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Author Topic: Re: my useful information for ALL beings  (Read 806 times)
Karxx Gxx
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« on: February 26, 2018, 03:51:31 »

Just making a thread for information I want to save. Also it could help others.
My playlist. The only version of spreading information that Im really comfortable with to ANYONE. Believer or not. I think everything else I explain on here is covered in these videos so no need to read the rest.
  Feel free to watch other videos that are by these people and others. The order doesnt really matter. And the first video is aimed at people who are not into 'these things'. Helps you open up to pondering on how things actually are or what they COULD be. To do more of thier own research. But for the pulse, not really something you have to watch to get the rest since we are all pretty open. Still interesting to say the least

Also, I can debate if need be or clear things up. The thing is it will take so long to explain that this post will be a couple of pages long. I just give enough to make you ponder upon it. Not to think to yourself 'this isnt how it exactly works, some things sound wrong'. I simply dont feel like explaining everything thoroughly.   

Some things I would like to add are some of my truths. It doesnt matter what is true or not, It's how I resonate with it. For example, i resonated with other beleifs I HAD but now dropped. It helped me get to this place even though it wasnt all really as true as I thought. If it's 80% 'true' or if i resonate with it at that level at LEAST, then I will play around with it. I might find flaws in a beleif but that isnt as important as you think.

Understanding yourself will help you so much with everything else. If you dont know if you resonate with something for example, it will be more of a proccess in deciding what you want to do with life.

So desires are a big one. Why do you desire it? To escape your reality? To control a situation? Because people NEED help? For happiness? Keep questioning your desires, ask why and ask why again. explains Also just helps figure out your beleifs, and invisible ones you dont think you have.

Another thing is the power of observing and noticing has helped me SOOOO much. You can find tune on how you do it, but trying to play with it has helped me a lot. Science behind mindfullness.

Pleadians talk about sublte frequency a lot and i've played with it. Such as when Im doing x,y,z I notice my thoughts, sensatoins, feelings, etc. In one state of being I kept getting more frustrating thoughts. In another I got positive thoughts. I never TRY to think about something, I just let thoughts come in.

A good thing to practice is thinking about a memory that made you smile. Or think 'what would if feel like if.'  When you say 'i am happy' but arnt, there might be more resistance because your not. So when you word it differently 'what would it feel like if' it's easier to embrace that feeling.

And lastly, one of the most important ones for me is learning patience. I didnt realize how important it was but having little patience really effects everything else you do, because you can always be impatient about it until you get that validation or gratification i should say.

OH! Trusting yourself is a good one to remember.  grin

These are the tools I use to become different, and experiance reality differently. And to 'manifest' something else. But along my journey, all the things I thought I actually wanted became something else. I feel more whole. The same but more whole. The playlist has many things that helped me click everything together. I might have missed somethings I wanted to put in but you can venture out and find more material by the people.

Honestly, I feel like I went through a lot in a little amount of time. Lets say there is some type of 'acenion' process. Basically a way to become you best self. And all of that process to get 95% there is what i've been through in a short time. Im SO close.
My mind went through a lot. One of my qualities Ive had is perfection. Or just doing the MOST efficient thing I can find. Such as, what is the MOST efficient emotion I could have? I would spend 95% trying to figure it out and never being at peace with any one that I've picked because I have that nagging mind thinking 'is this the best? Should I do something else'. And with that mindset in general you do A LOT of research. You watch video after video looking for that something.. taking notes. Well im done with the searching and at peace with everything that I beleive in, that I am. Im not 'there yet' but im at a place to where I am comfortable enought and trust myself enough to get there without any other knowledge that I know. Or knowing 'what should i do next? meditate? process emotion? observe?'. Im past that as I know myself more than before.

Again, here is the playlist. If you feel like it's too lengyh, there is a setting that can allow you to watch the video in 1.5x speed or 2x. Bottom right. You have to use desktop version if you are using phone.


Well be it, or write it.

I smile because nothing lasts : )
The Astral Pulse

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