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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Have OBE's changed your views on death? [Survey] on: June 16, 2017, 21:58:06
Hi y'all, I just heard from the head of the consciousness research team at Johns Hopkins and he made a final request for help getting the word out regarding this survey...500 people have completed it so far but they are seeking 1,000 participants for sound statistical analysis of the ambitious number I know! Any further feedback or help spreading the word I know would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Re: Jeff's OBE tips on: March 05, 2017, 20:06:59
Thank you so much for this clear and informative post, really great info!

Assuming the usual projection caveats apply here, the one will maximise chances of success if practicing this during the night having already slept for 6 hours say?

The eyes have been a stumbling block for me. Does anyone have any advice on how to relax them?
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Survey on Effects of OBE Development and Practice on: November 03, 2016, 19:45:51
On behalf of the IAC.

Dear IAC students, friends and members,

You are invited to participate in a research study that intends to understand the effects of out-of-body experience (OBE) practices and their development, as we as the material on OBEs (like classes, books and others)on individuals. Hundreds of participants all over the world, in different languages, are a part of this study in order to have a larger sample from the population, and create a bigger consensus. This study is being conducted by Luis Minero, a researcher of the International Academy of Consciousness. We would deeply appreciate your support in participating in this study.

Some of the benefits of participating in this research, among many others are:
- The questions in this study may help you reflect, understand, organize and bring insight to your experiences with OBEs.
- You will be contributing to a deeper understanding of the potential outcomes of OBEs and exposure to OBE-related information.
- You will be contributing towards the improvement of OBE-related practices taught to thousands of individuals.

You can fill out the survey, by clicking here:
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Study on veridical aspects of OBE's - seeking survey feedback on: September 16, 2016, 23:06:06
Hi peeps,

I'm sharing this on behalf of a psychologist friend (himself personally acquainted with the OBE), he has an online survey here and is interested in the reported veridical aspects of OBE's. He is especially interested to hear back from OBE'rs who can self-induce their own experiences. Any feedback I know would be very much appreciated.

Hi all, I'm writing to ask for your assistance with sharing a research questionnaire I have developed to examine veridical perception in the OBE.

I'm aiming to collect responses from at least 500 participants, but the process has been rather slow, therefore any assistance you may offer with sharing to your wall/pages would be much appreciated.

The project is based on exploring the objectively verifiable aspects of OBE specifically rather than only the phenomenal/subjective attributes. My hope is that the results could be quite valuable for examining how ESP functions in the OBE state.

The project has been endorsed by RMIT university and the Australian institute of parapsychological research.

The URL to the preliminary survey can be located here:

Thank you for any assistance you might be able to offer. Finally -- if you know any OBErs personally who are able to self-induce their experiences I'd really appreciate if you could personally forward the questionnaire to them.

With gratitude, Alex De Foe.
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Alternate Waking States Induction Method via Floatation on: July 15, 2016, 20:19:43
Hey dude, thanks a lot for chiming in here with your experience of the Zen. Seems to me like these have great potential as a tool for consciousness exploration and meditation, particularly when it comes to projection and lucid dreaming speaking to people who own one. Seems like a great thing coupled with all the other various benefits of floatation aside. But yes fear it seems is one of the major barriers that must be transcended when it comes to projection, and will effectively block the way until it can be overcome.
6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Alternate Waking States Induction Method via Floatation on: July 08, 2016, 02:55:06
Interesting article here by a long term floatation REST facilitator and investigator. He describes an adapted MILD technique for the induction of "Alternate Waking States", OBE's and lucid dreams using the float tank. The author takes a rational view of such phenomena but his descriptions and insights are highly intriguing. He describes a high success rate with this technique at inducing these states (80% of instances) and he also describes a spill over of such experiences into his sleep while outside the tank. I'm intrigued about the potentials of floatation and had a hunch that sleep interruption and then getting into a floatation tank could synergise in a really interesting way in inducing altered states such as OBE's and lucid dreams, and this is the most in-depth and expansive thing I've read that goes into detail about precisely this. Does anyone here have experience with floatation, particularly from a projection perspective? I spoke to two Zen float tent owners recently who told me (unprompted) about their OBE's while floating, and these experiences occurred spontaneously without their attempts to induce them. Anyway, makes for intriguing reading.

Floatation Tank and Consciousness

Altered States: from Fiction to Fact:
Introducing the Alternate Waking States Induction Method

Richard Bonk M.Ed.

Although REST has been the subject of a multitude of research studies and has been shown to be useful in clinical applications, much of the public's awareness of the floatation experience stems from the movie Altered States. And, it is often in the hope of producing unique, stimulating and consciousness altering states that many people decide to float. For many individuals, floating becomes a "done that," once in a lifetime experience when they emerge from the Epsom salt waters relaxed though certainly not significantly "altered." However, many regular floaters do experience heightened states of awareness and unusual mental phenomena. In an effort to examine these unique states in a controlled setting it was important to develop a technique in which these ephemeral states could be reliably and regularly facilitated. Following then, is

1) an introduction to the Alternate Waking States Induction Method (AWSIM), a technique which has proven effective in the engendering of "altered" states of consciousness in individuals while floating,

2) a brief overview of significant phenomena observed with reference to categorization thereof,

3) implications and possible applications, and,

4) suggestions for further research.

I) Introduction

As a REST facilitator and investigator of over 17 years I can attest to the subjective, experiential reality of altered or alternate waking states. It seems more accurate to refer to these unique states of consciousness as alternate waking states because, rather than consciousness being "altered," a specific state, when certain conditions are met, changes naturally into another normal, yet alternate, albeit perhaps under-utilized state of consciousness. (Like going from the normal waking state, through the hypnogogic and into the sleep/dream cycle.) These states are waking states because the experiencer has partial or full waking awareness and access to cognitive functioning, even though the body may be "asleep" or otherwise immobilized. I have recorded dozens of spontaneous alternate waking states experiences which run the gamut from lucid dreams to precognitive visions to out-of-the-body experiences. Since the floatation experience has been a potent catalyst for me in the spontaneous production of alternate waking states, I have sought to develop methods to produce these states with a regularity and reliability which would facilitate structured investigations. In the following article I will introduce a technique christened the Alternate Waking States Induction Method (AWSIM) documenting the development of a technique which has proved effective in producing these ephemeral states of consciousness with a reliability allowing for laboratory study and practical application.

Tank Facilitated Lucid Dreaming and Beyond

In recent years there has been a rekindled interest in dream research, owing much to the pioneering studies being done with subjects who report "lucid" dreams, or dreams wherein the dreamer is aware that she/he is dreaming. Dr. Stephen LaBerge of the Stanford University Sleep Research Center, leads the pack, with many years of work training "oneironauts" or "dream sailors" to awaken within their dreams and carry out prearranged tasks, including signaling to the outside world. Dr. Laberge, having recorded hundreds of such dreams, has developed a method which he refers to as the Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams, or MILD, enabling willing subjects to experience lucid dreams with the regularity required for laboratory investigation. LaBerge believes that with enough motivation and practice, anyone can learn to dream lucidly and recommends following these steps:

1) As soon as you sense yourself waking up in the morning, try to keep your thoughts focused on the last dream you were having. Remember what the dream felt like, its texture and its setting, and memorize as many details as you can.

2) Spend the next 15 minutes reading, meditating, or doing any other activity that requires full wakefulness.

3) Then, while lying in bed, affirm to yourself, "the next time I dream, I want to remember to recognize that I'm dreaming."

4) Visualize yourself back in your last dream, with the difference that now you recognize that you're dreaming.

5) Repeat the affirmation and visualization until you feel that your intention is firm. Let yourself fall back asleep. If all goes well, you will soon find yourself in the midst of a lucid dream.

Having a keen interest in "altered" or, preferably, "alternate" states of consciousness, including dream and allied states, I eagerly attempted the above suggested method, experiencing moderate success until a modified version of the technique was developed, wherein results immediately increased in number and intensity. It was serendipitous to discover that a more mechanistic rather than mnemonic approach yielded results more consistently.

For one and a half years prior to this time, I had regular access (2-3 times weekly), to a floatation tank, where I spontaneously experienced "alternate waking states" (AWS). I experienced these unique states at a frequency of 2-3 per year. No pattern or prerequisite stimulus could be discerned, save the fact that it seemed necessary to lose consciousness, as if falling off to sleep, whereupon, I would "wake up" into an alternate space or reality. The states seemed to be characteristic of what the above dream researcher describes as lucid dreams, although the quality and intensity would vary, oftentimes seeming more akin to what is referred to as an "out-of-the-body experience" (OBE) as described in various parapsychology texts.

These peculiar states held a special fascination for me, so much that I decided to find a method for inducing and maintaining these states, in order that further observations could be made. Thus, Dr. LaBerge's MILD technique invited personal experimentation.

I then proceeded to employ MILD in the manner prescribed, experiencing at most, fleeting moments of lucidity, and those seemingly related to pre-dream (hypnogogic), or between dream states. One morning, however, approximately 3 weeks into experimentation with MILD, an unusual set of circumstances, (meeting friends for breakfast at 5 AM), forced me to awaken 2-3 hours earlier than usual and function for an extended period of time with full waking consciousness. I returned to sleep later that morning- and experienced a "full-blown" lucid dream. It appeared that the missing and important factor, at least in my case, was the insurance of a longer period of full waking consciousness. A modified MILD had yielded its first success. It occurred to me that if MILD would work inducing AWS in bed, then perhaps a further modified MILD would induce similar states in the tank. (Perhaps this could be referred to as WILD, for "wet" induction of lucid dreams!)

On the second day after having successfully induced a lucid dream during sleep, I proceeded with the modified MILD, but instead of returning to bed, I showered and entered the tank. At first it seemed as if sleep wouldn't come, let alone any unusual experience. But, after an initially uncomfortable period, I found myself awakening into a strange "vibratory" state where it seemed "another body" was rising up and out of the physical body. Then I was aware that I could "see" the inside top of the tank (though in total darkness), which reinforced the uniqueness of this state. I recall mentally telling myself to remain calm because the energy of this state evoked an initially fearful response. But, by maintaining a "calm mental resolve," I was able to overcome fear, whereupon I sensed I was moving through a tunnel, then out through the walls of the tank and out into the next room. I found myself able to move within a perceived environment that seemed to be a composite reality ordered according to laws peculiar to that state and my conscious fancy. I had access to all mental/cognitive powers inherent in normal waking consciousness. For all practical purposes, it appeared as though I had woken up "somewhere else."

I have since had many similar experiences, apparently owing to the above technique. Approximately 80% of attempts successfully generate AWSs. Also, spontaneous AWS experiences, both during sleep and in the tank have risen in conjunction with the above success - from approximately 2-3 per year, to 1+ per month. I have noted that even when my mind-set invited failure, i.e., experiencing doubt, frustration, discomfort, etc., - the AWS experience has continued to replicate itself, indicating that (at least some of) the important variables may be mechanistic. In fact, it seems that as long as a certain small set of requirements are fulfilled, the AWS experience will occur regularly.

The following steps represent a modification of the MILD technique (further referred to for our purposes as the "Alternate Waking States Induction Method," or AWSIM), incorporating the use of the floatation tank, which I have found conducive in the induction and maintenance of AWSs:

1) Gently awaken oneself in the last 1/3 of your normal sleep cycle.

2) Assure a period of "relaxed wakefulness" (as in the MILD method #2) where you perform a task that requires full waking consciousness while carefully maintaining the relaxed post-sleep state. In this case, showering before tank immersion seems effective.

3) Allow for a gentle re-entry into the sleep cycle while in a "novel" environment. The floatation environment is particularly suited to this stage as it seems to encourage and maintain transitional or in-between, i.e., hypnogogic states for extended periods.

4) In some instances it may be helpful to use non-mechanistic, internal processes, i.e., your imagination, emotions, mind-sets, etc., to create an ambiance of relaxed desire/expectation to further facilitate the experience. In my experience, it doesn't seem necessary that mental reinforcement be done upon awakening or prior to entering the tank. However, pre-programming in whatever manner one is inclined, may be helpful if done during the previous day or night prior to sleep. In other words, create an open-expectancy state, where you anticipate a unique experience, and are open to any possibility. Try not to (mentally) create your experience beforehand, as your AWS experience may very different from your expectations.

In summary, I have found that a modified version of lucid dream researcher Dr. Stephen LaBerge's MILD techniques, when used in conjunction with the floatation REST system, yields sometimes intense alternate waking states experience with regularity. I have noted that, although the effectiveness of mental programming in inducing such experiences can not be denied, a more "mechanistic" method works at least as well. The 2 major variables according to this view seem to be

1) the necessity of gentle interruption of the subject's sleep cycle, and

2) the subsequent immersion of the subject into the floatation REST environment. If one begins to re-cycle into sleep, one seems to, in more cases than not, experience an alternate waking state, similar to normal waking in that one has access to normal conscious faculties, yet unique in the phenomena experienced.

Since my initial personal investigations, I have introduced the AWSIM technique to others who have experienced similar results. Interestingly, and supportive of my hypothesis, is the fact that the AWS experience will occur in individuals across the board, regardless of their personal experiences or beliefs, as long as certain mechanistic variables are met.

II) AWS Phenomena Observed

Useful Parameters

To effectively describe AWSs I have found it helpful to utilize three subjective parameters:

1) self/ego awareness, or how intact/stable one's sense of self is,

2) intensity, a spectral measurement/assessment regarding how "real" the AWS experience seems in comparison to normal waking consciousness, and,

3) perceptual/psychomotor/cognitive functioning, that is how effectively an individual's sensory, psychomotor and reasoning abilities can be consciously utilized. Psychomotor functioning is considered here not in a physiological context, rather with respect to the degree an individual senses she/he is able to move through perceived space and manipulate objects within it

Though these parameters have been measured via subjective reports, there are indications that they may be objectively measured and quantified, i.e., intensity may be reflected in a change of EEG recorded brainwaves, or other changes in physiology indicating a heightened state of inner arousal. Levels of cognitive functioning may be ascertained via a subject's ability to respond to stimuli presented or to carry out specific, predetermined tasks, i.e., to move the eyes as in lucid dream research where dreamers signal to investigators when they awaken in a dream.

AWS Induction and Establishment Phenomena

A certain set of phenomena seem to consistently accompany transition from normal waking consciousness into AWSs. It seems necessary to enter into the sleep state and momentarily lose consciousness then subsequently reawaken gently and slowly, maintaining deep relaxation, where the body remains still, in a state of sleep paralysis. At this point, one can chose to rouse the body or continue to maintain mental and physical calm. In order to further the experience it is imperative to gently maintain a non-aroused, yet observant state. One needs to be simultaneously alert and relaxed.

If this state is maintained, certain phenomena begin to present themselves rapidly and in specific sequence. Usually the first phenomenological marker is an expansion of the auditory sense. One can "hear" clearly what is going on in the nearby environment (adjacent rooms, etc.). Often there is an unusual sound similar to that of clear bells or chimes and or a crackling, tearing or rushing sound. These sounds are usually prerequisite to a "vibratory" sensation felt as if in the physical body. Typically a sense of acceleration is experienced wherein the vibrations exponetionally intensify engendering a sense that one is about to energetically expand, explode or project out of one's physical body. Initially this dramatic sensation can evoke a fear response and a subsequent aborting of the experience. However, it was noted that if one retains a calm mental resolve, one will immediately continue to the next phase.

At this point, if one remains calm, there is a sensation that the vibratory energy, experienced as another body as it seems to be a locus and vehicle for self consciousness, feels as though it exits out of the physical body. It may then feel as if one is "floating" in the space above the physical body. If this stage is achieved, there arises a new sense of calm and freedom of mobility. Self and environmental awareness are heightened and clearer. The individual can move within the perceived environment according to inner mental directives.

The visual sense seems to remain intact albeit in a manner that enables one to "see" even in the total darkness of the tank, almost as if one were sensitive to infrared or other electromagnetic stimuli. In a better lit environment vision is comparable to normal vision, though clarity often varies. Auditory sensations at this stage are typically weaker, or less noticeable, though occasional loud or low frequency sounds are heard. There are no recollections of smell or taste occurrences.

However, the sensory/tactile sense remains and is noteworthy as one can "feel" the surface of objects as well as experience the unique sensation of a particular substance/material if one chooses to put a part or the entire body into or move through a surface such as the tank or room walls, windows, etc. It is as if one feels the material in question at the point where the body is "cross-sectioned" as it intersects that surface. Also, it was noted that on some occasions that a physical sensation and actual physical response could be produced by willing it in consciousness. For example, a sexual orgasm could be produced by willfully initiating and intensifying sensations of arousal even though the voluntary nervous system of the body is in a state of sleep paralysis. Implications in this regard may be profound, indicating that at least some autonomic physiological response patterns may be directly and effectively activated and modified by a willful mental process while in a certain AWS.

Cognitive abilities seem to remain and function with a rough equivalence to normal waking consciousness. The sense of self is comparable as well. Typically there is a strong feeling of curiosity and wonder at the uniqueness of circumstances and often a state of excitation which must be managed to prevent an excitement threshold which would abort the experience.

The AWS Spectral Environment

Although entry phenomena are often similar, there are notable variants in AWS environments. The AWS environment can be plotted along a spectrum, with one end favoring the lucid dream classification, the other, out-of-body-experiences. In lucid dreaming, the individual is aware of oneself and that she/he is dreaming. The perceived environment and objects within it seems to be more associative, that is, produced and maintained by the individual's unconscious, according to that individual's unique life experiences and the meaning she/he assigns to them. In this environment it is difficult to focus on a selected object without it changing in some fashion, or without the individual's awareness shifting or disintegrating.

Out-of-body experiences, however, differ in that the AWS perceived environment seems to represent the actual environment as it is perceptually experienced in normal waking consciousness. It remains relatively stable, allowing the experiencer to focus on particular objects with minimal or no changes or distortions. Awareness usually remains clear and integrated, even heightened.

In both "worlds," the environments seem to be ordered according to certain "laws" (perhaps comparable to laws of physics in our normal waking stated perceived universe) yet are somewhat malleable to consciousness. Moreover an individual seems to be bound by the rules of that environment only as long as she/he "agrees" to abide by them. For example, when one decides to move out of, or beyond a certain environment, it often fades or disappears, revealing a subsequently more discreet environment, increasingly dissimilar to our normal waking environment in terms of objects populating and laws structuring it.


Perhaps the most obvious implication, though not novel in context of Eastern and Western Esoteric philosophical systems and parapsychological research, is that consciousness may not be contained (wholly or in part) in or produced by the body and its brain. Also, implied is that there are other realities, comparable to our physical universe, that can be perceived and experienced in certain states of consciousness. This raises questions of far reaching order, however these are beyond the scope of the present paper. As of present, however, the author has not discovered any definitive evidence to support the idea that any of the phenomena experienced is indicative of a separate world and not a product of consciousness, but then, even our experience of our familiar physical world is dependent on our peculiar psycho-biological perceptions and cognitions.

It is clear, however, that there are other states of consciousness which are equivalent in intensity and complexity, which are as "real," as our normal waking consciousness. And, the average individual can learn to access and utilize these states for personal investigation and possible significant psychological, energetic and even physical change.

An Invitation to Further Research

Although the phenomenon and environments perceived and experienced in AWSs are, at this point difficult to substantiate, the states of consciousness with which they are associated hold the promise of objective analysis. Current EEG biofeedback and REM measuring instrumentation provide an opportunity to objectively monitor and record these unique subjective states. Research protocols, coupled with the richness of an AWS explorer's subjective reports could serve to map out a previously elusive, ephemeral and often questionable areas of human consciousness.

In conclusion, the REST induced and maintained AWS experience presents a unique opportunity for consciousness explorers and researchers alike. AWSIM provides a technique which consistently produces AWSs with a regularity allowing for structured laboratory investigations. It also allows interested individuals to expand and explore heretofore difficult to engender and maintain discrete states of consciousness. It is in the hope that this brief overview will stimulate an interest in the use of AWSIM for personal and research investigations, that this paper has been presented.


1) LaBerge, Stephen, (1986) Lucid Dreaming. New York, N.Y.: Ballentine Books Inc.

2) Monroe, Robert A., (1977) Journeys Out of the Body. Garden City, N. Y.:
Anchor Press/Doubleday and Co. Inc.

3) Hutchinson, Michael, (1984) The Book of Floating. New York, NY.: William Morrow and Co.

4) Lilly, John C., (1977) The Deep Self. New York, N.Y.: Warner Books, Inc.
7  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Have OBE's changed your views on death? [Survey] on: May 04, 2016, 21:29:39
Hi peeps, I've been in recent email contact with Prof Roland Griffiths, head of the consciousness research team at Johns Hopkins behind this study (I've met him, great chap), and they're having trouble making up the numbers data wise from this survey...he provided some more information on it which I've shared below...I know any and all survey feedback would be very much appreciated by him and his team.

Dear Friends,

The States of Consciousness Research Team at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine needs your help. We are conducting an anonymous online survey of Near Death Experiences (NDE's), Out of Body Experiences (OBE's) or other non-ordinary experiences that fundamentally altered beliefs or understanding about death and dying.

If you have ever had such an experience, we would greatly appreciate it if you would take our survey. If you know of others who have had such an experience please send them the link and encourage them to participate. This includes people who had such an experience long ago.

Although the survey could take 30+ minutes (the time length can vary based on how much you choose to reply to open-ended questions), we believe you may find this survey interesting.


1. The survey is an opportunity to revisit and contemplate a significant and possibly transformative experience.
2. You may find it meaningful to further explore some of the philosophical implications of your experience.
3. You will be making a unique and important scientific contribution.

Please share:

We deeply appreciate your help. Thank you.

Roland Griffiths, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
IRB approved application: IRB00080423
8  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation) on: March 27, 2016, 00:11:39
Hi Lumaza,

Thanks for sharing, interesting stuff! Part of the emphasis of this meditation practice is linking up the throat friction to the third eye, so the other way around, but the same thing you are describing. Sagan also goes into detail about the linking up of the third eye with the hands in the pyramid shape you describe, and provides instruction on how to go about this specifically, so really interesting to hear you say that. While I'm relatively new to this practice, very quickly after starting it I become aware of energy in my hands in the form of heat and tingling. I've also noticed the colour purple predominating so far, this is reported by others too. The spinning kaleidoscopes of colour are also commonly reported, and can open into vortexes in advanced stages of the practice it seems.

I get your point about many paths getting you there...I personally like this approach in the way it gives you direct feedback with it as you progress and deepen your practice. For someone with my kind of mind, this appeals.
9  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation) on: March 25, 2016, 20:18:23
For anybody interested who wishes to cut to the chase, below is a nice clear summary of the third eye throat friction technique.

1. Learn to breathe through the larynx to create a “throat friction” – This is a technique that you will find INFINITELY useful for so many things dealing with energy and astral work. The larynx appears to be an evolutionary gift and our upright composure appears to be what separate it’s effectiveness from that of animals who are primarily horizontal in structure. The larynx (located at the “L” spot in the picture to the right) is the location of a powerful energy amplifier and to feel its effect we are going to stimulate it by “friction breathing” which consists of relaxing the jaw to keep the mouth ajar as you inhale and exhale. Focus on the spot in the back of your throat, if you notice you can control where the “crest” of your breath lands. Normally it crests at the roof of the mouth as it travels back into your throat; we want to intentionally place this “crest” on the larynx. You will create a sort of “rushing wind” sound. It will cause the larynx area to subtly vibrate thereby activating its energy center. Do not spend so much effort on making it perfect, simply do your best to position the friction there and let your body and actions naturally align to it, with time it will be clear and easy to distinguish. (Refer to the youtube clips in the first post if requiring clarification on any details of the the throat friction practice).

2. Feel The Larynx Energy Center – As you proceed by breathing with friction your aim is to stimulate the energy center that is located on the larynx. This is a subtle but noticeable effect. For me, it feels like a pillow of unmoving breath sitting in my throat. I feel this on a different level and it isn’t physical. At this point your mind will try to fight what it is experiencing by analyzing it, it is important to refrain from doing this at this stage, you will have plenty of time to analyze after the experience, for now, quiet the mind and proceed “charging” the larynx. Do not “try” to feel it, just be aware of the location, a gentle awareness is all that is needed, the stimulation will make it more tangible. For me, it magnifies in strength and appears to integrate quickly with feeling “normal”. I notice it’s presence but it isn’t a bold presence after it sort of “settles” in. Continue to breath with friction and be aware of this location and feeling. Congratulations, you just met one of your energy centers and it IS that easy to do. Now onwards!

3. Feel Your Third Eye – As you continue charging the larynx with friction breathing turn your awareness to the point between the eyebrows, the opening to your third eye (which in reality is a tunnel stretching from the front to the back of the head like the picture below.) From here, with your awareness located on the third eye, you should feel a vibration, this can come in a couple different forms, a slight pressure, a tingling, a warmth etc. Notice whatever you are feeling there and become aware of it. This is the early energy signals that an awakening third eye puts out. It may be slight at first but with time it will become clear and subtle at the same time. The subtlety refers to how it actually FEELS, the awareness you contain on this spot will make it “clear”. This is a tough subject to describe because of the limited experience we have as a human race to describe subtle energy workings and etheric layer physics. Just focus on the feeling, no amount of words can sum up a feeling. My words are intended to get you to the feeling, not so much to impart knowledge as that is an intangible concept, this feeling is very tangible you just can’t “touch” it physically. It’s a new layer of senses most of us never knew we had and it’ll take time to integrate it into your belief systems so you can actually recognize it when it’s open. With your awareness stationed between the eyebrows and feelings of vibration, tingling, pressure, density, etc. proceed to the next phase.

4. Enhance Your Third Eye Feeling
s – From here, we are going to hold our hand over our head positioning the palm directly in front of, but NOT touching the location of the third eye on the physical head. Hold your hand here and remain aware between the eyebrows, simply note what happens next, do not let your mind wander or analyze yet. Your “trying” to comprehend what is going on will prove to be a hindrance in the early stages. For me, holding my hand in this position created a fairly dense ball (that is the only way to describe it) of energy pushing onto my third eye from my hand. That’s the best way I can describe the feeling I got after applying the hand in position. Let this enhance the distinction so you can easily find your third eye when doing further more advanced meditations. With time you will no longer need to include this step as you will learn to find your third eye in your awareness fairly quickly. The next step is also the last, for now.

5. Connect The Third Eye With The Larynx – This step involves a simple technique known as “connecting” by simply being aware of both your third eye and your larynx energy at the same time, they will naturally meld and amplify your third eye. This is truly a phenomenal occurrence. I thoroughly enjoyed this feeling and the process felt largely automatic, all that was needed was awareness, amazing. So with your awareness on the vibration of the third eye and the growing larynx energy you should begin to feel these two centers connecting. The vibration will change form and the whole thing will take on a more tangible form. I want to refrain from describing in detail what this felt like for me, because what is important is to remain totally aware of what is happening without trying to project what you think should be happening on top of the true magic, because it isn’t noticeable enough, trust the process is working and if the feelings aren’t there, then you just aren’t aware of them yet, it is still happening and the trick is to settle your awareness on these locations to bring them to your attention. As your energy centers connect it will amplify and give more form to your third eye. From here, the gateway is opening. You just met your third eye.
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Help fund OBE research on: March 11, 2016, 19:49:46
I personally feel that this is a really refreshing and exciting direction to be taking OBE research in, and I doff my cap to Alexander for trying to give it a go. He is no fool, he has a PhD in experimental psychology, has had his own OBE type experiences, and is in contact with many of the more well-known and well-travelled members of the OBE community. The potential findings of the research could also open more interesting paths up. I'm a bit down on how little support or interest his research has garnered, but I've done my best to spread the word...thanks for the tip desert-rat, I shared this on a few other forums.

Szaxx, can't love measured in some sense?? As in circulating levels of oxytocin, prolactin and dopamine?? I agree we can't really describe love well, but being "in love" still has a biochemical component which can be measured.
11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Have OBE's changed your views on death? [Survey] on: March 08, 2016, 15:18:04
Have you ever had an NDE, OBE or other non-ordinary experience that altered your views or understanding of death? If so The States of Consciousness Research Team at Johns Hopkins would like to hear about it. This team is doing amazing work and is worthy of support, and any feedback would be much appreciated.
12  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Help fund OBE research on: March 02, 2016, 01:20:13
Alexander De Foe, the guy who recently edited and published the free ebook "Consciousness Beyond the Body: Evidence and Reflections" is trying to raise funds for some really interesting sounding research into OBE's. I've contributed to this, I think it's a great cause, OBE's are certainly worthy of more research than they they have received so far.

Alexander's ebook can be freely downloaded from here:

About This Project

In February 2016 I published an edited book titled "Consciousness Beyond the Body: Evidence and Reflections". The book explored the mind-body question. That is, can consciousness in fact exist without the presence of a physical body?

Although the question may seem radical to some, philosophers and parapsychologists have long had an interest in the insights that out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and near-death experiences (NDEs) may provide into the nature of consciousness. Namely, some of the questions that have been asked include:

- Does one's consciousness continue after physical death?
- Is there an afterlife? (and, can we show this empirically, rather than resting on religious doctrine?)
- Is extra-sensory perception possible?
- What is the essential nature of Mind?
- I'd like to invite you to support a new research project that I have commenced to investigate the perceptual aspects of OBEs. My aim is to recruit individuals who can self-induce OBEs in which they reliably and repeatedly perceive and verify information that would otherwise have been impossible to ascertain by physical means.

While there have been numerous cases of veridical OBE perception documented in literature, never has a research study been developed to repeatably verify such perceptions beyond doubt (while also minimising research bias and false accounts).

The project

The funding will provide the resources to locate, recruit, and interview a sample of participants who report frequent realistic OBEs (i.e., at least 10 in the prior year). Qualitative research methods will be used to ascertain (a) how these individuals self-induce such experiences, and (b) the nature of their perception, more importantly, which aspects (if any) were verifiable post-experience.

This research will help paint a "map", if you like, of the OBE. At the very least it will provide new insights into taxonomies of altered states and demarcate the OBE as a unique type of experience in which one's perception is physically comparable (rather than 'astral projection' or 'soul traveling' which are imaginary states often conflated with traditional OBEs). The hope is that this preliminary research will lay the ground-work for researchers to have a much clearer understanding of how perception in traditional OBEs functions. With that knowledge in mind, a protocal for testing verifiable perception will be developed and published in a scientific journal.

Contributors will be kept in the loop about all updates as this research unfolds.

The researcher

Alexander De Foe earned his Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Monash University. He has published his research in major parapsychological journals, and has previously been funded to pursue research into OBEs by the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research.

Thank you for your support.
13  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation) on: February 14, 2016, 01:50:19
Wondering if anyone here is familiar with the meditation techniques of the Clairvision school? This has recently come to my attention...the founder, Samuel Sagan seems like an interesting guy, a medical doctor, but someone who grew a bit disillusioned with western conventional medicine and wanted to explore consciousness deeper. He has studied with Taoists and practitioners of Kriya and Kundalini yoga, and also had a five year stint of full time meditation to see how far that rabbit hole goes.

I only ask as some people who have experienced this form of meditation claim it allows one to perceive things in a way that sounds very reminiscent of the OBE state.

This is kind of the mission statement of the Clairvision school:

"The approach of the school is resolutely experiential. It is designed for people who cannot be satisfied only with other people's opinions and beliefs, but wish to gain first-hand experience of levels of consciousness. In short, it is not what you presume or accept as true that will bring about transformation, but what you experience directly. Clairvision therefore always emphasizes the superiority of experiential knowledge over belief and dogma."

Clairvision's core practice is a form of third eye meditation using a form of yogic ujjayi (restricted) breathing while placing awareness between the eyebrows. Even if one has no belief in a third eye, this form of meditation seems to work well for a number of people, with some switching to it permanently after trying different forms of seems to provide some with the deep sense of stillness, peace and expanded consciousness they were seeking but not getting from other forms. So for anybody interested, I would encourage you to experiment. Below is a free download link to the book in PDF form, as well as two youtube clips which provide instruction on how to go about doing this. 20 minutes of meditation practice a day is recommended.





Would be interesting to hear how others get on with this if you decide to experiment.
14  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Consciousness Beyond the Body (ebook) on: February 11, 2016, 16:16:48
Hi peeps,

I thought this ebook may be of interest to some here, a number of people prominent in the OBE field providing a variety of perspectives on consciousness and the out of body experience, it also touches on NDE's and lucid dreams. This has just been published and made available as a free ebook online which I thought was cool (download link below).

Consciousness Beyond the Body: Evidence and Reflections

"Consciousness Beyond the Body’ presents the latest theories, research, and applications of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and other consciousness states that transcend the limitations of one’s physical body space. It features original chapters from leading international researchers, educators, and practitioners who specialise in OBEs. As a modern compilation on the topic, the book aims to meld contemporary scientific evidence with the latest and most compelling practical applications of OBEs."

A more detailed description on this book by the editor can be found below.
15  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Benefits of OBE's & Meditation on: January 28, 2016, 20:42:34
Hey guys, I cannot claim these experiences for myself, these are a friends who gave me permission to share them here...I thought it was pretty inspiring stuff that would be good to share with fellow seekers and dreamers! I have definitely noted some of these benefits from my own journey into this, but my friend has much more experience than I in this area, I think he has a natural talent and aptitude for projection, and he seems very disciplined with this practice.
16  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Vipassana meditation enhances REM sleep on: January 28, 2016, 20:39:08
Good stuff, thanks for chiming in!!  grin
17  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Vipassana meditation enhances REM sleep on: November 26, 2015, 17:51:40
...and this in turn, increases the nightly window with in which one can become lucid, while also increasing dream recall.

A few nights ago, I performed a little breath awareness meditation lying in bed before sleep...this induced what seemed to be a focus 10 state, and my dream recall that night was the best it has been in a long time. This has prompted me to make pre sleep meditation a regular thing. It seems like there is some solid science to back up Vipassana style meditation (as well as Zazen which is similar in essence) for its effect on dream recall and increasing likelihood of lucidity.

How have others here noticed meditation practice affecting their dream life and likelihood of experienced lucid dreams or projections??

Assuming many here meditate already, but a technique is outlined here for anybody interested. I think you could skip part 1 of this and still get good results, worth experimenting with...if you fall asleep too quickly, listening to some binaural or isochronic tones can help.

Sulekha, S., Thennarasu, K., Vedamurthachar, A., Raju, R.R. & Kutty, B.M. (2006) Evaluation of sleep architecture in practitioners of Sudarshan Kriya yoga and Vipassana meditation. Sleep and Biological Rhythms, 4, 207-214

Link to paper here:


Yoga is an ancient Indian science and way of life that has been described in the traditional texts as a systematic method of achieving the highest possible functional harmony between body and mind. Yogic practices are claimed to enhance the quality of sleep. Electrophysiological correlates associated with the higher states of consciousness have been reported in long-term practitioners of transcendental meditation during deep sleep states. The present study was carried out to assess sleep architecture in Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) and Vipassana meditators. This was to ascertain the differences, if any, in sleep architecture following yogic practices. Whole night polysomnographic recordings were carried out in 78 healthy male subjects belonging to control and yoga groups. The groups studied were aged between 20 and 30-years-old (younger) and 31 to 55-years-old (middle-aged). The sleep architecture was comparable among the younger control and yoga groups. While slow wave sleep (non-REM (rapid eye movement) S3 and S4) had reduced to 3.7 percent in the middle- aged control group, participants of the middle-aged yoga groups (both SKY and Vipassana) showed no such decline in slow wave sleep states, which was experienced by 11.76 and 12.76 percent, respectively, of the SKY and Vipassana groups. However, Vipassana practitioners showed a significant enhancement (P<0.001) in their REM sleep state from that of the age-matched control subjects and also from their SKY counterparts. Yoga practices help to retain slow wave sleep and enhance the REM sleep state in the middle age; they appear to retain a younger biological age as far as sleep is concerned. Overall, the study demonstrates the possible beneficial role of yoga in sleep–wakefulness behavior.


Vipassana meditators showed a pronounced enhancement in their REM sleep state, while the SKY group did not show such an enhanced REM sleep state. However, both Vipassana and SKY practitioners exhibited a relatively shorter interval to the occurrence of their first REM sleep episode, that is, they had a very short REM onset latency. The REM density (measure of frequency of REMs) is an index of sleep satiety or sleep need and increased REM density accompanies prolonged periods of sleep. Extended sleep periods and a systematic reduction in the duration of prior wakefulness leads to increased REM, and sleep deprivation reduces the REM density. The enhanced REM duration observed in the Vipassana practitioners could be an index of heightened orientation and inner alertness associated with enhanced brain activity during REM. Mason et al. have also reported such enhanced REM sleep states in long-term practitioners of transcendental meditation. Growing evidence suggests that the circadian rhythm of melatonin contributes to the endogenous circadian rhythm of sleep propensity in humans and the practice of meditation in general has shown to enhance melatonin secretion.
18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: meditation on: November 12, 2015, 17:54:52
Hey Lumaza, was your video on candle gazing and projection something along these lines?? It is interesting to note that yogi's refer to candle gazing as a cleansing practice and have been doing it for thousands of years, and it is linked to siddhis (psychic mind powers), which include OBE's.
19  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Zazen meditation, LD's & OBE's on: November 11, 2015, 02:15:25
This is an interesting paper from a few years back..the sample size is really tiny (only 8 people), but it is comparing inexperienced and experienced Zazen meditators and how they experience consciousness, both during meditation and their day to day lives, and it makes for pretty fascinating and inspiring reading if people are wanting a little motivation with regard to making meditation a regular practice, particularly with regard to lucid dreams and OBE's.


This phenomenological study into Zen practitioners’ experiences of zazen meditation is based on eight semi-structured interviews with four experienced and four inexperienced zazen meditators. The respondents’ descriptions were analysed using a five-step Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) process into thirteen super-ordinate themes. The phenomenological analysis revealed differences between the two groups. Some experienced meditators reported differences that might be interpreted as trait changes due to meditative practice. These included the ability to remain conscious in the dream and deep sleep state as well as greater clarity, greater serenity, and more compassion in the waking state. Supplementary quantitative data gathered by a questionnaire indicated that inexperienced meditators perceived a greater difference between meditation and a normal waking state than did experienced meditators. This finding might indicate that the experienced meditators have integrated the meditative state into their daily life as a normal state, an area warranting future inquiry.

Selected Highlights:

Dream states of consciousness

Inexperienced meditators. As a result of meditation, the respondents have had fewer dreams and more shallow dreams. In addition, the need for sleep is less marked than it previously has been.

Experienced meditators.
It is possible to meditate in lucid dreaming as well as to continue working on Zen koans. The deep sleep state is experienced as a deep relaxed dreamless sleep.

Developing stages of consciousness

Experienced meditators.
After many years of meditation, the state of consciousness has permanently changed towards a feeling of limitless clarity in mind and body. Meditation has become a way of life. A state freed from previous, different states or stages of consciousness.

Altered states of consciousness

Experienced meditators. Out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams at night were reported by all in the experienced group. One respondent experienced contact with dead people in his lucid dream state.

The effects of meditation on personal development

Inexperienced meditators. The respondents state that they have noticed several changes in their own development and view of the world, and their environment including the quality of social interactions.

Experienced meditators. These respondents state that they have noticed a number of personal changes through the process of meditation. Openness, expansiveness and non-attachment to the material world are examples of qualities and affects that have developed over time.

It is interesting to note that the inexperienced meditators all felt that the state of mind induced via meditation differed more from their mind state during waking life than the experienced meditators, which suggests the meditative state is becoming part of normal baseline consciousness, and it seems like this a long term change among experienced meditators.

A link to the paper is below:

Kjellgren, A. & Taylor, S. (2008) Mapping Zazen meditation as a developmental process: Exploring the experiences of experienced and inexperienced meditators. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 40, (2) 224-250.

I'm assuming these findings that relate to zazen meditation will likely extend to other forms of similar meditation.
20  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Personality traits & paranormal beliefs - survey on: August 18, 2015, 15:36:26
Hi y'all,

This is an anonymous survey being conducted by a masters student under the supervision of friend Dr David Luke of the University of Greenwich in the UK on personality traits associated with paranormal beliefs. Should take about 15 mins or so. If you are happy taking such a survey, any feedback would be much appreciated.

21  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Benefits of OBE's & Meditation on: July 27, 2015, 23:05:48
Hi peeps, the following is a friend's description of how OBE's/conscious projections and meditation have enhanced his life, and with his permission I have shared it here as I feel it may be of interest and inspiration to some people here. While he had experience of OBE’s as a child, he was always skeptical of their validity, and bear in mind these changes have come about through just a single year of conscious projecting and meditation.

It has been just over a year since I started consciously projecting (AP/OBE) and exploring the non-physical and/or extra physical facets of life.

What a year it's been, I have learned so much about this world, people and myself – things that I previously would not have imagined possible.

I was always trying to prove to myself that these 'supernatural' phenomena were not just figments of an overactive imagination, that they were as real as the computer I’m using to type this. I'm very honoured to have tried, tested, explored, revealed and uncovered many amazingly almost unbelievable possibilities that went far beyond my expectations.

The things I have done are very few, I feel like I've taken a few baby steps into an infinite forest of possibilities just waiting for us all to embrace and rediscover. I’m also deeply thankful to all members of the Conscious Explorers group, The Astral Projectors group, the International Academy of Consciousness, close friends, family, fellow believers and the divine power that created this immense universe for us to all frolic in while dreaming and awake. Seriously without all of you, I wouldn’t have realised who I am. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you, even those I haven’t spoken to or met, because I feel your energy, we are all connected more intricately than words can ever explain. Here is a rough list of some of the interesting things I've had the privilege to do:

Astral Projection / OBE Experiences:
- Projected to remote locations & confirmed the presence of relatives at a particular house
- Projected into the dream of a colleague, had him call me from the USA
- Projected into a friends dream and had her reveal who she was seeing, confirmed this in real life
- Projected and communicated with the deceased several times, gained deep insights
- Projected and removed negative entity from my mother’s house
- Projected without first sleeping (WBTB)
- Projected while fully awake without prior relaxation/meditation prep
- Ability to absorb energy from nature while projected
- Witnessed a friend fall asleep and unknowingly project
- Greater awareness when falling asleep, waking up, being awake
- Now able to instantly identify different classes of spirits (dead, living, entities etc.)

- Gained knowledge communing with higher consciousness
- Increased general concentration
- Increased insight & deeper understanding
- Better sleep, better moods, greater vitality
- Mastered breathing techniques for increased strength, alertness\energy
- Mastered rhythmic breathing, helps with projection/meditation and energy work
- Activated third eye, crown and heart chakras to higher levels

- Connected with my daughter (same vicinity - asked her to wake up, she immediately did and said "Yes daddy"Pleased
- Connected with a friend (same vicinity, played guessing game)
- Connected with a friend at a remote location (made awake up)
- Connected with a very close friend at a remote location (conversed)
- Connected and summoned a squirrel to climb up to my chest in the park
- Connected and controlled a cat
- Communication with deceased friends while fully awake
- Communication with Higher-self, Higher-Consciousness

- Moved solids through water (twice) -closed doors (a few times)

Remote viewing:
- Viewed my mother’s living room a few times
- Viewed a close friend's flat three times
- Viewed unknown locations several times
- Viewed myself in birds eye

Energy & Healing:
- Developed Greater awareness of subtle energies within and without
- Improved energy movement in and around body
- Able to see & touch the subtle auras in people and objects
- Healed a friends bad knees
- Healed my aunts bad feet
- Healed my own bad ankle
- Able to sense non-physical entities energy

Spirituality / miscellaneous:
- Removed negative entity from a friends house
- Able to connect, channel and transfer energy to others
- Able to absorb energy from others and nature
- Regained lost childhood memories related to supernatural
- Regained partial memories of Higher self/previous lives
- Recognised past life acquaintances in current life
- Understanding of my past, and current life purpose
- Future Foresight / premonitions
- Precognitive dreams that have come true several times
- Partial Kundalini awakening
- Ability to enter into heightened states of awareness while physically present
- Ability to rouse partial psychedelic effects over the body while physically present
- Greater control over physicalities, i.e. heartbeat, temperature & forced adrenaline release
- Instant activation of aforementioned Chakras with a single thought
- Greater use of VELO [Voluntary Energy Longitudinal Oscillation – IAC technique] for enhanced physical energy
- Deeper understanding of life, death and rebirth cycles
- Deeper understanding of various realms of consciousness
- Deeper understanding of my past and of self
- Deeper understanding of Love and emotions
- Deeper understanding of people, due to being able to connect to them on a deeper level
- Less ego, less self-centred and greater respect for others, their beliefs and choices

To honour you all – I’m going to keep walking further into the unknown with an open mind, an open fearless, loving heart and continue to explore, dream, discover, share.

Now, some of these claims seem pretty far out, but I do believe that he believes in what he experienced. Curious to know to what extent these things resonate with the experience of others here??
22  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Hi from bonnie Scotland! :) on: July 27, 2015, 23:00:04
Hi peeps,

I've been checking out and appreciating the forums for a while, so thought it was time I joined! I am very interested in my consciousness exploration, am a long term lucid dreamer and have more recently got into projection. While I need to be more consistent with practice, I've already had a few interesting experiences.

More recently, I had some vibrational state felt like electricity or high voltage suddenly flowing into my head (I relaxed into it, and there was a feeling of something floating up out of my body, but it was not my conscious awareness)...more recently I tried to rock myself out of my body, using the sensation of being in a rocking chair...this produced vibrations I could both feel and hear at the same time. So I believe I've been close to projecting from waking a few times recently. I had an interesting experience on an OBE retreat last year, having woken at 4AM and having gone back to bed, my astral/energy arm seemed to detach from my physical was an interesting physical sensation, almost like cramping slightly, it felt rigid like it was first time using it in some way...but I'm pretty sure I caught...for a split second...the sight of my fist, but made of light, from beneath my eye shades.

I've had two memorable lucid dream conversion one I became aware I was dreaming back in my bedroom from my younger days (I did have a very brief spontaneous OBE, or the start of one in this same bed). I remember feeling the windowsill in the room and noting how solid and real it felt, although I knew it was a dream. I lay on the bed and made the mental declaration "I wish to have a fully conscious out of body experience" and I recall feeling weird and experiencing some mild visual phenomena, but that was it. In a more interesting experience, I was flying in a dream over some fields. I suddenly became aware I was dreaming without any particular trigger, just a knowing. I stated "I wish to have a fully conscious out of body experience" and at that the flying dream imploded into blackness. I reemerged (not sure I was still lucid) in a London hotel room on an OBE course, talking to OBE author/teacher Graham Nicholls (had been reading his book and we had Skyped a little while before).

Last year, a friend's father died, this friend is one of my sister's very best friends. While were on good terms, the father and I, I can't say we were close in any way, I'd only met him a few times. I had been practicing the IAC's VELO technique and phasing quite regularly around this time, and one night (a few nights after he had died) I had a very unusual and vivid dream. In the dream I was in the living room of my family home, and this man was on the sofa. He seemed dazed, confused, drunk, not fully aware of where he was or what was going on. I instinctively fell the need to comfort and reassure him, I put my hand on hos forehead and tried to soothe him, and told him that he and his family would be fine. My sister told our friend this, and my friend said my description describes very well how he was the week before he died (maybe not that strange), but this experience was very atypical for a dream, although can't say I was lucid, but I can still recall it vividly now.

My most significant experience came after an IAC's CDP course. After the four day course, my mum and I went home on the train, quite a journey, and we didn't get home till 1AM. Ordinarily a long journey and getting back so late would have been tiring, but we were both charged up and very much awake (lots of deep relaxation and energy work time on the IAC course). Stranger still, we shared a bottle of wine on the way back, and this given the time should have put us in a relaxed stupor...but it barely touched the sides. I couldn't get to sleep until around 2:30 or so because I felt so awake. Sometime soon after falling asleep, I experienced a *very* vivid dream, absolutely life like in detail and clarity. In it my mum and I were driving in a car down bendy country roads late at night, it was pitch black bar the car headlights. As we were turning a sharp corner, I noticed a brick wall by the side of the road, and suddenly the car rapidly sped up and went out of it did so, in the dream, I felt a *very* tangible sensation of rapid acceleration...a very real, physical feeling! I have never experienced such a sensation in a dream ever before. The car spun out of control and was heading straight for this brick the speed we were going it felt like death was mum and I held hands as we hit, but as we hit this wall, we "broke on through to the other side", and to a completely different realm. It was light on the other side of the wall, a soft twilight kind of light, and I recall seeing this big beautiful sunset...but on closer inspection I realised it was not a sun at all, but a huge gas planet like Jupiter! An experience of incredible clarity, and didn't seem to be random and surreal in the way a dream is...seemed to symbolise some kind of death/rebirth experience? Had another brief near-OBE, while hungover, again my mum was in the dream, I was in some kind of trade show/market place, our eyes met and she smiled but it was very clear to me somehow that she did not recognise me as her that I became lucid and demanded to have an OBE...again there was a feeling of acceleration, nothing like as intense this time, and I flew down a corridor at very high speed, but at that the dream kind of spun out of control and I lost it.

Anyway, I'm trying to progress with projection practice, and I need (and am trying to be) more consistent with my practice, I still need to figure out methods that resonate well with me and persevere...the vast bulk of my practice has been at bedtime, which many say is one of the worse times to practice due to the constant threat of tiredness and slipping into unconsciousness, so I plan on practicing more in the early morning as I think this may assist my chances. While I find lucid dreams fascinating unto themselves, I do like the idea of inducing a projection from waking consciousness if I can.

I'm looking forward to reading up more about techniques and people's experiences here and think being connected to such a community will be a powerful motivator.

Wishing joyful mind explorations to all  smiley

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