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1  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / The Science of the Antahkarana on: January 13, 2006, 22:06:40
Okay I have done some more research on exactly what the antahkarana is, it is a sanskrit word, it's basically building a connection between your personality and your higherself and monad.

This leads to enlightenment, it is a secret science that has existed way before the theosophical society mentioned it.  The books of h.p. blavtsky and alice a. bailey read like various ancient religios texts, there is no new information brought by the entity djwal khul, it is all regergitated information, and it doesn't even do a good job of that.

The antahkarana has been mention in may religious texts as a blinding, brilliant, and dazzling light is known as  Heaven Ki in Taoist yoga, or the Pillar of Light in ancient Jewish Kaballah traditions. To the Indian yogis and saints, they call this pillar of light, the Antakharana, or  spiritual bridge of light. The Christians refer to it as the Descent of the Holy Spirit, symbolized by a pillar of light with a descending white dove.

The information in these channeled volumes speaks about this holy science, but not really on how to do it, like teasing a dog by putting a piece of meat on the end of a stock and tying it to it's head, it keeps you chasing something.

If you want to learn about the real science of the antahkarana, it's called in yoga as the twin hearts meditation learn it here:

Many naive people believe, that the dark forces work only with evil, debauch and crimes. How they are mistaken. So the rough forces and forces of small degrees work only. Much more dangerous are those who comes under a mask of light of the Teaching.
2  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Immortality on: December 21, 2005, 10:41:54
Yes indeed that is what I am talking about, the solar body as it is known in the gnostic practice.  Making the process of reincarnation obsolete, to create a heavenly body, to be a true immortal master.

The yogi Yogananda spoke about an immortal named Babaji.  This state is achievable, because it appears in just about every great religion, just under different names.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is called "the resurrection body " and "the glorified body." The prophet Isaiah said, "The dead shall live, their bodies shall rise" (Isa. 26:19). St. Paul called it "the celestial body" or "spiritual body " (soma pneumatikon) (I Corinthians 15:40).

In Sufism it is called "the most sacred body " (wujud al-aqdas) and "supracelestial body " (#### asli haqiqi).

In Taoism, it is called "the diamond body," and those who have attained it are called "the immortals" and "the cloudwalkers."

In Tibetan Buddhism it is called "the rainbow body."

In Tantrism and some schools of yoga, it is called "the vajra body," "the adamantine body," and "the divine body."

In Kriya yoga it is called "the body of bliss."

In Vedanta it is called "the superconductive body."

In Gnosticism and Neoplatonism, it is called "the radiant body or solar body."

In the alchemical tradition, the Emerald Tablet calls it "the Glory of the Whole Universe" and "the golden body." The alchemist Paracelsus called it "the astral body."

In the Hermetic Corpus, it is called "the immortal body " (soma athanaton).

In some mystery schools, it is called "the solar body."

In Rosicrucianism, it is called "the diamond body of the temple of God."

In ancient Egypt it was called "the luminous body or being"

In Old Persia it was called "the indwelling divine potential" (fravashi or fravarti).

In the Mithraic liturgy it was called "the perfect body " (soma teilion).

In the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, it is called "the divine body," composed of supramental substance.

In the philosophy of Teilhard de Chardin, it is called "the ultrahuman."

This state of physical enlightenment must exist, because it occurs in like I said just about every belief system.
3  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Luciferian New Age Movement on: November 25, 2005, 21:53:48
Quote from: CaCoDeMoN

Channeling information is DANGEROUS, don't do it or believe in it. The information appeals so easily to our intellect, and that is what they play on.

Most channelings just pretend to have some "spiritual" meaning. I don't think that they are even really channelled, more probably just generated by person's subconsciousness or even only called "channeling". It is impossible that some more spiritually developed entities would waste their time creating so much meaningless messages. Excellent example of such BS generator is here:;read=41823

I agree a decent amount of channeling is b.s. but some of it is real.  There are people in contact with entities that do not have our best interest in mind.

It is not impossible, only implausible.  Some spiritual being do not want us to attain personal power.  Remember not all astral entities are evolved.  Simply because they exist on the astral state does not mean they are spiritually evolved, this is a misconception.

The forum I spoke about: is temporarily unavailable.  The ascended masters are not what they seem at all.  A lot of people doubt me, but look at the evidence.  Remember there are always powerful beings working for either team.

If you think control of this dimension is meaningless, then I am wrong.  If you think control over the human race on earth is meaningless then we are all safe, but as we all know there are people who are looking to create a new world order and have minion over us.  This control over man kind has been saught for for thousand of years by evil men and so called evolved entities.

It is all about control.  Just like in the matrix, we are all slaves, and we just don't know it.  A prison which you cannot touch, taste, or see.  All I know is the the Lucifer trust was formed by Alice A. Bailey a theosopher who is in contact with astral supposed "ascended masters."  If you wish to ignore this fact, and you think that all astral being are friendly, then we are doomed.

I suppose ignorance is bliss.
4  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Luciferian New Age Movement on: November 25, 2005, 03:22:11
The reason I am posting this is because a lot of my friend and people from other forum have been raving and ranting about the works from various ascended masters.

The ascended masters have their own agenda.  The progenitor of the new age movement is the Theosophists.  I was a follower of this work until I realized the inklings of Luciferianism.  The Lucifer trust formed in 1920, changed to the Lucis Trust in 1922 is the major player in the supposed New World Order.

These societies masquerade around as if they are saving the world, one initiate at a time.  They are actually a satanic cult bent on controlling the world.  I know this seems like I am some religious bible thumper, but it's the truth.  The information they provide is so tempting.  They promise spiritual siddhis and usher in new technology as a sign of their spiritual prowess.

Be warned, these teaching seem to lead to higher power, but it is only an illusion.  Remember the dark side and the jedi have a lot in common they only differ in their inner most beliefs.  They both developer consciousness and oneness with the force, but one uses it for selfish power and the other for the well being of all.  

See beyond the illusion.

Information was never so easily given; the true god is within as well as without.  Channeling information is DANGEROUS, don't do it or believe in it.  The information appeals so easily to our intellect, and that is what they play on.  They so readily bestow deep spiritual information on to the neophytes, information on the real spiritual path has always been a path of self discovery, not blatant and ignorant spoon feeding of information.

Think of any real religion, the inner knowledge is cherished.  Taoism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc... all of these religions speak of the inner knowledge, not information fed to you from some invisible source.  This inner knowledge has always been kept secret, except for those who seek it out, “seek and ye shall find.”  The information swarms about so readily, this is against the code of just about every religions faction. “Milk for babes, and strong meat for men,” has always been the saying of the occult, to hid information from “them.”  Look how well information has been hidden to preserve it, the Torah has hidden encryption, the paintings which hid sacred geometries.  Look at the Da Vinci Code.  The true arcane knowledge has always been hidden, that is the way it is and will be.

The mindless drivel of the new age society has us focused on these so called ascended masters, lies.  No such thing exists.  The real information must be found and only true initiates will find the depth of the true information.  This is a microwave society that wants 3 easy lessons to become enlightened, no such thing exists.  I have to admit, a lot of information even from occult schools is being presented now, unlike never before, due to I belief of the 2012 event that is coming, but do not believe for a second that these channeled works have any good intention, look beyond the illusion of what they do, and you will see the truth.

The new age movement does not have good intentions.  If you have ever seen the movie the Omega Code, you should, it describes how Lucifer gains trust of humanity by offering a helping hand, when only he is only giving a hand up to his personal means of control.  If you have any works by channelers or ascended master, throw them out, they are filled with brainwashing information.
5  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Wingmaker Training on: November 25, 2005, 02:26:39
Quote from: dmoney
i look at that site a lot of times. it's got how to do the stranger Tks like chronokinesis. what is a wingmaker in the first place?

The Wingmakers are supposedly the people that brought the genetic code of humans to earth.  They are the supposed Elohim from the Jews, they are also known as the Shining Ones.

They are supposedly part of the central original race of conscious beings in the expanding universe; they are the race from the center where the universe began. and are not the same affiliation, which makes me feel kind of strange about the whole thing.  If the teachings are from the same source, why would there be any conflict of interest.  I don't know where the information is coming from, it is probably channeled.  The training, poetry, or philosophies are from the Wingmakers, which are not known.

I think the site like I said is channeled information which I am not a big fan of.  But the site does have some interesting information none the less.  I prefer the to the one mentioned in the above post.

The New Zealand wingmakers webmaster Darryn refers to the works of H.P. Blavsky and Alice A. Bailey, I initially held these works in high regard as far as their teaching and spiritual content.

Upon closer observation of their works, I noticed a connotation towards Luciferianism.  I was a little shocked at first.  The Lucis (Lucifer) Trust was formed by Alice A. Bailey, google it.  They are a known luciferian sect, so at that point I decided to stop my investigation of them.

The sole pursuit of special powers is not right for spiritual evolution.  The allure to gain more power is not right, if one is going to raise ones level of consciousness one should seek enlightenment not siddhis.  No where on the wingmaker site does it focus on enlightenment only siddhis.  Focusing on power draws one towards power instead of enlightenment, they are almost considered distractions from the spiritual path, remember you become what you focus your intent on.  I am not saying siddhis are evil, but the pursuit of power with out control is not wise.

Siddhis are a finger pointing to the moon, don't concentrate on the siddhis or you will miss all that heavenly glory (my spin off).  Take it for what it's worth, the pursuit of just power can get even the most well intentioned neophyte drawn to the dark side in pursuit of more power, like Anakin Skywalker, even though it's just a story it shows what happens when one gets caught up in power lust instead of spiritual betterment.
6  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Dark Zen on: November 23, 2005, 20:18:44
Supposedly the site is about the rediscovery of an ancient art form of meditation that was supposedly use by Siddhartha Gautama himself.

This is supposedly the mystic side of Buddhism.

And you are welcome I am happy to share information.
7  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Immortality on: November 21, 2005, 00:05:42
I have been doing a lot of research on the light body and what it means.  The light body as it is, is related to immortality, even though a lot of people don't see it that way.

This body has gone by many names, the light body, rainbow light body, the resurrected body, and the diamond body etc...

These are just some of the names of this highest spiritual attainment.  There are supposedly 2 ways in which this immortal light body manifests.

The first way is that way that most people are accustomed to, the resurrected body.  This was displayed by master Yeshua or Jesus.  With all of his suffering, his karma was purified or distilled, and upon soon after his death his body transfigured into the resurrected body, made of divine flesh.  He was one of the first of men to attain this grain accomplishment.

Buddha also was transcribed in this manner.  But the prophet enoch was supposedly transcribed while he was alive, without descending or dying first.  supposedly Elijah accomplished the same thing.

Even in Taoist practice they speak of a great attainment of an immortal body, or the diamond body.  The Buddhists call is the rainbow light body, even the Hindu speak of an immortal Babaji, whom is made of divine light, and is immortal.

Is this what immortality is, a transcription from the physical to the divine?  Even Taoist practice which emphasizes immortality say that immortality is not immortal in a regular physical body, but a body of pure Chi.  Just in alchemy we transmute from something lower to something higher
8  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Akram Vignan: Step less Science, Elevator Path on: November 20, 2005, 22:04:49

I was banging around the Internet, and ran across a supposed a short cut to enlightenment, or Moksha (liberation).  This path does not involve any meditation to develop god consciousness.

The medicine, as Ambalal Muljibhai Patel calls it, only needs to be read with real feeling, and then the medicine will manifest as the spontaneous melting away of the ego.

I have not used it, obviously, but I find it interesting none the less, this gentleman, who has now passed on taught this information for free.  I don't think he was in it for the money.

This seems almost too simple, if this is true, then all forms of meditation are obsolete for attaining ones liberation from the false self.

There is so much information on the net, about fully manifesting ones true self, I am not sure if this works, but it is supposedly very well known in the east.  I will practice them and see how I feel.  A lot of the information that I find on the Internet seems to be from channeled information, which I do not rely on at all.

9  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / DNA activation on: November 20, 2005, 21:19:19
Quote from: FEMMSTARR
Quote from: I Am
Supposedly this is a meditation that activates the 12 strands of DNA


I honestly believe it is a scam to get money from folks who don't know any better
not this link but the one above with judy dragon on the site
I personally dont know her but I can say that looks like a scam to me
only my opinion of course

I don't understand how it is a money scam, the information is presented completly free?

If you were going to make money, wouldn't you have to charge something for the meditation process to make money?
10  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Russian PK Self-Defense on: November 20, 2005, 21:13:30
It is not similar to tai chi in it's outwards manifestation, as far as technique.  But in it's essence they are one and the same.  To use passive force to overcome the opponent.

To be in complete balance with your self and your opponent, until the disharmony has be harmonized, I guess a philosophical way of saying until you beat him.

Tai chi and the other internal styles use breathing and soft fluid movement as a way of redirecting and neutralizing the opponents energy, same as in the systema.

I have never really studied tai chi, but have seen it applied, and it is quite efficient once the flow is learned correctly, they don't call it supreme ultimate boxing for nothing.

This website shows some of the basic applications of tai chi, it is simple, fluid and powerful like the systema, but requires much practice as far as breath and bio-mechanics to master it.
11  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Russian PK Self-Defense on: November 19, 2005, 08:51:11
I know that PK is real, and supposedly this DVD by the legendary Mikhail Ryabko teaches PK techniques, and how to apply them for self-defense.

Only 50.00, if it works not bad IMO, have any of you guys ever heard of this.  I was doing research on Russian martial arts because an aikido friend of mine switched from aikido for 7 years, to russian martial arts called Systema.

He says it's as fluid and lethal as real Tai Chi, but is simpler to learn.
12  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / DNA activation on: November 19, 2005, 08:38:36
Supposedly this is a meditation that activates the 12 strands of dna

13  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Dark Zen on: November 18, 2005, 19:56:46
Any one ever heard of it?  It is supposedly the mystic version of Zen, I guess like what Sufism is to Islam or Kabbalah is to Judaism.

Supposedly this is the underlying truths as taught by the Buddha himself.  

Here is the link:

Check it out
14  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Balanced and Unbalanced Positive on: November 18, 2005, 19:38:34
I have been doing a lot of research on what evil really is, and why beings do evil things to other people.  But the questions come up, what really is evil, I think our basic understanding of this concept is flawed.  When I read the Kybalion it made a lot things clearer to me.

There are entities/people that we considered good or white lodge or entities/people that are considered bad or black lodge.

What is the difference? They differ only in degree.

I like to look at this from the position of Yin/Yang.

When someone is evil, it is not that they are evil, because evil is absolute, like a point of reference like infinity or absolute zero.  Evil cannot truly exist.  

The theory of balance: Balanced vs. unbalanced positive

The theory that I have concluded after much research is that there is only balanced positive and unbalanced positive, that's it.  When you are balanced you like to create harmony within as well as without.  When you and others are happy you are truly happy, hence you are balanced.  Think of it like equal pressure of your body, enough pressure to keep you from exploding or imploding, balanced.  

However if you became more unbalanced, you care more for your personal benefit than that of others, and in extreme cases, the very life of another person means nothing in ones personal quest for their own greed no matter what it may be.  

In the world of martial arts this manifests as a dark warrior, on the quest for personal power and control over others, in black magic it is the same.  Even in the business world it is the same, it's dog eat dog.  This is a form of I guess black economics.  In the coming time hopefully when people learn to get along better things will be different.  Even in our society money is not balanced, it is horded to a few, and the rest or just getting the trickles of what's left, even though there is enough for everyone, people become unbalanced.

In white magic people enjoy doing thing for the benefit of them selves and others, mutual and symbiotic.  But when you become unbalanced you become more parasitic, and do no good and often harm people around you.  The pursuit of black magic is more of power and control over others, where as white magic or spiritual practice if more of how to control yourself if a situation were to become inharmonious.

I learned practicing Wing Chun Gung-Fu that this is true, there are martial artists that only use martial arts as a tool for a sharp mind and a strong body, and possibly for self-defense if need be on the behalf of them self or sometimes others. It become more of a spiritual practice than a war art.  But there are martial artists who just want the most deadly techniques to injure and cause the most pain to their opponent, this is not what martial arts is about, and neither is magic, people made it that way.

Magic is like martial arts, in a lot of ways.  In my opinion magic is not to hurt, it is simply one of the avenues in which life opens up it's secrets to us, kind of a spin of of Bruce Lee's stuff.

All that is did not design power to be used in this fashion, by that I mean for personal greedy self-centered gain.  It was suppose to infinite abundance to all.  Hopefully we can change that.  I do not believe it is black magic to defend your self, or protect others.
15  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / The Science of the Antahkarana on: November 18, 2005, 19:15:26
Yeah I have never heard of this rainbow bridge before.  This was the first time, it sound interesting, but I am making a point to my self to stay away from channeled information.

I honestly believe as well as others that it is not a reliable source of information.  Some channeled information seems to be okay, but when you look under the surface, there seems to be a hint of luciferianism in it, like I mentioned about H.P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey.  

At first I really respected their books, but now I personally think that they may be misleading in their inner most content.
16  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / The 21 day breatharian process on: November 18, 2005, 11:30:10
Quote from: Orygbus
Why not just do sungazing....?

If you read the links to the my post, it is about sungazing.  HRM revived the method.

I personally have not used it, but know some that have with wonderful results.
17  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / The Science of the Antahkarana on: November 17, 2005, 02:02:59
Has anyone ever heard of the Antahkaran?  I read about it on David Stone's website :

Supposedly it is the mental science of the future.  This information was channeled.  I am not a big fan of channeled information.  I am not sure about all the ascended master stuff.

If there is a race of immortals that ascended the spiritual/physical form to light, why don't they just materialize on the 3d plane, instead of using mediums.

Benjamin Creme also speaks of the Antahkarana, this is as well channeled information.  The only think I don't like about channeled information is it's mention of luciferianism.

A lot of people don't think people like H.P. Blavatsky and Alice. A Bailey speak of luciferianism.  Saying that Lucifer was not the betrayer we thought he was, he is actually the father of the human race, and our true teacher.

I am not sure about you, I am pretty open to stuff, but this is a little hard to swallow.  Read this:

I am now beginning to be very skeptical about the reliability of channeled works, I am not saying there aren't some good ones, I am just saying that possibly channeling is not the best way to get information.
18  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Sahaja Yoga on: November 17, 2005, 01:21:22
I have never heard of or seen a meditation like this, it's so simple and child like.  I have not tried it as of yet, but it's suppose to be the short cut to opening up the kundalini, supposedly the female way.

This meditation does not seem to invoke deep mental states, it about feeling.  The meditation uses various hand positions and affirmations.

They say things like visualization meditation and physical asanas are the more male way to raising the kundalini.

Has any one heard of Sahaja Yoga?
19  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / The 21 day breatharian process on: November 17, 2005, 01:09:24
Breatharanism is definitely a physio-spiritual attainment.  It is the ability to live on prana.

There exist a much easier way to become a Breatharanism, granted it takes a bit longer, but it works.

The man that revealed this technique's name is  Hira Ratan Manek, here is his website:  

His site includes multiple scientific studies on Mr. HRM, and he is very healthy, and his process removes any danger, that may have been present in the 21 day method.  

His method is 9 months, but it is something most people could attain eventually.  It is not stressful, and can be done gradually over time, and if you are comfortable at certain intervals like 3 or 6 months you can stop because each trimester has it's own series of benefits, so one can go 1/3 to 2/3 of the way and enjoy the benefits until they are ready to take the final step and live on prana.

The above is an adobe book on how to convert to living on light.  It is a gradual process.  It is very gentle on the mind and body.  

Mr. HRM's method employed the gentle gradual process that has intervals for which one can stop at, and proceed when one is ready.  The 21 day method does work, but does involve a permanent instant change, which one may not be ready for.

But either method will get you there, you can either take the rock climb up or the scenic stroll I leave the choice to you.
20  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) on: November 17, 2005, 00:42:35
Movies like these do so much damage to the people as a whole.  It completely scares the krap out of people, for no good reason.

Like many others have said, you have to seriously be trying to invoke a demon or some spirit in order to be possessed.  It is really really RARE for it to happen on it's own, unless an undue a mount of fear of possession is instilled in the person.

Exorcisms are in my opinion no the best way to deal with stuff like that, there are better ways than fighting the energy.

Dr. Baldwin has produced a good book about spiritual rel easement therapy.  I honestly believe in a real situation, seek professional help, but learning this could be vital to those who have an interest in the subject.
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