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126  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Vehram System is truly brilliant! on: August 11, 2016, 01:23:51
Thank you for your well presented reply Vessen.
I now realise that the Aether re the Dirac sea has progressed somewhat since my A levels.
Your reference to ethereal forms of matter is correct. I missed this poor representation of the question in hand.
I'm aware of some studies on the wave structure of matter and the math presented is above my level. SU 3 calculus and complex numbers being my limit.
The instantaneous manipulation of elemental particles I've read about in quantum physics is very interesting. It may be related to ethereal travel as we can jump billions of miles to witness something that has been shown on a documentary 40 years later from one of our probes. Physically this is impossible in standard model physics yet it appears to be relatively easy in our nocturnal travels.
I'll do my best to obtain your book as I find the science behind our travels very interesting indeed.
I could ask many questions but these can wait. I appreciate your taking time to visit the Pulse and hope that the work you are doing meets with great success.
127  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Vehram System is truly brilliant! on: August 10, 2016, 12:45:02
Congratulations Vessen on your successful academic achievement. You now possess the ticket to get more attention from others that our art is in fact real. This speaks volumes and I hope others who have influence will accept this fact of the arts reality and do more to promote it rather than attach the 'para' prefix leaving it 'to be ignored at all cost'.
 I hope your learning  included the existence of the Aether as for too long it's denial has stumped progress in science. The proposals from the likes of Dirac and others show its reality of existence to the ones declining to accept it.
 When we venture into the NP experiencing many environments, there's such a diversity that it must be real, eg. highly detailed events yet to occur, being one thing that's way above a lucky guess, almost postulates its existence.
Taking look into the electromagnetics of our universe we find component energies are spaced vectorially at 90 degrees. This isn't understood fully but generally accepted. It's to do with spin essentially.
The value of 'c' (speed of light) is accepted as a result of the permeability and permittivity of 'free space'. This free space has to be the Aether, if there was nothing then how can 'c' be calculated? If light was to travel through a total void, would the inverse square law apply?
Sound can't travel through a vacuum as there's  no medium to interact with and light has that same characteristic.
Energy sources outside of known physics do exist and one day will power our planet with clean energy. This will be an interaction through the Aether and it's yet to be understood properties.
I hope your understanding of the Aether and its properties will change the world view and then mankind will progress beyond the 'selfish kid' attitude that prevails. A few trips into NP will awaken more than curiosity, it will awaken a change of mindset towards a better future for all.
I wish you the best success in your endeavours Vessen towards world enlightenment.
128  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: New Jericho (Large Scale Retrieval) on: August 09, 2016, 14:21:01
You are capable of this too. At the moment you're beginning to scratch below the surface. Will you find gold or will you find a caldera? You have dug deeper long ago and your findings were... Keep them for now, this time you have support. It's stepping off the edge isn't it?
129  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Validation: The Sweetest Thing on: August 09, 2016, 10:40:22
If you can understand this, try to open a portal larger than the solar system to let in the light. Inside the 'light' is a cure for the misgivings we are experiencing in the physical. It has to be an all encompassing good, the golden light you will have seen in the NP is the feel you need to recreate. This opens another door and you can break free of the funk. It works instantly and can be done from the physical waking state. Start small and explode the portal past the ort cloud. Bring in the light as pure as you can with the feelings and intention of curing this sickness.
The experiences will resume as an unsuccessful challenge. Ignore the failure as its part of the whole. More need to apply this energy.
The whole issue seems to be a test of our collective control. The more of us creating a portal, the stronger the light and hopefully normal services will be resumed.
Join the quest and do your best. If it works the NP is testing us all. Perhaps it's time for that ascension we all read about. It tastes of bitter lemon at present, all we need to add is sugar.
130  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: A few Techniques togo from Vibrations to OBE..... on: August 04, 2016, 02:50:30
In a nutshell what you've explained is at the core of being successful. Set the ball rolling and disconnect from the game. If you've pushed hard enough or the ground isn't too steep you'll be successful. It occurs naturally and only needs starting.
I don't get the vibes as I can exit in a couple of mins most times I try. I can initiate the vibes but this takes a half hour or so if successful. Not much happens after that as I'm unhappy for wasting precious time. That's a personal trait after decades of experimentation  wink
131  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Are we Gods?? on: August 04, 2016, 02:19:30
Standard dreams are not created directly by oneself and as such are not yet fully understood so I don't think it applies. With better than physical wakefulness and from the 3D void your experience is totally under your control. There was a time I experimented with the 'creativity' and pushed it to its limits. There's nothing you couldn't create. By gaining full awareness and 'annoying' a group of thugs that were already in the scene to give chase, I went out on a limb and was altering the environment immediately in front of me. This gave me a great deal of 'how to do it' whilst aiming to not get caught. I could have easily jumped and started flying but that wasn't the game I was playing. If I got caught they'd have pummelled me until I was turned into soup. This wasn't an option I wanted to take again as it does hurt lol. Running through a wooded area I moved trees around and created bridges to cross rivers. After a while I started to slow down and they didn't. A twist I wasn't expecting. To slow them I created more trees behind me and turned the ground into thick mud. Once clear I was free and woke up.
Those types of experiences were allowed with no interference.  
On another crystal clear experiment I decided to generate a world that was a challenge. In this one poisonous plants, 2 feet long wasps and all sorts of nasties were being generated in a dark and inhospitable environment. I wanted to test my abilities on survival and this assault course would have done the trick. However I was removed from it by unknown forces and told others could visit and that wasn't allowed. I was placed in a beautiful sunny countryside scene with soft grass and trees next to a babbling brook and told to rest here.
I've no idea why I was booted out as I would have collapsed the assault course once finished. This when thinking about it may not have occurred if I failed and this was very likely.
Other times long ago, I have been with a guide or two when visiting some nasty places they were showing me.
Having spent a long time in the Badlands and seeing all sorts of unsavoury things I would have expected some help or have been removed from this place. That never occurred as it was my training ground. At such a young age it looks preposterous, I learned the hard way and what I learned has been extremely helpful.

If the booting out was on my mind I would have accepted it as a manifestation. It wasn't and being told to rest was definitely not what I wanted to achieve that night.
I'm convinced there's more than we accept, astral police? Gimme a break, it's far deeper than that. Every time I get in a position that's at my percieved limits, something pushes me past it and failure isn't an option.
132  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Nihilism on: August 03, 2016, 18:09:43
That was a quote from the Encyclopedia. Check both annihilate and nihilism in If destruction is not the reasoning behind being a nihilist then why call themselves by that name. But, on the other hand, personally I wouldn't have a clue what a nihilist is.

In a way, the ultimate in manic depression.
I wonder if Marvin out of Hitchhikers guide was a nihilist lol.
133  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Nihilism on: August 01, 2016, 02:58:09
I don't think nihilism is a natural state.

Sociopaths would most likely disagree lol.
134  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: This is Not about Belief on: July 30, 2016, 02:38:30
Aha one of the 70's revelations lol.
I had no beliefs in anything when I started out in the art. I was around 3 or 4 years old and for some years thought this was common. No belief systems were present and no religious indoctrination was forced upon me.
It came naturally as I stayed awake while not moving my body more out of curiosity than anything.
Your dark experience will have taught you something you'd realised later. If it's to overcome fear or awaken some part of you, it'd be for a reason you should have worked out. The  'assistance', the fabrication may have had a reason behind it, if you told the truth in detail, the result would not need much thought as to where it may have led. The thought of the peers action isn't pleasant is it?

The X-ray image is interesting, it can remain hidden, the 70's were a troubled time for you. 😉
135  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: A few Techniques togo from Vibrations to OBE..... on: July 30, 2016, 02:06:05
Interesting concept, I hope it helps quite a few members to get that final stage licked.
For those of us that don't get vibrations there's always phasing lol.
136  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: When do you start looking through your eyes on: July 30, 2016, 01:58:39
To be in duality constantly during the day gives messages and an uncanny knowing. When it's not present you miss it.
137  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: Music on: July 29, 2016, 14:45:49
The complex time signatures of Fripp and Eno are something to experience. They change slowly and are great for meditation too.  
They brought out some vynals eons ago called ambience as a set. It's these I'm referring to.
138  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: When do you start looking through your eyes on: July 29, 2016, 01:18:35
The parts of your brain that interpret the messages from your eyes are the same when you dream etc. It's here that images are produced. When deep in meditation the images you percieve are not from your physical eyes but from within. You can create images of anything you desire in a clarity that is far greater than physical sight. These are crystal clear and some practitioners of the art have already posted comments on this. On a good day I can create these with ease as can many others. The initial blackness and hazy images we see when starting our meditation are also sights in the sense that we think we're seeing something as in the physical. These are internally created and can be a hindrance when they catch your attention.
I've found that totally ignoring these speeds up the process of deepening the phase and at some point after the body has fell asleep they form full images. These are hard to ignore for a reason. You're ready to interact with them and looking at them with the intention to develop them into a full scene works as a doorway into the environment they represent. No creation is necessary, just a passive perception they are there is enough. You can manipulate them too, many times I've changed this picture before me into a moving image and it's surrounded me. This is where the environment interacts with you and your out as they say. One strange one was looking down a rocky hole to which I added water flow. Seconds later a female pot holler shouted " Are you coming then?" The experience began before I realised it lol.
Use your sight later on if phasing, it makes a difference in how long the process takes. From my early days of an hour to a couple of mins or so.
139  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: What are the top most damaging things for the soul? on: July 27, 2016, 10:53:06
One thing that fits the bill is when someone who comes over as a know it all and has no real knowledge on the subject. These types can interfere with the learning process and put a good persons intentions down.
On sites like the Pulse where so many want to know more on the sensitivity of the art, these trolls can totally halt any progress. This speaks for itself to those who are in a respected position in our subjective acceptance of 'is it real' and may prevent a person from finding that lost piece of the jigsaw they've been searching for decades to find.
140  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: solution sought to common problem on: July 26, 2016, 18:32:17
Nice one Xanth.
Find something you're interested in and learn everything you can about it. It may be worthwhile learning a trade too. It may involve night school (if you're not still at school) and get a qualification on a subject you can use to earn yourself some cash.
Boredom is like being all dressed up with nowhere to go.
141  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: "The Lucid Dream Pill" on: July 23, 2016, 15:44:27
We know the astral is where concepts can become reality, like the Astral Pulse Island. It is as real as a song, conceived and 'recorded' to be experienced with one sense, but not as real as Hawaii, that you can visit and experience with all senses. However, many of us have had confirmations that there is also an objective aspect.
The Greeks talked about the gate of ivory and the gate of horn, through which dreams could come and present reliable information (horn gate), or unreliable information (ivory gate). Premonitory, revelatory and all kinds of helpful dreams are no illusions. Those who like science should know that important scientific discoveries were made when the researchers were asleep. The structure of the atom envisioned by Niels Bohr, and the periodic table devised by Dmitri Mendeleev are good examples of that.
Now when it comes to describing higher planes of existence, if evidence cannot be presented, it is always up to the reader to decide how much one is willing to accept as possible.
On a side note, something that could seem terrifying to some, but we are explorers who like to learn, right (?), is a concept I've read in Japanese mythology, the existence of false paradises in higher realms. Here's an excerpt from the book Tourists in Paradise - Writing the Pure Land in Medieval Japanese Fiction:
Imposter Pure Lands are a significant danger for Pure Land Buddhist devotees in medieval Japanese fiction. [...] the Buddhist guardian deity Bishamonten in his previous human existence encounters no less than three false paradises, two of which are claimed to be "the Pure Land," in the course of his own Grand Tour through hell and the outer cosmos. The Prince avoids them thanks to the bodhisattva Jizo, whom he meets beside the Sanzu River in the Land of the Dead, and who warns him to beware.
Late-medieval Japanese fiction contains numerous accounts of lay and monastic travelers to the Pure Land and other extra-human realms. In many cases, the "tourists" are granted guided tours, after which they are returned to the mundane world in order to tell of their unusual experiences. This article explores several of these stories from around the sixteenth century, including, most prominently, Fuji no hitoana sōshi, Tengu no dairi, and a section of Seiganji engi. I discuss the plots and conventions of these and other narratives, most of which appear to be based upon earlier oral tales employed in preaching and fund-raising, in order to illuminate their implications for our understanding of Pure Land-oriented Buddhism in late-medieval Japan. I also seek to demonstrate the diversity and subjectivity of Pure Land religious experience, and the sometimes startling gap between orthodox doctrinal and popular vernacular representations of Pure Land practices and beliefs.
What do you think about this idea?

Excellent informative post, I can't but think how much of this is related to shamanistic use of supplements?
Time has provided many views on the art and over the centuries many changes have been made to what's acceptable
142  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: "The Lucid Dream Pill" on: July 23, 2016, 11:26:52
Having so little time available at present the OP although not my cup of tea, should be allowed to continue unabated. Although some very interesting ideals and perceptions are within the 'off topic' discussion these should be removed and another topic on the percieved truth should be initiated. As I've had over 50 years of various experiences with not even a single post anywhere on the web mentioning some of these, I can relate to the off topic content.
As a reminder of keeping the site free from OP disruption which isn't always easy, the above suggestion would be appropriate.
I have respect for ALL members and any new ideas and knowledge is always welcome, anything presented will be scrutinised based on the accepted general consensus which in my personal opinion is flawed the same way as at the turn of the last century, it'd be a wise and educational topic for all to participate in.
Differences of opinions can then be addressed in a polite and acceptable manner to hopefully progress our understanding on what we're dealing with re conciousnes and its associated attributes regards to the astral subjectivity.

143  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Welcome from me! on: July 21, 2016, 15:40:58
Hi and welcome, eventually lol.
144  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Mirror Mirror on: July 20, 2016, 10:45:04
It's not hard to do. A strong awareness is required and the intent of going through to, ideally, somewhere nice.
Tap the mirror and it's the same as in the physical, solid etc. Think of it being a portal and change the hardness to that of water. Then make all of its surface water, the effects of gravity don't exist as the mirror is still a mirror with a new addition of being liquid. You then think of being able to pass through it easily feeling the water but not getting wet. The first few I expected to be soaked and this manifested, a doh moment lol.
When you pass through the mirror you can be instantly in another environment with another mirror or with no sign of any mirror you passed through (a bit scarey at first). The alternative is to not have any destination at hand and still pass through. This often put me in a corridor sometimes through thick fog that was very unpleasant in its feel. It was as you'd expect in a cave, high rough cut stone walls with a muddy or soil floor.
Pictures hanging in the walls to other places you go with a thought.

Another strange one with mirrors in reply #2.
145  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Mirror Mirror on: July 20, 2016, 02:08:56
Mirrors have always been portals. I don't see my reflection mostly because I don't want to and then with a thought change the surface to water at any angle. Walk through and either into a dark corridor or another environment.
Started doing this in the 70's, it's probably still available too. I've not used it for 20 years or so.
146  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: What Are Dreams? on: July 17, 2016, 13:07:31
Are we being tested by some higher power in some of our dreams, or is it all fantasy?

We certainly are being tested in some. You also know this after waking. What made you ask the question?
147  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: The Most Content People - something to chat about on: July 17, 2016, 13:04:55
It's not heights that scares me... it's the splattering on the ground I fear the most.  Cheesy  Wink

Create the scene and set up a ground splat experience, in the NP of course lol.
No expectations, just the intent on how it feels.
The result is interesting.
148  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: The Influence effect. on: July 15, 2016, 13:05:10
Interesting read. When I was a kid I think I could have easily influenced people had I tried. I never did though, to me it was akin to invading someone's thoughts which I actively avoided doing. After reading this I may tickle someone's ear with a feather but that is about all the influence I would feel comfortable with.
If the thought occurred you most likely could have developed this. The most important issue is the mindset we have. This in itself may be a reason that it's not a developed in everyone.
It does work and has been done to influence the world for peace in a grand scale a short while ago.

Positive, waking before an alarm is very common as well. It's related to be being receptive which is a good thing to possess. I'm sure many of us do this not realising do no questions are asked.
149  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Experiences I'm confused about and beginner questions on: July 13, 2016, 21:58:41
Focus on keeping yourself aware as your body falls asleep. This is how a child would think and act. Wanting to see what occurs, the child would simply observe and eventually start floating up. I did this decades ago and many others have too.
I don't think anyone would claim to be an expert unless joking lol. I'm sure 'more experienced' or similar would be said.
Daddy pig on the children's animation of Peppa Pig says it all lol.
150  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: About visualization on: July 13, 2016, 17:00:50
Time will tell on this one, Jane seemed to care and hopefully will present herself. I have a feeling about this but it may be incorrect and I don't wish to supply false information. It's kinda delicate and sensitive, you'll know if it clicks into place. Perhaps time isn't right, some of the info has been erased and this means it's for you to experience. If it was important to you I'd know and you'd have been PM'd by now.
The desire to know everything is good, if you were given the info in full, some of it would be very taxing on your emotions. You know you're not ready for this level of association as its far deeper than anything in the physical.
A mountain contains mole hills, a mole hill can become a mountain if something isn't in order.
Something to think about 😉
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