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151  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Looking for resonance between our world and many others on: March 29, 2015, 06:53:46
I dont know if thats true or not, probably not but I cant be sure. I dont see any evidence directly for or against it, but theres lots of evidence for the simpler explanations of how the world came to be here involving cooling blobs of star becoming planets. Or did you mean somebody used that process to build this "game" world?

I've heard similar theories about this world being a game where spirits come to learn. They usually say spirits choose to forget its a game, as part of the game. If so, something could have gone wrong that prevents them from leaving the game when they wanted to or some external influence on the game that was not planned for. We cant trust this "game", if thats what it is.

If this is a game, I dont think I'm here to play it. I need tools to build more advanced parts of myself involving vibrating dimensions and shapes. Some of this stuff isnt as easy to find or build out there as it is here.

Also, if this is a game that I knowingly entered, its unlikely I meant to just play it as usual, and instead I'd probably be here to make sure the exits are clearly marked or explore bizarre ways of networking minds together in computer ways (how simulated minds work) and pandimensional ways (telepathy, telekinesis).

Either way, I am not here for what most are here for, and I will leave and not return any time I like, but I need to choose where I'm going and what I'll do first.

Yeah, it is clearly effective to use empiricism and the scientific method to understand the rules that govern this reality, and what its history has been. No argument there. At the same time, despite the fact that we can discern the laws that govern it all, the laws that don't appear to be derivative from others seem pretty arbitrary. It may well be that an intelligence has chosen an arbitrary set of starting rules, and a starting condition, and possessed either the computing power or the foresight to know sort of where those rules and starting conditions would lead.

Continuing on the supposition of the game analogy (which is speculation of course, but seems like it has a good chance to be true), and you accept the premise that you may have willfully limited your consciousness to "forget" for the purpose of the game, how would you know you were here to play it or not? That may be the point... starting from a position of ignorance.

Maybe your goal isn't what it appears to be, but something that happens accidentally in the process, and appears to be background, but is really crux.

For instance... a person decides to fly around the world. They crash in the Yukon halfway there, and live there for 2 months before they contact civilization again. They started with one goal, but had a totally different experience.

Or A person is a famous Piano player. Thing is though, the really significant part of their life is talking to roadies waiting for the shows to start, or the fact that traveling so much gave the person time to write several books in the meantime.

If we do have something like a purpose... it may not be obvious or known to us, or even discernable on this side.
152  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: My little boy is scared to go to sleep, 1 and a half. on: March 27, 2015, 13:01:24
On my part, I've never understood why parents always think that we can't get no sleep if the lights are on

Has to do with the way our neurotransmitters react to light.

When we are still in high light levels, our brains are basically saying... ok, must still be day, hold off on making that melatonin; then when they are off, the opposite happens, and we get the neurotransmitters meant for sleep. Basically just the method evolution gave us so that we sleep at night and don't waste the daylight. Eventually with enough effort you can circumvent this natural order your body has, and it will adjust, but you are going against the way it is normally wired to think, so there is resistance.

I know this may not quite fit into this forum but my little boy has been scared in his room at night time. Without even falling asleep he will sit in his bed when the lights go out and cry and point at different areas of his room. I sit with him and tell him to give them love and we blow kisses and wave goodnight to whatever he is seeing. Any ideas on what I could do to help him more? He's starting to not want to go in his room at night time period. Even though I do successfully calm him down and get him to sleep, usually falling asleep with him haha. When I was younger I had night terrors and saw terrifying things all the time, I think he may be experiencing similar things and I would like to help him in a way that does not limit his consciousness.

Sorry I am new perhaps someone could direct this post to the correct place!

He is a year and a half old. He could see literally anything at that age and it wouldn't be abnormal or worrisome. Children at that age are in a very hazy place... their brain chemistry is very strange compared to an adult, and their sleeping and waking states are far more similar.

What they see in their environment and what they picture in their minds are completely indistinguishable. Their imagined fears manifest to them in a way they can't ignore. Picture if every movie character you ever saw inhabited your waking reality with you. That is what it is like to be one year old. Every bad thing that happens to him or he sees will revisit his imagination. People like to point out how imaginative children are, as though it is a skill they have like playing a musical instrument. At that age, it is his reality too.

When you try to comfort him, keep that in mind- his fears are immediate and completely manifest in front of him. Assure him that you will not let anything harm him. I think you probably have a good approach already... keep planting the suggestion that his fears won't harm him and he has power over them too.

Very young children feel vulnerable and they want very much to grow up, because they want the safety of being bigger, as well as the freedom. Appealing to that drive is another approach parents use, and urging him to take charge of the situation like you have been doing is empowering to him.
153  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Looking for resonance between our world and many others on: March 27, 2015, 12:19:41
There is a way for the sprinter to move faster without exercise. Its called a car. I'm not here to play games by some delusion of what the rules should be. I get things done by any means available that improve the world.

He wouldn't be much of a sprinter then lol.

If this thinking is applied to metaphysics, it would be like when a child asked their parents how to get to heaven, and they replied that she should build a space-time portal and warp there...

...or if a guy entered a contest for getting the highest score on oldschool Donkey-Kong arcades, and he won by hacking the game code before hand. I guess technically he would have a higher score, but do you think they would give him the championship? Would those who arranged the contest be impressed by this? Most would say he had missed the point.

I appreciate the paradigm shifting thought, but at the same time, this reality is like a game that has been setup for us... and breaking out of the game for the sake of it rather than playing within the rules may also be missing the point. At least that is what I surmise.
154  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Are we being deceived? on: March 27, 2015, 12:04:46
The truth is obvious here... Stillwater is the devil.   evil grin

Man I hope not... I am not doing very well if so.

Next cosmos I am the devil, someone better point it out.
155  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Are we being deceived? on: March 27, 2015, 05:40:12
Yes. It is entirely possible that everything about projection is the work of devils and demons.

But then, it is also possible about literally every other thing in the world.

Sex could be the devil.

The internet could be the devil.

The Christian Church could be the devil.

Math could be the devil.

Thinking could be the devil.

It is a well known concept, and it is called "Cartesian Doubt". Basically, the idea is simple, and it just states that for any "x", "x" may be be a product of supreme deception from on high. For more information about this concept, read the 1630's treatise by Descartes:

The thing is though, if everything could be the devil, doesn't that just put us in the same place with respect to everything? Meaning we just have to explore things for ourselves to see what is what. And what if this metaphysical stuff is the devil without us realizing it? Then we are already doomed, because we have no faculties for telling the difference in that case. So either we can tell the difference ourselves, in which case you have the mental faculties for finding out, or we can't, in which case we are already making every other conceivable error anyhow.

So in this line of thought, what reasoning do you have to suggest projection is deception anymore than the internet is deception, or waking life is deception?
156  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: can you gain types of empowerment from OBE's? on: March 25, 2015, 14:40:13
I wouldn't be surprised if a number of people get into OBEs as a means to escape their lives of sorts.

I find this to be true as well.

I want all people who come here to find assistance reaching their goals.

At the same time, a huge percentage are probably coming here because they are bored with life and want to find a way to bring more excitement to their existence.

Almost universally people seem to find that in this current existence our meaning will be found here rather than there. Gaining skill in projection is an oddly round-about way to discover that. Sort of like a singer who picks up a musical instrument, only to learn they are actually meant to be a singer above all else musically.

The Egyptians got it wrong I think. Our life here probably isn't about preparing for what comes next. We wouldn't be here unless there was a very significant reason to be precisely here.
157  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Looking for resonance between our world and many others on: March 19, 2015, 09:09:35
I wont be able to explain this well because English is not my best language. Math is.

I always knew you were an alien.

Theres also the problem of our world being very heavy compared to structures existing more in a metaphysical way, which causes metaphysics to have less influence on our world.

It looks very much like the hierarchy of reality places the nonphysical realm as the base reality in which this physical reality is embedded. It really looks like our reality here is entirely dependent on metaphysical realities, and thus probably incapable of not being affected by them. In other words, not only do I expect the metaphysical has very great influence here, its influence is probably cardinal and fundamental.

I'd like to help the smarter life forms on Earth (Humans, Dolphins, Monkeys, Parrots, Crickets, and some kinds of Machines

Crickets get billing over pigs and crows? Crows are some of the smartest animals around!

If anyone knows, in a practical way we can use to directly create and measure and fine tune the resonance, how to get our world in sync with any metaphysical structures we might choose, then I'd like to hear your theories. But please, dont give me the same things that have not got the job done for all of recorded history, like wait on god to do it or have faith or be a good person. We shouldnt wait on god to do it because we are all gods and its for us to do it. But how does it work?

So you want to get in better tune with the greater realities, but you want some answer that doesn't include being a better person? To me that sounds a bit like asking an Olympic athlete how to become a record-setting sprinter, but giving the stipulation that the answer must not include exercise.

My take on it, is that the entire structure of society and our political systems must change.

Right now, every political system we have is based on the idea of the nation-state as a geographic monopoly of force. In other words, the government has the final say over where force is used in their jurisdiction, for what ends, and by whom. Every law that a country writes is based on this concept- they are enforced by that country's ability to inflict force upon those that resist them. If you disagree with this concept, think about what eventually happens when you openly break enough laws, or try to do something a government would rather you didn't do, from within their jurisdiction.

Thus the concept of a law is the promise of force for those who resist them.

And how truly dangerous that those who are writing these laws (promises of coercion by force of violence), have not the best for humanity and the earth as their goal, but their own regional profit?

If you want society to improve, this founding principle must be altered. People's behavior must be guided by something other than the threat of force as coercion. Confucious Believed that if you needed laws to keep a people in line, you already lost the battle of their minds, because an ethical people would not need threats to keep them on the right side of virtue, and threats alone will not stop those who have already stepped over to the other side of the line. I tend to agree with him on this particular matter.

Ultimately, we need a social shift from a legalistic system, to one based on ethics and logic. If everyone took as their guide what was best for all parties, and what was most reasonable, something as petty as laws would seem quite quaint.

How such as shift occurs is another matter though, I am afraid. I have  considered the question a long time, and have not arrived at the answer yet.
158  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Learning luangages on: March 18, 2015, 22:35:34
Also, we don't allow you into the hidden sub-forums until you change your middle name to something like Moonchild, or Willowseed, or Windstorm-Starmaker, or Baby-Kangaroo-Tribianni, and fax us a copy of the legal papers. We do have standards.
159  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Learning luangages on: March 18, 2015, 04:49:35
I haven't heard of anything like that ever happening, although I do recall stories of those born with knowledge of languages quite foreign to their birthplace (an English boy of 4 recalls 5th century Chinese, or Roman Latin, etc).

Perhaps you can try some of those "subliminal" tapes for unconscious learning while you are asleep... might be something to look into, and far easier to get a straight answer on in terms of its effectiveness!
160  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: its like manna from heaven on: March 17, 2015, 08:36:26
1.- The composition of two lesser cycles. These last twelve cycles each.

Lol, I think I need to further clarify then.

I asked what a "great cycle" might be- you defined it to be... 2 lesser cycles, or 24 cycles total. That would be well and good, if we knew what a cycle consisted in?

This highlights the problem we are having fairly well- the language of mysticism is not standardized. And there are dozens of traditions, no less. You can't expect people to know the same terms you have learned. In order to have discussions, we need unfortunately to reduce things to least common denominator language. Can't say cycle- have to say "breath", or "day", or "heart beat"- whichever of these cycle might refer to, for example.

If this was a forum that focused on the Daoist mystical tradition, for instance, you could go saying things like "lesser meridian", "secondary orbit", etc, and people would know what you meant, because they were immersed in it. The only common language we have here mostly deals with projection experiences, and we are somehow up to our eyeballs even standardizing that language, lol...

Hope that clears up the confusion! wink
161  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Do you want or plan on reincarnating here to the physical again? on: March 17, 2015, 04:14:40
Yep, makes sense enough to me too. For instance, to use the computer game metaphor, when you are through being Mario in the game (this existence), you don't really retain Mario's perspective, preferences, or personality type afterward. You don't turn off the game, and then want to go eat a giant plate of spaghetti or something.

That is how I picture it too at least.
162  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Do you want or plan on reincarnating here to the physical again? on: March 16, 2015, 22:53:44
Like I don't want to come back for some lame reason, in a messed up life.

Just speculating out loud here again, but then maybe what you view as another person's messed up life from your current perspective is a literal diamond mine of rich experiences from the perspective of a being planning these existences.
163  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Want to see astral beings? here you are! on: March 16, 2015, 19:33:38
Do you believe that another person would ever encounter these same beings? Why or why not?

Another form of that question, is what do you feel was responsible for these two specific beings' forms?
164  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Do you want or plan on reincarnating here to the physical again? on: March 16, 2015, 19:29:08
Depending on what I achieve, a soft maybe. I want to change this world and help it, but If I do that now, then probably not. Unless I can be born as a 'God' to an extent to help this world.

I know what you mean. That is certainly a noble goal. But I have also often considered that maybe the world is the way it is for a very specific and purposeful reason, and if it were changed substantially, it would no longer fulfill that reason. That is sort of a fatalist outlook, but perhaps things have been so arranged so as to give those experiencing this world a very particular program.

But then again, maybe not!
165  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Do you want or plan on reincarnating here to the physical again? on: March 16, 2015, 08:28:26
Eternity is a long time. Everything that can happen probably will.

I don't plan to return per se... but then I don't plan not to either  wink

There is sort of this line of reasoning in Mahayana Buddhism that merely not wanting to reincarnate is not a sufficient reason to prevent future reincarnations; in fact the strong desire not to reincarnate, rather than an indifference to the concept, may be indicative of the person retaining enough emotional baggage and attachments that they have not exhausted their full cycle. I don't necessarily subscribe to that view point, but I think it is an interesting thing for people to consider.

Spiritual one-ups-manship?

166  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: its like manna from heaven on: March 15, 2015, 09:10:18
Hahaha. Ditto  rolleyes

Maybe start with what a Grand Cycle is? I think you may be losing a lot of us with language that is not widely known.

And keep in mind, I am fairly initiate into studies of mystical yoga practices in several traditions, and you are throwing a few concepts at me I am not read up on.

I think the phrasing may just need a little adjustment. You might run into that special person who speaks this same language though, who knows!
167  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: Throat Chakra on taboo on: March 14, 2015, 07:02:17
I think if you are worried about taking important actions in your life because you are worried about hypothetical metaphysical constructs such as energy bodies, you are probably putting the cart before the horse here. If it were me... I might look at the situation like this:

1) If the coworker does not in fact have such feelings, and I confront them, then I have affronted them needlessly.

2) If the coworker does have such feelings, what is to be gained by calling them out? My situation is between my spouse and I, and I know I will be faithful to my spouse. I don't feel the need to call out others, and it would be more gentle to them to merely let things subside in due time, as they would in any situation. My love for my spouse does not prevent me from wanting the best for this other person as well, and in this case that probably means treating their feelings with respect.

Only you know the right choice for you and all those involved. These are my thoughts, but I think if you reason from the perspective of treating everyone involved in the best possible way, you will make the right decision.
168  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: very difficult situation! help needed on: March 12, 2015, 05:37:03
Ok first things:


This breathless topic says a lot about the breathless way you may be approaching this practice- it isn't an olympic sport. It is something that requires a very unusual mindset- aware but heavily relaxed. You don't will yourself there with all your might, it just doesn't work out.

The super-fast heart beat is very familiar to me... a lot of people connect it with the idea of a heart Chakra, but I like to stay away from mystical terms that have no formal grounds. Suffice to say it is not your physical heart, so there is nothing to be alarmed about, although I fully understand it can be jarring.

Also, you don't have to worry about missing your window for projecting. It won't come and go, unless the excitement causes you to disrupt your mental calm. Observe what happens serenely, and you will go far. I am not of the camp that a non-physical essence is leaving the body, but rather that your mind is shifting into a different focus of being. As such, it is very much not about your body and what it is doing, and completely about your mindstates. If you allow yourself to get excited by the appearance of the proper state, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Just learn to get there a few times, and see where it takes you!

169  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: astral tacos on: March 10, 2015, 03:28:34
I've "eaten" whilist out, I went to a restaurant, and ate a steak, it was like eating it in reality, but better cooked than I could have done.  It was so funny, it was warm, complex flavor profile, etc.  I was impressed.  Normally I don't eat when out, but it can be fun.  As I understand it, it was more like reliving a memory in 3d, or revisiting.  Another thing which was fun, was opening up a book, flying in, and experiencing it, stuff comes out kinda funny that way.

Stay away from the pomegranate seeds.


"Demeter and Zeus had a beautiful daughter named Persephone. Demeter loved Persephone very much and wanted to keep her near always. So one day, while Persephone was out alone picking flowers, Hades came up from the dark Underworld on his great black chariot and stole her away.

Demeter was so upset. She searched everywhere but she couldn't find Persephone. She was so sad that she forbade the trees and plants to grow while her daughter was missing.

But Persephone did not love Hades and to punish him, she decided she would not eat or drink. Hades, who was God of the Underworld, fell in love with Persephone and wanted to marry her, but Demeter refused to allow it. Zeus saw how unhappy this made Demeter and Persephone, so he ruled that Persephone should live with Hades in the dark Underworld for three months of the year and nine months above in the sunlight. Demeter was overjoyed to have Persephone back, but her happiness did not last. Zeus found out that Persephone has sucked on some pomegranate seeds while down in the Underworld.

This meant that Persephone had to go back. Because the plants had all died, people did not have enough food. Therefore Zeus decided that Persephone should come home. There was one condition- she could not have had anything to eat or drink while she was in the Underworld.

Ever after, there was a winter for three months each year."
170  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I met The KING on: March 08, 2015, 21:10:18

but today i met The King

HE is the king
The King is god
there is one god
God is King

he is amazing
HE is the KING

Also guys he is not god
He is the king!

171  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Is it ever ethical for one to commit suicide? on: March 07, 2015, 11:47:42
The thing with this is that, there's always someone stronger to oppose theses kinds of things. Population being one of those.
If somehow, there was a mind changing technology that would make people go bad, things would be noticed very quickly.

I would want it to be that way, but I think the reality is that there are profound man-made evils in the world that people accept, or at least do very little to prevent.

A very unpopular example (and this lack of popularity speaks to the strength of the above argument, I feel), is the presence of colossal-scale factory farming that provides in upwards of 90% of the animal products consumed in the industrial world. Billions of animals live short lives of torture in pitch-black cells just big enough for the volume of their bodies. And this has been continual for literal centuries. Sadly I think the presence of such a thing largely unchallenged disproves the idea that humans will reject evil outright.

What I think is closer to reality is that human actions are largely ruled by biological drives and desires.

If we don't first recognize that, we miss the important first step in understanding how to improve the quality of our thoughts and actions.

I don't think it would be so clear-cut and black and white in the beginning as changing the content's of peoples' minds in the way you suggest. That is significantly more difficult than merely browsing brain states, and probably un-needed. I think it would be something much closer to the role "insider information" plays in the stock market. If you can glean certain key facts, that alone provides a massive competitive advantage.

For instance:

Mr Smith walks into the shopping mall. He passes an array jointly owned by the outlets at that location. Mr Smith is a member of a preferred customer club, which grants very steep discounts, in exchange for permission to access his mental states (in order to "better serve" his needs). The array determines he is in a mildly irritated mind-state, but can determine little else. The system also recalls, from his filed banking information, which is linked to his personal profiles, that his wife has recently delivered their second child. The system tentatively decides it will first offer him a small number of updates on maternity and child-care related items, and see how this strategy works out. Mr Smith ignores 2 such adverts, and the system drops the strategy after 20 minutes. Mr Smith is in fact clothing shopping for gifts for a relative's child. But he isn't motivated to spend large amounts of money. At scanning hub two and three, the system catches a glimpse of something interesting: Whenever Mr. Smith is shopping for clothing, he is actually thinking of guitars. The system reasons that perhaps Mr. Smith is being extraordinarily frugal in his other purchases, because he is actually saving up to purchase a new instrument. The system also understands that such purchases have a lot to do with a person's self image. In the future, perhaps at a delay of one month, the system decides it will try a strategy of marketing all of Mr. Smith's required targeted ads by connecting unrelated products to musical culture, and specifically musical culture connected to Smith's chosen tastes reported from his satellite radio preferences. In the next three months, the system logs a 44% increase in impulse purchases which are suggested by this marketing approach with Mr. Smith.

I think the above example is pretty subtle. Mr. Smith gave them his permission (albeit in coercion to receive "discounts"). They used this information to do something seemingly innocuous. But the reality is that what really happened is that the system leveraged a competitive advantage to greatly increase its profit margin. Consider slightly less subtle examples, without permission, and for higher stakes. I think it is easy to see how merely knowing a person's personal thoughts, without the need to alter them as you suggest above, is more than enough to produce a favorable outcome to the reading party. I think you might be able to imagine such examples without me needing to illustrate those.
172  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I met The KING on: March 06, 2015, 17:39:17
Fixed the image link for ya Volg- it was one of those that don't allow cross-linking. This topic continues to get better.
173  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I met The KING on: March 06, 2015, 16:37:30
I am enjoying this little topic so far.

I would have to side with Plasma, in stating that this near-Haiku-length verse probably deserves a bit more context in order to be a meaningful form of communication here (and I don't expect we are going to get any more, that is just how these things go).

But I do have to say I appreciate the oceanic gulf between the two above responses and perspectives.
174  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Is it ever ethical for one to commit suicide? on: March 05, 2015, 05:07:49
Indeed. Very hard to know for sure, and where biology and especially consciousness studies are concerned, there is very much left to know which could complicate the road.
175  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Is it ever ethical for one to commit suicide? on: March 05, 2015, 03:49:04
Looks like a still very crude technology to me stillwater. I have seen the shows that explain how it works and we still have quite a ways to go.

Yes and no. The most important step of all, that it is possible to do it, has already been clearly demonstrated. These technologies tend to go on exponential growth curves corrollated to computing power.

Here is a famous excerpt that details how something on an exponential curve can more or less go undetected for the majority of its life, and grow mostrously in its final moments:


"Itís 1pm. Imagine a normal sized football stadium. In this stadium you are sitting on the seat at the very top of the stadium, with the best overview of the whole stadium.

To make things more interesting, imagine the stadium is completely water-tight.

The question is, if a drop of water is added to the stadium and then one minute later it doubles in size to two drops, and then one minute after that it doubles again to 4 drops, and so on.. doubling in size every minute, how much time do you have to leave your seat and get out of the stadium before the water reaches your seat at the very top?

Think about it for a moment. Is it hours, days, weeks, months?

The first drop of water lands right in the middle of the field, at 1pm.

You have exactly until 1:49pm. It takes less than 50 minutes to fill a whole football stadium with water! This is impressive!

But it gets better:
At what time do you think the football stadium is still 93% empty? Take a guess.

The answer: At 1:45pm. So, you sit and watch the drop growing, and after 45 minutes all you see is the playing field covered with water. And then, within four more minutes, the water fills the whole stadium.

This means that you think you are safe because it seems that you have plenty of time left, whereas due to the exponential growth you really have to take immediate action if you want to have any chance of getting out of this situation.


Now we know this is the sort of path that biotech has taken in the past as well. The human genome project is a perfect example.

A decade long effort, and it looked like it would take 500 years. Then 85% percent of it gets done in a single year. Now it is trivial to do it again, and would probably take under a day.

By the time things like this are surfacing in the public eye, they are often very late in their exponential growth curve. Perhaps like the genome project, they can seem like insurmountable goals, that suddenly become trivial in the space of a year.
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