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501  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / can blind people see in the astral? on: December 12, 2003, 14:45:39
I think that by all means they'd experience "sight", since its the minds eye and not the actual eye, Im not blind however, so i wouldn't truly know,
I wonder if they can "see" in their dreams too
by all means it seems plausible, but since blind people use different sense data, the sight of something to a blind person would be different than that of a sighted person

just like if dogs dream in colour?
502  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Expanding Universe/Friedmann on: December 12, 2003, 14:42:11
uh i guess i didn't mean it that way, the idea on event horizons is a different thought alltogether than the "wrapped up" universe theory

essentially if the universe was finite, a light particle could travel for an infinite amount of time as long as there was a gravitational distortion that would divert its trajectory, like a giant black hole

I think some light particles are probally forever stuck in a circlular orbit around such gravitational distortions, there is a special distance from any black hole that will cause such an occurance
 say theoretically, you could build a ring around a black hole,

there would be three different effects, that different distances from the black hole would have on your perception of light,

one such distance would cause the "ring" around the black hole to be interpreted as a straight path, simply because the light particles would travel in a circular orbit around the black hole

pretty messed up stuff, when is a straight line not a straight line?
when its a curved space time!
503  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Expanding Universe/Friedmann on: December 12, 2003, 01:10:31
lighthouse im not entirely sure what your question is but ill try to answer it but first  
What they found when testing this equipment was that in every direction, no matter what time of the year or the angle to the horizon line, the static was measured to be the same. This static was the static of the universe

while this may have been true in 1965, the static measured today, or formally known as the cosmic background radiation, it has been proven NOT to be even, there are areas of higher concentrations and wavelenghts than others,

basically you're talking about event horizons, essentially, the end of the universe is forever moving, at the speed of light, that is known as the event horizon.

the realm of physics cannot predict what happens on the otherside of the event horizon, it is probally a quantum state where the laws of physics have yet to be defined until the event horizon reaches it,

in fact you can't actually assume that the universe is a bubble, there really is no "outside", because that would imply that something existed before the bigbang, an that goes against our understanding

some theorys are that the universe isn't actually infinite, its finite, but wrapped around itself like a donut,

but our universe might just be on a plane, of a superstructure, existing in superior dimensions,

just like a square on a cube, our universe might be a finite slice, in an infinite stack of planes

you can contemplate "geometric stacks" or quantized levels of universes that all exist within the same space, but on superior dimensions, infact, another universe might be just two inches to the left, or a second in the future

----this is my theory---

The big bang was essentially a distortion in the "oneness" basically everything existed as oblivion or infinite potential, the big bang comes along and distorts it , disordering causing the oneness to seperate into different patterns,

so you could say that on the other side of the bubble is a "perfect" state of being, while on the inside is a distorted chaotic pattern or "imperfect"

 I think everything before the big bang existed as a perfect harmonic vibration, the big bang, sorta threw out the harmony, and seperate vibrations emerged, the equilibrium was shattered
504  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / An interesting subject to debate... on: December 11, 2003, 21:08:07
your memories still exist they are stored in the fabric of reality for anyone (or yourself) to access if you want, past lives can be accessed via meditation etc,

your neurons prolly don't store your memories, think your brain as an antennae, your brain is only focused on the present life, it'll take a bit of a retuning for you to access your other lives,

those zeta's don't have all the answers, im convinced its a bit of a construction from a couple of people, but their theories are a nice hodgepodge of many different belief systems
505  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / kinesis types on: December 11, 2003, 20:59:14
what about control over superflous vocabulary?
verbal diarrhea kinesis?
or fluffokinesis?
or totalbullshitkinesis?
506  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Awesome on: December 08, 2003, 22:15:42

but it is soo exhuasting concentrating like that and usually take a while, maybe 30-40 minutes before i can get any movement

wow thats rather strange, i can simply look at the psi wheel and itll start spinning from a full stop position, when I wake up in the morning i can llook at my desk and the 10+ psi wheels, and without expectation they begin to spin, i also think they spin when im sleeping,
of course this is on a pinwheel thats not in a sealed container,

ive had mixed results while using a pinwheel in a closed container, it seems harder for me, but still possible, i initially learned tk by blowing on the psi wheel and continually changing its direction by my breath,
eventuall itll change direction without blowing on it

I'm just curious though. Tossing all paranormal thinking aside, and putting your skeptics hat on, how can you explain what we see in Beavis' TK video?

I personally haven't downloaded his video, but someone skilled at stop motion photography could do it, also electromagnets could be used
507  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Awesome on: December 08, 2003, 20:22:34
I suppose so, but video's can lie, and to the super skeptic will most likely claim the video has been altered etc etc

anyhow, i got a good Tk excercise it involves these "touchable bubbles"  which are essentially plastic bubbles that you can find at  (almost) any dollar store (here in ottawa anyway).  They last for up to 9 hours, and once they "solidify" in the air they won't pop when  they land on stuff

they are real fun to use as you can move them in 3 dimensions,
its fun to just "stop" the bubble in the air and watch the colours of the filmy bubble just change and ooze, its rather psychadelic

another thing to do is put targets around your room and attempt to direct them to various targets (psy-wheels make good targets)

im currently trying to make the bubbles expand and compress, or even touch in the air and stick together,

I suggest you go buy some
508  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / discrimination on: December 08, 2003, 20:06:57

this is WAY off topic, but I just wanna clear things up

naryu--- I think you have misconceptions about the NECRONOMICON, and the book of the dead (also known as the necronomicon)

A famous writer with a lot of imagination pretty much invented the modern "necronomicon"  HP lovecraft invented nearly an entire world,
his version of the necronomicon, (based loosley on the egyptian book of the dead) has made various different cameo's in different media (evil dead). This version is readily available at various retaillers, and contains mostly wiccan+freemason type spells of innvocation of fire spirits etc etc.

however the true necronomicon, or book of the dead, was a collection of the spells and prayers that where written inside the sarcophogi of rather wealthy egyptians, it is said that it was written during the new age of the egyptian dynasty.  this book was read by the ordinary citizens of egypt during burial rights and was essentially a way of turning their dead relative into a god amoung the heavens,

i would expect the true version of the necronomicon very difficult to appredend, but i don't think the information would benefit the world of tghe living very much
509  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / discrimination on: December 08, 2003, 15:43:32
I suppose it has to do with how much emphiasis you put on the subject, if you constantly bombard people with the idea of such things they get defensive, they think you are trying to indoctrinate them, or shatter their entire belief system

showing my friends telekinesis, only a handfull of them where actually interested, the rest seemed rather non-caring toward the subject,

however if your fanatical about such things, people will becomed wary and tend to break contact with you,

I know for example one friend who has always been a bit of a "satanist" and has many books on the subject of magick, and the NECRONOMICON (bum buh buuuuhhh)[}:)]  
he thinks he's achieved godliness etc etc, but is constantly the butt of our jokes, mainly because of his overexaggeration of the facts

has anyone ever seen the movie "donnie darko" ? its a GREAT movie and i recommend every one here to watch it,  

I think every emotion can be boiled down to two extremes

fear and love,

most people will fear , because they will be hurt less, only when you can be totally vulnerable will you ever have true progress
510  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Awesome on: December 08, 2003, 15:21:02
dear god man, isn't 117 mb a bit like overkill?

(just another woefull dialup user)[Shocked)]
511  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Spontaneous NEW? on: December 08, 2003, 15:15:56
sargon- It is a common goal for many qi-gong practisioners to achieve a state you described as "spontaneous" energy manipulation,
basically they attempt to open the wheels of essence, or life, so that they will continually spin even when not concentrating on it,
good work, [Cheesy]
512  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / For musician, new life began at death on: December 07, 2003, 19:37:43
i saw a tv show called "walking after midnight" basically it was hosted by ringo starr and talked about various celebrities paranormal experiences,

one story talking about betsy cline who was a famous country singer and how she died in a plane crash,  well a young girl was born named K.D. Lang, in canada, she claims that from the ages of 3-10 she had nightmares about an airplane crash,

kinda cool, considering that they both sound very similiar, any who just thought id share that.
513  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Telekinesis Fiction or Reality on: December 05, 2003, 13:12:32
first off i just wanna say telekinesis or psychokinesis IS possible,

now that i said that you are free to believe whatever you want, it took me a good 3-7 days of attempting to spin a psi-wheel before i was able to learn it

maybe its just the "heat" from my hands, or perhaps is the infamous linden field that my father (still a skeptic) claims it is or maybe its just a random wind gust, caused by a drafty room

perhaps im deluding myself, perhaps im insane with mass hallucinations,

but when Ive shown my friends i didn't take long for them to learn how (proof of telekinesis helps learning)

CPT picard-- if you want to know the truth, you must first "trick" your mind into believing you moved it, even if it was just the wind, it doesn't take long at all to move a psiwheel, and im sure you'll get results within a week or so

plus if anyone wants to sponsor me (flight included) i'd be happy to show them first-hand proof of telekinesis  

please make all cheques payable too.... Wink

the only reason i like telekinesis is because i can break the laws of physics in my own bedroom!!

when i get good at it it'd be handy for early groggy mornings (when Tk seems to be strongest)

i could telekinetically, turn on the shower, lather up the soap, brush my teeth etc etc.. practically though, it'll be acouple of years before that happens

im just happy right now spinning my twenty-sum psi wheels at once, and causing bubbles to stop dead in the air, also making strips of paper "dance" is fun

anyhow happy TKing and don't get discouraged, just watch the x-files or read the x-men =)
514  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / communications? on: November 28, 2003, 15:59:18
thanks for the info,

i guess the real reason im asking this question is that it seems there is a fine line between "communications from entities of a higher plane of existence than us" whatever and just

"voices in my head" schizophrenic delusions, accoompianed with mass delusions of paranoia.

anyhow i suppose if i start "listening" to the voices i might end up in a padded room,

I mean, say your communication from your guide says that you should smoke crack, because it is the best way to find yourself, or some other reason

but you know that smoking crack is bad, but your guide keeps saying it, and some third party verifies what your guide is saying,

but you still believe its wrong, so you resist, dissent from within...

i mean, how long until you start screaming at fire hydrants?
don't you ever feel as if you're losing your sanity?

please don't take this post personally its more a reflection of myself than aanyone else anyway, its just some topics i feel are important

ps i don't smoke crack,  yet.....
515  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / clairvoyant on: November 26, 2003, 16:00:18
hypagognic, thats what i think i experience
its not a really defined picture kinda blurry, like auric sight

and sounds seem to like up to pictures, or thought forms

seem to be very chaotic and no message but sometimes you'll have a sudden epiphany about human nature or somthing else
516  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS on: November 26, 2003, 12:55:20
that post helped me understand something that i pretty much already knew already

if we don't smarten up and we continue to be over run with greed and money , shallow values we will destroy ourselves!

not to mention overpopulation, melting arctic, aids in africa, war in the "holy" land, horrible polution, 100 m2 of rainforest burned daily,

and all that stuff about evil powers having more power recently makes so much sense,

anyhow, personally im looking forward to a big change, I want us humans to understand how much we have messed our planet, im also looking forward to more advanced understanding of spirituality
517  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Why do I twitch? on: November 26, 2003, 12:33:48
the twitchs or muscle spasms are normal when forming new energy pathways, and/or creating stronger ones.

sometimes the spasm won't be anywhere near the area your focusing on, sometimes it will
518  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / communications? on: November 25, 2003, 23:57:02

ill heed your advice nagual,
i was just hoping someone who has a "guide" who communicates with them would be able to tell me how they "know" that they are in fact communicating with something else and not just their own imagination

how would you be able to tell if your thoughts are your own in the first place?

Ive been reading these so called "zeta" communications, and Im of course skeptic, and so called "attacks" seem a bit far fetched, almost too x-files

anyhow, i don't entirely doubt it all, but I just would like some general info on the subject of telepathic communications with non-human (or human too) entities

519  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / communications? on: November 25, 2003, 14:58:02
I guess no one wants to respond,

maybe some of you can describe your communications?

like how you know someone is telepathically speaking to you?
im really shady on the subject,
someone PLease shed some light!
520  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Seeing Auras, by Robert Bruce on: November 24, 2003, 12:27:37
Ive noticed when I stare at something for a while, everything becomes very weird, it only works in higly relaxed states, its like an mushroom trip!

Ive also noticed this happening when focusing on my hands etc, they can diapeer all together and its like the lights are slowly phasing on and offf, its weird.

anyway im not sure if everyone is able to do that, but ive spoken with some of my friends (who don't do new, or any thing close)
they say if they lie back and stare at their ceiling eventually they see colours.

maybe that'll shed sum light
521  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / increased senses on: November 13, 2003, 14:15:19
now I know this is sorta off topic a bit, but it invloves increased awarness, / increased senses,

now i really dont care if you are against drugs or not, but magic mushrooms (psilocybe)  have been used for centuries by shaman and others for many different rituals

some tribes would even munch on sum shrooms before a battle, because of the stimulating effects it has on your adrenalin, and its ability to numb out certain parts of your body, however most used it for its effect on greatly increasing the senses, smell, touch, sight and hearing.

now to my personal experiences with mushrooms, sitting in my normally very quiet house on mushrooms it was possible for me to listen to my neighbours television,  as well I heard a doorbell so loud that i ran upstairs to see whom it was( i was lonely =( despite having 4 others in the house)  they where all on shrooms too , and remember hearing the same doorbell
well when i went to the door NO one was there,  confused I looked around, about 3 doors down was a pizza guy delivering to one of my neighbours, needless to say i was so surprised,  

not only that but my sense of smell was increased so much that i could smell the peanut butter from the sandwhich my friend had for lunch,  and it wasn't her breath! it was almost like the smells where oozing directly from her pores! all night i was like " why does it smell like peanut butter"  and then she was like, i had some for lunch!,  anyway thats my dumb stoner story hope you enjoyed it

either it was agroup hallucination, or i heard the doorbell from 3 houses away.

anyway, i learned recently that mushrooms are prolly not very good for your chi flow, and the fungus has its own agenda too.
522  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Holographic Universe Theory on: November 03, 2003, 19:00:05
sweet I love arguing about this stuff,

that vedic philosphy where we're just like antennas swimming in a sea of frequencys, and these freequencys form into nodes, and create interference patterns

fractal infinite interference patterns,

everything is one and one is everything,

its really messed up shite, plus taoism, where the "light" ki settle above to form the heavens and the "dark" heavy ki is physicall structure,

everything is in crazy layers, its like a big oozing mass of infinite possibilities, that is somehow controled by another order of infinite to become coallesced into some pre-defined, constinually defined, always defined structure, like how crystals form

we pick up the "differences" of the patterns in our head, but we only select certain frequencys,

i think our brain is the only computer capable of calculating infinite,  

i think we percieve our world as it is, because it is simplistic, and provides a comfort,    

plus sacred geometry? the fibonacci (SP?) numbers, prime numbers,

so much to contemplate so little time
523  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / DNA healing on: November 03, 2003, 18:10:29
since im studying genetics (biology major) course, i would really like to comment on the gobbly gook that blammo posted, and how it further substantiates a "scienctific homeopathic medicine" when the "facts" are completely messed up,

first off they recently proved that remaining 95% was "junk DNA".  was a complete blunder on the geneticists part, it now turns out that the "junk dna" or Introns actually have functions, relating with RNA and other ways,   but I have no idea why this has any correlation with DNA healing

To "HEAL" Dna you must convince your body to produce the "maintenance" enzymes which routinnely fix DNA strands from transcription errors, caused by ultraviolet radiation for one,
but since we are all open minded individuals we might be able to
"convince" our DNA into self-healing,

we all have the ability within ourselves to cure every disease, our immune system is a completly unexplained phenomena, and we still have no idea how it truly works,
524  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / marijuana and energy on: October 22, 2003, 18:28:29

reason: wow you sure have allot to say on the subject, i got bored reading it because ive heard the same lectures before.  Smiley - you seem rather morally against it now, perhaps you feel people shouldn't have to resort to "recreational" drugs,

as for using marijuana for energy development, i simply tell you what ive experienced, the feelings/sensations of chi are much stronger, you have a remarkable ability to concentrate on nothingness, with little wandering though,

....blah blah blah .....

weed has depressant/hallucinogenic properties, it relax's your mind, as for saying it slows your response time, take ross rebligiati (sp?) canadian snowboarder for slalom downhill, that requires mucho respono timo,,

anyhow..... um yeah, this one time me and my friends ate some insane mushrooms, and we ended up reading eachothers mind like all night long, and yes im well aware of the unacceptability of anecdotal evidence as scientific proof,     but if you continue to think in the terms as our mind being a physiological phenomenon, then you can never fully appreciate how it is a distinct entity from your brain alltogether,

...blah blah blah....

okay yah anyway, like  i said before, our brain wouldn't have cannabinoid receptors if we weren't ment to use them rite? i mean, if it didn't get us high we would be using it for industrial purposes,, ummm

but what I gotta finish on is this,  if you've never smoked weed before, you've never experienced the mindset of someone who has, just like you can never know until you do.

try not do or do not, there is no try
525  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / marijuana and energy on: October 17, 2003, 18:30:37
since im new here ill keep my opinions less antagonistic.

first off weed has been known since the sumerians, i think we evolved along with it as it evolved with us. it is such a unique plant with very anthropomorphic qualitys (the leaves are considered to be palmmate- palm -hand)   any how, I understand the concept of altered mind state, and that is exactlyy whut u r doin every time you meditate, weed then could be considered a shortcut, any how i lost my oint because im stoned.... 420

ps robert bruce described a level in the astral plane where animals plants and crystal "spirits" exist, and a higher plain where the human thought concept of an animal, or plant which we are familiar with, like a pet, or a house plant.

weed probally resides in both of these domains
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