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Author Topic: Questioning the nature of reality anymore?  (Read 587 times)
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« on: January 24, 2005, 02:36:04 »

This theory of being dead and not knowing it really spooks me sometime.  How can this be ?  I have posted ORBS on this site in the past that I took and paranormal researchers took at my home.  Where are they coming from and what do they want.  Everyone has a different theory.  I swear to God I have never faked a photo or lied on this site and am telling the truth now.  This is all too weird but at the same time I am intrigued at what is happening. I got a Sony Night-shot video camera and filmed for the first time in my back yard two nights ago.  As I walk out the back door my dog goes first.  His name is Reggie.  I get an EVP that says clearly "HIA REDGE" I did not hear it at the time but when reviewing the video heard it.  I highly recommend this camera for Spirit investigation. He stops and looks around for the source.  I walk throughout the yard and as I approach an area where the researchers picked up an entity there are two glowing lights that I can see only through my video viewfinder on infrared.  They appear to hover about three feet of the ground.  It hovers for about 5 seconds and comes toward me that returns to its original position slowly pulsating up and down in motion.  It then flies fast past my right shoulder and behind me out of site.  Then returns about four feet in front of me as I zoon in I loose site of it but then is appears a small glowing pulsation ORB about what appears to be about seven inches in circumference.  Then it turns sideways and I can see it is shaped like a soda can.  It is clearly transparent with each end bright white.  The reason it appeared round is it was looking at me directly.  It then however expands to what looks like twelve inches in circumference and almost appears as a distortion in Space as it moves slightly about.  It is like some type dimensional portal.  It drops down and I loose site of it then capture it again in the can type shape.  It just hovers around a plant and my dog barks and you can seen it move as if startled.  My dog barks a second time and it darts off past my feet quickly as my dog approaches and appears to look for it.  I am going to get this video cleaned up professionaly as I believe I really have captured something spectacular.  I swear I will find a way of posting it as I think everone here deserves to see the footage.  I have read on several web sites that people trying to grow spiritually will attract ORBS and maybe this is the case here.  It's as good a theory as I have been told its the women who died in my home fourteen years ago.  I keep hearing ghosts are loas souls trapped in the physical realm who have attachments here or do not know they are dead.  What a concept to be dead and not know it.  Now that has to make one think abut the nature of reality and the Astral Planes.  I myself have experienced the Astral and felt it almost more real then here and of course have read accounts of members of Astral Pulse feeling the same while projecting.  I have told people in the Astral "Do you know you do not exist, You are my dream" and have recently been told the same when asking a guide if God exists. Funny thing about the ORB two nights ago at one point it appeared to have a silver cord attached.
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