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Author Topic: Pure Land Buddhism  (Read 1309 times)
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« on: February 23, 2010, 18:20:45 »

I dont have sure if i should post this here.

Recently i´ve been giving more attention on Buddhism. Buddhism speaks on many things about our existences. For example, it says that after death, the thing we call "i"/"i am", or soul if you prefer, will reencarnate/rebirth again, life after life. Buddhists believe that the laws of karma (cause and effect) will influence our new rebirth.

We may rebirth as a bird, or an ant. Maybe we will get lucky and come back as humans, or worst, as ghosts. We can even rebirth as other forms on other planets or dimensions. For example, buddhists believe we can rebirth as demons or inferior beings suffering in Hells for eons and eons...but if we accumulate lots of good karma, we can rebirth on celestial realms and have a joyful life for some eons. But eventually, even on that pleasurable life we will die and rebirh again on lower realms. We are on this cycle, the samsara, for eons and eons, never ending our suffering.

So, buddhists think that the relief for this is the Nibbana, the ultimate state of existence and non existence, a state with no more cycles of birth, life and death. Something far away from words. Buddha was the first of our era achieving that. There was other Buddhas before, maybe in our planet, maybe on other dimensions. If we get lucky enough and if we work enough as good monks and good persons, we may develop the luck/karma enough to rebirth as high ranked monks that MAY achieve the Nibbana. But this is a very burden and long way to do things.

Recently I found a Buddhist school that was completely unknown to me: Pure Land. According to it, there was once a Buddha that created a dimension/place whatever, a place called Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss or just “Sukhavati”. That Buddha his called Amithaba, or Amida, or Amituofo (Depending on the language). That pure land is a place where everybody can go (like an heaven) after death. That place is special, it’s the meanings to an objective, not the end. It’s the place where you can learn directly with Buddha Amithaba the path to Nibbana. Once you reach it , its guarantee that you will never fall back into the samsara and that eventually you will reach nibanna (even if that takes eons of time).

According to Pure Land, you can reach that place if you practice the nembutsu: the recitation of Amithaba name, with your mind completely pointed to that recitation. Daily, one should recite “Namo Amithaba Buddha” or Chinese version “Namo Amituofo”, or maybe other similar version (by the way, Namo is like paying respect). You can do it loudly or silently in your mind. Why is this? Because you are training your mind very much for the most important thing: right after death, if you recite his name and wish and vow to rebirth on Pure Land, it is said that Amithaba himself will escort you to his blessed realm and you will be our of samsara cycle of suffering once for all.

Pure Land adepts says that after years of practice and by really vowing to reborn on Sukhavati, one may get signals of the eminent rebirth: maybe one will get to know the exact time of death, maybe one will see Buddha, maybe flowers (lotus) coming from nowhere, etc. Also, right after death, if you succeed on your rebirth, people may get signals of your achievement: flowers raining from the sky, amazing lights or images, beautiful sounds coming from nowhere, the body may not decay for many days and may even exhale sweet smells, etc. But not always that may happen. It seems that one may find some relates about that on internet but that’s hard to find (I think that in Chinese there are many things).

According to Buddhists, the Pure Land teachings were given to us by our historical Buddha many times (and in fact I saw that there are some sutras dedicated just to Pure Land). Also, the teaching its so important that the historical Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddha, among other names) told it to his followers spontaneously. I mean, most of his teachings were told as an answer to something asked by his followers, but this one was so important that he told it with anyone asking it. Buddha himself warned that such teaching is so amazing that it will be very hard to believe for many people, but it’s a true teaching.

If this is true or not I don’t know. I would like to believe that yes. But I feel the obligation to share it because, we never know, if its real, maybe some of you may achieve the ultimate state of existence because of it.

I love you!
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