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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 21, 2002, 13:16:43
Hello Members,

I'm brand new, just registered today.  Pardon me for being a bit blunt, but I want to know if there is anyone out there who has had experience with astral sex?

2  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / interesting past life diagnosis for all people on: September 29, 2002, 15:45:13
I took mine with a grain of salt.  Some of it is true, some I question like the date, 1575?  Surely I had a past life after the year 1575.  I know I did, I can remember 4 of them I had so far.  And all were in England, kind of near Ireland.  Well like I said, I took it with a grain of salt.  Thanks for the link.

I do not know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere around territory of modern Ireland approximately in 1525.
Your profession was seaman, dealer, businessman, artist.
Your brief psychological profile in that past life:
Bohemian personality, mysterious, highly gifted, capable to understand ancient books. Magician abilities, could be a servant of dark forces.
Lesson, that your last past life brought to present:
Your problem - to learn to love and to trust Universe. You are bound to think, study, reflect, develop inner wisdom.

3  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Robert Bruce: I'm in serious trouble on: September 29, 2002, 15:23:15
Dear Mr. F,

I agree wtih Nita's post.

I totally disagree with your suggestion to "need."

We are here to give support and education to those in times of need.  I do not recommend a psychiatrist for "Need".  I have seen the damage psychiatrists can do to people's lives and will never recommend such treatment to anyone.  I am no expert on spiritual stuff, but I do recognize good suggestions when I see them and there are some good ones here for Need to look into.

I originally came to this site for assistance in a spiritual matter and sought spiritual help.  If anyone had told me to seek a psychiatrist I would have thanked them kindly and sent them on their merry way.  Most psychiatrists that I know don't even believe in spirits, they believe only in the mind, it being sick and all, when the truth really comes down to a spiritual matter.  Psychiatrists ARE NOT SPIRITUAL HEALERS.


4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: August 08, 2002, 13:21:20
We cannot bring any physical contact into our sex life because we are in different countries.

 What is our sex life going to be like now?  I'm not entirely sure, but I can tell you that right now at this moment his concentration on sex seems to have shifted from having lots of it to having hardly any at all.   I know most of his concentration is now geared towards my move and getting the house ready, so I really don't mind the significant change in our sex life.  Now mind you, I still feel his presence throughout the day and night though, that hasn't changed at all.

It's funny - all I used to want to talk about was my move, and he, sex.
Now the opposite is true.  All I want to talk about is sex, and he, the move.  Weird!  Interesting phenomena, huh?

I'll see if I can get a private conversation with him so that I can ask him more detailed questions.  But for now, we're doing pretty good.  Don't forget, although we're doing good, things will be better once we're completely alone and by ourselves away from his wife.  His wife is friendly, yes, but she's still a third wheel that lies right smack in the middle of our relationship.  I will look forward to the day when we can be completely alone and in our own house.  Ah - patience my dear, patience!

One comment though - I do realize his wife is still in love with her husband and that's got to be tough on her, so I don't make any demands upon either one of them.

Clarissa, hangin in there in USA

5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: August 08, 2002, 06:33:45
FallnAngel - I wasn't upset by your post at all, just found more negativity in it than I cared to read.  The only thing I found positive was your congratulations, which seemed a bit skimpy in itself.  I trust my judgement on this person very much, but thanks for your warning.

Person,  Thanks for the happy congrats!  Yes we'll do just fine, with our connection.

As for the explanation on telepathic sex - I am not an expert on the mechanics of it.  I just know it works and its fun!

Yes, I will definitely keep you updated as to what's going on.


6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: August 03, 2002, 15:29:14
Well everybody, I am getting married!  They called me last night and they said they are getting a divorce.  I am still in shock at the whole thing but am relieved a final decision has been made.


XTC user420

I haven't really thought about the difference between the two.  You might want to consult Robert Bruce, the owner.


As far as a spiritual bond that husbands and wives should have, I agree with you on that but I can tell you that many millions of married couples on this planet do not have that and should.  Perhaps a spiritual bond present in a marriage would make a marriage stronger and the marriage would then be able to withstand anything that comes across its path.  I should think a spiritual bond is akin to super glue...

You say -  "If he or she loves you, and feels connected to your soul, he/she will keep coming to YOU to get his/her soul needs met, on the physical AND the astral planes."

You're probably right on this one.  More research would probablly have to be done on this and maybe the information  is already out there and if anyone finds it let me know.  In my above paragraph though, I wrote along the same lines by saying a marriage really does need a bond to make it stronger.  I know for a fact that I have that bond with my fiance, and its a pretty strong one.  I kept telling my friends,  "I'd be very surprised if he chose to stay with his wife, because he does not have any bond (spiritual or otherwise) with her whatsoever and they have very very little in common as well."  I have been through 2 fiance's, and neither of them had a bond present like the one I have currently.  It really does make a world of difference.

Your "spotty" relationship with this man is admirable.  I don't think I could handle something like that, given that I get too involved with a man and would seek to have more of him.  I've never had something like that, so I'm speculating, of course.


I am sorry you got ripped off!!!!

Dearest Patty,

You are so sweet.

Thanks a million for the additional astral arsenal, but I won't be needing it now, thank goodness!!!!

It's been a long, tough road of eight months with my fiance, but alas, I have victory in my favor.  I asked him last night if he ever mentioned our telepathic sex to his wife and he said no.  I didn't think he would, as it is an extremely precious and private thing to us, and besides, she'd probably think both of us nuts if he did!!!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.  I thought about your marriage vows not containing "till death do us part" and decided I might try this myself when I get married.  I will certainly bring it up with him and we will decide which words to use.  I especially like that you were married "for time and all eternity" and that everything pointed to "the eternal, spiritual worlds that await us."  Now that is deep, and very very special too.


7  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: August 02, 2002, 00:39:57
Hello Patty,

Thanks for that hug.  I needed that.  I have all my "astral" battlefield ready to go should I need it.  Hope I won't need it though.

I can't say I've experienced the same thing as you - having my energy system being blocked or feeling very internal and intimate or a very deep full body massage from the inside out.  No, mine is quite different.

When I spoke about addiction, I meant that telepathic sex can be addicting, not the person involved.  Is that what you were talking about?

It sounds as if your situation was a lot easier to break away from than mine.  Yeah, being more emotionally involved tends to complicate things as far as breaking off any telepathic sex with a loved one.  Since you were both married it was probably the right thing.

Thanks for thinking of me this weekend.  Closure will be a great thing, no matter which way it goes.

A (((hug))) back to you...


We are calling it telepathic sex now because I do not astral project before making love to my loved one.

You're right, there is a certain degree of emotion emitted during telepathic lovemaking.  I never really thought of it and maybe took it for granted that emotions WERE being emitted but now that I think of it I AM emitting emotions at the time of telepathic lovemaking.  Hmmm, interesting but if you think about it emotions should be emitted because one is afterall, making love to his/her loved one.


Thanks for clearing up the offense.

I'll try explaining this in another way.  My telepathic lovemaking is done through spiritual communication.  Obviously I believe I am a spirit, not a body, therefore I can communicate via my spiritual self.  And I can make-love with another spirit (who inhabits a body) via our bodies.  In other words it's like two spirits bonding through lovemaking, which is done via telepathy.  Did I put this in more understandable terms this time?  Well hopefully I did.


You say, "It is just a matter of her astral lover visiting her while she is in her physical body."

Well yes you are partially correct in this statement.  He does come to visit me at night, (he sometimes let's me sleep)  but during the day we make love via telepathy as I stated above to PeacefulWarrior.  Now to my knowledge he  sometimes comes to me during the day, it just depends upon how busy he is.


8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: August 01, 2002, 14:16:12
Dear Patty,

I completely understand what you mean about the negative spin on AP.  I just unsubed from a group because of the negativity and also I wasn't learning anything.  I really don't mind SOME negativity, but when a group is made up of it, i'm out.

You say you kept this man at bay for months or years.  For me, if my beloved one remains in his marriage, I will do everything in my power to remove his attentions on me, for not only will it be wrong to have telepathic sex with a married man, but I will want to get over him as quickly as possible, knowing the pain I am in for.  And you're right about the mental draining trying to keep someone at bay.  It's not as simple as just letting the answering machine pick up for you.  There is physical contact involved, which makes it extremely difficult.  How I wish it was that simple, just to be able to "turn it off," but the temptation is great.  Sometimes I wish I could just wake up and hope this is all a dream, but alas, life is not always easy, eh?  

It's good that you're keeping astral/telepathic sex out of your marriage, for it CAN become addicting in a way.  It feels so different than physical sex that one can only want to experience the wonderful pleasures telepathic sex can bring.

I am sure your husband would not like your having astral/telepathic sex with another person/entity if he knew what it was and believed in it.  You are wise to give it up, and I admire the courage you have practiced in ridding yourself of this, for I know all too well how much work it takes and how much resistance it takes.

You say -  "After a few months of disciplined abstinence, the yearnings are starting to get out of my system, and I find I am able to shift any remaining spontaneous thoughts/desires into a harmless fantasy about someone (anyone) I don't know."

A few MONTHS of abstinence?Huh  Oh geez!  That is too long for me to resist him.  If I end up having to cut the sex out I hope I could end it sooner, much sooner than a few months.

I'm not sure if I have had experience with your second experience listed here.  So far I only desire telepathic sex with those that I love.  It really seems rather cold to have telepathic sex with someone I don't know, but then again, I've only had telepathic sex with one person in my whole life so I can't speak from experience.


9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 31, 2002, 14:47:48
Good Morning FallnAngel,

I do not know if he has experienced this with anyone else.  My estimated guess would be no, and I'll tell you why.  One of the very first nights we had telepathic sex he mentioned something like he didn't know he could do this.  I know he can astral project, that I do know, so yes he does come to me at will.

I am not entirely sure but I think he learned how to astral project by researching it.  (He's a researcher as well, and spends many many hours on the net.)   As far as his knowing how to have telepathic sex, I think that was more due to my part, not his.  I very strongly believe because of our bonding we were able to reach higher levels of communication than the norm.  It was ME who first told him I could feel his climax, and I think he was shocked to learn of this, that I could feel him.  I was the one who had the gift of telepathy, while he had the gift of astral projecting.  I never learned anywhere how to give and receive telepathic communication.  I was born with the gift and realized I had it when I was in my early twenties.


10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 31, 2002, 10:36:33
telepathy - Communication from one mind to another through means other than the senses.  (taken from The American Heritage Student  Dictionary)

FallnAngel says

"I doubt that his wife would approve of him thinking about another woman much less taking it to this extent."

You are right Astral, his wife does NOT approve of him thinking about another woman.  She told me last night during an unexpected 2 hour conversation (a very nice one) with her that she has seen him "thinking" about me.  I don't know if she believes in astral sex or telepathic sex (or even knows what it is) but she just knows her husband "thinks" about me and doesn't like it.

This weekend I will find out whether they are getting a divorce or not.   If they are getting a divorce, then we will continue our telepathic sex until we can be together and get married. If they don't get a divorce, then I will have to cut the telepathic sex out.  This will probably be a gradual thing though, knowing all the complexities involved.

I am not above myself to admit that yes, I CAN have another relationship like this one with someone else, should he and his wife not get a divorce.  Since I've had the creme of the crop as far as sex and soulmates go, I'd prefer another soulmate and another man who could have telepathic sex.  I prefer someone who can match my abilities.  And I'll come straight out and say that if he doesn't get a divorce I'll be hunting for a new man right away as the pain will be unbearable.  (oh lordie how did I ever volunteer myself to be the guinea pig of this thread!!)

FallnAngel you're wondering what the situation is really like.  I have bonded with this man as deep as my soul will go and know in my heart he is my soulmate.  Without going into extreme details of our relationship, just know I am the only one for him and I have never had any thoughts or fear of him "finding" another woman.  Ever.  In my opinion, soulmates are not cast out easily.  A lot can be said of soulmates, and outcomes are another entirely different subject which I won't go into here because this thread is not the topic of soulmates but from other stories I've heard being involved with a soulmate can change a person considerably.

You are right FallnAngel and I agree, he should have gotten a divorce long ago if he knew he wasn't in love with his wife anymore.  This would have made everyone's lives a lot different, but the fact of the matter is that he didn't choose that route, and I have decided to accept it.  We discussed this matter and I told him myself that he should have divorced long ago.  All was said and done.

Yes he experiences telepathic sex much like I do.  He recently told me something like, "if it feels this good in person then it will be fantastic."  I think he underestimated what he was trying to say.  I will tell you that our relationship has gone so deep now that sometimes when we get on the telephone we both get so excited that we practically climax within seconds.  Now to me that is deep.  And yes, there have been many emails and conversations wherein he has stated his particular intensity for one of our lovemakings.

Oh and PeacefulWarrior?  I took a bit of offense at the way you described my lovemaking with my beloved one.  "But it seems you simply lie down and he does too and then you meet on some mental level to make love."  Let's see if you can perform this same thing, telepathic sex, and tell me it is on "some" mental level.  Telepathic sex is not a simple action by any means, and the average human cannot fathom what the heck it is, let alone perform it.  I cannot be with this man physically at this time, so I am extremely grateful that we can share our love in another way. (telepathically)  Please be careful how you speak of other's lovemaking, whether it seems simple or dumb or whatever, to you.

Well now, we finally have a woman who is not afraid to come out and speak!!!!!!!!!!!  Horray!

Yes Person the burning sensations are familiar to me, along with other sensations.  I didn't want to start spilling details, but as long as you have put them forth first, I'll admit what I can.  If you were feeling those burning sensations, then he was probably having sex with you in his mind.  I don't doubt that at all.  The only way you will get these burning sensations is if you create them, or he creates them.  That's my opinion, of course.

I'll have to agree that fantasy is one thing, and acting sex out with another person whether online or astrally or telepathically is another thing entirely.  And becomes a moral issue if one is married.


11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 30, 2002, 14:07:05
FallnAngel says

Hmmm sounds interesting. I have not heard of anything like this either. So let me get this straight. Basicly, you will sense this lover come to you astrally, or mentally, you then become ... how should we put it ... still (?) and open up to his sexual thoughts. At this point you have "astral sex". I am not sure how much I could help you figure this out, but I will think on this. It is very interesting.

Let me ask you a question, Clarissa. You put this topic under Psychic Self Defense, why is that? Do you feel these occurances are unwanted on your part? Or are you afraid of what this person may do if you wish to break it off?

Also, do you know this person on the physical plane? Do you have a lot of physical contact with him?

You keep talking about this 3rd dimension, what are you refering to? When I hear 3rd dimension I think of the physical world. You seem to be seeing it as something different.

Yes you have it right that I sense his thoughts for me, sit or lie fairly still, then enjoy the rest!  Call it telepathic sex if you like.  Don't ask me the mechanics of it, don't ask me how it works, I do not know!  All I know is that it works and feels fantastic.

My situation is all coming to a head now, and most of it should be resolved one way or the other by the end of this weekend, but yes, at one point his attentions were unwanted and that's why I posted under this topic.

Yes I do know this person on the physical plane, but we do not have a lot of physical contact, is the reason we have telepathic sex.  By the end of this weekend we should know though whether we can be together or not.  I'll be glad for that.

When I think of the third dimension I think of something OTHER than the physical universe.  To me it is another dimension out there different from this planet called Earth.

I'm having a hard time right now with myself because I told this forum that it was wrong for me to have sex with a married man, yet I continue to do so.  My justification is that I love him and its sooooooo easy to "hop in bed" with him at a moments whim.  I don't have to drive over to see him, or make plans or get a babysitter.  He's just a hop skip and a jump away.  I'm a bad girl, and I can't help myself to say no to the sweet delicious pie of an astral climax.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!  Such ectasy! - ( especially with a loved one.)
AstralMaster says

I've never heard anything like that: making a connection with someone else without being in a full trance. sounds very interesting; is that something that can be learned?

Hi AstralMaster.  I am not a guru on telepathic communication, but I am quite sure you could learn of this by doing some research.   You could type in "telepathic communication" in MORE THAN ONE search engine, and get results to read.  Please let me know how your search comes along, as I'm a researcher and am willing to assist you should you run into any trouble.


12  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 28, 2002, 20:42:20

No, I do not go into the type of trance you're thinking and my body is fully awake in order that it could feel all the sensations." border=0>

I do not know what a focus 10 is and I highly doubt I am in that as well.


13  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 28, 2002, 15:35:57

I have to be very still and have all my attention on him in order to pick up and feel his affections.

I don't like using the term "trance", but I looked it up in the dictionary and found definition number 3 fit well enough:
(taken from The American Heritage Student Dictionary, definition #3)

Definition 3 -  A condition in which little or no attention is paid to one's suroundings, as in daydreaming or deep thought.

Definition #3 is especially true for me because if I have attention on something other than my loved one, the connection will be broken, even if temporarily.


14  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 28, 2002, 13:48:02

Astral sex for me is shared in a telepathic sense.   (I've had the gift of telepathy since my early twenties)  Perhaps it is true that I don't go to the astral realm to have astral sex, but I do know there is some kind of 3rd dimension happening here because the connection with my loved one is very intense once its started and it is NOT physical sex, as he is not present when we have this sex.  All he has to do is think sexual thoughts about me and I will get his sexual thoughts and our lovemaking will begin.  Now perhaps this sounds like a sort of simple thing, but I've explained it to you in simple terms.  I am not an expert on telepathy or astral sex and I don't care to research it in depth.  All I can tell you is that what I experience is in some kind of 3rd dimension and it is not physical sex.   If you want to work with me to figure out more of what I'm experiencing, I have no objections.  I'll PM you if need be.

My loved one is not using me for my energy, but perhaps he sucks up more from me than I do him.  Sometimes I feel like my energy bucket runs out of energy, and I have to pause for a few moments until the bucket gets replenished.  Having astral sex while I'm hungry doesn't help either.  There are other things in life that have drained my energy and I'm sure this uses up precious resources as well.


15  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 27, 2002, 17:19:10
Dear Members,

When I have astral sex I am not astral projected.  One does not have to leave his body to have astral sex.  It is a hard thing for me to explain, well, the 3rd dimension itself is a difficult thing to explain, at least for me it is, so I won't even try.

Thanks to this thread, I have realized that having astral sex with a married man is wrong.  Even if the man's wife does not believe in astral or anything spiritual, it is wrong for ME to have astral sex with the husband.

My problem has not been solved yet, but is well on its way to being solved, hopefully to a good ending.

FallnAngel says it all when he says that astral sex is NOT the same as physical sex.  The best I can describe the difference is that yes physical sex is an exchange of energy, but on a very very tiny scale compared to astral sex.  My analogy would be to take a scale and put one banana on one scale and then put 20 gallons of milk on the other scale.  See how the milk blows the banana out of the water as far as magnitude is concerned?  THAT, is how it is with astral sex.  The energy exchange during astral sex is magnified 1,000 times, and it TAKES a lot of energy to have astral sex too.   The experience can be draining, if I have too much of it.  For me that could be 2-3 times per day, with him being the initiator.

FallnAngel also says it all when he says astral sex can be very rewarding when exchanged between two people who love each other.  Astral sex doesn't have to be a nasty thing at all.  I've only had astral sex with one person, and it has been a very rewarding experience.


16  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 26, 2002, 00:20:29


Funny you should mention this because I have been pondering this for the past few days and came to a conclusion:  I do consider having astral sex with another person while married a form of cheating.  It may not be sex in the physical world, but it is having sexual entertainment with someone other than your spouse.

I put myself in the other person's position.  If I was married and my husband was enjoying himself with another woman in the astral world, I would not like it.  No, I would have to say I would not like it.  So again, I do consider astral sex a form of cheating.


My own personal humble opinion is that this woman is justifying her actions.  You could ask her, "Would she like it if her husband was enjoying himself with another woman without HER?"  Let's see what her answer is.


I agree with you wholeheartedly.


 Thanks, I shall take that one up.


In my humble opinion marriage and astral sex are not limited to the physical plane.  Let's say a man and a woman marry, they are both psychic and can have astral sex together.  If one of the spouses takes a business trip alone, the two people can enjoy astral sex together while they are apart.  It's so funny because no one else in the family will ever know they can have sex while apart!!!!  God I love it!  Secrets, secrets!


Let me ask you something.  Would you mind if your wife had sexual fun with another man, even though it takes place in the third dimension?
Jeff Mash


Okay I understand what you're saying here just a little bit.  Are you talking about OBEing when you have astral sex?  I would say that I personally do not leave my body when I am having astral sex.  But there are times when he wants sex right when I get in bed at night, and sometimes I fall asleep during sex because I am so tired.  So focusing in on someone for me, has nothing to do with it.  It depends on how tired I am or how awake I am.  Gosh I hope that's what you mean, else I've just embarrassed myself." border=0>


That sounds kinda sad, that you have to end such a nice experience.  I mean I think it's great that you can leave your body at will, and get excited over it!


I would only use it in an extreme emergency, ya know.


17  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 25, 2002, 03:55:54

I conducted a search on the forum for "Training Ground" but it did not return any results.  Any suggestions?  If you find it, could you email it to me via the forum's private mail?  Thanks.  I look forward to reading it.

I am writing a book about a fascinating past life I had in 1912.  I absolutely LOVE doing the research for it, and as a result I am thinking about becoming a paid researcher.  Got myself some books on researching and I'm quite astounded at what I've learned so far.  I've got one book on researching genealogy but that doesn't interest me as much as Librarian Research, specifically Competitive Intelligence Research.  Okay, have I bored anyone yet?

<< I think it's valid to bring up the who point about how, at least initially, there are barriers set up to "trap" beginners from ascending too high.  Many individuals find difficulty ascending to the realms they desire to visit because they can't control their urges (ie. Tom)..>>

I am confused, could you explain this a bit more?" border=0>

Mr. Mash


Some people are gifted that way.  They're lucky.  I've always wanted to do that, and am frustrated that I can't.


What do you mean, "target them"?

<<-::smiles boyishly:: Let me just clarify, for the record, that I don't feel up all these women when I am out! It happens every now and then, and always as the experience is ending.>>

It happens every now and then?  Somehow I got the impression that it happens every time you're out and about doing errands or something.

Now what do you mean when you say "as the experience is ending?"


Now that sounds like a good astral self-defense mechanism I could use!!!!!!  Thanks!!!!!!" border=0>


18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 24, 2002, 00:26:28
Thank you to all who posted in this thread.   Below I have written responses to them:

QBall's 1st Post

You are correct, you don't have to astral projection to have astral sex.  You are also correct that astral sex is far more intense than physical sex, and the love felt between two astral partners can be of astounding magnitude.  My own personal humble opinion is that two astral people who are very spiritually inclined and who are also intense people will naturally magnify everything tenfold.

Thanks for the book reference.  I hope to get it soon.  I am sooo overloaded with the writing of my own book and doing research for it I do not have much time to read.

QBall's 2nd Post

You are correct that you have to be "open" to a certain degree to be able to receive astral affections.  This is where a person's psychic abilities comes into play.  I'm not speaking necessarily as an expert, but rather from personal experience.


How does one find an astral lover?  Much like one would do normally.  You might run into someone at a party, or meet someone on a board/list/group/singles group, or meet someone through a friend.  How well can they communicate?  That depends entirely upon the psychic abilities of both parties involved.


Why did I post astral sex in this "Psychic Self Defense" thread?  Because I need to learn self defense tricks that's why.  I do not wish to go into too much detail about my current situation just yet.  I wanted to first find out if anyone on this forum has had astral sex, so that they'd know what I'm talking about.

Jeff Mash

Naughty boy Mr. Mash.  That evil smile gave me a chuckle for some reason, though.  You haven't had astral sex yet, but you get worked up giving it.  Wait until you receive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ah man, get ready for some mind-boggling intensity.

Now take a look at this interesting experiment I conducted not long ago:  I gave a male friend of mine an astral "hug".  This male friend is not psychic and he did not "receive" my hug.  The next day I gave a female friend of mine an astral hug, and she "received" it just fine!  This female friend of mine though is psychic, so it appears that both parties have to be psychic to give and receive astral affections and other things....  And Jeff, I'm wondering if those women you "touch" can feel your fingers in there...  Do you see any reactions???


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