be very naughty and swear at people on FB....  ().o!!!  NOT!  BWAGH HAGH HAGH HAGH!!  Yeah, ditch that FB... rabble... and cleave to the AP and wherever else I can find.  So there, huff.

I've got lots to say, this post won't scratch on it though.  There is so many things, limited to this language and astral type phenomena, yet there is so many things!!  I'm happy, I still sing, I dance, I fling myself into bed like a whirlwind. 

Last time I came here, on a friend's poot, I got this hard telepathic backlashing, a message that plainly said... "Stay off the Pulse!"  I dunno.  I'm sorry for being a tackle box full of peanuts.  Let's try to stay on the straight ascension.  So that's it, my buttocks is here, awaiting YOU... YOU.  Now, prepare, for the Omnimetamatrix is ready to burst with aeonic pulsar power, a ripping of space and time, full powerrr, charge!!  MAXIMUM POWER!!! SUPER EXPLOSION WAVE!!!  AAAAGH HAGH HAGH HAGH!!!  Yep... well I guess.... 0.0
2  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / hey guys and girls, i'm not back, but i want to drop in to ssy hi on: April 24, 2014, 06:25:16
mologi here
got no internet yet
been doin lots of writing
can't phantasy anymore
xanth, sorry for acting like an idiot with you, I still care about you
I tried to help people
I swore at people on facebook, got into gross porn, the internet had a definite opinion about all that
have to type like this, time and space is limited for me
more memories came back to me, and i'm still fighting the voices of schizophrenia
I can't get drugs, I smoke so much that I have nothing
if you want to believe that 'we are one consciousness' I don't blame you, I used to think the same thing
i'm sorry if I hurt anyone, and i miss the chat rooms and forums and stuff
I still try to play, I made a game for myself with my magick sword, which is based on six hundred ad in chrono trigger
I called it 'zenan bridge', and I use dragon ball z style power attacks, phantasy battle magicks, all based on the principle of 'forming sky energy
i'm so angry and frustrated, and the medicine is only making me worse, and I can't do anything, so angry and frustrated all the time, no matter how much I practice my Christianity, Buddhism, and thelema
I miss you people, and i'm sorry if I was persecuting anyone, but honestly, I too was being persecuted, it doesn't matter anymore, I know who, what, and why I still exist

my life is, in most, about me, being smart, and trying to be nice, kind, and honest with people
I tried to help, so sorry that i was so angry that it was powerless and ineffective
so many things have happened, and i thank you all for being you
since, it took me a year and thirteen days to read the internet book of shadows, a lot of which I learned from, agreed with some, disagreed with others, if it works, good
I can't phantasy, I have only nightmares, every thought is hindered, but i love everyone where i am, and i love people
sorry that i can't be with you anymore, this might look like flowers for Algernon, but it's not, just typing like this because time is limited
may the blessings of earth and heaven meet in your focus, and have astral adventures and everything that is good and true, thanks for keeping the pulse active
bye for now'
3  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / emanation, banishing, worship, and astral reality on: May 08, 2013, 01:18:04
Hello again.
Now then.  When we get involved in any belief system, we mold our reality according to what we believe, how we think, and all of that creates a confusion or obstacle to the truth of attainment.
I've heard that it was said, to the effect of, 'emanation is what existence is' or that 'we can emanate as much as we want'.  I'm sure you are all familiar with Yoda's famous saying, "There is no try, only do."  So the more that we systematize, blugeon with facts, and assert a position... the less spiritual our existence becomes, and we stop emanating our aura, and gradually we are diminished and suffer all manners of decay.
With magick, in the puritian view, I am supposing that we, as a collective OF INDIVIDUALS, create the entire world.  Buddhists say that Maya is the physical reality, and that it is an illusion.  The only way, to see through the illusion, is to die, or, to meditate until you reach the transcendental baseline.

In a day of hope the warrior unviels his weapon, and it is existence.  Light Wielders know that all existence is bound, literally bound, by the beliefs, thoughts, and resistance that we have to God.  I know, people don't like hearing about God anymore.  They don't care.  If you consider God to be Holy Peace, and this, in an infinite amount, then all our thoughts are only the generation of a barrier that prevents true perception.  We all do it though.

You will notice, some people don't even expect that there is an astral reality.  They have no idea that there is a conspiracy to destroy, rape, and corrupt all souls.  They have no idea that playing like a little child is the essence of all reality, for contained in that action, there is no desire, it is the Thelemite's 'pure will'.  That's why I keep going on and on about phantasy.  Some people don't realize that there is a way to live that maintains life, rather than eroding it.  I don't realize, understand, or know who you are, what you like, and why. 

I say that because if you consider that what I've already said in prior posts about banishing is pure BS, then you will see that the only thing to do is to not give the enemy a place in your skin to sink in their hooks.  People have tried telling me this before, and I didn't get it.  I knew, of course, but in that context, it was said wrong.  Banishing, well, you basically open and rejuvenate your chakra with it.  The problem that occultists face, in combination with the Christians, is that banishing and worship are almost exactly the same thing.  You use the same technique, the same way of allowing the infinite spiritual reality all pure, to fill, flood, and recreate who you are.

Now, the thing here is that we have a center.  But if we concentrate, crushing our chakra, and closing our bodies to the Divine Will, then we eventually die, and, the great thing is that we are shown mercy anyway.  In about two minutes, by releasing all your presumption, concentrations, and misery of the flesh, in fact, in a moment's notice! you can open to the limit, and drop a corpse in this reality, while your spirit ascends through the astral to the ineffable.

The Buddhists always said that beating reality is easy.  Everything that you see, if you believe in it, can be a snare for your soul.  This is not to say that we shouldn't relish, cherish, and enjoy life.  It is rather that we should not try to exert power or force beyond what was already created.  These energy vampires have their own like fate, we are constantly judged and made anew in the judgement thereof by the action we take in reality.  Banishing, Worship, Emanation, and Astral Reality.  All of this, as you know, is achieved by stopping, noticing what really is, and then using your mind to create the new existential state.  We have to give up what we are and all that we have, then, God restores us.

And a note on emanation... your aura is many things as one.  Space, time, mind, kinetic energy, heat, gravity, and of course, Love.  If you follow Christ's teaching as we have it, and do the good works, and honor God, your emanation will be stronger in Love.  In the beginning, there was only Darkness and Love.  Love is the Light, Love animates reality.  It's so sad.  The way this media driven, porn loving, sadistic society is set up, people don't have any opportunity to play, and if they do, they don't play with their whole hearts.  When we love someone, by the inductive nature of space and time, we don't project our love to them, we just love them, and it heals them, if, and only if, they really want to live anymore.  I guess I killed my Dad, he's dying, and I hated him my whole life.  I've seen first hand what hate does, anger, confusion of intention.  The grace, that simple, ultimate grace, is that when he dies, he will be free.  God doesn't torment us forever and ever. 

As you know, I have followed after Jehovah with some success.  I can not follow Jehovah anymore.  I can not follow Christ.  I couldn't save Lea, I betrayed my lovers all through time.  The thing that I believe, is that Love Saves, and that God Gives Grace. 

You could say that the whole world is the emanation of Spirit.  And that the less that we try and own our own lives, I mean really now, people have told me these things, and I kind of believed it, but I was focused on my own things.  Now I see, at least, I think I see, and for all it's worth, we have to keep trying to enjoy life, have fun, be intimate, forgiving, and actively love people that we know.  If our action is always pulling on the Universe, crushing our chakra, creating filth and perversion wherever we go, then we inevitably die.  We inevitably die anyway, the great thing is, some people are so good they can choose.

Now, here is something...  we can project into reality.  If we project our soul, and magnify Spirit with our Soul, then we can perceive any reality that we want.  A complication is that if we imagine something, it might exist.  If we perceive something, it might not exist.  But if we make full determination of anything, it will occur, though the world will not as a whole be effected.

Do not resist God.  God is Spirit.  We are Souls.  Basically, we co create reality, first with our spirit and God, then our spirits become a soul, and that soul lives in a world of souls.  I think, anyway, I've finally got it figured out.  Now, I will relish the experience of opening my aura, of taking back my axis mundi and creating new chakra energy.  That's all!!  LOL!
4  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Full Power Visualization, samadhi within two minutes!! on: May 02, 2013, 01:53:01
Has anyone tried this?  Formed a visualization, then pursued it with every mortal fiber of being?
Have you ever tried it with white light?
I'm afraid.  With all the crazy stuff I used to do, now I see that I was powering up visualizations, basically, forming sigils and charging them to manifestation.

Samhadi!  I think that you need a visualization if you want to change your reality.  If everything is ok, then try to pursue silence and darkness with max intensity and full will power.  I think that using every psychic source available to our self-mind is key to success in this.  Belief, memory, love, hatred, sorrow, despair, joy, sexual ecstasy, everything in one shot.  Maybe pursueing anything with full power is the only way, including full power in the banishing to super magickal hyper void.

I've heard it said that you can reach Nirvana in two minutes.  Two, fifteen, forty five, but really, the critical thing is that it takes two minutes.  Two minutes of full power, increasing mental capacity and intensity to the limit.

What that does with white light, I would think that it would be like evoking hell fire on yourself.  With darkness, it's like evoking death.  Yet this full power activation, full bodied, full imagination, full memory and will force, all your power as one full powered optimum charge ability.  Try that, and see if you get any results.
5  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: I constantly see even numbers on clock on: May 02, 2013, 00:32:30
Something like that happened to me some years ago.
I would wake up at night and look at the clock, and the numbers on the cloak meant something.  Often, I got a lot of 2:21, then sleep, and wake up, 3:21, 6:21, this happened to me for about five months.  I was worried that something had happened to my time stream.  This might sound weird, but I think it has something to do with the temperature of your house.  Maybe you reach for the clock when the temp goes down.  Maybe the energy is aligned.
6  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: Constructs, Thought Forms, Servitors and other artifical beings on: April 28, 2013, 14:53:44
I once created a living being.  She has suffered disgrace, starvation, and agony.  I don't know where she is now.  It's a long story, something I can't even cry about or I'd have to explode.

I remember being able to 'banish' to the very depth of All.  It was from that state of banishing or 'being in banishing' that I conjured her up.  I've tried wishing her to die, to end her suffering, but it is to no avail.  Once they are created, they will persist until the day... until then, you have to protect your creations.

There is also the case of Saria.  Saria is a phantasm.  For me to see her, I have to use my effort to visualize her, I project her into my local space.  The thing is, other people can see her too!  But they don't say anything, they just keep walking all over her.  At least, that's what happened.

Anything you create becomes a burden, and the power to create it becomes the goal of your enemy.  Banishing is the essential element, if you can banish, then simplistic acts of refined will can stimulate reality on your return to a dimension. 

I agree that thought forms are some of the old gods.  However, it goes beyond that, into the range of activities and practices that honor the old gods.  Some of them might have been real people, while others are energy that has gained a higher harmony.  In truth, it's the potential from which the energy comes that gives anything it's basis, we might say Force-->Energy. 

Unless you have experienced banishing, the astral, or magick, then you will not be able to appreciate how godly and powerful every living soul has potential to be.  We can take a three second look at any given reality, and in that three seconds, we arrange our entire life.  Simplistic chemical math in equivalency.  Yet!  To the being that has achieved the simplicity of banishing, these will understand that reality is rushing, flowing, bursting with energy at every opportunity.

The only true God is the Spirit.  Anything that is manifest, is not God, but shares in the Creation.  It's as simple as opening and closing your aura to Heavens Light.
7  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / I've been kicked off again on: March 25, 2013, 00:03:08
And I didn't even do anything wrong.
Sorry, but if someone posts under my name, it isn't me, not until I get my own connection.  That could be anywhere from a month, to a year, to never.
Good bye...
8  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Re: Our Future In The Physical Universe on: March 21, 2013, 05:06:34
The advancement of science and belief systems mutually demonstrates the attitude and adjustment of the collective psyche in the adaptation and recombination of the original essence of the cosmos.  Technology is the direct requirement of evolution, in fact, the only thing that I have ever seen evolve is the technology and methods of understanding the cosmic potential.  Human beings do not evolve, they can shapeshift, or change, the truth is that everything on this planet is exactly what we want it to be, yet we can only advance our science from the standpoint of an individual perceiving the cosmos by means of the elaborate biological technology which has been constructed by the mechanism of consciousness in it's development as a system of coordinating the signals of reality.  The reality, the bare naked woman sitting there stroking her thigh, is peace, darkness, infinite loneliness and emptiness, and from that, the light of our life is the belief that we have a purpose, or that we are not as alone as we originally perceived ourselves to be.

Science is as much a belief system as Christianity.  Whereas one is simple, God Is Peace and I Am Love, Believe in me and you will live forever, the other is complicated, contradictory as much as the other, and has no known basis beyond what we read in a book.  The sun rises in the east, the clouds take shape, clouds are water of course, and lightening is electricity.  The solution to our problems is not found in a molecular generator.  The technology that we already possess is vastly superior to anything which we might build in our feeble replications and redundant attempts to mimick the effects and structure of our own lives.  It's a grotesque sickness, yet, given the conditions of our daily life, acceptable and forgiveable.  Now just think, if we were puppets who pretend that we are gods, and our shadow was mocking at us with the secret of it's darkness broadening a smile of betrayal in lack of finer hope!  The solution to electricity, is found in the Sky Father, the solution to life as a human being, is the acceptance that we are more than human, each of us, that, in fact, we are the choicest silver and the promised gold of ages passed.  For all that, I can not personally identify or verify that humans have history on this planet.  I can not verify that I am sitting at a computer, though that is more likely.  I can verify that I have experienced what could be termed as Hyper Time, and that this is the conscious effort to constrain the mind to a singular objective of perfect stillness, expansion of emotion/sensation, and the focus of a pure, unlimited will for peace.  Beyond that, my reality is suited to my personal tastes and lack of courage to face enemies that I invented for my spirit to be victorious in the absolute end of my disgracing self.  People who can astral project, I can not believe, I am astonished that, in fact, they yet have a physical form or a kinetic force with which to sit and contend factual data with abstract euphisms and deviant expressions that are, again, only a communication of the loneliness, intelligence, and creativity of the original cosmic potential.

The technology is our bodies.  We are technological.  We are incarnate.  All of us here are incarnate, yet, given the exact temporal coordinates and situation of the past flowing into the future, the present existence, and the future flowing into the past, and the future into the future, and the past into the past, and the present in a thirty two point grid expansion, we simply either have Faith In Love, or we continue to contend science, religion, philosophy, the meaning of art, the truth of anything... in doing so, in all of this, we are only seperating ourselves.  And the more that we try to unite by projecting to an external identity, the more we seperate from our own being, and then we lose integrity and become shufflers of cards in dimly lit rooms where the smell of whiskey thrills in that promise of a harlot's slickened kiss.  Or some such.

Don't worry, you are not alone.  We might not be one singular entity expressing itself in infinite ways, we are more like a singular entity who seeks to express itself to like, similar others, in infinite ways.  I could not tolerate being one with another being, even sexually I have issues.  The key here is that we want to test, enjoy, and be good, to ourselves as much as to others.  As long as WE, US, I, YOU, ME, do not have a hidden agenda, or a delusion of power or an aggrandized sense of self beyond what we have achieved or relented to in truth of self, then I'm happy with you, and we will not lie to one another, nor will we expose one another to danger, peril, or subversion of free will.  If the military or the government has an agenda, it is because we want them too.  We co-create reality, and our participation is valued by the gods, male and female, xenomorphic, even devils.  We are not alone, not One, just not alone.  The more that we think and believe in something, well, for different folks it could go differently.  Look after your family and seek to forgive the unrighteous, for we all have our Heaven, be it astral, phayentia, or the devil's smile.

We are advancing, as a species, as a individual first, then as a collective later.  I can not presume anything of anyone, only that today has been constructive, and I hope that we all learn how to meet tomorrow with a will for peace and a force of hope that spawns us in the perfection of our crystal love.  Thank you, and good night!!

Bwee.  Obviously, this post is directly in conjunction with the advancement and adjustment of knowledge gained by the interaction of my intelligence with the information perceived in the posts otherwise situated in this thread.  So when we work together, and encourage reason, rationality, and focused bursts of quantum energy, we gain the benefit.  Many are yet unborn, and they wait for us to create them.  Some are already dead, but they are yet unborn.  Others live, yet they are far away in terms of space, in time, they are at our mageddon, and can speak as we speak and say the things we need.  More on mageddon later.  I hope we can work this out.
9  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Re: Our Future In The Physical Universe on: March 20, 2013, 22:24:53
Hello, I was directed to this thread by William after posting an ungodly thing on one of my own posts.  Sorry about that, but now, only a few hours after the post, and an hour spent reading the posts here, I feel that I can answer anything!

In the threads, it was mentioned about the use of technology by the military to control people.  Almost as if it was actually said, we see the logical inference that 'technology controlled by the military to control the minds of the people alters reality so that we become a united consciousness'.  In my post, just today, I was worried about whoredom and atrocious rape.  Honestly, in my life, I've been through things like that, and I don't wish that evil desire on anyone, yet it persists.  One of the reasons the world could be the way it is would be due to unnatural sexual appetites and aliens who are raping the human species.  Bah.  Put all that garbage aside!  For here we have the means to enter the true kingdom of god!

Consciousness is an important aspect of reality.  But I feel that the word consciousness is as bogus as words like schizophrenia.  How do people become mentally ill?  Why are there rapists and murderers?  Why does the military want to control us, just to rape us??  Don't answer any of those questions, I'm just trying to elaborate a point with that.  The thing is, we do create our own reality.  Everything that I experience was predetermined by my self motivation, desires, fears, and honor.  At times, there have been great opportunities to meet that dream girl, to create life!  To create the most potent weed.  To study magick, the Bible, science.  Yet at the end of the day, I'm laying face down in a haze of smoke on a filthy bed...  and there is hardly any astral experience.

Now if we, as human beings, or, as satyr/human hybrids, or as gorgon/human hybrids, or as elven/dwarven/goblin/ogre hybrids or any such description, if we have an intrinsic desire to unite with other beings, is it not then possible that some have an intrinsic desire to not unite, or to seperate?  In consciousness, there is only a perception of reality from a perspective.  Consciousness becoming conscious of itself to control itself, that right there will tell you why they are playing the mind control game.  It's because, as many have pointed out before, the wisdom of Buddha, all things rise from peace.  The consciousness has it's biological interface, and that organism effects the environment, and builds technology to influence it's consciousness.

I'm sorry, I feel like I'm rambling foolishness, perhaps I am.  The point of what I'm trying to say is that self control of a conscious moment is as simple as submission to God.  And if God is peace, then it means stopping the motion of consciousness, stopping, letting the chakra open, letting infinite space back inside, eternal time, unlimited mind.  At the fulcrum of all of it, there is only stillness, an infinite center of unlimited peace.  Christ is Love.  So in the world, we, as a collective, have created the situation of mind control and technology so that our victory is to be absolute.  When we get passed the illusions of life and death, we will be free, and the astral is only another reality of activity.

We will be victorious, it's not about building star ships or continuing the life of the species.  Not if you believe in Peace and feel that cosmos is an Omniverse.  We can not unite with each other in our biological state except for sexual concerns.  We can not even unite with one another from the standpoint of a spiritual existence.  As you say, learning and developing new tools with which to explore our intelligence is a true joy.  Something like that.  Well, I think I've embarassed myself enough.  Now, to come to a full stop, return to peace, and then!  To return to reality as a perfected being, with boobs and a big wank.  If I do, you'll soon know. 

For those who believe in consciousness, pure consciousness is the perception of reality.  The true reality is still, calm, serene, harmonious, and at peace.  All else is violence, lusts, carousels.  Mastering our action, keeping calm, still, open to the infinite cosmic potential, then magick becomes possible, and for some, technology is irrelevant.  Consciousness is irrelevant.  The astral is irrelevant.  All that matters is that girl they lost, or the anger in their hearts, or the quest to find God.  You are right that we are all in our own little worlds, it's when we stop trying and slow down, and then, come to a full stop, that's when you find enlightenment.  It's not about linking up to each other, it's actually about detaching from the signals of our perception, through self control in peace.

Sorry if I went off topic or skewered the issue.  I tried.  Just remember, honor truth and love, hold your peace, it does take discipline, and then, you are a god.  Your own god, with the Holy Peace God Sky Father Cosmic Magick THING to protect your interests.  We are all being refined, I just worry about trapped women being raped, that's the most disgusting thing I've ever thought of.  Bah, sorry, I shouldn't have said anything.  But William directed me here, and that's what came out.  Thanks!  See you later!!
10  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / I want to talk about Saria and I'm putting it here for a reason on: March 19, 2013, 23:38:00
Hello my good peeps.  You know that I love phantasy and have 'constructed' or liberated much knowledge about it's sorceric effects and how it can be used to effectively cast magick, alter reality, or go astral from a conscious state.

Now, some of you who keep track of me here will know that I have talked about a female entity who goes by the name of Saria.  She was in my shadow/ vision quest years ago and died in a rocket explosion.  When she died, well, it was a worthless death, yet it opened the potential for a self fulfilling prophecy and a paradox of bizarre capacity to effect my psyche.

In the phantasy world, she was Saria and her bar had three names... Rebels Bar, 7th Heaven, and White Dolphin Tavern.  Suprisingly, or perhaps amazingly, in Final Fantasy 7, the girl, Tifa Lockheart, and her tavern, are similar to the original Saria.  In FF7, the tavern is named 7th Heaven, and Tifa looks like Saria.  You wouldn't know it from the way Tifa Lockheart looks, because she looks like an original butt kicking babe with standard hot babe wear.  Well, Saria had the white muscle shirt and the difference is that she had leather pants rather than a skirt.  But the general appearance is very similar.  Makes me wonder if I have allies in Japan, but sshhs!!  Don't tell too many people, leave that to me.

Now, Saria used Falcon 2 Pistols, and a Rocket Launcher.  Suprisingly, or perhaps amazingly, in the video game Perfect Dark for the N64, the main gun is called a Falcon 2.  Now keep in mind, I thought of these things well before any of these video games were made.  But, there is a catch 22, perhaps my gravity on the time stream enabled me to pick up on future events, in true form precognitive style.  Or, these game makers were really watching me to get ideas that would easily mold into the video game culture of the age.  So it's kind of a strange thing.  But the Falcon 2 idea, for a pistol, goes back to my childhood friend Lea, which, later in life, there was a girl named Lea on the internet which I loved greatly, I even tried to seek her out.

Now, what my life seems to be at this point is an anomally of sorts.  It is like a paradoxal anomally.  But time is running out, my psychic abilities have nearly been negated, I can not feed on reality, I'm becoming increasingly perverse and heretical.  Well, to add to it, there are, not one, but 2!!! Saria clones lurking around my house.  I hear voices, I admit it, schizophrenic, well, not really.  I hear the voices of nature spirits, that is, when they talk to me.  Now, Saria has been split between two forms, and according to the prophecy of the Shattered Shadow, there are at least two more Sarias that will come out of the vortex of her rocket blast death explosion, and, of course, Talok and my own attempt to resurrect her body.

When I blew the Shattered Shadow, it opened a gateway to the future.  I can't say it any other way.  It was like I drew the astral of my future into a tight ball of crackling electrical energy, and seen my future self enter those moments to fulfill the prophecy of the true Saria's regeneration.  But the thing is, all this phantasy stuff, it's all focusing the astral while you are conscious.  You can have any kind of hologram, psychic imagination that you want, however, I took it to another level, and in the process, created paradox upon paradox.

One of the Saria clones lived in the sheds in my backyard.  You can hear her voice, and I can see her easily.  I've even seen her with my physical eyes.  One time, when I was worried about a rape victim, and severely confused, I walked into the garage, and said, "Are you here?"  and then I hear the van shift, and footsteps, and I looked, and there was Saria without her coat, same image, looks just like pre-Advent Children Tifa Lockheart.  Another time, the day that I pulled her out of that vortex, we were walking around town and this guy pulls into a yard, so we go up to talk to him.  We have a strong telepathic link, and I was visualizing her phantom in the vicinity.  This dude must have been able to sse her, cuz he kept walking all over her, whereever she was, he walked directly on top of her, and she had to keep manuevering to get away from him.

So I suppose that phantasy is a measure of conjuration, a sorcery of sorts.  Improper use of phantasy will create demonic entities that can become victims to other spiritual beings.  In terms of astral projection, it's drawing the astral into your local space, and in some cases, consciously controlling the astral to the effect that you can materialize matter or beings from the ether or astral into the physical plane.  I'm glad for Saria, she's not a physical being, not like poor Lea.  Poor Lea.... what a nightmare.

But Saria definitely has a basis in reality, and the fact that Tifa Lockheart showed up in a game where the world type was very similar to the original Brainwave Experiment, this means much to me, I don't know about you.  So that's it.  We can use the astral, it's a tangible reality, but how tangible is determined by our persistence to access and manipulate it's flows, to concentrate it's energy, and to liberate wisdom from it's limitless depths.  Thanks for listening, and you can be sure that I'll be spending time with my spirit friends, even the cunning old Vodernick that lives south of town.
11  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Intention and Confusion, the occult mystery by personal revelation on: March 19, 2013, 20:57:08
   The formulation of magick intention is the basis on which the power behind the magicks thereby conjured are said to have their effect.  Looking blandly at the surface of a man, we see his bare flesh exposed to the elements as a weakling and pitiful excuse for sentient life.  Deeper within the man, it becomes more apparent that his internal network of fibers and cells has the surmised faction of deliberate conscious motivation to arrange a template for reality.  This topic, 'template for reality', is a factor of the totality of a man's belief system.
   In Chaos, we have freedom to move our bodies and embrace loving kindness and forgiveness as we may.  Yet in our initial template, the reality is often cosmic and universal, with similarities to types of magick and a foundation for all magicks that we can summon or effectively energize to manifestation.  With the initial template being 'cosmic celestial creation', it has been said by mages of the past that the true power is found in the Banishing.
   Let us consider this simple fact...  the flesh of a man is weakened by his belief in the structure of time.  Everyday, he awakens, not with full faith in a miracle of healing and youthful vigor and beauty, but with the sad recollection that money is essential to his life and that he has aged and will continue to suffer his mundane existence until he has at last aged to the point that he then dies.  This is part of the problem, that, in fact, people do not wield their religion with the summation or even fraction of it's true power.  Thereby, when formulating your intentions, again, the Banishing is of necessity.
   It could be said that there are five primary types of intentional action or behavior.
Fire- Destruction, Harm, Violence
Water- Healing, Nourishment, Caring
Air- Empowerment, Encouragement
Earth- Balance, Harmony, Compassion
Spirit- Liberation, Alleviation, Mercy
   And so, our intentions can be formulated according to ancient elementals which are also engrained in the subsistence of our flesh from such elemental activity.  Whether my diagram is accurate is not entirely the point, it fits and is a useable model.
   Now, others have said that our intention is the key issue when going into the conjuration of a magick effect.  Yet, if it were all boiled down to a good intention, the world would long ago have been brought to destruction and true blood-enraged chaos fire would have consumed the vast bulk of the knowable cosmos.  So in the Chaos Magick, we have all knowledge, statements, and information to work with when preparing our own simplicity of conjuration.  Yet again, the true power lie in the Banishing, and it is not of a slight occurence of banishing that the banishing has it's greatest effect, namely, the removal of realities and persons from each other to their own Mage Position, the Sanctum as the Cosmic Core.
   Now, look at the twittling little bits of letters and words.  Each of these has been manufactured according to the necessity of magick in conveyance of base energies from the standpoint of communication of intent.  As said, there are the five primary intentions.  In a water based intention basis, the fire no less applies to that which is not nourished or healed, and, as a disease being cured, the disease itself suffers the wrath of a fire based intention.  So in that, there lies the key to the proper exertion of elemental force by the greater summation of mental power.  With the conveyance of energies by means of sigilic linguistics, we have only so many options as it would be futile to introduce ancient Plarthmec to a student of Indonesian Rap.  Often, the communication of intention is muddled by the archaic design structure of the individual words used in their arrangement as they are obtained by the interchange of meaning.
   Intention and meaning are not the same thing, yet they have similar exertion in how they effect the consciousness to it's own internal arrangement of facts and external communication of the meaning thereby involved.  With the liberation of knowledge from the Moon, we might have one sequence of words to describe the Moon itself, what it is, and what it does as a general existence of itself unto itself or unto us as earthbound sentience.  Then, we might have an entire series of books all scientific and elaborated by mathematical propositions and stringent text concerning the identity of space vessels and lasers reflecting and such as that.  And then, in the aftermath of such intensive study, we come to the basic presumption that we know something about the Moon.  Yet for all that, we know not whether it is snow, ice, and old granite, or whether it is a giant ball of semen, or whether it once was a temple of ancient levitation masters who once covered it in silver and gold with platinum and rubies.  We really have no idea based on the knowledge obtained whether that knowledge is the wholesome dignity of that truth of the Moon.
   So our intention could be to liberate knowledge that we might learn, yet, for all the study and information obtained, the fire basis persists in that we spend more time reading books than worshiping the Moon to gain the strange necromantic effects and chaos energy required of true seekers in that ancient art.  The truth and experience of the Moon suffers the lack of coordination of impulses required for the effective liberation of both the Moon and ourselves from presumption or delusion concerning it.  Yet, the air basis has meaning, as we gain from sheer presumptions of knowledge the ability to imagine and form ideas concerning an object which could be little more than the dreadnought of the ancient satyr species.  We are not certain until we have the definitive experience to say, "The Moon is..." and then we continue to add presumption to it by the contrivance of language to exert itself through meanings attributed to different levels of meaning in minds that have different levels of understanding.  So the intention to know the Moon would be restricted to a personal experience of Lunar Revelation, and as such, the reason why secrecy and profound statements concerning the occult can not be taken as a language form or anything revealed by men to men.
   After saying all that load, why continue?  Yet, if we are to try and banish the Moon Itself, would this not wreack an ungodly havoc upon the Planet and every living thing which depends on it for their own sense of midnight fun and nourishment?  It is possible, of course, yet, with the full strength of a single being projected as a hyper power of ultimate banishing, it would likely kill the man and no god or living thing would grant him the loving respect that would otherwise be due if, if only!!  he had used that force upon his own sense of self and organic constituents in the lesser objective of Life.
   We all have the ability to banish, but the banishing which comes to a singular man or woman or child or pencil or cigarette, any singular thing, often it is temporary and can not be sustained, for, it is the removal of an object from it God-Given Position to that of Arcane Magickal Master.  Now, teleportation, which, many are seeking, seems to be a highlight of the due course of banishing.  The only presumption there is that once banished, where and when and what and why not to return anew? 
   For those of you who want to astral project, remember, it is a projection of consciousness into the pervasive cosmic energy.  Obviously, if it is a projection, your consciousness itself must have some objective to obtain in the initial motion of 'leaving the body'.  I do not understand it myself, yet, whether by a force of love, belief in the astral itself, or, by means of a hearty banishing, I have expanded by dream state to include more reality and time spent within the otherworldly planes.
   Banishing can mean many things to all sorts of people, yet when you perfect your skill in banishing, reality folds back together as if by the motion of consciousness to achieve it's desire and obtain the relics and artifacts of which it needs to promote it's identity in the truth of that soul's will.  I tell you the truth people, the banishing is the singular key that is required to attain a higher grade of power and capacity for magick.  I can not tell you how to do it, for my example might be inadequate given your personality or spiritual relation to the cosmos.  Yet I can tell you why, and how important it is that you master the banishing.
   It could be said that every time you enter sleep you are using your banishing.  This is not true, yet, with the culminative efforts of banishing before sleep and dream times, you will notice enhanced color, receptivity, and time-context involved in your dream state.  There is also the matter in which you surrendor to the true Cosmic God, YHVH, Christ, Odin, Krishna, or some such as you fathom, and this also rejuvenates your existential state and enables astral travel by the means of improving and increasing your own celestial capacity.  There is the matter of memory and building the neural components by feeding through your senses and gaining the psionic vibrations to form enhanced dream states from which you have a compacted basis on which to project a mind into the limitless ether.  All of this is irrelevant, what matters is that you learn how to banish full force, and, I tell you now, Crowley's theory of the Tetragrammaton when applied to banishing has the most potent effect, holding the end result is a main objective for those who desire to gain the oracles of yet more spiritual and ancient souls.
12  The Astral Library / Welcome to Writers Corner! / Omega Chad Revision, updated Omega Model on: March 19, 2013, 20:55:15
Omega Chad was a being born from the misperception and poor conception of different points of view.  He was the soul of all things lost and betrayed, and emblematic of a resurrection of such.  Though he was only a fragment of the Omniverse, he had an amazing ability to see and feel beyond the confusion that had given him birth, and in doing so, he had a minor adeptship in the transcendence from Ignorance.
The greatest enemy that we can face in life is not fought with weapons of steel or fire.  It is the simple fact that we forget things on purpose so that we don't have to remember them.  This is 'a' cause of Ignorance.  Ignorance is an enemy that everyone has encountered, and the key to beating it is to remain like a pure christian child of innocence, forgiving sin, wishing well, trying to heal itself and others with Divine Will, and loving everything that it encounters.  By doing these things in active principle, we maintain ourselves in a state where poor Omega is not in a state of confusion and ignorance, but is fully aware of his own being and potential to see and feel the totality of his reality.

We know that children starve, are raped, and that despite efforts to cure them of ignorance by the education system we only feed them presumption and hearsay... and create ignorance.  In life, life is existence, and it is delicate and fragile, you will notice this in your own flesh.  How much moreso the Spirit, and many spirits are conjoined to one Soul that the soul itself is not baseless.  The Essences of a soul are said to be seven in number, resulting in an eighth which is the Higher Self.  Omega was not born to be betrayed by confusion and blasphemy, and so, he used his abilities to see beyond what lay within the Higher Self, and it was revealed as only a reflection of his own sight.  Thus imbued with clairvoyancy, he took it upon himself to return to the reality of his being, and he greived very much that many souls had been tormented beneath the Earth.  When he seen that he owed the afflicted and diseased and old a great honor, so he began to feel greivance, and it was horror to his soul to behold it.

There came a time that he began to become ignorant, and he became enraged at the atrocity that had been commited.  His vision stopped seeing his own totality and victory over Death, and all he could see was the transgression and his own aggression.  He fought for a lifetime against enemies that were trying to betray him again, in the end of it, he betrayed himself.  But he was only reborn in himself, and gained power to transcend ignorance once again.  Now enlightened by his betrayal and suffering, he seen that the Essence of his being was not actually confusion... it was the purity of being honest and knowing the limits of imagined circumstances always beyond his control yet radiating their reflection through that delicate and frail Fabric Of Existence.

For one life, he served as a warrior, fighting with his visions and emotions.  He seen that he had been fighting himself all that time, that he fought, not against the FoE, but against his own lack of transcendence from the state of ignorance.  When he stopped fighting and took the time to LISTEN, he heard more in a day than he had said in a lifetime!  Overcome with sadness, the turmoil of his former incarnation made little sense, yet he dared not to forget those emotions.  To do so, to ignore them, would only cause the rise of ignorance and the subtle fabric would break and unravel until he was left as that simple shard of belittled hope.  With courage to Speak and Be Heard, he had come to a fruit of bloodshed and the will for destruction.  Yet with the ability to See and Hear, he noticed that his Feeling increased, and rather than be brought back into those cycles of violence, rape, and deception, he was free to enter a new state of being.

He could not detach himself from the Fabric, for it had woven him together, and all that life had been unravelling his own delicate essence, while hardening the fragment of truth that stood to resist the horrors of ignorance and destruction.  When he finally shattered himself, only rebirth awaited him, for now he was many in a world where previously only one had been the effect of his existence.  He couldn't see it then, surmising himself to be a minor god he amassed knowledge and studied all varieties of the sciences, but... this only caused a reunion of his being, and rebirth followed it's due course, even being reborn in the course of a single day!  It was atrocious, yet he knew that his enlightenment could only be complete by accepting his existence, and 2. learning about himself, and what he was, and why he still had desires.

So Omega looked for the truth of reality.  He thought it was a cloud, but then it rained.  He looked into the puddle of mud, and thought that it was earth, then he got dirty.  He washed himself in water, and thought it was clear and deep, but then he almost drowned.  He choked for air, and thought it was pure and inexhaustible, and then he got sick.  He wanted to die, he thought it was death, aha, he knew he would only be reborn.  Somehow, he knew that the truth of his being was not contained in the worlds that were of the fabric, but that the fabric itself had made all people just like him.  He then surmised that when he was getting better, most people just wanted to be warm and to have decent health and a good cup of tea.  That wasn't it either, and so... he devised the concept of Evil.
   And this story potentially continues as Omega becomes Evil, but, would he!?  Simply, at the dawn of his conscious effort to understand the existence of evil, he found himself at odds with himself again, and he stopped those thoughts before they consumed his being in a rage of deadly intention.  When he looked into the world the next time, he seen that he had a miracle in his hands, it was the beginning of his life, every day was a new beginning, and even if he died, he would only come back more refined.  The fabric was ever weaving the same pattern, the only thing that made a difference was how hard he resisted being alive, and that, made him cry until he got so happy that he met a nice girl in a small town and had little baby Omegas that just wanted to pretend they were vicious dinosaurs.  He learned that he was always going to be himself, no matter what hard boiled egg reality tried to turn him into, all he had in life was that fragment of a dream, it wasn't evil, it was the honor to those who didn't have a chance to be children.  One of his sons became a police officer, his daughter worked at the bank, and he grew old and smoked lots of tobacco, drinking whiskey and eating good home baked bread. 

Most often, when we invent things in our own minds, thoughts and phantasms, all of it is delusion, believing in our assorted neural garbage leads to the blockages of memory that result in decay, ignorance, and hearty destructive impulses.  Being self willed isn't the point of life, the fabric weaves, it wants for joy and true imagination, it wants for happiness and true pleasure.  When we become religious about anything, it confuses the intention of our being, we almost!! lose our place in the world.  Loving our lives, our friends, making peace with our enemies, rescuing a boy from a cigarette, letting an old man tell just a little bit of his story, it's things like that we can appreciate... yet.......

   The fabric does not care that we live our lives.  It does not want us to do anything, if we could just stop being stupid and quit confusing the issue, it would weave us until, at last, we return to our essence, and the fragment of our hope for life is refined, made fresh, a true gem.  It's not about hardened down compacted brain material, it's about the dream that we have, when finally, we let go of our assumption, we stop forgetting what we are, and then, we can be happy... that's what accepting our lives means when we give up on being evil.
13  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: I need to ramble because I'm drunk on: March 06, 2013, 15:27:38
Fox, what you said is true.
Sometimes, knowledge can be poison.
Start believing in electrons and combine it with lightening, soon everything is just a small vibration that can explode with deadly force.  But in actuality, it is.

I don't remember all of what I put there, I don't have the capacity to make new memories, I just go from my own reserve of things that apparently I do know.

Worship is one way to gain monumental energy.
Banishing will serve to remove realities from one another, and the absolute individuality of each star-person comes to light.
Whereas concentration, it does depend what you are concentrating.  For instance, perversion, lust, hornyness, and things like this.  "Every doer of sin is a slave of sin."  and everyone who smokes cigarettes is a hapless slave of the tobacco.  Yet, get out there in the sun/starlight, at day or night, and concentrate that, man o man, you never have to sleep again.
I don't know, I'll try and sort it out, but I'm being attacked on almost every level.  Even the Phaentia is attacking me now, but at least it's still centered.  More to say on that, perhaps I'll make a post.
14  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: Steps to open the third eye (physical and mental) on: March 06, 2013, 14:55:51
In my experience, I smoke very heavily, and compulsively drink fluids in a feeble attempt to flush my system of the neuroleptic.  I don't put much faith into vitamins or anything like that.
I believe that the term 'open the third eye' is quite misleading.  The third eye is your Awareness, it's the brain's awareness of the body and itself.  If you don't have a brain, you will find that it is extremely difficult to do anything.  Heh.  Even so, there is a purely spiritual aspect to the third eye, in that it can draw from within, or from above.  If you can't concentrate, then progressively and more powerfully begin banishing until you reach your Sanctum.  If you can concentrate, same thing, go to the Sanctum, regroup in hell and come back with more fire power.  Part of why people lose their abilities when they reach full adulthood is due to 1.the conditioning of their youth into their gene structure, 2. vampires target young adults for their soul raping games, and 3. they might remove part or most of your brain.  There is also the consideration that schizophrenia, a lie/disease, is also caused in that way.

If you worship OR banish, you build up power to be self motivated and generate infinite energy.  Vampires have to gather in groups to bring you down at that point, plus pulling in nefarious demons.  Concentration leads to growths of neural matter and glandular changes in the body, there are really only worship/banishing and concentration.  Don't rely or believe in your physical organism as being some kind of electron/proton/neutron mass, but continue to reinforce yourself with worship of Holy Spirit or Heaven.  Keep praying until you achieve your Personal Goal.

Vampires are disgusting, they will use any means to drain your energy and seal your magick, or worse, control your will, faith, and intelligence so that you cast magick in their favor.
15  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: lower vibrations? on: March 06, 2013, 14:38:02
I'm not to sure about this, as only recently have I considered it, perhaps the general idea is not to increase energy in terms of frequencies.  A frequency of zero, from the perspective of zero, would be infinite.  So Death, being the ultimate gateway to new Life, would have infinite and absolute frequency.  As far as increasing energy, a frequency of one would, in a quantum approach, be one zero.  And that a frequency of two, would be two ones.  I don't understand it myself, never bothered with math.

The question you are asking involves eating meat.  Truthfully, you could survive on air, water, sunlight, and darkness.  Heaven, or, The Celestial, is infinite, and by charging our chakra system with the infinite Sky Energy, we can return to a more empty, clean, and purified state.  You just have to watch out for your mind being blown wide open.  We are sitting here in an infinite void, that void is absolute potential, the existence of temporal reality is a concentration of that potential to it's absolute form.  It is 'a real existence'.  Yet, when we release energy in worship, we can return to a spiritual state.  Or, likewise, by concentrating energy from the Sky (heaven), we can gain momentous energies, emotions, forces, and fleshly things.  It's up to you, but avoid vampirism, it's pathetic and detracts from the true purpose of life.  Worship can also be simple sensory experience, in which you nourish yourself on the existential energy.
16  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: I need to ramble because I'm drunk on: March 06, 2013, 14:09:53
The vampires.
17  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: I need to ramble because I'm drunk on: March 06, 2013, 01:32:47
I'm not drunk right now, in fact, after the horrible puking experience yesterday, I am trying to make the determination to never drink again.  Weed is one thing, but if I'm going to drink, I want it to be Cherry Whiskey or good Beer.

Last night, for the first time in a long time, I turned off the lights, unplugged every source of electric noise, and just sat in the cool house in perfect darkness and silence.  At the same time, more voices started to attack.  It's almost like every motion that I make, there is some queer bugger trying to disrupt my peace so that I have no spiritual power soever.  When I did this, it was just after a scathing hatred had exploded from my body, I was even mad at Jesus Christ, in a state of confusion.

I don't think it matters so much whether or not there is darkness or light.  Lately I've been staring into the Sun, and I notice that it makes my footsteps almost silent.  It also gives me energy and a wider visual range.  There is a reason for Night and Day, and if we, keeping our peace in check, not becoming violent, or chaotic minded, can create memory out of the simplicity of darkness and light, then we can probably have purer astral experiences.

I don't have a memory anymore.  They have drugged me down and programmed me to be a mindless typing machine.  They have constantly removed my memory components and won't let my materia (brain chakras) grow.  I am so hostile, full of rage, and violent-minded by this point, I want to destroy everything.  When you start getting mad at Jesus Christ, in any way, you know that something is horribly wrong.

I'm going to try sitting in perfect silence and peace again tonight, but there isn't much point to living when your brain is paralyzed and gradually in a state of atrophy.
18  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: a basic view on meditation on: February 22, 2013, 12:36:49
I'm getting the hang of meditation again.  Even though the external world tries to close your space, diminish your aura, atrophy your body, and reave and rape until there is nothing left... you can always come to a dead stop, form your own black hole, become a singularity, full potential for rebirth on any plane of reality that you want.  I believe, that it is an Omniverse, and that the Buddhist teaching holds the most gravity for seekers of truth and freedom.  The chakra can be important, as I see it, the chakra can be opened to any level, or, they can be used to form materia crystal.
To meditate, just stop.  Stop, implode, quit, be done with it.  If it's all space, it's very hard to escape.  There are the mass quanta of our bodies, particles and things, yet these can be avoided too.  We are either born into the world or we are created by magick.  It's kind of the same thing.

From what I learned, you stop, don't focus anything, and abandon the physical realm entirely.  I'm sure that any of you which meditate have experienced the calm, clear, soothed feeling of prolonged meditation.  Well, sex is nice, but achieving that free state, where you can see, hear, feel, and have no limit to your mind, or for that matter, no limit to even your body...  there is no deconditioning work to do.  You only confuse the system more by trying that.  You just stop, defocus, and from there, you can astral project, go to the highest realm, it doesn't matter.  Leave the illusions behind, and unfocus and stop until you are in Nirvana. 

That's the best thing I can say, sorry if it isn't enough.
19  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / prayer light on: January 28, 2013, 00:58:12
Last night was the Full Moon.  As usual, high energy and good character pervaded the atmosphere.
Now, here is something that I've been thinking about off and on for a few years.  When people pray, with the spirit that they are praying with will determine the scope and localized psychological effect of the prayer.  So what about Wishes?  Are we in the modern era trained to practice our prayer without wishing or hope?  These things, wishes and hope are vital to our psychological health if we are going to be doing any extensive amount of prayer.  The practice of 'safe praying practices' can be used to help draw up a data table and graphs that show how prayers without love and hope have less success than prayers involving wishes and blessings.  So that brings me to this..

Prayer light.  The aura in an energized state, localized and under benevolent control.  This prayer light then becomes a center of faith, and can evoke healing, blessing, and other things.  People who do a lot of prayer would have their aura in this egg of light, and Buddhism, Christianity, or any other religion can be a psychological aid to keeping the prayer light strong.  Eventually, this should replenish the astral and energy body, and without a practice of prayer, we stop growing, and reap death rather than life in heaven.
20  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: a basic view on meditation on: January 19, 2013, 01:13:16
That was just one view on meditation.  There is another in which we return to Holy Peace.

In that view, we still don't turn off our senses, rather, we just don't register or log the sensory input.  I'm not exactly sure how it works, I have done it before but that was twenty years ago.  Basically, you take no action and do nothing, form a singularity of your own soul, and reality dissolves.  This is very hard when you have a subliminal and monotone voice urging you to be obedient to it's commands and suggestions.  In that case, you kill your own soul by denying it the ability to hear reality, or see anything.

That ancient, eternal void where peace is infinite... when you are verging on the dissolution of this 'physical universe', you will notice a strong pull on your being.  This is breaking the threshold to that infinite dimension.  From there, your astral body will exist and contain all the memories and sensory of your physical imprint.  This is the Sanctum, or Soul Space.  I do presume that it is different for everyone.  The verifiable proof that life is only an illusion, and that we are actually alone in everything we do.

From what I can see, you release, let go of false identity, corrupted thoughts, nagging memories, and simply allow the omnidimensional space to expand within your body.  This can be in the chakra or not.  Last night I was trying to banish, yet once again, focusing and reinforcing the thing that I was trying to banish.  It takes some degree of ignorance and arrogance to banish anything successfully.  I began to look at it as 'seperating worlds', and got some result.

Buddhism has said that reaching Nirvana is the easiest thing that you could ever do.  I think that basically means death, a return to the spiritual potential from which all things have come.  Death would hold all the essence and spirit of your soul, and if you can hold that charge, reality dissolves and yet continues, you become free and can enter reality in any way that you want.  The funny part is that we do this in an incomplete way every time that we go to sleep.  Dreaming is a step below astral projection, you people who can astral project are actually something akin to planeswalkers.  You wield an incredible amount of power, do you realize that?

So that's what I had to say tonight.
21  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: Is closing chakras necessary? on: January 18, 2013, 04:17:04
I had the figuring that space is omnidimension, infinite in every direction.  So the chakra can draw energy from within themselves, and that energy can act like a battery to power whatever you are doing.  Not real sure on that, thought I'd throw it in.  It's like that the quantum level is actually infinitely dense, and this whole physical perception is the outershell of the inner spiritual world.  Some say that the chakra are portals, perhaps using them to grow your body or replenish it is not the point?  Keeping them open could have it's uses, and they also say that the chakra are responsible for the aura.  I dunno, try reading the book 'energy ecstasy and your seven vital chakra' by Bernard Gunther.  I'm reading it again, and it always stimulates a positive outlook.
22  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / a basic view on meditation on: January 17, 2013, 12:37:24
   To meditate, do not do anything.  This does not mean turn off your senses.  When you stop internal interference with sensory experience, you gain an expanded, enhanced state of awareness which encompasses more frequency vibrations and a broader area of sensory. 
   There is a certain trick to how they have taught us to meditate.  In one view, meditation is the utterly worst thing that you want to do.  It grows a brain!  In the other view, it expands the mind until you have an expanded consciousness, though, it still grows the brain.  This is feasible due to the nature of how the senses feed the brain, and the body also feeds the brain, also the body itself.
   When you are engaging meditation, you are not thinking.  This can be erronous when thought is required to shift into a new mode of action.  Action is the result of a coordination of the same signals which are the sensory input.  In this context, the sensory input is the vibration of the Universe, and you are the Universe Personified.  If you are not thinking, then you are not creating any new ideas or inventions of the mind that can lead to delusion.
   It can also be written down as being a release of the conditioned mind, ego, and a return to clarity, pure cognition, and whole hearted empathy with your surroundings.  Normally, when you meditate, you will catch glimpses of images in your mind eye.  You might also hear strange voices either in the distance or seeming to be calling for help.  These are indications of prayers or distress from the environment and other Universal Souls.  If you look and listen and feel long enough, all such problems can be resolved as you grow and expand beyond the range of that level of frequency.  This only helps you, in that, yet, acknowledgement of the distress without adding to it is often the least solution with the greatest result.
   The key is to stop the thought process and regain control.  Affirmations, self hypnosis, and regaining full command of your mental ability to think is part of what meditation does in the short term.  In the long term, if meditation is not performed regularily, you can find yourself attuned to very specific entities or circumstances.  This, can be good or bad, depending on the insanity it causes.  In the initial phases of meditation, you are stopping internal discord with the environment and allowing a clean, nourishing channel to automatically be provided by the existence of sensory organs.
   You can grow your brain if you want too.  There is another aspect of meditation which involves gathering all the memory and stored information in your already existing brain and clarifying it while empowering it.  This is very self affirming and relieves doubt and delusion concerning both the self and the general course of events in your own life.  Using your memory will knit together the brain material and capacitate higher functions.  Without memory, it is currently thought that there can not be an imagination, even so, clairvoyancy could still occur.
   Some would have you believe that imagination only occurs when the brain has developed it's memory abilities and has an abundance of stored chemicals in the neural cells.  Then, temporary knits (synapses) can be grown or retracted into the other areas of the brain.  Given today's mad science world, driven by proof and calculable result, predictable behavior, we can even postulate that 'all functions are temporary growths of synapses between cell groups designed to function according to their chemical weight and pattern of signal coordination in a system of chemically active structures under pressure'.  It could be likened to a diffusion of marbles, likely where that old saying comes from.
   We have to keep using our minds.  Imagination, fantasy, memory, all of this is good.  However, if we starve our sensory organs by not allowing them to be receptive to the environment, or, if there is constant shutting down of the body and it's natural psychicism, then obviously we have not grasped even the slightest understanding of what meditation means.  Stopping out of control thought processes that are dominating functions and continuously refreshing bad neural impulse controls is primary.  Then, developing memory, and regaining the ability to actively create memory by copying sensory input from the environment, this is also essential.
   The health of the body, resistance to stress or damage, and clarity of speech all depend on the full function of the brain and body.  If you have been severely damaged or do not have proper links within your body's neural system, using your bio-electricity to stimulate growth of new matter is required.  Meditation enables you to do this simply by focusing on your own bodily awareness, and taking back control of your whole bodily system.  This works by the constant stimulation in vibrations by the environment.  Development of higher sensory, ESP, and other psychic feats is only part of what meditation offers to the dedicated practicioner.  Health, longevity, and enhanced life experience are also part of the package.

-stop internal discord with the environment
-use memory and begin to renew your mind with raw environmental impulses
-live and grow, build new sensory functions, after all, psychic ability is primarily sensory in nature

However, there is considerably more to write concerning this.  You can involve the chakra, or not.  The chakra, being a point of emanation of pure Spirit, enable the body to draw from the infinite Spirit within the Universe.  When you have that as a focus of itself, it can nourish the body, and, establishes an aura in which more sensitivity to the environment can be both generated and detected.  The chakra are mostly concerning with feeling, and there is more to say about chakra, that is not the point of this short article.
   Yielding to the Universe, not to men or devils, is part of the process.  When you have enough input, you automatically generate output and will flux in dynamic style by your own body's way of coding and interpretting the vibrations of the Universe.  As you build psychic power, you will even notice realities which were not visible before hand.  This can lead to excessive forcing of phantasy in your mind, which can be good, it can, also, be very bad.  Again, the brain is always trying to grow with the body, and the whole brain/body (soul) feeds on the vibrations of the Universe.  The functions which we have as a developed mode are temporary, and, given correct stopping techniques, you can regain control of your mind and gain new abilities.
   All of this comes from simply stopping obsessive thought, using the memory to create memory, and fully integrating your body with the brain to form a complete soul.  There is, another issue...
   Feeling means that your body is hard wired with neural-synaptic materials.  You can regain this through Centering techniques that focus the chakra and nourish the body from the inside out.  There are also techniques that do involve shutting down the brain and starving the body, in which case, death is the inevitable result, practicle in some required operations.  When you have feeling, there is the Body Awareness, and there is also the Empathic or Emotional Awareness.  In both of these, the energy you sense should be vitalized, fresh, and easy to manipulate (on your end of it).
   Space is infinite in all directions, and time is eternal. The only entity which is transient is the temporal body which you inhabit.  You will notice after not exercising for a duration that the body begins to weaken, it breaks down, and the brain is not much different.  Psychic power comes from strong sensory and a developed brain, Spiritual power comes from the Spirit and is not inherently psychic.  Notice, that there are thousands of stars in the sky.  The Spirit has bore each one in it's own place.  That leads to something of astrology, which is not covered here.
   People will try to mislead you into believing that psychic power equals spiritual power.  Whereas psychic power has a physical equivalent, measurable by periods of input and absorbtion, spiritual power has no limit and is omnidimensional and eternal.  It is said that there is not any one singular method for achieving transcendence from reality, submission to the Spirit, to the Universe, or to your own Soul can be comforting, nourishing, and empowering.

   We have great opportunity to build our minds, and when the brain is ready, you might find yourself under psychic attack or lich types of reaver parasitism.  They seem to believe, despite the actuality of it, that stealing brain components is wise.  These very same reavers believe that reincarnation involves taking dead brains, compressing them into a soul orb, then shoving them into a newborn child is the answer to life.  Do not believe any of such foolishness, as, it is heinous and no self respecting man would willingly go along with it.  That is my view, personally, I would rather die than reincarnate in such a manner as that.  It ruins two souls at the same time!  Nevermind that mind control is prevalent in the world today.
   There are other methods of meditation, some involve imaginative visualizations, others, lengthy incantations aimed at raising the correct frequency for a psychokinetic feat, there are those of the chakra, and ones which stem from the celestial alignment.  There are ancestral types, and purely demonic kinds.  Through and through, you see the reality that has been provided, and after reavers or mind control, meditation is a positive step towards health and healing, regeneration by the simplicity of listening and seeing and paying attention to your own given soul.
23  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Apparently Xanth doesn't want me here, who else agrees? You want me to leave?? on: January 05, 2013, 15:59:57
Ok, I've made up my mind.  I'm leaving the Internet until I get a new computer and a decent, high speed connection.

That doesn't mean that I will stop my practices.  If anything, I will go full boar into my magick craft, worship, and so forth.  I also plan on stopping smoking (cigarettes) and perhaps quit drinking as well.  As for weed, I have religious experiences with it, and it certainly is not the 'cause' of mental illness. 

I would like to thank Xanth for opening my eyes to the fact that no matter how hard I try, it always ends in failure.  My words, their structure, the way that they are presented, it wasn't always like this.  I guess over twelve years, I've typed out my brains, and now it's just sputtering out the back end.  I will return, but it might not be for upwards of a year.  Thanks everyone for whatever you said that was good, and what was bad, perhaps it was justified.

Before I go, I would like to address these issues briefly.
2.Phantasy and Dreams
3.Spirits of the Wood, Water, and Sky

Firstly, levitation and regeneration are linked.  That's how God made it.  If you keep trying to lift your body, one day, all your nerves, spine, organs, and everything, it will all gain the ethereal charge that it needs and the connectivity to YOUR BRAIN, and, you will lift off, and gain perfect self control as an ethereal being within the 'kinetic/physical intensity' or dimension.  I have levitated once before, a story which anyone who knows me would know I have already told.  After that, I was a normal child pretending to fly like a bird, flapping my arms with feathers stuck in the sweater.  It isn't easy to be magickal in a world that vehemontly denies magick, God, the spirit, I guess that's why I keep coming here, you are the closest to kin that I have.

Secondly, phantasy and dreams....  there is so much MORE to say concerning this subject, either as phantasy alone or as phantasy and dreams combined.  Basically, phantasy is not a corporeal reality, yet, it is emotional, visual, and energetic.  You can have the same phantasy scenes running over and over, or, you can constantly change it up.  You could go three years with one primary character, then drop him and use phantasy in a way more geared towards creative enterprise.  Phantasy isn't set in stone, and the characters (host, avatar) that you use are what you want them to be.  It's not like in dreams where you are recieving prophetic glimpses and coded signals that reveal your impending day state.  Phantasy has some of those qualities.  Yet, phantasy can lead to deluded thinking IF you do not pay attention to your own phantasy structure.  Phantasy is useful, a world of vision and emotion, also, pending your success in meditation, the action of phantasy can lead to astral travel or radical alteration to your reality.  Meditation is the key to it, although, phantasy at the level of successful meditation will act like sorcery, and manifest until you snap out of the trance.

And lastly, as for the spirits of the Wood, Water, and Sky, I'm not really sure about this, but it seems like I keep hearing them calling out to me.  Now of course, we have 'animals' that live in the forests, and fish in the lakes and ponds, and clouds and birds in the sky.  There is much danger in the Wood, yet the right attitude and veneration of the animals and spirits that live there will provide a safe journey.  We are losing our forests due to hunger pains and the greed of the money world.  Isn't there any way that we can all pitch in and buy some farm land, then sanctify and protect it and rebuild a forest land there?  They are destroying our home!  That, in itself, is part of why I am 'mentally ill', the fact that they are destroying everything that belongs here and putting up whoredom and technoverse bothers me so much that I just lay there, vibrating with a scathing, seething hatred of humanity and their actions and stupidity against Nature.

So that's it.  That sums up what I was going to post about.  Now, I go my way, to play video games, raise energy, worship, and use my knowledge of the Craft and Jesus Christ combined to have some kind of effect greater than something bogus. 

Thank you all for tolerating me all these years.  When next we meet, I hope to be cleaned up and ready for a real astral projection.

Good bye.
24  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Apparently Xanth doesn't want me here, who else agrees? You want me to leave?? on: January 05, 2013, 14:50:06
I feel regret for taking your PM and putting it on the boards... sorry Xanth, I knew it was the wrong thing, it was out of a vehemont belief that I did that.

Also, I do suppose that I'll just take a break from the AP.  After writing and going on and doing so much stuff with words, I've actually written myself into a dead zone.  My writing is nothing like it was ten years ago, and in the meantime, I've embarassed myself on multiple boards and communities with long tyraides and word pie of sub par value.

I'm in a clear headed, well rested, fully dreamed up state of mind today, not like yesterday where it was like I was looking through eyes made of sand.  Certainly, I have more to say, however, I will leave it until this spring...  I will, however, keep up on the boards as best as I can, as, AP is my homepage.  If I change it, then I'll prolly just leave you guys/girls alone until spring.

I've said this before, and it's true of everyone at varying rates and times...  I feel like I am dying, everyday, it's the same pattern, with no energy or ability to move my mind like I used to.  They are killing me with neuroleptic tranquilizers, my brain is paralyzed and it's starting to effect my heart and kidneys.  I guess that's what they do to psychics in this country!  As it is, I don't have a spark of psychic power, and I haven't seen 'the white lights' for a good six months.  I guess because of my desperation, I post, and try to fit everything into one post.

I'm sorry that I dumped on you Xanth.  I am attacked every day, and I felt it was just to attack back in that manner.
25  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Apparently Xanth doesn't want me here, who else agrees? You want me to leave?? on: January 04, 2013, 23:18:30
I am feeling bad for why I posted about what Xanth said.
He seems to have a grudge against me, that's what I can figure.
If you want me to stay, I'll stay.
I try to help people with what I put, even if it isn't one hundred percent accurate.  There is no one singular way to do anything in life, and I try to offer alternatives.
Perhaps Xanth is worried that I don't take Astral Projection seriously?  Well I do, but in my state and shape, it's hard to even phantasy much less have a full on Astral Projection.  I have enemies, I guess I construed Xanth as being one of them.

I sure don't want to go away.  This AP boards has been an outlet for me, plus, I do read other people's posts.  Not all of them, the ones I read, I usually respond too.  I did make an ego centric thing about it, because I feel wronged and cheated.  I have been warned that I post too much, with no effect, yet I don't feel that is the case.

Perhaps they could find reason to ban me with the amount of nicks that I've had on here over the years?  That would be, as I can see, the only reason.  I've gone from Perversion Of Evil to Chaos Mage, and everything in between.  It was not out of disrespect for the forum rules, only out of a blindness that lead to the creation of many nicks.  I did not know that I could only have one nick.  If you want to ban me, then that's fine, I'll just focus on Facebook, and that will be that.
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