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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Shapeshifter on: Today at 05:17:55
I feel that way too Lumaza. I just don't fully understand why I am shown things sometimes. It's not like there is anything I can do from here is what my first thoughts generally tell me. But then I also realize as LightBeam pointed out that we are only reflecting a much larger reality. Miracles, yep.

Today I was sitting in a parking lot eating an ice cream sundae with a wide clear view of the sky. On one side I saw a rocket ship, a mushroom cloud and a ghost owl in thick boiling white clouds. Clear blue sky in the middle. On the other side of the sky was a grey dragon, a white lamb, a black eagle and some black triangles. There's a story there.

Driving home a few minutes later I saw what I call Stonehenge (it's a formation I've seen many times). Another ghost owl hovered above it.
As if we didn't know I'll just reiterate - we are being watched, lol.
Yes, LightBeam, thank you for another great topic and reminders. It's so easy to forget what we know and questions ourselves.
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Has anyone else been getting contacted lately? on: Today at 01:05:41
Very interesting Dark. Of course I can't say what you saw but I bet you know already. Your perceptions and instincts seem to have been cranked up to high so you knew what you were seeing was not right. That is very encouraging. It's kind of funny the strange rituals we sometimes find ourselves performing in this state. I've come to just accept that part of me just knows what it knows.
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: my disappointment on: Today at 00:54:54
DarknChildlike made a really good point. The only thing I can add is that perhaps you are getting much more than you perceive. You may only think you have small little APs every once in a while but that may not be quite correct. Perhaps there is something you need to recognize in the 'here and now'.
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Shapeshifter on: Today at 00:50:00
Wow, I would say this is very telling. I think there is something important here to digest.
5  Astral Chat / Welcome to News and Media! / Coincidence?? on: May 25, 2020, 22:52:03
Personal experience has taught me there are none.
6  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Hello everyone, so glad to be part of this community! on: May 20, 2020, 01:12:32
Hello Illuminated and welcome,

I like your grasp of the situation and how you seem to be able to handle yourself and know yourself pretty well despite that you may not always feel that way. You've already passed a number of roadblocks, like learning to distract yourself with a created scenario you could get lost in. Kids do this so easily and it is usually termed as a daydream. Remember that, daydreams are powerful things and truly are the core of imagination.

You also explored the high pitch and followed it, whether that was because you had studied up or because it just felt right it was indeed the right thing to do. You're progress has been phenomenal. You said at the top you don't really remember Aping but felt like you did. I'd hazard to say you have already been through a number of levels and now it's time to wake up what it all means. I think most of us here have come to realize that a LOT or work takes place that we are unaware of till some appointed time.

I can sympathize with that feeling of not being worthy. The fear and the aw can be overwhelming at times even as you appear to just flow right through it with no qualms. It's an inside job for sure. Haha, I know exactly who you refer to with making a deal but I'll let that person speak for themselves if they choose.

We've done some interesting experiments from time to time so perhaps you will see us or we will see you 'over there'. smiley

If you have any questions or find you just need to talk or let it out feel free. We've pretty much all been there so while sometimes we don't say much we do tend to pay attention.

7  The Astral Library / Welcome to Writers Corner! / Re: To be continued on: May 19, 2020, 05:46:58
Thank you Funfire, I enjoy your discussions. smiley
8  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: How to become an exorcist without being a roman catholic on: May 19, 2020, 05:42:59
Get a 'real' job. You do have to live in this reality. Pay your bills and take care of your responsibilities. THEN ask for guidance from your higher order helpers. THEY need to see that you can handle both THIS reality AND what is coming down the pike for you.
9  The Astral Library / Welcome to Writers Corner! / Re: To be continued on: May 19, 2020, 05:34:06
Funfire - I hate hoping for a good conversation only to find links and more links. If you want to discuss then this is a good place. If you want people to support your YT channel then...
10  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Disturbing ET dream on: May 17, 2020, 09:41:28
I think you said it yourself. Thousands of years of following and now those ships are sinking as the people finally begin to wake up.
11  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: How to become an exorcist without being a roman catholic on: May 17, 2020, 02:47:29
Become a Shaman or one of those Voodoo Priest, they do exorcisms.
12  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Nameless' Everything Journal on: May 15, 2020, 09:16:41
Thank you LightBeam for your thoughtful words and for sharing your own epiphany.

I loved this quote by you

"There is no one location that I should settle in, I "saw" the entire multiverse on the palm of my hand and I knew, it is all mine. It belongs to me, it is my home, all of it, including where currently I am physically . I felt like my spirit expanded and it filled in every nook and cranny of the multiverse, every timeline, every planet, every charachter, all that is. From that flood of intense thoughts that came to me that day, I never felt again lonely or out of place.  I stopped searching for "home". I realized that have always been home. I realized that the past is never lost. We can go back and relive the good memories (that happened several times during APs/incredible feeling), the present is most powerful, and the future could be anything we imagine."

That is truly beautiful and touches that deep place inside that can sometimes be so elusive. It truly is, all of it, Our Home.
13  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Disturbing ET dream on: May 15, 2020, 09:09:01
It's so mind boggling, we are now living in the strangest times. I remember way back in the 80s thinking something is going to happen in 2012 but no one will know. I didn't know a thing about the Mayan calendar at that time. Then in the 90s I thought it'll start in 2008 but it won't be till 2020 when people start looking back. Great things will start happening after that time but it'll take 20 years to piece it all together and I would be gone by then.

I remember thinking I would likely miss all the excitement but here I am and although I know I won't see the end result of this phase I'm here to see this part and that's enough. So yeah, one day this will all be history and something to be studied and it will be studied, both here in the physical and over there in the otherwhere. A few blunders, a little stumbling but everything is going to work out better than could have been imagined. So yeah, future historians on both sides of the curtain will be in hog heaven. grin
14  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Nameless' Everything Journal on: May 15, 2020, 07:50:45
I had an epiphany the other day. It started as a small thought and I brushed it aside, I really did not want to explore it at that time. I honestly thought it would be depressing. But the thought came back and somehow twisted itself up with a lot of the mysteries that have prevailed in my life. So to put this out there I will have to do a little backup story.

My family moved here to my current hometown when I was eight years old. I hated the move, I was devastated. I spent the next ten years plotting my escape thinking to return to Florida. So at about 18 I set out to return but life got in the way and I wound up right back here in Georgia. For the next 20+ years I plotted and occasionally made my way beyond my little town .

But something always brought me back. Always! I know some of you travel quite a bit and have seen much of the world. I'm not one of you, I've lived my life first in Florida then in Georgia, rarely leaving either state. I know I've missed a lot of sightseeing but so much has happened in my life I don't think I missed much in the way of living. Family ties are strong in this one as Yoda might say (if you ignore the part of me that would like to cut all family ties, haha).

Another twenty years and here I am with no desire to go anywhere. And it hit me, I'm in Georgia!

As we face this great pandemic (real or made up) and I look around our country and the world I have to honestly say my state is doing well. At this point in time I realize I really am right here for a reason. The reason is a little murky but with my own perceptions and views on the world there aren't many other places I could be that would agree with me and those views so well. Some areas of our globe and country are having it very rough right now and I don't envy the people there. So whatever my greater purpose is I needed to be here all along else I likely wouldn't be able to function or carry on as I was always intended, just don't ask me exactly what the heck was intended. But for the first time in my life I feel settled which is not the same as resigned.

I wonder if any of you have had any great epiphanies concerning your own selves. If you have I would encourage you to share them. Don't ask me why and you can share them here on a separate thread or somewhere else to your liking. I just feel right now is a good time to share.

Hugs to you all, you are all so very important.
15  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Disturbing ET dream on: May 10, 2020, 08:55:45
In a weird way this goes along with a dream I had last night or early this morning. It was like everyone was playing a lottery. Some people were scratching their tickets and the play area was blank. Mine said Lab Lotto 68000 and a voice instructed me to take it to the Lotto Lab to collect.

I woke up but felt really puzzled with the image of a lottery being played out with people. I've debated posting it all day, then saw yours and well it's just weird.
16  Astral Chat / Welcome to News and Media! / Re: Pentagon acknowledges UFO on: May 02, 2020, 07:24:00
So true guys. There's this one guy on youtube that gets pics and short videos sent to him by people daily of weird things in the sky. A lot of it is just uncommon stuff and can get boring but there are some real doozies and obvious 'contact' stuff too. His handle is MrMBB333. I'll find the link

17  Astral Chat / Welcome to News and Media! / Re: Pentagon acknowledges UFO on: April 29, 2020, 08:57:51
People certainly are waking up. I don't know but I suspect most people thought 'the awakening' would be something more on a spiritual level. Seems to be much more on a physical reality level though.
18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Healing hands on: April 29, 2020, 07:23:02
Thank you, perhaps I'll see improvement soon. smiley
19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Healing hands on: April 29, 2020, 06:27:39
Very interesting LB. I want to add a few details now. The blue and pink light was unlike any I have ever seen before. Both colors were like looking through crystals, sparkling and clean, very rich in color. Even the misty blue had a bit of sparkle to it. Also that you say you imagined a ball as the intense colors I saw were very compact. The pink came later in the center of the blue, very possibly your grounding as I did feel the color represented a high degree of calm.

About the dreams, I have come to realize that not all 'dreams' are meant to be remembered on a conscious level. When that happens we tend to sometimes over think them. Subconscious awareness goes much deeper and may or may not present itself in time. That we get any indication this is happening is, I think, extraordinary. There was some deep level healing going on in my case which I'll try to explain briefly.

The next morning I woke up with extreme pain in my right leg and large lump below the knee. So you know, I have blockages in my legs and I battle walking every day. I was scheduled to have them removed and to get stints if needed when this virus came a knocking and closed everything down. After about a half hour of working my leg and wondering what the heck was going on the pain subsided and it didn't take long for me to realize when I walked my right leg wasn't giving near as hard a time as usual. My right leg has improved tremendously, my left leg is not. This is actually making me feel a little unbalanced.

Now moving on to the reptilians. I don't discuss it often but it isn't any secret (I don't think) that I sometimes do see what I call origins of certain people. Of course you will have to explore this for yourself but if you want my thoughts. I do think you have a heavy reptilian background and I do think these individuals are very holistic and spiritual. Yours are anyway. I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert here but we learn as we go. I think too I also have these beings in my background. They were all actually quite beautiful in appearance and demeanor. We may have to explore this further in time.

20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Healing hands on: April 29, 2020, 03:08:14
I've been holding off on responding to your thread because I wanted report to you all at once. On the 19th I told you about how calm I felt. Well a few days ago I started thinking not much was happening so did a little meditation with my only intent being to connect with the energy you put out there for your experiment. What I got was not at all what I might have expected.

I meditated a bit only thinking to connect to your energy output or to your source. I really didn't expect much as I was trying to just let whatever might happen do so naturally. All I had gotten up till then were a few random but vague dreams. So I began seeing a very tight very royal blue blob. It was quite beautiful and compact. Then a blue mist and faces began appearing. The faces were all very pleasant and gave the feeling of an introduction and they were all reptilian. I think all together I saw 5 maybe 6 faces. Afterwards I slept and had more vague dreams. I'm sure the dreams though vague were a benefit on a subconscious level. Since then I see a lovely royal crystal pink blob surrounded by that deep royal blue quite often.

Don't know how this makes you feel or what it means to you but am interested in your reaction.
21  Astral Chat / Welcome to News and Media! / Re: Pentagon acknowledges UFO on: April 29, 2020, 02:59:11
Times are indeed changing. smiley
22  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Current Events... on: April 28, 2020, 22:13:12
LOL - we need to donate bandaides, haha. Thanks Lu
23  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: ways to cope seeings things? on: April 28, 2020, 22:07:03
I miss the old forum days as well. Don't do FB or Twitter either. I go through funks where I'll post a good bit then for a while I can't think of anything to say at all. I think we all tend to do that to varying degrees.
24  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: New here looking for help but know itís probably impossible. on: April 27, 2020, 07:33:21
I don't believe in coincidence. smiley
25  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: ways to cope seeings things? on: April 27, 2020, 07:23:20
You really don't need to actually speak to everyone you notice. However if you feel you should speak with them do so in your head, like talking to yourself only directed towards that person, telecommunication on this level is so much easier than trying to do the same in the here and now. It may sometimes be hard to distinguish them from 'real' people but you get used to it. If it becomes a problem you can always just tune them out the same way you might tune out anyone. You know they are there but you don't necessarily focus on them.

Hope that makes sense.
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