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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Astral Projection in dreams on: July 10, 2018, 00:41:26
I have on many occasions in a lowered conscious state in dreams successfully astral projected in the world of that dream. This happened again tonight.
 It is literally exactly the same as in this world but just a more "flexible world" which is basically another reality but have some similarities. Anyone else astral project in their dreams too?

I find it strange it happens in my dream but sometimes in "the real world". Notice that im not talking about astral projecting from within a dream as many times mentioned on this forum.

To me the transition between dreams and waking or hypnopompic state is the main gate to the astral world. In the twilight zone I can do what I want: stay in the dream while lucid to know it, and  experiment (flying and visiting places). In this I believe that I am projecting in the dream world and I am aware that the rules are not the same as in the physical world. Astral being thought responsive , the sequences of events and the logical paths are not comparable smiley
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The VELO technique on: June 03, 2018, 19:38:21
 but never as an adult have I had sleep paralysis.


The hypnopompic state  for me is the only way I have ever experienced voluntary OOBE. You are not alone. I for one am satisfied with this achievement and do not pursue the vibration state. To me becoming aware and rational in the non physical dimension is a rewarding experience in itself. I find that in my opinion the main thing was to accept the validity of the non physical environment as a fact as opposed to discard it as just a dream world.
3  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Where do dreams take place? on: April 16, 2018, 11:28:00
They say that our spirit separates from the body while sleeping and floats a few inches above it.  So when we start dreaming does our spirit and astral body leave the physical body completely and go off on the astral plane somewhere?  Is that where our dream takes place?  Or are we still near the physical body when dreaming and just imagining the dream in our mind?  Or is it a combination of the two?  And if it's a combination of the two, then how do you know whether a dream is taking place in your head (imagination), or whether it's taking place on one of the astral planes?

To me dreams as well as physical reality are the product  of  our mind activity. The mind to me is the individual centre of consciousness. Waking experience and dreaming experience occur at two separate levels of consciousness and this is why they appear to follow different rules  (time and space)and logic. You are referring to the spirit separating from the body. I am not sure that this is the case. The spirit (or mind) does not have to go anywhere to dream. However, I should add something here. In the waking state in bed at night I have seen once  the  double of my wife's entire body floating about 2 inches above her physical body. It was like a copy of her body made entirely of thousands of  minuscule lights. The body in question which I believe is called the etheric body (not the dreaming spirit) was hovering up and down following her breathing. This experience was a turning point in my quest for a higher reality.
4  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Visualization on: April 09, 2018, 11:24:18

Thanks for your thoughts. You articulated the issues around visualisation very well.
I for one try to stay away from visualisation altogether, which of course does not always work: like any one else I end up forming mental images as soon as I close my eyes. However  my own attitude is this: in the act of visualisation one creates a world with peoples and things. In other words what we see out there is only  what is already in our minds. I am curious about the non physical  plane and I attempt  not to fabricate it mentally . I follow this personal rule in daily waking level of consciousness (meditation) and in my approach to astral projection (in my case in the hypnopompic state). In essence I force myself to concentrate on what is out there. Sometimes I only see mud, sometime shapeless colours. In most cases when I maintain my focus , actual forms end up happening: rocks, forests, animals, humans, etc. I believe that it is essential to let NP things be with minimum interference smiley.
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Hypnogogia on: March 22, 2018, 10:48:25
"Watching" a scene would be more comparable to Remote Viewing.  That's all remote viewing really is.  I'd definitely include Hypnogogic imagery in that... it'd just be a really short remote view.

"Entering" and "Engaging" with the scene would then be Phasing.

Both being forms of "Projecting".  Smiley

It sounds like you're starting to think about and consider the "differences" of these experiences.  I applaud you.  Smiley

Keep questioning!

I missed your post in December. To me hypnopompia is the main gate to NP. And I believe that what I have done in the hypnopompic state is  OBEs. In the state of hypnopompia , I see landscapes and people who I know are not part of my waking reality. Then I jump-in become part of it out of free will. I have flown to places. Argued with strangers. As far as I can tell the main factor is will power and belief that this is all real. I understand from my readings that some people would not consider my experiences as true OBEs because I did not follow the established path (vibrations, etc). I don't now. I believe that we are all different. What works for someone will not work for someone else. Thanks for your post. smiley
6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Drayton Manifest Technique (My New Method) on: March 02, 2018, 20:34:23
[quote author=Sp3ctral

 quote:So this works because of the understanding that astral projection is a simple matter of a perspective switch (phasing), holding your focus on the nonphysical reality more than the physical reality; this fact is what determines whether you can project at will. unquote

Thank you for posting this. I am sure that what you are saying will be an eye opener to a lot of readers.
Your statement is at the core of my understanding of what NP is and if asked to formulate it I would use similar words. Consciousness in NP (or astral)  and therefore the existence of NP is a matter of perception (or I would say state of mind although someone here corrected me for using this phrase).

 In my limited out of physical adventures the key factor has always been a strong belief that the NP dimension is as real as the physical one (albeit governed by different rules). In my case my rare successful attempts were achieved in the hypnopompic state and after several days of mental preparation (affirmations). I have not done much in a way of breathing and your post suggested to me that I should. Thanks again for this smiley
7  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Hypnotherapy Friday (Black Friday) on: November 25, 2017, 02:51:53
This Friday (Black Friday) i'm going for a hypnotherapy to get regressed to a past life... see since birth I had this vivid memory of what I used to be and what amazed me is I had abilities in that life, and I been on the search for over 20 years (31yrs old now) trying to find out how to retrieve those abilities in this life, so fast forward to now, i'm finally getting ready to go get regressed, to see more of that life and see if everything adds up, and to possibly retrieve what was lost to me, the chase for this has left me depressed and stress for most of my life, cause everything I ever tried heeded no results, I had a little talk with the lady that's doing the regression and she said she can help me retrieve what was lost and also help me to adapt to this world...

 and for good measure I will see if she can help me with Astral projecting at will, cause when you in a trance like that you can program your mind to do whatever you want, so I am very excited about Friday. I also had another life where I had abilities, may look into that at some point to but i'm focused on this one that I have vivid memories about.

 The hypnotherapy is going to cost me $400, cause she said mine will take 4+ hours to do, so we broke it down, this Friday we doing 2 hours for 200, then next week same, hopefully we can finish up next week.

Please tell us what you learned when this is done.
8  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: it ain't easy on: November 19, 2017, 11:00:15
Well said Deric. Although we may be experiencing an alternate reality it is still our reality no matter how you look at it. smiley

Thanks Deric for this. I can relate to what you are saying. For me too, once in the dream state I do not question reality. Everything is in order, even the most extravagant or absurd situations. The only shreds of lucid dreaming I ever get take place  in the twilight zone when I am falling asleep or waking up.

In my dreams I often wander in a town forever  unable to find my way home.
Recently this suggested to me  (as I woke up)that when I am in dreams I often bring with me waking life attitudes and expectations.  The main  waking   attitude here is that to go from A to B ...I have to drive or take a bus. I would like to train myself to think (as I should in the dream world): to go from A to B .......think of........ B.

Altogether, on the subject at hand:   to me the hypnagogic state is where I find  rare opportunities to experiment with NP reality (mostly flying) from my physical awareness perspective. This is not bad, IMO.  It provides me with enough evidence that there is indeed a fully  structured  alternate reality with its own rules and that it  does not conform to time , space, and  waking rationality.

My sense is that the said alternate reality features its own independent memory (in dreams I recall other dreams with details). I also bring over distorted fragments of physical life  memory(places, people, jobs, feelings)  which become integrated into the dream situation.

My own view is that in the dream state we experience a level of being which is just as real as the physical life and that this is where we go to stay when we transition.  
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 22, 2017, 02:51:15

So here is a french post about a guy who says that he projects only by relaxing his body and focus on breathing (and making it slower and slower), he even says that he focuses on the sound on the heart beat. At some point he just gets paralysed and he projects...

How is that possible because here we often read about the non physical focus to be able to project and about all the "visualisation" stuff... How is that just by focusing on breathing leads to projection? What is your theory on this? Why there is so much techniques when it is that "easy" lol ?

Thanks for this Superman. I have read the French post that you linked and this triggered in my mind a series of thoughts that I had forgotten.  At the time I experimented with breathing I did not know what OBEs were. I was younger and an avid swimmer. One of my favourite activity was  to hold my breath as long as I could. I did not follow any specific technique but I was doing well...2 3 minutes or more. Once or twice something extraordinary happened. My strategy under water was to forget as much as I could who I was, where I was and... after a short while I would enter a different environment. The vision that I recall was that of a beautiful landscape with trees, road and mountains. But the main thing (in hindsight) was that I felt that I was part of this environment and that nothing else existed.  Since that time (decades ago) I have discovered OBEs through other means (mostly through phasing in the hypnopompic state). None of my experiments ever involved voluntary visualisation. My attitude both under water and in the hypnopompic state has always been to let the non physical visit me. But of course I would not say that active visualisations are not a better method;just that I don't know. smiley 
10  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Reincarnation theories. What to make of them. on: September 18, 2017, 03:01:39
I just finished reading Frank Demarco's "Muddy Tracks", his first "nonfiction" book. I really enjoyed it. In this book I discovered several little things I experienced myself, which on one side validated once more some of my experiences, on the other side gave more credibility to the author's experiences.

Could you give us a flavour of the «little things» so that we could be tempted to read this book too. Thanks smiley
11  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Reincarnation theories. What to make of them. on: August 29, 2017, 02:44:42
Hi serge,

First, there is no such thing as "death".  It is nothing more than a human concept, a perception of an event that all experience when the physical body is no longer viable due to age or some sort of physical trauma.  But we do not die.  There is no death.  We continue living as we always have, just from a different perspective of reality where we continue learning and developing as we continue our journey within and throughout Universe and continuously shifting from one body to another through higher and higher vibratory levels of the Universe.  The physical body is a vehicle very much like an automobile, except that our physical body has 5 commonly known physical senses that we use to experience this particular reality.  I'll say it another way.  The physical body is nothing more than a physical interface we use so that we can experience this reality.  When we turn off our car and exit the vehicle we do not say we just died.  The very same thing can be said about the physical body.  When we have left our physical body and moved on we are still very much alive.  Therefore there is no "afterlife".  There is only life.

Second, "time" does not exist except only as a concept as it relates to how we experience this physical reality.  Time is not a constant and has no basis in fact.  Time is literally an illusion.  We perceive time because it perceivably takes "time" for events to occur, objects to move from point a to b, the hands of a clock to move, it takes time to be born, grow old, and "die", etc.  But these are purely perceptions, and nothing more.  Universe is truly infinite with infinite potential realities all existing at this very moment.  The reason we experience time is because we continuously shift through these infinite realities in a linear fashion in the same way that a movie reel moves through a projector.  We just seamlessly move from one frame of reality to the next to the next to the next.  But they all exist right here, right Now.  I like to think of Universe with it's infinite realities as a huge library.  All the books in the library already exist, so I do not see them as existing in a past or a future.  I can pick any book off the shelf I wish to read/experience, but when I finish reading the book it still exists right here right Now with all the other books in the library.

Therefore, given that "time" does not exist, reincarnation can not exist as it is commonly understood with an individual being born then growing old and then "dies" to move on to the so-called "afterlife" where it reflects on the life it lived only to be reborn again into another physical life to hopefully learn from what the so-called "previous life" did not.  However, your Higher Self does have countless incarnations spread across the Universe throughout different timelines as it relates to the so-called "time" we experience within this perceivably linear existence within this physical plane of reality.  But all incarnations all exist at once, each independent from one another.  I believe these so-called "past life regressions" could be just the life of one incarnation of the Higher Self bleeding over to another incarnation, but only for very specific reasons and only as intended purposefully by the Higher Self.  There's a very good reason most cannot remember the life of one or all of our other personalities/incarnations.  That could very likely cause severe mental trauma to the incarnation you embody at your present awareness.  Also, becoming aware of our other incarnations could very likely hinder or alter the path we are meant to be on with this incarnation.  It is also possible you could have one or more incarnations of your Higher Self living right here somewhere on Earth at this very moment in "time" learning different life lessons.  So you could have several you's running around within the same instance of reality.  cool

Thanks Forrestdean for this remarkable exposé. I admire how you presented a considerably complex question in a way that laymen such as myself could relate to it. I understand indeed that death can be an illusion or just a change in our level of consciousness. The no-time framework is something I find more difficult to conceptualise. I don't reject it however. One single event in my long life offered me a hands on experience that would lend credibility to the notion of simultaneous lives. Years ago in broad day light, 10 am on a Saturday morning the figure of  a man appeared in the mirror of my bathroom. This man was a copy of myself, same height, same eyes, but with the body of a Neanderthal man. The event did not last more than 15 seconds but I never forgot it. Decades later, reading about the no- time concept and possible simultaneity of lives shed a new light to the event.  
12  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Reincarnation theories. What to make of them. on: August 28, 2017, 10:45:39
On a second reading of your original post, I think that I understood better what you meant.

During my experiences with regression, past lives and life-between-lives, I felt that when I died it was like waking up from a dream. Each time I had the feeling of moving away, up, at relatively high velocity, and after a short while starting to mentally feel waking up to another me. I had exactly the same impression as when I wake up from an obe / lucid dream.

I believe that for our Higher Selves, our physical lives are as our dreams are for us as humans. So, I'd agree that our human individuality doesn't survive, but at the same time it isn't lost. Our perspective of our Earthly companions (relatives and friends) changes. We discover that we belong to other groups of souls we are close to in the Afterlife, and we don't miss our Earthly connections which appear to us as dream connections, where the "true" relationships were distorted by the dream scenarios.

The memories of past lives humans have are possible through our minds, because our minds aren't in our physical bodies. Our past lives influence who we are in the non-physical, and consequently who we are now in the physical, and what is happening to us here.

Regarding "time", from whatever past life you ascend after death, during regressions, you always ascend to the same Afterlife now. It isn't like you ascended from a past life to a past moment of your Afterlife, you ascend into the same Afterlife now.

These were my direct experiences and perceptions.

Thanks again for sharing your experience. I can relate to the way you are looking at reincarnation. It is great for me to be able to read from people like you who seem to have a deeper experience and wisdom on  these fundamental questions smiley
13  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Reincarnation theories. What to make of them. on: August 27, 2017, 09:16:42
I browsed on youtube a few of DeMarco's interviews. I didn't get the same impression as you about his view of reincarnation. This one is one of the more thought provoking. (Frank DeMarco on the Role of Suffering as Seen from the Other Side)

Thanks Baro-san for your thoughts. My comment was referring to DeMarko's Cosmic Internet which is the only sample I know of his thinking. In this book DeMarko channels NP entities who are clear and adamant: we  as individuals are born  and die only once. This is a step that we take as individual spirits.
14  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Reincarnation theories. What to make of them. on: August 26, 2017, 11:06:29
This is a follow up thread to my previous one regarding the survival of individual personality after death. My thoughts had been triggered by Donald Tyson's  (Soul Flight) statement that he did not believe that individual personality survived death. This of course clashed with what I had believed all my life. My understanding was that the evidence of survival after death was the process of reincarnation which suggests that if we are to have many lives on the physical plane we do indeed survive transition. Reincarnation , one believed,  could be demonstrated thanks to testimonies of subjects under regressive hypnosis among others things. All this went by the window when I read Frank Demarko's book called the Cosmic Internet. Demarko's book is written in the tradition of Jane Roberts' Seth Speaks (minus the cumbersome theater). That is the author channels entities in the NP which he calls the Guys upstairs (and stays away from naming them). For Demarko (if I understood well), we only live one single physical life. In other words we do not reincarnate. We are born to the physical plane through a convergence of physical heredity  (genes)and  non physical heredity (character, memories). The latter includes memories and more generally learnings from  the past lives....of someone you may think is YOU but it is not. To the "Guys upstairs" your passage in the physical is one shot only, a sort of a boot camp. And then at transition you go back home which I take is where our higher self (the spirit) resides. I found Demarko's statement extraordinary and interesting. I wonder if  more experienced members on this forum could shed some light on Demarko's tack? smiley
15  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does individual consciousness survive transition on: August 05, 2017, 21:25:20
Interesting ...

What if we turn it around? What if you were the leading character in "a dream" of your "higher self"? Your past lives would be other "dreams". You wouldn't remember them, and you wouldn't remember about your "higher self", as you don't remember about your waking human you, in your human dreams.

Your human waking life might be an "incubated dream" of your "higher self", who wanted to use it as a tool to learn / experience a lesson, and grow. That is your life lesson as human, but you forgot about it because you're in a "dream".

Ideally, you realize that you're in a "dream", you become lucid, you recover your "higher self's memory", and you start doing what you remembered you planned to do when you "went to sleep". I believe this is called enlightenment.

If you don't figure out what's your life lesson, and you miss it, then you wasted this opportunity, and will have to try it again. Fortunately, you don't really need to be enlightened to have a good guess what is your current life lesson, as you don't need that to get glimpses of your past lives, your "higher self's past dreams".  smiley

A "false awakening" would be when you believe you know, when you believe you're enlightened, but you're actually still "dreaming".

 :-)I have picked up a conference on the internet that may be germane to the idea of consciousness being  independent from the brain (generally speaking) and yet heavily dependent on the brain in waking physical life. The main speaker is Dr Bruce Greyson, a neuroscientist who has a vast knowledge and  clinical experience in near death experiences. He reflects on various models, one of them being that the brain acts as a reducer (or transformer) to enable physical life. In his experience, consciousness (thinking, observation, memory) does not stop at clinical death. Thousands of medical reports demonstrate that humans in clinical death situation (no heart beats and no brain waves) continue to be conscious (observe the physical world as well as the next) and are capable of reporting about their experience. Research on NDE of course  is not new, I am aware of this, however I find that Dr Greyson is offering   to the layman a perspective on the survival of individual consciousness  that deserves the attention of people who are interested in Astral life.

16  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does individual consciousness survive transition on: August 03, 2017, 21:31:51
Interesting ...

What if we turn it around? What if you were the leading character in "a dream" of your "higher self"? Your past lives would be other "dreams". You wouldn't remember them, and you wouldn't remember about your "higher self", as you don't remember about your waking human you, in your human dreams.

Your human waking life might be an "incubated dream" of your "higher self", who wanted to use it as a tool to learn / experience a lesson, and grow. That is your life lesson as human, but you forgot about it because you're in a "dream".

Ideally, you realize that you're in a "dream", you become lucid, you recover your "higher self's memory", and you start doing what you remembered you planned to do when you "went to sleep". I believe this is called enlightenment.

If you don't figure out what's your life lesson, and you miss it, then you wasted this opportunity, and will have to try it again. Fortunately, you don't really need to be enlightened to have a good guess what is your current life lesson, as you don't need that to get glimpses of your past lives, your "higher self's past dreams".  smiley

A "false awakening" would be when you believe you know, when you believe you're enlightened, but you're actually still "dreaming".


I am not aware of this dream (for that matter all of my dreams) to be the stage of a self higher than my current humble waking Me. To the contrary, in my dreams my life is quite pedestrian and certainly no different from my daily life. I am always a 20-21 st century male of European descent. The places I end up in are all in the Western World. A lot of my life there weaves distorted memories of my past waking life. I also meet a lot of new people; some I like, some I don't...etc

The dream I was refering to could be called a semi-lucid dream. I  noted that the situation I was involved in was featuring very clear and articulated memories of people and places that I had met in another dream (that is nothing to do with my waking life. The difference between  these memories (from dreams vs waking life was 100% clear) and ....I said to myself: how interesting, I should make note of this  and try to remember it when I will wake up. I did. smiley
17  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does individual consciousness survive transition on: August 03, 2017, 16:50:40


Stillwater your answers to my questions seem to reflect a strong set of personal  opinions , and there is of course  nothing wrong with that, except....

.. that posters like me expect to find here on this forum  a range of subjects and ideas discussed in a way which reflect the extraordinary complexity of what some call the  non physical. I am honestly puzzled by some of your answers and I would be curious to read how other members (who stay away from this spiritual  evolution sub-forum) feel about what you said.

To my question: How can (you) extrapolate observable entropy in the physical plane  ( what you were doing) and what happens in the non physical where natural laws do not apply?

You replied: "when I say nature here. I am using it to describe the nature we know in this existence (and thus natural law would apply to that system only). Technically all of existence would constitute nature, but lets call that stuff beyond this reality frame something like "supernature" , or "metanature" for clarity" end of quote.

I do not see much clarity in your reply. By renaming the non physical "supernature" you are not answering my question, you are avoiding it . The question again was, how can you describe as entropic the "supernature" (your word) plane since you and we don't know much about this order of things, and in your own admission you  quote:"try not to believe in things (you) can in no way test or prove".

There are many things that I myself cannot "test" nor "prove". My modest incursions in the non physical (astral vision, obe, lucid dreams ,distant vision) suggest to me that as a waking human entity there is not much that I can test or prove in a plane where human rationality, the three dimensional space and the notion of time do not apply...Yet it is All there (and abundantly discussed as real by most posters on this forum). I understand that some participants on this forum do not like the notion of "belief or faith". I am not fond of these words either. They refer to traditional blind adherence to cults, dogma and superstitions. I value straight rational thinking as much as you do, except that where rationality, human science and history cannot explain something, my attitude is: there may be something there. I cannot make sense of it because I am a human in
 the waking state. But I won't reject it.  When I dream for instance, some of this unexplained stuff makes sense and I don't question it. When I dream I am in a separate paradigm, when I dream I remember previous dreams in a sort of life-like continuity. I can't explain any of that ,yet I know it is there. smiley
18  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does individual consciousness survive transition on: August 01, 2017, 10:29:49
But natural laws are based on observing nature. Nothing in nature follows that pattern... the stars are slowly decaying away to iron, less useful over time as they go; animals are getting more complex, but no better at surviving- they go extinct at the same rate, and some of the most primitive ones are the best off; evolution doesn't appear to be intrinsically improving creatures, only changing them; the universe tends toward high entropy and low-development as a system. If there was a natural law about improvement, it seems to be its negation: things fall apart to greater and greater degrees the longer you run the system... nothing seems to keep.

Thanks Stillwater.

What is your own sense of humans individual destiny?
If we were not born (or reborn) to the physical plane for the sake of learning, or for lack of a better word, for bettering ourselves, what is the purpose of incarnation? How can we extrapolate  observable entropy in the physical plane and what happens in the non physical where natural laws do not seem to apply?

Do you believe in Karma? Now if Karma is a dimension in the non physical, how  would one position individual destiny outside a learning curve.

Here I am however  indeed beginning to argue against my own point: In the non physical we are not necessarily on a path of improvement (neg-entropy) but also potentially on a negative path (following observable physical entropy)...the right course being a matter left to the individual. 

My own view is that I should be flexible about the non physical, since anthropocentric rationality draws me ( us) not to see the forest for the tree smiley
19  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does individual consciousness survive transition on: July 31, 2017, 20:52:21
I'd say in a sense yes, and also no.

A huge part of what we consider our waking identity is connected to our physical bodies and its needs and drives. We might retain the same perspective as a being we had, but be totally changed in terms of sense of identity, because all of that is tied up in our life here.

Consider when you play a computer game... you go out and race cars, or fight orcs, or w/e the thing you do in the game involves. When you step away from the game, do you still race cars in your normal life, or fight orcs? Do you think about how great it would be to win the grand prix, or about your character's family members? Do you still have the same goals and desires your game character had? You don't identify with that character at all. You remember being them, but their identity was only a small part of you. I think this is probably similar to that. You retain memories of it all, but you don't identify with this life at all, because you are bigger than that. You don't have the same drives and needs and desires anymore.

This is all speculation on my part, and that goes for what anyone else would tell you, whether they admit it or not, but that is what base reasoning tells me.


Yes it is all speculation on my part too. I like your game  analogy.
One should indeed remain flexible in speculating on the subject of post mortem identity. What drove me to broach the subject was Donald Tyson's statement that individual consciousness does not survive death. One may debate the nature of  "individual consciousness" , but IMO not the survival of  the soul or individuality (under one form or another). Rejecting the notion of individual perennity would amount to rejecting as well  the notion of one individual's path towards enlightenment or higher self. smiley
20  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does individual consciousness survive transition on: July 31, 2017, 20:38:36
I do not believe it is an 'accident'. Regression hypnosis tells us that it is planned in advance. I also do not think that we are forced to incarnate again. There might be some 'force' that is felt (like 'karma' or what Robert Monroe called 'work load') but free will is still there. As a "Higher Self" we have a 'different overview' (again quote Monroe) so we might 'think' and feel different about physical lives as we do now due to all the hardships we have to endure.

This being said I agree to all other things that is said above.

Thanks Volgerle for your points. About incarnation I sometimes feel that way too.
What maybe an accident or a lottery  perhaps is not that we incarnate (or reincarnate) but where we do it. But there again I may be wrong. My general impression is that we are on a learning path and that terrestrial life is primary school.
21  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does individual consciousness survive transition on: July 30, 2017, 21:06:25
I don't consider myself "more experienced", but I have in my mind a model (which will always be work in progress).

For me, consciousness is a dimension, so "my consciousness" means my range of focus I can experience, and my capability to focus on the consciousness dimension (which is infinite).

From this perspective, when we die our range of focus expands back to our higher self's range of focus. So it isn't like we lose "our Earthly consciousness", but that our range of focus was much smaller than the one we wake up to.

In my experience with altered states of consciousness, it seems that when we die is like waking up from a dream, not even a lucid dream. I believe that the Earthly life is like an incubated dream that we have in order to learn / experience something we choose to. Enlightenment, and similar states are like becoming lucid in your dream: you know that you're dreaming. Continuing the comparison, when we become lucid in a dream (life in this case) we realize that we can, and we should, explore and experience possibilities we can learn from in this state, that will help us grow in our waking life (non-physical, or afterlife in this case).  smiley

Thanks for your thoughts.
 My understanding of the big picture is comparable to yours (using different words). By individual consciousness I understand my ability as a single entity to think. Think of me as... the unique  center of all my thinking which includes my concept of a World, Universe, and all creatures and creations. In other words (solipsism): what we call the physical order cannot be dissociated from our individual thinking.

The perception of a "physical existence"  with all its limitations is the product of  our waking  thinking process.

Altered states and dreams provide us with the opportunity to "see" and experience  a much broader picture which is not limited to the rules of the physical World. The thought reacting Astral environment offers a clear indication of this.

And for those of us lucky enough to have OBEs and lucid becomes obvious that we as individual consciousness are essentially "multidimensional" (right here and now), with  waking physical existence being only the pale shadow of the whole "being" which you are right to call "infinite". smiley

With all this in mind I do believe (as you do)that the physical life is meant to be temporary...a trial or an accident , if you want . And  at the time of transition we no longer have to wake up to this plane. In other words we can enjoy the  permanent  environment of the spirits... That is until (as some believe) we have to incarnate, again! smiley
22  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Does individual consciousness survive transition on: July 30, 2017, 12:22:30
Up until now all my readings have led me to believe that individual consciousness survives death and that physical life (lives) is a training ground for individuals to evolve away from their attachment to form and other physical traits (summed up in Tibetan faith as the Bardo). The goal being to reach a higher level of consciousness .

 The question however is: in all these transitions what do we carry over to the next level. In other words does individual consciousness survive. I had been taking this for granted until I read a book :«Soul Flight» by Donald Tyson, 2007 . I liked the book which focuses on AP with a shamanic-magic twist. On page 278 however Tyson states that he does not believe that individual consciousness survives death. This was a disappointment to me (understatement sad) . Trying to put his statement in perspective I felt that he was perhaps in slight contradiction with himself  where elsewhere in the book he expands about shamans keeping an open line of communication with their dead relatives. Perhaps what he means is that individual consciousness (as in waking awareness, with physical experience and memories) does not survive any more at death as it does at birth. This last statement is mine of course.

I would love to hear from more experienced members of this forum what I should believe and why. And of course if Donald Tyson reads this forum it would be wonderful to hear clarifications about his statement. smiley

PS. This question was also asked on Exploration in consciousness forum.  
23  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Mirrors as.... doorways to astral projection on: July 29, 2017, 13:51:17
Thank you for sharing that experience serge! This adds to a slowly building database relating directly to a variety of phenomena associated with mirrors, within both Physical and Non-Physical environments.

I have read of similar experiences to both yours and Nameless', although not experienced them myself.

My 3 experiences with mirrors:

1- I have a large 4'x7' mirror over my twin vanity directly off the foot of my bed. About 10 years ago it finally occurred to me how odd it was that I had never noticed, much less looked into or investigated the mirror during an etheric OBE. So apparently, that was enough intention and a few nights later the thought occurred at the appropriate time. The first time I looked into the mirror from the etheric state all I saw was a relatively close reflection of a 'ghostly' me.

2- Several months later, I happened to look into the mirror again, from a RTZ state and I saw something shockingly different. It was like I was staring at my physical body but the outer layer of skin was missing. The underlying musculature, sinew and some organs were distinctly visible. It was quite an uncomfortable sight and I quickly lost awareness. Interestingly, I came across a member's drawing in the Member's Artwork section a year or so later, a piece by Summerlander, which I tried to find but is apparently no longer accessible: it was nearly exactly what I had seen; thus a heck of a confirmation for me. (He had a few drawings that were strikingly realistic to a number of experiences)

3- The time I visited my deceased father, I had made an Etheric exit and noticed a mirror on my bedroom wall (this mirror did not actually exist, but I recognized the opportunity it was affording me in this context). I had been thinking often recently of how a mirror could be used as an Astral portal, intending to try one the next time I had the chance. So there it was and I instinctively announced my 'intent' and 'dived' into the mirror...and off I went.

So, yes, mirrors can be utilized as portals or access points to wherever you want to go. They are the logical first portals that occur to most of us. They still require an 'Intent', a definite thought/desire for a destination. In general, people are easier to travel to rather than places, events or things. Without an Intent, you go nowhere. Once you learn the importance of Intent, then you begin to realize that literally anything can be used as a 'portal'. So it's not the portal that is important, it is the Intent...

A second observation about mirrors is their mercurial nature...they seem to provide a variety of wondrous experiences. I have read a couple times about the 'primitive', also the 'meatsack' such as I saw, plus the seemingly 'parallel world' experience that Nameless described. Is this possibly a mixture of past/present/future/parallel lives that mirrors can present us?

Very interesting devices...

 :-)I should stress the fact that I have no experience in "voluntary" projection through a mirror. This event happened to me out of nowhere. I too would like to try, because I am generally not too good at projecting, perhaps this will be my way. My understanding of Tyson's Soul Flight is that mirrors can be used in various ways depending on how interested in magic and rituals you might be. Personally this is not my strongest suit and if I try mirrors it will be the dummy's way. A plain mirror in the hypnagogic or hypnopompic state. If you are more serious or more advanced than I you may want to follow Tyson in another book entirely focused on the use of mirrors (black mirrors) in astral projection. This is a pdf that Baro-san (here) kindly mailed to me:
24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Mirrors as.... doorways to astral projection on: July 28, 2017, 11:04:49
Several decades ago a singular event happened to me, which has marked me for the rest of my life. It happened out of the blue, on a Saturday morning around 10:00. I had my breakfast and then I went in the bathroom to shave and wash. cool
My apologies to those of you who have already read this story. Yes I have posted it before on this forum and on Speaking of Seth forum  .

The reason I am revisiting the subject is that one of my most recent readings shed a new light to it.

Back to the washroom...shaving, etc.
There I was fully awake in broad day light casually looking at myself in the bathroom mirror when a human body appeared behind me, looking as casual as myself and not seeming to be one bit surprised to see me there.  It was a man perhaps in his thirties, same height as me, much stronger build, lots of hair everywhere (long bushy beard, long hair and body hair). The creature reminded me of a neanderthal man...with my own face. The event did not last more that 10 seconds and then the figure vanished as it came.

All these years I never forgot this. Then my spouse advised me not to talk about what she labelled hallucinations and I did not.

The book I read lately is called Soul flights by Donald Tyson. It is about astral projection with a shamanic, magic twist. He covers in detail the use of mirrors as doorways to astral projection. This reminded me of the neanderthal man impromptu visit in my bathroom mirror.

My question to you more experienced travellers. Have you successfully used mirrors as gate to Astral? And how do you proceed? 
25  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: return visits to people in dreamland. How to trigger them? on: April 17, 2017, 01:45:56
Finding or visiting a person/entity in the astral is done in a very automatic and instinctive way, generally-speaking. Robert Monroe described it as thinking of the person and the emotional-energetic "feel" that you have for them- he called this their energy-signature or their "ident", short for identity. I have found it to be really that simple, like thinking of an old friend or favorite relative. Fix that thought in your awareness and simply "intend" to go find them; Monroe did it by "stretching" his awareness towards them.

That is not to say that it works every time, especially early on. Sometimes I could find people straight away and other times I ran into characters who simply shrugged their shoulders and said, "Nope, haven't seen him here."

Other times, you can be pulled off course for reasons you won't be fully aware of, you just learn to sense the subtle course deviation being expected of you and you follow it, such as in my Grass, Gravel and an Old Friend experience. I went looking for one friend and instead was led to another.

When I do encounter an entity that I am unsure of- is this person who I expect them to be? Or are they a cleverly-disguised dream character offered up by my subconscious? Or are they another entity masquerading as someone else? Or did I inadvertently create a thought-form?...then I do what Kurt Leland calls his "entity trust test" and this is simply "reading" the entity and trusting your intuition. And this skill, like any other NP ability or sense needs to develop over time, as is the case with me; I'm not always confident in my answers just yet.

One early method I learned to distinguish between simple dream characters and what are likely consciously aware beings is to look closely into their eyes for definite signs of awareness/intelligence/Life! Dream characters early on have lifeless, unintelligent very first encounters were with what were literally like showroom dummies. Over time, the dream characters became more sophisticated and life-like and honestly, now I am not always sure; by this time I find myself relying more on my intuition alone and my current provisional belief is that my experiences are probably peopled with both types.

You didn't mention just what it is that you "want to take things where they were left". My attitude has always been that whomever I may encounter, I treat them with respect and consideration, like being a guest in a foreign country.

Thanks, this helps a good deal.
The entity was  a female character who had a mild crush on me and vice versa. The dream where she appeared  was long and elaborate ( with a tremendous range of details which I could recall).For the most part the story was almost worldly in style. We were both treating each other with respect and consideration. On our plane what happened between us would be seen as a rather boring romantic story. Nothing physical. No prospects of anything  other than a platonic relationship... Just nice thoughts and seeds of a possible astral form of romantic  relationship.
 Dawn put and end to all this.
 My view of astral characters is to deal with them as I would on this plane of ours: with respect and consideration, as to me the Astral is us.
 I had romantic feelings for this entity, feelings which are no different from what I would experience in the natural world.
 I will try the Monroe approach and if it does not work (or if I happens to create a dream character) I will have to do more research. Thanks again. 
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