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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Haven't Projected in a While on: April 06, 2010, 04:56:17
Hi , my name is Naomi, I really felt for you, I really don't think it is the drugs at all, I am on a very high narcotic Hydromophone contin (6 mg) 3 times a  day and also hydromorph ( delalid)2mg 3 x a day and I project at least once every week although I have gone 2. It started for me about 2 years ago and I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago.. The pain was unbearable and I took up mediatation to help ease the pain which is what I think brought the astral travel on... the fact is I never even heard of it, I was scared to death at the beginning and looked up Near Death experiences then came upon Astral Travel through the process... so maybe meditation would help you???
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: a bad experience , wondering why? on: April 06, 2010, 00:34:25
Hi I am back again, I try and be persistent coming back to the forum but studies, work and being a parent certainly demands more time than I like to give at times, lol. Anyway, it is great to be back... awesome reply "ancient one," your name suits your replies... it was very interesting  to hear that I am going backwards and I believe your explanation was right on the money, it is since I have tried to control the experience.. maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to just let it be and not try.. I feel the same in the way that is feels like second nature such as  when I am being pulled like as magnet pulling me out of my body or when I roll out of my body and bed... I just wish the rest could feel as natural..I am stuck at what the next step is for me because by nature I am  a positive person and before going to sleep I meditate only on good things and feel at peace nodding off... I have absolutely no idea how to deal with the fear if it is not effecting me on this side. How long must I train my subconscienceous to let go of something that I am unsure of. I have learn to focus and deal with problems in every day life and am really content. I couldn't ask for more, I feel complete even if I don't have a mate. I feel I have everything under control...
I do believe it is fear but fear of what ? ( retorical). I have been so tired I haven't had an experience now in 6 nights. Maybe when I start again it will be a new beginning... I am freakin going to do this. Does anyone have any ideas on how to relieve the fear, unknown fear, lol.
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: a bad experience , wondering why? on: March 29, 2010, 17:00:11
Hi, sorry I haven't replied, my computer was sent away for repairs.. I just couldn't wait to get back in here... it really is the most interesting , responsive site I have even been to.
Great replies by the way! There is so much to learn, more than I thought!
I had 2 experiences just the night before and 2 nights before that, both never got far but it confirms that it is fear on my part.. 
My first experience was this ungodly whistle that blew in my ear, it peirced! I managed to get through it for it was brief but loud enough to wake the universe, lol.. I was aware that I was leaving my body because of the tingling sensation I get everytime so I decided to roll over.. I rolled opposite of the way intended and my body started sinking through the bed.. I said  " the hell with this!" and woke up.
My second experience was very brief.. that stupid whistle blew again, it woke me this time.

I seem to be going backwards ... I started so much different.. at least I flew through the universe and ended up on different plaines! Once I landed in a hospital, I glided, (flew) down the white corridor and seen an old lady sitting at  a table.. I made a right turn and then wondered what I looked like and what I could do... so I started fliping in midair in slow motion , enjoying the sensation.. I looked at my body and then boom I was awake! too bad , I wanted to explore so much more.

So I wonder why I am doing it opposite of everyone in here, at least from everything I have read so far... I started out astral travelling and the more I questioned it , the worse I got at it, lol  I guess fear sneaked in there... man I have to stop this fear thing , it is getting annoying especially if you don't even know what the fear is..  I welcome all replies and thanks for the invites to other readings...
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: a bad experience , wondering why? on: March 24, 2010, 12:24:16
Thank you CFTraveler,Omcasey and Rising son, so yes I am wondering the difference myself between an Incubus and succubus, are you saying that the sexuality is the difference yet they are genderless so it is a way give them a name ? 
Rising son , you made me laugh, nice to see that we can be down to earth here, no pun intended. This experience happened a long time ago and I have never encountered one like it again and here is what I did. I visualized this man in my mind during meditation , I waited until I felt some kind of presence.. I told him he was never to do that to me again and that he had no right to violate me...  now rather my mind just dealt with it by confronting him or that he may have actually heard me really doesn't matter, it matters that it no longer happened so I would suggest this to someone in a similar experience because it truely worked for me.
Rising son, I also had experiences in the beginning something like yours... one time this dark shadow was trying to enter my body... I never fought so hard in my life, the room was dark , I had a floaty kind of feeling and I felt with all my heart that this thing was demonic... I started praying although I wasn't religious and to my surprise I ended up speaking in tounges!!!!! which was when it left me alone... I stayed up all night literally terrified and even called a friend that travelled at 3:00am for an hour to be with me. This never happened since as well .. you have to remember I didn't know anything about astral travel at that time.
Thanks all for your input!!! I am really learning here and would like to continue learning so I will now go educate myself on the terminology in astral travel..... isn't it also called phasing???or is that something different? Have a great day guys!  Naomi
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Re: Why, Can't I Project? - InvisibleLight Book Reference - For Beginner to Advance on: March 24, 2010, 03:44:24
Hi Jack, you have inspired me greatly to start tracking my experiences for they are all in my mind except a few attemps at writing them down. This is so awesome that you did this and I am sure it will help people who are struggling. For me it is a little different.. I started looking up dreams for I had no idea what was going on with me when my experiences began and they were scary! I eventually came across astral travel and then I knew that was what was happening to me.. The funny thing is I never had one until I was diagnosed with MS so maybe our conditions does have something to do with the ease of it, after all I was trying not to have them... just something to think about.. you may be on to something here, who knows??? Good luck and thank you for such well written and organized experiences!
6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: a bad experience , wondering why? on: March 24, 2010, 03:29:59
Thank you so much again for your responses, the last response in particular grabbed my attention the most by Missym ( although all were great) because this evening I was playing it over in my head again , I did get scared and struggled for maybe 3 seconds to get loose but what came back to me was not the actually experience but how I felt afterwards... I actually had wondered if this entity was good and maybe my fear took over and painted these ugly hands..... then in the morning when I woke for the day I had obviously choosen to think that it was a frightening experience all around when in fact I remember now that I choose to forget it and went back to sleep... a couple of years ago when it all started I would be so frightened that I would not even go back to sleep such as this experience....
I felt I was being pulled out of my body, I was on my side and my body felt like led at first and then ever so light and my body ripped through the universe only then to have an incredible sinking feeling coming down as fast as I went up.. it was like swinging to high on a swing and getting butterflies in your stomach...
When I came back down, I thought I was awake and I looked around... I was floating above my bed but laying there as if I were in my bed... being closer to the ceiling gave me the first clue something real strange was going on..... I felt a presence beside me...I looked over and could just barely make out probably the sexiest looking man I had ever seen..I could even make out that he had a beard... He never spoke but I knew his intentions, I tried to move but he was suddenly making love to me... I fought like hell to get him off me and the strangest part is that is was so incredible I would forget to fight, then when I realized again what was going on , I fought him again.. this happened over and over again until finally he gave up and I woke up in the biggest panic and shock I had ever went through... I never told this to anyone ever..... any ideas on this one, lol   and yes I am single and haven't had sex since my marriage broke up over 6 years ago..           I know I am getting personal but I really need answers... Thank you guys.. this is so great.
7  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: a bad experience , wondering why? on: March 23, 2010, 12:47:55
Thank you for your response! So fast! You are right when you say you think I have overcome my fear, I am ready .... and now with this Knowledge I can now do my best..I never heard of a Dweller before but I will look it up after I write this..I am wondering if I should have just went with it because a part of me wanted to but at the same time I wanted this entity to get lost..  I felt for a second I could do this because a while back, I used to have projections that were unguided and I would encounter a shadowy figure, this figure would constantly try and pull me to where ever he wanted me to go and I would always fight it, it was exausting!!! This was when I knew nothing of what was happening... once I gained knowledge and put a protective light around me and prayed , I never encountered this again... I did ask for protection this night and to come to think of it, in real life my sister was coming home after having been away for some time and we never got along as much as I desired .. so maybe in my subconscience I was troubled which made me weaker! I do remember having negative thoughts about it. Anyways I feel I am getting stronger for my sister and I are getting along fine, next time I will confront this thing and tell it to go away and then go my way.. who does he think he is to ruin my beautiful experience?? lol ... I am what they call the Jill of all trades, I was stuck on a project at one point and actually went and met a teacher that showed me how to resolve it!!! Way cool hey?  Thank you for responding!! I am glad you said you were a girl for I thought by the name you were a guy. lol  Everyone thinks I am a guy going by my name as well, I thought the i in jerri would tell the story but oh well, I am a girl too. lol  Have a great day!
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / a bad experience , wondering why? on: March 22, 2010, 23:42:49
Hi, first of all this is such an awesome site, I never experienced anythink like it. I am new here and this is my first post... just a little about me, I have been having astral travel experiences for 2 years now , at first it terrified me but as I learned about it and got confident I am able to choose where I go although I have never choose to leave the house . Just having fun with it... Actually when I first looked up what I was experiencing I ended up being the only one in another forum that was trying not to have these experiences and to my surprise , people were frustrated because they couldn't ...  I understand why now, lol... I did alot of study on the subject.
At first when this all begun, I would hear this real obnoxious motor like sound and my body would viberate as if every one of my cells were jumping...I woke in such fear and to make it worse I was paralyzed... I have MS and thought oh no!! but it went away in about a minuite if I recall correctly... I was in shock... this was my first experience...
I will share other experiences which get incredibly more exciting but being new , I am not sure where I should be putting these experiences.
The reason I am writing this post is because my last experience terrified me... at the time everything was going really well in my life.. I am 95% of time in peace and contentment so this makes this experience a little more difficult to understand... this is where I am hoping someone here will help me.. Please.. I really don't want to be scared for I know if I am , that is what I will get, a frightful experience.
My experience....
The usual happened where the sensations in my body started... did your leg or foot ever fall to sleep and when you move your leg?,  the sensations  , the pricklies I call them starts. it is sort of like
that , in the way that you can feel every atom or cells dance in your whole body, I then roll out of my bed and before I float off I always go and kiss my 2 sons...I take of feetfirst  sometimes  
and other times Head first , then straight up moving at the speed of light it seems. This experience was Head first..
This time I was not going fast, in fact I felt as if I were being pulled... a couple of seconds later  I felt hands  around my wrist, I felt as though we were face to face but I could only see these hands in my head , the feeling of the hands painted the picture in my head because it was too dark..... I stuggled to let go and became quite scared.. I immediately woke up and felt , wow! Why was that entity trying to pull me??? If it's hands were pretty or felt like a human instead of a monster I would have went with it no problem!
What bothers me is the fact that I wasn't scared anymore!! On my way up I had pleasant thoughts and these hands are felt out of nowhere ... does anyone have any theories or know what may have happened here... I have questioned it over and over and haven't had an experience since, bad or good which now has been over a week.  Thank you, I look forward to hearing replies.. thanks for having me!  Naomi
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