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101  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Making Progress / New sensation? on: March 14, 2017, 03:10:26
This is a good experience to have and a sign that you are continuing to make progress.

I'm not so interested in what you were viewing, but rather the way you described the experience -like sitting in a movie theater watching the big screen. Many projectors have described their early experiences in just this way, myself included. This is a particular stage in the sequence of falling asleep and, if we can maintain our awareness/lucidity, we can utilize it to reach a point where we can project or phase. So, I think it is a particularly good signpost that demonstrates two key aspects of your awareness developing: 1 -That you managed to follow it that far and 2 -that you recognized the fact. Good work!

This is a technique that requires you to maintain your awareness and observe yourself as you fall asleep. Awfully hard to do because you are naturally tired and it is so easy to simply fall asleep. I have only had success with this during a few middle of the night wake-ups, but it served to teach me the fundamentals of this process so I could recognize it when it naturally occurs.

For many of us, if not all, the process of falling asleep proceeds from a relaxation stage to a hypnogogic stage of brief, random hallucinatory bits of noises, sensations and visuals...most of this we miss on a nightly basis because we have already lost focus...when you can maintain awareness and observe the process, it is quite orderly and predictable (at least it was in my case according to what I have read -which also leads to the possibilities of prior suggestion and expectation; I remain open). The visuals move from static snapshots to kind of jumpy, black and white streaming footage, then becomes smoother and full Technicolor. If you can get this far, you just sit back and watch as the video changes from scene to scene, without getting caught up in it. At some point, the scene will stabilize and perceptibly strengthen...and then it should occur to you that you can try mentally 'stepping into' the scene. You may get bounced back once or twice, which may indicate that you need to let the scene strengthen a bit more, but finally you can just step into the scene. Stepping 'into' a scene and then realizing you are actually there 100% is one of the coolest things the first few times! It really rattles your world-view! This is Phasing.

Again, this is a good sign that your Intent is continuing to kick your awareness up a notch when you are in an appropriate place to learn something new. You might try adding a nightly affirmation to reinforce your Intent. Something like,

"I want to have an out-of-body experience and give myself permission to do so. I know that I am safe and protected."

"I want to recognize opportunities to increase my awareness in my dreams and as I fall asleep or wake up. When I dream, I become aware."

Alter or season to your taste. The key is that this kind of 'programming' is both simple and effective.

You are headed for a good adventure. I look forward to reading about it!

102  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: I'm grrla on: March 10, 2017, 04:04:15
Welcome grrla,

Working with the hypnogogia can be fun and frustrating!

Your experience last night makes me think that you have already progressed into a slightly more complex testing sequence. I am also unsure of the illogical nature of your first event, maybe it is just to get your attention. Ask for a clarifying experience or the next lesson, and I am confident you will get it!

A clue based on my understanding- You are wanting an OBE, but your Guide(s) may want you to explore a few preliminary tests, first...go with the tests...and you will be rewarded!

103  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Riddle on: March 10, 2017, 03:53:52
Hello Riddle,

This is a good question and probably needs its own separate thread as I am sure there are plenty of variables and nuances worth considering that others could offer.

Within my own particular experiences, I have seen a gradual improvement in what I perceive to be my set of telepathic abilities.

I think that generally speaking, if you are in a Non-Physical environment, then you must be using some form of telepathy, although our individual experience of the event may involve a kind of perceptual interpretation that makes it look and feel like we are speaking, at least in some early experiences. Your own dreams may be a good example.

In my early RTZ/etheric type experiences, I really only remember a couple instances of communication and in those as I tried to verbalize, I quickly realized the result was in a telepathic/mental form.

Strangely, when my experiences progressed into a more refined, technicolor environment, which I understood as a positive progression nonetheless, my attempts at verbalization resulted in clumsy, garbled-sounding word-garbage, which elicited looks of confusion from those I was attempting to communicate with; unlike before, I didn't automatically and naturally shift into mental communication. It was as if the environment was waiting for me to make the conscious realization that I had to change my method of communication. As my experiences progressed, so did this new skill, although I still have much to learn and still have occasional setbacks.

The next steps in telepathy seemed to encompass 2 parts: The ratio of who controls the sending/receiving between two communicating entities, and the amount and quality of information being exchanged.

First, early on, the sending/receiving could sometimes be so clear and instantaneous that I thought that I really had this skill figured out; then upon further reflection it occurred to me that it probably wasn't me, rather it was the being communicating with me that had the greater understanding and therefore control of the whole process, both my sending and his/her receiving; my part may have actually been quite small. Maybe instead of my skill at 'sending', it was his/her skill at pulling the information from my mind. That's part of the learning process, in and of itself.

Second, is realizing that telepathy does not occur in a string of words that you translate in a sequential fashion, although early on your interpretation may make it seem that way. As my progress continued, the sequential words became sentences and then whole paragraphs, then a page or more of information, then combined with feelings and images. I guess that at this point it is like knowing how to speed-read. And it continues to get faster, the amount of information that your Non-Physical mind can process. At some point, the ability of the Physical mind is left behind, it simply cannot operate effectively within the NP. This is where some experienced posters such as Szaxx and Lumaza have pointed out, that at some point we need to realize that we are developing a second operative mind, a NP mind that operates within and has different abilities to be developed within the NP Reality. This is a realization that I came to as well, several years ago. It is both exciting and very challenging.

This is an ability that can be developed over time; it happens with some effort and also quite naturally and instinctively at times. When whole groups of information are formed and sent/received, they come across like word-balloons or data packets or .pdf files or 'knowings'. The really big ones contain a huge amount of information and can 'float' somewhere near your consciousness for even years before you manage to tap into them, and then they can download a torrent of information that simply makes you say, "Wow! Where did that come from?"

You asked the question about others reading your thoughts and your ability to guard your innermost thoughts...

I will preface my answer by saying this is purely my opinion based on my experiences.

First I would point out that you are thinking about this from a much more narrow, Physical Reality viewpoint, rather than the NPR point of view. As you progress in your NP endeavors, you will continue to find that you need to expand and re-appraise your thinking about these things...and this process doesn't end anytime soon, I have to do the same thing, LOL...

Your deepest, most innermost thoughts are likely available to any entity that wants to know them. The trick is, if your thoughts are of a negative/defensive/antagonistic/combative nature, then the 'higher' beings simply won't be interested in communicating with you, because your 'energy' is nowhere near aligned with them. This is where the very slight danger of encountering any possible 'negative' or harmful entities may occur, as according to the older literature. For the most part, at least in our more modern age, this warning does not apply. Raise your energy another notch and commit yourself to better thinking; that's all it takes. If you are coming from a higher energy, then the lower energy simply cannot touch you. You will run into some Fear Tests from time to time but that is all part of the fun; knock them down like snowmen! But with that said, you do need to make a truly honest appraisal of your emotional make-up, your maturity, etc. From reading your earlier posts, it does sound like you are asking reasonable questions and that you do have the temperament to do this; heck, you managed to do it with no problems when you were 4 or 5, LOL.

Another trick of the NP mind is that these slightly negative doubts just don't occur when you ARE IN the NP...

Don't worry about it; you have guides looking out for you; you are protected; go have fun!

104  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Making Progress / New sensation? on: March 05, 2017, 05:24:11

Okay, so being a dad with two kids probably rules out the potential benefits of a quiet afternoon nap, lol.

As an aside, are you keeping a dream journal of roughly a weekly nature?...this helps to keep your NP mind concentrated on the goal.

The WBTB technique may require some modification and is still prone to some randomness: How long you sleep and how long you stay up afterward and what level of activity you maintain...those kinds of things. I find that when I set an alarm after 3 or 4 hours, that I need to be awake for at least 45 minutes to an hour, otherwise I too easily sink back into deep sleep (this may also involve REM cycles and positioning/timing so I just cannot absolutely say). Also the level of activity after the initial sleep period is important: it should be what I call 'mildly active'...don't do weightlifting and don't go for a midnight jog...fold some clothes, putter around the house and then read a book for thirty minutes...keep it relatively mild...then go back to bed and observe yourself as you slide back into sleep; there you may find an opportunity. If the exit sensations appear then just 'allow and follow'.

Intent is likely one of the most important concepts we can discuss here. Szaxx can project within a few minutes of silence and concentration while sitting in his car during a lunch break...jeez... That is the ability to disassociate and apply INTENT. I can project whenever I happen to recognize that special set of circumstances (relaxation/tiredness/disconnection) happens for me. Middle of the night/early morning/naptime... I can't make that moment happen (yet) like Szaxx can, but I damn sure recognize when it occurs...and I take advantage of it. And a big part of that is recognizing when to apply your Intent. It is like being a sniper and taking the shot when you recognize that you have it.

You already have an understanding of, or a relationship to Intent. It is involved within every decision and action you take in Physical Reality. It's just that your awareness of Intent is more present at some times than at other times. Some ad guru for Nike summed it up in a beautiful and simple immortal line- JUST DO IT!

That phrase applies to both Physical Reality and Non-Physical Reality.

The discussion of Intent is one for a whole separate thread...a lot of people I would like to hear chime in on that one...

Intent has levels of signifies a degree of determination, reaches towards absoluteness.

How far would you risk yourself to rescue me from a raging flood? You barely know me. How about your children? Two different degrees of 'Intent' are at work here...not the emotion (although that is a component), not the rational thinking (could I die in the process?)...if it is your kids, you just DO IT...that is one essence of Intent...

With regard to OBE practice, do you make a nightly practice of affirmations to experience and remember your dreams/OBES? Do you write down bits of memories and dreams every morning? Do you remind yourself during the day to be aware and to remember your nighttime excursions? (this is a general advice to everyone,lol)

In the Non-Physical Realms, 'Intent' takes on an even greater importance. It is literally your sole means of motivation/locomotion. If you have no idea of where to go, or whom to see...then you stall go no farther.

Even with 'some' intent...if it is half-assed and get bumped out. Your Intent has to be strong and clear.

And then again, even if your Intent is strong and clear...if it is mis-directed or mis-placed within what an environment is expecting of you, then it is practically in my Back to School adventure.

105  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Making Progress / New sensation? on: March 04, 2017, 05:46:45
You are welcome,

Simply laying down and doing a relaxation/meditation or exit technique is good for exploring the possible range of exit sensations and exercising your mind and energy body...but, it has a low success rate of actual exit/transition for the majority of us, myself included. That's not to say it can't be done but natural talent or years of practice may figure in. My point is that a combination of techniques may be helpful.

A few questions-

1- Have you tried a WakeBackToBed technique? Like setting an alarm for three or four hours into your normal sleep cycle, being mildly active for an hour, then laying back down and trying for separation as you fall back to sleep? If you are not successful at a separation and fall asleep, often you can be rewarded with a second wake-up or a lucid dream which gives you a different opportunity at a NPR experience.

2- Or, you can do a similar WBTB tech and wake up a couple hours before your normal daily waking time.

3- Daytime naps can produce wildly unexpected and wondrous things.

You certainly have demonstrated that you have the proper 'Intent' to have an OBE/Phasing; I am just wondering if, like a loaded and cocked gun, you have it pointed in the right direction. Difficulty in making progress at this point can be particularly frustrating; each of us seems to get stuck initially by different but very small things. You are getting a good variety of exit signs and symptoms, energy body sensations, etc. So my next questions become timing and Intent.

4- Regarding 'Intent', it can be as simple as asking for permission to do this and giving yourself permission to do this. Do you lay down to sleep every night and consciously make a mental statement to yourself and to the Universe that you wish to have an OBE? That you understand that it is safe? That you are asking for guidance and assistance in this endeavor? This is a very important step for at least a few reasons. You will find that functioning successfully in the NPR depends heavily on an understanding of the importance and use of Intent.

5- Intent is everything; timing is a close second...
106  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Looking for answers on: March 04, 2017, 05:20:58

You asked 'Why is this happening to me?' and 'How can I develop this more?'

I will offer a few suggestions and you are welcome to take them or leave them, in part or whole; after all, this is an individual journey for each of us; the answers must ultimately be found within ourselves.

Maybe you decided to incarnate at this time in order to further develop these abilities and share their benefit with others when needed. Learning is a life-long process and beyond, and at multiple levels, Physical world and now the Non-Physical world as you are discovering...

It doesn't necessarily mean that you make a crusade out of this ability, you just develop the ability as you would any other that catches your interest and that you have a natural talent for. You add it to your repertoire, your skill-set.

A book that I discovered just last year that may give you some ideas and insight into 'Why me, why now, why here?' is by Dolores Cannon- The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.

As to developing your skills, (other than Nameless' good advice to be open to your experiences) the best book I can currently recommend is by Kurt Leland- The Multi-Dimensional Human. This book focuses on the Phasing experience  and what Kurt describes as some twenty NP senses that can be developed and the exercises to do just that. You will likely recognize some as having already experienced them to some degree. This is the most intriguing information I have come across relating to our NP senses. He knows what he is talking about.

Hope that helps,

107  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Making Progress / New sensation? on: March 03, 2017, 06:45:29
What Nameless said is particularly true- that current phenomena are a bit new and unpredictable...many of us seem to be encountering new and varied experiences lately.

SCHMUSTIN,  your set of sensations is well described in Lumaza's thread on Symptoms and Signposts, in this same is a good variety indicating proximity to an exit. You need to simply allow the direction to develop and "go with the flow"...this also includes some testing on "fear" and "doubt" you hesitate or do you allow the process to continue? can get especially tricky and subtle during these times...nobody can give you a straight answer on what to do in this; this is an individual thing that you must work out for yourself. The "stretching" sensations are always a good thing, let them continue...don't disallow any sensation.

The rational thought blockage is a good sign that your consciousness is realizing that it needs to re-map itself in a way, like a re-write of a personal computer program. A consciousness crossroads, a Y in the road...which way will you choose? Rational thought reaches an abrupt end...what are you left with? What is your "feel" of the situation? A big part of the Non-Physical is your "feel" of it...incorporating that "feel" becomes part of your new consciousness paradigm...

I will add this- it is not a re-write of your Physical World Reality and life; rather it is an indication to look differently at your Non-Physical World and how you are going to approach it. It is like walking into a store where there is a first set of automatic doors and a second set of automatic doors and an air conditioning system that blows air upon your entrance to equalize the pressure and minimize the temperature loss within the store entrance. It is a temperature change and an air pressure change...all very suddenly...our first entrances to the NP can often feel like this; a little disconcerting.

It may not feel like progress at the moment, but trust me, it is...keep plowing ahead.

Fun, right?lol

108  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Hi ! on: February 18, 2017, 05:28:11
Welcome to the Pulse, Tarun!

Have a wander around the forum and enjoy the information that is shared. Good people and lots of good ideas to jump into!
109  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: My Introduction on: February 10, 2017, 07:32:10
Welcome Shishi!

There are many good ideas to consider here, as well to add yours...have a look around and feel free to join in.

110  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Letting go of concerns involving the physical reality during transition... on: February 08, 2017, 07:47:18

In my opinion you are making progress but you may not recognize it or accept credit for what you have accomplished. Part of this conflict is that your progress is not equating with your expectations...that is okay, it is REALLY easy for our efforts to get de-railed at this early point, because we simply fail to recognize what IS progress in our experiences. There are dozens of distractions and mis-understandings that can happen at this point; I was de-railed by my own particular issues early on and I can often recognize it now by reading others' experiences.

Your 'weeks of setting your Intent' have actually resulted in your latest experience, once you relaxed and were not actually expecting anything. This is frequently how it works: we work, work, work...set our Intent multiple nights...get nothing...and then let it go out of frustration...and BANG it happens a day or two later...

In your case, you noticed some developing visuals...but lost it as Physical Reality (PR) issues intruded and some anxiety resulted.

I want you to realize this: Your Intent has worked! You are beginning the process of changing your Focus into the NP. It's just not quite happening in the manner your expectations have set; and this is a big issue that throws us off course early on; it demands the need for an agility of our consciousness to adjust to something new or unexpected.

Reading your earlier posts, I get the idea you are expecting the standard Etheric/RTZ exit where you float up and out of your body. That is a fine and valid form of OBE...but if you are getting visuals as opposed to  'Etheric' exit sensations, then you may be headed towards a Phasing type exit which will have little or no physical-like exit sensations; it will be a purely mental thing. So when you are at that crossroads, when you come to that Y in the road, only you can make that commitment...and this is where I say you need to GO WITH THE FLOW. Go with whatever direction the sensations take you; don't fight to force sensations that are not there. If you stay calm and let the visual develop and stabilize, at some point you can literally 'step' into it: that is Phasing.

The PR issues and the resulting anxiety have to be ignored. They are likely another 'test' to see just how committed you are to expanding your consciousness. This message should resonate within you understand just how subtle this testing of your 'will' is? It starts right here, right now...and it is serious. It will not kill you or harm you, but it will push your limits beyond what you might expect, certainly what you understand.

This is another Intent/affirmation that you can add to your nightly address: I leave behind all Physical Reality issues for now and know that I am safe and protected as I venture into the Non-Physical worlds.

Also read up on this so you have a further idea of the sensations out there:

Hope that helps. It is baby-steps at times; nothing wrong with that.

You are closer to your goal than you may realize.


111  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Started a lucid dream inside a dream! on: February 03, 2017, 02:05:13

I read your initial post and responded pretty late into the night- I failed to give a full and more complete interpretation which is what I intended.

I don't think you necessarily failed in that experience and the NP does not punish you for missing cues, clues and signs in a single event by blocking further OBEs; instead you are usually sent back to the same or a variation of the original simulation to try again.

A lack of OBEs can be for many and different reasons and we ALL get dry periods where despite our best efforts, we get nothing for a time. 1 reason can be that we are being re-directed to focus more fully on our Physical Reality situation -family/job/school- that sort of thing (as you mentioned in your own case). 2- after a particular OBE or NP experience, we may need some down time for 'processing' and certain internal and possibly energetic adjustments to occur. 3- Especially if related to a prior NP event, the NP may be waiting for us to make a conscious change in direction -this could even involve making a declaration to the NP of our Intent, our purpose, our sincerity and appreciation for our NP experiences.

Your experience of going to sleep in a dream, making a shift of consciousness into a different LD environment, recognizing the fact, then maintaining your awareness/lucidity as you shifted back into the original dream...this was an excellent demonstration of your NP mindset and shows good development and continuity. You may not have missed anything! This was possibly just a simulation to give you the experience of holding your awareness together through multiple shifts; a test of the continuity of your awareness. Once each shift was accomplished and recognized, that part of the simulation simply ended; finally, when you shifted back to the hay pile and flew off, the goal of the simulation was reached and so it ended. You might have extended the experience by not performing an action as dynamic as flying (that can often upset the script enough to end a simulation) but only you can determine that by re-tracing your exact thoughts -fear, doubt, confusion, distraction- any of these factors can sabotage an experience prematurely.

Experiences like this can often be unnecessarily discouraging because we are left unsure as to whether we accomplished the goal or missed something somewhere. Another form of test.

You and ileisou have asked similar questions, so I would suggest you read my comments  there as they may add more context to yours.

Here is one of my experiences that gives good examples of how I messed up in some simulations and missed some signals; and the great analysis I was given.

112  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: What does blackness in a lucid dream mean? on: February 03, 2017, 01:31:51
You are very welcome ileisou!

If you allow your Lucid Dream to unfold and develop on its' own, if you don't immediately force changes within the environment, you will likely find that that there is a story/a theme/a challenge that you should attempt to follow. Often you get no instructions, you have to proceed with the storyline until you realize the purpose of the simulation. Along the way you will get small tests, many of which you will only recognize afterwards. You will also be introduced to new abilities and given opportunities to demonstrate them.

And given a number of these experiences, you will probably be given that RTZ/Etheric exit experience, sort of thrown in as a bonus at some point.

Here is an experience that illustrates some of the ideas I have mentioned and the excellent advice I was given in interpretation of it. It begins with a Phasing exit, but the resulting environment is much like a LD environment.

113  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: What does blackness in a lucid dream mean? on: February 02, 2017, 10:11:47
In my opinion, you have already demonstrated more instinctive understanding than you realize you have. You 'know' that you can fly or pierce walls with your hands; no fear, no doubt...this is what I mean by instinctive NP (Non-Physical) knowledge. We all have some NP knowledge, some more than others; it can be developed and increased with repeated experiences and a little direction from others when we get lost. The problem is that we have no one to give us directions, so we remain stuck where we are.

That is partly why this forum is so valuable: the sharing of ideas and perspectives to help us get the car out of the ditch.

Ileisou, you need to shift your perspective. You are thinking of Astral Projection from a PR (Physical Reality) perspective. You are spending much of your effort in trying to have what is generally regarded as a RTZ or Etheric Projection, where you feel your 'energy' body float up from your physical body like a ghost and go floating around your bedroom, your house and your neighborhood. That is a perfectly valid and true form of projection but it is only one form and a somewhat limited one; there are others. Many of us start out with these types of projections, but we move on from them into other forms of AP (such as LDs). In your case, I think you have already moved ahead and are experiencing aspects of these other forms of AP; you just don't recognize or understand this fact and therefore you are stuck.

For those people who get this far it seems to be a fairly normal predicament. I have seen it with others and experienced it myself, to a degree. It is one of the first big lessons in demonstrating just how much your PR-based perspective needs to change...and it will not be the last time! lol

You have described a perfectly mature understanding of the opportunity that a Lucid Dream affords you. You know not to fool around and waste time, you have a clear Intention to turn it into an Astral adventure and exit your Physical body. The problem is that you are already 'out'; just not in the manner you were expecting!

At this point in your experience, your desire to have that RTZ/Etheric floating-out-of-the-body experience is moving backwards in the process, and you are setting up an internal conflict...a computer command that results in 'this does not compute'. Do you ask a kid in the 7th grade to go back and repeat the 3rd grade?

The fact that you are getting False Awakenings and alternate Lucid Dreams or the 'fight with the magnetic pull' is probably your higher self/inner self/guide/mentor/teacher trying to show you that you are already 'out' and that your continued efforts at a RTZ exit are pointless. I would compare it to starting your car in the morning and continuing to engage the starter when the car is already running.

You may have been expecting something else, but by accepting the idea that the 'fun and games' of the Lucid Dream world have to finally come to an end and that it is time to look for other challenges in the NP...well, you might have entered the NPR school system and it is now expecting you to learn some very basic ideas; this system seems to sharply curtail any further 'joy rides'. Each experience you will encounter will have aspects of fun, challenge, fear, and testing of your abilities. You can go to sleep with the Intent and expectation of a certain experience, but if you then find yourself in a LD with a different experience, you should accept it as a learning experience and 'go with the flow'...this will involve a combination of your rational skills and your instinctive skills and the ability to know when to use either one. Great fun! I screw up all the time!

Eventually, you realize that every NP experience is a learning experience, carefully designed, crafted and executed for each one of us. And probably everything in this world, as well...

The 'blackness'...

This is the essential experience that ties your other experiences together and tells me just where you are.

The 3 Dimensional Blackness, the Void-

You know it when you see it; you know it when you are is variously described as an infinitely deep blackness, other times like a huge underground cavern where you only suspect the walls are just out of sight. Some times just inky blackness, sometimes with a faint star field or points of light. There can be seen and/or you can 'feel' a certain texture to the darkness, almost velvet or a kind of 3 dimensional depth.

Some people have described it not as a blackness, but an incredible whiteness...IDK

I have read that it is the fundamental essence of the Universe/Multiverse, the basic un-defined essence that God/the Source uses to construct the various Realities. Maybe it is Dark Energy. I don't know except that it is very awe-inspiring on a very deep level within me whenever I am there. It is an incredibly calming place to spend time in, very healing.

The Void is also a kind of launch pad to take you anywhere you want to go; you only have to express your thought or Intent. It is like Square One. In that sense, it is also a very basic express a desire to dissolve the fabrication of a Lucid Dream, such as you did ileisou, and you are left with a clear sheet of paper, a blank computer screen...the Void...and its' lesson is asking you...okay, where would you like to go? The Multiverse is at your command...

You can ask a question within it and often get an answer, you can express an Intent, you can focus on a point of light or a section of the 'texture' that 'pulls' you and be taken to an adventure...or you can just hang out and relax like I did in my Fieldtrip experience until 'someone' reached out to me... wink

I hope that answers some questions and gets the car out of the ditch and back on the road. All you need to do is ask for what you want every night; they are now listening for you. Set your Intention, be polite and respectful of those who may be guiding you. You may get an experience that meets your Intention, but often 'they' will have something else in mind; be willing to accept that now.

And have fun!


114  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Introducing myself on: February 02, 2017, 08:33:37
Hello ileisou!

Your usage of English is much better than my Spanish, so I will keep it brief and just say

Bienvenido al foro!

There is much material and information to be found here on the forum. Use the search function to find information on certain terms or ideas.

Very few of us can manage direct exits from an awake state initially, myself included. I have far more success from early morning attempts or Lucid Dreams, so if you are proficient with becoming aware within a Lucid Dream then I would suggest that you concentrate your efforts there. A Lucid Dream is a perfectly valid form of Astral Projection; it is a re-focusing of your awareness away from this Physical Reality (PR) and into what we generally describe as Non-Physical Reality (NPR). What you do with it from there is your choice; how you define "where" you are becomes your next challenge. Is it "the Astral"? Or is it your personal Dreamspace? Do your adventures there have any significance or does this area merge into a more Collective Dreamspace at some point? Is that the Astral? Or is it all Astral? You can get pretty confused and frustrated in trying to figure out just where you are and completely miss the lessons that are available at that specific point.

Probably the first lesson to learn is to be ready to change your perspective, to shift to a new way of looking at or considering your awareness and where in Reality it is at any particular moment. In other words, be ready to leave behind all your Physical World ideas and perspectives. If you think about your Lucid Dreams, you already do this some times, often very instinctively.

Enough for a welcome, I will comment further in your next thread.

115  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Started a lucid dream inside a dream! on: February 01, 2017, 07:56:16

You stated that your experience of a 'dream within a dream' was from some years ago...I don't know if or how far your experiences have progressed from there, but I would suggest that that particular experience was possibly a very significant one, that indicated you were being subtly prompted to move into other areas for possible expansion. (this is why it's really good to write these experiences down- so that we can refer to them in the future).

I have only experienced going to sleep in a dream a couple times and both of them signaled transformative events; so that is a big alert, at least in my experience.

Flying is a big thrill for me as well, but the fact that your experience ended/shifted/changed shortly thereafter, could be a key indicator that you missed something, a signal that, had you taken it, would have continued the experience in a different direction; a test, a learning simulation, a challenge. It is likely normal that we initially miss these cues the first few times; they can be incredibly subtle.

Can you recall your exact thoughts just before you 'awakened' from the inner dream, back on the hay pile? What about just after that when you flew again, but then immediately awakened into Physical Reality? Your thoughts at each of these points are important and may lead you to understanding what signals you might have missed.

In my own experiences and many I have read of others, it appears that we are allowed great freedom to adventure and have fun (flying!) in the NP, but at some point we are expected to notice certain 'signals' that are introduced to lead us into various learning environments.

If you are interested in continuing your experiences, it might be helpful to keep these ideas in mind. For me, my experiences slowed to almost nothing for years until I recognized and accepted this next stage in my 'expansion'.

Just some thoughts to consider.

116  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: "the sweet spot" on: January 16, 2017, 10:43:46
If the link is gone, then the link is gone.

If you read back through the thread then you can put most of it together; LightBeam, Lionheart, Bedeekin and others added the essential details. This is primarily an early morning, post-sleep method where you search for the proper consciousness/awareness/framework of mind that is conducive to an "exit". It is fairly elusive, given my own experience...I only know it when I see it...

I think this form takes some prior experience...that way, when it appears (sometimes almost providentially) it is very see it, and jump at the chance (like I have described in some of my experiences)...

For those readers seeking techniques, please search the first and third boards in the highlighted BLUE threads; much to read there. grin
117  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Anyone visited me yesterday? on: January 16, 2017, 10:14:25
Hi Riddle,

Like Xanth says, congrats and a good description of an early projection. It's not the basic RTZ version; it had a little of other worlds involved.

You described well the varying nature of consciousness/awareness that can occur and the kind of mental contortions that can ensue. This is a good first step in realizing how different your NP awareness and rationalization can exist within a projection. With further experiences, a kind of consolidation of thinking/reacting occurs but other, more intriguing questions will present themselves, which requires further evolution, and will throw you sideways many times (what fun!); it becomes an exciting stretch and exercise of the mind.

The nature and quality of the projection seems dependent on any number of things: Your health, your state of consciousness (drugs/alcohol), your mood/attitude, amount of rest...add any number of other factors...the idea of "Intent" for any particular experience soon becomes fairly relevant...something to think about.

Laying down/sitting for meditation in order to project is like the most difficult thing to do, at least for me, and what I read of most others. The rest of us have to do it through LDs or some form of napping or WBTB techniques such as you described. The only problem with this is when some form of Sleep Paralysis intrudes. That's not to say SP is bad; I actually like it when it occurs, because I usually understand what is happening. Problem is...all sorts of auditory and visual hallucinations can occur...and they can be takes some repeated exposures to learn how to handle them, and I will admit, they still catch me out from time to time. Maybe they are just part of the personal, natural SP terrain and background. Maybe they are some form of NP/Astral test; IDK, but they still occur for me from time to time (and honestly, I do feel that I am experienced enough that if these SP horrifics are still occurring for me, then they must be some kind of automatic thing...kind of like my house alarm going off if I don't hit the keypad soon enough...).

I think that the most difficult idea about the SP phenomenon is to understand that it is not just audio/visual hallucinations you have to deal with; the worst and more subtle threat is the "feeling" aspect, the "sense" of EVIL and Darkness and Hostility that you can feel directed towards you.  When you experience this for the first few times, you have NO DOUBT that the Devil or some equivalent Evil force has targeted you for is quite simply, that powerful. The first few times, I forced myself awake in a near-screaming panic. It took ten-plus years and a few more episodes before I realized that if it was going to kill me, then it would have already. So I finally began to change my perspective about it, and to find a way to come to terms with it. Eventually I realized it was also one available entry-point to Projection.

Riddle, the "black presence", the "dark entity"...I can't say for sure, because ultimately, this is your experience...but I strongly suggest this is a SP energetic phenomenon...a thought-form some might say, that is from your own subconscious...I have had plenty of my, don't get fixated on it and be happy that you had a really cool NP experience and you are learning from it!  Many of the early experiences start out doggy and foggy...that's ok. Nicely done! 5 stars!

118  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Battling my own demons.... on: January 03, 2017, 09:26:14
Welcome to the Pulse, vince!

The first one or two NP experiences can be quite extraordinary and confusing, hard for anybody to put into a category. They are experiences that are purely personal and (my opinion only) fairly normal in their chaotic nature. I had them; and I have read of others with similar events.

Don't fail because of fear. You experience situations every night as you sleep...none of this has ever killed you or injured you.

You don't need any special preparations or incantations...just go to bed with the Intent that you will remember your dreams; then write them down in the morning, even if it is just a few trigger words. If you really earnestly desire to pursue this, then that is all you have to do to begin. Part of it comes naturally; part of it takes some dedicated effort.

Ask for the experiences and they will be given.
119  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: No astral sight on: December 30, 2016, 09:05:25
This a fairly common issue with early experiencers; it was for me as well when I reintroduced myself to the practice after a long layoff in my late twenties/early thirties.

There can be various reasons, one of which Nameless explained, and that has to do with Intent. Your understanding of the concept of Intent and how it is crucial to making progress with AP is something that will need to develop and evolve over time. Each time you make a "projection" attempt or go to sleep with the idea of having a LD/AP, you need to start by forming a coherent and concise message of Intent that you express/communicate to your subconscious/inner self/whatever. This is also an express communication to whatever outside "guidance" may be available to you.

The simplest example of this is telling yourself every night to remember your dreams.

Another and possibly more common reason for NPR blindness is overcome simply with a few more experiences and the problem seems to solve itself. Your ability to "see" in the NPR is a new skill and an ability that has to develop over time. Keep in mind that you are not using your physical eyes. But since that is your only frame of reference up to this point, you haven't yet figured out how or what NPR sense you need to activate. You are actually using a new part of your mind, maybe the part that makes you think you are "seeing" when you dream...
These new, undeveloped NPR senses also relate to how you move, how you feel objects, whether you can smell or taste or hear or talk...those are all Physical Reality concepts. Your new NPR senses will gradually develop and get you the information but initially your PR-based mind is going to twist itself into various pretzel shapes as you try to convert this information into something that feels like it is coming through the usual PR-based 5 senses.

The real fun begins when you start opening up to the new NPR sensory concepts available to you, like 360 degree vision or simultaneous multiple perspective...

So "clarity now!" or "vision now!" shows good situational awareness actually and works for some (it didn't for me either the first two times tongue) or a modification of your pre-induction mission statement (your Intent) as Nameless suggested, may help. Either way, I think with a few more successful exits you will find things should "clear up" for you. grin
120  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Still Knocking at the Door on: December 28, 2016, 08:26:14
Thank you all for the replies. The Physical Reality Fear Checks are incredible moments...they somehow never lose their "immediacy of the instant"...what fun!

Another aspect that some of these experiences finally crystallized for me, something Lumaza mentioned on another forum, is the idea that the environment is sometimes created around us, realtime, as we move through it. For me, this has become increasingly apparent over the years. Earlier, I didn't pay attention to it, barely noticed it most of the time. It caused me a bit of confusion but I never really dwelled on it.

During some experiences, my environment appears 100% complete; everywhere I look I see a contiguous environment or scenery. However other times, especially when I am moving quickly or flying, I notice a resistance to raising my head or looking ahead of me, and closer consideration shows that at the edge of my vision, the environment is literally "building" ahead of me, it is being created as I move into it. At eye level, I perceive a full technicolor environment, but beyond and ahead of that is a white-ish, grey-ish kind of immaterialness that quickly takes form as I move into it. In this experience, as I flew upward out of the canyon, I felt a resistance to looking upward and at the edge of my field of vision, I could see the new environment forming at the edges, like viewing a wavefront of visual creation...and it gradually changed from canyon walls to the castle structure.

This begs an intriguing question: Who or what is creating this developing environment? My subconscious/superconscious by itself? Or is this part of unfolding NP training directed by others?

In the end it may be a minor question to ask, but it is an interesting fact to notice as it occurs.
121  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Still Knocking at the Door on: December 27, 2016, 09:40:56
December 21, 2016

2016 has been quite a drought of NP experiences for me and I understand for others as well; I have been really hungry for something, anything!

It was one of those nights where I tossed and turned all night long, and never fell asleep. Fortunately, I didn't have to go into work until later that day, so I slept in (or tried to...). 6am, 7, 8, 9...nothing...geez, I was just hoping for an hour or two at this point...finally around 10 I suppose, I fell into sleep...

I came aware within a Lucid Dream almost immediately, it felt like. I was ecstatic for 2 reasons: One, I was once again extremely lucid in the NP and two, I knew my physical body was finally getting some rest; a twofer!! Despite my physical exhaustion, I was amazed at how super-charged my consciousness felt!

As I came aware, I realized that I was the passenger in a Corvette convertible with the top down and we were racing through the desert at very high speed. Also as I came aware, I was talking to the driver (whom I didn't recognize), trying to convince him/her to slow down as we were approaching a cliff and headed for a huge Thelma and Louise ending. As my awareness hit peak, I realized the futility of talking, that I could take control at any point and so I decided to bail out, "exit stage right" and take my chances under my own control.

I hit the ground and tumbled onto my back and was still sliding at high speed for the canyon edge. I realized that I could easily arrest my slide but was also intrigued by letting the action continue. I had a moment of third-person perspective where I could see my sliding self and the canyon that I would fall into. This was followed by a moment of vertigo and fear for my Physical self (What if this is real?!). I shut down the fear and slid backwards off the cliff into a swan dive and fell about two hundred feet where I reversed to a standing position and stabilized myself mid-air. I was feeling an incredible thrill of exhilaration! It had been SO long since I was flying!

I started a vertical ascent back up out of the canyon at increasing speed, just loving the rush of flying. I had no other Intent at this point other than enjoying the flying. As I flew higher, I noticed the canyon walls had morphed into the walls of an incredibly tall castle-like structure; I was passing multiple levels of terraces and balconies. Pretty quickly, I noticed that I had company; another flyer was pacing me about ten feet away, partly obscured at times by the exterior structures of the castle. I felt a pull to land at the next terrace, so I did. My shadow flyer landed silently a few feet away. I can't say that it was a friendly welcome. He said nothing and looked rather dismissively at me. He was tall, thin and rather gaunt, his face a pale, grayish-blue, black shoulder-length hair, dressed all in black with a long black cape. I was still completely-charged up, in too good of a mood, and offered my hand and a grinning hello! He offered his hand in a fairly limp handshake which disappointed me a bit. Was this guy my own mental creation? (it didn't feel like it) Was he disappointed with me, was I some kind of annoyance? I pushed those thoughts aside; I was in too good of a mood...

Dark guy turned abruptly and walked inside from the terrace. I followed. We came into an interior room and I saw someone disappearing behind a false wall at the far end of the room. I suspected that was the entrance that I was looking for (now my Intent to visit the Astral Proper was beginning to surface). The thought occurred to me to just make for the entrance, but I thought better of it and to be as respectful as possible.

Now, two women and a man walked in and everyone began talking. Their faces were a bit fuzzy, kind of shifting. The second time that I looked at the man, he resembled my father, but I felt no connection, so I figured this was a distraction test. The two women were telepathically engaged in conversation that didn't concern me, so I paid them no further attention-another distraction. I turned to the dark guy and messaged a telepathic request to move into and tour the Afterlife regions. He looked at me as if he had received the message, but instead turned to the man and began a telepathic conversation with him. I could discern the conversation between the two of them and it was pointedly obvious that they were ignoring my presence. I didn't get mad; I didn't get frustrated; I was still in such a great mood for just being in the NP!  I broadcast a thought to the dark guy that was unmistakable- I know that you understand me. You know why I am here and what I want-. This was met with the briefest recognition and then a return to their conversation. I thought again that I could just make for the hidden entrance, but I still felt the obligation to follow a certain decorum. I thought for a moment to formulate the most specific request that would convey my sincerity, understanding and respect...

And then some noise from the Physical world intruded, some noise which was impossible to ignore...a trash truck was making its weekly pass down my street...airbrakes squeaking and whooshing, trashcans being banged and clanged around...

I gritted my teeth and kept it in context: I had been back to the NP, dived off a cliff, flown around, met some new friends lol, and gotten maybe an hour's worth of sleep in the process!

122  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Use of drugs and herbs in AP on: December 20, 2016, 10:10:06
A perfect choice as an example Phalanx!

The alcohol-induced bed-spins may be the easiest and most straight-forward exit technique for an OBE, other than maybe a knock over the head...

The bed-spins also are a prime display of the drug-induced lack of control that follows. You are along for the ride and can exert NO control.

For this and the other reasons as offered by Phalanx, DR and SweetDream, it is best to learn this on your own without the chemicals.

I know the temptation is always there; in quiet periods, I get tempted myself to look for some help. The truth may be that early on it is your gradual progression in the learning of the art that is required; later blocks are usually discovered to lie elsewhere, within areas that need to be cleared up for other but necessary reasons. I just found a new one myself, so the question relates for me as well, thanks.
123  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Spirit guides on: December 16, 2016, 08:21:50
Within my own experience and research, the issue of contacting our individual spiritual guide(s) can develop in one or more ways: A very direct, first-person involvement...or what seems to be more common, an indirect method where dreams, visions and downloads can occur. Don't just expect that the translation has to happen automatically; it may take a few days or weeks or months and even requiring some active meditative attempts.

The method of contact from "our" side seems relatively easy...just be in a receptive, meditative, relaxed state and put forth the request for contact or to ask a really is as simple as that. The "quality" of the intent or request may need some adjusting, but if the Intent is pure, the request should always get through. With that said, the nature of the response is purely an individual will be of a nature and quality designed for you only. It may be a voice directly responding; it may be in the form of an immediate vision; it may be in the form of a dream later in the night or a few nights later. The symbolism may be obviously and immediately apparent or it may take some time for the translation to come through, possibly through one or more meditative periods. (This is what happened for me in my Fieldtrip experience which took two years to come through, much to my surprise)

The truth is that you may not get an immediate or recognizable response; if so, don't be discouraged. If you are sincere in your effort, then be assured that the message has gotten through. Keep sending the message and eventually the response will come through in a manner that you will recognize. They have much more subtle ways of responding to us than what we might expect on a conscious level. All of this is designed to help in our learning. This teaching method is incredible.

124  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: A couple strange experiences while sleeping on: December 03, 2016, 08:14:37
Welcome to the Pulse!

Ultimately, these experiences are unique to each of us and dependent on our individual interpretations. With that said, there are certain common factors that occur, especially early in our development.

Your first experience reads like some Sleep Paralysis (blackness + can't wake up) and some hypnogogic noise (loud static buzzing) which also happens to be a good exit sensation as well. It is fairly normal to experience these and similar sensations several times as a sort of preparation for a complete exit. Just do your best to remain calm and follow whatever sensations present themselves next time. Generally, you don't have to do anything except to not interfere and just allow the sensations to expand/increase or possibly change into something else. In this case, it might have felt like you were stalled out, at a point where all motion had this case, a slight amount of intent may be required to get things into motion, just an intent or a thought that expresses 'I want to have an OBE' may get things moving. It is a very subtle mental push as too much active thought will likely end the takes some experimenting. Have complete confidence in your safety and go with the flow.

The second experience, I am not exactly sure, your interpretation of it is important to understanding it. Very possibly, you were seeing an environment that, given some time to stabilize, you might have been able to phase or directly transition into it. This is what we call Phasing. Again, it is entirely normal for the scene to remain unstable the first several times until it finally disintegrates. Once again, the key is to remain calm and just observe the scene with a certain degree of detachment or un-emotion and wait for it to stabilize to the point where you feel a natural attraction to being "pulled" mentally into the scene.

Each of these experiences is offering you a different form of OBE. Be open to trying them both.

You have been reading/talking/thinking about OBEs or something else has occurred to bring these experiences into your awareness recently. Any ideas as to what it is?
125  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Doctor Strange on: November 13, 2016, 06:57:40
I first encountered Dr. Strange in Marvel Comics in the late '60s so I guess that was actually my first introduction to the AP, lol. Thank you Stan Lee!
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