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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Serious Practitioners Need Apply on: Today at 06:25:44

You stated that you sometimes catch yourself snoring while in an awake state; and I’m assuming you are meditating or something similar.

If this is the case, then this is the exact state you are looking for, if you want a direct approach to AP. So you are already there. It is a slightly deceptive state of awareness because you feel almost normal. But the truth is, this is the Mind Awake, Body Asleep (MABA) state that the Monroe books point you toward. A good percentage of people can readily achieve this state; in my case, I’m not so good at it. This is the borderland to the NP, this is your launch point. It is a great place to become totally familiar with because it will serve you for many years. Some fearful hypnogogia can slip in from time to time, sometimes to test you, so be aware and don’t lose your mission!

Once you achieve this state, you then need to apply an “intent”. That is a mental declaration to go somewhere or to carry out some specific activity. You can also simply ask for a lesson or experience. Then, just trust and go with the experience that is presented.

Hope that sparks some adventures!


2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: fear test or??? on: December 04, 2019, 08:56:23
For me, you two are describing slightly different things, but maybe they are just two sides of the same coin.

There is the image/idea colored by your thoughts versus the referent image/idea, and the simultaneous recognition of the distinction between the two. This is, to me, an expansion of the Mental energy body’s perspective. Stretching, if you will...
Then there is the Dual or Multiple Perspective of two or more energy bodies; again I think an ability of the Mental body or even higher. I’ve only had it for a few seconds at most, but am now certain it will become an expanded sense as we develop. To bounce from the Etheric back to the Physical, then to the Astral...and then to get an instantaneous yet complete momentary perspective of all three...and then to realize that that perspective is served up from an altogether new perspective (Mental or higher?)’s just a bit mind-blowing, but I am sure some of you have experienced this.

A further stretch is what I think Lumaza has had and that is literally experiencing Dual Realities and the seperate life courses of each; even if momentarily. I haven’t had that experience...yet. But thanks to him, I can now believe in the possibility.  wink

3  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Vision of a Dog Comes to me During Sleep Paralysis on: December 04, 2019, 07:14:53
My 2 cents-

Hypnogogic/hypnopompic images that threaten us during exit attempts and especially SP episodes are almost always dredged up from our subconscious fears. They most often serve as Fear Tests, a final hurdle to allowing ourselves to consciously project or phase. If you are repeatedly running into this issue, it could also point at some remaining fear/belief issues that need to be cleared up before moving on. This dog reminds me of that. Nameless makes some worthwhile points for consideration, esp that the dog is ‘shadowing’ you. I would add this-

You say that it is mostly unseen, yet you know that it is this dog. That tells me that you do, in fact, intuitively know it’s purpose. The metaphor is then all too represents an issue that is ‘dogging’ you. And it doesn’t seem to be nearly as fearful as some of the others you described. So what is the issue? You can ask this question many different ways so a little creativity might be suggested.

Then again, the answer to the question is not always necessary; sometimes just the awareness and recognition that an issue is still out there can be enough. So you don’t ignore it, resist it or fight it. Instead you accept that the issue is there, take ownership of it and find another way to claim it and resolve it. It’s a subtle form of NP psychology Jiu-Jitsu.

So maybe before your session or when you go to bed, you work with an affirmation, something like-
I know and accept that I have some minor doubts about the Out of Body Experience. I also know that I am safe and protected and I ask for and give myself permission to have this experience. I ask for any help and guidance so long as it is positive and beneficial to my learning.

You could also spend a few 15 minute meditative sessions just relaxing and asking for the question to manifest for you. Even if you get nothing, spend the final five minutes imagining that you are shoveling all your remaining doubts into a furnace and watch it be consumed, turned to ash and smoke which floats off high into the sky. This kind of visualization can be very effective for any number of belief issues, and doesn’t even require knowing their exact nature.

Hope that helps,

4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: fear test or??? on: November 26, 2019, 08:04:33

It appears to me that you have either learned a lot from this or at least displayed your accurate knowledge of what was happening. Those frightful women do appear to be “fear tests”. So you recognized them for what they are. And your level of awareness was demonstrably high real-time, while the experience was happening. You didn’t fall for the frightful visuals and you also noticed the “gross energy” and didn’t get distracted by that. And you realized it was all likely dredged up from your own subconscious. This is testing on several levels.

You did great in this experience and I think you will soon be granted something new and a bit more challenging. This is a sign that what you are doing is working.

Stay patient and respectful and keep asking your questions and offering your assistance to the greater purpose. The frustration is another test, and a tough one, so bear with it.
5  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dreaming after death on: November 19, 2019, 12:27:12
MarsZM asks a great question here, and one I have frankly avoided the last couple years since I didn't have a fully formed answer.

LightBeam gives a great answer with which I agree, but I will offer this distinction:

As a population of Earth, we are approximately 7 billion.
We are, like schoolchildren, at different levels of development...the one level we, here at the Pulse are concerned spiritual development. I think that the majority of Earth's population does likely recycle in a fairly automatic fashion. It's not right or wrong, it's just the system. When you are ready to break out of the system, you will.

Personally, I think that level of development translates directly to where we find ourselves within the Afterlife when we do transition.

In my own understanding, it was 2013 when Szaxx responded to my Fieldtrip post with the mention of the 'second personality'...a subtle reference that only occurred to me a year later as an idea worth exploring...

Further research showed me that it was obviously important to the Egyptians in that they came up with the Egyptian Book of the Dead...and several hundred years later it was important enough that the Tibetan Book of the Dead was written...both treatises were used to assist the dead in their navigation of the Afterlife NP world. The message being- these people took it seriously.

To reinforce Mars' question, I will reframe it this way-

If you suddenly die tomorrow, just what state of awareness do you assume you will become conscious within? A coma, a lethargic state, a dream state, an actively conscious state? I happen to think that is a big question. And I am not sure that any of us can assume a guaranteed answer.

So that may be why meditative practice and our NP explorations may be 'very' important...IDK that's just been my bothersome question for a few years...and why I think the Pulse may be just a little important...your present dream personality is the one you will have when you just how confident do you feel with that?

6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Astral Pulse Hotline on: November 19, 2019, 11:07:12
Thanks for your answers Panda, now we have a starting point!

My answers to those questions are much like yours with the exception that I gave up weed thirty years ago and have had about a hundred SP episodes.

So now that we know you have some practice in calming and silencing your mind, and even the benefit of the Gateway exercises...this is all great training for getting your mind/awareness into that sweet spot of 'receptiveness'. You do that with a daily, repetitive routine of practice. Lumaza is the resident 'Master' at that arcane practice, wink. It doesn't have to be hours at a time, that can actually be self-defeating. Do 15 minutes a day of meditation, or a Hemi-Sync session every other day. What you are striving for is to make your mind/awareness comfortable with that Focus 10, Focus 12, Focus 15 level and feeling. It does NOT have to be perfect. It took me two trips to The Monroe Institute to find out that there are nearly infinite gradations to these various Focus levels, both high and low, so it is a mistake to get frustrated in thinking that I haven't reached the necessary level during any particular session. You go with what 'ya got.

Honestly, the simplest technique may be to put on a Hemi-Sync session, like a 12 or a 15 and totally relax into it until you fall asleep...because the session is still working while you are asleep. Many sessions that I have had at TMI, I fall asleep or 'click out'. That happens for many people there and learning is still taking place, except at a deeper and subconscious level...which is sometimes, exactly where the learning needs to forcing it is not the answer, just let it happen. Do that like ten times and see if something changes.

A lot of this is re-learning and re-orienting our perspective to the various Realities available to us. Your daydreams, dreams and lucid dreams are one 'gateway' to the Wider Reality, the Non-Physical (NP) aspect of it. So you have already been there, where you are trying to go. Realizing that is just another step in realizing that it is just a change in perspective or Focus. In fact, your lucid dreams show you that you are already demonstrating higher awareness within the nicely done! This is the ability and awareness you should wish to expand and develop. This is the awareness you will learn to take you deeper into the NP dimensions.

Now you know why I asked the questions. wink

And now we come to areas of discussion and disagreement and all I can do is point out some of the conflicts and my ideas on them.

Most people, new to the idea of OBE, expect to lay down, relax and float out of their physical body like a ghost and go roaming about the planet. That experience can happen and often does, but you might get something else entirely. You might instead, awaken early one morning and immediately transition into a dreamlike, yet 'super-physically' real environment. You might be astounded at the hyper-reality of the event and the complexity of the experience that unfolds, but in the end just think of it as a crazy 'one-off' kind of dream. The truth is that both experiences are authentic and legitimate NP or OBEs. Given a few dozen of these experiences, you begin to re-question your assumptions about our overall Reality.

For me, it becomes a question of 'Did I learn something of value from the experience?' And if so, then why is it not legitimate and therefore 'real'?

So you meditate, have some Hemi-Sync are great to go with many of the 'noticing' techniques presented in the stickies of the Pulse. The candle flame, the Bedeekin method, various active Rundown methods...these are all active visualizations that keep your awareness concentrated while your physical body slides off into sleep. For me, it is the timing that counts and the WBTB method is recommended. Wake, Back To Bed...sleep a few hours, then get up for an hour and then try and observe yourself as you slide back into sleep. Try a technique or just observe. One of my big breakthrough nights was a night that I had awful gastrointestinal pains throughout the night. It wasn't easy nor fun, but I learned a lot! Three sleepless nights can do it too, when the dreams hit you almost instantly! Jeez, what fun! tongue

So all this should give you some ideas. There is another aspect-And that is re-programming your mind and asking permission of your Higher Self to step into this new arena. You don't just do it; you don't just make the jump...

You need to ask your 'Higher Self' for permission and cooperation in achieving this. I learned the hard way, over decades. It is still a form of communication that I am learning and I still get it wrong at times. It may seem like releasing instinctive, subconscious barriers, but I definitely think that it is more. You do this in a very simple process of nightly affirmations-

I ask for permission to have an out of body experience.
I know that I am safe and protected at all times.
I grant myself permission to explore the Wider Reality.
I ask for guidance from those I trust and know that I am ultimately in charge of my Life.

Words to that effect, mix and match as you see fit. Keep it simple. It is basic programming of our subconscious computer, as well as communication with our Higher Self.

Whew, that seems like enough for tonight...



7  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: At the zoo on: November 19, 2019, 09:44:12
Great stories, thank you both!

It is especially notable with primates but that eye to eye contact always seems to me to be absolute recognition of sentience; not just recognition of basic awareness, but something is a form of knowing between the two parties...really a cool moment!

Since I was young, the conflict between the theories of Evolution and Divine Creation always seemed pointless. Why can't the two concepts exist simultaneously? Why can't they work together? God/Source/ the Divine must work through 'some' mechanism; why not the Evolutionary process? Maybe with a little Divine intervention now and then and even some extraterrestrial help or, in some cases, some negative ET interference (the slave races of the Annunaki for instance...)?

It has become apparent in my own life and what others have spoken of here that some ET/Divine forces are working with us and upon us. Twenty years ago, I would have ignored that possibility...not anymore.
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Astral Pulse Hotline on: November 18, 2019, 08:23:26
Hello Panda and welcome to the Pulse!

Lumaza made the suggestion to refer to the very good threads that have been made "Stickies" and moved to the front of the appropriate Board and highlighted in blue. And I would suggest something else that may help us point you in the right direction and techniques: Can you answer some questions for us?

Do you meditate or practice any at silencing your mind?
Are you good at visualizing in your "mind's eye"? Do you easily get lost in daydreams?
How is your sleep? Do you fall asleep fairly easily and quickly and can you observe yourself/the process as you fall asleep?
Do you remember your dreams? Do you keep a dream journal? Have you had lucid dreams? Have you experienced Sleep Paralysis?
In the early morning, are you ever able to hover at the edge of sleep and observe the last of your dreams or any of the hypnopompic imagery that floats through your mind? Do you get odd kinesthetic sensations during the night like floating/falling or spinning? Do you hear odd noises like pops and bangs, voices, machinery,  hurricane-like roaring or helicopters, etc.?

Your answers can help us understand whether you are inclined towards meditative visualization techniques or sleeping techniques or dream activation techniques. You may have more of a tendency towards one method so you might as well exploit it if you can.

Most of us initially think of learning OBE techniques as simply learning how to lay still for twenty minutes or so and floating out of our body. Some people can do that pretty early on, but actually that is one of the more difficult techniques for most people. Our first OBEs are generally very short duration events, like Lumaza said; and they usually occur at unexpected times like in the middle of the night or early morning or during a nap or even during an illness. So it does help to be aware of the many possible symptoms and signposts that could occur because we simply don't know what will show up and we have to be ready to first notice the symptoms and then "allow" them to unfold, and "observe" the process. This is a key aspect no matter what technique works for you; as the transition occurs the symptoms will intensify and you naturally become excited. This excitement has to be contained otherwise you will lose control and the experience. This is where you go into "passive observation" mode.

We utilize whatever technique gets us into the game; then we refine it from there.

9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Astral Projection causing mental disorders in earthly life? on: November 15, 2019, 08:52:57
Discussing theory and techniques for disassociating oneself from this Physical Reality into multiple other Realities? With people who already suffer from mild to severe forms of depression and disassociative mental disorders? Makes one wonder what some schizophrenics may be experiencing.

Yeah, this is why we have to be thoughtful and careful about our answers at times...and sometimes draw boundaries.
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: meeting deceased ones and spirits giving information? on: November 15, 2019, 08:31:10
Personally I have not; but then again I don't go actively looking for verifications or evidence. It is nice when I get it or notice it but it has usually been of a personal nature and a culmination of experiences/people I meet that I realize are truly connected. Verification, as an idea, seems to occur in two ways: public (as you are asking about) and personal.

At The Monroe Institute during Retrievals they do suggest that if you can, try and ask for names and dates and other pertinent information and TMI says they have many verified instances of this. I did not try for any verifications during my multiple retrievals but I know of one very trustworthy friend who got the name, rank, unit and date of a Vietnam War casualty which she was later able to verify.

I am still not settled as to why on this question, but it seems that when most of us are in the Non Physical the need for verification just doesn't occur to us, me included. And that does seem to be the majority opinion although there is definitely a small number that do get this type of verification. So yes, I would say that it is relatively rare.

I suppose that if I chose to make it a larger part of my "Intent" before the session and really put some intensity to the question, I might then ask; but it's really never been that important to me.
11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Diet myth on: November 13, 2019, 10:14:10
Agreed. It is all relevant and connected.

Diet, in and of itself, is not an absolute necessity...but it can help greatly, again a question of overall balance within the context of what one is seeking. So the challenge is to find your personal balance.
12  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Deleted Facebook on: November 13, 2019, 09:11:33
Like Nameless, I avoid FB, felt it was a poison from the beginning.

It is all about balance...I can find it in some places, yet struggle in others. Still, the answer is in finding balance.

LightBeam...those are two remarkable replies and deep and true and soulful. Thank you!

“People are lonelier ever nowadays due to that. Social media creates an illusion...” that quote for me, captures the insight you are sharing with us in such succinct words.

People have been made to fear silence and what our own soul may speak to us. Instead it is as you say, “a background of noise”...

Beautifully expressed.
13  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: How the heck are ya :) on: October 30, 2019, 08:47:13
And imo, it’s not so much as God speaking to us when we are rich and healthy, it’s that we feel no need to listen to his/her constant calling. It is in our deepest misery that we seem to finally become willing to listen...

You expressed the idea beautifully already and I look forward to what you bring to share. We will no doubt be the better for it.
14  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: How the heck are ya :) on: October 30, 2019, 07:02:53
That’s an inspiring story of courage and redemption, Dark. Your excellent telling of it rings true with my own story and I’m  sure, many others here; so thank you for sharing. It seems a fairly common theme that many of us, in order to gain access to these extra-ordinary experiences must first pull ourselves upward from the depths of human despair. No doubt, we are not alone in the performance but the individual requirement is truly monumental. Your insight of the need to ‘pay it forward’ is a good recognition of the commitment going forward.

And Welcome to the Pulse!

15  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Practical Uses In Real Life Of Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming on: October 18, 2019, 11:53:32
Octave and Lumaza have already responded in very credible and considered ways; I can only respond by agreeing with them. Well said.

I have taken some time to sort a response and personal circumstance has pulled me away for a couple weeks, but now I have time to reply.

PhaPriSpa asks a fair question. I have the same question at times, reading others' responses. Sometimes they just don't fit within my understanding of Reality. So I also wrestle a bit with the stories...ultimately I have little problem accepting the majority of them.

An example of this is the experience of Elementals or Nature Spirits...I have absolutely no experience with this phenomenon. And yet, I have had the pleasure of reading from and listening to sincere experiencers who have claimed these experiences...and I have no reason to doubt them, despite my lack of understanding/experience.

These very same people have no or limited experience of UFO contact and yet I have much more...and they are put in the position of accepting my credibility on the subject. Or rejecting it.

It may simply have to do with development and frequency among different levels...we perceive what we are prepared to perceive. I can freely admit that ten years ago I was not capable of perceiving and understanding what I now know. And I know there is much, much more to come...

So, what Octave and Lumaza describe as methods for understanding...these are the new abilities that we will learn: Greater real-time awareness within a LD or NP reality; the intricacies of telepathy and communication. And they don't come all at once; they take a bit of time to develop.

My own memory of experiences has mostly been pretty good, but not always perfect. I recognize that I have likely been the most prolific writer of my experiences here on the Pulse for the last few years. My reporting has been as accurate and without exaggeration as I can provide; if I am not sure about a particular moment, then I leave it out. I may come back months later to modify a sentence but only if I am sure of my thinking about it; otherwise I leave it to my understanding and quality of the moment.

Reading in the NP has been nearly impossible for me; same thing with numbers; I seem to be getting slightly better at it. I would bet that this is also a learning exercise in communication as Lumaza has hinted. There is information to be communicated to us but we are challenged through these differing modalities...crazy stuff.

Learning recall took some time and is dependent on the quality of consciousness one can maintain throughout an experience. My point is that this is different for different people. I used to have the problems PhaPriSpa describes...experiences were fleeting, forgettable things...difficult. It gets better with more and continuing experiences...this may also be part of the testing.

Communication was a laughable thing...I started with hearing words and reading lips...then that didn't work. Eventually dream characters and possibly some astral inhabitants were simply incapable of being understood. Telepathic communication slowly developed, in my case with PDF.s and thought balloons and ROTES. There were no real defined break points for me, it all seemed to merge together...I would get some visual verbal clues as to communication, but then it was clearly telepathy...with much more information coming through. I still don't think that I am 100% Now it feels like 90% mental and 10% visual...I see the mouths moving sometimes, but that feels like an afterthought, like a suggestion that communication is happening...there are also metaphors and archetypes to deal with.

No one said this was easy

16  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Musical Dream Triggers on: October 18, 2019, 10:38:59
Great insights from both Lumaza and Lightbeam!

I would like to add a few ideas. Like Lightbeam wrote, " ...sounds have a great effect on our minds...these kind of repetitions charge specific parts of our personal energy".

I have found this to be 100% true. Cannot emphasize the importance enough. I think that this is an aspect of developing and continuing our artistic talents, whether they are visual-based or sound-based, or otherwise...these are outlets for the expression of our creative energies and this translates directly to our expressions of our consciousness within the Non-Physical Multiverse. Keep up with one and you promote the other.

They are all forms of communication...within consciousness.

My best personal examples of this are two: I mentioned a few years ago of a business trip where I listened one evening to a lounge singer, a young woman who played piano and sang cover songs that were just good that early the next morning I came aware of piano playing in my head and I was able to modify it and work with the tune, while deep in sleep. That was a first for me, and another venture into that 'creative energy current' that is available to all of us...a very interesting experience!

The next occurred just last January, in my Lifeline course at TMI. I had been frustrated for the first two days, getting nearly nothing but color tours through what turned out to be healing energy...but I had not realized the fact at that point. Then, one of the next sessions involved the addition of a music track along with the Hemi-Sync...and I thought that would just be distracting.

Instead, the music served to transport me into a much more visual tour of the purple energies and I realized a new and greater perspective. I thought that I had found a breakthrough personal technique with music but a couple sessions later, it was not helpful at all. Nonetheless, I learned that a musical track can, at certain times, prove almost magical, yet not every is somehow maybe personally and situationally dependent...

Sometimes I resist these lessons, I refuse to recognize them. This results in a miss. Other times, I relax and go with the flow...and I am rewarded with a new understanding from a different perspective.

Great points Lu and LB!
17  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Report and question on: October 16, 2019, 09:45:41
This is a great topic that Erik opened discussion on; Nameless and Lumaza have offered excellent insights and I think there is more to dig out from here.

To me, Erik's experiences reflect an early and significant series of moments of consciousness/awareness NP recognition and consolidation. It is an awareness and recognition of where you are, and the fact of and the 'boundaries' of your current awareness. It also involves a few awareness 'markers', kinesthetic-type qualities- visual, movement and location...and you have to recognize and consolidate this new information, this new form of sensory input.

This new level of awareness and recognition brings with it a bit of a problem which you have to understand and bring under control- it is an increase in your awareness, interest, fascination and the excitement that comes with it!

Erik's next level of experiences will likely involve lucid dreams and obes with this higher level of awareness. The excitement and fascination with operating at this level is fairly overwhelming and takes some time in which to adjust. There can be multiple motivations driving us in these early experiences and this can cause many to be ended prematurely and in confusion. We want to fly, or to travel to multiple locations, or meet with and communicate with people or with deceased loved ones, or people still incarnate, or visit historical scenes...the list is endless...

The simple fact seems to be that we are allowed a little bit of this rambling about early on; but pretty quickly these fun jaunts seem to get cut short more and more's as if we are gently being prompted to slow down and pay attention to something that somebody is trying to show us...and this is the learning, the teaching.

The first element of the teaching seems to be to slow down, stop the mental chatter, control the emotions and pay attention to what the current environment is trying to show us. If we try to fly, if we try to create, if we start hollering at people...the simulation ends with that 'premature' kind of feeling. After about the tenth time that happens, the truth of the matter begins to settle in and realization occurs.

This is the slowing down, observing and patience that Nameless and Lumaza are speaking of.

Realizing this and coming to terms with this understanding is a big and eye-opening step forward in our present evolution. Something out there (NP) is trying to teach us a few things. I never would have realized this as quickly on my own, without Szaxx and Lumaza giving me the benefit of their knowledge.

And for those who are experiencing somewhere around this level, I will reiterate an excellent insight that an old friend Soarin12 pointed out- When you are in a NP environment and searching around for the 'purpose' of the whole simulation, quite often your attention can get drawn to a tiny detail, a small aspect within the scene...if this 'detail' begins to vibrate or shimmer or transform...that is a sign that you are focusing on the wrong element within the experience; back off your focus and look elsewhere. In my experience, this quality always drew my attention even more closely...which apparently was the exact wrong response, Lol. Took me awhile to learn that lesson!
18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 08, 2019, 06:57:46
Am I right in thinking what this is? A breakthrough of possibly great significance?

A recognition of the essential technique used by shamans, teachers and gurus throughout the ages with their students?And with Lumaza’s refinement of his personal techniques, an understanding of the how and why of finding a personal entrypoint to the NP, by arriving at the 3 Dimensional Void through use of an ‘overload’ technique which incorporates this ‘rule of 7+/- 2’?

Awesome work guys!

This is a significant insight brought to us by Lumaza and Baro-San!

19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Astral Pulse Hotline on: October 07, 2019, 05:28:30
Hello Ozzy and welcome to the Pulse!

Lumaza has given you some good perspective to add to the knowledge base you have started with Monroe, Buhlman, Waggoner and LaBerge. I will back up what he says 100% and add a little to his comments and offer ideas on some other areas you mentioned. This is all MY opinion but includes much of what you have read and a few of my own favorite authors filtered through my own experiences. This is my personal 'provisional perspective'...if future information requires me to update, then I gladly remain open to that!

-Usually our first direct attempts to shift our focus into these new areas do result in a number of short experiences which can get timed-out for a number of reasons: Sometimes we simply run out of energy or staying-power, sometimes we lose concentration/focus/intent, sometimes too many questions arise and confusion sets in. In fact, when confusion or frustration sets in, it can seem that an outside force ends the experience for us so that we can contemplate and digest what we have experienced.

-These first experiences are most often what is described as Locale 1/ the Etheric Plane or Dimension/ the Real Time Zone. This dimension closely approximates the Physical Dimension, but as Lumaza wrote, this is a misperception which can lead to some confusion about actual locations such as you described. It can appear to be your apartment building but there can be confusing differences such as you have noted. This dimension appears to be a mirror-image of the Physical, but it is actually an 'energetic' version with notable differences which can confuse your perspective. Doors and windows may change places, as well as furniture or pictures...the exterior may appear different, as you've noted. Historical changes, maybe both past and future, can intrude in the form of visual overlays (such as the furniture was different 50 years ago), and this environment is susceptible to your subconscious introducing unexpected elements. Ghosts can show up, if their energy is still strong enough within that proximity. A lot of interesting phenomena can show up here, so don't just expect it to be a simple 'mirror' of your Physical Reality. A lot of distortion can occur here.

What's more, as your experiences grow and your Non-Physical (NP) energy bodies and senses develop, your experiences in this dimension will naturally evolve into the next- the Astral. You have already experienced this in at least two ways I noticed from your adventures: In the first, you explored the neighboring apartment which may have pushed your etheric body beyond its rather limited 20-50 foot physical range. At this point, you either lose consciousness and return or you shift your focus into your astral body, if it is developed enough. I ran into this limitation many times until I understood it and moved beyond it. In the second instance, you tried to communicate verbally and physically, and found out that this is are Non-Physical, NP. Now you will need to learn another aspect of Intent and how it applies to communication. Communication in the NP is by thought or telepathy. It is not by delivering a linear sequence of words or symbols; it is by forming complete gestalts or thought-paragraphs and mentally sending them. Think of comics and thought balloons. It's more than that but it is a good starting point. You think of the complete idea of what you wish to communicate, add some visual component if you think that helps; and very importantly, you add some sincere feeling/emotion of the idea you wish to convey. And then with 'Intent', you push it out and toward its intended recipient. Kurt Leland calls this 'feel/think'.

In its more complex form, it is like Monroe described as a ROTE. For me, receiving the communication happens the instant I send mine and it is like a PDF. file and it unfolds immediately...I just sort of hurriedly transcribe it within an instant. A ROTE is often a much more complex thing and feels like a 'compressed file' downloading.

This is just another aspect of the NP that shows you the demand and necessity for understanding and controlling your thoughts and emotions; as you pursue this, the skill level requirements will astound you as to what may be required within certain environments.

You will be learning that these 'energy' bodies have new senses beyond the five PR senses; Location and Communication are just two that you have noticed- Where am I and how do I talk to people?

Your NP experiences will likely begin involving dream elements or elements introduced from your subconscious; this will help you resolve leftover personal issues, so don't preoccupy yourself with it, just be aware of it. As your experiences merge from the Etheric to the Astral, then to the Mental, you will encounter Personal Astral or Dream Zone experiences (designed specifically for you) don't take everything at face value, there are many distortions that can take place.

Sleep paralysis- This is a natural stage of sleep that very few of us become aware of; it occurs almost always between dreams and sleep stages. To me SP is not readily accessible from a meditative/relaxed state or while trying to remain conscious as we drift into don't waste time trying to look for that. If you gain awareness between sleep stages and notice that you are in SP, then certainly take advantage and explore what you can do within the state. Also any time you get vibrations. Sometimes you can make them work, sometimes not. It is always nice to have multiple methods to explore.

Now, drifting to sleep and looking for the hypnogogia to start- yes, that is a perfectly valid transition method and if you are adept at it then go for it. I like the Wake, Back To Bed (WBTB) technique for this plus you could try not laying flat and reclined, but sit up in bed with pillows or move to a recliner chair. Sad to say but often an illness such as a cold or flu or indigestion can offer difficult but great opportunities. One of my breakthrough experiences was during a night of severe indigestion and no sleep. About 4am, I propped myself up in bed for some gastric relief and was then able to drift off and completely observe the hypnogogic process and have multiple NP exits. Successful but exhausting! Lol.

If you liked those other authors, then I would highly recommend checking out Kurt Leland. His website and the two books, Otherwhere and The Multidimensional Human are among my favorites. MDH will give you great insights into his ideas of the many NP senses that need to be developed...great stuff!

Great adventures await!
20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Astral Pulse Hotline on: October 02, 2019, 10:26:23
You are welcome!

The subconscious is a powerful thing and it does push us in subtle ways from place to place. The possibility of your Higher Self wanting you to experience different states is a subtle and interesting thing and can create a fair amount of frustration here on our 'ground level', Lol. Your sensing of the nuances is a good indicator to trust in this newfound perceptual ability of your psychic sense, in other words, your intuition.

These are multiple, non-physical senses, just like our 5 physical senses, that you are now becoming aware of. It is exciting and just a little overwhelming. Just let it happen in its natural course. Just follow whichever one takes you. It's like riding different horses...

When you realize that you are LD, then you are already AP. The next step is to apply an 'intention' to change your environment; either go somewhere, visit someone or do 'something'. Just understand that your 'learning' may intrude and offer you something unexpected or slightly different then your original expectation.

Early morning hours are great opportunities for exploration; my personal favorites! Right on the edges of dreams, in between...sometimes it works, but not always...

Here is a fun exercise: Next time you become fully aware in a lucid dream, command it to stop! Then collapse the scene into blackness and you may find yourself in the 3D Void/Blackness. Either way, if you can stop the scene, then you can simply announce your desire of where you wish to go, whom you wish to visit or what you wish to experience...give that a try...after all, it is your personal dream space and you can do with it what you want...

You could start your own personal Dream Log or OBE Log, either here or down with some notable others in the Dream Board...your choice and we look forward to it!

Pleasant dreams,

21  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Astral Pulse Hotline on: October 02, 2019, 09:34:14
This is a great post Lighthouse4!

Despite your apparent frustration, you are making good progress and the clarity of your description is excellent; it's really a bit difficult for me to make sure that I comment on all your noteworthy insights! Personally I am lousy at doing quotes, so I have to give an abbreviated mention of them to get started.

First, a point of clarification that might help: You state that you are aware that you can AP from a dream, and then you describe doing it and becoming lucid enough in a dream to then imagine going back to your Physical body and making an 'etheric' exit. The truth is that you are already 'out'! More than likely, once you become lucid within a dream, you are now in your astral body. And you can move on from there into more important experiences. But instead, you are trying to return and manifest an etheric body that is all fine and good, but you are encountering some difficulty. You are, in fact, close to an etheric exit when you do this; you are noticing many of the various etheric exit sensations (vibrations, body-loosening, etc), but you become stuck. Bcause your Higher Self wants you to realize the distinct difference between the states. And another big aspect of this is encountering and overcoming any remaining FEAR issues, as you have properly recognized.

So, one way to deal with the fear is to re-program and reassure yourself with some simple pre-practice/pre-meditation affirmations-

I ask permission of my Higher Self to move Out of Body. I know that I am safe and protected.

I wish to experience the out of body consciousness. I ask for permission and grant it to myself. I trust in the protection and experience of my Guides.

This is a bit of re-programming the personal computer and asking for and allowing permission from the subconscious safeguards that are in place for all of us. I had to figure out my own safeguards and gently lower them. And actually, I think that you are doing quite well all on your own.

Your FEAR insight is likely right; it can be any kind of 'fundamental' belief system that does not recognize this other-world possibility. We have to overcome this natural, built-in, cultural rejection. proper affirmations and repeated exposure will accomplish this. And you are already making progress on your own. Dismiss the ideas of negative entities or experiences; this is nothing worse than taking a walk in the woods; there are subconscious fears to be aware of but really not much more. And you do have protection. With that said, if you are a personality subject to aberrant delusions, then no, definitely this is not for you. Your insight that a negative entity could affect you to this degree is exactly right. Again, this is a good confirmation of your 'gut' and insights being trustworthy perceptions. A newfound ability, as it were...

Your dream is an excellent symbolic and metaphorical representation of the development your consciousness is undergoing, so pay close attention to these dreams; always write them down. The fact that it repeated should tell you something. In my experience, any dream of a house represents a metaphorical construct of my personality, my ego, my place in the world. The other people who populate it represent aspects of myself, whom I am observing in their actions/reactions. A person represented by your sister may indicate a closer resonance to you (either good or bad), (nonetheless, it is an aspect you are giving special credence to). I think that your analysis of the dream is exactly right and in this the 'feel' is very important. The gorillas were a recent image of your subconscious dredged up to represent the interesting but inherently unknown aspect of the Non-Physical Reality which you are contemplating exploring. The other aspects of you were allowed to venture outside and explore and the laughter was your insightful confirmation of it's safety. Nicely done! And you understood the 'feel' of the situation very well.

So, you can also explore the WILD but I think you are doing great with what you have. You just have to learn a bit more of recognizing the messages and insights, which you are doing quite well.

This period of learning for me felt like a lot of 'scrambling around' from experience to experience and I felt some confusion in making sense of it all. This may just be a simple fact of learning during this time, so just be aware of that and let it continue. This is all a form of very subtle teaching.

You could also add an affirmation, asking to start putting it all together, asking for something like-

Okay, I have all that and thank you for it. What is the next important lesson that I need to learn?
22  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Robert Bruce - Mastering Astral Projection on: September 28, 2019, 10:57:31
Welcome to the Pulse!

You can share here, no harsh judgments...we are all learning. It’s a cool place.

At the top of each Subject Board you will find blue, highlighted topics we call ‘stickies’. These are topics that were well-described and authored so we gave them some priority. The first and third Boards have some particularly good topics that will answer some of your questions and provide needed context.

The Bruce books are a good start and you may well find success with them. I disagree with some minor points of his general perspective, the most concerning being what I consider too much emphasis on ‘negative entities’ and the supposed trouble they present. In my own experience, this seemed to be nothing more than a nuisance-phase that people quickly pass through, if at all. RB also seems to focus his exit techniques towards what he refers to as the RTZ (Real Time Zone) or the Etheric Plane in Occult terminology. There are many traditions and cultural perspectives (Dreamtime, Spirit-travel, Dreamland...) but it breaks down basically into two camps or schools of thought on all this- Some see it all as Astral Projection, no matter where you end up. Then there are those, and I am one, who break it down into the Occult/Theosophical perspective of the multiple Planes or Dimensions- Physical, Etheric, Astral, Mental, Causal...etc.
In my own experience I did start out with what I came to consider Etheric projections, and eventually progressed into Astral, and then Mental Plane projections. For me there were obvious and distinct differences especially between Etheric and Astral.
So I think it can be helpful to point out these distinctions and terminology that you will encounter as you research this subject. Your first projections will be highly individual and particular to you and your interpretation of them filtered through your belief systems and expectations. And a certain amount of distortion is inevitable, so you need to stay open to changing perspectives on this practice. Given time and a number of experiences, you will then begin reconsidering your dreams, Lucid and otherwise, and any non-ordinary states of mind.

This practice, if you pursue it, will show you how incredible your consciousness can be and what it is capable of.

It is real.

It’s not just dreams, although they are part of it; it’s not just fantasy or imagination, although those techniques may be used at times to get things moving. It is your consciousness opening to the Wider Reality and it’s relationship within this multi-dimensional Multiverse.

It is fun and mystifying and wondrous and frustrating and never-ending learning and challenging and a little scary now and then and fascinating and soul-enriching. And there is work to be done when we are ready and offer to be of assistance. There is help available from the other side, guidance and teaching. We simply have to make a sincere request.

Yeah, it’s a hoot!



23  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: EV Asked a Great Question on: September 26, 2019, 13:30:40
Thank you to everyone for the responses. I posed the question to Nameless because of a recent sort of realization I had about nightmares and associated experiences.

One of the truly cool insights about deepening our NP experiences is the expansion of our understanding about specific experiences such as the "Nightmare".

Why does it happen; is it purely accidental, or is it somehow triggered by our subconscious/superconscious Higher Self? Is it a distinctly learning kind of modality that kicks in at some point? If so, then why and what is the overriding imperative? What starts it?

I had probably 5-10 nightmares per year in my youth (age 5-12) and these declined gradually until now I have a nightmare maybe once every couple years. Now I have to define them into smaller categories such as not just 'nightmares' but lesser things such as 'difficult situations' and even 'annoyances'. These are maybe two or three times a year. I find myself in difficult, uncomfortable circumstances and nothing I do seems to work, so they almost always end in some manner of frustration.

It all seems to fit within what I call the NP Learning Continuum/Curriculum. It can be either just what I call 'house-cleaning' or it is minor level work on my 'Self'.

The larger, more obvious 'nightmares' are much more extravagant things...these are greater opportunities for growth and understanding; what else could they be?! Do we really manufacture such incredibly obstructive events for ourselves? For no reason?! As a kind of accidentals? Just kind of litter on the streets, I don't think so.

It is my thinking that these experiences offer moments and 'decision-points' that translate not just in our NP experience but also act as transformative events within our PR (Physical Reality) world.

A 'classic' nightmare experience is being chased by some unknown dark form. We run and run and run...the chase is endless and we lose awareness at some point. The scenario repeats a few times a year, year after year. Whether we consciously recognize it, some of us internalize this 'losing' experience until we no longer recognize it; others eventually confront the dark being and resolve it to some degree. If you are one of the truly successful ones, you confront the dark chaser and defeat it. It is a truly significant accomplishment, and the meaning is huge, of astronomical importance.

It has taken me a few years to realize just how important this accomplishment may be to our 'Higher', 'Greater' Self...and it jumps us into a variety of psychological considerations.

Lumaza mentioned Lightbeam's insight of just how strong this felt for her...the sense of invincibility...this is right. This is an example of an 'insight' taking hold. A new form of understanding/perspective.

And this does show itself in your next-day Physical Reality world. Have fun with that!


24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Astral Traveler's cookbook? on: September 21, 2019, 07:15:08
Interesting idea. I’ve read in a few places that asparagus is conducive to OBE. And my own experience points to a lighter, less protein diet or meal beforehand is helpful. Also alcohol nearly always inhibits or limits any experience.
25  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Difference between lucid dreaming and Focus 2 projection on: September 14, 2019, 09:49:15
Again, I think this is a great question Lighthouse4, and it digs a little deeper and possibly a little closer to the heart of your inquiry, maybe.

Nameless and Volgerle have given you good perspectives on this contrast between Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming and the F2 contexts.

Now you appear to be asking just how your noticing each particular context may affect your "purpose". A good and fair question.

Just for the record, I have never seen the 'silver cord' either, so I am not concerned about it.

And just for the sake of this discussion, let's agree that your dreams, lucid dreams and early projections are taking place in Focus 2, your personal dream world. The key point to understand is that this is like a 'training ground', a school of sorts. You are segregated here for a reason, so that you don't 'pollute' the Wider Reality with uncontrolled emotions and energy. There are all sorts of lessons to be learned here and most of the material is, in fact, pulled from your subconscious. The 'lesson plan' or 'curriculum', as it were is possibly overseen and handed down from an aspect of YOU, likely your Higher Self. And there are likely 'outside sources': Teachers, Guides and Friends that can pop in from time to time to add in a lesson or assist in your instruction. This will become more apparent as you gather experiences.

So yes, it is your personal dream world and you can make material changes within it (and learning to do that is a lesson in and of itself). But it's not that simple; once training commences, making haphazard changes to the environment can and will ruin the lesson being presented. You will not know that it is a lesson, that is part of the fun, Lol. And your training has already begun, in fact long ago, possibly in your childhood. In your dreams. If you search back through your dreams, you may begin to piece it together, where the lessons actually began.

This is part of remembering.

The fact that you are asking the question about the difference in 'purpose for yourself' regarding the LD state and the Projection state is possibly a test question or lesson in itself. You are starting to wonder and question the difference between these two perspectives.

Maybe it is like flying a plane. You might engage the autopilot and sit back and snooze (dreaming). Or you can take full and complete control of the aircraft yourself (lucid dreaming or projection). The fact that you are beginning to question the subtle differences between these states indicates to me that your training has begun. You will likely find that as you ask for and expect more awareness within each of these contexts, you will get more awareness and then the lessons will become more frequent and apparent.

The point of my analogy is that you are recognizing and exerting more control within each successive context...dreaming, lucid dreaming, projecting...etc. This is a good sign of progress. Fun awaits!

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