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Author Topic: My perception of God  (Read 1323 times)
Alan McDougall
Astral Energy 3
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« on: March 23, 2010, 05:53:45 »

My perception of the Infinite Inscrutable One


The one you serve is your true master no matter what you claim. If you claim to be good, honest and righteous but do the opposite, know that the Evil one of hate is your master indeed.

Love conquers all, it is the enemy of time, and leads one to merge with the infinite. Hate leads to destruction, its friend is time, and so it must ultimate end in eternal darkness.

I am the word of life and the arm of the absolute and lead all to the omega-point.

Aware of infinite potential in vast unplowed fields of nothing, I strode with great beams of cosmic light toward the infinite horizon of eternity, sowing seeds of existence before the timeless moment of creation. I am the boundless Mind, Original Self-Awareness the cause of everything, relative to nothing I am This.

On the panorama of bleak blackness, I strode on the back of the Absolute, sowing universal energy. Reality was my aim and the beauty of my achievement. Illuminating the darkness with beams of dazzling radiant glory was the first event of reason. I formulated in my mind the first number and called it “One”,

With the now realities of the fundamentals of’ “one, and ‘zero”, I made everything. I am the Prime Mover and there was no proponent to my First Cause. I am the Immovable Rock and the Alpha point. I took these first numbers and weaved them into the fabric of the reality, creating all the limitless universes on the infinite timeless foam of nothing, which now makes all up existence. Indeed, I am the Almighty One. If you are, wise. “Do one thing, love me "THE LORD OF LIFE"

I experienced time only in my dreams said God. God first dreamed. The cup of dreams ran over like unto rivers that overflow their banks. For God dreamed an Infinity of dreams in an instant, and the Infinity multiplied by infinity for an Eternity created all possibilities in one awesome now. It was the Realm of Chaos. God began to create outside the Absolute Realm and started the first realities based on dimensions and textures.

For eons, slumbering God just observed the dreams. God delighted and God began to alter the flow and pattern of His dreaming state by switching from observer to participant. For God grew impateint of the confusion and started controlling his dreams until they became patterns of joy that grew with beauty, precision and majesty.

When God moved out from his rest his time of chaos was over and the dawn of the Perfect Realm began. And the universe sprang into being. Chaos changed back to order.
The Lord created me in the beginning of his works, before all else, when he set the heavens in their place, I was there, before he made the earth, I was his darling child and played the creation game, in eternal joy with him. I was his craftsman and his companion and delight. Wisdom and word is my name and I was with him before all creation. He is the ancient of days and I am his eternal son. Who am I? Who is he?

I am the painter and the painting, singer and the song, the dance and the dancer, the stage and the actors, the writer of the script of existence. I am all these things who am I? I am Ultimate-All the Absolute Totally of all existence, yes, I am This, and do you exist? Then why cant to I exist?

The imprudent ask where you are, the wind blows on your cheek and you ask ‘where are you? The oceans roar and you ask,’ ‘where are you? The stars glow and you say mysterious one, ‘if you would only show yourself, blood flows in your vessels and you say ‘what are you? Indeed, I am the First Cause and the Immovable Rock.

I am the encompasser and enfold all things within the substance of my being. Resonating with profound unfathomable vibrations, creation trembles at the passing of my presence.

I am the stalker of the soul, the defeater of death. I am Supreme and take the abstract, and convert it into concrete matter.

I dwell in composite bright light, which is the breath of my life. I now look with delight upon the beauty of the garden of my creation, sparkling out of the darkness of infinite universes. In eternal joy, I survey my prime creation and called it life.

I set and start the clock of eternal time while dwelling outside time in the ever-now moment

I am the creator of the totality of all existence known by many names and titles but in reality I AM

You are me amd I AM YOU




Take Care

The Astral Pulse

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