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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / finally done! (just beginning) on: June 08, 2018, 10:54:37
Hello all. I enjoy posting somewhere as I dont really share my internal-ness with others. One day perhaps they will go through all the messages here. Anywho, this is going to sound weird but I honestly didnt think there was an alternative way of living besides enlightenment for me. The second best was just living in the highest state possible (such as thinking of things that get your heart going) and processing all of negative emotions out. That and observing. I spent a lot of time trying to find my flow. I was tired of battling myself on how I should be, what is natural and so on. But today I hit a massssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssive milestone.

One way of living that just always apeals to me is having fun and I wouldnt jepordize doing that over being of service of others. Just didnt feel right when my brain thought 'what if you have to sacrifice fun to help others'. I love helping more than anything, but helping yourself first is most important to me. Ofc you can do both, but I really didnt like that thought. STILL I put being satisfied with myself over having fun so I was willing to let go of anything to be at peace.

Anywho, sometimes I laugh without knowing. I kinda sorta barely get the jist but I could never put it in words 95% of the time. It happened mostly when I became aware that i was being unaware (such as daydreaming) and wanted to practice being aware. Each time I would just smile big, like a huge half grin   =J     something like that lol. It felt llike it was another part of myself that I wasnt really connected to.
And now, I feel like I am more connected with that part because I am finally choosing how to be. One idea that I had was to first channel my higherself so I can know what to do. I would really ignore my thoughts and concentrate on my heart/feelings 80% of the time.  bleh, ill shorten this up. Ill get serious about making something understandable soon enough.

So back to having fun, I found a way to have sooooo much fun just about all of the time. I finally said 'ok, ill try listening to my thoughts now'. Ive done this in REALLY short spurts. like 1 minute but I always talk myself out as doubt in that decion came in. Now dont get me wrong, you should be in a good state of being if you want to do this. Also you have to be in tune with yourself to know which thoughts are good enough to follow. With all thoughts there is a certain energy behind it, so if you can figure out which thoughts feel like what, and how you feel about that yourself then you are gucci.

They are making me get butterflies on tasks they say! Sounds crazy when I say they lol. ill give a dialog. Ill call the thoughts my team and me-me.

Team: do jumping jacks
me: I do them
Team: push ups
me:i do them
Team: now go hug your mom
me: gets butterflies as I dont really just hug my mom but I know she will love it oh she's outside. I can do it later
Team: go outside
me: goes outside. Oh shes down the road with her friends, im shirtless and dont have my glasses, ill do it later.

And i start to realize I keep making excuses and such! I would always do some type of meditation or w.e when I didnt know what to do.

me: what should i do?
Team: clean your room
me: uggg. ok ok   
I get interupted or distracted and later come back in my room
me: Man, i am really dodging this. why?!
team: cause you a bish
me: lol. Really? Im the one that keeps on making these lesser good choices? I feel like im the ego i was trying to get rid of to be enlightened!

later on
me: what should i do
team: (they tell me to do something crazy)
me: no way!     hahahaha, oh yeah. i remember a vid that said to not just do things because 'pleadians told me to'. I get what yall trying to do
team/me: yeah, you also have to be ok with making your own decisions and being ok with it.

With my whole letting go of things, im pretty flexible of anything happening. I would do things I didnt want to do at some point just to switch it up, and i ended up fine ofc.

Anywho, I couldnt make this sound less crazy haha, but it's so weird. It's just like any other day but im contiously a little bit excited for the future. Im having fun and that vibration is going to bring more fun. I couldnt have asked for a better outcome. This is better than just doing a mediation then becoming enlightened. It's a challange! It gets me out of my comfort zone. The excited is the butterfies. Some interpret that as nervous too.     Imagine dancing in front of your friends? It's that type of feeling. You have no reason not to. It's perfectably accaptable and no one cares what dance moves you pull out. People will smile at your weirdness and you will feel good for going past your boundaries. Yet somehow you talk yourself out of it.

I challange thee to do it! how short or long; how professional or goofy; how plain or unique. You can just bop, fist pump, side to side, it doesnt matter. Then see how you feel. notice your thoughts.

It's something to push you past your comfort zone! If you think you done it all, and on your path, and accept who you are; If you think 'i wont do it because its not me. its not something i dont want to do' then you fooled yourself!
Reality is nothing but a big ol dance party. 

Stay groovy  cool
2  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Help me interpret this please on: June 06, 2018, 09:32:19
would be better if you posted the message because it could be interpreted many different ways.
3  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: dropping my desire / letting go on: May 21, 2018, 09:55:39
(I call You everything who you think you are. )

I want add more practicality to this and a slightly better explanation. This will probably be my last post till I ACTUALLY am enlightened. Maybe not, tis a hunch.

So as previously posted, my version of 'letting go' was to ask myself what I would do if i were enlightened/rich. I only asked this question a couple of times and quicky came to realize that the Me in that moment, that thing that made me ask due to being uncertain is the thing I have to deal with. There's a subtle frequency that I become aware of. Im not really sure what it was, but I continued with letting go. It's hard to explain the process exactly but I will type mulitple things that perhaps will point into the direction of what im refering to. And will explain thought process that occurred if i remember it. Also, there are beleifs that I have that make this whole process easier to trust. But for now, I will save those for later perhaps when I seriously take the time to convey all of the information I have gathered and experience in a readable format.

I really trust in the universe and my higher self/guieds to help me along the way if I ever need it. So when go into a passive state, i trust I will find my way. Similar to noticing when it comes to astral projection. You arnt TRYING to project until you know it is time to.

Try to concentrate.  Right now on the following words.       Now, what is the difference? Not trying yet?! Well hopefully you are. You were doing just fine not trying whilst reading. If you try to concentrate you tense up in a funny way.     Now, dont try. See the difference? You can feel the difference noticeably physically. What I have been more aware of is the You that tries. So you can practice on not trying, then trying. What is that concentrated tenseness? It still feels like me, but I know there is a very keen difference that I really need to pinpoint.            So, long story short I try to be aware when I do those things. When I try to be aware, im not so tense. It's really hard to concentrate and then be aware. It is possible though. I havnt done it exacly like this (just thought of this practice) but I have been aware of 'myself' as much as possible in many different ways in different areas. You can do the same exercise except with awareness.

Be aware, then dont be aware. Once i practiced awareness, over time I  became more aware when I was not aware without trying. I would be day dreaming or what have you and then be aware that I wasnt aware just a moment ago. It's sort of like a muscle. Over time you simply will just be more aware whether you try or not. Now, it's important that you have done similar exercises to let go. It is also important to question who you are, because then you start to be aware of aspects you are unaware of  about yourself. Although, you dont really have to know who you are to an extent. Which I had a problem with, but ill leave that for another day.

Onto the steps to get the hang of letting go.

The closest way to letting to is accepting what is in that VERY moment. In the now. Or, not in the now. Either way, accept it. It will ease the tensions you. It isnt the same as letting go I'd say. I practially feel like I accept what is when it comes to the external world. I couldnt accept who I was so..          Everyone can practice awareness easily.

Be aware. awareness meditation maybe.  You can try to be aware. You can also just be aware. You can notice. You can notice you notice. Do what feels right. Then, dont do what feels right. Dont do anything at all. There are many ways to practice this and all are acceptable places to start.
When You are about to do something else other than what you are doing, look at why/what is making you do that? When you are about to stop the excercise, what were you feeling? Perhaps you dont want to do this because youve done it before and it's not too impressive. What is the feeling/thought that prohibits you to not start take a moment to simply be aware?  Do this to the extreme. As soon as you are about to stop, instead be aware. You will come to a point where you become convinced to do something, and that's fine. But as long as you try to be aware LONGER than you expected to, that is a successful session! (all are successful really  cool)

Some might have more profound experiences then I had im hoping. Now, I coupled this technique with my desires. The 'mind attachment' feeling is now more of a thing Im aware of. I still want to do things, but you could say that it's coming from the soul level. I've accepted more of what is. Just becuase I might have the same desire doesnt mean im  driven in the same way to achieve them. I always come back to certain aspects of being when I let go as much as possible because I have.. erm.. found my foundation. Found a means of being that I accept, and that feels like Me. It wasnt crumbling under awareness in the same away. Even though, I can take a moment in any part of my day and let go of everything I want to do. I may notice and smile at my dreams "wouldnt that be nice". wont get into a tangent about the self. Another day Tongue

So let's say you get hooked on going down this journey. "wow, who/how am i?" Whatever journey it may be. The whole being aware of what makes you x y z. What is making you read this. doing the dishes. etc.  You might do it for other purposes besides letting go, and thats great! Or, like me, you will keep fighting for something no matter what. Every day without end. You wont stop until your dream comes true. It can become very work like. To practice this 24/7 because it's better to. Really though it isnt. Even knowing that doesnt help perhaps, so you keep trying, then you try on not trying. You practice every technique under the sun. You follow your heart on every decision you make as much as possible. You feel like you are quiet not there, but ever so much close. You might keep going back and forth, back and forth. Missing the point EVER so slightly, but each time you go back and forth you get closer and closer somehow. Then, at one point you give up. You say 'ok universe, your turn' and stop. (trusting the universe make's it easier to stop) Once you stop, nothing is really much different if you practiced the awareness thing a lot. You are aware that you stopped. Watch. are you waiting for the universe to give you an answer? How long will you wait? what will be the thing that pushes you to go again?  Will it be the very practice of awareness?? "yeah, that sounds good. i will be aware"   as you watch in an aware state. Then in what way do you prepare yourself to get into an aware state? or a MORE aware state? what's the difference between slightly aware and overly aware?

These are thoughts that might now run in your mind when you practice. You will start to pay closer attention and add your own twist to this. After a while you might become more aware of yourself. Such as being aware of the mind that is watching out for the sublte differences. Or the YOU that is trying to watch the mind. It goes on and on. So now you get a jist of what Ive gone through  wink onto the letting go part, again.

So you do this. at one point you will be able to oberve super passively to the point of letting go. You wont do this during a meditation perhaps. You might just be typing and the thought 'let go' comes into your mind and you are able to do it (for the most part to say the least). There is no need to have to let go completly all at once. It's a skill you can work up just like the awareness. You can let go 10% 20% 30%. When you do, you may be super aware, your you may be in a foggy aware state.

Now, let' say this doesnt work for you after a while. "I cant let go"   As long as you are learning and growing, KEEP doing it. It's just as important as letting go. the point isnt to be able to let go.  Why do you want to let go? to achieve your dreams? That may be it, and that can/does work imo. Similar to sending intent and letting go. And dont forget, letting go MORE is JUST as important if your goal is to be able to let go completely.
You may need to let go of letting go  evil     If you are able to do even that, there is something you learned. It wasnt in vain. Maybe it took very little effort to let go of the idea of letting go. Just a tad bit. Good! you experienced a great muscle within you.   

This is just one way I know everyone can do to be able to let go. There are other ways too.

Being in this passive state, whether it be awareness or letting go is very useful. It's basically like meditation. The passive state if the most receptive or the most open. It can show you what you need to work on perhaps. Some mucky feelings of frustration might come up over and over again. When you simply observe it you are processing it out basically. It's ANOTHER way to deal with emotions besides choosing to vibrate at a higher state of being.

I would VERY much like it for all of you to take this practice as serious as you can just for 3 days. A week or 2 to see a noticeable difference. It would be awesome to get some feedback on this as I know people are different and this is a very abstract-ish exercieses with many twists that can go upon it, all leading in many directions. Perhaps you can tell us the way you are able to let go.

Im really too lazy to try and explain this any better until I try super seriously, so if there are any questions about the process go ahead and shoot. I think i really hit it on the nail this time thouhg  grin

4  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / dropping my desire / letting go on: May 17, 2018, 17:41:51
Hello all! Spamming once again  grin

(extra commentary) This whole dancing into yourself thing has REALLY helped me personally a lot. Coupled with other 'techniques' I use during it. Really just listening to my heart the best I can without my head. Anywho, this idea has came up but fell out and been forgotten as most things tend to do. But im glad it came back up. As a rule, I dont write down anything when it comes to things 'I should do'. I will keep on forgetting, switching it up, etc and over time, I will resonate with certain things more so rather than following a technique for a long time just because I liked it in the moment. No doubt most journeys would be 'shorter' if you remembered to do x y z such as laughing first  thing in the morning, or getting connected to your heart center by thinking of things that make you smile and etc. I just felt my brain was tired of methods I 'need to do' rather than finding my own flow.
     Over time I SHOULD come across things I need to do and I trust I will find my way and the universe will find her way to me. So, I was doing the dancing thing (3rd time I did it even though it's a technique I SHOULD be doing more. might actually happen to do this more frequently finally  grin)  and I remembered about dropping my desire in a sense  If you were god and could do anything, I assume you would still want to do even though all if perfectly well. It's a different type of desire.. more so expressing yourself or simply wanting to experience something. Being.
  Anywho, my version of dropping this desire is to be the way I would be if I were (in this case rich and enlightened).
  I wish I could explain the the subtle-ness  of using this as a technique vs not. I may feel more likely to acheive my desire by dropping them in this way, but im not thinking about manifesting it anylonger with my mindin the same way. I guess you could say I simply want to express myself and it just so happens to deal with this process of dropping desire EVEN THOUGH I still want these things to manifest. Kinda like letting go to get what you want. At one point, you just really let go and you might know that this technique works. At the same time you have let go. To actually get to that point .. I mean wow. To realize how to let go(enough)? It's different than I used to imagine how it was.
   The reason why I want to drop my desires is becuase 1. I felt that was the right call. 2. after that call, I realized how much I rely on being different through a state of being which I am not in yet or cant get into at a moments notice. I would say 'Ill be this way / do this thing when im enlightened' (for those who dont know, I was enlightened for a couple of minutes, so I know how I would be 'if i were enlightened' for the most part)
 For example, I know I wouldnt care what people think of me to the extreme. So perhaps when im in the mall one day, listenting to music, I would break out and dance for the entire song. Or perhaps send a loving message to someone. Or hug a friend randomly. "it's too hard to do at the moment so ill just work on becoming enlightened and then ill be able to do the things I want"  Funny statement right?
 I know some people awaken for a moment in some kinda way and want to get back. Why? Simply because it feels good? Because you can do more metaphysical/'supernatural' things? For me, that is the case but also I dont want to deal with the way I am now. Im looking into the future more than focusing on my present. And when focusing in the present I keep remembering how im not really in the present moment as I wish to be and that thinking only makes it more difficult for being in the present too.. Working on being Ok with even that. With being ok with whatever your present is. To be ok with not being ok.. that helps me be ok instantly. Rambling  rolleyes
 Onto the technique!  grin
Really, I can only explain the feeling. A sign(s) to let you know you have let go just a little bit more. It's more complicated than 'dropping the desire to x' because that desire is more than just desire. You have to work on your beleifs first by figuring out what you really believe/feel. Why you want the desire. What would be the differences. What 'problems' would go away.  And after working into that direction, you honestly may drop it knowing you truly want something else. Sometimes you might not truly know why you desire something. But you feel drawn to it for reasons.
  For example, I want to be rich. At first, it was for the obvious reasons. I can buy what I want. Live where I want. Donate to people. NOT WORK! Over time, i worked with all the problems I had revoling around it. One was thinking about how much fun I would have if i were rich. How money would make that so much easier. Now, people have fun without being rich. I just wanted to supply with everyone the things they want therefore they would be happy and having fun with w.e. Like having a big house party like a millionaire. You can see problems with this, and you may think of your own reasons so no need to go further. But 1 KEY reason why is to have fun. Now my beliefs are not aligned with me because the amount of fun I would have being rich vs not is vastly different.  I dont really beleive in that UPON REALIZING that's something you could say i believed in. I operated like that statement were true.  

So what I do is 1. work on all the things surrounding my belief. This is just one part of the belief and there are many invisible ones attached to the desire of wanting to be rich.    NOT WORKING! I had to deal with the feeling of work and all the things it came with. Now working isnt bad at all to me. You can see what I'm getting at.
  Now, who knows why I truly want to be rich. Maybe I have never really found the reason. BUT, even though I keep on working with all the problems/invisible beliefs and such, I still resonate with being rich. The desire is still strong but it's different now. Im not AS attached in the same ego-minded way. Perhaps before you came into this life your goal was to spread information about (insert all things we ever talked about in the pulse  grin and more) and the easiest way to do that is by being rich.
Perhaps I want to show people that you can create any reality you want so ill create what most people want to prove it's possible.
   You see, there might be a reason you resonate with something and that's why it is VERY important to check in how you feel. What gives you joy. Your mind might not ever know why but somewhere, you know
Oh. And to explain on how it feels to let go of something.
You'll know

Peace  grin
5  Bug Reports and Questions / Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Re: Questions on: May 14, 2018, 22:05:35
Maybe bluefire phoenix is who they are talking about.
6  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / using music for your ' tune ' on: May 12, 2018, 11:29:52
Hello all
 So I noticed that music really helps me get the feeling I want.
This also ties into the 'dancing into yourself' to an extent.
For the dancing a tune was finding me you could say. I would dance my way into this feeling. This is more aimed at choosing your own feeling.

When you listen to certain songs, you experience certain feelings and there can be that one song you can dive really deep into on the heart level. This is important because it gets you out of your mind level and everyone who knows anything about the heart, its very stressed upon on how you should perhaps think something that could make you happy/smile or what have you to get that heart going and just staying there.
Sometimes it's hard to project the energy you want to experience in reality and Music helps for 2 main reasons.

1. When you are listening to music, you can easily focus on the heart. Even if you listen to frequencies it can help you not be focused on the thoughts going in your head. I'm pretty good at maintaining in the heart but the mind is CONSTANTLY going. And it can be a slippery slope, going downhill to a more concious state before I literally can realize it.
If i actively try to keep my awarness in my heart and do my thing, music helps me stay like that. The only thoughts I will have will just be an echo of the song or some visualization.

2. You dont really have to imagine as much as to the feeling you want to feel. Some songs really speak to you on a level, and if you can capture a feeling in maybe a certain chorus in the song, you can maintain it throught more than likely. Also, throught the day you might just re-think that chorous and can capture that feeling again. It's only been one day, but a chorus would keep staying in my mind and I can just keep emmiting that frquency that I want to. It's like re-programming my brain to think of something actually useful lol.

Bonus tip: using 'what if' helps when trying to imagine what you want to experience.  It bypasses the ego saying 'well I dont have x y z' when you say 'what would it feel like IF i had x y z'

7  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Dancing into yourself on: May 02, 2018, 12:57:21
I only did this technique 2 times so far, till today.
Long story short, I did go through a 'traumatic' experience (I would say most the trauma is more in my brain sorta like a personality split) that has been stuck with my part of being. Even though *I* know its all ok, another part of me I would say is still effected and thinks otherwise.
And I been dealing with the whole 'who am I' journey. Seperate from my thoughts mostly. It's a long battle and many times I accepted who I was then later on discovered more about me, which meant I was wrong. And very recently, I know im all of it technically, but knowing and realizing is completly different. It's hard for the human to not compartamentalize things. 'these are my thoughts. this is my soul. this is innate. those are my cells'  
TL;DR I feel seperate from parts of myself. There is a connection missing somewhere and something wants to connect.

So I'm in bed, doing what I do, and one really neat tip I heard that has helped me a lot is if something keeps popping up, an urge perhaps to do something then you should really look into it. It's your heart/soul/higherself/yourself wanting to do something with that thing. And I strictly been resisting any urges to do anything but be aware 99% of the time. But now I can not resist urges to do stuff which is awesome. so like 90% or so which is enough breathing room for me.

So in bed, thinking about the dance thing and finally do it. Listen to my japanese music cause it pumps me up. So im going, letting certain visuals come to me. When I face my closet area I sense fear for some reason. So I keep dancing and following that feeling  It's subtle in the beggining. But when I do, 'better' thoughts and visuals come to mind. So now i feel like that entity in the closet wants to dance a little and I go from there.

I get the urge to dive deeper into the feeling, and when I do im really less concentrated on my thoughts more so. Or i notice the difference from me and my thoughts and 99% of them feel like junk when I go to a deeeeeeeeeeep level. I have my theories, but it def deals with the battle within myself and feeling like im not my thoughts. So it sees it as an enemy-ish. Like 'who is making me think this'.  

This happened last time, but I dove even deeper. My body wasnt really dancing anymore, i was just doing anything to get that energy going and i would tense up, raise my arms like im rising my energy, shake like a friggn wild animal! When I get deep, I start to tear and snot comes out. Ill give an example of a thought process I had, and one thought that really helped that part of me I feel is really hard to reach.

*snot and drool coming out, also dropping on the floor
Thoughts: "I should get something to clean up my face so it wont get all over me/floor"
me"why DO I CARE?!?!?! WHO CARES"
I shake in defiance of my thoughts even harder, to get snot and drool all over the place. I chuckel  
 (side note. when I laugh, its more of the inside part of me that I cant really reach laughs cause ill laugh literally not knowing why. same with the tears/snot sometimes. like randomly tearing)
I keep following that feeling to the fn extreme like the world literally depends on it
Thoughts: " I should lock my door so my mom doesnt come in, worrying about x y z"
me"why do i have to be scared?! who cares!!"
doesnt lock door
thoughts: "the mom part again basically
me"i dont care"
general feeling of not knowing who I am/what to do persists. locks door
thoughts: "oh, you locked the door out of fear. no bueno"
deeper me"who cares if i mess up"

And it goes like that. for a while
as you can see, i thought 'me' was me, then I felt deeper me. So at some point I realize how lost I really am and these thoughts are always going to blur me out. I keep diving as deep as possible but I pretty much max out. As the ones who have done this, well i can only speak for myself. Different state of being means different ways of feeling/thinking. So I guess I feel slightly different when Im approaching my default state cause I have to stop at some point. When i was, i just felt like i was seeing the transition of myself fading away

So im in the given up state-ish as well. Like how in the heck am i supposed to figure this shiz out. the battle is near impossible. even the thoughts im having about this battle isnt me. I cant keep the whole diving thing up forever. and even then, now i second guess my thoughts way more so it will be hader to get to the deepest me.
And the thoughts during that or right after were akin to
"well you KNOW I(default state of being) am following my heart"
deeper me/me"you're right. wait.... hahahahahaha"

I laugh because every single part of me knows that if we follow are hearts there is no way we are 'losing'. even the tinest fraction possible will win the battle.
And let's say my thoughts are trying to beat my deeper self. BUT they are truely following thier hearts. There is no way there wont be a scenerio where we both win. whatever winning means. It's been only 20 minutes since then but Deeper me, or the part that I cant really reach as well is really just chillin and at peace. And default me is as well. And been seeing things in a different light too. I can tell my perspective has changed even if i have the same thoughts.

I really cant beleive this worked soooooooooo well for me. I would have never guessed. So anyway, just wanted to give some credibility to this techique! not really. i just wanted to express myself and throw out the idea about diving as deep as you possibly can. I mean go super sayian mode dude!

Love you all so much <3 thanks for reading!
thoughts "aight, time to spell check this"
me " Lol nah"
thoughts "aight time for me to re-read so i can make some parts easier to understand cause im always confusing a.f"
me "lol nah"
8  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Just a General Chat on: May 02, 2018, 12:21:09
O wow! I dig you on the 'he was I and I was him' part. I had some similar dream where there was a part that some part of a being was covered in black energy dots and was trying to push it off of him with great force. And i mentioned that 'you are only fighting yourself' then woke up shortly after. Which i relate to a lot.

But this is great news! You definitely are living life with your heart/soul leading you more than the mind if I had to conclude a general statement for your dream, and that you are making great progress on your journey  grin
9  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Just a General Chat on: April 27, 2018, 12:59:00
off topic, but on topic since it is a general chat

Tis late and dont have time to post it on my thread, so this will be a great sub.
I've made a milestone on the journey to my enlightenment! As in, I am in a new state of being. not queit 10/10 enlightenment but I have the essence im looking for. even if its a 1/10 its way better than w.e state of being i was in. And i havnt fallen out of it really, so i dont think im ever going to be as 'unconscious' as i was before, and boy let me tell you!

Will just say that i can finally live in the present with ease. without having to use my brain, or focus into it at all. Def will explain more but man, is it great  grin grin grin grin
10  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Re: Breast Cancer on: April 12, 2018, 10:36:46
Actually sending good energy your way with more intent than I ever do. smiley smiley
11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: I'm not sure what was happening on: April 04, 2018, 08:43:35
Sounds like ap but maybe you're teleporting!  grin
12  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: The Event - Mass Awakening - Dimensional Transcendence on: April 01, 2018, 07:37:44
I listen to the kyron channeler, and kryon talks about the 'new energy' that we started to have starting at 2012. Think it was fully developed like in 2014 but none the less, you could say that was the big change that is going to let the change we want to happen. Also I do agree we already did move up dimensions or w.e based on personal experience. 

The next big gloabal shift starts is when 1% of people are 'enlightened' and that is something I beleive that is going to happen in my lifetime. Or at least it will be waaaaay more common, like 1/1000 people at least which is still huge. Awesome that everyone doesnt have to go on that journey to make a global shift to start.

I also agree that we are collectively choosing to acheive this 'ourselves' for the most part. Not like a random event where some alien comes and changes everything, or changes something in earth itself that will cause us to change.

I do think we will have those powers eventually on a more global scale. I beleive we can do it now. Thats something I plan on working on anyway after enlightenment.

In my opinion, the only way we move to a 5th Dimension is to remove all memory of this one. Otherwise the new dimension would become corrupted as well
Im not sure why we would need a dimension thats not corrupted. I dont think it ends at 5, so what would seperate 5 from 6? Just curious on your view about this in general. Havnt delved into that thing really anywho.
The memory thing, I see what your saying. The past changes but the memory isnt really the relevant part as we cant remember a change we cant be in. So somethign can remember about a thing that never happened. Semantics.  tongue
13  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Appreciation Post on: March 28, 2018, 12:14:57
Hello all and thank you all.
I just wanted to say I finally found my tune. I know what to follow I guess you can say.

It's been quiet a journey to get to this place and this place has helped me a lot. From the day one members to the one day members  grin
And this place is the only place I felt comfortable enough to express myself and just write down whatever I want because everyone is so open minded and accepts the fact that one persons experience doesnt mean its like that for another; the world can be anything.

There is always support, and a big thanks to the mods to answer the same questions that have been asked again and again tongue

There is soo much useful information on here and the format is pleasent and personal. It's not like other forum sites that seem more distant, and that really adds je ne sais quoi ('it' factor) I wouldnt want this site to ever go down, and I'd buy it myself in the years to come if it came down to that!

Thanks for being the support group for my spiritual journey that I never had in real life

E> E> E> E>  grin smiley cool cheesy wink rolleyes
14  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: Good way to unlock energy? on: March 20, 2018, 02:30:38
are you implying i should do the whole 'turn a lucid dream into a astral projection?'
Experiment and ask yourself this question.

Thats just one way to do it. Follow your intuition and go with it. Dont worry about if you can actaully hear your intuition/spirit and do the best with what you have. practice doing w.e you do will only help. And to decide if something isnt working for you, you have to do it first to know. But also have patience because if you keep hoping from one tech to the other, and do them all, and repeat the process, you will eventually have to stick to something. So hell, do it all till that happens or stick with whatever feels the most right for you.

But really, most of the techniques involve the same essential things. If you feel like something is too complicated for your taste, or you want to alter it a bit then do so. If you feel like its better for you than it will be better. The mindset will make you feel more comfortable with what your doing. If it's too much stress for you, or you are impatient with the technique, then do something that will just be more fun in general. Such as visualizing your fantasy world and exploring it. I could go on and on, and even though this isnt well explained I hope you get what im trying to say.

 IF energy blocks to exist to some degree, dont worry about them. its better for most to just treat it as a metaphor.
15  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: Good way to unlock energy? on: March 18, 2018, 12:43:11 (talks about the heart chakra and scientifically too) (emotions can be considered blockages so here's one way to deal)
I agree with xanths in a sense and you should ask yourself 'what should I do?' Probably best to do it in a state you trust in. As in, dont ask that when you are grumpy, but more at peace or whatever is your cup of tea.

Also, I dont beleive any energy block will stop you from ap. MAYBE it might make it harder, but if you ever lucid dream before, you can ap. And anyone can become lucid during a dream , blockages or not. If you havent, try napping or w.e during the daytime. Its much easier to be lucid/ap for me and many others. Or after you wake up and move around for a bit.

You can try and figure out where the blockage resides and maybe coorlate it to a chakra and what it represents and try to pin down what you should work on, but using the other pleadeans method, you wont have to know all the specifics to remove.

Feel free to message me if you need more explanation on the videos or help with the process in general.

p.s You got this!  cool
16  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Dreams & AP attempt - Please help me understand. on: March 15, 2018, 01:14:30
Your sign post can definatly change. I personally dont get vibrations anymore.
And practice is the best way. There are other things that you can do throuh out the day to help you with projecting. I think someone calles it the wiggle method on this site.
What you do is move your 'ethiric' body. Your imaginary body. Astral body, what have you. You just dont visualize it, but actually move this invisible body. You might feel the urge to feel the real body, if this occurs then you are doing it. Heck, Ive heard a study where people imagined they were exercising and got stronger! random

Also you can use 'tools'. Some use the devils lettuce  evil (marijuana) or 'dream tea'. There is like 3 certain herbs that help with lucid dreaming (basically astral projection) and such. Or headsets.

Taking a 'nap' randomly during the day is the best method for me personally.

(only read the questions part. Sorry if i missed anything else) rolleyes
17  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Dancing into yourself on: March 07, 2018, 05:13:44
Love making clickbait threads xD

But really, here's an excerices I would like you all to try. It might be hard to get into, but once you do it's soooo wonderful. It makes me feel good.

I first got into this by not really dancing. I would try to relax a little and just move my body. You can imagine if your body had a mind on its own, finding your own flow, what have you. get creative if you wish or just take a dance and mix it up yourself.  I didnt really think too much but I might swing my arms, do a really stiff motion in the beggining, then I get into a different mode. When I move from a position I have been in for a while, such as stepping side to side, and do something else, I feel this energy. And if i play with it, I can ususally do moves that bring this energy up more.
Afterwards i might sit down and chill, meditate for a bit and then get back up if i feel.

One thing I notice is fear of someone walking in on me, seeing me with headphones in, eyes closed, doing horrendous dancing and it compelese me to lock the door. Which is fine, but being exposed is something humans shy from it seems.

Dance like nobody is watching you. Lock the door if you have to. Put on some kick@** anime music or classical and let your imagination flow. You dont have to do it for a specific reason except to have a good time by yourself for a couple minutes. I imagine this is how people feel when they are embracing something. Like playing the violin.

Just something I wanted to share. I personally like to imagine im dancing with the universe and with my soul, having a couple of 'solo' moments where all I notice is me.
Get to jivin folx!  grin
18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Relax - Enjoy - You Will Succeed on: March 03, 2018, 09:08:53
It's funny that this topic is here. Recently I've been getting what I beleive to be signs from the universe to relax. But after a while I would, and I would feel the urge to do something. Make myself feel better, think of happy thoughts, observe instensly, send light to the world (which is talked about a lot among other entities especially) etc. I just watched a video the other day and had an outpour of emotions come out. It was an ending to a video game Undertale. Anywho, I didnt have any desires except for enlightenment. But after that, I didnt care anymore. I just wanted people to experience something better and for some moments  I was just sending the most radient light I could. I mean like Goku lossing his friend krillen and going super sayin mode type power (I mesaure the amount by the feeling, and my imagination or what have you seems to gauge my emotions well)

So time passes and I kinda give up. I still want it to happen but im letting go, but im only striving to become enlightened and obtain money at the same time. But im not TRYING. Any technique or vibration or what have you is something I dont force. I seem to default to an awareness level since I've been doing nothing but that 12 hours of the day at least. And when I get distracted, it happens. When I come back, I dont tell myself 'this is the place you NEED to be to get x, y z'.

The thing is if someone is telling you 'you're doing it wrong' then you tend to beleive it when you dont see success. Not to say there isnt better ways. But this the thing, when you FEEL like you are never really doing it right, that feeling is going to slow you down. At some point you have to stop searching for techniques, googling testimonies, reading every spiritual/metaphysical book under the sun and develope YOUR style. And find your FLOW.

Your relaxing could be you doing x y z. It doesnt mean you have to DO nothing, cause doing nothing was hard for me. I couldnt do nothing when i tried! lol.That emotion of not doing it right pulled me to do something. Which is fine if doing nothing isnt your flow.

NOW i can 'relax' in my own way, and before I couldnt. I had to do things, but eventually I've had enough and just broke down you could say. But I dont feel broken down, I feel good about it. Before when I broke down, it would last for a while and Id get up because I didnt have enough to stay broken down.
I dont want to confuse anyone by saying you should stop to get where your going cause that's just another technique. One not used enough, and people dont really hype it up too much so who knows what that could bring you. Test it out for yourself.

But for me it was hard to relax thinking 'ok im relaxing, when am i going see some progress?! hurry hurry!'. So i leave with this, relax. Learn patience too. If you stop relaxing, gain everything you want to add to your library of knowledge till you can not worry about the future, or 'it' happening. dont feel bad for not relaxing and tell yourself 'you need to do it to get x y z'. Dont treat it like you do other technique because its slightly different IMO. If you learn how to relax then you will see what im talking about. If you cant relax, figure out why perhaps if you really want to relax, and work on whatever obstacles that arrive.

For me, having certain beliefs helps me relax. Knowing that all things are possible. I can relax and it still can happen.

Im not sure how to word this because it seems to not make sense. But i hope you get the jist. I had to chime and give a little bit of advice on the topic since I literally just learned how to relax, lol.

Thank you a lot Nameless for bringing this up!

19  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: my useful information for ALL beings on: February 26, 2018, 03:51:31
Just making a thread for information I want to save. Also it could help others.
My playlist. The only version of spreading information that Im really comfortable with to ANYONE. Believer or not. I think everything else I explain on here is covered in these videos so no need to read the rest.
  Feel free to watch other videos that are by these people and others. The order doesnt really matter. And the first video is aimed at people who are not into 'these things'. Helps you open up to pondering on how things actually are or what they COULD be. To do more of thier own research. But for the pulse, not really something you have to watch to get the rest since we are all pretty open. Still interesting to say the least

Also, I can debate if need be or clear things up. The thing is it will take so long to explain that this post will be a couple of pages long. I just give enough to make you ponder upon it. Not to think to yourself 'this isnt how it exactly works, some things sound wrong'. I simply dont feel like explaining everything thoroughly.   

Some things I would like to add are some of my truths. It doesnt matter what is true or not, It's how I resonate with it. For example, i resonated with other beleifs I HAD but now dropped. It helped me get to this place even though it wasnt all really as true as I thought. If it's 80% 'true' or if i resonate with it at that level at LEAST, then I will play around with it. I might find flaws in a beleif but that isnt as important as you think.

Understanding yourself will help you so much with everything else. If you dont know if you resonate with something for example, it will be more of a proccess in deciding what you want to do with life.

So desires are a big one. Why do you desire it? To escape your reality? To control a situation? Because people NEED help? For happiness? Keep questioning your desires, ask why and ask why again. explains Also just helps figure out your beleifs, and invisible ones you dont think you have.

Another thing is the power of observing and noticing has helped me SOOOO much. You can find tune on how you do it, but trying to play with it has helped me a lot. Science behind mindfullness.

Pleadians talk about sublte frequency a lot and i've played with it. Such as when Im doing x,y,z I notice my thoughts, sensatoins, feelings, etc. In one state of being I kept getting more frustrating thoughts. In another I got positive thoughts. I never TRY to think about something, I just let thoughts come in.

A good thing to practice is thinking about a memory that made you smile. Or think 'what would if feel like if.'  When you say 'i am happy' but arnt, there might be more resistance because your not. So when you word it differently 'what would it feel like if' it's easier to embrace that feeling.

And lastly, one of the most important ones for me is learning patience. I didnt realize how important it was but having little patience really effects everything else you do, because you can always be impatient about it until you get that validation or gratification i should say.

OH! Trusting yourself is a good one to remember.  grin

These are the tools I use to become different, and experiance reality differently. And to 'manifest' something else. But along my journey, all the things I thought I actually wanted became something else. I feel more whole. The same but more whole. The playlist has many things that helped me click everything together. I might have missed somethings I wanted to put in but you can venture out and find more material by the people.

Honestly, I feel like I went through a lot in a little amount of time. Lets say there is some type of 'acenion' process. Basically a way to become you best self. And all of that process to get 95% there is what i've been through in a short time. Im SO close.
My mind went through a lot. One of my qualities Ive had is perfection. Or just doing the MOST efficient thing I can find. Such as, what is the MOST efficient emotion I could have? I would spend 95% trying to figure it out and never being at peace with any one that I've picked because I have that nagging mind thinking 'is this the best? Should I do something else'. And with that mindset in general you do A LOT of research. You watch video after video looking for that something.. taking notes. Well im done with the searching and at peace with everything that I beleive in, that I am. Im not 'there yet' but im at a place to where I am comfortable enought and trust myself enough to get there without any other knowledge that I know. Or knowing 'what should i do next? meditate? process emotion? observe?'. Im past that as I know myself more than before.

Again, here is the playlist. If you feel like it's too lengyh, there is a setting that can allow you to watch the video in 1.5x speed or 2x. Bottom right. You have to use desktop version if you are using phone.

20  Bug Reports and Questions / Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Search engine on: February 26, 2018, 01:44:57
Just wondering if there is a way to search by username only.
Like if i want to look at all karxx gxx THREADS or Xanth's or ... ?
Would be cool to add that but pretty sure adrian has to be the one to do that.
21  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Ayahuasca on: February 21, 2018, 10:49:08
Glad someone cleared that up because people have changed thier reality perspective because of trips or what have you. It's just a different path to go on.
22  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Ayahuasca on: February 18, 2018, 14:19:47
Yea, I feel you on that. I'm like that with a certain thing too. But I doubt I need it to get there, but just as a backup Ill go to any extent to achieve what I want to in life
23  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Hello there Pulse! on: February 15, 2018, 09:11:18
observing is sooooo good to learn for everything
24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Non-Physical Personality/Awareness/Character on: February 11, 2018, 06:46:42
Well I guess I didnt think about it, but I guess NP personalities are a thing.
Maybe when I Project, I will try to be more of an observer and not identify as myself. The NP could start reacting differntly. Not sure. This is a whole 'nother ballgame.
Also thought forms are a thing, and they can become sentient. Just got into a subject called Tulpas. Basically an imaginary friend but more real. So I dont think you are crazy. I guess that makes me crazy  tongue

Not much good input, but i support the sidekick to being real! I think you could make here more real with intention or (insert techniques).
25  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Just some observations. on: February 11, 2018, 03:00:10
At first I wanted to AP for knowledge, to talk to my higherself to know 'what to do next'. I personally want to change. I also feared on what change would happen but I decided that the life I am living, the lense that i see through and my perspective on things was not enough. It never really is enough.

AP had the potential to change that. I could be in a different reality so to speak. Escaping earth and doing something more worth while. AP though has not changed me one bit. But I havnt had enough dedicatoin to really try so I didnt learn any life changing informatoin. Instead I learned it here through the internet and through experience.
I saw the world through a different lense for about  a minute or so and it was unreal. It was how I want to live life. You could call it enlightenment on a low level perhaps. It's different for everyone, but essentially you can just say I ascended to the next level.

You dont HAVE to do anything. These tests COULD help you in the next process but you can stay as long as you like. People dont really get that. If you happen to change then so be it. The thing is you are scared of what could happen. When you change it's not like you are not you. You dont have to drop family or anything. Imagine you as who you are with new information. Do you think I could tell you anything that will make you drop your family? If you are so sure then you shouldnt worry about such things. In my experience, I did not want to drop anyone. In fact I wanted to have a great connection with people even more so.

If you really beleive you will change then simply dont do it. You might struggle within yourself but that's what you rather do, so you should be fine with it. Unfortunatly, how I assume most poeple work... The heart is hard to ignore. That yearn for something is hard to ignore. Even if you're batshite scared, a part of you will want to OBE ,in your case ,regardless of the risk. But your mind says otherwise.

If it's too much I'd work on observing. You dont have to obe, but just bring up that fear of change. Now observe it and watch it. Dont keep it there on purpose, forcing yourself to fear. Just bring up some thoughts that will simply bring it up to surface. Many people and beings (channelers  that talked for them) talk about similar technique. Well this technique. That and thinking of something that makes you smile and holding that to connect with your heart.

You will probably be really good at this, but fear is what limits that from happening. Which isnt bad! But thinking can only get you so far. I've been there as well, scared I will do x y z, that I will not follow my ego-ic dreams and such. But now I expect the best because I feel in control of my reality.

Betterment of self is subjective. Most people just happen to agree on what better is. Enlightenment just seems about bettering self, but really it's just about connecting with yourself. If your a doosh at heart then that's just who you are. Cats are a holes sometimes, but I can never be mad because that's just who they are. We on the other hand mask ourselves.
I tell you this because it might help you believe that you wont change after 'bettering yourself'. It's irrelevant. There are  many paths to enlightenment. For some it happens out of no where. Orthers practice on a technique. Others through depression. So dont worry about what you will become. Just be who you are. I'd say youre someone who wants to explore  smiley

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