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951  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: I think I need help on: March 21, 2012, 00:25:34
It's true that when you focus on something for a while, you become attuned with it. Same thing applies to dreaming, AP, psychic abilities, etc.
My suggestion is to research as much as you can about OBE, so when you experience one you will know what is most likely to be expected. It is not a straightforward experience and it differs from person to person, because there are many factors such as beliefs, fears, emotional state, etc. Most important that you should know is that you can't be physically harmed while OBEing, you can dissolve any fear in different forms that you may encounter, and be excited for the possibility to explore places that are interesting, maybe different in nature, meet other entities, try to ask questions and communicate. Do not be afraid of the unknown. Many new people are, including me 10 years ago, but that fades away with experience.

If you are serious about it, pick a technique and stick with practicing every night before bed, or if you briefly wake up in the middle of the night. do it for at least three weeks and you will start experiencing strong "symptoms" of your energy frequency being raised, and eventually, you will achieve a conscious exit.
My favorite technique is the "motion technique". Very easy and enjoyable to practice. Choose a favorite place of yours and imagine that you are laying in a hammock, swing, or a boat. While falling asleep try to feel the motion and the swaying sensation from side to side, imagining at the same time your surroundings. The motion usually gives me strong vibes, when my body completely falls asleep and they wake my consciousness.

Good luck!
952  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Fictional Worlds Exist on: March 18, 2012, 22:24:43
@ Svetlio - Priatno mi e da se zapoznaem, maria!
@Warlexx -The power of the BulgariansÖ he he
@ StillWater - Very wise words indeed, very wise. Thatís exactly how I view the multidimensional universe. This magnificent infinity has no boundaries and limitations.

I think itís just the other way around Svetlio. The far you get from the RTZ and your immediate surroundings, you experience a higher vibratory rate, encounters and worlds of different nature, you get to communicate with guides and higher beings, etc, the list is endless. I donít agree that the farther you go you drift into a lucidity and thus you think that what you experience is more like an illusion and fantasy type. My OBE did not turn into a dream that I am certain of, because that whole time I was on high alert and trying to keep my focus, so I donít snap back into my body. I didít wake up the next morning, returned in my body right after the OBE and I remained paralyzed for few more minutes, still experiencing vibrations, but I was too excited to attempt to go back.

Lets talk about fantasy lands for a moment! Think about it, we here in this reality are very limited, being covered in physical matter vehicles. However, our spirits arenít and through certain doorways such as sixth sense, imagination, etc, our consciousness is able to get a glimpse of other worlds which we canít physically perceive. But most people tend to think that where our imagination leads us is all illusion, made up worlds and stories. Well guess what, everything that was ever created even our physical universe and the starts, was once a thought. A thought from a great power, which many call it the Creator. As parts of the Creator, we too possess the same ability, maybe not is such a magnitude, but in a smaller scale, yes. There are endless numbers of spirits that live in infinite number of realities, some physical, some non physical. Could it be that our world here is an illusion and the others real? If we compare the life span of our galaxy, physical lives and bodies, to the immortality of our spirits and the infinity of the non physical universe, which one could be perceived as a temporary and illusionary, sort of a set up scenario to be experienced briefly? Think about it!

I have experienced my surroundings and the RTS hundreds of times and I have not learned much from it. The further I went, the more enlightened I became. The richness of the high frequency worlds canít really be described and the expansion of my knowledge canít be comprehended by someone who has never had these experiences. I would suggest that you shake off your fears and do some real travels. Some destinations you may create to enjoy whatever you like, but they are not an illusion. Why some people tend to think that the non physical energy is NOT REAL? There are much different laws there that we do not fully understand.
I have created my own personal world which I call ďThe Rainy LightĒ and when I go there, it is my sanctuary. I can touch things, smell the air, feel the grass under my feet. Why it wouldnít be real?

Now about Robert Bruce and his experiences with negs, all I can say is that had many subconscious fears and he manifested most of them in the astral, perceiving them as a negative entities. Now, I do believe that there are many spirits with bad intensions that may want to scare you, or interact with you, but again, strength and positive energy doesnít allow the opposite to exist in the same vicinity. Thatís why I donít like sticking around the RTZ and physical reality, because most trapped spirits reside there. The higher and farther you go, the more advanced, spirits and worlds you encounter.

I do like to read literature and input from established authors, but I always follow my own instincts and logic. In my hundreds of OBEs, so far I have experienced only few scary moments, but they were created by me.

953  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Fictional Worlds Exist on: March 18, 2012, 06:51:56
Don't you love OBEs like that Army? That means you were observing the physical world, or at least the closest level.
I had a validation like that, when I OBEed and visited my house in my country. When I was there I saw that the bed covers were bright red, and I thought oh, it's because I am observing an alternate reality or my mind is making the covers red. However, few days later, when I talked to my mom on skype, the first thing I noticed on the background were the two corner beds all in red LOL. I almost couldn't believe it!
954  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Fictional Worlds Exist on: March 18, 2012, 06:28:04
I don't even believe the astral plane even exists except in your mind. I have never experienced astral consciousness.

Just out of curiosity, if you don't believe that the astral world exist and by extend anything beyond the physical dimension exists, then why are you practicing OBE techniques? Do you think that your thoughts are generated by your brain, or by a consciousness that it is not of physical matter?

I am sorry, if I am asking too many questions, but I am new here and I don't know the members that well yet. I am just trying to help, because I do have a good number of conscious OBE experiences and most of them felt even clearer and more vibrant, than the physical reality itself. My energy field simply does not allow negative entities, because positive energy free of fear is always stronger than a negative one.
955  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Fictional Worlds Exist on: March 18, 2012, 02:44:58
Todd, if you are so afraid to explore the astral worlds, what are you going to do when you physically die? Stick around your house and become another trapped spirit? There is so much more out there. We should never be afraid. That's all I can say, otherwise, we will never progress.
956  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Fictional Worlds Exist on: March 18, 2012, 01:41:54
Svetlio, nedei taka be moito momche ha ha.
No, I am not offended at all. I understand what you mean Svetlio. But I have trained myself to the point where I can have an OBE at will. My energy is extremely strong and I can vividly remember every little detail, conversation with different spirits, beings, etc.and I write them down the next morning. Usually I don't let my mind create things. O always ask to experience stable realities where already many entities reside in. I have experienced everything, from fear created monsters to assisting lost spirits.
Whether you chose to believe it, or not, I won't get offended. For my own excitement and thrill, I know that I have experienced them and I will continue posting occasionally the most interesting APs I have has so far.
957  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Fictional Worlds Exist on: March 17, 2012, 21:59:48
Hi everyone, I just discovered this forum and I am glad that it is very active. I will share with you some of my most exciting OBEs from my journal and of course new ones. I hope you enjoy them!

Note! This OBE is from my journal. It occurred two years ago, few weeks after I watched Narnia -Prince Caspian

It started around 3:00 am, I woke up briefly and after 15 minutes as I was falling back to sleep, I started hearing clattering noises. I thought, who could be in the kitchen at this hour? Few moments later I realized... ahhh, these are the vibes, I am about to separate. Instantly I opened my ayes and I saw that I was lying in the same position as in my physical bed, but I was in a larger room with a big window overlooking a beach area. I got up and I said OK, I am out, lets see where I am. I looked through the huge window and I saw that I was in some sort of modern city. It was around sunset. I could see the millions of lights coming from the tall buildings. I flew through the window and was up in the air observing the city and the surroundings. It was so exciting! Then, as I turned my attention towards the beach, I spotted a castle. It was a little unusual though, the castle looked in real size, but at the same time the portion of the beach I was looking at was much smaller. It was like an optical illusion sort of thing. I flew towards the castle and as I was approaching, it started shrinking. By the time I landed, there was nothing there, just piles of sand. I was trying to find an explanation of the disappearance and suddenly I heard a voice behind me. "Let me take you there". I turned around I who do you think was standing next to me? PRINCE CASPIAN.... ha ha. I fell silent for a moment staring at him. Finally I said OMG you are real, and I attempted to start laughing (honestly, I don't know why I wanted to laugh) then he gave me the look like he did not understand what was so amusing.
Anyway he grabbed my hand and we flew toward a tall building. We ended up on the top floor in a big room. He opened the window and said "Now we jump" We did, but the jump lasted only one second and we were.... guess where... In Narnia ... OMG I could not believe it. I looked at him and he said "See, it does exist!" At this point my awareness started becoming more focused and the level of my excitement flew off the charts. I knew that if I held my attention on the fact that I was out of my body, I might snap back too soon. I exhaled, relaxed and focused my attention on my companion. I was determined to ask him questions and better understand the nature of the fictional worlds realities. I said to him "Lets sit for a moment, we need to talk". And so we did.

So, as we did the jump we ended up in that same castle which I have spotted earlier on the beach. We sat down on a beautiful white wooden bench on a terrace overlooking a large yard. I looked at him and smiled, because my first question was kind of silly, but that` s what first popped into my head:
Me: Now, tell me Caspian, is that your real look....because you know the actor who plays Prince Caspian in our movie, appears to look exactly like you.... or you look like him...Huh
C: Oh, I appeared to you like this because otherwise you would not have recognized who I was and your experience would have been distorted. I do look different, but there is no point of changing my appearance now. It is better for your comprehension.
Me: Is Narnia a physical place?
C: It does exist in a physicalĚ reality as you call it, although your understanding of realities are highly distorted. Now we are observing the energy portion of it. I am not in my physical form either, nor are you. You may remember when you return or you may not, as I may remember or I may not.
Me: So, you are basically learning the same way we are?
C: Yes, at lest while we are physically oriented, but in our world there are many more channels opened than in yours.
Me: What do you mean?
C: Things of different nature co-exist, several races of beings live together and we are able to visit other worlds physically as well.
Me: The story about your world, is it true?
C: Not entirely, though your author was able to observe this particular reality for quite a while.
Me: Do you mean consciously?
C: Some of our highs, on purpose chose to reveal parts of our history to stay connected to other worlds. There is great energy that sometimes gets established. This can give great support if something should happen.
Me: What do you mean by " highs" and what it is that could happen. Is it something bad?
C: I don`t know if you could understand at this time?
Me: Oh, I feel a little offended, but if you do not wish to tell me that would be fine.
He smiled - C: Our highs are the wisest in your terms beings. There are conflicts in our world just like there are in yours.
Me: Do you know about our world?
C: My physical self does not know much. It is limited in many ways, but we know more than you do about other worlds. I saw your radiance when you were trying to find the castle. I have met many other beings from your world.
Me: Will I meet with you again?
C: There are no boundaries here, you know how to find your way now.
Me: But what about entering your world with my physical body and meeting wit your physical self. Is that possible?
C: I would say Yes, but there are many closed doors where you are.
Me: But the doors do exist?
C: Yes, they were opened at certain parts of your time. But it is not impossible, that's all I can say to you.
At that moment I felt a strong pulling sensation and I was snapped back. I opened my eyes and It was 4 am. I could not go back to sleep. That was maybe my most exciting OBE so far.
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