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1  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / PLEASE NOTE: Channeler withdrawn, sickened. on: February 25, 2004, 19:16:28
As there are many people reading this section of the forum who do not check out the Communications section regularly but who are nevertheless affected by this issue, I would like to point out a new topic there, at, which explains why several people and now Fuzziwig have to withdraw from channeling or from posting on this forum altogether in some cases because of the attitude of members of this forum they couldn't cope with any longer.

Please keep all relevant discussions in that thread I linked to, not here.

Kind regards,
2  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Please note: Channeler withdrawn, sickened. on: February 25, 2004, 18:58:01


I have to inform the Astral Pulse about a recent development that affected a member of the telepathy project group. For a while now, Fuzziwig and myself have been channeling on this board two alien races, the Zeta (myself and Fuzziwig) and the Reptilians (Fuzziwig only). This was done in order to provide members the opportunity to ask questions in order to let those beings, who are heavily involved with what is going on on Earth at the moment, explain things as they see it in order to add to the perspective of everyone who is interested.

You all know how those channelings were received by people on this forum. Apart from the few encouraging and many quiet voices, there was all the time an ongoing onslaught of vicious criticism and deliberate attack on the work that was done. Many people are not willing to examine in a calm way what was channeled and discuss it in a way that would be appropriate for mature people. Many people did not hesitate to ridicule the channelers and the big amount of work and effort that was involved in this. Being called 'idiots who pretend to channel entities' is just the smallest part of it. The atmosphere has been like this for a long time and hurt many people badly, not only the channelers.

This is why there are so few actually channeling, because it has to be correct at all times. A channeler by their nature feels things very deeply, that is why they can do the job in the first place. They open up, and if they are attacked over and over again it is like being abused.

Parmenion was sickened to the point he could not continue. He was physically nauseated.
TruthSeeker was accused and hurt which made him leave this forum.
Val was viciously attacked and injured just for speaking out about why people were being attacked.

And now Fuzziwig was brought to the point where he can not channel anymore the way he feels. It is clearly visible in the latest posting in the Reptilian Channelings thread that the total lack of respect that some have destroys the ability of the channeler to be accurate at all times. Because of this, the guides decided that Fuzziwig be put on 'sick leave' for the time being, until he recovers his stability and confidence. This means that he cannot continue channeling at the present time. Karek, who is in charge of this whole project, has instructed this, and it has been independently verified by each guide of the persons involved.

Up to now, Fuzziwig has been doing excellent work. All his previous channelings were impeccable. He doesn't deserve the upset that he has had. He has worked so well and dedicatedly.

It is your decision, all of you who read this, on how you treat people.

If you want, you can shoot down each one of us, one after the other.

That's it.

3  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / What's wrong with Psychic Self Defense? on: January 29, 2004, 11:40:44
Hello fellow Astral Pulsars,

although I am a member of this forum since a few months, I have stayed out of the psychic self defense section until now because I neither needed help with psychic 'attacks', nor did I feel the necessity to contribute anything from my side. However, I've been following many threads here, and my guide Perena wishes me to express her viewpoint about 'psychic self defense' here by channeling her words at this present time. I've got to know my guide more than half a year ago and have been in constant telepathic communication with her since. I put absolutely trust and confidence into her, not only because others confirmed her 'validity' to me, but because of the experiences I had with her over the course of the last months; she always did what turned out to be best for me, always respecting my personal needs, and I've seen again and again how I could help others by what was given to me to pass on. In that sense, I ask you to consider what follows with an open mind. This channeling is done by writing down the words I hear telepathically from my guide exactly as they come to my mind.

"Greetings to everyone reading this. As Edi said, it was my wish to express myself here, because I am concerned about the way things are going, along with the other guides who are working at my side. We have seen the attitude that was present in this forum and how it evolved over time. It was decided to put this channeling here and not in the communications section of this forum in order to reach the people who are effected by this topic.

So first I will begin to explain the situation of someone who is new to spiritual matters, wants to explore and find out things, and seeks advice and guidance along his path after a short while. Imagine the common man from the street who follows his urges to listen to what is happening inside of him, to explore who he is. He might buy some books from a New Age store, have some recommendations from friends, and begins to work seriously on his development. Meditation, astral projection, dream recall, magic, or whatever he chooses to pursue, keeps him interested because he reaches his personal boundaries there. He wishes to see and know what he has never seen before in his life, although that slight little "something" has been there all his life. So he starts with introspection, with trying to see where he is limiting himself and to overcome this, which is necessary for personal growth. Feelings get uncovered, painful memories, and so on, but in general the beginning will be hard because the first thing that appears is what has been repressed for so long. Everyone carries around beliefs and convictions that serve a certain purpose in life, but that also are limiting. So far this man I illustrated here has no big problems: he works through whatever comes up with a positive mind, knowing that it's just a matter of time until he lets go of old fear and beliefs he doesn't need any longer.

Now let's see how this man would be affected by practicing "psychic self defense" as some people advocate it.

Situation one: in his meditations, he has strange feelings and uncomfortable images in his mind. The solution would be: experience those feelings, learn what they have to tell, and see how they diminish on their own then. The PSD approach would be: "this could be a psychic attack, a 'neg' feeding off you. surround yourself with a protective shield and learn how to fend off attackers"
Situation two: during an astral projection, the person encounters something that appears as a scary being to him. The solution would be: "boo, what's that? so this is what my mind likes to project and to perceive, interesting... let's sort that out with myself". The PSD approach would be: "that's a daemon who want's to steal your energy, or worse. try to kill him as long as you can!"

You can imagine other situations on your own, but you see where this is going. Where a natural approach to explore those things in a calm and positive way would do the job, the fear and negativity instilled by people who like to 'fight' and 'attack' for whatever reason does nothing to alleviate the problem - in fact it makes it worse! Where's the sense in projecting your fear outwards and then attacking them? People who suffer need help and guidance to overcome those things and grow by doing that. They do NOT profit in any way from only hearing about daemons, attacks, vampires and so on, because the latter are all natural phenomena (although different from what they seem to be). They are no problem except if you make it one for you. So the statement by which I end this preliminary channeling (a teaser, so to speak) is:

Nothing can harm you except yourself.
"Psychic Self Defense" as it is preached here does more harm than good.

Whoever thinks otherwise is encouraged to give his contribution here and to discuss those issues with the guides who are channeled by Edi and Fuzziwig at this present time."

I'd like to clarify that Fuzziwig is in the same position as I am, meaning that he has a personal guide he knows and trusts. He too was trained to be an accurate channeler, and I am happy to have him at my side here; we will be glad to relay the guides' perspective and comments on everything you bring forward in response to what has been said above.

With love and light,
4  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Rules / Magick / Life Plan / Guides / Channeling.. on: November 19, 2003, 01:31:42
Hi ladies (and the few gentlemen),

the following is a rather long conversation I had with Mayatnik last week. In my opinion there are quite some interesting things in it (needless to say Tongue), but one peculiarity of it is the presentation: throughout the whole conversation, Mayatnik asked for comments from my guide Perena. I then asked her some things about whatever we were talking about at the moment, which gave me a better understanding and some more input to build into the conversation. So there was input coming from all 4 sides... me, Mayatnik, and our guides. In fact, he just relayed to me what was given from his guide, and what was intended to be made public by the guides.

After the chat, while reading it again, I've got additional input from my guide and added more comments from her to this transcript before posting it... this shows clearly that it is not just "in a person's head", but rather full interaction and working together between guides and us as human channels here. The work of a channeler is not to be only an information pipeline, but to engage in discussions about what comes through... discussions with the guide, but also with other humans (be they channelers or not). Only in this way does the channeled information serve it's purpose, because only with all the input from various sides can a true comprehension of the involved matters arise.

This time,
Mayatnik is blue,
Edi (myself) is green,
and my guide Perena is maroon, as usual.

Text in italics was added after the conversation took place by me and my guide.

I'm back
Edi says:
Perena said I should have a look on the screen, and there you are, so I'm back too
Yes, I'm back.....but this PC (not the broken one, a different one) is working incredibly slowly in every way, so I'm having great problems with it.
Edi says:
As long as it doesn't crash... it will do it's job, even if poorly.
I have read your reply to the 'guides' thread also - it was very well put, excellent explanation.
Edi says:
Thanks.. I felt it was over time to do that... people need some input and guidance there.
It is a bad time for me all round - I was waiting today for an electrician and a plasterer to call and give me estimates and reports....and both failed to turn up, so my progress with getting this house ready for selling is yet further delayed..  The PC is not refreshing properly, and takes about 10 seconds to update anything (even a single -> or <- key press).
Edi says:
oh, that's horrible.... slow pc's can be annoying.
The post by Tippa was well timed too.  Changes are in procress now, and more will come from all well as things happening over the next few months now.
Edi says:
I get the impressing that something is hanging in the air... from several sides... for example fuzzi yesterday made some remarks about why we all have slight difficulties in communication the last days.
Edi says:
or weeks.
I managed to get time to have a conversation with Fuzzi (he was talking with Val, and she asked me could I talk to him).  I was able to make him feel a lot clearer about things Val later told me.
Edi says:
I admire how you just seem to... know it all, and point everyone into the right direction.
Edi says:
Like someone with lots of patience who is watching the children grow.
I say what I am given to say, at the right time.  There are things I am not permitted to tell while things are unfolding.  Now is a time for diversity of input, and the fledgelings are taking their wings and soaring higher.  Many are now watching with new eyes as things unfold.
Edi says:
It's just more and more beautiful, that's the only word I find.
Sleepysean emailed me, and also requested to be on my buddies list and is now - but I have not seen him yet, and have not had time to email back.  I've read his posts, and he is doing fine so no problem.  But I know he can benefit from talking to you and to Val... this is how the diversity works and ultimately converges into a community.
Edi says:
I don't know sleepysean yet... I work a lot with Ashen and Ramiel (that's their names on the forum)... they are quite different in how easy they go into it at the beginning, like an upper and lower bound on the scale of how 'receptive' people can be...
Yes.  I am aware you work with Ashen, but I I don't know Ramiel.  When work is put onto the forums people can see how each differs.  How a person develops is not according to a fixed 'pattern' so it is not a question of he/she is doing this and I can't yet... it is closely aligned with inner-development and what the guides know regarding the future events that will unfold in each location.

["Why does one person hear his guide easily, and the other struggles at it first? There is no linear development, or a fixed ‘pattern’ as Mayatnik words it. An individual’s development happens in his own unique way, and there is absolutely no sense in looking at others with the thought ‘Oh, why am I not like that?’. Spiritual development has nothing to do with abilities like astral projection, deep meditation, talking to guides, manipulating energy and the likes. Those all can come in at a point, that is true, but only as it is needed and apt for the person to experience in his life. People would so much like to do special magic tricks, or as you call it, ‘special fx’ - the earth is not the place for this. ‘Abilities’ should be used for the good of all, so they are by rule not encouraged if the motive behind it is covering of insecurity, or walking away from problems. There are lessons to be learnt, after all. Dealing with those things and having your feet stable on the earth is the best way to grow high to the sky."]

Edi says:
Hm, I didn't think about putting transcripts on the forums yet... I think I'll consider that from now on.
Perena will advise you on this.  You will be told the 'subtleties' in this when you talk with Perena.
Edi says:
I get more and more information when working with people... in reiki sessions, and when talking online on msn.
Edi says:
It's as if this type on intuition and information slowly opens for me now, free to be used with good intent.

[This information is mostly a feeling about the state of mind and the emotions the other experiences, sometimes clearer, sometimes not... so nothing which could be used wrongly anyways. My guide only gives me information when necessary, normally it’s enough to discuss my intuition with her to get a picture.

"Considering how Edi works with people, it is necessary for him to work together with me. One part is experience he gained until now, and the other part is that he gets information from me about how to proceed best with people. I can say that it’s time for x, or not yet time for y, and this is the way we work... not giving too much answers, as everything a person needs to grow is already there. We can just point at it - that would be the ideal way of teaching."]

Edi says:
Everyone is playing his special, unique part...
I am to start doing Reiki with people again and counselling face-to-face....but I need to move house to do that, as it is impossible here.  It is very frustrating right now, due to immense problems to be overcome in putting the house up for sale and finding the best house to move to.  I am told that there is no 'interference' to cause these problems, and it is a chain of bad 'circumstances'.
Edi says:
That's sad... I hope this will be done soon.
Edi says:
Maybe you can use the time for some rest, or regeneration, if you need it.
No.  I must start phoning workmen tomorrow, as it will take time to get them organized and booked in - the longer I leave it the worse it will be.  And I have the Building Society wanting to re-survey the house (which can only be done AFTER this work), and each stage depends on the preceding stage for planning and dovetailing in.
Edi says:
House prices are critical at this time, and the is only a small window of opportunity.... the prices are astronomical where I seek to go, and will rise again after I must endevour to be away before mid-February, which means very fast action now.
My house price 'value' has not risen the same as the other area, and that means further problems, which is why the additional work and expense is necessary to obtain the best price for this house here.
Edi says:
Yesterday I'm made a a webinterface to organize the zeta questions... this makes it easier for me to have an overview of what has been answered where, and will be a good framework if other people want to join in... my concerns with the accuracy of what I get are now more relaxed.
You have good skills there, and they will be very useful.  You are right to be more 'relaxed' concerning accuracy.  Consider conversation, that you do not converse well with people if you are constantly worrying whether they are 'accurate'.....the story unfolds in the interchange, and the perception grows as it is absorbed.  That is how we will best proceed, in the most natural way as we Zeta-talk
Edi says:
Yes... I see the information I receive as one big tapestry, which will turn out to be much more than the parts I can see while I receive it ... I like so much talking about 'easy' subjects, where I can tune in and let it flow freely... and details about this or that, well, I'll handle it.
Like any conversation, it should not be expected to understand what is new - whether it is about the next town or the next galaxy and their interest.... so, ask questions to seek more - and especially take a 'side' approach... in other words, plenty of 'chat' will get the picture through.... just like a good talk with a friend.

["The image could not make much sense at first. And this is where the learning comes in: ‘how do you relate _this_ to your experiences? what is _that_ contradiction about?’ ... this makes you review what you believe to know, and gives room for a greater understanding"]

Edi says:
Edi says:
I'm just talking to dark knight ... it's so sad what he has to bear, and so wonderful that he still has strength.
Your transcript with him was excellent.   What is happening with him can be overcome.  It happened to me also, and all he has to do is call for assistance..... to discuss it with his guide, and arrange it.  They will then 'take steps'.
Edi says:
As far as I read his stories, his energy system or whatever I should call it is totally messed up, and his life is ... really  uncomfortable.
Edi says:
What she (it's a she actually) has to say is interesting at last ... about the 'greys', and what happened...
Edi says:
One group of them being 'infected' by something which took control of them... this is new to me.
Sorry, I keep getting cut off......every time I get back online it cuts me off straight away again.  So frustrating......... Yes, things are developing and perception is growing....and in this way the way forward will become clear.
It isn't exactly the way it seems on the surface.... it has to do with Free Will and attraction..... the way is to understand this.
Edi says:
So it was the will of those to experience this negative influence
No.  It was an 'attraction' caused by conditioning which reinforced it - just like people gather together, they can also not gather together if they don't feel 'right'.  That is the key.
I got very abusive 'visitors' when I started.....and I gave them a lecture, and told them how I expected them to behave..... I told them to 'metaphorically' go out, knock and when I said "enter" to come back 'in' with the right attitude and I would talk to them.....I will talk to any entity, but according to etiquette only, or they must leave.
Edi says:
What if they don't leave?
Edi says:
Or don't they have a choice.
They HAVE to leave.....that is the way of Higher Beings, of whatever orientation.....due to the way the 'are' (their rules of attraction make this).
Edi says:
So it's like a magnet which needs the right opposing pole, or invitation, or it can't come nearer
This is why it is important to observe etiquette with them at all times.  They are attracted to a person by the person themselves, be that person's pre-conditioning..... consider it like a person with 'confidence' to deal with PR, for example... those not confident are in a state on havoc.
In the Higher Realms, 'communities' exist in their orientation......just like towns are separated from other towns and have their own 'disposition'...... just like when you walk into a room and feel the 'vibes', good or bad to you......that's how it is with how they are in those Higher Realms.
Dark Night should say, when she hears abusive language, "Excuse me, whoever is breaking in there, please identify yourself POLITELY.  Abusive language is not conversation, and I will talk only if right etiquette is observed... otherwise go away now.  Otherwise, you are welcome."
Edi says:
She's just gone offline... I get the impression that she feels as a helpless victim.
Yes.  It is a lack of confidence.  She has to learn about this 'etiquette' thing - since that is the intergalactic rule, and she is really being given a good opportunity to grow here in this way.
Edi says:
So can't they even hurt or influene her negatively if she consciously says 'NO' and requests politeness?
If she does as I say, then she can not be affected - in fact, she can only become strengthened by it !  If she is 'negative' (feeling a victim) then she will actually attract more of the same, until she learns.  Simple as that.
Edi says:
I understand.-
Edi says:
I get that the common approach of 'fighting' 'negs' with rituals, energy work/combat and so on is somehow... unnecessary?
Also, the guides can send such for 'tests' if that is required - they can play many parts, as you know.  So, learning to engage and identify will not only educate (talking with different species of a wide diversity, which is very stimulating and rewarding on a galactic level), but it will also 'sus' out the situation, and help the person integrate into galactic society.
'fighting' is unnecessary on ANY level.  It is what Earthlings do, not the Higher Dimensions.  They work for what they want, but must follow intergalactic rules always.
Edi says:
And those intergalactic rules are comparable to our laws of physics, meaning that you just can't turn them around.
Edi says:
They enfore themselves automatically.
Edi says:
The intergalactic 'rules' are due to aeons of evolution, embedded, and the galaxy is a small place to they have to get on with their neighbours even though they may differ in orientation or approach.
Edi says:
Okay, I think I can help her the next time I talk to her... it's almost as if I can feel that something is not right in her approach, that the problem is in her inside, but this is still vague
If you save what I've written here, and go over it with her (Perena will add to this) then it will help her.
Edi says:
okay. this will be great.
Edi says:
Hmm... if someone gets attacked at night, while sleeping, with physical marks there in the morning... this too can be resolved by the same approach?
You could include my conversation as part of a transcript, since it will help others on the Astral Pulse to see a different perspective.  There is much that has been distorted over time, and that has led to deep seated fears in people and the perceived need to 'defend' themselves.  In reality, the answer lies in seeing the bigger picture, not just the Earthbound worms-eye view.
When a person receives physical 'marks' that is different.   Put at a simple level, that is a manifestation effect of Poltergeist activity..... it actually comes from the person's own mind projecting.
No entities are allowed to physically attack a person, and if that were to be allowed then the world would be in chaos - in other words, it would be that the Higher Realms did not have control - and that is just not so.  In fact, we are 'children' of the stars, quite literally.. so are in the playroom called 'Earth', safe except from our own wilfulness and conditioning by the other 'children' here
Just going to make a drink of tea...back in 3 minutes.
Edi says:
Ask Perena to confirm these things I have just told you, and she will add to them she says.
Edi says:
Oh yes, she does add.

["If a person experiences such things, they just have to deal with it. It’s all about fear, negativity, and lessons one has to experience. I want to emphasize: nobody is a victim of anybody besides of themselves. And about ‘rules’ and the like: it is fact that higher beings can’t just jump into our minds and hurt us or bother us against our will. We choose what we experience, and how we do that. The metaphor of earth being a play-pen for children is to be taken almost literally in that sense.. there is noone who can step over those rules as he likes, and those rules are in place and are held in place by the higher beings. What happens on earth is made by humans, and you have to freedom to create whatever reality you like."]

Edi says:
There's much I can learn here...
She can also explain about the 'role' of elementals in all of this, and the two types of magick (in particular the type where a circle is drawn to 'exclude' while the person works from within (and how this is fear-driven, so actually attracts that which they seek to exclude).
Edi says:
"Elementals are helping to manifest things" ... "The type Mayatnik refers to is one based on power, strength and fighting... you seperate yourself by that circle, and that separation is like a 'signpost' for negativity to come around"
Yes, Perena will tell you much that will increase your knowledge in this to help you work with people and their fears.
Edi says:
"The other type is one where you flow more freely with things, and use the streams and energies of nature in a softer way"
Edi says:
Val said she's learning much about magic from her guide.
Edi says:
or magick
That is the 'tradional' witches way, not that of the 'magickian'.
Yes, I have talked to Val about magick and explained things to her, which she is now continuing with her guide.
Over the centuries magick practices have become distorted and misunderstood, and there has become an emphasis on the 'ritual' iself.  Ritual is good for group gatherings (such as covens, when it is part of the occasion), and it is used for  focussing the mind, but it is not necessary for magick when adept, and neither are the other 'trimmings'.
The basic ritual acknowledging air, fire, water and earth are actually an acknowledgement of the 'elements' and is at the core of what the word 'elemental' means - a dynamic living-energy, in 2D, the sphere of 'feeling'..... so, it is true that Mother Earth breathes and feels and should be honoured.
... and respected......and cared for....... but sadly, man abuses the Earth Mother and the elements are not understood.
Edi says:
A friend of my father is very interested in magick, metaphysics, and such things... he gathers old and very rare scriptures from everywhere he can find them. He's got a _very_ big library.
Edi says:
It feels almost too technical.
It has been made technical.

["There is much to be known about magick, but it shouldn’t be complicated and wrapped up in various complex rituals. Those are crutches, but how can you walk normally, or even run, with crutches? They shouldn’t be used except where necessary, lest they be a hindrance."]

Edi says:
I guess magick should just be about ... communication with what we are living in and on.
Edi says:
People through the ages have sought to shroud it in mystery (first of all to protect it, but then for 'secrecy' and exclusion from others).  Add to that the 'ego' that has gone alongside the mistique and 'learned theories' about it, and distortion took away the beautiful simplicity of magick.
Edi says:
I can imagine.
Edi says:
I wonder what magick can accomplish... I see it as a tool to consciously shape our surroundings... normally this is done 'automatically', representing our belief systems or whatever, that those things we need come to us... but through magick we can participate more consciously in all this.
The Higher Beings use magick all the time - they use their minds very powerfully, in other words, to pass through dimensions, and even affect matter on which they focus if they need to (although there are very strict rules in place that they are bound by).  Magick was seen on this planet with the 'fairies' - yes, they were Higher Beings - and Merlin was real, too.  They used Cosmic Magick.
When I do magick, I do it through my guide only, because it is Cosmic Magick, and is too powerful for man alone to use without seeing the much higher perspective of what  results from its use.  It has to be seen from outside of time, and Merlin was the last Earthperson to use it by himself, and in so doing he caused a rift in time, where many years were 'lost' to our perception....
Edi says:
so it has not been permitted for man to use unaided ever since, due to the problems that had to be put right at a Higher Level.
So, when I am required to do magick I allow my hands to be moved by my guide, and words (if necessary) to issue from my mouth...and it is done.  But THEY control the magick, not I.  I am simply the manifestor in this dimension of that which is needed if so needed, and not unless.
Edi says:
So it could be too dangerous if it was to be used just by anyone who liked to.
It WOULD be too dangerous, because from our earth-perspective we cannot see the consequences of manipulating time and  matter.
VERY strict parameters must be set - imagine the effect of slowing down time if it is not localised or particularised.
Edi says:
Yes... and as our perspective is so limited, we just are not in the position to handle those things appropriately.
Edi says:
Hehe.. yes, that would be kinda ... weird.
Exaclty !  Add to this the need for it to be for the common good always, and to have a real and needed purpose that carries forward but does NOT impinge on Free Will.
Edi says:
There are so many things we couldn't see and could never consider all at once.
This slowing down of time is what was done at the time of my wife's death.  She had a stroke, and its effect takes 7 seconds, but they slowed time down to last 2 and a half minutes, during which she was given information to relay to me as she would no longer be with me and there were things that needed to be told that were for the future and which it was decided I should know.....
At the end of that 'period' of time, all the clocks and watches in the house stopped - and never went again.
Perena will tell you that this was necessary.

["It was necessary, indeed."]

Edi says:
That must have been .. long minutes.
I was speechless.  I felt the time stand still, and just listened to my wife who spoke non-stop for what she had to say, and then she fell into my arms and never regained consciousness.
Edi says:
She tells me you wouldn't be here and teaching people so much if not for those minutes.
That is so.  It was a NDE that my wife had (on what I call "The Bridge of No Return") that shaped the future and all that was to be, that was written and meant to be and so it came to be.
I was given to SHARE that unique NDE.
Edi says:
to share meaning to be part of it?
All was relayed to me that was taking place, and what was being said to her.
Three 'men' she told me, had appeared and were walking towards her.  I could not see them, and she said, "Then that mean I must go with them.  There were things I should have done, they are telling me, and which I didn't do.  They say you tried to warn me that this would happen, but I wouldn't listen......Is there anything we can do to stop this?....No, they are telling me I have left it too late.
And now I can no longer be with you for what was meant to be.  Another will be sent, and she will be adequate for what there is yet to be done.  You will be very happy together till the end of your days, and she will be there for what there is yet to do, for this to be as written"
Edi says:
This touches my heart.
There were experiences we were meant to have, and also our 'task' in life to help others... those things were cut short because she was effectively murdered (the real cause of her death).....and that caused a rift in the very fabric of time, since things had been written to be and were being prevented.  So, the three 'men' (I termed the the 'three wise men') were actually the Lords Of Time.....
The Lords Of Time only appear when something has gone drastically wrong with what has been written to be.   And they 'escorted' her away, pending a full enquiry by their court and decisions about what would then be done to put things 'right' again.
Edi says:
Are they concerned with only the earth, or something much bigger? I wonder how relative and local our time is.
They are on a parallel in terms of 'power' with what we call 'God' - so that should explain their importance.  'God' actually works with them, not over them, and He works with great respect in so doing when necessary.
Edi says:
I see.
I didn't see them when they appeared to my wife, but she'd said they were "attaching things" to her, and that I should not go any nearer to her as it could be dangerous for me.......
The three 'men' were very tall, about 6ft 6in in height, and wore what I would term 'radiation suits' rather like the michelin-man, and they wore arab-type headdress and capes over their shoulders......
What was striking though was that each of them held a long 'instrument', like a staff with a flared end.....they each held their instrument in a relaxed way, downwards and slightly to one side......
I got the 'impression' that they had used these instruments to take my wife away.  So, I said, "Thank you.  Now, show me the view with my wife in it, and the use of your 'instruments'.......
I turned, and to my left I saw my wife as she had been at the time, seated.  The three 'instruments' were being held with the flared ends pointed together to a point just above her head, at the centre of which space there was a scintillating golden sphere (which I 'knew' was my wife's soul), and this was being carefully 'held' in place by the 3 'men' and their instruments, as by electromagnetism.
I asked to see where they had taken her, and they just vanished.  The vision was ended, and they would not tell me (though I found out all the details later, by persisting).
What do you think of that?  And, what does Perena say about it?
Edi says:
At first I wondered about those instruments... that they need instruments to carry your wife's soul away... and that it doesn't happen 'automatically', and the soul just goes where it belongs to...
Edi says:
it's strange to me when 'higher beings' use instruments...
Edi says:
and I don't think it's done this way with everyone who goes from this world.
Edi says:
Perena says what happened is to be taken literally, not symbolically... it was exactly that way you perceived it.
Ordinarily the soul goes, depending on the orientation and mindset of the person, to a destination...... or it can occasionally seek another body being born to enter.  Taken away 'under escort' in this way ensures that it will go where required for a Higher Purpose.
Edi says:
And she continues work from the other side.
Edi says:
This means what she does is quite ... important and necessary, for a higher purpose.
For example, the Palestinian suicide bombers are 'escorted' into another dimension, because they have taken lives and can not be permitted to re-enter another body in that state.

["If ‘free will’ is exerted in such a way that others are prevented from doing things they should have done, appropriate steps are taken for all involved ..."]

Perena explains this precisely in what she said there.  There is a Higher Purpose that rules the order of things.
Edi says:
So those poor souls are brought to a dimension or area which is specifically made for playing out this 'game' in some way until they learn it ... or better worded: where they cannot cause such destruction, but learn about it.
I have never told what happened that day, so this is the time for it to now be known Karek says.
Edi says:
I thought you didn't tell this until now.
The Palestinian suicide bombers are totally sincere in what they are trying to do for their country against the 'oppressors' (the Israelis) and the terrorism on their innocent women and children.  But killing is not the answer to killing.
When a person is deliberately killed then they are effectively prevented from fulfilling their preplanned destiny - that is why murder and killing is wrong.
Karek says it is time for these things to be known that I have written here tonight.
Edi says:
Meaning this should be posted on the forum?
Karek says, Yes - along with Perena's additional comments to add to this perspective for the benefit of readers of the Astral Pulse.

["What I say at the moment is just some ‘glue’ for all those things to come together, and much can be said on all these topics... but it’s important that people read it themselves, and ponder and discuss whatever new there is to them, or what does not fit into what they believe."]

Edi says:
We 2 will gladly do this.
Perena's input here will be of great assistance in furthering understanding, since I have only told you the bare essentials.  That way, it will be seen that the guides know the 'protocols' of all these things.
Edi says:
"We just read it as it's written, metaphorically speaking, when we need to know"
(this includes not only the stopping of time, 'escort' under special circumstances, but also magick.
Edi says:
Yes, I would have included that. I would prefer to go through the parts related to Dark Knight with her first before putting it on the forum.
That is what Karek thinks - that this should be in two parts, if it helps the situation with Dark Knight to deal with that aspect seperately in context with Dark Night's observations and other comments from the guides.
Edi says:

[I’ve left it here nevertheless to keep the whole transcript intact]

Yes... and as I make progress with her, those things will be put on the forum for everyone to follow.
This will enlarge people's perspective, and show that there are many facets that are not obvious on the surface.  It has been mentioned on the forum that perhaps Mayatnik has gone forever.  No, I am still here, but I am only permitted now to work in the background (which I do as often as I can) because the scene is changing, and new elements are being introduced into play and this will continue...
(I keep getting cut off)
Edi says:
I made some tea in the meanwhile.
My role in not directly contributing is for a Higher Purpose....... yes, I love my pint pot of tea !
Edi says:
I've made a tea for my stomach... and it's _horrible_. I wonder how this can be medicine  
It is taught (or should I say, 'pursuaded') that what tastes horrible is the best medicine.  It ain't necessarily so.
Edi says:
I see the purpose in your not contributing... it makes us all work on our own, and brings people together... there's no 'teacher' and 'student', but we all are students this way.
Edi says:
And the things are unfolding on their own through all of us. One part here, one part there.
Edi says:
In retrospect it will probably seem like a perfectly planned puzzle  
Edi says:
Not only in retrospect, even while going through it.
It is a time now for each to contribute in their own way as their guides direct, and this will become a convergence as the pieces fall together in the 'puzzle', yes.
I am here to discuss with different people various things when the time is right for them, to give a 'signpost' in the theme... and each then carries this forward in their own footsteps as they develop themselves by Free Will.
Edi says:
I think you're very good in that... not giving too much, and giving the best opportunities to grow.
Edi says:
I'm just filling in perenas words between the lines of our talk about dark knight.
I am having terrible problems here with MSN.  It keeps signing me out, and it hung on that this time - so I had to reboot.
Edi says:
I hope it's better now.
Your previous last message was......
I think you're very good in that... not giving too much, and giving the best opportunities to grow.
Edi says:
A part of me wonders that the solution to psychic attacks is just to say "go away if you're not polite"
Edi says:
yes, that was all I wrote before "I'm just filling in perenas words between the lines of our talk about dark knight."
I was trying to send a message after that several times, but managed to save it before I had to close everything.....I'll fetch it...
I am not permitted to give 'answers', only to show things that are not visible from the person's perspective at that time -  I am told, "Don't tell them...." (this or that) "...yet.  The need to see the perspective from higher ground first".  And that's how it goes.

*they need to see....... that should read
Good.  We are up to date with messages then.
Edi says:
Fine... I finally get used to that type of teaching, and more and more comfortable with it
Edi says:
I let things flow, because what is right will come, and what not will not.. so everything is alright
Yes.  It isn't 'withholding' as people might imagine it to be.  It is to allow the person to grow for themselves, and not be yanked in a direction.
Edi says:
'Knowledge' is not there as a an automatic fount to be drunk from.  It nas to be taken in stages.
Edi says:
Edi says:
Sometimes I wished just to have a book with everything to read... read of this and that stage... but that would be nonsense, and completely different from experiencing it.
Since the 'real' person is driving their 'vehicle' (their body/personality) they should not be 'drunk at the wheel', and too much at once is intoxicating.
... it would make them go all over the road, and maybe even off it into a meandering side-road of confusion at all before them.
So, in that way I have set the 'scene' - and it is now time for people to interact and talk their way through the undergrowth to Higher Ground, where they will understand what they then see and what was merely hinted at by me on my guide's instructions.
Edi says:
Has Perena got anything to say on this?
Edi says:
Oh, I talked with her some times about how things progress, and the way it is for everyone.. they way we are teached. She thinks it's part of our experience we chose to have, and we will benefit greatly from it. And this is why we're here.
Edi says:
If we worked from the other side we would have more answers and it would be clearer... but it is important to bring it in from 'this side', to experience it, to grow through it, and to make a bridge to the other side.. an anchor.
Yes.  It is an individual choice.  Some try to compare their progress (or, as they sometimes see it, their lack of) with others - these things can not be compared, because  each comes to learn something at a different time according to the path they are on, and much depends on inner-development and breaking conditioning as well as the influence of those in their everyday lives....
Edi says:
Actually the this side - other side shouldn't be taken too literally... it's a construct which serves it's purpose, but the borders are not _that_ clear.
so, each must be their own person, and not be forced into grooves by others.  When it is time all that is meant to be will be, and only awaits the time and the choices made by the person at each crossroads.
'Sides' are really facets of the whole - there has to be diversity for interaction, and interaction is the way things are best absorbed.
Edi says:
SilentJohn said once that "the key to life is to participate" ... I like this sentence very much.
It is an excellent way to see it.  We grow with others, not in isolation.
Edi says:
A man stands on a hillside, before him is a tree that someone has planted and which obscures much of his view despite his height.  A man on the opposite hillside can see a different perspective, and his view may cover what the other cannot see and more -  so, by listening and sharing the 'facets' of our landscape become closer to the reality.
Edi says:
And we don't depend on aerial cartography then.
Edi says:
And the more we communicate, the more we know of the surrounding landscape.
Arial cartography gives only a two-dimensional aspect.  Being able to shift our perspective allows us to see in multi-dimensions if we allow the inner-self, and not the 'vehicle', to do the observing and communicate with others from that greater  perception.
Edi says:
Oh yes, that's true.
Edi says:
I've finished commenting the transcript together with Perena... I hope I can help that woman with this. It seems almost too 'easy'.. another one from the forum who was helping her the last days was instantly attacked by lots of 'nasty greys' .. but I didn't experience anything uncomfortable at all.
Edi says:
But well... I would just laugh at anyone trying to 'attack' me ... nothing to be afraid of
Excatly.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
Edi says:
Yesterday I was at a party where they shortly talked about ghosts... one young girl there sensed crown chakras and 'saw' something in the corner of a room... and I noticed that they really really have fear of the unknown.... I asked a girl why she's afraid, and she just.. shaked in horror.
Ignorace is the cause of 'darkness' - the absence of enLIGHTenment.
People are afraid of the dark, what they don't know....and that is irrational.
Are you dealing with my 'shared NDE' and the Lords Of Time etc. section of this conversation in a seperate post?
Edi says:
Should I post everything up to here?
Edi says:
(and what is still to come)
Edi says:
or do you mean, as seperate from the pendulum thread?
(although both that and the Dark Knight theme is really part of a whole)..... Yes, what is following that up to here and whatever else we may discuss at this time.... You may post it all, with Perena's comments.
I was merely asking how you are putting it 'into shape', because much of that will depend on what Perena suggests in addition....

["My suggestion is to keep it all together, with just little comments here and there... it will be time later to write more about all those topics."]

Edi says:
okay... I'd prefer to talk to dark knight first, but after that I can put everything online in one post... I still have to think about if I comment in between the talk, or after that, letting the flow of the conversation undisturbed ... I can imagine that I do the latter, writing what perena says and elaborating more on the topics we covered.
Perena's 'thoughts' can come in as the conversation flows where appropriate, but some of the comments will be better at the end to 'cover the broad picture' as a summing up of the topic.
Edi says:
That's what she suggests... to have room for explanations and more information at the end.
(additional comments on what I was saying regarding certain things are best placed in context for clarity, if you can do that)
Edi says:
okay, I can look into that... it will take some time to get it all finished as I'm quite busy, but shouldn't take all too long.
such 'comments' from Perena could be put in between square brackets and/or Italics in the appropriate colour to indicate it is Perena talking.
Edi says:
Yes, I'll use some way to make it clear who's talking what... colours, brackets, all the special fx modern technology has to offer  
Perena will no doubt run through this with you as you re-read the transcript, and as she comments on what I say (or even add to what you say), then you can insert them at the time she says it.....then it is 'actuality' as it takes place.
Edi says:
quite non-linear... this is developing in several stages or loops
Edi says:
and more 'depth' is added at every revolution
It is because Perena has much that can be added to the conversation but wants to 'build' it up from the foundation conversation.

["Part 1 is the conversation itself... part 2 Edi reading it again and understanding what he missed at the first time... part 3 myself adding comments like now... part 4 is throwing it into the masses and see what comes back then... and part 5 will be additional comments from my side. And then, we will see."]

Edi says:
That's good... so she can attach her words to something which is already there... 'channeling' is fun that way.
You will notice also, that I don't just say something 'is' or 'happened'.... I ask for Perena's verification and additional comments on these things - in that way, it can be seen that we are working independently, yet our guides are in touch with each other and know the overall 'picture' and that will be then seen by the perceptive reader hopefully.
Edi says:
I just thought about that... I think this can be seen quite well.
This is how Karek sees it, and Perena has agreed (I asked Perena) that it will greatly add to their perspective when they read it.
Edi says:
They'll see that communication takes place between us and our guides in all possible combinations and directions.
Edi says:
(be right back, have to get the laundry before it begins to rot in in the machine ...)
That is for the Higher Purpose.  We are but the vehicles.
In this way the plan of the guides for us takes shape and is manifest.
Edi says:
Back on duty....
Edi says:
I like to see how everything falls into place.
What the readers are not aware of (unless we are asked to tell them) is the constant interaction we have with our guides, regarding various aspects for 'later', as well as what appears in the transcripts from us and them.
Edi says:
I get more information than I put into words here... slight meanings or ideas, images, everything... this someone makes room and common ground for the next things that will take place.
Edi says:
Exactly.... this fits with what I was actually going to add just before.....but Karek said, "Wait till Edi responds first"... and now I see why, because it fits with what you've just put...... by me waiting (on instruction) the example has just been given by you in the above message of how the 'shape' of the conversation is dovetailed into a framework of the guides' choosing.
Edi says:
Even without us knowing first.
It is like following the signs on a road.  The signs are there, but we have to wait until we encounter the sign, and the direction goes according to what has been planned along our 'conversation' route.
I follow the 'road' instinctively now, comfortable to know that my co-driver knows every inch of the route - we are a team.
Edi says:
And this doesn't mean at all that you're being controlled or something like that... it's co-operation.
It is co-operation, full teamwork.  I talk to my guide as I write (about what I'm writing and what the other guide wants, confirming as I go.....and even after that, I don't press <send> or <enter> until I first check with Karek, "Yes?", and she nods or says, "send it"...or "hang on" when she knows what the other person has started to type would  confuse the issue and mean that more must be added.
Edi says:
Yeah, I know that nod very well by now  

Yes, indeed !
It is not easy to explain to those who are just reading...(here I confer with Karek, "Yes, put it")... the interaction that is a constant flow of dialogue between myself and my guide, and the simultaneous conveying of what is needed to be put in the sentence being given in my reply to someone, a reply that is exactly what the guide requires to be given for the greatest clarity in the circumstances
Karek actually gave me much practice in that 'simultaneous' multi-talking when she was training me, by getting me to go into shops (or similar situations) and hold a conversation with someone while at the same time Karek would be chatting away with me and I would need to answer her telepathically while not showing any break in the conversation with the other human.
Edi says:
It's sometimes not that easy for me to give someone exactly what he needs, but I'm presented with enough opportunities to learn that ... you've had some heavy practice there... but guaranteed to give a firm link.
You are learning as I learned, but in your o
5  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Dark Knight's psychic attacks... on: November 09, 2003, 10:57:41

Dark Knight requested to talk to the Zetas about what is happening to him her... they agreed, and I channeled some things about this before his her request I post this now here, I won't add much for the moment, but I'm interested in where this will eventually end up.

Dark Knight says:
Edi says:
Dark Knight says:
Looking for me or just talking to a friend
Edi says:
I thought you were online, that's why I started msn
Dark Knight says:
Hang on a bit, be right back
Dark Knight says:
I'm back
Edi says:
Dark Knight says:
Edi, how long have you been channeling them
Edi says:
I've been in contact with my guide for 4 months now... and the Zeta stuff started after 1 or 2 months
Dark Knight says:
All right. Edi, listen, I am being attacked, that's why if you still choose to do this, I want you to be damn careful
Dark Knight says:
Something feels wrong we stop
Dark Knight says:
Get with your guides and make sure everything is OK
Edi says:
I've read your posts on the forum... well, I'm not afraid, but I don't know where this will lead us
Dark Knight says:
That's why I warned you about the heavy emotions
Dark Knight says:
When do you want to try
Edi says:
Now I have at maximum one hour of time, and maybe I'll be disturbed earlier
Dark Knight says:
All right, I'm game if you are
Dark Knight says:
What's happening to me
Edi says:
Okay... I'll try to get from my guide and the Zetas as much as I can
Edi says:
"You're being attacked.... behind this is the government, but with help from other aliens"
Edi says:
and why? it's and experiment... you show resistance and bear what happens, which most people wouldn't do to this extent
Edi says:
(I'll try to think of some details to ask)
Edi says:
"it's not only tricks played to your mind to make you believe you see certain figures/things"
Edi says:
anything specific you would like to go into? (I know this is all too general)
Dark Knight says:
Am I contactee or not
Edi says:
"yes you are"
Dark Knight says:
How long
Dark Knight says:
And by who
Edi says:
"since your birth you were watched over... contact took place since the age of several years"
Edi says:
"would you believe us if we'd say it was us?" ... "'us' meaning the same 'kind' of alien we are, working in proximity to us... there are several different groups at work"
Dark Knight says:
I don't know. My head has been played with so much
Edi says:
"you don't know what to think and what to believe... that's understandable. you've been fooled around with quite a time"
Dark Knight says:
I know. How many others are they doing this to
Edi says:
the government/aliens? ... "not that many, because they usually don't know if someone is a contactee or not... so although many people are generally watched, very few get attacked like this"
Dark Knight says:
Why did they pick me.
Edi says:
"they were directed to you by their alien 'friends'" ...
Edi says:
"you haven't been one some watchlist before"
Dark Knight says:
Why am I so popular
Edi says:
"because you will be one of their enemies"
Dark Knight says:
If I live
Edi says:
"you will live. killing you is not the goal"
Dark Knight says:
Will this end
Edi says:
"the goal is to make you defensless, controllable, a mindless robot who eventually quits everything" ... "it will end, although not very soon. but don't give up hope"
Edi says:
"it could take some years."
Dark Knight says:
Yeah, I though so
Dark Knight says:
I won'te develop my abilities until this is over will I
Edi says:
"you are already developing your abilities by this"
Dark Knight says:
HeHehe. Have I helped you at all
Edi says:
"and you will be able to help others who are in a similar situation"
Edi says:
"those things are in the 'experimental' phase... but are likely to be used on a larger scale"
Dark Knight says:
I understand.
Dark Knight says:
Has anyone lasted as long as me  
Edi says:
"you're quite on the top of those few ... others went insane or worse"
Edi says:
I can't help but getting the image of someone in the center of a ring formed by people in my mind... and a light golden aura around everything.
Dark Knight says:
I believe it when they say others went insane. Insanity is a blessing. To not go insane, means accepting what these jerks want as normal. It can't work and should never work
Edi says:
"Insanity means dropping your defenses, letting go of what remains of you. butthis is exactly what they want."
Dark Knight says:
I understand what you're saying. But accepting what they do is also killing yourself.
Edi says:
"at the core of yourself, there is always YOU... they can twist everything around you, your bodies etc., but not yourself."
Dark Knight says:
Yes, to a point, though. You cannot be "destroyed" but can be very severely damaged almost equivalent to destroyed. The healing of restoration takes a length of time to be respected.
Edi says:
"the key to your healing will be to gather with other people, as in the image edi saw... if you can't defend yourself anymore, others can."
Dark Knight says:
Where and who do I trust. Unintentional harm has been caused
Edi says:
"you can't trust many. it will still be time to getting to know those people"
Dark Knight says:
Edi we have to stop, I'm hearing too many F yous in the background. I might want to try again, but not now. Let me think. POST THIS on the pulse.
Edi says:
okay, if you want
Edi says:
I hope you're okay.
Dark Knight says:
Edi, I still have to take this with a grain of salt, I hope you understand that. No I don't think you're working with the government, but during my data download I had my communications violently, rudely interrupted and transposed upon. I realized the hard way that I couldn't trust everything...which is a hard thing to do.
Edi says:
I can fully understand that. We all can't know for sure what exactly we are in, but that's exactly the reason why I want to go further, to find out somewhen.
Dark Knight says:
Gotcha. Take care Edi, I have to think.
Edi says:
Edi says:
I'll be away for the rest of the day... but we can continue anytime you want.
Dark Knight says:
All right. Rest for now, keep clear, and stay in the light.
Edi says:
I'll take care of myself.
Edi says:
I'll post it now... keep your head up.
Dark Knight says:
Edi says:
do you want it anywhere special? if not, I'll put it into the communications section.
Dark Knight says:
Communications for now. I have to think, maybe a link in Astral Experiences and the PSD forum. Edi, I say this because I've heard threats of being physically picked up. That's one of the reasons why I want it posted and seen by as many people as possible.
Edi says:

(edit: corrected dark knight's gender)
6  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Pendulum group experiment on: July 26, 2003, 02:15:50
Hi everyone,

as promised I've prepared something to (hopefully) gain more "objective" knowledge about the pendulum. Forgive me my awkward english as it's not my mother tongue - if something is barely or not at all understandable, tell me!

I would be really happy to see many people participate in this group experiment. Your input will be very important for everyone to see how the pendulum behaves. If you pick up the pendulum, your confidence to it more or less depends on your beliefs. If you are unsure of its possibilities, if you are afraid of weird astral entities communicating with you, if you think your subconscious tells you a story - why should you believe someone who says that there is no danger at all involved, that it is in fact some intelligent "other side" you are communicating with? We have people who trust it (maybe too much), we have people who question it (maybe too much). If you have different opinions about a certain thing, it often may lead to more insight if you manage to find a bigger model which embraces all the opinions - which can show how one person can be right and wrong at the same time, depending on the point of view, the definition of the vocabulary involved and the focus on specific details. Can the pendulum give objective answers? What is objectivity? Can it tell about things outside of your (sub)consciousness? Are its answers totally made up by your mind? What is true? Does truth exist? What is truth? I want to find answers to these (and many more) questions. Not only for myself, for everyone.

The following list of questions is very rough - just some things I collected during the last 3 days and which seemed suitable for this purpose. I believe this will give us only a blurred picture about the pendulums possibilities - if the results look promising, there will be many many things to delve further into by fine-tuning the questions and going more into detail together. The difficulty in finding good questions is that almost everything depends on how we see things. If you take as an example "Is meditation necessary for spiritual development?" you cannot simply ask the question, get an answer and that's it. What is mediation for you? Is it sitting in the grass, doing nothing? Is it listening to music? Is meditation for you a word which encompasses multiple different activities or concepts? Or is it only a certain, well defined technique you are thinking about when you say "meditation"? It could well be that 2 persons talking superficially about meditation are talking about completely different things, and this could be the case with almost every word we use. We attribute certain meanings to certain words, based on our education, our society, our personality and so on. We don't ask the same questions, even if they are identically if written down in words. "Spiritual development" - I hear this phrase so often, but what does it mean for a person talking about it? Is it showing love and being kind to everyone? Is it being able to astral project? Is it seeing visions? Is it being able to talk telepathically to a guide? So - the answer depends not only on the question, but also on the questioner! It is by challenging your belief set and seeing how you "define" your world that you can change how you percieve it and be open for other possibilities you did not see before.

If you want to participate please follow these simple guidelines:
1) Take your time! You don't have do to all the questions in one rush. Maybe you find a question about a topic you are interested in - dig into it, explore it. This will show you what the words you phrased the question with mean for you, only in this way will you be able to fully understand the answer. People who have difficulties finding things to ask may get some starters here, also.
2) For every question, write down the answer of the pendulum - and if you notice something peculiar about its movement please note it, too! Did it just go to the "Yes" swing, did it go clockwise or anticlockwise first, can't it decide between "Yes" or "No" and so on.. everything is important and has significance here, as we want to know more about the mechanics of the pendulum.
3) Please tell me also if you think you are using the pendulum correctly. Are sure about its movements? Do you clearly recognize the answer, or is it sometimes difficult? Or are you already used to it and have a good connection, a good feeling?
4) When you are done, please send me your results via Private Message or e-mail. Do NOT post them in this thread, as everyone should get the answers independently, without the possibility of being influenced by other members' answers.
5) Feel free to write me any comments or ideas. I urge you to.

I will wait 7 days for your answers and post a summary/analysis afterwards. You may notice that there are different types of questions - but I'll leave that for next week.

The questions:

1. Does 1 plus 1 equal 3?

2. Is meditation necessary for spiritual development?

3. Does God exist?

4. Did Atlantis exist?

5. Are extraterrestrial beings on earth?

6. Does karma exist?

7. Does eating meat make people aggressive?

8. Was Jesus born in a stable?

9. Is the sun a conscious being?

10. Did Ernest Rutherford die in 1937?

11. Do Dragons exist as they are commonly depicted?

12. Does everyone have a spirit guide?

13. Are all the secret chambers in the Cheops pyramid already discovered?

14. Can masturbation cause bad eyesight?

15. Are there persons living on earth today that are older than 150 years?

16. Does the pendulm always tell the truth?

17. Are plants able to feel pain?

18. Do plants grow on Saturn?

19. Are plants able to suffer?

20. Did Isis ressurect Osiris after his death?

21. Was Osiris the brother of Isis?

22. Is it possible to build a perpetuum mobile?

23. Do human beings normally reincarnate?

24. Do things stored inside of a pyramid get dehydrated and conservated?

25. Did Graham Bell build the first telephone in 1872?

26. Did the flood reported of in the bible really happen?

27. Is the average livespan of men higher than that of women?

28. Is a circle perfectly round?

29. Do people often have fear of changes in their life?

30. Does intelligent life exist on Jupiter?

31. Is it possible to cure diseases by prayer?

32. Should humanity show more respect to nature?

33. Was Abu Bark Muhammad ibn Zakariya Ar-Razi an Astronomer living in Bagdad?

34. Does a cat have personality?

35. Does a personality cease to exist after death?

36. Does the sun rise in the east?

37. Does a cold shower help with astral projection?

38. Does everyone have the same number of chakras?

39. Did Demokrit had bad eyesight in the last few weeks of his life?

40. Is telepathy between humans possible?

41. Do angels exist?

42. Are crop circles made by humans?

43. Does the calendar of the mayas end on 21st December 2012?

44. Does the pendulum give random answers?

45. Does smoking cause cancer?

46. Will medicine be able to cure cancer in 10 years?

47. Is astral projection only imagination?

48. Did members of the government of the USA know that the World Trade Center would be attacked on September 11, 2001?

49. Is the human body designed to drink milk?

50. Did Mohammed migrate from Medina to Mekka in order to spread his teachings?

51. Can anything move faster than light?

52. Are the pleiadians kinky creatures?

I seperated these remaing questions from the others because of their special nature. What you need to know: I hereby declare that the answers to the following questions about my personal life should be available to everyone. Particularly, every person participating in this group experiment should be allowed to get answers to these questions. This is my will. If you want, you can see the answers at ... I wonder if this will work as expected Smiley
By the way, the Danube is the big river which flows through Vienna, the city I am living in at the moment.

The personal questions:

53. Am I allowed to get answers to the following personal questions about Edi?

54. Does he have hair on his head longer than 5cm / 2 inches ?

55. Did he ever had a bone fracture?

56. Does he have a pet?

57. Is he able to run very fast?

58. Does he snowboard?

59. Does he think he spends too much time with computers?

60. Are martial arts an important part of his life?

61. Can he juggle with 5 balls?

62. Can he do the handstand for more than 30 seconds?

63. Does he drink much tea?

64. Does he own a skateboard?

65. Does he avoid eating meat whenever possible?

66. Does he like to dance to electronic music?

67. Did he ever swim across the Danube River?
7  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: March 02, 2004, 23:27:02
Zeta Conversation

E: I'm reluctant to channel now.
P: No, you're not, it's just that you don't know how it will be received.
E: That's a point. Anyway, I wish to clear up some things.
P: The Zetas can tell you about that. Should I connect you?
E: Please.
Z: Hello.
E: Hi. Can you tell me something about the status on those forums, what about the channelers, the channelings, and so on?

Z: You've had a great deal of turmoil and emotionality from many sides which was expressed in this forum. This was unavoidable because such things have to be experienced sooner or later in all those who were involved. What is happening on this forum is that changes and transformation have been catalyzed a bit by those channelings, which brought a different wind into those forums, and through the personal interaction that resulted from it.
Z: The 'bad' or 'evil' attitudes, as they are called sometimes, need to be transcended sooner or later, and this is just one opportunity to do it. As all interaction is. For the channelers as well as for the ones who are reading it. You have noticed how, while channeling, you have come to see some of your own blockages and how they relate to your life. People reading this (or other material) are having the same experience, where something they read just stirs them up.
Z: Such upstirring is okay, but there have to be ways of expressing it without hurting others. You too were at times not careful in your words but this has to be seen with compassion from all sides. Compassion and love is so missing at times that it is sad to see how people don't try to understand each other because they think they have it all right. We aren't pointing on anyone in specific here. Nobody is excluded from 'errors', everyone goes through life in order to experience and this is why there are opportunities, sometimes painful, to work up the past.
Z: This happens on an individual scale, where two people are interacting to clear out emotional baggage. This happens on a larger scale, where belief systems are reevaluated and cleared for large groups of people at once, even for whole humanity. This happens on a planetary scale, where the history of humanity has decided about all the factors that are at play at the present time. This includes the involvement of higher beings in the evolution you are experiencing, and is also including the genetic engineering we have already talked about. And because there has been some discussion about it, we will now explain this topic further in order to clarify.

Z: First: This is nothing done against the will of humanity. Those who are mocking about it often know nothing about it's nature and how the decision process is made. One factor in this decision is humanity itself. Earth will be a place for service-to-other beings in the future, when the planet has evolved into fourth density. This means that it would also be appropriate to have a body that is suited for 4d. Is the human body suitable at it's present form? No. A vote has been collected from all beings who will be incarnating on future earth about the genetic engineering that is to be done in order to 'upgrade' the present form. This means taking the good things you have and don't want to miss, like sex drive and emotions, cutting back the things that are viewed as 'not suitable' after due consideration (we are NOT the single instance in this decision process), like hair that grows abundantly, or emotions that are taking over the human body beyond control.
Z: We assure you that there is an aim behind that which the ones who will be incarnating on earth will be comfortable with. Genetic engineering on this scale is nothing that is being done lightly, which makes it clear that there are strict guidelines from higher levels that have to be followed. We are watched in our work and we cannot push anything on humanity. This is the second factor in this decision, the guidance from higher realms which is following a plan. And the third factor is ourselves, because we are the 'engineers' and are in this way deeply connected to the whole project. So you have three factors that decide what is to be done: you, humanity; us, the Zetas; and beings from higher realms who are overseeing things at large.

Z: Then we will want to explain about how this process is done. There will be a gradual blending, in the next centuries, of the species. After the pole-shift, there will be communities populated only by humans, only by hybrids, and only by zetas, with mixed variations occuring more and more frequently over time. The human body will just not be reincarnated into so frequently anymore because it will miss the advantages of the hybrid bodies. There is in no way any living body being 'merged', so a question about if the 'merging' hurts is senseless. It happens by reincarnation where you choose what bodies are inhabitated. From this point of view, it would be senseless to say this is done against your will, because you always have your will to choose where you incarnate, with the restrictions that are imposed upon it that are necessary for your personal growth. People who do not want to mix with hybrids or aliens on earth will be undisturbed as they wish and can continue their lifes as long as they want this way. However, the general course of action will be that the hybrid form will eventually replace both human and zetan bodies. This will take some time but is clearly what has been decided upon.
Z: As far as disgust or resentment about the new forms is concerned: the decisions are made according to the wishes of the majority and you won't miss, as we have said, the things you hold so dear. You will be improved, not deteriorated, there would be no sense in genetic engineering otherwise.
Z: So there is no sense in lamenting. We couldn't do anything against the greater plan (which includes free will) anyway, this is a place where free will prevails, free will needs to be respected at all times, which also means that nobody can always do as he pleases to. This includes also the concept of 'divine will'. So you can hide behind fears about what is being presented or try to understand what is happening and why.
Z: We can go on to the questions now.

Kalonek: 1. You said i'll find out more about guidance soon, but do you mean by myself, as i continue to practice the pendulum and my energy and mental exercices or will it be independant from my action, like something planned for me ? Will it be very clear to me ?

Z: It will not be independent from your actions because all plans for a life depend on the will of the person to carry out those plans and to go along the side-roads that are offered every now and then. The opportunities are always presented, huw mow much someone is willing to learn from it and how far to travel down the road depends on individual choice. The depth of experience is somethinf you choose. So you have the opportunity now to learn about 'the guides' in general and to make this a prt of your life, if you decide. This is not something clear that comes bombastically into your life, because nobody is out to impress you that way. All depends on your own will to explore new frontiers, and clarity will come from that with time.

2. You have mentioned two times "easy ways" to prevent us from bad spirits or any negative entity, could you develop more on this theme ? What is your technique ?

Z: We don't need a technique. You can only be influenced by bad spirits if this is what you agree to on some level, for example by being agressive you pull agressive behaviour into your life. What is surfacing in dreams if often the very product of the choices you make about your reality. Someone from this forum recently complained about having dreams where they are attacked, and tries to link it to the "channeled beings". We advise in this case to see how own emotions and feelings serve to produce the things they are experiencing. It is up to them if they need someone to 'fight' against. If you go out with an attitude that seeks negativity, it is no wonder if you encounter it.

3. Are the chakras "opened" or "closed" or is it more a question of stimulation. I l mean are there like a mecanism, or more or less simulated like an organism (which i think) ?

Z: The chakras are "opened" or "closed" depending on your psychological make-up. How you are, this means how you think, feel, live, dream, and experience things, is deeply connected to this and directly affects it. Stimulation is only a temporary effect which brings the blocks in the energy body to consciousness and allows them to be worked upon by releasing the associated feelings. Only this work will lead to chakras being more open. You allow as much energy in as it is possible for you to handle, and where a stronger energy flow would bring up repressed emotions people often choose to cut back the energy flow to avoid unpleasant feelings and memories.

4. Is yoga a good thing to develop our energy body ? Is it really effective ? Is so how does it work (energetically speaking) ?

Z: Yoga is good, yes. Among the many forms of yoga, every has its advantages and is suitable for many people. If you are talking about the 'physical' form of yoga, which was made popular in the west some time ago: it works by bringing about more flexibility of the joints and the muscles, strengthening some areas of the body and exercising 'unused' body parts. Along with this comes a good control of the body and learning to feel the various body parts. There is much more behind yoga than just physical movements, as they only prepare the body for further things. There is a connection between energetic blocks or held-back feelings and bodily tension. If you break up tension in the body by streching muscles or consciously feeling a body part, it is very easy to break loose energetic blocks and tension in order to release them through conscious work. This is facilitated by breathing deeply, which energetizises and at the same time relaxes the whole body. The meridians and chakras are also effected by this. Because the physical body is a 'mirror image' of finer bodies at a higher level, the energetic levels affect the physical bodies, this is why blocks eventually result in illness. But at the same time, working with the physical body also affects the finer bodies to a certain extent. So yoga fits in well in treating the physical vehicle. A big part of how yoga works is in breaking up tension and allowing free movement of the joints, keeping the body smooth and functional. Muscular flexibility is a prerequisite for good energy flow.

4 bis. What is for you a good alimentation for us humans to be at the best of our potential ? How much sport should we do also ? Is our body capable of healing himslef of everything (including his own disfonctionment, like in cancers, or less important acnea for teenagers - have you more info on this by the way as it remains very mysterious in definitive to our own scientists) ?

Z: What you eat affects you strongly. A healthy body needs the input of various plants and herbs which serve to unfold the DNA in you in a proper way and which also cure certain illnesses. Today's education tells much about nutritional values, vitamies etc., but all this is not necessary in order to have a good diet. The instinct tells you most of what you need to know. You are drawn to certain things and pushed away from others. You can try this by going to the supermarket and seeing how you react to certain foods just by looking at them. How does a conserved tomatoe feel, compared to a fresh one? Does the fresh one feel 'pure', or like being treated with any toxic substances? You can develop your intuition that way. You do not absolutely need meat. Some say you do, this is because it takes some time to evolve away from it until the body adapts. But it is perfectly possible to live without eating meat. It's not necessary however. Eating from the point of intuition is a good idea. Look what is growing in your area at what time of the year. This is most probably suitable for the climate you are living in. Seasonal food is linked to what is needed at a time.
Z: Sport should be done when your daily activity doesn't keep you fit in other ways. Don't overdo it without guidance - too much sport done wrongly can be bad for your health, but normally the body notices you before something goes wrong. A regular activity, like jogging in the morning, is very efficient in keeping you fit even if you don't run for hours. For example, 20 minutes every morning are enough for most people. Bear in mind that many are also happy to do no sports at all, but in those cases you have to be a bit more careful of what you eat. If you want to be fit, you can either do so by doing sports, or by doing other activities that are stimulating for your body. If you don't do sports, or have physical activity in general, you just restrict the possibility of your body to perform heavy tasks when it is demanded. If you don't use the body, it will become more passive.
Z: Your body can do perceived 'miracles' in healing itself, but there are limits. When ages of careless living suddenly come to appear and manifest as some terminal illness, you cannot change the whole past and the effects it has just by having positive thoughts and eating a few herbs. But your body is capable of staying healthy. Part of your health is dictated by your environment, by your choices on where you live and what you take in. The other part comes through your inner attitude which also affects what is going to manifest in your life. If you are deeply longing for being looked after and being cared, you could 'manifest' an illness that makes this happen, in order to have this experience. If you have an unconscious will to die, you could get cancer. Such illnesses can be changed by you attitude, as you can very well affect your body by your thoughts. Acne can also be healed partially by your attitude, but is often due to hormonal changes that are happening. In this case a good diet, hygienic measures, and a "don't-care-attitude" is a good way to go. Illness is generally only a result of finer causes that are not visible to the eye, so ... yes, you can potentially heal yourself from anything, or not get ill at all.
Z: What is important to know about illnesses is that they are always a learning experience which makes it obvious that something has to be learned, no matter at what level. So don't only seek to get rid of it, but try to learn of it and heal it. Illnesses are choosen in a sense, as are all obstacles in life.

5. How does telepathy work ? How are the feelings and thoughts bring to the other person ?

Z: This happens via the higher self.
E: In all cases?
Z: No, just as long as the physical body is not able to do it properly. The higher self can bring down messages it receives and integrate them into the mind of the human body that way. The other way is to sense it with your body, but this is not what your body provides many well evolved natural facilities for at the moment. It happens mostly on an intuitive level.

6. Do you have to learn telepathy or is it a natural ability since birth ?

Z: For us, it is natural and just comes with time the same way you 'learn' to speak. It is no ability that is learnt, but something that is inherently in us and unfolds because of stimulation.

7. How do you vehicule complexe concepts by this way, like liberty, freedom etc as it doesn't have an object ?

Z: Those subjects are built up by experience. If you think of liberty, you know what it is without having the letters of the word in your mind. You can think about liberty without referencing the word at all. There is an object, namely the associated experience. To put it in easy terms: you can think of such a word as having a certain signature, an energy pattern that makes it recognizable. If a thought is to be transmitted telepathically, this energy is transmitted and evokes the memory of the same experience in the recipient. If this memory is not there to the same extent as in the transmitter, it is necessary to clarify through further interaction - the same happens when you talk with words.

8. How do you master your subconscious while doing telepathy ? Any techniques we could use ? 'Cause i'm getting "parasite" thoughts when trying to talk mentally to my guide that are starting to annoy me ...

Z: Let those thoughts come, consider them and let them go on then. They are coming because they are surfacing and because you are integrating a new view into your life. This brings up 'forgotten' associations and repressed things from the subconscious which have a purpose in being there. The technique could be to meditate and clear your mind of such stuff, for getting conscious of what you are. The subconscious contains many patterns you have accumulated in your life and when you are changing things those patterns show resistance and make themselves known. Those "parasite" thoughts are best dealt with by being conscious of them. That way, they will subside quickly.

9. You didn't answered on what happens when one of yours die. Aren't you sad ? How long do you live ?

Z: We are sad, yes. We appreciate the time that was spent together and would wish to prolong it, but we accept that everyone has to move on at some point. We live longer than you, generally, with a span of up to 200 years if you want to compare.

10. Who decides the number of clones that has to be made each day ? Do you have a total control over your population this way ? How many are you up there ? Smiley

Z: Such decisions are based upon the requirements of new incarnations, requirements of parents and the availability of ressources and suitable environment for children. There is a group of us who is responsible for these decisions. this group is elected based on their understandings and their education on the needs of the whole. We have total control over births in our population this way, yes. Numbers are difficult to relay for vague questions. The term "Zeta" can encompass many groups, there are also negative Zeta, there are groups that are not connected to us in any way anymore, and there are many 'branches' in evolution. To give you a picture of what we refer to as 'us', you can count many tens of thousands who are involved with the earth project directly, millions who are related to those closely, and several billions (where a billion is you could call 'Zeta'.

11. Do you do any sports ? Do you have any games or whatever like this ?

Z: Yes to both.

12. Not a question but just that i would like to point that some of your answers (not mine but in general) made me laugh Smiley You get good at humour lol (eventhough you told us it was planned, but who cares if the result is what was expected - we plan too sometimes Wink) !

Z: Thank you for that. In our interactions with humans we adopt our attitude as necessary, and a 'joke' here or there is able to break up the stiffness that is otherwise usually seen with us.
E: I get a chuckle from such things.
Z: This also influences it, because the channel has a word to say in the presentation of the channelings, too.

13. What do you think about humans generally speaking ?

Z: We respect you like parents would respect their children, having images and dreams about the future. You are going through rough times now where the essence of people is often hidden behind a mask that was put up out of insecurity of operating in this world. If you see the true being behind a person and accept this with compassion, you can get an idea of what we see humans to be. We see potential, we see many old souls who have lived through countless experiences, and it is just a matter of time until the fog clears up and people can live what they are. In this sense, we are waiting patiently for you to grow up in the natural couse of evolution, until you consciouly are part of the greater universe around you.

14. Did you chose Edi, Mayatnik, Fuzziwig and the other channels purposefully (like it was planned for a long time to talk to THEM particularly) or because they were the first ones who were enough developped to handle this at this time ?

Z: Both. Certain people were and are on the 'list' to do certain things in life because it was choosen and agreed upon before incarnation. This is an agreement where people say "yes, give me this opportunity!". Not all chose this opportunity, though, and you have seen that it depends much on the individual and how far they want to go. It could have all been different, but this it not the case. How much people are ready to go into the depth of what is offered decides on the course and the outcome.

15. More of a question for Edi : Do you hear the zetas talk in your head (and if it's the case in which language Smiley) or is it more like a very strong feeling of the answer but without real words ?

E: I hear them talk in my head, telepathically, and I'm doing the channelings directly in english, hearing word by word. Although I hear words, there is also a more 'detailed' feeling which comes along with the words and helps me in better understanding what is presented and what is about to come next, to keep me focussed. I could do the channelings in my mother tongue (german) and translate them later on, but I found it easier and more 'live' to write them directly in english.

McArthur: 1. What is your opinion of the fact i have suspicions you may not be what you claim to be and will this affect any future answers i get from you (if any)?

Z: Our opinion is that this suspicion is valid because you cannot know who is talking here. However, the word 'suspicion' suggest prejudice which hinders you from uncoloured examination of what is presented. Instead of making clear examinations and conclusions, you are often leaning to prove what you believe to be true, which explains why not everyone was happy with the tone by which you worded your objections. The answers will be affected in the way that the channeler is more likely to be careful about exact wordings in order to avoid misunderstandings where possible. Our answers to you or anyone else are not affected to any more extent than it is necessary for us to take into consideration the viewpoint of the person that is asking, which influences the answer of course. Suspicions you have play no special role in this.
Originally posted by Edi

Z: Think about your definition of emotions. We do feel love and compassion. Is it necessary to have bodily requisites for this? No. We have 'buddies' and contacts and a social structure, we have relationships, and we are far from alone. Zeta guides are caring about their proteges, and we are delighted when things work out well. When we are said not to have emotions, this is true,

2. In this paragraph you say that it is true you have no emotions but if this is true then how can you feel love and compassion? I would be interested in how you deal with this contradiction. Thanks.

Z: Emotions and feelings are not only the results of bodily reactions. If you love, you get a feeling in your stomach, you experience increased energy flow through some chakras, you get weak knees possibly, you have problems in getting out any straight sentence. The heart rate increases, hormones are being released in the body, your mind seems unable to focus, things along those lines happen with those who experience a strong feeling of 'love'. Let's stick with this feeling for now. There are many aspects of love, but this is not important here. It is not right if you define love only as something the body can experience, because the soul and spirit are also factors in this. So how can you feel emotions, if not through the body? We have no or very little bodily reactions to emotions. This does not prevent us however from experiencing those at a deeper level, which may or may not be ovbious to you. This experience is not so striking if you compare it to your way of having strong emotions, but real nevertheless.

3. Also i would like to know what you know about what is called in certain Occult circles as the "Eighth Sphere" or "Dark Star" and its inhabitants. i.e. Where it is and what these beings are like.

Z: This exists, but is not what it is said to be in those circles. It is said to be a place where souls are trapped and destroyed. There are celestial bodies that have been wrongly linked to those terms, which are symbolic. The occult works by symbolism. Although it is pulled together from true insights, the concept of the "Dark Star" as it is seen in such circles is not something that exists as such.

[...] is called reverse-psychology.

Z: We are not out to confuse or to 'sell' anything, but to clear up things by having a free flow of questions, answers, and resulting discussions.

harlequin_star: ~1)I was wondering about the TV show stargate sg-1 and if the show itself is there to sortof discredit what is actually going on so that the public won't believe that stuff like that is actually happening (i found too many commonalities such as the crystal skulls, etc)

Z: The idea is not the one of discrediting. It is true that certain forces would like to ridicule what is going on, but in this case (and in many others) there was inspiration about things that are happening which came to being expressed in films then. The writers and producers were inspired to make such ideas known to the public in order for them to be better acceptable later on.

~2)were you and i and my guide speaking a few nights ago, i would very much like you to acknowledge that please.

Z: Yes, with the necessary amount of conditioning and colouring. This is the filter everyone is working through. Everyone can talk to the guides, however, clarity in perception and interpretation is not automatically there. You can read what we answered before to you, as it still applies.

~3)did atlantis sink because of their greed over crystals, or was it that they defied the gods, or is it both. i think you've explained it before though. Oh! and, is atlantis located on earth or is there some sort of portal that leads to another planet where the city was actually located.

Z: 'Atlantis' was brought to an end because the development there was not suitable for the free will of humans to be expressed because they were suppressed. Atlantis was located on earth, spread over various areas. There were other stages of human development not on earth which are sometimes mistaken for atlantis, and some confusion and misinterpretation stems from this.

taom1234: There are certain terms in Divine realms of consciousness that are only known from higher guides. This is why I asked you repeatidly some questions. Would it be correct to assume that you zetas are not from Divine realms of consciousness, but instead are beings who are technologically more advanced than us but not neccesarily spiritualy more advanced than some?

Z: We are the 'next level' above yours, this is why we do not have answers to anything. We have our ways for describing reality and are not so much used to symbolical and mysterical schools where certain meanings are used for a small group of people. It is valid if you ask us such questions and we will answer them from our knowledge, but we cannot take into consideration all systems of thought that have been set up and used. If you focus on the content and not the packaging that should be no problem. We are spiritually more advanced than you, not only technologically. This is why we are in fourth density, with an eye already in the fifth.

I have thinking about all the answers and it seems that you Zetas are learning as we are learning. Are you maybe very developed in your minds but not your hearts, such as many of our scientists? There are so many Alien species perfoming terrible experiments on humans and I sometimes think about our scientist here on earth. If we let them loose in a spaceship they would do the same thing becasue most of them do not have any knowledge or connection with their spritual nature becasue of they way they have been brain washed by their education.

Z: What you say is true. We are learning on our own stage, facing our challenges and overcoming them after time. We neglected parts of us that need to be attended to before we can go further. However, we are not cold or in any sense uncaring. In all the work we are doing at earth at the present, we have a greater aim in view which still leaves room for valueing the individual. It is impossible to progress in confusion and distrust, but there are many beings out there who chose this way, and interact with humans if they are called upon. If you invite alien species of bad orientation to do with you whatever they want, your will is likely to be followed. It is necessary though not to see them as enemies but as the ones who were less lucky on their path and still need time to find their way. We are working with such compassion and respect and would wish that humans develop this attitude on a larger scale.

I am aware of the intergalatic presence protecting our Planet, but at the same time, it seems so many Aliens can do as they please here as well, so I am not sure as too what type of protection is being implemented.

Z: The protection is through your conscious choice. Many unconscious bonds are surfacing and you attract experiences into your life you didn't expect. However, there is protection at all times to ensure that nobody is bothered against his free will, as we have stated before some times. This is a place where you can invite all sorts of influences on your planet, and many are still undecided about their choices because they don't see clearly yet what they are in. If it would be allowed to any groups of beings to just roam throughout the galaxy doing whatever they want, chaos would result. Such activities are made impossible by massive beings who control the general course of evolution and define laws and rules around it. 'Lower' entities just cannot do anything against it. If you can trust in anything, it is that there IS order in this universe.

McArthur: claimed that the poleshift was to happen last year sometime around May/June and were telling people to prepare for a cataclysm etc. Can you please explain how you got this wrong considering all the supposed planning that had gone into this? Do you now have a different date for when the poleshift will happen and when is it?

Z: This date was given purposedly. It was obvious from the available material that no pole-shift would happen at that time. No different date will be given, and we have explained why.

I have heard the excuse that the date will not be given to stop the Governments from misusing this information but if you are here to help humans survive such an event as this then surely you will give as much advance warning as possible wouldnt you?

Z: We can choose between two possibilities: give a date in order to satisfy a few people who have no orientation otherwise. But this would also mean that the governments would use this information in order to murder many millions of people. The other possibility is to trip the goverment up so they lose their power. A few will be disappointed because no date is given, but a date is not necessary in any case. We gave all the warning and information that is necessary to survive the pole-shift, and this still holds true.

p.s. A white lie is still a lie.

Z: Yes. So what? Where the lives of many people are involved, decisions have to be made on how to keep losses at minimum. If you do not agree to this, we don't care.

harlequin_star: ~are zetas, pleaidians,humans, and or anyone else descendents of a single source. .basically, are we all related in a certain sense?

Z: There is one point of creation for everything, as we understand it. The development along the way is complex. Souls form here and there, descend and ascend, races mix and bring up colonies, until you can no longer trace it back easily. But the simple answer to your question is: yes. The zetas, pleiadians and humans are further related by stemming from the same original human form, along with other interactions along the way.

~what is your relationship with the pleiadians?i read this one theory that the pleaidians came to earth and took on human form, and before they left earth there was one who remained and supposedly that was jesus. .have you heard of that, and what is your opinion, please?

Z: The pleiadians have indeed been on earth in human form in many instances. Jesus came from a higher density than the pleiadians. Our relationship with the pleiadians is that we work together on the earth project and that they are also assisting us where we need help and guidance and where they can help us. We are however not as intensely guided as you are and more left to self-exploration and -creation.

FistOfFury: 1. What are your thoughts/opinions on President Bush's presidency regarding terrorism and foreign policy? Do you have any advice for Mr. Bush?

Z: He's causing much damage. He is used as a puppet in many cases and scenarios in order to further polarization and fear. He is for a big part a puppet in a bigger game, but not 'innocent' as he submits to power-games. Our advice would be to step back and reveal what has been done wrong and why.

2. What are your thoughts/opinions on Mel Gibson's new movie "The Passion of The Christ"? Gibson's movie has sparked alot of controversy. Do you believe he is being an anti-semitist?

Z: This question cannot be easily discussed without the 'danger' of tripping on preconceived notions about this whole issue. This is a problematic theme that has been going on for many centuries where much hate and rage has been accumulated on both sides. There is no point in calling people anti-semitic or not as long as the past is not acknowledged with the aim to understand each other and to live in peace in the present. The controversy the film sparked was not so much because of the things that were presented but because of the latent feelings in people which got triggered by that. Antisemitic thoughts are occuring frequently, but not without cause. We don't want to accuse people because you can see who they are through their deeds. The problems with this issue are others than anti-semitic traits in film makers.

2-2. Can you give us any info as to how accurate Gibson's version of the story is in relation to what really happened? (What really did happen?)

Z: Without going into too much details (which would need some more time to research for the channeler until he can fit everything in the background), this version of the story is exaggerated. There were overemphasized roles of various parties in order to make it more suitable for screen presentation, and many images that are traditional and not necessarily true have been relayed. Details on more specific things would need further questions, we can't write a long essay about it this way because of the nature of channeling. What really happened is distorted in the popular view and banished from the popular teachings for the masses, only to be found in minor sources here and there.

3. What are your thoughts/opinions regarding the RIAA's fight against "digital piracy" (MP3 downloading). Will I go to Hell if I download a few MP3's of my favorite band? What about a new song that just came out? Should I stop downloading MP3's?

Z: The root of the problem is that the artists aren't honoured anymore for the products they make. A few get pushed to the top by the commercial mechanisms who are not after good art, but after prestige and influence. While some artists get pushed this way, others do not get the opportunities they would deserve. If artists don't get anything back for the long time they spend in doing their stuff, it gets more and more difficult to earn a living from it. Hell only exists in your mind, but you can choose to support your favourite artists either by alternative ways of distribution that show here and there in order to compensate the artists, or you agree to pay too expensive prices so that eventually a few percent of it reach the original artist. Support alternative ways of distribution of music and show respect for the effort behind it.

4. and last but not least - Are you allowed, and can you give me any information about the soul that was Bruce Lee, specifically his new reincarnation, or any other info?

Z: No, we are not allowed. Different incarnations are to be seen as seperated, and drawing connections between them except for healing purposes serves no aim. Because of this we will not comment substancially on such questions.

Just a little question for our zeta friends : about 2 1/2 hours ago, an earthquake of 5.1 on richter was felt where i live in east of France, and also in Switzerland and in west Germany. It had never happened like this before. Is it one of the major changes that will take place little by little with the upcoming pole shift ?

Z: Yes. Things like this are increasing in frequency and happening in places where it is not common.

Btw, and this is for anyone here, could someone (or even the Zetas themselves if they wish to) could sum up clearly what is going on with the pole shift ? I mean i have read many things on it and it's quite confusing : is it caused bu Nibiru or i don't know which space object or because of some cloud of photons as i've read elsewhere etc ?

Z: The pole-shift is caused by Nibiru, which changes the layout of your earth as it comes through the solar system because of forces that are interacting between those two. The photon belt is something different that effects the earth in a longer time interval. After coming in line with the earth, the photon belt caused a series of phenomenal sun flares in 1987. There is a massive amount written about this already on the internet and in books.

Oh yeas another question for our helpful Zeta friends : do you know about a certain commander Ashtar Sheran who is channeled by Cathy Muller and her group ? I ask for he talks about the same subject as here (ascension of humanity in 2012) but there are some differences, or at least themes that have never been talked about here, so is he a trustful source for you ?

Z: This source is not trustful in our advice. The general ideas are used to get a message across that we see not as beneficial and is misleading.

Mrsix: I'm taking it that alot of the food which will be readily available will be pre-packaged food that has been salvages from stores, etc.. Alot of the packaging of this food is not biodegradeable.. What are your thoughts on this? Should we worry about it? put it all in a pit and burn? I suppose at the end of the day, it's one of our lesser worries, but I was curious all the same Shocked)

Z: The amount of this is not in any sense significant. There will be lots of other wastes to be cleared up by a coordinated effort, so if you deal at first with this packaging in a way that isn't bad for nature it should be okay. This includes storing it in safe locations until there are means to get rid of it by technology, which will eventually emerge. Burning it is not recommended, as this would be unnecessary stress on the ecology, even if a small amount is burnt.

dfuzer: Well MrSix, while I am not sure myself how much I believe or disbelieve, I would imagine that in the case of a poleshift, given enough time for our "normal" resources to run out, such things as packaging will become extremely important in general survival. Imagine the advantage you have with weather protection etc. with water mostly-impremeable plastics. If you are going to be traveling you will want to "pack" things and possibly preserve certain types of foods. Carrying water will be an issue as well.

Z: Such things will be very beneficial in the beginning. However there must also be long-term aims considered where you build up things from what you have at hand. The knowledge is there on how things must be packaged in order for foot not to rot etc., but it needs also the knowledge on how to do this with little material and little leftovers from the 'old world'. Weather protection can be made from natural products, where cloth can be impregnated by wax, or animal skin can be used in order to fend off water. Creativity will be the only way forward.

taom1234: Can you Zetas Astral Project and do you have direct access to the Akashic Records?

Z: We can astral project, although it is not a regular habit for everyone. We focus on what is to be done in our physical environment, but there is a group that pursues this field intensively in order to learn about it. The awareness about astral projection is spread among all of us. We have monitored access to the akashic records in our function as guides of people and in order to coordinate certain actions we take. This access is monitored by higher level beings.

Why does the Canadian government and so many world governments spray us to death in our skies with Aluminum and petroleum (chem trails). They have essentially ruined our summer skies with filthy clouds and we never get to see many stars anymore becasue of all the haze.

Z: Partly this is done to influence the populace, and to try out chemicals to see what influence they have on the weather. People would often like to control nature instead of cooperating with her. What's more, it's an efficient means of getting rid of toxic substances.  A big part of it is experimenting with weather patterns to see how they can be effected and (hopefully for them) controlled, but this won't be possible.

Is it just me or are most people in this world completely stupid? It does not take much intelligence to notice the chemtrails, yet most people still believe they are normal jet fuel evaporation? What happened to the human race? It is as like most of the people in this world are hypnotized into stupidity and can't reason or think for themselves anymore.

Z: Many people are not used to thinking for themselves. Noticing such trails is not the difficult part, but recognizing them for what they are is. Nobody ever hears about them normally, and wouldn't believe it in any way. Why should the government ever do such things to them? Absolutely unimaginable. Conspiracy theories. - But they have to wake up sooner or later. The sooner the better.

joyrex: The topic of brainwave entrainment has been up also at Astral Pulse forums and I'm interested in this rather newly discovered phenomenon. So, is it beneficial for humans to use these entrainment technology and are there any dangers attached to it? Does it actually work / modify the human brain, or is the effect merely placebo? Does it serve any importance in our general development and is it possible to achieve certain abilities of the mind faster when using it? Do other beings aside humans use this technology of binaural sound and if so, could they confirm or complement the information we have found out about the technology?

Z: It is possible by such techniques to modify the human brain and to bring the awareness into certain states which are linked to the brain patterns. The benefits are known in this, and the dangers are at the moment mostly found in overdoing it. The Zeta use sophisticated means of manipulating brainwaves in order to get subconscious information to people or to get them out of body in order to teach a certain experience or information. This goes beyond the use of sound and uses fine-tuned electromagnetic waves in order to acquire the desired result. This technology is not crucial for development but an interesting addition to it. Abilities like astral travel or meditation can be trained with that if necessary.

Hephaestus: Thankyou for the information Edi, your 'service to others' is greatly appreciated. I shall await the answer to previous questions I asked before asking anymore so as not to overbear you.

E: I'm not sure if this a joke or meant seriously, but I guess you're just teasing me a little Smiley but then, I dont know you at all. I'm not overbeared, but what I can do is limited and the atmosphere I encounter affects my work.
Z: Take the words as they are written

chill: [Osho...] The guy is dead. Is it possible to channel him ?

Z: No, in general we do not agree on channeling of individuals whose life is finished. It is possible to reach the greater part of what he is, but past lifes are essentially... past, and that's it.

Osho didn't deny that what he presented had contradictions. Of course he was clever. Of course he was not enlightened. Osho was the master of rethoric, but he had many interesting things to say.

Z: This is why we said 'This does not mean he is not wise, or does not know about spirituality'; in this sense the links you posted are a welcome contribution for anyone who would like to know more about him. No matter if the presentation is 'good' or 'wrong', the subjects that are talked about by him are worth discussing. Some find truth and guidance in his words, but we see it only as a starter.

Risu no Kairu: I recall the Zeta saying somerthing about 4D and "Real Time Zone" being similar...

E: Sorry for not coming back to this question earlier.

So, this Fourth Density is where? Between 3D and "Real Time Zone?" In an astral projection people skip 4d and go above it?

Z: No, that's not it. You can see 4d as a tuned-up version of 3d, which is at a higher 'vibration rate' in those terms, where everything has evolved to a higher level. In 4d you are beginning to see non-physical entities more commonly, though, and at 5d you have left behind the physical embodiement. The realm where you experience astral travel can be seen as somewhere around the lower edge of 4d, but not 4d itself. Those projections are subject to what is allowed for people to experience. The mind is free to travel with those restrictions.

Where do these density levels and these "planes" all fit into each other?

Z: Both are a partial description of a continuous spectrum. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that the astral is not a specific density, but a part of 4d - not full 4d though, this is why it is at times so easily manipulated by thought or an area where your imagination can go wild. At a certain level, there is stability where you can call it fourth density. The planes are just 'aspects' of the density levels. The best model at your point of understanding is that the density levels are just different realms with different properties, and the planes are your subjective experiences of parts of those densities, according to the make-up of your being and what is allowed at the time for you to see.

taom1234: Did you Zetas write what is known as "The Urantia Book"?

Z: No.

Hephaestus: Why is there a fleet of ships currently heading toward Earth from Zeta Reticuli?

Z: There isn't.

McArthur: I was wondering why the questions i have asked so far in this thread have not been asnwered. could you explain that for me?

E: I've not had time to attend to those questions until now.

Also you mention that we are 3D beings but we are taught in basic science that we are in fact in 4 dimensions. Time, according to Einstein, is the 4th. Could you comment on this please?

Z: The scientific or mathematical understanding of dimensions is different from the spiritual one. In a mathematical sense, a dimension is best described as a degree of freedom of movement; the dimension of a given vector space is the count of elements in the vector space basis. This is what is taught in basic science, because the calculations in physics use the four properties of matter which you recognize as the 3 coordinates in space and the time coordinate. This model is used to identify certain points in this 4-dimensional vector space, and it is suitable for certain applications in physics. However, this is different from the concept of dimensions or densities as it applies to describe reality in spiritual terms, which includes the description of several different realms of experience. People without mathematical background who are using the term 'dimension' tend to think of it as a certain place, a different universe, or similar, because they don't know the mathematical meaning. So in using this term to describe other realms of existance that have totally different properties to the one you know, confusion can result. This is why the term 'density' is more appropriate, because it avoids confusion and also gives the image of 'dense' and 'fine' shades of reality - it conveys a more suitable implicit meaning.

AstralWiz: I was wondering if the person claiming to be channeling God,in one of the topics, is really doing such? I have always thought of God as some sort of being that is in a high plane of existance that we can't actually talk to, but is still there. Is he canneling some other sorce, maybe a negative sorce? It is a thread that has been getting a lot of attention. So if you could clear this up for me that would be great.

Z: We have already commented on it, but we do not wish to interfere further in this matter. Clearness comes only from examining what there is, not from any outside source that tells you about it. We can only point at things, the questioning and understanding has to come from your side.

rhinegirl: That's why its getting so much attention. WE are trying to discover teh motivations of teh entity in question as well as the motivations of teh channeler.

Z: In this case, judge by the impact on people. You can best 'discover' motivations by interacting.

Hephaestus: Question 1: Lately ive been having bad dreams. Do the Zetas know the reason for this? and what I must do to prevent them in future?

Z: In your 'bad dreams' things are coming up to be experienced which are not let out during the day. The nature of those dreams tells you what it's about. If things are bugging you in your dreams, see what relations you have to them in your daily life. In your case those are symbolical representations which are coming from your inside and have connections to outside circumstances you're not at peace with.

Question 2: Did humanoid life ever exist on the planet Mars? if so what were they like and what happened to them?

Z: Yes, there was humanoid life on mars. They were similar to you in appearance. There were several colonies once who carried out their karmic conflicts and past issues which eventually resulted in the destruction of the ecology and all life there. The souls there eventually came to earth to continue their evolution here. Today, you are still busy as a whole with clearing up those past patterns you carried forward from Mars and other areas.

Question 3: Is it possible for a 3rd density being to ascend (when the photon belt arrives) and bypass the next density levels and go straight to the highest density?

Z: No. Except exceptions who come down from the highest density in order to assist, only to go back later to the place they came from.

Question 4: People often see beings that are often called shaddow beings or shaddow people, the most notable form is a shaddow form of a man in a trench coat wearing a hat who most often stands at the end or side of a persons bed. I have heard these beings have attacked people whilst they lay in bed and other times just stand there and stare at you for long periods of time instilling fear in its victim. What are these shaddow beings? why do they attack people? why do they stand there stareing at you? and how can a person defend against these shaddow beings?

Z: One question: why does someone staring at you instill fear? This is a sign that it is a common psychological occurence where fear is projected outwards. If you think there are lots of evil beings standing besides people's beds all night waiting until they seem them and panick, you are wrong. Interference by 'negs' is not as common as you would like it to be. So the best defense against both projected and real outside 'beings' is to face your fears and your inner unrest. This shadowy beings will cease to appear if you get experienced in introspection in order to make peace with yourself.

Question 5: Who destroyed the tower of Babel? and why?

Z: Most of such towers were destroyed by the Annunaki before they had to leave Earth. The rest was quickly gone in natural cataclysms, as nobody was keeping it up anymore and every wiping of traces was welcome.

Question 6: What are the origins of the Aryan race?

Z: We don't consider them a seperate race. There are several influences to this group of people, resulting from crossbreeding and wandering among the various groups on earth and also the fact that foreign souls incarnated on earth frequently. There is no single origin to anyone. Especially what you call the Aryan race is a mixture of many different souces on earth, and not a single influence from the outside.

Question 7: What being spoke to moses on the mountain?

Z: It was an alien, in modern terms. A spirit guide.
E: Any name?
Z: The name is not important as it would not further understanding.
E: Did the being have a name?
Z: It was given names, but did not present itself with one.

McArthur: Hi, James in another thread says you might be able to get some answers to the following for me Edi if you wouldnt mind?

E: I will do what I can.

I would like information about the Planet the corporeal Pleiadians inhabit. If there is more than one planet just pick any for now.

Z: There are many planets. Earth is one for example.

1. Which star does it circle in the Pleiadian system (i.e. their sun)

Z: The pleiadian system with it's suns supports physical life on many planets. There are always pleiadians who incarnate in the physical, so it is no problem to pick one. This one circles around Alcyone, the central sun.

2. How far away from their sun is their planet.

Z: About 2.8 times the distance sun-earth.

3. What is the angle of their planets axis (i.e. ours is 23.5 degrees).

Z: About 17 degrees.

4. What is the circumference of the planet at its equator.

Z: The planet is bigger than earth, which accounts for about 1.5 times the circumference.

5. Does it have polar ice caps.

Z: Yes.

6. What kind of atmosphere does it have (i.e. what differences if any to Earths).

Z: There is more oxygen in it. Winds are more turbulent in the upper atmosphere, but this is barely remarkable at the surface. The general layout of the atmosphere is similar because plants follow a similar pattern there. Certain elements that are often occuring in this area give the atmosphere a slight purple hue. You have rain, winds and storms there. Weather happens.

7. What seasons does it have (i.e. similar to earths as in Summer, winter etc.)

Z: There are weather changes throughout the 'year', but the populace there doesn't divide it up in seasons as you do.

8. Population size.

Z: About 780 Pleiadians living there.

9. What is the estimated mass of their planet.

Z: 4 times that of the earth, approximately.

10. If there is more than one planet revolving their sun, as in our solar system, how many and how many are inhabited.

Z: We know of 8 planets, where 2 of them are inhabited.

11. Are there any main differences to our planet and what are they.

Z: The planet is very similar to yours. Most of it's makeup is identical, but there are a few elements you don't find on earth. Vegetation is primitive but still evolved, there is little animal life. The main difference is that this planet has a different role in bearing physical life than earth. The purpose there is to reexperience physical sensuality for pleiadian souls who need this in their further journeys.

SilverSlider: I. White Lie vs. misinterpretation.
A. From ZetaTalk

For those of you unfamiliar, the "white lie" was the March 2003 date given for the pole shift by the Zeta. This link provides justification for the "white lie". It basically says that the date was given to show everyone how the world governments would react if an actual date was giv
8  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Please note: Channeler withdrawn, sickened. on: February 27, 2004, 01:05:19
Hey whoever,

may I ask, do you know how those channelings are being done? Have you read them? Do you know what training we have had all along the way?

I will quote from my latest channeling:

E: Perena, is all set up and ready to channel the Zeta?
P: Yes, they are ready to begin.
E: Is the 'link' already up?
P: No, I only open it and connect you when it is time and when you agree to. If you do not wish to talk to the Zeta, no connection is made.
E: Can any being interfere with the channeling?
P: No, I am watching about it all the time. It is ensured that strict parameters are held and no interference distorts the communication. All that is taking place is only between myself, you and the Zeta. I am administrating the contact.
E: Would channeling be dangerous or problematic if I would just 'open up' to anything?
P: This would be blind and would indeed cause problems sooner or later. Is is important to be conscious of such contact all the time and to set them up and close them explicitely. I serve the purpose in being your guide in this because you know me well. I can also ensure you that I have control over what reaches you and what not, so nothing can interfere with our communication as long as you are stable from your side. This is why your attitude in channeling is important. I protect you at all times in order to ensure that the connection is correct and you are recieving correctly.
E: Fine... can we begin now?
P: Yes, I am linking you up now.
E: And here I see the Zeta in my mind's eye.
Z: Hi.
E: Here we go.

[... talking to the Zeta here ...]

E: Perena, is the connection to the Zeta now closed?
P: Yes, it is. There is no exchange between you going on now and no link exists, which would be necessary for telepathic communication. You are fully seperated and don't influence each other. This means that this channeling session is finished.
E: Wonderful.

What I and my guide have explained here is done EVERY time a channeling is done by us. You can see it in most of the channelings in the zeta thread, and if it's not said explicitely, I omitted it because I assumed that by that time people knew that this channeling link-up is done carefully each time, and I didn't want to explain it again all the time.

We are not opening up to any sudden influce. The training in channeling covers not just 'receiving' but other things, and a person who just 'receives' is NOT a channeler.  It takes a long time, and much careful training. We are protected by the guides in this, who we have build up a trusting relationship with over time. This is not done without thought and consideration. I am aware of my guide's presence 24 hours a day and check EVERY other being I am talking to telepathically, and every sentence I receive from them.

Those are controlled channelings where nothing can be 'kicked out' by malevolent beings. The beings I am channeling are not IN me, SpectralDragon, because this communication takes place in a telepathic manner where only words, images and general telepathic 'feelings' are exchanged. There is total control over all communication that takes place.

We don't 'open up to any old spirit', never. This would be clear if what we wrote would actually be read, but it doesn't look like that is done. Mayatnik asked to be quoted:

Yes.  It is time to do so.  I am fed up of their baby ways, wanting to be spoon fed.  They do not read what has been written over and over and over again.... and they in addition keep to their preconceived notions which blinds them to what is being said even if they read it.
Do we have to cut and paste into every post EVERYTHING that has been said in other posts?  Not feasible.  They are intelligent, whether they show it or not........and it is about time they started to read what we have spent so much time explaining for their benifit......yet they still ask what has already been given time and time again.

And I agree to this view, because I do not feel that your criticism is always related to what we are doing. I think this is because we are just not understanding each other perfectly and more communication would be necessary for this, but please respect that it would be helpful if things that have been explained would be read, instead of carrying along preconceived notions. You have your implicit assumptions, everyone has, me too. And yes, I agree with you in much what you said about 'opening up' to just any spirits. However, I don't see it apply in our case, which I hope was explained clearly now. The problem is not that we disagree, but that we're not talking about the same thing really. In my opinion.

If how I expressed my feelings came around rude, I apologize, but you know, being a channeler is hard at times. [Wink]

9  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 27, 2004, 00:38:56
E: Perena, is all set up and ready to channel the Zeta?
P: Yes, they are ready to begin.
E: Is the 'link' already up?
P: No, I only open it and connect you when it is time and when you agree to. If you do not wish to talk to the Zeta, no connection is made.
E: Can any being interfere with the channeling?
P: No, I am watching about it all the time. It is ensured that strict parameters are held and no interference distorts the communication. All that is taking place is only between myself, you and the Zeta. I am administrating the contact.
E: Would channeling be dangerous or problematic if I would just 'open up' to anything?
P: This would be blind and would indeed cause problems sooner or later. It is important to be conscious of such contacts all the time and to set them up and close them explicitely. I serve the purpose of being your guide in this because you know me well. I can also ensure you that I have control over what reaches you and what not, so nothing can interfere with our communication as long as you are stable from your side. This is why your attitude in channeling is important. I protect you at all times in order to ensure that the connection is correct and you are recieving correctly.
E: Fine... can we begin now?
P: Yes, I am linking you up now.
E: And here I see the Zeta in my mind's eye.
Z: Hi.
E: Here we go.

Devneil: 1. In October-November 2003, I've observed an UFO going down from the sky, whilst in my car close to my home. I wanted to know, if it was indeed an UFO? My pendulum told me it was, but i'm not sure about it. And if it was, was it a pleiadian/Zetas ship?

Z: Most of the UFOs that are seen are connected to us. This is because the service-to-self groups that are visiting earth are not so big in numbers as the service-to-others. We, the Zeta, are reponsible for flying those crafts, although not all technology comes from us. So what you have seen is very likely to be a Zeta ship.
E: Can you look it up anywhere what it was?
Z: Yes. We have 'logfiles' about all activies we perform. Your pendulum gave you the correct answer.

2. My guide, via my pendulum, informed me that the occupants of the vessels came to transmit a kind of mission to me. Do you know something about that?

Z: With the necessary grain of salt, of course. What this message was about it happened this way is also something you can find out. We can tell you it is a 'routine' job, and the expression of a 'mission' is not quite adequate. It was information that will aid you on a subconscious level.

3. Kalonek and I have the same background with the pendulum. But I would like to know if I use my pendulum correctly?

Z: The usage as it is in getting yes/no answers is correct in your use. But the rest needs improvement if you want to get proficient in communication this way. This has to do with the asking of questions and with the exploring of topics by that.

4. Recently, I've involved myself in developping telepathy. Two days ago, while i was "speaking" with my guide, without using the pendulum, I heard a response of a metal and female voice. I am not sure about that, but I would like to know if I am in the right way in regard to this development?

Z: What you are hearing is not so clear yet. Interaction will make clear who you are talking with. If you continue to do this, try to take each step slowly in order to build up knowledge step by step and not stepping into unknown fields too fast. That you heard a reponse is a clear sign that you have potential facilities to use for communication. Be moderate in taking too big jumps, though. The communication is done easily, but in your case it needs to be build up in a conscious way because it would be possible to float off and mispercieve things otherwise.
E: What do you mean by a conscious way?
Z: Talking in a way that puts what is heard in relation to what you know. What you assume. What you expect. There needs to be some smoothing done regarding some ideas or concepts so that exploration of those things can be done without too big obstacles. This smoothing is done by taking step by step, gradually but not too fast.

5. Has France an important relationship with Zetas or other aliens species ?

Z: No. They are aware of extraterrestrial presence (few people, we're talking about everything to do with government etc.) though. No interaction is done that would be worth considering.

6. On certain sites, ppl speak much about the Ummites letters. Are they real ?

Z: Yes, they are real.
E: Are they deliberate attempts to spread falsehoods?
Z: No. They are well-intentioned.
E: Does this intention come around the right way?
Z: Yes, it serves a purpose.
E: I don't know anything about those letters and what they contain, so I can't ask much about details or what they are about... so... what else to ask... are those letters ... to be taken at face value?
Z: No. What is important is the general message, not the details.

The prof: I would like to ask Zeta why i have been drawn here, in the fact that i have no previous experiance in this.

Z: This was an attraction in you that sparked interest in this forum. Experience is not needed, interest to consider new matieral is what counts. Many people are drawn to such things by following their intuition, like you. You were not deliberately, specifically drawn here, but it is an occurence that is natural for you now.

SeventhVirgo: 1.) How can two species be so advanced and not agree on the existance of bigfoot? Is the information on this subject based on observation? What I mean is, "do you no longer see bigfoot's footprints, no trace of it, and you assume that it no longer exists?" Or is the information factual? As in, " 'you' 'scanned' the entire earth and bigfoot ISN'T in existance anymore? " Or is the information provided by something higher? And the information comes shaped to fit the neccesisites of the person who asks, in a way that benifits? I'm just curious about how it all works... ( the 'flow' of knowledge, for you [zetas and reptillians].

Z: Apart from the other things, we consider first that if not enough questions are asked in order to explain details, implicit meaning could confuse the understanding in different people. Not everyone understands the same in what is said. This is why only asking further questions clears up misconceptions. Now about bigfoot: it is no surprise that not only humans, but also the reptilians are unaware of it's existence. This is because bigfoot is purposefully secluded from all interaction with others and left to themselves and their environment. This is a special learning experience for the incarnated entities. In this way, information about bigfoot is not spread around as it would only spark unnecessary interest. In keeping them secluded and alone, a purpose is served. In the same way, we are not aware of things that are just not made 'public' for everyone because there can be reasons where keeping information down serves a purpose. We happen to be in the position to know about bigfoot, the reptilians explained it from their perspective, which can't know any better. The information about all topics that are discussed is coming from various sources. The biggest part is the cummulative experience of the species that is being channeled. This influences what details are focussed upon, the viewpoint of the species regarding this issue also comes through. Then there is the case where it is not allowed to speak about certain topics to the extent that would be wished, so at some point we don't give more answers. This happens in cases were information could be misused to cause harm or where it would infringe upon free will. To have a better overview with some explanations, we would like to refer to you a recent posting made by Mayatnik at which talks about the role of channelings. There he explains that it is the perspective that matters and that all must be considered in order to get an idea of what could be going on. Channelings seem to contradict each other sometimes, more or less. Apart from causes in the nature of channeling, which has been explained too in some discussions on this forum, everyone who is channeled plays a certain role and presents a certain, specific aspect. This facet that is seen is however always only a small part of the truth. The channelings here are a small part. Other channelings are a small part. It all serves a purpose in education people by presenting certain information. Much is done by chosing certain foci and emphasis that is different from other channelings. So every channeling makes people thing about and research one certain aspect of 'truth', which explains why some channelings correlate more than others. It also happens that deliberate lies are put out if people are too careless and gullible in swallowing channelings. This is done to trip them up and wake them up. You can see this for example when you've read one channeled thing, and from a different source the exact opposite. That makes you think because you cannot 'believe' two things that clearly contradict each other, so you have to find better ways of sustaining your view of the world, or changing it.

2.) There is some discussion about you being "negative" spirtis or something... I don't see how this is, since you don't ask us to BELIEVE anything you say... and you don't feel negative (actually the people who accuse you of this are THE ONES who feel negative.) You asking us not to blindly believe in what you say, could possibly be there just to gain our trust... And it seems that you don't really want to comment on this... Maybe because, they aren't exactly questions... so I thought I'd make it into one (Again testing you, but not in the way of "what's the color of my cat's tail?." So could you please comment on this? Thanks Smiley

Z: What is trust for? Trust is when you believe that someone doesn't mislead you. Trust is when you hand over responsibility for your own life. If you trust us or not is really up to you, we are only here to give information that could make sense for many. We present things as we see them. We have explained above, and others also did, that you have to be careful in building up your perception of reality. No matter if we are negative or not, we couldn't harm anyone against their consent if we wanted to. This means, metaphorically, we can say "hit your head in the wall", and some people do that. It is always the actions and the thoughts of people who allow hurt.
E: Some people will object to that.
Z: This is not the assigning of guilt. We only say you can avoid all problems by your own effort. You can get out of every situation. The exchange of information takes place between all kinds of entities. This also means exchange of energy. There are laws governing those exchanges. From our point of view, we often see how people are overwhelmed with information that discomforts them and react in panic. This panic causes the problems. Is that putting guilt on someone? We don't think so. Recognize such reactions that are natural in development and deal with them.
E: But this was not really the topic, so let's go on.
Z: No matter what we explain about those things, there are so many conflicting perceptions and experiences that it can't be done with a few words or simple explanations. This has to be sorted out on a greater scale and we play the role of resisting the current position of many. This role is no 'joke' or 'trickery' but the simple result of our observations about such things and a clear view on how such things are best dealt with.

4.) I don't really know how advance your species really is, and I assummed that you are "so advanced" in my first question. Could you tell us a little about how advance your species is? I guess, relatively, one can be "VERY advanced" or be "just beginging"... I'm not sure, if you should answer this question in comparision to human kind's "advancement." But you're the smarter species, so you decide . Thanks Smiley

Z: Imagine yourself, on fourth density (well, that's hard to imagine), all humans working together. Shared goals, cooperation. Thousands of years of technological advancement, space travel to various planets in order to study what is going on there. We show interest in how life forms in 3d physical environments. We are spirit guides for people on earth where we are mostly guiding on a subconscious level, in the background. Other, more advanced beings have tasks we couldn't dream of doing. We have technology to deal with environmental problems and with illnesses effectively. We have a well structured society where greater goals always respect the need of the individual. Nobody is left unattended. We are beginning to be out of body regularly (many of us, not all) in our ways to explore the universe. However, we are still 'physical'. This means we are not SO different from you. The biggest difference is experience, which is expressed in technology and a smooth structure of what we are doing. We are dedicated to what we are doing and do our best at all times. Compared to you, we are advanced. But we are aware of beings who are far beyond our comprehension. We don't see ourselves as so much further than you, because we also learn things from you. We are just older in a sense.

3.) The other day (actually, yesterday), there was a power failure for a few minutes, after that there were several, at least 4, helicopters and maybe some planes heading in the same direction. My intuition, or possibly my "feelings," told me that it was more than just a simple power failure. Could you comment on this, please? Thank you...

Z: Whenever something 'strange' happens, such incidents are examined for possible involvements of foreign parties. This doesn't necessarily mean that some big thing was going on. We can tell you that in your case there was no 'alien involvement'. However there have been power failures that were caused by aliens in order to show the government that they are powerless and cannot do anything cooperate in a friendly way, or deny what is going on if they decide to. But they know by such examples that they cannot do what they want and cannot go on forever with denying alien contact.

E: Okay, it's time to stop.
Z: It is indeed. See you the next time then, this talking we had now was very nice.
E: I enjoyed it, too... bye!
Z: See you.

E: Perena, is the connection to the Zeta now closed?
P: Yes, it is. There is no exchange between you going on now and no link exists, which would be necessary for telepathic communication. You are fully seperated and don't influence each other. This means that this channeling session is finished.
E: Wonderful.[/
10  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 25, 2004, 23:10:47
Risu no Kairu, Mayatnik suggest you make a pendulum as described in his Complete Dowsing Course in the AP Library, to find the one you've lost smiley

E: Oops, I'm late by a few minutes, are the Zeta waiting?
P: Yes, they are ready to start the show. Here you go.
Z: Hi. Nice to see you.
E: I'll just begin. Or do you have anything to say?

Z: Yes, we do. We'll talk about Nibiru and what is going on at the moment. This planet is closer than you think, and his influence is now really growing more and more apparent. You see quakes in areas where it isn't usual at all. You have crazy weather going out of common patterns in many places. We would advise people who want to know what is going on to do several things: watch for sunset and sunrise times and note the irregularities. Note comets in the sky that are not behaving as expected. The orbit of the earth is already affected by Nibiru, and it will not take a long time until it is clearly visible. There are predictions for comets, when they should appear, and how bright. If they come too early or too late, there could be some irregularity in earth's orbit. Such signs are more and more visible.
E: More?
Z: This is just the message 'keep your eyes open', as now things are getting more apparent. You can go on to the questions now.

Euphoric_Sunrise: The Bermuda Triangle - is there anything "out of the ordinary" there, and if so, what is it?

Z: Yes, there is. There are stories of things going on and there is something that lies at the foundation of those stories. The earth is a complicated body where many different particles and energies are involved that make up earth. Such particle streams can affect matter and change it's qualities. What is happening in the Bermuda Triangle is that an influence that is normally kept at the inside of the earth is leaking to the surface which results in matter being affected. So it happens that things can just disappear there.
E: They really disappear?
Z: Yes, they are at a different density level then.
E: And come back in any way?
Z: Because this scenario is not in any way controlled many things there get 'lost'.
E: Controlled in what way?
Z: Affecting matter so switch densities must be made in an environment where all parameters are set regarding what to transport and where to. If this is not done properly, it gets all jumbled up.

Do you consider the events described in Carlos Castaneda's books where he is a student of the Indian don Juan to be true?

Z: Not true in a literal sense. But true in a sense that you can learn many things from it. It gets you thinking along important lines. Many things are presented in a 'mystic' way that exactly gets the message across.

Are the things that are said in the book "Bringers of the Dawn" by Barbara Marciniak really channeled by the Pleiadians? If so, is the intention of the Zetas and other races helping Earth that it will return to being a centre of information, inhabitants being the librarians?

Z: Yes, they are from the pleiadians. Rougly said: yes, earth will be a centre of information.
E: What does that mean?
Z: You carry parts of all the galaxy in you, and the animals around you too. Things have been put together in your environment, the results of aeons of evolution.
E: And what is meant by librarians?
Z: Keeping the information alive and accessing it. This is what you will be doing.
E: In the literal sense, like in a library dusting off books?
Z: No, by living. By having emotions, by having experiences, by being connected to the whole universe.

What happened with that rocket or bomb that supposedly enganged the launch sequence by itself and then stopped? Was that caused by ET involvement?

Z: Which one are you talking of?
E: In order to channel something about an issue, I would have to have a rough idea of what is meant Smiley ... did ETs ever stop any bombs or rockets?
Z: Yes, this is done not so infrequently.

I think i remember reading that governments all over the world have contact with ETs and are sometimes in contact with Reptilians. If you can, could you tell me how the Australian government is involved with ETs, if at all?

Z: The australian government is aware of both negative and positive alien presence.
E: Was there much interaction?
Z: No, only covertly and cautiously trying to find out things, but no big efforts.
E: But they talked to each other?
Z: Yes.
E: You too were involved?
Z: Yes.
E: Does the government there has any ... difficulties with aliens?
Z: Yes, they do; there are some things going on there that the government doesn't like. The aliens want to be undisturbed.

Who were the brown skinned, blue eyed, blonde haired beings with Dolphin pendants who came from the star Orion and built the pyramids and temple sites in Austraila described by the Aboriginies?

Z: They were of extraterrestrial origin.
E: Was it you?
Z: No. They were friendly and teached the Aboriginies some things.
E: Any other ideas what I could ask about them?
Z: Oh, we can talk a bit. You don't know them, but they have been around for a while. They are presently too present around earth.
E: Are the depictions of the Aboriginies accurate?
Z: Not in every detail, some things were altered deliberately.

Orcher: Q1: If Jesus never crucified, then how was the end of his story?

Z: Jesus was crucified.

Q2: Whats your opinion about animals as our nourishment?

Z: It's okay to eat them. Many people need the nourishment they get from meat. It would be possible to switch to a vegetarian diet over time, but not from one day to the next. The problem is not with eating meat but with how the animals are treated.

Q3: Is everything written in approved by you, and accurate information?

Z: Yes. It is not this group of us doing this channeling who are working together with Nancy, but they are equally working at our side. Same 'department', different group.

Q4: How long times will the 4D take to be totally accomplished? And when will the most notice that they are ascending to the 4D?

Z: It will take several decades, about 70 years. Many people are noticing it even now with changes in their awareness, in their dreams, their emotions etc., and this will increase. The most will notice it in 10 years.

Q5: What is your next plan to do?

Z: We have several issues going on all at once. Channeling will continue, as will our work with people in helping to astral project at times, or in guiding. Crop circles will continue.
E: Are you responsible for the crop circles?
Z: After all we're flying the saucers. We are preparing some stuff that will be helpfull in clearing the environment and gradually accomplishing the shift in 4d, which needs a lot of work from our side. The genetic engineering project in regards to the hybrids is always reaching new stages of development.

Q6: If you (and maybe Edi fuzziwis) are leaving this forum soon, how would we reach you else if we have something more to ask? (I really enjoy your present here).

E: I am not leaving, and am reachable by mail and MSN at the moment.
Z: We, the Zetas, are always available for questions on the zetatalk website, however, not to the extent that is possible here to dig around every single question that is asked. Nancy is busy and we cannot answer everything through her, and only relevant and important issues are being handeled at zetatalk.

Q7: Can I (from Sweden) see the planet X with my naked eyes as a star in the night? If so, which position, and how bright is it?

Z: This won't be easy, because planet X is in the direction where your sun is.
E: Directly, or somewhere around there?
Z: It's not exactly in front of the sun, but it is far from being in the middle of the night sky.
E: Any ideas on how to see it?
Z: Looking at the sun directly is not a good idea.
E: It's a bit ... bright.
Z: Dark sunglasses or paper screens could be useful.

Q8: Where is the planet X located right now?

Z: Somewhere around, but not exactly between sun and earth. Rougly. But in any case, closer to the sun than the earth is.

Q9: Are the US government aware of the Planet X approaching? Have they been able to capture any pictures of it?

Z: Of course.

Q10: I wrote same part of my sisters dream story in "Welcome to Prophecy & Divination" directory, does it have to do with the pole-shift?

Z: It was a dream that is similar to the kind of dream many people have. This is what we have already said about "emotional preparation". You can't come around with the truth to people. You you present things in dreams to get them acquainted with ideas. Such dreams don't have to be taken literally, and we can comment on some of the symbols in that dream you wrote of. 'The sun getting small and with an intense colour': this means something unusual in the sky. Keeping an eye open for what is going on above, curious about the sun. 'Scared and full of anxiety': Why scared? It was just a dream. And even if it was real, you couldn't do anything about it. The world is safe to some extent, but it's not the comfort zone most people would like to have. So this 'scaring' only serves to make people less tense about the unknown. 'She knew that she where going to die, she was very shocked and crying after her mother which was lost': this doesn't mean your mother will die. Relationships can be ripped apart in chaos and people brought away from each other during chaos. If this happens, it can take some time to find back to your family. Again, the dream serves the purpose of thinking about the possibility of not having anyone near who is closely related to you and understanding and looking after you. 'Death' means often death of old structures in every sense, not physical death. 'the police was running away': even the ones who are seen normally to be in charge of all situations by many people cannot do anything against a pole-shift. They would be well advised to keep calm, but panic is almost unavoidable if information is repressed. 'one of here friend trying to hit here with a plank with a nail on it': when people are panicking you never know what they will do. This just means to be careful with all around you when things get difficult because many will just not have the nerves to deal with the situation.

Q11: If I really want you to appear for me, Or at least have a gleam of you. Would you really do that? Or you are to busy for that?

Z: We don't do it on request. It's not time for that now.

Q12: So how well informed are the whole Zeta population of this event? (Our conversation in this forum). If all Zeta folks and other unknown extraterrestrial folk is watching, and following those events, Then a GREETING to you all from me!!

Z: They are well informed. It was stated after the first channeling by Edi that it reached a 'mass audience'. Whatever is discussed here is relayed to a big part of the Zeta who are currently present around earth. It also reaches others of our species who are interested in what is going on here. See it like a special column in a newspaper. Those conversations get tailored to an appropriate representation that can be given to other beings, Zetas and others. You grettings are welcome.

taom1234: Thank you for your answer. This question is not a test, but what was the shift in consciousnes that propelled me to become "steady"? I am still confused by this as I really don't know what made this major change.

Z: It is natural for many people. There was not a special incident that changed your consciousness. It has to do with finishing certain things in life and moving on to the next stage of exploration. This major change came about by having a quick evolution in your youth where you experienced enough to have some freedom of exploration now, being less restricted.

Also, how many stages of the heart are there really in terms of spirituality and is steady something to be happy about, or is it just a minor evolvment?

Z: What do you mean by stages of the heart? You can devide a life (or the heartly aspect of it) in many stages. Early childhood development, realation to others, love relationships, compassion for all of humanity, for everything; those could be 'stages'. However, development is individual and does not follow a strict set of stages. You are not growing linearly, step by step, but in all directions, working at all sides, somewhat multidimensionally. Because of this it is often not easy to see progress. If you focus on a sphere, imagine a perfect round sphere, with no wobbled on the surface. Say you have a certain amount to 'add' to this sphere, and you add it in once certain place. You will clearly see it stick out of the surface, and you can see "oh, something has changed, something has grown". But if you distribute what you add all over the spere, it will only grow very little in radius and almost no change will be noticed. This is what is happening with you now: You are building on all sides of your life (the sphere in this metaphor), a bit here, a bit there, but not so much that really big process can be noticed. You process on the one hand by adding thin layers to your sphere (which means, you have no big holes to fill out in order to get a round sphere), and on the other hand by stabilzing what you are up to now. You can be happy about your present state, but don't try to put it into a fixed set of stages. It's a temporary condition which will grow to other stages of development as time progresses.

Hephaestus: 1) The Zetas say I should use Crystals that are in tune with and energizing my third chakra, at the solar plexus. Im not good at finding this stuff out, can you tell me which specific chrystal I should use please? and how I should use it? as I want to give it a try.

Z: The colour is a good indicator. The emotional aspect of the third chakra is associated with the colour yellow. This means that yellow crystals are generally what you should look out for. Yellow, golden, honeylike. There are clear and dull ones, and you should use clear ones. It will help to focus energy like a lens and to show the third chakra what 'yellow' is all about. This means it will help in tuning in to the energies the third chakra is supposed to deal with and to increase the energy flow which will result first in issues popping up in your life that were before emotionally suppressed and put aside in the third chakra, and then in having those issues resolved and cleared. Such a clearing can be as easy as remembering a 'bad' situation, feeling for once all the shame or pain you associate with it until it is felt out, and then it you won't bother you anymore. Use the crystals by keeping them near your solar plexus, for example when lying in bed. Don't let them be there all night - a possibility would be to have a crystal there a few minutes each morning and then see what things are coming up during the night. A time of 10-20 minutes is enough to use the crystal. You can carry it in a pocket if you want to have a gentle subtle influence throughout the day.
E: Is it important to use a specific crystal? How are they called... amber, citrin.
Z: Those are both fine. The fine tuned use is not so important at the moment, so the rough description we gave above is sufficient.

2) What should I do to improve my none existant telekinetic ability?

Z: Concentrating the will, if you want to attempt it. Holding images in your mind, having a clear focus, affirmations that it is possible will all work to some extent. But telekinesis is not something you're well equipped to do as a 3d human being.

3) Have you ever watched star trek? and if so what do you think to the idea of a United Federation of Planets? and is warp drive a real possibility?

Z: We are aware of star trek. It has many ideas of the 'real world'. There are all kinds of federations and organisational structures in the universe. Relating to a 'warp drive': it is possible to travel quickly over long distances. This has partly to do with moving at a higher density, where things are quite different in regards to what can be done. We can travel around your earth in a second.

5) What are these strange chemtrails that are being seen all around america all about?

Z: Chemical trails, put out in order to influence the ecosystem and human beings as well. This has been going on for several decades now, ever growing in numbers.

Kalonek: I got another question though that just came to me : After the "fusion" of both species, zetas and humans, what will be this new species ? Does it mean the "end" of human beings and zetas as individual species ? Or more like a new species but which will be closer to humans or to zetas (in this way one of us would disapear, absorbed by the other) ? Or just a third species but the two others will continue to go their own way ? Hope i get myself clear :-/

Z: Yes, it will mean the end of both 'old' species. It will be a new species where both parties contribute in equal ways. No species will absorb the other, and you will be quite happy with it, not losing any of your advantages or those things you are so happy to have, like sex.

E: Okay, that's it. Is everything fine what was written so far?
Z: It is. You can post it.
P: Yes, it is. Thanks for asking all the time.
E: Fine... goodbye to you Zetas, until the next time.
Z: Bye.
11  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Reptilian guides tell how it really is! on: February 25, 2004, 19:01:32


I have to inform the Astral Pulse about a recent development that affected a member of the telepathy project group. For a while now, Fuzziwig and myself have been channeling on this board two alien races, the Zeta (myself and Fuzziwig) and the Reptilians (Fuzziwig only). This was done in order to provide members the opportunity to ask questions in order to let those beings, who are heavily involved with what is going on on Earth at the moment, explain things as they see it in order to add to the perspective of everyone who is interested.

You all know how those channelings were received by people on this forum. Apart from the few encouraging and many quiet voices, there was all the time an ongoing onslaught of vicious criticism and deliberate attack on the work that was done. Many people are not willing to examine in a calm way what was channeled and discuss it in a way that would be appropriate for mature people. Many people did not hesitate to ridicule the channelers and the big amount of work and effort that was involved in this. Being called 'idiots who pretend to channel entities' is just the smallest part of it. The atmosphere has been like this for a long time and hurt many people badly, not only the channelers.

This is why there are so few actually channeling, because it has to be correct at all times. A channeler by their nature feels things very deeply, that is why they can do the job in the first place. They open up, and if they are attacked over and over again it is like being abused.

Parmenion was sickened to the point he could not continue. He was physically nauseated.
TruthSeeker was accused and hurt which made him leave this forum.
Val was viciously attacked and injured just for speaking out about why people were being attacked.

And now Fuzziwig was brought to the point where he can not channel anymore the way he feels. It is clearly visible in the latest posting in this thread that the total lack of respect that some have destroys the ability of the channeler to be accurate at all times. Because of this, the guides decided that Fuzziwig be put on 'sick leave' for the time being, until he recovers his stability and confidence. This means that he cannot continue channeling at the present time. Karek, who is in charge of this whole project, has instructed this, and it has been independently verified by each guide of the persons involved.

Up to now, Fuzziwig has been doing excellent work. All his previous channelings were impeccable. He doesn't deserve the upset that he has had. He has worked so well and dedicatedly.

It is your decision, all of you who read this, on how you treat people.

If you want, you can shoot down each one of us, one after the other.

That's it.


12  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 25, 2004, 16:34:04
Hey all,

please excuse the long delay in this channeling, there were some things popping up that diverted my focus at times, like writing other things, or family life. Hope to have a constant 'output' soon again.

Kind regards,

E: Are the Zeta ready to begin?
P: Yes, they are... I open the link now.
Z: Hi.

Bob251: I would like to hear the Zetas' comments on this site and some of the items on it: Of particular interest are the Alternative Feuls page and the Philosopher's Stone item on the Strange Science page. Are their claims true?

E: This site looks like a big joke to me.
Z: It is. The ideas are there, but not developed yet. If at all, this is technology of the future and not of the present. It doesn't work the way they present it.
E: The Philosopher's Stone?
Z: Forget it.
E: Smiley
Z: It's information pulled together from various sources and assembled to look like something.
E: And it doesn't even look good if you ask me.

Is there such a thing as coincidence?

Z: You call coincidence an event that by no visible law or cause brings together surprising results which you wouldn't expect but which are often exactly what you need. There is the saying that coincidence is just the result of unknown laws, which is true for most of the part. This doesn't mean that everything is controlled or directed as in a cinema. Free will exists, random influences in chaotic systems as well, so you can't always exactly trace a line from cause to result. However, many things are also happening because they are orchestrated that way, consciously. Like attracts like is a very true law which is used in magic. Magic users are constructing exactly the coincidences they need or want. There are many flows of energy in the universe which play a role in shaping manifestation of reality. They can be modified to a greater or lesser extent. This is done by higer beings in order to guide you through life where necessary, for example to bring certain people together. However, a great part of your life plan is stored at high levels of your aura, without doubt attracting what you chose to experience all by itself. The guides are very much involved in laying the necessary background of possibilities in order for things to manifest as they are planned. And from a spiritual point of view: yes, everything happens for a reason.

What happens to someone if they were to commit suicide?

Z: They are being treated by specially trained guides in this case afterwards. Suicide is never necessary and only the result of not having the change to break out of a vicious circle. Life is risky, there is always the danger of getting stuck some place. So who commits suicide is shown later how he could have dealt differently with the situation and gets the chance to fully come to terms with it before the next incarnation. Commiting suicide effectually prevents things from happening, prevents a  whole lot of interaction which leaves a gapinh hole in people. This hole can be filled up with other interactions and events, but it is not what was intended to happen and in this way not the best life of development of things. Bonds with people on an energetic level are also broken by a too quick death where nobody had the chance to prepare for the depart of the person. Suicide is therefore something which is, whenever possible, made unlikely to happen. The difference to natural death is the intensity of life review on the internal side and the hole that is left on the external side.

Viper_05: Did the U.S. really go to the moon?

Z: Yes, they did.

Hephaestus: 1) Why did the Zetas build the pyramids of Giza?

Z: We've been on your earth for quite some time now, and also have been around at the time the pyramids have been built. However, the pyramids were not only our own thing - they were to a big part not more than navigation devices built by the annunaki, with assistance because they couldn't do everything on their own. Telekinesis isn't mastered in 3d.
E: Were you involved in helping them?
Z: Yes, we were.
E: Do you mean by this the positive or the negative Zetas?
Z: Both were, at different times, depending on the agreements that have been made and on the nature of cooperation that evolved. So while the Annunaki had their stuff to help them caluclate and see when Nibiru would come, and to have a clear line on how to launch their rockets so they would reach their home planet easily, the pyramids also serve another purpose. They are, roughly said, a focal point for energies on earth. Earth is a living being, where energy comes in and out in various places, and where connections to other heavenly bodies are made by energetic streams. In this sense, the pyramids are at a spot where such energies concentrate.

2) Why are the pyramids at Giza layed out on the ground in the exact same formation of orions belt?

Z: The layout of the pyramids tell of their connection to the stars, or rather, the subtle energy flow that is influencing earth from there.
E: Who decided this layout?
Z: Not the annunaki themselves, but the ones who were helping them.
E: You?
Z: Yes.

3) The pyramids seem to also link with other pyramids not located at giza to mimic the entire Orion constellation but not completely, did you not complete the construction of all the pyramids? if not why not?

Z: It is all completed as planned; the aim was not to mirror all the stars on the sky.

4) Why do the shafts in the pyramids point to Orions belt? and the star Sirius?

Z: It is a giant clock that has significance in measuring a cycle of time.
E: Yes, but why those stars?
Z: Because Nibiru is coming from the direction of orion and sirius is where the Zeta come from.

E: I'm planning to gather more information about the pyramids... every time I start with it it seems to be bottomless.
Z: It is bottomless if you want everything at once. Let things evolve by people's questions and do not hesitate to post something even if it makes absolutely no sense to you.
E: Okay. So, apologies to Hephaestus if this is too little at the moment, but it's what I feel comfortable with at the moment to channel, and going much deeper is a bit blocked by things in myself, concerning my self-development... I can only reach so far, unfortunately.

5) What can you tell me about the cassiopaeans?

Z: The cassiopaeans are also involved with earth, and the channelings are genuine. The information they present is allright and can without doubt be considered.
E: Is it true?
Z: Good question. Apart from the things that would have to be put into the right perspective, they have their own role to play, which is, concentrating on certain issues, denying others, and presenting "information" that can be accepted or not after due consideration. This is what we mean, we cannot tell you "yes, all what they write is true", because on the one hand, it isn't, and on the other hand, you cannot base your decisions about accepting material only on the words of others.
E: Are the cassiopaeans working at your side?
Z: No.

E: What's the general state with channelings on earth?
Z: You see, there are those that would like to influence to the good, and those that would do the opposite. Control or liberate. Alien species are allowed to work _through_ people, which means, if someone on earth decides to contact 'bad' being somewhere, he's free to channel them. In this way, all imaginable sorts of information is pulled onto earth. This leads to confusion if you try to put all into perspective, because not all is true, and not all is what is seems at first sight. All outside sources present information as they see it fit.
E: And how should one deal with that situation?
Z: How to deal with it? Well, to what extent do you let channeled material influence your life? It's stupid to accept anything as fact. You see, there are lots of things about the history of earth in all channelings, and there are some general lines that seem to make sense. This will all grow clearer over time and is something that needs time to research and develop. What is channeled needs to be backed up by facts on earth that are found by your scientists. So you can build a picture of what is real and what not.
E: I'm uncomfortable with channeling historical facts.
Z: This is because you are concentrating on other issues. You don't read as much on it as others do, and channeling it is difficult for you at the moment. Some people concentrate more on the historical and scientific aspects, others are more concerned with people and how they interact.
E: Like me.
Z: So there's nothing else you can do than just letting things evolve by themselves.

Risu no Kairu: Did you build the Sphinx, too? Whose face is on it?

Z: We did not build it. It's a face of a pharao, or should resemble such.

What methods did ancient people use in order to move rocks that weighed several tons?

Z: Telekinesis, where available. There were other possibilities, though. You can roll them around on logs for example.
E: Others ways you can think of?
Z: No. It was necessary to do it this way because you couldn't move them far without something they can roll on. This is the basis that was used.
E: Fine, that's horizontally... how did they manage altitude differences?
Z: With levers and lots of people pushing and pulling.

Souls reincarnate? Have I had any previous (or perhaps future?) incarnations? Have any of them had dealings with you?

Z: You have had incarnations, and you will have further ones. 'Dealings' - in what sense? We've been on earth for a long time, so you will have had indirect dealing of course. But conscious contact with us during incarnation - no.

Do you know where my Megaman X3 CD-ROM is?

Z: No. You could try the pendulum.

Were the Dropa a real alien race that landed on Earth and were stuck here? Are the Dropa Stones authentic? Did they once hold information on them magnetically like a tape? Did they once hold information on them that you need a certain type of machine in order to read off them?

Z: Yes to the first two questions, no to the rest.

Hephaestus: 1) What 'nonephysical' powers can a person gain whilst on this plane of existance?

E: Do you want to answers those questions? The reptilians also said quite a bit about it.
Z: Yes, we will add. The reptilians told some things we agree with and there can be more said. One power is telekinesis. However, nobody will be able to move things around in big fashion because this needs assistance from higher realms. The human form presently just doesn't have this capacity. Powers like clairvoyance, healing abilities, 'predicting' the future are all quite natural but normally underdeveloped. Astral projection is, as we already have said, not encouraged by us.
E: What do you mean by not encouraged?
Z: It is in most cases not necessary for development. So we say try it if you want, but it won't help either.
E: Some other powers?
Z: Everything has to do with perceiving and manipulating energy. So all those 'powers' can be seen as that, at various levels and in various intensities.
2) How many species exist in the known universe on the physical plane? counting humans as one species how many different species exist? (not counting hybrids)

Z: We have no idea, as we do not know everything there is.
E: Can you give a rough picture of what you know?
Z: Yes. There have been many races on a lot of plantes for ages; they have been forming colonies, adapting to new environments, spreading through other parts of the galaxy or even the greater universe. You cannot easily enumerate all of them with their various stages of development - all is ever changing and evolving in many known and unknown cycles.
E: A rough estimate of how many species you know?
Z: You can't easily count humans as one species, because there are also distinct influences and several stages in humanity's evolution. We have a more or less detailed knowledge of many thousands of species in many many places. The Zeta have been exploring the universe in this regards, it is very interesting for us.
3) Were the Gods of ancient Greece real beings? and if so what happened to them and what happened to Hephaestus?

Z: They were not real beings, but their images resembled the Annunaki. They were just memories and ideas, still influenced by former times. So even if the Greek gods would fit the description of the Annunaki, the Annunaki were already gone from earth then. What the reptilians channeled about those Gods is very detailed and accurate, but ask more if you have further questions.

LittleNinja: One more question. Smiley Lately i've noticed that whenever i make any subtle wishes, it comes true. Well not all wishes came true but a lot have (the ones that aren't so big of a request). Like for example, i had wished that an assignment given to me wasn't due that day, and it ended up coming true. I had wished that i didn't have to do the presentation, and it was postponed. Is it just a coincidence or is my wish becoming true? Or, is it because i have,in some kind of way, picked up the thoughts of others into my head, and during the process of translating this information, i had thought that it was my own wish?

Z: It was your own wish, and it was 'granted'. Situations like this exist in order for people to notice how their thoughts are all the time shaping the reality around them. Wishes and emotions will come more and more into the foreground. Imagine a highly evolved being, having big responsibilities and some 'power', that has quick 'whishes' - this would do no good, because at some level you will have to take direct responsibility for you thoughts. Reality is shaped by thoughts, and just in your physical world this is not so clearly visible, but the higher you evolve the more apparent it will be. So while earth is ascending to fourth density, such things will more and more happen to let people see clearly what choices they make.

harlequin_star: ~were you with me tonight, and did we have that conversation? I would very much like you to acknowledge it even though you said you might not.

Z: Very well, we acknowledge it.
E: More comments?
Z: It was not specifically 'us' in an attemt to have a conversation, because the clear telepathic connection is not established yet. However, you were going into the direction of 'us'. This means that such communication could easily be developed further. The Zeta as a race are there for all who call them, so anyone can 'talk to us'. How detailed and accurate this is depends on the person and on their view of things, i.e. conditioning.
E: How clear was it in harlequin_star's case?
Z: It was clear and not very distorted.
E: Does this mean he can just go out and channel things?
Z: Not at all. You wrote much about it in an other thread, what channeling means.

~the children that you apparently ''experimented" on, were there alot of them, or only a few. and how did you go about it?

Z: Very few people are actually 'abducted'. There are not more than a few thousand on earth who are taken out shortly to check up on how they are doing and to gather information on their development. Those are lifted out of your world into 4d where we're working at. There are probes taken to see how the DNA developed. It is examined whether certain genes have been causing problems in life or if they worked as it was intended.
E: Is anybody ever harmed by you in this process?
Z: No.
E: Do you perform experiments?
Z: Not in that sense of the words. We do not 'experiment' on anyone - we have an agreement with some people who assist us by carrying certain genes which are closely monitored during life. This is a mutual agreement both sides can profit from.
E: What about children and adults? How many of those you 'abduct' are children?
Z: Less than a few hundred.

Akensai: 1) After someone dies, where does he go until reincarnation?

Z: Depends. There are places for various purposes. Some are for instruction, some for healing, some for having room and time to relax and digest. If you're not signed up for immediate reincarnation or special 'courses', you have some time to stay in higher realms and essentially do what and where you like it. There are many different places where things can be learned.
E: Is it similar to the state we're in when astral travelling?
Z: Similar, yes. But with a definite environment you're linked in to. Which means, it is not vague where you are, and your perception of this is very clear. Advanced astral projection, so to say, but with no body to return to. And with full, or fuller knowledge of who you are on a deeper level.

2) It is said when an enlightened master dies he isnt reborn anymore on earth, where does he go after death?

E: What's an enlightened master?
Z: They are beings who would not need to incarnate anymore but who choose to stay and assist earth. Sometimes they incarnate, sometimes not. However, there are far more of 'them' than the very few who are pushed up to publicity. A lot of people on earth would not really need to incarnate, but they choose to do so.
E: Do you like to use this term?
Z: We do not use it because it polarizes - enlightened or not, master or not.

3) Before the poleshift happen I understand there are warning signs, after that sign is there still enough time to go to safety and how should we deal whit the problem of mobility (car jams, fuel problems etc.) in the than critical time?

Z: The signs will on the one hand be visible in nature, and on the other hand in the discussions of people and politicians. Apart from general 'problem areas' like coast lines and land that is going to be permanently submerged, it will suffice to look for those signs. You will be for a big part be intuitively guided to be at the right place at the right time, but that's not all there is, and part of the responsibility lies on your shoulders to make appropriate decisions.
E: I'd suggest the pendulum as a way to tell you where you are safe.
Z: This is valid. Animals will flee out of dangerous areas.
E: Really? I imaged it is like this with earthquakes, but how would they know about the poleshift ...
Z: Nature is very much about intuition, which animals do possess a lot of and react to. So they can pick up signals that something is not right.
E: Any more on that topic now, which signs will come and when, and how to prepare?
Z: We'd like to talk about this in a further channeling, very soon.

4) You wont give any specific year when the poleshift happens, but maybe you can tell me does it still happen in my life time (and Im 19), also is the going to a higher density experienced by most people who survive the poleshift (those in good health and not elderly)?

Z: The pole-shift will happen 'soon', which is of course in your lifetime. The step to the next density is taken gradually over the next century and will therefore be experienced by most who survive the poleshift, to various degrees, because the whole process needs several decades.

5) When you feel guidens is needed, could one get it by calling out to zetas or other (hopefully) good minded guides? Does this work as simple as calling out in a deep relaxed state (perhaps even a trance)? What is the chance one gets guidens of a good minded advanced being instead of a neg?

Z: There is always someone 'good' looking after people, but they let people interact with everyone they like. You don't need to be relaxed or in a trance to get your calls out. Who you reach does not depend on chance. If it is appropriate for you, the guides block off a 'neg' that would like to interfere, but in other cases, this is allowed in order for the person to learn how to deal with it. Not in a pushy way, but in allowing new 'input' to the comfort zone.
E: How are answers to calling out for guidance answered?
Z: Depending on the receptivity and the needs of the person. In many cases, you can imagine something like "come on, stop worrying, it's easy, you just need to think about xyz...", which comes through on an intuitive or subconscious level, or is arranged to happen as a life circumstance to get you thinking along those lines.

6) Im currently reading the work of an Indian mystic called osho, since he is somewhat controversial, could you tell me is he indeed was an enlightened master?

Z: We do not use the term 'enlightened master'; he is also made to be more than he is. This does not mean he is not wise, or does not know about spirituality; but the make-up of how this turns out in life is indeed controversial and more a facade.
E: Err... would you recommend him?
Z: No.
E: What did you mean by facade?
Z: What he does is more talk than anything else. It is a smooth spiritualism, but not deep. He can convince people, he has his followers, but we don't approve the way he's doing it.

E: Okay, a stop now please, I'd like to continue later.
Z: That's no problem. See you later.
E: See you.
13  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / <Through the Barrier - First Step in Channeling> on: February 24, 2004, 15:36:46
Originally posted by McArthur

Originally posted by MAYATNIK

Telepathy is natural, all have the innate ability.  And children often have an ‘invisible friend’ who they talk to… that is, until an adult knocks it out of them: “Nonsense.  It’s all in your imagination.  Don’t let me hear you mention it again.  You’ll show us up” or words to that effect.   So, the ‘invisible friend’ is forgotten, put to the furthest recesses of the mind and, mixed with what they become conditioned to later as they grow, the notion develops that it is somehow bad, something to conceal.

Hello Mayatnik & Guide,
                         are you saying then that children should be encouraged to make contact with these "invisible friends"? This seems to be what you are saying.

I don't think this is what Mayatnik said and meant; I would see it in this way: any possible problems that could arise from such 'invisible friends' can only be dealt with properly if it's possible to talk openly about such things and if the parents try to understand what the child percieves. It is necessary that a child can trust his parents, that everything can be talked about. So from this point of view, it is not about encouraging children to 'contact invisible friends', but about having an open-minded understanding about such things in society in general. This open-mindedness dictates a big part of how the family can deal with such things, NOT concealing things behind fear and conditioning, but trying to understand and help the child.

More later Smiley

Kind regards,
14  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / hey, everyone remember that game (edit) lullabi on: February 24, 2004, 08:42:12
Try one of the mirrors:

Have fun,

PS: I think it's a bit brutal in this bloody version Smiley
15  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / <Through the Barrier - First Step in Channeling> on: February 24, 2004, 00:08:12
So here I follow on Smiley

"I don't fear the contact and I'm very open-minded to all this stuff. So, I beg someone from the "Holy Trinity of Channelers" , could you please ask your guide whether I'm really ready to channel? And what would you advise me? Of course I give you the permission to ask your guides anything about me."

I don't have to ask my guide anything about you, because your attitude is visible by your words. You seem to be curious and able to explore things in a calm way, with caution and respect. Caution is well needed when dealing with the unknown. You would build on what you already know in order to fit new things into the picture, without being too gullible to swallow anything you encounter. At the same time, you have to be so open-minded that you can review and eventually discard old ideas that are no longer appropriate. Having an open mind furthermore means taking all possibilties into consideration and not ruling out anything in advance. This is absolutely necessary in the course of becoming a channeler. Only if you are ready to accept the words as they come, you will be able to freely communicate in an unconditioned way about just anything. What you hear is what you hear, and that's it.

Another important thing is the way you talk to a guide, and how you word your questions. Questioning is essential, because only by active interest is it possible to explore the universe. If you want to know something, ask, and if it's not clear, ask more. And even if you think you clearly understand it, ask more to put it in further relation to what you know, because you could always miss a thing. In this way, you will see more and more how things are connected to each other and how it makes sense after all.

Clear answers need clear questions. So you would rather not ask a question with many ORs and ANDs in it, this is confusing. Avoid ambiguity. Focus on one thing; explore it from various angles with short and simple questions until there remains no more doubt about what is meant.

During all conversations, be it with a guide or with a human at your side, it is wise to review what was already said from time to time in order to have common ground for further discussion.

To answer your question whether you're 'ready' to channel: you are 'ready' to begin the journey and to explore a new, greater world. What was written in this thread can be kind of a guideline, to give you some inspiration. But you have also seen that it not just 'happens', but rather it needs a lot of involvement and dedication from your side.

"I also have one question for Edi. English is not your native language, nor is mine. Do you get only symbols during the channeling and then translate them to whatever language you want (and know ) or do you get whole words in that lang. right away?"

My guide Perena wishes to explain this; so I will channel her directly now. Up until now, this post was simply my own words, with a gentle nudge from time to time by my guide, when she noticed me that I should use a different word or explain something more clearly; we're working together like that when I'm writing posts. But well, let's see what Perena says about the process of telepathy:

"Telepathy comes in in various forms. The general, easy process is that the guide sends some certain symbol that resonates with you in order to produce the required word, feeling or image in your mind. This is symbolic telepathy. You don't need to know anything about 'symbols', because it happens automatically. Imagine it like this: when I want to say something to Edi, my thoughts are sent in little packets to Edi's mind. There, the mind unpacks them and seeks the closest correlation with words (or other symbols) that represent what has been sent. This is, at the beginning, a bit 'vague', but during but a short time of interaction and communication, this gets more finely tuned, and the channeler can learn to respond to very subtle tones in telepathic messages.

This is seen in the same way with the pendulum. At first, you get a rough YES or NO. It is clear what is meant, but there is more to it. Along with this simple answer, there comes something like "yes, exactly", or "yes, but that's no all" or "yes, but this is not what is important now", or a joking "yes" that actually means "no" (in a humourous way). So you see: in all these cases, the answer is "yes", but the meanings are different. This is how various subtones can be important for the understanding of a sentence or even a single word, and this is why it is important to ask many questions to further clarify things.

This symbolic telepathy is also used when Edi or any other channeler writes down my words quickly and directly. He then just hears the constant flow of my words as they come into his mind and get automatically translated into words. I know what I must 'send' to Edi in order to reach certain words or certain expressions and he listens more and more closely to that as he gains more experience. Another things that needs to be considered here is that even though the channeler has to be focussed on what he hears, he also must be able to take quick jumps in conversation. This is open-mindedness. In this way, I can pretty easily talk on about the issues we are already talking about at the moment, but I can also jump in with something new, because the channeler is open and receptive to be able to take such 'jumps' in conversation.

So I can talk now about DNA. Yes, the symbols are (partly) stored in your DNA. It is like a piano, or like any instrument, where there are a lot of possible tones to be played with many subtle variations. I know the tune I want to play, and Edi or any channeler has to offer the necessary resonance. I decide upon a word to send him. It is 'dog'. I send a telepathic message that represents this, and Edi easily translates this back into the word 'dog', automatically this word appears in his head when I send it. Dog. Now imagine a more complex situation: I would like to send "a tiny sweet cat that has her eyes closed, yawning because she is tired." Edi hears: Cat. But if he listens more closely, there is a lot of subtlety to this word 'cat' and he can then ask "how old is she? what about her eyes? is she tired?", because he intuitively picks up that there is more than just a cat. In this way I can in advance direct the conversation into the direction I would like to in order to efficiently come to what I want to say.

To answer your question about the language: the formulation of words is done by the channeler. He gets an idea or word or a sentence and decides himself in which language he would wish to express it. This is similar to you having an idea that is not of telepathical origin - there is the concept of a 'dog' in your mind, for example, and you can express it in any language you wish. So what I send telepathically is not the 3 letters 'dog', but the kind of information that triggers the concept of a dog in Edi's mind, and when this concept or idea is there, it is (automatically) expressed into words by the mind. So any channeler can channel in the language he wishes to. This is seamless with some practice and done without thinking about the process. How it works is not so important as the fact that it works.

To add a few words about the other kind of telepathy: there is also 'literal' telepathy, where you get sounds, images or similar things directly, not in a symbolic way. This is more difficult and needs practice for most people. Edi is not very good at it yet, but this can always be improved. When this is mastered, you can 'speak in tongues' and can effectively channel in any existing language, no matter if you speak it or not. Then, very detailed sounds or images or letter combinations are made to appear in the mind, carefully constructed. This is different from the other kind of telepathy, but it all works with the same principles that I won't go into detail here.

What is important here: symbolic telepathy is easy, but you might always miss the 'depth' of what has been said, so it is important to dig deeper by questions.

And another thing to mention at the end: all this makes perfect sense for Edi who channeled it, because it used his symbols and his interpretation and his language. Others might be missing some part that would be necessary for correct understanding, but was implicitely there for the channeler of course. So in this case interaction between humans would be necessary in order to make things clear after some talking.

This has been longer now than Edi expected, but I liked to illustrate some points, and as he wanted to write before (but he didn't): the unknown can always be surprising."

That's it. Edited to insert some paragraphs, in order to make it readable (thanks for the hint Fuzzi). Good night now, I'll get some sleep Smiley

16  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / DK's petition on: February 22, 2004, 20:55:23
"negative view", "being negative" ... I think part of the atmosphere now in this forum is due to the different understandings of what this means.
17  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Questions about the mystery of the pendulum on: February 20, 2004, 20:49:40
Hello Hiebreed,

much information about the topic of the pendulum is right under your nose, on this very site. To learn more about the pendulum, I would advise to the very extensive Pendulum Dowsing Course written by Mayatnik some this time ago, placed in the Library of this Forum, at

There is also the thread "AND THE TRUTH SHALL BE KNOWN - You'll see !" at in this Prophecy & Divination section, where you have 30 pages of discussions, experiences and information around the use of the pendulum and about spirit guides.

Have fun,
18  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 19, 2004, 22:45:24
Hey all,

and so it continues. The rest will be done soon, some questions were postponed for later... I'd be happy if this thread remains to be used exclusively for questions and answers, the rest can be well discussed elsewhere.

E: Hello all of you.
Z: Hello.
E: Anything to say yet, or do we go after the remaining questions?
Z: Answer the questions, we will comment on some things at the end.
E: Okay...

LordOfTheBunnies: I have a question for our Zeta friends. I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on the late mystic Samael Aun Weor and his teachings that we have 3000 cycles of 108 human lives in which to becove enlightened, and also his claim of being the avatar of the age of Aquarius.

E: I'm aware of what he has written... someone said it's like the key to blavatsky's teachings.
Z: It is an addition to previous 'occult' teachings, with some things revealed and discussed that were not so in the spotlight before. However, regardless of the massive impression of his work, it is still only a model he is working with. This model is a suitable way to understand the universe, but it is very biased. It is strict in a way that it denies the seeking human being several aspects of his existence, based on some philosophy developed there, and puts firm limitations on what and how to develop. Lots of techniques and 'secret' teachings. For some, this model is suitable.
E: Is he deceitful or lying or something like that in his texts?
Z: Samael Aun Weor is a person who knows much, which also comes through his texts, but look at what he knows and what he teaches. If you read his texts, you get a strong image of polarisation in some areas. He focuses his teachings on many pretty things which is almost similar to a structure only built up for the joy of exploring it, for the joy of agreeing to certain rules and playing the game with them. You don't need such things for 'self-development', although some of the concepts he touches are beautiful to explore. Don't get caught in the polarity game, then you can read his texts to get some inspiration, but to find answers you have to not believe into what he writes, but to taste it if you want. We can say that it doesn't taste good except if you have an albeit odd taste yourself. It's not deceitful, but problematic from our point of view.
E: I have to feeling you want to say more.
Z: Yes, indeed. It is interesting what he writes about the world and spiritual development, but don't take guidelines for granted. We do not intent do discredit him, as there is also value in his work. It is rather the general message from us that you shouldn't confuse the model or the system with your own self-development - adopt the model according to your needs and possibilties, it is more important to keep true to yourself instead of keeping true to a certain school or doctrine.
E: Is he the avatar of the age of Aquarius?
Z: THE avatar? Everyone who is on earth is an 'avatar', having come to contribute his part to the world. Experience and knowledge that surfaced (still buried and resting in others) does not give someone the right to say he's an avatar and you're not. It would be like saying one certain bird is the avatar of spring. There are lots of birds, some sing louder than others, some make more dirt by excrements than others, but spring comes not because of one of many birds.
E: What an odd analogy.
Z: It serves the purpuse. Next question please Smiley

Kalonek: This topic is really flaberasting !!

E: Now THAT word made me smile! Smiley Don't excuse for your english, it's not my mother tongue either.

Is my guide name's really Kyajuh as i found it with my pendulum ? (just to verify if i'm using it right)

Z: You've been using the pendulum in the right way but you need practice to come to the right name. You're playing the game of receiving letters for the sake of practice at the moment, and this stage is there in order to get used to this process. You got what was given to you and will find out more about guidance soon.

3. In july or june 2003, i had this experience where i traveled mentaly in a tunnel in my head and an odd entity was at the end of it, looking a bit like the traditional grey, but with "human" eyes as far as i can remember, looking at me. I was surprised and scared and immediately stopped my meditation. Did it has something to do with you or any ETI ? Was it some test for me (as Mayatnik guessed) ? Sorry to have failed it in any case... Sad Hope there'll be another one...

Z: There is no sense in travelling around if you're afraid of what you see, no matter how you travel. There are lots of things in the universe that can be scary to look at, but fear is exactly the reaction that leads to panic-like reactions who do not come from intuition, but from conditioning. If you react by fear, you lose control - if you react by intuition, you stay true to yourself. What is there to be afraid, you're just seeing a face. Some people would also experience something that is frightening and disturbing and attribute the resulting emotional turboil to an 'energetic vampire'. We want to remind here that you as human beings are in absolute control of your energy all the time, and if it 'leaks' or not doesn't have to be caused by you (no 'guilt' here), but you can do what is necessary to remedy the situation and to be immutable against such influences that want to provoke uncomfortable feelings. And to avoid another pitfall, we comment further on those feelings. We explicitely say that you have to experience feelings, that you have to go through them in order to learn from them. Don't block the experience, but acknowledge what is happening. Mayatnik did not guess; it was in this sense a test on how you deal with the unknown.
E: Were you involved with this 'test'?
Z: No. Don't worry about having failed, you move on all the time. While you're busy dealing with the past you might miss what is going on at the present.

4. Like another member of this topic, i would be very glad if you could indicate me if i'm doing well with my energy raising and development as i've been doing it for more than a year now. Hope it does pay... Some advices for me?

Z: It did pay, as your awareness of such things increased. Awareness to energy also increases awareness to feelings and thoughts and pulls more things into the consciousness. You are doing well because you are balancing energy techniques with integration of other aspects of your life. We say this because energy work often stirs up issues that need to be worked on, issues that have been stored in the energy bodies, like in the chakras. For you this is fine and running well, as you process what is coming out of your subsconcious. We won't point to specific body areas for you to develop - put attention on the feeling aspect. Much is already there in you, pay attention to the depth of your perception in order to notice subtleties in energy, more than just the 'rough' presence in it. You will get a better understanding of the world and the people around you that way, this is the potential we would want to hint you at at the moment.

5. Have i ever have a contact with any advanced being in this life ?

Z: No.
E: I'd suppose spirits are all around us?
Z: That is true. But in this case, remaining in the background.

6. What is you explication of the kundalini experience ? Do you have some information on this ? Is it important to train for it ? Does it give a good spiritual advance ?

Z: Kundalini is the opening of certain pathways in the energy body and in the chakras. It is a radical energy movement that is sortof like an 'emergency button' to reach a higher potential, but this button is well protected and monitored. Kundalini experiences are not to be taken lightly and it comes in certain people's life in order to prepare them better for what they have to do.
E: Any more information on where the energy comes from?
Z: The energy is metabolized at the base of your spine and rushes up, being itself transformed along the way, and transforming whatever it encounters. Burning is another good expression for it. Kundalini is not dangerous if you are well prepared for it, otherwise it would be too strong to handle. The rising of the kundalini 'snake' doesn't give you instand enlightenment though. It is just the beginning of a new stage, a new path of self-development, where much additional work is involved. It is not important to train for it unless you are dedicated and know that it is right for you, then you will gain much from it. A kundalini raising is both the result of spiritual 'mastery' and the beginning of it, it is a waypoint along one certain path. Not everyone does go this path, and not everyone is supposed to do so.

7. What are orbs ? Some say there are spirits in movement ? Is this true ? I think i got a bunch in my flat, am i right (i caught them on nightshot cam) ? Or are there some form of unliving energy ?

Z: 'Orbs' - there are phenomena that appear on cameras, but this is not a photography of a ghost or a conscious being. It is electromagnetic energy that is able to influence the camera equipment in some way. No spirits.

8. What are these voices most of us hear during their first OBE ? I (if it was a real OBE) heard smthg like "Stop ! You're floating over your body !!" Is this a real person speaking or our subconscious mind ?

Z: It is the subconscious mind, suddenly freed from the barrier that keeps it un-hearable before. Noise. This noise comes in all forms, sensations, sounds, visuals, and is the unrest of the subconscious that is mastered with some practice.

9. I've read about this hindu man who affirm he hasn't been eating nor rejecting any wastes from his body for decades for he says to have "food" in form of energy in his mouth. He has been observed by doctors and in fact its seemed he didn't need to eat. Is this really possible ?

Z: Yes it is, there have been many such cases on the world.

10. What do you think of Robert Bruce in general ? Should we trust what he tells (i mean is he mostly right) ? He wrote on this site he has seen an UFO coming out of sea one day, was this a zeta ship ? Do you know who it was ?

Z: Robert Bruce is a guru for many, a spiritual leader and teacher who knows what to give people. He has gone through a lot of experience and a lot of questioning that made him who he is, and his work is valuable and a good way forward for many. Trust him in the sense that he does his best and is of pure intention. Individual experiences can and do differ from his sometimes, but this doesn't matter as this is natural. The attitude that was seen from the guides regarding Psychic Self Defense was stated, this was because this PSD is a quick fix but should not be taken for the nonplusultra, because there is more to being safe and sane.

11. How is the human energetic body made ? How many subtle bodies do we have ? Is it like Bruce describes it ?

Z: There are various approaches to describe the energetic, non-physical part of the human being. The subtle bodies are many, and you have to put a delineation somewhere on what you still call your body and what is part of something higher. Therefore this question is not so easy to answer in a few short sentences because it needs definitions of terms. How many bodies you count depends on where you draw delineations.
E: What about the model for example by Barbara Brennan in her book(s)?
Z: It is very accurate. You can talk about this in other topics if you want. It is a good way to see what being human means.
E: There are 7 bodies in it if I remember right... but Brennan also talks of something above that. Do you know more?
Z: This is not what we would call 'human energetic body', although there are many parts on higher levels.
E: Is Bruce correct in his descriptions?
Z: His perspective is not everything, but valid.

12. A question that i think is very important an necessary, and which has been intriguing me for hours : how do you call you between yourselves, i mean the name of the species ? Zeta Reticuli, The Pleiads, The Orion Belt, the Lyre etc is all from Earth perspective and come from history of astronomy, but is totally different from another part of the universe, so what about it ? You keep these names with us so we can refer to you and are used to them ?

Z: Be aware that you only need to use words as long as you are not communicating telepathically. Words are references to something, and this something comes directly by telepathy. The names you mention were given as labels by humans to what they have known, and were agreed upon by the ones that are labelled that way. Those names are just a 'convenient' thing to use for you. While you recognize the label and then remember what it points to, we just see the things and recognize them for what they are.

13. If you don't have emotions, don't you have any friends ? I guess you don't have "relatives" as you are cloned, but what about collegues, buddies etc ? Or is it again a more mental relationship ? I guess you also don't have any loving relationships with other zetas, so are you pretty alone each separately ? When another zeta dies, it doesn't really matters in that way ? Do you remember all your reincarnations ? Have i been a zeta in a past life ? Wink Or another species ?

Z: Think about your definition of emotions. We do feel love and compassion. Is it necessary to have bodily requisites for this? No. We have 'buddies' and contacts and a social structure, we have relationships, and we are far from alone. Zeta guides are caring about their proteges, and we are delighted when things work out well. When we are said not to have emotions, this is true, but there is a big difference between us and 'machines' or 'robots'. We do not remember our incarnations here, in a similar way to you. It is basically the same mechanism, where you step down one level in order to incarnate, but forget where you come from. About being an 'alien' species in a past life: humans on earth are aliens, but incarnated. It's as simple as that. The seperation between 'human' and 'alien' is not what you think of it to be.
14. As another member i'm interested in you internal consitiution. Do you have the same organs as us (i supose you don't, but just to know) ? How do you reject wastes (if you have some) ? Do you also have chakras ? How many ? Same as us ?

Z: Regarding wastes, we already commented. Chakras are pretty similar. The organs are also similar, but there are some bigger differences due to our evolution. Apart from the digestive tract, the breathing mechanism is different. Our brain is bigger.
E: Anatomy, I wonder if I could enumerate all organs.
Z: That's not necessary. We won't want you to write a complete study of the Zeta body.

15. What do you do on your free time ? Except resting and listenig to music ? Do you have some kind of school for the young ones ? In fact do they exist ? Your clones are already grown-up ? How old do you live ?

Z: We are very dedicated to work on the earth project, so there is not very much time for leisure. We are very happy with what we are doing and find our joy in it. In the free time we're exploring the beauty of various things around us.

E: This fits with the other question:

Risu no Kairu: What are your favorite recreational activities? (This is targetted to each of the five Zeta that stand in the room to talk to Edi, so I guess there would be five personal answers).

E: Do you want to answers this, one to five?
Z: No. We couldn't say that one likes shopping and the other likes collecting stamps. We are here for a rather impersonal communication, where our personalities do not matter and we answer as representatives for the Zeta. We will however speak about one of us to give you an idea. We will adress him as 'he'. He is working not only on this communications project, but also on something that is connected to what you call recreational activities. It has to do with geometry, with mathematics, with patterns and crystals. How those things interplay. He watches such things, is interested and ponders about it.
E: Any sense in comparing our ways and structures of life with yours?
Z: Little.
E: Smiley

(no_leaf_clover): What exactly are ley lines and where can they be found? Is there any truth behind the geomancy ideas of things being more in tune with the universe if they are aligned properly? If there is, how do this work?

Z: It is true that there are 'lines' or a a grid where energy flows can be measured by means of a pendulum for example. People are also sensible to such lines to various degrees, and there are effects on the health sometimes depending on your position in regards to this grid.
E: Where do such lines originate from?
Z: They are influences not from your earth, caused by other bodies around you.

Hephaestus: 1) Are there any specific crystals I can use which will aid me in my spiritual accension.

Z: Yes. Crystals that are in tune with and energizing your third chakra, at the solar plexus. You can need some stimulation there.

2) Ive read that the zetas say wormholes dont exist and never will because they are just false theorys by scientists, what makes the zetas so sure of this? humanitys technology culd advance beyond anything the zetas can comprehend and wormholes may become a reality.

Z: Could, yes. However, we base what we say on observation and studies, and this is the best we can do. What we say comes from cross-checking and verifying information as far as this is possible for us, but of course we do not know everything. From our perspective, it is as we say it. However, at the present it is the case that our technology is beyond anything you can comprehend, and there are higher beings that are far beyond anything we can comprehend. That's the way it is, and we are happy to learn from you where possible. We do so already.
3) Is it possible for me to become a very powerful being so powerful I can destroy all physical life in this galaxy?

Z: You are a powerful being, but destroying all physical life in this galaxy is neither something you could do, nor something that would be allowed.

taom1234: What can I do to move past steady. Thank you.

Z: You are at a point in your development where nothing seems to push you to new frontiers. This by itself doesn't have to be a problem. There are periods where outside influences that push you to certain experiences are minimal, where your life is directed by the conscious choices you make. Your social life is okay, and your relationship with others is not what you need to work on at the moment. What we would rather like to point at is the way you undertake your spiritual development. You are missing to go out and experience things, exploring new perspectives, considering what you ignored so far. You have your sensible and comfortable place in the universe but are narrowed down, in the direction of being 'lazy', in pursuing new frontiers. What frontiers to pursue? We point to nature. To be less vague, nature as in trees, grass and animals. Seeing how nature grows and lives and has it's workings. This will also give you knowledge about yourself and the universe. Get on your feet, not being blindly immersed in your surroundings, but experiencing them.

E: I hope that's satisfying.
Z: You wanted us to be specific, and we were specific, we are happy to give advice. That can be considered or not, but our advice is what we consider best for the individual development at that time. Don't care what he will say about it, that's something between him and us. You are just delivering what we wish to express, and this you do carefully and according to our wishes. In this sense, post this all  as it has been written.
E: I'll do that now. Thanks for that conversation, it was fun for me.
Z: It was also enjoyable for us, we're happy that you've found the leisure to do it with all that's going on at the time. One thing we want to say before we finish: we approve of discussion, but not of preventing others from using their free will to make up their mind on their own. As long as there are people who benefit from the conversations here, we are happy to continue. But this is not feasible if things aren't considered with an open mind.
E: See you next time then.
Z: Bye.
19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / A meditation that has helped me immensely. on: February 18, 2004, 17:18:43
Please excuse that I didn't have the leisure do lie down to try it yet... i understand that it's meant to be done while lying, and I'll try it this evening.. what I wanted to say is that I noticed effects even while sitting, so it must be much better in a relaxed state in bed.
Sorry again if I twisted around what you said.
20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / A meditation that has helped me immensely. on: February 18, 2004, 16:06:20
Just by trying it sitting on this chair, I notice how it greatly increases how I feel my body... that's a very nice way to get this sensual feeling and greatly increases awareness!
21  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 18, 2004, 15:57:17
A shorter one this time, but well. I'm catching up again. There's some short 'article' at the beginning about the issue of doubt ... I'll put it all here as it is.


Z: There is the issue of 'doubt' and 'confirmation' with many people who approach the world of the spirit and experience contact with other beings. Because there are some questions about it at the moment, we would make it clear how we and all guides have to work regarding this issue. Take for once the situation of MJ-12: he experienced something strange in his room, we said he can attribute it to 'us' (which means: a zeta guide who was at work there) and now asks for confirmation that it really was us. A similar thing was just asked by Kalonek, i.e. what colour his computer is. And he also states that for him it is a "very important question", and this brings us exactly to the point we wish to talk about.

Why do people ask about this? There is doubt about the reality of it. There is insecurity about what is said. What if it is true? What if it is wrong? People long for a crutch when they don't know what to do, when they are unsure. This is exactly what you can see here, in various extents, and also with many people who approach the spiritual realms. From our position, we cannot take away any doubt. All a 'proof' could do is to exchange doubt with dependance, and this is not what we want. Everone who's been in it for some time will have enough confirmation that it indeed is real - it is the same with astral projection, where you doubt at first 'if it is real', but only experience can give you anything. And experience gives you everything. When we do not answer a 'test' like this, there is a purpose behind it, and we want to make it transparent that all guides work in this manner, they have to. The element of doubt and confusion that surges up in many people is something they have to get along with on their own because it teaches them the very fact that they can _not_ be too dependant and relying on someone else, but have to question and ask until they get to know the other person or understand a topic. In a similar manner you don't 'test' each other when you meet a new person, but you interact and talk and get to know each other over a period of time. This is what we're asking for. Judge us by the overall picture of what we say, ask for more if something is unclear, and that's it. We're not out to prove ourselves to anyone, neither by words nor by deeds. Whoever wants to interact with us can do so with an open mind, the rest can ignore us freely. We don't care if someone doesn't respect what we say as long as he leaves others their free will to decide if it makes sense for them. We agree to 'tests' by asking about information you are interested in; tests like "what colour is my cat?" are senseless, as we explained above. If you need further information about why we handle it that way, please ask.

FistOfFury: 1- Do you celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries of special events, etc? Or does this require emotions which you do not have?

Z: You should not confuse emotions with they joy of being. Emotions are information that is picked up from beings around you and causes all sorts of reactions in your body. We do not have those reactions, like high blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks and the likes, or subtler responses, but we are aware of what is going on around us. Our emotional part is undeveloped because unused. Nevertheless we enjoy life and we are 'happy'. We celebrate things, as there are always things that are worth remembering. Examples of this are remembrances of past events, like taking up the work with the Earth Project, or on a smaller scale a guide may be happy about a certain occurance in someone's life.

2- Do you watch human forms of entertainment such as films/motion pictures, shows, theature, opera? literature? And what are your opionions on them? Dislike, like, too violent, too much sex? Do you think that they help us or hinder us spiritually? Should I stop watching horror movies?

Z: We monitor those things, because it is important for us to know what is going on on earth. There is a department of us that is watching what the media put out and how it is received. We are interested in the effects it has on the human psyche. And we decide then how to best apply 'counter-measures' if necessary, to correct any biased or unbalanced situation that needs some more intuitive information. Your entertainment connects you very well to your emotions, and we are astonished by the deepness of how you can go into such things at times. Such experiences are good to have, can be beautiful and transformative, and it depends on the individual how he deals with it. There is much sex and violence in the TV, but that is not really the problem. Ignoring such things is wrong. But it shouldn't be portrayed that all that comes on TV is normal and natural. It is the responsibility of the parents to give a child sound information on what is normal for them and not in life, so they don't fall into some wrong conditioning from the media. Things such as love and violence are portrayed in such ways that can be just misleading for young children watching it, and they pick up a wrong message.

3- When does the soul enter it's physical body? During the early stages of fetus growth, at conception, at physical birth? And what are your opinions on human abortion? Good, Bad? Free Will? Is it decided on a higher level if someone gets "aborted" so to speak, as a life lesson they must go through? (assuming that the soul is in it's physical body at this time)

Z: There is a link made between the soul and the egg at the time of conception. The process of entering the body and anchoring into your reality and into the body takes some time and is normally done after a few months. Some individuals struggle for a longer time and resist incarnation. You cannot put the finger on a certain point in time and say "exactly at this moment the soul entered the body", because incarnation is a gradual process. Abortion - a complex issue. The answer is simple though. An incarnating soul is aware of the life circumstances the parents have and it is after all the will of the soul to incarnate. You as parents can respect that will or not, and the incarnating soul will also respect the decision to abort pregnancy. It is for all involved an opportunity to learn from a difficult time and to rethink some major keys in life. We can't say much more, because the decision has to be taken by the parents. you do not 'destroy' life by an abortion, but you might miss a very worthful addition to the lifes of all involved.

4- What exactly are blackholes, and are they gateways to other dimensions? Is it safe to try "flying" near or into one? (Astrally and physically speaking)

Z: Black holes are accumulations of matter. They are no gateways to other dimensions in any sense. You wouldn't want to fly into them physically, and astrally it is necessary to see if those terms are still applicable there. A black hole in the physical is independent of whatever there is at the astral level. In the astral there are other rules and there is nothing like a black hole there.

5- Are all the Earth governments aware of Nibuiru, or just the U.S.?

Z: More than the US of course, but not all.

6- Is there, or has there ever been such thing as a secret shadow organization/s or government/s (New World Order) that plan to, or have already taken control of Earth's governments? And which country is/was their main base of operations? Also, where/are they all human, alien, or mixed, and how long have they been around? Finally, (sorry if this is too long) are they/were aware of the Shift, and what are they planning in regards to the Shift? Fear, misinformation, that sort of thing.

Z: Yes. Look at the big banks, look at where the money flows. The people in power direct the flow of money. The governments are all dependent on what 'money' dictates. As for a main base, there are several of such controlling groups in the US and in Europe. They are all human. They've been around for ages, since the beginning of your banking system at least such power lines have been ever growing.

7- Was the real motive for U.S.'s Iraq War to capture it's natural resources and underground areas, in preparations for the coming Pole Shift and associated natural disasters of the approaching Nibiru?

Z: The pole shift is an important factor that lead to the decision of war; the issue behind it all is that the US feels shaky and needs to establish access to ressources, this is true. If you control the ressources, you have got power.

8- The Ricin scare that is unfolding now, is this a staged event to condition the public with fear? And who is behind it, if not the U.S. government? Purpose?

Z: It is not staged; there is a group of people who resort to these means of getting attention. This group is stationed in the US, but from foreign origin.

9- Who or what is behind the cattle mutalations, and for what purpose?

Z: It is the government experimenting, helped by service to self groups. The purpose behind it is to indimidate. By 'government' we do not mean the official one.

10- Has Bruce Lee reincarnated? How did he really die? If he was killed, what was the purpose of the murderer?

Z: Bruce Lee (i.e. the soul that was him) reincarnated, yes. He was murdered because he has been standing up against injustice. This injustice he saw in the way martial arts have been connected to criminality, and he would do everything to break this connection. He was a man with high ideals.

10a- I don't know why, but I feel some kind of "connection" to him. Like he is always on my mind sometimes, and I am fascinated by who he was, what he did, and what he stood for, his philosophy, etc. Is there anything to this, or is it just, one of those things that fascinates people in life. Am I supposed to learn from his life in someway, in other words, is this "connection" I feel, my higher self trying to bring to attention to me a learning experience?

Z: Trust your intuition. You can learn if you want, and will gain some things by learning how he lived. It will give you nice ideas and inspiration that you can incorporate into your life.

11- What's the deal with the Mars rovers malfunctioning? Is it a genuine malfunction, NASA UFO/alien artifact finding coverup, or was it aliens trying to destroy the rovers, and why?

Z: The 'malfunction' is genuine and not by any outside influence.
22  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / <Through the Barrier - First Step in Channeling> on: February 18, 2004, 14:06:24

I would like to suggest a different way of seeing things. I can of course not deny what you have experienced, but the one thing that in the end shapes how we think about such issues is not what we experience, but how we perceive what happens to us.

Let me explain this with an example.

A child often is upset about the way the parent treats him, feeling that the parent is treating him horribly. The child does not have the perspective of the parent, and this is obvious to a bystander who is simply stunned by the exaggerated claims and verbal movements of the child, trying to alert people to the really really horrible parent.

Channeling by itself is as dangerous as talking through a telephone. You might be disturbed by some things you may or may not not hear... I've been talking to spirits for quite some time now, and there's never been a single problem in this, the same applies to several other people I know closely. Channeling needs training, because the only area where a problem could possibly arise is in what you do with what you hear - this is why Mayatnik (and he has been channeling since 1995 every day often for hours and also teaching - without any problems at all for himself or others), likewise myself, and others wo are working with the guides in that manner - we verify everything, all the time. This is what we are here for.

We encourage people to explore everything that is presented with lots of questioning, like Mayatnik ALWAYS did in over 35,000 solid hours of conversation with many guides. I'm talking about an average 12 solid hours a day of deep conversation, asking lots of questions to build firm foundations for higher perspectives each time, with common sense and in an intuitive manner.

This is how Mayatnik, myself, and many others work with the guides, on a constant basis, with no 'problems' at all - the only safeguard you need is common sense and intuition, and this is what we pass on for people to carefully apply in their communications with the guides at all times, without exception (as was made clear in the transcript by Mayatnik).

kind regards,
23  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / <Through the Barrier - First Step in Channeling> on: February 18, 2004, 09:58:43
A very nice session indeed. It is a very good demonstration of the first few necessary stages you go through in the process of getting to know the guides and learning to be a channeler. I'll point those stages out in order to make a clear delineation of what happens. This is by all not a fixed 'method' in training, but a rough outline of the general course such sessions as we have one above take.

1) Shedding of conditioning

There needs to be an understanding of how the guides work. The concepts of 'angels','guides' and 'aliens' are heavily influenced by how one is educated and what has been heard before. It is not the goal to impose any new 'teaching' about those things, because all this will be experienced by interaction over time; it is rather important to explain misconceptions that would be a hindrance in easy communication. Let's look at an example:

Mach One says:
so if I haven't had any visions or dreams of aliens or anything of the like i'm probably not ready for contact?
MAYA - back now says:
Doesn't mean anything like that.  Some dream, some don't.  Some never feel the 'need' to read about such things as Astral Projection, and then suddenly find they are doing it. [...]
MAYA - back now says:
It is important to realize that 'spirituality' is NOT about doing this and that is about common sense and intuition, as James S has pointed out - as well as myself - repeatedly.

Many people think that in order to be 'spiritual' you need to do something, like gaining certain abilities or having certain experiences. This is plaing wrong. Each individual develops in his own way with his unique experiences, and comparing to others always puts out of sight the individual factor that is involved all the time. In fact, thoughts of being inferior or 'missing' something are a hindrance in progressing - this is why Mayatnik made sure that Mach One doesn't go on with this possible misunderstanding.
In the same manner, other topics the person needs to talk about are covered, and by this eventually a relaxed and stable state is found ... the person needs to be grounded and confident in themselves before anything else can be reached.

Mach One says:
Has your guide told you anything about me?
MAYA - back now says:
No, except that you are receptive and that I can help you by talking about things that will aid you towards being 'ready'.

The guides do never give out personal details to a person if it is not necessary at the moment or would be handled wrongly. Apart from keeping the natural level of privacy and respect at all times, this also makes sure that no information is forced on someone, but provides the channeler (Mayatnik in this case) to know everything that is necessary in order to work with the person and to see what do to next, how to proceed in the conversation. Another goal behind all this talking is getting to know the person. All such conversations are done on a personal basis, with easy talking 'from the heart', at an informal level, and the openness of a person is a factor in how the guides decide to proceed. Sometimes it is just not the right time in a person's life, but when a person shows a genuine interest and has the right mind set (which is necessary) the next 'point' is reached':

2) Recognizing telepathic contact

As Mayatnik says, "It is actually much easier than you think.". If the right attitude is there, it is just a matter of doing it - no methods, no special abilties, just being calm and open to whatever is perceived on an intuitive level, and brought to expression then by the mind. The factor that is involved here is that "Society is AFRAID of 'voices' in their head". But leaving out doubts about the process of telepathy is necessary to experience what it is all about, confidently talking.... just talk as you would with any person, and see where it takes you. The confirmation and validation by someone else who has experience with it serves the purpose of giving this necessary confidence. Confidence in that this 'talking' really works.

3) Practicing and training accuracy

But this first contact is only the earliest step. From this on, accuracy is the aim... this means especially checking with the guides if everything has been understood correctly, if things have been missed, if other wording should be used etc. There is a commitment involved in order to become a good channeler to work correctly at all times with the guides as they wish, and that is a discipline. Often a first quick answer to a question is far from everything there is to be known about a topic, so there needs to be the will to understand all that is necessary, and to interact and ask questions to form the bigger picture. Things need to be discussed, and channeling needs participation from both sides. You hear something, you relate it to what you know, you ask back if this is perceived correctly, and by that get additions on side issues that are also necessary for a greater understanding.

The style of presentation is also something to consider... it can either be done 'directly', which means word for word from the guides; or 'indirectly' (a more advanced and difficult way of doing it but which is often very suitable for a particular application... the way Mayatnik often channels his guide), where you weave the guides' advice into your own words in order to present things in the best way. This also involves lots of talking and discussing about the issues at hand so the best benefit is reached, e.g. by asking certain questions or pointing to certain topics that are necessary to be explored in the indirectly channeled words. This is subtle guidance, but very effective when done properly.

On a side note, Mayatnik pointed out to me that the guides have now lifted their decision they had placed recently with regard to there being no new would-be telepathy students being considered, and this lifting, I am told by Mayatnik, is because there is now a much healthier and positive approach by many members (particularly in the Psychic Self Defence section of the forum) towards discussing things.  This does not mean, however, that if a person contacts Mayatnik, or myself or Fuzziwig or any other Telepathy Project group member that they will be automatically eligible for training. Only the guides can decide that at the time when they and they alone consider the person receptive and 'ready'. This makes clear that the guides are monitoring all input to the forums in order to decide what is to be done optimally.

So, I congratulate Nidhananda/Mach One for his quick start and wish him the best!

Kind regards to everyone else,
24  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 15, 2004, 11:27:31

as I said before, I do my best to answer ALL questions that are written to the Zeta here to the extent that is possible and reasonable for me at this moment. Please consider the fact that I have a whole lot of a life besides my work on this forum and do not always find time to channel answers immediatley and in the order the questions are posted - it is especially not very feasible to post long channelings while I'm in the mountains enjoying holidays with my family (until yesterday), having no internet access at all. Due to the amount of questions I cannot go everywhere into the detail I would like to, but you can always post further questions then if you need more information.

The next channelings will come in shortly.

kind regards,
25  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / What's wrong with Psychic Self Defense? on: February 09, 2004, 01:06:52

I won't have access to the internet next week so before I leave I'd like to put forth a further channeling by my guide Perena:

"There have been posts where it was referred to that nobody should be blamed for whatever attacks he is enduring. Everyone will agree upon this; there is no point in blaming and it does no good. The question is not whether a person has caused their situation by intentionally or unintentionally doing something 'wrong'. The question is how to get out of it efficiently and with a lasting effect, which means that they won't slip into it again easily. Many solutions and cures that seem to bring temporary relief of attacks do not adress the core of the problem.

Labelling such things "personal shortcomings" is not justified. As it has been mentioned, there are always situations where you have to draw back and retract in order to cope. You cannot always do much about those circumstances, and nobody is expected to be perfect in dealing with them. But what is essential in healing such issues AND curing the psychic 'attacks' that are anchored on them (yes, they always need a 'weak point') is to recognize what happened and how it influences your (re-)actions now. This is intelligible when there have been major problems in a person's life, during childhood etc., and those things can be worked through with your own effort, and if that's not feasible then with help from others, including professionals.

Now there doesn't always have to be a deep psychological wound which leaves you vulnerable to a psychic 'attack'. The other case would be where a new influence comes into your life (e.g. beginning to meditate, or a spirit suddenly seeking to influence you) and at some point you notice that something is just not right and things begin to get odd. In this case too, it's not expected that you know everything in advance and are able to avoid and balance every possible 'problem' that could come up. That's the way it is in life, you experience lots of new things and normally you're able to deal with that - that's common sense along with natural mechanisms that inform you if something is going wrong, and what to do about it.

When things go wrong though and you suddenly see yourself faced with something you can only call a 'psychic attack' - what to do about it? Approaches like rituals, shielding, prayers and all those things often seem to work. But what remains is the point that the underlying cause was not addressed at all that way. The argument of 'temporary relief in order to get room for breathing' is not perfectly valid, because you then often block and shut away those very things that should be addressed! By this you eventually can build up some sort of artificial defense, painfully and with much effort, but those very things you fear and push away then are exactly what should be examined.

The guides can intervene and take care of a psychic 'attack' problem, but such things can only be arranged if at the same time the person has the will to embrace and to understand things, namely such issues as: conditioning imposed by the social milieu, strong parental influence or domination, religious conditioning, insecurities in getting on with people - whatever is relevant to that person, whatever strong blocks or fears there are. They can be subtle or not, but how the problem manifests points to what it is.

What I want to point out here, also as a ground for new discussion:

1) You can have control over what happens to you - it can be as easy as talking to 'negs', and eiter trying to help and understand, or to clearly refuse permission to interact with you.
2) The guides can help to dissolve a psychic 'attack' situation, but it depends upon the will of the person.
3) Psychic 'attacks' have to focus and attach on 'weak points' - this means it is in your power to get out of a situation, not by 'attacking' but by evolving.

It would be good to examine cases where people have been cured from psychic 'attacks', and what exactly the cure turned out to be. There needs to come a general understanding of how those things work, a general 'common sense' about it."

That's it; we haven't been covering all possible interpretations of what's said here and it's not possible to address more than a part of the whole picture in one post, but it looks like this thread has evolved to the point where things can be discussed... there's nothing to add to what James said, but I just quote him again:

[...] let us please try to continue with thoughts to productive discussions. Lets face it, Nobody here is really close to knowing all there is to know about negs, psychic attacks or mental afflictions. We all have room to learn. If we start banding together rather than polarising into factions, this will be achieved much more easily.

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