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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Random weird dreams/obe on: November 20, 2016, 20:51:22

I often do weird dreams that are somehow related with OBE/phasing

here are a compilation of some of them
feel free to tell me what you think about them,  and if you think they are more than dreams, and somehow real.

1. I used to often attempt to ask with non verbal communication for a helper
3 times it ended with the same result (not a coincidence I think..) : I am in a normal dream, very dreamy: my counsciousness level is low, bad memory
then I start to float
I feel warm, I slowly go upper and upper, and become a spheric luminous item
as I go upper, my consciousness level increase, until I wake up

2. I am fully asleep
my consciousness level go up and down
everything is blurry
at some moment, my counsciousness increase: I am floating above my body, in a reversed U shape (back in direction of the sky, arms and legs falling down)
my consciousness is low, I am not able to do anything but I was feeling a lot of fears

3. i am in a dream
at first my CL (consciousness level) is low, but I am in a car, someone learn me to drive it, it force me to be focused on what I do, it dramatically increase my CL
We talk together about dreams and astral projections.
At one moment he says to me: "I am really surprised that you still haven't noticed"
I answered nothing and wake up feeling a bit stupid to not have realized that I was dreaming

this guy in the dream was represented by a old friend I had in high school, he once told me that he was feeling like he was in a dream even in day time, fully awake.

4. I am in a dream, I don't know what's the dream is about, and I don't care much, my CL is 4/10, I somehow weakly realize that I am dreaming: I try to imagine myself doing an OBE in my bedroom.
My CL rush to 7/10 and I am propulsed in my bedroom, I am a formless dot with only the sense of sight.
I am looking at my door, near my body. "I" is not especially scared, but the whole "mindset" feel very scary.
I think I was scared that something could hurt my physical body: I want to re-enter in it. With some force and struggle I finally go back into, it propulse my back in my dream. CL go back to 4/10

At this point, fear is gone, curiosity is back, I try to OBE again: the same exact thing happen again (a CL rush, an OBE, fear ...)

all of this happened to me the last 30 days and all those experience were dream-like, not much lucid, but I am asking myself if they could still be real things

There is something else I would love to know what you think about: It used to happen a few times when I was a kid (5-10yo), last time it happened was a few years ago when I was 18yo
As I am laying in my bed, feeling relaxed and sleepy, eyes closed, with a CL of 9/10, a cat come and walk gently on my body
I can feel his/her feets
Then I realize that my room is closed and have no cats in it,my CL go to 10/10 then it stop
I watch my room and obviously there was no cat

Each time it was scareless, and I felt that the cat is someone good for me.
Don't ask my why but I feel like this cat is not really a cat, but only represent herself (yes she is a woman, don't ask my why) as a cat, and she have a human-like intelligence

these are the most interresting things I want to share for now, every opinion is welcome Smiley
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / My first OBE - Felt like a dream - Could not go thru walls on: October 18, 2016, 00:20:36

I think I had my first OBE last night
but it was feeling like a dream, is it normal ?

I simply went to bed with the firm conviction that it would work this time (I am trying since 6 months)

As usual, I naturally wake up several times during the night
as I was going to fall asleep again, I sense the vibrations (nothing unusual), but this time they increase very much in frequency, but it somehow feel like they have a problem to become stronger, so I force them, all this wasn't very smooth

then I sat up, I had to force much more than usual, my body was very heavy
At this moment I think I have separated
BUT, I suddently re-enter my body

So I force again the vibration, they are strong, then suddently they stopped and I found myself laying in the same position than my physical body, but 1 meter away (on my right side, not levitating)

This time I get up, but it feels like a dream . So I decided to touch and rub my walls to see if it increase thd realness
I couldn't feel it. I try to push my hand throu it, but it did not work

Then I found myself laying in my bed, and I slowly went back into my normal state of consciousness, it felt like waking up from a very light sleep

All this was feeling like entering directly in a lucid dream, was it really an OBE ?

I only wanted to share my experience, if you have advise to help me to repeat it or increase realness, you are welcome !
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