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Author Topic: Sexual Urges After Having Intense Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections)  (Read 197 times)
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« on: March 30, 2021, 04:20:20 »

Sexual Urges After Having Intense Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections)

Hello Astral Pulse Members.

I'd like to consult with you about your experiences regarding experiencing Sexual Urges (Feeling Physically Horny and Sexually Stimulated in the Genitalia Region) after experiencing very vivid Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections), specially Intense and Long ones; these sensations build up during the day after having these Lucid experiences in the Astral realms. ¿How do you handle these sensations in the Astral realms and in the Waking Life after waking up?

I've also experienced this Sexual Urges after being energetically attacked by Astral Inhabitants; I've already mentioned in other messages that they attack in the back like Predators and in the lower part of the back in the dorsal zone, so they must be looking for some energy or terminals present there in humans, and I've also spotted them connecting themselves with tubes coming from their bodies (for example their arms) in parts of my body (like a parasite connecting to a host) and even these beings telling me directly that they want my Energy while touching me in the shoulder or in some part of my body like the lower abdomen area, to make that parasitical connection, so I know this is a real thing that one has to face and be careful with when having access in these Astral realms (since long ago I don't shake their hands nor touch them because of that when I detected that they destabilize me and reduce my energy when touching them). I've also noticed that these Astral beings get attracted when I acquire Consciousness/Lucidity, so there must be something we radiate when Lucid/Conscious that they detect and feel attracted to.

I know that Sexual Stimulation (masturbation in my case) triggers and facilitates Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections), and I can relate this to the Morbidity perceived in the beings inhabiting the Astral Realms (they are Morbid as described by Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda's book "The Art Of Dreaming" in spanish "El Arte De Ensoñar"), and I somehow believe that I get contaminated with that Morbid Energy when having interaction with those beings and even when accessing these Astral realms (the air and ambient feels heavy in these Astral realms) or specially by being Energetically Attacked by them, and that somehow triggers those sexual urges (which are related with Morbidity/Morbidness).

I've also noticed (at least in my personal case) that the days immediately previous to Full Moon and during Full Moon, Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections) occur more frequently and more intensely, and that somehow these Astral Inhabitants search for these interactions (thru Lucid Dreams) more actively during these days. It'd be interesting to know how and why the Full Moon facilitates this.

I've been searching about this topic of experiencing Sexual Urges after Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections), but on Internet only appear pages about having Sexual Intercourse during Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections) but not explaining the question I've previously proposed to analyze with your assistance and experience here in Astral Pulse.

I appreciate your analysis and experiences regarding these topics, and of you can share the way you handle them in your Waking Life as well as while being in the Astral Realms (while in Lucid Dreams or Astral Projections).

I don't have sexual life (sexual intercourse) and I'm not interested in having it and I actually dislike it. I'm a Heterosexual Male and I know what living in an Animal Human Male Body is in terms of being sensitive to Visual, Auditive, and Touching sensations that easily stimulate erections and trigger sexual desire, reason why I don't actively search for those topics as I'm not interested in Sex (I feel that topic as too Animal focused and I perceive myself as a Person with Intellect and Consciousness, and Not as an Animal driven by Emotions and Impulses).

In my case I experience the natural sexual stress caused by the prostate being filled with it's liquid/fluids which causes the so known desire to have sexual intercourse experienced by Men (I've read about this in past years on Internet so I know is a programmed process in Humans and very surely in many other animals), which is fortunately solved by masturbating and ejaculating each 3 or 4 days (or less if really required), as if not relieving that sexual urge it causes Stress and a particular energy oppression in the chest area (which is a little like what is experienced when having anxiety) besides the already mentioned genitalia region sensations related with sexual desire, even when Not having any interest in having sex. I clarify, this is not searched nor desired, but is the consequence of that natural process present in animals (Human animals in this case) that is there to induce (trick/fool) a male into having sexual intercourse with a female and in that process generate children (wanted and unwanted ones); you have to ask yourself why exactly is that sexual intercourse is only satisfying when done in the female genitalia, and I believe that this is Programmed in the Consciousness Software that each animal has (in humans is the Software for being Conscious and Think and is related with the voice we hear in our minds where we verbalize our thoughts and that is so hard to control and to make it shut up by not verbalizing thoughts in the Waking life and in the Astral realms), so that it does it that way to guarantee new life being born to replace that which dies. As a male I know about the consequences of mentally desiring sex and it's immediate consequences to trigger hormones and other chemical reactions in the body that make it horny, which can only be relieved by masturbating and ejaculating in my case, so I know that this is something not to be stimulated if not wanting to have those uncomfortable sensations and their consequences.

My Best Regards.


The Astral Pulse

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