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101  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 19, 2017, 08:52:10
In the beginning just breathing is all I used to project as well, until my mind just started to go wild with thoughts instead of quietness, plus other people started throwing in all these other techniques, leaving the most basic one on the back burner til most start forgetting about it. That was how I achieved my very first projection, just by listening to my breathing, while only trying to take a nap, didn't know about AP back then either, so it just happened. So its nothing new just one of the basics that most threw to the waste side when others suggested other techniques. If I can just get my mind to stop rambling on I would love to go back to it.
That's why having a AP/Journal is such a blessing. You can go back and read what used to work, when you find yourself in a lull. I find that the "lull" is challenging you to come another way at it. It's like okay, you made it here using breathing. What are you going to do next?
  Yes, there are so many techniques out there that you can forget the simple things/basic things, like what got you there in the first place. I still enjoy the "candle staring". Although there is no way I will experience what I did in the beginning while using it. It's still a great and very simple thing to do. It's especially good if all someone wants is a little "sneak peek" of what hides beyond the "veil".
102  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 19, 2017, 08:35:14
Interesting points brought up.  I've attempted to AP and had separate meditation sessions everyday since my last post.  Not very much in the way most would see as progress, but I have some observations and a couple questions.

1.  Every attempt is slightly different in sensations and visual images.  I barely get vibrations at all past a slight numb feeling.
That means every attempt is showing you more. Not all people do get the vibrations. MY first totally conscious OBE occurred after I did some "Candle staring", using a video and the info I found on youtube. The sensations were impossible to ignore. The vibrations felt like a violent earthquake and the sound was as deafening as a "Helicopter" landing on my roof. I stayed with it though. I also, couldn't wait to do that again and yes, the next time it was much calmer.

2.  Meditating 2-3 hours before my attempts seem to drop me into this void state much quicker.
That's a pretty extreme amount of time. But I have been known to stay aware all night long during the regular Dreaming cycle. I wanted to experience Tibetan Dream Yoga. The Tibetan's didn't instruct you how to turn it off, lol. Be careful what you wish for, lol.
 When I was new to this practice, it took 45 mins to an hour and 15 minutes for me to find the peak entry and be fully "in the zone". Now it takes about 5-10 minutes.

3.  A byproduct of my attempts and meditations have completely quieted my mind throughout the day.  I also have much more mild reactions to stressful situations.  (Gotta love random adrenaline kicks, military related)
Yes, there are many "perks" that accompany this practice.

4.  During very mild upward movements after void state my right eye always opens ruining the's quite aggravating.
Been there. I had the problem that just as I was about to "exit", I would feel my eyes were opening and I couldn't tell whether the visuals I had were coming through "squinting" eyes or not. That kind of doubt destroys the session then and there. I fixed it by wearing a blindfold. By making sure my eyes were covered, I knew for sure that what I was seeing was not my physical surroundings, no matter how my eyes might have felt. That is also known as a "self initiated" block. I had to overcome it.  Now I use a "Sleep Mask". This one here is excellent and only $20.00. But it is of good quality. I used to use the "Mindfold". It lasted a couple of years. But wasn't nearly as comfortable as the Escape Mask was.
 Here's another thread where we discussed the "eyes opening" problem. It has actually been discussed here on the Astral Pulse quite a bit. Just remember, if you are experiencing it, chances are others or at least someone else, especially on this Forum has as well.

5.  Binaural beats are amazing for meditation, but as far as for astral projection I'm still skeptical, it gets me the signposts but I really get no further than a few visuals.  I think I'll just use them to meditate.  I've been using Multidimensional Man binaural beats that he has posted on his site.
My only problem with binaural beats was when the program finished and the sound totally went away, it sometimes snapped me out of focus again. It took awhile until that wasn't a issue anymore, just like anything else in this practice does. You learn on your feet.
  I still like Binaural Beats/Isochronic Tones as more of a pleasing background while I await the shift or if I just feel like relaxing and quieting the mind. Jurgen's beats are great. I have always been a fan of his "The Far Countries" track.

6.  Listening to the ring in my ears and consciously changing the pitch and tempo seems to get me the furthest.
That works too. Another good one is concentrating on your breathing and using inhale for expansion, exhale retraction. Breathe in real slow, while doing that feel your body expanding. On the exhale, feel your body retracting back in. Every time you do a new cycle, feel the expansion getting bigger and bigger and likewise on the exhale, the retraction. Pretty soon you will feel as big as your room, then your house. Keep doing that and soon you might just find that you are "out" of your body. The darkness before your eyes will take shape and many times the shape is that of your immediate physical surroundings.


1.  I seem to be very hung up on the separation during conscious OBE's...What exactly does this feel like to move your energy body/astral body?  Does it actually feel like your body is moving during separation?
It can. It is your "etheric body" that you are feeling. My techniques in my "Doorway thread" teach disassociation. They get you used to the feeling of your "etheric body" and also teach you how to navigate your surroundings. Robert Bruce's "NEW" works good for this too. It helps you to feel those etheric body sensations. The "NEW" program teaches you how to manipulate that energy as well.
 Just a thought will be followed my the tactile sensation of motion. I find motion based techniques to be a great focus target as you are waiting for the shift to occur. All of the AP/OBE techniques you find are there to consume your mind until the "real show" begins. They are all designed to stop you from focusing here and your turning your entire focus to "there".

 For years I have read and heard meditation CDs and Gurus stressing the fact that you must empty your mind. That's not necessarily true. You must change your focus. I have many times that I will be doing some kind of motion based practice and the whole scene begins to alter to something completely new, not of my own "conscious" design.

103  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 19, 2017, 04:46:35
 Hello T-Man, thanks for the kind words!  smiley

 Reading your post, I see your first problem is you are practicing in bed/couch, lying down. For now, try to use a comfortable chair, like a Lazy Boy. All your life you have programmed your mind that bed is for sleep. Hence your going to sleep problem.

 Snapping back to the physical shows the lack of really letting go. You came to a point in the session, whereas, you took a quick peek at what your physical body was doing. You may think you lost the whole session. But I only see those things as "speedbumps". If you are already relaxed, you can get right back into "depth" very quickly.
 I have had times where a noise, itch or something has jolted me out of my focus. I just calmly fix the situation and return back to what I was doing.

 Myself, my way is to create the proper atmosphere, mental focus, then I let back even further and just watch as thing begin to happen. I know when to join the scene because I am already there.
 I should have added that to my FAQ's above because others have been asking me "when is the right time to enter the scene?". I always say you will know because you will already be "there". 

 Are you consciously focusing on a full body separation or are you using more of a Phasing/Noticing approach. That makes a big difference in the way I should further answer your questions. What's your technique?
104  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 19, 2017, 04:32:16
This is a really controversial and complex topic, this will be great, I am ready to dive deep. What is the difference between a lucid dream and a recalled dream?
In a Lucid Dream, I know that my physical is sleeping soundly in my bed and that all I am experiencing is outside of this physical realm. But until I gain that awareness, I am normally just a observer watching the Dream. As an observer I may have recall of the Dream, but it will be much less than a Lucid Dream would be, simply because I wasn't totally consciously aware in it. Case in point, this morning I wake up, I have a very faint recall of my last Dream scenario. At no time in the experience did I know I was Dreaming, so lack of awareness, lack of recall.

I think that Tesla did think exactly this way. He made a point in the video posted in the other thread about the benefits of refining his inventions in mind space without actually building physical prototypes.
Once again I disagree. Tesla was very intelligent. But I have a strong feeling he knew when to and when not to ask questions. He learned to Astral Project and because of it, he knew that, like all good explorers, you must observe first, before you question everything.

What I was actually trying to say is that I am not convinced that it does take a lot of hard work and determination to achieve conscious projection. I haven't proved it yet but I suspect that if we were able to visit an advanced alien culture they would say projection is easy because they understand the requirements fully. Most experts seem to agree that we get in our own way more than needing to overcome some innate difficulty in projection, it is supposed to be natural.
 Thomas what hinders your progress is whenever something occurs, you have to question it. You have never allowed yourself to release completely. You mentally jump to everything, like a kid in a Candy store. I know that's true because I have read all your posts from the beginning to now and I see signs of that everywhere. Excitability. But for some reason, you "need" to understand the whys of every step of the way. You haven't yet allowed yourself to release. So, you can get all the signposts, but at that final step, you have stepped in and once again blocked yourself.
 The hardest part of Astral projection is learning to completely allow the natural shift to take place. We are the ones that make it harder, by fighting it, blocking it, even though we don't believe that that is the case.

 The Astral Pulse used to be a Forum where we delved deep into Astral Projection and OBEs. Contenteo, Bedeekin, Szaxx, Astral Zombie, EscapeVelcocity, Major Tom, CFTraveler, Soarin, Lightbeam, even Xanth. There were other greats here too that were always active, but they left when they found we this site was changing. 2010-2015 were really informative and interactive years here.  All of us used to create great posts guiding people to their first OBEs. Great stickies were made and almost all the conversations were either due to what we experienced before, during and or after a successful "outing". Look at the years most of the OBE/Astral Projection stickies were made here.

 Robert Monroe created a Hemi sync program dedicated just to teaching people how to have a actual OBE, in every sense of the word. I'm sure Nikola Telsa would have fully understood the "frequency" comparisons. Tesla was well known for his understanding and manipulation of frequencies.  
 I guess Robert could have just taught people to wake up in their Dreams. How many people do you think would come here to here to a Forum named the Astral Pulse to hear that? Until you have experienced a full blown OBE with all the trimmings, you will never know. I don't mean the spontaneous shocking 10 seconds out of your body either, which is many people's first "sneak peek" of another realm itself. I mean a full blown OBE whereas you are completely conscious all the way through it and now it's time to learn to navigate your surroundings. That is way more mind blowing then becoming aware you are Dreaming.

 I am not saying that LDs does not lead to a non physical reality experience. I am saying that the growth and experience learned during a actual OBE or conscious AP is part of why it's so unique. You must lie/sit there totally consciously aware of not only all the signposts, but the true test, which is "can you completely let go?". Can you finally experience it consciously aware the whole way there?

 I chat with Authors of books and AP videos often and they won't get near the Astral Pulse, neither will they link it on their websites. They question why I still come here. I tell them because I am helping people to experience the most unique experience a Human being can have. Something that shakes their foundation and creates inner growth on such high level. I tell them it's a great Forum to teach. There are some great people here, some hiding in the shadows as well, that really do want to learn to do this.
 Astral Travel goes against everything you have learned as a Human being all your life and that is where the difficulty comes in. Many people click out because it is too much for them. They get to the final step before a successful AP is about to occur, then the mental block shows up and the session is halted there and then. This is your real test. How bad do you want it? Are you going to jump that hurdle or is that always going to be your "stumbling block"? Only you can answer that.

 Most people are so attached to their bodies, mentally, that they can't release "control".  They find ways to ways/barriers to hinder their progress. Many times they are sub-conscious barriers, which are the worst kind. But you can learn to overcome them.

 My techniques are all based around "disassociation". If people practice them regularly, they find it much easier to "relinquish" the control. You must fully trust. For the first couple of times, you need to have a mindset that if this is the end, then so be it. That takes a lot of trust to do. But once again, it can be done.

 Lastly, using the Alien analogy. An Alien may know already that they are more than there physical selves/bodies.  If Humanity was brought up and taught differently, we would be able to AP at will too. Our problem is our conditioning.
105  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 17, 2017, 22:58:08

If you have to crawl before you can walk, might as well get the most out of crawling that we can. We are going to get exposed to dreams each night. I don't see it as a trade-off so much as a very valuable bonus experience waiting to be seized.

I agree with that, You do need to learn to crawl before you walk. What I am saying is that it's the experience, growth and personal achievements that make the challenge to have a totally 100% consciously aware OBE/projection completely worth all of the effort and work.

 LDs come in all forms. Many are based on subconscious teachings and daily occurrences, people and things. The challenge is to become Lucid though, otherwise it is just a recalled Dream and you had no control at all over it. At that point you were just an observer. So, with LDing, you need to first gain a conscious awareness.  You have to strengthen your awareness to be a conscious participant in the Dream.

 I was kind of confused lately because all I have been reading here on a Forum named the Astral Pulse is other people's Dream Journals. It's been awhile since anyone has actually shared a story or experience here based on achieving projection while completely 100% consciously aware from the get-go.

 I have LDs almost every night now. That came as a effect of learning how to AP consciously aware. Not only did I learn to become aware during my Phase sessions, but I also learned how to navigate my surroundings. True I have remembered my Dreams off and on starting as a very young child. But I didn't know how to navigate or alter them.

 The Dream Journals I have read here sound more like recall of the Dream. In the person's experience, they become aware in LD and live out that adventure/simulation. Very rarely have I heard of someone consciously changing the Dream narrative or simulation completely. In a conscious AP, you are aware all the way through it. There is no getting "your bearings" involved. You are there purely by conscious intent.

I feel that our techniques have to be partially to blame for this outcome because they don't deliver in vacuum. Hard work and determination might be pivotal for success, I'm not convinced it is actually, but is also fruitless if the determination is to run into the wall instead of learning how to pass it
I'm certainly glad that Thomas Edison, Nikola Telsa, Einstein and others of note didn't feel that way. Thomas Edison once said "I have not failed 10,000 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work."
 Achieving something of note, especially a fully consciously aware OBE/AP, by hard work and dedication creates a sense of personal satisfaction on a whole new level.
106  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 17, 2017, 20:55:34
 I just found this great thread by Szaxx, a Moderator here. He reiterates the Importance of practice, practice, practice and where it leads to.
107  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 17, 2017, 20:16:28
 Philidan. thank you for your reply and kind words!  smiley I agree with what you say. You must be dedicated to this, that's if you wish it to become a regular part/occurrence in your life.

 I feel the reason people are failing is because they are expecting everything yesterday. Today's World has become a place where everything must happen "now".

 Last night on Coast to Coast AM, Eben Alexander and his partner Karen Newell were George's guests. Eben was talking about his NDE experience and what he learned through it and how it opened the door to his binaural beat program "Sacred Acoustics".

 I could tell he was having the same problem that all AP authors and teachers on non physical exploration do and that's that people expect results immediately or they file this as a bunch of garbage. He spoke of how repetition is a form of Brain Entrainment in itself and how important that is to the entire process.

  Many people that have used my Doorway technique, have gotten back to me with some favorable response. The 7 people I was teaching before are all off on their own now. It is up to them whether or not they continue what they have been taught. As I have seen, my technique is just a guideline. The people I have taught used it to get to where they are. Then they tailored it to fit something they were more comfortable with. Like I said, the directional focus was only lengthy in the beginning while learning it. Now that that they have repeated it so many times, the disassociation process only takes about 5 minutes to do at the start of a session. It is already "entrained" into their minds. A simple thought on direction immediately creates results. it is immediately followed with either a visual or tactile sensation. Many times both.
108  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 17, 2017, 19:56:56
How is that possible because here we often read about the non physical focus to be able to project and about all the "visualisation" stuff... How is that just by focusing on breathing leads to projection? What is your theory on this? Why there is so much techniques when it is that "easy" lol ?
He is still using a Focus. His focus is on his breathing instead of visualization. The key to consciously projecting is to create a strong focused will and intent outside of this physical realm and hold it. He chooses to focus on his breath breathing, like many do. That's the first thing you are taught when you learn to meditate. Other people may choose visualization. Some like more of a "tactile approach". But in the end, they are all methods of focusing.
109  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: How Nikola Tesla used his non physica focus/imagination to invent and "travel" on: October 17, 2017, 07:22:33
 Great find there Superman! Thanks for this!  smiley

 I enjoy hearing stories and things about Nikola Tesla. He was a man far superior than his current race. He unlocked his own "Doorway" to forgotten knowledge. So did Einstein and many of the great minds of the past. They all used creative imagination and visualization to achieve their goals.
110  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 17, 2017, 06:36:03
 I have been away from this Forum for awhile. I have been teaching and experiencing so much more these days.

 First I want to say that my technique was getting a bit deep for people. Yes it worked, but it led to many experiences that the people doing it couldn't comprehend. So, I want to slow it down a bit and answer some FAQ's that I have received via email and PMs here and on other Forums.

 Once you have been doing the directional focus for awhile, you will find that it takes about 5 minutes until you find that you art "primed" for your "travel" of sorts.

 I have found from others that they have more favorable results using a focus of moving in reverse and also using the "Pace Car" visual.
 A focus on moving in reverse is quite intense. You could look at it a the further in reverse that you go, the more you are moving away from your physical focus. It feels like that too. It gets extremely dark for awhile. You can feel the movement, but once in awhile, it may be joined with a visual of moving backwards down a hallway, vortex, tunnel and keeping with that focus will soon lead to "other".
 The "Pace Car" visual can be as simple as watching a car, plane, rocket, horse, whatever you choose moving in front of you. Stay on their tale and soon you will feel the motion going along with the visual.

 That leads to the first question. What do I do when I see something. Do I watch it, see through it, or just change my intent to something else?
My answer : All of the above. If you are "seeing" something, then you are having success already. If you stay with the visual it will morph in something anew. If you decide to see through it, something new will appear. If you want to change your intent to something completely different that you will experience that too.
 At this point your focus on this physical realm is likely pretty well gone. You are at the point that "Hypnogogic Imagery" is appearing, which is a "signpost" that you are doing the right thing.

 Next question. It keeps fading, what do I do then?
 Answer: You will/bring it back into focus or just wait until something else appears.

 Question of is it just my imagination? Answer: It begins as your imagination. Example, I start a simple focus on shooting a basketball into the darkness before my eyes.
 I don't look for the basketball in my hands, because it's already there (thought=action). Pretty soon a hoop shows up. Then after awhile of just shooting the basketball over and over, I decide to do a "lay up". Now I feel the motion of that movement. I go back to just shooting the ball from the 3 pt line now and all of sudden a image returns the ball to me. Pretty soon there is game with a crowd to boot.
 All I did was jump start the process by simple shooting a basketball into the dark. From there I had no expectations. What occurred was spontaneous. I just locked onto the scenario at hand and never thought about my physical body at all. In other words, I completely changed my focus from here to there. Soon the scene began to morph and I just stayed with it.

 Back to is this being all imagination. I have had some incredible experiences with "Phasing", well before I began my "Doorway" technique here.
 Years ago my better half (MJ) and I , were going to open a store in a mall at Christmas. We had a Kiosk or store in the same mall at Christmas for over 10 years now. But only for the Christmas Season, November/December.
 We signed the contract for the store location, got the okay, then began working on our store design and what we would be selling there. MJ and I were both excited. We had a Kiosk the past couple of years and didn't like Kiosks anymore. A store was much better.
 About a week later I sat down to do a Phase session. This is before they were "Phase/soak in the bathtub" sessions, like my previous ones in the posts above. In my Phase session I had seen us at a Kiosk selling a large stone and some weird glass paperweight. This made no sense because we were getting a store location, not a Kiosk in the middle of the hall. It was quite vivid though.
 I found the stones to be Himalayan Salt Lamps and other weird glass thing to be handmade/blown glass Jellyfish.
 I learned in the past to trust what I was seeing, so I secretly began to line up suppliers for these items. I informed MJ about my vision and she was not happy with this. Hence the "secretly" lining up suppliers. As the time to go to the mall and open the store quickly approached, I sold MJ on the idea of bringing these 2 items into our store, extra sales.
 Two days before we were to go to our store to begin working on the layout, the mall called and told us they had made a terrible error. The store location was not in Minnesota, it was Michigan. General Growth Properties owns malls in other states, but for some reason, they us the same Mall name. They said all they could do for us is give us a Kiosk. MJ and I had spent quite awhile making Dragons and getting prepared for a store. Our Dragons don't fit in a Kiosk. But luckily Salt Lamps and Glass Jellyfish do. So it turned out okay. We took a very bad, very expensive error and made something positive out of it. MJ hated it. But we had to do something.
 That whole story there explains how Phasing actually helped us out of a dire situation. We are just Ma and Pa and we can't take $10,000 dollar losses. Without the Salt Lamps and glass Jellyfish, we would have been out of luck and we would have taken quite a financial blow.

 So you can see how learning this "Art" can really be beneficial to you. You can learn to heal. You can work on new projects. Learn new skills. There is so much that can be accomplished through "thought = action. But then one day you find "helpers" there or maybe you unknowingly begin to "channel", as I am now.

 About 3 months back I was doing a Phase/soak session. In this one I saw I was creating beautiful "Wire wrap Trees". I am not a hands on Artist. I can't even draw good, lol. I am a visionary. The Dragons that we sell came from my mind, but MJ is the one that brings them to physical 3d nature. The process from my mind to her hands can sometimes take a few years to achieve.
 So, I saw these copper wire wrap trees. They were gorgeous. Once I jumped out of the bath, I went online and began researching this process. Much of it I learned from watching videos. I wasn't just seeing the basic wire wrap trees. I was seeing something much more unique. They were mounted on crystals and were to be known as "Crystal Amplifiers". The idea was taking the energy of the crystals, with the copper as the conductor, along with your own intent, to make a very strong device or tool.
 It seems I had opened some kind of "Akashic record" from a deceased "Wire Artist". It continues to this day. Some form of "Channeling".
 I then went and bought some cheap crystal shards and began making some practice trees and pieces. Over 2 months I made 15 of them. Each one was based on the new vision during my daily Phase/soak sessions.
 I soon ran out of supplies and MJ said if I wanted to pursue this further, I had to sell try to sell my trees at our next Renaissance Faire, which would be our last one for the year. We went there and I sold 14 of them. I was amazed, People saw my purpose by just looking at them. It was like they knew my intent. I told a few people that I created them to help them to focus their "positive" thoughts, wished and desire. It was a small show. I figured at best, I would sell one, maybe two of them. But 14, no way.
 So, I made enough money there to accomplish my real visions. I found top notch quality, known as AAA Crystals. The man and his wife mine them at their mine in Arkansas. Great people.
 I ordered from them "sight unseen", just by trust and was pleasantly rewarded for that trust. The Crystals are beautiful. The funny thing is, at the previous show I was at, there was a booth selling beautiful Crystals, but a voice inside of me said "Don't buy here". Now I can see why.

 Here are 2 of my new trees/Crystal Amplifiers. The 3rd image is of my remaining piece from the last show. This was more Dragon related and not even on using copper. When I made my practice trees I used Aluminum wire, it was cheaper. In that design I used a "Fluorite" stone instead of Quartz Crystal. I had run out of Quartz.

 The first photo is my "Peace Tree". I used over 180 feet of copper wire and leaves took about 8 hours to wrap. The trees are made by twisting a number of wire together to get a "tree" like look. The leaves on the trees are made by twisting tons of loops together to make a leaf life pattern and are very time consuming. The Crystal is beautiful. It is a 4" Crystal cluster of AAA quality. I felt guilty with the Crystals I had used in my practice trees. But they were only practice. Now was the real deal. Both pieces are about 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall. The Crystal clusters are 4 inches wide and are gorgeous.
 The Peace Tree was to focus on Peace within. Sure it would be nice to have "Worldwide Peace". But as I have found, that starts within. You create that "Peace" within and others around you will soon feel it as well. The Peace symbol is in the middle and beautiful copper wire leaves of the tree are amplifying the "Peace" intent. There is more powerful than a strong focused will and intent.

 The second tree I call a "Recovery Tree". This one took 170 feet of wire. But it doesn't have all the leaves that the other one did. I made it not necessarily to focus on the "recovery" itself. I made it more to amplify the "growth" that comes through the process of "recovery. It doesn't matter whether the recovery is physically related, mentally or spiritually. Growth is always a very important part of the recovery.
 The design has part of the tree bent over, as in bent but not broken. Out of the bend comes a grows a healthy tree. But it is a different kind of tree. This one is "Bonsai" tree design. The Bonsai represents "Spirit" in Japan. What I was trying to show, was the "new growth" that was being experienced during the recovery process. The old portion of the tree, sick part was wilting away, while an entirely new healthy spirit was arising.
 The other pictures have some of our customers wearing a "Dragon wearable", we call them "Dragnets", which is something I saw in a vision a few years back. We use rare earth magnets with a receiver to mount it on the person's clothing, hat, etc. They can them adorn their fridge, lampshade, curtain, etc. with the Dragnet. The  wings of the Dragon are made of a good quality leather/lamb skin and are adjustable as well.

 The Crystal Prisms and other Crystal work is sand etched, by hand by a good friend of ours in Oklahoma. The Sand Dragon, little red material Dragon is hand made by a good friend of ours in St. Paul, Minnesota.

 The other Dragons, MJ makes. The big ones take quite awhile to make. The other pictures are our tent at the Renaissance Faires and basic lay out of the booth. MJ and I are standing right next to one of her biggest beautiful pieces. Her Dragons range from 10' - 6Ft. She hand sculpts, hand paints them all. Lastly is MJ working on one of them. She dry brushes each on of them. Dry brushing is a style of painting achieved by using layers of paint to create a overall look of depth to the Art.

 The reason I am finally sharing all this with you is that I see people that come here and put a few hours, days or weeks into this practice, then drop it cold when they don't get favorable results or can't appease their expectations. I wanted to show you some of the possible rewards that can come along with all of the practice, patience and perseverance that it takes to not only succeed once or twice, but to actually make this a welcomed part of your daily life. I can show you how to get to that point, but what happens then is between you and "other".

 At the moment I seem to have opened some kind of channel to some deceased "Wire Artist". Every time I work with the wire, I have all kinds of "happy incidents" occur. It's like the wire just knows where to go. Everyday I see new designs in my Phase/soaks and I really enjoy creating these Amplifiers. Years ago I became a "Invisible Helper" over "there", in the other realms. Now I can make a difference here as well.

 Thank You for listening. I really enjoyed making this post. It feels right!  smiley

 The Crystal Amplifier I am currently working will be known as the "Tree of Love". I have some great ideas floating around in my head for that one. The first thing I do when I finish my daily Phase/soak is, I write down whatever I have been shown. There is so much to remember. Oh, and "trust" plays a very important part in the whole process.
111  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 17, 2017, 04:54:13
 Great Job DevilDog and Welcome.

 My advise, keep doing what you are doing.

 Don't rely totally on LD's especially when you are already getting great results already as it is.
 I disagree with Thaomas on this one. I see LD's as more of a "effect" of a successful OBE. A successful OBE opens you to a new awareness. That new awareness will be felt in all aspects of your life. Waking or dreaming. You will just seem to notice more in general. Hence the increased LD's.

 Projecting consciously is hard. Repeating it is even harder. But just because something is hard, doesn't mean it can't be achieved. When I hear someone advise another to rely on LDs instead of going the harder route, I see that as a "cop out". This is hard for a reason. You have lived all your life, so far, thinking that you were just your physical body and that nothing lies beyond that. Now, spontaneously or otherwise, your eyes have been open to a new truth. One that words alone couldn't prepare you for. That new revelation should be the result of hard work and determination.

 Learn to "strengthen" your focus. Right now I am going over to post in my "Doorway" thread, where I teach people how to do just that. What you focus on is up to you. This entire practice is based on releasing your physical based reality focus and turning it to "other". What you experience in "other" is up to you. I have many methods to get you to that "Doorway", but after that, your on your own.

 Every successful technique that you read is all about learning to direct and maintain a "NPR" (non physical reality) focus. Binaural Beats is a great focus tool. My techniques go much further, but can also be used along with a Binaural Beat or Isochronic Tone track.

 Good Luck!  
112  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: July 11, 2017, 22:03:51
 Lesson 3 today is based on "Charting".

 By now, if you have put the effort into this, you should be able to just see a corresponding visual accompany the simple mental thought of each of the 6 pts.

 For charting. Take a full blank piece of paper and line the names/directions of the six points evenly down the page. One under another. We want to separate them because we are going to be logging our mental destinations each day under each direction header. What we are looking for is mental associations that you frequent with just the thought of said direction. Examples, when I think of the right point, it is followed immediately with the image of a ship leaning to the right. But when I think of the left point, the accompanying visual seems to be of a Motorcycle leaning that way. Not everyday though. Because I am logging my results I can see that it is frequent enough, thus a pattern is created. These are all spontaneous mental associations though. During that session I didn't jump start the visual, only the motion of that direction.

 So begin with some simple "ping ponging" for a minute or two. Then we are going to synchronize our breathing into the directional points. Example breathe in is up, breathe down is down and so on for each direction. Don't try to visualize anything. But if any mental associated imagery appears, remember it because that will be first Charted point.
 Now slow down your breathing, draw it out for each point. This really intensifies the mental trigger and normally will aid I creating a visual, if you haven't already had one.

 Do that for a week. It takes awhile to find continued patterns.

 At the end of my session a couple of days ago I asked "Are you sure everyone is ready to see and experience this? The answer was fast and simple. Those that are reading this right now are ready to see it, that's why they are reading it now".

 What was really cool was instead of it being just a mental message. A somewhat Humanoid shape actually showed came in to view as well. All I could see was the outline of whoever it was.
 The next immediate visual that I had was that I was in the center of a room full of doors. There were probably hundreds of them there They were completely surrounding me. I then thought, cool, this is going to lead back to my initial "Doorway tech" that I started in the beginning of this thread. But instead of being a beginner step, this time around it's going to be much more adventurous. It's going to go much deeper. We are not only going to see where those doorways lead, we are going to actually program new destinations for them as well. This will in the end teach you to open your awareness completely to a new reality and new abilities that already lie within.  
113  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: New to magic, need help please on: July 11, 2017, 20:26:33
 A great book for you, at your age, would be "Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard" and "Companion of the Apprentice Wizard" by Oberon Zell. He teaches you how to respect Magick in all it's shapes and forms. Not only Magick, but all of the elements and the Universe itself.  cool

 Oberon has a school of wizardry named the "Grey School of Wizardry" that you may want to look into as well.

 Magick is basically built around "focused will and intent". The same goes with "Prayer" and the same is with our practice here of Astral Projection and any other thing in life you wish to achieve. The rituals used are to help you can hone/lock on that focused will and intent into what you are attempting to manifest.

 When you wish for money or some other thing. It doesn't just magically appear. By making that conscious intent, you are creating that new reality in your life. You may come across a new job opening or could also win some money in a lottery or something like that. But it's you that has to be "proactive" to get it to manifest. Even with the lottery. If you didn't buy the ticket, you wouldn't have won.
 But, and this is a big but, you must always make sure to follow any wish or ritual with the words, "with harm to none, so mote it be so it is done". That way, nobody gets hurt by or during the manifestation of your wish or desire.

 Now there is free will. So in the case of this girl you like. She has free will also. You can't force someone to like you. But by thinking of her, on some level she will get the message. Where it goes from there is up to her. Like I said, she has free will too.

 Magick is neutral. The "black and white" comes from the intent of the practitioner. A so called practitioner of "white" magick can use what is considered black magick to actually achieve a positive outcome too.  
114  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Quick loss of consciousness on: July 09, 2017, 21:51:00
The type of detachment I am talking about is like enduring a Sauna for as long as one can. You acknowledge the feeling of the heat and the bodily urge to leave, but you remain mentally calm and disjointed from those impulses, as if you are an observer of the discomfort only rather than the subject.
That's an excellent description of the mindset you need to have Thoamas!  cool
 One of the first and the most important lessons I was taught was to learn how to "passively observe" before reacting. It's a hard "impulse" to rewire. It's just like trying to not move your real fingers, while you are trying to move them "etherically" for the first time. It normally takes many tries and a lot of practice before you can learn to turn those mental impulses off or at least learn more control over them.
 When you finally do though, you can prolong your experience quite a bit. Jurgen Ziewe does this and he can stay in that state for a long time now. Many years of practice, patience and perseverance got him to that point though.

 I have found in this practice that it teaches us the overall ability to kind of rewire or deprogram some of the characteristics and even physical parts of our being.
 You always have "Helpers" when needed though. At first they want you to get your bearings before they step in. Call "they" what you wish, "Higher Self", "Spirit Guide" or "Other". You are never alone.
115  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Quick "Astral Related" Question. on: July 09, 2017, 20:20:42
That's a really interesting and informative link Lumaza - thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it all through - even though it took me all morning!!  grin
Your Welcome!  smiley

 I too will read the entire thread when I come across a link. I normally read entire PDF's that I find on the Internet as well.
116  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Buddha Tea House on: July 09, 2017, 20:18:04
I've wondered about this before. I'm not so sure it's a "blank out". It might be that in the dreamstate, travelling (if it's not part of the dream lesson) is irrelevant and so is simply removed. I remember watching an episode of Doctor Who where the same thing happened. It was interesting to see it done on the screen...and it was actually that aspect which made the Doctor's assistant realise she was no longer in the real world. Perhaps it's another potential lucid trigger if we have the mind to think 'I don't remember HOW I got here'.
Well, we do know that thought=action over there. So why walk through or drive anywhere when you can just think and be there!  cool On some level our Dream self/NP personality knows that already.

They were a MASSIVE hindrance to me. Although saying that, they were also a WHOLE HEAP of fun. I also learned a heck of a lot with them such as prolonging the dream - in fact, I think my dreamguides got so fed up with me always choosing the sex option, that they went back to the drawing boards and worked the sex into the lessons I was supposed to be learning!! Whilst I'm getting there, I don't think I'll ever become a dream-celibate!  tongue  cheesy
I agree they are fun. It is a great way to find yourself sidetracked during a learning Simulation. Our teachers must be saying "Doh, not again", lol!  grin

 I wanted to stress that point above because sometimes we just kind of overlook how trying some of these lessons can be.
117  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: What have you learned about the fundamentals of the universe? on: July 08, 2017, 23:30:24
I don't think we would be likely to find alternate versions of ourselves, REALLY far away, within the "same" physical reality.

The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, which most physicists back today, describes all probable locations of a given particle being encoded into the particle.

Under this interpretation there has to be alternate versions of ourselves that fit a bell curve of probable outcomes, but they are unresolved in terms of a real consciousness collapsing the wave form into an actualized event in our timeline.
Yes, some say those dimensions lie "within" us. But no, it can't be proven until they, the Scientific community, learn how to enter and exit these other dimensions through a controlled technical environment and can duplicate it repeatedly at will.
118  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Need help for second OBE on: July 08, 2017, 21:51:13
-sometimes I hear my first snore and wakes me up on the point to falling
-1 time a very hard scream in 1 of my ears ( before first OBE)
-1 time someone yelling " STOP it"
-3 times I realized I was seeing an image:
something like a skull X-Ray which shocked me and ended (1 sec)
A very clear and HQ image of a man with beard sitting (1 sec)
A picture of something like a jungle which did not shock me so I wanted to keep looking at it but after a few seconds the picture disappeared slowly...
These are all signs that you have either achieved a conscious shift or are about to. The yelling is basically your initial fear test. I once had a experience where I felt someone jump on the bed and rouse me saying that there was something wrong terribly wrong with our Grandson. They were screaming it at me. That was quite the fear test there. Even though I realized what it was, it still took me abut 3 hours to get back to sleep.

 Your first OBEs are very short, normally a couple of seconds or so. This is because this state is completely foreign to you, consciously aware that is. It takes awhile to jump the hurdles and learn to navigate your new surroundings.

 The first thing you need to do is prolong the experience. This is done by grounding yourself there. Get away from where your body is, another room, 1o feet away, then begin engaging your senses. Try to see, smell, hear, touch everything around you. Mentally demand "Clarity Now". All those will enhance and prolong your experience.

 Thought = action immediately in that state. So be careful what you think. Many people awaken in SP (sleep paralysis) and their first thought is they are being pinned down by something. Normally it is that Demon from the last scary show they watched. Their first thought immediately manifests into that Demon or Succubus really holding them down.

 When in SP, it's best to become a good observer. Realizing that you are in SP will help you react to it in a "sane"/controlled fashion. You can then go and explore and adventure.
119  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: Dimension-Hopping on: July 08, 2017, 21:34:58
 This question just came up in another thread here today. I am sure it will receive more answers from other members here as well.;msg367079#msg367079
120  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: What have you learned about the fundamentals of the universe? on: July 08, 2017, 21:32:41
Do parallel dimensions exist?
I was just getting ready to post in another thread about this very thing.;msg367072#msg367072

 I have had many experiences whereas in a LD/OBE I will become consciously aware that I am in some parallel experience. I have never physically been or even known the places and people that I found myself surrounded with, but they all knew me. It's almost like I "walked in" to another's body. Next time this occurs, which is often, I am going to find a mirror. I have a feeling that I don't even look the same.

 I have also had many experiences that show me that my NP personality seems to be quite a bit different from my own. I will be aware just as my NP personality has put me in a precarious/dangerous situation. The XXXX is about to hit the fan and then all of a sudden I go from 3rd person (watching it) to 1st person (being in it) immediately. It's like "tag your it". It's always leads to a test, quest or challenge of some sort.

 I believe that some other races (Ets), that are possibly millions of years more advanced then us, do the same thing. It's just they have fine tuned their process. I am working towards fine tuning mine as well.

 Just a little add on here. I once had a experience whereas I was shown a Black Hole and the other side of it was "white". It was some kind of "Cosmic Recycling Station". I didn't intend to see it. At the time it was probably the furthest thought from my mind. My intent for that session was just to just explore. I was shown much more than I could understand or even could comprehend. That questioned me why was I seeing this in the first place. I'm not a Physicist or Astronomer, but I am a "Adventurer".
121  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Buddha Tea House on: July 08, 2017, 21:10:55
 Sounds like a great experience Selski!  cool I see you are back in full throttle. Just like riding a bicycle!  smiley

 Did you read that whole thread that EscapeVelocity gave you in your last LD thread about Kurt Leland's "Café" experience? Your Sensei" sounds like a "Facilitator".

 It seems like your experience was full of "triggers". First the fact of being with friends in a nightclub listening to Music that you likely enjoy as well. Then you had more things to aid your awareness to finally lead you to the Café, like the fact that you noticed the way you were dressed.

 It's funny how we "blank out" the trivial things, like how we get from point "A" to point "B". Yours being the travel from the club to the Café. The name of the Vegetarian Café also showed that you were in for a treat. The name "Buddha Tea House" would definitely raise my awareness level as well.   cool

 We may look back at the "sex tests" now as something minor or trivial now. But in the beginning they were a big hindrance to our NP evolution. Now they are totally apparent and if anything help in the awareness process. I find it's a great "DT" (Dream trigger).
122  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Quick "Astral Related" Question. on: July 08, 2017, 20:55:22
It's interesting that you are 'toilet paper tunnelling' once again, 3 years later. When I read the other thread, I found myself nodding along to Szaxx's comment of tests. I'm familiar with tunnels but I usually move through them rather than allow the scene to expand.

I was reading some of my earliest experiences yesterday and came upon this one which involves automatic movement and tests...

I wonder if when we move without 'us' getting involved in the actual movement, this is a sign that others (helpers/guides) are doing that little bit extra to give us a nudge to learn something.

Do you recall anything about the chat you had with the people round the dining table - that might be important?
Yes, I am no stranger to the "tests, quests and challenges" part of the "NP. I even created a thread here named just that, lol.

 I don't have much recall of what occurred when I finally got out. The lesson seemed to be more about the "exit", the way I got out, then anything. I recognized the "nudge".

 The second OBE seemed to be more of a "Download", information transfer. It was intense and forced me to consciously click out. Tom Campbell says we click in and out when our Human minds can't comprehend what we are experiencing. Then we kind of go into auto pilot.
123  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Having sleep problems while trying to AP, leading to a failed attempt on: July 07, 2017, 23:13:53
So, I'm aware that one doesn't need to be in a full sleep paralysis, but It's the only method that worked for me to this point. I have trouble holding the vibrations at the same level. Sometimes I get a big buzz of vibrations, and I try to hold it, and It just goes away, as if I lost focus or something. Another thing I noticed is that when I get high amount of vibrations, my leg muscles slightly contract, I notice it and mostly lose focus.
There's your problem. Too much bodily focus. You need to bypass that stage. You need to find something to consume your focus while you undergo a natural shift. I say natural because you shift everyday. You just aren't conscious of it.

About the motion thing...
I usually do a mental walk around the place where I am at. I do it right after relaxing (trying to lose the sense of body contact to the bed). I try to imagine a "first person perspective" of me getting up, feeling the floor, the material, temperature, structure of the rooms and basically walk around and interact with objects. I do that for a while and come back to my body (Etherically ofc). I had this idea that doing so would set me up for where I will go when I shift, and it's like practice for moving around in the astral world too.
Stay with your non physical/etheric focus. Don't return it back at all to your body until you are done with your session. Returning your focus to your body is exactly the opposite of what you want to do.
124  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: July 07, 2017, 23:06:21
 I just finished my afternoon Phase session and it was "awesome". I will get to that in a bit.

 Right now I want to say the message that I was told right of the bat was. "I am being Guided to doing this". I am being taught to teach you". Take that how you wish. I don't believe in coincidences, never have. I believe if you are reading this there is a good reason for that, just like the reason I am writing all of this is.

 Last night I had 2 spontaneous OBEs. I label these OBEs because I actually had a "exit sign/symptom" (you can read more on Exit symptoms in this thread:

 I went to sleep and made my mental affirmation to see what I need to see and learn what I need to learn, just like I do every night. Many times I will become Lucid in a Dream. This night though, I thought I was asleep, but then I felt a strong movement forward. This motion was of moving forward in front of my feet. Normally my spontaneous OBEs begin in full Sleep Paralysis, then I feel my ankles/legs touched and lifted. But this night there was only motion. Soon a small "portal" of some sort showed up and I was looking down a tunnel or pipe of some kind. The images at the end of the tunnel were very small. It was like viewing from the opposite side of a pair of Binoculars or Telescope. I wrote about it in a recent here too:;msg367060#msg367060
 After my first OBE, I soon felt motion again and found myself somewhere else again. Not much recall on this one though. I think there was a lesson to it though and that I will share in a minute.

 So, back to today's Phase session. I laid back in the water and began some simple ping ponging. This is when the message came about being Guided. I listened and was also told that I need to get a bit more specific on body positions. I wasn't told in plain words, the messages come through more as very strong thoughts and impulses. They immediately consume my entire thought process. Once I have received one, I can continue back to what I was doing before, that being my "ping pong" directional focus.

 I immediately noticed something that could confuse people. When standing, front and back is simply in front of you and behind you. So the motion moving forwards or backwards is easy to get. Up and down is now rising and falling, but you are rising above your head and falling below your feet. Right/left is simply to the left or to the right of you.
 But, lying down, it will change and confuse you. Forward and backward is now in front of your feet and above your head. Up/down is still rising and falling, but now you are rising above your stomach and falling under it. Left/right stays the same. This is very important to say because it may cause you to "overthink" things.

 Even though forward is in front of your feet, your accompanying visual is still the motion of moving forward. Example: racing forward on Rollercoaster.

 In my Phase session today I explored the "Pace/Pilot car" scenario a bit more. I began with the forward/backwards. I found that for this session forward seemed to feel right. So I stayed with that. I messed around with a Rollercoaster visual, then some driving, using a "pace/pilot car" about 10 feet in front of me. For some reason I decided to change it to skiing. So I had a guy ski in front of me (pace car) and it was very cool. The snow was flying, it was beautiful. He was taking sharp curves and then all of a sudden he hit a "mogul". I felt the bump. He then hit another one and another one. He then hit a huge one that sent him flying. So I did too. That was awesome.

 I then changed it over to a Motorcycle scenario. Again there was the speed, the curves etc., but this time he hit a actual ramp and once again, the flying occurred.
 This immediately reminded me back to when I was new myself to conscious shifting. I was listening to a tape program by Steve G. Jones that used the mental visual and feel of moon walking, whereas there is 0 gravity. At first you begin with a simple step. Then another and another. but the step takes longer and you seem to move quite a bit further, because of the 0 gravity. Soon you take a bit of a leap and that feels great, so much so that you take a huge jump and find yourself floating or flying in that area. By now, if you stayed with the visual and in that scenario long enough, you have already encountered your conscious shift. Just don't think back to your physical body or your session will immediately cease. This is when you create a intent or go to your Happy Place and go explore.

 My OBE last night helped me because I experienced the forward motion as being in front of my feet. When you visualize forward, you don't need to see your feet though, lol. I was just showed the importance in relaying this message to people.
 Thank You!  smiley
125  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: July 07, 2017, 20:35:20
 Yodad, the ping ponging is a mental exercise. But it also creates a real tactile feeling. Although that tactical feeling is Etheric, at first it will still create a physical response. Example, Focus on your finger. Now focus on moving your "etheric" finger up or down. You will likely twitch or move your physical one as well. that is a automatic response/stimuli coming from your brain.
 My exercise help you shut down that automatic physical response while still being able to feel movement, but now it is on a etheric level.

 The ping ponging feeling occurs from the simple action of focusing on different points across from each other. This creates a etheric pull. Example. up/down, left/right or forward backward. Think of these points as surrounding your body, about a foot away. It doesn't matter where you are practicing this. In bed doesn't mean that by focusing on the point under you that you will find yourself on the floor. In the etheric, the floor isn't there. Just know that.
 When I first started my practice I became aware of where I was. I would have a hard time because I would think a focus on under would put me under my bed, lol or a focus on the ceiling would leave me up there. But I soon got past that because it was the direction that was important, not the location. Example, when focusing on your moving your etheric finger, you may think, wait a second my hand is on the chair, how can I move it down. That would become a mental obstacle to you. But if you realized that chair wasn't there period, the obstacle is gone. So now it's easy to move your finger down, because it won't hit anything. Change your mindset, you change your reality.

 When you begin bouncing your focus between 2 opposite directions it does create a "virtual" pull. Part 2 "enhancing" makes that pull stronger and more apparent.
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