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2176  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Maitreya on: June 04, 2004, 10:44:59
A quick glance at the link you supplied shows me that it requires much more time to investigate than I am now allowed. But it looks very intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

You are most welcome. It seems to me that the site appears to primarily be a vehicle by which their Last Testament, which they refer to as The Holiest of The Holies (or THOTH as the site itself refers to it[Wink]) may be presented. I cannot claim to have yet tackled this monster of texts on my own though, and can only state that I have have perused the material, selectively gathering information so as to better gain somewhat of an initial "feel" of what this whole business might be about.

A few years ago I saw photos' of an alleged maifestation of Maitreya. Apparently this had been happening for a number of years. Given that over the past 20 years or so it has been claimed various times that Maitreya was now born, I take the let's wait and see approach.

Yes, a number of such photos are availible a this site. I cannot say with irrefutable certainty, however I believe that this man claims himself to be the Maitreya. According to other sites (and possibly this link too) he actually plans to telepathically speak to the entire population of the world at an approaching moment in time- I suppose that would be a good moment to make up one's mind about things, no?[Smiley]

While I enjoyed reading your post Stillwater, for the intelligence it so obviously shows, I was hoping to see your ideas offered to what we could refer to as 'the lowest common denominator'. Sound ideas need to be presented in forms that most people can readily understand. Apart from this little niggle Stillwater, I appreciated your depth of understanding and sensibility.

It is that I cannot say that I am certain about what you mean here, however, if you want my take, I will borrow my position from your post, and I shall "Wait and see".

If it is that you would like a greater wealth of information, I shall again refer you to the link, which cannot be tackled by any amongst us but a speed reader (who would obviously miss the point while reading scriptures).It seems the basis of their new ideas, those concepts which are neither synthesized from the other keystone religions nor put forth as being prophesies to support the rest, would be this system which has already been arranged and instituted in several locales, which involves the effort of a group to invoke the blessings of an ascended master via the Great Invocation, and then consequently channel the energy which this master would then send to their party through the brow chakras; this energy would then be "stepped down" in a way most akin to ac currents, and then directed, again by the masters, to a desired "sink" where it might be needed. It seems that in this way that the group feels that they can literally augment the cahnge in the world which so many desire, and I must give them that ground. The thing which I think is a bit unsteady about this whole premise is that they constantly try to prove this new religion through countless prophesies given by other religions, and they are usually things that can never truly be proven, have more than one possible interpretation, or are clearly deviated from. They seem to state that this new path is the only True one, and this also seems a bit cult-esque to me.

Thank you,
2177  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Suicide and spiritual growth on: May 24, 2004, 17:58:38
Hello, friends...

Wow! Such a seemingly narrow topic has become manifold as the old guns go at it...

Let me take the time out of this serious, multifaceted omni-covering thread which seems to now encompass the entire lot of human struggles to add my two bits... As I see this whole hub-bub, I shall for you now elaborate.

The world which we inhabit, as most here would agree with me upon, is the product of a grand consciousness which made its deep love manifest into the emptiness that was the void, the cradle of being. The universe, at large, is composed of nothing more than energy, and this energy, as some would agree, is almost exclusively positive in nature, allowing one to surmise that this universe is for the most part a grand melting pot of love and ecstacy, a pool of collective joy from which beautiful things are eternally emerging; but this world is always expanding, the light of joyous connectedness is always asuaging the ills of darkness, uplifting the downtrodden. Though the universe is an orb of joy, it is also the home of dark realms, places where, although the light of the creator is ever-present, the pain and suffering inherent to the realms themselves prevent those dwelling within to grasp their connection to all that is.    

Our own world lies somewhere in this scheme of light and dark, which are, in truth, two faces of the same coin.

There are places here of insurmountible perfection of being, such as the Falling Lakes of Croatia, or the mountains of southern China, where it is difficult not to feel at one with the creator, but, to deny that there are places of quite a different nature as well, would be a naive error.

Our world is like a grand Las vegas. There is the beauty of the mountains which illuminates the darkness, and then there is what lies beyond, and all around. Our cities and our towns are wells of consumerism and desire, which shape the world around them in ways unthinkable. Our surroundings are moulded by the ways in which we think, and how we treat the living landscape. We have beautiful avenues of sparkling skyscrapers, but the nature of our cities is better reveiled through what lies beneath and within. Places like New York, Moscow, and Hong Kong are labyrinths of serpentine power grids, which serve as conduits to feed the greed of all who live there, and are primordeal nests of hostile and destructive technology employed not for progress, but for avarice, and that is only the beginning. There are vast sewer systems which transport the filth of the masses, chemical emmissions which pollute the air ( In L.A., to breathe the downtown air is equivalent to smoking a pack a day ), lairs of debauchery where narcotics, prostitution, extortion, laundering, and the murder of innocents to protect one's own vile designs is the rule and not the excpetion ( no, this is not Hollywood, such places are all too real )-all of this defilement is the result of our mindset. It was said previously in this thread that one's thoughts shaped the world around them, and this could not be more true. Our world is at times a hell of our own creation, and we have no one else to thank for its wretchedness other than our very own selves. No action goes unnoticed in this universe, and the world around us, as I have tried to stress, is a reflection of that which inhabits it. Like attracts like. The darkness we see is our own pain made manifest for us.

This world is a dark nest of fiends at times, this much is true, but it is the brightest light which shines at night. It is our place to walk in darkness, and to give hope to all who suffer alongside us. To live through great pain, and to witness vile enormity without losing faith in the light is the mark of virtue uncommon. I believe it is the story of an old Testament angle, probably Uriel, who walks the shadows of hell, giving solace to the suffering, always praising the light that is God, though all around is nothing but pain. It is an aquired skill to do this, you see, and not all can know the glow of hope which shines where none can see, for it is always out of sight. Not all can realize the light, though it ever be encompassed in shadow, waiting to be discovered.

There are countless millions who inhabit such worlds of shadow, plains where no ray glances, but the weak are tormented needlessly day by day, those who know not God, but all too well have come to know pain. There are innocents who live day by day, hoping and pining for some gleam of light to comfort them, to tell them that the blackness they inhabit is but a prison of paper bars, but this light never comes. They are only met with bleak despair, and they happen upon spectres among men, those who would only do them wrong. The house of cards which they have up to this point huddled in collapses, and their whole world falls apart. The pain which they are immersed in inundates them, and they see no more reason for living in a world of fleeting hopes, where grace is to be found, only to be a mere phantasm of false illusions. You can easily see why one might choose to take their own life, how an innocent soul can be rankled and broken to the point of final catharsis.

It is of little worth to tell these people that "it will get better", as they feel they have no pretext for thinking such thoughts, and such words have little empathetic value. The only thing which we can do for those who are the subjects of the world's broadsides is to be there for them, for the love which we show the suffering is akin to the love of God, and that is the greatest thing which we could ever give them. Compassion is an emotion infinitely more peerlessly beautiful than bliss. To learn to love others, and the poor world in which we live, is the thing at the heart of all of these strivings, the thing which brings us closest to God.

The suicidal are merely those whom the world has abused to the point of breaking, and ever so much more than forgive them their subtle error, we should stand by them, and lend them our own strengths.

Bless you all,
2178  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / A question addressed to Mr. Tayesin, Please on: March 29, 2004, 23:38:10
I thank you graciously for your diligent and extensive response. I understand that you would not wonder about some of these trifling and superfluously cliche' things while you are in contact with other sentient beings, as such thoughts would be far from that which is paramount- that these creatures are living miracles of God, akin the any of us in that they are brothers in consciousness, be it physcical and otherwise. You answered to the best of your ability, in an objective fashion and without exagerrative speculation; the definitive reason for choosing you as the subject of my inquiry was that I have observed you to be sincere and non-fanatical, despite having expieriences which society at large would deem as being characteristic of one "out of their right mind". Please be consoled, as I do not apply such lables, and I do not believe that we should be so quick as to apply such stereotypical ignorance. Although I have not directly, at least not consciously, made contact with other "intelligent" races, I have no doubt that they are in prolific existence, and that there are those among us whom have been priveliged to meet them. I am certainly open to the idea that you are one of these individuals, as you have demonstrated to me a lucid description which has all the signatures of fact, though one can never be sure in this age of disinformation. Regardless of this un-avoidable recognition, however, I must say that I believe your words.

Thank you for your kind response, and your insightful interpretations. We should all be open with our expieriences.

-If you should desire it, I would enjoy an IM converstion.

Thank you,
2179  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / I am a noobie :< on: January 24, 2004, 16:43:27

If it is the case that your question is pretaining to the vernacular use of these terms, then it is that I may give you somewhat of a diligent tresponse.

Astral- The theoretical (to most of us on these forums well-proven)state of reality which exists in four dimensionality. It is said that this level of existence is almost purely emtional and mental in nature, and sensitive to the thoughts of those who inhabit it (theoretically everyone.) Most of us agree that one may reach this realm through focusing the mind, and at the same time easing one's mind out of physical existnece's sync. According to the mainstream group which associates on this site, this "place" is also the destination of the awareness of those who die.

Chakra-Somewhat centralized location- one of seven primary- which is the entrance for non-physical energy into the body, and a conduit through which this same energy spoken of trvels through. It is believed that proper orientation of these seven primary sites helps one to better control their thoughts and physical processes, as well as become more attuned to the subtler realms.

Brow-The sixth of the seven Chakras, often thought of as one of the pricipal Chakras involved in the extra-mental processes. It is often referred to as the "third eye", as it is tradionally thought of as being locatede in the center of the forehead.  

These terms are quite esoteric, but that is only because they are used in dealing with some out-of-the-oridnary topics, and if they sound slightly absurd, that is only the opinion of the individual; and I must say that you should not be so quick to dismiss something which you know nothing about.

Hope this helps

2180  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Earth's potential energy. on: December 04, 2003, 20:20:44
It all depends upon what belief system you follow. It is my belief that consciousness is the thing that creates reality itslef, and that the physical world is one manifestation of the infinite vision of the creator. In my eyes, since physical reality derives itself form integrations and articulations of consciousness, then it is not illogical to reach the conclusion that matter and energy are in themselves conscious and sentient.

It is quite obvious and utterly backable that all of the energy of the earth comes from the sun, with the exception of the enrgy released from the core of the mantle, which itself originated from the sun millions of years ago. That energy which we recieve through this manner first passes through heterotrophic-based (plant) converters, which place this energy in acceptable and usable forms. It is not far-fetched to view subtle energies originating form the sun eventually passing through an energy matrix in the conscious network of the Earth,and passing into our own systems through remarkable and intricate infrastructures. To say that we have an intimate tie with the Earth is defendable, weather or not you take it that the Earth has some sort of higher unified consciousness, which several of the belief systems advocated at this site would dictate.
2181  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / What's "your" goal in studying subjective reality? on: November 24, 2003, 18:36:44
Forgive me in that I have received too many excellent responses to reply to individually. The context of my question was merely thus: I have been a practioner of self-advancement and spiritual evolution via concentrated meditation and mindfulness of the root of desire and action for a good many years. My inquiry regarding your outlook upon the value of your pursuit of God and higher existence (and/or other) through cultivation of the ability to consciously project your perception into the subtle realms was directed at divulging the worth of the techniques of mental projection and active awareness shifts as it is evidenced by individually-based expierence. I have been considering devoting time to such studies, and I wished to be sure that my time would be well placed, as time is one of my dear quantities. I thank you for your diligent responses, as each of them was focused and open in a style unique to the nature of the writer. I would agree with you all that the somewhat-loosely aimed quest to the creator is best taken with the proper tools and techniques, and it has become ever more clear to me that astral projection is a worthwhile vehicle.[Smiley]
2182  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / What's "your" goal in studying subjective reality? on: November 23, 2003, 12:18:41
I would agree with most all of the last few posts. The irrefutable proof that there is a subtler existence to the known universe is highly comforting to those who might find their ideas in question;  the pursuit of higher plains and realms of understanding is certainly a natural and taint-free enterprise; and the longing to return to lost paradises is understandable in the highest regard[Wink]

These are all good interpretations of what seemed to be at the heart of my post, but I suppose that it was my sublimenal intention to ask you of the one climatic expeirence with higher realms which made your efforts to attain subjective consciousness seem utterly fruitful.
2183  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / What's "your" goal in studying subjective reality? on: November 22, 2003, 22:00:13
Yes! Flying is good... Freedom and mental expansion are the obvious effects of becoming a serious projecter, but what do you think that you have learned from projection itself? What one thing do you think that projection has made clear to you that you would not have accepted otherwise?
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