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126  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: November 10, 2017, 04:56:21
 Session 1 (Flying)

 I lie in the water, do some quick relaxation exercise, then some quick 6 pt focus and I am ready to begin.

 I try to kick the forward focus into gear, but for some reason, it's not there. I then mentally say "I am flying" 3 times, then I wait. Nothing. I go back to creating the forward focus again and still nothing. So, I just lie there "noticing".

 Now quick visuals are occurring. Really blurry at first and fading in and out.

 Then the scene gets vivid and I am "hovering" over a guy. He's in a boat and is fishing on a lake. I take a quick look around, using 360 vision and see it is a beautiful area. This guy is alone in his boat and it looks like he is trying to "set" a hook (get the fish to bite). He has a lot of patience and I can tell he is very adept at his craft. I am looking down from the same viewpoint the entire time. I watch him for awhile. Then the screen fades. I never attempted to communicate with him at all. My "mission" was just "observation.

 It takes a while until a clear visual comes back. Now this one is I am flying in some mountainous area. It is completely barren at first. I see in the distance a small cabin. I immediately focus on it and find myself there. I go in the home, not moving, just by thought and see a Family sitting around eating. The Mother is feeding a baby and this seems really peaceful. There are 5 in the Family. Once again, I never attempted to make contact. I just wanted to observe.

 Then the scene went completely dark and once in a while I saw distortions in the darkness. The "distortions" seemed to be periodic, in waves kind of felt like the view you get when a Subway or Train goes into a dark tunnel. We live in the Country, so it has been many years since I have been on a Train or Subway. I think the last time was the Epcot Center in Disneyland and we were riding the Monorail there. I was in my teens then.
  I stayed with that focus of moving in the dark tunnel, until I watched how the darkness was morphing before my very eyes. At first the darkness was "flat". But gradually it got deeper and deeper, until I was just there.

 Every time I do a Phase Session, eventually I find myself in the 3D void. But I don't actually get to watch it change before my eyes. Normally, I come out of a great visual and see the 3D void already there. But this time, I got to watch it change. It was very cool.  cool
127  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: November 10, 2017, 04:38:40
Session 4 and 5.

Weird and I don't know what to make of them. I got into a relaxing mode and began my visualization which went wonky almost from the start. Everything got BIG. I aborted session 4 deciding to try again later.

So later the same day I repeated the session. I had decided to visualize the beach area again. My intent was to stroll down the beach to the dock where I first saw my little sail boat. Next thing I know I'm sort of staring at my leg. I had to pull back to see the entire scene. I'm reclining on the beach looking out over the water, only I'm like a GIANT. Once I spot the sail boat - it's GIGANTIC.

I tried to see what perspective I was seeing from when my leg filled my vision. Must have been an ant or some other very tiny creature but I couldn't see whatever it was.

This experience was so weird I couldn't figure out what to do with it. Everything else seemed in perfect proportion but I simply could not focus on the boat with out it filling my vision to the exclusion of everything else. And any glimpse of myself, like a hand or whatever did the same.

So I'm more than happy at this point to move on to "I Am Flying" LOL
Nameless, you kept with it. Kudos!  smiley

 You could probably skip your Session 6 and 7 and just move onto a new week and "Flying" challenge.

 That's weird, just the vision of you leg. That probably occurred so you could concentrate more on "peripheral" vision.

 I very rarely see any of my physical "appendages". I try to conduct all my Phase sessions from a "point of consciousness" mindset. That way I find and experience no limitations.

 The only time I see my enteric body now is my hands when I do my closing ritual, which is to 'bow" with closed hands in front of me. I always give "Thanks" to whoever it is that has chosen to aide my on this Journey. Every time I do that, I get a quick visual back as well. Many times it seems to be a row of Monks bowing back to me. Sometimes it's "other". But there is always some kind of quick visual.
128  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: First Conscious Astral Projection Experience /welcoming song for the deceased on: November 10, 2017, 04:29:36
Thanks Lumaza, really appreciate it.
Your welcome!  smiley

Have you ever had that “drunk sensation” when out of body?
I have had that sensation before myself and many people do report moving "sluggish" as if in slow motion upon their immediate exit. Szaxx, here, says that's when you need to get further away from your physical body. The more distance you put between you as consciousness and your sleeping physical body, the easier motion seems to be.

 I had one time when I was 14 years old. I had just helped my Father unload a 18 wheeler transport truck at his work, that was loaded with Chlorine bottles. There must have been over 100 cases, but we did it all. That night, I awoke, became aware, that I was on the ground, on the carpet in my bedroom, crawling. I tried to scream for help, but no one came. I didn't realize until years later that that was actually a spontaneous OBE. When it had happened, all my Family was home, so if I was screaming here in the physical, it would have went noticed. But no one knew what had happened. I put the pieces together years later when I learned the actual meaning and symptoms of a actual spontaneous OBE.
 All I could do at the time was crawl. I had no idea what was happening. My body was so overtired from unloading all those cases and I guess that was the "trigger" for that spontaneous OBE experience. "Overexertion" is known to create spontaneous OBEs.

 I like the confidence you have. That will bring you more experiences.  cool
 A trick I learned about many things I intend to achieve in life is to talk in "past tense", like I have already succeeded. Positive reassurance goes a long way as well!  smiley
129  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: November 08, 2017, 23:29:20
 Excellent progress Thaomas!  smiley You even put in a "extra" day. Kudos for that!  cool

 This whole exercise had so many valuable lessons in it. I always state that any technique including my own are only "blueprints". You, the person that's doing this, needs to learn to "adapt" to what works for you. Who knows you better than you?
 You adapted Thaomas quite a bit. Right off the bat, after your first experience, you were trying for some reason to sabotage this. Then a change took place. You learned to adapt and allowed the whole scenario and theme itself to change. But, something mentionable still occurred.

 This daily exercise and daily mediation itself also opens you "neural network" in your brain.
 Jurgen Ziewe explains it like this. " I think the first thing with all meditation is to find the technique which suits you most, but the most important thing is TO STICK WITH IT. The reason being is that you are programming your brain to go down a certain route and you align the neural network of your brain. It is a bit like creating a path through high grass to get to your cottage in the middle of a field. If you keep changing your path you'll always have to keep treading the grass down again which is laborious and when you return to the previous path the grass will have already overgrown your path so you'll have to start again. So STICK TO YOUR TECHNIQUE and do it regularly!

Once the neural network is conditioned to your meditation it should take you only minutes or even seconds to get into the deep state. In the end your consciousness picks you up and it does the meditation for you."
 You can take the word "meditation" and replace it with any kind of other "non local state of consciousness".

 Jurgen is a good guy. I talked to him in the past when I had a Facebook account. One time he questioned why I had/used a "Alias". I said, it was because it's the "message", not the "messenger" that's important. Jurgen states in his writings and videos how he used to, (I don't know if he still does), put in 5 hours of meditation a day. Like many other's, including myself, his first conscious experience was "spontaneous". It peeked his curiosity enough after that to pursue looking deeper into this phenomenon and then he made it his "lifetime passion".
 Here's a link to his website for anyone wanting to know more. He has one of the best Binaural Beat downloads, for "free" too, that I have ever used.

 His new book is called the "Ten Minute Moment" and this is the intro to that book
 "What happens when attention is focused on Attention for one week? What does it feel like when you step over the very edge of human consciousness and cross the great divide which separates individual identity from a unified and cosmic sense of being?"
 Every session I did above had one very important thing in common and that they all put me deep in the 3D void. After all the visuals subsided, I was left deep in the state "being" and there is no other feeling that we have that compares with that.  cool

 This whole practice is fun and different. Is it 100% necessary to project? No. But to all the "Nay-sayers" and people that think it's a waste, I have a question for you. When was the last time you had a successful daily session? I don't mean experiencing the "NP" by means of a LD. I mean a good old fashioned either total "OBE" experience in the physical sense of the word or a completely conscious "shift in consciousness"/Phasing.

 I would like to continue with this.

 I just completed my daily Phase/soak session and just like you Thaomas, I have continued with my daily "Paddle to the Sea" adventures as well.

 Today though, the idea to change it up came to me.

 For this new practice, we will change the "Paddle to the Sea" scenario over to just "flying" in general. Duration: 1 week daily sessions, with multiple little "sneak peeks" as well.

 I will do the relaxation for a couple of minutes, then some quick directional 6 pt. focus and next I will just begin to focus on the motion of moving forward. I will then mentally use the message/intent "I AM FLYING". I will say that in my mind 3 times, then I will await what comes.
 So, the instructions are:
 Do what it takes to get yourself into "the zone".  
 Create a mental focus of moving forward.
 Say mentally 3 times "I AM FLYING" .
 Observe and report back later.
 Continue with the quick daily "sneak peeks" as well.

 Everyone is welcome to try this. If you do, please share your finds/results with us here. We can keep this thread open and fresh by using fun exercise like this.

 Next week, someone else can change the "target" of focus. The thing is, we will all be able to experience this and because of that, we will be able to see "Group" results and finding for others. Like I said, it can't hurt!  smiley It also keeps this Forum, which has had a lack of posts and posters recently, active again. You in the "shadows" are welcome to come out and try this too.

 So instead of questioning, why.  Just take the plunge or in this case "learn to fly". It's one of the most thrilling things you can experience in the NP.  cool



130  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: First Conscious Astral Projection Experience /welcoming song for the deceased on: November 08, 2017, 22:39:00
 My condolences on your Father's recent passing/transition, APApprentice!  sad

 It seems like this practice in general has given you a chance to change your focus. Keep with it and you will find your "answers"!  wink
131  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: What's on the Menu for Tonight? on: November 03, 2017, 19:51:12
 Szaxx, I see "High Awareness" as being of the mindset of a "point of consciousness". Because you are a simple point of consciousness, you know how to navigate these realms using "thought = action". Example, no need to physically climb the stairs when you can just think the "word" up and be there.
 I don't find or experience many distractions in that mindset. But this came through a lot of trial and error. I think this was one of the most valuable lessons I was taught there. Emotional response is easier to control in that mindset as well. You realize this is a "simulation" and because of that realization, you know there is a purpose for it as well. So, you seek out that purpose, Retrieval or other.
 Your "Guides/Mentors" know this as well and because of that they set the challenges accordingly.
 Subdued Awareness is more of a physical mindset. Emotional response is still highly active. Thought = action hasn't been put into use yet, because you are just becoming aware that "you". the physical you, is in this experience. Many times. you don't even know it's a "simulation". All you know is that you just became aware in some circumstance and are now beginning to react to that circumstance or scenario.
 There are still lessons to be learned. But it's really touch and go, because you are so close to your physical conscious mindset, that it is quite the balancing act to stay in the scenario itself. Your Guides/Mentors in a Subdued Awareness, seem to be more in "Observer" mode.
 They do appear as "standard Dreams", but I find you normally have a foggy or very low recollection of what occurred in the scenario.
 I find that there are many more distractions in a Subdued Awareness, then there are in a High Awareness. Emotional response seems to be one of the toughest ones to overcome. Many of these "characters" in the Subdued Awareness scenarios seem to be from your physical associations. Examples, family, friends, past events, past acquaintances. Whereas, in a High Awareness scenario. the "characters" seem to be foreign to you.

132  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Vibration/or like a buzsaw buzzing on: November 02, 2017, 22:41:12
 Three nights ago I had a spontaneous OBE. When I do have these now, I really pay attention to the various signposts and occurrences I have before, during and after.

 Before, is when I first become ultra aware. There was just total silence, but I sensed something is either happening or about to happen. Then the "buzz" began. Last night I was trying to find a way to describe it. It's such a unique sensation. Then it came too me, It is a feeling of being "mildly" shocked, akin to a "electrocution". There also seems to be a sound, very faint at first, that sounds like a gentle ringing, like someone with "Tinnitus" would experience.

 Then the sound gets longer, "Astral Winds" in full blow, and the gentle buzz, seems to become a full body "electrocution". At first this "electrocution" seems to come in waves. Once it became constant, the actual OBE soon followed. Then my "Astral sight" kicked in and I was seeing vividly through my closed eyelids.

 This OBE experience also created one more test for me. MJ, my better half, started squirming in bed, or so I thought she was and that created a challenge for me to really keep my focus and stay the course. Now, there is a question that could come from that and that is "Was MJ's squirming a signpost as well?. The next day, I pondered that one too.  There is no way for me to be able to answer that because she wouldn't have known. She is a very sound sleeper, but she also squirms quite a bit too. I will ask her in the morning sometimes,  "if she slept okay?". She always says yes.

 I am curious, how many of the experienced people here still get actual OBEs, in every sense of the word? I get them still sometimes twice a month, sometimes 3-4 days a week. For some reason, they seem to come in "waves" with me.

 The important thing to make it a successful OBE, is that you must not disrupt any part of the process. You can't overthink it. You just need to be aware of what's happening and "allow" and passively observe it all.

 My OBE even had a fear test in the onset. Once the electrocution became constant, there was a few seconds of total quiet, then I heard "screams" coming from 3 different directions. I thought, nice try, better luck next time, lol. The problem is, this is when most people will abort this fascinating experience and the next days tell their friends how last night they were attacked by some Demon or devilish creature  rolleyes.

 Once you realize what is happening and why, you also realize that you are safe and because of that, you can allow the experience to continue "unabated". This is also a great time to create a intended destination as well. The only intent I put out is that I wish to be "taken" to where I need to go and "shown" what I need to see. I then trust. I feel that if I am having this spontaneous OBE experience period, I should find out why. There's always a purpose!  

133  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 31, 2017, 23:18:53
 Thaomas, you have shown great progress. I will speak more on that after your Day 7 report. But before that I want to ask you something, "Is a glass half empty or half full?".

 Day 6

 I lie back in the water. Quick relaxation. Quick 6pt directional focus. That directional focus really helps me loosen up.

 For the first couple of minutes, it's fade in/fade out. That quickly changes. First I feel the forward drive of motion, then a accompanying visual comes into focus. I am on some kind of rubber, Zodiac inflatable, like craft speeding towards land. I use my thought = action to take a quick look in back of me, without turning my head and I see the Submarine behind me in the distance.

 As I get closer I can see white sand, but before that I see the waves crashing to the beach. Now I am riding one of those waves. Very intense.

 Quick fade out/fade back in and I see I am now on the Island. It's beautiful, full of color. I begin moving forward towards the tree line and all of a sudden. the tree line is gone and a small village is in it's place. I begin moving towards the village and now it's morphing into a bigger city. This "morphing" goes on for a few minutes. It's really weird because the scene hasn't changed due to a fade out/fade in. It's changing before my conscious "mind's eye".
 This ends and I find myself once again in he 3D darkness. So I relax for a bit before ending the session.

 Quick daily sneak peeks haven't yielded much. except for a quick jolt once in awhile of motion.

  Day 7

 The last day. I just finished my Phase soak/session, so it's still fresh in my mind. I did quickly write the results down in point form, like I have been doing for the other 6 days here.

 Lie in water, quick relaxation, quick 6pt focus and I am ready to go.

 Fade in/fade out begins and it's hard to lock on to a visual, so I give up and try to relax into it with just some plain ole darkness "noticing".

 The darkness I am seeing begins to wane a bit. I can see movement and feel movement, but I can't really see what it is. I demand "clarity now", that sometimes works, {Thanks Williiam B.  grin), but the scene doesn't seem to lighten at all. Suddenly a spark shoots by. When it does it lights up he scene enough for me to see that I am afloat, in the middle of some huge water, possibly ocean scenario and it is pitch dark out. Hence the constantly feeling of motion and dark surroundings.

 Another spark goes across the sky. I guess I am seeing falling stars. They begin to get more active and plentiful now. I am seeing little flickers all over. I decide I will follow the next one I see go by, but now there isn't one. I just lose focus and find myself in the 3D darkness "void".
 I change my focus there to working on my new Earth Elemental design. After awhile of that I end the session.

 A couple of times in the last daily sneak peeks, I was met with some vivid visuals immediately after closing my eyes. They were short lived, but they were only meant to be quick sneak peeks anyways.

134  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 29, 2017, 06:41:03
Hey Lumaza, glad to finally find some time to be here a little. ((Hugs you))

I guess this little scenario was just mean to be. It resonates well with me and a few others I see. Sorry to say session 2 and 3 here didn't rack up much. sad
My little sail boat refused to budge and the one time it did in session 3 it only moved a few feet from the dock. This gives me a thought though. Will report back later.

That's a thought EV, I'd love to hear what happens if you decide to do this. So far I have to admit I'm enjoying this one.

Looking for to it Thoamas.

baro-san, it's just for practice to develop better focus and learn to trust your instincts. Lumaza can elaborate more I'm sure.
Hi Nameless! (Back at you)  smiley

 Don't you just hate that when the "Sailboat doesn't budge", lol. I would take the opportunity then to take in more of the "landscape" there itself. I find that my curiosity will normally find some new kind of scenario just awaiting there.

 My quick daily sneak peeks haven't yielded much. Sometimes you just simply close your eyes and there is a full blown scene already, other times, you just produce a blank. If anything you got a couple minutes a eye rest!  smiley

 You hit the nail of the head. This practice is made to develop better focus and learning to not only trust, but to allow your curiosity to pull you deeper in. Not just to get better focus, but to learn the ability to hold it "there" longer. No more 10 second OBEs, or sneak peeks. Now you can sustain an experience longer, which helps you in any of the ways that you can achieve a non local/ordinary state of consciousness, whether that be Lucid Dreaming, full body OBEs, Phasing or any others.

135  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 29, 2017, 06:25:06
 Day 5

 I lie back in the bath water. I do some quick relaxation, this time aided by "bouncing" energy around internally for a few minutes. Then it's to some quick 6 pt focuses and I am ready to "see".

 I attempt to find my Sub, but don't seem to be able to hold my focus that good. There isn't much fade in/fade out, because there isn't much period, just flat blackness.

 This changes after about 10 minutes. My Submarine/ship focus seems to have been Hi-jacked by my working on my Fire Crystal Amplifier project. Last night I twisted and wrapped the wire, so they are hanging all over the place. But I could decide the design form there. I didn't know which way to take it. Today I learned and am going to do that once I log off here. I saw how I could create a cool flame look using the copper wire. I was also told the focus of this Crystal Amplifier would be on finding your "Inner Flame", because once you have found and strengthened your inner flame, your outer flame will grow and strengthen as well.
 I have found the "meanings" of each or should I say more of what they are directed towards, doesn't really match what my first thought would be. Example, my Recovery Tree's focus is on growth experienced "during" the recovery process. My initial thought of the name/title Recovery Tree would be to help a person recover from whatever their physical, mental, etc. problem itself was. I didn't initially think of the positive achieved in the growth experienced during the Recovery. My first thought on a Peace Tree was spreading/amplifying your wish of Peace/worldwide around, as a whole. But I then was shown that my Peace Tree would be directed/ amplified towards creating Peace "within" you. By doing that you create Peace around you.

 I completed the Tree of Amore, the Peace Tree, The Recovery Tree and a few days ago, the Air Elemental. All either have one of my new beautiful Crystals either attached to or they are mounted on one.
 This practice in general is responsible for my new Art work. I was never a hands on Artist, until a few months ago. Our Dragons are made my MJ, my better half. I was always the "Visionary" of the team. I also was the sales.
 Until a few months back, I had never even seen a Wire Tree before. Not of that stature. MJ has a small "beaded" Tree, it's made of painted wire, (that we got years ago), but not like any of the unique ones you find from some of the great Wire Tree artists. The visuals began spontaneously abut 3 months ago and I just laid back and absorbed all that info and the teachings I received in. Somehow, by opening the many "Doorways" that I found in the "Otherworlds", I opened up some kind of Channel. Kind of like a "Akashic record" for Wire Wrap Trees, if such a thing exists.
 Many times, I just began twisting the wire, not even knowing what I was doing, just to see the end result coming out really cool. Now, I close my eyes before I attempt to work on one and I try to "Channel" whoever it is that has decided to help me. I then give them my hands and get to work.
 Here's some new pictures.
136  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 29, 2017, 05:40:57
I wonder if the 'gorge' is the same one I saw in my shower several months ago? 500 foot tall peaks?
I had to comment on this quote a second time just to say "Hmm, the shower". That's very interesting!  smiley EV, knows what I am talking about.
137  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 29, 2017, 05:37:21
If you don't mind: what is this exercise supposed to achieve? It is a step to what?
To strengthen your focus and be able to hold that focus for longer amounts of time. My Doorway technique does the same thing. When I am helping to teach a person and they begin having their own successes, I tell them "now drop everything I taught you and just notice". All my techniques are based on the same thing and that's getting you to the 3D dark zone, that's where the real Journeys begin.
 Every experience above that I had , had one thing in common and that was that they all brought me sooner of later to the 3D dark zone.

 I have read many articles and listened to many videos on the lives of Nostradamus, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and many of brilliant minds of our past and saw the one constant. Each one opened some kind of "Doorway" within themselves. Each one of them utilized the "Akashic Records" in one way shape or form. The reason they all succeeded is that they learned not only how to tap into the "other realms" at will, but also how to "stay" there and in their cases work on projects using "thought = action".
 Tom Campbell told me the "NP" is just a simple shift away. "WE" just need to get out of it's way. It takes some people a lifetime and some never succeed in "getting out of the way".
 I talked to Tom a few times in the past years, via email. I told him about the weeks I had where simply closing me eyes yielded vivid, in your face" visuals. I told him the first occurred by accident in the "shower", when I got soap in my eyes and closed them, then saw that I was teetering at the edge of raging Waterfall. I lost balance, vertigo kicked in and I almost tore my shower curtains down, while trying to keep standing. He said I was shown a "sneak peek" on how it could be.

 That's what it's a "step" to!  shocked

 One last addition to your comment above Baro-san. I talked a few days ago with a person who is very experienced and who is also a close personal friend, via telephone. He mentioned about the fact that we get about 10 "bys" he called them. If we wished to see more, we have to work for it.

 I found this to be true as well. You are given many little "sneak peeks" in the beginning of this practice. But then one day it's not so easy and you might even find that you can't succeed in this anymore. That's when you need to pull your boots straps up and get to work. You need to "be" what you are learning. You need to have purpose for why you are doing it in the first place.
 At that point, the days of "Astral joyrides" seem to be gone for now and school has begun. This is when I set the mood, atmosphere, etc., lie back and mentally say, "Take me to where I need to be. Show me what I need to see". Then, I trust. It might not happen immediately. But my message/intent is answered sooner or later and it shows that it has come through, been heard, "loud and clear".  smiley
138  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 29, 2017, 05:22:11
Forums have been down for me for last few days. I have been doing the sessions though. I'll post about them when I have more time on my hands, hopefully tomorrow afternoon.
I had that problem before and still do once in awhile. I attempt to log onto the Astral Pulse and my computer says it's not accessible. 2 years ago, I was off he Pulse for about 2 weeks, because it said it was down. I didn't know the problems was mine until I emailed EV and Szaxx and they told me the site was okay.
 I then deleted all my "Cookies" and browser searches. I cleaned the "hidden" cookies as well. Then, I basically "defragged" and cleaned my entire computer and after that, I had no problem getting back on the Pulse.
139  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 29, 2017, 05:17:00
I wonder if the 'gorge' is the same one I saw in my shower several months ago? 500 foot tall peaks?

Lumaza, so why do you alternate between keeping an eye on a submarine versus a boat?

You guys sound like you're having such fun with this concept, I may have to give it a try!

That sounds about right, EV. The walls were incredibly high, except for once in awhile they low enough to for me to see beyond them. That led to my curious visit to that weird city of white spheres.

 EV, in my first experience. I mentally consciously created or intended on seeing a road and a bridge. I blindly bent to my side and put my boat into the water and that's when I saw it was a "Submarine". The next times I went there and when I did my sneak peeks, I was looking once again for the Submarine. I felt that that was my "chosen" vehicle, so I latched onto it. I also used a visual of a Submarine, during my daily quick sneak peeks as well.
 The reason that a few time above, I switched the word "Submarine" to either "ship" or boat was that I got tired of typing the word "Submarine" so much, lol. I even used "sub" a few times.  grin

 It is fun. It's new and fresh and also gives you a chance to see the "other realms" in a different way.  cool

 Welcome aboard EV!  smiley The more people involved in this gives us better stats and more results.
140  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: What's on the Menu for Tonight? on: October 29, 2017, 05:07:38
First off, great thread EV!  cool I didn't see it until today.

Perhaps that's deliberate. Perhaps they know better about these things. But...but...perhaps they don't. Perhaps they're fumbling around just as much as we do. I think there is a tendency in AP/OBE/Dreaming circles to assume that "guides" have infinite knowledge at their fingertips. Why do we assume this? They may have knowledge about things we don't, but they're not supergods.

This whole 'dream character' business is my current puzzle. What did the surgical astral team require of you? I've always thought they need living persons because the dead one can't see them until they accept they are/might be dead. But surely there's a much simpler or streamlined way of getting us to do that without all these daft tests and hoops they make us go through beforehand.
What I have found is that it is our "empathy" that requires them to use "living people" to do many of the Retrievals. The fact that we are open and not just open, but also wiling to help, makes us prime candidates for the duty.
 The ones we are attempting to "retrieve" are so physically focused still, even though that they have passed on, that they need a equally physically focused mindset to not only understand the problem, but also know how to rectify it.
 Our nightly "training sessions" teach us valuable information in being able to maneuver in these "Otherworlds". The use of "thought = action and the ability to focus that thought = action correctly and at will, is a much needed skill wherever we find ourselves. It becomes our "second nature".
 The hoops and what I like to call the tests, quests and challenges make us stronger and able to take on tougher tasks. It's all about "evolving". What we learn now, will help in some shape or form later.

 I had a experience last year in the what I thought to be the Cathedral Island of Focus 27. I found myself in that area, but instead of doing a Retrieval, I was shown for the first time what was inside the White Cathedral. Most of my Retrievals ends up on the steps to this building. I was never permitted to enter the building though. I tried going up the steps once and the simulation ended then and there.

 I am using the word "simulation" there because I found that this unique building was some kind of "Healing center" on a level that we wouldn't be able to comprehend.
 Each room, was a simulation room. When a "Aide" entered it, they could take over and drive the simulation or should I say "join" the simulation in progress. These were the "Retrievie's" place of torture and they were hell. The Aide would enter it and attempt to help, but when they left the room, the Retrievie was once again in their own personal hell. It was quite the scene. The thing is though, this didn't bother the "Aide" in any way. They were like robots. They showed no emotion whatsoever. Therefore, this was something they could do.
 Myself though, that was a different story. I could feel their, the victim's pain. That showed me why we the living are the ones chosen to aide in many cases. I saw different ways I would have handled the "victim" in this case, due to my emotions. Where as the "Aides" seemed to be more automatic.
 It was kind of strange though, because I was shown that for their services, the "Aides" had everything they needed at their disposal. When they weren't working in that "Simulation Center" they were enjoying their existence there. It was a kind of "paradise" to them.
 That "Simulation Center" was a healing place for the worst case scenarios though. The screams were deafening at times. But once again, that didn't bother these "Aides" at all. You could see they had been there for a quite awhile. So long, that they got used to it and just like a good Doctor does here, they never took their work home with them.


141  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 27, 2017, 23:31:47
 Day 4

 I lie in the water, begin some quick relaxation and 6pt focus. Now I am ready to change my focus back to the Submarine.

 The usual fade in/fade out occurs for a few minutes. I don't feel as "in the zone", as I did yesterday. I decide to just relax in the 3D darkness and like usually happens when you just allow it to happen, a scene suddenly begins to grow.

 This scene starts with a image of being in some kind of huge "Gorge". I am on the ship, I think, taking this view all in. The hill tops are enormous. Once in awhile they lower a bit and when they do, I can see a bit of what lies beyond them.
 This one times it lowers I see some kind of white building structures, akin to "Nuclear Plant silo". This peaks my curiosity and I fly to the top of that peak to get a better look. I know I could have just thought "up". But I decided to take a more exhilarating path. The fight "up' the mountain was very cool.

 I soon saw that these weren't the white towers that I first thought they were. They were white, but they were sphere shaped, not "silo" shape like a Nuclear Plant's would be. There was a number of them scattered throughout the area. I went closer to do some further inspection and could not find any entrances/exits at all on these structures. They had the look of soccer balls cut in half. They had that kind of pattern on them.
 The thought had never occurred to me at the time that these could have been "Missile Silos" of some sort. I pondered that after my Phase session was complete and I was trying to understand it further.

 I then returned my focus back my ship and found myself in the 3D darkness, so I decided to just relax, then I ended the session.

 Fast sneak peeks didn't yield many vivid visuals. I felt more "motion" than anything

  Day 5

 I start the process. Relaxation first, then a bit of 6pt focus. I now begin the "ship" focus.

 Fade in/fade out quite a bit. All I can see in the brief fades is a landscape, but no ship. A scene gets vivid now and once again it is a landscape. This times I feel the motion of moving forward and see that I am scanning the area. At first slowly, but the speed rapidly builds. I am flying over mostly water, but once in awhile a land mass will enter the picture and I will just skim over it.
 The feeling of flying over the water was really cool. I then briefly saw a ripple that moving weird, kind of like that of something begin pushed. I focused on it and soon found that I had dived completely into the water. It wasn't a hard transition though. The only thing that changed was the visual. Well that and that when I went into the water, there was a slow down in the speed of the movement. That soon changed and we were moving quickly again until I rose through the water and back to air again. Once again, that transition was very cool.

 The "searching" process goes on for the entire session until the scene ends (I never did find the Sub) and I return back to the 3D darkness for some "being".
 The 3D darkness is such a great place to just "be". No pain, no worries and many times, no thoughts. The only thoughts that occur are usually what my newest "Crystal Amplifier" is going to be. I finished Air last night. It looks awesome!  cool Tonight, it's "Fire".
 This afternoon when I was finished my Phase session, I went and found a great piece of "driftwood" for my Tree of Flame, that I am starting tonight and I burned/scorched it with a torch. I want the base to be authentic.

142  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 25, 2017, 23:45:22
 Day 3

 Fantastic session!  cool

 I got into the bath water and immediately was able to turn the pain off. It wasn't bad like yesterday. In the past I would take "muscle relaxers" or Percocet to the do the job. But I gave those up months ago and now take everything on "mind over matter". Matter sometimes wins though!  sad Today, "mind" prevailed.  smiley

 I begin the fade in/fade out for a few minutes and now a scene is quickly building. My view is from the front of the boat, looking backwards. So, I can't see where it's heading, but I can see a beautiful view of where it's been.
 This fades out. The next scene, which is really sharp now is the Sub looks like it's beached. It has been pulled up on the sand, just like you would "beach" a smaller boat at a lake. This place is definitely a lake like setting. There is sand on the shore, but the trees in background are not "palm trees". They look more like the beautiful trees we have here in Minnesota. But I can tell it's not "Fall" there, like it is here. The trees are green as green can be and in full bloom.
 I see a couple, a man and a woman, lying on a blanket on an area of the grass that surrounds the beach. They are just gazing quietly into each other's eyes. I hear or sense, (can't remember which) kids behind me. It sounds like a young boy and girl. My attention turns back to the couple though. I also get the thought that this is weird. I wouldn't have expected that a common family on vacation or whatever would be actually piloting the "Submarine".
 My focus then returned back to the man and woman staring at each other. All of sudden a very emotional feeling of "Love" hit me. It was so strong, so powerful. What they were experiencing and I as well was true "Bliss". It was amazing. I felt light and fluffy all over, lol.

 After what seemed like a eternity, this hypnotic scene dissipated and quickly opened up to the 3D darkness. I was really deep at this point;
  I then became aware of a faint purple "haze" in the distance. It was coming into view now and I could see it was some kind of semi-transparent purple "orb". It looked kind of "ghostly".
 It began moving slowly and as it did it would kind of morph it's shape. Not into a person or anything like that. It would move side to side, then expand side to side or expand/retract etc.. I stayed with this for visual for again what seemed like a eternity.
 Then as quick as it came, it left and in front of me was a small crowd "clapping". I guess I accomplished something new there.

 I then returned to the 3d darkness and knew I was really deep, so I decided to turn my focus to working on my new "Elemental Air Crystal Amplifier". Working on design in the 3D darkness it so cool. Because thought = action there, you don't need to physically do anything, like the physically move the piece, etc. This gives you the ability to create new things at will. Bringing them back or manifesting them in the physical 3D world is the hard part though. Working with the wire in the physical and trying to reproduce "exactly" what I saw, is next to impossible.
 I finally finished my wire "Tree of Love" last night. That took a long time to do. I did the design last week. But I wasn't really happy with it. I put it on the kitchen table so I would see it everyday and every time I looked at it, it just didn't "feel" right. I have been tweaking it here and there, but still not happy with it, until last night. I cut it off the Crystal and began dismantling it from the roots up. That is not a good idea for a number of reasons. One being you can totally destroy the whole piece.
 A small piece of Crystal had broken off the main cluster and I wasn't feeling good about. The tree now looked bad. MJ then came into the room. I told her about my predicament and she said, "I guess that piece" (the broken piece of Crystal) didn't want to be part of your design. That was very kind for her saying that. She then went to bed and I began reshaping the tree. I closed my eyes and relaxed my mind for a few minutes, then set upon the new design and it came out great. I will add a picture of it to my Photobucket page when I get a chance.

 Today's experience was very clear and left me in a great mood!  cool smiley

 My brief sneak peeks haven't yielded much more than a passing quick glance at the "Subs" surroundings. Almost every visual during my quick daily peeks has been from a 1st person point of view, as if I was on the boat or was the actual boat itself.

143  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 25, 2017, 23:06:18
I want to add that I did this very quickly before reading any of the responses as I didn't want to pre-load anything anyone else experienced. After I posted the above I was surprised to go back and read Lumaza's description of his sub. Lots of similarity there.. Interesting.
First off, hello Nameless. It's good to hear from you again! Welcome to the "Challenge".

 I like what you posted above, about the fact that you didn't want to "taint" your experience or "pre-load" anything.  Very smart!  cool I'm not surprised though!  wink

 Your first adventure sounded fun. I think this whole experiment was "meant to be" and those that need to, that try it, will get something "new" out of this.

 It can't hurt!  smiley
144  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 25, 2017, 00:01:46
This is going to be short but just wanted to document an exciting experience.  I started by closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing.  I'm going deeper and deeper, slightly noticing and fixing slight tensing.  I'm sitting in a hotel armchair this time instead of my standard go-to...a bed.  I feel the "void" again, after progressive relaxation however this time I can smell...only it's "nothing".  I acknowledge this and try to relax deeper.  After awhile longer I notice I can't feel my energy vibrating in my arms and feet anymore and proceed to focus solely on relaxing more.  A few moments later and I feel what I can only describe as a click.  My vision goes from the standard blackness to a starburst purple and green shape progressing sequencially towards me.  At the same time I get an immense feeling of forwards movement.  The star pattern is coming faster and faster and I opened my eyes after this.  It was the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life.  Even after this I can feel vibrations swirling around my temples and between my forehead.

Just thought I'd share!
AWESOME!  cool

 Another quick "sneak peek" of what lies beyond. Congratulations and here's to many more!   smiley
145  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 24, 2017, 22:58:28
 Day 2

 I lay down in the bath, get comfortable, but still have a "aching spine". The weather has changed quickly here in Minnesota. We went from the 70's down to the 40's very fast. The wind today is about 20-30 mile an hour too. Brrrr.
 That's one thing I learned about becoming consciously aware. It has it's pros and cons. Some of the pros and cons can be the same thing. Case in point, you have the ability to sense things and are more aware than the average human is. That means you ae open to much more, even in this physical realm here, like "empathy/people's emotions, psychic thoughts/premonitions, etc.,  but also things like weather changes as well. You have to take the bad with the good. So this isn't such a "good" day.

 But I still try. I do some relaxation exercises and etheric loosening to rid some pain. I then begin my "boat" focus.

 The fade in/fade out game begins and soon I can hold my visual a bit more. This one shows up spontaneously and it is me back in 1st person view from the front of the boat. I can't visualize the "Sub" at all. So, I just go with this and my peripheral vision opens further. A couple minutes of good locked on focus begins to fade and now I am back trying to get it back again. It seems to be a battle though. I am also still aware of the "knife stabbing" in my back, so loss of focus is understandable. But I don't give up.

 Some time goes past and finally imagery is beginning again. Once again I am in 1st person view from the bow/front of the boat. I see the water bubbling up ahead of me and finally notice why. We are about to go over a waterfall. This is very cool now. I watch as I am plummeting down the waterfall. I see the bubbles ahead and brace myself for what's next. I see a lot of tumbling and jumbling. But for some reason, I don't feel the tactile motions of it. Thank God though, that would be hard to handle. There was a lot of very violent tossing and turning going on there. That is one time that having no expectations really paid off.

 The scene soon fades and I am back to my physical focus again. Now I just continue to lay back and relax in the bath water for awhile.

 The imagery during this session was fast and a lot of "flitting"/jumping from view to view. My focus was off. My physical pain took over. It happens sometimes.

 Now, to my daily sneak peek results.
 I attempted to try to do this often. Just a couple of minutes of observing here and there.
 Some sporadic very fast scenes. Once again, a lot of 1st person view. Very rarely did I see the Sub, but when I did, it was either being bounced around in the wake of the water (when it was on top of the water) or when I viewed underwater scene, my toy boat looked like a "real" military style sub with props and rudders to boot. That was kind of cool seeing that. The underwater 1st person quick views were good too.
 I didn't get visuals every time though. Sometimes it was just blank and my eyes got a rest.

 I do want to say though that what you consider a failed session, isn't. You are learning to hold your focus. That kind of training does not occur immediately on demand.
 The average Human used to be able to hold their focus on one thing/their "attention span", for 12 seconds. Today, with the the "Technology" age, that has changed to 8 seconds.
 A "Goldfish" though, can hold it's focus for 9 seconds. One more than a Human.  rolleyes


146  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 23, 2017, 23:17:33
 My first day results:

 I got in my bath, got comfortable, did some very brief 6 pt. directional focuses, then once I felt I was getting deeper, I began my process. My intent was on 4 things. #1 Mentally walking down a road to the bridge (not any specific road, nor bridge) #2 Releasing the boat beside me into the flowing waters ahead of me and #3 and #4 Allowing and Passively Observing all.

 So I start the game of fade in fade out. This happens for awhile. Now I can begin to see the road ahead. Just the road though, not the bridge. I begin walking, tactile sensations kick in. Soon I come across the bridge. It looks like a simple 1 way bridge, but it does have flowing water beneath it. I reach down to grab my boat, I put it in the water and see it's a "Submarine". Oh this should be interesting. I didn't create that. Like I said, I only had 4 intended things to do there. I didn't know what kind of "boat" it was. There was no conscious intent on it's design at all. So seeing a "Submarine" was a shock to me. But I still observed it and moved on.

 It looked like a plastic toy. It has a black body/shell, with red rudders/fins and red circle that's ringed around the "stack". Now I use my "targeted focus" and I follow it.

 It moves roughly in the flowing waters. Once in awhile the image fades and when I bring it back, something new has occurred. All of a sudden, I'm not behind it anymore. I am seeing through more of a first person view, but from that of being in front of it.
 This opens my "peripheral" vision up wide and completely. Because of that, not only am I seeing the waters from a view that I am the one flowing down the river, but I am also seeing the background quite vividly. When you begin this exercise, it's hard to just "hold" the focus on a simple road itself. Your peripheral vision seems non existent at that point.

 Now is when I become "side-tracked", but in a very unusual way. I begin focusing on the structure of the trees as I am passing by them. Then that vision instantly stops and I am working on new wire trees, according to what I learned of the tree structure I see in the passing trees. But here's the unique part. I am still passively observing that I am thinking of working on the wire wrap trees. This seems like some kind new layer. I was consciously aware of seeing that I was consciously aware of working on those wire wrap trees. It was like some kind of deeper split in consciousness.
 Right now I am consciously aware that I am typing here on the internet, on all levels. I am not sitting back and "passively observing" that I am doing that. In the experience above, I was.

 After a little while of working on new tree construction, I returned my focus to the boat scenario. MJ then knocked on the door and came in. She turned the light on to get a cotton ball for her son from the cabinet in the bathroom, then left.  She left the light on though. So when I closed my eyes, my screen was a bit brighter. I didn't like that, I like my screen dark as it can be. So I aborted.

 I wanted to explain a bit more about the way I always use the term "allow". I have people saying, "they always allow". But do they really? Example, with most people, you can show them a very faded image and immediately their minds kick in to associate it with something. Case in point, I begin noticing and in the distance I see a shape. Right away the brain kicks into gear and attempts to focus on the shape. It's blurry, but now your mind has "filled in" the form. In other words, you have directed the thought. When I passively observe and allow, if I see a simple shape, I allow it to become what it wants. Once it is in good focus and clear, I use what I learned and I lock on it.

 This whole practice here also gives your "higher self" the opportunity to communicate with you with a message or some needed lesson. That's why I kept saying above that if at any time the scenario deviates from what it currently was, allow it to. By undergoing this exercise and ones like it, you have opened a "Doorway" or path of sorts within yourself. Allow yourself to explore it further.

 This is what daily practice teaches you. It teaches you how to hone your skills once you find yourself there. Thaomas, you have to "control"  the situation. I don't have to always control everything. That's the difference between us. I learned to "allow" life to happen. I like to go with flow of things and then roll with the punches when they happen. cool
147  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 23, 2017, 20:39:40
All you have to do is put your body to sleep while keeping your mind awake. Self hypnosis is the quickest and most reliable way.
Agreed. Your LD method is sound as well.

 I found that people have problems with the "what do I do while awaiting the mind awake/body asleep process to kick in?".  People were telling me their "monkey mind" was interfering or they were just out and out bored. So I figured I would find a way that they could utilize that "monkey mind" and how to stave off the boredom with some fun mental interaction, until their body did finally fall asleep.

148  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 23, 2017, 20:32:39
I have been querying NPR on the truth behind the lack of success yesterday and have been given two answers. The first is that at no point was I close to sleep or a trance mindset, hence the visualizations were a struggle and didn't take on a life of their own. The second fact that was pointed out to me is that I have never been able to sleep during the day due to my energy and extreme mental activity levels - relying on falling asleep during the day to project is going to be additionally challenging by default.
Sleep isn't a part of this process. A 30 minute meditative session is. How did you associate "sleep" with this?  huh

 I figured the instruction of a couple minute "sneak peek" many times throughout the day would have drove that point home.
149  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 23, 2017, 20:28:56
 Thaomas, congratulations for trying this. But I do really see you are blocked. Right off the get-go, you were internally trying to "sabotage" any success. Like I said "any doubt will knock you out" and this "Around 7 minutes in I started receiving information that this session would not succeed. I pushed those thoughts away, although they were quite persistent. I didn't feel any attachment to them, need for success or expectations, yet I felt a deep knowing that they were correct, much like precognition." is known as harmful doubt.  shocked

 Now to the unknowing sabotage you created. First off, I said the idea was akin to and based on "Paddle to the Sea". You didn't need to view a little native American canoe with a small paddler in it. You could have chose anything else. The little native American canoe, with paddler in tow, automatically creates "expectation".

 Next, the instructions were simple saying you mentally walk down the road ahead of you until you get to that bridge. When you get to the bridge bend down and release the toy boat beside you, into the "flowing" waters. This was all "figurative". Meaning, you didn't need to visualize a place you already knew of. That in itself, once again, creates expectation. The "flowing" water would mean that the boat would follow some kind of current. Because this river/waterway was going to be imaginative, the simple thought of a flowing river immediately brings current, movement to the water, so the boat will be moving away from you and likely forward. You would simply be following it. Because it is a water way that you haven't seen or are familiar with, it would create a inner curiosity and have it's own path. Thus, once again, abating any expectations.
 I purposely chose that because just setting it free on a motionless lake, wouldn't yield any need for movement and thus you would witness inactivity.
 Every part of this was chosen because of "triggers". But you managed to subconsciously remove those triggers. Thus making this much harder to do.

 So, you got off to a rough start. But we will see where this goes now.

 I think I needed to see this myself, so I could understand how people can get confused with what I figured were easy directions. It shows I need to add much more detail to explanations and methodology that I share. Thank you for that!  smiley
150  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 23, 2017, 20:03:08
No need to apologize Lumaza... My curiosity about you is that you seem to practice so many techniques and "ways" so it's quite confusing for me.  I'm someone who wants to find one way and keep doing it. I read many of your posts in the past and you seem quite experienced but how do you keep practicing almost every possible technique? After those years of practice have you not found one succesful way? And keep it... because that's my goal.
All of my techniques are basically variations/derivatives of each other. They are all based on focusing away from the physical body.  I have used the basics, mind awake body asleep, noticing and even "climbing" out of the body. EV was correct in everything he said above. If you look at that last one, climbing out of the body, there are multiple of ways to do that. There used to be a "stickied thread" on the Astral Pulse devoted just to that. It was something like 99 ways to get out of the body or something like that.

 After successes, I was challenged, due to blocks, to come up with new ways to access these realms, if I wished to continue my practice. I also began to help others here and "teach" as well.

 I have always enjoyed the use of Binaural Beats/Iso tones. I also found that I really enjoy and had a lot of success with motion based methods. I wrote my Doorway process while suffering from TN. That was one of my biggest challenges. If I wished to continue, I had to find another way. But I also wanted to use that to share with others here because of all the "hidden" characteristics of that process. The associative parts of it. There are geometric shapes based in all forms of life. That created mental associations and mental "triggers". So did the directional motion and use of color. It was like the perfect "Trifecta".

 The same ole, same ole, gets rather boring as well. My exercises/methods are all based on things to do while the natural shift is occurring. The little day time close your eyes briefly thing, was basically to enhance that mental conditioning. Simple dissociation methods to get used to the feeling of being "out".
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