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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Questions about flying on: August 29, 2006, 21:39:16
Hi Matt, thank you for replying!   smiley

I really wish it were an urge I could resist, or talk myself out of.  It is instantaneous!  It happens seemingly out of nowhere, brought on entirely by the sheer wildness of my flying maneuvers (I'm not trying to do these maneuvers, I am whisked along without any control it seems).  Sometimes I can maintain the OBE but often it ends it abruptly.  Well, I suppose there are worse ways to end an OBE.

I go through phases where I can project easily, almost daily, then a week will pass with nothing.  I do almost zero energy work.  What has worked for me is a combination of strong desire and spending time listening to Holosync prior to my attempt.  (sadly, this is why I can't seem to project during the night, I am dependent on the Holosync, and can't stay awake for it during the night.)

Again thanks for responding.
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Questions about flying on: August 23, 2006, 21:18:41
Hello all!  I've been away for awhile but I've decided to rejoin the group.

I have some questions about flying during an OBE.  FYI, I take naps daily at the same time as my two year old, and I manage to get out of body almost every time (say, 5 out of 7 days per week).

1. Why does it always seem obligatory to fly during an OBE?  Things can be going along fine, I'm exploring or talking to some interesting person or group, then suddenly the urge to fly is irrepressible and off I go?  Is there a way to stop this?  Granted the flying is fun, but sometimes I've got better things to do.

2. Why is it that it seems so easy to fly at fairly low altitudes and so unbearably fearful when I find myself at some height?  I'll be flying over a grassy area, having a good old time, practicing techniques, spins, etc. when suddenly I come to a large gorge (think Grand Canyon) and I'm suddenly panic stricken and plunging, unable to use any of my usual tricks to stay afloat?

3. This is sort of embarassing...  grin  but quite often when I'm flying I'll start spinning around (picture being on a swing and flipping around 360 degrees), and it becomes extremely physically exhilarating, and I find myself (ahem) physically climaxing, often ending my OBE.  Again, yeah this is fun, but not my goal.  How can I stop this from happening?  It just sneaks up on me and hits me like a freight train!

Thanks for any advice.  I'm really trying to work on my control during my outings and any words of wisdom are welcomed.

3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / went to "the Void!" first time! also more kitty! on: December 11, 2003, 19:00:23
Wow. I just finished writing this up:

December 11, 2003
Afternoon meditation.  I was really tired, so I thought that this might just be a nap.  After the cd ended, nothing happened.  I thought about getting up, but stayed put.  Soon I felt the vibrations beginning, and subsiding.  I let them come on.  

The vibrations came and went until I felt I was really controlling them!  Soon I was astral, and I sat up at the waist.  I struggled a bit getting out of body, but was soon standing next to the bed.  I called out for my kitty "BK!" but I couldn’t see at all.  (BK died in 1996, and seems to be my astral companion!)  I moved to the bedroom sliding glass window and slipped easily out into the backyard.  

My vision became crystal clear and the backyard was light and bright.  The backyard was exactly right except it had a few extra plants.  I saw my beagle Cuda walking around.  I turned and went up to the sliding glass window and saw my reflection.  Normal.  Whew!

I told Cuda I would have to go, I had some flying to do.  As I lifted off the ground, I thought, "no, that’s what I ALWAYS do.  This time will be different."  Then, remembering the advice of William Buhlman, I said, "I move inward."  I closed my astral eyes and waited.  I soon felt this amazing rush of energy, and soon I was zooming a million miles an hour, going God only knows where!  I was also tumbling end over end.  It should have been disorienting but it was exhilarating!!!  

After a few seconds I said "stop."  I was floating in THE VOID!  It was completely black, yet not empty.  I was gently tumbling around now, still going end over end but it felt so good.  All around me were the most beautiful flashes of light, in every color imaginable!  All I could say was "WOW!"  

A split second later I was back in my room, still astral, standing by the foot of the bed.  I once again began calling out to BK.  My boxer Kelly came around the bed, and I was about to greet her when she stopped at the foot of the bed, did a double-take, and began sniffing the area like crazy.  I knew BK had to be there, but why couldn’t I see her?  I called Kelly toward the door and made her sit.  I turned back toward the bed and saw one perfect white kitty paw sticking out from under the bed, with perfect little pink paw pads on it.  I said "BK!"  Then BK’s little face appeared from under the bed.  She began crawling out from under the bed, about halfway, brushing aside the bedskirt as she went.  She was looking up at me, she was so adorable!  

It's just so odd to see BK in this house, since she died in 1996 and we've only lived here one year!!!

I was just about to pet BK when Kelly came running back in and scared her.  At this moment I popped back into my body (DAMN), and the vibes began to fade.  I said "WOW" again, and wished the experience would have been longer.

Total time elapsed, 20 minutes.

After I got up, I came down the hallway to find both my dogs asleep in the other room.  Pesky little buggers!  [Tongue]
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / OBE: kitty visits, also high level guide! on: December 07, 2003, 12:16:01
The experience below happened Friday morning, after using my Holosync cd.  Then yesterday (Saturday), my kitty BK came to visit me a third time!  It's so real, and she keeps showing me things I had forgotten about her (she died in 1996).  When I picked her up yesterday, she headbutted me right in the nose, grazing my nose with her teeth, leaving some of her drool on me.  Hehe!  I had forgotten she did that!  It's like I have my kitty back!  A friend tells me I should try speaking English to her.  I will try that next time!  If nothing else, I now feel like she's around me all the time, which is amazing.

BTW, I am still using Holosync with awesome success.  Four months now.  I almost have enough referrals to get the next level free.  To help push me over the cliff, the company has kindly told me I could offer free shipping to anyone who may be interested in trying Holosync, before December 15th.  If you are interested in this, please email me:
<end shameless plug>  

Forgive me, the following is kinda long.  But it was so cool!

December 5, 2003

WOW!  Amazing travel!  I got back into bed this morning, really not expecting much, since I was very tired.  I put the headphones on (Holosync cd) and a folded washcloth over my eyes (I’m not using my usual herbal eye pillow due to a recent eye infection).  The cd ended and I was semi awake.  I felt like giving up and getting out of bed, so I tried but couldn’t.  I realized I was "awake" astrally.  I looked up from the bed and saw a man walk by the bedroom door.  He was very tall, blond, and wearing red pants.  I thought, "aw crap, people in the house, AGAIN."  I heard loud radio sounds coming from the bedroom down the hallway, like a ham radio.  I got out of body and proceeded down the hallway.  As I approached, the sound got louder and the bedroom felt distinctly occupied, although the man was not visible.  I could feel his energy.  The door began to close in my face as I approached.  I got mad.  Hey, this is MY house.  I pushed the door back open.  There were two cats in the room (my dogs?) and they were walking around, sniffing the room and hissing!  It felt very creepy.  I said something like "be gone" or "go away" and quickly I was back in my body.  I tried to get up because I didn’t like that experience.  I tried to remove the washcloth from my face, I tried over and over.  No luck.  I drifted out of body again, about halfway at the waist.  Now I yelled into the house "Empty!  This house is empty!"  And it seemed to be empty now.  I drifted outside and flew around.  I tried to will myself to my friend's house, but as usual I just continued to fly.  I floated over neighbors’ homes and wished them happy holidays, and they wished me the same.  Everyone I saw was very friendly.  There were beautiful Christmas trees and decorations everywhere, it was quite beautiful!  I started hazing into a dream, and realized it... I said "this is too dreamlike!" and I was quickly back in bed.  Again, I tried to remove the washcloth from my face and couldn’t!  This was getting really odd!  I could tell I was about to float free a third time, and I was still a little nervous about whomever had been in the other bedroom before... so I did the only thing I could remember to do:  I called out for my dead cat BK (Baby Kitty).  I started calling to her from the bed, "BK, BK!"  I was really yelling!  She came quickly to me.  As with the first time, she pounced onto the pillow on the right side of my head.  Just like before, I felt her paws make a gentle "thump" on the bed.  Yippee!!!  I really love it when she visits me!  As she walked behind my head, I felt a very warm heat on my scalp as she went by (the first time, I felt her fur).  Then "thump" onto the floor she jumped.  This is exactly the path she took before, and I was disappointed because I had hoped she would curl up on me.  So I began calling for her again, "come here BK!  BK come here!"  I didn't know what to expect, but she began meowing back to me, and I had totally forgotten what her meow sounded like.  BK meows very softly, with only a little squeak of sound coming out.  Oh my God I thought, that’s right, I used to call her Squeakapuss and Squeaky-Beek.  I had absolutely forgotten, it's been nearly a decade.  What a sweet experience!  So of course I jumped out of the bed to be with her.  There were two other cats there on the floor with her (actual cats?  My dogs?).  I greeted the other cats, then picked BK up and she was purring loudly.  I was still a little nervous but this time I said "I am protected, God is here."  The right bedroom door was open (we have glass double French doors) and there was a man in a rocking chair posted outside the left door like a sentry, facing outward.  He was a young, strong looking black man in his early 40’s with long hair in a ponytail.  When I said that, he turned to me and said, "thank you" (as if for my noticing and acknowledging that he was there).  (I’m not sure he was God, but whoever he was, he was benevolent and powerful, I’m sure!  I felt VERY safe with him there!  High level guide?  Guardian angel?)  Still holding BK, I said to him, "Please can I go and visit one of the beautiful angelic realms?"  He said, soooo patiently and kindly, "oh, we don’t have time for that right now."  His face was warm and knowing, and loving.  I accepted his answer and proceeded to pat his shoulder playfully with BK’s paw, which seemed to amuse him.  I soon found myself back within my body, and this time I was able to remove the washcloth.  I said "thank you God" out loud before getting up.

The other interesting thing about this particular experience is that, before it happened, I was having these flashes of light.  I have visualized light before, but this was nearly blinding.  I wasn't trying to visualize it, it was just there.  I kept asking that I be able to attune to it so it wouldn't be so blinding.  Also, I could FEEL it.  It was warm.  This has not happened before, ever.  A little more progress has been made!  (or maybe a lot!!!)
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / what AP and LD aids have you used? on: October 15, 2003, 14:18:03
Hi all,

I am wondering what devices and aids you have used to help achieve AP and LD's, and what were your results with them.

I personally have used a Novadreamer with excellent results for about one year.  My brain no longer responds to it, but I no longer need it!  It was worth every penny.

I have also used many brainwave generator cd's including some of the Monroe stuff, with no results.  I am now using a Holosync cd with excellent results.  After two months, I am still able to leave my body or at least become very lucid every time I use the cd.  I am thrilled with it.

If you have tried something that you really like, or really hate, and feel like commenting on it, please do so, I am curious and I'm sure others are too.  

If there is already a topic about this, I apologize for the redundancy, and if anyone can point me to that topic, please do!

6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / How to avoid the lower astral plane? on: September 08, 2003, 19:05:59
Does anyone have any practical advice, based on solid experience and success, on how to avoid inadvertently projecting into the lower astral, right from the get-go?
7  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / meditation tapes/cd's on: September 08, 2003, 10:19:49
Hello fellow astral travelers,

I signed up for this website because I was so thrilled about finally having some amazing and daily astral travels, other than the hit and miss results I've had for three years.  I finally seem to be able to do it every day and it is becoming more real and vivid (sometimes scary, sometimes awesome!).  As I'm sure you know, there aren't many people with whom to discuss this stuff in waking life!  I needed an outlet and some new friends so here I am.

I had mentioned my meditation cd in my posts and many of you have asked me about it.  I feel weird posting it because I'm not selling it but my typing fingers are getting tired so here it is:

It is similar to the Monroe technology but better.  They have lots of levels (13 total).  I've used the Monroe cd's and I've gotten nothing out of it, compared to this.  The tapes/cd's are not cheap.  The first level is $160.  I was told about it by my previous meditation teacher who has been teaching the Merkaba meditation for 10 years, she said this was better so I really listened to her and I bought the cd.  On my fourth listen I had 6 OBEs.  It's been at least one OBE every time since then (it's been over a month).  The tapes/cd's are not designed for astral travel, but they say on their site that having spiritual experiences is a "side effect" of the technology.  If you're like me you'll agree it is the main event.  Anyway I am NOT SELLING this stuff, just recommending it.  Like I said, it isn't cheap.  I'd love to hear that other people were getting the same benefit that I am getting from this technology.

Maybe listening to *anything* for one full hour would have the same benefit.  No, actually I don't really think so.

So here's how I have been using it for AP.  You have to listen to the thing for the whole hour.  I put the headphones on early in the morning.  The trick is staying mostly awake for it (but it works even if you doze off).  Prop yourself up a little, but not too much.  Let the cd sounds carry you away.  Nothing happens for me until the cd finishes.  When it trails off, the *lack* of sound wakes me up.  I lie still and focus on lifting out.  I say "I project to a higher dimension" to myself over and over.  Sometimes I lift out, but lately I've just been sort of shifting into the astral even without any vibrations.  (like, the astral kitty jumping onto my pillow, when I thought I was awake)  It's just all very cool.

Keep in mind you have to work at this!  You will not have results, with or without any aids, unless you are dedicating the time (daily) and mental energy.  (I refer you to Tisha's "OBE essay.") Good luck and keep me posted.

8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Awesome astral travel! Happy! Happy! on: September 06, 2003, 22:31:34
Well I guess good experiences outweigh the bad!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  [Cheesy]

I was still feeling bad about the scary dead guy from Thursday, but I thought I should do a meditation this afternoon and try to project.  I figured it was daylight, and my husband was home, so I felt safe.  I got in the bed with the headphones around 5:00pm.  I fell asleep during the cd, as usual, but I woke up as it trailed off and tried to stay awake.  I kept saying “I project into a higher dimension” over and over.  Nothing happened for about 15 minutes so I figured I had failed.  I kept trying.  I finally decided I ought to get up, when I suddenly felt a “thump” beside my head on the pillow.  It felt like a cat.  I don’t have a cat right now, and I know I was alone in the room.  This cat went behind my head and brushed its body and tail against me, then jumped to the floor.  Again, “thump.”  Now I knew I had succeeded!  I lifted out of body and on the floor at the foot of the bed was my white cat Baby Kitty (BK) who died from feline leukemia in 1996.  Yippee!!!  I screamed out “Bee Kay!!!” and I scooped her up.  She was purring.  I petted her like crazy!  I looked around my bedroom and again demanded to move higher.  I started floating up and had to say “down.”  (the subconscious really does take you literally!)  I kept trying and nothing happened.  I thought, maybe I need to put BK down.  But I don’t want to go anywhere if I can’t take her with me!  So I headed for the bedroom door which was open (I had actually closed it).  I looked to my right, where the scary guy had been on Thursday.  I knew he would not be there this time, and sure enough he wasn’t.  The hallway was light and bright.  Still holding BK, I turned left and continued to the living room.  And who should I find sitting in our big leather chair but my own father!!!!!!  He died in 1984 and I’ve been hoping to see him ever since.  He was wearing a red plaid shirt and he was smiling so big!  I screamed “DAD!”  I put down BK and jumped in his lap.  He was every bit as real (and so was BK) as the other guy was, but clearly I had succeeded in projecting into a higher level, thank God!  Dad started rambling about something, and I knew that I would quickly lose focus.  I tried to stay focused on what he was saying but I popped back into my body.  Gotta work on extending these trips.  Well I am deliriously happy!  I jumped right up to the computer to write this.  I am so happy and encouraged and can’t wait to go again!!!
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / need advice on dealing with fear! on: September 06, 2003, 14:59:33
Hi guys & gals,

I've been into AP for three and a half years now, with increasing success.  Lately I've been using some new meditation tapes and I've been able to leave my body every day for about a month now. But I had a bad experience Thursday morning and it is setting me back a bit. I exited my body, left my bedroom and turned left toward the living room, like usual. A voice from behind me said "you comin'?" This took me totally by surprise. I turned around and at the end of the hallway was a dead guy. He was young, around 20, black, very dark skin, with spiky hair (like mini dreadlocks), wearing black levi jeans, black Reebok sneakers, and a red t-shirt covered in blood. He looked like a gang banger who had maybe been murdered. His expression was totally vacant. He was right there, in my hallway, and he was as real as any other person standing there would be. I can still hear his voice now as I type this. He scared the bejesus out of me!!! (whatever bejesus is!) He began shuffling toward me. I apparently had projected into the lower astral realm. Luckily my friend had given me a very valuable tip just the day before. She told me that a terrific way to protect yourself is to create a diversion, something moving and attention-getting. So I created (first time ever) a "psi ball" of bright glowing multicolored light. I launched it at the guy. It whizzed past him down the hallway, and thank God he turned and started shuffling in the opposite direction, toward the ball. This method works, it is awesome! I continued through the house and went out the door, and the adventure became dreamlike. I quickly popped back into my body but I was too scared to try again. The worst part is, the more I think about it the more scared I get. He was SO REAL, not dreamlike at all. I could see, hear, and even feel his presence so clearly. Last night I couldn't even sleep. I keep thinking he is in my house. What if next time I leave my body, he's right in my face?  I've got to get ahold of my fear!  But I'm not sure how.  How can you ever get used to seeing bloody dead people???  My friend tells me I've reached an important stage, now that I can project pretty much at will... but she says this will be a sort of trial by fire. She said to get used to it, that I'll be seeing a lot of scary stuff now. Isn't that lovely? Just thought I'd share. There are so few people I can talk to about this.

Anyone have any good, practical suggestions on how to control fear in this situation? I've never been afraid like this before. Now I'm worried that fear will stop my progress in projecting, which is the last thing I want after all this work (three years). I just had no idea that seeing something like this could be so shocking.
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Feel the Rain on: March 10, 2004, 23:19:31
In the astral I've never yet felt any temperature sensations.  I also have never had any experience of taste or smell.  I've had full sight, and full sound, and the sense of touch is there but it is different.  It's more "experience" than "feeling," since it's not physical, sorry it's hard to explain.  I believe I have felt (or more like experienced) wind, in my backyard.  It is a whole-body sensation and feels wonderful.  Sometimes it will lift me up.  What a rush!  Then I do flips and stuff.  I have never seen or experienced any rain while projecting.  Passing through solid objects is awesome.  When I pass through a wooden door, it sort of disintegrates as I move through, like it becomes a sort of mist.  I like going through sliding glass doors or windows the best.  The glass bends, but resists like a hard rubber bubble.  Finally if I keep pushing it will pop and I go through.
11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / doing obe with t.v on? on: March 07, 2004, 13:49:39
Oh yeah, I remembered what else I wanted to say... that I want to learn to project with the tv on too.  Or in a busy place, or a noisy place, and sitting up.  I want to be able to project anywhere, anytime!  I am greedy but I want complete control over this ability.  I don't want to be restricted anymore to projecting only in my quiet bedroom, lying down.  Any pointers will be appreciated!  I have the feeling that TOTALLY clearing the mind, despite any distractions, is the key, the doorway.
12  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / doing obe with t.v on? on: March 07, 2004, 13:45:18
Hi guys,

I have been seeing numerous people and entities as well, they are there in my house from the moment I become conscious that I am about to leave my body.  I can see them through my closed eyelids, looking at me through the glass bedroom doors (french doors with clear glass panes).  It got to where it was so unnerving that I completely lost the ability to project for over a month.  I was just too nervous and jumpy, so my brain went into some kind of survival mode until I could get over the fear.  Each time I would try to project, I would just fall asleep.  I guess this was for the best, at the time.

All the logic in the world didn't help me get over this fear.  Yeah, I know they can't hurt me.  But it's just so startling and unnerving to find PEOPLE IN YOUR HOME, in your HALLWAY for God's sake.  And having them want to touch you.

Even when they are not in the house, they ring the doorbell.  The first time this happened, I was out of my body in my bedroom and trying to go to the void (something I've done twice now, and want to practice more).  The doorbell rang and I thought I was awake.  I said "dammit, just as I was getting ready to project to the void."  So I ran down the hallway and answered the door only to find three astral people there to bug me, trying to come in and talk to me.  Arg!

As for "finding out what they want," yeah that sounds nice, and I would do it if they approached me one at a time.  But it's always like 10 at a time, and they want to talk to me and touch me and grab me, all at once!  They are NOT trying to hurt me, most of the time.  But it's just so annoying.  For awhile it got to where my entire projections were spent in my living room just trying to get these entities to leave me alone.  I could repel them with a pushing-away hand motion, this works VERY well, but when there are so many it becomes exhausting.

I'm now projecting again, since it's been a month and the immediate memory of this recurring hallway scene seems to have faded.  Now, whenever I get ready to project, I launch myself in the other direction and proceed out the sliding glass door into my backyard.  I'm usually alone out there, with the exception of my two dogs (who are sleeping in the living room, so they join me astrally), and an assortment of animals who have passed on before (this is always fun!).  Last week my boxer was playing with another dog, a friend's dog who died like almost 20 years ago.  What a trip!

Anyway, not sure what my point is here... just that astral entities can be so annoying.  I have had to adapt and get the heck out of my house immediately after exit in order to avoid being surprised and accosted in my hallway.  At least I have only yet (so far) seen humans, I've heard much worse horror stories...
13  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Falling asleep. on: March 06, 2004, 12:20:50
Holy Reality, you are very close.  If you can get to that state where you are drifting off and quickly snapping awake you are basically there!  If you've mastered total relaxation (in 5 minutes!) and keeping your mind clear you have made tremendous progress.  Before I started projecting regularly I was at that same point.  I got so frustrated, what I started doing was shouting at myself (mentally, as I drifted to sleep):  UP AND OUT!  UP AND OUT!  UP AND OUT!  I really let myself have it!  And it worked.  As soon as my waking consciousness faded out, I was instantly out of body!  I just had to be really, REALLY firm with myself, at that critical moment.  I recommend trying this since you really are right at that critical juncture.  Keep the image of rope climbing going as you drift out (or whatever works to give you that feeling, but pick one thing and stick with it), but as you drift toward that sleep border, start mentally shouting UP AND OUT!!!  Say it like you won't take no for an answer, as if you were commanding a dog to do something (would you take no for an answer from your dog?  No way!).  Good luck!
14  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Please help! on: December 14, 2003, 17:24:02

I have had those experiences too (although not as frequently or inadvertently as that!).  Quite often, at the moment I become aware in the astral, I hear people moving around and talking in my house, or they walk by the bedroom door etc. and it can be very invasive and unsettling.

What I am finding is that when I realize I am in a lower astral environment (which is where all that unsettling stuff occurs), I can just say "I raise my vibratory level" and the scene will change.  (at first I tried saying "I move higher" but I just floated up!)  Also, try saying "I move inward."  Last time I did that it took me on a wild ride to the void, and it was quite beautiful and pleasurable!

Nothing's wrong with you.  Learn to raise your vibratory level and these spontaneous travels should become quite a joy!
15  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / went to "the Void!" first time! also more kitty! on: December 11, 2003, 20:28:43
OK Jeff, I will check that out, thanks!  It may be a better alternative to the massive Word document I've been keeping!  [Wink] Looks like a very cool program!
16  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / went to "the Void!" first time! also more kitty! on: December 11, 2003, 20:11:22
I've been wanting another kitty for several years now.  My husband says he is allergic but he just doesn't like them.  (he never had a good one!)  I haven't had a cat since BK, only dogs.  This is what makes it all the more special that she's back.  Actually, I now realize she has never left me.  It's just that now I am aware of her.  And what a comfort she is!
17  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Finally made it - took me 9 years... on: December 11, 2003, 10:07:51
Good job!!!  Now, practice practice practice!!!  You must continue to push yourself, but don't forget to relax and allow the experience to come to you.  Know that it is yours to have.  It is a little bit of a balancing act.

I like that you have named your subconscious, that must make it easier to communicate with it.  I may try that myself!

The easiest way to overcome astral blindness is simply to state firmly "vision NOW."  Your vision should instantly snap into focus.  I find that I can go from almost complete blindness to seeing incredible details of things, sometimes almost too much detail!  Whatever you want in the astral, just state firmly "(command) NOW."  You will have it immediately.  The most important ones in my opinion are "control now," "awareness now," and "vision now."

Oh, and also your vision will improve automatically the further you move from your body.

18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Everyone list in here all your sleep positions on: December 10, 2003, 21:20:42
You should not sleep on your stomach, it screws your neck up BAD.  Ask any chiropractor.  I slept on my stomach for 35 years and I have the bad neck to prove it.  It is bent the wrong way and shifted to the right.  It will be chiropractic maintenance for me, for the rest of my life.  I now have a lot of pain.  I wish I had known.

I always fall asleep on my left side, but wake up on my back.  Even an hour later.  I think as soon as I'm asleep, my body turns over onto my back.  So far I have projected consciously always on my back, although once or twice I have lifted out of body while lying on my right side (never the left).  Sometimes I have lucid dreams on the left, though.
19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Mirrors...what the hell was that? on: December 10, 2003, 12:18:12
Hello Miss Mason!  [Cheesy]

I had to snicker when I read your account.  Your experiences sound a lot like mine!  Like you, I have just reached a point where I can AP with some regularity.  I see so much weird stuff, and as I like to put it, "astral hangers-around."  I once met some people who told me they were from sometime after the year 4000 (or, as they explained, "we stopped counting after 4000.").

Some of what you are seeing may be actual reflections of the people you see, or another aspect of them (like someone they were in their past lives), or it may just be made up by your mind.  Including the mirror.  It can be a little frustrating!  I also get freaked out when I see a mirror.  What I do now when I see a mirror is I just intend that I will see myself looking normal.  This works every time!

What you can do also, next time you see something or someone that looks "off," ask out loud that you be shown the truth, what is really there.

About your kitty: if she bares her teeth at you again, DON'T react with fear, but give her love, no matter what.  She will change and be nice.

I've been seeing my favorite kitty too, she died in 1996.  Now she seems to visit me quite frequently.  (or I should say, I am now AWARE of her visits!)  I had forgotten how her meow sounded ("squeak!"), and some of her mannerisms.  (I haven't had a cat since she died, only dogs.) It has been very pleasant getting reacquainted with her, and it is comforting to carry her around!

Welcome and please keep posting!
20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / OBE: kitty visits, also high level guide! on: December 09, 2003, 23:32:07
Originally posted by TheSeeker

Interesting story Kristina, sounds like you're making good progress.  And, don't worry about Negs, I think worrying about them is exactly what makes you encounter them, or create them for that matter.

Thank you Seeker.  Yes it does feel like progress!  I do tend to see a lot of disembodied hangers-around... and although they startle me, and I feel invaded when they're in my house, I wouldn't classify any of them as Negs.  I have never been attacked.  And with each travel, I feel less jumpy and more confident.  Although I still expect to be startled from time to time!

Having my kitty with me, as she seems to be frequently now, really is helping put me at ease.  I'm so glad she is there.

I encountered someone this morning, a young (20ish) woman, who seemed to be willing to talk to me and answer my questions.  The bummer is, each time I tried to begin talking to her, I popped back into my body.  This happened like six times.  Each time, I stayed still and willed myself back to her.  She was very patient with me, but I felt silly!  Each time I had the thought "hey, I'm having an astral conversation!" I would pop back.  Gotta work on controlling that!
21  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Real time OBE on: December 07, 2003, 14:06:35
EXCELLENT!!!  And inspiring.  I constantly see entities and people in my house, and I'm still working on getting past the fear.  Your story helps, a lot.  THANK YOU.
22  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / OBE: kitty visits, also high level guide! on: December 07, 2003, 13:15:24
Holosync is a brainwave generator cd.  (Actually it is a whole program, with 13 progessively deeper levels.)  There are many brainwave generators available, of course, including the Monroe tapes, and I think there are even some free downloads on this site.  Holosync is the only one that has ever worked for me.  It wasn't cheap, but to me it was totally worth it.  I plan to continue with it, through all the levels.

You are right about questioning the guide.  I plan to try to see him again.  So far, the only entity or being I've been able to see more than once has been BK!  But this is a good sign.  Hopefully I can get his name so I can easily ask for him (instead of saying, "hey, black man with the ponytail in the rocking chair!").  Hehe!  [Tongue]
23  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / I Found A Light And Sound Device For Lucid Dreamin on: October 15, 2003, 14:11:46

I agree that we don't need aids in order to OBE, but sometimes training wheels are helpful!  I had my first LD using my Novadreamer from the Lucidity Institute.  The Novadreamer worked beautifully for me for about the first year.  It no longer works for me (my brain adapted), but I also no longer need it.  I'm certain it shaved months off my practice time.

Also, I've been OBEing on and off for about three years.  I just started using a Holosync meditation cd and now I can OBE every time.  Will I use the cd forever?  No.  But again, I'm sure it cut months off my practice time.  Who can disparage that???  [Wink]
24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / FraudsPhonysAndFakes on: October 15, 2003, 14:06:20
Hi Leyla,

I have to agree with you!  I have only seen dead people while I'm astral projecting.  Recently, I saw a dead kid (about 20 years old) who appeared to be a gang-banger.  He was dressed in baggy black jeans and Reebok tennis shoes, with a baggy red t-shirt covered in blood.  He was African American with mini-dreadlocks.  He looked so lost and sad.  When he saw me he said "you comin'?" as if he recognized me, and started shuffling toward me.  He meant me no harm.  BUT HE SCARED THE BEJESUS OUT OF ME.  I couldn't sleep for two weeks and was afraid to AP after that.  I can still hear his voice when I think about it!  Now, when I project into my hallway (where he was), I look both ways so carefully before proceeding.  I encountered another dead little boy (about 10) a few days later, in my living room.  He startled me at first but I worked up my courage and talked to him and he was a really nice kid.

Anyway, I can relate to your comment "It's never, say, an old bag lady from the 70's who got hit by a taxi."

While some people may truly see spirits while still in their body, I would think they are very rare.  (more rare than we are, those of us who AP)  Keep in mind that people always like to boost their self-importance!  There aren't many people I tell this stuff to.  Like, 2 or 3 tops.  My husband, my dear highly-psychic friend who also AP's, one online pal, oh and my posts here on the board.  That's about it, mainly because I don't like having to defend my experiences to someone who says "what an interesting dream."
25  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Somethin VERY different !!!!!!! on: October 15, 2003, 13:23:57
WOW this is a long topic.  

Tayesin, you sure have had some interesting experiences!  You mentioned that the R's "consume all things energetic," and you are so right.  This triggered my memory of a scene I was shown a couple of years ago.  I had pretty much forgotten about it, but it was important.  It was a brief but very vivid, lucid travel.  

I was taken to a sports stadium where a game was taking place.  It was nighttime, so I could better see all the activity going on.  Above ground, the huge stadium was brightly lit and I could hear all the yelling, cheering, booing, people arguing, etc., all the sounds associated with team sports.  I could also feel the energy, it was a busy, confused, erratic energy that made me uncomfortable.  I could also see that just below the stadium there was an "energy processing plant" being run by Huh aliens (R's?).  There was a tunnel running from the stadium down into this processing plant, and the energy was flowing downward.  The plant below was just a huge as the stadium above, I could see it as if it were a cut away side view (ever see an "ant farm?").  There was just as much activity below as there was above.  It was brightly lit and beings were busily moving about.  They were feeding on this hectic energy created by human sports fans!  I was given the impression that there is a processing plant like this underneath every sports stadium on earth, as well as all places that produce similar energy.  Hhhmmm.  No wonder I've never liked team sports!

I have been told and shown by my guides over and over again to handle attacks calmly, unemotionally, but firmly, with a simple but forceful "NO."  It has worked for me over and over again.  I am certain that the bad aliens feed on our negative emotional energy.  We starve them when we stay calm and loving.
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