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1401  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: The Magick of Crystals: A Guide to Mastering Astral Projection on: January 21, 2011, 16:21:19
Interesting. I'm a crystal experimenter, too.
Does the author say explicitly which crystals to use? And "how" to use them?
1402  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Vibrations? A theory... on: January 21, 2011, 10:32:28
Of course, there are bodily bio-chemical, electrical and psychological actions & reactions taking place in every (voluntary or involuntary) induction method.
It's like turning on switches on a radio to get another frequency in (more or less clear or distorted or interfered with other "channels"). For me it is us driving a bio-computer or bio-machine that can be switched and operated on to get different results. For example, DMT might cause more separation from the body and thus facilitate the experience, especially during so-called near death experiences. (But it's a facilitating contribution, there are possibly other things, that contribute, too).  Similar things apply to other induced states of consciousness with similar or other ways of induction, e.g. by ingesting external drugs (DMT is then an 'internal self-generated drug', so to speak).

The problem is (and it is overlooked quite frequently!) that we should differentiate between the TRIGGER / INDUCTION TOOL on the one hand and the consciousness EXPERIENCE on the other.

The EXPERIENCE is not DMT or any internal/external chemical. The EXPERIENCE is not any drug. The EXPERIENCE is not the induction of a meditative or trance state. All these things help to get it, but the EXPERIENCE is an independent reality we "receive" or "enter" and later "digest" the memories of it by analysing it with / in our brain waking state.

So the thing is: I consider vibrations already being more part of the EXPERIENCE instead of being part of the TRIGGER. Vibrations thus are also already a consequence of my induction activities (affirmations, meditating, visualising, putting myself in trance, etc.). So I think that we do not "induce by vibration" or "induce by releasing vibration-sensation-causing chemicals", but rather indirectly "induce vibrations" when we have them when you actually "induce OBEs".

What makes these vibes so interesting, is that they still "feel" physical because the have a direct interaction with your (physical) body. But does that therefore mean it is chemical? I think they are something really in-between physical and non-physical. It is a border-land - quite literally - when we switch between realities (or bodies). That is why it cannot be (purely) chemical because that would still be too much on the physical side for me. However, they are very real! This is why I cannot agree to Xanth's hypothesis declaring it somehow "unreal". Non-physical things are as real as physical. And those in-between-things as well.  wink

Of course, as said above, during induction methods, there might also be chemical "switches" be flipped by conscious / psychological action in conjunction with neurological/bio-chemical reactions taking place. So yes! - You might see "vibrations" indirectly caused (also!) by chemical causes, if you like to see it that way. Since we always start out from our physical body when we have and induce these experiences, we naturally use body "chemistry", too.

However, and this is again quite subjectively (but I know I am not the only one that thinks that way), vibes just feel so exlusively "electrically" spreading over the body in waves, that I just cannot imagine it being purely chemical at all. It's just my impression.
1403  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Talking to guides whilst I am in a dream, not knowing what is taking place? on: January 20, 2011, 22:48:58
I have these experiences, too. One night when I was thinking the whole day before about energy work and energy healing, it happened that during a dream someone talked to me and the feeling of what was being said (I have no literal transcript of it, just the "feel" of what was being said) was something like "why don't you activate them?".

Then I woke up because both of my hand palms had started with electrical energy sensations. Since then I can do energy work even better with my hands. Now, that was strange.

Another strange and more recent story of me waking up and muttering a strange "mantra" that seemed to be saved "over into the waking state" can be found here:

Still, I haven't learnt anything from it so far. It remains a riddle to me. undecided

1404  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Vibrations? A theory... on: January 20, 2011, 22:35:24
I cannot imagine vibrations to be chemical in its basis. That is, by the way, how reductionist / materialist skeptics surely would argue too - that's why I also don't like it  cool. Next logical step then would be that we postulate that projection is all a neuro-bio-chemically caused illusion of the brain-mind anyway, huh? undecided wink

No, it is surely on the border between physical and nonphysical. "Etheric" might be the right expression since the etheric body is supposed to be narrowly entangled with the physical and does itself not leave the body except for standing out a few inches or so (ok, that's just a theory, who knows what's to it..  wink)

I think it is electromagnetical. It feels this way and to me it is only logical to assume it is.
1405  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Vibrations? A theory... on: January 18, 2011, 23:01:04
Does anyone get Vibrations when they by-pass the RTZ and directly project to the Astral?

If individuals only get the Vibration while doing an RTZ (aka OBE)-type projection... then perhaps, it's related to that.

From my own experiences, I can second that idea. My only RTZ projections were those where I only had VERY strong vibrations, almost tearing me apart  evil. So the correlation for me would be the stronger the vibes the more or "nearer" I get (out) to the RTZ.
But I also have lighter vibes where I project to astral planes or lucid dreams - it seems (possibly I am also 'phasing' more into it recently, because I don't remember the exits anymore, there is just a 'switch' taking place, but still ... before that I may experience vibrations).
1406  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Vibrations? A theory... on: January 17, 2011, 19:23:10
I like Nick Newport's ("The Lucidology Man"  wink) take on this. It also explains why experienced projectors have them less or even stop having them.

To sum up his hypothesis: vibes are just energy frictions and more or less a sign of energy waste and lack of effectiveness in the separation process. If you learn the ropes of OBEs then you also learn to reduce the frictions and thus they decrease or vanish.

I cannot assess this theory adequately on my own for lack of sufficient experience. Recently, I only had "exits" into lucid projections from dreams without vibrations. Before that, I had them with vibrations (but very different ones) from the hypnopomp trance state. My very first OBEs were lucid dream conversions where I got "woken up" "back to my body" and starting to the ceiling upwards, and those vibrations were very HEAVY! Extremely heavy so it felt like thousand volts (without the pain of course) going through my whole body. Now I have only lighter and more evenly spread vibes (those from hypnopomp state). Thus for me it depends on the induction/exit method. However, the reduction of vibes for me could support the theory of the "learning effect" and "reduced friction". But I don't know for sure.

1407  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: A Soul's Personality on: January 16, 2011, 20:49:47
I cannot really relate to your use of the term "soul".

To me, you don't HAVE a soul. You ARE a soul. So I don't understand why you use it in 3rd person instead of saying "I".

Also, in many theories and teachings, "soul" or "higher self" is sth more complex and an astral body is just one aspect of the (over)soul (who we are). But of course, terminologies differ.

I think you experience different moods (like in physical life), possibly in different energy bodies, also with differing lucidity.

Have you been always 100% lucid and in control when you projected? Possibly an unconscious, and partially non-lucid personality aspect of yours acted out some themes (fear, joy, etc.), which it normally does in dream situations.

In some teachings the Astral Body is also called the Emotional Body. So these experiences should not surprise you then.  wink

Just my two cents.
1408  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Sleep breathing for sleep paralysis? on: January 16, 2011, 17:51:43
Nick Newport does something on sleep breathing to induce sleep paralysis / trance.

you can also get his mp3 where he recorded himself if you fill out the form to register (it's free of charge then).
1409  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Higher Self on: January 15, 2011, 13:01:06
There are many similar terms for Higher Self, such as Total Self or Oversoul, or ("Quantum") Monad or whatever.

It is your real "Being", not the ego that is created for themes you play out for learning purposes during a each incarnation. Your incarnation is, like all other, "connected" to your "Being". It is an aspect, or a "role" you play for a span within a certain dimensional reality frame in time-space.
1410  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / Re: Our Creator - Almighty God (MUST READ) on: January 13, 2011, 18:47:05
Infidels, there is only ONE god. Pray, Bow Down, And Eat Pasta!

1411  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does God Exist? on: January 13, 2011, 14:10:43
I think it is all gods.  And I didn't mean I thought there was some giant computer in the sky, I was talking as a how CF describes it.
that's also what I meant .. ALL THAT IS .. IS ... THE COMPUTER
it computes itself  wink
it is not "IN" the sky, it "IS" the sky ... and everything else, including us as incarnated beings on this biophysical dimension
1412  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: An easy way to enter sleep paralysis at will and have OBEs on: January 12, 2011, 12:37:09
Do you have any recommendation on breathwork?

I mean, not moving is one thing. But normally you always move since you have to breathe. That is also what I do not understand as regards the induction of total paralysis, since it is not possible, your belly and lungs still move with breathing.

You see, I am  not experienced in inducing OBE from waking state (WILD techniques, etc.), but have not given up completely on learning it, that's why I ask.

Some experts recommend yogic breathing or sleep breathing or just deep belly breathing, some use even 'holotropic' breathing. So what is your take on this?
1413  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: Robert Bruce's New Energy Work Course? on: January 12, 2011, 01:01:03
i think it's interesting what he has to say, here's about energy work from his blog, for anyone interested:

1414  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: Another Thomas Campbell Video on: January 11, 2011, 22:29:56
I've read MBT recently. A bit too BIG for my taste, as regards the book volume(s). He could have been a bit more concise and summarising and being less repetitive here and there. But anyway, it was worth reading it. Campbell is the man.
1415  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Government preventing Astral Projection/Spiritual Awakening on: January 10, 2011, 18:07:45
wikipedia offers one of the best sources for introductory summaries on a vast number of topics, many of them subjects which would never get an article on any other encyclopedia...
Right you are ...
 grin shocked

The greatest rate of vandalism occurs on articles of political interest, but even here it rarely lasts more than an hour before it is discovered and etched out.
yes, politics for sure, but I would include more on the list, namely any subject that might have any "controversial" views and aspects to it. This is also the case in the field of science, spirituality / metaphysics and philosophy. For example in "our" field that would be subjects within "the paranormal", ESP, "parapsychology", such as astral projection etc.

You are right, it is a source for a good summary if you know nothing about a topic and need general information. I also used it for that purpose and I see no reason not to use it for that purpoose. That is not what I meant, however.
Many subjects do not show a really 'balanced' view. It is often a view uphold by some 'scientific' mainstream orthodoxy (who, for example, more or less claims that we are all deluded here!  wink).

I feel that Skeptics there behave like they own it. They even create badges on their own user sites and boast with how great they are with supporting this view or that belief system (which they don't call this way, of course since to them it is "truth").

I still think that people that define themselves as 'sceptic and materialist' or give themselves the user name "Jesus Freak" should not write articles that are supposed to be somehow balanced. But maybe that is my own subjective (and also unbalanced...) view again. wink

Moreover, many articles there are over-burdened and just too long.
1416  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: Robert Bruce's New Energy Work Course? on: January 10, 2011, 11:27:27

I had my first AP (into the RTZ actrually) before I had done ANY energy work, let alone even heard about it and how it is done.

So yes, you don't need EW to project or have similar experiences.

On the other hands it might support it. It's like doing exercise for becoming a better sprinter for example. But can't we even run without exercise? Of course, but not with as much speed, strength and stamina.

So I would not see a great controversy here. EW does help but it is NOT the unique pre-requisite or bottleneck you have to pass through to have OBEs and similar experiences. Many APers do APing without any energy or chakra work (at least so they claim).
1417  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Does God Exist? on: January 09, 2011, 21:55:42
I believe God exists. Even though I cannot necessarily show "scientific" proof.
Define "God" for you, please.
What is your best argument for the existence of a higher being?
Taking this literally, I think a lot of "higher beings" exist. Many reports of the astral, mental and higher spiritual worlds hint to that. The common source, which for me is a giant consciousness computer (evolving form a raw form of consciousness to ever finer levels), can be called God if you like so. But I don't.
God is such a misused and worn-out term nowadays. And it is fully occupied by the Monotheist Western religions, so that many people seem to align it with what moondreamer described in his post.
1418  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Re: Robert Bruce's New Energy Work Course? on: January 09, 2011, 21:43:34
Generally, he does not seem to have a lot of fans here. But I like him. I am also on his community at "Astraldynamics". Have a look there for more info about him.

But why in your opinion is energy work supposed to be dangerous?
1419  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Hematite, Amethyst, or other Crystals? on: January 04, 2011, 20:23:38
Simple Question: Does size matter?
(No ... this is stricly meant on topic ...  grin evil)

I only have a small Moldavite. Would a bigger one yield more results (due to greater field of resonance with me or whatever theory might be postulated here)?
1420  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Past/Future Life viewing techniques (in astral) on: January 02, 2011, 22:31:09
I could say that my experience watching myself as a slow cross country runner was just an imagined event of what i truly did not want to happen in my current life.
That wouldn't disprove anything for me. I think that our Higher Self (or Guide) might somehow direct us to what might be relevant or interesting for us to see. Therefore, viewing somehow the opposite of what you are now in this life is not really unusual also for many past life regressions.
Experiencing contrasts is what we are here for, that might also mean contrasts from life to life. Maybe in that (possible future) life completely different things will matter to you, maybe that is exactly what you / your Total Self wanted to show you. (Just an idea).
1421  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Are the vibrations merely a blood circulation problem? on: January 01, 2011, 02:17:49
Or obviously it could be that the body has adapted to regular exits, and now does not have a "rough" escape....
I think that's exactly the case. The Lucidology guy explains it in the same way, stating that you don't need the vibes to exit at all, and that they might even be a sign that you are NOT yet ready to exit, but only after they stopped.
1422  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Planetary Exploration on: December 31, 2010, 12:43:33
The written words in astral are a good example. They always morph into whatever you want them to be. So it is best to look at any writing casually and just note it quickly by repeating once, if you stare at it, it will morph.
Is this also related to what we call 'reality fluctuations'? Maybe we should trust our first look. For example, if I look at a stack of cards with one at the top (which I tried often at the beginning of my adventures) it starts to change every half second and oscillates between different cards. The first one I saw was pretty stable, but it was not necessarily the right one then.
I also see words and letters in the astral when looking at things. Sometimes the letters are recognisable, but the words don't make a lot of sense to me.
1423  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Government preventing Astral Projection/Spiritual Awakening on: December 30, 2010, 23:43:08
I never was a conspiracy theorist fan. But as I am am witnessing now, in a time where I myself have somehow "woken up" by willingly and consciously experiencing the paranormal, spiritualism and metaphysics in different forms on the one hand, and seeing on the otherhand, how the "mainstream" of people still look at these things, I cannot help but discover some value in the concept of mind control.

As said above, I am still not a fan of David Icke & Co. However, like him I think that AP and 'real' spiritual development seems to be blocked form the public perception, almost in an indoctrinatory form.

It is surely some people "behind" the government. But it also comes from the mass media nowadays, and the "left-brain curriculums" of the education system (put in place partly by governments again, of course), which is what D. Icke talks about here:

(By the way, I also started to dislike WIKIPEDIA a lot. Have you ever read "their" articles about AP/OBE, Remote Viewing and similar ones? They suck!
Is it written by the 'skeptics' fraction ONLY? I think so, they have taken it over completely. If a skeptic or "debunker" with dubious qualification has sth to say about this topic then it is given much weight. I have personally witnessed there that scientific experiments that are documented (in literature or also online) get edited out by those "demi-god"editors with overwrite rights, simply because it does not seem to fit their world view. This is sad.
And this, for me, is manipulation, too, because nowadays some naive people have a simple formula: "It's explained like that on Wiki, so it must be true (or not true if it is "debunked" there)." - so they get manipulated this way as they don't recognise anymore that Wikipedia is in many parts just 'opinion' too, like any other scientific or whatever publication signed by an author. Wikipedia has no official authors (just editors in the background), that's why it seems so "official". I see a great danger in the spreading "Wikipedianism".)
1424  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: A Dead Manís (Womanís) Guide to the Afterlife. on: December 27, 2010, 18:49:44

I still think your rebuttal of the validity of regression hypnosis reports is a bit too hard. I've read many accounts of life-between-life regressions that do not necessarily contradict APers reports. They also talk of cities, areas, buildings, landscapes and people appearing in bodies (mostly their incarnations, alternating) - although things are more fluid there.

Maybe it is just because in hypnosis you do not see and experience it as directly as like in a projection. Possibly hypnosis "view" is just like looking at it through a blurrying lens or a filter laid upon their perception, that is why they describe more light orbs and energies instead of "solid" sceneries.

We should not forget: in hypnosis you mainly just deal with memories, unlike OBEs when you are actually "there, on-location" - ok...  later you also report it as you memorised it, but it is still much more direct. (Although sometimes it is indicated that regression subjects get direct advice from their guides or meet them 'live' to discuss some life issues.)

Moreover, many reports on past lives from these techniques lead to validations.

So I do not think it is really that different at the core. Perception may differ due to a different technique, but the content iteslf surely isn't.
E.g. comparing M. Newton's systematisations and categorical stages / locations in the afterlife (somehow chronologically from homecoming to reintegration to life and learning there and to preparation for further incarnations) for me fits almost perfectly with some descriptions of those locations and 'institutions" (e.g. reception center, rehabilitation center, library) described by Monroe and other of the TMI (mainly said to be "located" in Focus27).

Just my 2 cents.

1425  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Merry Christmas on: December 25, 2010, 18:11:25
Merry Christmas to all !!!

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