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1  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / The Apocalypse of John on: September 09, 2003, 20:55:05
The Apocalypse of John is the most profound document of Christianity.  It contains nothing less than a great part of the MYSTERIES of Christainity, that is the profoundest part of what may be described as esoteric Christianity.  It is therefore not to be wondered that of all the Christian documents, this one has been most misunderstood.  Almost from the begining of the spiritual movement of Christianity it has been misunderstood by all who were not really Christian initiates.  And it has always been misunderstood at various times according to the prevailing thought and disposition of those times.  It has been misunderstood by the times which, one might say, have thought in a spiritually materialistic way; by times that have forced great religious movements into one-sided fanatical party affairs; and it has been misunderstood in modern times by those who, in the grossest and most sense-bound materialism, believed themselves able to solve the riddle of the universe.

The high spiritual truths proclaimed at the starting point of Christianity, which those who were capable of understanding were brought to contemplate, are hinted at as far as possible in writing in the Apocalypse of John, the so-called canonical Apolalypse.  But even in the early days of Christianity, which those in the more exoteric stream were little inclined to understand the deep spirituality of esoteric Christianity.  Thus, in the very early days of Christianity the idea came into the exoteric stream that things which in the world's evolution first take place in the spiritual worlds, that such purely spiritual proceedings ought to take place externally in material life.  And so it came about that while the writer of the Apocaplypse expressed in his work the results of his Christian initiation, others only saw, what the initiate knows can be seen spiritually taking place over thousands of years, must happen in the very near future in external life and be visable by the senses.  They imagined that the writer was indicating something like a speedy return of Christ Jesus, a descent from the physical clouds.  When this failed to occur, they simply extended the period and said: With the advent of Christ Jesus a new period has begun for the earth in contrast to the old religious teachings, but (this again was understood materialistically) after a thousand years the next events described in the Apocalypse will take place in the physical world.  Thus it came about that when the year A.D. 1000 was dawning, many people actually expected the coming of some power hostile to Christianity; an Antichrist was to appear in the sense-world.  As this again did not occur, the period was further extended, but the same time the whole prediction of the Apocalypse was elevated to a kind of symbolism- whereas the crass exoteric approach had represented the prophecy more literally.  With the advent of a materialistic world-conception these things were enveloped in a certain symbolism; external events were invested with a symbolic significance.

Many people adopted this man's view that the Papal Church, this externalization of the spirituality of Christianity, was something hostile and anti-Christian.  And this attitude was particularly fostered in the following centuries through the way certain Orders attached higher value to the spiritual aspect of Christianity, the element of spiritual fervour.  Joachim of Flores found followers among the Franciscans, and these looked upon the Pope as the symbol of the Antichrist.  Then in the age of Protestantism this conception passed over to those who looked upon the Roman Church as an apostate of Christianity and Protestantism as its salvation.  More than ever they considered the Pope to be the symbol of the Antichrist, and the Pope retaliated by calling Luther the Antichrist.

Thus the Apocalypse was understood in such a way that each party drew it into the service of its own view, its own opinion.  Each regarded the other as Antichrist and identified itself with true Christianity.  This continued into modern times when materialism developed.  For at that time spiritual faith and a certain spiritual comprehension still existed.  People were unable to understand only because they had no initiates among them.  A certain spiritual sense was there; for although it was crudely imagined that a Being would descend in a cloud, there still belonged to it a spiritual faith.  A spiritual life such as this was no longer possible with the crass materialism of the 19th century.  The thoughts of a genuine materialist of the 19th century regarding the Apocalypse may be described as follows: "No man can see into the future, for I myself cannot.  No one can see anything more than I can see.  To say that there are initiates is an old superstition.  Such persons do not exist.  What I know is the norm.  I can scarely see what will happen in the ten years, therfore no one can say anything about what is to happen over a thousand years.  Consequently, whoever wrote the Apocalypse, if he is to be taken as an honest man, must have been describing something which he had already seen- for I know what has already taken place and what I can discover from documents.  Therefore the writer of the Aocalypse could see nothing more either.  What, therefore, according to this, can he relate?  Only what happened up to this time.  Thus it is obvious that the events of the Apocalypse, the conflicts between the good, wise and beautiful world and the ugly, foolish and evil world, this dramatic contrast, is only intended to represent what the author had himself experienced, what had already taken place."  The modern materialist speaks in this way; it is their opinion that the writer of the Apocaplyspe describes things as they do.

What, then, was the most dreadful thing to a Christian of the first century?  It was the beast which rebelled against the spiriual power of Christianity, against the true Christianity.  Unfortunately, the few people who perceived that there was something behind this did not know how to interpret it correctly.
2  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / 666 on: September 09, 2003, 05:55:03
The Bible is NOT meant to be understood by one who is NOT an initiate- period.  It is NOT meant to be read like a regular book, by design.  In addition, we can not ask trivial questions and assume understanding through strong sentiments and dim feelings.  One MUST pursue Spiritual development to earn the keys to unlock the door of understanding- there is no other way.

The danger of succumbing to the realm of Ahriman was at its greatest around the year 333 BC.  This was the movement in time when humanity began to make use of mere intellect, mere logic.  Then the Mystery of Golgotha (see my previous post) occurred and entered the life of humanity.  And from AD 333 onwards the time began in which human beings must consciously strive to re-enter the realm of the higher hierarchies.

They have certainly not raised themselves out of the realm of Ahriman because since the 15th century, intellectualism has come more than ever into its own.  Yet precisely because they live in the intellect, which is in fact not reality, they live actually in images, in maya.  This is their saving grace.  They live not in the actual realm of Ahriman, but in the maya of Ahriman, in mere appearance.  They can break away from it and turn in the other direction, but this can only be done in freedom.  For what we are living in is maya, a system of pictures; our whole intellectual culture is only image.  Since AD 333 human beings have been free to aspire to raise themselves out of maya.  The church has made every effort to hinder this.  It is time this aim was defeated.  Human beings must strive UPWARDS to Spiritual worlds.

333 BC
333 AD

If you add these two numbers together you get 666.  That is the "number of the beast" indicating the time when humanity was most exposed to the risk of really descending to the kingdom of the animals.  They remain expose to this risk even after 333 AD, of course, if after entering the maya of Ahriman they do not aspire to raise themselves out of it.  The important point is that precisely becaue we have unwittingly sailed into Ahriman's kingdom, as far as the maya of Ahriman, we have becoime free beings.  No providence could have prevented our entering into the realm of Ahriman, otherwise it would have left us unfree.

Think about it and you will realize that it makes a great difference whether human beings acquire a spiritual frame of mind by means of which their astral bodies remain connected with their Angels while they are asleep, or whether they acquire no such spiritual frame of mind and are not accompianied by their Angel when they sleep.  For human beings then bring ahrimanic Inspirations with them out of sleep.  It is indeed the case that the whole materialistic mode of thought with which human beings are crammed full, is emerging in our time out of their sleep life, with greater and greater rapidity.

"666" has always been written down in a mysterious way; there is every reason to wrap in mystery the facts that surround this.  And for this reason it was written as 666.  In the mysteries in which the writer of the Apocalypse received his initiation, they wrote "400 200 6 60".  This is written in a way in which the uninitiated cannot recognize it.  This 666 was hidden.  It was to remain a secret through having "400 200 6 60"; by transposing everything an illusion is produced.  Now in the kind of writing used by initiates there is a certain principle which consists in letters being expressed by corresponding numbers.  The sounds of these four letters has a very special occult significance.  They represent stripping off the lower principles to rise to the higher.  What man has obtained as physical body, etheric body, astral body, and lower ego, before it rises- these four principles are at the same time expressed by these four letters, by Samech the physical body, Vau the etheric body, Resh the astral body, and Tau the lower ego.  The writer of the apocalypse can truly say: Here is wisdom! - For the wisdom is contained in it: Let him who hath understanding consider the number 666!

Transforming a Spiritual book to a materialistic understanding will ALWAYS provide disinformation!  Asking trivial questions and presenting trivial information trivializes what is referred to.  Spiritual matters are not trivial in the least!  Once again, the book of Revelation concerns the Christian initiation and is completely misunderstood by materialists.

The details are up to you...I love you all. [Smiley]
3  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Got a church pension? on: September 02, 2003, 00:51:20
People are citizens.You are who you are in an abstract context.  This view is essentially Roman, as is everything of this sort existing in ordinary life.  Our education is essentially dealt with by the state, which has already become very abstract, but will become much more so under socialist influence.  People are not educated today to take their place in the world as human beings but to have a job in the service of the state, and to be slotted in there.  The state lays claim to our young people- not immediately, for then they are too unpolished, so it leaves them temporarily to their parents.  But later on it reaches out with its tentacles and trains them to fit its requirements, until it is sure that it has gotten hold of them!  It covers their consumer needs, gives them all that is alotted to them, and gives them a pension.  One has only to hear how much it means to a person when they can assure themselves that in addition to employment for which one is paid, one will also get a pension!  That means a great deal and chains people to the abstract state and even affects their whole outlook.  Here, too, the Roman attitude has taken hold of the rest of a person's life.  If you tell someone today: "If you do not want to miss out on immortality then you MUST activate your soul energies so that you yourself can pass as an active soul through the gates of death"- they will not understand you.  The status quo has got them so thoroughly out of the habit of applying their understanding to such matters. [:O]Insert  Instead, one has been told that one need only believe in Christ and in what the state does.  So one knows that, first of all, the state will take care of one's needs, and when one has worked long enough the state will give one a pension. [Shocked)]Insert

The church goes a step further; it offers a person, after their death, a pension for their soul, so that one does not need to work on one's soul during life nor do anything one's self when one's soul passes through the gates of death. [}:)]Insert

Unless we shall understand the spiritual foundation of things, we shall get nowhere.  Everything depends on human beings finding the strength and courage today to see into the spiritual world. [^]Insert  We are at the beginning of a hard struggle in which all the instincts will be stirred up that arise from the one half truth that the life of the economy is the only reality and everything belonging to the soul and spirit is ideology, and from the other half truth that the element of soul and spirit is the only reality and the whole external world is ideology, maya.  These contradictions will let loose such instincts in human nature that for long ages, spiritual battles will rage such as people cannot imagine today.  We should know this.  And we should also know that we have to raise ourselves to a vision of the spiritual world as we conceive of it, one that is in keeping with the ethos of time.

The present time, out of its very nature, is asking this of us.  We must respond. [Wink]Insert
4  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Guardian Angels on: September 01, 2003, 23:42:04
Here are some very important points to bare in mind, concerning your guardian Angel...

When we speak of our Angel, a lot depends on human beings themselves- in their attitude, on the whole way their world of feeling is disposed to the spiritual world - whether their Angels accompany them when they leave their etheric bodies in sleep, or not.

When children go to sleep their Angel goes with them, but when a person has reached a certain  maturity it actually depends on their attitude, on whether they have an inner relationship to their Angel.  And if this relationship is not there, and one only has faith in material things, and one's thoughts are entirely about the material world, one's Angel will NOT go with them.

One cannot say: "Well, if there are Angels we do not need them to believe in them in our waking state, of course, for when we are asleep they are bound to look after us."  NO, they do NOT go with us if we deny their existence during the day.  Our attitude is just as much an integral part of the whole cosmic system as our blood circulation is of the system which external science surveys...or rather, does not survey.

The whole materialistic mode of thought with which human beings are crammed full, is emerging in our time out of our sleep life, with greater and greater rapidity.  The only way people can protect themselves from continually bringing with them from sleep the sort of ahrimanic Inspirations that condemn them to materialism, that is, to being bound to the earth, to becoming identified with matter and suffering the death of the soul, is by filling themselves with the frame of mind that comes when they accept Spiritual scientific thoughts. [Wink]
5  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / There's no such thing as magic... on: August 17, 2003, 16:28:32
...just ignorance!

If you want to call it magic, go right ahead.  There are no miracles or "magic."  There is only ignorance, as everything can be explained perfectly when one follows "the path."  (I'll leave the details up to you.)

FYI: those who wish to ascend to the highest levels will NOT use (what is termed as) "magic" for their own benefit- ONLY for the beneifit of mankind.

IGNORANCE is the enemy...and the truth is bitter.
6  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Six Essential Exercises on: February 07, 2003, 17:48:33
Ways to Inner Development – Six Essential Exercises

There is a universal cosmic rule that one must never forget: rhythm restores power.  This is a basic esoteric principle.  Most people today live lives completely devoid of regular rhythm, especially in terms of thinking and behavior.  Those who allow the distractions of the outer world to take hold cannot avoid the dangers that the physical body would be exposed to during esoteric development because the forces of renewal are withdrawn.  Consequently, we must work to introduce a rhythmic element into life.  Naturally, we cannot arrange our days so that each day is exactly like every other.  But at least we can pursue some activities regularly.  Indeed, this is necessary for anyone who wants to develop on the esoteric path.  For example, we should do certain meditation and concentration exercises at a deliberate time every morning.  We can also bring rhythm into our lives if in the evening we review the events in reverse order.  The more regularities we can introduce, so much the better.  In this way, life exists in harmony with the laws of the world.  Everything in the system of nature is rhythmic- the course of the Sun, the passing of the seasons, the cycle of day and night, and so on.  Plants, too, grow rhythmically.  True, the higher we go in the kingdom of nature, the less rhythm we find, but even in animals we can observe a certain rhythm: for example, they mate at regular times.  Only human beings lead a chaotic life without rhythm; nature has deserted it.

Our task, therefore, is to deliberately infuse some rhythm into this chaotic life.  And we have certain means available to us through which we can bring harmony and rhythm into our physical and etheric bodies.  Both bodies then gradually develop rhythms that will self-regulate when the astral body withdraws.  When they are forced out of their proper rhythm during the day, they will, on their own, regain the right kind of movement while at rest.

The means available consist of the following exercises.  These practices must be done in addition to meditation:

1. Thought control.  This means that, at least for a short time every day, you stop all sorts of thought from drifting through your mind; for a space of time you allow peace and tranquility to enter your thinking.  You think a definite idea; place it in the center of your thinking; then you logically arrange your thoughts so that they are closely related to the original idea.  Even if you do this for only a minute, it can be very important for the rhythm of the physical and etheric bodies.
2. Initiative in action.  You must accomplish some act, however, trivial, that owes its origin to your own initiative; this is some task you have given yourself.  Most actions are a response to your family circumstances, your education, your vocation, and so on.  Consider how little arises from your own initiative.  Consequently, you must spend a little time performing acts that derive only from yourself.  They need not be important; very insignificant actions fulfil the same purpose.
3. Detachment, imperturbability.  You must learn to regulate your emotions so that you arte not one moment up in the sky and the next down in the dumps.  Those who refuse to do this for fear of losing their unconventionality or their artistic sensibility can never develop esoterically.  Detachment, or imperturbability, means that you master yourself through the greatest joy and the deepest grief.  Indeed, we become truly receptive to the world’s joys and sorrows only when we do not enter them egoistically.  The great artists owe their great achievements precisely to this detachment, because, through it, they have opened their eyes to subtle and inwardly significant impressions.
4. Impartiality or freedom from prejudice.  This quality sees good in everything and looks for the positive element everywhere.  For example, the following Persian legend is told of Christ Jesus.  One day Christ Jesus saw a dead dog lying by the wayside; he stopped to look at the animal while those around him turned away in disgust.  Then Jesus said: “What beautiful teeth the dog has!”  In that hideous corpse he saw, not what was ugly or evil, but the beauty of the white teeth.  If you can acquire this mood, you will look everywhere for the good and the positive- and you will find it everywhere.  This has a powerful effect on the physicals and etheric bodies.
5. Faith.  In the esoteric sense, faith implies something rather different than its ordinary meaning.  During esoteric development, you must never allow you judgment of the future to be influenced by the past.  In esoteric development you must exclude all that you have experienced thus far, so that you can meet each new experience with new faith.  The esotericist must do this quite consciously.  For instance, if someone where to come up to you and say that the church steeple is leaning at a forty-five degree angle, most people would say that this is impossible.  Esotericists must always leave a way open for belief.  They must go so far as to have faith in everything that happens in the world; otherwise their way to new experiences is barred.  You must always remain open to new experiences.  In this way, your physical and etheric bodies will assume a condition that may be likened to the contented mood of a setting hen.
6. Inner balance.  Inner balance is a natural result of the other five qualities; it is gradually formed from the other five qualities.  You must keep these six qualities in mind, grasp life, and advance gradually- like a proverb about drops of water wearing away a stone.

If one acquires higher powers through the artificial means of magic without applying all this, it will lead to no good.  In ordinary life, the spiritual and the physical intermingle, somewhat like a blue and yellow liquid in a glass of water.  Esoteric development sets in motion a process something like the work of a chemist who separates the two liquids.  Similarly, soul and body are separated, and the benefits of the mingling are lost.  Ordinary people are not subjected to the more extreme passions because the soul remains in close relation to the body.  But as the result of the separation, the physical body, with all its attributes, may be left to itself, and this can lead to all sorts of excesses.  Consequently, those who have embarked on esoteric development, but who have not taken care to cultivate the moral qualities, may manifest certain traits that, as ordinary people, they had long ago ceased to manifest.  They may suddenly begin to lie, become vengeful or quick to anger- all sorts of characteristics that had been toned down may appear in a violent form.  This can also happen to those who have neglected moral development and become unduly absorbed in the teachings of spiritual science.

Morality comes only at the culmination of a long striving for wisdom.

7  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Sacred Symbols on: February 06, 2003, 22:38:37
The Sacred Symbols of MU

It is important not to give the meanings of symbols in the vestments in which they are now garbed, but to give their origin and original meanings.

Up to the time of Mu’s submersion all symbols retained their original meanings.  From the time of Mu’s destruction one must pass over about 5,000 to 6,000 years.  Those were the years when seemingly no history was written except a few scraps in India and Egypt.

During this time mankind apparently was reviving and repopulating the earth, after its almost total destruction by the submersion of Mu and other lands and the subsequent formation of gas belts and mountains.

On entering Egypt 6,000 years ago we find that many of the original symbols had survived but were very much Egyptianized, especially in pattern or design, with an incomprehensible theology attached to them.  A multitude of new ones had besides been added- most of them have esoteric or hidden meanings.

This confusion increased when Upper and Lower Egypt merged into one kingdom.  The two people not only commingled personally, but also their two sets of symbols.  Thus two sets were made into one without any being discarded.  It meant at least two symbols for every conception.  So great was the confusion of symbols in Egypt, 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, that hardly one-half of the priesthood understood those used in the temples of the other cities, although they might be but a few miles away.

Nature shows man what is the Origin of Life.  It shows man’s connection with the Great Source and Great Cosmic Forces, which control the Universe.  It also shows man the origin of these forces.

Again, it shows that true science is the twin sister of religion: they are inseparable for without religion man could not comprehend the Cosmic Forces, and without fully comprehending these Forces he could not approach the Great Divine Love which rules the Universe.

The first chapters in the Bible were intended to teach man the workings of these Cosmic Forces.  They failed to do so, however, because of the mistranslations of the Mosiac writings, which were in the tongue and character of the Motherland (Mu), and were copies of the Sacred Writings of Mu that Moses expounded when he was High Priest of the temple at Sinai.  The esoteric temple writings of Egypt related the cause of the Flood, showing what the phenomenon actually was.  Whoever wrote these chapters, as we now have them, failed fully to understand the ancient form of writing, as present man fails fully to understand the symbols and symbolisms, which were there correctly copied.

The early part of the Bible therefore has not fully carried out the purpose, which it was intended.  The Bible Moses actually handed down was the Sacred and Inspired Writings, the greatest and most profound work ever penned by man, containing science beyond the conception of present man.  Nothing however is, it seems, forever lost: for in various parts of the earth writings are being recovered which, when put together, provide us with a great part of the Original Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu.  That which has been recovered gives:

1) The account of Creation down to and including the Creation of man and woman.
2) The movements of all celestial bodies throughout the Universe, the Forces that are controlling their movements and the Source of these Forces.
3) The Origin of Life and what Life is, with the cause of the necessary changes in types of life during the earth’s development.
4) Various geological phenomena and what their causes were.
5) And there is, finally, the coping stone of the Earth: Man.

There is a word, which frequently occurs in the Bible, which is misapplied- “Miracle.”  There are no miracles.  What seems miraculous is due to our ignorance.  There are phenomena produced by the exercising of man’s own Spiritual Force, given him at his creation.  The Sacred Writings say that this Force was given to man “to enable him to rule the earth.”  Masters used their Spiritual Forces.  Their works, not being understood by the multitudes, were looked upon as miracles.  “Master” was an ancient title bestowed on those who had mastered the use of their Spiritual Forces.

Those who spend their time merely in unearthing objects of the ancients are not true archaeologists.  They are only diggers or miners.  The archaeologist reads what he finds written on stone and clay, and informs the public what they say.  A stone or plaque of clay with writing on it is only a stone or dried mud, having no more value than any other curious stone until the inscription upon it is read.  The it becomes a page of written history and may be the means of revolutionizing the thought and teachings of present man.

The value of archaeology is in this reading- thereby one gains a knowledge of the past.  Nature is the great schoolhouse for higher learning.  No authorities there muddle us.  Nature is the one and only authority.

In the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu, the deity is frequently designated as “Heavenly Father” and “Father in Heaven.”  This name is more frequently used there than in any other.  (FYI: “father” in Latin means “pattern”)  Religion itself was based on the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.  Jesus, whose teachings were purely those of the First Religion, begins the Lord’s Prayer with “Our Father who art in Heaven.”

Fully ninety-nine percent of myths are traceable to legends.  Legends are history orally handed down.  History is a record of facts, so that myths instead of “manifesting advancement” manifest a retrogression; for they show history, a part of civilization, is beings forgotten.  Therefore that civilization has declined.

Man started with monotheism and it was only after Mu’s destruction that polytheism and idolatry was practiced.

“At a very remote period in the civilization of Egypt, Babylon, Mexico, and Peru, the Sun God had gained supremacy as the first and greatest of gods.”

This is contradicted by all ancient writings.  The Sun was never looked at as a god by the ancients, but as a symbol only of the Deity.  Therefore, it was never worshipped by them.  The sun, from the beginning, was the monotheistic symbol of the Deity.  Being the monotheistic or collective symbol of the Deity, it was esteemd the most sacred of all sacred symbols.

This monotheistic symbol of the Deity existed tens of thousands of years before man settled in either Egypt, Babylon, Mexico, or Peru.

// =========================================================


1) I bring this introduction to the reader so that they might become aware of where and how the “confusion” began.
2) The first 5 chapters (not books; “book” has a different meaning) of the Holy Bible are from the Sacred Writings.
3) The Essenes studied from the Sacred Writings; Jesus was an Essene- he mastered this material!
4) Col. James Churchwood (I love you dearly!) was a Freemason who spent 50 years of his life authenticating and piecing together these facts.  “There are over 300 religions and sects and only One God.”  J.C.
5) There are two books in this Mu series (by Col. Churchwood; 1870-1934) which cover the Cosmic Forces of Mu.
6) “Mu” is another name for Lemuria.
7) The details are up to you…
8  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / The Mystery of the 7 Seals on: February 05, 2003, 19:29:44
This post serves to introduce the reader to the Christian Mysteries.  Revelation is, perhaps, the most misunderstood of all.  It has been the MATERIALIZATION of this great SPIRITUAL work that is, indeed, the culprit.  Revelation is about the Christian initiation.  Only now, beginning in this epoch will these great truths begin to be revealed…

The Apocalypse of John – The Seven seals

Step by step, after the great War, will issue and reveal itself all that is now being hidden in the soul.  Let us imagine the beginning of the great War; the soul that has heard the call which from age to age the Christ-principle has uttered, will live on into all that is indicated in the messages to the Churches.  Through 7 ages has been laid into it what these ages can give.  Let us imagine how the soul waits; how it waits on.  It is sealed 7 times.  Each cultural age has added its seal.  Within you is sealed what the Indians wrote in your soul; within you is also imprinted what the Persians, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans have written in your soul, and what our own cultural age inscribes in it.  The seals will be unloosed; that it, the things written there will be outwardly revealed after the great War of All against All.  And the principle, the power, which brings it about that the true fruits of our cultural ages shall be made manifest in the countenance, is to be found in Christ Jesus.  7 seals of a book must be opened.  What is this book?  Where is it?

What is a book according to the Bible?  The word “book” occurs in the Bible only seldom.  This must not be overlooked.  If you search the Old Testament, you will find the word in Genesis (V, 1): This is the book of the generations of Adam; In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him.  Male and female created he them, and so on…  You may then open the Bible where you will, you will only find the word “book” again in the first Gospel (Mathew; I, 1): This is the book of the generation of Christ Jesus, the son of David, the son of Abraham.  Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and so on…  Generations are enumerated; something that flows through a long series is enumerated.  And again the expression “book” appears here in the Apocalypse of John.  It appears where it is said that the Lamb alone is worthy to open the book with the 7 seals.  The expression “book” always has the same significance; it is never used otherwise.  We only need to understand the records literally.  A book in our present sense is not intended.  An expression such as the “Doomsday Book” has far more closely retained the old meaning of the word.  The word book is used where something is entered consecutively, where one thing follows another, where a possession is registered so that it may be handed down from generation to generation.  So here we have such a record whereby a foundation is made for something that is to continue on into the future.  In the Old Testament, the word “book” signifies a document in which are recorded the generations transmitted through the blood.  It is there used in no other sense than that the generations are recorded.  It is used afterwards in the first Gospel in the same way for the recording of the lineage.  Hence what follows consecutively in time is written in a “book.”

The book of life which is now being compiled in mankind, in which from age to age is being written in the ego of man what each age offers, this book which is written in the soul of man and which will be unsealed after the great War of All against All, is here meant in the Apocalypse.  In this book will be the entries made by the various cultural ages.  Just as through the generations the entries were made in the genealogical tables of the old books, so it is here, only that in this case what is written down is man’s spiritual achievements.  And since he acquires through intellectually what is possible to acquire in our age, the gradual process of this development will be represented imaginatively by the symbol, which corresponds with this quality.  By having passed through the Indian age in a frame of mind in which he turned away from the physical world and directed his gaze towards the spiritual, man will, in the first age after the War of All against All, gain the victory over the things of sense.  He will be the victor by acquiring what was written in his soul in the first age.  Further what emerged in the 2nd age, the conquest of matter by the ancient Persians, will appear in the 2nd after the War of All against All: the sword that here signifies the instrument for the overcoming of the external world.  What man acquired in the Babylonian-Egyptian age, when he learned how to measure everything correctly, is seen in the 3rd age after the great War as that which is represented by the scales.  And the 4th age shows us something most important, namely what man acquired in the 4th age of our epoch through Christ Jesus and his appearance on earth: the spiritual life, the immortality of the ego.  For this 4th age it must be shown that everything unfit for immortality, everything doomed to die, falls away.

Thus everything that has been prepared throughout the ages of this epoch comes out consecutively in the next, and it appears because it is indicated by the symbol, which corresponds to intelligence.  If we read about the opening of the first four seals in the sixth chapter of the Apocalypse of John, we shall see that what is revealed expresses stage after stage in a mighty symbolism what will in the future be revealed: And I saw, and behold a white horse…(this indicates that the spiritual intelligence comes forth).  And he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given to him; and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.  And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the beast say, “Come and see.”  And there went out another horse that was red.  And to him that sat theron was given power to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another…(that that might be destroyed which is not worthy to take part in the ascent of mankind).  And to him was given a great sword.  And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, “Come and see.”  And I beheld, and lo, a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.  And I heard a voice in the midst of the fourth beast say, “A measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny.”  (Measure and penny to indicate what mankind had learned in the third age; the fruits are carried over and unsealed.)  And in the fourth age Christ came to conquer death, and the revelation of this achievement is seen: And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, “Come and see.”  And I looked and behold a pale horse; and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him.  “Behold a pale horse”- this all falls away into the race of evil, but whatever heard the call and overcame death, partakes in spiritual life.  Those who have understood the “I AM” and his call are those who have overcome death.  They have spiritualized intelligence.  And now, the horse can no longer symbolize what they have become.  A new symbol must appear for those who have understood how to follow the call of him who has the 7 spirits of God and the 7 stars.  They now appear under the symbol of those who are clothed in white raiment, who have put on the robes of the immortal, eternal, spiritual life.

We are further told how all that appears which goes upward to good and downward to evil.  This is clearly expressed: And when he had opened the 5th seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain because of the word of God and because of the testimony which they held: and they cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?”  And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until there came to them their fellow-servants and their brethren, who should be killed as they were, - that is will be killed as to the external form and live again in the spiritual.  How is this expressed?

Let us realize what in true anthroposophical life becomes of the external sense-world.  How do we described the 7 stars?  We go back to Saturn and show how the physical human body originated, how it was constructed out of warmth.  We then see how the Sun appeared; we draw a mental picture of this world.  The Sun is for us not merely a physical; it is the bringer of life, which in the future of mankind will appear as the highest form of spiritual life.  The Moon is to us the element, which retards the rapid march of life and slows man down to the necessary pace.  Thus we see the spiritual powers in the Sun and the Moon.  And the knowledge we acquire through Anthroposophy* also appears rightly symbolized in a future age; to our spiritual vision the Sun and Moon appear as the forces, which have constructed man.  Symbolically the external physical sun and the moon disappear, they become like a human being, but in an elementary form: And I beheld when he had opened the 6th seal, and lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.  (All this is the symbolical fulfillment of what we are seeking in spiritual life.)

Thus we see that what we are being prepared in this epoch is prophesized in significant pictures for the next epoch.  We now carry invisibly within us the transformation, which we undergo with the Sun and Moon, when the physical changes into the spiritual elements.  When the spiritual vision is directed toward the future, the physical disappears indeed and the symbol of the spiritualizing of mankind appears before us.

*Note: Anthroposophy means “the wisdom of the human being” and unites what is spiritual in the human being with what is spiritual in the universe; what occurs on the physical plane is a reflection of the spiritual plane
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The Christian Mystery of Reincarnation

The Christian path for human development has always been strictly defined.  It necessitates an extremely high level of development   However, it is not distinguished from all others, since, within it, human beings cannot arrive through their own vision at a knowledge of reincarnation and karma.  Certainly, there was a conviction in esoteric Christianity concerning the existence of reincarnation.  But such a conviction is not really a part of esoteric Christianity.  There is a specific reason why Christianity in the past did not contain such a doctrine.

We need to go back only a few thousand years, to a time when the doctrine of reincarnation and karma had spread throughout most of the Earth.  People who were discouraged by their destinies would say to themselves, “This is only one life among many; what I prepare in this life will bring its reward in another.”  People at that time continuously looked toward the worlds above.

Human beings lived at that time by constantly directing their souls upward towards the spirit.  The external works performed were primitive, while, on the other hand, the universe around them was permeated with the workings of the spirit to a high degree.  We find there a highly spiritual view of the world alongside a primitive material culture.

Then came an age when outer, material culture became increasingly cultivated, when the globe was conquered by a materializing culture.  Human eyes were supposed to rest on the objects of physical life.  Bu the thinking of the wise Chaldean priests, the students of Hermes, and the disciples of the ancient Rishis was directed toward spiritual life.  For all of them, repeated earthly lives were a fact.  Humanity would look away from that fact for a while.  It was intended that every human being pass once through an incarnation without knowing of repeated Earth lives.  This era was being prepared for 800 years before the beginning of Christianity.  This condition is receding gradually during our time.  Those who are familiar with esoteric streams today are aware that Christianity must begin again to teach of reincarnation and karma.

That may be seen in the Mystery on Mount Tabor.  According to Christian legends, Mount Tabor is where Christ was transfigured.  The name, however, is never mentioned in the New Testament descriptions of the transfiguration (Mark 17:1-9; Mark 9:2-9; Luke 9:28-36)  We are concerned here with an event that occurred “on the mountain.”  Thr phrase on the mountain indicates that the Master is leading his disciples into the most intimate space to give them there the most intimate teachings.  We read, “The disciples were led up” (Matt 17:1).  This means they were led into higher worlds.  Elijah, Moses, and Jesus appear to them; in this way, space and time have been overcome.  Moses and Elijah, who were no longer on the earthly plane, appeared to them in the Devachanic state.  The name Elijah means the “path of God,” the “goal.”  El, meaning “Godlike,” is contained in Elohim, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, as well as Bel.  Note: it is IMPORTANT to pronounce this syllable and not slur it (Mi-cha –el; not Mi-chl)  The name Moses means “the truth.”  Jesus means “the life.”  Christ himself, at the center, is the life.  Here we have written in bold words, so to speak, in the mental plane, “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).  The disciples say, “Let us make shelters here” (Matt 17:4), which means they were Chelas (disciples) of the second degree.  Then the Lord continues: “Elijah has appeared again, but they did not recognize him.  But tell no one until I come again” (Matt 17:9-13).  He is speaking here of reincarnation.  John the Baptist is Elijah.  “Coming again” refers to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, prepared for through a spiritual scientific worldview.

When all human beings have had the experience of passing through an incarnation without knowing of reincarnation and karma, reincarnation will again be taught.  Nevertheless, reincarnation has always been taught in the most esoteric circles of Christianity.

There was a time when human beings were supposed to be taught to hold firmly a feeling that one’s life on Earth is exhausted with a single lifetime.  They should have been able to say, “All of eternity depends on what happens in this one lifetime.”  The globe would not have been conquered had Christianity’s teachers not left this idea behind- that a single life should be seen as vitally important.  The great teachers have never presented absolute truths; rather, they taught whatever was appropriate for humanity at a given time.  The great teachers never teach the final truth, but only what will help a particular age.  The doctrine of reincarnation would not have been appropriate within this time frame.  Nor does spiritual science teach the final truth; the spiritual scientific worldview must be taught now because it is right for our age.

So that human beings would come to regard their present incarnation as the only one, it was necessary to separate the brain from knowledge of higher principles in the human being- Atman, Buddhi, and Manas – and from any knowledge of reincarnation.  Wine was given to humanity for this purpose.  Earlier only water had been used for all temple rituals, then wine was introduced.  Indeed, a divine being, Bacchus (or Dionysus) was representative of wine.  John, the most deeply initiated of the disciples, revealed in his Gospel the significance of wine for inner development (John 2:1-11).  Water was transformed into wine during the Marriage at Cana in Galilee.  Humanity was transformed through the use of wine that people were no longer able to understand reincarnation.  At that time, the use of water in offerings was transformed into wine; now we are about to change wine back into water.  Anyone who wants to ascend to the highest realms of existence must refrain from drinking even a single drop of alcohol.

Clarity of mind does NOT deaden your feelings; the opposite is true.

Every line in John’s Gospel represents a deep experience in the individual and all of humanity.  Jesus said, “I have come to bring about the introduction of this new era of evolution.”  Paul, an initiate, called Christ the reversed Adam or “new Adam.”  In Adam we have the first human being, the first to appear in human form.  Now he can take a twofold path.  He can take what the gods give him or take something new himself.  This is the story of Cain and Abel.  Abel simply tends the animals he finds around him.  Cain works for what he sacrifices.  Though Cain’s labors, bread came into being.  Bread has always represented what human beings themselves can produce.  Because people produce bread, they have become sinful.  Cain killed his brother.  Along with the need to work, human beings became sinful and fell into matter.

The new Adam is Jesus Christ, who ascends again.  He must purchase this ascent with his blood, which had to happen once through a human personality.  Bread and wine are represented in the person of Christ, in his body and blood.  The Lord Himself must take upon himself Cain’s deed.  Redemption must take place by making holy what is on the earth.  The wine represents that transformation through the Sacrament of Communion; thus, the blood related to wine.

The purpose of the Gospels is not only to teach; they are also writings of life.
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From the Essene Book Of The Teacher of Righteousness

“Master, tell us what are those things we should hold of high value, and what are those things we should despise?”

And the Master answered, saying, “All the ills which men suffer are caused by those things without us; for what is within us can never make us suffer.  A child dies, a fortune is lost, house and fields burn, and all men are helpless, and they cry out, ‘What shall I do now?  What shall befall me?  Will this thing come to pass?’  All these are the words of those who grieve and rejoice over events which do befall them, events which are not of their doing.  But if we mourn over that which is not in our power, we are as the little child who weeps when the sun leaves the sky.  It was said of old, thou shalt not covet any thing that is thy neighbor’s: and now I say unto thee, thou shalt not desire any thing which is not in thy power, for only that is within thee doth belong to thee; and that which is without thee doth belong to one another.  In this doth happiness lie: to know what is thine, and what is not thine.  If thou wouldst have eternal life, hold fast to the eternity within thee, and grasp not at the shadows of the world of men, which hold the seeds of death.”

“Is not all that happens without thee, outside of thy power?  It is.  And thy knowledge of good and evil, is it not within thee?  It is.  Is it not, then in thy power, to treat of all which doth come to pass in the light of wisdom and love, instead of sadness and despair?  It is.  Can any man hinder thee from doing thus?  No man can.  Then shalt thou not cry out, “What shall I do?  What shall befall me?  Will this thing come to pass?”  For whatsoever may come to pass, thou shalt judge it in the light of wisdom and love, and see all things with the eyes of the Angels.

“For to weigh thy happiness according to that which may befall thee, is to live as a slave.  And to live according to the Angels which speak within thee, is to be free.  Thou shalt live in freedom as a true son of God, and bow thy head only to the commandments of thy Holy Law.  In this way shalt though live, that when the Angel of Death cometh for thee, thou canst stretch out thy hands to God, and say, “The Communions I have received from thee for knowing thy Law and walking in the paths of the Angels, I have not neglected: I have not dishonored thee by my acts: see how I have used the eye which seeth within: have I ever blamed thee?  Have I cried out against that which hath befallen me, or desired that it be otherwise?  Have I desired to transgress the law?  That thou hast given me life, I thank thee for what thou hast given me: so long as I have used the things which are thine, I am content: take them back and place them wherever thou mayest choose, for thine are all things, even unto eternity.”

// ==============================================================


1) The materialist is hung up on where this came from; what physical book contains it- that’s all that matters.  John 21:25: And there were also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.  Amen.   (Peoples minds are like cement- all mixed up and permanently set.)  Do not materialize that which is Spirit.  Be able to recognize the Truth from no matter where it comes.  In order to do this properly, one MUST strive for wisdom, else they will be played for a fool.
2) It is Wisdom and the Power of Love that will keep one on the right path.  Inner development is the growth mechanism.  Relying on passive learning (i.e. television, etc…) is like trying to shovel smoke with a pitchfork in the wind…
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The Apocalypse of John

The Apocalypse of St. John contains nothing less than a great part of the mysteries of Christianity…the profoundest part of what may be described as esoteric Christianity.

Of all the Christian documents, this one has been most understood.  Almost from the beginning of the spiritual movement of Christianity it has been misunderstood by all who were not really Christian initiates.  And it has always been misunderstood at various times according to the prevailing though and disposition of those times.  It has been misunderstood by the times which, one might say, have thought in a spiritually materialistic way; by times that have forced great religious movements into one-sided fanatical party affairs; and it has been misunderstood in modern times by those who, in the grossest and most sense-bound materialism, believed themselves able to solve the riddle of the universe.

In the very early days of Christianity the idea came into the exoteric stream that things which in the world’s evolution first take place in the spiritual worlds, that such purely spiritual proceedings ought to take place externally in material life.  And so it came about that while the writer of the Apocalypse expressed in his work the results of his Christian initiation, others only understood it exoterically; and their opinion was that what the great seer saw, what the initiate knows can be seen spiritually taking place over thousands of years, must happen in the very near future in external life and be visible to the senses.  They imagined that the writer was indicating something like a speedy return of Christ Jesus, a descent from the physical clouds.  When this failed to occur, they simply extended the period and said: With the advent of Christ Jesus a new period has begun for the earth in contrast to the old religions teachings., but (this again was understood materialistically) after a thousand years the next events described in the Apocalypse will take place in the physical world.  Thus, it came about that when the year A.D. 1000 was dawning, many people actually expected the coming of some power hostile to Christianity; an Antichrist was to appear in the sense-world.  As this again did not occur, the period was further extended, but at the same time the whole prediction of the Apocalypse was elevated to a kind of symbolism- whereas the crass exoteric approach had represented the prophecy more literally.  With the advent of a materialistic world-conception these things were enveloped in a certain symbolism; external events were invested with a symbolic significance.

Many people adopted the view that the Papal Church, this externalization of Christianity, was something hostile and anti-Christian.   Joachim of Floris found followers among the Franciscans, and these looked upon the Pope as the symbol of the Antichrist.  Then in the age of Protestantism this conception passed over to those who looked upon the Pope to be the symbol of the Antichrist, and the Pope retaliated by calling Luther the Antichrist.

Thus the Apocalypse was understood in such a way that each party drew into the service of its own view, in its own opinion.  Each regarded the other as Antichrist and identified itself with Christianity.  Men were unable to understand because they had no initiates among them.  A certain spiritual sense was there; for although it was crudely imagined that a Being would descend in a cloud, there still belonged to it a spiritual faith.  A spiritual life such as this was no longer possible with the crass materialism of the 19th century.  The thoughts of a genuine materialist of the 19th century regarding the Apocalypse may be described somewhat as follows: No man can see into the future, for I myself cannot.  No one can see anything more than I can see.  To say that there are initiates is an old superstition.  Such persons do not exist.  What I know is the norm.  I can scarcely see what will happen in the next 10 years, therefore no man can say anything about what is to happen over thousands of years.  Consequently, whoever wrote the Apocalypse, if he is taken as an honest man, must have been describing something which he had already seen- for I only know what has already taken place and what I can discover from documents.  Therefore, the writer of the Apocalypse could see nothing more either.  What, therefore, can he relate?  Only what happened up to this time.  Thus it is obvious that the events of the Apocalypse, the conflicts between the good, wise, and beautiful world and the ugly, foolish and evil world, this dramatic contrast, is only intended to represent what the author had himself experienced, what had taken place.  The modern materialist speaks in this way; it is his opinion that the writer of the Apocalypse describes things as he himself does.

Some of the deep secrets of the Apocalypse were hidden in numbers, particularly that dramatic event in the number 666.  It was known that numbers were to be dealt with in a particular way, especially when such a distinct indication is given in the words: Here is wisdom.  The number of the beast is 666.  When such an indication was given it was known that the figures must be replaced by certain letters in order to ascertain what was intended.  Now those who had heard something, yet really knew nothing, came to the conclusion in their materialistic conception that when the letters were substituted for the number 666, the word “Nero’ or ‘Caeser Nero’ resulted.  And nowadays in a large part of the literature dealing with the deciphering of the Apocalypse you may read: Formerly people were so foolish that they imagined all sorts of things in connection with this passage, but the problem is now solved.  We need now only investigate what happened immediately before and we shall discover what the writer of the Apocalypse really wished to describe.  It is reported that earthquakes took place in Asia Minor when the struggle between Nero and Christianity was raging.  Therefore it was these earthquakes that the writer was referring in the opening of the seals and the sounding of the trumpets.  He also mentions plagues and locusts.  Quite correct!  We know from history that at the time of the persecution of Christians by Nero there were plagues of locusts.  He was, therefore speaking of these.  Thus the 19th century has come to materialize the profoundest document of Christianity so far as to see nothing in it but the description of what may be found by a mere materialistic observation of the world.  The deepest and most important document of esoteric Christianity has been misunderstood.

Even the introductory words of the Apocalypse show us what it is intended to be.  We need only remember that it says that he from whom the contents of which the Apocalypse proceeded was a place in an island solitude which had always been surrounded by a kind of sacred atmosphere, one of the ancient places of the mysteries.  And when we are told that the author was in the spirit, and that in the spirit he perceives what he gives us, it may indicate to us that the contents of the Apocalypse originate from a higher state of consciousness, to which a person may attain through the development of his inner creative capacity of soul, through initiation.  In the so-called secret Revelation of John is contained what cannot be perceived with external senses; and it is given in the way in which it can be imparted to the world through Christianity.  In the Apocalypse of John we have therefore the description of an initiation, a Christian initiation.  

Initiation is the development of the powers and capacities slumbering in every soul.  If we wish to have an idea of the manner in which it really takes place, we must clearly bear in mind what the consciousness of the present normal man is; we shall then be recognize in what way the consciousness of the initiate differs from that of the ordinary man of today.  What is, then, the consciousness of the normal human being like? It is a changing one.; two entirely different states of consciousness alternate, that of wakefulness during the day, and that of sleep during the night..  Our waking day-consciousness consists in our perceiving sense objects around us and connecting them by means of concepts which can only be formed with the aid of a tool belonging to the sense world, namely the human brain.  Then, each night, the astral body and the ego withdraw from the lower principles of the human being, the physical and etheric bodies, and therewith the sense objects around man sink into the darkness; and not only this, for until reawakening, total consciousness prevails.  Darkness spreads around man.  For the human astral body today under normal conditions is so organized that it is unable of itself to perceive what surrounds it.  It must have tools.  These tools are the physical senses.  Therfore in the morning it must submerge itself in the physical body and make use of the sense organs.  Why does the astral body see nothing when during sleep at night it is in the spirit world?  Why does it not perceive?  For the same reason that a physical body without eyes or ears could experience neither physical colours nor physical sounds.  The astral body has no organs with which to perceive in the astral world.  In primeval times the physical body was in the same position.  It too did not yet possess what later was molded into it as ears and eyes.  The external elements and forces chiseled out and formed the eyes and ears, and thus this world was revealed to man, a world in which was previously hidden from him.  Let us imagine that the astral body, which is now in the position in which the physical body was formerly, could be so treated that organs could be built into it in the same way that the sunlight molded the physical eyes, and the world of sound the physical ears, in the soft substance of the human body.  Let us imagine that we could mold organs in the malleable substance of the astral body; then the astral body would be in the same condition as the present physical body.  It is a question of molding the organs of perception for the supersensible world into this astral body, as a sculptor molds his clay.  This is the first thing.  If a man wishes to become a seer, his astral body must be treated as a sculptor treats a piece of clay; organs must be worked into it.  This was, in fact, what was always done in the schools of initiation and in the mysteries.  The organs were molded in the astral body.
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Fragments from The Essene Gospel Of John

And Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven.

And one man said, How can a man be born when he is old?  Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?

And Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of an Earthly Mother and a Heavenly Father, and walk with the Angels of the Day and the Night, he cannot enter into the Eternal Kingdom.  That which is born of the flesh is flesh: and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.  And the flesh of thy body is born of the Earthly Mother, and the spirit within thee is born out of the Heavenly Father.  The wind bloweth where it listeth, and though hearest the sound therof, but canst not tell whence it cometh.  So it is with the Holy Law.  All men hear it, but know it not, for from their first breath it is with them.  But he who is born again of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother, he shall hear with new ears, and see with new eyes, and the flame of the Holy Law shall be kindled within them.

And one man asked, How can these things be?

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness.  For man is born to walk with the Angels, but instead ho doth search for jewels in the mud.  To him hath the Heavenly Father bestowed his inheritance, that he should build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, but man has turned his back on his Heavenly Father, and doth worship idols.  And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men love darkness rather than the light, because their deeds were evil.  For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light.  For we are all Sons of God, and in us God is glorified.  And the light which shineth around God and his children is the Light of the Holy Law.  And he who hateth the light, doth deny his Father and his Mother, who have given him birth.

And one man asked, Master, how can we know the light?

And Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I give unto thee a new commandment: that ye love one another, even as they love thee who work together in the Garden of Brotherhood.  By this shall all men know that ye too are brothers, even as we all are Sons of God.

And one man said, All they talk is of the brotherhood, yet we cannot all be of the brotherhood.  Yet we would worship light and shun darkness, for none there is among us who desireth evil.

And Jesus answered, Let not thy heart be troubled: ye believe in God.  Know ye that in our Father’s house are many mansions, and our brotherhood is but a dark glass reflecting the Heavenly Brotherhood unto which all creatures of Heaven and Earth do belong.  The brotherhood is the vine, and our Heavenly Father is the husbandman.  Every branch in us that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.  Abide in us, and we in thee.  As the branch can not bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine, no more can ye, except ye abide in the Holy Law, which is the rock upon which our brotherhood stands.  He that abideth in the Law, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without the Law ye can do nothing.  If a man abide not in the Law, he is cast forth as a branch, and is witherd; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

And as the brothers abide in the love for one another as the Angel of Love doth teach them, so we do ask that ya love one another.  Greater love hath no man than this, to teach the Holy Law to one another, and to love each other as oneself.  The Heavenly Father is in us, and we are in him, and we do reach out our hands in love and ask that ye be one in us.  The glory which he gavest us we do to thee: that thou mayest be one, even as we are one.  For thy Father in Heaven hath loved thee before the foundation of the world.

And in this manner did the Brothers teach the Holy Law to them who would hear it, and it is said that they did marvelous things, and healed the sick and afflicted grasses and wondrous uses of sun and water.  And there are also many other things they did, the which, if they should be written every one, even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.  Amen.

 // ---------------------------------------------------


1) When Jesus makes reference to Father and Mother, he is refereeing to this cosmic relationship of which we are all a part.  Many people confuse this with their parents.
2) Being born again is not repeating a phrase (“Ask Jesus into your heart”; POOF- you’re saved) like some religions profess.  If that were the case, we’d all be saved, so to speak.  It involves approaching the Spiritual World and developing the facilities that lie dormant within you.  In fact, Robert Bruce’s book, Astral Dynamics is an outstanding resource (Thanks, Robert!).   The NEW eyes and NEW ears are the facilities that one regains through inner development.  What do you think Jesus of Nazareth was doing since age 12 when he was studying with the Essenes?  He was preparing his vessel for the Christ to dwell within Him (i.e. suppress the I/ego) so that He could use His death to bring the Mysteries which were being kept from mankind to light!  If one chooses to become a follower, one will follow the path that HE set- NOT religion!!  How can one become a follower if one chooses ignorance and ritual instead of inner development and a constant striving for wisdom?
3) John 21:25: And there were also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.  Amen.  This might be more important than what is actually presented!  More precisely, the Bible itself does not contain all of the information that it possibly could.  Ergo, other information does exist and it is valid…enter the Gospel of the Essenes.  Those who have an ear recognize where these Truths come from.  Those who suppose that religion is greater than Truth will vehemently deny all that they cannot shoehorn into their constricting views…cha-ching$
13  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / The Mystery of Golgotha on: February 02, 2003, 06:08:33
Gabriel means announcement, annunciation, foretelling.  That is why Archangel Gabriel plays the role of messenger in the Gospels.  Under Gabriel's guidance, spiritual life was ripening in complete stillness, well protected and surrounded like a child in a mother's womb.  In November 1879, in the astral plane, something quite similar to a birth occurred.  What had been maturing since the 14th century could now be carried out into the world.  The reign of Gabriel was replaced by the reign of Archangel Michael.   Michael is the radiating sun, through whom esoteric wisdom illuminates a small human band.  Under Gabriel's guidance, esoteric wisdom remained hidden, while on the physical plane, materialism was developing.  It is not correct to view materialism as something evil, for materialism too is part of the divine creative plan and has a goal and purpose in the cosmic whole.  Now, however, the dark forces of materialism have taken an upper hand, and therefore the time has come for the esoteric sun to shine forth once more under Michael's radiant guidance.
Michael's radiant rule will be replaced in turn by a dark, terrifying age, which will begin around the year 2400.  Even now, coincident with Michael, a dark god has proclaimed his power: Mammon.
For occultists, Mammon is not only the god of money.  Mammon is the leader of all the lower, dark forces.  His troops attack not just the human soul, but the physical bodies as well, devouring and destroying (e.g. bacilli) them.  In the future, they will acquire even more frightening power.
When this dark age approaches, there will be raging quarrels between brothers, and wars between brothers.  Poor human bodies will waste away, prey to dread illnesses and scourges.  The seal of sin will be imprinted most visibly onto the human body.  The another Archangel will appear: Oriphiel.  He is the one who must come to shake humankind, to jolt it through terrible suffering, awakening it to its true vocation.  For this to happen in the right way, however, there must be, starting now, a small handful of human beings capable of spreading esoteric life during the next four to six hundred years.
Anyone who feels the urge to participate in spiritual life under Michael's guidance is called to serve Michael and learn from him.  This is the preparation for service under Oriphiel's terrifying rule.  Sacrifice will be required of those who want to consecrate themselves to spiritual life.  The willingness to put oneself at the service of humanity is the necessary prerequisite from anyone who seeks to receive the spiritual life.
In four to six hundred years, the handful of human beings who are now preparing themselves will be put in the service of Oriphiel, so that humanity can be saved.  If the people who assume the leadership then have not prepared for it by holding their own against the troops of Mammon, they will not be able to play the role assigned to them under Oriphiel.  Then humanity will not be raised from its misery.
But it is when the darkest forces are at their most violent that the brightest light also shines.  Oriphiel has assumed leadership in the past.  The last time was when Christ appeared upon the earth, a period when the worst rottenness and decadence reigned all over the earth.  It took terrible sufferings then for the human race to be jolted forward.  Oriphiel has been called the Archangel of Anger; who purifies humanity with a strong hand.
The story of Christ cracking his whip at the money-changers in the Temple has a deep meaning to it.  At this darkest of times in human history, Christ appeared to save humanity.  Oriphiel's reign ended 104 years later and was replaced by Anael's.  Then came Zachariel, then Raphael.  Raphael reigned at the time of the Renaissance; Gabriel from the 16th century to 1879.  Then Michael assumed leadership.  Around 2400, it will be Oriphael's turn again.  And, just as the last time, the spiritual light will shine but radiantly in the darkness.  Christ will appear again on earth, but in a different form.  Our vocation is to receive Him; to serve Him.
The beings who, as we ascend, are closest to human beings are known in Christian esoterism as Angels, Archangels, and Prime Powers or Prime Beginners - Angeloi, Archangeloi, and Archai.  Archangels reached their human stage of development during the Old Moon period and are at present only as far evolved as humanity will be during its Jupiter phase of evolution.  Hence, Angels are one stage above humans.
If we want to make a comparison between Jehovah and Christ, we would do well to take sunlight and moonlight as an illustration.  What is sunlight; what is moonlight?  They are one and the same and yet very different.Sunlight streams from the sun, but in moonlight it is reflected back by the moon.  In the same way, Christ and Jehovah are one.
Jehovah made himself known to the Hebrew Initiates ins such a way that they realized something they had never, with their ordinary powers of comprehension previously been able to grasp- namely, that Michael was truly the countenance of Jehovah.  Hence the ancient Hebrews spoke of Jehovah-Michael: Jehovah was unapproachable, unattainable by human beings.  Michael was the outer manifestation of Jahve or Jehovah, just as the manifestation of the I in the human being may be recognized in the brow and countenance.
We can therefore say that Jehovah revealed himself through Michael, one of the Archangels.  Knowledge of the Being described above  as Jahve was not confined to the ancient Hebrews, but was far and more widespread.  The last 500 years before the Christian era, we find that throughout this whole period revelation was given through Michael.  This revelation can be discovered in another form in Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, in Greek philosophy, even in the ancient Greek tragedies, during the five centuries before the event of Golgotha.
Christ-Jehovah has been the Being who has accompanied humankind throughout the whole course of evolution.  And during successive epochs, Christ-Jehovah always reveals Himself through different beings of the same rank as Michael.  According to which Beings from the Hierarchy of the Archangels is chosen to be the mediator between Christ-Jehovah and humanity, widely different ideas and conceptions, impulses of feeling, impulses of  will, are revealed to human beings.  The whole period surrounding the Mystery of Golgotha may be described as the Age of Michael, and Michael may be regarded as the messenger of Jehovah.  For the Angels Through his power, Michael poured into humanity what was destined to be imparted at that time.
For the Ages of the different Archangels are repeated; and it is a fact of supreme importance that every such Archangel gives to the Age its fundamental character.  These Archangels are leaders of different nations and peoples, but because they become leaders of particular epochs, and because they were also such leaders in bygone times, they become in a certain sense, leaders of humanity.
As regards to Michael, a change has now taken place.  Michael himself has attained a further stage of development.
What is the Mystery of Golgotha's chief importance?  The fact of supreme importance is that the Being who bears the name of Christ passed through the Mystery of Golgotha and through the gate of death at that time.  Never, throughout the evolution of the earth, will one be able to speak of the Mystery of Golgotha without considering the fact that Christ passed through death- that is the very core of the Mystery...
There is no death for any Being of the higher Hierarchies, except for Christ.  But for a supersensible Being such as Christ to be able to pass through death, that Being must have first descended to earth.  And the fact of immeasurable significance in the Mystery of Golgotha is that a Being who, in the realm of his own will, could never have experienced death, should have descended to the earth in order to undergo an experience inherently with humankind.  Thereby an inner bond was created between earthly humanity and Christ, in that this Christ Being passed through death in order to share His destiny with humankind.  That death was of the greatest possible importance, above all for the present evolutionary period of the earth.  A Being of unique nature, who until then was only cosmic, was united through the Mystery of Golgotha, through Christ's death, with the earth's evolution.  At the time of the Mystery of Golgotha, He entered into the very process of earthly evolution.  This had not been the case before that event for He then belonged to the cosmos alone; but through the Mystery of Golgotha He descended out of the cosmos and was incorporated on earth.  Since then He lives on earth, is united with the earth in such a way that He lives in human souls and experiences earthly life with human beings.
Thus the whole period before the Mystery of Golgotha was only a preparatory period in earthly evolution.  The Mystery of Golgotha imparted to the earth its meaning and purpose.
For three years, after the Baptism in the Jordan, Christ lived in the body of Jesus of Nazareth as a human being among earthly human beings.  This may be called the earthly manifestation of Christ in a physical, human body.  But in what form does he reveal Himself since that time?  No longer in the physical body, for that was given over to the physical earth and is now part of it.  The Christ-Being can now be recognized in a being belonging to the Hierarchy of the Angels.  Just as the Saviour of the world manifested Himself during the three years after the Baptism in a human body - in spite of His sublimity - so, since that time, He manifests Himself directly as an Angel, as a Spiritual Being belonging to the Hierarchical rank immediately above that of humanity.As such, he could always be found by those who were clairvoyant, as such He always united with evolution.  Just as truly as Christ, when incarnated in the body of Jesus of Nazareth, was more than human, so is the Christ Being more than an Angel- that is His outer form only.
But the fact that a mighty, sublime Being descended from the spiritual worlds and dwelt for three years in a human body also includes the fact that during that time this Being Himself progressed a stage further in His development.
When such a Being takes on a human or an angelic form, He Himself progresses.  And it is this that we have indicated in speaking of the evolution of Christ-Jehovah.l  Christ has reached the stage where He reveals Himself henceforth not as a human being, not through His reflection only, not through the name of Jehovah, but directly.  And the great difference in all the teachings and all the wisdom that have streamed into the evolution of the earth since the Mystery of Golgotha, is that through the coming of Michael- the Spirit Michael - to the earth, through his inspiration, human beings could gradually begin to understand all that the Christ-Impulse, all that the Mystery of Golgotha, signifies.  But in that earlier time Michael was the messenger of Jehovah, the reflection of the light of Christ; Michael was not yet the messenger of Christ Himself.
Michael inspired humanity for several centuries, for almost 500 years before the Mystery of Golgotha, as was indicated in the Old Mysteries, by Plato and so forth.  But soon after the Mystery of Golgotha occurred and Christ had united Himself with the evolution of the earth, the direct impulse of Michael ceased.  Michael could no longer inspire humankind.  Nevertheless, human beings continued to be inspired by Michael's companions amongst the Archangels in such a way that much soul-force was received unconsciously through inspiration.
The writers of the Gospel themselves had no clear occult (i.e. beyond the 5 senses) knowledge, for the inspiration of Michael came to an end shortly after the Mystery of Golgotha and the other Archangels, the companions of Michael, could not inspire humanity in such a way as to make the Mystery of Golgotha comprehensible.  This accounts for the divergent inspirations of the various Christian teachings.  Much in these teachings was inspired by the companions of Michael.  That is, the teachings were not inspired by Michael himself, but bear the same relation to his inspirations as the planets do to the mighty sun.
Only now, in our own age, is there again a Michael influence, a direct influence from Michael.  Preparation for this direct inspiration from Michael has been going on since the 16th century.  At that time, it was the Archangel who was closest to Michael who gave humanity the inspiration that led to the great achievements of modern natural science.  This natural science is not attributable to the inspiration of Michael, but to that of his companions, Gabriel.  The tendency of this scientific inspiration is to create a science, a world-picture, connected with the physical brain, that promotes understanding of the material world alone.
Within the last few decades, Michael has taken the place of the Inspirer of science.  And in the next few centuries, Michael will give to the world something that, in a spiritual sense, will be equally important - indeed more important, because more spiritual - immeasurably more important than the physical science which has advanced from stage to stage since the 16th century.  Just as his companion Archangel Gabriel endowed the world with science, so Michael will endow humankind with spiritual knowledge, of which we are now at the beginning.  Just as 500 years before the Mystery of Golgotha, Michael was sent as the messenger of Jehovah, as the reflection of Christ, to sound the keynote of that era, just as he was then still the messenger of Jehovah, so now, in our own epoch, Michael has become the messenger of Christ Himself.  Just as in ancient Hebrew times, which were a direct preparation for the Mystery of Golgotha, the Initiates among the Hebrews could turn to Michael as the outer revelation of Jahve or Jehovah, so we now are able to turn to Michael - who from being the messenger of Jehovah, has become the messenger of Christ - to receive from him during the next few centuries increasing spiritual revelations that will shed more and more light upon the Mystery of Golgotha.  What happened 2000 years ago could be made known to the world only through the various Christian sects and its profundities can be unveiled only in the 20th century, instead of science, spiritual knowledge - our gift from Michael - will come into its own.  This should fill our hearts will deep feelings for spiritual reality in the present time.  We shall be able to realize that within the last few decades, a door has opened through which understanding can enter.
Michael can give us new spiritual light which may be regarded as a transformation of the light that was given through him at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha; and people today can receive that light .  If we can realize this, we can grasp the significance of the new age that is now issuing from our own; we can be aware of the dawn of a spiritual revelation that is to enter into the life of humanity on the earth within the next few centuries.  Indeed, because human beings have become freer than in former times, we shall be able through  our own wills, to progress to the stage where this revelation may be received.
Reference shall now be made to the event in the higher worlds that has led to this altered state of affairs- to this time of a renewal of the Mystery of Golgotha...
Let us remember what has been said- that in the invisible worlds there is no death.  Christ Himself, because he descended to our world, passed through a death similar to that of human beings.  When He again became a spiritual being, He retained the memory of His death; but as a being of the rank of the Angels, in which He continued to manifest Himself outwardly, He could experience only a diminution of consciousness.
Through what, since the 16th century, was a necessity for earthly evolution- namely, the triumph of natural science at ever higher levels - something entered human evolution that was also significant for the invisible worlds.  With the triumph of science,  materialistic and agnostic sentiments of greater intensity than ever before arose in human nature.  There had been materialistic tendencies in earlier times, but not the intense materialism that has prevailed since the 16th century.  Increasingly, human souls who passed through the gates of death into the spiritual worlds bore with them the outcome of the materialistic ideas they had on earth.  After the 16th century, more and more such seeds of earthly materialism were carried over- and these seeds developed in a particular way.
Christ came into the old Hebrew race and was led to His death within it.  The angelic Being who, since then, has been the outer form assumed by Christ, suffered an extinction of consciousness in the course of the intervening 19th centuries as a result of the opposing materialistic forces that had been brought into the spiritual worlds by materialistic human souls who had passed through the gate of death.  This onset of unconsciousness in the spiritual worlds will lead to the resurrection of the Christ-consciousness in the souls of human beings living on earth in the 20th century.  In a certain sense, it may be said that, beginning in the 20th century, the consciousness lost by humanity will rise again for clairvoyant vision.  At first only a few, and then an ever-increasing number of human beings in the 20th century will be capable of perceiving the manifestation of the Etheric Christ- that is to say, Christ in the form of an Angel.  It was for the sake of humanity that what may be called an extinction of consciousness occurred in the worlds immediately above our earthly world, where Christ has been visible in the period between the Mystery of Golgotha and the present day.
At the time of the Mystery of Golgotha something took place in a little known corner of Palestine, something that was the greatest event in the whole of human evolution, but of which little notice was taken by the people of that time.  If such a thing could happen, need we be astonished when we hear what conditions were like during the 19th century, when those who since the 16th century had passed through death and confronted Christ?
Thus Christ-consciousness may be united with the earthly consciousness of humanity from now on into the future; for the dying of the Christ-consciousness in the sphere of the Angels in the 19th century signifies the resurrection of the direct consciousness of Christ- that is to say, Christ's life will be felt in human souls more and more as a direct personal experience from the 20th century onward.
Once the few who could read the signs of the times were able to realize, contemplating the Mystery of Golgotha, that Christ had descended from spiritual worlds to live on the earth and undergo death, so that through His death the substances incorporated into Him might pass into the earth ; in the same way, today, we are able to perceive that in certain worlds  lying immediately behind our own, a sort of spiritual death, a suspension of consciousness, took place.  This was a renewal of the Mystery of Golgotha, in order to bring about an awakening of the previously hidden Christ-consciousness within human souls on earth.
Since the Mystery of Golgotha, many human beings have been able to proclaim the Name of Christ, and from the 20th century onwards an ever-increasing number will be able to make known the knowledge of the Christ that is given in Anthroposophy.  Out of their own experience they will be able to proclaim Him.
Twice already Christ has been crucified: once physically, in the physical world at the beginning of our era, and a second time spiritual, in the 19th century, in the way described above.  It could be said that humanity experienced the resurrection of His body in that former time and will experience resurrection of His consciousness from the 20th century onward.
These indications will gradually make their way into human souls, and the mediator, the messenger, will be Michael, who is now the ambassador of Christ.  Just as he once led human souls towards an understanding of Christ's life descending from earth, so he is now preparing humankind to experience the emergence of Christ-consciousness from the realm of the unknown into the realm of the known.  And just as the time of Christ's earthly life the greater number of Christ's contemporaries were incapable of believing what a stupendous event had taken place in earthly evolution, so, in our own day the outer world is striving to increase the power of materialism, and will continue for a long time to regard what has been spoken of today as so much fantasy, dreaming, and perhaps even outright folly.
14  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / 666 on: September 13, 2003, 00:53:25
Originally posted by Hephaestus

Originally posted by DjM

Originally posted by Hephaestus

A credit card called VISA is what the 666 refers to.

VI is 6 in Roman Numerals
S was six in Ancient Egypt
A was 6 in Sanskrit

One can lead a horse to water, but one cannot make 'em drink.  AND, one can send a kid an esoteric link, but one cannot make' em THINK!

What in Gods name are you talking about? This is a topic on the 666 rubbish from the Bible - therefore I have given one of the ideas thats going around of what it could mean (mainly what I reckon is one of the more possible meanings), if you dont like it then dont read it.
I'd like to know why you find it so difficult to understand there is nothing wrong with surfing the world wide web and 'reading' other peoples thoughts, and ideas and relaying those ideas yourself elsewhere.
Its called communication.

My apologies.  I appreciate opinions and din't realize that there was validity to this, initially. [:I]

FYI: most corporate names, etc... were derived from the Mysteries...unknown to the public, of course.  My original post was pointing at the actual meaning of this symbol and how/why it is written as it is.  It appears as though the name "Visa" is another handle for the same truth.

Thanks for the info. [Smiley]
15  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Be warned: The spirit-war is well underway... on: September 12, 2003, 17:24:19
Originally posted by Narrow Path
The question you have to ask yourself is.....

Who am I fighting for?

Narrow minded:

Ask the right questions, get the right answers.  

The question that you should ask yourself is: what have I done in my life (i.e. study, etc...) that warrants a correct understanding of a spiritual book?  After all, you reap what you sow.  If ignorance is what you have sown, it is ignorance that you will reap...spreading it around only makes you responsible for leading others the wrong direction.

Spiritual matters are not to be trivialized and assumed understood through simple reading.  Strong sentiments and dim feelings are are NOT the basis for understanding.

Speaking in Christ's name from the standpoint of ignorance is NOT the narrow path; it's disrespectful.
16  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / The Neverending Thread (was SATAN DECEIVES YOU) on: September 12, 2003, 06:26:01

Originally posted by Narrow Path
Just for the record: I embrace the prerogative to be wrong.

Personally, I do not "embrace the priviledge" to be wrong concerning spiritual issues.  However, it's your perogative.


The Truth is the Truth and does not change. With a mind blinded by sin, the light is impossible to tell from the darkness unless there is a renewing of your mind from the Holy Spirit.

The truth is eternal.  We never stop seeking the truth.  With a mind blinded by predjudice, there can be no light- period.  One must be "like the child" who does not hold jaded views.  Everything in the spiritual world is ever-changing.  The opposite is death, which you described quite well.


One thing I have noticed for those claiming to be Truth seekers in this day and age is the overwhelming stench of uncertainty.

Are you sure?  I AM quite certain that I AM a truth seeker.


In Christ the search ends.

In Christ the search BEGINS...


The Truth yesterday is not the same Truth today for those that are not in the Body of Christ. The twin towers of moral relativism and self worship are all too evident in this forum, and this country as a whole.

Have you always felt this way?


Since we have an "expert" in Beth here I am interested what your basic epistemological views are?

Why are you mocking someone who moves toward understanding, when you do not?

Your ego/I appears to need to compare other people's views to your own and condemn them if they don't match your own.  What a curiosity?  We're all at different levels of spiritual development, so there will always be a variance.


Beth, do you believe in Objective Truth?

This should help me limit the topic we are discussing.


It's quite obvious that we are helping you.  You certainly deserve a lot of help.  Its interesting to note that your ego believes this thread is to "help you limit the topic we are discussing."  You certainly have placed limitations on us all.

17  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / The Neverending Thread (was SATAN DECEIVES YOU) on: September 12, 2003, 05:34:57
Originally posted by Beth

DjM, your posts are very close to being correct as I have come to understand Christianity so far.  I agree with where you are going with all of this.  But, I must beg to differ with a few things.  

Evolution progresses via diferentiation.


First, it is "Knowledge" that is first and foremost necessary for all understanding.  It IS enough—it is all we have to go on.  Without knowledge, we all fall into error (see paragraph #1 for a common example.)  I cannot speak for you, but, from reading the rest of your posts, I think that a clarification on “knowledge” could be made.

This is a world of constant change.  Knowledge becomes obsolete (i.e. fleeting).  It is true, we must acquire knowledge to build on.  However, we must strive for WISDOM and not knowledge, per se.

Without morality, our world will crumble.  Morality can ONLY be acquired after the culmination of a long striving for WISDOM.  If we could teach wisdom, we'd all be wise.  The truth is: without wisdom, we all fall into error.  Personally, I'll trade knowledge for wisdom any day!  If one understands what we take through the gates of death, one would certainly concur.

Our current state of evolution will not enable us to understand it all- simply put.  Science presents the knowledge of the day devoid of spirit.  Ergo, we are far from the truth.  However, they are still presenting KNOWLEDGE.  This is not wise...

There are many levels of and ways to acquire knowledge.  One is to take the knowledge that has been compiled before us and learn all that we can from it.  This is the starting point.

If this knowledge does not incorporate the spirit, it is incomplete and incorrect.  One cannot understand the world of effects, unless one studies the world of causes.

Much of the knowledge that has been passed on is void of the spirit.  (I'll leave the details up to you.)  The spiritual scientist understand where/how these bits exist and knows how to fix them.


Then there is a more personal knowledge.  This personal knowledge is acquired on an individual basis.  Knowledge of this type ranges anywhere from the conclusions that are drawn from studying the knowledge of others all the way to receiving personal revelations.

The life we live between birth and death is a continuation of the life between death and rebirth.  We're here for the experience.  One must be careful when one accepts the conclusions drawn from others.  Science makes these mistakes all the time.


And yes, DjM, the mystery schools did thrive on this latter form of knowledge.  BUT, before initiates were allowed to learn the ways of acquiring such “higher” knowledge, many years of education were required, and a strong moral fiber must have been formed within.  

I have been well taught and am quite aware of exactly what's required of an initiate (hint, hint).


You are also correct when you say that the esoteric keys are necessary to understand the scriptures.  I have at least a few of these keys that I can share with you.  BUT, I WILL NOT share these in a forum that has the argumentative and negative tone of this one.  

Personally, I will not share them at all.  These keys are only to be gotten by degrees.  The Mysteries were betrayed in Atlantis!  The definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over...


I will not use the knowledge that I have in a heated argument about the validity of the current interpretation of Christianity.  And that is all that it is--One interpretation—albeit one that has been well hammered out on the anvil of time.  That interpretation needs no more seeking and no more answers.  All has been found for that one and as far as I am concerned, the book is closed.  Apparently it serves it’s believers well enough.

I will use the understanding that I have earned for the benefit of mankind.  The truth is eternal.  We never stop seeking the truth.

All religions have been necessary.  It would be incorrect to claim that one's own religion is superior to another.  However, there is no religion greather than truth.


I am much more interested in participating in a discussion about different ways to interpret scripture.

The Gospels are a perfect example of different ways to interpret the truth.  More precisely, each apostle was an initiate of a varying degree.  So, we have each initiate's opinion according to their understanding.

The truth holds many answers.  However, "interpretations" are usually singular.  More specifially,  the authors usually had one interpreation in mind that pointed at an understanding that revealed many answers.


  And here is where I must disagree with you again DjM.  Going back to the “beginning” or the “age of Saturn” (whenever that was) is fine, but I would like to know exactly what you mean here. Maybe you could share with us the texts that you speak of.

Surely, you are aware of the Saturn , Sun, Moon, Earth, etc... periods of human evolution?  Without out this "key," one cannot claim to understand our present stage of evolution, which explains the necessity of religion.


   It was my suggestion to begin with 300 b.c.e.  This date is just a good starting point.  This period is also based upon my own years of study, and I have found that we can learn A LOT from going “back over” the period of 300 b.c.e to 300 c.e.  There is so much history and background material for the development of both Judaism and Christianity that is little known to our society because it was later ignored and not canonized.

I see.  Would it not be more correct to begin with the first religion and discuss how/why it came about?  The periods that you mention would then reflect their own necessity.

It's a curiosity to me that you never mention the most important aspect of all- the ever-changing constitution of man!  It is religion that has been adapted for man and not the other way around.  One must understand how/why mankind has changed through each period in order to understand how/why religion has changed.
18  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / Disadvantages of Christ Allegiance on: September 12, 2003, 04:32:31
Originally posted by Narrow Path

Being that most here prescribed to the Universalist/Perrenial facade of many paths leading to God........

Why shouldn't they?  Perhaps, your understanding hasn't caught up, yet?


What is the disadvantage to following Christ and living by His standard? I mean it is not that you think that He is a bad guy right? In fact you yourselves have no real idea as to there even being One True Way to God.

Jesus was an Essene and so were his parents- Joseph and Sophia.  Can you list what the standards were for an Essene?  I challenge you to tell us one thing about Jesus that is NOT a historical reference.

FYI: the good/bad guy approach is insulting to us and Jesus.  You make the appearance as though you're selling used cars or something- very disrespectful!


Also most here are even under the notion that He exists and I have heard many say they saw Him in the Astral.

Being that He's only coming to the PHYSICAL world once, this makes perfect sense.  You're not seriously waiting on His coming on a PHYSICAL cloud, are you?  If so, you might be left behind!


So far I have gathered from you guys that

FYI: there are girls here, too.  (Please be considerate- thank you.)


1. All paths lead to God
2. Christ exists
3. Good and evil exist
4. You try to be good and get better for yourself and fellow man

...and who could blame us?


So why not try and follow Christ.

C'mon, dummy up!  We are following.  You're the one who is stuck in the worship phase so boldly that you condemn the rest who aren't doing what you're doing the way you're doing it...shame and a sin.


His credentials as a "Master" are pretty good right.

Actually, Jesus of Nazareth is considered to be the world's greatest initiate.  YOU appear to be one of the few on this site who does not understand what that means.

FYI: to be so demonstrably underdeveloped yourself and point at Jesus as being "pretty good," is outright disrespectful.

One cannot help another who is stuck in the mud, if one is stuck in the mud, too.

Dude, take the advice of Jesus- seek wisdom!


I mean you even have a few claims that surpass any other religious founder....

1. Claimed to be God
2. Claimed to be the exclusive Way to God
3. Claimed to live a Perfect Life
4. Performed Miracles
5. Was in opposition to "evil"
6. Raised from the dead....just to name a few

What is one who attempts to deceive others in the name of Christ?  I can see right through you, pal.  Stop it!  If you do not possess the wisdom to speak to people righteously, then you should not speak.


So gathering this info what is some DISADVANTAGES of just having a little faith in Christ? Why not just keep on projecting but consider Him you "Spirit Guide" and try to get to know Him? I am sure that most here are not under the impression that He means you harm....

At some point in one's development, FAITH is not enough.  More precisely, we must grow beyond FAITH.  Obviosuly, you're still working on this.

FYI: you might make a better point if you possessed understanding and accumulated a little wisdom.  After all, didn't Jesus prescribe this?  He did.



What are the disadvantages here?
And what are the advantages?

Thank You

It's difficult to take you seriously.  You're a cheerleader for dogma; the Devil's helper. [}:)]Insert  

I appreciate your devotion, however, your sentiments are entirely off the wall!  If you were as sincere as you profess, your understanding would be in line with the truth.  However, it's obvious that you have not grown UP, yet.  The fact that you represent the Word as you do is completely disrespectful to others and to the Word...shame and a sin.  Interpreting a spiritual book materialisticaly will only lead one into error...
19  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / 666 on: September 12, 2003, 03:43:44
Originally posted by Hephaestus

A credit card called VISA is what the 666 refers to.

VI is 6 in Roman Numerals
S was six in Ancient Egypt
A was 6 in Sanskrit

One can lead a horse to water, but one cannot make 'em drink.  AND, one can send a kid an esoteric link, but one cannot make' em THINK!
20  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / 666 on: September 12, 2003, 03:40:31
Originally posted by beavis

"333 BC
333 AD

There is no year 0! The time interval is 665 years.

Your misinterpretation depicts why it is necessary to acquire real learning by degrees and not by links.
21  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Be warned: The spirit-war is well underway... on: September 12, 2003, 03:23:50

Originally posted by EnderWiggin

I am sure you all have seen the terrible things happening in the world. I cannot deny that this is due to a great spirit-war taking place. It exists even within these forums.

Yeah, there is good and is above, so is below.  Why does this surprise you?

IGNORANCE is the enemy- not this person or that person.  I would be very curious to learn what you know about the "great spirit war."  May I assume that you have studied the world of causes and possess understanding?


MARK MY WORDS: Hostility is on the rise. Even here. There are people here who are going to verbally attack me for this. That's nice, I don't care.

This makes perfect sense if one understands where we are in human evolution.  If one doesn''s like trying to shovel smoke with a pitch fork in the wind!


Opinions prove nothing, insults solve nothing.

I love opinions!  It's sentimets that are worthless and most people don't appear to know the difference.  They wouldn't trade pennies for dollars, but they're willing to trade sentiments for opinions.  What a curiosity?


 If you give in to temptations to insult others, you're losing a battle. All a part of the war. Watch what you say... watch what you do... Demons and negs are everywhere, and they intend to make you believe in illusions that will cause us to hurt one another in one way or another. They are attracted to anger and fear. They are attracted to mankind's systems and ways- what better weakness of humanity can they use to control and manipulate us? It is these patterns that make us so predictable and weak.

Your sentiments are baseless.  We are responsible for what we say.  Why are you intent on spreading fear?  Shame and a sin...


Allanon already pointed this out- Why the hell is nobody addressing the spirit-war when it is all around us?

Mr Allanon doesn't posses the keys to understand the Holy Bible.  He constantly misinterprets and misplaces arbitrary Bible quotes as though he possess understanding.  He is responsible for his misleading others.  A materialistsic reading of a spiritual book is completely inconsistent.  Inconsistency is the root of confusion.

 It's just like in WWII when the Nazis were torturing and killing everyone they hated and nobody said anything. 6 MILLION JEWS were killed (not to mention many more people of other races, creeds, ethnicities, and cultures). I think this is something that needs to be addressed: THEY ARE OUT THERE, AND THEY ARE FIGHTING. The spirits are fighting, and I can feel it. I just know. I don't THINK. I KNOW. This is a very big, all-encompassing war. There is no part of the astral that is safe, save Heaven (which is not so much the astral as it is another realm).

You just know, hugh?  More sentiments!  You claim that no part of the astral is safe and then claim that Heaven is...get your directions straight.  FYI: there are 7 layers to the desire world.  The top 3 portions are the Heavenly layers; the bottom 3 layers are what we term "Hell."  This is ridiculous!  How about putting your time in and getting it right before you throw baseless sentiments around the world to scare people.  Yikes!


Please forgive me for using Christian terms, but I want to get this out quickly.

So, you're just going to throw your sentiments out to the world?  This is completely disrespectful toward the Word of God.  It appears as though you are more interested in being heard than taking the time to write correctly.  FYI: one tells a tree by the fruit.


Goingslow being banned is just one small part of one small battle of this war. There is only one way out: stop following systems of mankind. They don't work, plain and simple. No government will work, no church, no internet, no computer is safe.

It appears that you are an underdevloped soul.  Your solution toward the evolution of mankind appears to be: Stop everything.  FYI: that which does not move upwards will degenerate- this is what "salvation" is all about.

Why do you wish to deter evolution?  Are you overwhelmed by it all?  Perhaps, you should take the time to study human evolution well enough to understand it BEFORE you decide to tear it down?  It's as though you are an enemy of mankind...


They start off open and accepting, and over time are forced to become narrowed down, and then they collapes in on themselves. Those who followed those systems then find themselves lost and confused, because they relied on those systems. There are very few operating systems that exist in the world, the two biggest being Macintosh and Microsoft. Microsoft is the operating SYSTEM used by the government, and is constantly being hacked into by little 15-year-old computer whizzes. Feel safe from the terrorists now? The reason there is so much turmoil is because people refuse to follow nature. You can only save yourself. I can only post this here to try to warn people, but nobody is going to listen to me. Do I not have an argument when I say that systems do not work?

This paragraph represents absolute stupidity!  Are you on drugs?

Look at time. Time flows, and is ever-changing and formless. It is the one thing nobody can ever destroy. Things in time that are rigid and structured are destroyed sooner or later. Look at all the past worlds- Atlantis, Egypt, etc. Where are those societies today? They are lost, because of their systems.

Yes, everything in form degenerates.  You finally got something right.  However, your application is incomplete and incorrect.

Of course the societies from the past are gone!  Dugh!!!  Your statement lacks any kind of coherent understanding whatsoever.  Stop taking drugs, dude.


On a side note: I know not everyone agrees with Allanon's views and are sick of him spewing bible quotes, but I think there is some validity in certain things he says. He puts his bible quotes in bold letters, so it's not that hard to skip over it if you don't want to read it. On the other hand, it is interesting to see how it relates to what he is saying.

Mr Allanon has yet to present a Bible quote properly.  Am I supposed to be impressed that he uses a bold font?  This is blatent materialism, which is the root of the problem.

It is more interesting to note how far someone can be from the truth and be so bold about their claims.  It's quite sad, really.


On another side note: Don't dwell on the war, but know that it is going on. Don't dwell on evil, but know that you're going to have to deal with it sooner or later. Be prepared. As soon as you think you understand reality, it changes. Don't follow systems, governments, etc. They will lead you nowhere. They only exist to control and manipulate people into depending on them.

It's this kind of nonsense that people fear the most!  Your ignorance attempts to mislead people into total anarchy.  The systems that you wish to destroy are the best we can do at this point in our evolution.  Your solution leads to nowhere.


Anyway, we're all gonna die. See you later.

Yes, death is certain.  Why are you so surprised?  One would be better served by pursuing an understanding of death and how it relates to life.  Your solutions have death written all over them.

"The more I die, the better I live."  Maybe someday, you'll understand this?  I used a BOLD font so that it's not hard to skip over...impressive, hugh?
22  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / The Neverending Thread (was SATAN DECEIVES YOU) on: September 10, 2003, 05:20:59
Originally posted by Robert Bruce

First and foremost, please do not think that this topic and the ones that will surely follow are designed to attack the bible or any religious beliefs. They are not.  

This, of course can only be true.  The astral body (with the ego/I) of EVERY human being separates from the etheric and physical bodies when we sleep.  The Lord's prayer mentions these bodies specifically!


As I have said a few times here, this turn of events is in response to the attacks of christian fundamentalists on everyone who does not believe exactly as they do. But the field of debate took an interesting turn and has spread to the point where we need more reliable sources of information than hearsay or quick web searches can provide.

The most reliable source is validation via one's own experience(s).  This is what spiritual development is all about.  It would be incorrect to  expect that if one presents a matter logically, others will accept it.  Unfortunately, people's preferences will decide for them.  People's minds are like cement- all mixed up and permanently set!


The whole idea of what is to come is to show the truth, not to argue bible text. Beth is not coming here to argue with anyone.  She is coming here to teach and share and debate the truth about religious history. In particular, she will be covering the period from 300 bce to 300 ce, but she will also cover from middle ages to modern times.

The way the Mystery Schools have always taught the truth is via validation.  This required that the students progress (by degrees) on a path of spiritual development.  One cannot show the truth to one any more than one can teach morality...else we'd all be moral.

The periods that you listed are not appropriate!  In order to understand evolution and religions, one must start from the beginning (i.e. The Saturn period) and move through each phase.  Anything less than this would be incomplete and incorrect.


The reason I asked Beth to participate in this area is because it is such a complex topic and no one here, including myself, has the knowlege to deal with the origins and history of the bible. A great deal of the history of the bible is clouded. If you give her a chance, Beth will remove many of those clouds. And of course, given Beth's academic level, you can expect accurate referencing. We are honored to have Beth's participation.

Knowledge is insufficient.  We must seek to acquire WISDOM, as the acquisition of wisdom leads to morality, which the human race would surely crumble without.  Academic institutions do not teach wisdom; the school of life teaches wisdom- that's why we're here.

It is true, we must approach everything with an open mind.  However, it is also true that Theology is insufficient.  

Presenting trivial questions/answers simply trivializes the subject.  As you know, spiritual matters are not to be trivialized.


Please do not think that Beth will come stomping in here matching bible quote for bible quote. This would be circular, unproductive and thus will never happen.  But if you want intelligent, accurate and informative discussion on the history of these matters, then Beth is your girl.

Without the occult keys, this spiritual book simply cannot be understood.  Most (i.e. certainly not all) of the people who come to the Astral Pulse do not approach spiritual matters seriously enough to warrant understanding.  Herein lies the root of the problem.  Question and answer periods should only be used to sporn amazement and wonder, which are the keys to learning.  If one is simply looking for a "quick fix" and/or simple answers to simple questions, real learning will not take place.

We are now in a stage of development within our evolution which requires that these matters be presented to the intellect and the spiritual organs.  Unfortunately, people normally choose not to think.  When they do, they apply a materialistic mode of thought toward spiritual matters, which can only lead to more misunderstanding.

This site should be viewed as an appetizer for real learning and not a substitute.  However, people are getting used to the "throw out a question; give me an answer; now I know what you know" mode, which is quite deceiving.  If a senior in high school informs a 7th grader what they learned for the day, it does not make the 7th grader a high school student.

One must also have the occult keys that explain history correctly.  It is not sufficient to present history in a classical sense.  There are countless instances of history being intentionally mis-marked to throw off the materialist.  The occult students learn where these instances exist and how to correct them to understand properly.
23  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / The Neverending Thread (was SATAN DECEIVES YOU) on: September 10, 2003, 04:09:33
Originally posted by Narrow Path

Just One question for you.






Allanon/Narrow Path/What's Next,

The 10 commandements were written for the Jews.  Moses was an initiate.  His vision was a "first set of truths" toward greater truths to come.  More specifically, these 10 commandments are baby steps toward a greater understanding that we are not able to comprehend in our current state.  The human race had just developed intellect and the ego was running wild, as the training wheels had come off (i.e. Angels were no longer doing it for us; we now have to do it ourselves).  [^]

Christ took 42 bits from the Sacred Writings and combined them into the Lord's Prayer.  The Lord's Prayer mentions the 4 lower bodies (physical; etheric; astral; and ego/I) along with the 3 higher bodies.  You are speaking against what the Lord spoke for!  [B)]Insert

ALL religions have a place.  They were all intended.  Your call to arms is inappropriate.  The greatest force in the world is a mind focussed on peace- not war!  [Smiley]

Until you understand human evoltion, you will most likely be living in fear, which leads to hate.  Hate will produce stupidity in future incarnations.  FYI: Jesus mentions rebirth in the Bible, but informs his disciples that the time is inappropriate for its divulgence.  Surely, you are aware that Jesus taught a different lesson to his disciples than he taught to the masses?  I would guess that someone with your devotion, would be interested in the more esoteric teachings (i.e. hidden).  However, devotion and mere sentiments are NOT the tools for teaching.  It is sinful to present the Word incorrectly!  [}:)]Insert
24  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / The Neverending Thread (was SATAN DECEIVES YOU) on: September 10, 2003, 03:34:36
Allanon/Narrow Path:

Every night that you sleep, your astral body and ego/I leave your body!  In fact, the astral body is mentioned explicitly in the Lord's Prayer.  It is hoped that we develop our lower members.  You are telling people the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing!  [}:)]Insert

Can we get an exorcism over here (i.e. in World Religions) for our friend, Allan.  Thank you!  Don't worry, pal- we got you covered.[Wink]
25  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / Narrow Path on: September 10, 2003, 03:19:52
Originally posted by LA FORET MAUVE

Allanon, i would like you to explain your personnal explanation of those quotes, please.

I concur, La Foret Mauve.  Unless one is able to bring wisdom to life, it's useless.

According to Christian Theology, there are three audiences for the Bible: 1) the Jews; 2) the Christians; 3) the church.  It's imperative that one know what verse is being spoken to which audience.  This is usually done incorrectly...shame and a sin.

Misapplication and misinterpretation are two of the most common mistakes that Bible quoters make.  Most of them don't even know that the 10 Commandments were intended for the Jews!

P.S.  thanks for sharing his new alias (LoL) [Wink]
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