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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: A story to tell, a question to ask on: November 28, 2017, 15:10:46
Hey Guys,

Thank you Nameless for the Tips! Had some time to think about it. Will have to learn and get over my anxiety to see for myself. Gonna let u know when i make Progress.

peace and love chirs

2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: A story to tell, a question to ask on: November 24, 2017, 00:56:01
Hello Chris and welcome to the Astral Pulse!  smiley
 It seems like you are experiencing a "heightened" sense of awareness. This sometimes happens to experiencers of non physical exploration. You notice the colors seem brighter and more vivid and if you concentrate long enough, you seem to be able to see "reality" fluctuations, that most aren't aware of. I can't tell you this is completely normal, for many people don't experience this, even those that do experience the NP consciously aware. But I can say, you are not alone in this either.  wink

 As for the SP (sleep paralysis) experiences. When you find yourself in that state, stay calm and passively observe it all. There is no harm there. You will have to control your conscious thoughts though, because at that moment, you are in a "zone", whereas thought = action is instantaneous. If you think you are being pinned down by some kind of Demonic force, then a Demonic force you will see.

 I'm not a Moderator here, but at the time, many of them are busy with other things. So, I will give them a hand and tell you in advance that this is a Family Forum and because of that we try to keep the tone/language at a civil pace, at a minimum. Even "assinuating" (#) crass/bad language is not permitted here.

Hello Lumaza,

thanks alot for the fast answer! And for letting me know about the tone/language. Will edit my post right away! Didnt mean to. Dont really get completly what you mean but i think i know the direction. Gonna sleep over it and be back tomorrow.

love and peace

3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / A story to tell, a question to ask on: November 23, 2017, 23:31:45
Hey girls and guys,

Donít know where to post my topic so please move it if you need to. First of all I have to say Iím really glad I found your forum! Hope someone here can help me out and explain what exactly is going on. Unfortunately I couldnít talk to anybody open about it yet. Iím afraid most people I hang out with, even if they say they would believe in esoteric and spirituality, just could not understand me and probably would think Iím going insane. Let me try to make a long story short and start at the beginning.
I used to go to a lot of Goa partyís and did a lot of drugs for a few years. I ended up becoming addicted to Liquid Ecstasy (GBL) and had to use it daily to not freak out you could say. I took often way too much and mixed it with other drugs so I got some side effect called sleep paralysis. I woke up after a few seconds of sleep and was trapped in my body. That completely freaked me out. I was completely aware of myself but could not move my body. So I got a Panic attack every time I had this. I woke up couldnít move became panicked and heard my heart going faster and faster and faster till it stopped beating and I just said ďOk thatís it. Game overĒ. I really accepted death at that moment and was ready for whatever. But a few seconds later I heard my heart beating again and I could move my body. The thing is this happened at least around 30-100 times I would say and every time I came to the point where I thought Iím gonna die now. Iím sure I canít even remember most of the times could be much more. So around a year and a half later, got rid of my addiction, quit partying and starting working again I had a weird but nice feeling every day in the middle of my forehead. I now know thatís the time where my third eye opened. Thereís a lot more to say but Iím trying to keep it short. I canít believe how ####### beautifully everything is. I mean everything. There are moments where I could cry just by looking at nature it is unbelievable. I also started to hear much better and see a lot more detail in everything. The next thing is if I talk with people and look them in the eyes I can see through them I believe. I know how they feel and what there up to. At least I feel and think that. Now the thing which actually brought me here today writing this is. I think I begin to see another dimension. It began around half a year ago maybe little longer. Itís really hard to describe for me especially on English. Everything is vibrating in a green-yellow energy field. I mean everything! If I would guess Iíd say it really does seem like we are living inside an energy field which is creating our world. I really donít know how to say it better yet. If I concentrate on it itís starting to vibrate stronger and getting more intense and ďrealĒ. The most intense experiences I could get till now is when Iím taking some "caffeine" and staying up for around 50-60 hours and then smoke some.....  Then things are really going down. I see a lot of ďenergy tunnelsĒ moving over and around me in different colors and if I concentrate on them the get closer and closer to me till the stop just in front of my face turning faster and faster. Then my whole body starts vibrating faster and faster till itís on a level where its vibrating so fast u canít feel it as a vibration anymore. But every time the feeling is on the peak you could say I get scared and unsecure becauseÖ. WHAT THE ACTUALY #### IS GOING ON HERE?? I start to overthink everything and have to convince myself that Iím not going insane. Deep down I know that everything thatís going to happen only can be good! But my mind still just gets in my way. So yesterday I was lying in bed and for the first time had a strong experience completely sober. I mean I see it every day all the time sober but yesterday for the first time it got pretty strong which normally only happens when I do drugs. Before I forget, everything I experience is with open eyes only. For me its way more intense if I keep my eyes open.  If anybody knows what Iím seeing and experiencing please help me out. I think knowing a little more about my situation would help me keep calm in the future.

Peace and love


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