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26  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: How could ALL dreams be OBEs? on: September 26, 2018, 12:03:37
Okay, now your question becomes a little more clear.

So, it appears that you had some dreaming imagery while you felt that your Physical body was still awake. I remember that when it occurred for me and it caused a small amount of disorientation for me at first; just where, exactly, was my awareness focused at this point? I think this was a positive step forward for you; you just need to find some context for it.

My current 'provisional thinking' is this: Even while you are Physically focused and aware, you still have instant availability/access to your higher energy bodies; you don't have to project to have access to them. Learning this is part of our development. Somewhere in there lies your intuition, somewhere else lies access to your dreams and subconscious. Leland makes the point that the astral body IS the subconscious. I'm not completely sure about that but it certainly seems to have a 'close' relationship to the subconscious.

So, when you lay down and start getting hypnogogia...this is showing you that your 'flexibility of awareness' is increasing. This begins with little fragments of images/feelings/knowings. It eventually increases in both duration and depth; you get 'dreamlettes' or short fragments of dreams. This, I think, is teaching us a certain dexterity in allowing our awareness to move around some of these energetic bodies/perspectives. Dealing with Sleep Paralysis is like taking the crash course in learning some of this!

Taken to more extreme lengths, you can have what Lumaza describes as his Phase/Soak sessions, the closest I have gotten to it is taking a shower and being overcome for a few seconds with a 'waterfall vision'. Keeping your balance in the shower becomes a little

Maybe that gives some ideas.
27  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: How could ALL dreams be OBEs? on: September 25, 2018, 12:19:54
Maybe I am misunderstanding your question or maybe you could re-state it. It's a good question and it does involve an exploration of different possible answers.

IMO, dreams are OBEs in the sense that they involve shifting our focus from the Physical Reality (PR) to the Non-Physical (NP). I know that you already get that, I'm just starting from a basic given premise. Dreams don't necessarily involve a sensation of 'leaving the body'. If you had the experience of shifting between various levels of PR and dream awareness, then this was likely a teaching experience to demonstrate those various shifts in awareness, and what they feel like...a very cool experience. Experiences like that one are really great, but as many questions as they seem to answer, they also introduce new's a wonderful process but also a bit frustrating, lol.

This discussion is a good one but it runs the possibility of getting too much into the weeds (details) or running the car into a ditch needlessly (and metaphorically). It is a good example of getting lost in naming and labeling and needing to categorize everything we experience. I ran into this problem with my own experiences which had multiplied over a number of years and was proving quite frustrating for me. Finally, I just gave up and I put some of them into a general category of "experiences" until the proper answer provided itself, if and whenever it does.

Personally, I agree with the idea that we are switching our focus from the Physical to various 'energetic bodies', the etheric/astral/mental etcetera. At least in the initial stages...Without a doubt, the majority of early OBE experiencers report what we call etheric or RTZ OBEs. These are commonly stumbling/fumbling attempts to wander around our supposed bedroom or house or local neighborhood. In my own experience and from what I have read, the etheric IS closely linked to our Physical body, so this in fact, limits its range of mobility; if we move too far away we lose awareness. Given time and more experiences, we naturally move our focus into the astral body and the NP opens up considerably for us. The astral is where our dreams occur, initially in a personal sense and later, in a wider community sense. With further development, we move into the mental and then higher bodies...

But at some point, we begin to lose the idea of 'leaving the Physical body'; the focus shifts just happen much more naturally, much more from a simple consciousness basis. Monroe described this in his second book, but I don't think he gave enough time and attention to what was happening. You no longer move into the etheric, you bypass that completely. For a few years I did get experiences of both, but now I can't remember my last etheric exit; I would have to refer to my journal. Now, I look for 'portals' but I realize that even that is a convenience, a contrivance...I don't really even need it...just make the shift. Somebody like Szaxx can't even remember having an etheric/RTZ  experience; in his case, I wouldn't be surprised...his earliest experiences likely took place in the astral or the mental planes.

Again, I want to stress that these are just labels; comfortable descriptions for me to describe what kind of experiences I am having in relation to experiences that you or others may be having. When the time comes to drop these labels, I will be happy to do that; but for now, we do need SOME system of agreeable description to share. And the hybrid system of Chakras/Energy Bodies that the 19th century Theosophists adopted (despite the needless intellectual complexity that they promulgated  undecided) seems to describe the process pretty least for now, lol.

So, honestly, rather than fussing around trying to fit my experiences into the proper categories, I just concentrate on having more of them. I will sort them out later!
28  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Astral projection.for someone who has Aphantasia (cannot visualise anything) on: September 23, 2018, 10:39:38
One final question on visualization-Have you ever had a daydream?

There are other methods to consider as has just been suggested. The most common OBE exit sensations are not visual, but rather kinesthetic or tactile: Sensations of floating, sinking, rolling or swaying, any kind of movement up or down or side to side, front to back, especially coupled with a rhythmic sense; also vibrations. These sensations are often triggered during any form of induction technique. At the same time, audible sensations often occur such as the train roar, the hurricane roar, the helicopter roar or high pitched buzzing. None of these descriptions is exact to what is occurring, they are just the immediate associations our individual awareness makes to explain the sudden sensations as our awareness slowly disassociates from primary Physical Reality focus. For me they have been different nearly every time. Whatever sensation you get, just go with it and allow it to increase or change as far as you can follow it.

So your induction method may to be simply to get comfortable and relax as deeply as possible while observing the blackness or swirling colors behind your closed eyes. For me, this is greatly dependent on how tired my body is versus my consciousness, thus I prefer a middle of the night or early morning Wake Back To Bed technique. If the ratio of body/awareness relaxation is correct, in about twenty minutes you should perceive some kind of change- if not visually, then maybe kinesthetically or audibly. Let it develop as far as you can and follow the transitions.

Hope that helps.
29  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Lost... Not Sure Where To Go From Here! on: September 22, 2018, 13:50:37
Sorry about your loss friend. Lost my dad 8 years ago.

It hurts for awhile for very good reasons.

Comforting wishes to you and your family,
30  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: I think I accidentally astral projected? on: September 20, 2018, 13:25:38
Like Lumaza wrote, you did really well in this experience.

Many of us have been in almost exactly the same situation. Your considerations and conclusions may need a little adjustment, but your natural reactions were nearly perfect. Well done!

The Sleep Paralysis (SP) and your awareness hitting a certain peak while you are still focused largely in your Physical body often results in some predictable, yet difficult sensations. Feeling trapped, the malevolent presence, the feeling of entities around you, a feeling of dread, chest pressure, breathing difficulties...these are all symptoms of a kind of energetic biofeedback going on that once you exit and move a certain distance away from your Physical, all these sensations tend to dissipate and lose effect.

It may, in fact, be a kind of biological/energetic default programming, an entirely natural defense mechanism designed to keep you focused within the physical body. I've never read of a satisfactory or more complete explanation, this is just my current thinking. Go on Wikipedia and search SP or the Night Hag and you will read of accounts from nearly every culture on the planet. What keeps me entertained about the phenomenon is that it draws details directly from your subconscious, so it really knows just how to freak you out specifically...what fun! I still get caught out from it from time to time.

So no, I don't think you are dealing with any local bothersome entities...although it sure can feel that way at times, Lol. I give it 1% possibility. Like Lumaza wrote, these are Fear Tests, and they won't be the first or the last. They send in pop quizzes from time to time. Then there are the Sexual Urge tests...all designed to test your emotional control, before you are allowed to wander farther around the Wider Reality. Then you get Excitement Tests, and Distraction Tests and on and on... it's all quite frustrating, wonderful and the ultimate teaching method! Looking back on your childhood dreams and experiences will now show you that the testing was going on all the time. That is a big realization all in itself!

Nicely done and welcome to a whole new world!

31  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: The Dream Zone on: September 20, 2018, 08:40:00
MDH is The Multidimensional Human, another great book by Leland and a follow-up to Otherwhere. Highly recommended.
32  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: The Dream Zone on: September 19, 2018, 11:20:07
I recently finished a several-day, group exercise that taught me a significant idea: that despite the fact that all twenty of us were all ‘seekers’ within a common NP context, we were twenty people approaching the subject from differing perspectives, different enough that our individual interpretations of each shared experience was still somehow different and debateable...we still had room to agree and disagree on certain aspects. Through a series of specific sessions, many of us came away with differing experiences, and somewhat differing conclusions.

I say this in order to suggest and reinforce the idea that this is, in fact what appears to be, the idea that many ideas and perspectives can and do co-exist within our continuum; this allows for you to develop and for me to develop, and for endless others...despite the apparent surface disagreements, Lol. The disagreements, in fact, don’t really mean too much...

It’s still too physical a thought to think that billions of human thoughts/dreaming are taking up too much apparently isn’t a problem.

The beauty of it is that it’s all allowed.

I really enjoy Leland. MDH takes it to the next level.

33  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: The Dream Zone on: September 18, 2018, 11:15:12
Hi kuurt,

1- This is thinking from too much of a Physical perspective. There is no Time, no Space...these are PR concepts/constructs that we accept as part of functioning within a Physical Reality. Dreams apparently take up no 'room' to speak of. Part of our challenge as Humans wanting to learn more about Non-Physical Reality is remembering to drop the PR perspective and be open to something else.

2- I'm not sure of all the characteristics relating to shared dreams. I've had a few, but they were more like 'experiences', something better than dreams. Maybe it relates to sharing an agreed-upon frequency or an Intent? Without either of these pre-agreed components, a seemingly coincidental shared exp would certainly point towards outside influences, and imo something important.

3- "Keeping billions of dreamers in the Dream Zone."Huh Geez, that would be like herding a billion cats...I think that is also too Physical a way of looking at it. I am still not sure on this but there do appear to be clear lines of demarcation within this part of the NP. Just how they maintain barriers or divisions, I simply do not know, but the barriers seem to be there. One rule appears to be that, until you display a certain degree of emotional control, they keep you within the Dream Zone until you can progress through various tests. Another rule may be that certain areas are restricted unless you express a true desire and need to know something. In my case, this was an expressed desire to visit and check in on my recently deceased father. I didn't accomplish the trip myself; I was clearly 'escorted' to see him and the experience was short and rather 'foggy'...but I was thankful for the experience; and I got a first look at who may be my personal Guide. He has continued to show up from time to time.

Just in the last few years, I am coming to a point where I am recognizing a kind of geographical or navigational relationship between the various areas of the Personal Dream Zone, the Training Zones and the Afterlife Zone...I haven't yet recognized Leland's Alternate 'Is' or 'Will Be' Zones, but some of his training and simulation exercises are spot-on, exactly what I have experienced. My Fieldtrip experience was exactly what he described as being placed within an alien consciousness to experience aspects of his life. That is supposed to be followed eventually by placement within a human's mind, which is perfectly described by Astral Zombie within that same story (haven't done it myself, as far as I remember). Leland further describes being placed within the mind of a great human creative mind- a composer, an artist, etc...haven't had that exp yet either. In my Talking to the Hand experience, this perfectly parallels Leland's description of the Initiation exercise that demonstrates mastery of the 10 Dream Levels. I only realized that some six months later. So for me, Leland is perfectly describing the road ahead, at least for this moment in PR, Lol.

I am a huge fan of Leland and I hope you are enjoying Otherwhere. If you like that book, then Multidimensional Human will help you in immeasurable ways with your continuing experiences.


34  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: How do you read someone's thoughts in the non-physical? on: September 18, 2018, 10:09:08
I'm still working on this question myself and can only offer ideas from my current perspective. In my dreams and less-lucid experiences, physical conversation still seems to be occurring. Since these events are occurring within the NP, then it may be a belief-overlay that makes me mistakenly think verbal conversation is happening. In my more lucid and 'higher level' experiences, telepathy is more noticeably present. Over the last several years, my experiences appear to be transitioning more to the telepathic side.

It definitely feels like a learning and development phase for me. I think that it is a natural development process which is really cool.

A big moment for me was in my Fieldtrip experience where the telepathy was clear and relatively easy; in retrospect that may have been because I was in a higher level energy body, the Causal body as Leland refers to it; this was confirmed for me just recently. My resulting discussion about it with Szaxx resulted in this approximate description of the process: The telepathic communication comes across instantly and in the form of a 'packet of information', like a PDF.file or a download, a 'knowing'; think of a cartoon thought balloon for the simplest comparison. It can be a complete sentence, a paragraph or a book; and it can contain emotional or 'feel' content as well. You receive it and translate it in an instant. In that first instant, you realize that you have this translation ability; it's not perfect but you also know it can be developed. That is a BIG moment when you realize that you possess a completely new sense and ability.

Sending a thought is done in roughly the opposite fashion: You form the thought, include any appropriate emotional quality, add a touch of Intent and mentally 'send' it. It's an infinitely easier process if the recipient is a Guide, Instructor or higher intelligence as while you're forming the thought...well, they've probably already 'read' you by then anyway, Lol. I did this in my Back to School experience, searching someone's mind for information, unsuccessfully I thought, but upon reflection I did get the information I was seeking, so if it actually worked, then I can also say that it is an incredibly subtle process at times.

It is like learning any new skill, a bit awkward at first, but with more exposure I think that I am getting the hang of it.

Reading multiple people simultaneously in the NP doesn't bother me now; I've done it a few times. It seems like a daunting prospect but it's really another example of how beneficial it is to drop the Physical mindset and perspective. If you open yourself to these things, some of them come to you much easier than initially expected and the potential is frankly mind-blowing.

Telepathy in PR has some issues that I still haven't resolved...back to one thing at a time...Lol.

Great question!
35  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: A Question About Telepathic Communication on: August 19, 2018, 14:26:11
Great topic starter Nameless!

First, limits on the range of telepathy-

I think it is a Physical Reality mindset issue; that we are initially stuck with the constraints of just how we think and process information within one reality context versus another reality context where different NP senses are more evident and operative. Time and distance are inflexible constraints here in PR, so that naturally forces a new way of thinking in the NPR, eventually.

This contrast between processing information within PR and NPR has become the most fascinating thing for me over the last few years. I have come to realize that I have been experiencing this contrast for quite awhile, it’s been my basic ‘disconnect’ my entire life. I’ve only been able to put it into a better context the last few years.

Honestly, I don’t get much from telepathy here in PR. I think that I get a basic kind of read on pets, children and adult’s generic thinking; but it is so subtle that it is easily doubted. I really have to target the individual and this is usually someone I feel a natural resonance with. Szaxx, Lumaza, Nameless, LightBeam are some that I feel a 5-15% kind of connection with. Each of them has implied that the connection is stronger than that but that may be more indicative of their abilities as opposed to mine. IDK, maybe my ability is stronger than I suspect.

In my NP experiences, my telepathic ability has been written about here on the Pulse. In these, my telepathic ability has been noticed, developed and improved. In the NP, telepathy is apparently the standard form of communication. It’s part of what Kurt Leland describes as “feel/think”. It happens in near instantaneous fashion: You receive the telepathic message as a kind of “thought balloon” like in a newspaper comic. It’s a complete thought, either a sentence or a lengthy paragraph, complete with emotional coloring. You receive it in an instant and translate it almost as quickly, although it can be prone to translation errors (as in my Fieldtrip experience).

Your response is formed within an instant and includes a complete picture of your message, images and feelings...and is projected/ a thought balloon that you create and “push” outward toward your recipient. Intent plays a factor here.

In the NP, this process feels increasingly natural for me, although I am sometimes doubtful as to the quality. In the NP, it is much easier, but I admit there is still much to learn. In PR, I feel like I am still But sometimes the hits are amazing. It’s one of the areas where my guesses still surprise me.
36  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: New Experience, would like your opinions on: August 19, 2018, 12:36:20
Welcome back!

Okay, so I took the liberty of reading back through your earlier posts and that seems to confirm my thinking on what is going on here. So I want to offer some ideas for your consideration:

-Over the last several years, you show an apparent, good, natural ability to achieve an OBE: the standard type most of us first experience, the RTZ/etheric-type or what appears to be a near-Physical Reality (PR) OBE.
-Sleep Paralysis (SP) is a common phenomenon to be aware of; it's part of the normal REM sleep cycle which we are normally unaware of; but when we become aware during SP, it is a great indicator that we are primed and ready for an OBE exit. SP does have some issues but you appear to not be distracted by those.
-It may seem strange to you that during your earlier OBEs you had no problems with your vision/sight. Now suddenly, you can't see. I went through the same issue and I have read of others having the same problem.

There is a reason this has happened- This is a test. A type of challenge; a puzzle for you to figure out the answer. It's a simple and straight-forward kind of test, designed to help you adjust your thinking about the new environment into which you have chosen to venture. It is a simple test, but one with a "fundamental" answer that you will have to remember as you move into the Non-Physical (NP) worlds.

I can even give you the answer; the trick is that YOU have to figure out just how to apply the answer the next time you are "out".

When you are in an OBE, you have no physical body. There is no physical body to step into the shower and get wet; any experience that you are somehow turning the shower on and getting wet is just the power of your imagination to fabricate your experience within that OOB environment (which is another lesson in itself). You have no physical eyes to open so any attempt to do so either activates your physical eyes, which can pull you back to the physical, or the test resets to give you another chance at figuring out the correct answer. We can argue and disagree to some extent that when you are in an OBE, you are simply consciousness or that you occupy an etheric body or an astral body or a dreaming body...decide on that for yourself. What IS true is that you are NOT in a physical body (at least for the current discussion, lol)! So there are no eyes to open! How you "see" is obviously happening through some other mechanism then physical eyes. The same can be said for your other "physical senses". In the NP, we are literally using different senses. We have them, but they need to be exercised and strengthened like anything else we possess. Some NP senses you will find, work for you naturally and easily; others will require more work.

This forces us to adjust our thinking- We have to start thinking in "Non-Physical" terms.

It's probably the realization that makes the difference, but we still have to express it somehow, and honestly, it doesn't always work the first time. I tried the William Buhlman technique, which is to ask for it or demand it. "Clarity now!" or "I want to see, now!" Didn't work for me the first time, but it did later on. This may be where the quality of INTENT comes in. Very important. To me, intent is possibly the most important quality to any effort in the NP. You can't fake it; you have to mean it. You have to be sincere. Any fakery is jeered at, if not stomped on.

So, once you get the vision figured out, you may get tested on other senses or actions, such as how you move, what is the basis of your mobility? Then you may get situational exercises or fear or sex tests. These are subtle and tricky. They utilize your subconscious and memories. It is all challenging you to develop new senses and abilities and to exercise proper control and show a certain maturity.

That should give you some ideas and maybe raise a few questions.

And don't forget to have fun! grin

37  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Nameless' Everything Journal on: August 18, 2018, 13:18:13
"A smallish, brown creature with quills"...and "sharp, narrow teeth"...

This reminds me distinctly of my "9 Easy Dream Triggers" experience with the Goonies critters. The precise, little twin bite marks reminds me of the feeling I had at the time of the wounds they would possibly produce had they caught and bitten me.

This is probably not a remarkable correlation; just possibly an interesting one. Reading your experience, Nameless, gives me some minor

And don't even get me started on the "Red rum!  Red rum! Room 237, "Here's Johnny!" references...don't even go there! LOL!
38  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / Re: Human Evolution on: August 13, 2018, 14:34:17
I think that there are multiple plans at work, here on Earth. Some are physical, some are spiritual, in nature. Some plans have been introduced after the initial plans and may be at cross-purposes, thus complicating the situation for those of us who choose to be inhabitants.

Personally, my whole life, I've really not had a problem reconciling the various religious traditions along with ET involvement and what I perceive as the energetic evolution of our consciousness within these human animal constructs. The apparent genetic "missing link" of primate evolution that led to modern humans? Okay, some aliens modified us to their ultimate purpose, I don't know...but the history seems to point at that; it's a satisfactory explanation for the "gap". It does seem to benefit the spiritual evolution part of the equation...

What has become somewhat apparent to me over the last twenty years is that MANY of these theories are possible, if not already evident to us.

Context is always important, so I will add some here. This one disturbed me a bit. It comes from a guy named Charles Fort, who spent 20 plus years back in the early 1900's at the British Museum and the New York Public Library, researching scientific reports, magazines, newspapers and periodicals on the rather bizarre aspects of contemporary reporting: UFO's (before there even were such things), fish falls, raining frogs, weird mists and spiderwebs that reached into the skies...all the strange stuff that never got followed up on. He wrote about these strange occurrences in several books, one of which was the Book of the Damned.
Keep in mind that this was before the common advent of the airplane; the majority of people really did not know what existed above and beyond the clouds. Speculation abounded as to people and even entire civilizations living above the clouds, just beyond our sight. The concept of gravity was questionable in just how far it extended beyond their practical, ground-level understanding. Many concepts that we take for granted today remained in question during their time. It is interesting to read Fort's speculations along these lines as it gives us insight into what may be presumed as a somewhat naïve and ignorant view of the world, but also a fresh and imaginative perspective, as well.

At one point in the book, Fort wonders about a distant world named Cyclorea, where the inhabitants visit Earth. But they are so far in advance of us that contact is really pointless- he asks, would we, in their place, establish diplomatic relations with farm animals?

Then he makes a statement that really struck home for me.

"I think we're property.
I should say we belong to something: That once upon a time, that this Earth was No-Man's Land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but that now it's owned by something..."

That statement hit hard and it may be true. But then I thought about it from a higher altitude and realized that the roughly 7 billion of us on this planet probably chose to be here. Whether we are 7 billion souls or fragments or shards or splinters or whatever we are, we probably, somehow chose to be here. In that sense, this human body that we each possess, may be serving other purposes that we did not initially understand. This human body that I inhabit, that I "think" that I possess, may in fact be somebody's farm animal. I may not like that idea, but maybe that's not important. What is important is that while I am here I can make use of it for my own purposes. I can live and learn and evolve.

It makes the world a far greater place, more mystifying and even a bit frightening.
39  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Hello on: August 13, 2018, 09:02:01
Welcome to both Karin and Plume!

We look forward to your sharing of your thoughts and insights and hope that you will find a warm and welcome home here at the Pulse!

EV (Dust)
40  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Short exit inside a dream on: August 12, 2018, 11:10:28
I have read of these types of experiences and had a few of my own that were similar.

These experiences may simply be as straight-forward as they initially appear to be: a form of re-orientation to the OBE state. The reason that they are so short-lived, as when this one ended once you moved to your staircase, is that it may have simply served its purpose. It was a test and you passed it. In my own experience, at first I thought it was my inability to retain awareness as I moved from room to room. Eventually, I realized something else was happening.

It’s a kind of re-orientation test, a quick one, to see if you recognize where you are; and if you are successful, as you were, then it is ended. This often leaves us wanting more and thinking that we must have missed something, but the truth is that we succeeded in recognizing everything the test was offering us and so it was ended.

In this test, you were challenged to recognize your bedroom and not be deceived or confused by the 180 reversal of your bed or other furniture. You grabbed ahold of the bed which is a good consciousness stabilizing technique and thus prolonged the experience. The fog represents your limited awareness and may be a condition imposed to keep your attention localized to the scene at hand. Hard to say. Fog shows up for me at different times and in different contexts. It may serve multiple purposes. It may reflect our present awareness or it may be a condition imposed from outside ourself.

I would say that this experience is a successful confirmation of the work and Intention you have been pursuing. Nicely done.

41  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: July 23, 2018, 13:43:58
My computer is objecting, so forgive me...

I attempted the Monroe technique when I was 13; it was, as you described, a tech for drawing a line six feet out from my nose, then turning it upwards and backwards at a 45 degree angle, to a point about nine feet above my head...and he said to "feel" for it there...the tactile sense you mention. And sure enough, the second time I tried it, I got a response...enough of a response that I was shocked back to my physical body and the classical vibrations...which were so strong they scared the crap out of me; it felt like every atom in my body was shaking apart and breaking down. At age 13, this was a significant wake-up call. Lol.

I appreciate the added context on F10, F12 and F21 experience...that should help generally.

Third Eye and Crown Chakra and above...those are always good focus points...they only seem important in an intellectual sense until you get an experience that irrefutably places it there... then they become much more important. So many of us have already had experiences there.

Thanks for this Lumaza!
42  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Revelations Upon Revelations on: July 11, 2018, 13:13:51
I have nothing to add except a sincere thanks to both Nameless and LightBeam for some truly insightful and enlightening thoughts.

This is good and this is the true nature of what the Pulse can be.
43  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: New experience! Big breakthrough. on: July 11, 2018, 12:58:20
I will add to the congratulations, Whitelight01...that was a rewarding experience for the effort you put into it from so many levels. And that is what it takes at times and you clearly recognized the many aspects of Intent/expectation/consideration that came into play.

I will add that, from my own experiences over the last several years, an environmental or physical location change can play a large part in bringing forth a more lucid and noticeable NP experience. For me, many of my business, social trips and vacations can serve to instigate a new NP experience. It is not a guarantee, but often a new environment, new sounds, new sleep regimen...etc...just a disruption in the usual routine can offer the chance for our awareness to come aware in the NP. It is still dependent on many factors but the opportunities seem to increase during these times.

So go after them when you have the chance!
44  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Did I see the dead or just a projection... OR did I go to the 4th dimension? on: July 09, 2018, 14:25:14
Well, sometimes we get just what we ask for; and sometimes, that can be a bit a bit shocking for us.

SACOLUCCI, I will agree with what everyone here is advising and add that this sounds like a very meaningful experience: It brought forth several messages, although maybe not the clear-cut initial communication you were asking for, but some others that may serve to expand your thinking.

The death of a family member or even someone of association can bring on something like this; it can often become transformative.

The simple fact that you had the impression that it was more than a dream; that is a strong indicator in and of itself, and a good observation on your part. This is often the first signal and a good sign that you are open to receiving more information. This recognition doesn't provide the information you were originally requesting, but is significant for other equally, if not more important, reasons: For one, the fact that you are now open to receiving this communication. And that recognition brings along a little bit of that 'fear shock', the initial realization that some form of NP communication can actually come through to you. I still have a bit of trouble sorting it out because it does come through in different ways, some of which I don't always recognize immediately, so I have difficulty categorizing them or recognizing them for what they are.

What everyone said: Lumaza, Nameless, LightBeam, baro-san...these are all excellent thoughts to consider. I will end with reinforcing what LB said-

Drop the negative thoughts and negative input from here on, it is only serving to pollute your thinking. If LB is right about your possible channeling ability, are you ready to try tapping into that again?
45  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: OBE from Phasing on: July 05, 2018, 15:26:37
Okay, now here are some weeds that we can dig into, this all having to do with the nature and quality and development of consciousness- within the NP realms...

I will be one of the first, or at least one who repeats, the need from time to time, to break down and define in more basic terms these consciousness states that we are experiencing.

Lumaza and Nameless mentioned the RTZ or Real Time Zone type of NP experience. This is a relatively new 1990's? term that has become linked to what I think of as the original, classic Etheric type of OBE where you literally feel a disconnect and float out of your physical, sleeping body, like a ghost. I don't personally think that it is an accurate term, but it does convey certain aspects that could make one think that they are out-of-body and operating somewhere within the current Physical Reality context. This may be exactly correct, given an Etheric energy body theory. There are certain seemingly "physical" reminders. In an Etheric/RTZ OBE, I feel like a scuba diver (to a certain degree); I feel a certain "atmospheric" pressure and weight, a particular almost "physical" difficulty in moving around; the quality of consciousness is noticeably different from anything else. For me, Etheric/RTZ OBEs are unmistakable. The resulting environment almost always requires great effort to move beyond; doorways and windows usually result in "click-outs".

LDs may take some time for awareness to develop or increase; often they are suppressed in order for us to learn; a cool teaching environment. Phasing exits are pretty straight-forward...100%. Clean...

These quality of consciousness changes may involve the progression from the Etheric to the Astral and on to the Mental energy bodies...I don't pretend to know but the progression seems to make sense. With practice and experience there is a definite qualitative progression, although the understanding remains elusive.

Then there is that "stratospheric" level of learning that Lumaza mentions, somewhere adrift in the hypnogogia , where the music plays and the ideas abound...where Tesla, Edison, Einstein and others explored...yeah...quite honestly, that area is available to all of us every night, if we simply ask to explore it.

I am not only an observer; I am a witness.

The suicide question, I won't even deal with now. I have been forced to deal with it throughout my life and faced it myself, long ago. Compared with the tragedy around the world, it is sadly just a local effect. This is Earth and we learn to deal with it.

46  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: OBE from Phasing on: July 04, 2018, 14:47:58
You mentioned to me a short time ago, about what you described as a “trifecta” experience, where you experience the three classic types of an NP experience, which is what this appears to be: The classic etheric OBE ( the physical movement with a misty physical exit), a Phasing aspect (the distinct mental NP movement aspect and overall feel), and a LD aspect (maybe the enhanced surreal effect).  The kite served as a nice awareness boost.

One observation is- Why these seemingly clarifying experiences? What purpose do they serve?

I have had a few of these; a similar one was especially powerful and an important introduction to the NP. In my case, it occurred very early for me, perhaps for a different reason; it’s becoming quite apparent to me that similar experiences occur for us at different times to serve different purposes. Perhaps they are repeated at different times in order to reinforce different themes.

47  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Blessed be! on: June 26, 2018, 12:50:01
Welcome cinnabar!

I deal with ‘noisy mind’ also. For me, the best OBE times are in the middle of the night or early morning wake-ups, when a high degree of mental/physical relaxation has resulted. This is my ideal time to play with finding the right mental framework to explore. It’s not always perfect, nor a guarantee of success, but somewhere in there you may find your opportunity.

You have already had many Non-Physical experiences beyond the OBE and LD you mentioned: Dreams and even daydreams fit into the NP category; simply put, they represent changes in the focus of your consciousness...the key difference is how much ‘conscious presence’ you can bring to each experience. You can work to increase that presence.

As Nameless pointed out- finding your particular method can be as simple as naturally following your thoughts as you relax. Your inner self can show you the way.

As Lumaza remarked- it is all about Will and Intent. Those words are capitalized for a reason. This fact will become ever more important over the years.

As to ‘Stickies’, the first Board and the third Board have some very good reads; you should take the time to read through the ones that catch your interest. We are all different and maybe fall somewhere within four or five categories of experience and expectation. Five techniques of a particular type may not resonate with you and be unworkable, whereas five techniques of a very different approach may prove productive for you. No one can decide for you except you. So do some reading; your technique IS here, somewhere, lol.

If your mind is noisy, like mine is, then you need to learn to ‘set your Intent’ (to remember your dreams, experience an OBE, a new experience, etc) and then simply relax and release control, even if you fall asleep...and see what you wake up remembering. Or, if you want to attempt a more conscious release method, set your alarm for a 4am wake-up and do a Wake, Back To Bed (WBTB) technique.

An over-riding part of this is your expectation: What are you expecting? An etheric type OBE where you literally feel your spirit-self floating up out of your physical body and floating around your house?  That is one type of experience.

Another is coming aware within a dream (LD) and you create your reality from there. You may revert to your physical and then get an etheric exit or you may go in a completely different direction.

You may be laying there, totally relaxed at the edge of sleep at 3 am and get vibrations and lift out, or you may get hypnogogic images, a continuing series of images, and finally ‘phase’ into them and into a NP environment.

Experienced travelers can experience any of these ‘exits’ at any various times. They are open to and aware of the various ‘physical’ sensations that indicate an energetic shift: floating, swaying, swinging, sinking feelings...expansion, contraction...just about any physical/mental sensation you can think of... these are signs of transition; just relax and go with the sensation, maybe with a little reinforced Intention of what you want to happen.

Hope that gives some additional ideas.
48  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Clue(less) on: June 12, 2018, 12:49:11
Okay, so while I was forming a response, and thoroughly screwing up my quotes, LightBeam chimed in and I missed it.

Thank you LB! I won't even try to break it into quotes because I agree with your whole post! Very insightful!

Bodily functions, daily themes...yes they all enter into the stuff of our dreams. For me, it seems like everything backs up and builds for awhile and then is unleashed like a small tidal and exciting but I am left feeling like a huge wave has crashed me onto the beach in a slightly bruising way, lol.

Who's in charge? I agree and well said.

Doors = probabilities and choices. Yes, great metaphors...they are "known unknowns"...

There is a lot to unpack in your post but I find the idea of observing that raw energy of our emotions within the subconscious context, those rare moments of watching "it" create at that level...that is such a cool and personal moment...words quickly fail wink

Thank you
49  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Clue(less) on: June 12, 2018, 12:30:51
First response - Uhm, wow! I have always wondered why it is that bathrooms in the Otherwhere are always so dang nasty. It's like the overseers really hate our physical body needs interruptions.

Now that you mention it, I can't remember a clean bathroom/toilet in the NP/Otherwhere, lol. It's like some subtle back-handed insult against our forced human-ness...

Kurt Leland describes a small city with an iridescent stream flowing through it, one in which he can comfortably sink into and allow "the flow" to take him where it will...I get to stand in a gutter with liquid human refuse flowing over my feet in order to get the same realization...what's up with that?!!  Maybe, just maybe he did modify his experiences to be more readable, lol.

Same with the sex response. It's like they enjoy testing the fact that we are spirit-inhabiting human animals that are so easily prone to the sexual response; a great awareness test, but also instant entertainment when we continually fail...

[quoteAs if there is any part of me creating this then I am so far removed from that part and that part is so far removed from me we don't know each other so we are strangers and that makes 'them' them and 'me' me and not us. As for what I do think, I think there is a lot we don't know and we can't assume that 'they' do however much they are in advance of us.]

My thinking, as well... wink

The "Clue" simulation may not be any more than an awareness-building exercise, the clues or puzzle pieces may not lead anywhere. Then again might be a perfect form that can evolve and build upon itself into something that actually does have a useful solution to some issue such as an eventual Retrieval or something else.

Excellent thoughts! Thank you Nameless!

50  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Clue(less) on: June 10, 2018, 13:57:35
So I haven't had much in the way of experiences worth reporting this year, so far; my dream recall has been almost nil for the last two months; various reasons for that, allergies and illness for one. This semi-lucid dream happened this morning and was one where I woke up and then re-entered the dream twice, the first time unexpectedly, the second more consciously and directly. It may fit into a more mundane category and not worth even mentioning, except possibly for two reasons: I wonder if I will return to it tonight for unfinished business, and I distinctly identified a PR (Physical Reality) component to it during one of my I thought to share it.

I will probably edit this post one or more times as new details surface.

Did you ever play that board game "Clue"? The game where every player is a guest in a mansion where a murder has occurred? It's what we call a "who done it"? Randomized clues are introduced and you have to put the "murder plot" together and guess the identity of the murderer in order to win. Here in the USA, during my childhood, it was a pretty commonplace game (although I never owned it myself and only played it once, in my twenties I think). There was a movie by the same name in the Seventies, I think, followed by another similar movie- Murder On The Orient Express. Fun stuff and challenging in that it makes you think deductively and inductively.

Well, after this morning's dream, it occurs to me that this is a perfect scenario for a "Simulation" and a teaching experience as Kurt Leland might describe one. And maybe it is an apt metaphor scenario peculiar to me, as I can remember having this type of dream at least six or more times over my life. I simply didn't recognize it for what it was all those times before; now I do.

Maybe some other members will recognize the pattern in their own experiences and this post will prove at least slightly worthwhile.

So, like my Talking to the Hand experience, I think this was structured to challenge me to raise my NP awareness through a series of challenges, maybe not as complex or intense as that one was, but still the same goal. The question occurs to me- Who set this up? Me or someone else? My subconscious alone, my supposed higher self (whatever that may be)? Or me in cooperation with someone else?

It was probably 6am and the last REM period and likely the last dream that this started: I don't remember the beginning (which I have found is sort of normal). My first hint of awareness was being in a large fairly-well appointed living room with 10-12 other people. There was no immediate instruction as to what was going on or what we were supposed to do...people just went in various directions, checking rooms, disappearing through doors, some returning, others not. I had no idea and just studied the mixture of people and the confusing array of furniture and interior fixtures: odd pictures with bizarre themes, toys on the floor, a few strange animals wandering about. Very odd stuff and confusing. I did notice one centrally-placed door that more than one person went into and shortly exited from. (all stuff to challenge my awareness with either confusion or realization, I guess)

The scene shifted slightly and I found myself looking at what appeared to be a door leading to the basement, so I went down. There I found a rather primitive and unclean bathroom and realized that I needed to pee (the thought also occurred to me that I was dreaming and had never before peed in a dream). I walked into the bathroom and it was plainly nasty, almost medieval...there was a five foot tall metal barrel enclosure that I would have to spin around in order to have access to the urinal itself. That was just too nasty, but then I looked down at the drain tube underneath it and realized it was dumping directly into a gutter channel carved into the floor and I was already standing in it. YUCK! I almost self-ejected from the dream at that point, but then I realized something. The water was flowing clear. I stepped back and went ahead and urinated in the gutter, realizing that this was a metaphor and message for "going with the flow". (I know, that's a pretty tortured subconscious...but I take ownership of it! It's mine and I'm sticking with it!)

At that point, I woke up into PR and really did have to take a pee. So I did that, grabbed a swish of fresh water and returned to bed. As I lay there, drifting off to sleep again, I wasn't thinking about the dream...I was simply fantasizing about something much more enjoyable. I was still quite awake when it happened...

It felt like a physical hand gently, but firmly slapped me in the center of my back, no mistaking it. I was instantly reminded of the Carlos Castaneda stories of how his mentor Don Juan could "see" Carlos' energy "egg" body and know where the point of his attention was "fixed", and with a directed slap or push, could re-orient Carlos' point of attention and transfer his awareness into the NP. I don't know; all I can say is that this is what happened. I was back in the previous dream.

I was back in the main living room, with all the people assembled. A tall, skinny blonde approached me; she was somewhat attractive and a bit of the sexual urge hit me, but there was also a certain mistrust, so I begged off and she left. Then a cuter brunette approached and we settled on the couch to talk. Then the blonde poked her head in from my left saying, "So you're dumping me for her?" I begged off again, this time from both of them and the scene shifted once again. This time, I was in the living room alone and a guy looking like the British actor Edward Mulhare appeared and motioned for me to follow him. I lost track of him as he maneuvered through a series of doors which led outside the mansion. (I think that with the sex tests and the Ed Mulhare recognition, my awareness was continuing to increase)

Outside, I lost a bit of continuity, maybe there was another shift. I found myself lying down as if amongst a group of dead people. A guy came running out of the mansion, obviously trying to escape. He came upon my area and picked up a heavy assault rifle (like a SAW) and I realized he was going to shoot us. Looking back towards the mansion, I could see good old Mulhare and some others desperately waving at us to go along with the play-acting, the subterfuge. So I lay there while this guy fired several rounds into each of us and then ran off. (now there have been times where I have felt the shots ripping into me and died, but this wasn't one of them)

So the poor guy runs off and they good-naturedly and all in good fun, fire a few rounds over his head, to keep him moving. And it occurs to me that this poor bastard has entirely bought into the simulation and is running for his life...and good lord, I've probably been in his place before, lol. And the crew is all having quite the good time and fun with it!

Scene shift again- I am back alone in the mansion living room. There is a colony of small hermit crabs scuttling about, an organ grinders monkey scampers off, I am just a bit confused...there is still that central door that I haven't been through. So I go through the door. I walk into the room. It is maybe six-sided, with some bizarre, changing artwork on the wall, plenty of stuff to distract. Two guys to my right start chattering in thick, exaggerated European accents, I can't understand what they are saying (I realize that maybe I'm not supposed to; the lesson lies elsewhere). I start to look at the wall hangings but the two guys insist on my attention. I have a serious moment of clarity as I look at them and realize that they are like holographic projections, designed to perform the same scene for whomever walks through the door; they are part of the "Clue" game, so for the next several seconds, I am fascinated with studying them. Then one guy disappears (that kicks my awareness up another notch) and I distinctly remember what the second guy says as he backs up to a huge picture frame. He says, " Be careful of what you say, because if I get the heebie-jeebies, I might just do this!" And with that, he does a backward somersault and fades into the picture frame.

I watch that and think, "Well crap, that's just Phasing and I can do that..." and I think my awareness hit peak.

And I wake up. Here. PR. Or at least I

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