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Author Topic: Astral, physical, and mental as the same thing  (Read 712 times)
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« on: August 13, 2014, 07:43:33 »

I've given it some thought and believe it to be a real possibility. What if the physical is actually the same thing as the astral except a person just got subconsciously "gridlocked", in the sense that they made distinct facets of reality entangled with each other. For example instinct. When I play a video game as a soldier and start seeing the enemy fire power, the fear based mindset can kick in, and I automatically start associating that firepower the enemy possesses as defeat. But when I have my feelings under control, I can defeat the enemy by disassociating my feelings from external stimuli. Thus I gain a control akin to that of the astral planes.

Now picture that scenario but for all of the physical reality. If we get rid of these gridlocks we can start transforming our physical reality into something increasingly similar to the astral.

This has marvelous implications, for example the world we enter after death may not even be the astral we normally know, but a product of life long belief systems about life after death. For example for a religious person, the life after death would not necessarily endow the person with the same freedom we find in the astral, but may be a very unique physical with a different set of rules.

And the only reason we may have astral travel is because of our inexperience, also when we think OBE its more prone for one to believe in a reality full of much freedom and possibility. This area hasn't been substantially gridlocked, but it can happen hence the people who have difficulty flying or are stuck in rtz etc...

Perhaps in the beginning, all of us were one with the source, and by "grid locking" our subconscious we structured reality in a way we wanted. So in essence all of reality, the universe, and people are subconscious aspects of ourselves.

Even our minds, the way we think is subconsciously gridlocked to an extent. We think in a structured manner via language. Think of separate words as separate objects in the physical. Learn to not think using language, and then you can apply a similar technique to dissolve the physical reality.

Finally imagination, visualization, is the same thing as the physical but it isn't gridlocked. That's the impressive part, and also probably the reason we chose to create this structured universe, because we got bored.

I was playing a video game and started thinking that I would "feel" my team to be as a pyramid. The reasoning behind this is that subconsciously we see pyramids as being monolithic structures that stand the test of time. So I used this association to my advantage.

Then I thought in retrospect at how I would dissolve the strength of this symbol so I could just use raw strength of will. And my train of thought was that I could subconsciously reinforce the idea in my mind that pyramids aren't so strong.

Then bingo, I figured out I could use this same technique to strengthen my control over the physical. Through visualization I can imagine myself altering great facets of reality. Things I am not aware of have much control of. The objective is to reprogram the subconscious, thus gaining more control.
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