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26  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 25, 2017, 23:45:22
 Day 3

 Fantastic session!  cool

 I got into the bath water and immediately was able to turn the pain off. It wasn't bad like yesterday. In the past I would take "muscle relaxers" or Percocet to the do the job. But I gave those up months ago and now take everything on "mind over matter". Matter sometimes wins though!  sad Today, "mind" prevailed.  smiley

 I begin the fade in/fade out for a few minutes and now a scene is quickly building. My view is from the front of the boat, looking backwards. So, I can't see where it's heading, but I can see a beautiful view of where it's been.
 This fades out. The next scene, which is really sharp now is the Sub looks like it's beached. It has been pulled up on the sand, just like you would "beach" a smaller boat at a lake. This place is definitely a lake like setting. There is sand on the shore, but the trees in background are not "palm trees". They look more like the beautiful trees we have here in Minnesota. But I can tell it's not "Fall" there, like it is here. The trees are green as green can be and in full bloom.
 I see a couple, a man and a woman, lying on a blanket on an area of the grass that surrounds the beach. They are just gazing quietly into each other's eyes. I hear or sense, (can't remember which) kids behind me. It sounds like a young boy and girl. My attention turns back to the couple though. I also get the thought that this is weird. I wouldn't have expected that a common family on vacation or whatever would be actually piloting the "Submarine".
 My focus then returned back to the man and woman staring at each other. All of sudden a very emotional feeling of "Love" hit me. It was so strong, so powerful. What they were experiencing and I as well was true "Bliss". It was amazing. I felt light and fluffy all over, lol.

 After what seemed like a eternity, this hypnotic scene dissipated and quickly opened up to the 3D darkness. I was really deep at this point;
  I then became aware of a faint purple "haze" in the distance. It was coming into view now and I could see it was some kind of semi-transparent purple "orb". It looked kind of "ghostly".
 It began moving slowly and as it did it would kind of morph it's shape. Not into a person or anything like that. It would move side to side, then expand side to side or expand/retract etc.. I stayed with this for visual for again what seemed like a eternity.
 Then as quick as it came, it left and in front of me was a small crowd "clapping". I guess I accomplished something new there.

 I then returned to the 3d darkness and knew I was really deep, so I decided to turn my focus to working on my new "Elemental Air Crystal Amplifier". Working on design in the 3D darkness it so cool. Because thought = action there, you don't need to physically do anything, like the physically move the piece, etc. This gives you the ability to create new things at will. Bringing them back or manifesting them in the physical 3D world is the hard part though. Working with the wire in the physical and trying to reproduce "exactly" what I saw, is next to impossible.
 I finally finished my wire "Tree of Love" last night. That took a long time to do. I did the design last week. But I wasn't really happy with it. I put it on the kitchen table so I would see it everyday and every time I looked at it, it just didn't "feel" right. I have been tweaking it here and there, but still not happy with it, until last night. I cut it off the Crystal and began dismantling it from the roots up. That is not a good idea for a number of reasons. One being you can totally destroy the whole piece.
 A small piece of Crystal had broken off the main cluster and I wasn't feeling good about. The tree now looked bad. MJ then came into the room. I told her about my predicament and she said, "I guess that piece" (the broken piece of Crystal) didn't want to be part of your design. That was very kind for her saying that. She then went to bed and I began reshaping the tree. I closed my eyes and relaxed my mind for a few minutes, then set upon the new design and it came out great. I will add a picture of it to my Photobucket page when I get a chance.

 Today's experience was very clear and left me in a great mood!  cool smiley

 My brief sneak peeks haven't yielded much more than a passing quick glance at the "Subs" surroundings. Almost every visual during my quick daily peeks has been from a 1st person point of view, as if I was on the boat or was the actual boat itself.

27  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 25, 2017, 23:06:18
I want to add that I did this very quickly before reading any of the responses as I didn't want to pre-load anything anyone else experienced. After I posted the above I was surprised to go back and read Lumaza's description of his sub. Lots of similarity there.. Interesting.
First off, hello Nameless. It's good to hear from you again! Welcome to the "Challenge".

 I like what you posted above, about the fact that you didn't want to "taint" your experience or "pre-load" anything.  Very smart!  cool I'm not surprised though!  wink

 Your first adventure sounded fun. I think this whole experiment was "meant to be" and those that need to, that try it, will get something "new" out of this.

 It can't hurt!  smiley
28  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 25, 2017, 00:01:46
This is going to be short but just wanted to document an exciting experience.  I started by closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing.  I'm going deeper and deeper, slightly noticing and fixing slight tensing.  I'm sitting in a hotel armchair this time instead of my standard go-to...a bed.  I feel the "void" again, after progressive relaxation however this time I can smell...only it's "nothing".  I acknowledge this and try to relax deeper.  After awhile longer I notice I can't feel my energy vibrating in my arms and feet anymore and proceed to focus solely on relaxing more.  A few moments later and I feel what I can only describe as a click.  My vision goes from the standard blackness to a starburst purple and green shape progressing sequencially towards me.  At the same time I get an immense feeling of forwards movement.  The star pattern is coming faster and faster and I opened my eyes after this.  It was the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life.  Even after this I can feel vibrations swirling around my temples and between my forehead.

Just thought I'd share!
AWESOME!  cool

 Another quick "sneak peek" of what lies beyond. Congratulations and here's to many more!   smiley
29  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 24, 2017, 22:58:28
 Day 2

 I lay down in the bath, get comfortable, but still have a "aching spine". The weather has changed quickly here in Minnesota. We went from the 70's down to the 40's very fast. The wind today is about 20-30 mile an hour too. Brrrr.
 That's one thing I learned about becoming consciously aware. It has it's pros and cons. Some of the pros and cons can be the same thing. Case in point, you have the ability to sense things and are more aware than the average human is. That means you ae open to much more, even in this physical realm here, like "empathy/people's emotions, psychic thoughts/premonitions, etc.,  but also things like weather changes as well. You have to take the bad with the good. So this isn't such a "good" day.

 But I still try. I do some relaxation exercises and etheric loosening to rid some pain. I then begin my "boat" focus.

 The fade in/fade out game begins and soon I can hold my visual a bit more. This one shows up spontaneously and it is me back in 1st person view from the front of the boat. I can't visualize the "Sub" at all. So, I just go with this and my peripheral vision opens further. A couple minutes of good locked on focus begins to fade and now I am back trying to get it back again. It seems to be a battle though. I am also still aware of the "knife stabbing" in my back, so loss of focus is understandable. But I don't give up.

 Some time goes past and finally imagery is beginning again. Once again I am in 1st person view from the bow/front of the boat. I see the water bubbling up ahead of me and finally notice why. We are about to go over a waterfall. This is very cool now. I watch as I am plummeting down the waterfall. I see the bubbles ahead and brace myself for what's next. I see a lot of tumbling and jumbling. But for some reason, I don't feel the tactile motions of it. Thank God though, that would be hard to handle. There was a lot of very violent tossing and turning going on there. That is one time that having no expectations really paid off.

 The scene soon fades and I am back to my physical focus again. Now I just continue to lay back and relax in the bath water for awhile.

 The imagery during this session was fast and a lot of "flitting"/jumping from view to view. My focus was off. My physical pain took over. It happens sometimes.

 Now, to my daily sneak peek results.
 I attempted to try to do this often. Just a couple of minutes of observing here and there.
 Some sporadic very fast scenes. Once again, a lot of 1st person view. Very rarely did I see the Sub, but when I did, it was either being bounced around in the wake of the water (when it was on top of the water) or when I viewed underwater scene, my toy boat looked like a "real" military style sub with props and rudders to boot. That was kind of cool seeing that. The underwater 1st person quick views were good too.
 I didn't get visuals every time though. Sometimes it was just blank and my eyes got a rest.

 I do want to say though that what you consider a failed session, isn't. You are learning to hold your focus. That kind of training does not occur immediately on demand.
 The average Human used to be able to hold their focus on one thing/their "attention span", for 12 seconds. Today, with the the "Technology" age, that has changed to 8 seconds.
 A "Goldfish" though, can hold it's focus for 9 seconds. One more than a Human.  rolleyes


30  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 23, 2017, 23:17:33
 My first day results:

 I got in my bath, got comfortable, did some very brief 6 pt. directional focuses, then once I felt I was getting deeper, I began my process. My intent was on 4 things. #1 Mentally walking down a road to the bridge (not any specific road, nor bridge) #2 Releasing the boat beside me into the flowing waters ahead of me and #3 and #4 Allowing and Passively Observing all.

 So I start the game of fade in fade out. This happens for awhile. Now I can begin to see the road ahead. Just the road though, not the bridge. I begin walking, tactile sensations kick in. Soon I come across the bridge. It looks like a simple 1 way bridge, but it does have flowing water beneath it. I reach down to grab my boat, I put it in the water and see it's a "Submarine". Oh this should be interesting. I didn't create that. Like I said, I only had 4 intended things to do there. I didn't know what kind of "boat" it was. There was no conscious intent on it's design at all. So seeing a "Submarine" was a shock to me. But I still observed it and moved on.

 It looked like a plastic toy. It has a black body/shell, with red rudders/fins and red circle that's ringed around the "stack". Now I use my "targeted focus" and I follow it.

 It moves roughly in the flowing waters. Once in awhile the image fades and when I bring it back, something new has occurred. All of a sudden, I'm not behind it anymore. I am seeing through more of a first person view, but from that of being in front of it.
 This opens my "peripheral" vision up wide and completely. Because of that, not only am I seeing the waters from a view that I am the one flowing down the river, but I am also seeing the background quite vividly. When you begin this exercise, it's hard to just "hold" the focus on a simple road itself. Your peripheral vision seems non existent at that point.

 Now is when I become "side-tracked", but in a very unusual way. I begin focusing on the structure of the trees as I am passing by them. Then that vision instantly stops and I am working on new wire trees, according to what I learned of the tree structure I see in the passing trees. But here's the unique part. I am still passively observing that I am thinking of working on the wire wrap trees. This seems like some kind new layer. I was consciously aware of seeing that I was consciously aware of working on those wire wrap trees. It was like some kind of deeper split in consciousness.
 Right now I am consciously aware that I am typing here on the internet, on all levels. I am not sitting back and "passively observing" that I am doing that. In the experience above, I was.

 After a little while of working on new tree construction, I returned my focus to the boat scenario. MJ then knocked on the door and came in. She turned the light on to get a cotton ball for her son from the cabinet in the bathroom, then left.  She left the light on though. So when I closed my eyes, my screen was a bit brighter. I didn't like that, I like my screen dark as it can be. So I aborted.

 I wanted to explain a bit more about the way I always use the term "allow". I have people saying, "they always allow". But do they really? Example, with most people, you can show them a very faded image and immediately their minds kick in to associate it with something. Case in point, I begin noticing and in the distance I see a shape. Right away the brain kicks into gear and attempts to focus on the shape. It's blurry, but now your mind has "filled in" the form. In other words, you have directed the thought. When I passively observe and allow, if I see a simple shape, I allow it to become what it wants. Once it is in good focus and clear, I use what I learned and I lock on it.

 This whole practice here also gives your "higher self" the opportunity to communicate with you with a message or some needed lesson. That's why I kept saying above that if at any time the scenario deviates from what it currently was, allow it to. By undergoing this exercise and ones like it, you have opened a "Doorway" or path of sorts within yourself. Allow yourself to explore it further.

 This is what daily practice teaches you. It teaches you how to hone your skills once you find yourself there. Thaomas, you have to "control"  the situation. I don't have to always control everything. That's the difference between us. I learned to "allow" life to happen. I like to go with flow of things and then roll with the punches when they happen. cool
31  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 23, 2017, 20:39:40
All you have to do is put your body to sleep while keeping your mind awake. Self hypnosis is the quickest and most reliable way.
Agreed. Your LD method is sound as well.

 I found that people have problems with the "what do I do while awaiting the mind awake/body asleep process to kick in?".  People were telling me their "monkey mind" was interfering or they were just out and out bored. So I figured I would find a way that they could utilize that "monkey mind" and how to stave off the boredom with some fun mental interaction, until their body did finally fall asleep.

32  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 23, 2017, 20:32:39
I have been querying NPR on the truth behind the lack of success yesterday and have been given two answers. The first is that at no point was I close to sleep or a trance mindset, hence the visualizations were a struggle and didn't take on a life of their own. The second fact that was pointed out to me is that I have never been able to sleep during the day due to my energy and extreme mental activity levels - relying on falling asleep during the day to project is going to be additionally challenging by default.
Sleep isn't a part of this process. A 30 minute meditative session is. How did you associate "sleep" with this?  huh

 I figured the instruction of a couple minute "sneak peek" many times throughout the day would have drove that point home.
33  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 23, 2017, 20:28:56
 Thaomas, congratulations for trying this. But I do really see you are blocked. Right off the get-go, you were internally trying to "sabotage" any success. Like I said "any doubt will knock you out" and this "Around 7 minutes in I started receiving information that this session would not succeed. I pushed those thoughts away, although they were quite persistent. I didn't feel any attachment to them, need for success or expectations, yet I felt a deep knowing that they were correct, much like precognition." is known as harmful doubt.  shocked

 Now to the unknowing sabotage you created. First off, I said the idea was akin to and based on "Paddle to the Sea". You didn't need to view a little native American canoe with a small paddler in it. You could have chose anything else. The little native American canoe, with paddler in tow, automatically creates "expectation".

 Next, the instructions were simple saying you mentally walk down the road ahead of you until you get to that bridge. When you get to the bridge bend down and release the toy boat beside you, into the "flowing" waters. This was all "figurative". Meaning, you didn't need to visualize a place you already knew of. That in itself, once again, creates expectation. The "flowing" water would mean that the boat would follow some kind of current. Because this river/waterway was going to be imaginative, the simple thought of a flowing river immediately brings current, movement to the water, so the boat will be moving away from you and likely forward. You would simply be following it. Because it is a water way that you haven't seen or are familiar with, it would create a inner curiosity and have it's own path. Thus, once again, abating any expectations.
 I purposely chose that because just setting it free on a motionless lake, wouldn't yield any need for movement and thus you would witness inactivity.
 Every part of this was chosen because of "triggers". But you managed to subconsciously remove those triggers. Thus making this much harder to do.

 So, you got off to a rough start. But we will see where this goes now.

 I think I needed to see this myself, so I could understand how people can get confused with what I figured were easy directions. It shows I need to add much more detail to explanations and methodology that I share. Thank you for that!  smiley
34  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 23, 2017, 20:03:08
No need to apologize Lumaza... My curiosity about you is that you seem to practice so many techniques and "ways" so it's quite confusing for me.  I'm someone who wants to find one way and keep doing it. I read many of your posts in the past and you seem quite experienced but how do you keep practicing almost every possible technique? After those years of practice have you not found one succesful way? And keep it... because that's my goal.
All of my techniques are basically variations/derivatives of each other. They are all based on focusing away from the physical body.  I have used the basics, mind awake body asleep, noticing and even "climbing" out of the body. EV was correct in everything he said above. If you look at that last one, climbing out of the body, there are multiple of ways to do that. There used to be a "stickied thread" on the Astral Pulse devoted just to that. It was something like 99 ways to get out of the body or something like that.

 After successes, I was challenged, due to blocks, to come up with new ways to access these realms, if I wished to continue my practice. I also began to help others here and "teach" as well.

 I have always enjoyed the use of Binaural Beats/Iso tones. I also found that I really enjoy and had a lot of success with motion based methods. I wrote my Doorway process while suffering from TN. That was one of my biggest challenges. If I wished to continue, I had to find another way. But I also wanted to use that to share with others here because of all the "hidden" characteristics of that process. The associative parts of it. There are geometric shapes based in all forms of life. That created mental associations and mental "triggers". So did the directional motion and use of color. It was like the perfect "Trifecta".

 The same ole, same ole, gets rather boring as well. My exercises/methods are all based on things to do while the natural shift is occurring. The little day time close your eyes briefly thing, was basically to enhance that mental conditioning. Simple dissociation methods to get used to the feeling of being "out".
35  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 22, 2017, 21:37:13
 First off. Superman, I apologize for Hi-jacking your thread. But I know you like to read stuff like this too and it may be helpful for you as well!  smiley
 It is keeping your thread "fresh" as well, so more people are getting to appreciate your above link that you shared here.

 I just finished my Phase/soak session and in it was shown something from my past, that made me feel oh so old, lol. I was shown a exercise/technique to do for an entire week. But for some reason, I am almost sure, I was shown it to have you try it Thaomas.

 We will call this practice "Paddle to the Sea". The premise and reason it made me feel old is that I had watched this short film in School as a young lad. I don't remember much of my past, so I was shocked that the "Paddle to Sea" theme would come up to me. Here's a short quip on that film.
 I don't want you to go watch the film though. That would cause you to have prior expectations.
 Now to the exercise. The duration of the exercise for now is one week. Every day you will do a sit down for at least 30 minute session and on top of that, whenever you find a spar moment during the day, I want you to take a few seconds/minutes to do some quick "searching". Periodically that is.

 The exercise starts with your closed eyes. You will do what ever it takes to get relaxed first, then just put in about 10 minutes of "noticing" in he darkness before your eyes.
 When you feel "depth" approaching, I want you to mentally walk down that road ahead of you until you get to that bridge. Don't look for the road, just know it's there. This is where you will either get a quick visual or feel your first "etheric" movement. When you get to the bridge ahead, reach down and release that toy boat beside you into the flowing water. The boat can be a replica Canoe, Sailboat, Ocean-liner, Battleship, it doesn't matter right now. Don't choose the "Titanic/Poseidon" or any other failed ship, lol.  Watch it take off.

 Now you are going to just observe. Visually/mentally follow it wherever it goes. Don't lead it. I won't give you any examples or ideas of destination because once again, that would cause "expectations". Stay with it. When it fades, bring it back. If you can't see it, feel it or hear it's path or smell the air around it, feel the motion of it. Stay at least 20 feet behind it though. You are pure conscious energy at this point, so you can go anywhere it can and more. It's kind of like a "pace car" scenario where you start feeling the bends and curves of the path ahead.

 If at any time something else starts to happen, a new morphed scene, allow that new focus to take over and lock on to that new target.

 Whenever you get a chance during the day, "briefly" close your eyes and see what your ship/vessel is doing. Do it often. This entire practice is all about "repetition" and "entrainment". It can be like a new version of "Where's Waldo", lol. You don't need to put time into these little peeks.

 The next day when you go to do your 30 minute session, you don't need to start from the beginning of the scenario again. Get relaxed, in the zone, then see if you can see where your ship is and what it's doing. Follow it for awhile, through whatever environment you find it in. Be aware of your other senses as well. When it fades, bring it back.

 I guarantee you "something" will happen. Don't stop doing it until the entire week is done. It doesn't matter how bad your ability to visualize or sense in the NP is. You will have a "experience".

 You can Journal the entire process or keep "foot-notes", just so you can chart your results, during your new "exploration.

 Years ago, I followed David Warner's by logging everything in my "progress" book. I had stats like what food I ate, even what the weather was like. I wanted to find out if the physical body or physical elements had any bearings on my practice.
 I already knew the about the easy things, like drinking lots of water before bed was great for a "OBE" attempt. It would wake me up at that "sweet spot", whereas I was just beginning the Dream cycle and was already completely relaxed.
 Eating before sleep was good too. It kept my stomach from rumbling. No too much though. Just a snack sufficed. Weather, the Moon's cycle, didn't really play much into success or failure. Overall mood did though. Sometime you just don't feel into it. That is the good time to abort and try again later. There is no rush.
 In the end though, I didn't see much that made a difference, besides "mood". Mood was the make or break point.

 I will do it too. Any one else is more than welcome as well. We could make a new thread for this if enough people are interested. Group  exercises like this and logging of results of said experiences will help us all to learn and grow together.  smiley
36  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 22, 2017, 18:44:26
I was under the notion that Ap was suppose to be able to help you bring your desires to fruition, even if its, not of a real event/thing, even if what it is i'm trying to achieve happens as a placebo effect i'll take it, placebo effects help bring things out of you, that was already there, so me experiencing it as that astrally, would even be satisfying, I want to do it so that I can be satisfied in saying I did it, and maybe get a result, if it don't heed the results I want, I can at least say I tried, I don't think I can just let it go cause I been chasing for so long, I want to do it so I can just move on, I want to complete something in my pathetic life. Heck if people can create beings, out of fear astrally, why can't I get this created, even if it's not real, most of those beings aren't real but they are created.

Also i'm sure that my higher self probably is just  me at my best, I would still be satisfied with it, because its me being all the things I ever wanted to be or accomplish, to tell the truth I wouldn't even want to be on the bad side of that me, everything I ever thought of being and wanted to be is that me, and just to give a example of what that me would be like, a hero, psychic, teleporter, telepathic, telekinesis, do I need to go on, and that is just some of the stuff I suspect that me would be, again I would be satisfied even if its done as a placebo effect  maybe it will stir something within me lol. I know this is all wishful thinking.
For now you need to lose all those expectations and just begin "experiencing" it itself. Allow it to teach you what it wishes for now. You can ask questions later. Just try to get the "lay of the land" per se. In other words, get your feet your wet.

 You may find that when you lose your expectations, you will also lose the pressure you are putting on this to work. By losing or loosening the pressure, you may release your "block" as well.
37  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 22, 2017, 18:33:15
Are you sure that is all it takes? I feel like losing focus on the physical reality is easy, it happens to me spontaneously many times a day even. Its a different experience to the OBE, more like complete sensory deprivation from all realities. I'll even admit to one drug experience that created a stronger "thought train" experience - but it still wouldn't convert to an OBE despite total sensory deprivation. Some authors labor on the necessity of achieving mind awake body asleep. Some of my spontaneous OBEs have come from passing out due to yogic breathing routines as evidence. Is your experience that you are definitely going into a fully blown OBE without being asleep?
The first thing I ever tried was the "Candle burning technique and I followed that to the letter. The time limit put on the exercise was necessary. You stared at the candle and just the candle for the recommended 15-20 minutes. Then you closed your eyes imprint there. When it faded, you willed it back. That powerful "NP" focus started the shift in motion. If you didn't put in the time necessary or did it half "as s", you didn't get the full experience. There was no shortcuts.

 Tom Campbell spoke of starting slow, as in you could only hold your focus on something for a couple of seconds. But with practice that improved and pretty soon I learned how to "lock" on to things. Yes, a session would begin with trying some imagery, having it fade, bringing it back, having it fade, bringing it back, but all of sudden I would find myself somewhere experiencing some kind of lesson. There would be a guide or I would just be undergoing some kind of test, while being watched. I always had that feeling that someone was around.

 I then began using Binaural beats along with my "Happy Place" imagery and found success with that as well. I then became a real explorer and started trying all different things. I used visual "Anchors". But most of my success came after reading Robert Bruce's "NEW" technique. I began using that energy manipulation often. At first it was just as his method was meant for, the act of moving energy sensations around the body. I then keyed on my "etheric side". I would sit by my window in my home, close my eyes and try to reach out for my tree that was about 50 ft away. I would try to touch a door knob etherically before my actual physical hand did. These "disassociation" practice really paid off.
 That lead to the "Phantom Wiggle" and the onset of motion based techniques. Shooting a basketball, playing ping pong, watching a yo-yo, throwing a Frisbee. These repetitive practices soon took on a life of their own. When they did, I "allowed" the scene to commence as it wished to. I just watched by "passively observing", until I felt it was time to become part of the scene as well.

 I experimented every day. I had quite a bit success with my Laxman as well. It almost instantly put me into the zone. But it was short lived.

 I then began focusing on creating techniques that would be easy for new people to follow. That's where the "Doorway" came in.  It was totally based on "Visual Association". Just the thought of a simple geometric shape can get visuals going. Round/Apple, square/house, easy stuff. Color worked the same way. Then I saw, motion did as well. Forward/Driving. left/right would be swaying or veering, backwards/depth. Once again, all easy things to do. I found that by focusing on these things, having them fade and bringing them back, that sooner or later a entire scene would appear and soon you would be in that scene. If you needed to see something else, the scenario would change to that new circumstance, guidance or lesson.

Hmm, this adds evidence to my suspicion that the "beta" waves of our conscious thoughts can prevent the "gamma" state necessary for a full shift. Maybe it literally is the sleeping process rather than our actively making the process take longer. I say that because we don't necessarily resist going to sleep but it still takes a while for the brain to physically calm. I have never heard of anyone switch flipping into an OBE or going to sleep excluding rare events like near death experience.
During my practice with my Light/Sound machine, I found that there somehow the pineal gland was getting activated and releasing "DMT". It was so easy to get into the "zone" while using it. But, like I said, the experience was short-lived. Once the machines time elapsed, I found my focus return to the physical again. Just enough to have me start the whole focus over again. I then changed to using it as a "Primer" for a session.

10-30 minutes is an insanely long time to maintain a visualization. Is this really such a long simulation or is it more like 10-30 second bursts with rests and distraction interludes? I have witnessed a scenario take on a life of its own a handful of times that were somewhat out of the blue, all of them involved falling asleep once again. My other visualizations always have to be desperately maintained for some reason.
10-30 minute is the time it took to have the visual scene morph, take on it's own life. The time is took for me to be fully in the "zone". Like I said, in the beginning there was quite a bit of "flitting" around. 10 seconds was a eternity. But that soon changed with further practice. There was no need for full body separation though. That became apparent once I was shown the freedom that just being a point of consciousness had.
 That lesson came to me in spontaneously as well. I would be focusing on something, then all of a sudden I would see some kind of "Pac-Man" like creature eating my body away, starting at my toes. I then started the practice of visually "unzipping" my Human suit. All these things drove home the point that I was just a point of consciousness there and when I did, I began visiting some very unusual and bizarre realms and circumstances.

 Rome wasn't built in a day and I knew that. Some things in life you can't rush. I would love to learn how to play Guitar in a day as well. But that's not going to happen. It takes commitment and dedication to learn how to play a new instrument. Think of Astral Projection as that "instrument".

 What it basically comes down to is "if you really, truly have the will, there is a way".

 All the time I was practicing I was still having and still have today spontaneous OBEs during SP. Sometimes I get 2-3 a month. At times it was 1 or 2 a week. LDs, almost every night now.

 Like I said above. LDs are about working on me in the physical in some shape or form. They are based on resolving old problems, healing, there is quite a few "Hero" scenarios, which could also be Retrievals as well. The past, present and future. I balance my awareness in them, so that I don't overpower the experience with my physical mindset. I always stay in the "narrative" I find myself in and see it for what it has to show to me.

 My APs and OBEs though always have to do with some kind of lesson on navigating the realm I find myself in, Retrievals and being introduced to new realms and new circumstances. They are always focused on "there". These seem more based on "exploration".

 That would be the major difference I find between LDs and AP/OBEs. It's an entirely different conscious mindset.
38  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: The Download, aka The Forbidden Dream on: October 22, 2017, 07:37:42
 It's been awhile since I posted in this thread. Last night I had one of these download experiences, but it was of a different kind.

 I awoke 4 times during the night/early morning and each time I awoke, words of a different 80s Rock bands were in my head. Each time it was a different song and when I came to, I was even "mouthing" them.

 This happened 4 completely different times and each time the words were different. The thing is and why I suspect a "Download", that I don't have any conscious recollection of the words of those songs or name of the song. I know it happened 4 times, but that all the "conscious" recall I have. Downloads are normally a message received at a deeper level. So I know the message has been received and that some time sooner or later the purpose will be revealed.

 I have had Dreams in the past whereas I am on stage playing with a band. But this was different. There was no visual that I can remember. All I can consciously remember is that the same circumstance occurred 4 different times and for some reason, I know the words and songs were all different.

 Just another one of those unexplainable happenings in the NP! It didn't seem to have the "intensity" of a full blown Download though. My regular Downloads seem to overload my conscious mind and cause a "click out". I haven't had one in awhile though, I think, lol.
39  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 22, 2017, 07:25:57
I have started to wonder if the increasing prevalence of attention deficit disorders in the digital generation play a part in the difficulty. I have recently read that this condition is less "mental disorder" and more "default depression" induced by lowered base lines of happiness hormones in the body. It leads us to give up the existing thought, or reality itself, in favor of the next thought with no apparent resistance. Flipping through pictures on Facebook for example conditions us to this disorder.
 In the context of phasing, the likes of the island paradise is almost hopeless before the apparent might of attention deficit I have learned
I want to say one thing here Thaomas and this isn't ego talking, this is truth and I don't want to sound pompous or crass. If I began to believe any excuse or reason that I can come up with for not being successful at something, I would never be able to do that something again. That goes especially for this practice. Any "doubt" will knock you out.
 I have been challenged in the last 6 years of my exploration by numerous things. Things that went completely against my belief system, medical issues and emotional rollercoasters as well. But I would never give in. I fought. Every wall made me want it more. Even block made me stronger.

. I had a rare opportunity this morning to sleep in and spent a fair amount of time practicing phasing techniques. Mind's eye is a strength of mine but I can only stick phasing scenario for a few moments before unconsciously changing to internal monologue, then catching the mistake and going back to physical awareness before resetting on the phasing.
You did nothing wrong there. Phasing, then going back to internal monologue makes no difference, unless of course that makes you start makes you focus on this physical reality here. It's only wrong if "you" think it is.
 The only thing you need to acquire a shift in consciousness is to completely lose your focus on this physical realm here, unless you wish to practice "dual" awareness and then you need to be able to hold a steady even balance to do that

One thing that remains the ultimate mystery to me is why successful phasing takes so long. Getting completely immersed in a minds eye situation briefly is easy but it lacks the same intensity and _persistence_ as a physical experience; feel the warmth of the sun, feel the sand, the warmth is gone, feel the wind, the sand is gone. The barrier doesn't seem to be fear of shifting to the island, nor disbelief in the fact that we aren't a physical body in essence. Its a physical condition of the brain resisting the process due to an inflexibility in our ability to rapidly shift brain wave states.
I think it takes that long because we make it take that long. We begin the process. Then we play some weird game of yo-yo between our current NP focus and our waking conscious mind. That game keeps going until we find ourselves too tired to play anymore. Then the shift occurs. In other words, once you give up fighting it, the shift occurs naturally.
 Ask yourself this. How long does it take to shut off your mind when you go to sleep. You put your head down and 5-10 minutes later your gone. You have programmed yourself all your life to do that. Well acquiring a totally consciously aware shift takes the same "programming'.

 When I first had problems with my TN, I couldn't close my eyes normally and fall to sleep. My TN caused my left eye nerve to spasm violently when I closed it. It was okay while it was open, as long as the lights around me weren't too bright.
 This is what taught me what I call the Tibetan Dream Yoga. I stayed aware fully into the entire Dreaming cycle. Some nights, I stayed aware for 2-3, sometimes up to 8 hours. I saw the different Dreams I had and the completely different "stages" of Dreams as well. Luckily, my body still received it's rest though.

 When I used to Phase I had 3 things I focused on. At that time, I wanted to know more about the NP. I would begin with my focus on my Happy Place. If that didn't create a surge. I would change to my focus on the "Training zone". I would visualize the wooden sign "Training Zone", (just like I do now with Doorways) and start walking in the wooded area I always found myself in. After awhile, I would use my "Spinning Top" visual. That was akin to what Leonardo DiCaprio did to check which reality he was in, in the movie "Inception". I would look at the to to see if I was seeing a "flat on" view or a 3D view of the spinning top. If it was 3D, I knew I was deep and that the shift was almost there. I then "allowed" it to commence.

 Today, I don't need those things. Once in awhile I will shoot some hoops, row a boat, etc. just to get some motion going. Then I sit back and notice or if that visual of rowing began to take on a life of it's own, I would allow the scenario to form, then join it. Now it takes anywhere from 10 minutes - 30 minutes before the shift occurs, depending on my mood, pain level, etc.. Not always are you going to just be able to shut everything off. The bath water is very good for relaxation though. That seems to speed everything up. But when I talk about "Entrainment", just closing my eyes while lying in the water, puts me in the zone. That daily "brain entrainment" really pays off. That's why I am such a fan on repetition.

 When I used my Happy Place visual, I would start by lying on the each and first grabbing a handful of sand or attempt to smell the ocean or hear the waves. From there I would then turn my head left and right and look at my surroundings. There was normally something out of place there and that became my target of interest or focus. I always let my curiosity take me deeper.
 When I read my Journals yesterday, I saw that that is where my "Guide" Charlie showed up too and most of my first successful APs occurred on that "Island" as well. If I needed to see something else, the scene would change and I would find myself elsewhere, like in some kind of "school"/learning situation.
40  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: The Unsolvable Mystery of Reality Itself on: October 22, 2017, 06:16:37
 This video here may be of interest to you guys. It seems that "Jim Carrey" the actor/comedian, has had a awakening of sorts too. Now he talks about we are nothing that comes from nothing, so, don't sweat the small things! He said "It's a big pageant of nothing, rising from nothing and happening for no one and that once you understand that, all the pressure is off and you can just enjoy yourself. Jim's been spreading his "words" lately to all that will listen.
41  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 21, 2017, 06:32:05

Thanks for all your feedback!  I appreciate the time you spend responding to my posts.  I will make some adjustments to my technique and keep on trying.  I will head back to door #1.  Was that the green door or the orange door?  cheesy

I'll keep you posted if I manage to go further than I have.

42  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 21, 2017, 06:11:42
I would hazard to say that there is almost always something like a lesson in the dream.

 They will usually revolve around some kind of fear mechanic initially: jealousy; aggression; selfishness; guilt; causing suffering for others; causing suffering for yourself; not taking action to eliminate suffering; examine your experiences in this context in physical life too. Other times the experience might revolve around letting go of false beliefs or baggage of the past. Perhaps it is about emotional control required to operate in other realities by the code of conduct. Sometimes it can just be experiencing love in some way.

 I agree 100% with that. Dreams are a "school" of sort. There is messages everywhere. You are always handling some aspect of your physical existence. Be it baggage, emotional healing, all kinds of things.

Astral projection techniques can be like chasing the dragon, the first time it was new and exciting and that can make it easier to approach success signs through the energy generated by enthusiasm and dopamine releases associated with neural carving out of new symptom signals. Next time though, technique seems boring and ineffective compared to the first time so we look for a new technique. Human biology is designed to fall into this trap unfortunately, the brain has a habit of releasing dopamine before you try the technique that over delivers on the expectation success, then it deliberately under delivers on the dopamine release of the actual experience and breaks the promise it made. The whole point of this mechanic is to keep you perpetually running the treadmill searching for new techniques that deliver the original high (finding the next food source or mate in evolutionary biology).
Astral projection can definitely be like "chasing the Dragon". But that Dragon can be caught.

 We talk about all the lessons in Dreams and that made me look back through my Astral Journals beginning in early 2011.

 Here is a brief 5 year time-line of things I experienced and when. I am showing you this because you will see there is "progression". The first experience was a eye opener. The ones that preceded it though were all "lessons" on one thing or another. But each one was focused on a certain characteristic of the NP and how to navigate it in general. Unlike a LD, where I always find a lesson due to this real time life of my mine. My LDs seem to be about forgiveness and different kind of life problems. Whereas my NP experiences due to Phasing/OBEs are more of what to do "there" and how to help. This is the main difference I find between LDs and APs.
 -early 2011 I have a 3 extraordinary back to back to back nights of waking in full SP, but no awareness of what occurring. That was the catalyst for my search for more answers for what happened and why. It couldn't be ignored. About a month later, I found the Astral Pulse Forum.
 -my first actual projection, true OBE comes after watching a candle staring video.
 -I purchase a paid, expensive Astral Program by Steve Jones, I do it to show myself level of commitment. I then buy Bin beats form Brain Sync to use as well. My entire technique focuses on climbing out of the body.
 -success here, failure there. Need to slow down.
- I then read Frank's post and decide I want to try Phasing.
-I start heavy doses of Tom Campbell, William Bulman and other Astral related youtube videos
-first block, 2 weeks of inaction. Too much flitting around. Too much information confusing me.
 -get back to basics again, keeping it simple, Charlie, my Guide shows up and teaches me for about 2 weeks in Phase sessions. Lots of lessons, first being "Need to walk before I can run". Next "do not rush, do not try, do" and then "JUST OBSERVE". All these to calm a overanxious mind
 -first indication of physical "perks" of this practice. Colors seem brighter, overall improved perception here in the physical realm
 -block 2, lasts about 3 weeks. This one is due to insubordination, not following the "rules". I was told not to share a adventure I had and I chose to ignore the warning. For 3 weeks after that I couldn't access anything.
-finally get back and next lesson is on depth perception and controlling emotional response
 -I make a mental intent to help others here and there
 -enter Retrievals

 All that time my technique of Phasing was the same. I used a "Cherry pit pillow" as a blindfold and used Binaural Beats. Many times the Bin beats were the ones that came with my paid program. They are very good.
 I also focused every time on my "Happy Place", which is my Tropical Paradise, akin to Astral Island here on the Astral Pulse.
 As you see, my session normally resulted in some kind of lesson/teaching or guidance. Blocks were overcome.
 All that time to I constantly listened to videos, read books, but just to peruse what techniques and info was being shared and spoke about. Frank's posts really was the wake up call though.
 The only times I didn't actively practice was during my shows where I was on the road traveling.
 I also wrote this post here on the "Astral School", I seemed to keep experiencing.
 -began with being stuck in the 3D darkness for about 3 weeks. End of first week, hate it, boring. End of second week, Hmm, it's not so bad. End of third week I love the 3D darkness void area. Great place for peace and quietness. Great place to just "be".
 - At the end of January I make a physical written "contract" stating my AP intent and sign it.
 -told to drop tools for awhile, no blindfold, no Bin beats. This caused a lot of flitting around. Loss of focus
 -many pages of successes. no blocks
 -in November I see the visual of my impending Mall Store dilemma
 -in December I have my longest "outing". Physical duration being 2 hours and 15 minutes long.

 Early in 2012 I did a ton of exploring. Not techniques, more of what I would do when I found myself "there".
 I became a Moderator on the Astral Pulse as well. So I was constantly focused on Astral Travel all the time. Still watching videos and reading AP related books and threads on Astral Forums.
 Began experimenting with Light/Sound machine and tools of the trade.
 Lots of unique experiences especially in the physical like taking a shower, closing my eyes and seeing I am instantly in some kind of peculiar  scenario.
 Lucid Dreams getting really vivid and occurring almost nightly.

 -filled with Retrievals, almost a whole Journal on just Retrievals.
 No blocks, no change in technique. Other than incorporating move of a motion into my practice. Enter "Phantom Wiggling".
 I learned of Kurt Leland and his work as well and could agree with most of his views. His video on the life of Annie Besant was priceless. She described the characteristics of people that practice NP exploration. If you haven't watched it, you should. You could see what "grouping" you fall into and why.
- I received a new Light/Sound machine for Christmas 2013. I used it and soon after noticed a severe eye problem. Found out later it was Trigeminal Neuralgia. That stopped any attempts for months. It also taught me Tibetan Dream Yoga. Nights on end with not losing consciousness.
 -Moderator burn out kicks in and I quit the Astral pulse for a year. I keep in touch with some good friends here though via email.

 Decided to continue Astral Projection, but needed to find a new way to do it. Enter my "Doorway' technique. I needed to find a way to focus with out using my eyes. Message I received was I need to learn to focus on "unfocusing" to focus. In other words, I needed to learn to use my "mind's eye", not my physical ones, right off the get go.

 MJ was also diagnosed with Cancer in 2015. I was "quarantined" from any projections for about 3 months. They knew what my intent would be. During that time, I was told that this is her decision and that she has to decide whether to stay/live or leave/transition on. My duty was to be supportive which ever way she chose.
 LDs were still there, but only as long as I had poor awareness and stayed with the Dream narrative. Any diversion caused and instant halt to the Dream.

Some kind of weird sharp spine pain caused me to start taking baths. Enter my Phase/Soak sessions.

 ...and here we are today. All the blocks had a purpose. Once I understood the purpose, the block was broken. I was blocked for insubordination. Blocked to learn another way. Every hurdle self imposed or other, overcome. I understood the block during MJ's cancer situation. My goal was to go to the NP to work on her and help her. But I wasn't allowed to do that.

 Yes the repetition of the practice got boring after awhile. Sometimes that would be the cause of a "block" itself. I was constantly being pushed to go further. When boredom set in, it was time to find another way to make it "new" and fresh again.

 My first experiences were the initial eye openers. They showed me what was possible. Then the challenges set in and "school" had started. For 2 years almost every session yielded a message. Slow down, passively observe, learn to "allow". I listened. I did what I was told, barring that one time I chose to ignore their wishes. I was taught how to navigate my surrounds, I was shown depth perception and also one time I was taken on some kind of train ride that actually gave me a brief introduction of different levels of the Astral. The lowest being the "Badlands" that Szaxx talks about. That seemed to be the area of a Retrievee's personal hell. The highest level being a realm where the light was so brig and intense that I could only handle a couple of seconds before I was overwhelmed.

 I did everything I could to keep my mind active in that field of study. Just last night while typing a reply here on the Astral Pulse, I had a youtube video playing with William Bulman speaking at a conference. I have listened and re listened to Tom Campbell's works for years now. A person really needs determination to do that. Sometimes it takes an hour and half for Tom to answer few questions.  He has such great info. The deeper you get into this practice, the more meaning his words have.

 What I am trying to say is that after awhile, you live this, you become this. That's why it doesn't go away. When the boredom hits, if you can't overcome that, that's the end for now. Another thing that ends it, is when you think you finally know it all. At that point, why should it continue to occur? You already "think" you have all the answers, so the teaching stops. Just when I think I know something, it changes. I stay open to it and a new "pathway" opens.

 My bout with TN should have been the end of my practice. But I knew I could and would overcome it. I don't take the pills anymore. I don't even wear the "glasses" I used to control it. I still have "spikes" occasionally. But in the end, it taught me what I needed to see. My spinal pain also directed me to something new, that being my Phase/soak sessions.





43  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 21, 2017, 04:29:40

Just for clarification I have been trying the phasing technique and my intent was not on the RTZ exit.  I think I have just been confused in this thread.  You have mentioned earlier in this thread about rowing a boat, swinging back and forth in a hammock, ping pong effect in your 6 pt focus, etc.  I think these examples have confused me about the phasing technique.  I will give up on my motion focus and will have to start over and go back to the basics.  

Thanks for pointing out where I am going wrong with my techniques.  smiley

T-Man, I came to that conclusion because of this portion of your exercise that you wrote on that former post. "Sometimes I try to imagine myself already out of the body.  I will see my body sitting in a chair in the middle of the room and my awareness will be on the outside of the room say 15-20 feet from my body and I will start moving and circling my body in the chair.  I will than try to speed that motion up. "
 Moving away from the body 15-20 feet is well known thing for a traditional OBE. Szaxx talks about that in his "Blueprint" thread found here.

 My rowing a boat, swinging, ping pong, etc, exercises. are based on motion. The accompanying visuals though begin as imaginative. They start that way, but soon begin to morph into new scenes, not your design or the scene disappears all together and you find yourself in some other place that you need to see.. At that point I stay with the visual and new scenario and see it for what it has to show. Many times you will find that you become part of the scenario itself.

 When I first started practicing back in 2011, my focus was on more of a traditional OBE exit from the body. But after reading posts by Frank and others here, it quickly changed to Phasing/noticing.
 I made my Doorway technique to give you something to occupy your time and your mind with until you found yourself just "there". Wherever "there" happened to be. The motion of the exercise does help you to be able to sense more of "etheric form". You are not moving your physical body at all and yet you are feeling real tactile sensations. That "new you" is exactly what you are focused on, not the physical you, which in turn allows the shift in consciousness to occur.
44  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 20, 2017, 07:21:10
 T-man, the only problem I could see here is that you are attempting 2 different exit techniques at the same time.

 Phasing in my view, is when you are in the act of "noticing". You are setting the stage by "disassociation" from the body. When I am viewing something like watching the "pace car" scenario for instance, I am following it, but not as a physical form. When I Phase, I always think of myself as a point of consciousness and that means there are absolutely no "barriers"

 You seem to be focusing on a RTZ (real time zone) actual exit from the body. Which means you are still focused indirectly on your body.

 Try using one or the other or now. You will lesson the confusion and be able to focus 100% on your chosen technique. I find if you are working on a more of a RTZ style of exit, begin by focusing on your breathing and feeling the expansion and retraction that comes with it. On every breathe magnify the feeling or energy wave of that act. Example inhale/expansion, exhale/retraction. You can get your body feeling pretty large while doing this and sometimes it will just lead to a traditional OBE exit. Stay focused on it throughout though. After you have "exited", you won't even realize your breathing anymore. You won't need it there. But have no fear, your body will automatically take over the job of breathing itself, just as it does each night when you go to sleep.

 Meditation itself will improve your LDing abilities. Get yourself into a regular cycle of Phasing or having OBEs and you will find your ability to become lucid in your Dreams will improve exponentially. Even a failed Phase/OBE session has calmed your mind and opened your awareness that much further.
45  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: New perspectives on intimacy in dreams on: October 20, 2017, 07:04:38
 Excellent post with excellent points in it EscapeVelocity! A true ***** deserved!  cool

 I find that those tests do seem to revolve around those 3 issues. Fear, Lust and Anger could also be grouped as "Egocentric" things. The first thing I was taught was to "leave your ego at the door". That's easy to do while Phasing or traditional OBEs, but much harder when you are just becoming aware in a Dream. When you first become aware in your Dreams, you are normally "you" in conscious sense. That means, you are still living your physical characteristics, including your ego.

 "Not now" or "deferring" is great solution. You want them to know that you are serious and that you also understand it's a test to start with. There is plenty of time to play, if that's what you are looking for, but sometimes "school" is fully in session and they need you to stay focused.
46  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 19, 2017, 23:34:13
Wow, you're alive Lumaza, cool lol.  grin Not sure how much you sold those trees for but I would buy one for sure...the first tree on the green crystal being my fav. Beautiful man.
Thanks Yodad!  smiley My first trees averaged about $45. My new trees took many hours and a lot of work and will likely be a bit over a $100. The Crystals alone cost me almost $20 each. The wire used about $10 wholesale, for the two of them. The rest is all labor and time.

 Believe it or not, that Crystal is clear as day. It's not green at all. For some reason, the camera I was using decided it should be!  tongue MJ liked the glow, so we kept those pictures.
47  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 19, 2017, 23:28:18
What is wrong with understanding the whys in the process of projection? I want to be able to teach others to achieve this state easily. If I achieved it, but cant help anyone I would consider it a failure. If it takes me years to understand everything and at the end I can help others I am alright with that.
I currently cant allow it easily or reliably. I have no illusions or denial over that fact.
There is nothing wrong with understanding the why's AFTER the fact. There is plenty of times to be taught what you need to. For now, be a good observer. Open yourself first to "getting the lay of the land" before you delve into all the "whys".

One thing that strikes me though...I have consciously experienced it the whole way there, indeed for more than a fleeting 10 second exit. It wasn't more mind blowing than dreaming. The experience was almost exactly the same as my lucid dreams at the time. When I look back on that experience now the level it was at was definitely less meaningful than the lucid dreams I have today - perhaps that is part of the reason I am in no rush to consciously project anymore. What am I missing here?
That must be the difference between us. I have never had a LD that compared anything to waking up in full Sleep Paralysis, then being grabbed by my ankles up to the ceiling and spun through my ceiling like a some kind of spinning top. To be completely consciously aware during that entire process was so mind blowing, no LD I have ever had even begins to compare with that and I have had some very unique LDS. Like for instance the test I found myself in years ago whereas I found myself looking at a highway from atop a overpass. There was someone to my side. I think it was a guide of some form. I then witnessed a horrific accident that involved almost every vehicle on the highway in some shape or form. MY lesson to go back and change things that happened beforehand to change the outcome of the scene. This scene was "re scripted" many times, not of my own conscious design. I never did find out why it was important to learn this. But I'm sure that "purpose" plays out somehow in my Dreams  "Otherworld" experiences. I think it was indirectly the start of my "Retrievals"

I agree fully, that is why I focus most of my efforts now on directly understanding the conditioning and how to remove it. I have started to feel that this perhaps should be step one of the process. Practicing relinquishing control hasn't worked that well for me, I am a very cognitive person and the answer is likely to be cognitive such as a rationalized fear of death. My prediction is that I will understand it, feel it at a core being level and then I won't have a problem anymore.
Like I said above, who knows you better than you!  smiley

I understand this process is probably frustrating for you to watch and I rebel against the well tread path. Its in my nature to find my own way.
The only part that frustrates me is knowing this is completely possible and that "most" people can achieve this if they really wanted to on all levels and then hearing someone advise using LDs first or instead. Most people come here to the Astral pulse to read and understand more about OBEs and Astral Travel itself from more of the "traditional" ways of achieving it. It confuses them to hear otherwise. ...and once again, I realize they both lead to "NPR" experiences, although I find they are completely different "scenarios", lets say.
 It's the eye opening experience that makes a full blown AP/OBE so unique.
48  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 19, 2017, 22:59:25
if I did have something i'm pursuing  right now I wouldn't mind the challenge, so now this challenge is ridiculous ATM, with this in effect I haven't been AP for quite a while.
Then "set the stage" and be opened to what the NPR wants to teach you.
49  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: New perspectives on intimacy in dreams on: October 19, 2017, 22:57:03
I am also left wondering about the nature of these relentless recollections of events that can sometimes go on for 5 or more years and why I do this. Is it truly an obsessive compulsive condition, do I have an intuition about certain scenarios having hidden lessons, is there some entity pushing the replay button on this memory until I get it?
Tests, quests and challenges are many in the other realms. You are being primed for something, possibly your next "duty" when you leave this realm.

 I believe if there is such a thing as a "stable hierarchy" on the other side, that new members are needed all the times. There must be a "changing of the guard". Old souls getting older and evolving, means newer replacements would be necessary.
 I see some people on this Forum that could easily fill spots there.  cool
50  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 19, 2017, 22:49:36
 I just finished my daily Phase/soak in the bathtub session. Before I did though, while reading a PDF of Astral Projection for about an hour, I had Paul Collier's music on in the background. He has some great tracks, today I listened to # 85 "Defragment Your Mind" and #54 "Earth". Both are unique in their own ways. My favorite ones though that really get me primed for exploration are back to back #45 and #46, which are "Facing the Unknown" and "Taken Up Into The Sky".
  He does have some good Binaural Beats in that playlist too. I enjoy Binaural Beats/Isochronic tones with a musical accompaniment, unlike the mono tones boring ones.

 Back to my session. I jumped into my bath closed my eyes and began a very quick 6 pt focus. While focusing on forward and feeling like I was moving down a tunnel, the entire imagery quickly changed. I saw a bird in the distance. It got quite vivid really fast. He was flying towards me. He was brightly colored and I figured him to be a small parrot. He then veered to my left and kept flying towards me. Unknowingly, my left eye began to follow his flight. He kept wide to the left, which kind of forced me to strain my left eye. My left eye nerve is the starting point of my Trigeminal Neuralgia. So immediately my left eye nerve tweaked hard. The bird then actually said "Squack, you are still using your eyes, don't do that. I immediately realized the bird was right, but that the bird was also my guide/higher self, whatever label you want to use.

 I had thought that the priming that Paul Collier's music had done was enough, but I was wrong. It took me about a minute of 6pt focus to think I was deep enough that I wasn't using my physical eyes. It's important to learn to use your "3rd eye/brow eye, mind's eye, whatever you wish to call it when you project.

 Your guide/higher self is always there. Many times it comes through when you least expect it. Always be open to it though. Be aware of everything. Your higher self knows what's best for you. Take my Trigeminal Neuralgia for instance. It taught me Tibetan Dream Yoga and during a full blown attack, it forces me to close my eyes and relax. Although painful at times, it does have it's perks. I don't take pills for it anymore as well. I have learned to control it without those pills. Mind over matter.
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