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1  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / It's all about Choice, until someone gets lucid #6 on: April 18, 2019, 00:36:46
I am lying in my bed, half awake, half asleep, when suddenly, an image appears, ripping trough the darkness of my closed eyes, expandingÖ

Itís dark again, and short moment goes by, when another image flashes in my head, and another, and another, repeatedly followed by darkness. Gradually, I realize that these look super real and seem easy to maintain. Intuitively, I use this realization to transition into a dream, lucid.

I did this before, in previous lucid dream

Now lucid, fully aware that I am dreaming, casually walking around, I decide to place my hand in a wall. As I do so, I remember that I did this before, in previous lucid dream. This time, however, I go a little further. I stick my hand through the wall and leave it there for a bit, intrigued by the fact that I can feel the mass of both my hand and the wall. I quickly start to question the friction that Iím feeling in my hand in relation to the wallÖ

My dream recall gets blurry around here, but at some point I seem to challenge the belief that the wall has to have some sort of friction, by sticking my hand trough the wall multiple times in quick succession [Ö] or maybe I just thought about doing it? Itís not clear.

Again, Iím casually walking, in what appears to be the streets of an incomplete, recognizable city. Itís like the remains of a previous non-lucid dream. I feel like I know this place, it has the emotional attachment of my home town, except itís not.

I now notice a strange object, floating in the air. Itís gray, with an overall cube shape, looking like an unfinished piece of technology that just came out of a 3D printer. Itís a single, solid, yet detailed piece. Thatís so odd, I think to myself, but donít make much of it and keep going.

Out of nowhere, a feeling of unmeasurable excitement starts to grow out of my chest. Iím feeling really excited! Like screaming at the top of my lungs excited, when I realize that I must calm down to keep lucidity. And I do so, successfully. This happens at least twice, and twice Iím able to bring myself to a calmer state.

I see a women in an altar like bed

I am now entering a building, and I see a women in an altar like bed. I feel like she has some sort of healing abilities, when suddenly, I remember that I intended to heal my physical body.

Iím at a crossroads now, and Iím faced with a choice. I can heal myself or I can have sex. I make my choice. I approach the altar to lay down with this women, and then engage in physical intimacy. Shortly after, Iím shifted to waking reality.


Iím having a hard time describing the exact feeling of the transition into the dream, except that it was a very distinct moment between the images that kept appearing in my head and the actual dream.

Engaging in physical intimacy I kept getting surprised by how real the sense of touch was. I knew about this from previous experiences with the sense of touch, but in this case, the ďomg this feels realĒ realization was a constant.

It's all about Choice, until someone gets lucid #6
2  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Itís all Games & Wars, until someone gets lucid #5 on: April 15, 2019, 03:29:10
I think that it is beneficial to write about your lucid dreams in order to encourage more of them. That and the results are a good sign that this is working for you.

I think that this LD is a good sign of progress.

I will offer a few observations on some possibly different perspectives you might consider about certain aspects in this experience. This is not definitive, just some ideas I offer for you to consider in this and future experiences. Within my own experiences, this is part of the change in thinking that I realized about certain parts of my LDs.

First, you realized the Ďgameí aspect which tells you something. Itís not a Ďgameí, rather you recognized the Ďartificiallityí of the event. It was being manufactured for you. This is what we recognize as a Simulation, a teaching event. Good; now you know the Ďfeel-thinkí aspect of the experience and what to look for in the future.

Having realized that, the Simulation was shifted to the next lesson and you experienced that Ďblankí moment...the scenario switched to the next event...and you recognized the shift from the Ďaliení environment. Another good recognition, and although you didnít fully recognize what was occurring, you dealt with it from both a cognitive and emotional level; are you beginning to see just how well you did on an almost subliminal or subconscious level?

Then you were killed...but that didnít automatically blow you out; you dealt with it from a NP level and re-started the LD; you utilized a distinct NP ability: re-starting and re-configuring a dream sequence. This is not a simple thing. Nice. You recognized the fact and this kicked your awareness up a notch.

The details of the next dream scenario are almost unimportant except that they served to offer a chance at full lucidity which you achieved- you realized you were dreaming. Additionally, you reached out and felt the texture of the fabric of his uniform and the fact of this kicked your awareness up another notch. What I want you to realize now is that all of these seemingly subtle realizations are actually very significant moments towards your progress in developing your Non-Physical Personality or Awareness. These actions are apparently parts of many dreaming recognition moments that are required to progress, and you realized many of them in this event, even if at a very subtle level. Kurt Leland describes these Ďdreaming levelsí very specifically in his book Otherwhere, so I can recommend that as a resource if you want to look for it.

This is how it works and it is a really cool process. You did really well in this one, so in your quiet moments be thankful and grateful and receptive for more experiences. Give thanks to those who are supporting you. Nicely done!


This is quite an insightful analysis, thank you for that. Really!
3  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Itís all Games & Wars, until someone gets lucid #5 on: April 14, 2019, 07:26:14
Is this a daily blog type site?
I'm interested.  Smiley

Itís just my website, far from a daily entry type thing, but I thought it could be interesting to publish some lucid dreams as a way to encourage more of them.
4  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Itís all Games & Wars, until someone gets lucid #5 on: April 14, 2019, 03:10:05
I seem to be moving fast [Ö] Iím exchanging fire with an alien entity! Itís an open, Mars like environment. There are shades of red all around. I feel like Iím in a game, with game characters, like itís a first person shooter of some sort. I can move around quickly, and dodge long distances while in confrontation.

Everything looks close to waking reality now

There seems to be a sudden blank in my dream recall [Ö] Iím in a new environment and it no longer feels alien. Everything looks close to waking reality now, very much real, and yet, there is still this feeling that Iím in a game.

Iím going down the stairs of what appears to be the inside of a building. At my left there is a soldier. I think he is with me. As we turn right, to the next flight of stairs, another soldier appears. He is coming up, and we immediately engage in physical confrontation!

I die, right then and there.

Out of nowhere, the soldier by my side betrays me! He draws a knife and stabs me with it. I die, right then and there.

Again, Iím going down the stairs [Ö], at my left there is a soldier. As I turn right, to the next flight of stairs, I notice a soldier coming upÖ ďThis is oddĒ, I think to myself. I feel like this has happened before. I must be dreamingÖ This is a dream! As soon as I realize that I am dreaming everyone freezes, and the tension and struggle felt in the air fades away. The soldier to my left now stands still, erect, with an empty look on his face, like someone who is staring at infinityÖ

Noticing this, I slowly place my left hand on his right shoulder. For a brief moment, Iím in awe of how real the fabric of his uniform feels in my hand. As I do this, he momentarily jumps scared.

I now try to speak, and notice Iím unable to do so. Intuitively knowing that I can instruct myself to overcome this, I try to do so, when suddenly, the dream collapses, and Iím shifted to waking reality.


Iím no more awake now then I was before, and I feel very excited to have had another lucid dream, knowing that my skills in reaching this state keep improving.
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