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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Need help for second OBE on: July 08, 2017, 17:47:27
Thanks for your replies,

Lie in bed in a comfortable position, but don't stress about being still. When you need to move a part of your body, to scratch, or anything that bothers you,
 just do it, then continue your projection preparation
This will help me a lot while relaxing because sometimes it hurts to keep lying still.... actually It becomes so uncomfortable that my mind fights against my body.
I will follow your tips.

Your technique sounds good. Progressive relaxation into breath work but then what? You say you empty your mind, then what happens. Maybe a vibration or some kind of quick hypnagogic image? Then your mind kicks in and the excitement of the journey begins. ...and then it is done as quick as it started. It wasn't like your first OBE. It likely won't be that way again either.

After relaxation I try to keep my mind free ,.For example when a thought begins I try to immediately stop it. actually this is getting better and better by time.

After this: I also try to send energy to a specific part of my body, maybe this sounds weird but what it actually does is giving (extra) tingle feeling to some parts of my body.
Usually It will give the tingle feeling very easy to my hands and arms , my legs and toes and my eyebrows also where the third eye is located.
But the other places like my chest and stomach,back and... I have never felt any tingles.

While feeling my body lighter and feeling some tingle in some of the parts of my body:

-Usually nothing happens and I end it after 1-1,5h or i fall asleep
-sometimes I hear my first snore and wakes me up on the point to falling
-1 time a very hard scream in 1 of my ears ( before first OBE)
-1 time someone yelling " STOP it"
-3 times I realized I was seeing an image:
something like a skull X-Ray which shocked me and ended (1 sec)
A very clear and HQ image of a man with beard sitting (1 sec)
A picture of something like a jungle which did not shock me so I wanted to keep looking at it but after a few seconds the picture disappeared slowly...

So what I am saying is that your experiences will change and be different then before. Sometimes you also seem too aware awaiting for the OBE to occur. Your excitement becomes your enemy here. You need to set the stage per say, but also have a intent of what you want to do once you do achieve the conscious shift

Yes this is true, I have to change this in my mind because it will not be the same as the first one.

I will read your 6pt focus post and interpret it for my self.

Thanks, I keep trying to reach the goal and have my second OBE
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Need help for second OBE on: July 06, 2017, 21:26:59
Hi guys,

This is my first post on astralpulse but I have been reading posts on this forum for a while.

About myself:

I am 28 years old
Got interested in OBE about 1,5 months ago, can't remember why and how but atm it seems to be a missed part of my life.
am very happy to have learned about it.

So I started somehow and searched about it on the internet, read the book of Robert Bruce which was very helpfull.

My first OBE
I started by relaxing my body, from my toes to head by just focusing on each part of my body while l am laying on my back, this proces for about 1h.
While doing this every day for 1-2 times.
Every time after this relaxation proces I felt change in how I was feeling my body,it became much lighter but I could not astral project.

While trying, kept reading articles on the internet/youtube/forum posts and Robert bruce book.
After 2 weeks of research and reading books found about Alarm clock methode which gave me my first experience.

It was very easy , actually I set the alarm mp3 file which I had downloaded from the Internet and went to sleep.I popped "automatically"out of my body while or maybe after hearing a hard noise for a few moment.

After first OBE

So after having my first experience I was very happy and motivated even more.

Tried the alarm clock mp3 again for few nights without any success...
Actualy 2 things can happen now when I use the alarm mp3 file methode:
I wake up completely or It doesnt wake me up at all...

Dont know why this happens and this methode doesn't work for me anymore, maybe someone knows the answer?

After having no succes with this methode, decided to try to get in sleep paralysis by WBTB at night after sleeping for 4h.
I always fall in sleep after doing the proces.
Also I try doing it in the day ,after relaxation trying to get  sleep paralysis, still no succes.

this is what I do:

-lying still on my back without moving
-Relaxing my body from toes to head
-trying to empty my mind and focusing on my breatingI

If I didnt fall asleep I end it after 1-1,5h .

Do you guys have any advice to help me get my second OBE?

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