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1  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Shimolis's Dream Journal on: April 11, 2017, 13:01:47
This is an update. These days I don't remember my dreams that well. Right now I'm learning to train my shadow memory recollection while smoking weed. Weed does give better dreams, but also makes it harder to remember. I'm making some progress, but for now I'm only remembering small fragments of my dreams, and this usually happens on my last few hours of sleep.
Nevertheless, the dreaming continues. From what I've seen from the memory fragments and past dreams, my next goal in the physical would be to find a lover. Cause I can't stop dreaming bout' girls, hehe.
2  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Shimolis's Dream Journal on: February 13, 2017, 13:36:45
I was in a sunny and warm area. I was talking to some kids who looked like a younger version of the diver instructors I met in Thailand. They were talking about how they needed to lose weight in order to dive and how one of them got deep blue eyes from doing so.
I was walking my dogs through a park of some sort. We approached a sandbox without a box. I wasn't able to walk there at all, as if I was paralyzed or extremely weak. My tiny dogs dragged me through the sand.
Once through the sand, there was a small hill, you couldn't see what was past it. As I was dragged to the hill I though that there might be a cliff side ahead of me. I quickly get up out of worrying, but it turns out it was just more tiny hills ahead of me.
Now I'm back in the sunny area talking to the instructors. They made fun of me for something, but I didn't know what. There was a staircase where we were talking. Each stair had an USB-port, I plugged my USB to one of them. All I see is a digital notepad, like I was writing in it in a virtual reality.
I write down the experience I have right now, as if I was writing down a dream. As I finish writing, I fall down the stairs and hurt my knee.
Now I'm walking my dogs through the same park. Again, I get incredibly weak from the sand, but this time I thought it was because of my knee injury. As we pass the sand I see the tiny hill again. This time I don't worry, but as soon as we pass the hill, there a very steep cliff side, probably going down thousands of meters.
I quickly get up, barely holding my balance as I'm close to falling down. My dogs fell over the cliff side, but since they're on a leash I figured I could pull them up. Without any worry I pull them, only to see that my older dog is not on the leash, but the other one is. I get really anxious and then I lose balance and fall down the cliff as well.

Dream highlights: I'm back home from the vacation, now I dreamt that I was back in Thailand. It felt like the dream was replaying itself but more negatively.

Day highlights: Coming home, meeting my mother and dogs.

I ate: a bunch of stuff

Vividness: 7

When: Middle of the night

Techniques: None
3  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Shimolis's Dream Journal on: February 10, 2017, 06:52:33
BEWARE spider haters

I was in my garden, talking to someone. I go over to the rose bushes that are right next to the house. There are a bunch of ants crawling on the walls, taking some green slime to their nest.
As I move along, I see a spider net. I move closer to get a better look, now, another web appeared next to the one I was looking at. There was a spider on each web, it was like those woodland spiders with a big behind. Now another web appeared. All of a sudden there were a bunch of spiders on the webs, they had different colors ranging from white, brown and black. Some were small and some were big. At first it seemed like maybe five or six spiders. Some just sat on the web, others attacked the dormant spiders.
All of a sudden it was a mayhem of spiders, a lot of them crawling around on the webs. One spider attacked the other, the white ones seemed really aggressive compared to the rest. As I keep observing how the white spiders dominate the fight, a big white spider quickly jumps towards my face.

I wake up, then fall asleep.

I'm at the airport with my brother and father. We were taking a flight to go back home after visiting our father abroad. Me and my brother board a plane that seems to be for skydivers, I ask my dad why we board that plane, apparently we needed to ride that plane to get to the one that takes us home. I figured that we didn't need to skydive, which was a relief.
As the plane lifts off, it hits me, we do need to skydive to get to the other plane. Quickly on impulse, I jump with my brother out of the plane. We land ungraciously in the entrance of the other plane. A flight attendant says: "What an entry!"
The attendant shows us our seats. The inside of the plane looks amazing, far beyond business class, it was like a mansion but with one floor. The floor was one big red carpet, and the seats were pretty big, you could easily sleep on them. As I sit down, I get something to eat. There were a few seats around me, most were empty.
I lay down with my stomach first on a bed that looks like something you'd massage people on. In front of me was a TV, I had the option to watch three things: The first took place in a warm, desert-like town, second was in a cold, winter town. I chose the first one.
I go out of the plane, as if we never took off. I'm in that desert-town with someone else. We walk around and we stumble upon a spider, it had a fairly small body with long powerful legs, it was as big as the palm of a hand. It had a pale yellow color, like sand but with a few black strands on it. Being creeped out by it, we move along. Then another spider appears, then another... And another. Eventually these spiders were everywhere.
At first they seemed easy to avoid despite being pretty aggressive. Then they started shooting spider webs at us, it still wasn't too hard to avoid them, but as they were so many it got really uncomfortable being there.

I start thinking that I should've chosen the second option on the TV instead. The spiders were everywhere. The worst part was if they missed their webs, they instead hit a wall or ceiling, crawling quickly to it then they jump at us with web cocoons being at least twice their size. We run back to the plane fearing for our lives.
Once in the plane, most of the danger is over. But there is still one spider chasing me. It shoots a web, missing me and hitting the roof. As I look above me, I can see the spider descending towards my face with a big web cocoon underneath it.
Now I'm in the bed again. Feeling as nothing happened, I move to the restroom. It was right next to me, it looked pretty fancy from the outside, with grey and black marble walls. On my way to the restroom I see a glimpse of my mother walking towards me from the distance, probably wanting to see if everything is ok, but she goes back as she notices that I'm going to the restroom.

Dream highlights: Of course, the swarm of spiders, I don't generally fear spiders, nor have I seen any recently, but oh well. It was interesting that both dreams eventually has spider in them. This is the first dream where I dream of being abroad during my vacation. All other dreams have either been in my usual home, or something abstract. The TV thing was pretty cool.

Day highlight: I might have contacted a female spirit guide for the first time, not too sure though. This happened as I was trying to phase.

I ate: A sandwich with a schnitzel in it and had some rum with lime to drink.

Vividness: 8ish, the dream was incredibly vivid during the spider attacks, but generally I recall many parts of the dream with a sense of physical reality.

When: Before I woke up

Techniques: None

4  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Shimolis's Dream Journal on: February 09, 2017, 07:58:21
I was rallying up people and animals to attack somebody really evil, Mr.Burns from the Simpsons. As I rush through a place that looks like my neighborhood, I stumble upon someone I knew many years ago. I quickly ask for his help to raid Burns, he agrees without a doubt and rushes onwards with me.
As we race through the neighborhood, a bunch of animals join our side, mostly dogs and puppies. I thought to myself how the puppies would help, and I was hoping that they'd leave since they could get hurt. Nonetheless we move on.
We approached a dinner party, there was a cake as if it was someone's birthday. Burns sits behind the cake. My father, who hates guns, was holding a revolver. He had some sort of score to settle with Burns, but I think everyone did. It was obvious he wasn't going to shoot anyone with it. Instead he pointed at the cake and fired. No shot was fired as he forgot to load the gun. Burns laughs. Dad loaded the gun, all eyes were on him as he shot at the cake again, again and again as if there was something dangerous in the cake.
Burns takes the opportunity to lift his gun and point at my dad, but nothing happens as he pulls the trigger since he also forgot to load the gun. Now everyone was laughing at Burns.

Dream highlights: The guy I met was someone I haven't seen or dreamt of in many years. Burns was in the dream even though I haven't seen the Simpsons in a long time, maybe I just needed something to resemble pure evil.

Day highlights: I got a nice foot massage

I ate: Some exotic fruits, and drank rum with lime

Vividness: 6, the dream was short so I remembered it quite well but some points were not clear for me

When: One or two hours before waking up

Techniques: I fell asleep while trying the SSILD technique in the middle of the night
5  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Shimolis's Dream Journal on: February 08, 2017, 08:42:36
I logged in to a client, it kind of looked like a video game I usually play called league of legends. I got a message from my long time friend, being surprised to see me back from my vacation. We talk briefly then I start playing the actual game.
I was playing the game with another friend that I know. At first it looked like any other game, but then we started to live the game rather than playing it from a computer screen. The objective wasn't very clear, but my friend seemed to know this game really well. All we basically did was defend ourselves from little blue creatures that dropped some gold and brown liquid when we killed them.
The game was intense but still not too enjoyable considering that the brown liquid probably was excrement. And you had to dig through it to get the gold. There was this person that was big compared to the rest of us, he scooped the crap and saved it in some glass containers. Suddenly I was observing him, as if I was watching a movie.
He belonged to an Indian family, he wasn't Indian, but due to someone passing away he was the new family member. He went off to meet an older Indian that looked like Gandhi, the person seemed to be important at the very least. Gandhi was in a very small jail cell, there was only a bed there.
When he greeted Gandhi, it all seemed pretty awkward. Nonetheless he presented the brown liquid in the container, it was a highly respected spice of India, and the one that he got from the creatures we killed was apparently very valuable.
He approaches Gandhi, who seems a little startled. He gives Gandhi a big hug, and it seemed like Gandhi's eyes were gonna pop out from fear. Taking a closer look you could see that he held Gandhi at gunpoint. The police intervenes, not seeming surprised at all, they tell him to come along with a tired voice as if this happened normally.
Now I'm a part of the plot. I'm in a hall, that looks like a collection of jail cells, but it didn't really feel as if I was trapped there. There were little people there. My brother sat in the middle of the hall, I was behind him to the right. In front of him sat a few people, one of them was a gorgeous woman.
We were all listening to different people talking about their ideas and thoughts, sort of like a Ted talk. Someone was talking about a person, he said: "Surely you must know of the great man, known as..." The name was unclear, but I think I knew who he was talking about. My brother asks who that person was. The woman in front turns around, looking at my brother with a mesmerized look. At that point I knew that it was on between my brother and her, it made me pretty happy.

Dream highlights: I seem to be observing 'movies' in my dreams pretty frequently. I dreamt that I was back home from the vacation, but I'm not. Gorgeous women don't seem to be uncommon either, maybe I miss home a little Wink

Day highlights: Before I slept, I challenged myself to stay completely still for 50 minutes, it got pretty rough after just 20 because it was really warm, every muscle in my body wanted to move and the occasional itch didn't make it easier. Nonetheless, I made it.

I ate: Nothing, but I had some Sake before sleeping

Vividness: 6, a pretty clear dream, but since I had a lot of dreams this night I can't recall it that well.

When: In the middle of the night prior to tryin the SSILD

Techniques: None for this dream
6  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Shimolis's Dream Journal on: February 07, 2017, 07:47:40
I was watching a movie, or more specifically I was one with the movie. I was no character in it, but I was more like an observer. It was a typical college movie about a few close guy friends spending most of their time partying. The main character (referred to as the guy for the simplicity of it) studied some sort of planning management. He had failed his final exam, but had another chance to write it. What does any sane person do then? Party of course.
The first thing he did was go to a dorm where an orgy was held, filled with lots of beautiful girls and whatnot. My first impression was that the guy was already pretty popular, when usually in these movies the main character starts off as unpopular and works his way up. All girls liked him, some were crazy about him, he was like the star of the orgy.
There was this really sexy girl being all over the guy, but he resisted as if there was something on his mind, probably the upcoming exam. Most of his close friends passed the exam, and they were all pushing him to study instead of partying all the time. But this girl was pretty amazing, eventually he couldn't stop resisting.
They were in the dorm hall, right outside the orgy room, playing around and having sex with clothes on. Being in someone else's dorm is strictly forbidden at certain times, and being freaky with someone else is probably even more of a taboo in this college even if no one seemed to care.
The principal was roaming the halls at this point. As much as the guy loved playing around, he put it to an end, walked to his dorm which was conveniently just next door. The principal walked in to make sure that he was studying for the upcoming exam. The principal mentions that only two people are writing the exam, him and his best friend, and that only one of them can pass unless they have the same score. The principal leaves.
The guy quickly runs to his best friends dorm, explaining how only one of them can pass the test. They both start hopelessly crying out of nowhere, being devastated that only one of them will pass. My first thought was that they would try to cheat and get the exact same score, but before he could bring it up, his best friend mentions how he can study medical planning instead, so the guy can pass the test without worries.
They hear that the principal is approaching the dorm, as it was forbidden to visit others, the guy quickly hides under a sheet.

At this point I woke up, then fell asleep into the same dream, but now I was someone in it.

I was in a big hall in the college. Being a little paranoid because I thought a police would stop me for carrying weed, even though I was 100% sure I didn't have any on me. Then some police guy comes out of nowhere, stops me and opens my bag, the first thing he sees is a joint lying there. He takes it out and says: "what do we have here?".
I tried to convince him so hard that it wasn't mine, he just didn't listen. What follows is my incredible struggle to resist arrest. It felt like we fought for hours, even though it didn't last too long. Courageously I take the joint, shouting as if I was mental: "Look at this joint! It's no ones joint now hahaha". As I shouted it, I tear it apart thinking that all the evidence is gone.

Dream highlights: When I fought the police, it was a long and exhausting fight.

Day highlight: Nothing really, if I would have to say something then it'd be an interesting conversation I had with someone.

I ate: Nothing a few hours before sleeping, I was so hungry that it wasn't too easy falling asleep at some point.

Vividness: 4, the dream wasn't too clear, I guess the most vivid part would be the second part where I was fighting the cop.

When: Before I got up

Techniques: none

7  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / How did your first Astral Projection change your life? on: February 06, 2017, 09:22:52
When I hear and read about experiences, it's not unusual for people to have an astral projection changing their life dramatically. For me, I haven't had an astral projection yet, but here's my journey:

About a year ago (when I was 18) I started learning about psychadelic drugs. I started to learn what they were, and just how amazing they could be. The biggest factor that made me want to try them was the hallucinations and lack of danger to physical health. Knowing this I asked someone I know to help me get some, he told me to perhaps start with something lighter: marijuana. I was very stuck in my mind back then, and very unaware. MJ helped me relax, and see things from a different perspective. To this day I still haven't tried any psychedelics, thinking I was always ready to try them. Looking at myself a year ago, maybe taking psychedelics wouldn't be the best idea.

The journey I had this past year has been a rocky, but amazing ride. I've always had a curiosity for things, the big questions in life and so on. I always had a sense of thinking that I was special, being sort of an outcast and whatnot. But being introduced to this wider reality, merely from calming my mind and slowly dissolving the ego made me realize many things. One thing being that we are all the same, we've just been put under different life circumstances. These realizations have been liberating, sure I'm still pretty lazy sometimes but my life purpose changed from making money to learning new things and experiencing the unknown. It's almost as revisiting your younger self; to not have a single care, to just live in the now. As I matured rapidly, awakened you might say, I started learning about astral projections and lucid dreams.

This awakening that I'm talking about started to escalate very quickly once I was trying my hardest to experience these amazing things known as astral projections. I tried going on strict diets, meditating and just working on my spiritual health, solely to experience an AP. What I recently realized is that my journey to experience an AP has given me more than any psychadelic could probably give me a year back. Sure I still want to try psychedelics, but I don't rush it.

This is how my life changed from just calming down and trying to experience an AP, I can't even imagine what will happen the day I will actually experience it. But onwards to the question, how has the experience changed you?
8  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Shimolis's Dream Journal on: February 06, 2017, 08:32:38
There was a huge aggressive T-Rex roaming south Sweden (where I live). I was at home with my family, trying to figure out how we could escape it. My job was to figure out a safe location to evacuate, so I took my bike and headed outside.
It was a nice weather today, clear and sunny. I instantly found myself in a forest not too far away from home. There I had two options, to either go west deeper into the forest where I knew there was a lake, or north. I knew west was the obvious choice, because it got more colder the more west I went, and the T-Rex doesn't like cold climates. But I went north to scout the area either way.
There was an old, unused power plant by the shore (we have it at home, I've never seen it though), I looked around and decided to move on to the west road instead. Before I went, I heard that the T-Rex was at my childhood friends house. It took me a while to realize it's very close to where I was.
I got struck by vertigo and I turned almost completely blind so my movement was completely impaired. The T-Rex was approaching, I managed to recover once it was a few seconds away from me. I took my bike and realized I could never be faster than the T-Rex. My only option was to bike around bigger obstacles, such as the power plant in order to avoid it.
The weather got more grey and gloomy. As I move to the west road, there's a bridge over a highway that I could cross, I was hoping that the T-Rex couldn't cross it. Suddenly a huge tsunami strikes, washing all the people and the T-Rex away.
Many people were stuck in a building underwater, having no chance of escaping. I swam for my life, thinking that the T-Rex is long gone.
I just manage to swim to the surface. I see that the T-Rex is right behind me. Suddenly a bunch of other hippo-looking dinosaurs approach, also trying to eat me. I thought, if I manage to lure them deeper in the forest, then I can go home safely to my family.
I continued to swim with all the dinosaurs behind me, I came to a point where I wanted to turn around. I dove under the water so they couldn't see me. Noticing how huge the current is when I was trying to swim back, I struggle. Eventually I make it back to the house underwater, where many people have drowned. I take some of them out, give them a quick CPR and tell them to continue to save people while I go back to see if my family is ok.

Dream highlights: I was back home, when I'm actually on vacation. I only live with my brother, not my whole family. The landscape was surprisingly accurate at some points. I've seen the crossroads (the west and north road) in a past dream, but it's nothing that I've seen at home

Day highlight: I woke up on the morning after 17 hours of sleep

I ate: Some unsweetened dark chocolate before sleeping

Vividness: I'd give it a 7, there were some very clear aspects of the dream, and many physical sensations such as being out of breath.

When: Not too long before I got up

Techniques: None
9  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: So reality checking didn't work for me on: February 06, 2017, 08:20:53
Keep up the checks and add or try repeating an affirmation like "I will become lucid" as you fall asleep.
Might be a similar issue like I had... I'd do reality checks and at most I get far more vivid dreams but lucidity was still a miss, added in some "I am aware" as I fall asleep and I got more actual lucid dreams. You don't have to say them out loud maybe once or twice if you want just repeat it in your head as you drift asleep.

That's something I've actually forgotten to do. The fact that I made a reality check in my dream is good progress, added with some affirmations I might just pull it off. Thanks for your help.
10  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Shimolis's Dream Journal on: February 06, 2017, 08:16:50
(Just an intro, feel free to skip)

The reason I decided to have an online dream journal (and why others might consider it) is that it sort of brings a challenge to how you write and explain the dream. Now that others might read it, I might have to explain certain things in more detail, so it's more easily understood. This helps me recall my dreams in greater detail, but also it allows me to spot certain interesting aspects of the dreams more easily.
As to lucid dreams, I haven't had one yet, been trying only for a few months, so I should be getting there sooner or later! The closest I've gotten to a lucid dream was a VERY vivid false awakening, where I ended going back to sleep.
Anyways, any dream I write down here will be followed up by some quick notes in bold, mostly for myself to see any similarities between my actions and the dreams I have. This way I can make my derams perhaps more vivid by taking different procedures the day before I sleep.
The end of each post will look something like this:

Dream highlights: What interesting points was there about my dream

Day highlight: What was the most interesting thing of my day (prior to sleeping)

I ate: What did I eat before going to sleep

Vividness: How vivid was the dream on a 1 to 10 scale (10 being lucid, 1 being who knows what)

When: When during my sleep did I dream the dream

Techniques: What techniques did I use, and when

Now to the dreams, enjoy my crazy mind!
11  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / So reality checking didn't work for me on: February 05, 2017, 06:18:57
I slept for about 17 hours, having a bunch of false awakenings and different dreams. In one of my dreams I actually made my first vivid reality check (I tried to put my fingers through my other hand). I could clearly feel my hand preventing my fingers from going through, so if I can't push any physical boundaries in my dream how should I do reality checks? I've tried to LD for months now and I feel like reality checks are not for me. Right now I'm doing the SSLID technique every night or so, while I haven't had a LD from it, I do think I'm making progress from it but it feels like reality checks are a big deal here too. Do you have any suggestions to go around reality checks, perhaps a DILD or something like that?
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