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101  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Meditation's direct link to OBE/LD on: December 06, 2017, 05:14:59
 Excellent post!  cool

 This shows the importance of daily practice. The results of daily practice indeed is "brain entrainment". The more you entrain your mind to access these frequency levels, the more we get used to that "state of consciousness" itself. That was always the goal of Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones as well. It's just the Binaural Beats and Iso tones are "tools" that help you reach/access those states, even though you can do it on your own through your own hard work.

 The problem these days seems to be that people don't have the time to meditate. I listen to Radio talk shows and almost every guest now mentions the problem with teaching things like this these days is that people lack the effort to do the work. It is a "Now" generation and things like Astral Projection/Meditation, etc., are not things you learn overnight. Dr. Eben Alexander said in a interview last week, that I listened to, that people nowadays want results "yesterday". They want to access the "other realms" as easily as they do their phone and we all know here, that it doesn't work that way. Another man I greatly respect, Sadhguru, says the same thing. I have listened to quite a few of his video seminars over the last year and agree with almost everything he says. He, like most of the famous Authors of Meditation, Non Local States of Consciousness, etc., is having a serious problem lately relaying his message.
102  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: New Challenge: Focus on: December 06, 2017, 00:46:27
Lumaza I just started reading Astral Pulse and I want to thank you for your posts which are excellent, inspirational and make me think about a lot of new things.

The problem I have right now is whenever I close my eyes and visualize I get frustrated that whatever I visualize seems dim and far in the background. Like the blackness behind my eyes is masking the visual that I can sense is there. Do you have any tips for increasing powers of visualization? When I read other people's posts it seems like they can get more impressive visuals quite easily and I think this is holding me back from phasing from the waking state.

Thank You Octave for your kind words!  smiley

 Don't get discouraged. Like they say, "Rome wasn't built in day".

 The first time I tried to "purposely" visualize I found it hard as well. But then I got a hunger pang and immediately thought of "pizza". The image of pizza immediately followed that thought and I found that visualizing isn't hard at all, lol. It was when I was trying to stress it though.

 When you close your eyes and think of something simple like a ball or apple, it will appear slowly, as a faded image at first and perfectly flat, as if you are looking at a picture in a book. But as your "non physical" focus deepens, so does the dimensional aspects and visuals of that ball or apple. You will find it wants to change/morph into something else as well. Now, you can either passively observe this new scene and allow it freedom to commence or you can change your focus back to you original object. Both do the same thing though, because both of them have taken you away from your immediate "physical focus".

 Picture your kitchen. What did you do today? Any of those things immediately trigger a visual of some kind. My focus techniques and challenges teach you to hone onto and prolong those visuals. The same happens with focusing on 6 directions, up/down, left/right and forwards/backwards. Each of those directions and movements creates a automatic association in your mind. That association normally comes with a visual or sometimes more of a tactile sensation. Through my daily exercises, I experience both the visual and the "etheric" sensations of the movement. I have  been doing my exercises for about 5 years now. So, they are "entrained" in me. All my exercises work towards "brain entrainment".
103  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: New Challenge: Focus on: December 05, 2017, 23:11:55
Great post!  I love it.  It might be a possible idea to work this into a monthly series where the challenge changes each month and then comes back around again so you can see x number of months down the road how you have progressed.

You make a great point about losing the pulse, I love the way in which you phrased that statement.  Honestly I believe it is just a winter season for consciousness exploration as a whole, at least in the society of which I am a part (Western).  This does not surprise me as there was a clear 'fall' period the last few years after the 'Summer' period that was the late 90's through late 2000's.  I however strongly feel we are primed to start climbing out of 'winter' and into 'spring' though and am exited to see what this new 'summer' will bring.
Thank You Astralm!  smiley

 I agree. The problem seems to be that people here, especially on this Forum think that something like this is unnecessary and a waste of time.

 I hope it is just the "Winter season" effect here and that a new "Spring" will rise. But at the moment, I have my doubts.

 One of the first focus targets I ever used was that of a child's toy "spinning top", akin to what is seen being used in the movie "Inception". I didn't use it to gauge which reality I was in, like Leonardo did in the Movie. I used it because it was a great focus target period. It was easy to picture, had motion and you never knew when it was going stop and topple over. I like focus targets with movement and find them more interesting to keep focus on.

 So, anyone that is still wants to try this, we will put our focus on a simple spinning top toy. The color doesn't matter. Just simply visualize a spinning top. When it fades, bring it back. If it alters in it's design or path, allow it the freedom and passively observe it.

 Like I said above, I find this focus target very easy to use. You can search the words "spinning top" in the search engine here and will find many posts of mine wherein I am talking about using it for some kind of "Launchpad". You don't have to use just one Launchpad. You can have many of them. Sometimes you feel like using this one, another time that one. It's good to have options.

 When I began using this Focus, I saw the spinning top of more of a picture on a screen. It took awhile until it took on more of a 3D look to it. It didn't take long for it to morph into something new though. I think my first time, it morphed into a "Ballerina", which was completely unexpected. But, it has led to many interesting adventures.

 I have always had something for spirals and Pyramids. They show up quite a bit in my daily Phase/soak sessions. The spirals have led to my new venture with making Crystal Amplifiers.
 This entire venture began when I spontaneously began Channeling some deceased Artist. I was a Salesman for many years. I was even employed by other companies to come in and train their people. When it came to Art, the only face I could draw would probably look like a "emoji", lol. I was a visionary though. I could see some great designs, but could never manifest them. Until a few months back, that is. All of our Elemental Dragons and the concept of them were based on my visions. Mj, my better half is the "Artist Extraordinaire" of our Ma and Pa Company.

 I was in a Phase soak session and suddenly found myself surrounded by beautiful Wire Art. Most were in the shape of Trees. I have seen some in the past at Art shows, but never gave it a second thought. These weren't necessarily ordinary trees though. These were made with purpose. I was told how I always have the intent to help, be a Invisible Helper" in the other realms and this is why I undergo Retrievals there, but that making these new Wire wrap tree designs, would be a way of making a difference in the physical as well. I would go into it with the intent in my mind, while making these designs, that the sole purpose was to "amplify" people's "positive" thoughts, wishes and desires. By doing that I will be a somewhat invisible helper here too. So, I agreed and began to learn what I could in the daily Phase Sessions that followed. My designs are changing almost daily now. Recently I did a really cool design, that while making it, I basically zoned out for the 7 hours that it took to create it. I was amazed and am still amazed by the daily "happy accidents" I have that lead to some new design.
 Before I make one, I close my eyes and meditate, allowing the creative energy to flow. I don't know who I am Channeling, names aren't important there. Titles and roles seem to be the norm there. But I give Thanks everyday to whoever it is that has decided to aid me in this Journey.
 Here's a website I am using for my pictures. The tree I spoke above right now, I labelled the "Tesla Coil Crystal Amplifier". The spirals are created with a in take and a outtake. It took about 6 hours of twisting just those coils. That time is very meditative though. I normally make these between 9:00 pm-4:00 am. I am a night owl and I love the peace and quiet. It's also known as the "Psychic quiet time".
104  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Requirements changed on: November 25, 2017, 22:30:58
Things that changed before/during this time:
I eat lots more of fruit.
Drink only water.
Eat less.
Meditate more regularly
Been in sun and nature more
Tried being thankful for stuff
It sounds like you are becoming more "conscientious" of everything. That's comes with the "heightened sense of awareness", that this practice creates.
 You not ownly become more aware of your physical body (earthly vessel), but you become aware of "everything" around you much more and you care about what you see.  smiley

 We just had a question on this a few days ago. Nameless mentioned that sometimes it seems to come in "waves".
105  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: A story to tell, a question to ask on: November 24, 2017, 00:16:46
 Hello Chris and welcome to the Astral Pulse!  smiley
 It seems like you are experiencing a "heightened" sense of awareness. This sometimes happens to experiencers of non physical exploration. You notice the colors seem brighter and more vivid and if you concentrate long enough, you seem to be able to see "reality" fluctuations, that most aren't aware of. I can't tell you this is completely normal, for many people don't experience this, even those that do experience the NP consciously aware. But I can say, you are not alone in this either.  wink

 As for the SP (sleep paralysis) experiences. When you find yourself in that state, stay calm and passively observe it all. There is no harm there. You will have to control your conscious thoughts though, because at that moment, you are in a "zone", whereas thought = action is instantaneous. If you think you are being pinned down by some kind of Demonic force, then a Demonic force you will see.

 I'm not a Moderator here, but at the time, many of them are busy with other things. So, I will give them a hand and tell you in advance that this is a Family Forum and because of that we try to keep the tone/language at a civil pace, at a minimum. Even "assinuating" (#) crass/bad language is not permitted here.
106  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Souly for Retrievals! on: November 23, 2017, 22:08:42
I then later offered help and called out to retrievers by setting intent for retrievals. But nothing came out of it. Seems they don't let me even try. Then I had other targets again and forgot about it again. Now you remind me again.

Maybe I should renew my offer and give it another try. It is always a good feeling when you have helped someone move on. (Well ... maybe, if you find the time then, in your next team meeting with the Help Center staff you could put in a good word for me, okay?  wink )
They always hear us. It's just they don't answer us in the way we would "expect" and as timely as we would like. Time has no relevance there, so they are in no rush. Humans, we rush everything. That seems to be the problem with many people not finding success with this whole practice, Astral Projection in general. They want results "yesterday" and that's not the way it works.

 Will do!  grin
107  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Souly for Retrievals! on: November 23, 2017, 15:22:24
I always enjoy reading experiences in this thread. 

Lumaza, it looks like you are now on the payroll!  Hope to see more posts in the future.  smiley
108  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Souly for Retrievals! on: November 22, 2017, 23:51:28
 It's been awhile now since this thread has been posted in.

 Last night I did/underwent a Retrieval experience, that is definitely unique enough to post in this thread.

 A few months ago I told a few members here, one by phone, the other by email about a LD experience I had that had me, what felt like, in some kind of "job interview" in a actual Center for Retrieval. I found that this Center was the inside of the Cathedral like, white building, that I found myself at, right at the end of a Retrieval. I would normally bring or accompany the "Retrievee" to the steps and that's as far as I was allowed to go. Then the experience would end.
 In that experience I saw the purpose of the Center. That it was there for some of the most extreme cases. I also saw it was a place of terror. Each room became a "Simulation Chamber" of sorts for whoever was in it. This was where they were stuck in their own personal Hell.
 I was shown that when the "Aide" entered, they could join the Retrievee's hellish experience and work towards helping them. They could alter the scene at will. But, as soon as they left the room, the room would morph back to the Retrievee's hell once again. It was really extreme.
 Then I was shown the "Aide's" life. Outside of this Center, it was paradise. They had everything at their disposal. But, they had to fulfill their duty in that Center to receive this. I was also shown that there is indeed a "changing of the Guard" on the other side. Just like we evolve, so do they, so spots are needed to be filled all the time.
 The last thing I saw there was I was taken to some kind of conference room and I was asked if I was willing to ..., before they were finished with words, I accepted.

 Since then, it has been quiet on the "Retrieval" side for me. Even my LDs have been, for the most part, uneventful. Until last night that is.

 I become aware I am in some Hotel. I find soon that I am in Hawaii and am just getting ready to fly back home. When I was younger, in my 20s, I lived in Hawaii for 5 years.
 I find out my flight isn't going to be fore 7 hours from now. But I am checking out of the Hotel and have nothing to do.
 A few "Maids" there, one male, one female see my dilemma and offer me a room in the Hotel to stay until it's time for my flight. I go to the room. It's a very nice, posh, large suite. We sit down and start chatting and all of a sudden I hear the door behind me open and there is a very frail elderly lady walking towards us. She waves, goes into the kitchen area, then back into the bedroom. This shocks me. I never knew we were in a "occupied" room. But the Maids don't even give it a thought. I feel the need to use the bathroom. I walk to the bathroom door, open it and all of a sudden realize it is my "physical" self that needs to use the bathroom, lol. So, I wake up, use the bathroom, go back to bed, mentally click "play, as in let's start where we left off.

 Somewhere along the line I become aware again. Now I am in the same room, but there is party going on. There is loud music, people, heavy drinking. Yes, it's definitely a party. Then I see that frail lady again. She leaves her room, goes into the kitchen area, then back to her room again. She waves to everyone, but again, nobody but me pays attention to her. This really has me curious now.

 I walk into the bedroom and begin chatting with her. She is a great lady, funny, fun loving, that is until I brought up the idea of death. She was terrified of death.
 It then hit me, that the "Maids" were "Aides" leading me to a Retrieval and I was in a "Simulation Chamber".

 I sat there with the lady and tried to find out how I could build up the idea of a "Heaven" to her. To find a way to show her a new way of thinking. In a Retrieval, you have everything at your disposal to aid you in your task. But, you can't "decide/choose" for them. They must be the ones that decide to move on.

 I would attempt to help her and when I did, her "physical" image began to fade. But then I had a "click in"/click out" and when I returned back, I saw that she was full form again.

 I experience many cut-ins to the scenario, whereas I see, that this failed and that failed. But then the idea comes to me. Why not show her how to Astral Project? I then started down that road. The first thing I used was from Bruce Moen's 14 minute video (Thank You Bruce), where he his describing his "imagination with a deceased person" technique. It is very good. I have to thank another Member of Astral Forum for that share. Thanks Bee!

 So, we started with imagination with some of her own deceased friends. She was enjoying this. They were showing her a view of their "Heaven".
 Finally after what seemed like many sessions, we hit success. She finally disappeared and just as she did the scene went incredibly bright white. It was so bright, that it overloaded my senses and I woke up.

 I put it all together once I had awoken. Even though I was deeply in a Retrieval scenario. I still had the thought, that I had likely missed my flight. But I also consciously knew, where I was and what was going on. Like I said, this is the first time I have had a successful Retrieval, since I had my "Interview".

 I did post here a few weeks ago about a situation I found myself in that may or may not have been a Retrieval, It was rather disturbing though and I didn't "consciously" see that one all the way to the end.
109  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: November 21, 2017, 23:16:01
  On Tuesday, November 14th/2017 Bruce Moen transitioned from this realm/physical to the non-physical. In other words, he died. He will be sorely missed. He will have no problems in his next duty on the "other side". He has been in training for quite a while now. He was a very "avid" experiencer. He spent a good portion of his life teaching others as well and was a big part of the Monroe Institute itself. He also wrote a number of books on Astral Projection. His specialty though was "Afterlife" communication and preparation. So, he will be a "natural" there.
 I never knew he was from Minnesota though. Bob Peterson is a Minnesotan as well, so am I.

 He made this short video back in 2015 and that is why I am posting in the "Doorway" thread here. He always stressed and even built his techniques around the principle of imagination. Well, here is one of those "imagination" sessions, that actually included "physical", verifiable evidence.

110  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Illuman's Dream Journal on: November 21, 2017, 20:07:22
  All in all I would consider this progress.  However it is still sort of a jumbled mess heh I will get there. 

[Sorry for any grammar mistakes I'm on mobile atm] I did not have any dream recall when I awoke this morning. 
So, would I!  smiley cool

 It's a jumbled mess at first. We seem to jump/flit around quite a bit in the beginning of our practice. But it gets better with further practice.

 You will see there are a number of "Doorways" to be found there. A "cave" is always a great one to explore. Lose any expectations and go see what's inside of it. There is normally an adventure awaiting you inside of it. Anything that just seem to appear, has some kind of purpose.

You are doing excellent!  cool Incorporating a bit of "motion" into the scenario will help create more of a vivid scene as well. We seem to associate different scenarios with the 6 directions, up, down, left, right and forward, backwards.

 Don't worry about the "grammar mistakes". I have many of them myself. I really don't like typing, lol.  tongue
111  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: New Challenge: Focus on: November 21, 2017, 19:58:30
Thanks, Lumaza, for always keeping us motivated.

I will give that focus video a try.

   smiley cool
112  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Illuman's Dream Journal on: November 21, 2017, 01:41:41
  To begin, what I had meant by not scratching is I successfully mentally blocked it out.  I knew it was to test my grit so to speak and I made it through that.  And the other various ticks so to speak.  (I had let them interrupt me too much in the past and tried to come to this realization consciously this time) The reason I thought it was counter productive in the past was because of the pull of attention from NP to P.  Of course that is just my rough interpretation based on the myriad of posts on this forum. 
A itch or tick can be a test of sorts because it does bring your awareness back to your physical body. But if you don't make a big deal out of it, you can simply scratch it and return your focus back to where I was before.  The worst thing you can do is to fight it. You have to learn how to just turn it off naturally and this happens by changing and locking onto another target of focus. I had this problem with constantly having to swallow as well. Like most people here, I had to constantly and still once in awhile still do, have to jump all the blocks and hurdles that prevent a successful NP session/experience. The blocks and hurdles seem to evolve, as we do.

Secondly, thank you very much some some clarification.  I guess I have zero idea what it is I am looking for, or attempting to accomplish because for all intents and purposes I have no framework with which to envision this.  So as I understand it that lens focusing (much like when you go to the eye Dr.  and they flick back and forth those glasses, but minus any color.  Just like (This one or this one?) but variations of dark.  So let me get this clear this is an initial point where I dont just observe?  If/when I get to that perception change of sorts I use intent to "go there"  There being the darkness?  Or the specs of light that were coming through?  Its hard to know what to focus on, especially when most places say to lose focus and just let be.

Sorry if I dont fully understand, believe me I am trying.  But its like someone trying to explain something 100% foreign to me.  Maybe no longer 100% but you get my drift.  Thank you for your time.
You can do two things. You can either passively observe and "notice" what is being shown to you or you can use thought = action and create a environment/scenario. It's up to you. I believe that I am being shown what I need to see and taught what I need to learn while in that state. But sometimes it's fun to just create a scene/destination and go explore it.

 Let those little flashes develop into a full blown scenario. They will eventually.

 Sometimes, I ignore the mini screen play and wait until it has become a vivid, fully developed scene. Other times I will lock on the first visual and see what I can see in it. The lock on is hard, because you are trying to lock onto a fuzzy visual. But once again, you are still using thought = action. So, as long as you are deep enough, as long as you have shifted away from your physical focus,  you will still find success with that as well.

 Experiment with this. Find out what you find comfortable and what works for you, on a personal level. Who knows you better than you?
113  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Illuman's Dream Journal on: November 20, 2017, 23:32:49
4 pm 11-20 everyone in the house took a nap so decided to break out some binaural beats.  The 30 min om one I did also put the other one on a playlist from multidimensional man.  Got through a full hour of laying completely still. I didn't readjust for anything. Itches eyes watering outside movement. It did take my attention momentarily but of always kept on.  At various points through both tracks the darkness would begin movement.  Overlapping variations of dark.  With specs of light thrown in like something wanted to come into focus.   I also distinctly recall there being a few times when my vision would adjust like trying to focus a picture.  Like an entirely different view of the dark. Nothing much changed except my perception of that darkness.  Nothing spectacular but I fully expect it to translate tonight into dreams. Ill keep documenting.
First off. there is nothing wrong with scratching a itch or slightly re adjusting yourself. It's only counter productive if you think is. When I first get a itch, I will mentally try to lose it, by focusing anew. If that doesn't work, I don't fight it. I just reach a passive scratch it.

Nothing much changed except my perception of that darkness.  Nothing spectacular but I fully expect it to translate tonight into dreams. Ill keep documenting.
When your perception of he darkness changes, you are entering the void. This is where you make a intent and go there or be there. You got to the last hurdle, then you stopped. I found that's the final "test". How much longer will you go. How bad do you want it. This isn't where you pressure yourself. This is where you relax into the void and see what's "there". It's also a great place of healing and place of solace, where you work on new things, projects, etc. In other words, this a place where thought = action is extremely active. That's why the thought of a Demon, while in sleep paralysis, brings on the Demon experience itself.

 Years ago, I was in our local Mall with a Kiosk at Christmas time. We were selling Himalayan Salt Lamps and they have a "spiritual" side to them, so my booth also attracted customers of that nature. So do the Dragons that sell.
 A husband and wife came to see me and told me their daughter was having terrible nightmares. I told them to send her to me. I talked to her and found out she was always being chased by some big creature. I told her, "You are the one that's the outsider there and that everyone in that realm looks like that. He just wants a friend". I also told her to give the cookie in her hand to him as a peace treaty, sign of friendship. She did and few days later she ran up to my Kiosk and gave me a big hug. End of nightmares for her. Once again, changing a mindset, changed the reality as well.  smiley
114  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / New Challenge: Focus on: November 20, 2017, 23:18:08
 The Astral Pulse has lost it's "pulse" lately. Maybe we can return it back to active again by engaging some fun challenges, that will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

 The Focus challenge is on length of "targeted focus", completely unabated. This one will be to see how long you can hold your focus on one scenario or focus target. It can be the length of time you can hold your focus on breathing, on a tactile sensation, a scent, staring into the darkness before your closed eyes or some imaginative activity or experience itself.

 At first 10 seconds even sounds hard. But you will get better. There is no need to share here to boast for ego purposes. Be truthful, in the end, it only matters to yourself anyways. It's not a contest. It's a "personal" challenge.

 You must hold that focus, completely unabated and "only" on that target of focus. Once you lose it, start the timer again. Also, keep a eye on how long it takes until your target of focus begins to morph into a full blown scenario. Not necessarily "mini Pictures". Flitting around, shows lack of direct focus.

 Here is what I find.
 50 seconds-1 minute, you are getting better. Keep going. If this is your first time with this technique, you may be experiencing actual "Astral Signposts".

 1 minute-2 minutes, you may be experiencing morphing in your experiences now. You may have begun the exercise with a focused target, but now that target is taking on a life of it's own and you are there "passively observing" it.

 5-10, you are well into a shift, if you haven't already shifted.

 ...more than 10 minutes, you are already "there" and because of that, you don't know how long you have been. Time no longer has relevance. You are thoroughly consciously aware wherever you have found yourself.
 We have to exclude Lucid Dreaming from this challenge. I know with LDing you are still ending up in "NP" focus. But with LDing, you are not going from start to finish consciously aware. LDing has it's own challenges, that of becoming consciously aware "in" them and then reacting in a totally conscious manner to them as well as well.  That's enough challenge there itself!  rolleyes

 Try this. You have nothing to lose, but quite a bit to gain. Share or don't share. Have fun with it. I think that's where people go so strong. The pressure and seriousness they put on themselves to succeed. We normally have our first experience and our curiosity steers the way. The next time, we pressure ourselves to experience it once again. That's why it's so much harder to do.
 Relax, release, let go and "allow" yourself to "see" and you will be "shown".
 By doing fun challenges, like the one above, you can learn to get there. Then if you want to keep your serious mindset, go for it. This takes nothing away from the spiritual side of this practice. Exercises like the one above are there to fine tune and learn to really hold onto a strong NP awareness. Once there you can search out your deceased Family member/mentor or access the Akashic records, do your own personal experimenting, etc..

Here is a link to a great primer for this exercise. Try it. I used my own Binaural Beats, Isochronic tones when I did/do it though.

115  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: First Conscious Astral Projection Experience /welcoming song for the deceased on: November 20, 2017, 21:34:33
Do you find that consciousness diminishes the longer youre out? Or does it become sharper? How would you define being conscious in the astral?
Not necessarily diminishes. It just gets hard to keep your focus.  This is why "click outs" occur. Sometimes you get in too deep and totally lose your "conscious" awareness on the scenario at hand. Other times we tend to click out too when the scenario creates a kind of "system overload" on us. Too much info, too intense, something creates a "shut down".

This is what Im wondering; when we have a  to do list  and we exit and immediately begin accomplishing things on said list, are we conscious or is it simply a case of preprogrammed thoughts? For me, I do the things I set out to do when Im out but I also carry out actions that are not conscious. Ill just do something without really thinking before doing.
Yes, intended target of destination is a must. You are now in a realm where thought = action is instantaneous. So now, you have to also learn how to control that "thinking" there.

I presume youve already passed your fear tests lol because had I been grabbed by my ankles , I wouldve opted out lol. Have you wholeheartedly embraced the idea that no harm can come to you? Lol

Sometimes Im tempted to to ask for help but the thought of feeling another beings hands on me creeps me out lol. Hopefully one day Ill become totally fearless like you
No, I still gets "fear tests". It really does help your awareness level though and yes, you have to trust. But that trust came through the notion that I have been experiencing this being touched thing, since I was a little boy. It used to terrify me and I immediately yanked the blankets over my head. But the more it happened, the more I realized that I always returned "unscathed" and by that understanding I developed "trust".
116  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: 15 second lesson - Lucid Dream Experience on: November 20, 2017, 21:23:54
 The first thing I learned, via a Guide/Mentor, (this being my deceased Brother-in law) was the value and importance of "passively observing". You will always know when it's time to give that "commanded" prompt to the scenario.
117  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: it ain't easy on: November 16, 2017, 23:46:16
 I agree with Nameless, "well said".

 A Dream Journal really helps here because it shows you common Dream"triggers". The more you learn to notice those "triggers" in your Dreams, the faster you get your bearings on where you "really" are.

 I also found that you have to even balance your level of awareness even after you know that you are Dreaming. Too much awareness, you get too involved and either click out or do the dreaded, "think of your physical" body. Too little awareness and your recall is shot. So, yes, you need to find a "happy medium".

 Some areas and situations I find myself in there, do seem to point at a "parallel existence". Once in awhile I have a experience and all the Dream characters, though the same, have nothing to do with my immediate physical characters here. I mean new friends, even I am different. My NP personality can seem so different form my current one sometimes. Most of the time, I click in, get my bearings, just as my NP personality has created some kind of dire or complicated scenario. Then I have to consciously solve the "dilemma" or circumstance.
118  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Itchy Foot Leads to Multiple LDS on: November 16, 2017, 23:37:05
Don't cha just get bamboozled sometimes? That was quite the experience, too bad you didn't figure it out. I haven't had the itchy foot like you did but I have felt a 'bite' on my calf a few times. There is never any sign the next day. The bite or pinch seems to be to tweek my awareness. It does that indeed.
"Bamboozled", good word!  grin

119  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Back At It & Hurdles To Work Through on: November 15, 2017, 19:55:10
The last 4 - 5 days have been AWESOME. I believe that I have broke through/overcome a couple barriers that were hindering the process.
The last two nights I have found that it is near impossible for me to interrupt the process/sensations. Of course, if I were to willingly end the experience I can do that, but, take last night for example:

There was so much stuff going on. My wife was in the kitchen, my African Grey parrot was making noise and my German Shepherd was running around the house, as well, the light in my room was turned on. It seems like I am getting to a point where I almost know when my body is ready, so I try and take advantage of that whenever I can. Like last night! Also I was not wearing ear plugs so I could hear everything.

I was amazed at how I was able to keep my focus, off of all the distractions and the process just evolved. The odd time I would switch my attention to my wife or dog etc... It seemed like the process would move in reverse a bit and I would have to play catch up, so to speak. But i could keep it going and it wodul not stop.

Has anyone ells found this?
You have a great ability to "lock" onto your new surroundings.  cool

 I learned a few years ago how to think of my body like a giant piece of "Swiss cheese". That way, the sounds around me just flowed through me, while I could keep my focus where it needed to be. I didn't fight the sounds. I just allowed them to flow and kept my focus on whatever my intent for the session was.

 The only interruptions I get now are direct interruptions, like someone knocking on the door needing to use the bathroom or someone calling my name to help them with something. Other than that, I can pin point my focus on whatever I need to at the time.

 I am still aware, at some level, of the happenings around my physical body. But as my focus deepens, that physical focus disappears quite quickly and I find myself "elsewhere".
 Once in awhile I will experience a fully conscious "dual" awareness throughout the entire process. That's a hard one to juggle for a lengthy period of time though.
120  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Itchy Foot Leads to Multiple LDS on: November 15, 2017, 04:54:03
 Just as the title says. I went to bed at about 3:30 am, after I had made a new "Crystal Amplifier".

 Somewhere along the night/morning, I awoke with a itchy left foot. The itch was on top of the foot and I tried to ignore it, before finally bending down and scratching it.

 I then click out, back to sleep. I become aware I am in a home with a number of people. It seems to be a celebration of sorts. I see a small child, must be about 6 months old to maybe a year old, on a kitchen/dining room table in front of me. I don't know who these people are, but I hear what sounds like "broken" English, akin to the Spanish/Mexican accent coming from these people.

 The table in front of me all of sudden tilts and the baby, little boy falls off the table. I hear a loud shriek. It seems the baby has fallen into some kind of large floor duct. Now remember, I just became aware in this scenario, so my "rational  thinking", like why is there a open floor duct that large on the floor in this room, hadn't kicked in yet. My attempt to help did though.
 I had enough awareness to realize I was in a "LD". Everyone around me was frantic, going nuts. I tried my hardest to get them out of the room, so I could save this baby. For some reason I knew that I wasn't allowed to make a "scene" here. My first impulse was to go to the hole and create some kind of suction/vacuum effect, using thought= action, to help this boy. Once I cleared the room, that's exactly what I did.
 I reached down to the hole and created a vacuum using just my left hand. The child rose up to my hand and I had him.
 The others came back in and saw the results, but not how I achieved them. The situation once again returned to normal, then the child fell back in again, click out.

 My foot was once again itching like mad. I tried to ignore, then I bent down again and scratched it feverishly. Then returned back to sleep again. Same scenario once again. Oh no I thought, this is some kind of loop or "Re-script". So now, what do I do. At first I tried to figure whether this was a Retrieval of sorts. The problem I was having was deciding who needed the "retrieving". The young boy had plummeted in to this hole twice now. It was a "furnace"/heater duct, so the situation was dire. The first thing I did was to make sure the furnace wasn't on. Click out.

 The thing that confused me about whether it was a Retrieval of not was when I pulled the child out he second time, he was dead. But, I was still surrounded by all the people in the room. If it was a Retrieval, I figured once the boy had died, the scenario would have ended then and there. But it didn't. I once again found myself amongst the others in the room and now they were completely out of control, with the news of the child's death and all. I found them to be a very strange bunch as well.

 Back to the itchy foot again. This was irritating. I would scratch it. Go back to sleep, same scenario, then back to the itchy "physical" foot again.

 When I finally awoke, at 3:00 pm, I didn't want to look at my foot. I figured it would be all scratched up and blood would be present on the sheets. I pulled back to the covers, expecting to see some kind of accompanying "Spider" bite or something and my foot didn't look like I had touched it at all. No scratches, no redness, no bite. No indication that I even scratched it at all. When I had awoken multiple times and scratched it, my scratching got more vicious each time. I figured there would have to be blood and evidence. But there was none.

 I apologized to MJ for waking up so late. I told her the Astral had a hold on me. It felt like it did, because I couldn't break this loop and it got pretty intense at times. I finally clicked out for good and awoke, thankfully.

 I never did "consciously" complete my task or challenge though. There were multiple challenges in the scenario itself. But if one was a actual "Retrieval", then I didn't consciously see that to an end.

 Once again, as usual, more question than answers!  huh rolleyes
121  Astral Chat / Welcome to News and Media! / Re: Hemi-Sync Holiday Sale on: November 13, 2017, 20:04:45
There is no Magic Bullet that I have found that will give you a NPR experience.  I believe you will only get out what you put in.  

 Five Stars awarded to that post!  smiley
122  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: First Conscious Astral Projection Experience /welcoming song for the deceased on: November 13, 2017, 20:01:34

Thanks for the tip Lumaza. Tell me what is your projection success rate?
I am about 75% from SP paralysis, OBE in the real sense of the term. Sometimes I get the symptoms of a approaching OBE, but then nothing. I think this is when I am returning from one, instead of actually beginning one though.

 My Phase session are almost always successful. The only thing that hinders them is extreme pain or some environmental occurrence, such as someone or something in the physical disturbing my concentration.

Had a very unusual OBE. My attempt wasnt successful the other day btw. Anyway last night I halfheartedly tried to project, got really relaxed and felt a few waves of vibrations. Decided to call it a night as my girlfriend sleeps like shes possessed lol kicking and hitting me at the worst times(usually when Im close). So I lay on my left side and proceed to fall asleep. As sleep began to slowly overtake me I said to myself   generally when were tired we fall asleep before the paralysis stage, which goes unnoticed. Why cant we program our minds to wake up when that chemical is released so that we can AP  it was a form of inner dialogue. So I fall asleep. Next thing you know, I become conscious. I feel this strangely pleasant sexual arousal. Kinda intimate but its part of the experience. So I go with the flow, letting myself go not knowing what to expect. My understanding is that I woke up at some random part of the vibrational stage.
Some people call that "sexual arousal" a form of Kundalini awakening.

 I have experienced so many weird things during SP episodes. For the longest time and still once in awhile now, I was feeling the sensation of having my ankles grabbed, then yanked, dragged down my hallway and out my patio window. Other times, it was more of a sexual sensations and still others it felt like some kind of "anal probing", lol. That one is really weird. I can understand how this can get confused with a Alien probing encounter.

 One time, I was dragged out by my ankles and pulled upside down to my bedroom ceiling, then spun like a top through my roof. I kept with that one until it became to much, then I "clicked out". Some famous authors of AP say that we click out when the encounter becomes to much for us to bear. Some kind of "system overload".

Sylvan from Phase Evolution talks about  having a plan  for when you get out. My plan was to say an affirmation such as  take me outside . . Its crazy how you remember everything when youre out. So I️ say  take me outside   but nothing happened so I️ took matters into my own hands. I️ jumped over the bed through the wall and then found myself violently slammed back into my body.  I️ get out again and this time I️ remember what William Bulhman said   dont say it like a wimp, gotta have intent behind it . So I️ say as loud as I️ can  TAKE ME OUTSIDE NOW   . I️ find myself downstairs in front of my balcony which is on the 2nd floor. I️ look around outside and see this cat. (Many cats in my apartment complex) the cat comes towards me and attacks me. I️ then say to the cat  go away cat. A struggle ensues, Im wiggling my Astral leg trying to get it off. Then Im like this  I️ fly into my room in an effort to ditch the cat. Upon entering I️ notice something peculiar; my bed has no box spring, mattress was on the ground.  Stood there for a second thinking about that. I️ then get in bed and suddenly recall a video where someone said that its possible   to pull someones Astral body out . So I️ grab my girlfriend by the neck and attempt to yank out her astral body. It comes out and dissolves into thin air.  Not really understanding what had just happened I️ say to her  babe are you there, are you in the astral  ( Im still in my Astral body) and she says (from her physical body)  stop leave me alone  . I️ immediately returned to my body and sat up.
I have read may books, PDFs and listened to many of the authors and speakers of Astral Projection. William Bulman is very good. He knows what he is talking about. He is talking from years of "his" own experiences.
 I listened to all of Sylvan's videos on the YouTube Phase Evolution channel and find that he (Sylvan) is still in the "learning" process himself. In my opinion, some of what he says is bad advise. He also parrots many of the other authors of AP and this causes "contradictions" in his teachings. Not every AP author takes the same approach to Astral Projection. He was/is a member of this Forum too. I explained that maybe he should learn more himself, before he teaches. He didn't agree. He hasn't been back since. I like that he is trying though. Lately his videos have been getting better, more informative.

Mixed feelings about this type of exit. I actually enjoy the vibrations/whirlwind/portal etc.. Has this ever happened to you?
So do I. They are much more unique. Awaking instantly "ultra aware", hearing the "whirr" of the gentle Astral winds and feeling the pulsating energy sensations, the buzz, passively observing it as it all works to a "climax" and becomes constant, then just finding yourself there is a such a incredible experience.
 Sometimes, the first visual I get is akin to what you would call "tunnel vision". I wrote a thread years ago under my old name "Lionheart", that explained more about this. I had one of those experiences a few weeks ago.

 I have never attempted to "pull" another out of their body though, nor will I. I don't agree with that one. They can learn AP themselves. If they don't, it's not meant to be. That's my take on that. 
123  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Back At It & Hurdles To Work Through on: November 13, 2017, 19:21:15
If there any affirmation you use or used, to work through this?  I feel that if I can just get over this fear and stay calm, I will truly excel at this!
Just like the Beatle's song. "LET IT BE"!  smiley Then just passively observe it all. I actually like observing the Sleep Paralysis phenomenon. I can tell just when the "exit" is about to occur. First I get the "ultra awareness". Then I here the "Astral winds" gently blowing, next is the "inner buzz". The winds and body buzz comes in "waves" or "pulse" at first. Once the winds and buzz become a constant, it is normally a few minutes later that the actual "exit" will occur. It's just like clockwork now.

 You control your fear by realizing and "believing"/knowing that nothing bad is happening. Your breathing cycle/rhythm slows naturally when you go to sleep. You are normally not aware of this and other things that your body naturally does in the sleep process. The process of "mind awake-body asleep" makes you aware of this though. You have "chosen" to be aware during this process. So, now you need to learn how to sit back and allow it to happen naturally. You will know when it's time to implement a actual "OBE" technique, such as climbing a rope, ladder, etc.
 I don't use any of that now. I just await observe as the natural shift occurs and I don't get in it's way. Not every SP episode ends in a actual OBE for me. Sometimes, I hear the winds, get the body buzz, then nothing. Why, I have no idea. I guess the time wasn't right.

 You can also get the same "signposts" at the "end" of a OBE as well. As you are returning to the body. That could explain why sometimes you have all the symptoms, but then everything just stops then and there. 


124  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Back At It & Hurdles To Work Through on: November 10, 2017, 23:22:19
You ask... "What is it that you wish to achieve?" This is a great questions and of course I want to achieve the highest state to no physical consciousness I am able to achieve. I would really appreciate the experience to have a full OBE (that is what got me interested in this in the first place LOL). I have had a partial separation about 7 - 8 months back;  if we are being completely honest, it happened so fast it scared the "you know what out of me! So I feel as if, since then, I have been working with the fear aspect of this physical reality we all play in.
Try Bedeekin's "Pre-nap" technique here. I think that might help you to have a full OBE exit.  It's very good and will usually lead to awakening in some stage of SP (Sleep Paralysis). But, you might not get all the usual symptoms reported with Sleep Paralysis. You just might find yourself "out" period.

So my question now.... When the explosion occurred, I was brought back to the physical, almost right away. When I became aware (That I was back in my bedroom) to the point that I have experienced something non physical. I was a little confused as to why I was pulled back as there was no real "fear" that was associated with the car blowing up. I was shocked that it happened. I thought for sure, that I was going to be able to phase back and could not. Now, after reading your reply, I figure that at that point in time, that is all I was supposed to experience, would you agree?
True, you may have passed the "fear test", but just for a split second you may have thought about your physical wellbeing and sometimes that's all it takes to end a experience then and there.

Also... Yes, while I was in the NP, I was not aware of my physical body at all. It visually seemed really "real", but as if I was in a movie, hard to describe, sorry. I don't really recall details, such as... The smell of the air, wind blowing in my face, temperature (hot or cold outside); also I don't recall hearing anything other than the "BOOM"!!
It sounds like you had a "low level experience" at that point. The "BOOM" then strengthened it. So, it was kind of one step forward, two steps back. The "BOOM" improved your awareness, but it also made you think of your physical wellbeing, which ended the experience itself.

 It gets better after awhile though. You learn to control your thoughts, emotions, desires and actions and that's when it gets ever more interesting.

Now I have always had a hard time remembering my dreams and have been dream journaling. As I was pretty well convinced I was a person that did not dream, most of my entries are something like... "Cannot recall the dream/adventures from last night. Will recall more dream details tomorrow"
There are many DT's "Dream Triggers" in our Dreams. Once we become aware of them, we can use them for strengthening our awareness there quicker. Think hard for a minute. What is "familiar" about some of your Dreams? Is it the locations, the people, beings (Dream Characters) or maybe the time period (past. present day, future)? There are all kinds of DTs there. We just have to learn to become more aware of them.

 My recent "Paddle to Sea" challenge is excellent way for a person to improve their "NP" focus and awareness. It also teaches you how to "passively observe". When you do it long enough, an hour to hour and half should suffice, you will find that your physical body has completely gone to sleep and that you find yourself deeply immersed in the scenario at hand. At first though, take short little sessions. Otherwise you will click out completely and lose your "recall" of the experience. You need to learn when to abort and when to stay. That comes with practice though.  smiley

I would like to mention again, that when I was in the NP, I was not really aware that I was in the NP and had no "Idea" so so speak of a physical body I may or may not have had at that time? So would I have been more LD'ing or possibly a full OBE?
Once again, that just shows a "lower level" of awareness.

 LDing/OBEing, same difference. Just a different "mode" of transportation. I notice more people here "now" seem to experience the "NP" by means of LDS. It seems to be a "progression" of a type. My first experiences with the NP "consciously aware" were during the occasional spontaneous OBE. Then I learned to Phase and that led to me becoming more aware in all aspects of my life here and there, which led to improved LD's.
 I like the "consciously aware" every step of the way techniques and experiences. There are so many tests and challenges along the way. But that's what makes you stronger. Those lessons are great for when you finally "get there" and start maneuvering around the many places you can go and things you can see and experience.
125  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Back At It & Hurdles To Work Through on: November 10, 2017, 20:55:33
It was not anything huge, but even the small things at this point are welcome LOL!
Any positive progress is always a good thing.  wink

I went to bed a little later than usual, about 10:45 pm. I was laying there and decided to take 10 - 20 min and work on AP.

As I was laying there, I must have fell asleep.I must have become aware at a certain point; I recall, I was standing in a courtyard at what looked like a very expensive house, like some huge estate. There was a circle driveway, with, what looked to be a huge fountain in the middle!

I started walking away down the driveway and a car was pulling in. I looked at the driver, but don't recall if I knew the entity / person driving.

As we passed each other, I continued walking. I recall watching this car pull up to the house behind me, as I was walking away (I was not facing the car). It was as if I was watching this car behind me while looking in a rear-view mirror. I was not facing the car!! All of a sudden this car parked and blew up!

At that point I seemed to snap out of it and became aware while lying in bed. I stayed still and tried to shift my consciousness away from the physical but was to set on what just happened and was unable.

Nothing huge, just thought I would share.
I am leaning toward this being more of a Lucid Dream.... which is totally cool as i have not remembered a dream in the last year.

Thank for reading.
Schmustin, what is it that you wish to achieve? A full OBE, as in a physical like exit.
 If it's being conscious in a "non local/ordinary state of consciousness", then you have already achieved that, as shown in your experience above. Your recent experience even had a "test" in it, maybe two of them. The first being a kind of fear test and the other a control test. The tests in this case checking your level of control over your awareness and during a "fearful"/eventful occurrence. The second being "explosion" itself. That showed by the car explosion, that knocked you back to the physical again.

 I find when I first become aware, that I need to just passively observe for awhile before I join the scene consciously. That helps me actually be able to get my bearings and to not be so shocked when something out of the ordinary occurs, which happens often.

 That is all huge. Don't underestimate it. Yes, it was a LD. But if you aren't aware of your current physical body here, you "have" shifted to another reality.

 So once again, what is your goal here?  huh
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