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26  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Willpower's role in AP on: February 03, 2018, 22:17:10
Quote from: baro-san
As in many other cases, the need for willpower is widely stated, but misunderstood and misapplied, hence not fully effective. People embrace slogans like "1% inspiration, 99% perspiration", "no pain, no gain", "just do it", etc., all concentrating on doing, on action, while success is actually brought primarily by thoughts, beliefs, and focus.

In astral projection your will is very important, but not in the sense of willpower, but in the sense of wanting it, not fearing it, while moving your focus away from physical (including your body), and opening a pathway to your subconscious.

Nice post.  smiley
27  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Willpower's role in AP on: February 03, 2018, 22:15:31
astralm - I'm not arguing here...I'm trying to understand where you are coming from.

Quote from: astralm
The idea of belief being bad or good or something you can let go of to me is just silly.

Good and bad are simply words used to describe how that belief is going for you. So for Thaomas to have the belief that his objectives for projection aren't aligned with whatever Tom Campbell says those objectives should be, then this trap is not serving our Thaomas too well, as it's hindering him from projecting. We might use the word 'bad'.

Surely letting go of beliefs is something we do regularly throughout our lives - no? When you were young, did you believe in Father Christmas (or Santa Claus if you're American)? What happened to that belief? Did you let it go?

Why do you think letting go of beliefs is silly? Do you think it's impossible or what?  huh

Quote from: astralm
Tom Campbell himself says if there is a scale of 0-1 and 0 is for sure something is false and 1 is something is true, nothing can ever be 0 or 1, which means basically however you view the world is your belief because you never can be 100% sure you are right.

Is he talking only about subjective matters? If so, I'd go along with him. If he's talking about everything, then I'd have to disagree with him.

For instance, there is a squirrel in my garden as I type this. That's a 1.  grin

Quote from: astralm
You can be open-minded to your experiences as supporting or opposing your belief, but the idea that you can somehow remove belief is just not logically possible to me.  Instead of trying to replace beliefs with "knowns",  what you should do is recognize belief for what it is and be open to the fact your beliefs may be incorrect and need to be replaced with another belief that better fits your experiences.  But be aware you aren't replacing it with absolute truth or "knowledge" just a better belief for where you are at that itself probably will need to be replaced with another belief.  Simply accept belief for what it is.

Again, are you only talking about subjective personal matters such as projections/dreams etc.? In which case, I'll raise your 'should do' and advise that we drop ALL beliefs. Why swap one belief for another when you can get rid of them all?

Looking forward to your reply.

If anyone else wants to chip in, please feel free. The more, the merrier.  cool
28  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: February 03, 2018, 01:17:56
A couple of nights ago I woke up in the early hours and decided that when I next fell asleep I wanted a good dream. Then I decided I wanted to meet my dream guide, Kay. And that it would be a good and interesting dream. Then I fell asleep.

And so I did meet her.  smiley

It was fairly brief, but we had a discussion about dreaming. In fact I brought it up first without mentioning the D word, whereupon she said the word. I pointed this out to her and she seemed blase about it. Perhaps I'm reaching a new NP awareness level where I'm not going to get thrown out every time I use the word, or any related words.

She didn't look like my old friend anymore either. I could see a resemblance, but she was more of 'herself' than the original K. Again, perhaps my physical senses are being removed as unnecessary and I'm beginning to peel back some layers.

The main thing about the experience was the fact that I 'requested' it (by wanting it) without going through any rigmarole affirmations or relaxation technique or any of that faffy stuff...and got it immediately.

I know what I need to work on...again. That's recall. If I'd have written it down as soon as I awoke, there would have been more to share. But most of it's gone.
29  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dreamt about telepathy. on: February 03, 2018, 00:53:07
Hello JTWolf and welcome to the Pulse.  smiley

Quote from: JTWolf
What could this mean?

I recently responded to another post asking about dream meanings. Here's the link if you fancy a read.

So to work on your dream, you might find it helpful to revisit the dream in your mind and note down any emotions. How is your relationship with the two schoolguys, and especially the one you were being telepathic with? What does telepathy mean to you - is it special or creepy or spiritual or what...? Spend some time thinking about it. You might find an idea or answer comes to you unbidden. If not, don't sweat it. Put it to one side but don't discard it. It may be that it becomes clear at some point in the future.
30  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: How do you remember not to move when waking up? on: January 28, 2018, 21:07:12
I can't add much to the excellent advice already given, but if it hasn't been mentioned in Xanth's article, waking up naturally (i.e. without the use of an alarm clock/radio) is also beneficial.

The one thing that you can do if you have started to think about waking life or even opened your eyes is to snuggle back down. Then try to remember your dreams. Recreate them in your mind. If you have no recall, then go through the people you know. It may be that one of them was in one of your nightly adventures and it will trigger a memory. I sometimes make my mind become elastic and 'reach' for dream memories. If you are only getting a vague memory of food (for instance), then imagine scenarios involving food such as restaurants, banquets, cooking, kitchens or even being on a hunger strike.

As you are doing this mental exercise, relax your body lower and lower and lower...eventually getting your mind to 'drop' as well.

With practice and patience, you'll soon be able to wake without moving/opening eyes. And your dream recall should dramatically improve. And if you get really good at it, you may find that you can re-enter a dream that you've already woken up from - that's pretty cool.  cool
31  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Willpower's role in AP on: January 26, 2018, 21:49:19
Genes. That's a can of worms interesting take.  grin

Shall we start a new thread, as I think it could be worth a discussion? It's up to you Nameless as you're the one holding the can opener.  cheesy
32  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Angry trying to get in my mom's apartment on: January 26, 2018, 21:43:43
It's incredibly difficult for another person to answer those questions kuurt. Even generic dream symbols, such as falling, have added layers depending on the dreamer's experience, background and all-round psyche.

If you want to delve some more into your dream, then I would suggest that you rewrite it out (for yourself) and add what emotions were apparent during the dream. Also, think about your relationship with your mom. How do you feel about preaching? Preaching has more than one meaning - think about those meanings and see which one most fits with your dream...and more importantly with how you think it fits. Oftentimes, a meaning becomes apparent to me only after I've given it quite a bit of thought and 'picked' at specific words/phrases that I've used to describe the dream (i.e. those words/phrases didn't appear in my dream, but are the ones I've chosen afterwards in my description).

Like any technique, understanding dreams takes a lot of practice and a lot of thought/time/effort.
33  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: New Insidious movie Creature on: January 26, 2018, 21:33:23
It might be your interpretation of the old hag.

34  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: January 26, 2018, 16:17:17
Nearly a month goes by and my dream journalling resolve was rather yellow-bellied wasn't it?!  rolleyes

I'm a tourist. I'm with a group but not with them per se. It's as if I've gone on a day trip with a group of strangers. We are traversing the locality, enjoying the landscape features and scenic views.

As we reach a high peak, we look down where the landscape dramatically changes. The land ahead and below is darker with low-hung mist in places. It looks 'damp'. The rocks I'm looking at suddenly move slightly, then stop. I continue looking, concentrating and focusing and as I do so, the rocks take shape, becoming humanoid and aggressive to each other. Windows appear in the ground briefly then shift back to rock. A group member standing near me also sees this and points it out.

While this is going on, there is commentary about this dark place coming from somewhere. It could be a group leader, it could be a megaphone, it could be in my head as background. The details are that the land is dangerous and shouldn't be entered. It's a generic warning with no specifics.

The group are obviously more curious than scared as quite a few of us make our way down to the forbidden land. There is a definite stop-start of one land and the other, although there is no gap or visible dividing line. But neither do the lands merge or blur into each other. One simply ends as the other begins.

I show a modicum of caution as my first move is to put my hand into the new world, followed by just my head. I see that others in the group are already fully in looking around. This gives me confidence and I make to go in, but there is a force that makes it difficult. I don't feel 'pushed back' as such, it reminds me of a strong repelling magnetic field.

I pull my head out and turn around so that my back is against the dark world. I walk backwards into it and, whilst the field feels quite 'thick' near the edge, once I'm in it returns to normal and I can move about freely.

After a while wandering around, I come upon people. They are generally bigger than the average human, but not by that much. Say a height of around 9ft. They are not just taller though, they are bigger everywhere, so their heads are bigger, their hands are bigger and so on. They wear clothes and look human. They live here and are aggressive towards me.

One comes towards me and I warn her not to come any further as I've got a mirror with me. This stops her in her tracks and she moves away from me. I back away into a little room and another one makes his way to slam the door to trap me. I shout that I wouldn't bother as I can do 'this' as I push my hand right through the wall by the side of the door.

I walk through the wall and another one is walking towards me. I also walk towards him showing no fear and plenty of courage. I know he wants to hurt me, to crush me and I tell him that he can try if he wants, but I'll simply go right through him. He falters for a second of two, but perhaps curiosity gets the better of him and he comes forward once again.

I brace myself and start to go through him. The magnetic field is back and it's hard work trying to get into the middle of him. My face is level with his (he must be one of the shorter ones) and I can't seem to push on through. All sorts of thoughts go through my mind in the space of a nanosecond. Is this dangerous? Should I pull out backwards? I've never been in someone else for so long - will there be any side-effects? Is he doing something to me? Something to my mind? What should I do?

And I awake.

Now that I've written it out, I realise that none of the 'other' humans spoke. They understood me, but they never said anything, not even telepathically.

My NP awareness was strong throughout. I've experienced the abrupt change of one place to another before, although this wasn't a rocky dark place, it was a waterworld. The water began seemingly in a vertical line and I simply walked into it. Amaze-balls.

The experience smacks of a simulation. I've no idea what I was supposed to do or whether I got anything right. I doubt I passed as I awoke somewhat abruptly in the middle of a 'puzzle'.

It was a great adventure, I enjoyed it even when I wasn't sure what to do. If it was a simulation, the Dream Operators really know how to make stunning scenery!  cool cheesy
35  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Original Thought on: January 20, 2018, 21:10:38
Great replies - thanks everyone.  smiley

Would love to see the game when it's finished Thaomas - sounds intriguing!  cool
36  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Willpower's role in AP on: January 20, 2018, 18:53:37
Quote from: ThaomasOfGrey
In the past I have absorbed material, possibly from Tom Campbell, suggesting that we are banned from the astral by default and require a good reason to have that lifted.

If I may be so bold (and not get banned), this is bollox. IMO of course.  grin

That's his belief trap and he (or anyone else for that matter) should not go round spouting it as if it's a universal bloody law.

Quote from: ThaomasOfGrey
I have come to believe, perhaps in a sense my mind is poisoned, to think that my reasons for pursuing astral projection aren't good enough to make the cut.

You have slowly but surely taken on the belief traps of others and made them your own.

My primary reason for having OBEs when I first began having them was FUN. And Sex. Lots of Sex. And Adventures Full of Fun and Sex.

Did the astral police ban me? Did they bollox.


(If anyone reading thinks I'm coming across too strong then please accept my apologies. This particular subject really gets my goat and makes me want to swear, stamp my feet and slap all those goody-two-shoes know-it-alls around the face with a cold, wet, smelly fish.)
37  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: The FLOAT Experience on: January 20, 2018, 18:05:30
I'm not laughing.

I think it's unrealistic and the stuff of fantasy...but I hope you become a superhero. A real superhero.

This world could do with a superhero or two to save it from the mess we've made.

38  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: The FLOAT Experience on: January 17, 2018, 23:14:25
Hi again Bloodshadow (I want to shorten your name to BS, but that's not big and it's not clever - and it's only slightly funny.)  grin

Do you mind if I butt in again with some further thoughts?  smiley

Being a hero is a commendable goal...but what does 'being a hero' mean to you? Do you want to be a hero in your own eyes, or can you only be a hero if someone other than you thinks you are?

Not sure if you're familiar with Game of Thrones but there's a lovely example of this when Samwell Tarly admits to Jon Snow that he's always wanted to be a wizard. A few episodes later his woman, Gilly, tells him he must be a wizard if he can make sense of those squiggles on a piece of paper (i.e. read). So, in his eyes he is nowhere near a wizard, but to her he's most definitely a wizard. A nice example of getting what you wish and, in contrast, a warning to be careful what you wish for...or be more precise.

Being a hero can be as simple as being a good husband/father (or wife/mother - as I'm guessing your gender as male). And it can be as dramatic as being the firefighter who saved the baby/princess/disabled man involved in a widely-broadcast fire.

What do you want? A question not necessarily for you to answer here, but perhaps food for thought.  smiley
39  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Lurker on: January 17, 2018, 22:53:44
Welcome moorland. Enjoy your stay and I look forward to reading your posts.  smiley
40  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Original Thought on: January 17, 2018, 20:52:56
Hi guys and gals

I've been wondering about this lately.

How often do you reckon you have an original thought? Not so much a thought that you believe no-one else has ever thought of, but a thought that seems new to you - one that you've never thought of before.

I rarely get them and it might be because I'm not great at silencing (or lowering the volume) of my mind. Or it might be because I'm not the brightest button on the shirt.  grin

Another question. What was your latest original thought?

Looking forward to reading the replies.  cool

41  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: The FLOAT Experience on: January 04, 2018, 14:19:46
I love that avatar Krishanna.  grin

Bloodshadow - have you considered that the voices actually were your higher self?

Sometimes we expect things to go a certain way and experiences to follow certain self-imposed rules/guidelines/boundaries.

Ask yourself - why do you think the voices were NOT your higher self? If your answer is shrouded in expectation, then perhaps you might want to revisit they way you look at experiences in general.

In summary, manage your expectations. Better still, chuck them in the bin!  cheesy
42  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: January 01, 2018, 08:19:35
Amongst other things, I dreamt about one of Mum's previous dogs, a Pomeranian called Oliver. In the dream, he was lively, happy and pleased to see me. In waking life, especially as he got older, he was a miserable, grumpy dog who liked no-one except Mum!


I also dreamt I was with a friend and she was looking at a holiday home somewhere very sunny. I went with her but had to stay at the gates to wait. I had two books in my hand, one that I'd just got out from the library and was quite rare. The gateway where I waited was sandy at first, but then filled with water. Beyond it looked gorgeous - the light was almost blinding, especially reflecting off the white patio. I wanted to go and explore but knew I'd be trespassing. I decided to stand up and accidentally put both hands in the water to push myself up - meaning both books got soaked. This worried me a little, but I knew if I put them on the railings they'd soon dry in the sun.


Another dream where my new car needed a tweak or two as it was taking too long to actually stop. It would brake, but even though my foot was down on the floor, it would still roll slowly until it naturally stopped. My Dad went with me to the garage (along with Mum & Oliver) and he did all the dealings with the mechanic, explaining what was wrong and how to fix it.

The car dream is a two-fold one. Firstly, it's one of my known lucid triggers that a car I'm driving doesn't stop in good time. This was missed last night. Secondly, I get a new car every 3 years and I suspect I have this dream not long after getting each one. There's always something slightly wrong with the dream car and I have to take it to the garage. Sometimes I'm on my own, sometimes my Dad is with me.


I'm with a female colleague and there are only 3 of us in the office, the third being a young chap. The office is in town and we are surrounded by large shops. I tell her I'd love to go shopping (but know that I can't) and she replies that as long as I was back before 2.30pm, I can go. I look at the time. It's coming up to 1.30pm. I go on to explain that it's only because the shops are in my face. Where I live at home, I don't get to see any shops and so it's a novelty. The scene switches seamlessly and we are both out shopping together. Someone holds a very expensive-looking green dress up to me. It's lovely and matches my long hair. I'd like to know how much it is but also know I couldn't afford it and so leave the shop without asking.

Dresses again. Maybe I'm feeling old again. Although when I looked at myself in the mirror with the dress on, it wasn't actually me, although this didn't register at the time. I don't have long hair.

It was yet another busy night and there were more dreams that I haven't bothered to jot down, or have forgotten. Perhaps it was just a mixed bag of a night.
43  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: December 29, 2017, 10:28:31
Norway. On holiday. There is a hotel we are looking at from the roadside. It's called Lex Rex Hotel (or Rex Lex Hotel - I can't remember which). It looks very grand from the outside - almost like a castle.

Inside we go to the bar and it's a poky little place. There are a few tables/chairs but they are bunched up together and there's barely any standing room. The actual bar is tiny with one member of staff. She's preparing for a New Year's Eve party and is a good hostess.

We go through to a larger room where the disco will be held. The DJs are playing music and asking the audience (a small number of workmen, holidaymakers and hotel staff) what the track is. A track comes on and, although most people seem to recognise the song, no-one knows its title. I'm amazed as it's such a common track - I wonder if perhaps in Norway it's not as well-known. I wait for someone else to get it, but eventually am prompted to give the answer - Riders on the Storm.

Another track comes on and at first I think it's Eels, but as the music progresses I realise it's not them. I know the song, but can't think of the band.

Lex Rex - Law of the King or King's Law. Cool. I've never been to Norway and can't think why that's popped up. In fact, this whole dream seems void of bleedthrough, which is unusual for me.


A gymnasium. There are about thirty of us being taught how to deal with ammunition. The instructor shows us a very dangerous bomb. It's similar in size/shape to a baby's bottle - and made of clear plastic. There is a clear liquid inside. On one side of the bottle is a small spout with a tiny hole.

The instructor wants us to work out how to defuse the bomb. He gives us no clues and passes it to me. I tell everyone to move to one side of the gym and I go to the other with the bomb. I ask him if that will save anyone. He tells me it's doubtful. I have deliberately stayed with the bomb as, if a bomb is going to go off close to me, I would always want to make sure it killed me dead. I wouldn't want to survive a major bomb - I'd rather die.

I look at the thing and there are no catches, no rough edges, no hidden slots. Just this little spout, suggestive of drinking it. I can't imagine putting that liquid inside me and shake my head at the group, denoting that I've given up trying to find the way to defuse it.

A Japanese man comes over and takes the bomb from me. He's worked it out. He puts the whole thing in his mouth where it disintegrates and he swallows whatever is left. He doesn't blow up and we are safe.

The instructor explains that the liquid, whilst highly dangerous, becomes neutralised when mixed with saliva and our internal acids.

Another odd one. Saying that, I am currently playing Resident Evil which involves weapons and mixing stuff together so maybe that's come through.

44  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: December 28, 2017, 10:01:05
I like the way you look at it EV. I hadn't thought of it in so many ways. To me, it seemed to be rather random but yes, you're right. I'd like a bit more awareness, but I also know that the Dream Operators know where that usually leads... rolleyes  tongue

Actually, talking about sex (which we weren't), a couple of nights ago I was semi-aware in an earlier phase and thoughts naturally turned to sex (ahem). I was trying to manifest a man to play with and at first it wouldn't work. I persisted with my thoughts and I guess the Dream Operators 'gave up' on me and sent me a male dream character. The equivalent of a blow-up doll  grin. He was very muscular with a wide neck & chest and slim waist, showing off his 6-pack. I noticed he was also covered in a shiny sheen, not sweat but not grease.

I won't go into the actual experience, but note it here once again for the level of detail and my memory (some three days later) of the episode. It wasn't particularly memorable...but it's still easily brought back.


Last night was another busy one...but most of it forgotten. I suspect I'm coming down with a cold and guess my body/mind need lots of undisturbed rest.

What I do remember is the last dream.

It was all quite mundane where I was on holiday with three other friends. We'd all journeyed in one car and during the holiday two of the friends had fallen out with me & one other. Some such nonsense about a light bulb, if I recall.  grin

Anyway, they decided to 'get us back' by leaving a day early and taking the only car, rendering us stranded. We were mulling over what to do, when they returned. It had been a prank to simply scare us. We didn't find it terribly funny and sulked.

We were all sitting in a row on a bench in a park when I noticed a very large snake on a low branch of the nearest tree. I said aloud that England didn't get those kinds of snakes. I wondered if it was a python, but my friend told me it was another kind of snake (I forget what she said). It was all-but normal apart from it was a little too wide and its head a little too large.

It slithered over to us and we stayed exactly where we were. Not so much through fear, but perhaps through curiosity too. Thinking about my emotions, I wasn't fearful. Perhaps on some level, I knew this wasn't 'real', what with my comment about these snakes not being in this country and my observation that its size wasn't quite right.

It scanned my friend, looking for any illnesses/diseases etc. Then it moved onto my next friend and did the same. This friend wanted to do the same thing back to the snake. She reached her hand out but we told her to be careful as the snake might not want to be touched. The snake recoiled at her hand but didn't strike.

That's all I remember. The reason I've jotted it down is simply because when I was thinking about my recent dreams this morning before getting up, I noted that the bumblebees were larger than usual, and this snake was larger than it should be. Not sure whether that has any bearing on anything, but it's worth noting.

45  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: December 27, 2017, 10:05:19
What a busy night! I spent most of yesterday being a lounge lizard and lazing around watching telly. And eating chocolate.  grin

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the detail from last night's escapades was bleedthrough. However, what is worth noting is that as I was going to sleep, my NP awareness was very much alive and kicking. I had fun zooming my consciousness up, down and any which way. Down seems to be my preference and comes the easiest to me. It involves focusing on the near-blackness behind my eyes and mentally making it blacker and lowering the black to go deep. This triggers my consciousness to move downwards and down it goes, through the bed, through the floor and so on. Last night I had plenty of very brief zooming session with two not necessarily controllable - during one I went up and another I went forwards, past the end of the bed (and past the TV to my right [which incidentally isn't there in waking life]) and through to the bathroom [which also incidentally isn't next to the bedroom].

In addition, at one point I noticed that my right eye was open and could see the bedsheets but I was still in the NP zone. This also was false - I wear an eyemask and if my waking eye was open, it would see blackness.

It's as if my NP awareness is housed in another reality. And whilst I retain a lot of waking life memories during these episodes, I don't fully recall what I should be seeing, or where I should be going.

These episodes were during my first sleep cycle and so I'm assuming that I wasn't altogether 'with it' as my fully lucid experiences tend to occur during my last sleep cycle, just before awakening for good.

Later on I told a dream character (my ex-hubby in waking life) that I was dreaming and managed to hold the dream. We went outside where I wondered out loud whether what I was seeing was the same as him. I was looking at a pretty garden full of colourful flowers with bumblebees the size of blackbirds. I then mused whether he could hear what I could hear - choral music - as I looked over the field at the church with the high steeple. I watched him try to listen for this music, but suspected he couldn't hear it. I mused that I was in my dream and he in his, and our dreams had overlapped somewhat. That was a cool experience as I was able to talk about dreaming during the dream without it booting me out of it.

Lots of colour, lots of detail and a positive start to dream journalling once again.

I'm a happy Selski today.  cheesy cool
46  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: December 27, 2017, 09:46:15
Thank you Rakkso and Nameless.  grin

(Nameless - the menopause is rubbish, isn't it? I wouldn't mind if it lasted two weeks and then was all done with, but oh no, it goes on for years. Reading about, I think I've got it mild, but it's still a pain in the posterior. Anyway, enough about that...)
47  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: December 24, 2017, 17:03:02
I feel like an old banger with my dream journalling at the moment. Not a rotten sausage, but a clapped-out car. I keep sputtering and starting, then stalling. Then putting myself in the garage awaiting a beautiful, sunny day when I can cruise along enjoying the scenery.

I digress.  grin

Dreams of late have been mundane, daily ruminations of life, love and everything in-between. Last night I had a very long spell of NP awareness (not waking consciousness, but my usual level of alertness these days). The experience lasted quite some time...but because it was during an earlier sleep cycle, it's all-but forgotten. I do recall knowing that if I could retain the awareness for another 'round' I'd become a "permanent fixture in that reality". That wasn't meaning I'd be dead, but that I'd pass some sort of dream level. I think (although I can't fully recall) that I lost awareness not long after having this realisation.

The night before threw me an unusual experience. Whilst I can't recall any detail per se, the following day (yesterday) miniscule fragments drifted into my waking awareness throughout the day - enough to know there was something 'extra' going on, but not enough to latch onto what that 'extra' entailed. Every time the dream snippet entered my field of consciousness, I'd feel a small rush of excitement. And just like when we snatch a look at something behind our closed eyelids, as soon as I tried to focus, it was gone. 'Just like that' (said in a Tommy Cooper voice).

It's quite obvious that I need to journal more regularly.

And so it begins again...  cool

To anyone who's reading this, wishing you a wonderful & peaceful Christmas.  smiley
48  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: December 10, 2017, 09:24:31
Three dogs running around, one of them was Archie. Mum was also there.


My best friend from childhood, a musical artist, had rented her home out to another artist, a male. When she returned, he'd left some of his music and she listened to it. She made some comments and was going to send them to him as he'd got some things wrong. Technicalities or copyright issues.

She wasn't happy with the way he'd left her house - it was dark with the curtains drawn. She got to tidying up and I watched her and her friend put the throw back on the large settee. The throw was pale stripey pastel colours.

She opened the curtains and we decided it was a warm enough day (despite it being winter with a threat of snow) to open the front door. Then we all went for a walk outside in our t-shirts. I commented to everyone that it was December and here we all were in our summer clothes.

In this dream, I was a participant (so not an observer) but acted more like an extra in my friend's dream.


Yesterday we had weather warnings of snow and as I'm typing this now, it's coming down. It's that pretty snow at the moment and it's only around 1cm deep. I believe other parts of the country have it much deeper.

I was also too hot in bed last night and threw the covers off (maybe TMI but I'm going through the initial stages of menopause).

As I struggled to get to sleep, I began thinking of the years when the River Thames used to freeze over and wondered why it never did anymore.

I think the above three factors played a large part in my second dream.

My childhood friend and I are no longer in touch and I sometimes spend difficult times thinking about how 'small' my life is getting and will continue to get. That's perhaps why my role in the dream was minimal. I sometimes burst into tears at the thought of losing my parents (they are both still alive, thank goodness, but are in their 70s and of course won't last forever). I know these tearful episodes are part of the menopause, but that doesn't stop them being upsetting and real.

I also recall a later dream with my childhood friend's brother, but can't remember much detail. When I was young, my family lived with their family on two separate occasions and the pseudo brothers & sisters I gained (I'm an only child) pop up in my dreams from time to time.
49  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: December 09, 2017, 10:35:38
Yesterday I was doodling with some new pens and drew a picture of 3 owls.

I'm in a large building and there are half-a-dozen tawny owls on the rafters. It's nice to watch them. I show someone my latest drawing of owls and they come to life on the page. They are no longer owls, but cats, sort of dancing on the tree branch.


I've gone to see my boss for a general progress report. At some point during the evening, he tells me I must go and see the rainbow on the mountain. He's got something to finish off first, but will join me shortly. I ask some others if they are going and if I can go with them. They seem reluctant but agree. I follow them to the mountain which is a big building with two rooms. Inside one of the rooms is a multi-coloured fish swimming through the air. This is the 'rainbow'.

I watch it for a while, fascinated. And wonder how it breathes in the air. I go into the other room where some other people are and we begin talking.

Later I'm back with my boss and have stayed the night. I'm trying to wake up but am feeling very sleepy. My boss is a bit peeved with me stopping the night as he's got things to do and I'm 'in the way'. A little boy is dropped off at the house as the boss' wife looks after him during the day. He's about 3-years old. He's brought a little toy, a soft rubber thing which he is showing me. I tell him it's soft to touch and put it to his face. I ask him what it is - he tells me it's a troll.


A group of us are looking for somewhere to live/work. We are exploring an old office block/house. There are many storeys. We eventually get to the top storey which entails quite a few steep rickety steps. In the attic, it is as if no-one has been up there for decades. A large spindly spider is in the centre of the room on the ceiling and shoots black wispy ribboned shadows at anyone who gets close. I refuse to enter the room because of the spider and state that I wouldn't want to work up here anyway due to the amount of stairs.


Three creatures. Some bleedthroughs. A definite lucid trigger (the steps) which I missed. Good recall of three separate dreams considering I haven't bothered writing anything up for at least a month.

Not sure they're worth thinking about but I'll come back with any thoughts if I get any lightbulb moments.
50  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: December 08, 2017, 16:11:56
In an effort to return to dream journalling, I'm posting this today. Still getting lots & lots of varied and interesting experiences on a nightly basis and it would be a shame not to record them somewhere. So here it will be.  smiley
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