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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Has anyone actually experienced F4? (From Frank Kepple's work) on: December 18, 2016, 20:22:47
Hi Everyone. First off, this is where I have been reading from:

Okay, now a bit of background about myself. I am currently a student (21) and became interested in AP a few months ago. After a lot of unsuccessful attempts at AP, I eventually gave up. But recently, I stumbled upon Frank Kepple's works and became quite interested in his theory. Now the thing is, I am from India. Being from India, I have had exposure to a lot of "spiritual" texts since I was a kid. I quoted spiritual because I feel that spirituality and science are two sides of the same coin and are often misunderstood. Now, there are several schools of thoughts in India about a creator or God. Now I was introduced to a few texts that had some commentaries on the nature of our consciousness and the nature of reality. I would highly advise people interested in this to read some of Swami Krishnanda Saraswati's (Google him) works. I assure you, the works are not from a religious viewpoint but a product of rational thinking. I guess you could also watch his YouTube videos (, though you might find the Indian accent a bit difficult to understand.  tongue

The reason I gave all the above info was to clarify that I have already been exposed to Frank's way of thinking. The texts I read also go beyond what Frank calls F4 but that's for later. Right now, the F4 region is what interests me. There are a lot (and I MEAN A LOT) of similarities between what Frank experienced and what I have read over the past years. Of course, reading them is one thing but actually experiencing them is what we call "Realisation". That being said, since I am not yet capable of experiencing the state myself, is there anyone here who has actually ventured into the F4 region? Please guide me about this region.

Also, if you guys are interested, I have some pretty amazing conclusions from the texts I read which I have no problem posting on a separate thread. So let me know if you guys want that.


Hi Swastik

I have always enjoyed FKs material on his experiences with Astral Realm.  I would like to hear what you have to say about your own conclusions re the subject - meantime I will revisit what Frank had to say about the F4 - I do not think it is 'Franks F4' any more than I think Frank wrote down his experiences simply to share his story, but because he wanted others to know the data in relation to their own experiences...sharing data to get a better picture overall.   I like your question as to how ones experiences in AT effect their experience of F1  as  this is an important thing, and might also effect visa versa. 
2  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: What I think about consciousness in relation to this reality. on: December 18, 2016, 08:56:51
So with no rebels, parity systems broken down, disparity rising, and that 'prision' mentality what do you propose?
That sounds like someone that went through some desspair, I know of it, I've felt it myself, but then you go back to sleep and wake up the next day not remembering what you felt the previous day, you feel and are fresh again, you rethink about that and you feel and are powerless again, so thinking about all that will not really lead to anything productive, imho.
There is something Budha said, it goes something like this:
If you know you are going to die tomorrow, and you know that there is absolutely nothing you can do about to stop it, why worry?
in the same way,
If you know you are going to die tomorrow, and you know that there is actually something that you can do to stop it, why worry?
No matter in what option you find yourself into, there is only one thing you can do that brings the best of you for whatever outcome in both cases: seize the day.

You have plenty of questions, some I can't even dream of aswering, I wouldn't even encourage myself to give you an answer with my utmost good intentions knowing I have no way of knowing for sure. Your own answer will come, in time.
You propose a scientific solution that goes in a specific direction, that I'm guessing would be encouraged by anyone who wishes the best to any other being, as you mentioned, we work with what we have, and can only expect to do the best with the time we have here.
Being completely honest there may be a thing or more were I lost you, but I hope my paragraphs above delivers the main idea.
Again, the prision mentality, whether it be true or not, focusing on it will only delay you from the practical aspects of your potentiallity, I say just ignore that, and work with what brings the best out of you no matter what.
If there are a hundred people holding a lie above their shoulders and telling you to join them, I say stay alone with your own truth, specially if you know it to be true, or at least (if you think the truth is relative) a better truth than theirs, only then you'll prove to yourself to be stronger than a hundred people, that's it. The process however, may be scary though, but not impossible.

Was it something I said Rakkso?     cheesy

I am not sure why you responded as you have because throughout this I have only given the impression that I am not worried about outcomes and am just expressing the need to be honest about the situation humanity is in.  I do not think that pretending it isn't as it is, in any way helps the situation.

Yes, I certainly am not anxious about the world.  Just because it is as it is does not mean I should ignore it just for the sake of being concerned that paying attention to it might somehow throw me into a depression or some such thing.

Perhaps something I said has cause you a little upset and you are projecting? 

My bad.  I certainly did not mean to do so. 
3  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: What I think about consciousness in relation to this reality. on: December 18, 2016, 00:40:04

Oh you pointed a mayor flaw I had in understanding your theory, I see your connection with the FSC is what I called connection with the mother earth energies, but it was only logical that our Gaia here is made up of pure consciousness and they diverge and develop differently with their own rule sets, thanks for clarifying.

Just to clarify...if it is about 'pure' consciousness then this is the default setting of FSC, not Gaia consciousness, which also involves being within the form of a planetary system - specific to us, the Earth.

As with the pattern, there is a tendency for consciousness to self identify with the form it is in.
In the case of Gaia, the form is specific to the planet, and we can tell from the history of the planet that there is an aspect of a beginning in that and thus amnesia in relation to a former experience - still within the framework of this universe - as to what consciousness she came from,  as an aspect of what she came from which is not directly FSC due to the numerous splitting off of consciousness into forms.

In that case, Gaia would have first experienced being the galaxy - which is an extremely different form to experience and self identify with.

It is just one of those things.  Each incarnation brings with it an amnesia in relation to the prior experience and it takes time to reestablish a clear connection with that prior reality whilst within the present one.

So then Gaia - as she became more and more self aware and aware of her position  eventually surfaced from within the planet and what were the first major forms which she created?  Smiley

Creative expression representing the inner workings of the artist.

Consciousness is all that is, was, and ever will be, I wasn’t thinking of anything too fancy since more experienced travelers here share the idea that we are too primitive while in our physical forms and the upper realms are beyond form and completely shapeless and communication there with any entity is instantaneous (most if not all, are entirely benevolent), even if I managed to get there, there  would be no human or extraterrestrial way that someone could understand, I certainly don’t understand it either, so far I’ve only heard that you would never likely want to return ever again to our primitive planet if you went there.

The universe is a prison.  For those planets in which the planetary entity has succeeded in bringing all its parts into rehabilitation, the focus becomes something else.  Even on planets where the systems of disparity have successfully replaced all systems of disparity, and a planet wide Utopia exists, the inhabitants are still in a prison universe.

I certainly write here my experience waiting that any human reading this can wake from its sea of sleep and that is enough for me and this is what I would have liked to share since it’s all I know anyone needs, appetite for learning new things, but not everyone likes to read or listen to other peoples experiences and my guides have been many and were beyond wise since the main lesson is to persevere in whatever goals one sets out to do and learning that is priceless. So there is no way I can share that lesson with anyone and that definitely makes worth the journey of everyone walking his/her own path since there is no better way to learn the lessons of life.

True on an individual level.  We are not really individuals though, as we derive from the same thing and thus we are collectively that thing and in our present collective attitude, we lean more toward evil than good and thus the importance of helping the situation as we can rather than being indifferent to it. 

Inspiration; that must go on forever, she eventually will guide us wherever our destiny is to go, even if as you say, the current humans are incapable of achieving it or perceiving it, it is irrelevant to the human race at all since it will happen with all of the eternity our race has left.

What consciousness can achieve through form in relation to the universe is quite limited.  Science is the dominant instrument in that regard, and it can only head in a particular direction which involves finding out how to delay death even permanently.

It appears that those with the power and influence have an agenda which doesn't include everyone.  We can see that much is invested into warfare and also space travel.  This has everything to do with prison mentality.  The rich and powerful (top dogs) have the means to create  pockets of utopia for themselves, using disparity as the means in which to accomplish and maintain that.  Their objectives do not require the greater population other than as a means to achieve those objectives.
The greater population are separated fiefdoms (like gangs) and are most often lead by the same type Alphas who are brutal in more ways than just physical force in maintaining their grip on the members, their supporters, and having those supporters fight with other groups, all which plays into the hands of the very top dogs.

Where is Gaia in all of this?  Right their with them.  The difference being that they are of the illusion that there is nothing in the universe which can prevent them from achieving their goal as they are 'it' and Gaia has a far vaster perspective and they are just a small part of that and there is nowhere 'out there' in which they can escape, and for that, they doom themselves to an eternity of being JUST in this universe...or at least for a very, very long time - they have chosen the long path towards rehabilitation.

Regarding the question, I believe the universe to be full of possibilities, and, well, I don’t know, but perhaps there are beings/entities of a higher and more powerful nature, perhaps the ways I see them helping humans is not even a physical one, but what do I know.
What I would say however, is that while he may be God’s favorite, I believe a person does not necessarily need him supporting you at your right hand because, well, I have my reasons. So the moment I was introduced to him, unaware of him in the room, I turned him aside together with a group of what I would have called friends, to my great relief later. But, I certainly believe that since the bible said not to adore altars and figures, I stick with giving my thanks to pure light in whatever shape it decides to appear.

There are no favorites in the sense that the story we have today about Jesus is largely a fabrication of the elite, who - once realizing the cost of trying to murder the early followers because of the threat of the message of parity had against the controllers of the systems of disparity, they devised a way in which to infiltrate and change the focus of the message from within and thus make the message pro systems of disparity.  (God requires you to support those systems but don;t worry, help is on the way in the form of Jesus returning to replace those systems) thus, a false hope which place nicely into the hands of those who created it.  The rebels no longer resist, and are content to work for those systems rather than against them.)

Religions has always been trying to put to words, whatever entity that has, does, and will always dominate the nature of the universe, throughout endless millennia, so I’m in no way saying I’m a bad person who likes to do bad things, I just sort of liked to skip the middleman (which has not always the best intentions for you at heart).

Skipping the middle men is a good thing.  We do not require mediums as such, be they guides in the astral or human beings.
The idea is to trust ones self as a conscious individual (regardless of form or situation) and Gaia incorporates all medium - nothing is done without her knowing - but she is not FS, she is Gaia, so in that sense is a 'middleman' but that in itself is acceptable as long as she is pointing to FS and not to herself as 'the one true god' as it were...we are altogether FS, and none shall enthrone themselves as GOD - and FS does not do this either, because there is absolutely no need to adopt such an attitude of demanding vainglorious worship - these are human constructs, but Gaia - although seen as a goddess, and enthroned as 'the queen of heaven' is only one of uncountable 'queens of heaven' so the reality serves as a reminder not to wander down that path and to keep things real.

It isn't about splitting into a multitude of conscious forms in order to have them worship you as something separate and 'less than' yourself.  Not anymore.

Well I hope to be providing a nice guinea pig to you friend, I certainly don’t think much about that anymore since trying to define myself in relation to something indefinable and unknowable would consume much of my time and thoughts and emotions, so I try to stick to the path of least resistance, even if complicate it bit sometimes, and so I try go for more material and practical/fun/crafty things, and the idea that a truly good man does not need rules or laws, not trying to be self-righteous or something here, just applying my hardly acquired common sense to things in general. There is one however I’ll take the opportunity to mention, ‘to any action one is about to take, consider: would it be better if every other human being realized the same action?’ That’s my little ‘Pepe grillo’ right there, he is the ‘conscience’ that spoke to Pinocchio whenever he was about to lie but he just never listened.

The activity of thought process in that department is rather simply.  If it speaks of unity, then follow it.  If not, then leave it to its own ends.  Pretty clear and simple standard.

In that, while it might speak of unity unto itself, is that unity also speaking of remaining separate and in conflict with other unified groups also in opposition to greater all encompassing unity?

Gauging and adjusting - navigating. Seeing the signs and avoiding supporting systems of disparity silently, towing the line or being indifferent rather than making the opportunity to inject ideas of parity into that.

Yes, they certainly are, they communicate in the less common of ways, O f course, I’m thankful they have plenty of patience with me too or otherwise I’d be dammed.
I know it’s rhetorical, and no I can’t answer for them, but since they are all very wise I’m sure they will get the message across to you if you ask, whether it be a guide or a leader.

My question wasn't one in which I am asking anyone to be a medium,  I do not have the need for such.  What I was attempting to convey is that - for those who do have mediums and who advise others to seek the same, "are they able to ask these guides questions pertaining to the things they come into contact with in this universe and what might the answer be, in relation to this theory, and why the particular answer?"

But anyways, to be more specific, when it comes to people who say they are advised by guides, I like to look at what the advice is and if it isn't about the type of unity I mentioned in my last paragraph, then I suspect something is amiss in that regard.

From the stories brought back from Astral to this world, there are still barriers and separation and conflict and disparity, and ongoing jobs to do  (such as those of soul retrievers) so that being the case, the process is ongoing in relation to rehabilitation...The Astral Realm may be the next step but it isn't the final one and many are distracted by it if they have 'arrived' and there is no more to do but have fun with the distraction.

On that point...I think of the Astral as a creation within the mind of Gaia - specific to that purpose but is also the combined congregate minds of all 'queens of heaven' as it were. It also incorporates human imagination and accompanying belief systems as part of that process.

It follows the pattern (FS going into its own mind to create simulations to explore and experience) and because there is no obvious 'out' in relation to this physical universe, (like there is in relation to the big bang as a sign of an entrance point,) the exit point in relation to death is not some place outside this universe, so therefore it has to exist within the framework of the physical universe - consciousness goes 'somewhere' but that somewhere is firmly fixed with this universe...thus Astral is part of the prison system, not an escape from it.

4  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: What I think about consciousness in relation to this reality. on: December 16, 2016, 21:18:52
Thank you for your post, to be honest I almost felt my brain was going to be poured down through my ears but you’ll be glad to know I managed to put it all back inside and it is consistent with much insightful new knowledge so far.  smiley

Hi Rakkso.... cheesy Yes indeed I understand completely.  Good on you for persevering!
As to Gaia’s principality, you made a clear explanation, I wonder though, since I have not experience connection with her for the first time, if the consciousness emanating from her and the Ideas that represent her nurturing personality, convey with them information that through established connection with her energies can allow us to develop ourselves in many different ways.

Without a doubt!  Whether we know it or not, it is all Gaia - as we are all Gaia.  First step, closest relative. 

I guess what I’m wondering is, since there are plenty of galaxies, is it possible for different types of Earth to have abiding within them, different potentialities of life expression? I’m not talking of different earth data systems within the same galaxy, but different earth systems on different individual sets of galaxies. Life produced should be, (in my ignorant opinion) different because different galaxies have different rule sets for good and evil entities, so their conscious information develops in different ways. Would you agree with this?

This is a good question.

I would answer that there would have to be different stages of rehabilitation going on, even within our own galaxy - Lets call Her Mother - Within Mother would be all these planetary wombs all with their 'Gaias' at different stages of development.  All the Mother Galaxies likewise involved in this same process.
Due to the nature of the environment of spacetime, even that the systems would indeed vary depending on the Gaia Principality produced over that period of time - all are still involved within the Prison and within the rehabilitation process. 

Naturally some would be more advanced and others less advanced.

This is interesting; I believe one of those non-spoken rule sets of the non-physical realms to be that no matter how much you do there is a distinctive lack of memory when you return to the physical from any kind of experience. I state this because I actually wonder if a man possessing connection with the FSC emanations is actually allowed to, in a sense, de-ignorice the people around him, loved ones for example, that abide in willful ignorance, even doing it without them knowing whats going on. But I don't believe that after a glimpse of the data the ignorance would remain and a mighty spark in curiosity may be created.

Yes.  Method to the madness and all that.  Smiley  Mostly I keep my mouth firmly closed because the subject is extremely fringe and woo and completely opposite from what we are told and how we are educated...or it appears opposite at least.

We work with what we have, but as importantly the job is never finished.  That is the nature of our reality.

The connection we have with FSC is in consciousness and all that this implies.  There are a lot of processes involved from Point FSC to Point human being, so the connection is in the fact that we are that consciousness but in humanity this is largely a dormant realization which has its ebbs and flows, historically speaking.
It may indeed be that we are at a critical stage in the development in relation to that mighty spark in curiosity but how can that occur if those of us working on strengthening that connection as individuals cannot bring those connections together in a coherent manner in which would assist that process and get the ignorant curious?

The historical problem related to this is that small pockets of groups form - normally with some kind of leader who inspire the group with his or her insight and as the group grows in numbers the tendency to branch out into subsets tends to also water down that potential and even change the original message enough to stop it having any effect whatsoever - like a being waking up - trying to wake up fully and eventually going back to sleep.

Partly this has to do with the 'everybody wants to rule the world' syndrome and this is perfectly understandable in the framework of the pattern we are within - the original intention of the evil entity which we inherit, so an obvious barrier to rehabilitation which once recognized, can be dealt with by the individual.  We are not here to be the leader.

The competitive instinct needs to be understood for what it is and laid aside by the individual.  The group works for each other and the broader reality and agenda. 

The idea then is to find ways in which to break down the walls which currently come between different factions of theocratic institutions and their dogmas.

In relation to this, the job is likely easier done with people like you and I who, while coming from different positions are willing to focus on and strengthen the similar rather than argue about the differences, because the differences will sort themselves out as that process continues forward in a positive manner. 

A huge thing is happening here and as such, we are ambassadors to our little piece of that puzzle and where these fit into other piece of the puzzle in order to give us an overall picture of what is going on.

For me, the leader is Gaia and this places someone, other than a human, at the helm and in relation to Gaia, we are the Children/Child and She is the Mother/Father and we either continue to ignore that and support our little fiefdoms or we lay those things aside and allow the collective data to flow and align through us and into the larger collective cause.

In order to do this, what we each know to be truth has to be able to align.  It is not a case of 'my truth makes a lie of your truth' but rather 'how do our truths fit together and give us a bigger picture of what The Truth is?'.

The onus is on us - the 'spiritual' - to be the example to the willfully ignorant by showing the world how this can be done.  This process is happening even in the Astral is evident.  The walls have to come down.

Regarding the evil entities, I can understand your statement, but, wouldn’t it also be true that evil entities, abiding in earth's life platform, through careful and divine mediation be allowed to produced more offspring’s or less evil entities different from them until perhaps there is one entity that causes no harm and can prolong itself perpetually for the benefit of whatever biological form it comes into contact with? This would be so frighteningly advance that I can’t conceive a brain or even various brains to actually know this so this is just stated as a possibility coming from an ignorant perspective.

Are you speaking of entities such as Jesus?

I agree with you too on how this should take place, and is taking place, and particulary that is not an area I am interested, you have strengthened the bits and pieces of knowledge I’ve manage to gather and for that I’m thankful.

This is what we all are essentially here to do.  We are representative of one being which is separated in many parts but the separation is illusion and those of us who see through that illusion are at the front of the wave, so to speak...the opportunity to use our short sentence here to help that process is something not to be wasted on the distractions.  Easier said than done, but let us continue to encourage and support one another with that.

You know this is something I consider quite amusing, I believe both theist and atheist blindly believe in their own idea of the conception of the universe, see, a theist, would at least fundamentally believe that the universe was made of an intelligent design, like a programmer would build a MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games)  with its set of rules, while the atheist, believes that the MMORPG is completely built on randomness and the only thing I can think of, which is the law of big numbers. Both lack precise objective experiential knowledge of the source of all, and they seem to me like magnetic poles of one and the same thing, that ‘same thing’ is it random or not?

Nothing in a designed universe is random.  Wink  they are two sides of the same coin - a beast looking in the mirror and not liking what it sees.
I find atheists extremely good for testing this theory because they naturally resist and in that I use them to help me find holes and so far, nope - there own atheism prevents them from even being able to allow the mind to go into the theory and from there, to find any their use is limited in that regard but all the same, very useful.

Theists respond a little differently but again, their own dogmas/beliefs also can prevent them from accepting the theory but I haven't spent too much time in that department - this is the first such message board in which I have offered it to theists for examination and critique.   

Unless of course, they would have out of the earth knowledge as well as guidance from higher beings that actually know the truth whatever it is. But I’m speaking from the perspective of regular humans who are far below the mere thought of this idea and in no way are capable to answer with certainty as to which one is true and which one is not and so they rely on being guided by whomever they accept.

Guides, (physical or not) are part of the process even in relation to Astral - and those who participate in AT know that their experiences are real.

Does this mean that a theory such as this can be taken to those guides and their opinion given as to its authenticity?

In relation to leaders, this applies to any and all administrators and in relation to internet message boards does my theory 'pass the muster' and able to be integrated into?

I don't know.  I am the messenger and my task is to convey the message as succinctly as I can in an effort to help break down such barriers which might be preventing a collective platform from developing.  I am not invested in any particular outcome because I understand there is all the time in the universe for that to happen - time itself is not a barrier to this process of rehabilitation and if leadership feels threatened by this message it is because their agenda is not aligned specifically to this necessity for rehabilitation - and while therefore an obstacle, is not in itself something which can last forever, but it is something which supports systems of disparity and so will share the same fate and share the responsibility of supporting that resistance to rehabilitation and this is why the next step is also part of the rehabilitation process;

•   Other simulations exist to which we will eventually experience as the next step in the process of rehabilitation once we have completed the life and death sentence of this simulation.

In the best of cases, if both are truly blind, I believe each side should take to itself the dominant positive personality traits that best characterize the opposite side.

That would be a good thing.

Yes, indeed, we'll just have to stand firm until proved the opposite, thank you very much for the time placed in your explanations. smiley

Thank you too Rakkso.  May that process continue.  Smiley

5  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: What I think about consciousness in relation to this reality. on: December 15, 2016, 06:30:22
But ultimately wouldn't that also mean that FSC is inherently an intelligent being, the matrix from which the reality of a mere ‘number’ first sprang, to form all else physical and non-physical, or inherently building itself over itself and with the help of more of itself, in a way, through countless previous repetitions, and so it formed the best pattern/s that allows itself to express itself through countless ways of frequency, shape and form.

This, I believe to be the fundamental reality of consciousness, and I believe I can see through your idea of consciousness entering as good and bad entities, and that all of our experiences with consciousness on whatever level of being carry with them the previous nature or impressions the consciousness left in another existence.

1: What confuses me is your interpretation of consciousness being derive from a evil entity, even if in this state both good and evil find themselves in that simulation not knowing the part they play in it, 2:you seem to imply that previous to that simulation consciousness was… either more dominant evil or that there were more evil entities with the same abilities as fewer good entities?

Hi  Rakkso.

Wonderful questions thank You.  Smiley

1:  I am focused on our universe in relation to consciousness.  In this I am looking at what this universe consists of and how it developed from the Big Bang to present day (and also where consciousness is headed in the future - but that is not important in relation to your question so can be left alone for now).

So in relation to the OP theory, this point;

•   Our simulation is a specific creation designed to place evil aspects of consciousness within for the purpose of rehabilitation from the affects caused by other simulation experiences which have promoted evil intent and malevolent behaviour.

I should really modify this point so that it reads "An evil aspect of consciousness" so as to keep it simple - but anyway...I haven't decided yet if that needs to happen or not.

So this point is showing a prior state in relation to out present universe and the actions of placement is what the Big Bang represents.
In that, the formations which have since occurred are the product of the Entity which was placed into the simulation.  So, "Why do I think the Entity was Evil and came from a simulation which allowed it to experience pure evil"?
The answer is in the state of our present universe.  What better place to put a powerful entity into?  Thus the next point of the OP theory;

•   Our simulation is designed to hold the evil intent in a place where it can do the least damage and has the properties necessary as a first step process toward rehabilitation of the wayward.

Bear with me here...

2:  It is not a case of more and less.  It is a case of best ways of moving forward.  Pure Evil is a self destructive closed loop system, and in the case of all powerful entities of equal ability, it becomes nothing more than a harmless distraction (because no damage can be inflicted which cannot be corrected) but the fundamental problem is that it goes nowhere and the distraction is so powerful that all focus is on trying to achieve the impossible for an eternity of eternities...with no result.  Look at it as one entity casting a *spell* at another, and the other entity creating a counter spell to nullify that spell...on and on, all in the hopeless attempt at getting the advantage needed to make the other entities subservient to you.

This is why I used the metaphor that entities outside that simulation could see the problem that their brethren within the simulation had no idea about.
This is also why I used the expression "And the Entity took the bait" because all these entities good and evil are equal in sovereignty and power etc...none can overcome the other so what the good entities had to come up with was a way to seduce the evil entities from their preoccupation with pure evil by giving them another way to practice that evil where they could get the upper hand and be the supreme ruler of everything.  The Evil entity could have its very own universe in which to act out its fantasies.

And this universe is that simulation.  We are all of us, able to trace our line back to that evil another simulation 'we' were that evil entity.

As such, we (the entity whole) created how this universe would look by the power of our (the entity whole) innate ability, with in mind that we (the entity whole) were doing so for the purpose of deception - to deceive the aspects of consciousness we (the entity whole) would then place into those forms using aspects of our own (the entity whole) consciousness to do so.  Those forms we (as those aspects of the Entity consciousness) see as galaxies, star systems and planets, moons etc...)

Now I am sure the above could be worded in a better way, but right now it is beyond me to do hopefully you and anyone reading this will at least get the gist.

Point being in all that process the Evil entity created from its own essence creatures in form to which it could be GOD over...essentially lording over itself in an extremely unhealthy manner.  Smiley  A kind of 'self worship' if you will.  Smiley

Now while the entity had all power to create the forms of the universe, it did not have the power to design the simulation platform and in that the platform was specific to hold the Entity and all its works in the one place and form was not created or manifested instantaneously but in real time for the is like the genie in the bottle and effectively trapped in that bottle until such a time as it is able to fully rehabilitate through that process.

Be that as it may, this is not as cruel as it might sound, because the entity needed all that time to engage with ideas and create the environment that suited it.

Q:  Did the entity realize immediately that it had been tricked?

A:  Likely not.  It would have been too distracted to understand the full ramifications of its choices.

Q:  Has the entity realized now that it was tricked.

A:  Most likely, which is why we have a story of a One God as a *true god* and there are definite clues which we can see to which rehabilitation is the requirement.  If we did not, then the entity would still be playing the god-game in relation to its parts...and we would have no idea as to any of this and would not even be discussing the concepts if we were still locked into the deception and only the entity can reveal to us the need to rehabilitate.

So one last thing re this concept.  The entity repeats the pattern re FS in relation to dividing consciousness for the purpose of experiencing simulations and in that is still the overall consciousness within this universe, and the other aspects are like sub-sets of that consciousness, and as such - every time the *splits* occurred (entering Galaxies and then entering Star systems and then entering planets and then entering planetary forms - the deeper it went, the more amnesia occurred.

This is important to know because it explains why we are not born with the conscious knowledge of is encoded into our subconsciousness so we do have access to it -at least potentially.

That is why I said - the Gaia principality and the entity consciousness represented the entity to which we are most closely related.

Which of course leads nicely into your next question;
I wanted to propose an idea that if I’m seeing clear, aligns well with your theory and that of Subtle Traveler as well.
Our inner beings consciousness or the consciousness that sprang from the whole of the universe everywhere at the same time, is the driving force behind all forms, shapes and sounds and so we are all made of her on a fundamental level, so, do you believe that through different centers of the universe streams, we are capable of experiencing different simulations which are only played with the purpose of conveying messages that she may be waiting for us to connect and translate to a manifestation of her here? (I’m speaking of it as ‘her’ here because it sounds good, but in all reality makes more sense for it to be a neutral being).

Referring to 'Her' is acceptable and you are correct that in reality, gender is not that significant.  FS is neither male or female but both and more.

Same with the Evil entity which was placed into this simulation.
The purpose of the split at our level is to provide self sufficiency in relation to seed.

So yes is the answer to your above question.  Gaia (is not what I personally all Her, but I use the name in respect to the common understanding of 'the Earth goddess) - Gaia is all of us, individuate.  Thus, as us - we created all sorts of GOD concepts (largely as a natural enough way in which to *explain* our existence), and Gaia is  responsible for giving life to all those GOD ideas (even the evil ones) as per Her agenda in relation to rehabilitation. 
When I say 'giving life' I mean that She is able to work with the individual and if an individual starts asking the serious questions, and seeking the answers, the individual will (as we know) be answered and the answers come in a variety of ways, through visions, OOBs, NDEs, occult devices, you name it,  If you are looking, you will find.

BUT (ah there is always a 'but') Smiley  Gaia has an agenda, so it is important for the individual to align their motivation for finding answers with Gaia's agenda.

For Gaia it is a balancing act because She wants the individual to connect but has to work with whatever the individuals belief systems are.  She is capable of acting the part in order to obtain the connection but the individual also has to learn that there is a reason behind this acting and that reason is to get the individual to see her as she truly is, rather than as our beliefs would have Her act. The risk here is that belief systems will then become dogma and the connection become infertile for that.

For example, the historical move away from a many gods belief to a one god belief was part of that process (and still is) and in relation to the One God idea, this has evolved into a MALE one which is because of ...well that is another aspect of the story which I won't go into right now...but suffice to say, the feminine is more the nurturer and this is part of Gaia's agenda...nurturing is supportive of rehabilitation and a system of parity is required which needs to replace all the current systems of disparity...and Gaia has enemies who know the truth and work against Her Agenda.

So she works with what is available.

On that note...this has to do with the splitting process mentioned - Gaia also had to do this in order to move out into the surface of the planet into the form she created (through the process we call biological evolution) and in doing so, sub entities were created to handle the different tasks needed to achieve this,,,and some of those entities...developed their own agendas... which is where some of our myths can be traced to.

Let me form this as an example, if you put an animal, any animal in captivity and you keep it very feel feed, with the best commodities the animal could have, and give it plenty of reproduction opportunities, the consciousness of that being , and the consciousnesses of those being that sprang from the older being, are not connected to the FSC due to lack of knowledge/evolution and so  will come to decrees and so the expansion and joy which Subtle Traveler makes reference too will now be achieved and felt, and so the consciousness having not the stream from the FCS will not evolve to a higher being. In this way, the gap from chimpazees to humans stops looking as a matter of evolution, and more as a matter of creationism guided by higher beings that help a chimpanzee become a human, and so on and so forth. With this in mind, and taking into account that the simulation the FSC is playing here is that of playing the part of purely good beings, that so help in the development of all creatures who manage to feel the simulations from it, is fundamentally more preferred to be achieved than the play and part of beings of evil nature consciousness?

Now I’m not saying one is obsolete and the other is not, I’m trying to express my idea of the FSC having a preferred good attitude over an evil attitude.

Ultimately a major factor in the rehabilitation process has to do with this very thing.  It is not 'good' or 'evil' it is rather that evil is non constructive in relation to consciousness, because it goes nowhere and creates barriers to constructiveness.
Where it helps 'good' is that it gives example of what not to do, where not to go...and even for those entities not trapped within this simulation, provides data which is helpful...all feeding back to FS and assimilated, assessed, and from that data goes back 'down' through the levels and finds its way - even all the way to us..way deep in the process...thus our subconscious 'knowing' is not only justified, but receives the potential help that data offers, should we accept it.

So to those who remain cut off from the data, due to any amount of distraction, and even willful ignorance (preferring to remain indifferent, ignorant and even purposefully engaging in ways to make it difficult for others to find out this information and act on it) it matters not because time is no problem in relation to rehabilitation...even by the look of this universe, as the flow of consciousness happens in relation to our particular part of that process...Gaia is the immediate source of that flow.

And on that - (sorry for the length of post but how to convey such concepts any other way?) - in relation to evil, and it not being constructive in relation to consciousness, evil has the potential to destroy all current life on this planet and thus Gaia will have to start the process over...which she is obviously quite capable of doing - and improving on the forms for that - but really?  How is that constructive?
So, our task is to continue to inject knowledge into the human arena to at least help avoid this having to be the case...but also being able to accept that it may not be enough...

As to the rehabilitation of humans, specially those of evil intent, going through evil incarnations to improve themsleves through countless simulations, that are not even perceived normally, your theory is one I would subscribe to entirely as it resonates with what I've experienced too. Thank you for sharing this and apologizes in advance if I’m late to reply to anyone here.

Thanks for making the effort!  As we know, giving and feedback to giving helps the process of bringing the knowledge together into a coherent picture which we all can subscribe to and support.  Discussion debate etc  is best motivated by that agenda.

You also mention this:Do you believe that beyond the holistic sense, science can ever achieve methods to understand it's ways?

Science is not for the purpose of answering questions of ontology etc.  Anyone who uses science to argue against such, does so by interpreting scientific observations to suit their particular bias and agenda.  Will science eventually discover this underlying reality of consciousness?  I think it has already shown us that this is the case, but scientists - especially of atheist persuasion- interpret what they observe, with that possibility not even under consideration.

Atheism by the nature of its fundamental rule, cannot accept Intelligent Design as anything even to contemplate.  Simply "no".  But of course not all scientists are atheists.  The more important question would be "can theists accept this OP theory?" because dogmatism is something which is extremely hard to break the bonds of, once the individual mind has accepted those dogmas.  Organised religion exists in relation to those entities I mentioned who are working against Gaias agenda.

Hard to say how all this will work out.  Crazy world.  Smiley

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To me, everything exist in the eternal multiverse, with endless realities. At what level, or point, if you will do you think it becomes real, as a simulation means the opposite?

Essentially it does not matter.  Consciousness is real and never had a beginning and will never have an end.

(this also does way with the Infinite Regress argument aka "Turtles all the way down")

Therefore, whatever you are experiencing is real, even if it is a simulation.

The ultimate reality is First Source Consciousness - That is the point which can be called real as all else derives from that point.

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Hi Wi11iam, I don't have anything to add here as at this moment in time my own thoughts and ideas are all over the place. But I do want you to know how much I am getting out of this conversation between you and ST. Thank you.

Hi Nameless.

Thank You for taking the time to let us know.  Smiley  I am glad you are getting something from the interaction. 

All the best.  Smiley
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Question! Why do you use the term "simulation"?

Hi LightBeam

Thanks for your question.
To answer, I think that, perhaps because I don't know what else to call it...but also because it gives the impression that it isn't a real thing, as in 'the only universe which exists' - also  - although I have been thinking about this for many years,  trying to place all the pieces into some coherent form, it has only been recently that I felt confident enough that I was on the right track with this and was watching different youtiube videos on the subject of simulated universes, plus watching this video 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation? and because I think of the universe as a creation through intelligent design, and how I also see clues within it which give me that impression.

But I don't think it is that important what I call it and generally people get the idea of simulations - they get the gist of what is being conveyed.

(edited to correct grammatical errors)
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Thanks for further explaining and delineating your presented simulation.

Thank You too Subtle Traveler.  I hope that I will have more opportunity to do so.  The fact that you are willing to congress with me allows for this to happen (and visa versa).

I agree that experiences with nefarious and malevolent beings do not end with our physical experience here on Earth. They are in the beyond, too. I also agree generally with the proposed inter-connectedness within your simulation (without making a leap to "oneness of all after physical death").

As per the OP theory, the oneness is a matter of fact in relation to this;

•   Consciousness has always existed and always will exist. It had no beginning and will have no end. I call this consciousness "First Source" to denote the fundamental essence of all other types of consciousness derived from this one.

There does seem to be a misunderstanding. My guidance isn't a belief. She is a real being who presents herself as a slim brunette female, who I have met and communicated with several times in the last year (since July 2015).

I think the key expression here is "presents herself" in relation to what I was saying re our beliefs.  From my study of the stories ATs bring back with them, the consistent thread seems to be that 'we create our realities', which is not to say that the entity is not real, but that your need for her is.
That btw is certainly not a criticism.  As far as I am concerned the only *thing* which is real is consciousness.  What form it takes on is simulated.

FS is formless, and particularly beyond comprehension in the holistic sense.

(think of the simulations as being within the mind of FS.)

My understanding is that each individual here is a physical extension of their own inner being - which is a community of beings and lifetimes or one large, timeless, complex being. This understanding is probably presented most clearly by the recent work of Frank DeMarco (e.g., Rita's World I and II).

Well I hope you will bring more of that to the table.  That was the invitation in my opening dialog;

Now I am sure that most of you will probably agree with some of my points but I am interested in whether anyone might have some additional information which might be able to argue against this theory.

To clarify, I am not looking for (or expecting) argument which is not contributing to the general well-being of all parties involved.  I consider all theory to be debatable and if holes can be found in any of them then it is a matter of finding ways in which to seal them or - if not, to let them sink.

I am not one for belief systems acting on behalf of good logical argument. Belief systems are often accompanied by an emotional need to hold on to them , even dogmatically, and in the face holes being pointed out in them, people can be very precious and count that as insult...even if no bad language accompanied the argument.


The main focus of the theory is to address OUR particular universe, its properties in relation to human consciousness and why human beings are behaving as they currently do.

So if I am understanding you correctly re that last quote is, the part in me represents One being which is the Sol system consciousness which entered into the system (to be the consciousness of that system) and specifically related to planet Earth (think of that as like the womb of the Sol body) and in doing so was then able to create from the inside out, all forms on the face of and in the planet and imbued said forms with her consciousness.  WE are her, in diversity...the forms allow for the diversity.

There is certainly duality in this Earth (simulation) experience, but there are accessible higher states of being where humans can experience non-duality. A good example of this is Tom Kenyon and his work with the Hathor's "Aethos". I can speak from experience that this thing works. This is why I had a question about the scope of your comments about evil.

I have no problem with that idea.  It fits into the OP theory.

Overall, I think that the point where we differ is in our perceived purposes in being here in the physical. My understanding of my purpose ... I am here for the joy of the expansion of consciousness. I came here for that "ride". I did not come to redeem (be saved) ... I did not come to learn (addressing past karma) ... as a physical extension of my complex being and guidance, I came here for the joy of that expansion ... essentially the expansion of Consciousness.

This I am not quite sure about and if you could expand on it I would be grateful.

However, (and please correct me if I am getting it wrong) This gist of what you are saying still fits within the OP Theory.

The reason for this is that - from what you have said there - Your primary reason for even being here in human form works in with rehabilitation...and I think where you are not quite getting me is in the larger picture, which I explained in my reply to Xanth (if you haven't already, I would encourage you to read that) - but essentially the experience of pure evil has meant that the requirement for more than one simulation and more than one step in relation to rehabilitation.

You and I and all of us are aspects of that Evil Entity.  All consciousness, no matter how many uncountable simulations and uncountable variations of form and experience FS proceeds through, always carries with it the autonomous nature of FS.

When you say you came here for the joy-ride and to help in the expansion of Consciousness, that is still part of the process of rehabilitation, and the world needs more joy in relation to that.

I would like you to elaborate on what you mean by the expansion of consciousness in relation to this simulation if you would.

In closing here, I would like to - I feel it necessary to - explain that I recognize good and evil on this planet and in the actions of humans beings, and in relation to the situation of that consciousness in and on the planet, a prison is what it is.  However, when using such dualistic terms I am not doing so from a place of judgment.  I am doing it from a place of understanding and acceptance.  Please do not be concerned that my theory - saying we are all derived in this simulation from an evil entity - essentially that 'we' were that evil if this is somehow something to abhor and resist as a concept we shouldn't adopt, because it may 'go against the grain' of our experience with and feelings of being good.

We are that entity on a journey of rehabilitation and that journey is taking us back to our real and true self - FSC...not good or evil in the sense we within this simulation are accustomed to understanding such concepts.  First Source default attribute is neither. 

This post is quite long - but I need to quickly explain what I just said.

The OP Theory says;

•   First Source Consciousness creates the simulations and uses these to explore and experience. This process allows FSC to imbue aspects of its self into innumerable simulations without having to leave its dominant reality of FSC.

Expanding on that, when FS creates simulations, it is done in all innocence. It is a thought which instantly manifests into an activity so to speak.  In exploring simulations which allow for pure evil expression, this is not what FS is in essence.  It was done, and then the requirement to undo what was done, all mechanisms necessary for this to be accomplished are in place or otherwise created in order that rehabilitation can occur...and the beauty of the process is in that FS now knows what it is like to be pure evil and what lessons were learned therein and how that might apply in other simulations.

In this simulation, all is not pure evil or pure good, and that is one very good reason why I think the simulation has to do with rehabilitation. 

Thanks for your personal response. Your attention is appreciated.

Likewise Subtle Traveler.  May our journey in this continue. Smiley

P.S. I am going to have to look up "Tipperary".  smiley


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Hi William ...

Overall, your listing is fine. I can see that you have put some time into these questions, so thanks for sharing your work. Certainly, each of us needs some room (space) to figure things out.

I also wanted to comment that the "human beings as evil aspects of consciousness" seems rather odd from my experience. I guess that I would generally point to my own experiences in this way. While on Earth, I am (all of us are) essentially a physical extension of our inner being or higher self (whatever you want to call that non-physical part of yourself). The human is only a small part of who I am, but it is not evil or 'less than' other parts of who I am.

From my own experiences, once I met my guidance (during an OBE), I was able to begin to confirm these kinds of things for myself (and let go of several beliefs that I had at that time). So, I would encourage you to ask for assistance from your inner helpers when sorting through and forming a theoretical perspective. Overall, getting 'lined up' with the non-physical aspects of myself has been a key to understanding who I am. My own experience is that guidance is here for that reason and therefore wants to help with that (as I allow).

Hi Subtle Traveler

I think in answering Xanth I have covered your query also.   Essentially the non physical aspects of self  that one engages with are representative of ones beliefs etc...and in that you are doing and recommending that I do is a sign that you are proceeding with your part in the overall rehabilitation process.

Those who are not, they experience what they effectively manifest through their attitude and if that isn't anything to do with rehabilitation then evil will continue to be supported, invested in and protected - manifested on this planet as systems of disparity.

Afterlife also has good and evil aspects (as anyone who travels the Astral Realms will confirm) and so rehabilitation processes are ongoing, as per the OP theory;

•   Other simulations exist to which we will eventually experience as the next step in the process of rehabilitation once we have completed the life and death sentence of this simulation.

We are all individual aspects of the evil entity which was placed into this present simulation and until all individual aspects are rehabilitated back to the default attributes of FS, the entity continues with the rehabilitation, and no doubt the rehabilitated individuals will help in that process - certainly there are stories aplenty coming back from those who travel the Astral simulation, that this is the case.

It is a long way to Tipperary, but time is not a problem in that regard.  We ALL will get there eventually.  Smiley

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Welcome back Wi11iam.  Smiley

I'm liking your theory so far.  It mostly rings true with my own experiences and theories as well.

I'm curious about the "evil" aspect of your theory.  From time to time, I toss around the idea that enlightenment for all on this planet - at the same time - can't ever happen... and more to the point, I believe that *IS* the point of this reality.  I'm wondering if this physical reality is setup with that in mind.  For each consciousness which is able to spiritually grow and become "enlightened" within the confines of this physical reality and then dies... it almost seems like there is two which takes its place which have a lot of work on their own to become enlightened beings.  Meaning, there can never be a critical mass of enlightened beings on this planet at any one time.  

So, the idea being that the point of this reality would seem that it's a spiritual growth bonanza for those who are capable and see it... for if you can grow spiritually in the climate which this reality provides, then you'll speed forward on that trajectory.  Otherwise, you'll be "everyone else".  

I'm not sure if this speaks towards your "evil" aspect you refer to above, or even if I'm able to get my point across.  LoL

Thank for your reply Xanth.

From what I am understanding re your reply, you are getting the gist of it for sure.  Obviously the points of the OP theory are concise and require further explanation as needed.

In this case, the metaphor I use to explain has to do with;

•   Some simulations have allowed for consciousness to focus upon, explore and experience evil expression.

and this;

•   Our simulation is a specific creation designed to place evil aspects of consciousness within for the purpose of rehabilitation from the affects caused by other simulation experiences which have promoted evil intent and malevolent behaviour.

This means that evil existed before the creation of this simulation (or reality membrane etc - no need to tarry in arguing semantics) and as such, the metaphor goes along these lines;

This signifies is that something happened in relation to the evil entity being PLACED into this simulation.  What was it which placed that entity into this simulation?

Did it design the simulation and then go into it, or did other entities design the simulation and somehow 'make' it go into it?

I think that these are two questions which can be asked, and the one I have focused on is the one I think is the more likely of the two.

Evil expression goes nowhere.  It acts in a closed loop system in which - consciousnesses cannot leave the situation wilfully - because of the nature of pure evil expression and so it needs assistance in that department.
The closed loop system means that consciousness within it with pure evil intent has no way of finding an out, even if it were to look for one, which it cannot do because of its pre-occupation with evil activity.

Add to that, that there is more than one entity involved in that simulation, all involved in an endless game of finding out how to suppress all the others and become the supreme ruler of that universe.  All of the entities are of equal power and ability - Sovereign in their own right, so the game is harmless enough for that, but also rather pointless - They exist within a closed loop system  and are unaware they are within a simulation.   There is no internal desire of finding a way out of it, because of the distraction of their expressions within it.

From within that simulation, everything is 'normal'.  Evil is not understood in ethical terms.  The entities are merely doing what they are doing.

From outside that simulation entities observing the goings on see anything but 'normal', but what are those entities who are doing the observing?

They are aspects of FSC (First Source Consciousness) which have experienced simulations where they can practice pure good.

This state is none conflicting but is also a looped system.  Because of the nature of good, there are less distractions, and those entities effective learned how to go out through the same portal they entered after they have learned what they can about pure good.

But out to where?

Out into the simulation from where all  entities first were before they chose to experience simulations of pure good or pure evil.

These entities, now well versed in the experience of pure good, were able to observe the state of their brethren within the simulations of pure evil and see the problem therein and came up with the solution.

They created individual simulations whereby the evil entities could be placed into in order to rehabilitate from their experience of pure evil.

This - our universe - is one such simulation.

That is the outline.  From there I focus on this (our present) universe being created to place ONE of those evil entities into;

The 'first step' in itself involves a number of steps into this simulation, and the forms which manifested from the moment of the Big Bang until present day are reflections of the Entity which was placed into it, [stated on the basis of the notion that the observer creates what is being observed.]

As the space expanded and the matter solidified, the opportunity to enter into the integrating matter became available...through the galaxies, into the planetary systems and into the forms which evolved in/on the planets...all one being, separating in countless individual representations of that one being, all involved in the journey towards rehabilitation.

However, it is not the case that the Entity was aware that the simulation was created for that reason.  The entity was under the impression that it could practice its pure evil without the interference from other Entitles of equal power, and be the thing that it wanted to be...the ruler of the universe... at least the ruler of this particular universe it was experiencing.

But the properties of this simulation weren't and aren't  really designed for that purpose - it just gave the appearance that this was what it was designed for.


And the Entity took the bait.

But that was then and this is now.  Now the Entity knows that the purpose of this simulation was designed specifically for its rehabilitation.  Being the ruler of this universe meant that it effectively had to divide and multiply aspects of itself and those were the aspects it was the ruler of.  Essentially being the pretence of the ruler of itself within a simulation it could not escape from and had to deal with...and the only way to deal with it was/ guessed it...rehabilitate.

From the 'top' down, in that sense.


Also in relation to what is going on re this planet - more and more 'souls' entering the physical plane...I will give more on this later - but it has to do specifically with the Gaia principality and the entity consciousness represented which we are most closely related.  Smiley
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Hi folks.

Its been a while since I posted on this forum, but I thought I would share what I have been learning in my journey through this life in relation to the true nature of this universe.

Now I am sure that most of you will probably agree with some of my points but I am interested in whether anyone might have some additional information which might be able to argue against this theory. goes.

•   The universe is a simulation.

•   Consciousness has always existed and always will exist. It had no beginning and will have no end. I call this consciousness "First Source" to denote the fundamental essence of all other types of consciousness derived from this one.

•   First Source Consciousness creates the simulations and uses these to explore and experience. This process allows FSC to imbue aspects of its self into innumerable simulations without having to leave its dominant reality of FSC.
Essentially this means that metaphorically it is Father/Mother and it is also the Children.

•   Some simulations have allowed for consciousness to focus upon, explore and experience evil expression.

•   Our simulation is a specific creation designed to place evil aspects of consciousness within for the purpose of rehabilitation from the affects caused by other simulation experiences which have promoted evil intent and malevolent behaviour.

•   Our simulation is designed to hold the evil intent in a place where it can do the least damage and has the properties necessary as a first step process toward rehabilitation of the wayward.

•   Other simulations exist to which we will eventually experience as the next step in the process of rehabilitation once we have completed the life and death sentence of this simulation.

Those are the basic points of the theory. The theory itself is the combination
of other theories and belief systems which human beings are influenced by.

"Human Beings" are evil aspects of consciousness and their forms and environment are specifically designed for the purpose of rehabilitation - the first step in the process.

These are the main points to the theory.



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Robotics now.
14  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Re: Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment on: June 06, 2013, 09:54:54
15  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Re: Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment on: June 05, 2013, 18:10:32
Entropy = disorder of sorts associated with unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system.
"Lowering Our Entropy" = learning how to maintain order regardless of unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system.

16  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Re: Our Future In The Physical Universe on: June 04, 2013, 18:10:22
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Nice experience and thanks for sharing.

It is realistic to think that such creatures as whales and dolphins are able to AP and if so they would be more adept to it as it is more like their own environment in a lot of ways and they might even be able to effect the human astral experience.  Perhaps this is where 'Aliens' might be sourced - as they are very common in many AP experiences and I think the experience is confused with abductions as a way for the mind to make sense of their experience.

Perhaps 'aliens' are the whale/dolphin expression in humanoid form in efforts to make that re connection...
18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Does astral travel prove consciousness exists independently of the body? on: May 30, 2013, 01:52:25
This is more or less what I was saying in my last post to you, in response to what I thought you were saying in the third of your three points, when you said, “The experiences are real but certain key elements are missing which can assist in the experiences being objectively shared”. I thought you meant by that, that such experiences can’t be shared, but now you seem to suggest they can be.

Yes - I was saying that with certain key elements, the experiences can be shared more objectively.  What would those missing elements be and how to go about finding them would be something which would require some kind of understanding as to the nature of that alternate reality and study of the shared experiences of those who report that objective aspect of that reality.

19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Does astral travel prove consciousness exists independently of the body? on: May 28, 2013, 22:14:40
I agree that our individual experience of astral travelling can’t be objectively shared as, indeed, our individual experience of having consciousness can’t be objectively shared but this does not negate that we have consciousness. So surely the same reasoning can be applied to the astral travelling experience, in that those who have it (numbering possibly millions of people) can testify that they have astral travelled, even if the individual “astral adventures” they experience whilst travelling can’t be objectively shared.

Sure, but to what collective purpose is the subjective individual experience?

One answer is that it can provide something of a picture as to what is happening objectively - there are enough shared experiences which verify this objective aspect of the overall astral properties.
So it is no unlike our individual experience which we share in this physical reality - we can and do experience it subjectively but it is still an objective reality that we share.

What is missing in the subjective experiences is the ability to altogether experience it objectively.  It (astral) thus has more of a reflective quality entertaining the individual ego personality rather than providing any particular purpose outside the whims of that personality - which is something of the way individuals live their lives in this physical objective reality and the reason I suspect that many who can, experience this altered state subjectively.

Read Frank Kepple on "Focus Four" which he describes as "Primary Focus 4 of consciousness is the subjective source of all the actions in consciousness. "

All the subjective actions of consciousness gathered as a coherent, intelligent self knowing objective certainty.

20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Does astral travel prove consciousness exists independently of the body? on: May 28, 2013, 08:21:35
The reason why I dismiss #1 is due to not only my personal validations but those of others. Back in late February, I had an OOBE that ended up being more of a prophetic vision. It involve my older sister who was living in Maine at the time. I was told to call her and tell her what I saw. All the info that I was given turned out to be about 97% correct (yes, that is a made up percentage but it would only be more accurate if I raised it).

My sister was literally stunned and speechless for a couple of minutes. Only she and I can definitively say that there was no rational reason or means by which I could have come across this info in any other manner. Since there is no way for us to prove that this experience was 100% genuine and such, I would have to keep #1 up there if I wanted to be speak objectively. This doesn't invalidate anything though. This is obviously your second possibility listed. cool

 # 1  tends to say that the brain which would (if it were true) not only be the creator of consciousness and personality but is also playing tricks on what it has created...on consciousness and personality.

In relation to the experiences which are happening, if it were the brain then it is capable of so much more than what it generally provides in terms of life's experience in the physical and this would show in the way life is being experienced as a species.  If it can generate such awesome and intricate altered states then it should be able to process the same way in non altered states. 

It could be argued that the brain would remain in these altered states if it could, but since it needs nutrients etc, it depends on a functional body in which to work to provide for what is essentially its survival, but again, one would have to ask WHY it wants to survive when it could simply switch over into an altered state, especially since it must know that it will eventually die and thus all states would cease for it.

Of course - it may be limited and actually require the body rests before it can successfully create the altered state and any interruption to that process makes this very difficult to achieve.

However it would be fair to say that it should be able to commune with that which it creates (consciousness and personality) and even force itself to override the personality in order to be heard.

It could be argued that the brain wishes to survive and experience for as long as it is able to and thus will give the personality experiences which might assist the personality to find ways of making sure it has the best chances of achieving this.

It could also be argued that the brain knows it is finite but also knows how it can influence other brains in order that its input is not wasted as it is passed on to other brains and in this way it indirectly 'lives'.  But this seems to be more a function of personality.  It is personality which wants to live, even as it looks to the 'afterlife' and brain would not 'care' one way or the other, because it is just an organ - one which is able to create personality and consciousness but is not interested in either other than as something necessary in order to function in this world.

Perhaps then, the brain creates these alternate experiences simply to keep the personality and consciousness interested?

So it is possible that altered state experience is indeed a product of the brain.

In relation to the type of prophetic experience - how can the brain predict the future?  Obviously for a skeptic who has never experienced such a thing, would have to argue that it simply is not possible and you must be making up stories to reinforce your belief systems.

However, with the possibility that we are living within a very complex hologram, it can be hypothesized that what you experienced was something akin to accessing a program and bringing that data back with you into this reality and seeing it unfold as reality in this reality as you foresaw it in the alternate one.

If so, then perhaps the best place to focus on is not so much the alternate states but THIS one in relation to that one (which is obviously the over-lording influencing reality of the two), and find ways of proving that THIS reality is a virtual one which can be exposed as such.  If it is, then where is the engine which runs this hologram?  Obviously it must be somewhere outside this physical universe - independent of this physical universe and if this is the case, then why is it that we as a specie are largely unaware of this and only rarely access data which can provide subjective evidence - as in you own case - but is not the ordinary and consistent experience of those who experience the alter reality on a regular basis?

What is preventing such a thing being the norm?
21  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Does astral travel prove consciousness exists independently of the body? on: May 28, 2013, 03:49:50
I believed that we were more than our physical bodies long before my first OBE. Before even having read any materials on the subject whatsoever. I just knew it and I was just a child. Later as I was growing up and reading about spirits, supernatural abilities, Monroe's first book, etc just reinforced my belief. And when I experienced my first OBE I fully understood what feels to be aware of your duality and to be completely free. Also I have experienced several reality validations which matched later what I observed happening on the other side of the globe from where my physical body was laying. So, it's ok to form a basic belief based on other's experiences especially if there are literally millions of cases by now around the world. And especially if you have that gut feeling that it is true, go with it. Your instincts are most likely leading you to the right direction. Not everyone can achieve regular OBEs for whatever reason, but that doesn't mean they can have the comfort and excitement to believe and expand their knowledge second hand. Always, however apply your logic to everything you read, because you must understand that besides the basic out of body state, what every person experiences out there is strictly individual based on their state of mind.

Some good relative points.  The more data shared, the better the picture becomes.
22  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Does astral travel prove consciousness exists independently of the body? on: May 28, 2013, 03:47:18
I think that the vast AMOUNT of personal experience out there, while isn't "proof", is very hard to ignore.

This is very true - and that amount points to the very definite possibility that these personal experiences are only subjective.  What that points to is that:

1: It is indeed the brain which is causing all the experiences and they are not real.
2: The experiences are real but are and can only ever be subjective.
3: The experiences are real but certain key elements are missing which can assist in the experiences being objectively shared.

23  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Does astral travel prove consciousness exists independently of the body? on: May 28, 2013, 02:19:04
Maybe not convince the world, but at least other astral travellers that their experience was more than subjective. It would be interesting to set up an experiment for this by forum members who can astral travel. As in the case of NDEs, people who have had them can describe accurately, before they were revived, what was going on in the surrounding environment they “died” in. Would this not be also possible with astral travel? I’m assuming it could be.

The experience is still subjective.  Its seems that there is no real way known where those who can OOB have been able to compile reams of evidence for public to view to support subjective experience being objective as well.

I remember once on a forum doing an experiment with other members to see if we could affect outcomes in this reality.  We chose Crop Circles as our target of influence and 'ordered up' kinds we would like to see.

In all cases, what was asked for came about with the addition of the pleasantly unexpected and we all could subjectively agree that we might well actually be having an affect together and certainly it looked like we were interacting with  whatever intelligence was creating these patterns and it was quiet exciting as far as experiments go and there was enough evidence of circumstantial nature to maybe get the interest of scientists, or if not - others who might be interested in joining such an experiment.

Unfortunately our experiment was scuttled by a personality who jumped on board and was not getting what she ordered and then decided to take a crop circle and say that it had a clear image of her and her pet dog in it - which was not at all obvious certainly not from a scientific point of view (certainly what we were doing showed very obvious correlation) and then she went telling everyone she could that she and her 'group' could order up crop circles and demanded we support her and the whole thing unraveled.  It was pure and clever sabotage.

Fortunately it did help me to understand that not everyone wants us to connect with this intelligence and will go to some extraordinary lengths to make it look like a bunch of woo woo nuts which in turn got me thinking about why some don;t want the general public knowing about this kind of thing...

I guess the underlying point of this little story is that rather than try and prove that which is of another dimension and regarded by science as something of the mind, it could be looked at the other way around - that is - do something in this world which can be seen by others in an objective light, either through their participation or their observing the experiments.

24  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: Ouija ~ Connecting With Higher Self on: May 27, 2013, 23:26:02
In relation to the 'magic' of it all, this video best describes that for me.
25  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: Ouija ~ Connecting With Higher Self on: May 27, 2013, 23:14:01
Q:   How does your particular Ouija board, or should I say mirror, actually work?

A:  A mirror use on its flat side this way can be call a board, or even a screen.  I called the devices UICD – Universal Intelligence Communications Device(s)  All mirrors etched on their backs.  Fasinating to make – if you have the inclination I can walk you through the process.
How Ouija works – on that principle.  Firstly it does work.  That is the science of it at its common denomination.
It actually works as a communications device.

Q:  Is it a one man operation

A: It can be.  The first time it was used, there were three individuals with their finger on the pointing device.  Over time I learned to use it by myself, which gave me additional information regarding it overall usefulness.  Ideally using it solo is the best option.

Q:  Do you use a pendulum?

A: No.  The pointer I used was an upside down small whisky glass.  I also learned to lubricate the mirror surface with a fine layer of vegetable oil. Later on I developed the pointing device by placing a pencil cut to almost the same height as the inside of the glass which I tacked to the inside of the glass base – this allowed for even more precise communication.
As I developed to using it solo, I used a feather as the pointer and rested the mirror on my lap.

Q:  When you make contact with a being that seems trustworthy and knowledgeable, I assume that you would like to make contact again. Have you done this and if so, how do you know it is the same being?

A:  Yes I have done this. get to know the subtle differences and they do not speak for each other, which makes it easier to, although they do agree with each other as far as I can tell.
There is also a ‘level’ where the many are one, and there is a significant representative of that concept which does in effect ‘speak for all’...there are also ‘layers’ of these ‘spokes-personalities’ – for example, all species have a collective ‘hub’ where the sum total of their collective data of experience is stored and correlated.  This ‘hub’ is intelligent (thus conscious) and is the significant representative of the species collective.
It is not however, the significant representative of another species ‘hub’.

Q:  Have you channeled any entities that are like the famous Seth and his lesser known cousin, Jarrod?

A:  I am not sure this is channelling in the sense it is often portrayed....much like I have difficulty seeing two persons communicating over walky-talkies as channelling each other although they are using the same channel in order to make that communication possible.
I have communed with some ‘famous’ entities, some because of my belief system structures at the time, such as Jesus, Mary, Jehovah.
Others, who are known by a variety of names, such as ‘Elohim/Wingmakers’ – but I started out communing with a personality called ‘Amy’ who had once lived in the same area as we were living – in the 18 hundreds in a small town called ‘Livingstone’ in a building which had originally being built as an Athenaeum until the (gold) town went bust and became farmland.
The first communication with Amy included YXYXYXYX...something which took me a while to work out and lots more time using OP.
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