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76  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Mirrors as.... doorways to astral projection on: July 29, 2017, 08:28:10
Thank you for sharing that experience serge! This adds to a slowly building database relating directly to a variety of phenomena associated with mirrors, within both Physical and Non-Physical environments.

I have read of similar experiences to both yours and Nameless', although not experienced them myself.

My 3 experiences with mirrors:

1- I have a large 4'x7' mirror over my twin vanity directly off the foot of my bed. About 10 years ago it finally occurred to me how odd it was that I had never noticed, much less looked into or investigated the mirror during an etheric OBE. So apparently, that was enough intention and a few nights later the thought occurred at the appropriate time. The first time I looked into the mirror from the etheric state all I saw was a relatively close reflection of a 'ghostly' me.

2- Several months later, I happened to look into the mirror again, from a RTZ state and I saw something shockingly different. It was like I was staring at my physical body but the outer layer of skin was missing. The underlying musculature, sinew and some organs were distinctly visible. It was quite an uncomfortable sight and I quickly lost awareness. Interestingly, I came across a member's drawing in the Member's Artwork section a year or so later, a piece by Summerlander, which I tried to find but is apparently no longer accessible: it was nearly exactly what I had seen; thus a heck of a confirmation for me. (He had a few drawings that were strikingly realistic to a number of experiences)

3- The time I visited my deceased father, I had made an Etheric exit and noticed a mirror on my bedroom wall (this mirror did not actually exist, but I recognized the opportunity it was affording me in this context). I had been thinking often recently of how a mirror could be used as an Astral portal, intending to try one the next time I had the chance. So there it was and I instinctively announced my 'intent' and 'dived' into the mirror...and off I went.

So, yes, mirrors can be utilized as portals or access points to wherever you want to go. They are the logical first portals that occur to most of us. They still require an 'Intent', a definite thought/desire for a destination. In general, people are easier to travel to rather than places, events or things. Without an Intent, you go nowhere. Once you learn the importance of Intent, then you begin to realize that literally anything can be used as a 'portal'. So it's not the portal that is important, it is the Intent...

A second observation about mirrors is their mercurial nature...they seem to provide a variety of wondrous experiences. I have read a couple times about the 'primitive', also the 'meatsack' such as I saw, plus the seemingly 'parallel world' experience that Nameless described. Is this possibly a mixture of past/present/future/parallel lives that mirrors can present us?

Very interesting devices...
77  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: An astral projection in a dream from a dream... Idk on: July 27, 2017, 05:45:10
Maybe I was unsuccessful in pointing out that there are subtleties to explore within your described experiences; not the ones you necessarily wanted nor expected. We take what we get.

The 'tossing and turning' is just my assumption that you were having trouble falling asleep, therefore switching sleeping positions....hence the hypnogogia and SP effects...this is how it often occurs for me; maybe I was wrong in your case.

'What is next'? Maybe this experience was teaching you the eventual limit of the RTZ world. The electronic mechanisms seemed a useless jumble...

I have many of the same questions that you have. Viewing star systems, visiting deceased relatives, exploring the universe, etc. There are many explorations that I would like to encounter. I had a few but there are still many unanswered questions. Apparently they have decided otherwise and disregarded my wishes by offering a different lesson-plan. This also seems to be the case for you.

I would suggest that the fact that some of your experiences end so quickly is because that you are refusing to participate in the lesson-plan that they are offering.  I don't have a better answer to offer except that how much longer do you intend to bang your head into a wall?

I would like the chance for exploration just as well, a bit of recess even...

Apparently, someone has other plans for us...
78  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: An astral projection in a dream from a dream... Idk on: July 26, 2017, 02:50:41
I think that these are two experiences that show progress in the development of your NP personality.

I know that they are not completely understandable to you...or to me for that matter, because of course, they are entirely personal to you only; but I think that I can see some ideas that you might find useful.

Again, keeping in mind that this is only my interpretation...

First, I think that it is good that you had two experiences back to back, the same night, and obviously recorded them for future interpretation. Just having the level of consciousness that you displayed during the experiences and the memory afterward, is a good sign of progress.

Second, is that you are noticing the instinctual recognition of the importance and symbolism of light within your experiences. Whether it is a dark, gloomy night or bright, blue sky day; the headlights are bright showing you the way, or dim and barely exposing what lies ahead...this is an indication of your awareness level. A dark environment indicates a low level of awareness, you can try asking for or 'intending' clarity...sometimes this is a low light/awareness condition that is imposed upon you...a condition Szaxx described aptly to me as 'subdued awareness'. This is a testing method of your natural or instinctive abilities. I have found it a method that seems at first a bit unfair, but I have to admit to its ruthless efficacy. That and the emotional angst at the end of Dream 1 may have been a taste of how important awareness is to the possible outcome...

A quick Simulation to show the importance of these two concepts?, maybe, IDK, it was your experience...

You wrote- "On waking I thought about the dream a bit, letting my feelings settle..." I like that period of review between two or more experiences in the middle of the night, another good indicator of the flexibility of your awareness that is developing; it may rob a bit of sleep, but begins to show a whole new realm of nightly awareness and reflection that we can explore. I find these to be very special and unique moments.

The second experience seems to me to be a 'set' of experiences ranging from 'tossing and turning' to SP  hypno effects and some RTZ departures where you displayed some good cognition such as recognizing the 'relative' power involved in invoking help from a Savior. That's not to say that it doesn't help when needed but you had a moment of understanding within the extant environment, which is still important. Your 'fear' is a much more relevant component. That was just one moment of several or many moments of understanding that this experience afforded you; I will leave the recognition of the rest of those moments to you. Meditating on it once more may bring some more recall through.

The cellphone stuff I don't personally find too much to discern, but that specific ending may be showing you the limitations of the RTZ experience. The question then becomes- What is next?

So, to finish, I think this was a really good couple of experiences even though it may not have immediately felt like it. My simple proof is that you somehow felt it important enough to post it and invite comment; that is another sign of your instinct at work...Aha!! grin

And I will suggest a re-read of this if you haven't already-;msg362164#msg362164

Good work!
79  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Entering other people's dreams. on: July 12, 2017, 07:33:41
You can do this, it helps greatly to have agreement beforehand.

I don't know about intruding on someone's personal dream. The idea of personal freedom enters into the equation.

My personal experience: Even with someone's agreement, it can become problematic. For instance, an associate and I agreed to venture several nights with the idea of encountering one another. Easily said, more difficult doing...

I exited one night, had the clear Intent to go visit him,...a short transition through grey foggy clouds and I was in his bedroom, a grey and foggy place, could barely make him out laying on his bed. His girlfriend was plainly apparent, up and leaning on one elbow, obviously aware of my presence and smiling at me.

I called out to him, 'Hey, I'm here, let's go!' wherein he replied (telepathically?) 'I'm really tired, I just want to sleep.' I tried once more, but he ignored me.

Thinking back on it, I should have made off with his girlfriend who was apparently ready and rarein' to go! But that was also another lesson in how Intent can be so narrowly focused...(that I would miss such an excellent opportunity!!) angry

NP lessons are not what we necessarily expect nor what we think we need...
80  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Movies - Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences) on: July 12, 2017, 07:14:48
I agree Xanth, 'What Dreams may come'...a very close depiction...

It has its errors, but still hits close in many ways that resonate with me...someone in that film 'knew' what they were all about.

The transition period, the gradual disconnection... the Belief System Territories, the minor ones and then hers...her private Hell.

I have probably watched this movie more times than any other...
81  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: The Nearly Star on: July 06, 2017, 03:50:11
Hey Selski,

I will just offer a few ideas and then leave it alone. I have always resonated with your thoughts and found that Leland's books have advanced my own views more than any other; your LD paralleled some of Kurt's more significant ones so I thought to mention the fact.

In Leland's book 'Otherwhere', he describes an Initiation of moving through the ten stages of Lucid Dreaming. This takes place for him in an outdoor café setting. In the link that I will provide, is an earlier experience where he is in an all-night diner. The early part of this experience, I think may be pertinent to your experience, the later stuff is still good material to have in your 'mental library' for future use.

I will offer this suggestion as to a possible interpretation of your LD. Even though you were taking a laid back approach to the whole process and just enjoying the fun of a LD...they took notice and offered an instructive moment. The guy you spoke to may have been a Facilitator/Instructor. And his questions gently coaxed and challenged you to proceed with the LD. Grabbing your boobs presented at least two challenges: A simple sexual urge challenge (which you successfully ignored) and a slight NP/physical sense test. Maybe the 'feel' of this is correct, maybe not, I could certainly be wrong.

I definitely don't recommend 'bending' any experience to current beliefs/expectations...just the feel of bending should be a sign of the wrong direction.

Leland's Initiation test involves taking a LD through increasing levels: Recognition, 3rd person perspective, sensing sight/sound/taste/smell/touch, making NP changes within the environment, final realization that we are dreaming...

I missed it a year and a half ago with my own  Initiation LD. That's the part that aggravates me; I knew at the beginning that this was a LD, but by the end I missed the moment that required me to once again acknowledge that this was a LD.

I remember somewhen, where you mentioned having one of Leland's books...if it is Otherwhere, then I recommend re-reading the section on Dream Initiation.

I think this LD was 'tempting' you with that challenge.

Just one more interpretation, lol.

82  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: The Nearly Star on: July 05, 2017, 05:13:20
That is a great Lucid Dream Selski!

Really good control throughout the experience. It is a funny kind of quandary when we start to awaken from the LD; is it an outside factor or are we losing focus within the dream? Or a bit of both?

Catching up a bit on old times, but I have to ask, are you familiar with Kurt Leland's books and website? He has some ideas that you might find useful...

83  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: World Is A Simulation on: July 05, 2017, 04:48:35
You can't. The only ones that can understand an Alien's mind is another Alien themselves.  grin

If that comment is pointed anywhere towards me, I am only too impressed and offended at the same time, my friend. wink

Thaomas- I initially agree wholeheartedly with your response, with a few minor exceptions. The larger point is to be open to these wider perspectives and to consider what they are indicating. This is the stretch of perspective that we need.

We, as humans, consume multiple lifeforms for our sustenance- plants and animals. If we give even the slightest acceptance to their having some credence to life and consciousness, then what does that say about our consumption, much less our casting into the trash elements we don't want to consider further? How is that different from a greater consciousness casting back into the 'soup of consciousness' some undesireable bits of us that haven't worked out to their expectations? What makes us so special?

Both DeMarco's book and Cannon's books stretch our perspectives into new areas of consideration. I am admittedly uncomfortable with some of this but will point out the similarity between them and therefore the consistency. How about the topics of moral relativism and the conflict of Good versus Evil? How about the necessity of man-made catastrophic events such as 9/11/2001 or pick any school shooting or terrorist attack? Consider how these insane events may serve to move Mankind forward in its evolution.

If these are relatively new considerations then I would whole-heartedly recommend The Sphere and the Hologram. It will challenge your thinking up to the next level. A complimentary work would be Dolores Cannon's 'The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth'. Personally-speaking, 'Three Waves' confirmed for me where I am in the 'mix'.

The 'logic' isn't always apparent at first. We also need to add in a mix of feeling and intuition...and give it time to percolate.
84  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: World Is A Simulation on: July 04, 2017, 06:00:23
It is funny that I missed this thread as well, it is a reasonably presented set of questions/assertions that start a great discussion.

I agree with Stillwater that a fundamental confusion can be that of language, which can then lead down dark and twisty roads.

The 'simulation model' operating within a hierarchy of levels is fairly apparent at least within my current experience. If I accept the idea that my 'Higher Self' is creating my personal dreamspace and providing simulations in which to learn, is it not reasonable to speculate that a higher order of thinking (consciousness aggregate) is providing a 'simulation context' for my Higher Self? And so on, and so on... I can only speculate as to the next level 'above' me, but this idea is explored within my current reading material which over the last year has included the bulk of the Dolores Cannon books and today I am halfway through The Sphere and The Hologram by DeMarco and Warren. Both works speak of interacting with 'channeled?' material and very similar information and conclusions; both also provide interesting contrasts between one another.

DeMarco/ Warren are experienced TMI explorers and are in contact (through DeMarco in a relatively light F10 Focus) with what they term as The Guys Upstairs/TGU who appear to be an aggregate of roughly 30 souls/soulgroups who appear somewhat more or less focused around the TMI activities of Frank DeMarco; and this is the 'channeled?' group that Rita Warren, through DeMarco, has multiple question and answer sessions with back in the Summer/Fall/Winter of 2001. It always appears to be roughly the same group because of the locus of/around DeMarco. The broader message is that each of us seemingly individual entities has a Higher Self which consists of multiple lives in this and other Dimensions and Timelines; or at least some of us do... These Higher Selves are also associated with other Higher Selves which is how we get the conglomeration that is Frank's TGU, or something roughly along those lines.

In Dolores Cannon's case, the bulk of her work involves hundreds of clients and a technique involving deeper, hypnotic regression where she encounters what she describes as the Subconscious/Collective or Jungian Subconscious. Here she obtains many of the same answers and information that I have found with the DeMarco/Warren work, with minor discrepancies and allowances for language and definitions.

Overall I find their works to be arguably parallel and valuable to the questions we are currently asking. I will offer a few noteworthy points.

DeMarco's TGU provide information and perspective that is well beyond what most people know and reasonable confirmation for what many consciousness explorers suspect. But they freely admit that their knowledge is limited. For instance, Rita Warren asks that if they are the next 'layer' of knowledge beyond the individual, then can they speculate as to the next layer above them? And they admit two things: One, that they do not know, and Two, that the idea had never even occurred to them to think about that. This example points to an excellent analogy that they describe as the difference between us (the individual) and them (this apparently somewhat limited collective), that they have access to a much greater and wider spread base of knowledge, but they cannot narrow their focus down to the laser-point focus that an individual human being can. They have a greater expanse of knowledge available in a sort of diffused sense, while the human has a much more concentrated perspective albeit within a much smaller field of knowledge. TGU admit that they suspect there is God or Source or some directing force, but they don't know much more than we do.

Dolores Cannon listens through hundreds of individuals and, through the course of her books, comes to realize that she is in contact with a 'collective' group of minds that has somehow followed her from person to person, wanting to assist in her work...This 'group' eventually begins welcoming her as she moves from client to client, and the 'group' picks up their prior discussions as if the person, time or place really makes no difference. This 'group' points to many of the same ideas that DeMarco's TGU describe. They may have wider access to more souls/Higher Selves/Amoebas (as TGU analogically refers to them) than TGU; their speculation on a Higher Principle may go a bit further due to their potentially wider database, but even they admit to a ceiling they are attempting to move beyond.

So far, I can happily recommend both works. They are good efforts to stretch our perspective.

Another issue that both works appear to offer similar points of agreement is one that is of interesting concern and really drove me to add to this thread tonight. This concerns an aspect of how 'computer-like' much of our world can be described.

PureExp and Thaomas mentioned it...I just happened to be reading about it the last day or so...gotta love synchronicities...

How many of Earth's human population are 'bots?
Cannon's last Convoluted series book mentioned 'shadow players', 'background people': Human characters that just play roles and are moved from place to place, environment to environment, world to world...she even likened them to a kind of 'slave character group'.
In the middle of the Sphere and the Hologram, a section discusses human personalities that fail to develop sufficiently within a lifetime; they fail to fully 'individualize' completely...and therefore are mixed back into the 'soup' of the Higher Self, their characteristics to be re-combined in a new mixture at some future date, to try again.

These ideas bear directly on an idea I began exploring a couple years ago about the importance of developing our NP Personalities. Now a new idea I can add to that is the necessity for 'consolidation' of our personality...

Just how that is done I am working on... grin

TGU offers the idea of being constantly aware, being in the 'NOW'.

85  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: I thought the vibrations were my husband's spirit visiting me... on: July 01, 2017, 07:51:45
Hello JenShepwood and Welcome to the Pulse!

I am very sorry for your loss and I hope we can offer some answers and provide some context that will prove useful. Please keep in mind that whatever information or advice I may offer is only based on my research and my experience and in my case, I freely admit that my current beliefs are entirely provisional; they are subject to change anytime I come across new or conflicting information. If Life and 'The Wider Reality' have taught me anything over the last 55 years, it is that my understanding of Reality will continue to necessarily expand and consider new perspectives.

The easy questions first. There are some really good books out there and each one I could recommend depending on what your current level of experience is at. A book offering a good, basic overview and some techniques would be 'Adventures Beyond the Body' by William Buhlman. But honestly, the best collection of material can be found right here at the Pulse, and it's free! You found one of the first, personalreality's 'How I Got Out...'. On the same Board is a good treatise on Sleep Paralysis and Lumaza's 'Exit Symptoms/Signposts'. And if you drop down to the blue stickies in the third Board you can try Xanth's 60 pager, Szaxx's 'Astral Blueprint' and check out Contenteo's map of the 'Conceptual Framework of the Astral' for an interesting visual.

Reading all this is good for at least a couple reasons: One, you get some fairly well confirmed concepts of what and how; Two, you get enough details impressed into your memory of what you might encounter as far as exit sensations and the likely environments you could find yourself in. Simply put, it is all good knowledge to have because we all encounter slightly different variations of all these Non-Physical phenomena and there is honestly no telling what you will encounter. You are already experiencing some of that in what you are describing.

Over the last few years, I have realized several personal maxims that relate to this form of consciousness exploration:

Stay open to pretty much everything
Know that you are always protected
Always go with the flow
Leave behind the 'Physical Reality' mindset and open yourself to an infinitely greater 'Non-physical' way of looking at your world and your experiences
Any experience that you have the opportunity to learn something is a valid experience
Everything can be expressed as Energy/Information/Consciousness
There are exceptions to pretty much everything
(This list can go on forever... grin)

Okay, here is a rough summary of the Out of Body experience available to most first-timers: You might be a natural at this and bypass all the preliminary stuff (you have already demonstrated this possibility). If you remember your dreams, if you actively participate in your dreams (Lucid Dreaming), then recognize that this is one form of OBE or Astral Projection. If this is the case, then look back over your life, especially your childhood and think about those exceptionally 'different' kinds of dreams you had; these were forms of OBE. Flying dreams? Dreams where you seemed to be tested? Rummaging through a house looking for something? Opening doors, checking rooms?
The 'classic' idea of  an OBE is that you relax, get some vibrations and, like a ghost, float out of your physical body and go exploring your neighborhood and the local Universe. It can happen that way and often does initially. With some minor bickering amongst ourselves as to the true definition, we generally refer to this as a Physical Plane/Etheric/RTZ (Real Time Zone) kind of OBE. Most of us have experienced it. It's fun. It's also like watching a drunk guy at a party as he stumbles around exploring the concept of balance. There is a lot to learn in these experiences such as how you learn to control a Non-Physical energy body with conscious awareness. How you maintain balance, how you 'see', how you move, how you's all quite new, confusing and a general hoot. There seem to be limitations to how far beyond our bedroom or house we can travel without losing awareness or encountering a necessary shift in consciousness.

Eventually our OBE experience does make a shift into a new realm of experience that is generally considered the Astral Plane and can be arguably sub-divided various ways, eg- the Personal Dream Zone, the Collective Dream Zone, and the Astral Proper which includes the Afterlife Regions where the majority of us spend our time in between lives on Earth or in other Dimensions or Realities...yeah. humans currently existing on Earth, we don't automatically have a passport to freely travel to all these places anytime we choose; it is dependent on many factors such as our level of evolution, our 'spiritual maturity' and emotional control, our ability to operate with awareness that can sustain at that level of experiencing, our Intent and our 'need'.

A personal example: My dad died suddenly back in 2010 and I had a difficult time with it. I was having OBEs at the time but did not feel anywhere close to being emotionally capable of trying for a visit to check on him. Nonetheless the idea was simmering in my subconscious and one night I made an exit and the desire burst forth in a very spontaneous fashion. And somebody, I don't know who, took me to him. It was a very brief visit but I had my most basic desire or 'Intent' fulfilled, that was to see if he was okay. It was fuzzy, hazy, which indicated my inability to get my awareness 'up' to the required level...but it was enough. I said hello and asked if he was okay and he was. My 'guide' was a hazy blur to my immediate right but I knew instinctively what he was.
I am incredibly grateful for that experience and it also served as a huge confirmation to all this.

Beyond the RTZ and Astral experiences are what can be provisionally defined as Mental and Higher Level experiences. Maybe you have had some of these; many of us have in various forms. They can be visual or simply mental constructs, some literally formless and defying clear definition. They begin to defy description; language fails us.

Now to the more pertinent questions and I am sure some knowledgeable others will contribute.

Was that your husband? Maybe, but really you are the only person to answer that. If the connection between you two was that strong, then certainly it is possible. Maybe a good question to ask is 'Is he the type of guy/husband who would stick around to keep up that connection?' Along with that, do you really, passionately want to keep that connection? If the answer is a resounding yes, then maybe you two can keep a connection open. What you do with that is up to you (two). smiley

Keep in mind that the general trend of the Universe is that we always are moving on to the next phase...there will always be time to catch up with one another at a later date. But then again...Rule #20 something says that there are exceptions to every rule...

I hope that gives some useful ideas to consider, others will chime in. We are all sharing and dare-ing.


PS   T-Man beat me to the first response and he gave good advice!

86  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Vibes and Visions on: June 29, 2017, 03:25:50
I read with some interest last week that some members, both old and new, had been recently experiencing episodes of vibrations. I have not had many vibes since my experiences have evolved into Phasing the last few years and what vibes I had felt were usually minor and of such high frequency that they felt 'warm', if that makes sense to anyone.

So I had this business trip coming up over last weekend and I had mixed feelings about it, a little trepidation. It almost always disrupts my sleep pattern and means I will have one or more totally sleepless nights, which leaves me exhausted; two nights in a row and I feel seriously impacted in many ways. It also means that somewhere along the line I will get a significant Non-Physical experience, usually the second or third night...OTC and prescription medications rarely offer any help.

Saturday is my early morning departure, so Friday night I go to bed around 11pm with a prescribed sleep med. After one hour I am drifting off slightly when the vibrations come surging on quite unexpectedly. I would rather sink into sleep but the surge is simply too powerful to ignore; I realize something is going on that I should probably pay attention to. So I let the vibrations expand, which they do enormously: 7 on a scale of 10 with some moderate shaking as well as hypnogogic wind howl and a bit of physical storm. I release from the Physical and float up out of bed and into my attic, then uncontrollably move backwards out of the house, then angle back into my body below. Not sure what's up with that but the vibrations increase to 10/10, the shaking becomes violent like I am sitting on top of the Apollo Saturn 5 first stage booster at Launch plus 3 and the hypnos become an absolute howling, buffeting hurricane. I have a small moment of uncertainty as to my safety because my body? feels like it is shredding from the wind, but then decide to just give in to the experience and the literal sh** storm continues for what seems another 30 seconds as I allow it to just shred my being.

As nothing has perceptibly changed after some 30 seconds I apply a visual Intent and try to mentally create that really cool flame-dripping, red circular portal from the Dr. Strange movie; it appears but quickly transforms to a sweet green rotating circle I had found under Google images earlier in the week...Okay, so I go with that and mentally dive into it. The black 3d star-lit Void opens before me and I feel some forward movement so I go with that picking a pin-point of light slightly left of center and instinctively declaring, "Second star from the left, and straight on 'til dawn." I move towards it at increasing velocity and awareness...nothing but a very subtle sound coupled with a mental 'feel' that I cannot describe that lasted maybe a half a second: a sound that felt like another digital download...'qweep, bleep, diddle-bloop, poof...

And I was back in bed. The vibrations were softer now, slow-cooking underneath me like I was bacon in a fry-pan with the heat turned back. It was a new experience to say the least...I did not try to fight it or alter it...I just sort of slow-cooked for the next 40 minutes or so and then the vibes slowly diminished over 15 minutes and finally left. I did not sleep for the rest of the night. Got up at 6am exhausted and drove 7 hours to my meeting; fortunately, I did sleep the next 2 nights...

So I get home and sleep like a stone Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I am still a bit sore and tired as I step into the shower. (Lumaza- you will appreciate this!) The spray from the showerhead is SO comforting that I close my eyes and only perceive the swirling lava-pools of pink-ish/purple-ish light from behind my eyelids. Half-dozing under these relaxing conditions, a Phasing vision begins to slightly form...only partially...but nonetheless, it is a vision of my point consciousness being carried along in a torrent of water through a mountain tunnel, finally to explode out into blue sky for an instant and down in a waterfall to the mountainous gorge below. It was only partial, so it did not challenge my balance, but it instantly reminded me of Lumaza's  showers and soaks I know it's coming, lol!   

Oh yeah, the business trip was useful as well!

Thank the Source for you guys and sites like these! Without you I would think that I am losing my grasp on Reality.

Now I know that I am only 'relaxing my grip'... wink

87  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: sexual fantasies? on: June 18, 2017, 06:33:30
The sexual fantasy encounter is an intriguing situation. Within my experience and my reading, in the short term it is fun and relatively harmless; in the longer term it can become an addiction and an obstacle to further development.

I guess the sexual fantasy can be put into 2 categories: Sleep Paralysis and OBEs. I've had both.

Sleep Paralysis was the most difficult to avoid, at least in my early days, because it came upon me so quickly, without warning. After several instances over forty years, I  finally decided to begin shutting it down immediately.  The condition of SP may be linked with base/root/sacral chakra stimulation (there is certainly no mistaking it!) and this may spill over into the concept of the etheric/ RTZ OBE where it again became an issue for me for awhile.

As far as OBEs-
Early in our experiences we are confronted with a multitude of practically overwhelming emotional issues at varying times and in different intensities. During the early attempts to project, both before and after an exit, we deal with a variety of issues involving excitement/fear/confusion. Once these are transcended, we find ourselves within a successful exit, be it an etheric one or into a Lucid Dream or some type of Phased environment. We may still have an occasional fear issue but now we seem to deal with issues that tend to cause us to lose our mental "stability", these being mostly again excitement or confusion about our situation. A lack of proper Intent can now also cause an experience to end prematurely.

For me it wasn't until my experiences shifted into full color astral or personal dreamspace and I encountered female dream characters that my libido absolutely exploded and I chased every skirt I could find. Slowly I realized they were nothing more than relatively senseless dream characters and the fun quickly wore off. Still, the sexual urge was always there and had to be dealt with.

Kurt Leland has written that our instructors will often show up as an attractive member of the opposite sex to test our reactions and if our sexual impulse takes over, then we are left with an empty dream character. They won't waste much time with us as long as we don't exercise proper control.

Robert Monroe wrote about his problems overcoming this issue in his first book. He came about the answer almost by accident. Maybe I got the idea from him because that is how it worked for me (I did read that book 42 years ago); I inadvertently had the same response he had. I had made one of my last etheric exits and was floating through my bedroom with a specific Intent in my mind to use a mirror for a portal. Suddenly an absolutely stunningly beautiful woman moved past me smiling at me. Mesmerized, I turned to follow her; then I remembered my Intent. I said/thought to her "You, I will see later!" Whereupon she sat down and looked back up at me with her hands held as if she was holding binoculars, studying me still with a smile. Then she faded and I went about my task.

My current and provisional thinking is that many, if not most of these excitement/confusion/fear/anger/sexual episodes are tests of our emotional control. They can and will occur at any time- on exit, on dream entrance, during a simulation. Maybe they are Higher Self induced, Instructor induced, maybe some are just minor consequences of our learning to work within these energies, or all of the above...a new word that came to me recently- it is all a blending.
88  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Learning lucid dreaming first then ap on: June 18, 2017, 05:05:38
Lumaza- That was a good thread! I need to revise and add a couple ideas...


At this point in your experiences, as everyone else has said- it is best to stay calm and just observe when you first come aware within a new environment- the Lucid Dream is perfect. Once you feel stabilized, then look around and try and determine what actions are required of you and do that, go with the plotline presented-this is what is mean't by "going with the flow". I know I'm repeating, just wanted to be clear.

At some point, at least in our early LDs, we can make significant changes in the environment ie, going for a flight or mentally re-arranging or changing the environment; in other words, having fun! If these actions repeatedly lead to the experience ending for you, what we call "getting kicked/booted out", then it could mean that you are already experiencing a "simulation" where you are being tested on and taught new Non-Physical skills. This is a good thing but it does curtail some of the fun. But not to worry- they do begin to incorporate some of the fun stuff into the lesson-plan (you just won't know when or where evil).

You also mentioned not being able to get out of body while in a LD. This is actually a mis-understanding of what is happening. Both the LD and an OBE are actually a function of re-focusing/Phasing your awareness away from your Physical Reality body and into the Non-Physical Reality. In a LD you've already done that naturally and instinctively; there is no need to exit your sleeping body. It can be done from a LD but most times you are simply dreaming that you are doing it and thus creating a false "overlay" within your experience. Having done this myself, it is an amusing and confusing experience that does nevertheless teach you something about the energies involved.

With that said, in the LD you can sometimes call a HALT! to the whole dream environment and erase it completely, leaving you floating in a black space and able to create any environment you can think of. Or with the proper Intent you can also "will" an exit from your physical body. If properly done you may feel the vibrations or similar "exit symptoms" and experience the classic etheric/RTZ exit that you were searching for. It also could be partly blended with dream material, you just never can tell, but again it teaches you some things about the energies we are working with.

89  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I thought I was Jesus!! on: May 30, 2017, 08:42:07
Around the age of 15, I wondered if I was possibly the reincarnation of Jesus, the Second Coming. After all, nothing is mentioned of his earlier life in the Bible, so it kind of begs the question of when he might have realized his Divinity.

So why wouldn't that question occur to any young person?

Or possibly, was it that he never had reason to question his Divinity...he just was who he was.

So that pretty much answered it for me at the time.
90  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Hemi-Sync Advice on: May 30, 2017, 06:37:22

My best and most simple advice is to keep doing whatever it is that seems to be getting you results (i.e. new experiences); continue with that until it stops, then look around for the next lesson, wherever it may come from (this won't always be obvious). So in that sense, if the Monroe Hemi-sync is helping you experience these "energy sensations", then keep with it.

That is the quickest, easiest answer I can suggest.

Now to complicate things a bit.

In my opinion and my experience, the energetic sensations can serve at least 3 purposes: 1- They are a definite validation that some new type of experience may be available to us; 2- There are new qualities of physical or supra-physical energies that can be experienced possibly as other-dimensional bodies/vehicles/vessels of Consciousness; 3- That our present Consciousness is somehow involved and that relationship requires exploring (and maybe 4- At least initially, we have little to no idea as to where we are going or how to get there, lol).

In reading back over your previous posts here on the Pulse, I see that you have had a number of experiences ranging from semi-lucid dreams, hypnogogia and a little Sleep Paralysis. I hope you are recording all this in a journal of some sort; I started with a Dream Journal but because of all the seemingly non-dream weird stuff I just came to call it my Journal of Non-Physical experiences (NP). A journal will prove to be a great benefit a few years later as you begin to discern certain patterns within your experiences; it becomes both a catalogue and a roadmap of where you have been...and maybe an indication of where you are going.

To me, it is like a giant jigsaw puzzle with 8 or more corners to it and we are slowly piecing the various corners together, working our way back towards the center; or it's like the three blind men describing different parts of an elephant. With that idea in mind, remember that your experiences likely will not come in a completely understandable, linear form; certain key aspects may not be immediately apparent. And they will be at times, common with other people's experiences and other times very uniquely yours. So it is good to write them all down in some form of a journal. They will fit together sometime later.

If the Hemi-sync is working and you want to add something like that, then the Kenyon or Avalon audio seems like quality material.

So, with all that said, I think you should also be paying attention to how energy sensations are showing up in your dreams (this has already happened and is your inner self experimenting within the safe confines of a dream), the different perspectives of your dreams (again, you have already instinctively experimented with this) and the consolidation of your memories of these key aspects.

You can also add in some straight-forward meditation as was recommended (no Hemi-sync, no sound, just you); just 15 minutes to work on calming/quieting the mind and learning control and patience (you will need this later).

If you haven't already, read some of the Blue Stickies on this forum and the 3rd forum about Exit Sensations, Sleep Paralysis, First time Out, Xanth's book, Szaxx's Blueprint, much of this you can cram into your head because most of us have experienced it before and it is good knowledge to have (even in the back of your Consciousness) when you happen to run into that particular circumstance.

So my final advice is to take what you currently have and put it to work. Do some energy work for an evening or three and then set your Intent for every have an experience sometime during the night, to either remember or to become fully lucid in a dream; or to set a middle of the night alarm, or an early morning alarm, and do a Wake, Back to Bed technique. Set a specific Intent to become aware in your bedroom or your apartment or house...nothing too complex, keep it simple. Experiment with the timing and try to get those energy sensations you are now feeling, and if you can, follow them with full confidence in your ability and your safety. Those energy sensations may continue or they may transform into hypnogogic visuals or audios or a Phasing kind of OBE; whatever it is, just go with it. Now is the time to start pushing your outer limits.

And no matter what experience you get, accept it and take it as far as you can. Then write it down. I can almost guarantee that it won't be what you expected, so don't be disappointed and take it anyway, because there are always lessons to be discovered.

I hope that helps. Have fun!

91  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Belief Territories on: May 08, 2017, 06:05:27
I don't think that the "Belief System Territories" are necessarily "bad" or undesirable places to end up in after you transition. Apparently most of us have been there many times. The point is to understand the reason for their purpose in the first place and why and when we should be ready to move beyond them as a waypoint in our spiritual evolution.

Think about it for a moment in school terms: In 1st grade I wanted to be in 6th grade- that was everything to me. In 6th grade I wanted to be in 7th, 8th or 9th grade...then 12th grade, then college. Wherever we are, we are satisfied only for a short time and then we feel the need to move on. As human beings, maybe this can be said as sentient beings, we all want and strive for the next level (of competence/understanding/wisdom)...I'm not sure it ever ends.

Monroe only described the BSTs as undesirable in that they were restricting our eventual spiritual evolution.

It makes sense in a way, that the majority of humankind ends up for awhile in the BSTs, before they move on. To me it fits neatly within the whole idea of freedom of choice.

I find a certain humor in this, and a dark humor at that, that by asking these questions we are finding ourselves in the very uncomfortable position of realizing (possibly for the first time in many lifetimes) that we are caught between the comfortable ignorance of our previous lives and the uncertain and frightening freedom of the infinite future we now realize lays before us.

Universal humor...n'yerk n'yerk!
92  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Astral Projection in a dream on: May 08, 2017, 05:34:24
In my experience, having had a few of these as I was getting back into pursuing the Art, I would put them in the "in-between" category; they may not be conscious AP experiences but they are Non-Physical experiences, which is how I look at all these experiences at least initially, especially if I am a bit confused by them at first. Many people experience these and I think they fit into a significant category that indicates you are making progress; they are a kind of "trial run", your subconscious mind providing you with a practice run of an AP, testing how you would deal with it, what your reactions might be. I think it is one of the early signs that indicates good progress, and it is one sign (for you) that your progress is somewhat dependent on some personal and subconscious factors that you may not have been aware of previously.

So, next time you are going to sleep, send a message of thanks and that you "would like more of the same" to your inner/higher self.

Also start to realize that your NP self will not be the self that is awake and reading this post right now; it will be the self that was in that AP dream from a few months ago. It is a "self" that will have limitations and will require a certain degree of nurturing and development.
93  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: What are the most important values to live by to have a good reincarnation? on: April 25, 2017, 04:41:51
I will just say this: I had (have) depression issues. They can discourage you, they did me at times. Depression can bring me to a "full stop"...I do my best not to revisit those old dark days.

Find your center, find your passion...and then move from there as best you can make it work. I know it is not easy, each day is a new/same old challenge.

Today's values?

There is always better
94  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Can this be done in the astral plane and in the akashic records? on: April 25, 2017, 03:59:28
Phasing is something that develops as you keep experiencing the astral, you can read stuff on it and try to acquire this ability by practicing it or you can let it come to you naturally.
I discovered that I was phasing only after I read a few posts on the forums about it, I didn't even know what it was and I was already doing it, so it's not that difficult.
When you start tapping into the astral and it gets more and more common, eventually you'll have a shift in your thinking methods and you'll only have to get into that "zone" where you can go phasing as you like.

This is a wonderful description of how to become open to the Phasing process. Nothing really needs to be added...
Thanks for this Kzaal.
95  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Did I just phase? on: April 17, 2017, 04:08:14
You are welcome T-Man!

So it looks like those audio clips and affirmations paid off for you. Awesome! Even if it was a relatively short experience, that doesn't detract from the monumental feeling you walk away with: You set an Intent with affirmations and you got a NP experience and an undeniable confirmation! Whether or not the two ladies were actual entities or aspects offered up by your subconscious/higher self isn't really important at this moment; this was a direct message to the value of your efforts.

I was just signing on to post this additional suggestion but seeing your reply reinforces my thought. It might prove very helpful to take a minute for the next few nights and mentally state an affirmation of thanks and gratitude and a request for more experiences such as this one. The exact wording is not too important, rather it is the sincere feelings you want to express; make the effort and just know that the message is heard and understood.

In the coming days and weeks you can put forth specific requests in the form of an Intent/affirmation, but don't be disappointed if you get something different in the way of an may get offered tests and simulations instead (it seems to be different for everyone and wonderfully varied, lol). You get to a point where you realize that the most practical Intent is to simply ask for the next best lesson for your own progress. In other words, "Show me what I need to learn next".

Nicely done!

96  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: return visits to people in dreamland. How to trigger them? on: April 17, 2017, 00:05:04
Finding or visiting a person/entity in the astral is done in a very automatic and instinctive way, generally-speaking. Robert Monroe described it as thinking of the person and the emotional-energetic "feel" that you have for them- he called this their energy-signature or their "ident", short for identity. I have found it to be really that simple, like thinking of an old friend or favorite relative. Fix that thought in your awareness and simply "intend" to go find them; Monroe did it by "stretching" his awareness towards them.

That is not to say that it works every time, especially early on. Sometimes I could find people straight away and other times I ran into characters who simply shrugged their shoulders and said, "Nope, haven't seen him here."

Other times, you can be pulled off course for reasons you won't be fully aware of, you just learn to sense the subtle course deviation being expected of you and you follow it, such as in my Grass, Gravel and an Old Friend experience. I went looking for one friend and instead was led to another.

When I do encounter an entity that I am unsure of- is this person who I expect them to be? Or are they a cleverly-disguised dream character offered up by my subconscious? Or are they another entity masquerading as someone else? Or did I inadvertently create a thought-form?...then I do what Kurt Leland calls his "entity trust test" and this is simply "reading" the entity and trusting your intuition. And this skill, like any other NP ability or sense needs to develop over time, as is the case with me; I'm not always confident in my answers just yet.

One early method I learned to distinguish between simple dream characters and what are likely consciously aware beings is to look closely into their eyes for definite signs of awareness/intelligence/Life! Dream characters early on have lifeless, unintelligent very first encounters were with what were literally like showroom dummies. Over time, the dream characters became more sophisticated and life-like and honestly, now I am not always sure; by this time I find myself relying more on my intuition alone and my current provisional belief is that my experiences are probably peopled with both types.

You didn't mention just what it is that you "want to take things where they were left". My attitude has always been that whomever I may encounter, I treat them with respect and consideration, like being a guest in a foreign country.

97  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Did I just phase? on: April 16, 2017, 23:14:43
You shifted your focus into a Non-Physical environment, so yes I think it qualifies as a form of phasing. Some might quibble with the fact that you lost awareness for a short time and came aware within a lucid dream, but in my interpretation it is all pretty much the same thing and there are many ways to get "there".

Now just where "there" is, you will have to work out and define for yourself.

But in the meantime, congratulations! And yes it can happen that simply and easily...sometimes. Now you need to reflect on what occurred for you to have made that transition: Did you have a specific Intent when you lay down? Maybe you weren't even thinking about an attempt but your prior efforts may have led to what we could call the Intent-Pressure building and finally delivering an experience when you least expected it. It can work that way at times. Another possibility is that as you relaxed into sleep, you got the benefit of riding a hypnogogic visualization that helped you manage the shift even though you were barely cognizant of it. Just a couple ideas.
98  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Stuck on: April 05, 2017, 05:32:37
Meditation is a wonderful art to learn in its own right and will allow you to develop the thought/emotion control that will be necessary to make progress in the Non-Physical realms, once you get there.

So you describe reaching a state of stillness and focus. If you feel too awake at this point then understand this- you are still WAY TOO AWAKE!

When I was a teenager, I did the same thing; I meditated pretty regularly, and I lay on my bed trying to relax and project...for hours...and days...and weeks. And pretty much got nothing for it, maybe the stray energetic exit sensation once in awhile (which I didn't know enough about to even recognize at the time). I didn't want to fall asleep and waste my opportunity so I never fell asleep. In retrospect, that was a BIG mistake because I never allowed myself to get anywhere near relaxed enough for an exit to occur. (edit: let me clarify that my body was entirely relaxed, but my mind was not; I instinctively refused to give up control)

As far as 'where to take it' from there...well you could try a Rundown (do a search on that term) which is any number of kinds of visualizations that involve movement. Or you could do a visualization such as Lumaza's Doorway technique. Check the dark blue stickies at the top of the first and third Boards here and you will find many techniques to consider. You should eventually read them all so that information is filed away in your memory because at some future point you may happen to encounter what has been described, and you might have a better chance at recognizing it and taking advantage of your knowledge.

So my advice is that if you insist on pursuing this method, then let yourself fall asleep a few times. Run through the technique/visualization/rundown a few times and if that produces nothing, then simply allow yourself to relax deeper and try again until you slide off into sleep. All that 'intent', desire and expectation you have built up may very well carry through into a brief sleep period of a few seconds to a few minutes and then you may come aware already within an OBE. This brief loss of consciousness is quite normal and often results in a loud CLICK! being heard as your awareness re-engages...thus it is referred to as a 'click-out'. And this is a perfectly valid method for achieving an OBE.

You have already made better progress with the Wake, Back To Bed method like you experienced last December; all you need to do is stay calm and passively observe the process as it unfolds, but your excitement likely aborted the event. It can take 4 or 5 of these near-OBE experiences where you make just a little more progress each time, until you finally make the can get very frustrating but that is a big lesson in the patience and mental control that will be absolutely necessary if you wish to venture anywhere near these realms.

Hope that helps some.


99  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / MOVED: Fieldtrip on: April 02, 2017, 00:27:00
This topic has been moved to Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences!.
100  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Phasing just a free active imagination meditation ? on: March 19, 2017, 20:33:01
1- When I first began observing the progression of visual images from a totally relaxed state on the border of sleep such as you are describing, I also was not able to stay immersed for any length of time, say 30 seconds to 3 minutes. I think several issues may be causing this: One is that your awareness needs to learn to stabilize itself to remain immersed; this includes not being overcome with any number of emotions such as fear, excitement, confusion, distraction and frustration, to name the big five. A second issue is the lack of a properly formed Intent. A third issue may be that without a defined Intent, you must be very open to the new environment and what challenge or lesson it may be presenting you. If you fail to perceive the lesson being presented or insist on looking for something else, then the simulation will end and you get shifted back to the Physical wondering what went wrong.

I think this happens frequently in the beginning because we are being gently guided to first learn the basics as I described above. You may wish to go to the RTZ or Frank's F3, but you are simply not ready for that until you learn the basics. So that's why I say be open for whatever the environment is presenting you. Kurt Leland says that you can literally 'ask' the environment what is expected of you and you should get a reply. I never thought to do that until my Talking to the Hand adventure when I called out to an unseen voice saying that "We may not be ready for this" and got the reply "You will have to do the best you can", lol.

2- I have no way to answer this; only you can. Again see #1.

3- If you are describing the onset of what we refer to as the "vibrations", then this is a possible sign that your Intent to have a RTZ obe is actually working. It may take a few tries, but let the vibrations increase and expand until you feel like a helicopter powering up and lifting out. If not the vibes, then it may be some energy sensations that are nonetheless a sign that something is activating...go with it.

4-Don't think of this in Physical Reality terms. By destination you are referring to Intent. So YES, you need a destination -whether it is a person, place, thing or idea/question to explore. I have my techniques to get to the RTZ or F3, but they won't necessarily work for you right now. Go read the blue stickies on the first three Boards and try any of the dozens of techniques available. You are already well on your way with the tech you are describing so far. Form your Intent then ask for it in your mind and keep the request in mind as you switch into a scene, then go with whatever you get.

6- I generally formulate my Intent before attempting a technique and keep it foremost in my mind. Sometimes an Intent will spring forth spontaneously if I find myself already 'out'.

7- I don't know what the 'stray energy stage that Kepple describes' is...if you read through his Phasing Resource, it explains a lot.
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