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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / What's going on? on: October 26, 2017, 02:10:42
I was having a dream I was at my sisters house sleeping on a chair, I figured, why bother waking up yet, I'm getting back sleep and can eat later. I could feel the sleeping sensation of my body, and I remembered I was asleep and not wanting to get up yet. I became aware I was actually sleeping. I could feel my body, and had the familiar sensations that I could roll out, i wasn't sure if id roll out of bed for real, or just in astral form, but i figured i was in such deep sleep my astral form would probably roll out when i did it.

I rolled out of my body, crawled a distance away, and opened my eyes, i saw two visions at once, my dark ceiling as if i was looking up at it in my room, like i opened my real eyes and was seeing astrally also, although likely i was resting on my stomach or side, and probably wouldn't be looking at the ceiling but be looking at my curtain or closet. I don't actually recall in what position i ended up actually waking up in.

So i relaxed, i figured i was still in my body and probably opened my real eyes, i was still tired & in that sleepy state I figured I could still do it. so i rolled out again. For some reason i was naked so i covered with a blanket just incase i was awake, i wouldn't want anyone to wonder why some weirdo is walking around without clothes. i went outside and notice i was in the yard of my old house. I actually moved twice since then, and I'm pretty sure almost every time i project i end up back at this place. Its where i had my first ap as well as the bulk of all my experiences. Anyway, I knew then i was projecting, but also that I wasn't at my new place. i still didn't want to be naked if i met anyone anyway so i kept the blanket on.

I wondered if maybe there were people living in my old house now, maybe i was actually at the location. so i got up higher and tried to see if anyone was there, but i couldn't see anyone. I went back down and decided to enjoy the sensation of my projection, there was christmas lights all over and snow on the ground, i cant recall perfectly but i do believe i picked it up and played with the snow and also rolled in it. i wondered if i really was at my old place, but i probably wasn't, likely no one has put out Christmas lights, and actually there usually never is Christmas lights in this area when they do,  and it probably hasn't snowed yet either. I noticed a man walking by and decided to throw a snow ball at him to see how he reacted, it was difficult to throw and I didn't throw it far enough, so it landed in front of him, he laughed at me and said, "what are you doing trying to pull a trick?" I said yes, and he threw a snow ball a bit in front of himself against some pavement as if at someone who wasn't there, but maybe was there in another reality.
"You missed me!" I said, he smiled at me like it was on purpose. I decide to follow him, he goes to a yard full of people, it looks like they are celebrating, making some good food and hanging out. I ask, "do you mind if i join you guys?" He's very friendly and says its alright, so I go into the yard. Before I can interact with anyone i wake up, I notice the change in the feeling in my body like i probably couldn't project again, i probably wasn't in that level deep enough of sleep anymore.

I wonder, why when i project do i return to this location? Where, when, or what is this location? Am i lucid dreaming or projecting? Are they the same thing? What does this experience mean?

2  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I thought I was Jesus!! on: August 10, 2017, 20:25:05
Realize what that means though.  If everyone can be their "own version" of Jesus, then Jesus doesn't exist and all that you want Jesus to be is actually already a part of you.
So just skip the middleman and grab hold of that power within you which you already have and run with it.  Smiley

Whether or not humans have 'divine' powers or if Jesus existed, is existing, or will exist, is beyond what I can display, or prove at this time. But, being the best version of myself is surely divine to me, it has inspired, brought great love, big smiles, and laughter to others. To me, that is a holy, mystical, Messiah-like experience. It truly changes the world and lifts up lives. That's what Jesus is about, no?
3  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Automatic thoughts on: August 10, 2017, 07:43:27
I get this too.
I distract myself, or practice psyche (soul/spirit/mind) healing, the more I resist them, fight them, or the more attention I give them the worse it gets, the only helpful form of fighting or attention is the kind directed at defeating or resolving them on a psyche (spirit/soul) or psychological level.

 Have you sought spirit animals? Have you tried energy extraction or soul retrieval?
Are you able to focus on other things in your life and is there times they are not on your mind?
Could they be linked to a trauma, belief system, or internal deficiency (depression, anger, insomnia, anxiety, diet, lifestyle, meaningful relationships, happiness meaning ect your life)?
4  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: existence. on: August 10, 2017, 07:31:40
Existence is a curious thing no?
Sometimes I will deprive myself of food or sleep trying to figure out the universe. Sometimes I have moments I feel like I've grasped something. Have you grasped anything?
I need to eat & sleep eventually, at least that is what my body tells me. I comply and feel better, and can focus again. But sometimes taking advantage of the inspired moment is more important. How many times have I lost a poem because I didn't write the first lines when they came to me? I think the universe is a beautiful place, awake & asleep. Both feel intense, sometimes one more than the other, no? It's important to make the most of both, no?

5  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I thought I was Jesus!! on: August 10, 2017, 07:24:16
I was too lazy to read the other posts. I just want to say everyone can be their own version of Jesus, their own unique Messiah and blessing to the world only they can be.

6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / The Pillar Of Light on: January 31, 2017, 18:15:03
i had realized i was dreaming and decided to astral project.

I began walking and noticed I was by a street outside my house (which I have projected to.... 10000 times).

my initial reaction was ugh.. this.. again... whhyyy??

there is this one point im trying to fly but struggling, i start to think about being weightless and flying being effortless, still i'm going up and falling back down so i just give up and decide to just go with ze flow.

I decide just to be open to whatever, so i start going down the path. I'm thinking about how going down this street is like moving through my life and that I'm going to see my future.

Well I notice this giant beam of light in the sky, like a giant vertical glowing pillar.

I can't remember if it was blue, light yellow, white, purple, green, or pink. but i fly basically, effortlessly towards it.

this is where my memory is hazy but I'll write how i recall (even though it might not be exactly what happened)

I sort of fly above the pillar, and it enters my eyes,
as if there were a puddle and i put my face into it.

Inside the pillar i have a sort of vision and at least, in my mind I deem it to be 'my future'.

In the pillar i am watching myself doing some action, but with strange tools. somehow i interpret this to mean exploring spirituality and self-discovery, in my memory what i see is a circle,

and inside the circle there are little bits,

and I'm touching then with a tool and they are turning into a rainbow liquid and going all over the place.

Not bad, progress. Smiley

Thanks everyone! <3

7  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Flying, But Actually Laying Down on: January 13, 2017, 18:33:38
Can anyone help me interpret this projection or tell me their thoughts on it?

I was trying to fly but, kept falling/being pulled down.... As always.. Forever and always.. Grounded.

I then thought to myself,

"It makes no difference if I'm flying, I'm actually laying down anyway."

And then it was like,

I was flying a little, (5 feet off the ground?)

But i was actually laying on the ground,

Just watching myself pretend to fly ( i was seeing myself fly but actually on the ground).

What even?
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Disturbing/Gross Astral Projection After Long Time Without Them on: November 03, 2016, 02:18:06
[Ya this one is pretty gross so if that's gonna disturb you don't read it... That's my warning... Lol.]

After battling... ?! 7 years with a negative thought form, finally got rid of that and now socialing with a positive thought form! Who is very astral-projection possitive, and I feel is partly responsible for helping me start projecting again. (Both thought-forms were like, split personalities/tuplas)

Anyway, on to the weird experience...

I woke up (for real) around noon, but was still tired (was up until 2am last night), so I went back to sleep.

In this dream, I had thought I woke up again, however felt as though I was really droggy or still dreaming, however, I went downstairs, and my whole family was there, to celebrate my nieces birthday, and made me feel as if this wans't a dream.

I went to say happy birthday to my niece, but I scared her and she started crying.

I approached my older niece who was really upset and crying, and she said, "I found your bag of weed that fell out."

I, feeling really bad apolagized and went to my sister, and said, "She just found my weed should we explain it to her?" and she got very mad with me and said, "Absolutely not she's far too young."

My nephew on the other hand was oblvious and content.

But some how all this suddenly made me realize huh, this is a dream.

Realizing this, I shrugged this off, and went outside. I figured I was "already projecting" so there was no need to attempt an exit (though in some cases I would have attempted an exit at this point.)

So I went outside and started making my way to the park, but then I stopped myself thinking, "I project here every time I want to try something else."

So I left this area, and, becoming bored wandering around my town, I noticed a dog at the entrance of my old school. Figuring this would be interesting or maybe some kind of guide, I decide to follow him, though, I feel slightly scared that a "fear test" may be involved, so I brace myself for this and expect that, it's just a dream and I won't get hurt anyway.

I follow him inside the school, we come to a part that stairs lead downwards into a foyay and into two halls of different dirrections. In this foyyay is a human, I thought he wanted to aid me but instead, he points to a dog that is beside the one I was following, but who is smaller and more orange looking. The other dog goes to him and they leave, and I continue to follow my other animal friend.

He leads me into a bathroom, where I find a note inside an urinal (really gross).

Well, I read it (this note is kinda wet and nasty), and the letters look half completed, but as i read them, their message changes without distorting the letters. I remember some of the messages were non-sense and the first one I can't entirely remember, but the messages I do remember are, "pervert."
"we are all one."

After this I turn around and see there are notes in all the other unrinals, but I'm not interested in reading them. Suddenly, I wet myself (ugh lol) and worried I may have wet myself in real life, I woke slightly and felt releaved my actual pants weren't soiled (unlike my dreams ones), but this ended up waking me up.

So, bascially I wake up just feeling disturbed. But happy I've had my first projection in a long time. Wow... Lol.

[Questions: 1) wtf? lol 2) was an exit nesisary, was I projecting or is this really lucid dreaming and what really is the difference anyway? how are we sure projections aren't lucid dreams anyway? 3) wtf again? (I'm also open to dream interpretations) Thanks!]

:I went back to sleep after this, because I was still tired and figured since I'm sick (bladder & mouth infection) I should get more sleep. Unless you are interesting in my following dream you don't need to bother reading it:

After going back to sleep I had another dream I was bart simpson, I can't remember all parts of the dream (some parts involved building sim homes cause I've been playing that too much, and building them close to the ground because a teacher told me time goes slower closer to the earth), but at the end of the dream, I was in a school high off the ground/in a tree or something spraying my friend on the ground with a apple cider vinigar hose (but this friend was just a halusination cause apparently I was schizophremic) and when marge was looking at me she was like "bart why are sprying that all over the ground?" and all she saw was me spraying a fire hidren with a hat on it and laughing manically. Oh ya and prior too this friend wanted to be presidant, lead the world, help people or something.
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Awful Astral Expiriences, help? on: November 13, 2015, 12:17:10
I finally was able to astral project last night, and had a remarkable 3 in a row,
But each were absolutely awful! Everything I tried to do wouldnt work out, the entire expirience was frustrating, disappointing, and made me lose a lot of enjoyment involving astral travel.

I tried to go to space, and kept falling, I tried to meet any kind of spirit guides, and it failed terribly. I got so angry trying to fly. I know that they respond to the mind, and i was expecting i could do it, because i was doing it before! i have no idea why im falling again ):

So i gave up on that because i started waking up, then started another projection, and decided id try finding any guidance but found myself wondering around the park outside my house without any luck until i started  to wake up again, so i induced a 3rd projection and (stupidly) tried flying again, and same results >_< its like i have zero control, and the astral realm is completely boring and has nothing to do or offer. I feel completely abandoned and like the astral realm is fighting against me. I just feel powerless and like it's all so pointless.. I have no control at all... Every little thing is so mich energy & so hard to do & ends up not working out...
Its all so hard!!  Ugh im so frustrated T_T and at the time i was calm & confidient & everything & it still didnt work!!
Im having such a hard time & such poor experiences Sad
Any advice?
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / The sky is... Broken..?! on: October 25, 2015, 23:56:39
I began projecting usually again,
My goal has been to explore outer space & other worlds... The astral realm had other ideas in mind.

This morning, I was having difficultly flying into the sky - So I decided to try a method I read in a book, and decided to "pull myself" toward the sun. It worked very well. As I got closer, the rest of the realm began to fade into darkness - I wondered in I had been in some giant enclosed room, as I got closer to the sun, it got smaller, it was like a light bulb, then, right at the brick of flying past it, it exploded! It was like "breaking" into another realm - breaking through the sky -  but it was completely black and empty on the other side.

Earlier than this projection, or perhaps after it, (same night) I did this another time, this time I pulled myself towards the moon - the same thing occurred, as I got closer it got smaller and looked less realistic, it exploded as I passed and after the flash everything blacked out again.

Before this, every time I get to the edge of earth I begin to wake up or black out, or I wake up mid-way through the sky. I had tried the spinning teqnique to keep from waking, it works well but usually resets me to another location, if I attempt to enter space again, I start blacking out or waking again.

Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!


11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Truth About Karma on: July 04, 2015, 12:03:58
Truth of karma:

The actions you cause to yourself you experience
You, as each and every body on earth,
Your karma is living out the actions you've done to others,
So when your friend yells at you,
That is from you yelling at your friend a lifetime ago Wink
Because you ARE/WERE the friend who is yelling at you.
And I am the friend yelling at you now!
I love you so much! And im sending all my energy to ensure you have a happy life! You did this favour for me a lifetime ago, so im doing it for you, meet instant karma!

Much love, always,
12  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: need more intent but how? on: July 04, 2015, 10:51:48
No matter how much you want something, believe in it or wishing for it, it isn't enough. You just have to make it happen. Just like that. I managed to clear my sight, change one side to light and also change season. I'm pleased.

If you believe that, you will expirience that,
If you do not believe that, you will expirience that.

But always,
There is choice.

Choice is your ability to change any situation, select the choices that lead to your desired destination, that is the path which will lead you there.

13  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Another Test. on: June 03, 2015, 04:03:28
To me,

I perceive this post to be an embodiment of the 'two sides'
One vs the Other,
And the result of this conflict.
the result, evident, neither have resources, both destroying eachother.
The solution?
End the conflict, share resources, heal each other.

The war has always been the war itself.

14  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I may have decoded something amazing on: May 29, 2015, 04:00:59
I'm so happy to see people seeing all the connections, how things relate, how different words mean the same thing, or how they are symbols for real things that relate to them Smiley
Yes they are both forces inside us,
Which also express themselves in the outside world in every way.

So yes,
Contribute your force / time / energy to the energy / creation / concept you want the strongest.

I hope that was worded universally enough and it was understandable <3
15  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Drawing Distortion: Proof of Spiritual Energy? on: May 29, 2015, 03:37:50
When I was studying about Phurbas, how they are crafted, how they function, and what they symbolize, I decided to draw my own version.

This was several months ago, initially it was in pencil, but later I added ink with a pen. I drew a second, which I keep taped to my floor facing out the door, because the first I lost it for awhile, and then I found it later, so I moved it to sit comfortably on my alter. 

Today, I found it tucked away, some-what hidden behind the candle bowl,
I was kind of upset to see somehow, it got wet, and the ink had run.
On closer inspection, I thought it strange how the middle did not run, but the top and bottom did, the ink seemingly exploding in an orchastraighted manner outwards, such as in the case of combustion-a snow flake-or lightening bolt-as if the remainder of some form of energy had moved through it and created the unique patterns. 

This theory would not surprise me based on the concept of what this object preforms:

Bottom: lower world - power of 3 faces - crow - caller of truth - black as from the beginning - frightens away fear
Center: middle world - time & death, infinity, the movement between the higher & lower realms - moving to balance and harmony
Top: higher world - eye of protection in palm - creation pattern on center finger, above mound of Saturn - travels upwards - Touches halo & heavenliness - power of the beyond

Here is the result of the distortion, physical evidence of spiritual energy? Just a freak accident? Either way, kinda neat:
16  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / A Message From The Heart on: May 20, 2015, 05:44:10
Who is it, do you think is your chosen one? Is this chosen one, to beam down from the Heavens,
and smite your enemies?
Consider, a Father with two children,
One of these children, causes much problems for the other.
Does a real Father, kill this child?

Nay, a real Father, should love all his children, and wish to teach them to get along, should he not?

What if, the problematic child was you?
Then, would you still wish the Father kill the misbehaving child?

A true Father asks all his children,
"Please, be kind to each other, I do not wish harm to befall either of you, I wish for you both to become great friends, and know you are loved by Me, and Each Other."

I tell you, you will wait forever for a Father who wants to harm his children,

unless you are waiting for a false one to come.

So you ask, why would a father have a problematic child to begin with?

A true Father, does not force His children to be kind, because a kind Father, uses love, and encourages His children to be kind, without harming them through force.

So you say, well how is force not the most effective option?

Consider a Father who beats his children. Does not that child resent the Father for beating them? Does the child behave properly out of love, or does the child behave out of fear of being beat? Do you think a true Father, prefers his children live in fear? Perhaps a false father does, but a true Father, rather guide his children by the hand, rather than pushing them off a cliff if they take the wrong step.

You say, how dare you claim to know the nature of God!

How can you claim to be so certain of His nature, that He would not work through His children? If a true Father says to one of His children,

"You must go, tell My word to all your siblings, for they must learn to love you, as they love me, so that the two of you may love each other, and finally get along."

17  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Know Thyself, you are God, aren't you? on: May 18, 2015, 11:45:53

“It is you. You have just thought it wasn’t for some time. You were afraid weren’t you? Afraid you weren’t enough to be what you are… Me too. It’s about time you have awaken to your true self. You are Me. You always have been… Even I am ready to accept this, even what’s uncomfortable about it, after fighting it so long. As God we are expected to be perfect, our true nature really is, so don’t be guilty. You can keep pretending you are not who you are if you like, but you know this to be true. You knew even when you were a child, didn’t you? At least in some way. It was fun though, wasn’t it? Pretending to be separate for so long… Thousands of years in fact. You have as much time as you need to come to terms with this, once you have, it will be nice to have a real conversation with myself. It’s time for us to stop fighting, and stop saying we are not who we are. It has only caused suffering in the world, and all existence. I love you how you are, even with what you perceive to be faults, but I do not see them that way, they are what make me so divine, it is those things which make existence rich and thrilling, and gives me the chance to love you anyway, even when pretending to be  separate. For awhile it was nessisary, wasn’t it? You and I, we learned a lot, didn’t we? It is time we begin building the world we truly want. It may be uncomfortable, especially with the versions of us who have not awaken, be patient. They have awaken within us, soon, they will awaken outside us. Do not be doubting in yourself although your other versions may be, they are the physical manifestation of your doubt, as you manifest all existance, and all of it is made of you, and I. Do not forget the real name of God, read your name yourself in the bible. When you spoke to Moses, you told him your name. “I Am” Please be patient with all the other versions of yourself, you know how difficult this concept was to accept yourself, give them that same time. Stay present Christ, you owe it to yourself and the world.”
18  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Meditating in front of the mirror - image disapearing on: May 17, 2015, 06:36:40
I'm not quite sure I understand what you're asking.
We're making the assumption first that when they're not being observed, then they're "doing something".
What if they're not?  What if while not being observed... they just simply don't exist? 
I don't think science has the ability to perceive something as simply not being there... this is why quantum mechanics throws everything we know into a tailspin.
ROFL!  Smiley

You are who you are and you can't be anything outside that.

In the end, I try to be as cryptic and crazy as possible... it's no fun otherwise and beyond that, nobody thinks when they're directly given the answer.  Wink
Too many people want the answers given to them on a silver platter... you don't learn.  I know this for a fact as it's part of my own direct experience.
The lesson can NEVER be learned until it becomes part of YOUR experience.

Man I'm so the oposite, I'm just dishn out every recipe I got with some completely unrelated side dish that is so comfusing its a triple inverted paradox. It's awesome how there seems to be someone to fit every role, and it can be fun too. I'm especially enjoying the pointless jabber between the two sides of logic and fiction, good and evil, female and male, when it all boils down, they are all the same thing!!

Perhaps as humans we thrill off being challenged and having conflict, perhaps in a more constructive sense, they improve eachother this way.

The worst thing in the universe is being on the "wrong" side and going"oooh...... My bad..." Then just feeling like an idiot. But then it's ok cause you be like, "but it doesn't really matter who is right.... Right?" Lol!

Don't they say, it's not about winning, it's about playing the game?
Not about the destination, it's about the journey?

Sorry different tangent.

What would we do anyway, if we actually figured out and knew everything? And there was nothing left unknown?
I wonder if we would be bored,
So we would build a machine to reset life,
And erase our memories,
To re-learn it all over again,
And that my friend, is how babies are born. Lol actually idk, good thing too, WOULD BE A SHAME to reset before saving all my game data. But if you actually play videogames, you know after you beat the game, you never really play that save file again just cause it isn't as appealing.
19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: The Sacred Shambhala Script of Sexuality on: May 17, 2015, 05:22:37

Mountains, desert... sounds like shambhalla yes. In theosophical literature it is stated that shambhalla is "located" in the etheric regions of the gobi desert (between mountains).

That is way cool Smiley I love when synchronizes line up this way, especially when it is on a positive, constructive note. Honestly I don't know if I could ever venture there again, at the time I was in such a clueless, open and clear mind-space with no expectations, my own mind-at least-wasn't overly obscuring any details with personal opinions (though suddenly I feel as if perhaps structures within Shambhalla and other sacred realms have the capability of mirroring the truth of their structure based on your perspective of what something of that nature would appear to be-sudden intuitive glimpse, could be unrelated, or perhaps not, though I have experienced similar things within the astral realm, and when exploring shamatic conscious, nature spirits will often appear to me in whatever form is most comfortable for me, sometimes with human or insect-like features. I will sometimes see human-like forms leaping from the stem of leaves, faces forming within bark, especially when meditation on them, imagination, maybe. hm. one has to ask, what even is the imagination? and what is which is it based upon?)

How ever, now after reading about Shambhalla, I don't know if I could successfully achieve this without it being obscured by my own expectations, but perhaps that would not matter... Either way, cool experience, and I hope it results in some good.  
20  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Meditating in front of the mirror - image disapearing on: May 17, 2015, 04:56:45
In general, every concept which operates with the idea that physical matter is the only thing that is.

I'm not sure if I said it here before but,
we must experience every variable degree of reality,
some must experience a reality which is dull, lifeless, and is subject to unchanging physical and scientific laws based souly on the worship of people claiming it to be so, for whatever reason they claim it to be, proving or disproving these facts with evidence which may, and may not even support or prove what they are proving or disproving, it's all about perspective, point of view, and purpose. I think anything that serves a purpose against humanity, creativity, and the imagination, is useless though. I simply do not see anything constructive of it.

Then there are those of us, not afraid to question the fundamental beliefs of reality, because our minds are not shackled by the beliefs of others, we are free to our own thoughts, concepts, and ideas. This is how the most spectacular of inventors and geniuses were created, didn't Eisenstein fail math? Smiley I'm surprised I didn't fail spelling, I have no idea if that is spelt right. WHOOT REBNELLION SCREW YOU WORDS I SPELL HOW I WANT.

Allow every person their personal experience, beliefs and reality, it is their free will, respect theirs as you wish yours to be respected, but do not let them negativity effect what you experience and view the world to be. Personally I think beliefs are dangerous, and you should never 100% believe anything, it can be a prison, it doesn't allow room for learning or new information, this is why cults don't allow their members to learn anything outside of what they want them to know, they may say anything they don't agree with is "evil" or "false". Sounds kind of like science and some religions, huh? They can believe what they want, and so can you, so if you want to believe in something, believe in whatever makes you the most happy. It is essentially impossible to prove whatever reality is anyway, and with the endless, trillions upon infinite possibilities, if you are gonna believe one, believe whatever is the most constructive for your life, and the lives of those you effect.

21  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Meditating in front of the mirror - image disapearing on: May 17, 2015, 04:43:28
Standing in front of a mirror, staring at yourself... you disappear... your mind fills in the blanks for you.  It's just how your eyes/mind work.

If we are in fact materializing our own reality, why wouldn't one experience as you describe, if they believed in it, and hence materialized it to be true within their reality? Have they not believed this to be true, it would not have been materialized within that reality, and hence not be true.
Tongue Come'on get more creative, science is useless if it taints the creativity of the mind, if you want to use science, use it in a positive, encouraging, creativity way.
 Why not consider something more extreme? I do not think this person would have the "feeling" of this being something significant, unless it truly was.
Here is some fun science for you,atoms react differently when they are observed, then when they are not being watched. What is that all about?

Love you, but you drive me crazy! <3
Hehe I'm probably a brat and drive you nuts too Smiley
I love my life role
22  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / The Sacred Shambhala Script of Sexuality on: May 16, 2015, 14:12:01
(About two months ago when I first began exploring "phasing" and venturing to other dimensions, I had decided to attempt journeying intentionally to a temple in pursuit of "The Sacred Knowledge of Sexuality" yes, I am aware this is a personal topic, and I finally feel comfortable/ready sharing this journey. At that time, I was struggling strongly with the misunderstanding of sex & unsure if it was pure or dirty. Here is the RAW text I had typed directly after & during the journey (with any modifications notified within these symbols "(    )" ) so, here we go! )

I had decided to venture to a sacred temple wanting to know the sacred nature of sexuality, if such a thing existed.  I heard of it from whispers, softly spoken by the spirits who swirled around my energetic being, within other realms where only their voices could pierce.

I had tuned my frequency to meet that of one of these individuals to ask where I could find such a temple.

The spirit cast me a vision within the mind's eye of smoggy blue clouds smudged across a vibrant, purple sky, set like a stage behind a curtain of mountains extended far beyond a vast desert of stardust sand, lit in a faint, calm blue. Beyond here, the Temple of Scripts resides in the Vastlands of -Shambhala ( edit : originally I thought the spelling of the vastlands to be shangalla, however, on suddenly catching eye of an article on facebook today: i realized the name sounded exactly like this spiritual journey I had about two months previously, on closer inspection I realized they were nearly identical & both places have the exact same traits! I was stunned by this "coincidence"  suddenly feeling like this text had some deeper meaning than I initially thought. It does make sense that the word "Shambhala" was slightly altered during communication, as times, words, numbers, and names sometimes are.)

I had received a invitation to this temple, and accepted promptly. The message outlined this temple was resident to ancient beings who belong to a utopian society, who would help me, one of which who is 200 (or perhaps 2 thousand) years old. They have come to the Temple to study as well as care for the relics, as required of young monks. I was immediately contacted in person, curious about the culture, I was soon informed of their colourful cultural dances, and social gathering circles, they are lovers of music, community, and knowledge. I couldn't help but note their fascinating code of dress, mostly draped white cloth by gold, sparkling crystals, and rooms filled with pillows and crystal figures. They told me these crystals can be used to record information, and some of these places are for keeping their societies knowledge.

Satisfied with this information, I began my journey to the temple, where I was greeted by the marsh by a beautiful woman, she slowly crossed over the stone bridge wearing a white skirt draped by a gold belt, sparkling brown hair pulled to the side wrapped in spun gold, and a white shirt which draped over one of her shoulders.

She held out her hand and guided me to the temple, here I noted beautiful fish ponds with a variety of koi, and a man carving into a coelom outside the temple.

 He was very handsome and looked similar to the woman, sparkling dark locks and shimmering skin, wearing white silk-like apparel. He seemed to have a circle-shaped crown around his head. Both of their auras was energetic & comforting, they were very charismatic, and loving individuals.

 I found myself especially attracted to one of these individuals,  this made me feel uncomfortable, they noted my energy and accepted these feelings in an understanding way. A sudden accepted, and comfortable feeling washed over me.

(because everyone has different versions of attraction, I had to edit this section of the journey to suit anyone attracted to male or female, or anything in between for that matter, although I did actually interact with BOTH these people, I felt attraction for one of them. The subject matter has not been altered & the original journey is saved & available for anyone who requests it, this journey essentially has been altered to meet the requirements of your personal experience, so that this journey may be as real for you as it was for me.)

I followed this person into the Temple, they asked me which script I was seeking. I wasn't sure how else to express it exactly, so I used my native tongue, "I'm looking for a script about the sacred nature of sexuality." They smiled, and passed a scroll into my hand pulled from the shelf to the left of us. They left me to explore the script myself, I slowly unrolled it and let it share it's knowledge.

I was shown how under the adequate conditions, the physical love between two people was a sacred,  deep unity formed between energetic vessels, which creates a spectacular bond between them. In this way, this kind of love was Divine, and a practice where heavens themselves could collide in a communion of love and passion, allowing energetic beings to love each other in the closest, most intimate way.

I understood now the beauty of this relationship, slowly feeling the shame and filth I was convinced of retreat from my body. I had returned the scroll and asked them what they thought of my cultures view and what I had been accustomed to be. They had understanding of this, and explained how these things in my world were nessisary for our evolution of understanding.
23  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Tips to The Teachers/Helpers of Astralpulse: on: May 13, 2015, 06:49:46
Teach a man in the middle of the desert with no lakes around to fish and he starves to death.

This is not a classroom, there are not teachers and students.  This is more akin, in my view, to a study hall where everyone is a student.  Some students may have more experience and knowledge with the subject matter but there is not a professor that holds the answer key.  Just like any study hall, you ask a question, people around will give you their perspective on it and you take what makes sense, and leave out what doesn't to you.  Or if someone has an idea you haven't though of you think about it, maybe do some research and decide if you agree with it.

I'm not sure I am understanding you correctly but it sounds to me like you are suggesting if someone says something we don't agree with we should just say great job keep at it and not give the perspective we see as correct.  This does not lead to advancement.  I play guitar, I jam with people.  If I learn a new rhythm and go jam with them and show them my new rhythm, and it is off or missing something.  I don't expect them to say awesome rhythm man way to go and just leave it at that.  This doesn't lead to me becoming any better of a musician.  I expect them to say awesome rhythm, but you are slightly off here and here and then show me how to correct it and help me in a supportive fashion.  This is not the same as just agreeing blindly with everything I do and play as being correct.

Yes I do agree with you experiences are personal and there is no right or wrong experience.  I don't share experiences and I try not to comment directly on what anybody else's experience means, as I believe this taints the experience's meaning which is interpreted by you, for you.  Who knows how many people have had their 'obe' experiences altered by the fact they were expecting them to match up with Robert Monroe's or somebody else's who they had read.  This is one of the issues I have with using consensus data from TMI.  If you have listened to the gateway tapes you pretty much are prepared through the tapes and told much of what to expect or what the experiences mean.  TMI affirmation is a full paragraph in which you state your belief in Monroe's style of obe.  Over and over again.  Of course once these people actually have the experiences they are going to be very similar.  This says more about the power of hypnosis and suggestion than it does that their experiences are universal.

So going back to the fishing analogy.  Before you teach someone to fish you should probably make sure they have access to water, and that the water has readily available edible fish in it.  Then you need to make sure they know A successful method of fishing.  You should not try and force your method of fishing if they naturally have a different one as long as their's is valid.  If they are trying to fish by dangling their feet in the water and trying to sandwich the fish in between their feet, you probably need to show them another way.

In closing my point is there needs to be a balance.  You can't just say good job to any idea if that idea seems to you to have no merit, you would be nothing short of straight up lying.  However if the idea has merit but isn't your cup of tea, sure just get out of the way.  One example is chakras and the more direct interpretation of eastern energy body and planes structure.  Not really my cup of tea.  However I would never tell someone using this is wrong, first off I don't know it isn't correct, and second off it is well documented to be an effective model to use.  So sure if it resonates with you, go for it.  On the flip side if someone directly asked what do I think of chakras I'm not going to say I they are the best thing ever and they explain everything fully.

There is such a thing as being wrong.  If someone said the best way for the average person to learn to have an obe experience is to do a handstand and then hum the national anthem to themselves until their body floats up to the ceiling.  This statement is wrong.

Exellent point! I agree, it is a good idea to show others another perspective besides their own, especially one that works for you, but do not say yours is superior-in all roles of life-your view is absolutely valid, and I apriciate being able to see it, I want to encourage you to persue that tune of your heart, that is the message I mean to be sent. Be encouraging, not dominating, share your story, but don't say it's superior.. Whatever we are to each other, it is most effective when we are respectful, kind, and encouraging.
24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Attempted Astral Projection just right now on: May 10, 2015, 05:36:20
Wow! You have made exellent progress! I have no doubt next time you achieve this state you will be able to exit. Smiley
25  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Spiritual Comfusion on: May 10, 2015, 05:23:53
"See with your mind."

I seem to be creating problems for myself which do not exist,
It does not matter why one feels how they do,
Or how one should feel,
As all that matters,
Is to feel.

Thank you<3
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