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51  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 23, 2017, 19:59:31
Thanks Selski, this will help keep me motivated to provide the entertainment, haha.

I have been querying NPR on the truth behind the lack of success yesterday and have been given two answers. The first is that at no point was I close to sleep or a trance mindset, hence the visualizations were a struggle and didn't take on a life of their own. The second fact that was pointed out to me is that I have never been able to sleep during the day due to my energy and extreme mental activity levels - relying on falling asleep during the day to project is going to be additionally challenging by default.
52  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 23, 2017, 06:12:17
Session 1:

I began by noticing. Nothing much happened for a while but I was pretty calm minded. Around 5 minutes in I started to perceive the colorful clouds and sparkles that often appear when putting pressure on the closed eyes.

Around 7 minutes in I started receiving information that this session would not succeed. I pushed those thoughts away, although they were quite persistent. I didn't feel any attachment to them, need for success or expectations, yet I felt a deep knowing that they were correct, much like precognition.

By the time 10 minutes came around I had not begun to perceive any kind of depth in the darkness. I decided to move on with the exercise anyway and begin the visualization part.

I started by imagining a native American canoe with a small paddler inside. The launch site was a boat ramp in my home town. The canoe was put into the water and it just floated there doing nothing in particular. After a short while the scenario seemed to become restless and start to teleport the canoe from one location to another, right out to the middle of the ocean then back again.

I did as little as possible to drive scenario, simply returning the attention to it if it wavered, which wasn't a huge issue but did occur a few times. Overall the scenario remained fairly bland with the canoe just floating around, something different happened briefly 3 or 4 times but it was short lived and felt a bit forced somehow. The highlight of the simulation was when some sharks showed up for a few seconds and ate the man from the canoe.

53  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Paddle to the Sea - 1 Week Challenge on: October 23, 2017, 05:55:54
This first post will describe the challenge:

We will call this practice "Paddle to the Sea". The premise and reason it made me feel old is that I had watched this short film in School as a young lad. I don't remember much of my past, so I was shocked that the "Paddle to Sea" theme would come up to me. Here's a short quip on that film.
 I don't want you to go watch the film though. That would cause you to have prior expectations.
 Now to the exercise. The duration of the exercise for now is one week. Every day you will do a sit down for at least 30 minute session and on top of that, whenever you find a spar moment during the day, I want you to take a few seconds/minutes to do some quick "searching". Periodically that is.

 The exercise starts with your closed eyes. You will do what ever it takes to get relaxed first, then just put in about 10 minutes of "noticing" in he darkness before your eyes.
 When you feel "depth" approaching, I want you to mentally walk down that road ahead of you until you get to that bridge. Don't look for the road, just know it's there. This is where you will either get a quick visual or feel your first "etheric" movement. When you get to the bridge ahead, reach down and release that toy boat beside you into the flowing water. The boat can be a replica Canoe, Sailboat, Ocean-liner, Battleship, it doesn't matter right now. Don't choose the "Titanic/Poseidon" or any other failed ship, lol.  Watch it take off.

 Now you are going to just observe. Visually/mentally follow it wherever it goes. Don't lead it. I won't give you any examples or ideas of destination because once again, that would cause "expectations". Stay with it. When it fades, bring it back. If you can't see it, feel it or hear it's path or smell the air around it, feel the motion of it. Stay at least 20 feet behind it though. You are pure conscious energy at this point, so you can go anywhere it can and more. It's kind of like a "pace car" scenario where you start feeling the bends and curves of the path ahead.

 If at any time something else starts to happen, a new morphed scene, allow that new focus to take over and lock on to that new target.

 Whenever you get a chance during the day, "briefly" close your eyes and see what your ship/vessel is doing. Do it often. This entire practice is all about "repetition" and "entrainment". It can be like a new version of "Where's Waldo", lol. You don't need to put time into these little peeks.

 The next day when you go to do your 30 minute session, you don't need to start from the beginning of the scenario again. Get relaxed, in the zone, then see if you can see where your ship is and what it's doing. Follow it for awhile, through whatever environment you find it in. Be aware of your other senses as well. When it fades, bring it back.

 I guarantee you "something" will happen. Don't stop doing it until the entire week is done. It doesn't matter how bad your ability to visualize or sense in the NP is. You will have a "experience".
54  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 23, 2017, 01:23:26
Alright, I'll accept the mission. My first session will be today, I will open the thread later and begin logging the results.
55  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 22, 2017, 09:01:44
I want to say one thing here Thaomas and this isn't ego talking, this is truth and I don't want to sound pompous or crass. If I began to believe any excuse or reason that I can come up with for not being successful at something, I would never be able to do that something again. That goes especially for this practice. Any "doubt" will knock you out.
My philosophy is Win or Learn. I use the term apparent might not to wallow in excuses but rather to understand the enemy and illustrate it for the benefit of other readers. It's also a talent though, ADD has actually allowed me to experience precognition a few times. It is a powerful weapon but uncontrollable for me at this point. The point about doubt is received, I think that is important.

You did nothing wrong there. Phasing, then going back to internal monologue makes no difference, unless of course that makes you start makes you focus on this physical reality here. It's only wrong if "you" think it is.
 The only thing you need to acquire a shift in consciousness is to completely lose your focus on this physical realm here, unless you wish to practice "dual" awareness and then you need to be able to hold a steady even balance to do that
Are you sure that is all it takes? I feel like losing focus on the physical reality is easy, it happens to me spontaneously many times a day even. Its a different experience to the OBE, more like complete sensory deprivation from all realities. I'll even admit to one drug experience that created a stronger "thought train" experience - but it still wouldn't convert to an OBE despite total sensory deprivation. Some authors labor on the necessity of achieving mind awake body asleep. Some of my spontaneous OBEs have come from passing out due to yogic breathing routines as evidence. Is your experience that you are definitely going into a fully blown OBE without being asleep?

I think it takes that long because we make it take that long. We begin the process. Then we play some weird game of yo-yo between our current NP focus and our waking conscious mind. That game keeps going until we find ourselves too tired to play anymore. Then the shift occurs. In other words, once you give up fighting it, the shift occurs naturally.
 Ask yourself this. How long does it take to shut off your mind when you go to sleep. You put your head down and 5-10 minutes later your gone. You have programmed yourself all your life to do that. Well acquiring a totally consciously aware shift takes the same "programming'.

Hmm, this adds evidence to my suspicion that the "beta" waves of our conscious thoughts can prevent the "gamma" state necessary for a full shift. Maybe it literally is the sleeping process rather than our actively making the process take longer. I say that because we don't necessarily resist going to sleep but it still takes a while for the brain to physically calm. I have never heard of anyone switch flipping into an OBE or going to sleep excluding rare events like near death experience.

Today, I don't need those things. Once in awhile I will shoot some hoops, row a boat, etc. just to get some motion going. Then I sit back and notice or if that visual of rowing began to take on a life of it's own, I would allow the scenario to form, then join it. Now it takes anywhere from 10 minutes - 30 minutes before the shift occurs, depending on my mood, pain level, etc.. Not always are you going to just be able to shut everything off. The bath water is very good for relaxation though. That seems to speed everything up. But when I talk about "Entrainment", just closing my eyes while lying in the water, puts me in the zone. That daily "brain entrainment" really pays off. That's why I am such a fan on repetition.

 When I used my Happy Place visual, I would start by lying on the each and first grabbing a handful of sand or attempt to smell the ocean or hear the waves. From there I would then turn my head left and right and look at my surroundings. There was normally something out of place there and that became my target of interest or focus. I always let my curiosity take me deeper.
 When I read my Journals yesterday, I saw that that is where my "Guide" Charlie showed up too and most of my first successful APs occurred on that "Island" as well. If I needed to see something else, the scene would change and I would find myself elsewhere, like in some kind of "school"/learning situation.

10-30 minutes is an insanely long time to maintain a visualization. Is this really such a long simulation or is it more like 10-30 second bursts with rests and distraction interludes? I have witnessed a scenario take on a life of its own a handful of times that were somewhat out of the blue, all of them involved falling asleep once again. My other visualizations always have to be desperately maintained for some reason.
56  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 22, 2017, 06:40:43
Here is a brief 5 year time-line of things I experienced and when.

Thanks for taking the time to write that up. I read it all and I'm sure it will be useful for many of us.

One thing that strikes me is that you seem to have succeeded really early on in the process, which is rare. I think it took me over a year to consciously exit for even 20 seconds. Others I know haven't had any success in over 2 years. You may have a special aptitude for it.

I have started to wonder if the increasing prevalence of attention deficit disorders in the digital generation play a part in the difficulty. I have recently read that this condition is less "mental disorder" and more "default depression" induced by lowered base lines of happiness hormones in the body. It leads us to give up the existing thought, or reality itself, in favor of the next thought with no apparent resistance. Flipping through pictures on Facebook for example conditions us to this disorder.

In the context of phasing, the likes of the island paradise is almost hopeless before the apparent might of attention deficit I have learned. I had a rare opportunity this morning to sleep in and spent a fair amount of time practicing phasing techniques. Mind's eye is a strength of mine but I can only stick phasing scenario for a few moments before unconsciously changing to internal monologue, then catching the mistake and going back to physical awareness before resetting on the phasing.

One thing that remains the ultimate mystery to me is why successful phasing takes so long. Getting completely immersed in a minds eye situation briefly is easy but it lacks the same intensity and _persistence_ as a physical experience; feel the warmth of the sun, feel the sand, the warmth is gone, feel the wind, the sand is gone. The barrier doesn't seem to be fear of shifting to the island, nor disbelief in the fact that we aren't a physical body in essence. Its a physical condition of the brain resisting the process due to an inflexibility in our ability to rapidly shift brain wave states.
57  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 22, 2017, 03:52:03
I also think my problem may lie in my not treating regular dreams, as I would a Projection or Lucid dream it is an experience too I guess, but I hold Astral Projection and lucid dreaming in high regard, and I hold AP Higher than both, cause I thing it will give physical results, like life changing results as apposed to the other two. Take for instance the whole reason I want to project is to do this one thing that I hold dear, and that's meeting the higher self thru it and merging, and me I think this merger will heed some physical or mental results that will change me, at least that is what i'm hoping for........

The differences between astral projection, dreaming, lucid dreaming etc when it comes to actual life changes, really can be arbitrary at the end of the day. I have had lucid dream experiences that have been far more life changing than astral projection experiences for example. It would probably help to not assume that any one of these experiences holds the answers, you will get more from the others with an open mind.

I'm going to have to take a risk of disillusionment here but I hope it leads to a positive outcome for you. What if there is no higher self? Or what if the higher self is really just you at your best and it isn't all that unfamiliar from what you have already experienced at times in this life? You are creating pain for yourself by thinking that you need this experience to be happy and craving it. Part of the craving is wanting some existing condition to go away. These kinds of pursuits are an endless battle. Take for example lotto winners who's base line happiness is exactly the same as it was 4 weeks after winning. The artist who completes their magnus opum only to feel empty and dissatisfied days later.

Maybe projection and meeting of the higher self or so on does hold some kind of silver bullet to life's problems; most people seem to claim this is not the case and that real progress can only be achieved by doing it yourself. A downloading of understanding some things in the astral may lead to momentary enlightenment but not a permanent solution. I have experienced astral revelations that had no lasting impact and can't be recalled very well upon waking.

But the way I see it, if it doesn't work that way why let me wait so long to achieve a projection, when i'm so attached to this notion, just for it to fail and not be what exactly happens and it breaks me forever, send me in a deeper depression than I already am, cause I been trying for  year upon years to achieve this. I haven't been out since I came to the conclusion that this was what I wanted to pursue. I don't wanna do anything else on the astral until I accomplish this feat first. where as you can't do any of that with a regular dream, and with a Lucid one, it will give little results that are only temporary

 so in my book

dreams= no results
Lucid dreams= temporary results
AP= realtime longer results= maybe even permanent
My intuition says that you are being denied the experience because it can't deliver the outcome you are seeking. The reality system only permits activity beyond the physical reality sandbox that is probable to have a positive outcome - you pointed out the problem yourself - it won't allow the disillusionment from success, and dissatisfaction at the results, to send you into a deeper depression. Once you give up on the notion that projection is the answer you will be unblocked I think.

The good news is that you aren't alone. We are all suffering the same way. I have experienced the desperation to find some answer to life's misery in astral projection and it isn't completely over yet for me either.

So where is the answer to permanent results? Like Xanth always says, it is here right now in what we do in our physical lives, astral projection isn't that important in this quest imo, that is why it is turned off by default for us - it is why this reality was created in the first place - astral projection wasn't a very useful place for learning permanent results.

Step 1 is to realize that good and bad feelings are just chemicals being governed by the human program and this program is designed to work against you in our current habitat. Step 2 is to realize that whatever you think you do or don't need is probably not going to satisfy for long - there will be a next thing.  Step 3 is to get the good feelings back in ways that are long term such as a sense of purpose in a larger system - making real connections with those that are persistent in your life - and not craving these feelings. This is as far as I have come to understand to date, I am at Step 1 probably.
58  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: The Unsolvable Mystery of Reality Itself on: October 22, 2017, 02:53:17
Doesn't that only apply as a retrospective process? Nothing can be a valid concept permitted that there isn't anything around to label it. Nothing and something are both self fulfilling in that sense.
59  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 21, 2017, 02:40:58
What do you think the key is to understanding the phenomenon Baro?
60  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: ThaomasOfGrey's Dream Journal on: October 20, 2017, 20:35:56
Thanks for the input Stillwater, this experience was really significant for me so I appreciate you taking the time to read it. The strong emotion from that event has since connected me to an unrelated childhood trauma. I have realized that was around the time that I began bottling emotions; I never experience them like I did in that lucid dream in physical life.
61  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 20, 2017, 20:07:56
that's just it, I haven't had any type of non physical experiences, outside of regular dreaming, and that hasn't given me anything worth saying its a lesson

I would hazard to say that there is almost always something like a lesson in the dream. It is more of a matter of how cryptic the message is, such as, was the entire dream a metaphor for something else. Sometimes it is also about the way you react to the content of the dream, providing insight on your natural inclinations. It may require an expansion of perspective with respect to what lessons are available or likely to be given.

They will usually revolve around some kind of fear mechanic initially: jealousy; aggression; selfishness; guilt; causing suffering for others; causing suffering for yourself; not taking action to eliminate suffering; examine your experiences in this context in physical life too. Other times the experience might revolve around letting go of false beliefs or baggage of the past. Perhaps it is about emotional control required to operate in other realities by the code of conduct. Sometimes it can just be experiencing love in some way.

The thing about techniques is that the same process will often not (maybe never) yield the same results it did on previous trials. Consider the problem of "chasing the dragon" in drug use. The first experience is innately unique, not just because you have not developed any tolerance to the substance, but because you are experiencing things you never have before. The new experiences carve neural pathways in your brain to log these unusual signals and make sense of them - this feeling of learning is part of the dragon high. Next time you use the drug you have tolerance, but the learning portion is diminished and thus the overall experience is unsatisfactory compared to the first.

Astral projection techniques can be like chasing the dragon, the first time it was new and exciting and that can make it easier to approach success signs through the energy generated by enthusiasm and dopamine releases associated with neural carving out of new symptom signals. Next time though, technique seems boring and ineffective compared to the first time so we look for a new technique. Human biology is designed to fall into this trap unfortunately, the brain has a habit of releasing dopamine before you try the technique that over delivers on the expectation success, then it deliberately under delivers on the dopamine release of the actual experience and breaks the promise it made. The whole point of this mechanic is to keep you perpetually running the treadmill searching for new techniques that deliver the original high (finding the next food source or mate in evolutionary biology).

62  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: ThaomasOfGrey's Dream Journal on: October 19, 2017, 23:42:51
I had a lucid dream experience like nothing before. I was in some alternate Australia and joined my Aunty in visting my now deceased Grandfather. She looked after him in the final days and this was like visiting him at that time. When we got to the care home, which is not where he really died, he was laying in bed and demented, practically delirious. He spoke lots of incomprehensible stuff and it made me very emotional to see him, it has been more than 20 years since I saw him and I wasn't around when he died to ever witness him like this.

I went to the bed and took his hand and tried to explain who I was. He didn't recognise me because I was at my current age and he knew me as a 6 year old boy. I continued to repeat my name and psychically transfer the information on who I was to his mind. After a few repetitions I could tell he knew who I was and the dementia suddenly cleared. At this point we got him out of his bed and I was amazed that he could stand in the condition he was in.

We went outside together and most of my family from his side was present in a sort of reunion. My Father was the only person not from his side of the family that was there. A kind of confrontation occurred between my Father and Grandfather - it was about the abuse he had dealt to my Grandmother during their lifes together.

The question asked was something like whether he now understood the pain he had caused and whether he was sorry. He admitted to himself what he had done and was finally forgiven by the group. It was an extremely powerful emotional moment. This is where the experience ended and I awoke, still invigorated with the feelings induced in that dream. Even thinking about it now causes that emotion to rise up in me.
63  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 19, 2017, 22:44:54
In a Lucid Dream, I know that my physical is sleeping soundly in my bed and that all I am experiencing is outside of this physical realm. But until I gain that awareness, I am normally just a observer watching the Dream. As an observer I may have recall of the Dream, but it will be much less than a Lucid Dream would be, simply because I wasn't totally consciously aware in it. Case in point, this morning I wake up, I have a very faint recall of my last Dream scenario. At no time in the experience did I know I was Dreaming, so lack of awareness, lack of recall.
There are some major differences in the way we experience these dreams I think. Due to semantics it is difficult to grasp observer, I think I know what you are describing. Sometimes it is like watching yourself in a play, or maybe just being point consciousness as some scenario unfolds.

I have had many experiences where I know I am sleeping and many where I don't know, but they are still first person experiences where I am in control making all of the choices. The recall is equal, the lucidity is equal I feel. I have chosen to leave behind knowing that I am dreaming because that intent was about roller coaster rides, I find the experience more valuable when I don't have that in the forefront of my awareness. It is still there on some level but it is not prominent or important.

I guess for now I have come to enjoy experiencing my "true" self more than the desire to seize control and awareness with intellect. I reflect on and experience this as a step up, not a step down.

You mentioned a lot of issues below so I will try to redact the important bits.
...whenever something occurs, you have to question it.

You have never allowed yourself to release completely. "need" to understand the whys of every step of the way. have stepped in and once again blocked yourself.

The truth is that I stopped pursuing conscious projection by the means of sit down sessions a long time ago. My understanding has been coalescing into something else. Like you pointed out, I was blocking myself and attempting to brute force past this problem was unproductive. I feel that I do need to understand the core reasons for these blocks and undo them to succeed. I have never given up on pursuing these reasons.

What is wrong with understanding the whys in the process of projection? I want to be able to teach others to achieve this state easily. If I achieved it, but cant help anyone I would consider it a failure. If it takes me years to understand everything and at the end I can help others I am alright with that.

allow the natural shift to take place

more mind blowing then becoming aware you are Dreaming.

Can you finally experience it consciously aware the whole way there?
I currently cant allow it easily or reliably. I have no illusions or denial over that fact.

One thing that strikes me though...I have consciously experienced it the whole way there, indeed for more than a fleeting 10 second exit. It wasn't more mind blowing than dreaming. The experience was almost exactly the same as my lucid dreams at the time. When I look back on that experience now the level it was at was definitely less meaningful than the lucid dreams I have today - perhaps that is part of the reason I am in no rush to consciously project anymore. What am I missing here?

Lastly, using the Alien analogy. An Alien may know already that they are more than there physical selves/bodies.  If Humanity was brought up and taught differently, we would be able to AP at will too. Our problem is our conditioning.

I agree fully, that is why I focus most of my efforts now on directly understanding the conditioning and how to remove it. I have started to feel that this perhaps should be step one of the process. Practicing relinquishing control hasn't worked that well for me, I am a very cognitive person and the answer is likely to be cognitive such as a rationalized fear of death. My prediction is that I will understand it, feel it at a core being level and then I won't have a problem anymore.

I understand this process is probably frustrating for you to watch and I rebel against the well tread path. Its in my nature to find my own way.
64  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: New perspectives on intimacy in dreams on: October 19, 2017, 19:50:21
True, I just refreshed my memory on that thread. I also read it when I first posted about encountering this problem. I suppose the new information I was looking to add here was that I had "mastered" avoiding these scenarios but that has seem to have led to a new breed of lesson.

A quote from yourself "when something of a lustful nature appeared, I said no, this is not why I came here".

It casts a shadow of doubt on my mind because it isn't the same conclusion I have reached, but my intuition tells me saying no all of the time was as much of a mistake as seeking yes. It had come to cause me to, spurn in a way, actual people unnecessarily out of fear. One series of events in particular has stuck in my mind relentlessly and this tends to happen when there is something important I need to learn from it.

I feel I have the calibration nearly dialed in now, I can only wait to see if there are more layers to this. I am also left wondering about the nature of these relentless recollections of events that can sometimes go on for 5 or more years and why I do this. Is it truly an obsessive compulsive condition, do I have an intuition about certain scenarios having hidden lessons, is there some entity pushing the replay button on this memory until I get it?
65  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: New perspectives on intimacy in dreams on: October 19, 2017, 01:39:50
Thanks Stillwater. I don't believe that anyone gets harmed in these scenarios or that the choice one way or the other would lead to harm. I like this idea of the middle way, thanks for explaining that, I feel freer and better able to judge moral choices now.
66  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / New perspectives on intimacy in dreams on: October 18, 2017, 23:07:14
When I began at this forum I would very often face issues of lust in dreams. I might experience impulses to have sex with incidental characters in the dream. I may take conscious awareness of the scenario and seek out these kinds of experiences. Like many of the aspects I witnessed in the dreams my core being has taken dramatic shifts in behavior and intent. I feel good about this, but with the new perspective comes new issues to handle.

Increasingly, and in particular with abstinence from pornography, I find women seeking me out in dreams with a total role reversal. It probably sounds great, but for one reason or another I find myself denying the experiences these dreams are delivering. Perhaps the compass of my core being has swung too far. A definite part of the mechanic I have identified is a sense of guilt that relates to my physical reality partner and my commitment to her, even though we have agreed that non-physical encounters do not constitute a transgression on our relationship here. Furthermore I believe that monogamous relationships are really a foundation of low spiritual quality anyway, such as jealousy, and have little place in true unconditional love.

As these issues seem to do, I have noticed this compass problem is presenting itself in physical reality. The natural inclination to back away from other females causes a slight, but undeniable, knee jerk reaction. I have sensed that in some cases this reaction can cause suffering for the other party, which clearly goes against Buddhist philosophies.

I _think_ that the dreams are telling me to allow the balance between these extremes to be found and let the situations unfold without guilt. It is hard to be sure. What do you think?
67  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 17, 2017, 23:49:43
The challenge is to become Lucid though, otherwise it is just a recalled Dream and you had no control at all over it.

I was kind of confused lately because all I have been reading here on a Forum named the Astral Pulse is other people's Dream Journals. It's been awhile since anyone has actually shared a story or experience here based on achieving projection while completely 100% consciously aware from the get-go.

In a conscious AP, you are aware all the way through it. There is no getting you bearings involved. You are there purely by conscious intent.

This is a really controversial and complex topic, this will be great, I am ready to dive deep. What is the difference between a lucid dream and a recalled dream?

Sometimes we say that a lucid dream is when you are aware that you are dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when you are aware that you are a human, your human mind set has started to enter the dream. I think if we measured brain waves we would see cortex thoughts have started to get in. This is often why we begin to de-stabilize and wake up, and also why it is more common to become lucid as you approach waking anyway.

Do our human thoughts really belong in these dreams and why is it useful to have them? When we die the cortex and its logical thinking dies with it?

When I am lucid dreaming or...not, it is pretty hard to differentiate for me at this point, I am still making decisions actively regardless of whether I know I am dreaming or human. When I look back at what occurred the contrast is that when I don't know I am human I feel the decisions are coming from the core being level. When I know I am human it is more like waking life, but I feel that our waking life should be more like the core being dream than visa versa. Have we mixed up which of these experiences is actually the higher order of consciousness?

Why is it impossible to learn from the decisions when we make them from a core being level. The lessons are still remembered and make an impact on the next core being experience for me.

In the long duration conscious projection experiences I have had, I have not actually remained aware with the human mindset for the entire experience. It starts off like a human lucid dream and quickly transitions to a core being experience as you get into the flow.

I'm certainly glad that Thomas Edison, Nikola Telsa, Einstein and others of note didn't feel that way. Thomas Edison once said "I have not failed 10,000 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work."
 Achieving something of note, especially a fully consciously aware OBE/AP, by hard work and dedication creates a sense of personal satisfaction on a whole new level.
I think that Tesla did think exactly this way. He made a point in the video posted in the other thread about the benefits of refining his inventions in mind space without actually building physical prototypes. He worked smart and hard while others wasted time, perhaps working even harder than he did on dead end roads. I have watched my own family members exhaust themselves with fruitless labor for years. It makes me very mindful of putting effort into prospects that look profitable. We can't succeed without doing that. I understand Edison's quote, but I think he would also agree that he found 10,000 different ways that will not work, he didn't repeat the same mistake 10,000 times.

What I was actually trying to say is that I am not convinced that it does take a lot of hard work and determination to achieve conscious projection. I haven't proved it yet but I suspect that if we were able to visit an advanced alien culture they would say projection is easy because they understand the requirements fully. Most experts seem to agree that we get in our own way more than needing to overcome some innate difficulty in projection, it is supposed to be natural.
68  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 17, 2017, 22:15:07
I disagree with Thaomas on this one. I see LD's as more of a "effect" of a successful OBE. A successful OBE opens you to a new awareness. That new awareness will be felt in all aspects of your life. Waking or dreaming. You will just seem to notice more in general. Hence the increased LD's.

Lucid dreams are the default out of body experience for us. I think almost every child has them regularly long before successful conscious induced events enter the picture. Maybe what you are saying here is that conscious events further alter the content of lucid dreams by introducing an increased awareness mindset. I can agree with that, but I still feel that lucid dreams are an introductory egg experience and conscious projection is the next evolution chicken in this relationship.

If you have to crawl before you can walk, might as well get the most out of crawling that we can. We are going to get exposed to dreams each night. I don't see it as a trade-off so much as a very valuable bonus experience waiting to be seized.

Projecting consciously is hard. Repeating it is even harder. But just because something is hard, doesn't mean it can't be achieved. When I hear someone advise another to rely on LDs instead of going the harder route, I see that as a "cop out". This is hard for a reason. You have lived all your life, so far, thinking that you were just your physical body and that nothing lies beyond that. Now, spontaneously or otherwise, your eyes have been open to a new truth. One that words alone couldn't prepare you for. That new revelation should be the result of hard work and determination.

I advised to "re-distribute some of the effort" into lucid dreaming rather than to totally rely on it. If it takes weeks, months or even years, which it can, to achieve conscious projection it would be unfortunate to not have been utilizing the free experiences we get each night.

My intent here was truly to encourage the best results, not to dissuade, so I have to apologize if that isn't the message that was delivered.

To add further commentary to the way I think about this now; I have witnessed lots of people start at the idea of conscious projection with gusto, but the metaphor resembles trying to reach the promised land on the other side of a brick wall by running into it at full speed repeatedly. Almost everyone gets to at least feel the presence of the wall in the early experiences but tend to lose interest before actually penetrating it.

I feel that our techniques have to be partially to blame for this outcome because they don't deliver in vacuum. Hard work and determination might be pivotal for success, I'm not convinced it is actually, but is also fruitless if the determination is to run into the wall instead of learning how to pass it. Advanced machines and learning strategies can be used to teach someone to achieve the same proficiency in meditation in a couple of sessions that typically takes monks decades. We should do our best to work smart and hard.

I guess my bottom line here is that we might have it backwards. Brute forcing the wall can open our eyes to the truth, but if we just open our eyes to the truth the wall comes down. This is why I labored the point of examining motivation before practical technique. I am in the early stages of discovering how we can easily open our eyes to the truth and how that may impact the ease or difficulty of conscious projection.
69  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: The Unsolvable Mystery of Reality Itself on: October 17, 2017, 19:58:53
Maybe we can side step the issue of knowing when we are at the outermost layer of reality and assess the model directly with some assumptions on the possible branches that could exist.

If there is no outer layer, you have an infinite cascade; it poses some annoying problems so maybe we can drop that logical branch as being unlikely or supremely mysterious and unknowable. 

If there is an outer layer it is the true origin of existence. I think this implies that something can come out of nothing. There is no practical way of knowing how long ago the something came about, but it gives us a finite existence.

Other alternatives may exist - perhaps when you get beyond the outer most loop of the consciousness layer, any logical conception we have is invalid.

Its still a really unsatisfying tree. All three branches seem to dead end before anything world breaking is learned.
70  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Being able to project only by focusing on breathing. How is that possible? on: October 17, 2017, 19:35:47
The slow breathing is a natural state for humans. When we are sleeping it tends to be deep in the diaphragm and rhythmic. We lose that with the stress of adulthood and it is unhealthy. Some people call the technique of projection through this mechanism "sleep breathing". They suggest you even go as far as to record your breathing pattern while you are asleep and learn to replicate it. Many techniques are effective for doing this such as box breathing or my preferred Butekyo. You should think of it like an action that induces sleep paralysis, that is what happens in practice.

Focusing on the heart beat or the breathing itself, even if you don't do sleep breathing changes your brain waves. Lucid dreaming and deep meditation tend to be associated with low levels of "beta waves" that usually correspond to cerebral cortex logical thought in our waking state, and an increase in gamma waves. The ceasing of the beta waves shouldn't be mandatory for OBE, but the presence of gamma waves possibly is mandatory. When a person's third eye is open these waves are able to co-exist in synchronization - think of it like experiencing logic, creative insight, intuition and lucid dreaming simultaneously; truly a blissful state.

In general I think it is necessary to reduce the beta waves in order for the gamma behavior to begin, so we squelch the cerebral cortex. The Buddha gave instructions on the achieving the out of body state; "stop naming things". That's the cortex. Focusing on the breathing or heart beat fills your mind with busy work that is intended to distract you from naming things. That is all that is going on here in my opinion. The visualization and non physical focus methods are a kind of advanced short cut into the gamma wave state that can make it easier to make the transition without experiencing uncomfortable exit symptoms.

I'll preempt a question; when you lose your "non physical focus" and thoughts return to your body, you have started to name things and returned to the beta brain wave state.
71  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Dark entities on: October 17, 2017, 01:28:11
Thanks for your insightful response. Itís true that I have a real fear, and Iím cognizant of it, of being killed in a violent manner, such as a gun shot to the head.   I didnít draw a parallel between said fear and the nightmarish figure I encountered. As I have somewhat frequent episodes of sleep paralysis, the lesson I drew from this was, although Iím afraid, I can take control of the situation and rise above my fears in any given situation.
No worries. Maybe it would pay dividends to consider why you are afraid of being killed. I am afraid of dying in this physical life before the mission is completed so to speak. There are things to learn prior to the next stage. It is good to experience rising above, I think this will have a lasting impact, even if you continue to have these kinds of dreams for a while longer.
Typically when I wake up paralyzed, Iím fully aware of whatís happening. Not being able to move doesnít generate any fear, itís the very intense feeling of not being alone. Instinctively you want to turn around to reassure yourself but you canít move. You lay there helplessly sensing imminent danger. With this somewhat successful experience under my belt, Iím better equipped to deal with this type of situation going forward.
The way you described this reminds of a page from the manga Stardust Crusaders. Studies show that humans know when they are being watched a high percentage of the time. No one can explain exactly how this works but it could be a psi phenomenon. Perhaps the feeling of not being alone is an extension of this property applied to consciousness that doesn't necessarily have a physical body here.

At the same time though I am reminded of the fear of separation, that imminent danger or death feeling that causes us to pull back from early projection attempts.

I will share an experience I had on a drug induced trip. It was an encounter your deep rooted fears style event. I was deep and felt paralyzed. I had a feeling that something bad was happening with my partner but I was powerless to help. It revealed an incredible fear of loss, I was pretty desperate but had no control. When these feelings reached a climax I experienced a resignation of what I could control and a letting go of fear.

The moment this happened I woke up and experienced a physical purge, vomiting with nothing to throw up. Dry heaving with a deep guttural sound that I had never experienced before. The reason I recounted this experience is to point out the struggle against what you cannot control and the eventual resignation I experienced. Why do you think it is so uncomfortable to be intimidated by the presence of this entity? Perhaps another fear of death test.
72  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: The Unsolvable Mystery of Reality Itself on: October 16, 2017, 19:52:51
So why isn't there nothing? Nothing might actually be unstable. It might be under direct risk of spontaneously differentiating itself into opposites, in an act of un-directed creation.

Sounds like a plausible mechanic. The sun we are trying to touch is the root of causality. I think most people can contend with the logic that reality systems can have a true casual beginning if they exist as a nested system.

Suppose that the highest conceptual level that exists for us is primordial consciousness, and it can exist spontaneously through opposites. For me this infers that conscious existence is potentially infinite because the spontaneity needs no cause and thus has unlimited time and existence on its hands.

I find infinite existence to be unsatisfactory - it undermines my sense of purpose. There is still parts left unanswered though, what is the medium? All of the reality systems we know about have a medium. A quantum vacuum seems like a real medium. The spontaneous primordial consciousness has a medium that we arbitrarily label the source.

Its Matryoshka dolls all the way up and all the way down trying to grapple with this.
73  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Dark entities on: October 15, 2017, 19:56:51
What you experienced here is possibly just a core being lesson. I get these almost every day. You are put in a scenario that may not occur all that frequently in physical reality, such as a confrontation with an entity that causes a fear response. You react violently towards that entity, and thus the lesson is revealed that you hold some fears, perhaps of being physically threatened, and that your default is to feel hostility towards these threats.

For years I would experience threatening entities in dream experiences and very often I would physically fight with them, truly a pointless struggle in these dreams but a persistent scenario. The reason I had this experience is that I was afraid of humans attacking me in real life, I saw it everywhere I went in normal life. A response encoded into my core being due to years of physical threats and abuse living in a violent society.

Over time this illusion has slowly been dispelled. I no longer fight with entities in my dreams. I rarely feel afraid of people I see in real life. The core being response has changed. This is the lesson you are experiencing.

Where does the lesson come from? I don't really know, but I suspect the scenario could be a form of telepathic communication from another entity.
74  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Reconciling non-physical models on: October 15, 2017, 19:47:21
I think that both models are probably valid in isolation as somewhat separate systems that don't need to be reconciled into a consistent reality view such as the apparent consistency of this reality.

I suspect the reality model you get in the non-physical is some hybrid between what you expect and what you require. In a thriving metaphysical cosmos with access to concepts like the akashic record, if you can imagine it, it may well be a real system out there. Just imagining it might even be enough to make it real even if it wasn't pre-existing.

One interesting aspect though is the idea of retrievals for the lost vs automatic hand holding for those that die. I always found the idea a bit strange that dead people would be hanging out in fantasy scenarios waiting to be rescued and we need to be enlisted for this job. It is as if there is a lack of manpower to reach these entities, but that seems bizarre. One aware unit of consciousness should be able to concurrently visit every human that has ever lived and solve this issue in a few minutes.

It is possibly an issue of force - those that want to remain stuck get to be and those that have the will to move on automatically get put into the educational zone. Volunteers are required to take it upon themselves to go and help the stuck people. Its anyone's guess as to why mass enlistment doesn't work in this hypothetical.
75  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: DevilDogDogma's Experiences on: October 13, 2017, 02:02:06
Thank you for the information Thaomas.  I realize I didn't give my intent.  My intent behind striving to Astral Project is mainly for knowledge.  There are massive gaps in information on our purpose, why we are here, what we can do to better ourselves.  Most personal development I've practiced has been hollow.  Most gurus create an almost cult-like atmosphere and do not like challenged on beliefs ect.  I love pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas.
Sounds legit. You are on the warriors path, using logic to find answers and pursue big truths and wisdom. It is important to differentiate gee whiz knowledge like "what was Atlantis like?", which probably has little meaningful impact, from the noble pursuit of knowledge.
I think the biggest pull for me is exploring myself.  We spend alot of time in our lives shutting our minds off and resting.  Even awake I've caught myself shutting down and my focus lost. While rest is vital, I think I can use some of that time to develop myself, my knowledge, and form much stronger convictions and beliefs.  I already have noticed my mind is much less cluttered throughout the day, my mood is much better,  and I seem much more clear headed. 
I think your intent is good, you hopefully won't find much resistance in this area. It would be nice to make use of the time we sleep. For a long time I day dreamed on this concept, but usually with respect to getting physical matter reality stuff achieved with an extra 8 hours in the day, or spending more time on the things I find fun like gaming. Recently I am getting life lessons from dreams almost every night so the prophecy has been realized, but not quite in the way imagined initially or with the same degree of freedom and control.
I will definitely start researching lucid dreaming.  I've already begun a dream journal to improve recall, which I naturally assumed would improve remembering OBE experiences.

Thanks so much for the information, I'm glad I found a place with people I can relate with.
Many people find journals useful, I am not very dogmatic about it and a bit lazy when it comes to writing things down. What really matters is that you develop that skill of transferring the memory of the dreams into your physical brain. The journaling is just about wrote learning something school style to make it sink in. You can achieve the same results with reflection.

Often times waking up in the early hours of the morning will make it easy to remember the dreams. Especially if this happens several times before you finally wake in the morning. I don't know if you could call it a trick, but drinking tons of water prior to going to sleep can ensure a few early morning wake ups...
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