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76  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: August 21, 2017, 01:40:47
Yeah that is correct. When you write in the second person, you use the pronoun "you". A person writing in the second person is literally telling you something about yourself.

If you want to talk about second person experiences, it is something like the reality we are experiencing now. Not only do we see things from the perspective of our body (which would be sufficient for a 1st person pesrpective), but we also consider ourselves to be that body.

It gets a bit confusing.
77  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I keep getting dreams of hell. on: August 20, 2017, 20:02:48
It is occupying your thoughts too much in the waking life.

I have had 2 dreams this month where I was a general at the helm of a medieval army. Looks like I played too many strategy games in my down hours, hehe.

I know Tom Campbell said that we should look to our dreams to see how we are or something like that.

I think dreams can be a good reflection of things we spend a lot of time thinking of, or other times which simply emerge from somewhere buried deep in our subconscious.

I spend exactly 0 hours a year thinking about dragons, but the other day, I had a dream that featured a dragon. Happens sometimes.

But in your case, it really does sound like it is a concept that is occupying your waking thoughts.

I feel like you already knew the answer before you asked the question.

78  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: How do I reincarnate into a family members child? on: August 20, 2017, 19:40:52
How many of the things you planned on doing in your life when you were 5 have come to pass?

Best laid plans of mice and men whatnot...
79  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: I was finally able to bring a song back from a dream- You can listen to it here! on: August 19, 2017, 18:13:51
In this case, I used a VST called, "CV-Piano" to voice it in a DAW.

I could play it too on a piano, but it is such an irregular song that I would probably have to read it from sheets I made, lol.

I almost never remember them either. For me I think it was the special circumstance of waking during the song that really gave me that extra push of recall I needed to remember something this complex accurately.
80  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / I was finally able to bring a song back from a dream- You can listen to it here! on: August 19, 2017, 18:03:53

This is sort of a first for me...

I hear songs in dreams very often. And almost everytime, I remember thinking how great they were at the time, but I can't remember them!

This time was different somehow...

I woke up while this song was playing in my dream, and I was able to carry it with me into waking consciousness. It was simple enough, that after I had looped it 7-8 times in my head, I just fully remembered it.

The context was, a choir of nuns were singing a sort of praise song. But there was something amiss... the mother superior had been poisoning a village, and during the song, someone passed her some information. She realized that while no one yet knew what she had done, she had also accidentally poisoned herself in the process. So the scene had this strange discord between the cheerlful character of the nuns and their tune, and the disturbance of the mother superior.

It was mainly the same 4 measures played in repetition, with a very complex intro. I was able to transcribe the looping part more or less accurately as I heard it.

It is sort of a strange song structure... it modulates up to a key a half step higher at one point, which is not that common, and it uses a lot of chromatic accidentals.

It was mainly the same 4 measures being repeated, with new lyrics everytime.
81  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: August 19, 2017, 16:12:22
With regards to second-person perspective dreaming, can anyone clarify what this is?

I have never heard of an instance of this... but, in terms of perspectives and camera work in film and other media,

1st person is, you are the character, seeing things from the character's perspective

3rd person is, you are a floating camera, watching things from a perspective no one has

2ng person is, you are yourself, but you are watching yourself from the perspective of another person. This is very rare.

In film, a second person camera would never happen most of the time, because the viewer doesn't already identify themselves as being one of the characters. Most of the examples are from video games. An example is Battletoads, where you are a frog character that you normally watch from 3rd person perspective, but at some point, you watch your character from the perspective of an enemy boss, as you flee that boss.

So that is cameras, then there is identity in perspective.

1st person identity is, you watch the events from the perspective of someone

3rd person identity is, you watch the events from the perspective outside what a person has

2nd person identity is, you watch the events from the perspective of someone, and you ARE that someone. Pretty much this can only reasonably be used in books, and even then, super rare. The only real exception I can think of is Virtual reality, where you are often playing as yourself.
82  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: August 18, 2017, 20:55:45
By pretty common, I mean merely a number above 5%.

First person dreams are more common overall, and the majority of mine are that way too, but I have had both perspectives quite frequently, or dreams which switch perspective midway. It is pretty common as well (again, a number over 5%) to dream in black and white, although this isn't something I really experience myself.

I do ocassionally get monocrhome-filter dreams though, especially sepia... probably this has something to do with all the painting I do, lol....
83  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: "5th dimension" projection on: August 18, 2017, 17:58:19
The thing that is sort of off about the whole "5th dimension", "6th dimension", etc talk is that dimensions are not places, they are properties of space.

There is no place called the first dimension.

A spatial dimension is a way to describe space, when there is a direction to change the location of something that is perpendicular to the other dimensions that describe it.

For instance, say there is a flat piece of paper siting on a table. It is almost correct to say that all the points on the surface are more or less located on the same 2 dimensional plane. If a point started on the paper, but then moved vertically into the air, that point traveled in the third dimension, perpendicular to the other two. Notice that the third dimension was not the point's destination, but the description of its travel path.

The same would be true of a 4th spatial dimension. A fourth spatial dimension would be a means for traveling via what in science you would call a "hyperspace". It would be like you could leave a version of our world, and enter another 3 dimensional space that had different contents. From the perspective of a 3-dimensional being, something that was traveling along a 4th spatial dimension would either appear to blink out of existence, or be seen in section cuts as it moved. But it wouldn't leave a 3rd dimensional space, and enter a 4th-dimensional one, because that is nonsensical. It was in a 4th dimensional space all along.

The 5th dimension of travel would be similar. It would be a hyperspace of hyperspaces.

So that is the main reason I find these 4th/5th dimension descriptions from these authors very suspect. They misuse a mathematical language which they don't appear to understand.
84  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Journal on: August 18, 2017, 12:23:01
3rd-Person observer dreams are pretty common dreams for everyone to have in general. I have them all of the time too. About 20-30% of my dreams are observer-type dreams, and it has been that way more or less for my entire life.

You may well be right though, about viewing yourself less as an active participant in your waking life.
85  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Stillwater's Dream Journal on: August 18, 2017, 11:41:19
The scene was somewhat similar in material to those films... but got to its goals much faster, lol. It was basically a Satyr play which didn't take itself seriously... and it seemed to fit in the same slot in the Dionysian festival (where each playwright would submit 3 Tragedies and a Satyr play to finish).

I wonder if I was somehow recalling that structure for some reason, or if the order of events was merely an accident.
86  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Stillwater's Dream Journal on: August 17, 2017, 18:55:00
August 12, 2017

I am back in the same biology class I was a few dreams back, with the same teacher. He is giving a lecture about molecular structures of ring-group molecules.

The lecture is long but uneventful.

At the end of the lecture, the teacher spontaneously decides to start singing.

He has a velvety voice, something that had elements of Springsteen and Billy Joel. Everyone was immediately disarmed by this suddenly happening. The room suddenly got very silent as he started, and everyone was hanging on every note, intoxicated by it. The room seemed to change color, shifting toward a red/ plum color, like the song was bending reality. The song itself was sort of a dirgeful ballad, like "Nights in White Satin" from the Moody Blues:

After not very long, everyone in the room was simply crying. We had been taken from our normal reality and transported to a very intense space of violent feeling by the song. After he was done, things just faded back in, like the spell was passing as abruptly as it came in.

After that, he wheeled in a television on a cart, and put on a film. It was sort of like a 70's / 80's -era British comedy, set out in a big public garden. There were about 12 figures in the scene. After not so much time, the figures began to strip their clothing off at various moments, and make jokes about it. The class thought this was tremendously funny, as it wasn't what we expected to be shown. After not too much time of this, the class was just uncontrollably laughing, as we saw started to question what sort of film this was, and why the teacher had chosen to show it to us.
87  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Stillwater's Dream Journal on: August 17, 2017, 18:37:20
So to give the next dream some context, here is an experience from 4 years back:

June 25, 2013:

In an early morning projection, I ended up in an environment that resembled a non-descript school; I don't remember well what preceded it. I walked into a classroom from the outside, and settled down to see what would be taught. There were a few other people there too. It looked a bit like a class where hightschool math might be taught (I am often ending up back in highschool in dreams too, so it seems like a theme for me). The instructor was roughly human, with a well built frame. After what must have been around a 10 minute lesson in calculus, someone asked him if he would sing today again; he said, "sure, alright, how about this?" He burst into 70's era Bruce Springsteen, and sang an entire song, and segued smoothly into another.  He sang remarkably well, probably as well as the genuine article. The third song is really the only one I recall very well. It wasn't exactly one of Springsteen's, but it had very similar chord structure to Springsteen's song "The River". This particular song I will call "Diehard Believer", because that was the refrain in the chorus. I remember that one well enough that I could write down the words and musical notes of the chorus at least. I guess listen to "the river, and imagine if it was more upbeat and major, lol, and you will get the idea:

After he finished his three numbers, people started making requests, now that he was singing Springsteen, haha. I suggested he sing "Thunder road".

He just smiled, as if to say, "If you think about it, I gave a lot- that will do."

I tend to take my more narritive experiences like this one to be metaphors. I suppose this one might have been the greater reality reminding that is has many faces, and shows up everywhere, because being in the presence of this multi-talented "teacher" was was very much like chatting with some great ascended master. He sort of radiated strength and understanding at the same time.
Almost like the universe was saying... yeah, I remember when I was Springsteen... wanna see him again?
88  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Dream Journal on: August 08, 2017, 09:10:07
Lol the schoolbuses cut lines across my dreams too...It's like I am 10 and 30 at the same time. I don't feel like it was that long ago I was that old, maybe that is part of it.
89  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Experienced Astral Travelers on: August 07, 2017, 22:51:35
I always suspected you were an alright fella, Stillwater.

Hey man, I'm not going to turn down good coin for my services! You could say it is the old dreidel spinner part in me.

90  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Dream Journal on: August 06, 2017, 11:32:34
I begin to tell him there's too much there, then say, 'oh never mind, you can have it all' when I realise I don't really want to keep all those little bitty coins.

This is how the governments and beauacracies slowly take over our lives, through quiet acts of acquiescence, lol.

It never ceases to amaze me how much in a dream can be traced back to waking life. The gold figurines still could mean something to me and bleedthrough imagery shouldn't be dismissed just because they're bleedthroughs ... but the book is their origin. How anyone can interpret someone else's dream beats me. They are so personal.

Yeah, I find this very true. There are some archetypes, like the dreams involving school so many people seem to have (myself included). But on the whole, the imagery and situations are very much connected to what our life experiences and view points are.

Like I might tell you having trouble with the bus system may have something to do with a general feeling of being unable to do basic tasks adequately to society's standards. But then you could easily respond that it has more to do with being absentminded due to recent worries, and you would know far more about your own mind.
91  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Stillwater's Dream Journal on: August 06, 2017, 10:30:43
August 6, 2017

This is another rich one with a lot of dialogue.

I am waiting for the school bus for a bit, in a suburban neighborhood like the one I grew up in. I am my present age (30-ish). It comes in a moment, and I climb aboard. I sit about 1/3 the way in, but facing the wrong way, looking toward the back of the bus. Some more students get on the bus, and they project sort of a confrontational attitude. It feels like I am going to possibly be attacked... I am thinking about the best way to position myself in the aisle in order to fight defensively if I need to. But a fight never happens. I walk off the bus at the end of the trip (school), and step off into a small crater made where the pavement has chipped away. I walk to the other side of the bus, and collect some fragments of pavement that seem to fit the broken area perfectly, and place them in the hole, as if to mend it. Other people look on, with the general attitude that it was a fool's errand, lol. I walk to class, and it turns out I am in elementary school again. The teacher is about my age, which is sort of funny. I sit down at a desk for a few minutes, as the students come in. Most them them are around 8-9 years old, with a few older students / people. Maybe a few students are 15 or so. The room is arranged sort of haphazardly. The middle of the room is empty, and most of the desks are moved to two sides of the room, toward one of the corners. There are some people sitting on bench-like ledge, and some others sitting on the floor.

Class is starting, and the teacher immediately looks at me sternly and says, "You can't sit there." I sort of turn my head, puzzled, and then walk off to sit on the ledge. She repeats the statement, "No, not there. You can't sit there." I sit on the ground now, with some other students.


"No, not there either. Sit here (she indicates a desk right to the left of her desk)."

"Ok, that works."

I sit down at that particular desk she chose for me, and then she puts on a slideshow. The first slide shows a grid of 4 cases relating to 4 possible combinations of two red and yellow balls, but it is only on the screen for 2 seconds, not enough time for me to scan it and learn the rule (but everyone else seems to get it well enough). Then she starts showing slides of different instances of those possible cases, or short movies. She asks which particular type each of the instances belongs to, and goes through 8 or 9 of them. Then the last one she asks me about (it is clear she doesn't think particularly much of me), but despite not really having seen the chart, I reasoned out what the 4 instances were from the previous responses the others gave, and then correctly answered the question. She sort of gives the impression I must have cheated somehow, but then drops it, and class ends. The scene fades out.

I am now walking with some friends, who are now late high-school age. I am again my present age (which I almost always am in dreams). Walking with these others is strangely satisfying, like it cancels out any negative aspects the scene might have to just be with this small group of friends. A school bus whizzes by without any indication it might have stopped, and one of them asks if that was mine. I say it was, but we continue on unabated. We walk to school again, but it is a different place this time. Things get a tiny bit fuzzy, and the scene changes slightly. I am now walking through a retail store later in the night. A friend is working in the back of the store stocking items, and calls out to me to join her. I walk toward her to meet her, but some frumpy lady who must be an assistant manager calls out something like, "You can't be back there with her"; but I don't really hear her clearly, so I walk toward the assistant manager calmly to see what was said. She repeats the thing, but I shake my head again to indicate I can't hear it well. I finally get to her, and she explains again that no one can be back there with her. My friend walks over, and I guess it is the end of her shift, so she joins me to walk out.

The scene sort of feels like walking out of the part of an American shopping mall where an anchor store like Macy's transitions into the hall of smaller outlets. She pulls out something like a Gameboy, and shows me something on it, saying, "Hey, have you seen 'Legman' ? " It looks something like a primitive version of the NES classic "Legend of Zelda" from the mid 80's. I tell her, "Yeah I have seen Legman. Everyone knows Legman." The scene ends a bit after that.

The next scene, I am with some coworker-type people, with one dude in particular. We are walking out of work. It isn't clear what work was, but the mood is light. It is late at night, and we are walking into a scene of American-style sprawl... for outsiders, a road lined with nothing but a random collection of chain restaurants, giant strip malls and shopping centers, government centers, etc, with no clear unifying feature or massing. I take on a very loose dialect, and launch into a long diatribe.

"You know what the problem with this place is? It all happened too quick. Look at the Old World. It happened over the course of a few thousand years of society. They had time to refine things, and history tended to stick around. They built it in a human way... in a way that made sense, because they had to do it that way. This place? It happened too fast. There was nothing really here to speak about 200 years back, so all of this is that old or newer. They filled this whole damn place with rubbish because they could, and no one stopped them, and it is still here now. We have to walk through this heap everyday."

"That's great an all, but what do you plan to do about it?", he cut in with.

"Man I don't freaking know. It's not a problem of the scale I can solve. But (misquoting Socrates in a vernacular way), the start of wisdom is knowing that you don't know what to do, or something like that, right?"

"That's just perfect. All problems and no solutions."

I shake my head, "Yeah, that is sort of how it goes I guess".

It is sort of a complex feeling we both have about the scene. Like in one sense we acknowledge that it is a kind of featureless wasteland we are inhabiting... a sort of pitiful waste of potential. But we also feel strangely safe and at ease there. There are no real dangers. Nothing that unpredictable about it. It isn't the place we'd choose, but it is a place that would take us and keep us safe and well.

We walk off into the sprawl for what feels like a good long while, and eventually it all dissolves.


After I awake, I lay in bed a bit, trying to recreate the details of the scene with my friend working at the store, to jump back there again in a lucid state. It isn't to be though, because the two dogs start barking frantically to be let outside. It is 4 am, lol. It seems like every day they start earlier, to see how early they can push it, lol.

92  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Stillwater's Dream Journal on: August 05, 2017, 09:15:53
Yeah I think this is the first case of seeing a dragon in a dream for me, lol.

In this case, although the scenes were VERY vivid and detailed, and all of them had complex narratives that made some measure of sense, not much lucidity. For whatever reason, I didn't do a dream test like I normally may have. Probably the best chance to get into a lucid dream state would have been right at the end after I woke up. If I had imagined myself back in that terrifying situation with the dragon and the monkeys again, there was a good chance I could have gone back lucid / with a projection-like awareness.

I think when I woke up though, I was going through the routine of going over all of those events over and over, to make sure I captured the full narrative of it all. There were so many scenes and they were so complex, it seemed like a good goal was to simply remember it all at that point, lol. I don't think I was too plussed by the notion  of going back to being trapped with no way out, but maybe that is me just not being adventurous enough lol.
93  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Experienced Astral Travelers on: August 05, 2017, 01:16:48
There is not enough currently known about absorption of B12 created by intestinal bacteria. The current indications seem to suggest that most of it is produced too late in the intestinal tract to be absorbed in humans.

Dietics is sort of like this as a field. There are many competing theories that arise at any given time, and it is hard to know what the full truth is.
94  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Experienced Astral Travelers on: August 05, 2017, 00:23:16
2. You NEED the Vitamins and other Elements present in ANIMAL MEAT in order to get enough of what is needed for the Brain Functions to work Fine for Lucid Dreaming (/Astral Projection), so EAT ANIMAL MEAT. This of course is a personal choice, but you are a Human ANIMAL living in a Predatory World where Predating other Live Animal and Plant/Vegetal Beings is expected and designed to happen, so don't feel bad about Predating as THIS world is designed to be like that; you only need to look at ALL other ANIMALS in Nature, and how they Predate what they need to Live; Animals that only eat Plants/Vegetal have Digestive systems designed to assimilate Only Plants, (take a look at how a COW/BOVINE is and how their Stomachs are designed to process specifically Plants); other animals that Only Eat Meat have digestive systems designed to assimilate Only Animal Meat, (take a look at how a FELINE is and read about how their bodies require the substances contained in the blood and meat of other Animals as their bodies can't get those substances from somewhere else); and other animals in between HAVE to eat BOTH things, (are Omnivorous), as their bodies can't get everything they need only from only one source but need to get them from Both of them. Nature in THIS World is designed so that Animals that Eat Plants/Vegetal are PREYS and are Hunted and Predated by Animals that Eat Meat and that are Predators, and Human Animal Beings are Predators Not Preys. For example, I read the other day that Vegetarians don't get enough B12 Vitamin out of their Vegetarian Diet, and B12 Vitamin is ESSENTIAL in some Brain Functions some of them related with Vivid Dreams that lead to Lucid Dreams (and Astral Projection with it), and also Self Reflection in them; information regarding this Brain Chemistry is explained in some of the books.

This is a complex issue. It would be more accurate to say that Animal sources are the only reliable ways to get the B vitamins (especially b12) naturally. But it doesn't need to be from meat itself. It can also be from Milk or eggs. The B-vitamins are also fat soluable, which increases the confusion. A person can go quite a long time without taking any new B vitamins on, because the body has a very deep store of them that lasts nearly a year. If a person seldom takes on B-rich foods, that also increases the body's uptake of B12 when it is available. It is very possible to live with a vegetarian diet if you regularly also eat either milk products or eggs.

I fall into that category myself- I am aware of the deficiencies a vegetarian diet can have, and plan around them, using foods that are rich in those vitamins, and also supplementing with them on the side. I have bloodwork done every few years, and one of the things that I make sure to focus on is possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So far the counts of everything fall well into the normal windows. I have followed a similar diet for about 20 years.

If a person goes into such a diet without knowledge or planning, there can be problems, but that is true of any diet.
95  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Stillwater's Dream Journal on: August 04, 2017, 20:41:40
August 3, 2017

I am on some sort of trip, looking for my hotel room. An old friend from when I was a kid is there. He is known primarily for being large-figured and very athletic. We haven't spoken for a while though, so it is sort of an awkward meeting. I never really find the hotel room, and I end up just walking back to the lobby.

I am walking through a mixture of an airport, a market and a shopping mall, to find my grandparents. It feels like they are supposed to pick me up after a trip. I run into them, and they are busy complaining with one another about something or other. I suggest that we stop and get mall pretzels (I would do this irl too, lol), but they tell me there is no time, because they have to meet someone back home. I can't think of who this would be, but we continue on walking through the airport / market / shopping mall combo.

that scene sort of fades out, and then I am with a group of girls I knew in high school again. The three of us have the reputation for being over-achievers, which was true irl as well. We are sitting at a table eating a meal, but mostly talking. I don't remember much of what was said, but it wasn't much more than banter probably. We walk to class, but there is a group of people blocking the door, doing some sort of street-dance display. They give off a very confrontational air, and we let them complete their street dance. They don't look as though they are going to let us pass, but when they see more people gathered there, they let us go by. It seems like the thing they valued was force, and more people represented more force.

We walk inside, and it is my high school biology teacher teaching a class.

I have to give some context here, because this guy was sort of a larger-than-life figure back at high school. He always looked angry, and had pointy spears for eyes. If they settled on someone, that person was assaulted by them. Very few people ever took a class with him, but everyone knew him merely by the power his stare projected. I actually liked him a lot of ways... I liked most of my teachers really. He had an incredible wit, and it was often employed at berating people in clever ways. I think his general attitude about the students is that no one told them the truth about anything, so he was going to be the guy. I remember one incident where the entire class failed a test, and he stood at the head of the classroom listing every question greater than 40% of the class missed. He then waxed theatrical, and started shouting about how nothing on the test was outside the text book. He pointed to a banner at the back of the room, and said that ought to take that one down, and replace it with one that said "The Starship Enterprise", because this room was going to strange and unknown places everyday, judging by the students' test scores. So this is the guy I met in the dream.

We sit down at our desks, which are the long slate tables of a science classroom, about 8 people to a table. I sit in the back, which is the opposite of reality, since I always sat in the front row to avoid eyestrain. We are flipping through a magazine, and I see a page that looks like a yearbook page, with a grid of photos. In the bottom right is the friend from earlier in the dream. Suddenly I look up at the door and he walks in. He tells me he has a problem with his computer, and he needs me to fix it before he leaves on his big important official trip called something like the "Aflax", or something like that. I tell him I can get to it later in the day, and then he sits down next to me, even though it isn't his class. I wonder if this is going to cause us trouble. On my right are the two girls from earlier (who would also be sitting in the front row normally, so this is sort of a funny situation). We are the three best students in the class without contest. The teacher hands out a piece of paper with a little exercise... It is 40 basic questions, mostly arithmetic. I am sort of puzzled about why we would be doing an exercise like this. Toward the end, there are about 15 questions about molecular structures. He collects them all shortly afterward, and then singles out we three to tell the class that we all missed number 34, and we should be ashamed. This is the sort of mistake adults are not allowed to make, and it points at a huge character flaw that will stop us from getting anywhere later in life. The answer was connected to the fact that the molecule in the diagram had a hidden hydrogen atom out of view, that we should have nonetheless known about because it was implicit in the instability of the molecule without it. He takes this opportunity to continue putting us down. He didn't normally get many chances with us, but I think he wanted to be sure that no one could escape his criticism. He mentions we were also speaking when we shouldn't be (which was puzzling, because every one was in that moment, lol). I feel both that his criticisms were a bit exaggerated, but also that they may potentially be accurate in some sense, so I feel a bit embarrassed by it. He starts talking about me in particular, and tells me he has a job for people like me. Moments later I am there.

I am at the top of a high rise building in a city. I am in some sort of mechanical room space, with a bunch of other people (but I don't belong to their group, they are apart from me). I get the feeling some sort of heist is going down. They tell me to go to the elevator, if I want to leave. I get the impression they are rigging this room with explosives. I go to the elevator, and I see that it is a very tall building, with 88 levels. I am looking through the list to see which button is for the lobby level. I figure that must be level 4, since the three levels below it have a marking that seems to indicate they are a basement. I really hope I am right about that, since it feels like there will not be time to make a mistake. As the elevator starts moving, I lay on the bottom of the elevator , and put my hands under my head, looking upward, to minimize injury in case the car falls or jolts. This is actually the thing to do in reality as well, but no one is ever likely to need to do that, lol. The floor meter reads that the trip will take a minute thirty, and this feels like too long, but it goes by pretty quickly. The car starts braking quickly, and comes to very abrupt stop, like it felt the tension as well. The doors open directly to the outside of the building somehow. I am about 6 feet above street level, in a night-time Italian city street. I jump down the small distance into a grassy berm, and then start running down the street. It is a bit strange, because there really aren't buildings of this scale in Italy, but I don't question it.

Things fade a bit shortly thereafter and I am in another city, in another time and place. It feels like we are traversing an empty city decades after a societal collapse. The city is now infested with some sort of small monkeys that look like gibbons, about 3 feet tall.  I am with a group of people being led by a certain woman. She explains to us that we can't have any weapons. She has some sort of special skill that involves lowering down draw bridges built into the environment in order to pass through areas, and then to seal them back up again. She needs our help though, to help provide the force of extending the draw bridges. We have to get to a certain building, because another person left money in their bank account there decades ago, and it must be destroyed. It isn't clear why this is exactly, but I am part of this group now, and it isn't safe to leave it. We continue on traversing the city using the scaffolds and draw-bridge system that keeps us out of danger, and get to the location. The bank account is a slab of stone in the middle of a certain room. We smash it to bits and move on. After about another 15 minutes of traveling on like this, we have to exit the scaffolds and go to street level. This feels dangerous immediately, but she tells us again we can't have any kind of weapons.

We climb into a building that sort of feels like a combination between an urban library and a conference center, that has intricate wooden millwork detailing that resembles something from the 1870s (but in the lower levels of a very tall building). Very shortly after it all breaks down, and a horde of the gibbon monkeys crawl out of every corner and nook, and descend on us. I am cornered in part of a room, when the rest of the group leaves. I find a metal flagpole with two telescoping parts, and pick up one of them to use as a bludgeon. I swing it in the air several times, and the monkeys scatter from the room. I walk out to a window ledge (it is on the second story, about 20 feet above the ground), which is geometrically very complex. I judge it is too high to jump from, and I see the group leaving down the street, as I try to think of a way to get to them. I look down the other side of the street, and it is a massive dragon! I am totally taken aback by this, and it is not at all what I expected to be there. It is now walking toward them down the street, and it is clear it will expel them away, and I am being left behind. The leader shouts out to me to throw the flagpole segment down to the street, and not to use it as a weapon. I begrudgingly do this. I go back inside the building, and although the room is clear, I peer into the other adjacent rooms, and they are crawling with the monkeys now, which are moving in on this room. I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place, since I can't exit to the street due to the dragon, and I can't stay here, because the monkeys will descend on me.

I wake up shortly thereafter.

96  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Stillwater's Dream Journal on: August 03, 2017, 18:42:52
The one with the bull is easier for me to understand. I take the well-being of animals very seriously- clearly much more than society at large does. I am very troubled by the magnitude of horrors human culture inflicts on animals, in a very non-subtle way.

I think the information point I left out that would be helpful for better understanding that one is that when I saw the scene, I immediately held the people working in the building responsible for harming the bull in that way. I felt like I walked into a peril that the wickedness of others authored.

The one with the dog was fairly different, but also similar. It was immediately clear we had failed him, and even then, he didn't lash out at us. He didn't hold us responsible, as I immediately did the people who harmed the bull.
97  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does individual consciousness survive transition on: August 03, 2017, 18:26:38
To my question: How can (you) extrapolate observable entropy in the physical plane  ( what you were doing) and what happens in the non physical where natural laws do not apply?

You replied: "when I say nature here. I am using it to describe the nature we know in this existence (and thus natural law would apply to that system only). Technically all of existence would constitute nature, but lets call that stuff beyond this reality frame something like "supernature" , or "metanature" for clarity" end of quote.

I do not see much clarity in your reply. By renaming the non physical "supernature" you are not answering my question, you are avoiding it . The question again was, how can you describe as entropic the "supernature" (your word) plane since you and we don't know much about this order of things, and in your own admission you  quote:"try not to believe in things (you) can in no way test or prove".

But that is exactly it. I wasn't extrapolating at all. I was describing what can be known (nature) from what we can observe and test. Differentiating between nature and supernature, nested reality and base reality, etc, the point was to explain that the larger system has no obligation to resemble the smaller one. I'd say my comment was more about indicating that the concept of natural law is heavily based on the known world, and the known world is a certain way (but also not necessarily the way the larger system is). But I think that got things off rails a bit.

There are many things that I myself cannot "test" nor "prove". My modest incursions in the non physical (astral vision, obe, lucid dreams ,distant vision) suggest to me that as a waking human entity there is not much that I can test or prove in a plane where human rationality, the three dimensional space and the notion of time do not apply...Yet it is All there (and abundantly discussed as real by most posters on this forum). I understand that some participants on this forum do not like the notion of "belief or faith". I am not fond of these words either. They refer to traditional blind adherence to cults, dogma and superstitions. I value straight rational thinking as much as you do, except that where rationality, human science and history cannot explain something, my attitude is: there may be something there. I cannot make sense of it because I am a human in
 the waking state. But I won't reject it.

Of course. From these projection experiences a lot can be taken away. I think we should be open to seeing what can be shown to us- that is why almost anyone chooses to be here on this forum. Very few people can be indifferent about what they see though, and they tend to take things at face value. They have an experience, for instance where they visit a place where there is a city built of blue crystal, and then come to the forums and ask if anyone else has been to the blue crystal place. There are many underlying assumptions behind such a question:

1) They visited a place that has a constant reality

2) It is a place they didn't author themselves in any sense

3) They stumbled into something that fits into a map someplace- there is some way to find it, or a natural way to get to this specific place

Think about what can actually be known about that crystal place. Literally nothing probably. But it is still a neat experience to have, and gathering information and experiences like this does help you to better evaluate what is real and what isn't. We are all here to explore the bounds of reality through a neat tool we found.
98  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Experienced Astral Travelers on: August 03, 2017, 18:04:24
I know multiple people with Aspergers... they are top-tier programmers. There are things about it that can really suck, such as not being able to follow social situations that well, but a lot of people with Aspergers also tend to be very good a focusing on one thing, and thinking about it for hours on end.

When it comes to making money on youtube, there are those who do it by being a charismatic comedian with a lot of life experience (think people like "Ashens"), and those who are good at producing informative content or a steady stream of memes. If you want to do that, figure out which of those you are better at naturally, and what skills you need to work on in order to be a standout example of any of those fields.

I think it would be better to stop thinking of yourself as incapable due to being damaged, but rather with a different set of strengths than most people have. You are asymmetric, and will get by by some unusual means as a result.

Do you have access to medical care? If so I think a person like a cognitive therapist could be helpful for working through a couple things... helping to identify any problems that might need medical attention, vs those that can be fixed by changing how you approach things in your life from a mental standpoint.
99  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Selski's Dream Journal on: August 03, 2017, 09:39:29
Yeah I think it helps bring others into the moment with you, gives them something they can connect to. It is really hard to conjure up a complete scene in someone's head nearly as well as finding or making an image can!

I can definitely relate to unfolding the events of dreams much later as well. It is like we need to suss them out, by getting into the same mindset, and recalling the other events and scenes to memory.

I usually have a pretty positive feeling about returning to a dream locale as well... like this feeling of..."Oh, this is a place... and a place that was here the whole time, while I was gone, waiting for me, and will be here awaiting my next return"; I almost feel the fondness for such a place I might for a person I hadn't seen in a while.

100  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Stillwater's Dream Journal on: August 03, 2017, 09:22:47
July 10, 2017:

I am leaving my dormitory at my old university, and I find my way quickly to a path. There is a positive energy all around that is infectious, and also a driving sense of purpose. Everyone has somewhere to be today, and it is the same place. We are all getting there by different means, but by the same path. The image above is a shot near that road I am traveling in the same university, and has more or less all of the same features. Just imagine a wider road, that is winding, and draped with trees, and you've got it.

There are hundreds of people now. People unknown to me, and people I know intimately. People pass on bike and by car as I continue to run. We will be there soon, and we will all meet and gather. A car rolls by, at a slower pace, and someone leans out the window, waving me on- it is a friend. I jump into the rolling car, and it continues on at the same pace, driving off the side of the road. We will be there soon, just another half mile. I feel the wind and light enter me like a life force. The energy is building, almost there, have to keep moving. We will all be there together in a moment. The car stops at the side of the road, dead in its path, and we walk out to the quad.

It is this exact place. The public court extends for another 70 yards behind the vantage in that shot, the building in view commands the space. It is very significant in my life.

The entire area here is filled with a throng of people, with the same anxious energy. Most of them here are very well-dressed, like they came to a public ceremony or a church service. We are walking toward the building now, as we enter the throng of people. Off to the left, suddenly a group of people scream hysterically, as though they had seen something abysmal. We walk over to see what the commotion is, and it is all directed at a cart, with a big placard on it, detailing a happening: a certain student was found dead in her apartment last night, causes unknown. This is not the reason why everyone is gathered here, but rather a shock to everyone. Et in Arcadia Ego, I guess. We walk up the steps into the building, and it isn't how we normally find it. The furniture is arranged differently, to accomodate the movements of a multitude of people today. It isn't long before we are walking through the lobby, and suddenly reality dissolves into solid light, and things fade out moments later.

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