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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Who Is In Control Of Your Life In Waking World and Dream Worlds (Astral Realms) on: April 29, 2021, 19:37:11
Who Is In Control Of Your Life/Existence In Waking World (Earth) and Dream Worlds (Astral Realms)

We Humans Like to Think that We are in Control of our Lives (Waking and Dreaming); it gives us some sense of Tranquility and Confidence. Those who like to think like that are Fine, as Consciousness is Not Required for Everyone and Not Many are Ready to Know the "Truth" about how things really are in Existence (if someone is Not mentally Strong Enough to deal with this Knowledge is Better that don't find it and just live a Normal Life with others in control not himself/herself like is the case of most of Human Beings [The Regular People, Not The Persons With Intellect]).

In a conversation many years ago with a relative who has passed away a few years ago, I wasn't ready to listen to what he was trying to share with me; in his past years he was an active Astral Projection Practitioner and I believe he achieved lot's of progresses in that field, but after a brain blood irrigation problem he had a few years before he died, he had to stop practicing Astral Projection (at least that what he told be in our conversation).

Also, he tried to suggest/inform me that we are Not in Control of our Lives and of what happens after we finish our experience as Humans on Earth; I continuously tried to contradict him by telling him that we must be able to choose what we wanted after we died, and not until recently I realized based on what I've Experienced in the Dream Worlds (Astral Realms) that he was right and if I were more ready back then (many years ago) I could have asked him about the Experiences he had that convinced him about our lack of control about what is to come when we finish our lives on Earth. Now, I would have made him questions about the experiences he had that lead him to his conclusions, but back then I was too inexperienced (I was just beginning to explore this topic in my life).

Robert Monroe in his third Book "Ultimate Journey", he meets his "Executive Committee" (Board of Directors) by going Inwards instead of Outwards. He describes this in some of his videos of "Wednesday with Bob Monroe" (is Great to see them all 9 Videos).

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 5

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 6

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 7

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 8

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 9

He experienced First Hand via his Astral Travels his "Core" that Monitored his life while Awake and also while in Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms, and these beings were way Above his Level as a Human Being (he even from After his current life was Helping Himself to achieve what he achieved in his present life in the 20th Century of this Earth World).

I guess Finding the Truth might be similar to what the Character of RoboCop 2014 found when he meet the Truth regarding his condition, realizing that others were in Real Control of his Existence up to certain point in that moment, in the following scene of the movie.

RoboCop (2014) - End This Nightmare Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Another scene of this same movie that displays the concept of the "Illusion of Free Will" is the one below, and the Ones in Control of the Situation Knowing what really was going on.

RoboCop (2014) - I've Been Through A Lot Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

Also there is this scene where "Murphy" (Robocop) breaks out of the Dopamine Control imposed on him (as he had an Emotional reaction when crimes where uploaded on his memory) and after the request of his Wife to help his Son he stops the missions at hand and started Solving his Own Crime to be able to understand what happend and help his Son and Wife, and that way he Overrided the Dopamine Control imposed on him acquiring some "Free Will".

Solving Crime Scene RoboCop 2014 Movie Clip

That Free Will was always an Illusion as long as he had the Chip/Device that allowed his Owners (at Omnicorp) to Turn Him Down (and even has access to Destroy him), as is provided on this scene.

Robocop (2014) "You tried to kill me twice" Clip Chief of Police

And also the scene after the previous one where the Doctor that created Robocop saves him from getting destroyed/killed by the Owners (Omnicorp) and removes the Control Chip that Controlled and Turned him Off, giving Robocop/Murphy the opportunity to Fight Back and Protect His Existence. Somehow I believe that this Help From Someone Inside the Controlling System is required for a Controlled Individual (on Earth) to achieve his/her Freedom from this Enslaving Predatory System controlled by those who Profit from the "Loosh" produced here. ¿Where to Go after that? ¿What are the True Freedom Choices Available? It'd be Nice to Know What Are These Choices (if there are any).

There is also the scene where the One Under Control could Bend/Override those Control Protocols to Rebel Against the Tyranny of the Owners (Omnicorp Boss in this case):

RoboCop (2014) - You're a Robot Scene (10/10)

As mentioned by Robert Monroe in the Part 5 of "Wednesday with Bob Monroe" above, it feels like on Waking "Physical" Life on Earth we are like Computer WorkStation (with the Software of Artificial Intelligence that allows us to do the basic things and learn to do other more) and there is a MainFrame somewhere on the Non Physical Realms (the Above Level that Controls the Low Level here on Earth) where there is a "Memory Bank" that Stores every detail of what each one of us do here on Earth, and if that is True the ones that Set the Stage must be able to Control each aspect of it. Robert Monroe on his Second Book "Far Journeys" mentions the "Loosh" subject which explains a lot the why everything on this World called Earth is designed to be "Predatory" and everything on the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms operates in that same "Predatory" way, which also suggests a World Above (where the Creator and Controller of Earth is) controlling this World Below (Earth) and the Business of "Loosh" behind it which was the motivation to Create it and all the way things operate on Earth (which also operate in a similar way on the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms where there are also Predators continuously searching predating on Preys and also seem like they predate on Energy derived from Consciousness as Lucidity attracts them a lot as well as Fear on the Prey/Victim).

Also, on Castaneda's Book "The Art Of Dreaming" at some point Don Juan reveals to Carlos Castaneda that the Energy Required to Navigate the Second Attention (Dream Worlds) and do Many Thing in there, is provided by the Inorganic Beings which are at the Hunt of Consciousness to add it to their own World/Realm. It'd be nice to know how if it's possible Not to Depend on the Energy Provided by these beings, which bring me to a Topic I Posted regarding the subject of What To Do After Achieving True Freedom (if True Freedom could be achieved as Don Juan mentions that "No Sorcerer Knows What Freedom Really Is").

What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom - Analysis About Being Completely Free

I've also found in my Lucid Dreaming Experiences that compared to the Consciousness of some of the Beings inhabiting the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms, we Humans are Mentally as Immature like Children compared to them (at least with the ones on Control of those Systems and very likely of this Earth system as well), and they Control the scenery and the actions and actors/characters in it, at least until a character learns to break out of that Control and/or receives help from someone "inside" and breaks out of that Control, which wouldn't be rare to think that it would take him/her into becoming part of another "Team", at least until someone becomes completely and absolutely Self Sufficient which takes him/her to the level of a God/Creator (who knows if someone being born into one of this systems like Earth had become like that and with it achieved Complete Freedom).

It'd be Nice to Read Your Experiences (in your Waking Earth Life and in your Dream/Astral Life) and Your Perspectives and Findings regarding this subject.

(I'll leave the text until here Not to extend myself too much in this First Post of this Topic).

Some Videos missing on the Topic Becoming Lucid in Dreams - Movie Scenes Of How It Is Like, which will remind you what it is like to Realize that You Are Dreaming (acquiring Lucidity during a Dream) and the reaction to Try and Leave the "Scene" and be Stopped by those in Control of the Scene (you are literally Paralyzed by Them without being able to Move in the Dream/Astral environment and is Not Easy at all to Break that Control but Not Impossible which ends by Waking Up in Waking Life or Waking Up in another Dream/Astral World/Realm which is very interesting by the way). I share them here as they are part of this Topic and illustrate a little of what I'm asking the Astral Pulse Community in it. This scenes are right previous to the scene presented before of this same movie.;msg364848#msg364848

ROBOCOP (2014) Film Clip: Time To Wake Him Up

RoboCop (2014) - What Have You Done To Me? Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

My Best Regards.


2  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / Re: Books of Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences) on: April 28, 2021, 23:16:22
I list again the following book to make it more easily available as is a very important source of necessary tools to achieve Lucid Dreams (and Astral Projections).

18. Keys To Successful OBE
By: Letitia M. Kimball

This is the same book in the following Link to a Topic/Post in The Astral Pulse:

Tisha's essay on OBE;msg122467#msg122467

What is mentioned in her Post/Book/Essay is really accurate in terms of Saving The Necessary Energy Required For This Other States Of Consciousness (because they Require Extra Energy), like the "Sorcerers' path" (Warriors' path) mentioned by Don Juan to Carlos Castaneda and reported in his book "The Art of Dreaming".

This is the only book (besides "The Art of Dreaming" of Carlos Castaneda) that I remember, that mentions the concept of saving energy by simplifying the way a person lives. It is a very interesting book to read, as not wasting energy on non useful emotional things is a very important thing to be able to become Lucid on the Dream World.

3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: How To Do Things (Powers and Abilities) In Dream (/Astral) Worlds (/Realms) on: April 28, 2021, 20:09:52
Below I quote a recent post I've made related with this Topic that I hope could be of Help to those trying to learn about this Powers and Abilities that can be Learned on the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms.

Trying to explain with Words something that is Experienced and Felt is not easy, but the Experiences Shared regarding what is possible to Do while in Lucid Dreams and Astral Projections, can be of Help to those trying to Learn about this.

I haven't got any Guide/Teacher in the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms so I've had to learn by Try and Error/Success; it'd be nice to have a Guide/Mentor but even by asking for it in the past (when I had more Expectations about this and was New in it) he/she/it haven't presented yet (other ones trying to sabotage me have presented and are always answered with my complete Rejection and whenever possible Fight and Defeat Them), who knows maybe some day he/she/it/they will present and offer some Assistance and Guide/Teaching.

Trying to describe these things with word always reminds me of Don Juan's Words (Castaneda's Nagual Teacher), in Castaneda's Book "The Art Of Dreaming", where he wrote:

"Intent or intending is something very difficult to talk about. I or anyone else would sound idiotic trying to explain it. Bear that in mind when you hear what I have to say next: sorcerers intend anything they set themselves to intend, simply by intending it."
"That doesn't mean anything, don Juan."
"Pay close attention. Someday it'll be your turn to explain. The statement seems nonsensical because you are not putting it in the proper context. Like any rational man, you think that understanding is exclusively the realm of our reason, of our mind."
"For sorcerers, because the statement I made pertains to intent and intending, understanding it pertains to the realm of energy. Sorcerers believe that if one would intend that statement for the energy body, the energy body would understand it in terms entirely different from those of the mind. The trick is to reach the energy body. For that you need energy."
"In what terms would the energy body understand that statement, don Juan?"
"In terms of a bodily feeling, which it's hard to describe. You'll have to experience it to know what I mean."

And in Stefan's Book he mentions that is important "believing in yourself and using expectation to manipulate the dream", which is the Intent/Intending mentioned by Don Juan in Castaneda's Book. Is important to Try and have the Intention and Decision to Succeed, specially in things that other's have done (which is why the Experiences Shared by those who reply to this Topic are important for other to Try/Intent and do it themselves while in a Lucid Dream or Astral Projection).

This is an Interesting book that I've read recently, which illustrates how hard it is to try and share via Words/Writing/Text some guide regarding the different Abilities that can be developed in the Dream/Astral Realms.

NOTE/WARNING: If you'll buy the Book, do it on AMAZON.COM, because there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the price on Amazon (reasonable Kindle Version for Us$4.99 and Soft Cover for Us$9.99) and the price on the Autor's Web Page (HUGE AND VERY EXPENSIVE Us$47 to Us$67, which is FIVE TO TEN Times the Cost on Amazon.Com).

36. Lucid Dreaming Superpowers: Your ultimate guide to mastering lucid dreaming and experiencing superpowers
By: Stefan Zugor

Buy at Amazon:

PaperBack (Soft Cover) -

Kindle -

YouTube Channel:

Web Site:


Some additional Topics that can be found interesting as Reference to this SuperPowers Topic, can be the following (in complement to the Reference Movies mentioned in this Book):

Becoming Lucid in Dreams - Movie Scenes Of How It Is Like

Movies - Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences)

Flying in Lucid Dreams - Videos Of How It Is Like;msg364842#msg364842

My Best Regards.


4  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / Re: Books of Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences) on: April 28, 2021, 19:46:37
This is an Interesting book that I've read recently, which illustrates how hard it is to try and share via Words/Writing/Text some guide regarding the different Abilities that can be developed in the Dream/Astral Realms.

NOTE/WARNING: If you'll buy the Book, do it on AMAZON.COM, because there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the price on Amazon (reasonable Kindle Version for Us$4.99 and Soft Cover for Us$9.99) and the price on the Autor's Web Page (HUGE AND VERY EXPENSIVE Us$47 to Us$67, which is FIVE TO TEN Times the Cost on Amazon.Com).

36. Lucid Dreaming Superpowers: Your ultimate guide to mastering lucid dreaming and experiencing superpowers
By: Stefan Zugor

Buy at Amazon:

PaperBack (Soft Cover) -

Kindle -

YouTube Channel:

Web Site:

5  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Sexual Urges After Having Intense Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections) on: April 28, 2021, 19:29:19
It'd be Nice to Read Your Experiences in the Various Aspects mentioned in this Topic. I know is uncomfortable (reason why I've postponed writing this Questions to the community), but I appreciate your opinions and experiences about it, in your interactions with the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms as well as in Your Waking Life.

My Best Regards and Please Feel Motivated to Share Your Experiences.


6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: shineling’s APs on: March 30, 2021, 04:30:00
Hello Shineling/Sergio.

I like a lot reading your Experiences in this Topic.

It'd be nice to read also about the "Negative" experiences that you have and learning from them (I also have Really Nice and Interesting experiences as well as Not Nice at All and Disgusting experiences like being Attacked in different ways while being Lucid in Astral Realms).

I know that you've preferred to share only your Positive experiences, but I'd appreciate if you can please share also the "Negative" ones and the ways you've handle them while in the Astral Realms as well as in your Waking Life; if you want to create a different Topic for those "Negative" experiences it'd be ok, but please share a link to that Topic to be able to read them as well as I've read all your anecdotes in this Topic (one of my favorite ones in the Astral Pulse).

I appreciate the attention you can give to my humble request in this post, and I send my best regards and thanks to you for sharing your experiences and anecdotes.

My Best Regards.


7  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Sexual Urges After Having Intense Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections) on: March 30, 2021, 04:20:20
Sexual Urges After Having Intense Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections)

Hello Astral Pulse Members.

I'd like to consult with you about your experiences regarding experiencing Sexual Urges (Feeling Physically Horny and Sexually Stimulated in the Genitalia Region) after experiencing very vivid Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections), specially Intense and Long ones; these sensations build up during the day after having these Lucid experiences in the Astral realms. ¿How do you handle these sensations in the Astral realms and in the Waking Life after waking up?

I've also experienced this Sexual Urges after being energetically attacked by Astral Inhabitants; I've already mentioned in other messages that they attack in the back like Predators and in the lower part of the back in the dorsal zone, so they must be looking for some energy or terminals present there in humans, and I've also spotted them connecting themselves with tubes coming from their bodies (for example their arms) in parts of my body (like a parasite connecting to a host) and even these beings telling me directly that they want my Energy while touching me in the shoulder or in some part of my body like the lower abdomen area, to make that parasitical connection, so I know this is a real thing that one has to face and be careful with when having access in these Astral realms (since long ago I don't shake their hands nor touch them because of that when I detected that they destabilize me and reduce my energy when touching them). I've also noticed that these Astral beings get attracted when I acquire Consciousness/Lucidity, so there must be something we radiate when Lucid/Conscious that they detect and feel attracted to.

I know that Sexual Stimulation (masturbation in my case) triggers and facilitates Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections), and I can relate this to the Morbidity perceived in the beings inhabiting the Astral Realms (they are Morbid as described by Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda's book "The Art Of Dreaming" in spanish "El Arte De Ensoñar"), and I somehow believe that I get contaminated with that Morbid Energy when having interaction with those beings and even when accessing these Astral realms (the air and ambient feels heavy in these Astral realms) or specially by being Energetically Attacked by them, and that somehow triggers those sexual urges (which are related with Morbidity/Morbidness).

I've also noticed (at least in my personal case) that the days immediately previous to Full Moon and during Full Moon, Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections) occur more frequently and more intensely, and that somehow these Astral Inhabitants search for these interactions (thru Lucid Dreams) more actively during these days. It'd be interesting to know how and why the Full Moon facilitates this.

I've been searching about this topic of experiencing Sexual Urges after Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections), but on Internet only appear pages about having Sexual Intercourse during Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections) but not explaining the question I've previously proposed to analyze with your assistance and experience here in Astral Pulse.

I appreciate your analysis and experiences regarding these topics, and of you can share the way you handle them in your Waking Life as well as while being in the Astral Realms (while in Lucid Dreams or Astral Projections).

I don't have sexual life (sexual intercourse) and I'm not interested in having it and I actually dislike it. I'm a Heterosexual Male and I know what living in an Animal Human Male Body is in terms of being sensitive to Visual, Auditive, and Touching sensations that easily stimulate erections and trigger sexual desire, reason why I don't actively search for those topics as I'm not interested in Sex (I feel that topic as too Animal focused and I perceive myself as a Person with Intellect and Consciousness, and Not as an Animal driven by Emotions and Impulses).

In my case I experience the natural sexual stress caused by the prostate being filled with it's liquid/fluids which causes the so known desire to have sexual intercourse experienced by Men (I've read about this in past years on Internet so I know is a programmed process in Humans and very surely in many other animals), which is fortunately solved by masturbating and ejaculating each 3 or 4 days (or less if really required), as if not relieving that sexual urge it causes Stress and a particular energy oppression in the chest area (which is a little like what is experienced when having anxiety) besides the already mentioned genitalia region sensations related with sexual desire, even when Not having any interest in having sex. I clarify, this is not searched nor desired, but is the consequence of that natural process present in animals (Human animals in this case) that is there to induce (trick/fool) a male into having sexual intercourse with a female and in that process generate children (wanted and unwanted ones); you have to ask yourself why exactly is that sexual intercourse is only satisfying when done in the female genitalia, and I believe that this is Programmed in the Consciousness Software that each animal has (in humans is the Software for being Conscious and Think and is related with the voice we hear in our minds where we verbalize our thoughts and that is so hard to control and to make it shut up by not verbalizing thoughts in the Waking life and in the Astral realms), so that it does it that way to guarantee new life being born to replace that which dies. As a male I know about the consequences of mentally desiring sex and it's immediate consequences to trigger hormones and other chemical reactions in the body that make it horny, which can only be relieved by masturbating and ejaculating in my case, so I know that this is something not to be stimulated if not wanting to have those uncomfortable sensations and their consequences.

My Best Regards.


8  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / Re: Books of Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences) on: October 01, 2020, 08:13:13
This list wouldn't be complete without Robert Monroe's Books (Journeys Trilogy). I waited after reading the Three of them for posting them here, and they are really Good as a reference and guide on What To Spect and How to Handle these Experiences.

33. Journeys Out of the Body: The Classic Work on Out-of-Body Experience (Journeys Trilogy)
By: Robert Monroe (Bob Monroe)

Unpredictably, and without his willing it, Monroe found himself leaving his physical body to travel via a "second body" to locales far removed from the physical and spiritual realities of his life. He was inhabiting a place unbounded by life or death. His record of these explorations has comforted millions of people who have experienced paranormal incidents.

Buy at Monroe Institute:

Buy at Amazon:
PaperBack -

Web Site:

For his Second Book, the Story begins after the Chapter 6, as the first chapters present a lot of his activities in the Monroe Institute.

34. Far Journeys (Journeys Trilogy)
By: Robert Monroe (Bob Monroe)

Now, after more than a decade of in-depth research, he presents a mesmerizing odyssey that takes you even farther beyond the known dimensions of the physical universe. With great insight and wit, Monroe offers new awareness into the untapped resources and limitless possibilities of the human mind.

Buy at Monroe Institute:

Buy at Amazon:
PaperBack -

Web Site:

35. Ultimate Journey (Journeys Trilogy)
By: Robert Monroe (Bob Monroe)

In Bob Monroe's 3rd book Ultimate Journey he charts the route that opens to us when we leave our physical lives and takes the reader with him on an exhilarating journey that expands the limits of human experience. This is a journey that reveals basic truths about the meaning and purpose of life - and of what lies beyond. Ultimate Journey is the masterwork of a daring and original thinker and explorer.

Buy at Monroe Institute:

Buy at Amazon:
PaperBack -

Web Site:

9  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / Re: Books of Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences) on: August 30, 2020, 22:32:39
This new book of Mr. Robert Peterson, "Hacking the Out of Body Experience" released on 2019, looks very interesting; the Table of Contents contains very interesting Topics.

31. Hacking the Out of Body Experience: Leveraging Science to Induce OBEs
By: Robert Peterson (Bob Peterson)

Book Info

Buy / Read Preview (Look Inside) at Amazon:
PaperBack -
Kindle -

Look Inside at Amazon:

Web Site:

Also, the following Web Paged on Mr. Robert Peterson's Web Site, contain lists of Books that complement a lot the ones contained in this Topic, and they'll be of Great Usefulness to those researching this Topics.

32. Robert Peterson's Book Reviews, Blog Articles, and BlogSpot "The OBE Outlook On Life"

OBE Book Reviews by Bob Peterson

Blog Articles by Bob Peterson

The OBE Outlook On Life
(Contains Some Additional Book Reviews)

10  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Flying in Lucid Dreams - Videos Of How It Is Like on: August 30, 2020, 22:11:46
An interesting video (that I recently found), that shows how Flying on Water is (on Earth and on other Non Physical Worlds/Realms). The scenes displayed in the video and how the swimmer swims and changes environments by crossing "holes/portals" is very similar to how an Astral Traveler glides and flies on Non Physical environments where in many cases swimming on "air" is valid and allows to fly in these environments, and where crossing mirrors, walls, holes, and many surfaces, allow the traveler to access other Non Physical Words/Realms.

One Breath Around The World

11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: shineling’s APs on: August 13, 2020, 21:01:38
Last night was really amazing. I decided on a long trip... A journey "out there". I got out of my body and started flying. Straight up I went for like what seemed 15 minutes. I saw space, and stars, and galaxies. I kept going and going with the intention to find something beautiful. Then... Bump... I found it.

Out of the mists appeared a mountain. I flew above it looking down at the most charming mountain village. It was sizable though with pretty little white washed brick houses with pretty little red roofs. Toward the center of the community rose some really modern looking buildings that contrasted yet complimented the town.

I flew down toward the building and found an open window. Some lady greeted me with surprise and invited me inside. She was friendly enough but was really surprised. In a matter of minutes they came to arrest me. I was taken down to the town and processed. They asked a lot of questions and I told then that I was just exploring the Universe when I found them.

They weren't mean at all. I think they were shocked to see me as if they hardly get any visitors. My astral body was given a medical exam and I was given a few injections and some kind of energy treatment. Afterwards I felt really good. They gave me a uniform and eventually someone picked me up. I had been assigned to one of the processing stations. My boss was some dude or other that explained to me that they're little town surrounds a hot pocket of some kind of energy they mine.

This had all taken a really long time and I just wanted to wake up but I couldn't. I was starting to get worried. The way they acted was like a didn't have a body waiting for me back on Earth. They had no idea I was just projecting. To them I was an outsider that miraculously had found them and their little operation. I was processed and made part of the community.

But I still couldn't wake up. I started thinking maybe I had severed my connection with my body somehow or they had.

Still, this wasn't the worst place to land. Everything looked clean and bright and everyone looked really attractive. After the tour of my job I was given quarters and some free time. I visited a gorgeous little park with lots of friendly and happy people. They were flying around, having picnics, dancing, and enjoying themselves. At one point a found a small hole in the ground and looked inside. It was full of stars and I wondered if these little stars was what they mined here at this outpost somewhere out there in the astral.

I remember thinking that my astral body had never felt so good and healthy. Whatever they had done to me at their hospital I felt great. I felt the awareness of not just my astral body but other finer bodies beneath that. I knew for the first time that astral bodies are just one of finer and finer bodies we all have. And like our physical body maybe sometimes they need to be maintained.

So anyway... I was at that park when I had to go pee. But astral bodies don't pee right? That's when I realized that the feeling had been creeping up on me from Earth where my physical body needed to urinate. I concentrated really hard and I was suddenly in my bed - awake! I went to the bathroom to relieve myself.

I was back but I felt really different. The physical world almost seemed like a dream. I was sure I was back but not 100% sure. kind of like an astral hang-over.  smiley

Very Nice Adventure into these other Worlds/Realms in Creation/Existence.

When venturing into these "unknown" Worlds/Realms (unknown for the Self/Me living on Earth but maybe/surely not for the collective Higher Self [or Selves as it could be a collective of beings as described by Robert Monroe when he navigated innerly/inside to meet the ones making the driving] that is controlling/monitoring the Self/Me from "somewhere" else), eventually one realizes that Death of the Physical Body on Earth will occur any moment (if it happens during an Astral Projection / Lucid Dream, then that human won't be able to tell us as his/her Physical Vehicle would be death in consequence and unable to report back that situation), and when these excursions into unknown "Non Physical" territories extend for longer than the "normal" few minutes, into "many" minutes (and who knows maybe even "hours" or for some maybe even "days"), then one learns to Not Care (as maybe you have already noticed one doesn't care a bit nor even remember much details but only a few very small ones about this Physical life on Earth while into these Non Physical Words/Realms), and one realizes (by experience) that if the Physical body is alive and as you experienced and reported you can "feel" some sensations coming from it (or coming from the other "Non Physical" body that is Dreaming You that moment, YES, normally you are in a Dream inside a Dream situation, like on the movie "Inception", and you can tell this by making a movement for example of your arm and noticing that is a Non possible movement for the Physical body slept on Earth, and you can even learn to wake up and stand up and move that First Dream body, for example by opening your eyes very fast and turning that Dream Non Physical body and making it stand up from that bed/location it's into, like you would do to stand up your Physical body on Earth to turn it and stand it up on top of the bed or to the side of it, and you'll realize with a quick very basic memory analysis [with low and measured/controlled consciousness as much would Wake You Up on Physical World called Earth] of a few seconds that you are still in a Non Physical location, sometimes monitored/watched by other beings, and sometimes looking that there are other beings sleeping in that Non Physical location/house [maybe other Humans or Beings Forced to Sleep and Dream their Real Physical Lives as well as the Second and more Layers of Sleep when they "Go To Sleep" on the "Physical World" like we do on Earth], and you'll start asking yourself a lot of questions regarding how many Levels "Down" of Dream inside a Dream are we experiencing when we go to Sleep on the Physical World called "Earth" and if we have a Dream Non Physical Body [one or more] that is being kept Asleep for this process of Dreaming the Second Layer of Dream inside a Dream that maybe is the one we access and experience when acquiring Consciousness/Lucidity while Dreaming in a Lucid Dream and/or Astral Projection [I've acquired Consciousness/Lucidity in Very Realistic Locations Very Similar to Houses/Homes where I've Lived and also the one I Currently Live, and also with the classic Vibrations and all processes of a Classic Astral Projection but in these Non Physical Locations, and other Situations of Projecting Out the Energy Non Physical Body resembling a "Non Physical Soul of that Dream Body" while the Dream Body Dies in that Non Physical Location or it gets Pass Out by cutting the Breathing accidentally of intentionally, and many other situations more], and you'll realize that there is Not just One Location for the "First" Layer of Dream but Various Locations as when performing this Process and other similar processes for standing up the Dreaming Body that is Dreaming the "Second" Layer of Dream inside a Dream, then you'll find yourself waking up in Different Locations and in Different Houses/Homes, with Different Families/Relatives or who knows maybe Supervisors that are monitoring/watching you and making sure that you are kept sleeping and cautiously try to get you back in that situation as for some reason You Can Damage Them if you have Enough Energy and you Learn to Resist Them as mentioned below), then if you are feeling sensations coming from the Physical Body on Earth you realize that Eventually the Dreaming/Astral Experience in that Non Physical World/Realm will eventually end in the following seconds/minutes, and is very specific the sensation that is felt in the Face/Nose/Mouth/Breathing when that happens and you are back in your Physical Body on Earth with your Projection Energy Depleted (for that night and maybe/surely for the next day/night as well), then comes the already known process of recollecting the memories of the experience by tracing back the main actions performed for them not to be lost (sometimes/generally the start of the experience is hard to remember but many times by tracing back the main steps/experiences you can eventually get to the moment when Lucidity was acquired and how it was triggered and what triggered it, and recollect many details of the experience besides the main events of it).

With time and experience, as you eventually Don't Care if you don't get back to Earth (as you know that any day sooner or later it will occur, and that's why if you have a Family is a good idea to keep things organized so that when that moment occurs you won't have regrets or worries about them but just let go and continue with your existence somewhere else), you know that every experience that you have in these Conscious/Lucid Excursions into these Non Physical Realms/Worlds will end with you waking up in your bed (either in a False Awaking experience which is really interesting or in a Real Waking Up on Earth).

Don Juan Matus explains it Very Well to Castaneda in the book "The Art Of Dreaming" on Chapter  3 "The Second Gate Of Dreaming" on page 27 (of the PDF version of the book), when he sais "You will find out for yourself that the true goal of dreaming is to perfect the energy body. A perfect energy body, among other things of course, has such a control over the dreaming attention that it makes it stop when needed. This is the safety valve dreamers have. No matter how indulging they might be, at a given time, their dreaming attention must make them surface". This means that it doesn't matter how much you want (or the beings in these locations want) to extend your Non Physical experience/excursion, once the Energy (and Dreaming Attention) is Depleted you'll wake up in the Physical World on Earth, (actually there are "Tricks" to try and extend this time a little more by Waking Up in a "Dream Body" in an upper Layer of the Dream Inside a Dream thing or whatever Net of Dreaming Bodies that are there in these Non Physical Realms, like previously described, but you'll notice that the Energy to Move that Non Physical body is generally Low and you normally have trouble trying to move it at first, eventually you manage to stabilize it a little, and start navigating that Non Physical environment, until eventually one moment to the other, Your Energy is Depleted and you suddenly Wake Up on Your Bed and Physical Body on Earth, or You Get Attacked and/or Get Forced to "Go To Sleep" and Lose Consciousness/Lucidity in these Non Physical Realms, as you are too Weak to Defend Yourself, and you Wake Up on Your Bed and Physical Body on Earth, and this last thing makes you think a lot about the possibility that Your Experience on Earth is a Forced Experience of your Consciousness Being [Soul] being forced to "Sleep" in these Non Physical Realms to have to Experience Your Physical Body and Life in this World called "Earth" and who knows in how many others Physical and Non Physical simultaneously, for them to Get Something Out Of You in that process, (¿the "Loosh Rote" mentioned by Robert Monroe maybe as a Physical Being on Earth and on other Physical Worlds and also as a Non Physical Being in those Non Physical Worlds/Realms controlled by these beings?), so there are a lot of things to Analyze about if you are attentive enough to these Abnormalities in these Non Physical Realms like these beings so desperately trying to Get You to Lose Your Consciousness/Lucidity (Touching You in these Non Physical Realms is a way to Parasite and Drain You Energy and sometimes they do it in a Frontal way injecting a Terminal from them into a part of your body or touching you by shaking your hand and you feel the loss of energy and loss of consciousness/lucidity) and Make You Go To Sleep even driving/directing you literally into a "Bed" in the Non Physical Location/Home/House you find yourself waking up in that correspond to the Upper Layer of the Dream Inside a Dream as previously described (the sometimes even laugh when you fall asleep without making any resistance like an Ignorant Child), and in some occasions they Touch You on your Front/Forehead on the location of the Third Eye, and also they do it by chasing you (even when you try to run away by crossing walls as they can cross them too so is Better To Stand Your Ground and Fight and if the fight is lost not to give them your Energy as You'll Feel that During the Attack, by forcing yourself to wake up by opening your Eyes Fast, which will change you to another Non Physical Location or will wake you up on another Non Physical Body on another Non Physical Location or will wake you up on your Physical Body on Earth), in other occasions they also Attack You in the Back of your Body particularly on the Lower Back which feels like Cold Electric and Very Uncomfortable and sometimes Even Painful Discharge and also they Attack You the High Back or Chest which feels like a Hot and Burning Electric Discharge, sometimes they also Attack You in the Solar Plexus Location (lower zone of the sternon and above the belly), which has a consequence to make you destabilize from the Non Physical Location you find yourself into and Waking Up on Your Bed and Physical Body on Earth, and seems like they also want that you don't remember the experience but with enough practice you get to always remember what happened from start of the triggering of Lucidity to the Non Pleasant End with these beings Forcing You to Lose Lucidity, and also eventually sometimes with practice you get to fight them back and is REALLY NICE to See How You Can Turn The Situation Around by resisting them until they have no other choice but to let you go into an Unknown Non Physical Location (with low energy as a result of the attack) from which you will eventually Wake Up, and even by Literally Breaking Them Apart or Energetically Disarming Them by Projecting Hot Burning Energy at Them while having them caught with your arms and lifting them while Discharging Them with that Hot and Burning Energy coming from you that You'll also Feel in that way [you eventually learn to resist it], (in one occasion fighting a Dream Character that Attacked me and induced a travel/flight thru a Non Stable Non Physical Location while we were fighting I catch this being with my arms and hands and somehow Drained this Being's Energy and it felt Cold as I drained this being who became smaller until it was the size of a worm), as it seems like they can't Resist the Energy that We Generate in Front Of Us and that's why they Attack From Behind where looks like there is an Energy Generator that helps in the Moving of the Non Physical Body in some situations and You Can Feel this device Providing You Propulsion (I once even saw some children I was speaking to in a nice and useful way in a location in their Home where I landed and stabilized during some traveling, how some of them were playing with the turbulences of energy emanating from whatever device is located in my back, when I turned my head to look back when I was speaking with the other children who were in front of me, so these children in the back were playing with the energy or where getting something out of it, but they were laughing as playing with it), and also in the back there should be some sort of Terminals that these beings know how to Attack to destabilize You while in these Non Physical Realms so it's a Good Idea to Always Check Your Back (turn your head to look around) as if you are a Soldier and don't want an Enemy to Attack You From Behind, and eventually you'll see them sneaking from behind, sometimes having one or a few of them in front of You (distracting you) and one or more sneaking From Behind [to attack you as ¿why would they be sneaking from behind and getting closer to you without you looking and noticing them?], literally like Predators would to a Prey in the world called Earth).

There is a lot to Analyze in these Topics (I've done some of that in some of my Posts in this Astral Pulse Forum), and is really Nice to Read experiences like the one you've shared today, as it brings back some memories about personal experiences into these Non Physical Realms/Worlds, both Really Pleasant (with Nice Very Happy Endings) and Non Pleasant (With Really Disgusting and Unhappy/Nice Endings), but from all Experiences, Nice/Happy and Disgusting/Unhappy (and those ones in between), you get to Learn each time Something New (and even Fun and different from the Daily Routine of Life on Earth), about this Physical World Called Earth and About the rest of Creation/Existence where things don't seem to be what We Would Like/Expect/Want/Wish Them To Be, and eventually with the death of the Physical Body we well have to Face Them and use what we've learned in this Physical Experience for Not to be Fooled/Deceived/Lied in these Non Physical Realms (these Non Physical beings are Really Good into Creating Fake and Deceiving Simulations in these Non Physical Realms and that can/should give you an idea of how really Deceitful These Beings Can and Should Be).

My Best Regards.

12  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Positive And Negative Consequences Of What Is Happening On 2020 In This World on: August 11, 2020, 02:05:25
I believe the following NEGATIVE point is so Urgent to Analyze (and so Severely Dangerous for "Freedom" in this World), that it deserves a New Post in this Topic.

- The Video of the link below brings to Notice/Attention other possible Negative consequences related with the possibility for Corporations (and the Persons behind them) to Own the Physical Bodies of Persons, as the Certificates of Birth and a Corporative Version of the Body/Physical/(Flesh and Blood) of a Person are already Owned by Banks (Financial Corporations) for their Transactions, which is mentioned in a Post for which I provide a Link at the end below, and is used by this Corporations (and the Persons behind them) to Abuse the Population for whom they have/own their Birth Certificate and for whom they've "created" the "Civilization" we are part of, with the "Legal" resources they've created and that they use to Abuse it and have it Enslaved at their Service.


Dr Carrie Madej speaks on vaccine ingredients for c19

According to what is mentioned in that video, the Corporations may find (or have already found) a "Legal" way to Own the Body/Physical/(Flesh and Blood) of the Population (People and Persons) by means of altering their ADN/DNA (or ARN/RNA) and owning those changes as they have Patented them for their own personal benefit thru the Corporations they Own and thru the "Legal" Corporative Figures that they use to Own this Civilization and all the Population in it.

If this is True, then THIS IS THE FORMAL AND MASSIVE BEGINNING OF THE END OF FREEDOM (AND THE REALITY OR ILLUSION OF FREE WILL THAT WE HAVE) IN THIS WORLD as EVERY HUMAN BEING (Body of Flesh and Blood) will be Owned by this Corporations (and the Persons behind them), and this means that Everybody's Lives will be Owned by Them (this Evil "Elite"), and they can Decide Who Lives and Who Dies, and it might even give them the "Right" to do whatever they want with whoever they want.

It'd be IMPORTANT to hear your Opinions about this also, and it would also be Nice if experienced Astral Travelers as "Szaxx" and others might investigate this Topic, if possible, and provide an opinion about it (and all the other points mentioned in it), to know the Consequences that all of this will have.

If the "Loosh Rote" topic is right (and I believe it is), then the Human Beings, Animals, Plants, and everything in general of this world called "Earth" is already Owned by some Being or Group/Collective of Beings, who created this world and its creatures to take from it/them a product (or group of products) useful and of interest for them. This maneuver of this Evil "Elite" to also "Own" the Non "Elite" Human Beings (People and Persons) might be their effort to Run/Manage the Business for the Real Owners and obtain even Further/Bigger Utilities/Produces from this system/farm guaranteeing continuous Suffering, Death, Diseases, Unhappiness, Conflict, and many other elements that make a Nice Quality and Abundant "Loosh Rote" for the Real Owners of this World; who knows, maybe the world isn't producing enough "Loosh" and the Real Owners want it to produce more, and that Won't happen if People/Persons are Happy but only if they are in continuous Conflict and Suffering (reading the Book of Robert Monroe and/or the Link Provided for an Extract of that specific part of the book in a previous Post in this Topic, will help explain all of this).

Far Journeys - The Mistery of Loosh

Enslaved By Your Birth Certificate - Consequences Of Consciousness Awakening - Awaking To The Truth;msg365753#msg365753

Strawman - The Nature of the Cage (OFFICIAL)

Straw Man - The Nature of the Cage

Another copy of the video from one of the links of the previous Post that was removed
Your Birth Certificate is Worth Billions Pay off your Debt!

My Best Regards.

13  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Positive And Negative Consequences Of What Is Happening On 2020 In This World on: August 09, 2020, 22:16:05
NOTE: I Hope You Can Share the Positive and Negative Consequences that You consider that will have what is Currently Happening in 2020 in this World, and also Your Personal Opinions regarding that. (If you are an Astral Traveler and/or Lucid Dreamer, and you have had Experiences in other World/Worlds where you have been shown how Imposed Changes Over Population have been made and their Positive and Negative Consequences, it would be really nice to Hear Your Experiences as they might be useful to Analyze the Positive and Negative Outcomes of what is Currently Going On in This World).

Below, are other additional personal opinions about the Positive and Negative Consequences of what is happening and what is projected to happen in the future.


- People (and Persons) are having an opportunity to share with their direct/close Families (the ones living in their houses/homes), and those who use that opportunity well will learn to appreciate more what they have in their Homes (wife/husband, sons/daughters, relatives, pets, and so on). Of course, there will be others who not only won't appreciate that but will find it repulsive (to have to share so much time Home with their close ones) and that would be something Negative out of a Positive opportunity.

- People/Persons are getting in touch with Knowledge about some Medicinal Substances that have been in the Hiding (Censoring) for very long, and in the search for Covid-19 Remedies/Solutions by searching the web they eventually will get in contact with those censored information (it is censored because of Financial Interest of those with Economic/Money Power and Not because these Medicinal Substances don't work because they DO WORK and VERY WELL), and also in this process people and persons are noticing how they have been and are being Deceived by those Financial/Money Interests by those Few Elites that Currently Control the World (and have been doing it since many centuries and everything indicates that they will continue with that control as the regular/normal People/Persons are not strong enough and not interested enough and/or are not capable enough to assume that Control themselves).

- Let's Hope that People/Persons are "Learning" to Value their "Freedom" as they are in the process of LOSING IT ALL FOR GOOD AND FOREVER. Since September of 2001 (with the WTC Deceit/Lie) that process Began and now in 2020 it has been Removed From Almost Everybody IN A FEW WEEKS (that's all it took to Scare and Impose Fear to Most of the People/Persons and in Consequence Impose Measures to Restrict their Freedoms), and is Amazing HOW EASY IT HAS BEEN TO DO IT (The "Elites" Responsible for this LIE/DECEIT should be not only Satisfied but also VERY HAPPY of HOW EASY it has been). If things continue to be as they are the "New Normality" will mean "New More Restricted Slavery Condition" and People/Persons won't Recover their Old "Freedom" Anymore (unfortunately that's what I believe the will happen). Of course the "Elites" behind this LIE/DECEIT will Continue to Enjoy their Freedom without any change, well, maybe the change will be that they will Enjoy More Freedom and more Free Conditions to Continue to Impose their Will Over the Weak General Population. Many Have to Suffer and Live Troubled/Conflicted Lives for a Few Fortunate/Intelligent Ones To Live Nice Happy Lives (Read the Book "Reign of Dreamers: Elizabeth’s Mystery" mentioned below and you'll understand this concept where if you're Not in the "Elite/Selected/Privileged" Group then you are in the "Service/Populace/Masses" Group at their Service and you are easily Expendable/Disposable).


- In some of the Vaccination Videos they are mentioning that along with the substances that those Vaccines will contain, there will be Nano Technology Robots (Nano Sized Technological Elements), that will Affect the Functioning of the Brain of the People/Persons. This WORRIES me a Lot, since this can be used for Good Things as well as for Bad (or Very Bad Things), and the concept of Free Will might be Altered/Damaged with all of that. Following that reasoning, it would be logic to analyze that this also might be used to Damage/Sabotage certain Brain Functions related with Astral Projection and/or Lucid Dreaming, and other Astral Communications with what lies in the Non Physical Realms, and because of that it would be Nice if experienced Astral Travelers as "Szaxx" and others might investigate this Topic, if possible, and provide an opinion about if these Evil "Elite" Humans might or might Not affect our abilities to Astral Project and/or Lucid Dream and/or in general Have those Altered States Of Consciousness that Allow Us to Get in Contact with Other Worlds of Creation (Physical and Non Physical ones). (When I've Tried to Ask Intelligent Questions to the Beings located in the Worlds I've Accessed so far, All of Them Avoid/Evade Providing Direct Answers to my Questions and instead they either Shut my Experience Off and force me to Wake Up and/or they Answer Stupid/Garbage/Incoherent Words/Phrases, I Hope other Persons from this Forums might have Better "Friends/Contacts" in there that can Really Provide Them Useful Information and Guide, that they can share with us in this Forums and in this case in this Topic).

Including Common Elements into the ADN/DNA (or ARN/RNA) of All Humans (turning them somehow in potential "Clones") might expose them to be All Affected Massively by for example a Virus, which might end up soon in a REAL PANDEMIC with Real Massive Deaths (even the Death of all population marked by certain specific changes in their ADN/DNA or ARN/RNA that makes them vulnerable to certain Specific Virus Designed/Created to attack that specific population vaccinated with that specific Vaccine that applied those specific changes). This reminds me the scene of the movie Jupiter Ascending (2015) where Jupiter was with her "Daughter" Kalique in her owned planet and she explained to Jupiter that they don't use clones anymore in their populated business worlds/farms as they are susceptible to easily be killed by a Virus (she specifically says "Clones Lack Genetic Plasticity") and that difference in individuals is key to the survival of their specie and not to be easily killed by some Virus or disease. My Personal Opinion (and I hope I'm wrong) is that a REAL GENOCIDE is going to be Imposed soon over the population of this World and that this will be caused by the Massive Forced Vaccination that will be imposed over the population in the following months; they can always argue/justify that it was an unexpected reaction to that New Vaccine as it was New Technology and will have all the "Legal" shields to stop anyone from requesting indemnization for all caused damages. Again, it'd be nice if those with "Good Friends" specially With Influence, in the Non Physical Realms that have access to this world, can ask them if a Genocidal Agenda is going to take place in this world in the following months/years and if they are going to allow it to occur, and also what consequences is going to have in this World, and also the consequences that this same events have had in other Worlds controlled/supervised by them, and it would be nice if you can share some of this information to be able to analyze it.

- Completing a little the point where I talked about Robert Monroe's "Loosh Rote" in my Initial Post in this Topic, I'd like to share the link to the Book of Mr. Michael Raduga called "Reign of Dreamers: Elizabeth’s Mystery", a GREAT BOOK, very Entertaining to Read (like Pringles "Once You Pop You Can't Stop" in this case "Once You Start Reading It You Won't Stop Until You've Finished It"), where Mr. Raduga tells a Very Interesting Story and I don't think is Random what he shows in it (when you reach the part of the story where "things" are "revealed" you'll understand) and the message he tries to tell in the book (besides the benefits of Phasing) regarding Existence and some of the Reasons Behind the Why Live Beings Exist in This World (and it won't be rare that also in many of the Other Worlds in Creation). He is also generous to share and Initial/Old version of his "Phase" Book, so it's a good idea to Read it too and take a look at the Videos and Information shared in his Web Site (links are in the Post and in the Topic of the link below).

30. Reign of Dreamers: Elizabeth’s Mystery - By: Michael Raduga;msg373450#msg373450

Also, the Movie "Jupiter Ascending" (2015) mentioned above in the previous point, is also Relevant to the Topic of "Loosh Rote" and helps understand the Very Probable meaning of the Human Existence in this World called "Earth" (which seems to be a Farm besides the other usefulness it might have for Consciousness living in it); so it's worth seeing that movie and analyzing it.

- This PLANdemic is Reveling the Darkest Side of the Health/Medic/Medicine System in this World, as Hospitals/Clinics all over the world have been following (Intentionally and/or Being Forced by their Goverments/Politicians/Corporations in Power) Wrong Methods/Processes/Protocols to Cure the People/Persons affected by Respiratory and other related Diseases in these months (since the moment the PLANdemic was announced and even a little before), causing Many People/Persons to Die when they could (and should) have been saved if the right healing medical processes would have been followed and implemented in them. They even Forbid the practice of Autopsies Intentionally Hiding the LIE and DECEIT, and Not Allowing (even up until today) the Right Curing/Healing/Medical Processes to be Applied, the Right Medicaments to be Used on Patients to cure them (they want them to get Sicker and Die), and Recommending Wrong Processes (The OMS and other Organizations with Financial Interest from Private Pharmaceutical Companies are Direct Responsibles of all of this as well as the Governments and Politicians and Corporations and the Media/TV, and also the Internet and Media/TV Censoring that is being Intentionally Imposed over the People/Persons in almost ALL the Countries of the World displaying Wrong/Incorrect Information, Hiding/Censoring Correct Information even from Experts, and Continuously Feeding FEAR thru Media/TV/Internet).

It has been Proved in various Countries that the Hospitals are sending Patients to Intensive Care Units and also are Intentionally Diagnosing them with Covid-19, because they can Charge More Money everyday the Patient is occupying a Bed in these Intensive Care Units, and if the Patient is Diagnosed with Covid-19 they get even More Money for the Patient being there, and if the Patient is Intubated and Connected to an Artificial Respirator Machine they win even More Money, and if ANY Patient Dies and is Diagnosed with Covid-19 they can Charge and Win Even More Money, and Send the Body Directly to be Cremated without Any Autopsy nor their Relatives being able to See the Body (Nor Visit their relative during their stance in the Hospital), so this is showing us a Very Corrupt/Dark/Evil Hospital/Medicine System where even Doctors/Medics are being Financially Motivated/Corrupted to Diagnose their Patients as Covid-19 Patients even receiving (being motivated with) Money when Doing That, and that is CORRUPTION and GENOCIDE at it's Highest Level; also, Doctors/Medics are being Induced and even Forced to Diagnose Covid-19 for many symptoms that are Not related with that disease but with other Normal Respiratory Diseases that already exist and even to patients not Directly Diagnosed with those Fake Detection Tests but if a relative or someone close was diagnosed with those Fake/Deceiving Detection Test, so there is an Effort made by Pharmaceutical Companies (that Control and Finance the OMS and other International Health Institutions) to Corrupt the Medicine/Health System all over the World to Get Bigger Covid-19 Numbers and Bigger Covid-19 Deaths (Most and the Majority of the Deaths are for other Death Causes and Not directly caused by this Virus), and also the Rapid Testing Devices/Systems for "detecting the Covid-19" Virus have been Reported to be False/Wrong in the Diagnosis, as they Report as Positive many diseases and even Normal Not Sick People/Persons and also even a Papaya (Fruits and animals) are reported as Covid-19 Positive, so the efforts to Impose a Deceiving/Lying Detection/Testing System like that is intentional to Feed High Numbers (of Persons Contaminated and Persons Killed by that Virus) in this Deceiving PLANdemic, and also Feed Fear of Death into the Population to get them into Vaccinating themselves to place into their bodies Substances that will change/affect them in many ways and also they can include many Nano Elements that I already mentioned in my first point in the Negative list in this Post.

Good and Honest Doctors/Medics are being Censored and Silenced and even Fired from their Jobs, for trying to make Good Medical Practice and Not Helping this LIE/DECEIT and even Warning the People/Persons about it, and that is Not GOOD/OK. Seems like what is Good and Honest in this World is being intentionally Corrupted and that Can't Have Good Consequences Nor Good Intentions, and that's Why I Don't Support the way this Deceiving PLANdemic has been Made because it is Showing the Worst of Human Nature in those who are Deceiving the General Population, and the General Population are showing how Weak and Defenseless and Ignorant and Not Coordinated they are (something that the Evil Corrupt "Elite" ones don't have as they are Coordinated and Organized in their Evil Doings like this one). Who knows, maybe that's one of the objectives of this situation, to show how Wrong the world is, filled with Beings that are easily Corrupted (most of them allow the corruption to take place for Fear of losing their jobs and only a few are Good/Honest/Ethical/Moral enough to Not/Don't Cooperate with those Bad/Evil doings), and with Beings that are Ignorant Animals/People (only a small percentage of Humans are Persons with enough Intellect and Intelligence to notice this lies and with enough Good Moral/Ethic not to give into that Bad/Evil), and with a Small Amount of Very EVIL Persons that are Very Intellectually Capable, Intelligent, and Decided, and that are going to Impose their Will over the Others like they Very Frontally and Openly Started are doing it by Imposing over People/Persons the Quarantine/Isolation, the Social Distancing, the Use of Mouth/Nose Covers, (all of this will make people more sick), and everything we are seeing based on a Fake PLANdemic and using the Fear of People against them (against the People). I believe because of that, that what is happening is Not Intended for the Benefit of People/Persons but for Eugenic (Eugenesia in spanish) purposes that will include Genocide (as we are already seeing with the Deaths of People by wrong Medical Practices that are taking current medicine quality backwards many centuries and is the reason Many People/Persons are Avoiding/Prevented from going to Hospitals as they would Die and Be Killed with Wrong Medical Practices that are intentionally being wrongly applied to Patients affected by this Virus and by other diseases), and is intended so that only the "Elite" will Enjoy a Nice Quality of Life while the "Others" Low Quality/Caste/Status Humans will Suffer from many Problems and Diseases (many of this diseases imposed by that "Elite" as has already been proved thru Vaccination in children and in people in the world since many years ago as Diseases/Viruses and other Contaminated elements such as Mercury are being included in these Vaccines).

- In September of 2001 this same Deceiving/Lying process was Implemented in the Already Proved Deceit (by Experts in Construction/Engineering/Architecture and other Fields) WTC Attack (I won't get in detail of that as I already did in other Topic), and the same FEAR Feeding, Censoring of Truth, and other Wrong Deceitful Actions, were seen and experienced back then (Only the "Official" Versions were Continuously Displayed in Media/TV/Internet and all other Versions and Analysis were Censored and also the Media/TV/Internet Continuously Feed People/Persons with Fear and Wrong/Deceiving Information). Some Interesting Good things resulted from this (better security controls in Planes for example), but Many Wrong things resulted from that, which are the base (along with many Legal elements that are being implemented in the Legal System like the Internet Censoring and Electronic Chip Imposing and Massive Mandatory Vaccination) to what this World is in the process of Experiencing this year 2020.


I can understand some of the concepts behind what is currently going on, and I've been analyzing them since long ago (to the Dislike and Disapproval of all those I've mentioned them to). It'd be Interesting if You Can Share Your Opinions about how things Should Be in Your Opinion, and if they might be Possible to implement with the current state of development of humanity. Some (just a few) of these concepts are:

- The necessity of Controlling the Birth Rate of Natality and to Choose Who Should Reproduce and Who Should Not for Quality Purposes. This will reduce the Population and also include only Quality elements/beings into the system and Exclude Any Garbage (like the delinquents coming mainly from Low Social Classes/Castes where because of their conditions and low social quality of life they are "destined" to become the Resented Scum and Delinquents of this world, this same applies to Ignorance and Prostitution based on Need, and its low sources mainly from low social classes and low conditions of life and education). I believe this control will be implemented thru the Massive Vaccination that will take place very soon (the amount of vaccines to vaccinate the Entire Population of the World are in process of being fabricated and acquired by all the Countries of the world so this tells that this Will Happen), including certain elements in the Persons ADN/DNA and ARN/RNA (what will be affected with the New Vaccines), and this will allow those who are in Power to Lower (or even Suppress) Fertility and Only Allow it to those who Qualify (Financially and in Physical and Mental and Emotional and Intellectual Quality) to be helped to Reproduce the Allowed Amount of Children; those Not qualified to Reproduce won't be allowed to do it, and even Should be Sterilized as what they will bring if successful only Garbage to the system and Not Quality Individuals that will help the system be better and be also Obedient to Help the system be Better.

This is connected with Removing Vicious Conducts and Addictions, if the objective is to obtain Good Elements; it'd be nice to know from "High Sources in the Non Physical Levels" if this is the Agenda and if it will be allowed to happen, or if the Agenda is to Simply Enslave the Human General Population keeping them Sick and Dependent (and in Ignorance and in Necessity like mentioned by the Ghost of Christmas Present in the movie "A Christmas Carol" of 2009) of the "Elite" in Power (something tells me that this last thing is the "Agenda" and the world won't be Better that what it is but even Worse); this also reminds me the movie Elysium (2013) where the "Elite" Classes lived in a High Technological World orbiting Earth where they had all the Technological elements to Not Get Sick and to Live Nice Happy Lives and the General Population were left as Garbage in the Earth World in Conflict and Need, Far Away from the Happy Environment of that Privileged "Elite" (below is a scene of that movie as I mentioned below in the other point of Analysis).

The Death of the Ghost of Christmas Present

- The necessity of Forcing an Identification and Location system, to be able to Identify by means of Technology Every Individual in the system at All Times, via a CHIP and also via Facial, Eye/Retina, Fingerprint, and other Biometric Systems, and any Non Detected or Weird Element/Being trying to Fool/Infiltrate the System should be Stopped and Confronted (and even Destroyed if his/her intentions were Evil), as Only Useful Elements to the system should be allowed to participate in it. This might help locate problematic individuals (specially Delinquents) and Neutralize them (even Remove them from the system if the idea is to remove the Garbage from it and only leave what is Useful, even if it's Good and Bad but Not Evil, that will really help the system to be Better).

It'd be interesting to know how the Caste/Class systems will be organized in that future, since this Human animal system is based in people/persons serving other people/persons, and until this can be delegated to Machines/Robots (like in the space city in the movie Elysium of 2013 for example) it will continue to happen and some people/persons will have to serve other people/persons and specially the "Elite" (they won't allow people/persons Not to serve them).

Elysium (2013) - Ending Scene

It'd also be interesting to know if Humans will be able to develop Technology that will free them from having to serve others and even themselves, and focus their Intellects into developing more Tecnhnology, Arts, and their Intellectual abilities in general.

I've witnessed in some Worlds (in Lucid Dreams or maybe who knows even Astral Projections) certain Control Systems were I've been Detected and Neutralized in many ways (some of them nice and others very Not nice and abrupt), and I've even had to evade them by moving thru walls, flying away in horizontal motion (in vertical motion somehow I'm always/generally stopped from leaving to the top/dome of their worlds and only in a few occasions in the past I've reached that dome or even access the space between masses of land/worlds contemplating them getting smaller as I get away from them, all of them very interesting experiences to have), and even moving thru the soil/ground, to reach other Worlds, and sometimes even get followed by beings from those worlds capable of doing this same things (even by Technological Robots trying to capture me) and even get followed by beings to other environments (and also even being transported into many other Worlds by variated beings present in these Non Physical Worlds/Realms who do are the ones doing the Driving and choosing the destination, which are also very interesting experiences to have). So, this types of Controls Exist in Many Worlds/Realms, and They Work into Detecting Intruders (in these cases, Me/Myself) and Stopping them or at least getting them out of their Worlds/Realms (or who knows maybe sometimes allowing them a monitored/supervised walk around some of these Worlds/Realms for whatever reasons they might have to allow it).

My Best Regards.

14  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Positive And Negative Consequences Of What Is Happening On 2020 In This World on: August 02, 2020, 23:27:59
Positive And Negative Consequences Of What Is Happening On 2020 In This World

(Note: Would be nice if you can also share your personal opinions about the Positive and Negative elements that are resultant of this situation in the present day and in the projected future).

I won't enter (for now) in details regarding the deceiving nature of what is happening in 2020. Experts in various fields and many persons that dedicate their lives to analyze this things are reporting many of the anomalies in what is happening and how their efforts to alert the population are being stopped by those behind the deceit (exactly how occurred in September of 2001 and the years after that when it was proven all the lies behind those events very similar in effects and fear to the current events happening this year).

Some of them can be consulted in the following links; many of the information is in Spanish because that is my native language and I've been following much of this in Spanish and also many Solutions are coming from Spanish speaking countries (you can use English subtitles on videos when available and also use Google Translate to read in English a translation of pages); many other solutions are coming from English and other language speaking countries as well.;msg374271#msg374271

Since before the fake/deceiving Pandemic (as evidenced by Professionals of the Medic sector all over the world), I've been implementing many of the things that are being imposed over people, like wearing a mask to try and prevent getting infected of respiratory diseases (like flu) from those that are infected and cough without wearing a mask, also like having good cleaning habits (washing hands for example), also not touching face with dirty hands, also getting cleaned when coming from the street and performing activities inside home, staying at home and teleworking, not getting in crowded places (I usually stay in the door or outside as crowded places are hot and also filled with persons coughing and infecting others with flu and other respiratory diseases), and many other things that are currently seen this days, so it is like watching Myself in many of the people/persons currently imposed with these restrictions or implementing them for Fear of Dying by a disease that is very curable (even when the Bad Persons/People are trying to make it look as very deadly); that has been a personal choice, not imposed, and watching the many of the population performing many of this because of Imposed Fear as a result of wrong information regarding a respiratory disease and feed by the Media counting deaths and infected persons, many (most) of whom are being reported as infected when Not, is very curious as they are doing what I've been doing but more in an extremely more exaggerated way. Because of the previous explanation you'll find the why's of many of my Positive Consequences of what is going on (my personal opinion, you can share your Positive and Negative opinions as well, that is the idea of this Topic).

Below, are some of my personal opinions about the Positive and Negative Consequences of what is happening and what is projected to happen in the future.


- People are implementing good cleaning habits (like washing and cleaning their hands with soap and water and also with alcohol based liquids) and in the case of companies are being required to take special care in preparing and handling food, so people are getting cleaner food and services. This will control the transmission of many virus and bacteria, resulting of wrong cleaning rules/habits.

- People that are Sick of Flu and other respiratory diseases, are finally using a mask that restricts (somehow) the infected fluids, and also are being reported when not wearing a mask when they are sick of flu or other respiratory disease.

- People are not being forced to work with respiratory diseases that will surely contaminate other persons that have contact with the sick person. This is good as the correct thing is that they stay at home to recover soon and only then go back to work; in the past the company owners abused of the necessity of a person to go to work sick fearing loosing his/her job otherwise.

- People are keeping a distance, and many public places are not very crowded (at least inside the offices and closed places), and is more comfortable inside offices and closed places. That's my personal liking, others might feel comfortable in crowded places in very close proximity with other people (not me).

- This is a necessary global (countries and all the world) exercise to respond and handle a Pandemic. It is necessary to do it as is necessary to do simulations in Companies and in Residential Homes/Buildings, to handle emergency situations. They are calibrating the way to respond to a Real Pandemic (in each region, country, continent, and also the whole world), and realizing the weaknesses of the systems to deal with this kind of situations.

- The under skin chip that is going to be implemented has the interesting potential to control many criminal activities that are currently not possible to be even detected, as every citizen that has a chip is monitored constantly and any citizen (from this world and who knows maybe a unregistered visitor from another world or place) not wearing a chip can be detected and intercepted to confront his/her intentions and stopped from interacting with the rest of the registered population. (This topic has also Negative elements that are listed in the Negative section below).

- This One is Going to be Controversial as is Positive and Negative at the same time: Control of the Natality if going to be implemented in the Population with the Vaccines that are going to be imposed over them. People by themselves, specially when in high levels of Ignorance (closer to the levels of Animals), won't control their Natality and will even Oppose to control it when offered to do it (if they can't sustain a child then they should not be allowed to procreate it, that's my personal opinion, and also when persons have procreated a child they should be sterilized and prevented from procreating another one so that the population doesn't grow without control as that is the source of many criminality and delinquency in civilization). This by itself is an interesting topic and it would be interesting to hear Analysis and Calculations regarding sustainability, as no limited system can sustain an ever growing number of consumers that also dirty it, as eventually the sources of food will collapse as well as the clean conditions of the nature; when overpopulation occurs in animals in nature, the consequence is Death by Starvation and by Disease, and human civilization is no exception to that (physically we are Animals, more refined and also more weak, but still Animals).


- The use of the mask has been reported by Specialists as Dangerous for health, as if used continuously it reduces the amount of clean air necessary for a healthy inclusion of Oxygen from entering the body, resulting in the body not working properly in all the functions that require oxygen. Also, the fungus and bacteria, that grow in the masks, along with the recirculation of Carbon Dioxide , will cause health problems (respiratory diseases among them) as a result of that.

- The unnecessary imposed restriction of mobility (house/home incarceration), is causing many diseases in the population, among them also psychological ones that also make people sick and reduce the levels of their immune system, as people need to interact with others to share their viruses and receive from others also the antiviruses (this is said by Virologists all over the world that have that professional field as their specialization and/or their research field).

- Doctors around the world are reporting Many Varied Clinically Proven Cures for the Covid-19 in Many Thousands of varied patients (and that also work for many viruses and bacterias) even when these proven cures are being tried not to be informed to the population nor being implemented in many hospitals causing many people to dye unnecessarily. That has a name and is intentional Genocide.

- A Vaccine is programmed to be imposed over people, that not only is being reported by specialists in vaccines as Dangerous but also that is going to cause many permanent changes in the people that are vaccinated with them that might (and surely will) cause them harm. Also, if the current Virus has a Cure as has been proven all over the world by Thousands of Doctors, then there is No Need for any Vaccination and even less an imposed/forced one.

- The under skin chip can be used to intentionally sabotage the life of a person that doesn't want to serve the personal intentions of another one in control; it is proven that the ones behind this fake pandemic are people/persons with high amounts of money and because of that of power to corrupt other with it, so it is only very predictable that these people/persons in power will use their influence to use the chips of people/persons to satisfy their personal interests.

- The imposition of the 5G communication technology, that in a not coincident way is being implemented during this confinement months, is being reported by professionals of health as Dangerous for the health of people and that is being ignored by Governments and Media.

- Governments, Media, and the Health Service (Hospitals and others) are Not implementing the Right Processes to Cure the people, and have been Ignoring and also Sanctioning/Punishing/Firing the Doctors that are trying to implement what has been proven to Cure the Patients; it's like the patients are intentionally and negligently left to die in the Hospitals with all the parody of following international Orders and not following what the Doctors are trying to tell them that work and that is Proven to Work. Seems like they are implementing efforts to increase the number of persons dying to instill Fear among the population and keep them locked in their homes while the Economy gets Broken. It has been proven that Hospitals are keeping patients longer in the Intensive Care Units to earn more money (beds in there are more expensive than regular beds of the hospital).

- Economy is intentionally and unnecessarily led to get Broken with the mandatory confinement of people and businesses; this can only benefit those that Loan Money with High Rates of Interest and also big corporations owned by these same people. (Follow the Money is what is usually said).

- It has been investigated and proven by Doctors and Investigators all over the world that the recent Vaccination for Flu, specially imposed/recommended on Old People/Persons, has caused the current Virus to be more Lethal on those vaccinated persons/people, as if the Virus had been injected into them in those Flu Vaccines. If that is the case then that is Intentional Genocide.

- I Don't Like At All, that many Proven Substances/Medicines (in many patients and for many years), are being intentionally ignored and also censored all over the web and also all over the health systems of all countries, as this is Proof that the intention is to keep people/persons sick and dying, instead of curing them. That again is Intentional Genocide and I Don't Like That.

- I Don't Like that with this situation has been operating Exactly the Same methodology of Deceit and Fear implemented in September of 2001 with the WTC (3 towers fall that day not 2), and how all the voices that were trying to investigate all of this were not heard but also censored and unheard by Governments and Media, even when they were Professionals and Specialists. From that situation came also Positive and Negative elements, and some Got Richer at the cost of Deaths and Sufferings of many others, and I Don't Like That.

- It is going to be interesting (as I don't know what the people/persons doing this have in their minds), to see what is going to be the Natality Control System that they are going to implement very surely thru the Vaccination, making people sterile and very surely controlling that only the ones that have the resources have access to procreation and not the people that can't sustain a child. As I mentioned this is Positive and Negative, and it would be very interesting to hear opinions about it. I have been mentioning since very long to my close ones, that Natality Control is Necessary, and that only the ones that can provide a nice New Human Element into civilization should be the ones allowed to procreate, and they all Don't Like My Thinking At All, and All of them Have Rejected Theses Ideas; but is very interesting that Thru Fear the ones ruling the world will Impose that Control Over Them even if the like/want it or Not. it is very curious right? Like when you want to impose something to an Animal for it's benefit (for example administering a cure for it), you have to Deceive It, Trick It, as the animal by it's own will won't allow you to help him/her, but by Deceiving the animal the cure can be implemented in him/her and cure him/her. Well, the same will be done (in my personal opinion) with Humans (most of the humans are People/Animals and only a small portion are Persons with enough Intellect). The following scene in Men In Black explains it so well that when hearing it the difference between People and Person is understood (even if people or persons don't like it).

Men in Black - Bench Scene

- What is happening in this World at a Human Level, where Humans Persons at the High Level with High Intellectual Abilities that have the Financial Control are dictating what is Going to Happen (And It Will Happen, at least that is my opinion and I Hope I'm Wrong as I'm a Human Person with Compassion and Empathy but with No Emotion but Yes With Feelings which by definition makes me No Human or at least I think/believe that), gives us an idea of the concept of the World as a Business, in this case for these Human Persons in Control. But this takes me inevitably to analyze what lies beyond that level for which I've read some interesting analysis and who knows maybe the explanation of what is really beyond that Human Level, and is the concept/idea that this World (not Planet) is Ruled by a Civilization interested in making Business with it, and that business includes the Extraction of the Loosh, the resultant substance of Emotions and Confrontations and Suffering, among Plants, Animals, and very specially among Humans. Robert Monroe explains this very well and the following links that contain what is needed to understand that from his Loosh Rote perspective experience and story in pages from 162 of his book "Far Journeys". I Don't Like It but I can comprehend the concept behind it, as is the concept on Every Cattle and Vegetal Exploitation Farm in this world, where many being Die (suffering in the process and also during their lives) to obtain from them a product, either from their dead bodies or substances from their living bodies (like the milk from female cattle). I can't tell as I don't know if the ones owning this world are "Good" guys or "Bad" guys or "Evil" guys, but in Lucid Dreams when I've escaped their simulation environments I've seen them, as I've also seen them when they've attacked me during those experiences, as I've seen them in many not Negative experiences as well, surely not the Bosses, but surely the ones operating the Human Farm at that Astral (Non Physical) Level. So, when I hear people praying to a "Loving" God, I don't share that "Loving" opinion about him/her/it/them, but I respect at least the Positive Energy and Hopes that believing that gives them so I try to leave them in peace as much as is possible, as Waking Up to that Not Happy Reality would Scare Them and also for the purpose of their personal lives on this world wouldn't be useful but instead it would be useless and even it could cause them not to accomplish what is needed from them to get the product that is what justifies their existence in this world in the first place (it might be understandable from a business point of view that if the Humans in this world don't generate the Loosh that is required from them the civilization would be simply annihilated and replaced with other one that fulfills that Loosh producing purpose, and perhaps these are some of the reasons the Human Persons in Power and Control are implementing these Suffering and Controlling Agendas to make sure that this World Produce the Loosh required by it's Real Owners and they along with the lower persons are not annihilated from it). This is an interesting Topic and it would be interesting to hear Opinions and Additional Analysis from others.;msg365695#msg365695;msg365748#msg365748

Far Journeys - The Mistery of Loosh

For this last point, if the case is this World being abused by parasite beings like the ones mentioned in the Topic "New Jericho (Large Scale Retrieval)" from "Szaxx", it would be nice that in this world is produced something like what finally caused those invaders/parasites in that world to be removed from it (to have to leave it and to leave in peace the persons living in it), and that way only Good Beings can help build a nice world. (I know it is an Utopia but Dreaming Has No Cost, at least Not Yet, who knows if that is going to change in the Future with the Vaccines and Changes that are being imposed, and that is something that experienced Astral Travelers as "Szaxx" and others might investigate, if possible, and if that agenda is also going to be implemented is an Alert to Astral Travelers and Lucid Dreamers and all the persons interested in the Topics that this Web Site and Forums are all about, to make all efforts for that Not To Occur, I leave you with this hopefully still Soon Warning).

New Jericho (Large Scale Retrieval)

My best regards and hopes for this information to reach those Brave Warriors Of Good (Humans and Non Humans) that are in the positions where they can Guide the Population to Reject what is Not Convenient about this, and Make the Media Hear their Voices (because their positions of power would make impossible for the Media to ignore them as the normal Professionals and Persons/People are being ignored). I don't think this will happen but again, I hope I'm Wrong and Good Triumphs Over Bad and Evil, as I'm on the Side of GOOD (even if Good, Bad, and Evil serve the same God/Owner) as I Only Identify With GOOD (that's Me in my Personal Case).

15  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Consequences Of Consciousness Awakening - Awaking To The Truth on: August 02, 2020, 06:36:35
Some various interesting Analysis about what is happening in the World (Read the Comments on the Videos and Please Investigate Further to Wake Up to the Truth of What is Currently Going On and What is Going to Happen if that doesn't Change).
[Traducción: Algunos varios interesantes Análisis acerca de lo que está sucediendo en el Mundo (Lean los Comentarios en los Videos y Por Favor Investiguen Más para Despertar a la Verdad de lo que Está Actualmente Sucediendo y Lo que Va a Ocurrir si eso No Cambia).]

In English:

Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel ‘Massive’ COVID-19 ‘Disinformation Campaign’

Second Press Conference From Frontline Physicians | Breitbart

Freedom Parade Berlin
(Miles de personas protestaron por la Libertad con banderas de todo el Mundo)
(Translation: Thousands of people protested Freedom with flags from all over the World)

Germany - The COVID - 19 Extra - Parliamentary Inquiry Committee

Amazing Polly - The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

Amazing Polly - Guess Who is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation?

Amazing Polly - Videos

Mass Vaccination Agenda

The biggest medical fraud in the history of the world)

P L A N D E M I C (P L A N D E M I A)

What is Considered Possitive

ICED EARTH's Jon Schaffer on The Quarantinecast #19

Uganda Red Cross and WRC eradicate malaria in 4 hours
(Traducción: Cruz Roja Uganda y WRC erradican la malaria en 4 horas)

Vaccines - Autism

Forbidden Health

En Español (In Spanish):
(English Subtitles can be activated in many of the videos for a nice but not perfect translation).

Profesionales de Austria y Alemania
(Translation: Professionals from Austria and Germany)

Noticias importantes MEDICOS de USA
(Translation: Important news US MEDICAL)

Cómo Manifestarse Pacíficamente - un Tutorial de Europeos Civilizados
(Translation: How to Demonstrate Peacefully - a Tutorial of Civilized Europeans)


Entrevista al Epidemiologo Mario Borini por Veronica Ressia // INFORMES ESPECIALES
(Translation: Interview with the Epidemiologist Mario Borini by Veronica Ressia // SPECIAL REPORTS)

España amordazada con bozales mientras Europa respira aire puro - Jorge Guerra
(Translation: Spain gagged with muzzles while Europe breathes fresh air - Jorge Guerra)

Los medios rompen por fin el silencio en España
(Translation: The media finally break the silence in Spain)

Contracara N°61 - Médicos por la verdad Argentina
(Translation: Doctors for the truth Argentina)

Contracara N°59 - Con el ejemplo basta y sobra en Ecuador
(Translation: By example, is enough in Ecuador)

Extraordinario resumen para entender TODO por ahora
(Translation: Extraordinary summary to understand EVERYTHING for now)

Importante: En este momento en Europa
(Translation: Important: Right now in Europe)

(Translation: Very IMPORTANT meeting in LONDON)

Análisis de lo que está sucediendo
(Analisis of what is going on)



El NO a la Vieja Normalidad: ESCÁNDALO en PARAGUAY evidencia la MENTIRA GLOBAL
(Translation: NO to the Old Normal: SCANDAL in PARAGUAY shows the GLOBAL LIE)


¿Quién está detrás de la pandemia?
(Translation: Who is behind the pandemic?)

P L A N D E M I A (P L A N D E M I C)

Qué es Considerado Positivo
(Translation: What is Considered Possitive)

La verdad de las Certificaciones defunción por covid
(Translation: The truth of death Certifications by covid)

Desde casa dan positivo
(Translation: From home they test positive)

Sicología del bozal
(Translation: Muzzle Psychology)

(Translation: NEW WORLD HEROINE - Valencia)

(Translation: THE TRUTH GOES TO THE STREETS - July 25)




Germain Caballero “Vamos a presentar un informe sobre el dióxido de cloro”
(Translation: Germain Caballero "We are going to present a report on chlorine dioxide")

Senador De Salta Pedido De Investigación Del Dióxido De Cloro
(Translation: Senator of Salta Order for Chlorine Dioxide Research)

(Translation: Press conference DOCTORS FOR THE TRUTH)

(Translation: PLANdemic - DOCTORS FOR THE TRUTH)


La Doctora Teresa Forcades habla sobre la inocuidad del dióxido de cloro
(Translation: Dr. Teresa Forcades talks about the safety of chlorine dioxide)

Conferencia 'MMS: medicamento o veneno?'
(Translation: Conference 'MMS: medicine or poison?')

Cruz Roja Uganda y WRC erradican la malaria en 4 horas
(Translation: Uganda Red Cross and WRC eradicate malaria in 4 hours)

Senadores aprobaron el proyecto de ley para la elaboración y distribución de Dióxido de Cloro
(Translation: Senators approved the bill for the production and distribution of Chlorine Dioxide)

Entrevista Ismael Rojas, rector de la UTO, producirá dióxido de cloro
(Translation: Interview Ismael Rojas, president of the UTO, will produce chlorine dioxide)

La Verdadera Marca
(Translation: The True Brand)

Mentirosos del Gran Teatro Mundial
(Translation: Liars of the Great World Theater)

Soberanía y Salud
(Translation: Sovereignty and Health)

Directo del 8 Abril Denunciando
(Translation: Direct from April 8 denouncing)

Los Bancos al Banquillo - En las Consecuencias del Covid-19
(Translation: The Banks to the Bench - In the Aftermath of Covid-19)

Andreas Kalcker - La Salud Prohibida
(Translation: Andreas Kalcker - Forbidden Health)

Entrevista completa (Andreas Kalcker) . Dr Javier E moreno
(Translation: Full interview (Andreas Kalcker). Dr Javier E moreno)

ANDREAS KALCKER - Efecto del Dioxido de Cloro - Mayo 2020
(Translation: ANDREAS KALCKER - Effect of Chlorine Dioxide - May 2020)


CDS Reunión Latinoamérica
(Translation: CDS Latin American Reunion)

Otros Varios
(Translation: Others Various)

Ramon Freire - Videos



Dr. Gustavo Pareja - Las Relaciones de Poder Entre Estados
(Translation: Dr. Gustavo Pareja - Power Relations Between States)

Los peligros de la obediencia: el experimento de Milgram
(Translation: The dangers of obedience: the Milgram experiment)

Oncología Sin Límites. Quimioterapia hasta la tumba (‘Treat them into the grave’)
(Translation: Oncology Without Limits. Chemotherapy to the grave (‘Treat them into the grave’))

Vacunas - Autismo (Vaccines - Autism)

El fraude médico más grande en la historia del mundo
(Translation: The biggest medical fraud in the history of the world)

Autismo varios testimonios de recuperacion

Salud Prohibida
(Translation: Forbidden Health)

Additional Analysis
(Análisis Adicionales)

Some Interesting Scenes from Movie V for Vendetta
(Algunas Escenas Interesantes de la Película V de Venganza)

V Speech (Discurso de V)
In English:
En Español:

What the Government Did (Lo que el Gobierno Hizo)
In English:
En Español:

Individually Free of Fear (Individualmente Libre de Miedo)
In English:
En Español:

Ending - All Fear Free (Final - Todos Libres de Miedo)
In English:
En Español:

The Concealment/Obfuscation of Truth Also Occurred in September of 2001, as well as the Artificial Creation of Fear among People
(La Ocultación/Obfuscación de la Verdad Ocurrió Igualmente en Septiembre de 2001, al igual que la Creación Artificial de Miedo entre las Personas)

In English:;msg365072#msg365072

Resúmenes Breves En Español (Brief Summaries In Spanish):

16  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Consequences Of Consciousness Awakening - Awaking To The Truth on: July 18, 2020, 09:04:26
Some interesting information regarding the current events in the World. (Many things are not being done correctly and the world is being misguided, seems like intentionally).

Presidente de Tanzania denuncia graves irregularidades en gestión del Coronavirus
(Translation: President of Tanzania denounces serious irregularities in Coronavirus management)

El presidente de Tanzania pone en duda los test tras incluir muestras de animales que dieron positivo
(Translation: The President of Tanzania questions the tests after including samples of animals that tested positive)

ANDREAS KALCKER - Efecto del Dioxido de Cloro - Mayo 2020
(Translation: ANDREAS KALCKER - Effect of Chlorine Dioxide - May 2020)

¿El dióxido de cloro podría ser la cura para el coronavirus? | Dr. Juan
(Translation: Could chlorine dioxide be the cure for coronavirus? | Dr. Juan)

Médico suministró dióxido de cloro a pacientes con covid-19 en Bogotá | Video semana
(Translation: Doctor supplied chlorine dioxide to patients with covid-19 in Bogotá | Video semana)

Cómo preparar CDS y por qué no se debe mezclar - Andreas Kalcker
(Translation: How to prepare CDS and why it should not be mixed - Andreas Kalcker)

Efectos del dióxido de cloro en pacientes con covid-19 | Bien y Saludable
(Translation: Effects of chlorine dioxide in patients with covid-19 | Good and healthy)

¿Cuáles son los beneficios del dióxido de cloro en pacientes covid-19?
(Translation: ¿What are the benefits of chlorine dioxide in covid-19 patients?)

Andreas Kalcker | Web Oficial (Official Web)
Web Site In English:

COMUSAV - Coalición Mundial Salud y Vida
(Translation: COMUSAV - World Health and Life Coalition)

17  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / Re: Books of Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences) on: March 24, 2020, 22:39:35
For this current days where there is a lot of time for reading, a Great and Very Recommended Book of Adventure with a fantasy story related to Astral Projection (Phasing according to the author which has a great aptitude as a writer as well as an experienced Astral Projection practitioner); a great material for Imagination and Creativity.

30. Reign of Dreamers: Elizabeth’s Mystery
By: Michael Raduga

PDF Book:

DOC Book:

Other OBE Books:

Buy at Amazon (Kindle, Hard Copy in Soft Cover, and Audio Book):

“Reign of Dreamers” is the world’s first textbook on controlling dreams in the form of a science-fiction novel.

“After surviving a bloody raid by fierce mutants, a twist of fate brings orphaned country boy Thomas Yourg to Parthagon, the kingdom’s legendary, forbidden capital. All inhabitants of the ideal city are happy and wealthy, while their entire lives revolve around a mysterious practice that has brought people to perfection. Now a grown man, Thomas dreams of becoming a knight in order to take revenge for his family, but his path is beset by a large number of obstacles, oddities, and puzzles, with the main one hidden in one of the towers of the king’s castle.”

Web Site:

18  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Consequences Of Consciousness Awakening - Awaking To The Truth on: September 27, 2019, 07:02:25
Very Interesting Video:

This Indian Mystic Drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS (I’m Speechless!) | Sadhguru on Impact Theory

Yogi, mystic, and spiritual leader Sadhguru understands what’s preventing so many people from a living a pleasant life. Through spiritual reflection and Inner Engineering he’s connected the dots between bad habits and continuous cycles of suffering. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, the founder of the Isha Foundation explains why looking inward is the only way to achieve the potential of a peaceful, joyful, and balanced life.

19  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / Re: DMT, The Spirit Molecule on: September 27, 2019, 04:10:46
DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010)


The Spirit Molecule investigates dimethyltryptamine (DMT), an endogenous psychoactive compound, which exists in humans and numerous species of plants and animals. The documentary traces Dr. Rick Strassman's government-sanctioned, human DMT research and its many trials, tribulations, and inconceivable realizations. A closer examination of DMT's effects through the lens of two traditionally opposed concepts, science and spirituality, The Spirit Molecule explores the connections between cutting-edge neuroscience, quantum physics, and human spirituality. Strassman's research, and the experiences of the human test subjects before, during, and after the intense clinical trials, raises many intriguing questions. A variety of experts voice their unique thoughts and experiences with DMT within their respective fields. As Strassman's story unfolds, the contributors weigh in on his remarkable theories, including the synthesis of DMT in our brain's pineal gland, and its link to near-death experiences.

The real reason why DMT is banned - The Spirit Molecule | Graham Hancock


Our society is absolutely designed to shut down 90% of the potential of the human creature. Why should it be the case that society is afraid of realising human potential and what it comes down to is special interests, that there are those who run things in society and that there are those who are there to kind of serve them and serve their ends and serve their needs.

And so, what our society has created is a realm of unquestioning meat robots who will perform their daily tasks without complaining and without causing any trouble, and that may be very useful to certain small interest groups but it's extremely damaging to the rest of humanity,

Once we realise our potential we don't need elites anymore, who needs elites - who needs to be led. This is another revelation that comes from working with psychedelics is that we do not need leaders, they are not over us telling us what to do, they may imagine that that's what their doing but they have no right to do that.

And the moment we begin to wake up and start asking really profound questions about the nature of reality and about the society that we live in, their power is instantly diminished and I think that's why we've seen such vigour and real nasty unpleasantness put into this horrible wicked thing called the war on drugs which is being used as an excuse to enter the inner sanctum of peoples lives.

See, if i'm not sovereign over my own consciousness, if I can't make free choices about my own consciousness, if I can't make those free choices while doing no harm to others then I am not free, in any useful or meaningful sense.

And, the moment that I free myself then I become a danger to those who run things in the world, anybody who has seen led to question the nature of things profoundly as a result of psychedelics is a danger to the status QUO.

We risk being thrown in prison, we risk having our reputations destroyed - if the powers that be enter our home and find that we're using psychedelics, I mean this is really Orwellian World that we've created,

how dare some guy in a suit sitting in government tell me to what to do with my consciousnesses - while at the same time, they're allowing the glorification and glamorisation of alcohol which is one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet.

I mean alcohol is a seriously dangerous drug, whether you're talking about cirrhosis of the liver, or whether you're talking about traffic accidents or whether you're talking about violence - alcohol, there's no doubt about it nobody can dispute, is an extremely dangerous drug.

So a society that says alcohol's okay and you can even advertise it, but psilocybin or DMT are not okay and if you use them you'll be sent to prison, that society is just riddled through and through with unbelievable hypocrisy.

And we have to bring that out, we have to show people this is the case because what's going on here is a fundamental abuse of human rights, we must be free to make decisions over our own consciousness always with the proviso that we do no harm to others and any government any state agency that attempts to limit our freedom over our own consciousness - is itself an agency of darkness and control.

Graham Hancock

20  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / Re: Books of Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences) on: September 26, 2019, 22:52:52
Is very interesting what's contained in this book and in William Buhlman's interviews.

29. Adventures in the Afterlife
By: William Buhlman

Buy / Read Preview (Look Inside) at Amazon:


Web Site:

YouTube Interview Video:
William Buhlman - Adventures in the Afterlife

21  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Practical Uses In Real Life Of Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming on: September 26, 2019, 05:20:48
Thank You For Replying to this topic, shineling.

Actually, one of the greatest uses I can perceive from Astral Projection (and its access thru methods like Lucid Dreaming), is the Artistic side of things (in all its expressions like Painting, Music, Visual Design, Poetry as you mention inspired from what is seen and experienced there, and all the Technical Expressions of Art based like Architecture, Urbanism, Interior Design, and many others).

I posted this two questions as I've perceived that the Artistic (and Creative and Feeling/Emotional) side is the one that can receive more benefits from this experiences (what is commonly associated with the Right side of the brain). The Technical/Professional (Intellectual/Logical/Mathematical) side that has to do more with what is associated with the Left side of the brain, I haven't perceived that could get much benefits from it as retrieving information from those places and those visits made thru the use of the Own Consciousness in an Altered State (forcing Consciousness out of the Sleeping Process which is chemically and physically designed to stop it on the Person that sleeps) is Very Difficult and even remembering a name (or information in general) from there is a Challenge and more remembering Dialogs and Technical Information that could be mentioned and shared by beings in those places.

I have many times questioned/doubted the Long and Detailed Dialogs that some persons report having had in those Astral places with Astral inhabitants and that they share in such detail, as remembering words (also reading words in texts in there) is Extremely Difficult and many times even Not possible (many times is Not Possible even in waking life on Earth to remember the content of a dialog/conversation with other persons and more the Details and that is even more Complicated/Difficult in an Altered States of Consciousness where the first thing experienced when coming back to be awake in waking life and that is a challenge to reverse it and counteract it is that the memories get deleted and is very difficult Not to allow the general and basic memories and experiences to be erased from the memory so then remembering complete and detailed Dialogs is Not easy credible and if even possible it would involve Persons with Memory abilities way over the normal levels in waking life and there are only a few persons with such abilities in this world that can remember everything in detail in their lives and I believe they are less than 100 persons confirmed in the whole world that have "Hyperthymesia" It would be nice if Experienced Astral Explorers that have the ability to remember those Dialogs in detail or at least enugh of them and that can also Read Text and also Remember in waking life what they have Read and Heard on the Astral Realms, to provide some instructions as to how to achieve this as it would be very useful, not only in Astral Explorations but also in Waking Life on Earth.

I have many opinions related with my Two Questions but I don't want to Influence the Answers by providing some Personal/Subjective information (I already did in this Post by sharing a little/short opinion about the Artistic/Art aspect of this Experiences), and I'm very interested to know the Practical Uses (hopefully in Technical/Professional fields) of this Experiences, and would be interesting to Read about the Experiences that you have had there and the Applications that you have made of those Experiences in your waking life on earth (in your Personal aspects that could be related with the Right side of the brain and also in the Technical/Professional aspects of your lives that could be related with the Left side of the brain).

My Best Regards and again thank you for sharing your Reply (would be nice if you can extend and expand what you are mentioning in your post by sharing some of your experiences and explaining how they were useful and in what aspects of your waking life you have been able to apply them).

22  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Practical Uses In Real Life Of Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming on: September 24, 2019, 08:26:22
Practical Uses In Real Life Of Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming

Two Questions:

- ¿What Practical and Useful Uses have you experienced and implemented in your Real Life (on the world called Earth) as consequences and as results of your Astral Projections and Lucid Dreams? (for example in your Technical/Professional activities)

- Also, ¿What changes in your Real Life (on Earth) and in your personal mental and emotional self have you experienced as results and consequences of your Astral Projections and Lucid Dreams?

If there are Topics in Astral Pulse and/or in other Web Sites, that contain information regarding this Real Useful and Practical Uses in Real Life of what is experienced in Astral Projection and Lucid Dreams (and other Altered States of Consciousness), please post the Internet links to the pages in your replies.

I appreciate your replies and information.

My best regards.

23  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / Re: Books of Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences) on: January 13, 2019, 21:02:27
Very Interesting Web Site:

Daily Spirit
Personal development, dreams, self-help and the non-physical world!

"Phil Danvers" Books must teach a lot of useful information as the Web Site does:


"Phil Danvers" Posts on the Astral Pulse:


Very Interesting Posts like the one quoted below (a Person must have been "there" and experienced "that" to know that what "Phil Danvers" is describing is True):

If you get hundreds or thousands of these, various kinds of scenarios and others, you will know by your categories, what is what. Your context of these experiences are yours and I guess others can't just really interpret them. Emotions, thoughts, memory sets are more in the game to take into account. I don't and never believed in that neg thing, it is not like that, you are just indeed tested with your reactions. For example indeed if you are searching for a way out, it is related to your waking life also, to show yourself that you will do anything to reach your goal. My team did this many times with the feeling of the urge to go to the toilet with bowel movement's end, geez, they liked it to use. Other times, just endless rushing in places, buildings, cities to find the way out.

You can make them be surprised too, they sometimes fail with fear tests over me because I always face them no matter what and I surprised them with a totally passive observational attitude and told them, yeah yeah I know it is a fear test. And they looked at each other. Or just those idiotic "find your way out" scenarios, well I get loads of them but because they are related to my daily reminders about my life and goals with a great chance. So this whole stuff is very personal for you too and it never ends. I don't mind it but disturbs me when I get too much of these lol.

In the past I could program myself to just walk out of these nonsense stuff and end up instantly in Focus 3 regions, cities or just ask to go elsewhere. In my opinion, at least for me, there is no strict script to follow. For example I become fully aware in a copy of my home, I ask for traveling elsewhere, then vibration builds up in my non-existent body in the NP from the back like somebody hugs you as energy and I blur out into another world. There's just too much to deal with sometimes. Step by step. Sometimes nothing works and I stay at the same "place" to observe.

24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Bad news about APers on: October 08, 2018, 07:44:07
Searching (for example) in Google the text (with the quotation marks)
"1. They know when you're alseep or when you're not."

or the text (with the quotation marks)
"Some ppl in my family are astral projectors."

The bad news of astral projectors
posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 10:50 AM

The bad news about astral projectors
7:06 PM - Sep 27, 2007 #1

Astral projectors are conspiring against persons and nations
Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by Sign Related, Sep 27, 2007.

25  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / Re: Wake Up In Your Dreams by Dr Rory Mac Sweeney on: June 21, 2018, 09:40:30
Some Interesting Updated Posts on

How To Easily Have a Lucid Dream Tonight

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid Dreaming Supplements – All The Supplements and What They Do

Beginner - LESSON 1 – IS THIS A DREAM?

Intermediate - LESSON 10 – Inductions

Advanced - LESSON 16 – Wake up Neo!

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