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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: My theory on reincarnation. on: January 15, 2018, 02:46:29
Once one of my parallel selves told me this to understand time: consciousness could be bored if not experiencing life.

Look at this issue from this side: a subjective life is limitless and endless. A physical life is limited and stricted with objective thinking. Both sides are benefiting from each other, meanwhile we learn anything which we can't in the non-physical. Dualism, illusion of time to chose wisely.

If we are speaking about aliens, we are them on another level. We are coming from the same place but with other tasks and "games".

You can find out your answers via projecting, if you will or already learnt it. Nobody can tell you what is what. It is personal beliefs and experience.

The full non-physical self is experiencing and there is no time... I guess I was in boredom too on another level to jump into this life. But many are suffering because they lost their connection their own source long "time" ago in my opinion. Look at the topic like this: you are tossed in a dumb world, how do you choose in your life, how do you directing your life? How do you use up your "time"?
2  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: your Beneficial Beliefs list on: January 14, 2018, 19:58:59
Only time will tell You that you were right or wrong with limitlessness. We do have subjective plans which we mostly don't know and if we are steering our physical viewpoint towards a life which won't be beneficial at all in the long term, we will be kicked in the butt painfully and I see the most are doing it. Both right or wrong decisions are for learn and grow, also seeing the consequences.

We always have room to learn more, experience more.

Knowing yourself indeed empowers you, enjoy it, enjoy what makes you happy and what you like to do. Keep up the good mood.

I would be very very cautious what is widely spreaded from the various new age belief systems as we are limitless in this world (in the non-physical, we are) and our beliefs are shaping our reality. I don't buy that in 100% because we are in a highly consensus reality and I saw many many signs about the opposite occasions over my life. Some people are guarded to not make mistakes, so bad ones what the other group are doing even daily as I experienced and saw. Seeing only the good side is not beneficial in the long run, this is a dualistic system, making us learn from different viewpoints.
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Re: Tisha's essay on OBE on: January 14, 2018, 02:40:16
Hey Adrian I just got this post, searching on "intent" but I now think it worths a thank you just in the middle of the post, to say that You were right. There is some aspects of this which still doesn't gives me answer. I always was a good LD-er, I'm practicing since more than 2 years, never gave up, and nothing happened, meanwhile I tried anything even completely emptying my mind. Nothing happens ever. It is like I would have the worst fears of my life and still I'm safe, but I don't have fears so much. I'm a very well experienced NP traveler since than, as I'm highly aware in my NP adventures, partly thanks to my friend Szaxx of course and only that one changed, I got my answers and got more questions as we all know that it is always like that.

What is not changed is my family relationship, that I'm still working on any ways of living alone and earning by myself. It may cause all my problems, and those who don't have family issues should respect good people around them. My primary mission in physical life is move on but I always failed because of forcing even bad solutions, jobs etc. So you are right and I think for many, this hackish civilizational brain cock in our mind, full of problems does this.

The other aspect is that what I feel since months is that as I gained better understanding what parts of "me" are doing what, I guess that what people call soul essence, "higher self" (I hate this label, so dumb), I-There (Monroe), just name it but all the same - the whole part of ME - is blocking me out as long as I finished my task in life as a problem and I can be free fully. I was fighting for full freedom but still have maybe half of it. It always feels and I consciously know it that somebody or something is blocking me out. As I'm sleeping all night, IF I WANT TO, I'm fully aware in the NP, but my inner self is not so forced to help me phase out from will from the physical. I know it for sure I can do it and still nothing lol. Only when I had a terribly tired body (or brain?), could achieve partial phasings on my screen a few dozen times and never get there. You know when You did anything you could and still nothing happens, then something is not ok. I never used technics because I don't believe in them and unnecessary in my opinion.

And of course this world full of fake informations and the loads of them is shoveling on in our minds the unnecessary stress... I hate it. In the future at some time I will try to slow down my mind because it is in overdrive mode all the time since more than 3 decades lol.
So actually physical life could be the only problem when you realize that you did anything for success, your mindset is ok, you can control yourself always and still that stupid phasing/OBE/projection is like impossible lol. It is interesting that some people spent a decade of practice and after that I guess they solved a life situation or anything and bamm, they did it. I guess the NP or bigger self has some major role in this somehow and I'm not saying this as giving away my power because I never. But there may be a primary task which could be destroyed I guess if people just for their wish could have a sudden OBE or anything.
The most are not even ready to anything, they will sleep away their lives until death. Pretty sad.

I may be wrong this time with my suggestions about the causes but if we dive into our minds for just a few minutes in meditation, every hiding stray thoughts are there. And people should read these kind of long posts instead of consuming fake "informations" throughout the web where people are spreading and copying each other's nonsense theories of how to do it...

Furthermore, I never experienced vibrations as people are talking about it. If I did, it was like a very very light impression in my mind of vibrating something, like an impression of a distant washing machine's spinning part, touching it but from 20 meters away lol, pretty hard to explain. What I do experience with body relaxation is a huge warmth. Always. That's all. Doing this is not leading people anywhere in my opinion, concentrating on the body (ok maybe some).

I can pretty well achieve that certain state, I know i'm in it and still nothing lol, like a joke. Well it really needs dedication if I'm still didn't give up but I know it is just the beginning for bigger stuffs. I already helping, rescuing, teaching people in the NP, I guess since my childhood; already were huge F3 cities, meeting with residents, seeing non-human things... many more. It worths it.
4  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: The Pulse is Back! on: January 12, 2018, 00:29:36
Good to hear it  Smiley

I guess some people survived without hanging on ma****b**ion topics for a few days lol.
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: First Conscious Astral Projection Experience /welcoming song for the deceased on: November 04, 2017, 19:42:36
That's very good experience - relatively. I guess if we tend to practice in bed, it always ends up with unsuccessful attempts, relative to our sleeps there. I guess maybe my problem is partly in this issue too.

If you release any emotions in the NP it will be highly fueled in a loop. I experienced this too many times. If I start to be angry because somebody "there" doesn't answer me the first time, I start to be angry and I just start to feel the immense buildup on that same emotion, which is crazy. I experienced sadness too, I was just crying in tears in a big school room, which was represented with pictures of "dead" japanese soldiers from a war thing (I'm European). We need to control it in both worlds unfortunatelly. I guess you had this problem, you were emphatic from the feeling and couldn't stop that.

On one hand it is pretty cool that your own dad is interested in something, which the majority is not a little bit, not even our parents ordinarily, but for the second hand it only made my job much harder when I did a big dig for anything which I could find through the web because people are lieing in everything OR they desinformate you to the high with religious concepts. It only makes problems and blocks. I wish I never learnt that much crap at the first place about this.

Oh too bad and sad he passed away Sad RIP. Sorry I was reading it through while I was writing paragraph to paragraph.
He is fine I guess in the transition area or in Focus 3 already, you shouldn't be nervous is he ok I guess. It is interesting that your "guide" took you to this scene to show you this. I guess this is rare to get the precognition about such kind of life situations but people do get it as so called dreams which are also NP travels.
One thing is sure, if we force it, it won't happen. It starts to be worse in our life. If he was familiar with AP, it means that he is way ahead of the average humans in my opinion.
6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Phasing Naturally on: November 04, 2017, 19:20:33
I've been doing this in Focus 3 all the time, I mean regularly and it seems like people keep fooling themselves with physical dimensional concepts which blows me in a negative way. But I scared some people, but mostly many of them are amazed of me almost every time because I demonstrate flying too and superhuman powers (one time I was catching and slowing down to zero, a blindly running tram lol), I was many times some kind of superhuman, I can't help it, I'm partly that and like it really. Just "simple" things like I'm just pressing steel beams with my hand, fly or anything more like telekinesis.

People mostly tend to be amazed, scared maybe or just looking on me like an alien. Well I don't consider myself to be an ancient human but as I experienced this so far whenever I'm taken and I got back my awareness and helped many, I experienced specific times and place types too which we used to here on Earth. Focus 3 people really don't have a clue (I mean many many) that they are in a NON-physical world. They are amazed or just calling the local reinforcements if you act like they don't.

Booting out or kicking out is I guess has many faces for me. It could be if you start to spread panic or people start to be too curious you will be kicked out to F1 or to another F2/F3 place. If you tend to any time think about your sleeping body it is a matter of around 5-15 minutes to phase back here. Now it is a knowing for me. If I have the feeling oops I'm soon phasing out on autopilot, it means I felt my physical existance that I'm asleep or I HAD thoughts about ANYTHING which correlates with my physical world: memories from my primary life, places and objects here, any life issues which I guess switches a response to phase out.
The other explanation would be that I failed something or it is just time to go, so enjoy the last 10-20 minutes there which I always do.
Booting out occurs on some further examples like I'm exiting the current simulation and I make fluctuations with my mind lol. Who knows. My NP helpers (selves?) are doing a good job not showing up mostly.

But the main issue is that proves that not just "humans" are tend to exist further in these F3 realities after physical world "death" but they have just no idea what happened and this is sad in my opinion. I admit not every humans need to be like us who have enough awareness and background to want to know what is needed to know to grow up, but they are just stuck. If billions are doing this all the time, we can imagine how few we are to help those there. And I guess many of them would be our other versions from primary essence.

I found out a method to stay away from kicking me out too soon because it happened many times. "People" must not see you there. Maybe on the local street or anywhere, you need to walk down the map to fly again or ask for anything. If somebody from the locals are seeing you acting weirdly, you can be sure you are sooner out than expected I guess. I don't even try to do any planned stuffs while somebody local, even a young boy sees me. I just wonder many times are there any "better regions" there, where people are fully aware that what is happening with them, but I guess somewhere this self-brainwashment needs to be end to go further, because eventually this is just the beginning I guess leaving our local system, which I'm curious to investigate.
I like retrievals, even bad ones, I'm doing it with fun and fashion many times lol, but it starts to be boring after a while.
7  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: What's going on? on: October 26, 2017, 14:39:07
I tend to now hug my face with palm when somebody ask: was it REAL? am I projecting? etc... Of course you are/were! Isn't that obvious? People could experience different realities hundreds of times which is other than this one and they still don't want to feel it real - well tests are starting here too.

Your are no longer in your physical "dimension". If you sense your physical body, it is normal, sometimes you can, other times you can't. The double split effect is something which I never experienced but well documented that you were too close to your physical sleep place but because you are no longer in the physical, your mind interprets every thought and belief where are you are "you are in a body". I never saw my body in bed, I didn't even expect to see it, nor any reflection in mirror's 90% of times. You are using an intensive focus in the physical as consciousness experiences this way, at night you are elsewhere, continouing your tasks.
I think if you tend to return to a "known" place, it is somehow implemented in your mind. You only know why, deeply. NP aspects tend to play different mind games with us, aspects maybe only doing their tasks and trying to elevate your awareness with various tools like throwing you a snowball to realise that it feels so real that you still sense it's impact and coldness. And you can.

If it was a parallel life reality, then you may experience actual running life parallel to yours "here and now", it is real, you are just for a short time allowed to live it from that other self's perspective. Later you will make difference, is it a parallel life reality or is it a simulation elsewhere etc. Maybe it is an actual Focus 3 place (Frank Kepple, focus model), I was in many of them.

Lucid dreaming = you realise you are in another reality than your physical one... what dreaming? I hate this word lol. You can project and still think that it is a fancy hallucination? People may and will say they are not the same, LD, AP, phasing etc... I know they are the same but in different dimensions with various degrees of tasks and awareness.
Maybe it meant that those who know you from "elsewhere" tried to tell you that it IS REAL.
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: October 17, 2017, 19:18:42
Welcome back!
Those dragon designs are very cool. Too bad I'm european lol, but I like dragons too.

On projection well I think the root cause of fails is mostly coming from the fact that people treat this "life" as a religion, which is cool until an extent and people's enthusiam just wears off soon because they just don't have enough will power and aims, or just life purpose to experience that they are much more than their alter ego here and now. Everything is a belief system, therefore religion and people I guess have big expectations from that crapload which they tend to read through the web, what is the NP and what is it for etc. I guess a fair percentage of humans are only ready for experience the wider reality while they live their physical life and I admit it could be very hard when you (me) experience 4-5 non-physical experiences through your sleep only (not speaking about conscious projection yet) and keep your diary on track as meanwhile living your waking physical life. And I'm not speaking about minutes there, it is hours, long long hours and days, seemingly in physical measurement.
Projection attempts and practice is a very dedicated business and if I'm representing myself here and now I know that I'm not so good in conscious attempts because I'm under life stress, a bad family relationship and life situation - I just realized this after 2 years with help. So what I do is try to do whatever takes me on good mood and enjoy myself where and how I can in my daily life. If we have huge pressure on us personally in life, it can ruin the whole practice I guess with only a thought because that excrement goes on and on in the background in our mind. But meanwhile I extract just enough experiences through my sleep that I always have more questions than answers lol, and NP can be way more real than the physical plane. Well my focus improved but not enough strong I guess.

I won't write much here because I know too surely that people get on the chance and share their beliefs and viewpoints again and every thread goes on them now since a while, which won't help anybody.
9  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Can't Astral Project anymore on: October 04, 2017, 18:09:31
You are very welcomed and you just only started : )

Our daily excrement and concerns are stopping us in most of the times. This one may benefit others to realize, they are blocking out the results. If we are under life pressure, we just can't fully concentrate on relaxing deep enough.

Good job my friend and keep up!
10  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: The ethical dilemma of eating to live on: October 03, 2017, 20:37:55
This discussions starts to be ridiculous.

You need to eat animals and plants too, they are both conscious beings like you. Everything is alive and have a deep core from the NP.

These idiotish belief systems are pain in the butt these years that don't do this or that, follow this or that... be a puppet of a cunstruct instead of eating what feels ok and keeping your body in balance, keeping your muscles enough strong to handle your daily life?

We need to eat animals... it is an excuse to not kill them and eat other excrement, right? Everybody dies, animals too, soo??? Those are already dead bodies! You are not consuming their souls comeon! This is just a game, the physical life. The stronger stays in action, the weaker goes to another task. The cycle of life.

Now just look closely, the "whole food industry" came in since a while, now people are mass-killing plants lol. Is it better? Because these ridiculous beliefs are mainstream now and people believe in them, you deny certain elements from your body, instead having defficiency symptoms years later.
11  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: What do you think of Frank Kepple? on: September 23, 2017, 15:00:38
I guess two options are given.

He may be in France still in a peaceful lifestyle and stopped giving in energy telling/teaching his experiences after a while, just living his next decades or years as he mentioned he is in some kind of sharing, gardening, food growing life and he likes it. He just stopped paying attention teaching others.

Or on the other hand he gave so much knowledge out that he finally felt it is time to leave and this way he planned his exit on another level to return to the NP. Well he wrote many entries about this too because I've read through all of his post in his PDF once and made notes all the way. He shared this about the game of life and how "we" plan various diseases and illnesses to experience return and to not fool the game here.
12  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Can't Astral Project anymore on: September 03, 2017, 21:01:48
You're welcome. Please feel free to contact me via PM if you need some help.

I think You should not make yourself confused with PDFs and binaurals after you simply know the fact, that you could do it before without them. What newbies are doing for first is read all of the stuff on the web, and making their position even much worse. I did the same and needed to forget just everything to see clearly what is this all about and realised, I have my own natural method to achieve conscious travels through sleep cycles.

The solution is simple, you should calm down, get back positive emotions and know that nothing will stop you, but I guess some running programs are still on the background in your mind and they need to be eliminated or solved.
13  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Can't Astral Project anymore on: September 03, 2017, 17:57:57

You are maybe under pressure in many ways in your life and you are trying to force something which is not working now because of that. That is my view on this. You could try to program your subconscious before falling asleep naturally with present self-suggestions. Like "I will be fully aware after my body fell asleep". And just fall into sleep. You will be aware after some hours of NP adventures maybe. It may work, maybe after weeks. Everybody is different.

This one works for me quite well, but projecting/phasing directly from the physical is not yet, because I have so much crap in my private life still I guess.
But it is a well known issue from many people here too, that when they got more physical life related crap on their shoulders, they had difficulty being calm and doing it without forcing.
14  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Modern day martyr or crazy idea that can't possibly help? on: August 26, 2017, 20:47:02
I should add my point here after dear Nameless.

Just a though example from first hand. I have a father, who manifested himself Parkinson's disease. He suffers from himself, FORCING everything on others in the past and present and on his own body - he is like spreading his suffering from thinking the bad way (and he is religious too, no surprise), he just never will able to intellectually understand that HE did this to HIMSELF and nobody else - I will soon leave him to live alone. Also my brother is suffering from himself, not so much as my dad, but not just they both, EVERYbody has their own path. You could love your family as much as you can, but you can't live other's life ever. Everybody responsible for only their lives, thoughts, choices and actions. Now the negative side is that people will drag you down to their hell.
And as long as you have a good hearted family which is rare, You are living your life and making your own path.

First of all you should search deep inside for your beliefs, what are you thinking about your own health. I'm sure you could someday find evidence that your health problems are rooted deep inside in your NP mind's background and you should change your thinking. Your body will automatically catch up with reprogramming your "subconscious" and you can be much better, also your health problems could diminish.
This also works on work or being financially independent. It is up to you. People don't want to work on themselves, here you go Planet Earth. So much sick, people, mentally and egoistical, trying to blame each other.

Some people here suggested this and that. You could eath more healthy if you didn't and take in pills, but as long as the main cause of your belief in your health and life won't change, your body won't neither and your situation. It is up to you only. If somebody tries to change him/herself, I guess miracles could happen.
Here is a little example. I was myopic for a long time until 4 years ago. I had enough. I'm always learning and doing whatever is needed to change something. I did it and got my vision back to clear for far and near-sight. It was a big belief that I have short-sightedness sitting in front of PC and gaming as a teenager back than. Oh comeon and there are people who have - after the same amount of screen staring - normal sight.

So your challenges are there, I guess you can do it and change your reality. Remember that you are not on the mercy of circumstances and people's opinions, not even physical stuff - you are projecting out everything on your body and others with your thoughts. Don't give up, you are becoming as you are making decisions and choices.
15  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Modern day martyr or crazy idea that can't possibly help? on: August 24, 2017, 19:30:38
I am considering this option for myself. My family lives at the poverty to low middle class income level. Would taking out a high life insurance policy for my family for 10 million dollars then committing a peaceful suicide in 2 years later once the suicide clause exuding suicide in the insurance policy expires, would that count for a good karma? It would be like dying a martyr wouldn't it? That is dying for the sake of others that they might have life more abundantly. A very noble altruistic thing to do wouldn't it be? It would be totally legal. IMO it would be good karma as long as it was a peaceful death and done selfishly, and if I lived a good part of their life, and did most all that I could while here. Which is about where I am at.  smiley

EDIT: This is about giving my family opportunities not money just for the sake of money.

Plasma, instead of doing such a stupidity, You should start to take research about how to change your circumstances for your favour. Always remember, that You were the only one, who chose to live this life, which you have right now and you started it from initial probabilities.

Start to research on the sentence of "you are creating your own reality" and if you are a believer as I saw it, you should achieve fast development in it. Believe in yourself and try not to make such decision not even from joke, because it would be like you are chosing a gameplan before jumping into this reality, planning out the initial start and than maybe half a way you are just saying, ok I'm out, I'm "failed"...
Others should stop writing their own belief systems I guess not only here, it won't help anybody, only those who are like-minded and follow the same belief.

In the NP there is no time, not even space, only the vastness of physical-like realities. Maybe you have another parallel self, who failed, be better then "him/her". Show yourself that you can manage to change your thoughts and beliefs and make it now differently.

Karma? It is all about a simple thing, keep balance in your life, mostly emotionally and don't believe what everybody is saying. It is again founded on the belief construct - linear timeframe, because if you are always coming back one after another (which is a joke after in the NP the time is nonexistent) than you could have something done the wrong way in a "pervious life" and now you are in a bad situation maybe...
Reviewing your life after death? Yeah YOU are doing it to yourself, nobody else. The NP parts of you.
Reincarnation? It is only about a mystical belief of sequential time periods as mystics couldn't understand the non-existent time, with parallel multidimensional realities and for their limited understanding, they started this one too with the other stuff like past lives.
I'm not in the need to start argue with those, who can't understand how the wider reality works, this is just for your understanding. You are in fear, because of not known knowledge, which you could obtain only by yourself.
Start to read Frank Kepple's work here on Pulse, you could find it in PDF format somewhere. That is not about basics, you need to forget what you learnt I guess, because there is so much crap all over here and there on the web. You should trust yourself just keep researching. Hm I guess you should learn first project or just reprogram your "subconscious" mind with affirmations, to try somehow to get to your primary essence and just scare the excrement out of yourself to see that what is your "current" life about. I'm kidding here but maybe you have many unknowns still.

I recommend you simple pathways like Ken Elliott's work to easily learn to create your world the other way. The other recommended is Seth's "The Nature of Personal Reality" (Jane Roberts). Somebody is on the rich side, somebody is on the poor side. As long as you are good hearted, helping others and radiating out your kindness, no problem with money.
Money is a human made construct and nothing more, people are giving in vast amounts of trust in it who knows for how long and it is only a tool for buy whatever you need. But the focus itself is not on money, it is about that if you would like to achieve something, nobody will do it for you, only You.
Projecting is the same. People could cry out for NP help for guides but what you are doing instead of learning by yourself as many people and giving in the effort to realize how is it working, "guides" coming and smashing you out to other focuses - well what happens is, your own belief constructs are doing the job instead of you. I guess maybe you got what I meant here.

This Universe is mostly relies on beliefs and emotions, with thought energy.
There is another example, which billions of people are doing so well... "I hate this job/life in which I am" - meaning, you are reinforcing a belief in you that that is you reality. Imagine it differently. You don't need to concentrate on money, it is a side effect in some cases.
I'm not an all-the-knower but did my research and exploring what I need to know, learning, and always did it. I never stop in this. And I always just hugging my face, seeing daily what other people are always writing down about their beliefs of this and that and how those things are working, meanwhile they have zero experiences about those or just believing it, and that is not first hand experience. Tom Campbell could agree on this.
Well belief only carries you to the first place after "death" where billions and billions are fooling themselves in various belief constructs, it is a real shame.

Believe in Yourself, and you have enough time here and now to make decisions correctly, to be better and stop thinking not even from fun, about those stupid ideas lol.

A little reminder for others: I don't care about other's beliefs, those are for who they need it, personal, and maybe necessary for certain people, I respect it until somebody forces their beliefs on others. Everybody have beliefs of course. So I won't argue with anybody.
Plasma what are you afraid of? You have a great help here too, and you are a powerful non-physical being originally as everybody. Why are you giving away your power? Smiley Look inside and you will know your fears, convert them into light or love or whatever lol.
Remember, nobody does the research instead of you!

Hope this helps, just a little bit. Sort of Smiley
16  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Larger consciousnesses system question? on: July 31, 2017, 14:00:04
I guess Xanth meant by the way that you are doing your own job by developing in this world, and your choices are making the potential future in your life. Your past is already happened, that is still You, your path. The future is not a static thing, because we are living in the eternal now in the NP and here, in the illusion of physical space/time, we see separation in time passing too. The you one week or month later not will be the same as now, because everything is in motion, development etc... You are becoming.

The vast majority is chosing to be in fear, hatred and brainwashed, unintelligent, that is free will too.
17  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Larger consciousnesses system question? on: July 30, 2017, 21:01:27
Funny that nothing really changed on the Pulse. Everybody is still telling their own self-fulfilling beliefs and conversations are coming out from it lol.

I guess it could help many, to learn to phase or just program yourself to be conscious through sleep at night and try to find these out by yourself guys/girls. One thing is that you believe in something which is comfortable enough to cover what you don't know, and the other thing is you know something for sure from first hand experience, right?

There is no development in to believe something and try to cling on it, no matter what. I guess people should experience the belief system territories first hand to stop this. There is nothing wrong believing in something, it gives power in thyself but I think some people should grow up. Eventually your truth is only yours and it is up to you (everybody) to change your mind and get move on to what is existing and what is illusion in your mind.
18  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: First meeting with spiritual guide? on: June 18, 2017, 13:32:50
For first, OBE = "dream". You are in a different reality, it could be your subconscious (Frank's FoC2) and the guide or helper helped you because it could be the right time. If you practiced OBE/phasing (call whatever) and now somebody wants to help you with these infos, it is for a reason (maybe you was unsuccessful for a long time and had a bad experience this way, not achieving it). So these labels as dreams and OBEs and others are all the same with different levels of awareness.

Let me tell a personal experience. I still can't initiate own phasing fully or "OBE" (you are not leaving any "body", you just think so you are), but the first thing when I began this journey and learning route is that I had physical awareness in the NP whenever I was asleep at night. Simply just you realise you are in countless other realities, universes and you are doing whatever you would like to. The issue is just the process has the blackout from falling asleep until gaining awareness in the NP after a while. You lose some hours maybe at the beginning physically, but in the NP you could easily be there for days too. No need for fancy hocus pocus methods, just learn to program you subconscious mind (F2) with your desires and you will get it.

Guides could be from different sources what I experienced. They could be your other aspects from your bigger self, or maybe some of them are with you from behind the scenes from years or from birth (or longer) and some are just coming and going with certain tasks. It is like you are going on a street and see somebody searching for a street or something, you stop, tell the direction and you are disappeared for her/him. The intention was the thing.

If you could write down what happened and you observed, you were conscious Cheesy You are that person, who observes through filters as how we live "here".

Reality fluctuations and forms changing are natural "there", you will get used to it and understand them over time.
I think you should rather let OBE practice alone and focus on asking for bigger awareness before you sleep. Not just ask, tell it in your mind with straight sentences in simple present tense. I hope I helped.
19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Help With Projection on: June 12, 2017, 06:23:55
Pain could be energy block in your body, where you need to expand the energy, which goes through, just let it go and it could fade away. It could be a personal fear test, which causes you stop relaxing and being afraid. Let the energy expand everywhere and enjoy it.

You just said in other words, you are "projected". If your surroundings is not 100% the same, you are in another reality. You don't need to see your "body", it is just a belief system, to not be scared of yourself. Rooms, walls, colors, objects could be elsewhere or very different. You are in another NP reality. Every reality is real and not a dream. Regular people call everything as "dreams" and can't see that there are endless realities and our physical is just one of them with strict rulesets.
Our mind could create another reality very similar to the physical one with so much accuracy, you just can't see the difference many times. Test it, enjoy the game.
20  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: Manifesting future on: May 27, 2017, 18:55:53
my question is.... How in the worlldd do you forget about it, I tried numerous times to manifest but I ALWAYS without a doubt continue to think about it ALWAYS. Please someone help,
Ive tried so much 😣😣😣
Maybe it could help if you are concentrating on other things, from which you feel yourself good/well. You could block out your desire by constantly thinking about it. It could happen with bigger things, we tend to maybe think that they come slower. Just an advice, everybody is different.
21  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: New Jericho (Large Scale Retrieval) on: March 05, 2017, 20:05:20
No matter what technology would we bring here - it is not allowed mostly and Szaxx knows that too - most of the humans need to change inside in themselves. Your perspective is very tiny. It is like there is somebody who manifested his/her cancer successfully of decades of anger or not forgiving others and so called doctors are cutting out tumors, but really not. Mostly people get back their problem and it manifests out again, and finally death occurs.

There are many inventions, coming and going, but the vast majority gave their power to the elite and their world is about money and greed. Most of the people are living a world which will not change because they deny their creative endless power and not resonating with themselves inside. There would be no need for fancy technologies if people would be responsible for their acts, behavour and thoughts, which they project out as everybody creating their own reality.

You are complaining on others. That's not a good mindset. I guess Xanth already said some thoughts in your other posts but I guess Szaxx will not react so much on this or on an other way.
If you believe that Earth is in trouble and we need some high-tech stuffs to clean this and that, then it will be your reality. We are here to expand our consciousness and learn, and meanwhile enjoy it.
22  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: I lucid dreamt for the first time on: January 08, 2017, 12:21:55
Overall, my growing sense is that we are much more complex than imagined or discussed. I do not have all the words to describe this mystery that we are, but I was reminded not too long ago by my guidance that I am the "captain of my mystery ship". So, I present this metaphor.

Very generally, my current understanding is that we are complex beings extended into the physical from our non-physical aspects (Source, if that is preferred). In that, I do not see the non-physical as better than the physical OR humans as less than others (that are not human). The human is a small part of who I am (and I am human - that is a reality). The physical experience is an expansion of Consciousness, and we are participating in that expansion (as human extensions). I am here for the joy of that expansion. When I am in joy, I am lined up. So, certainly the more conscious we are in waking life while consistently experiencing things that we are joyful about, the more consciousness comes forth and the more it expands.

I had many adventures in so called and labeled "dreams" that my helpers told me through some kind of representation that I'm some kind of boss or captain too. I couldn't understand it so well. I had a dream where I was in a classroom, a guy next to me was making notes in his booklet which was not in human language. The "teachers" were grey ETs and they were very nice (I'm never afraid of and friendly), so suddenly they saw me and made a probe in my mind, and I saw that they started to represent something in front of me as a holographic floating screen movie. It was about a spacecraft crash and told me that we were an 5 manned crew and I was the captain. I couldn't understand it through the months but I always had dreams (I don't like this word, I'm mostly aware as here), where I was with people and I'm mostly a leader.
So it is interesting what your helpers said to you too.
We talked a lot about this issue too with Szaxx and it seems like I need to investigate almost everything by myself. Well this way, it has a good challenge indeed lol.
23  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Has anyone had an OBE and were in the same physical reality as their body? on: January 02, 2017, 00:12:50
Yeah, I hope the same Cheesy Well your infos added to my knowledge can help a little bit further, but I think I'm not the only one.
24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Has anyone had an OBE and were in the same physical reality as their body? on: January 02, 2017, 00:02:36
Thanks for sharing Subtle Traveler Smiley Very informative.
25  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Community in the beyond? on: January 01, 2017, 23:45:12
Yeah true Smiley we will be sure if we are "back".
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