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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Re: Why Can't I Project? - A Experienced Perspecitive on: September 08, 2008, 18:21:06
thank you for sharing your personal experience. i enjoyed reading what you've written in this post...
no matter how much we learn there will be endlessly things to consume... especially within an existence much greater than us all =)
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Blacking out & it feels although i've gone for a couple of hours...... on: September 08, 2008, 05:24:01
 huh i'm new to the forum but have been reading different topics for a couple of weeks now... i only decided to register last night =) not long ago i was introduced by a friend to "astral projection" he gave me some links where i'd find myself reading and reading, fascinated i found myself being more drawn towards it.

I'd consider myself a pretty spiritual person, i believe in existence of higher beings and "personally" think that all "RELIGIONS" teach the same thing.. there are many GODS, but i think there is only one TRUE CREATOR. it's funny to see what this world has turned into, and the corruption that we find ourselves in... PURITY is hard to find now days (or then again, i could be making an assumption).


while bringing myself to a complete calm & relaxed state of mind, my eyes are closed and my room is dark, my breathing has calmed from "normal" mode & to a more stable calm mode (i think the correct terms would be something like from DELTA - ALPHA ... something along those lines) i feel 'energy' flowing through my body, and let them come naturally. my mind and my body is now relaxed, i am only focused towards the pitch black... often i'd find myself thinking of very random things... but then i'd brush it off my thought conscience.
I do sometimes think to myself if these are created within my own imagination or they naturally surface while i'm in that state of mind.

after looking @ blackness and being completely comfortable ... i *Think* i fall asleep .... only to find myself waking up within a couple of hours... often recalling parts of my dreams... as i child growing up i had a lot of dreams, and later on having the 'now and then' dreams... but since i've been practicing trying to achieve a successful AP, i find myself dreaming a lot more (could this be lucid dreaming)
but the only problem is... waking up feeling although "wth just happened" i black out completely and wake up as if i was still in the process of "looking @ black" and feeling relaxed & energy vibes.

I don't feel like i've fallen asleep and woken up, because i don't feel groggy or tired when i wake up... when i wake up from these so called black outs I feel although i had never "blacked out" can anyone relate or have been in a similar situation?Huh i think for me to successfully come closer to an AP is for me to overcome this blackout part... although it feels pretty good to wake up "Instantly"

sorry for the blabbing on, but some comments and feedback would be much appreciated. thank you

3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Did It Really Happen? on: September 07, 2008, 15:11:50
Ok.. i havnt really told anybody about this but my g/f because im scared people might think im weird... but anyways maybe 2 months ago.. i started trying astral projection, and stuff like that.. and it didnt work that well.. so i have gave up for a lil, and lately i have been depressed lately, because i cant talk 2 my g/f and alot of bad things have happend.. and the other night.. i was trying 2 goto sleep, but i just couldnt.. so like every 10-20 mins i turned my tv back on 2 watch it.. then about 12:00 i thought i was sleeping, and i saw this like white.. box.. and i heard this humming noise (it seemed just like the BRAINWAVE GEN) noise's and i focused on them, and they got louder.. then MUCH louder.. and i started shaking.. (i thought i was in a earthquake) Was those viberations?... Then a few seconds later... i could see THREW my eyelids.. and i felt like i was floating.. then suddenly i was doing barrel rolls.. and spinning so fast.. i thought i was n a tornado, or something it reminded me of that movie contant.. i was terrified 2 death, and scared.. did i have a OBE or what? please help me.. kthx

you should post your own topic and see what others have to say about your experience...
from what it sounds like, it sounds like a successful yet unprepared 'ap' =) i haven't had one myself but that sounds pretty cool.. to be able to ap by accident hehe. have you tried since that day?
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Involuntary Astral Projecting on: September 07, 2008, 15:09:09
i'm not sure what other members have posted about your question.. having a read about your story it sounds although there's more purpose for you, and right now it seems although you're still too afraid to let 'nature' take its place... it' wouldn't be everyday that someone is able to "naturally" possess or have the ability to AP on demand.. (so to speak)

purpose... fear... your deceased mother...
what it could also sound like is although there's a history in your family tree, passing onto you from your mother... and so forth...

this is just my personal opinion on what it could possibly be...
=) i hope all goes well, overcome yourself... as that is the only thing that is stopping you..

if you are curious as of why you were in that strange room, maybe you should project and go back into that very same room.. but this time look around your surroundings and see what you can pick up (you were only 13 when you first went there...) why not give yourself another chance.

all the best
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: I have a problem. on: September 07, 2008, 14:47:46
hi there darkangel,
in reply of your post.. i myself personally haven't had any successful ap/obe experiences. Although from experience i found myself in a situation similar to yours.. trying all different techniques & methods to reach a successful OBE (and still to find myself unsuccessful). from what it sounds like you will first need a more "positive" and more "patience" mindset before trying to enter the astral realm.

astral projection requires a lot of will power and patience, just because "we" are doing things to enhance or perhaps allow us to experience an AP (through meditation & hemi sync. beats) we need to "truly" allow ourselves to overcome "ourselves" (the mind). don't think about your nightmares or the scary situations you've found yourself stumbled upon, rather focus on the more positive thoughts and drawing a positive energy rather than a negative one.

1st thing = Let Go
2nd thing = Relax (mentally & physically)
3rd thing = don't just do it because you think it's COOL, do it because you truly believe there's more...

as for myself i have also found myself while in a relaxed state of mind that when i try to open my astral eyes, my physical eyes would open.. or earlier when practicing i'd find myself slightly opening my eyes because oppositely i was trying too hard to get a successful AP & see with my "astral vision".

the more you practice "control" and stability i think then you'll know when you are closer to having a successful AP.
i hope what i've written was useful or somewhat beneficial to your question. Smiley good luck though! i'd love to know once you've successfully AP. sounds although we're on the same boat / apart from the scary nightmares & the 7 years hehe
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