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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Can't Astral Project anymore on: October 04, 2017, 16:22:12
Hello everyone, its been a while, I have been absent due to real life taking over a lot and also was looking for my answers in myself.

Took a little of time but I finally got back into being able to project  myself... instead of reading more about it or so I started to try to find what was blocking it , started to meditate, and ofcourse thanks to all of you, but specially thanks to Phildan1 who I been chatting with since then I was able to realise the problem was in myself.

Everyday's problems were taking over my mind a lot and so even if busy I tried to meditate everyday and specially every night and have a more positive outlook into "life", I also recently started to get back into things I liked to do before, like yoga and gym classes in Sweden which I wasnt able before for nearly 2 years since we were trying to make a life in Portugal which didnt work out.

Anyways again I got into meditation and realised that where before I used to be crappy at it and feel nothing or just fall asleep, now I could actually meditate properly the more I did it... now I can feel my body going numb in seconds very relaxed where I even stop feeling anything, like a heavy blanket on top of me and many times my awareness seems to be fading away from my physical with floating away sensations or just dont feel physical anymore... also been times I seen the white color a lot when my eyes are shut which I believe would be my chakras, also seen red and others but mostly the white I noticed a lot... and ofcourse the vibrations at many times.

From all this maybe 1 week ago I finally started to be able to project by myself, from meditation with silencing my mind and then also while sleeping using sleep cycles or while "dreaming", but specially by meditation or sleep cycles... now I am just writting to say I am back in track now so people know there is a good conclusion to my situation and I will keep practising it now.

I hope with this someone who finds themselfs in similar situation I was can find the same or similar answer to their problem... in the end the thing that was blocking me from being able to project was myself... I had to "solve" my problems that mentally affected me everyday even those that were more subconscious that I didnt realise before where there...  also started to try be more positive and responsible in my actions in my day to day life but I think thats more like a nice side effect belonging to who I truly am and want to be.

So thank you for all of you who took interest and tried to help me out.

Take care and see you all around.
2  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Can't Astral Project anymore on: September 07, 2017, 09:31:42
Hello again all.

I wasnt able to consciently project yet but in my last nights I been having dreams I been remembering better the details, the first night I wanted to write it down but since didnt want to wake up my partner I just stayed awake a while and tried to register it all into my mind to write in the morning... saddly when I woke up in the morning I had forgotten most of the details.

Second night though I had a big dream and was able to remember it all and wrote all the details in a dream jornal I started to make now... I was also able to partly be conscient and do things I wanted to do, in the end I realised I was dreaming  but was mere seconds from waking up already saddly.

I been having some phenomena related to OOBE in terms of feeling my "body" vibrate a bit before falling asleep but I lose conscience after that saddly or someone or pet wakes me up when I am actually staying aware and focused on my intentions lol... cant say our home makes it easy for me to project sometimes and thats why I started to try to practise alone during the day and such too...

Anyways just wanted to give a little update, will say more when more progress is made, now that I realise though another reason I stopped to practise before was because our home with the pets and my partner didnt make it always easy for me to do it hehe, but I will find a way around it now since I am really interested to improve and explore deeper.
3  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Can't Astral Project anymore on: September 04, 2017, 20:12:14
Thank you Baro-san and Phildan1 Smiley

I think you guys are right about what I should be doing... seeing it this days, even though I couldnt project I could feel something was already different with me... so I am sure motivation plays a big part for sure... I have to also make it like a thing that makes part of my everyday life...

About the pdfs and binaural beats yeah I understand... I am getting more information in my mind and feels sorta like many roads of learning and action... when I already had a method that worked well before I think I should really concentrate in that one right now and remember what made it work so well before... also my lifestyle before for sure played a good part on it... by the way I heard about methods with sleep cycles like you talked about, some that worked on a timer clock or so, would like to try that sometime.

I didnt have any sucess this last night but I am positive I will get back to where I was with time and I am thankful for all the tips, help and opinions of you people here.

4  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I keep getting dreams of hell. on: September 04, 2017, 19:54:27
Not only do I get dreams of hell but I can often feel it's texture, it's very stuffy, and dense, and dark, with lots of sorrow and sadness. In the dream I either feel like I am going to hell because I deserve it or that I'm in hell. I know Tom Campbell said that we should look to our dreams to see how we are or something like that. I do know that a while back ago I got PTSD and I believed I deserved hell at that time. I went through an emotional breakdown that took it's toll on my soul. Even though I've healed a lot since then I feel like my emotional baggage is coming back to haunt me. I think my PTSD probably has caused my current recurring dreams of hell. I hope when I die I don't go to the bad lands. Thoughts?

Hello PlasmaAstralProjection and everyone, I was reading you guys posts and wanted to give my own opinion.

About your "issue" with the dreams from hell friend it seems normaly connected to your life problems, I can never say I know how you feel and how is this happening, also not like my opinion is "Universal Law" I could still be wrong Smiley though I doubt from personal experiences with life's problems...

When I was younger I used to be deeply affected by life, family problems, outside problems, world problems... this all together instead turned itself into many repeated nightmares that happened with the years... I was really scared also because was so weird how a dream I had a year or two ago or even more years would come back and just like a recorded tape... and I thought I never thinked about this things in my life... but deeply inside I realised the feelings were there...

I also had "dreams" I saddly dont know yet today if was just dreams or a warning for things about to happen, but well I am not here to talk about me... but well people who usually feel things very strongly( very emotionally sensitive) tend to have this sort of dreams too.

Now about the case you explained it seems that your lifes worries are still with you even when you think part of them are gone or all, and everyone deals with problems different so there is not a "heal all method" but positive thinking and comming to terms with your problems does help a lot, sure you heard this a lot before though Smiley, I dont know your problems but I am sure it is connected with what you having now.
Giving an example there was some traumatazing experiences in my life, and deep down I always thought low of myself... and this lead to nightmares somehow connected to it and they repeated themselfs too which was very disturbing... but when I started to come to terms with it years later those dreams also stopped comming up, sometimes I think of it as a curiosity but never came up again...

I seriously hope you get better from your nightmares friend, about mine if you curious its been many years since I had any nightmares of significance, the repeating ones stopped very long ago... maybe since I started to have another aproach to life and be more in peace with myself ( mind you I still have lots of stresses which probably right now are screwing up my astral attempts which I been asking help/opinions about lol) only thing I could tell is the episodes of paralysis and astral projection some of them have been really scary and like things crawling on me, touching in weird places etc but since I came to terms with my own fears about it it went down a lot, but when I started to really try to practise was super rare a "nightmare" episode and even when it happened I took it passively and got out of it fine, means I still got to deal with some fear in me though Smiley

I dont know if I helped anything but I wanted to leave my words, I also think your not going to "the badlands" even if you having this nightmares right now, looks like you are in the right track too in dealing with it and I am cheering it will all pass soon.

5  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Can't Astral Project anymore on: September 03, 2017, 20:39:29
Hello again guys Smiley

I wanted to thank for the nice replies of PhaPriSpa, Baro-san and Phildan1 first.

The day PhaPriSpa replied to me I tried to read the pdf that were linked to me and apply their advices in my tries to project, while I wasnt able to project yet, I think that thanks to it I started to feel a little better emotionally and more in touch with it.

What  I did that day was that I read the pdfs and tried to apply their advices in my routine, also I watched some videos about astral projection I had downloaded from Lucidology 101 ( can find them on youtube) and also I listened to some shamanic Drum Trance music for 1 hour, while I also have Binaural Beats I felt like shamanic drumming sessions this time... I tried to feel the music and relax, while I didnt project I felt a pre vibration state starting from my feet comming up but I lost it due to disturbances in the room( pets Smiley ) I was happy either way with the results... was long I felt so in peace too...

I tried during the night to project but then again I wasnt confortable enought, think the bed is a problem even my partner complains she cant sleep well in it, but I felt more ready to have an OBE than I been in months... so I guess I just need to keep praticing and not rush it, today was also medidating outside listening to the birds and taking some sun light was relaxing... I think I need to remove my problems temporaly if can have any chances at it... then I keep reminding myself I am awake/aware during the day.

I want to thank you Baro-san for the nice information you sent here, I will be applying it to my projection tries from now on too, I also need something where I feel movement, I have tried before and I always felt something was happening, but my problem was I wasnt passive enought mentaly my mind wandered... need to work on that still...

And also wanted to thank you Phildan1 for your opinion which is greatly appreciated! also yeah I think I been forcing it which doesnt make it come easy... I will try to follow your advice and program my subconscious before falling asleep...I remember as a kid I used to do this self suggestions a lot and they worked often for me to have lucid dreams... so I need to try to do it again Smiley

As a plus this night I could recall very well a dream I had, every detail, I didnt write it down since didnt want to wake up my girlfriend/partner but I stayed awake a while to make sure was well registered in my mind... was so much I even had another dream I was writting the details on paper lol... anyways I was happy because my dream recalls have been very lacking this past months due to tireness and stress...

Anyways I will keep posting my progress and checking the answers too, also reading sometimes what others post to get some insight and maybe sometime hopefully can help somehow with information... take care all and see you all around Smiley
6  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Can't Astral Project anymore on: September 02, 2017, 10:23:07
Read the book of Letitia M. Kimball called "Keys To Successful OBE" as it is ESSENTIAL to change many things required to be able to have Astral Projections (/Lucid Dreams), the links to it are below.

Keys To Successful OBE

I quote some of the text of another Post that might be of help.

My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)


Thank you for your kind reply/help Pha Pri Spa Smiley I shall be having a nice read into the books and see if it will help me to be able to project easier.
I shall give updates in the near future of my condition, at this point I tried again this night without sucess...

Best Regards,

7  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Can't Astral Project anymore on: September 01, 2017, 19:30:07

Hello Everyone

I will go by the name of Alex, for very long I wasn’t able to post in the forum... wasn’t lack of interest but lack of time and many things happened in my life till today, like the recent fires that affected our life’s in Portugal, etc.

I had started to write a bit on the forum long ago, talk about my experiences, which the last ones were amazing! And was thankful for the insight and tips of those who talked with me.

So my problem is like this, when I started to open myself to astral projection, it started almost immediately, like I had opened something I had locked up for years (used to have paralysis and lots of vivid dreams I could control in the past), my way of doing it was always from when I went to sleep or took a nap, I tried other ways, learned to mediate etc. but never was able to do it from there...

But in the last months I barely can do it anymore... sometimes I go to sleep during the night after waking up and I am able to feel the vibrations and fall into paralysis but wake up right away... and then I just fall asleep without being able to make it happen again and make it go further...

I am not sure what happened because before this I used to project so easy... almost happened natural when I wanted, many times by accident without even thinking about it...
I will be putting the possible reasons why I can’t project so easy anymore... I would like other people’s opinions in what could be happening to me and how to be able to sort myself up...

- I had a time I "closed" myself up to project, really didn’t want to project anymore, done this for months, many things were happening in life, to busy, and some of the projections were becoming a bit "scary" in the way I felt weird things around me even while awake, now I am not saying this in a demonic or spiritual way but maybe life stresses were getting to me so, anyways after many months without projecting really when I decided was time I could do it again... I couldn’t do it anymore or nothing close to what I was at before, now I know astral projection isnt like bicycle riding but feels weird when I tried first times it went so fast and now barely anything happens...

- I became more unhealthy both physically and mentally... recently I discovered I had some hernias from accidents in neck and back(L5,L4 specially in the back) that caused me issues for months and now have to live with it... while the pain is mostly gone most of the time if careful, I don’t feel so confortable physically... and the mental part would be stress related and also sadness for my health problems... also gained weight due to lack of exercise/work in the past months.

- Another stress related issue is that we were trying to make a life in Portugal... but their burecracy in our district and the last straw the fires in Portugal affected us in a way that we decided we want to leave the country and sell our place... so our "dreams" we had for there were shattered and now got more problems to deal with and lack of harmony in our lifes right now.

- I used to do exercise, walking and gym, working physically, also used to read more about astral projection and other spiritual topics that I had curiosity about, when we moved to Portugal a lot of that changed/stopped and could be another cause.

- I always feel tired... and when I go to sleep I try to be always conscious that I want to project, or to wake up and do it there and then but never works usually... always fall back to sleep without noticing... in which the part I said I feel always tired plays a big part( I said usually because once or twice it started to happen but then it stops… I try to be passive about it also but I just wake up instead).

- Maybe I lack also motivation… I don’t think I do but maybe my drive before was higher than right now… due to life’s problems and such.

Those were just the major things, now I been trying besides the sleep/dream method also the rope technic, roll over, target and lately also to just let myself imagine I am flying somewhere around the room, this method as proven to work in some ways like able to relax almost immediately and fall asleep fast… but usually also lose awareness fast and just go into sleeping, passive dreaming.
In all this methods I tried I am able to fully relax and lose awareness of my body but nothing more happens… just once or twice I felt something more wanting to start, like some starting vibration, but maybe due to trying to hard I can’t…also thinking that I am over thinking this and should just try to do it like I usually did it before, from my dreams/sleep/naps.

I would like someone to give me their opinions from what I just explained and from their experiences, while I know maybe most of that I said is affecting my projection rate I would like insight and to hopefully with some tips to get back in track eventually, lastly it’s always nice to hear from others who also practice and/or have more experience which gives a nice moral boost, most people I know in real life I can’t talk about this, and while I have full support of let’s say my girlfriend she doesn’t practice due to lack of interest so she can’t help me much here…

I thank everyone in advance for your insights and sorry for the long text and also sorry if posted this in wrong section wasnt sure which one to put it on...

Take care everyone and speak to you soon.
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: I want help to know if this was a projection or just a dream on: November 18, 2015, 13:58:25
To me, this is very definitely a projection! Wink I say well done and good luck to you. Smiley

Odd question, but what's your sleep schedule? Cheesy

Thank you FuzzyQuills Smiley and lol my sleeping schedule is not always the same also depends of my girlfriend time she goes to sleep and such, she usually reads before sleeping since she cant do usually otherwise and the light disturbs me a bit and movements not to say the 3 dogs in the room moving and making noise while we awake Smiley but I would say I usually go to sleep around 10 or 11 pm and wake up between 6 to 8 am lol.

Also to give a short update I tried a new technique this night and worked very well... seems its much easier to me to project after I slept some hours and then when I wake up I dont move or open my eyes, just go back to sleep but focused on my intent, doesnt take 5 seconds maybe and I am projecting already... the episode was short this time again but I was in bed, lifted myself feeling sorta heavy pushed towards the bed, then I tried to go check on my girlfriend, she was turned the wrong way from reality in the projection but I was paying attention to details anyways, I felt I was getting less "heavy"(pulled maybe better term) too the more far away I was from my starting position but well I woke up afterwards... I am now trying various projection techniques too because I would love to do this from more ways than just my sleeping times and from lucid dreams, also I don't experience the paralysis for long would like to meet it again and try from there lol, also I felt the vibrations very strongly just once as I said and weird astral winds in my ears 2 times but not been feeling those since I spoke about them too...

So now I am trying the rope technique, I felt something sometimes but lost focus on the way due to the pets making noise or similar or just falling to sleep while trying to do it lol... then done also the Hammock technique which seemed to have some results... either way I am sure I will get better with practice and time, I want to try many techniques with time too see which fits me best, as for now what I notice I am getting better at is the breathing and also can now feel my body heavy and starting to disassociate with my physical body, the noise in my head gets lot louder and I feel some sort of deep inside my head but before more I either lose focus or when I felt something more was about to come have bad luck and a dog barks in the house or a car comes , a phone rings or similar stuff, I feel like I need a sound Bunker lol Smiley
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: I want help to know if this was a projection or just a dream on: November 14, 2015, 00:42:45
Yeah I understand it much better now, now its just a question of practicing to get better and learning methods and such from now on, I thank you all for your nice answers and helping me out was really nice of all of you,  also thanks so much Szaxx for your advices in my previous post, fear is always there but I think I got much better at ignoring it or turning it into something good if I feel it there since in the end it is all my own fears so its up to me to face them too, I can say I got much better at the weird feelings in my body like things are touching me and stuff, I just ignore them mostly and focus on what I intend to do and it disappears fast after that, I am also reading more now about it from different sources since I want to get better at it and learn more, I will keep you guys posted also will be reading some forum posts from now on, there is much to learn but maybe can help someone someday too I hope, have a nice day you all and see you all soon again I hope take care Smiley
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: I want help to know if this was a projection or just a dream on: November 10, 2015, 17:23:35
A dream is a projection. You just hallucinating while you do it.
The difference is in the degree of lucidity or awareness when your there.

Thanks for your answer first Bluefirephoenix, I just also ask because some people talk about we dreaming about projecting and say its different from the actual projection, so from this I suppose I already achieved projection since I was aware it was a dream and was exploring this dream world always with the same level of awareness.
11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / I want help to know if this was a projection or just a dream on: November 10, 2015, 11:47:21
Hello all again, I decided to make a new post today since the other one is sorta old by now and the topic of it its different from today's so I thought was better to write it in a new post, this night something weird happened 2 times to me and I would like opinion from people to help me analyze my experience so I know if it was me learning better how to project or so, I have a feeling it was a projection but I will explain now what happened.
First time was during the night, I was sleeping and I entered that state I usually entered before with weird noises in my head, maybe not as heavy or loud as my first experiences to try to project when I was in paralysis but it was still some of it, so anyways I "awaken" in that state turned to the side I was sleeping and I dicide I want to move and try to see a bit around me, I feel very heavy and slughish but I tell myself this wont stop me so I slowly lift myself up  as like when you do push ups but with the knees on the floor and I slowly turn to my girlfriends side to watch her, she was sleeping and I was able to touch the blanket and such but not able to really interact or call my girlfriend, then I woke up, okai now its the part of why I was questioning if it was a projection or not, first thing I noticed is the pillow I was sleeping with my head on in this state/projection was blue dark( thats the pillow cover that I sometimes use but it went for washing a few days ago) and in reality its white now, and in the projection/dream my girlfriend was turned to my side but in reality she was turned up almost to the other side.
Now for the second experience I had in the morning after my girlfriend had left the bed to go walk the dogs, I stayed a bit longer in bed and without realizing I fell asleep instead of just staying a few more minutes in bed lol... anyways what happened was this, I thought I was awake and moving towards the bed, I could hear some noises outside the room like the pets having fun( have 3 dogs) I was moving towards the door to open and say good morning  and give a kiss to my girlfriend( this is something that happens often in real too) and then suddenly before getting to the door I get pushed/teleported back to the bed and I start to feel the usual feelings I feel in sleep paralysis but again not as intense and I used to feel.
 I hear weird noises around me, I feel some weird feelings like things touching me around me like my butt area and similar and stuff, and the noises start to get louder a bit and some vibrations but I dicide to ignore everything this time and just focus on my intention, I believe I can get out of bed this time that I am getting better at this, so I was able to slowly get out of my body, think it was like that at least but I didnt look back to check if there was a body, the weird thing at start though was this, I was like in my vision bringing fragments of the blanket with me, I tend to have always the blanket on top of me even in my head too sometimes so was like when I got out of bed I brought parts of the blanket with me for a while and I could feel it wrapped around me for like 5 to 10 seconds before the feeling dissipated, I moved closer to the door of the bed room, and what I did was decide to trespass the door since it was closed like usually( girlfriend closes the door so the pets wont disturb me if I am still resting) I was still moving slow but a bit faster than before, and then I put my hand towards the door and the most amazing thing happens for me, I start to trespass the door slowly, I felt a bit of resistance but not to much, on the other side I didnt see the pets but I could see my girlfriend on the computer drinking her coffee and my vision got all fine maybe after I passed the door.
I tried to call my girlfriend  and such but she wouldn't hear me, I was able to pick her glass and started to knock it on the table to make her notice me but nothing, she just goes back to her stuff, then she decided to go downstairs for some reason , for a moment I thought she noticed me while I continued knocking on the table but no, she went downstairs and went inside the living room and I followed, I noticed the living room the sofas were missing, it was sorta empty a bit, to be honest now maybe more parts of the house felt emptier but I didn't pay attention to everything... so I noticed I couldn't call her so instead I called my spirit guide and then I started to feel a presence close by, I saw some strong light coming from upstairs but was moving slowly to me it seemed, so instead of making it come all the way to me I tried to meet with it too but before I could climb the stairs I then woke up and I then just decided to get out of bed and do my stuff and now I find myself writing all this while its still more vivid in my mind.
So my question is after explaining my experiences is if you think I was able to project or just a dream? I would think it is a projection since I was able to project my intentions, I knew I was in bed in reality and I was able to maintain myself focused all the time without losing sight of myself to a dream or so but I would like to hear opinions from others with more experience.
12  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Doubts about my sleep paralyzis episodes on: November 01, 2015, 20:33:40
First I wanted to say thank you guys, for reading and for sharing your experiences,  it was indeed fascinating the experience and it is nice to hear other people also had the same experiences or similar... I guess for me might take some time til I learn to get out of my body... I still feel stuck though now I can move my arms and I couldnt before... I guess its just a question of getting used to it so it becomes someday like second nature for me to get up or move from place to place or so...
 Also to learn to not get excited or so so I can stay longer there... I not been rushing and not in a rush either, I been trying to be passive about it too, truth be told like I said I was starting to wonder if I had "lost it" but I was also not trying to hard to get it as I have read if you concentrate on it to much and think of it to much its lesser the chance to get results... but I start to have this feeling inside now that I am starting to learn how to do it more easily as I did it last night right after I went to bed while trying to focus on staying awake but let the body sleep and now this morning... now I dont know if I am fooling myself but I like to believe so and hope to give more updates soon about how it goes for me...
I agree to think that we so used to our daily life that we usually just see our normal physical body on projections, I would love to experiment later once I got more experience with it though...
Anyways I must go now but like I said I will keep reading here and will give updates if anything more happens, once again thank you guys and take care too have a nice day and see you soon.
13  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Doubts about my sleep paralyzis episodes on: November 01, 2015, 11:08:02
Hello again, sorry I took so long to post but til just recently I didnt have anymore episodes as I had mentioned I was starting to have issues to have it happen before... I been some days resting this days without doing so much so I think thats why yesterday and this night/ morning I was able to have some more finally... the episode of yesterday to be honest I dont remember it super clearly anymore due to not have been so important it was very similar to the episode that started this night, I went to bed and focused in staying awake( focusing on my third eye and trying to turn most of my mind blank without thinking to much) but letting my body sleep without movement, it happened after a minute or so I guess I was tired, I woke up in that sorta similar to paralizis state, I cant really move my body or get out of it but I realised yesterday I could move my arms already a bit slow but quite well, I felt something weird all over my body, like energy going all over and touching certain sensitive spots too, what I felt was weird was like I had a presence in my head trying to bother me, like a ghost inside my head but it was not doing anything bad to me besides making my head feeling heavy and like squashed feeling or so without pain... I came to realise though that all this was just due to tireness I had last night since not been sleeping so much lately and been going to bed more late...
 Then I tried to wake myself up but I didnt do it to hard so instead of waking up I went to a half realistic dream, I call it that because it was a dream but the details werent so good on it, was like pieces were missing on the world around me or so, I thought I had woken up and I came out of bed and feel on the floor and my girlfriend came to me to care for me but then I realised was a dream and the dream was starting to turn into a nightmare but I woke up before that, I told myself I would go back to where it started and control it better and not care but I just feel asleep and dreamed naturally after that...
 But in the morning I had to go to bathroom, closer to the time we usually get up, and after that I focused again and was able for some maybe 20 to 30 seconds to do it again... I didnt concentrate in moving my body but this time I keeped my eyes wide open, I was looking at my girlfriend, I heard some hallucination noises like when my girlfriend is reading a book and I hear she changing the pieces but in the projection she was just laying down like just before I went into it, I moved my hands to touch her and I noticed something that made me quite happy thats why probably I woke up because I got excited maybe but my hands werent really hands in a sence... was almost transperent blueish white energy or similar hands, I was trying to touch her but I was sorta trespassing her a bit instead... afterwards I woke up... I tried to do it again afterwards but no sucess, but was happy with the "progress" and to know I didnt lost this... was getting a bit concerned since been a while since I had a paralizis episode before lol...
Anyways that was it sorry for the long text and I will keep posting when more happens take care everyone and thanks a lot Szaxx for your support was important for me as I dont find many open minded people out there or that would give advice for this.
14  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Doubts about my sleep paralyzis episodes on: September 11, 2015, 23:19:48
Just to give a small update off my situation... I was able the other day to go into sleep paralysis again,  I was sleeping in the morning and I realized I was dreaming so I willed myself to the sleep paralyzes state and there I was, I wasn't afraid this time and didn't feel anything weird just some usual weird noises,  I tried to focus to be able to get out of the body but before anything happened I fully woke up, I think the whole thing only lasted some 10 seconds I started doing it to late I think since was already around the time I usually get up... anyways its been long now since I was able to go back to that state always tired so I don't even put enough intent into making it but will be trying it again soon once my body is more used to the current physical labor I been up to this weeks, realized though its easy to go into sleep paralyzes from my dreams if I become aware so will try more often from there and also from afternoon naps if the right environment is meet...
15  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Doubts about my sleep paralyzis episodes on: September 01, 2015, 17:04:57
Thank you very much Szaxx, its nice to know alike people and to get advice of how to proceed, I shall read from the link you sent and try to learn from it, I shall give input later in how it went and once again thank you for helping me out I am really interested about this and want to get better at it even if takes time as I am sure it will, as you say I have to overcome my fears and doubts that I know I have deep inside...
16  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Doubts about my sleep paralyzis episodes on: September 01, 2015, 12:12:14
Hello everyone, first I would like to say I am new here and that I am happy to be here, I been trying to find a forum before to share my experiences and also read about other peoples experiences and techniques, and so now I am here with you all Smiley
I am writing to you all now to get some insight and advice to my "problem"( which isn't really a problem would call it a block/impasse lol...), for me to explain what is my issue I will start try to tell accurately about my past experiences with OBE.
I think it all started when I was already 3 or 4 years old, I remember well my past from young age, I dont know to say if its because of who I am or due to having lost my father when I was close to 7 years old from heart attack... either way that isnt important whats important is what I think that happened when I was maybe around 4 or 5, its not easy to know since I was so young and I didn't register things chronologically I can only say from what I sorta remember from the first day I remember of having awareness( which I do) to the day I first think this happened, since the day of awareness of myself that I tell you about I remember having dreams and nightmares, often I had nightmares and some very weird ones too sometimes but can only suppose was thanks to my sister watching things on TV or so I wasn't supposed to watch yet lol. Either way I always remembered my dreams well and til this day I do remember dreams and a lot of nightmares I had since little...but there was one dream I had that didn't feel like a dream... I was around 4 or 5 when this happened, I used to go to my parents bedroom sometimes to tend to sleep between them since I was afraid of the dark, but this night it felt different, I have a feeling it wasn't just a dream but can never confirm for sure since I was so young, til nowadays I only considered it a very vivid dream though things always felt weird about it.
I was going to my parents bedroom, it was dark but somehow I could see very well in the darkness, it was still scary and I was specially scared of the basement door installed on the floor of the room my parents had there, I was going to their bedroom with intentions of going to their bed, but somehow I think I was pushed instead close to the basement door, I thought I was screwed for obvious dream like reasons but then a very shinny light showed up from behind me if I remember right... it came towards me and stayed floating in front of me and the door and told me it was dangerous to go there that I could get hurt, so even thought it was like a light ball flying on the room it somehow helped me stand and carried me back to the bed where my parents were sleeping, I remember feeling very good, safe and happy while I allowed this light to help me and next thing I just remember waking up in the morning in my parents bed alone, before I forget have to say I always had lots of episodes of sleep walking since I was little til I was around 12 or so, then it stopped.
I didn't had anything like this happening to me again for long, at least I don't remember, I had many more dreams I would remember, many I would even take control and do what I want and such, anyways later when I was maybe 10 years old the husband of my oldest sister( got 3 older sisters) died of leukemia, and some days after that I had my first episode of sleep paralysis, I was in my bed without being able to move for how much strength I would do... and then I see the head of my sister dead husband rising up from the side of the bed... I completely freaked out and I somehow was able to wake up... ever since then I started to sleep with my belly down since I was afraid it would happen again... I wasn't sure if would help but I was just not wanting to have more nightmares since then I considered that a nightmare just much later when I was about 20s or more I started to understand more about OBE and sleep paralysis since I was always curious about the occult and stuff too just scared about it also at the time... my mother was always against this things also so it sorta stuck to me for a while too.
I remember sometimes later when I would take a nap in bed or sofa, I was maybe around 15s or 16s, if I would be lying with my belly up in bed I often had a sleep paralizys episode... it was very frightening for me... not being able to move and have a sence of something being in the room out to get me or so... sometimes I even felt stuff touching me on the sides and tickling me or so... I would eventually force myself to wake up with an idea of storing energy inside me and wait for the right moment and then push myself all at once, usually it worked most of the time though sometimes I felt so tired I couldnt do it or so... this also happened sometimes while I was sleeping in the morning, one time I remember my mother going inside my room to fix clothes she had washed and such, and I was able to see what she was doing and such but I couldn't move from bed, tried to call her but didnt work and I realized my eyes were actually closed but I could see very well and also had some sence of astral eyes since I could close and open them too, I asked later my mother if she had been in my room and if she had done this and that, ( like put socks and underwear in the closet next to me and clothes in the wardrobe) she wasn't sure but she said it might be possible and I never thought much about the matter after that...
A few more episodes happened til I was maybe 24 or 25, it was always the same sleep paralysis thing, I sorta considered only a normal occurrence explained by science that it was a physical thing and so on, thought deep down I always felt it could be something more... but either way I had realized this only happened to me when I was lying up in bed so I stopped doing that, and so I don't think it happened to me anymore til just some months from now, and it just started to happen because I decided I wanted to.
I was one day thinking about life while working outside on our farm, and feeling something about me was missing, I have a good life nowadays and happy too, I have a great girlfriend whom we together for 2 years and some months now, our pets, job department maybe the only thing that lead to depression for quite a while since every plan we made went bad thought things are looking to be going in the right direction now Smiley either way it was on this day I was thinking about life that something struck me... like my mind was clearing up and one of the things that was missing in my life and accept about myself was this OBE experiences I had and how I wanted to learn more about it... so I started reading about it, even got some books and read many peoples stories online too and this haves lead me to more experiences and even if now I am still afraid of it a bit I think I have progressed a bit though I feel I cant leave my body yet but I am not rushed about it either...I believe it will happen eventually but either way I wanted to share my last experiences I had to hope for some insight and advice too.
I tried to meditate on the sofa, though it never worked there... in the bed the same thought I was able to feel like some energy surging from inside me or so in my legs and belly/chest areas but I think due to feeling happy for the progress I messed it all up and dissapeared lol... also I am a person who loses focus easy.. I get side tracked by other thoughts very easy, is it fantasies or whatever else... so I have issues to remain focused for long in a single topic or idea... so what I tried after was what I had already some experience with, sleeping in bed with belly up, it worked on the first day in the morning, I had a sleep paralysis episode, I was paralyzed in bed but it was scary because I felt I had something constantly touching me between my legs and butt area, mostly those areas, I tried to ignore it and not care about it but the feeling never went away, I eventually woke up and I tried to go back to it after since I wasn't going to let fear sway me but well nothing happened more in that morning, I realized though after my underwear was a bit tight so maybe that was the feeling I was having in the sleep paralysis since I know our senses become much sharper in that state...
Second experience I want to report is something more weird that happened, I had read about astral winds but what happened to me was nothing like I had read so its impossible for me to had read about it and had made it up in my mind... I woke up in the morning, think was around 6, and then I focused myself to try to do OBE, I laid down to the side this time instead but I was able to go into sleep paralysis right away still, only that I was only half paralyzed, I could move my arms very slowly with some effort, it was like in a way I felt I was in slow motion... but the other thing I felt was like I had a giant hurricane noise in my left ear, I was scared about it but also very curious... so I tried to put my left hand on top of my ear, but I couldn't since some strong magnetic pull was pulling my hand away from it, it felt like a very strong wind was coming out of my ear... then I woke up and I told the experience to my girlfriend when she woke up, she was happy for me, few days later same thing happened but this time was a bit different, this time I didn't try to move my arms, I tried to relax and just accept/let it all in and go with the flow but trying to stay on the state without starting to dream... that is when the weirdest thing happened, I had heard about vibrations but didnt knew how it felt like... that was when I felt it for the first time... I felt like my whole being was vibrating very strongly... somehow it felt good though it was also a bit scary at first, also the hurricane noise in my left ear again became much sharper and stronger, like a bomb about to explode, I also heard some crackling noise I think, but I think due to me getting happy about it or losing focus about my state of mind it all stopped and came back to the start... only thing that remained was the stronger hurricane noise on my left ear like it was coming from inside my ear, I eventually woke up after that nothing else happened...
Some days later I had another experience but this time I was with my belly down... I never thought I could enter sleep paralysis on this state but I guess maybe since I started getting more used to it it happened this way... but this one was more frightening... I felt I had weird stuff, like ghostly presences or whatever touching me on my butt and between my legs, was really not nice feeling... I tried to concentrate and ask for my guardian to come help me which never did... and this things on top of my butt seemed to be getting more attached to me... so instead well maybe was stupid but I tried to get ticked and scream... at first didnt work I couldn't make a noise but I eventually got so frustrated that I was finally able to scream( or so I think don't think I heard noise though but I was able to like pull air out of my lungs in that state) and then I heard weirdest thing before I woke up, whatever was attached to me got upset and started to scream too, it was like a scary little girl voices screaming and upset , maybe upset I was getting off of them or something I don't know... it could have been all my imagination since I know on this state the mind plays a lot of tricks but either way I am open minded to what people could tell me about it, I had read some books about the astral projection topics, like Astral Projection Guidebook by Erin Palvina, Astral Dynamics and The Phase, dunno if any of this references might have affected my mind also but they offered some good information for me...
I forgot to mention that one of my recent sleep paralysis episodes I was able to ask for my guide to help me and the light in the room became much brighter but I wasn't able to see anything since I was in a very weird position with very little sight of the room... one of the reasons I am trying to also learn astral projection is to learn more about myself and also meet this light that once helped me when I was small, but I seem to be failing to be able to get out of the body, I might be doing it all the wrong way... I had an idea that if I would be just sorta passive about it but with the intention of going out it would eventually happen, that I would  feel myself going out, I am for sure doing something wrong or with the wrong state of mind... I also would like to learn to meditate better and try to reach the state from there without needing to go to sleep first... I do the deep breaths from the nose and try to relax my body, I eventually stop feeling my body and feel something more but I think maybe due to becoming aware of this I lose the process on the way... as for my OBE experience I would like some help insight for what to do to be able to eventually get out of my body and get to live the experience that many report to have here.
First I want to say sorry about the very long text, I tried to make it smaller and just put what I thought was important to be known about my story of the experiences so someone with more experience than me could give an opinion/advice about everything I just wrote...
Thanks a lot in advance and thank you to the Admin who allowed me to join this great community and I hope to someday be of help too with my own experiences in future.
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