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1  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Meditation--> psychosis (recent article in Harper's) on: Yesterday at 05:31:49
Came across this fascinating and challenging article in Harper's:

The entire time I read it, I was thinking back to having read the book "Spiritual Emergency" last year. The book talks about the line between psychosis and a "spiritual crisis", and how something spiritual could be confused with a mental health emergency. I thought perhaps by the end of the article I'd be able to "figure out" what was "really" going on, but the article ended and I felt well and truly gutted. It seemed truly ambiguous. Not whether or not these effects really happen to people (obviously the research shows we have to accept that it does), but rather how it happens, why, and what does it really mean?

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts.
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal- tides2dust. Entries, Past Experiences, Notes and Questions on: April 15, 2021, 23:35:54
I've been thinking more about those times we dream that we're laying down/sleeping. One of the last things that happened to me (as I posted about) was seeing a man in my dream approach and stand next to my bed, and trying to open my "dream eyes" and accidentally opening my *actual* eyes and then seeing an actual shadowy figure next to my real bed - right where the man was standing in my dream! I started thinking about how there have been other times I've had those weird dreams of myself sleeping. Certainly, seeing a figure in a dream (of myself laying down and trying to sleep) and then seeing an *actual figure* in my room suggests even more that there's some relationship between what we dream and other NP entities that we encounter in that state. So when you're dreaming that you were sleeping in your bedroom, maybe you were in a lower-state-of-awareness OBE/NP experience - like, sorta hovering right where your physical body was - so that's why your perception out of body was of yourself "sleeping". Then the plants you saw in the dream or NP or whatever it was, is a symbolic representation of something you encountered =) I think? Not sure if I'm making sense! Anyway, I was glad to read this experience you just posted because it's the sort of thing I've been turning over in my brain ever since that similar thing happened to me!
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: April 14, 2021, 00:47:24
I wish, T-Man, no CliffsNotes for poor 'ole me =(
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: April 11, 2021, 02:11:44
10 April 2021


I’m really not sure what all this was. Some degree/combo of lucid dreaming and projection, I think.

First experience:

Strange dreams, I think. I was dreaming that I was asleep in a bed, and some others were making some annoying noise. A man approached my bed, and while I was awake they thought I was asleep. I decided to pretend I was just waking up, hoping that they’d realize they were too loud. But instead of opening my eyes in my dream, I *actually* opened my eyes - my physical body. And...THERE WAS SOMETHING STANDING NEXT TO MY BED in the exact same spot as the man in my dream - like, literally. It was like a shadowy form, and I jolted and gasped, thinking it was an actual human in my room, maybe a burglar (it was still dark out, so there wasn’t much light available). Upon my wide-eyed, scared stare and gasp, the shadowy figure took one slow step backwards, and slowly dissipated.

::stares::  huh shocked

Second experience:

There was a woman who was doing something surgical to my brain. My skull was open and my brain was being directly worked with. I felt a LOT of uncomfortable pressure in my brain! It did hurt, but at least not as bad as some of my other pain OBE experiences.

Strangely, the wall opposite of me where this was happening was a mirror. I looked at the reflection of myself in the mirror and I didn’t see my head’s top-of-skull surgically removed, instead I had no head at all! Well, at least in the reflection, of course, as I could still feel everything that was going on.

I asked, as you can imagine, what the point of this procedure was, and naturally could not remember the explanation. I think after this was over (timeline gets fuzzy) I said that what I really want is to be healed, for my illness to be taken away. The woman told me to take the #9 cupcake from the tray (which had other cupcakes with other numbers on top of their icing), and eat it when I get to the platform. Like, some sort of transportation platform, like a train.

Some dude with brown hair took me (and my cupcake I was holding) to the “platform” but instead of train platform it looked like we were outside an airport, like you know where the public transit/buses are. I was talking to him, asking if the cupcake would really heal me of my chronic illness. He said a lot but I don’t remember.

Then, I saw the woman surgeon again. I talked to her, and asked her about whether the cupcake would cure me. Her answer surprised me as it seemed that the cupcake had zilch to do with any physical healing! She said, “It’s enough to believe in the way men love you.”

I mean, huh? OK. I was totally caught off guard but it seemed like a sweet sentiment so I paused, thought, and said, “That’s beautiful.”

Anyway, I ate the whole cupcake! I COULD taste it but it was kinda like mildly cupcake cardboard. I made a joke to the guy, saying that food in the NP tastes like the worst stale vegan gluten-free food you’ve ever had! There was some bits of cupcake and icing left on my fingers, and he licked it off.

Back to body, took notes.

Third experience:

Surgery lady again. This time she wanted my DNA for some reason! Like, NO, surgery lady. No.

I didn’t want to do that, so I got her to agree to explain everything to me first. Well, I was too trusting I guess, because she tricked me. Instead of explaining, she started coming at me with some sort of syringe. I thought “HOME!!” and of my physical body and basically got myself back lickety-split, right as she was approaching me with some sort of syringe device to suck up my DNA.

Took notes.

Fourth experience:

Some sort of situation I didn’t like, might have been a lucid dream, so to get out of it I decided to ask to see my higher self. I felt myself begin to float, and I felt various hands on me - not really carrying me per se, but just touching me. It wasn’t like the scary “clutching hands” I’ve heard about, tho. It felt benign.

This time, my higher self looked like a woman. She did explain the significance of the “touching hands” but I can’t remember. There was her, and a table where others sat, both men and women. At least two of them I felt like I recognized and had seen them before. No idea how or where or when.

My “higher self” said to the others, that I came to them too late after I got the Death card (referring to tarot). As a consequence, when I pass them when I’m flying (and when they’re flying, and I guess we fly by each other), some negative consequence could occur, but only when their own relationships with each other are collapsing.

None of that makes any sense to me, but OK.

She put me in some sort of trance-like state. It was a little uncomfortable, because there was something happening either physically or energetically. Tiny, glass-like beads/spheres came out of the tip of my tongue. She took the glass beads and one by one gave them to each of the others who had been sitting at the table. This was important for them to get, to I think rectify whatever the situation was (in terms of me arriving to them “too late”).

One of the guys at the table was referred to as my “brother”, and seemed to have a name like Colum (like Scottish, Colm). There was talk of his and my “mother”. My higher self also then injected something into my arm, something for “durability” of my out of body experiences. I had asked for help so that I can stay out longer and don’t fade away so quickly.

I asked if if we all have particular missions that were here to do, and she said yes (whereas, in one of this mornings earlier experiences that I can’t even remember, I was told no, we don’t have missions, we only have “jobs”, and we choose the “jobs” ourselves and they can be long-term or very short-term jobs, either important or not). But now I was being told yes - so I was told two contradictory things by different beings/entities in the span of a single morning!

I feel like there was more, but I don’t remember. I was back and took notes.


Not sure what sort of experience I was having, but I felt someone tap my right thigh and ask my name questioningly, and I immediately awoke with a start.
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: First Conscious OOBE at 19 on: April 07, 2021, 23:54:04
These are such cool stories! The first time I know this happened to me was when I was either 17 or 18. This was the late 90s, and the wild west of everyday folks having personal computers and the internet in their homes. There was some sort of "esoteric" type website that I became pretty obsessed with. I can't remember the name of it, but it was all about psychic and paranormal stuff, energy work, astral projection, etc. I read all sorts of things about using your "energy arms" to pull energy into your body. On this one occasion I was doing whatever "energy work/meditation" I had learned on the website, and essentially --and somewhat accidentally-- lurched myself up out of my body. I basically threw my arms out, trying to hug someone I really missed, and next thing I know, I turn my head to the side and notice I'm floating slowly upwards. I was very calm and everything felt so peaceful. I was like, "Oh, I'm out of my body right now", like, ho hum, very mundane observation. I hadn't been technically *trying* to leave my body at that point, but in retrospect I had obviously achieved The State, unbeknownst to me, and wound up throwing my energy arms out (again, unbeknownst to me!) and that's what did it. I floated slowly up and looked back up to the ceiling - now it was like my nose was up against the ceiling of my room. Then it looked as if there were words carved into my ceiling - the message read, "love is death". Well, that was a little scary, and I started thinking, Oh no, what if I float up forever and go into outerspace and I can't breathe and I get lost and never make it back to my body! So I did what I had remembered reading on the website to get back to my body: I thought of my body and thought the word "home!" over and over. Then just like that, i was back. It felt just like waking up from sleep. I dismissed the entire experience as having all been just a dream. Too bad, if I had been keeping up the practice since then I'd be a total expert by now!!
6  Astral Chat / Welcome to News and Media! / Old WSJ article about TMI? on: April 05, 2021, 23:41:38
I came across this citation on Robert Monroe's Wikipedia entry, and was excited to read the actual article - but Google is showing me no hits!! Anyone else have better luck?? No matter how I search for it, I can't find it =(

 Bob Ortega, "Research institute shows people a way out of their bodies", The Wall Street Journal, September 20, 1994, pp. A1, A8.

7  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: The Cat came back...(My lessons continue) on: April 05, 2021, 00:23:34
Cool experiences! Especially because you were tipped off ahead of time that this would all be about learning about the different environment. I wish I got clear, handy explanatory details like that !LOL

As Nameless says, thinking you're in the physical/awake and realizing you're not is both funny and sometimes frustrating. So many times, I've "taken notes" on my experience, like, oooo I gotta write down what just happened before I forget, and I think I'm really writing it down, then I really wake up and my notepad is empty, untouched. It's a bummer every time =(

I look forward to seeing what education comes next for you!
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Hallucinatory hell + claireaudience catastrophy + floating purple visitor on: March 30, 2021, 00:20:53
Lumaza, OHH, I see what you were trying to say now. Thanks for clarifying! Yes I'm a little familiar with the idea of brainwaves, and how trance happens in Theta. Shamanic drumming is at the theta frequency (not coincidentally =)
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Hallucinatory hell + claireaudience catastrophy + floating purple visitor on: March 29, 2021, 22:02:36
you don't have to believe it but the flash of light was followed by the name raphael. the colors left behind matched the description i found online of archangel raphael. when i read of his attributes i started crying.

Aw! That's great that you had this really lovely experience. I'm glad you connected with "archangel energy", whatever that may be, it sounds like you really got some help there. Goodness knows that at times when I was really scared and in a NP "bind" I've tried similar strategies (like asking for "God" to help) and...nada, zippo, zilch, zero. I think whatever entities were troubling me at the time outright laughed at me for thinking that might do me any good! Phooey.
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Hallucinatory hell + claireaudience catastrophy + floating purple visitor on: March 29, 2021, 22:00:00
Just simply closing my eyes now can cause vertigo, nausea, ears ringing, body trembling, all sorts of things. To me though, it has become the "new normal". Talking about lasting effects.

DUDE. I'm so sorry. What does your neurologist say about these symptoms? Losing your balance by simply closing your eyes is absolutely a neuro issue.

I don't know what a Light/Sound machine but that sounds rouuugh =(

11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Hallucinatory hell + claireaudience catastrophy + floating purple visitor on: March 29, 2021, 17:46:21
thank you, all!

Tides: forgot to say dizziness, too! Yes there was a sensation of dizziness thrown in there, along with the ear ringing, pressure, body warmth and wave of nausea. When you say you once prayed for help and got it, what was the help that you wound up getting? Just curious.

EV: Definitely felt like getting caught in borderline gutter crap! Like neither Here nor There, just he worst of both #FunnyNotFunny

Lumaza: I do wonder sometimes about what it means to say we're all "physically safe" no matter what happens in NP. Nausea, dizziness, ear pain/ringing - these are all actual, physical effects on my physical body. Sure, there may not be any permanent damage, but it does seem to me like sometimes something from the NP can actually affect our physical bodies (to at least some degree) - beyond just, wow, I feel really drained after I get back from an NP experience - so seems something worth keeping in mind. I'm guessing there's no horror stories out there of anyone actually incurring real, lasting harm from an NP experience (??), but at least some impact (potentially if not fleetingly negative) can happen.
12  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Hallucinatory hell + claireaudience catastrophy + floating purple visitor on: March 27, 2021, 22:50:08
Well I had an exhausting morning.

I was so tired I just wanted to sleep, but I wound up getting stuck for multiple hours in what I can only call a "hallucinatory hell". I was not simply trapped in a series of bad dreams, and I was also not out of body (I'm pretty sure--I even TRIED repeatedly to get fully "out" hoping that would make the madness stop, but I couldn't). It was akin to an in-between state, where I had some degree of consciousness, but no will. That is, I wasn't really able to "do" anything. It was pretty terrible, and I kept forcing myself awake, but I was so tired it was like undertow, I kept being pulled back under. Just couldn't keep my eyes open.

A couple strange things happened. At one point (when I was really just trying to fall asleep and trying not to get trapped in another scary in-between hallucinatory state) I noticed I was hearing what sounded like other voices, people talking. I thought, well, let's try an experiment. I'm pretty visual and never get any "psychic" information in a auditory fashion, but at this particular moment I wasn't having hypnagogic imagery so much as I was hearing a conversation. I decided to try "tuning in", or rather "listening in", to someone here on earth. I started to concentrate and used my intention to see if I could "tap in" in an auditory way. I started hearing a pronounced ringing in my ear, particularly my right ear, and feeling pressure build in my head/ear. Then I felt hot, like I got a hotflash, and a wave of nausea passed over me. It was AWFUL. I became concerned that whatever I did might have done some kind of damage!

Later, struggling again to just get some sleep and make the hallucinatory hell stop (because all that was continuing), I forced myself to open my eyes (I was dealing with a small degree of paralysis). I got my eyes open and...saw something in my room. There was a floating little purple haze, like a gaseous cloud, glistening a bit, hovering in front of my shade. I was eyes are friggin OPEN and I'm still SEEING THINGS?! It was as if some degree of "non-ordinary sensing" was operative at the same time my eyes were open. Opening my eyes didn't snap it off. At this point I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open, so I wasn't able to try to engage with it, communicate, etc., I just mentally sent out LEAVE ME ALONE! EVERYBODY GO AWAY! EVERYBODY LEAVE I NEED TO SLEEP! because I was getting the sense there were other "things" around.

Anyone ever experience anything like this? Especially if you felt had a nausea spell after concentrating very hard trying to make something psychic happen, or still "seeing things" with your eyes open. I dunno, maybe a literal hallucination. It was all pretty upsetting.
13  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 27, 2021, 00:15:32
EV, interesting. I read Monroe's first (I think??) book, Journeys Out Of The Body, right when I was starting to project. I don't remember anything offhand about cloaked/hooded figures so I'll have to re-read it!! Maybe he talked more about them in the other of his books you mentioned, which I don't have yet. Will be interesting to re-read and see if anything jumps out at me, since it's been almost a year since I read it and started this journey.
14  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 23, 2021, 17:58:46
Thanks, guys!

Lumaza: I think your interpretation of the symbolism makes sense. Especially with the helper taking out the trash - that one seems kinda heavy-handed, but I do need a little help figuring out what the hell they're trying to tell me, so... =) There are certainly some things that need to be "cleaned out" as it were - and maybe that's why the hooded figure said it was time to shut down the basement, like, hey, let's move on from all that, shall we? So that makes intuitive sense to me.

EV: there are definitely times when I feel like I'm "drunk" or otherwise in a lowered awareness fog (good to know what that might be about!) but I don't think that was this time. Is there some writing (either here or elsewhere) that discusses the common appearance of a hooded/cloaked figure in APs? Now that I've seen one I'd like to read about it a bit.

There do seem to be some common areas where I have felt pain. The first time, when I was basically electrocuted, the "device" was put on the right side of my face/head. But the feeling of pain was my ankles (both of them). Tops of feet, ankles, tops of hands, underside of wrists - these areas seem to be targeted more. And now right side abdomen. So, usually on both sides of body at once (i.e., both wrists, both ankles). But, this time the figure was standing to my right, so his hand touched my right side. Maybe that's why the pain this time was not bilateral on this occasion.

Whenever I have asked for clarification about the pain stuff, they don't give it to me. Am I asking the question wrong? Is there some way of phrasing the question that would be more likely to actually get me an answer?
15  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 22, 2021, 20:12:14
22 March 2021

Out of body experience - astral projection - lucid dream

I don’t remember this being a projection from a dream; it seemed like I was more awake - at least, I *thought* I was awake. I felt like I was in the right state, and stretched my arms up and out, feeling myself float upwards. Said my usual, Take me where I need to go, tell me what I need to know. Finally felt myself start to move, feeling some strong momentum/pressure.

Moving along, some glimpses of imagery, then see what appears to be an opened door, and a woman standing on the other side of it. She seemed really excited to see me, and indicated she had seen me before. Said she was waiting 24hrs/day till I came back.

I asked her why, but I couldn’t hear/catch her reply.

She wanted me to follow her. We entered a stairwell, and she quickly walked down the stairs. I flew along behind her, but had trouble “aiming” my flight pattern to steer properly and had a hard time keeping up.

Down the stairs on the level/floor we were supposed to be at, there were a bunch of empty chairs on the stairwell landing, right outside another open door leading to a larger room. Whatever her intentions were for me seemed to have something to do with lots of makeup, etc. As if I were going to be given a makeover!

She went down to an even lower level and was taking out the trash. She asked me if anyone else was there yet - that is, on the above floor where there were the still-empty chairs. I said no.

Just then, another woman sat down in one of the empty chairs. I went over to that area to stand by the chairs and wait.

Then I came-to, that experience ended. I took notes and laid back down. Not really intending to have another experience, but I didn’t feel like getting up yet and thought I’d just lay there and rest for a bit.

I wound up having another experience anyway. I don’t remember it being a projection from inside a dream, and I don’t even remember projecting at all. Maybe it was “Just” a dream, but I was there, it was 3D, and I had the same senses/sensations I do when I’m out.

This one was definitely more ambiguous, I think, and I’m not sure what was really going on and whether it was a dream or “more” than that.

Someone had brought me down to like a ground floor/basement level. Like a student or something. There was a classroom of students and a teacher who didn’t seem to think I belonged there, and kicked me out. But the other students seemed to want me there, they seemed to think I had done something good (something that I couldn’t remember).

The teacher seemed so rude, that altho I was now up some stairs and no longer in the classroom, I used all my strength and energy to tell him off, basically, to send my voice booming out with my thoughts, about how rude he was to me. Like hey man, I’m just a human on earth who is trying her best and who was brought here and is just trying to go with the flow and observe and learn.

I was so weak after doing this I was gasping for air, and slumped down on the floor, leaning against the wall, too weak to move or do anything else.

Then a cloaked/hooded figure arrived, with some sort of a mask over its face. He seemed like an evil figure. I had the feeling I’d seen this hooded figure before.

He said, “Isn’t it time we shut down the basement?”

I tried to explain that I was very weak, I could barely talk, and I was too weak to talk to him more, or to do anything much, as I had just used all my strength to tell off that teacher!

He put his hand on my right side. I felt extreme pain on the top of my right hand, the top of my right foot, my right side, and under my right armpit. It almost felt like he was sticking his hand INTO my right side. It almost seemed like he was trying to tickle me awake, but there was so much pain, too.

I was so weak I couldn’t do much. I asked for help. I tried to “thought→action” him away but it didn’t work. Slowly, the hooded figure and the entire scene started to fade, becoming more indistinct, and finally I woke up.

Some things I noticed is that both of these experiences involve going down to a lower (deeper?) level of a building. And, in one of my last experiences in space, there was that elevator that I got into, and I had the sense it was going to take us down. The first experience today was a good one - my helper was that woman who (while I was out) I seemed to recognize, who seemed to recognize me, and the experience was suffused with a sense of safety.

The second experience was terrible! Other students bring me to a lower level classroom, I'm rudely kicked out, and then this cloaked figure with a real sense of evil causes me more severe pain. Very strange.
16  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Are Vibrations and Other Physical Sensations Necessary for Astral Projection? on: March 22, 2021, 04:29:15
Concur with what everyone has said. The vertigo sounds like the beginning of the shift. You may also experience a "spinning" sensation ... like as tho you were on the teacups ride at Disney! LEAN IN to those sensations. You can even make the sensations increase thru your intention, so they build and get you closer to exiting Smiley
17  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Some questions regarding the "noticing" method and APing... on: March 17, 2021, 19:43:59
I started off getting the full-body vibrations, but as things progressed those died down and basically went away. Now, it's usually some combination of phasing or projecting from a lucid dream. When I project from a lucid dream, I "stretch" out of my body. I sort of try stretching my arms/self up and out - very slowly, as I don't want to accidentally move my literal arms! I just intend/stretch myself gently up and out. At some point, something "feels" different, like I've been "loosed", sorta feels like floating a bit. At that point I know I'm free or "out" and I can ask to go somewhere.

For what seems more like "phasing", sometimes I try to sleep and then the 2-d images suddenly become 3-d and I'm THERE. I'm usually not even trying to do this because I'm so tired and I kinda just wanna sleep! But what everyone is saying about gentle attention that isn't "trying" go focus on anything seems right. Don't be "graspy" with your attention. Sorta practice "non-attachment" with it, just let it play out, gently noticing, and suddenly you'll find yourself in the middle of it. I think "wanting" to phase/project can make it harder. This is probably why this started happening to me so much, because I'm actually wanting to sleep, so I'm really not trying to look too close at the hypnagogic imagery. If I try it won't work; if I think, yes I would really like to fall back asleep now, then *poof* off I go.

Hope that helps =)

PS I miss vibrations! Enjoy them =)
18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal- tides2dust. Entries, Past Experiences, Notes and Questions on: March 15, 2021, 21:09:38
Interesting! I don't know if any of this is helpful but since you seem interested in numbers, I'm copying/pasting what I have from my (overly long) doc on my notes about interpreting tarot. Unfortunately only goes up to 10 (bc the cards do), but, maybe it will help you with some other numbers, give you more food for thought =)

1 - location but no dimension; godhood, the beginning of all things, potential, initiative, idea/spark, beginnings, elemental energy, unity, perfection, what is singular and essential, first principles

2 - a line, extension; duality, self mirrored by another, opposition/division; implies possibility of choice, balance, decision; illusion of separateness, possibility of relationship - partnership, complementary energies, coming together, combination; dialog; cooperation

3 - triangle = first tangible form and so symbol of reality; procreation, fruition; multiplicity, the many; synthesis, integration and mediation, diversity as harmony; cooperation, progress, expansion, growth, amplification; creativity, expression, soul and spirit; really auspicious; group activities, a third element

4 - adds depth; perfect order and permanence; physical world/material existence; the product of equals (2 + 2) so represents justice - good, but heavy; foundation, structure, stability, consolidation, safety, rest, boundaries, order, logic, reality, material, physical

5 - pentagram = can be drawn in an endless knot; change, alteration, motion, time, life/humanity; suggests pain/wounding (5 wounds of Christ); decay; upsets 4’s stability, creating crisis; can also represent health, vitality, new possibilities; severity, associated with fear and punishment, danger and sorrow - challenges that were not of your choosing; change, uncertainty

6 - the next ‘perfect’ number; emerging consciousness and purification; hexagram = 2 opposing triangles (fire + water), symmetry, so integrated awareness of both spirit + matter, and so promoting reconciliation; associated with sex/generation - movement, giving and receiving, lots of balance and flow; success, rewards, harmony, generosity, reconciliation, a return of stability after the 5’s; spiritual balance, expression, emotion, harmony

7 - both reason and chance; both victory and the slightest problem that can upset it; represents wisdom; both perfection and everything that can undermine it (7 vices and 7 virtues); often represent crisis or a test, upheaval, struggles, challenges perhaps of our own choosing, rites of passage, must act quickly to seize the critical moment or opportunity, to avoid being victimized; flexibility, ingenuity, foxes sleep with one eye open - planning, plotting, slightly manipulative; developmental stage, wisdom, spirituality

8 - rhythm and cycles, patterns; presence of a higher justice than that found in matter (the 4); progress toward completion and the final adjustments that need to be made to achieve it - movement both outward and inward; maturity, peak ability, resilience, strength; justice, judgement, business, wealth, abundance, manifestation

9 - the perfect form of the perfect 3; represents limits, boundaries, and strength; completion and end of a cycle, altho in relation to the 10 this completion is still lacking something - backbone and taking a stand; abundance, accumulation, living in the now, enjoying the fruits of our labor; change will be for the better, idealism, optimism, longevity

10 - mystically the same as 1; infinite and unbounded, a higher order of unity; abundance; manifestation and death of the ideal; fulfillment, resolves and consolidates whatever was lacking in the completion of the 9 - stable, nowhere else to go; long-term cycles, endings, transitions; pinnacle of either success or tribulation, depths, climax is coming

Another interesting thing is, at least in the Rider-waite-smith deck (Thoth is different), the 11th Major Arcana card is Justice - and it's right smack dab in the middle of the Major Arcana sequence!
19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: shineling’s APs on: March 15, 2021, 19:51:03
Interesting. I always feel quite literal pain sensations when there is a "procedure" on me - I wish I didn't  cry

Anyway, your interpretation sounds spot on to me! The symbolism is pretty clear and makes total sense given what you've been trying to do with your spirituality and discipline.
20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal- tides2dust. Entries, Past Experiences, Notes and Questions on: March 14, 2021, 23:41:59
So first of all, are we sure that this wasn't the Harry Potter sorting hat?  grin grin grin

Second - I just had an experience that involved the number "eleven" this morning, and posted about it just now, and then started cruising thru the site to see what other recent post there would that I could read. I came to your thread and read the bit where you were told you were to become an "eleven" - funny coincidence! What do you think the hat meant?
21  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 14, 2021, 23:19:10
14 March 2021

Out of body experience - astral projection - lucid dream

Three inchoate, and relatively brief, experiences this morning.

First, I found myself dreaming that I was somewhat falling asleep standing up, and then someone lifted me up and carried me along - as if they were going to get me home. I opened my eyes and saw the ground and the person’s feet walking, and it looked like we were outside and he was going to lay me in the backseat of his car to drive me home. I looked up, and saw what looked to be my grandmother. This is the second time I’ve encountered her, all without asking. Again, like the last time, I cried and hugged her. Then my grandpa was there. I reached out to him and took his hand. He looked at my hand holding his and said, “Her hands are the same.” I told them both that I loved them and kept crying.

Then, I tried asking them, basically, where they wound up. Did they properly transition after they died? I asked them if they were in the afterlife, or heaven? I asked what it was like. Grandpa said, I think, “There are eleven sounds.” He definitely said there are eleven SOMETHING. And I think he said “sounds”. Then my grandma said, “It sounds like milk.” I mean...OK?

That’s all I remember from that experience.

I tried googling to see if I could find any references to "eleven sounds" in heaven, and I struck out; however, I did find this:

Wild! I somehow missed all the news about these weird sounds being heard in the sky all over the world. Wonder if NASA ever figured it out....


I took notes and then wanted to sleep some more because I was tired. I had more weird dreams, and then I became fully lucid and decided to see where I could go. I said my usual, Take me where I need to go, tell me what I need to know! I started floating along, and found that I was floating up, up, up! Into space. There were lots of stars, the higher into space I went, the more it seemed like there were millions of stars clustering to create weird shapes and designs. Then, I entered a wormhole and started zipping along. I’ve been through these tunnels many times. Literal tunnels, and on the inside there are all these colors. I’ve only ever opened my eyes to look around after I’d already entered one; this was the first time I was looking around and saw myself going into one.

One of the interesting things about this was that you could hop on/hop off. Like, hop into this wormhole, zip along, then get off, so you can then hop into this other wormhole over here. Like they were different highways. That’s what happened - again, I’m just floating along, somehow being directed, I wasn’t controlling this. I floated into one wormhole, zipped along, then “hoped out,” only to go into another wormhole from there.

I wound up somewhere civilized, in a large, large, center or complex of some kind. Could be a research center, a political center (like the UN or whatever), I don’t know. But it was big and impressive, lots of people (totally human looking) walking around. I was just looking around, wondering where I would be taken.

Then, I got to an elevator. There were a few other people waiting for the elevator, along with what looked like a UPS delivery man with a pushcart of lots of cardboard boxes. And I literally exclaimed: “There are BOXES in SPACE?!?”

Like...that’s what amazed me? Encountering boxes LOL

We got into the elevator, which was surprisingly small and kinda old looking. It was rounded, like a pill capsule, instead of rectangular.

And that’s all I remember, that experience ended.

I forced myself to sit up enough to take notes. By this point I’m just bone tired. I really just wanted to sleep! But I dipped back in and had another experience.

I don’t remember how this one started. The first thing I remember is that I’m being carried along by someone huge - like, Thanos-huge. It was male. For some reason, it said it couldn’t tell me who it was, yet. There was a reason for this, but I don’t remember.

I asked, “Are you a spirit?”

He said, “As a form of a spirit.”

That was interesting. I was’re a FORM of a spirit? What does that mean….?

I asked: “How long have we known each other?” Because I got the impression this fella knew who I was, and was there to help me.

In response, he replied as though I had asked an entirely different question. He said, “Who are YOU?”

As in, he replied to me as if I had asked “Who am I?” and his response was to repeat my question back to me, “Who are *you*?”

And I was like, hmm, that’s a much better question that I should have asked, knowing who I am would be much more interesting that knowing how long we’ve known each other!

So I said, “Yes!” Like, yeah, tell me the answer to THAT question!

Well, I shortly woke up after that.

There is one thing, however, that I know he also said. The problem is that I’m not sure WHEN he said it.

He said, “Centuries old”. Chronologically, I remember him saying it last, at the very end. But I also remember vaguely that this content was something he was saying about himself. As in, I asked him if he’s a spirit, he said he was a form of a spirit, and I was like, ….. A form of a spirit? And he indicated that he’s centuries old.

That’s what I think happened, but it’s a bit foggy!
22  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: shineling’s APs on: March 14, 2021, 23:15:40
I was kind of hesitant to post this one... it's kind of strange... but what the heck lol.

I went to sleep kind of late. I notice that the later I stay up the more intense my APs are. After a slow clumsy separation I found myself in a beautiful castle room with pink drapes and soft blue hues. Around me where girls. Tons of them! They had me surrounded!

A few took me in hand and led me to an old style bathtub where they proceeded to wash me thoroughly. After that they dyed my hair raven black. After that I got a manicure and a pedicure. Looking in a mirror I could see that my black hair was long now like a girls. And kind of pretty!

Here comes the weird part. Naked as I was the girls surrounded me again and a few came forth to stimulate me. Once I was erect a beautiful blond came forth with a beautiful sword and with one swing chopped it off! I screamed! Another girl came forth and carved what was left of my manhood out! Looking down I could see a gaping slit with blood where my peepee used to be!  shocked

"It's almost over! Don't worry!" one of the pretty girls was saying. One girl had a device which she then scanned me with a blue light on my parts. Suddenly I had a full blown vagina. As far as vaginas go I thought it was pretty decent! They did their scan again and suddenly I had breasts!

Well, they dressed me up in a nice dress and put me in front of this regal mirror. I was a beautiful girl! AHHH! lol

One of the wierdest APs I've ever had, that's for sure!   cheesy

Did you feel pain when they did this?
23  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 12, 2021, 05:33:59
EV: Eh? Where is LightBeam's experience? I'm scanning but don't see it (??)

Nameless: If I know a lot on an energetic level, I always think, fat lotta good it does me most of the time LOL
24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 11, 2021, 18:16:50
Whew, it's been a minute! Total dry spell these last couple months. Maybe because, per my last experience, I haven't "gone home" to New Zealand yet  undecided


10 March 2021

Out of body experience - astral projection - lucid dream

I think I projected from a dream. I’d been having lots of weird dreams, achieved some degree of lucidity, and clawed my way up and “out”. I said, Take me to my spirit guides! I had to say it a few times before I felt myself floating. I heard words in a strange language spoken in my left ear.

Let's just say, I was NOT taken to my guides. Floated along for a few moments, and then opened my eyes. Saw two female-presenting strange humanoid looking creatures to my right. Small eyes and mouths, and they didn’t have noses. I think they were wearing cloaks. They were kinda unnerving to look at, but I tried to stay calm and not be scared. I’ve definitely been watching too much weird TV and I think it’s affecting how things manifest. They definitely said stuff to me, but I can’t remember what.

Then, I floated away from them - it seemed like I was being “separated” from them, and I’m not sure I wanted that to happen. I wound up in front of something that I can only describe as a very large “mother” creature. It was massive, like at least 20 feet tall. It wasn't humanoid, just...a weird creature. I was told there would be a procedure on me, something having to do with my reproductive organs.

Yeah, I didn’t like the sound of that. I said, “I do not consent to this!” I tried to engage the mother creature in conversation, to learn the purpose of it. For some reason, I addressed it as “Lady”. I said, “Lady, tell me, what is this for?”

I’m not sure what the answer was. As usual, there was more said than I can remember. But then she said (not in these exact words, but this is more or less the content), “Tell me, what is someone who you have sex with but is not your spiritual or energetic match?”

My response was, “A boyfriend.”   LOLLOLLOL

Well, yeah, then they laughed. The mother creature laughed, and I heard a chorus of other laughter, too, but I don’t know who else was there. Later, I turned to look back over my left shoulder, and there were a couple young men floating on their backs (like I was more or less floating on my back). The mother creature grabbed one of them by the ankle, and pulled him forward to where I was (the men looked kinda out of it, like they were more or less asleep).

The mother creature said more stuff, but I don’t remember. I started losing my ability to see. “Lady, I can’t see you…” I said. I couldn’t see her, or the man, or anything anymore.

Then, it seemed like the procedure started. I didn’t feel anything on my lower abdomen where my reproductive organs are, however. Instead, I felt as tho scalpels were going into each of my wrists (the underside of my wrists) and on the tops of both of my feet. It hurt, but I tried to let it happen in the hopes that this was a “good” thing.

While experiencing that pain, not being able to see anything anymore, I asked, “Lady, who was that boy?” (no idea why I referred to him as a “boy” when it was clearly an adult male).

The mother creature responded, “What’s the rush?”

And that was IT.

25  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal- tides2dust. Entries, Past Experiences, Notes and Questions on: January 31, 2021, 23:40:31
Last night after 2AM-2:30AM an opportunity was present and IMMEDIATELY shut down. Literally like an, "access denied" feeling. Just as I started hearing a voice and the creeping sensations associated with sleep paralysis or the feelings just before "take-off"  grin Am I shutting down? What is the reason for it...? Could I not be acknowledging something...? Hmm.

Dude I am laughing!!  grin grin This sort of thing just happens sometimes and reading this made me remember something similar that happened to me like...6 or so months ago.

I had asked to be taken to the Highest Self of my ex. We had a strange little conversation. I can only stay out so long before I lose focus and get sucked back.  But the conversation wasn't really over so after taking notes, I managed to get back to right state again and asked the same thing, to be taken back to his Highest Self. I started to feel buzzing and movement to indicate that I was starting to travel there, and then suddenly and abruptly these words flashed in front of me:  ACCESS UNEXPLAINED. I was then *quite* forcibly ejected back to my body. LMFAO I guess the powers that be decided, nope, that was enough of that! Maybe I wasn't supposed to have access to his Highest Self in the first place and they were like weren't supposed to be there. I have also had a helper literally move in front of my face and sigh dramatically when I asked to be taken somewhere that they obviously thought was beside the point and a distraction from Higher Things. I have also literally had a helper/guide look at me when I show up somewhere and say either "What are you doing here?" or "You're not supposed to be here" more than once. I guess i have a strange knack for getting myself into places I'm not supposed to have access to, and then they have to haul me away LOL sometimes we can analyze our experiences and make an educated guess about why we were "booted"; other times it remains a mystery. All we can do is stay open, stay humble, keep going, and keep learning - and, be willing to laugh about it!
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