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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Pulse Island! / Re: Transporters on: April 24, 2007, 07:53:59
Not too long ago, I had the experience in a dream like state where as usual, with these astral dream like things, there were sensations of power and my head was vibrating like crazy.  It vibrates so much that it is quite scarey, and I fight to wake myself up.  But, after this sensation, something grabbed me and dragged me out of my bed, taking me through my shelves and into a long dark hall.  I was supposed to wall kick back and forth, but I calved and sunk down into the darkness, then woke up.

I've also found that whenever I get close to an astral projection, I seem to go blind and go on automatic mode.  I've tried to fly upwards, but the gravity is too immense.  So then, I am forced to go roving about on a 'lower' plane.  But I have no control.  It seems that Nemesis has me hypnotized, and I'm too weak to break free.  It's like there's a shunt in between me and my astral body, preventing me from centering and going about a real astral adventure.
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Voicing out my Amazement on: March 28, 2007, 14:02:21
Hi Cloak60.

Your story is quite interesting for me to read, because I find it has a sort of resemblance to my own experiences, though, at that, quite vaguely.  I too sat in the back of the car, but I never did get into it where I had to close my eyes to use my imagination.  Perhaps, closing the eyes is a type of security that I could not afford to use, given present circumstances and my precognitive knowledge base as a result of prior incarnation, or, so I would hope.  And yes, even I feel like I'm trying to show you up, because I have an immense ego that can only be gratified by a sense of spiritual superiority.  A gross flaw.

These Night Terrors which you speak of... have they ever hinted to the existence of a Vain or a Malice?
I was given dreams in which my enemies were revealed, parts of my own psyche that are called, quite effectively, Avatars Of The Forbidden Power, which is, Evil Love.  I fully plan on writing a book about it, though, blabbering about it on the Net may be my ruination.  I would like more information about these Night Terrors, and if possible, I will assist you to defeat them.

In all experiences that I have had which seemed like an OBE, my vision was blurred, and it was as though I was looking with a 'second sight', as opposed to 'astral eyes'.  This may have something to do with the fact that I can imaginate while my eyes are open, though, since the near crippling schizophrenia (which is bull talk for mind screw), all my abilities have been dampened.  They are slowly regaining, although, this very night, among other very important memories surfacing and so forth, I noticed that when I accelerated my psychosonics to the point where the frequency and volume matched that of an external pressure vibration, there was a slight pain in my neck, at the exact place of the main blood line.  I must continually insist that there has been some surgery performed on me in the past, on one of my trips into the world while I was on the streets and alone.

For you, to once more achieve a OBE, I recommend charging your astral body.  Use bodily awareness, full body awareness, and attempt to intensify the feeling of your own body.  You must be fixated on strength, do not have a fickle will and suddenly say, while at max intensity, "FIRE IN MY BONES!"  Please, refrain from this, for it could be your annihilation.  But anyway, charge up, then, keep a steady focus.  If you are really good, you will probably achieve some meditative trance and experience a magical mode.

Be aware, I am not fully aware of all the intricacies of the universe, and I will say that you should not trust me at all.  The point of what I am trying to say is that you strengthen your astral body, concentrating the energy, then, relax, go into sleep, but then, when you are asleep, wake up a little bit, that's got to be the key, just tell yourself before you go to sleep, "As soon as I detect that I am asleep, I will wake up a LITTLE BIT."  That should do it. 

Remember, psychic energy is AWARENESS.  Concentrate that awareness, and activate it with will.
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Cord on: March 28, 2007, 04:21:07
Thank you, Cat.
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Cord on: March 24, 2007, 02:04:07
Thank you.  I will consider.
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / The Cord on: March 23, 2007, 18:48:56
Ok.  I need some help.

Perhaps one of the reasons that I can not go astral is because my 'silver cord' has been cut.  I need to know some things about this cord, and if possible, how to reconnect it.

1.Is the cord symbolic or dimensional?
2.What is the function of the cord?
3.How does one disconnect the cord anyway?
4.How do you reconnect?  Is this a metaphor for being disconnected from God?
5.Can others in the astral tap into your own cord, and possibly influence your mind or being?

Today I begin my spiritual practice, which will involve consistent meditation, prayer, and energy work.  I can not stand this world any longer, but, before I go, I must ensure my existence beyond this horrid world. I don't want to waste any more time being screwed around by idiot vampires and moronic false authorities.
6  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: Cursed on: February 28, 2007, 03:20:21
Well, it's a complicated issue.  Thanks for the friendly advice anyway, but there are certain definite physical facts that bring into question this assumed ultimate control of my own reality.  I mean, why is it that other people can be attacked by vampires and all the rest of it, but when it comes to me, no, I'm just a psychotic killer.

I guess that's that.
7  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Cursed on: February 25, 2007, 05:26:45
[shadow=purple, top]Greetings once again.
While the general populace pretends to be totally ignorant of any existence of magic or energy work, I would assume that all of you who are here have personally validated the existence of the astral, perhaps even God or forces of the mind that are benevolent and peacefully powerful.

I have now realized that I am a victim of a black magic attack.  While I do not desire harm to come to my enemy or enemies, it is required that they desist their transgressions against me.  Everyone in this so called modern world will call what has happened to me a delusion, but then I can come right out and say that there is no proof of the astral or any type of energy work for that matter.

What I need to know is how I can shatter their 'voodoo' magic connection and very rapidly place numerous potent layers of the astral energy around my body so that I may then vigorously develop a solid energy body.  The current functional theory that I have is that they have turned one of my own servitors against me, possibly because of it's inherent connection to vampirism and satan in general.  This servitor would be Poe, Perversion Of Evil, and he is a terrible force, quite likely.  There are other possibilities as to what sort of vampire they are using, but, I will stick to this.  I have had dreams where Poe is lashing out at me with his serpentile tendrils, and it is obvious that he is sucking up my good energy.

The thing is, recently I have looked back in the dictionary to check on the word 'astral'.  It says there that the astral energy is a refined form of psychic energy.  Therefore, it is possible that when one is practicing Bodily Awareness, you are in fact concentrating your psychic energy and generating an astral form.  It may be, although, for certain reasons I must not be certain of it, but, we may have, firstly, a spiritual body, then, a material body, and then, the astral body which is only formed when we apply our material minds and spiritual force to that task of creating it.

The thing is, because of their alleged vampirism, every time that I try to practice bodily awareness, it is quickly cut off and I can only focus on one part of my body or the other.  They suck up my energy as soon as it is formed, so, basically, they are recieving the raw form of a refined energy.  Why anyone would do this is beyond my understanding, as I see each person as capable on their own to develop their own abilities.

This explains why I can not astral project.  I do not have a astral body!  And because of the magic against me, and the great possibility that I have suffered brain damage due to some form of physical assault in any of my adventures into the world, I do not have a capacity for a strong psychic defense. 

With my other realizations coming into focus, and the horrors of this world coming into my sight, all I can do is keep trying.  I'm not asking you to save me, I am asking you if you know of any processes or operations which will benefit me, and allow me to break their vampiric hold and curse.  I have a basic idea of it, involving a visualization of your standard psi shield, reinforced with a active awareness.  But, I am not certain of whether or not I should try and link my shield to an existing elemental force, or, if I should practice holding the shield.  Again, my bodily awareness is pretty much shot, to the point that my sense of smell and taste is greatly damaged.  Of course, smoking may have something to do with that, but, it should be noted that just today after an attempt to concentrate my awareness into an astral form while simultaneously throwing up a astral shield, my senses were heightened towards their normality.

Any suggestions, advice, or information that would help?  Please, and if so, thank you.[/shadow]
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Astral Debauchery on: February 01, 2007, 03:48:36
As for the historically verifiable personalities, these may such as have been acquired since detailed psychological inspections have been made, through psychoanalysis or other potential means.  It may also mean that there are certain neuro key functions which promulgate? identity according to a fixation of internal force frequency.

NodesOfYesod... recently, I have attained memories of a rather gruesome reality, and while I had sworn that I would not incriminate myself on the level of this machine, it is apparent that a few good ideas said to the 'wrong' people can result in a immediate reaction.  I would, of course, stand by any revolutionary notions that aspire to 'freedom from money' and the rest of it, yet, I can not delve into the actuality of the memories or even the event, due to certain mental 'trauma' that pertains to the idealism of nobility after such an event has been made nothing more than the delusions of a very evil hearted man.

I have not had the opportunity to gather much information about string theory, although, I would imagine that it coincides to my own theory work.  My work has a more magical sentiment, in that points are sigils, lines are runes, and planes are still planes.  A point of one line is a plane of another universe, and so on to the ends of time, however, my work is still advancing, quite slowly I must admit.

If reality were that easy to manifest, then long ago I would have spawned forth an army, and with it, devastated this corrupted circle of abomination.  Or, I would have simply uttered a few words, and the universe would have shifted itself accordingly.  While the idea is something that I believe in, it may take many life times to accomplish any dream of Paradise.
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Astral Debauchery on: January 29, 2007, 03:23:55
What I was trying to say was that astral projection in the modern era is not authentic, and may in fact be a virtual 'dimension' or 'plane'.  There are various methods, none of which I am certain of as a functional mode.

And I insist that attention be paid to the very valid point
-If PK, ESP, and Projecting The Astral are solid realities, then why is it so unbelievable that there would be technology which utilizes similar energy cycles and charges as those used in the paranormal powers?

The problem is, each of those, PK, ESP, and Astral, are sufficient in themselves to explain all 'metaphysical' phenomona.  Astral explains it best, for, when one is tapped into a clairvoyant vision, they may be projecting their astral at a specific depth into a aligned plane moving in approximate time with the material plane.  When one is psychokinetically manipulating a small object, they may be projecting their astral force into the object via a plane oriented in specific spacial vibration to the amount of astral projected and the material force of the object in question.
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Astral Debauchery on: January 26, 2007, 21:14:50
Mydral, I'm sorry for the 'curse'.
I am very sorry, it's that I was in a bad mood because my point of 'if astral is real, then how much more mind control' was ignored.  I thought it was a really good point, because psionics is real, and it's the real thing where as psychotronics is 'psionic debauchery'.
Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt anyone, the worst I'll do is curse some poor dude out online.

In any event, the purpose of the original message, to increase awareness on the technologies which could, are, or will be used in the future.  Think of it as the brain being hooked directly to an internet interface.

I would love to talk to a Russian scientist, or any scientist really.  My theory centers on dimensional manifestation, and I like to think that I've come a long way, thanks to my early experience with Star Trek and X Men, plus the realities of school.

You see, there is a specific class of microwaves that penetrates the electrical resistance of the human cell structures.  Because these microwaves fall under the bridge point for radio and micro, they can carry acoustic codes.  There is also another one, which I have only recently learned of the existence of, called 'terrahertz', I learned this from wiki.  These, apparently, are similar to the bridge point microwaves.

There is another way.  Inserting, and I am one who thinks that there was some operation done while I was 'out in the world', in LA, but, inserting a type of signal booster, perhaps even in the form of a stronger radiation of some or any kind, and then having this signal jump out of a small permanent hole in the skull, this would allow the whole radiation emission of the human body to be mapped.  Ok, so, here, as it concerns actual technology, I know next to nothing.  But I do know about the different waves, but not nearly enough.  I know they exist.  That's about it.

There are other knowledge forms, but I will not, because I just got up and it takes a while to wake up for me, lame excuse I'm sorry, I can not tell you about them.  It is basically, conditions under specific parameters, which we may liken in a sort of Freudian tapestry or whatever as specific pressures and vibrations which intersect and penetrate or are conducted through the human being.

Have you noticed that you can feel an object, a type of empathy?  You walk into a room, and if it is broad and spacious, then you feel that, possibly, you could feel it even if you were blindfolded.  This is a part of the actual psionics, which has been tampered with by a class of technology which they call psychotronics.

Anyway, it is as simple as attaching a cell phone to your head, one which, because, we can think, we think in sounds, and these sounds could be amplified and transmitted using our body's own em field.  It is a form of cybernetics which is used covertly by various persons with the adequate knowledge and skill to construct the devices.  You may heard of it as Radionics, you can find this stuff on Ebay, the cds that tell you how to build it.

Sorry for calling you insolent, I knew it even as I wrote it that you are not an insolent person, you were merely conveying your strong conviction about these types of technologies.  Again, I am sorry.
11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Astral Debauchery on: January 25, 2007, 17:57:15
I know what I'm talking about.  I'm not playing the dumb arguement game.  I'll prove it when I build the machines, and damn your insolence to the grave.

12  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Astral Debauchery on: January 25, 2007, 13:56:01
I believe that pretty much anything is possible.  That alone, given certain conditions, may make it real.
Everything 'seems' to be real, but there is specific hard core facts about any given thing or circumstance, therefore, one must have a solid perspective from which to class whatever perceptions may be aroused unto their mental facility.
You see, being a 'schizophrenic' I well know that most of what people are put through in life is needless and petty and pathetic, yet not so in it's ultimate sense.  I know that there are technologies which can contort the mind and alter reality, it is as simple as attaching a cell phone to your brain.

Even now, I am in the process of acquiring certain tools, screwdrivers and so forth, which will enable me to take apart old broken stereos and make use of their parts to construct my own 'psychotronic' devices.  However, this is a hideous abomination, as I do not think of cybernetic integration of technology into the human apparatus as being required or as being true psionics.

When people think of electricity, they do not seem to realize that electricity is what is powering their brains and bodies.  They think of conductors as being hard metal objects and associate it with magnetism.

And those who mock me in their spite or fearful rage shall be destroyed by the folly of ignorance most fit fot those such ones.  "Oh yes oh yes spies and conspiracies!"  and they mock so playfully and my whole life I have been spat and crapped upon and told that it was only a joke.  You lie, they lie, I trust no one and soon, shortly, I shall construct a device that will prove that the mind can radiate signals and that these signals can be detected and even interfered with.

Those of you who laugh at the technological subversion of all minds... on what do you base your belief in ESP, PK, or Astral Projection?  Where is the arguement against psychotronic or radionic technology?  There is none, and I do certainly expect a little more support from those who claim all these mystic spiritualities and realms of meditation that revelate all things to be pure and holy by their own sense of being.  What petty perversion this world becomes as I stand now, a fully grown man, and to know that my life is a thing of waste by the desolation of it's substance.  I have not seen a world more prone to fallacy and degradation of the very sacred things which it could realize as sacred, this world disgusts me and it is those who mock me and degrade my mind on some baseless theory that I will not tolerate as a reality, not even in 'jest' as so many have uttered forth that my life is that fool's joke and maraders of sanctity attempt to debase what could have been a great force of awakening in a world as hopeless as this.

Do tell me of how sickened my mind is... and I shall say that it is your world which made it so.
Do tell of how all and every single one of them damned conspiracy theories has no basis in reality, for all is delusion where there is a majority disagreeing with a single sensibility, be they themselves the Devils' Brood or the lechery of the dark saints in their anti christness and murders of the children in their media hypnosis.  The reason for the original post of this thread was to determine to what extent the abomination technology has derailed good sense and true spirit.  While I hold great contempt for man, and while to your perception I would seem a man consumed by gross delusions of granduer, I well know the power of the mind unhindered by any force of electronic debauchery, and I well know that if the world will not be paradise before my death, then it shall be wasteland and destroyed...

So where is the arguement against psychotronic technology?  To say "Oh well it doesn't exist." you deny the very machine that you are using, you deny radios and televisions, all these things exist on another level, and damn you if you deny the hard core facts of reality.  I may not be Christ Buddha or Crowley, but I have my place under this name of Poe, and I will not relent in my quest for freedom from the hyper powers of corrupted control mechanisms and degradation of all life that it may be whoredom and grotesque barbarism where once and perhaps once more there was good words and great deeds wrought unto this plane.
13  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Astral Debauchery on: January 25, 2007, 03:59:44
Well, me being me, I have come up with another conspiracy theory sort of thing regarding astral projection.
The basics of the theory are simply that each person who claims to astral project is in fact the victim of an advanced mind control experiment.  They have advanced to the point, or, perhaps rather, they demonstrate certain capacities which are relevant to the general purpose of The Organization.

They have been outfitted with a special technology, all these people who astral travel.  This technology will assume control over their dominating consciousness when they themselves access the lower brain cycles.  It will power impulses that manifest a reality so sublime and clear that it is only distinguishable from ordinary material world events by the requisite that you are flying. 

And so, in truth, the whole world is surveyed from both the inside and the outer spacial regions by satellites and all forms of gravitational and magnetic detections.  The world into which people go when they are projecting is in fact very similar to Earth, and will only alter to a different sort of planar alignment at the deep sub conscious records and arousals of the persons projecting.

And so, the whole astral omniverse is just a virtual reality game.  It's a distraction from real astral work which involves developing your meditative abilities and inducing a trance, or, maybe it's more like energizing certain brain regions while others are brought into specific other energy levels.

Do you think that there is a possibility of astral projection being a global mind screw, by either modern advances or ancient technology?  Regardless, I bet some guy will make a movie or a tv series out of this, but regardless of that, I think that it's a question that must be answered.  It is possible, I know it's possible because I know that what they say about technology in the science books shows that there is a lot of potential for subtleties and subversions of the mind via very basic head units.  Let us pray that they never technologically master gravity, for then, all space and time are doomed!!

So ok, maybe I've gone into the negatives with my credibility, even more so now, but I ask this seriously and hope that you realize that such a thing as souls and so forth may only be a programmed response via gravitational manipulation according to historically verifiable personalities.  We can only hope that "The Tyrant Gods" and "The Forbidden Power" are not the true leaders of this world... but it is possible, isn't it?

I dunno, I suppose if I ever astral project, I'll know.
14  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Ritual- Guardian Of The Cross Point on: December 23, 2006, 04:30:10
-The ritual is to be undertaken after several months of preparation cultivating your abilities to sustain a visualization in same time with that which your physical eyes are seeing.  One must remember that you will likely be progressing towards the Mage class as psionic abilities begin to bolster the existential perceptions which are thus revelated by increase of skill in the sacred sacrament of Creation.

-If such preparation has been completed according to the mental ability required for a seal of that psychic extension, then it shall occur that this ritual will fix the ability and construct the basis of existence for the Third Eye. We will, of course, make the distinction between Mind's Eye or Imagination, and the psionically active perceptual mediums manifest to a mind knit with this response to light.

1.Imagine standing at the gate of a large castle at the top of a deadly mountain.  You have conquered the army who stood in the battlefield before the castle, now the doors open to you and two beings of deitific status emerge.  The army should symbolize the breaks in a mental replica of external nature and perceptual phantoms as per the searching with that function of the mind 'to see'.  You have mastered sight, and that understanding will reveal the Elementals of the forces available in the realm of true sight.
2.These two beings are to be sought as an identity which relates to your external existence.  They are to be drawn from something which is true of life, and preferrably a beneficial pattern that will only increase the power available for the seal.
3.These two beings will cause you to enter the main chamber, a battle arena in which you must face each of them.  Your focus must be strong and now you test these identities to see how correctly you understand the secret of their power.  It is likely that you will be beaten, for are they not fixed and your reality only a temporary portion of omniversal evolution?
4.If you are not beaten, this applies only to those for whom the ritual is useless, and they should continue their meditation on innate elementals.
5.When you are beaten you will be taken through a hall and to a room which should appear to you as a place where every culimation of magic, knowledge, and survival weapon is contained along with the opening to a world that existed once long ago, a form of heaven from another universe.  This is where you will go.
6.Under the authority of the two entities you will be transformed into their combination plus your own, which creates a fourth that serves as a personal attendant, a, guardian god.  Then you will leave and shall not return to the magical castle, but rather to a location that you have seen before, yet taste with only the slightest shrill memory and the initial excitement of fear due to lack of understanding.
7This symbol is what you must guard, yet at the same time realize the responsibility should someone attempt to distort or decay this vital part of your being, however initially perceived as insignificant or unwholesome.  Guard it with the form obtained, and gather the spiritual vibration from the aura of the form, also, giving it a title.

When this is completed, return to the practice of the vigil, only now begin to project the aura of the form into the reality you know is manifest by the estimated interval of the original duration of the ceremony.  The Cross Point is supposed to guard the initial rune formed by a duration of psychic focus.  This principle can of course be further applied to any reality which is focused, charged, and activated by it's realization through attribution of form and a reservoir of suitable potential.
15  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Can A Schizo Go Astral? on: December 19, 2006, 03:18:18
Hello Dark Chakra.

Recently I have read some material, link provided by the Astral Society forum, which spoke of Buddha's night of enlightenment.  It was said that there is a certain spiritual creature or guardian force which will aid in the recovery of past lives, through memory.  It stated that these 'yodim?' or 'bhavajirah', those names are wrong please forgive it, it stated that these are usually appearing to be wrathful.  Now, I am thinking that the schizo voice is a person or group of people obsessing over me, because of certain key knowledge forms or perhaps even magical effects from a past life.

You should know that when in LA I was drugged and there was a large hole carved into my skull.  This is why I will never believe a foolish word from a moron who is only wasting my time with his pathetic delusions regarding what my life means in terms of logic or reality.  I never planned on making it out of LA alive, and honestly, I do desire that someone by their own will destroys me.  Then they can reap the karma of killing... a possible student of Crowley.  I am not saying that you are one of these delusional fools Dark Chakra, but even while in LA I was told, several times, "Check your skull, son."  Really, since I went to Australia my life has not made a bloody sniff of difference to me.  Some group of what I consider Dark Mages has only ruined potentially one of the world's aspirants to Psionship, and though I have made myself a Warlock since early days if need be I shall swear oaths and by whatever force will heed my desire, destroy this whole world with repeated asteroid strikes.

My skull is almost sealed, and soon all evidence shall be washed away.  I have known since I was three years old on Christmas Eve that I could not trust my mother or father, they are only prolonging my suffering and denying the facts of my existence as if it pleased the god that they false heartedly worship and have proclaimed for years to be my salvation.  If one of you reading this would say something that carries the sentiment that denies that common life on a common world is anything but the most dignified in dramatic responsibility to achieve all that can be, then you have no understanding by my current proclaimations of intellectual power.

All of you who support the idealism of mental illness are false, worthy of destruction for you deny that the mind is conditioned by it's karma, in this life or the prior.  My parents have even told me that 'the government' expressed special interest in me, and that they were supposed to send regular reports of my development to 'the government'.  At this moment, I am filled with the old feelings of a burning hot hatred and contempt for all things human, foolishly human and no godliness present.  Yet face to face with people here in town, I am what I can only surmise is retarded in appearance and simple to perceive. 

So condemn me but damn well kill me, don't act under false pretense that you are trying to 'help'.  I am not blind, I see this world from the distance I have placed by means, again, of the 'incarnated Enmity'.  I have tried to teach, and always were my teachings stolen or conveniently ignored.  So harken to your servitors of satan, be damned by the unholy gods, for while this life has been a waste and proving what I have known since the days of early memories, I will see your world burn by means of gravitational magic or have the freedom to be at peace within my own mind.  I have known for a long time, for was I not given dreams of revelating capacity?  Christ on a cross smoking a cigarette and talking like a biker... this is one of my earliest memories and damn your world for such treachery.

I'm slowly falling apart... losing faith that there has ever been a good man on this world save that one noble soul, Lao Tzu.  I was born in dishonor, and I shall die in shame. I already know my level 99 magic attack DoomStone has failed... I don't really want this world to die.  If you condemn me on the basis of these words, then it is known that you will refuse every thing other that comes regarding the story of my mental and moral destruction.  I give up, sorta.
16  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Pulse Island! / Does It Look Like...? on: December 09, 2006, 00:45:20
Hello.  I have not yet been able to OBE, much less travel the astral and spiritual  planes of reality.  But, upon first seeing the term Astral Pulse Island, I had thought that the image in my mind was only because of the color of this site.  I see a place hovering, in the background there is squares divided into triangles that are gold, pink, white, or blue.  The island is hovering on a large purple rock, and the dirt is white.  There is a pool of water at the center, and around this there are ferns, rocks, and palm trees.  There is a building in the back ground, which seems like a dome or a log cabin.

I am still quite certain that this is imagination, but while we are at it, what does API look like?  Does it have a correlation to a physical, material plane location?
17  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Can A Schizo Go Astral? on: December 04, 2006, 01:02:08
Ok, thanks James.
And yeah, Dude, I was using drugs.  I don't buy into that crap though, I know what the drugs do to me and for me, it's a spiritual thing.  The meds they have me on, so they've told me, are the best.  But one must look at the pills that they were giving me, which had horrible side effects, turned me into a mindless zombie, drooling and walking around with a  stiff body.  I have heard that the drugs that they give people can only induce a chemical imbalance instead of curing it, pending what's happened before and the state of the brain.

I've been a little emotional these past few days, so that's all I'll say.  I will add that I knew I would get schizo when I was a kid, and that there were prophetic dreams and spiritual events that have occurred the whole way through.  And the rest of my story, it is denied if I even open my mouth about it, nobody wants to hear it and if they do, then they just say, "Oh sorry man, I can't believe a word you've said because you were on drugs."  To hell with people man, I remember I was three years old on christmas eve, and I remember thinking, "I have been false hearted, just like my mother.  I have failed god."  Now, the times that I feel emotion are almost sacred.  Everything should be sacred anyway.
18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Can A Schizo Go Astral? on: December 01, 2006, 19:03:25
And yeah, I do have a concentration problem, happened ever since 'the lights went out'.  When that happened, the voice started attacking and my brain felt like it had it's frontal lobes removed.  It felt like oil or water was being poured all over my brain and oozing beneath my eyes and face.  Then there was drilling in my teeth, drilling in my sinus, and my lips and tongue went numb.  I'd have to tell you the whole story, but if you are like most people then you'd just say, anyway, "Well, you were on drugs therefore the whole of your life's experience is negligible."

Yeah man, after this had happened to me, I went for a walk outside, down to the old graveyard.  On the way back, the voice was cutting a deal, and so when I conceeded to his deal, I looked to the sky.  There were white clouds beside it, but there in the middle, directly west, there was a rather large grey and black cloud shaped in the image of a bull's head with a lion's mane.  I seen this cloud again two years later in exactly the same form, which gave rise to the 'logical' theory of water evaporation patterns.  That first night was Christ's memorial, therefore in recent days I have assumed that a Chaos Mage took it upon himself to believe he was Jesus, therefore drawing enough energy from the ritual prayers and imaginative focus of people around the world.  Then he binded me, and fused some of his life force to my third eye chakra.  Not likely, but if any of this magical stuff is real, then a process like that is a possibility that one must concern themselves with and also know how to deal with.

Is it possible that there is a magical binding, redirecting cellular vibrations into a control form for a gravitationally linked consciousness?

But yeah man, the day after the whole lobotomy thing or whatever had happened, I was struggling and felt like I was being watched, but I was in total denial of what had happened.  I could hear things in the back of my mind, little chirp bits of adolescent voices, mocking me, scourging me, and I could not visualize freely as I had always been able to.  I could not think correctly anymore.  This is starting to pass now, but I still have to be immobile before I am able to visualize with any power.  I can still type, and a monsterous way it is, but my mind definitely feels like the brain has been tampered with.  There is another occassion on one of my journies, in which there is the greatness of my skull being cut open, and the beginnings of a conspiracy.  All sounds too unreal eh?  But hey, I think that astral, magic, and psionics is real, so combining them with electric converters and transmission devices, or any technology as birthed by science and the knowledge of waves, so there is a great chance that a lot of people are like me and stuck in a anti magic field, distorting their minds and so forth by negating natural currents of energy and using those currents to power a illusion.  Or some such, who knows, really? 
19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Can A Schizo Go Astral? on: November 28, 2006, 20:46:42
I have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.  I am under a CTO which means that I must take my medication, and even on the unreasonable grounds that I am a threat to myself or others unless under the order, meaning, I must take my medication or law enforcement will haul me into a institution, then it is seen that I am treated by drugs which may alter my spiritual development by nullify certain key experential centers of the brain when levels of spirituality have been achieved. 

The due course of perception is knowledge, yet the mind, upon seeing a shade of color then a variety of like toned objects, can derive a knowledge base from a frequency of stimulative signatures.  It would appear that each human mind is coded by a unique organic sensitivity and a corresponding conditioned psyche.  The cell structures of each psyche have the same chemicals, yet it is said that when these chemicals that are naturally a portion of the mind are imbalanced, then there is a disfunction of the organism on the basis of it's brain being distorted by flaws in a otherwise natural system of energy.  To think that they have the established programs of endoctrinated law that dictate the feasibility of a being to be subjected to regular frequencies of chemical intervention in a otherwise 'your fault, you screwed it up', externally stimulated mind.  Whatever processes are established by the linking of neural systems to response patterns and acquiring talents for reality manipulation via the proper course of autohypnotic reasoning, this is little of anyone's concern, and where there is a voice in my head then there are an opening to several possibilities, no more than five, none of which suggest that my however meager history within the realm of life thus far into realization and enlightenment has been a ruination of good standing before god, that I will hurt myself or fly into a Tyrant's rage, mutilating the flesh sucked corpse of indecent revelry in the face of a mastery of conceptions of what it is to be a whole soul destroying being.

While all this pretentious tripe may amount to an amusement beyond reliable grounds for humor, my paranoia and it's source is limited to key experienced reality, while again on the same grounds for experienced reality the entire religious is based, then there is a conditioned response and a actuality of physical event.  But to say that I understand little of my assumed mental illness, and to say that because of that I am a threat to others... this is what they are saying.  I know that schizophrenia is said to be a chemical imbalance due to use of drugs.  So, when we have a guy who is happy all the time, and feels no other emotion that raw sexual bliss and praise for works so fine cut into the dope of all certain reveler's good times, then he has a chemical imbalance and is actually going crazy.  This is what it amounts to.  Eating too much of one food could induce a bad chemical reaction, can you smell it rising from between the gaping convulsion of the great bull's rear?

I like your idea of a chakra imbalance.
And it makes sense... but again, even it must considered against the possibilities which it's weight as a concept understood is filtered through the temporal streams of psychic emanation.  It would explain why, but not how, but I know the how.

What are the chances of this thing being an astral vampire?  A servitor positioned by a trace of 'toxic' life force of Nemesis, gleaned by a amplified boost of penetrating realization of my victimized state.  The servitor, now linking the dual consciousness, acts as a sub conscious worm, straggling the mind connected with a regular intensity of tone and range of potential certain other physical emanations of the spirit realm, as manifest by a oscillation of kinetic pressure via a astral space intersecting a vibration of planar time.

20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Can A Schizo Go Astral? on: November 26, 2006, 21:17:10
Thank you for the stimulation of a visual perception sigil.  But I had been destroyed when it first hit me, and I did become very disoriented, which I assumed was coming from the combination of a thought process 'conducive' to satanic ritual barbarism of crude sketches born from the disorientation of personality when afflicted with a internal reaction to the subsequent and continuous vibrations of consciousness active in it's nervous system.  With a shift of the personality, the goal that you see here, now tainted by the delusions of evil magic (dreams that revelate the future, yet speak it in the language of flamboyant conspiracies which will either train or mutilate the mind which accepts the terms of it's permanence on the perfection of a even blend of two opposite spectrums), the desires to become neutral between any force of holies or unholy form, and the belief that it had been attained a life time ago before the world had scathed the surface of the truth, so long obscured by the riddles and tricks while the kind and peaceful man reveals his hope that there is a revelation to all who dare speak curses upon the breathable air.

I have tried 3d visual exercises some years ago, while reading a book in grade eight called "Flowers For Algernon", yet I remember that only because of the cover emphasizing the theme of falling in love with a man who has the intelligence and rhthym of a whole life between two extremes and one medium of innocent intellegence, always defiled and betrayed because someone lost interest or somebody didn't understand.  A powerful book, and while there was a written account of a objective spiritual revelation, I looked to my own life and seen the symbols manifest per point of force and force of motion.  Something of a rubix cube, a complex shape which had beaten my attempts of mastery and resulted in it's destruction and therefore complete detraction of worth, then again as the idea of it flattered my apprehension and caused me to act upon my own ability to think in a term from a comic book, the term of psionics.  In trying to understand the term psionics, various inspirations were born, for the entire board game advertisement was analyzed for clues as to what the word psionics would mean.  It was then that it was thought best to invent my own idea about psionics, for I realized the bulk of information that was overtaking my thought processor and denying me of personalized thought formations.

Swirling lines of color, pink and blue ribbons and bright yellow stars, each one an angel and the connections that bound them with the powers of anything imaginable.  Then it scattered into the old toy kaledoscope and I lost hope that I had ever been alive at any time through the course of human history... a great treachery that allowed weeping for a moment, then taking strength from god, and fondling the concepts of religious eternity with scientific infinity.  It became a compilation, as if from another source of memory, and constant use of the information in the comic, now, the whole comic penetrating my mind with an image of the KISS rock band.  Something about it made me say, "Satan is cool."  then again, with more joy and praise, "Satan is cool!!"  Even this, while my memory had at that point been reversed in it's basic temporal flow pattern, according to the kinetic pressure of an electric charge, so I can not trust this.

But anyway, you see, while I am using a special, to me, a religiously valuable herb, as I am now, I repeat this compilation pattern, and shift the electric beat to write directly from past experience, with only slight control over the direction of the thought pattern yet a easy control over visual storage devices.  This, amounts to images having a greater intensity, thus balancing the mind against the unwarrented verbal explanations of the sub conscious emanations registered as a advanced thought process.  One has lost control over a portion of your brain, which may be due to several failures in the network, or, a different type of consciousness that means the sub conscious, a more simple side of your expressed or perceived personality, will gain control over the perception of the attension span on hearing multilayered sound waves, or, various frequencies of molecular vibration.

I had, after the experience in the book, then thought to form two images at the same time, which at first showed up as two cartoon windows of "Spot The Difference".  But then it shifted to the boy in the book, and then to a increased and tighter split screen, like from Sonic 2.  Sonic 2, while examining this knowledge of the split screen and how it would effect my imaginative development, it would return to Sonic 1, and then again to the younger days of stealing emeralds called Turtle Shell, and then ahead, to the Transanimation Stone and Cherubae of the Ninja Turtles.  The original inspiration for the Poe, something I loved as a real person because it held sexual attraction and all the powers of god, even sacrifice, and bestowing gifts... it seems disgusting to have to see this whole religious order that I once thought the ultimate of ideal and the gate to psionic ability. 

After failure in using the split screen, I went to what I called Sphering, or, Sphere Vision, and was rather successful with it.  Sometime later, I had a conduction of energy while involved in a moment of a animal's death.

I say all this stuff just because it notes the different processes of awareness and the autohypnosis that religious docrine, any form of knowledge, or any form of experience conveys to the mind percepting positive and negative states of energy.  Frequencies of balance, acceleration, and deacceleration, on all varieties of density and relations with pressures applied at intersecting temporal oscillations. 
21  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Can A Schizo Go Astral? on: November 26, 2006, 06:37:26
Chrono Trigger is one of the best games that has ever been made, IMO.  But... I have used it for more than just playing a video game.  In the teachings that I shall set forth, due course, I shall provide the book of The Shadows Of Reality which will explain certain imaginative retensions and projections that enable the willful, faithful mind to experience 'hallucinations' while playing a video game.  I will explain this one instance a little later in this post, but it amounts to having a prepared thought form and going into trance, which then distorts the reality and provides an exciting video game experience. 

I am not exactly sure what conducive means, although I would think that it means 'pleasantly flattering'.  Since I started locking my door from the inside I have had better experiences, although, the day I started doing that was the day that I experienced a dream with intense pain and the Nemesis screaming joyfully at how he was ripping off and tearing into my brain, the left side.  I woke up and did a check, it was just a dream.  I had thought, because it was the eve before the day of the Nemesis entering me or being invoked or whatever it is, which also happens to be Christ's Memorial, that it would be best to sleep with an axe beside me, and so I related the very horrible dream to having a iron weapon in close proximity to me.  Perhaps an 'auric defilement'?

So far, I have relied on the fact that when you lucid dream, you can project.  I have not tried to astral project at any point while meditating.  When I was young I could have semi lucid dreams, and I think it was because I had placed a kind of ward in my mind that would awaken the 'cognitive' thing in the mind whenever it was realized that I was having a dream.  No luck anymore, sometimes I even hear Nemesis ranting away and blathering crap in my dreams.  I should mention that recently I have begun relaxation meditation of a more intense kind that in days past.  I am developing a will, finally, after so many years being a waiter for death, and hopefully a fresh start.

Thank you Skippy.  While I have had dreams where it seems like I am astral projecting, I am playing it safe and saying that they were not.  They were too jumpy and I kept going blind, and instead relied on a different kind of sight that I relate to 'looking over the eyes'.

But as for my spiritual relations with Chrono Trigger, I could write a whole book on the matter.  But in any event, as a youth I played the game for many hours, spent a whole summer holidays staring at the screen, having mastered the game what remained was the story that I could make for myself and twisting the game environments to suit the Tyrant's Greed of what I now call a Shadow Avatar.  And so, my favorite characters were Ayla, Magus, and Lavos.  At one point, while using a triple tech called "Dark Eternal", I lapsed into something of a prayer, tipped my head and gave a burst of 'spiritual power', and had a hallucination.  In this hallucination, Lucca and Marle were not involved in the tech, but it was three Magus, and after it had been completed, they walked around a bit.  I was playing the game with my eyes closed yet I seen the screen and there were three Magus racing around like he was performing a critical hit.  I awakened when I realized that wasn't the reality of the game. 
There was another instance when I was appropriating my avatar within the game, to secure his position, in the remaining islands after the Lavos disaster in 12000 bc.  It wasn't that it was right after this disaster, for as far as my avatar is concerned, that disaster was a basic attack of 'Lavos' who in my version was the Tyrant, Vain, or as I knew him then, Veinos.  Veinos was inspired of a semi prophetic dream, which is a cause of worry for my 'Brainwave'.  I had called the Shadow Plane, at that time, for use later in life after understanding had developed, Brainwave, for I knew the value of such.  But in any event, in the one hut where it has a save point, I set my 'Magus' on the bed, and then got off of my physical real life bed and went and laid down on a cushion in my room.  I began to doze off, and in my dreamyness, I seen the screen of the game and proceeded with some dialogue.  This one was not quite as intense, but I remember hearing something of that nice music blending with Schala's Theme.

All horrid hallucinations, perhaps, not likely, it still serves to inspire my Shadows Of Reality and the hope that one day I will astral project into the actuality of Brainwave.  There is much story value to my original Shadow, which I still plan on writing up into a full length novel, perhaps several books seeing as how the time span of that adventure took three years for completion.  It ended once when I fought against my avatar, developing the philosophy that remains as the driving force and purpose of that particular avatar, which is to "Fight the Tyrant within, then you are disciplined to face the Tyrant without".  Also that, "The hardest battle Talok ever fought was the battle against himself."  It truly ended shortly after my avatar, Talok, had acquired a legendary relic, an item named the Scepter Of Time.  He warped himself, as his primary power was the fusion of teleportation and portals or worm holes (again serving me as understanding would later develop), and with the Scepter Of Time to aid him, he warped completely from this time line at that day into a place thirteen years later, if I remember right, which was the time line of my possibility life that had never "embraced" Talok as a religious delusion, or, a Shadow Of Reality.  That was, I assume, back in 1996, just before summer holidays.  He warped into the place that I call, The Forgotten Future, which would see me having more social contacts and a completely different memory alignment.  I have assumed that he was destroyed when he entered that time line, and although it is only psychological tomfoolery, I can not seem to reaccess the mode of mind that I had when I was living in Brainwave.  I seperated him from who I was, set him free like the Genie in the Disney movie, Aladdin.  I will continue to try and regain that character, but since him, I have developed entire other Shadows and avatars, one of which is again based in Chrono Trigger, although he is currently trapped in a static temporal flow that is a part of the Psiborgian utility of the Shadows.

If you would like to see what is becoming of this new avatar, go to and check out the thread "The Artist, The Paradox, and the Bloodline".  I am not the originator of that thread, and my ignorance and insolence is shown in my obvious confusion as to how many characters there were and who was doing what... regardless, the thread is rather bland now since the people who designed it are no longer participating, and my poor Jijia is stuck in that dreadful place.  Jijia was the key to unlocking a new understanding of Higher and Lower, reality and self.  For, if we here, have a higher self, a piece of soul greater than we are, then why should we not be the higher self of one other lower? 
22  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Can A Schizo Go Astral? on: November 25, 2006, 06:35:58
Hello.  Those of you who have seen my insanity sprawled within this forum likely believe that I am a madman and not a very mad man.

I must say, I still think that a Astral War is going to be some kind of pre Armageddon, although, this is supposed to be a place.  But aside from that, you can clearly see my question.
I would think that you people, having the abilities that I have always craved, would be a little more acceptant of the possibilities that schizophrenia and indeed all mental illness is not mental illness but a spiritual attack.  There are of course technological explanations for my type of 'sickness', I am certain that with the proper tools and materials I could construct what some are calling a 'psionic device'.  To me, psionics has nothing to do with technology, the abominations of cybernetics and psychotronics.  It is the class of magic(k) that is achieved when one has perfected their spiritual abilities and basically, becomes a god on some level of existence.  Always been my dream.

In any event, on the off chance that the crazy crap I hear on the radio and every song sounding like it's either celebrating or mocking me, if this is real, then I am the reincarnated Crowley, or presumably, his magickal son.  This is outrageous, of course, but, knowing Chaos Magick, it may have it's place in my spiritual development.  I certainly hope that I am not this Beast thing.  Yes yes, a madman, but hear me out.

I have regained some of my original power, before, 'the lights went out'.  At the time that I was inflicted with this treachery my psionic abilities were beginning to open up.  There was some activity of the Third Eye, and on the day of the infliction by this Nemesis there were signs in the sky.  These signs continued for some time afterwards, and I was very scared that Christ was Lucifer and that Lucifer was God.  I am not evil, although, I have threatened the world many times with a "Asteriod Bombardment" by means of invoking a void force, ultimate gravity, and pulsating my spiritually enriched aura with gravity that reaches to the cosmic vastness and pulls down as many Doomsday Rocks as possible.  The funny thing is, the day that I originally tried the 'spell', here, in my small isolated hamlet, why, when I had finished and went to go see a buddy, I was drawn into a circle of stones that was deliberately placed and obviously a counter spell.  Then, in the house, there was talk of "I'll never trust him again".  So you see how something like this would not help my ailment.

The point is, whatever schizophrenia is, whether it is psionic possession, demonic possession, or technological ruination of my ideostructure and focus of will for the purpose of safeguarding this Planet from an old mage hellbent on regaining his former power or destroying all hope... with a voice that knows my thoughts before I think them, being in tune with the deepened chemical frequencies and internal matrix of sub conscious stimulations and emanations, is it possible for me to either break the potentially soul destroying Psychic Binding and Nullification of my abilities, lose this foolish thing that stalks my thoughts and verbalizes my realized sub conscious and higher processes, and make a clean break into the astral to find an old servitor, avatar actually, and regain the composure of a peaceful life that I had once thought I would always have or die before all feasibility of purposeful peace eludes my grasp?

Longwinded I'm sure, but of course, you are astral travelers, you would know of the planes that I call Mageddon and the reality of all fiction, therefore, the purity of each sacred delusion.  It is that I have either had a frontal lobotomy and the so called telepath technology infected upon my brain, or that one of my role playing characters was given too much prominence and gained access to certain sacred portions of my knowledge, rebelled against me, and now works to capture me completely, or that it is a dark mage or even a guardian type of person.  Bah, the point, indeed, is can a schizo, with your spiritual evidence of things beyond the common man's grasp or acceptance, even in my part of the country, beyond their faintest knowledge, can I ever achieve the theta related mental states and thus gain the measure of power to project my stored or potential energy into the corresponding dimensional alignment?  You know.  I want to go astral... if my theory is correct, then, there is a realm, several realms related to the video game Chrono Trigger, which I could access and meet the true form of a former lover.

Or does schizophrenia mean soul death?  I would think that you people would have some knowledge of these things, for I have been damaged but it sure as sure wasn't because of any bad drugs.
23  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Maybe when we AP, our consciousness leaves but not our soul.. on: October 27, 2006, 21:24:12

1.All people have same soul.  One soul is cosmic soul, god, the creator of consciousness who gives all people and verily, all things in existence, substance and form.  The great lie of history would then be that we are all spiritual beings, having a basis of existence in both the higher dimensional alignments and the lower planes.  The soul is consciousness, the densities and vibrations of all dimensional qualities unified by this hyper dimensional field.  All life is absorbed and given new form throughout the network of energy conduits that operate under established physical laws, such as, energy can not be created or destroyed, or, such laws as there are on conservation.

2.Each soul is the result of movement per moment for each range of lower dimensional values.  They begin as the smallest point of energy, but manifest because of their power and begin to perceive reality.  Because of certain laws of time each soul enters a reality of unique design, and from there can amass greater power.  We would assume that the astral planes are each some type of soul to which our soul bonds, and universe in same manner.  The astral planes are a frequency of densities per time elapsed, and with our physical organism we can shift perceptual modes to perceive densities and alignments peculiar to each spectrum of soul growth.
24  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Basic Exercise on: September 15, 2006, 07:01:13

I have a little exercise for those of you who are looking for something that may be a little challenging.  At least it is for me, but then my mind is somewhat enfeebled, functionally.

I would like to begin by stating that it is my feeling that the path of a High Grade Mage (Fighter/Wizard) is the ultimate path.  That may turn you off right there, but hear me out, ok?  As it concerns energy body development, well, getting off of your fat butt and flexing and pressing your own body is a bloody fine start.  After all, if the physical body is strong, ok, then it is my current held belief that the spirit and/or psi forces will be doubled or otherwise amplified by the however subtle increase of material body density.  And so, while I think that everyone should have their bodies well toned and developed it is important to note that your psi and spirit must be prepared for whatever action you may need to take.  I have heard that even a warrior type of person can be shocked dead with some kind of astral pulse waves, eating away the substantial energies that bind their dimensional frame work together.  Please forgive me, I tend to ramble on but I feel that it is in the best interests of all who would listen.

Anyway, the basic exercise that I have for you tonight is that when you are in a formal position, have the time, or most definitely when you are going to sleep, then this is what you must do.

You must raise your eyebrows.  Raise them, and keep raising them.  Eventually you will be interfered by your breathing, and the action will become harder, or so I find for myself.  For me, I find that I start out rapidly, then when the exercise begins to consume physical energy and my breathing must be increased in either depth or speed it is then that I either stop or hold the eye brows in the up position.

It is here postulated that this exercise is fundamental to increasing Third Eye sight technique.  It is also the first exercise that I will teach in a book that I am writing.  Oh yes, I crave the graven glory of Christ, in as much as a man of my lowly stature has the means to possess but a trinkling inkling of the fathoms of what greater men have wondered.  But anyway, once you have mastered the eyebrow technique, then extend it to 'playing eyebrow music', in that you raise one and not the other, or raise one slowly then slowly raise the other as the former begins to go down.

After this, why, even Charles Atlas has said that you should puff out your cheeks and contort your face daily, so that it gains muscular curvatures and all the fine things of the beauty of a strengthened body, the produce of a mind we can only hope is tempered by the trials of virtue and the refinement of it's spiritual empire.  And so, when you are performing the eyebrow exercise, attempt to tug and flex the flesh on the very top of your head, focus your energy into the exercise and eventually flex your entire head.  The head seems to always be left out in exercise, leaving for a weak and easily breakable neck or some other such perversion that makes manifest disastor for those who would neglect the true power house of the entire body.

I highly recommend making daily routines or rituals (whichever you prefer to call them) which include the exercises that have been developed and expanded by Charles Atlas.  This is his system of Dynamic Tension, a extremely enjoyable way to work with your body and become strong and appear strong.  As much as I despise giving praise, let it be that I am unjust for that emotion, and yet, I do think that the Charles Atlas system of Dynamic Tension is extraordinary for developing "personal power" and enlightening not only your soul, spirit, or mind, but also the body as to the dynamics of energy that is boundless and infinite as it extends from that magnificent source.  We may deify and personalize the Creator, be it Sentience or Force, or perhaps give a herald to the blossom of our Soul, be it Creator or Spawned Of The Infinite.

And so, please, try the exercise of raising and lowering your brows while remaining in a breathing state.
As a side note, as I do not like to muddle the forums with many useless and soon forgotten posts, I would like to make a note on the Lotus Blossom.  Take a peice of paper, draw a stick man, then draw a circle around him.  Then begin to draw 'elongated eggs' from around this figure, sort of elliptical? type things.  Draw one that covers up and down, then another the sides, and shortly you will see what I am getting at.  This links into the main message in that when the whole body is powered up and in a state of tension you will then be activating this Lotus thing, and when you draw the diagram and take it to the three dimensional, then you will see where the ancients got the idea for the Thousand Petaled Lotus.  This field of energy is all around and inside of us, and may be able to be manipulated when the body is in a state of flex, pressurizing the spacial field, and the mind operating on the mediums that connect space with spirit and matter with kinetic materialization.

After you have tried the exercise, please make a post back here and tell me what kind of results you got from it.  When I finally get into my Mage Discipline Program I will be utilizing this and the facial exercises first thing every morning, then at odd times during the day, and most definitely before going to bed at night.
25  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Time perception on: September 06, 2006, 07:07:03
If time is moving quickly, then this would mean that the total energy in a localized system is at a lower energy.  I explain this by means of space density, in which the relation of space to time is determined by the total kinetic force of all vibratory interaction.  Time is really balanced by the electric charges, but the subtle values of kinetic alteration will form a fluctuation of distance.  This can be rather proven by the fact that when we are sleeping, unless we are dreaming or astral projecting time moves incredibly fast.  The distances between dimensional points and bands are increased as there is a relaxation of kinetic pressure.  Or so it goes, I'm not really sure.
I have had the experience where I woke up, then just laid there with my eyes half open.  I was thinking and thinking, but it was effortless.  Shortly, my mother came knocking on my door telling me that I would be late for work.  In a long space of time I had thought things, but being hardly conscious there was some kind of lapse that made those thoughts seem like ten minutes worth when it should have been a half an hour.

In any event, I think that there are temporal planes, planes in which time is moving at a different speed than the other.  These are also planes of possibility, a magical interlude, perhaps they are.  When we project a great deal of our stored energy (astral form, imo) into a temporal plane, timelines are bent into one another and balance themselves.  The result is a altered speed of time.  I will say that time is determined by the kinetic oscillations between planes and spaces.

For instance, today I prepared myself to avoid being startled by the crackle of a pop bottle.  I prepared myself because out of the corner of my eye I seen it bulge out as the pressure of the soda recharged and forced the bottle to expand.  But it took about point two seconds for me to hear it.  Perception is not only a matter of solid mind and healthy nerves, but also what kind of frequencies are within our total energy amplitude to percieve.  If we were a single point of infinite energy, we would be able to move effortless through all time and space, because extending or projecting our energy in any way would allow for time to stop completely and space be traversed in a moment's time.  Likewise, if we were a void point, then there would be no energy with which to center and utilize for processing dimensional input, and the whole of existence would pass by in a moment's time, because that is all the energy that we would have to exist with.  And yet, there is balance.

It is the same deal about atomic clocks on Earth and in outer space.  One moves faster than the other because of the kinetics involved.
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